Anointed Ones At The End Time #06

This Message Is A Warning
#1787 /
Brother Lee Vayle

Let us pray.

Heavenly Father, we want to again express our appreciation of Your love and kindness to us, how You’ve protected us, provided for us, given us food, clothing, and shelter, blessed our going out, our coming in, uprising, down-sitting, eating and drinking, whatsoever Lord.

And there are blessings ahead Father, which we know not of and especially we have really no idea what is beyond the curtain of time.

No one has ever come back to really tell us what it’s really is like and we cannot know what the Millennium is like because no one has ever had it, but how wonderful it is going to be, and we appreciate that Lord.

And we pray that not only shall we have our heart’s desire by the Holy Spirit causing us to yearn for it but may we also walk in the light of it because we know we’re in the light of it already in that great transition period Lord, from time to eternity blending together.

How swiftly it is going though we do not recognize it Lord. One day we will. Help us therefore, to redeem the time.

Help us tonight in our studies Lord, to glorify Your Name, in Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now just before we begin number 6 of The Anointed Ones At The End Time, it was suggested to me awhile back and I’ve simply keep forgetting to do it, to announce on the tapes the meetings in Easter which are the Good Friday, the 17th, Saturday the 18th, and on Sunday the 19th.

And the first service will be at 7:30 and it is quite possible I’ll be using… I’ll be speaking at all three but it’s also very possible Brother Jack Bell will be taking Sunday night… I mean Saturday night.

And then, too, to say that the chief motel is the Holiday Inn with the rates of thirty-three dollars, double and twenty-six for single, and anybody that is going to use the eight hundred numbers, advised not to because the computer will tell you the hotel, the motel is filled.

It is not filled; it has been reserved for us, but also there is the Days Inn. There’s the Shelby Motel and others in the area, plus I’m also to announce that there will be a dinner which will be provided for some on Sunday.

I think they told Brother White that they might be able to help, serve one hundred fifty but that won’t… the first one hundred fifty there you’ll be… you’ll have it. The rest, there’s lots of places to eat. So I was told that would be good idea to say that.


So now it’s said and we can go back to looking at The Anointed Ones At The End Time, number 6, and we’ll just open up by saying to keep in mind the true substance of this message which is the anointed ones at the end time.

To keep in mind the true substance of this message or in other words, to keep always before us exactly what Brother Branham is trying to impress upon our minds is to read our text and understand what our text is really saying.

So we’ve got to over here now to Matthew 24 and look at it and see what it says. It says,

Matthew 24:24

(24) For there shall arise false Christs, [and the word in the Greek ‘ki’ can be either a conjunction or a preposition, and it’s really a preposition] For there shall arise false Christs, [even lying] prophets, [or] false prophets, [that’s what it says] and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch… if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Now we want to watch how easily our minds betray us. Just as soon as we read about the great signs and wonders we want to emphasize those and dwell upon them as though they were what prophets either true or false are all about.

Now that’s maybe not too direct a statement but the fact is this: that if you do not understand this verse perfectly because our minds emphasize the thoughts of the great signs and wonders we are going to be thinking that that’s what it is all about, what all prophets are about, signs and wonders, and you got to watch so you don’t get snapped in by a false sign or a false wonder.

That’s exactly opposite to what it’s saying. In no way is this correct.

Prophets are here not for signs and wonders but for their word. Their fruit is what they say or what they teach. It is not what they do that we are to beware of but what they say after whatever it is they do to gain our attention. And that’s what people don’t want to watch and do not watch, Pentecostal.


The terrible deception is not that they are false in the signs and wonders but in the word or teaching. And this is the terribly deceitful part that men can be absolutely anointed by God so that they are personally anointed with the Spirit of God to do signs and wonders but they are absolutely false to the anointing of God or God Himself by their teaching.

They appear to be messengers of God but they are not. They appear to be full of the Holy Ghost and genuine sheep but they are not. Matthew 7: where Jesus, he’s speaking from this. He said, “I told you this before.”

Matthew 7:15

(15) Beware of false prophets, [for they] come to you in [sheep] clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

There’s something on the inside. Now remember, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. So therefore, there is something wrong with their hearts. The Holy Ghost cannot be in their hearts. Get that straight! It cannot be. See?

So, he says:

Matthew 7:16

(16) [You] shall know them by their fruits…

The fruits are not signs and wonders. The fruits are not vindication. The fruit that they must bear and bring to the people, believe it or not, is the Word because that’s what they’re all about. They’re not about the signs and wonders, no way shape and form.

What it’s all about is Word. So if a prophet is going to come on the scene, you look for Word. That is what the inner voice spoke to me when I saw Brother Branham.

“If you ever listened to any man, listen to this man.” The signs and wonders broke me to pieces. I saw God. I waited years to come to the place where I could listen.

Now I’m not going to try to sell you on my experience. I’m going to sell you on the Word of God and if you can’t be sold on It, you’re not sheep because the sheep hear the Voice. It’s that simple. I do not care what people say.

Matthew 7:16

(16) Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?


So therefore, grapes, thorns and thistles will be what the Word of God is. And they’re going to look perfectly genuine. So don’t worry about their character. Don’t worry about their gifts.

Don’t disturb your soul by blaspheming the Holy Ghost and attributing to Satan the works of God or you’re worse off than they are. See?

Matthew 7:17

(17) Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit;

What was the fruit of good and knowledge, of evil and good in the Garden of Eden? A wrong interpretation of the Word of God: every tree is going… every tree; every prophet, false and true, is going to have something.

What is a prophet all about? Hear him or don’t hear him. And if he brings you something wrong, kill him. Now you can’t do that today but you can leave him. But they won’t.

Matthew 7:17

(17) …but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

Was it a corrupt tree that brought forth death in the Garden? It wasn’t a tree. It was so much like a human being that Eve mistook him for a human being. She didn’t mistake him; she just, literally, off the Word.

Matthew 7:18-23

(18) A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, [a true prophet cannot bring you a wrong Word] neither can a [false prophet bring you a true Word]…

(19) Every tree that bringeth not… good fruit [the true Word] is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

(20) Wherefore by [the Word of God you’ll] …know them.

(21) Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. [What’s the will? He’s talking about false prophets. What’s the will of God? To bring the Word of God.]

(22) Many will say… Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? [as a vindication] in thy name [haven’t we] cast our devils? [as vindication] in thy name done wonderful works? [in vindication]

(23) And then will I profess… I never [ever] knew you: [I never sent you.] depart from me, [you] that work iniquity. 


You that are lovely mannered, you that have good character, you that have good fruit, you that speak well, you that do well, you that shine as a perfectionist. Your prophecies, you’re equipped, your miracles are wonderful.

You’re a liar! “Depart from me, I never knew you.” Oh come on, do you believe that? Or do you really believe it?

This is one of the simple things that’s being said. God, prophet: prophet, God. God, prophet: prophet, God! There! John 14:12 branch came forth.

You say, “Brother Vayle, you’re getting dangerous trying to glorify a man.” I’m not glorifying a man.

I preach the Word of God. You do what you want. You must want it or you wouldn’t listen. You wouldn’t be here because I’m a rough cookie.


The terrible deception is not that they are false in signs and wonders but in the Word or teaching and this is the terribly deceitful part that men can be absolutely anointed by God so that they are personally anointed with the Spirit of God to do signs and wonders but absolutely not anointed to bring the Word and so therefore, they are false to the true anointing of God which is to bring the Word.

And that’s where you are too, to find out whether you got the true anointing of God is whether you’re going to go to the Word or go away from the Word. It’s exactly right.

So don’t get confused about these other things, brother/sister. They’re good. They’re important. Let’s get that flat. They are important but that’s not necessarily God.

Or as Brother… I like what Brother Branham said, “The Christian Science will put us to shame with love. So called love and what people call love.”

And it’s good genuine love, too, in its own place but not coming out of the Word because they hate the Word and will destroy anyone even unto death to prove their point.

Now we’ll fight to the death. That’s all right. You got to stand up and be counted but you don’t fight anybody to their death, leave them be. Leave them alone till the end of time. God will take care of it.

Absolutely false to the anointing by their teaching they appear to be messengers of God but they are not.

They appear to be full of the Holy Ghost, but they are not. They can even speak prophetically as did Balaam and then teach men to sin against God. Who handled the…


Who was the first false prophet? The beast inspired by Satan.

What did he do? Misinterpret the Word, carried the Word he had no right, caused them to sin against God. The Word of God will cause you to be with God and flow in harmony with God and will always keep you so that you’re never against God.

That’s why the elect will not be deceived because in deception you go against God and you’re so deluded you think you are with God. Not so with the elect.

Thus this message is a warning, “Look out, or you will be deceived and surely fall, for there will be those who by genuine gifts of the Holy Ghost come at the end time and lead all but the very elect to physical and spiritual death by false teaching.”

Deuteronomy 18 is repeating: the sign given to lead you to the Word, not from the Word. They will come and teach the Scripture and interpret it falsely and use their gifts as vindication as though they were true teachers of the Word.

They will speak against the truth and blaspheme the Word. Now never forget, I repeat, never forget Matthew 24:24 is literally Matthew 24:4-5 that comes out of Matthew 24:3.

So let us read Matthew 24… and we’ll know what we’re talking about.

Matthew 24:3-5

(03) And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? …what shall be the sign of thy coming, and [what shall be] the end of the world? [Now the major thrust says what shall be the sign of thy Presence?]

(04) And Jesus answered and said… Take heed that no man deceive you.

(05) For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.


At the time of the revelation of the Son of man in the days of the coming of the Son of man when he is revealed according to the Scripture this is what is going to rise.

We know that Jesus Christ as the true Son of man gave the scriptural vindication of Himself to prove that he had the right to set the doctrine and the teaching in order.

So therefore, there will be one at the end time. And we know who he is. He is a man endowed or endued with the Spirit of Almighty God; he will be the Elijah and he will fulfill Matthew 12 where Jesus the Spirit Himself, will re… not rekindle the flame but will remove the tarnish on the wick and strengthen the rod so that the church, the Bride does not perish but comes back in restoration.

This is also in 1 Thessalonians:7 and so on where He shall come with His mighty angels. Here’s the picture right there.

It is also Revelation 10:1-7 which is also the same picture, the same thing. It is Malachi 4:5, 6 which is also the very same thing.

This is the previous vindication of That so That if you believe That you will believe That. If you don’t believe That, you won’t believe That. And if you don’t believe either one; you’re lost because you got to believe something.

You got to believe in nothing even and say there is no God. Well, what came here? “Well, I don’t know. There’s some kind of force.” Do what you want. See?

This fulfills the Psalms 68. They were talking of the Presence, so understand what I am saying because what I spoke to you was the Presence. Matthew 12 was the Presence. Thessalonians is the Presence. Revelation 10:1-7 is the Presence. Malachi 4:5, 6 is the Presence.


All right. Now let’s take a look at the Presence. It says here… verse 18 Psalm 68,

Psalm 68:18

(18) Thou hast ascended on high, thou hast led captivity captive: thou hast [given] received gifts for men; yea, for the rebellious also, that the LORD might dwell among them.

It tells you right there at the time of the dwelling, at the time of the Presence which is the Parousia which is the start of the whole thing which is that descent upon earth, the Lord descending with a Shout there says there are going to be anointed ones, absolutely, given gifts at the time the Lord dwells.

And absolutely the Lord will be dwelling amongst them and they’re going to repudiate Him because Peter says, “They deny the very Lord Jesus that bought them,” because they think it’s in the flesh.

It isn’t in the flesh. It’s in the spirit. How is anybody going to deny the Lord that bought them when He’s in the flesh? No way! “Bring Him before me that I might kill Him. “Adonai, Adonai, You ain’t there Lord, You ain’t there, Lord.”

How stupid can people get? Don’t think this is personal, brother/sister, I don’t preach to any person in this church here. Get that out of your craw once and for all. I’m preaching principles. You do what you want. I’m not going to be about personalities, I care less.

I’m in the same boat you’re in. I’ve got to keep reminding myself, the gates of hell are against this. The devil will do everything he can to strip your mind of every thought, your body of every strength.


At the end time exodus, one in the stature of Moses arises and one in the stature of Balaam and then two groups of the very elect and non elect come forth bearing and teaching the messages, these two declare as God’s truth for the hour. Both will claim the fruit or the Word of the season. Only one has It. 

And as Balaam followed and did not precede Moses so there arises a great man to follow Brother Branham. It is not difficult to pick out the major false prophet who has stood the test of time whereas many have risen and faded, Oral Roberts is consistently in the limelight.

I told you Sunday I wasn’t guessing, it had slipped my mind. Before Brother Branham ever preached this sermon but I was fully aware of his teaching on the two vines, my wife and I sat at breakfast with him.

And I said, “Brother Branham, tell me, I want an example of the true vine and false vine.”

He didn’t bat one eye, he sat there very calmly and said, “Brother Vayle, I am a true vine and Oral Roberts is a false vine.”

Tommy Osborne and all these men have faded. Grant is faded, he’s dead, his son has no line anymore. Wyatt is gone. Where is Jaggers? Where is the rest? Tell me. Where are any? Erickson? Dale Jackson is dead. MacKay died, I suppose, some time ago.

Show me one person living outside of Oral Roberts, and now God held him hostage for eight million bucks. He’s got the four point five so he raises the ante.

Why did he go back to organization? Why did he join the Methodist? If you’ve got God why do you join anything? Because you’re living in your whoredoms and the truth is not in him.


When Brother Branham is through using… when Brother Branham gets through using Moses and Balaam as two examples of Matthew 24:24 he speaks of Jesus and Judas to emphasize this follows as twins, or two vines all through the Scripture.

In other words, he goes back to the understanding of the old messages on the two vines, the twins, and he brings it out speaking of Jesus and Judas being twins without referring again to Cain and Abel.

Jacob and Esau: there are those who love him in this message to paraphrase their own understanding of Malachi where it says, “Jacob have I loved; Esau have I hated.” They want to soft peddle it and say, “Esau have I loved less.”

Brother Branham categorically said, “Esau was the other vine.” Then who are you going to listen to? A bunch of preachers? Listen to the prophet! See? All right.


Then on page 18, we would begin paragraph 73 but we start with 72 to show you the thought of the twins because he takes many types, many illustrations to reveal this false anointing and true anointing.

[72]  Now, even… Judas, “as foreordained to the condemnation as he was,” sat there before Jesus. And Jesus told him, “You are the one. Whatever you’re going to do, …whatever you’ve got to do, …do it quickly.” He knowing what he was doing, but, for those thirty pieces of silver, and popularity, sold the Lord Jesus Christ.

Money and popularity. There was no ministry like Brother Branham’s. There was no ministry that could have brought in the money, no way, millions and chunks. There was no man who had the limelight like he did but he distained them both to be reclusive as the Lord Jesus Christ was.

[72]  One of His disciples, the treasurer of the church, Jesus called him His “friend.” [You see why Brother Branham called all these men,] (“Lovely brothers.”) See? The Bible said, “He was born the son of perdition,” just the same as Jesus was born the Son of God. [See, there’s your twins. You can’t help how you’re born. The same today, twins.] “Deceive the very Elected if it were possible.”

All right, according to type the false teachers are amongst us, not so much elsewhere to be reckoned with. Why do I say that? Because Judas was with the other eleven, so you got to reckon with it.


Now, here we see Matthew 12, the Presence of Christ. We see the vindication of that Presence in John 4. And Matthew 12 and John 4 judges all of us tonight and we know by It exactly what we are. We are either true seed or false. The Bride knows who she is, she is wheat. And this projects all the way to the White Throne.

Now I want you to notice that: the law of prophetic projection. Don’t sit here looking to the future, brother/sister, even one thousand years, forget it. You are the future! Christ is the victory! We are His victory!

All Brother Branham said, “All the time looking forward, all the time looking back, not knowing that time and eternity has merged.” And they judge, judge.

You already got the White Throne whether you know it or not. Come on. You’re not skeptical, but let’s punch the thing down.


It’s got to be Matthew, the 3rd chapter. John said,

Matthew 3:11-12

(11) I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: …but he that cometh after me is mightier than I [am, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and fire:

(12) Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.

John the Baptist looked down the corridors of time and saw three thousand years from that point the fire of God in judgment of the Lake of fire.

He also saw very definitely two thousand years down the corridor of time the same thing that Malachi saw, in the day of the Lord when the earth is going to burn with the fire leaving neither root nor branch, which signifies the prophetic projection once more because what happens at the first of the Millennium and the fire burning will burn again when they’re thrown in the lake of fire which is the second death. He puts it all as one.

And my brother/sister, what fear have you got of the White Throne? Oh, some of you must be sitting here scared. Maybe you’re not, I don’t know. In the voice of the tapes they likely are.

“Peace like a river attendeth my way, sorrows like sea billows roll, whatever my lot,” and my lot is to escape the White Throne as though I would be judged, not saying they might not point a finger but they’ll never get us where it hurts and that’s the Word.

Let me tell you flat, being true to God first, is you’ll never be true to man otherwise.

You say, “Brother Vayle, I hear just a little opposite. I heard if I can’t love man that I do see, I can’t love God whom I don’t see.”

You better be careful how you place that. You better be careful because I got news for you, you’re never ever going to see God. He’s going to be in a Pillar of Fire or something else. Better watch and get your priorities, your Word straightened out or don’t take it out of context like some foolish thing.

He said,

Matthew 3:11

(11) I indeed baptize… unto repentance: but [there stands one among us] he shall baptize with the Holy Ghost, and with fire: [And He’s that Judge.]

And Brother Branham categorically said, “There He was that Judge.” And if He’s here today then He is the Judge.


All right.

[73]  Now study closely as we study on. Notice closely as we study on. We’ll take another instance, over in the Book of Kings. There was a prophet, and his name was Micaiah. [Now he’s going to launch into this long dissortation.] He was the son of Imlah, and he was a prophet.

And there was another prophet, the head of an organization of prophets, organized anointed ones. The Bible said they were “prophets,” [That’s in 2 Chronicles 18.] The Bible said they were “prophets,” just the same as it said Balaam was a prophet, anointed ones. [That’s the subject so here’s the case.]

And there was one of them by the name of Micaiah, who was anointed with God [not of God but anointed with God] and sent by God, with the Word of God. [Now that sounds almost like he talked about Moses. Now this man had a little word based upon the Word of Moses and based upon a prophecy of Elijah and he could put them all together. See? Okay.]

Micaiah, who was anointed with God and he was sent by God, with the Word of God.

Whereas there was one, Zedekiah, who thought he was sent by God because he was anointed with God.

They say, “Now, surely that couldn’t be such a thing that there’d be a man anointed with God and not be sent of God.” I got news for you, that’s exactly what the Bible says. “Well,” you say, “I got to revise my thinking.” Hallelujah, now you’re getting there.

Now you’re understanding what repentance is. Get rid of your fundamental ideas. Don’t you try to interpret God anymore. He’s been interpreted. He’s interpreted Himself.

Can you doubt anymore when Oral Roberts said God’s got him hostage for four and a half million dollars? And Pat Robertson said, “Well, I didn’t think God would do it but I got faith in Oral Roberts.”

Then he hasn’t got faith in God. You got faith in Lee Vayle, you better put your faith someplace else because kid you done shot your wad right now.

You’re like the little fish with his guts all pulled out. And Bank Woods said, “Little fish…,” Bank’s brother said, “You done shot your wad, little fishy.” And don’t look for a Resurrection if you shoot this one. All right.

[73]  There was one, Zedekiah, anointed with God, who thought he was sent by God. He was anointed of God, absolutely, but his teaching was contrary to the Word of God.


He was… in other words, this man was intellectually accepting a worship and service of God, and this proves therefore, that anyone… now we’re going right back in history and prove Ecclesiastes 3:14 that said, “Whatsoever God doeth, He doeth it forever,” and the Bible distinctly said, “God will send strong delusion.”

And so therefore, God allowed a strong delusion that He Himself was personally responsible for, and how could He not be? And yet at the same time God was off the hook because He warned them.

Now look it, if I warn you, “Don’t you dare stick your finger in that socket or you’ll get blown plumb back upon your back.”

“Why, I can do it. I can do it.” Stick your finger in and then you get your blasted head knocked off, goodie, goodie, goodie. I’ll sit back and say, “Hallelujah, I was proved right.” Still love me?


All right. Look, let me tell you something, if God Almighty told Adam, “This is the woman that’s going to take you away from Me,” and He didn’t do something about it, don’t tell me that God is stuck. God is perfectly just in the justifier. Now that’s what you call free moral agency right there.

All right. We’re looking at this: “Whatsoever God doeth He doeth forever and no man can add to it or take from because God doeth it.” See? All right.

Now listen! Right here we see where God Almighty according to the prophet, William Branham, taking the scriptural text and proving it by the Word of God taking first of all, and he could of gone plumb back to the Garden but he didn’t.

He took the two great prophets, Balaam and Moses. Later on he’ll takes Jannes and Jambres, truly real rascals, but here’s Balaam. Now he’s coming down to this one, Micaiah and Zedekiah. Okay. He’s already told us about Judas.


Now then let’s go over here to Acts, the 2nd chapter; we’re going to read what Peter said…

Acts 2:16-17

(16) …this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel;

(17) …it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God,…

Now Brother Branham on several occasions took this Scripture as the last two days but he also said it pinpointing it down to the day of the Lord or this hour in which we live, the last few days.

“This days,” he said. Notice he does not put the pronoun which would be an adjective and match it with the noun which is the subject in its plurality: he said, “This days,” not these days, this days. See?

He takes the little bit in here and he makes it a singular because it’s a continuation. It started not there but there in 1933, …June 11th and it culminated there when He fully come into the church, took over headship, came right down as Judge. “I’ll take this. I’ll take that. I’ll leave this. I’ll leave that.”

Right? Matthew 24. Okay. All right. We’re reading.

Matthew 24:17-18

(17) …last days, saith God, I will pour… my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men see visions, and your old men dream dreams:

(18) And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out… my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:

There are two groups of people with the same Holy Spirit poured upon them will be doing identical things and they will be sons of God and not sons of God. And He’s always done it that way and people can say what they want, this is the way it goes. We understand that.


All right.

[73] There was one, Zedekiah, who thought he was sent by God. He was anointed of God, but his teaching was contrary to the Word of God. “There will arise false Christs, showing great signs, and would deceive the very Elect if possible.” [He brings it up-to-date as the type.]

Now it was no doubt the anointing on this fellow, Zedekiah that caused him to say things that were correct but not all the time because they can’t, even their prophecies.

They will go astray but they’ll have hit and miss, perhaps even some signs and wonders that caused him to believe that he was a true servant of God instead of Micaiah, and he had a right because of his prestige or whatever he had that made him look good that he could, you know, take over.

[74]  Now notice, both of them, …both of them anointed. [Now it doesn’t say, one anointed with the Holy Ghost and one with the devil. It said both of them were anointed with the same Holy Ghost.] Now, how could you tell which was right, and which was wrong? Watch what… watch what the Word was… [No, yeah, watch what was the Word] promised to Ahab.

[Now Ahab had a promise. It was condemnation really.] And the prophet who was before him, [That’s before Micaiah] was Elijah, one of the greatest prophets of the age, who was a vindicated prophet. [Now how are you going to find out? You got to check through the Word of the prophets what is going to happen, if anything.]

That vindicated prophet Elijah had said, that, “Because Ahab had done… evil, [he took Naboth’s life] that the dogs would lick his blood…. And… the dogs would eat Jezebel,… her body would be dung upon the fields.”


Now don’t tell me that those false prophets didn’t know that; they did know it. And Micaiah knew it. But the question is when is it going to happen? Is this the time, at this hour? Or is it down the road? Word in season. You got to be right on time if you’re a prophet because that’s what a prophet is all about.

“Shall the Lord do something and not show His prophets?” Okay.

[74]  Now, how can you bless what God has cursed? [Zedekiah was blessing. They said, “Micaiah, you bless, too?” He said, “I say, hold it, hold it, hold it. There’s a prophecy out here hanging on this man.”] Or how can you curse, as Balaam said, what God has blessed? See?

Now he said, “Just a minute, I might like to curse that fellow because Elijah said something. Maybe I’m not supposed to do it.”

Now listen! Let’s get this flat. Ahab was one of the worst guy’s ever lived and yet one day he got a little bit soft toward God.

He began to mend his ways a bit and God said, “Now hold back we won’t kill him now because, see, he walks softly.” The cup wasn’t full.

So Micaiah being a real prophet would know these things. He’d understand these things. See? Now see, he said.

[74]  And these prophets were sincere. [Zedekiah and his bunch.]

In other words, deceived and deceiving, sincerely wrong, like Caiaphas. Now listen to me. Delusion to the person deluded is the truth. You cannot change a deluded person and tell him he’s wrong because he knows that he is right. Okay.


Brother Branham is speaking of this hour. So let us go to 2 Thessalonians, the 2nd chapter, and see this. Now watch!

2 Thessalonians 2:3,9-10

(03) Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there [be the divorce] and [the] man of sin be revealed, [and then he’s going to sit in the temple and so on and we’re just waiting for it. Now watch!]

(09) Even him, whose coming [His Presence] is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

(10) And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

Now listen! They loved this. They’re sold on it and there’s nothing you can do about it because they’re sure they’re right. Now watch!

2 Thessalonians 2:11

(11) And for this cause God [will say, “Amen and Amen, so be it. You’ve got it.”]

And they’ll never break out of it. They’re plumb deceived. When God sends strong delusion, brother/sister, you better believe they’re going to be deluded and they’ll believe the lie. And it tells you how they’re going to get there, through false anointing to the Word but genuine anointing on the gifts.

Now then you tell me how Pentecostals are going to survive the blast and anger of God? You tell me! Then you with one tinge of Pentecost in your souls get it out or you’re shot. You got to clear the decks.

I read in Ezekiel a little while back, a little while ago on The Message of Grace, I think it was in, not Doing a Service, I’m sure it was The Message of Grace, where Ezekiel absolutely tells us the man that lived this wonderful godly life at the end time he goes blip-off, he’s gone and what he did nice and all doesn’t count.

And the man that lived like a skunk or a dog and he suddenly turns blip like that, it doesn’t matter what he’s done; he’s in. So you better watch your church history and your church background.


And you better start looking out for yourselves. I’m going to tell you something. I pray for my children but I’m number one. And my wife had better realize she’s number one.

And our kids better realize they’re number one because you can pray all you want because you think you’re a nice guy praying for somebody, you better be sure that you’re right or your prayers aren’t worth a plug nickel.

Yeah, my sister’s Nazarene for fifty years and the funniest thing she said she’d prayed and prayed and prayed till we came in. We didn’t come to the Nazarene church; we came to that Pentecostal bunch, and now we left them flat than a fritter and my sister’s cut her hair, she’s no longer even Nazarene. She wouldn’t even match up to a pretty good Baptist.

Not that she’s a bad person, but you can’t tell her anything. I got three other sisters left Pentecost. Well, one didn’t because she never was in there. She’s the easiest one to be around in the sense of the word that she didn’t have any background to lay down. The others left, pretty well, left theirs down too, which makes me very pleased.

But I tell you what; you simply cannot be a part of the organized systems. You see what we’re talking about here? This is understand, the prophet taught us this so we know these things. They were sincere.

[74]  There was no doubt but what they were good man, honorable [character]… For, to be a prophet in Israel, you must be honorable, [You had to have a character] or even be an Israelite. [Sure, if you weren’t they’d kill you. You were a dead dog. You weren’t an Israelite anymore.]

They were honorable man. They were smart man. [See? Urbane society. Had it back there, too. The urban society, oh yeah, suave, “A-men.” Ha!] …They were the selected of Ahab, out of the nation. The select of the nation, well fitted for the office. [But you know the Bible says, “God alone makes prophets. He anoints them, both kinds, true and false.”]

[75]  …now, …when Micaiah saw his vision, he knew in his heart what the Word had said, but he wanted to see what the Spirit was in him would say… they came to him, and said, “Micaiah, you say the same thing these other prophets say. And when you do, why, …we’ll take you into the fellowship again, no doubt…

See? We’ll make you one of us. We’ll take you back into our denomination… We know you’re a prophet, but you’re always pronouncing curses…

Now listen! Who’s Brother Branham talking about? William Marrion Branham. And who are the prophets? Pentecostal businessmen and preachers, the Hagen’s and the rest of them, Trinitarians.

…You’re always cursing Ahab. [You’re always running down that church system out there.]

Now, Zedekiah, the [our] chief man, the pope, or… whatever he was. “Now listen, he… blessed Ahab, and he said, ‘Go do it. Go to battle.’ Now Micaiah, you say the same thing…. Listen, you’re just a poor guy. You haven’t got any congregation, hardly, at all.

…these guys have got millions. The whole nation’s for them. [It’s going to come that way.] Now you say the same thing as they do, and see what will happen if you do, why you’ll… eat the richness of the land.” He’s talking to the wrong man there!


John the Baptist pulled the wings off of grasshoppers. They’re still doing that in Africa. Don’t get queasy. I’m sure you’ve all eaten a fly and didn’t know it. 

[76]  What if it had been said, “Micaiah, tell us, can you find any fault in Zedekiah…?” “No.” “Did you ever catch him in sin?” “No sir.” “Did you ever hear him cuss anybody?” “No, sure didn’t.”

“Well, did you ever catch him drunk?” “No, can’t say I did.” “Can you dispute his education?” “No way.” “Do you believe his doctor’s degree is false?” “No sir.” “You believe his Ph.D. is alright?”

“Sure. By the Sanhedrin council; I guess it’s got to be… alright.” “Well, then, why won’t you join with him?” “Because he’s off… the Word!”

[77]  Well, we’ll have a showdown of it, then, now like Elijah the prophet before that. And if you’re a child of God, you’ll stay with the prophet of this Bible. It’s the Word. 

Now right there Brother Branham is switching to himself. If you’re a child of God you’ll stay with the prophet of this Bible which is Micaiah, which is William Branham because that is the Word. Now this then is Malachi 4:5.

Now listen carefully to what I’m going to say. Did Brother Branham ever have a showdown as suggested by him here? No! Another question: Did Jesus Christ ever have a showdown? No! What is the showdown? The Scripture, that’s all. Is It fulfilled or not?

Well, now you say, “Look that’s nebulous.” Absolutely nebulous, no problem. It’s a matter of faith. Faith is always nebulous. Faith is the calculated chance. Oh I know my dear Brothers don’t like that term. I like it because it means I absolutely cannot prove a thing but I’m willing to stake everything on this, what I can’t see.

It’s a calculated risk as far as I’m concerned as a human being, but as a child of God it’s not a risk unless there’s nothing out there after all. But if there is something out there after all, I’m part of whatever is out there because I want you to tell me whoever came back and told you anything.

You say, “Well, I believe.” That’s what makes you a believer. Why we look not at the things that can be seen but there’s an evidence that they’re there. I’m an evidence there’s a Lee Vayle. See me.

Look! I won’t take all my clothes off, I don’t look that good. I’m cold blooded and cold anyway. I’m here. You can’t see me. You see what represents me. And you see the complete reflection of me. You see the complete outraying in the chemical form but you cannot see me. “When I speak” as Brother.

Branham said, “my eyes and my nose, who is mine?” 


Would Jesus Christ was the fulfilling of Scripture and He said, “You wait and see because no sign is given save the sign of Jonas, as he was the prophet, as he was three days and three nights in the belly of the whale so shall the Son of man be in the heart of the earth within that period coming in and going out.”

We’ll explain that sometime how that works. He was not crucified on Wednesday. He was crucified on Friday. That’s not tradition. That’s the truth.

Never mind what the Wuest says and some of those other fellows. They just like to spout off as if they knew something. You never know a thing till God reveals by a prophet, then you know for sure.

So there was no showdown. You know what our showdown is, brother/sister? You and I can talk all we want. Who interprets this Word right or got it right? Brother Branham. When we standing here in flesh, see him, we won’t be changed at that point, after; that’s our showdown.

Brother Branham put the showdown of the Bride in Mount Zion: Sinai, Carmel, Mount Zion. Okay.

[77]  like Elijah the prophet before him. [Let’s have a showdown. And the showdown with Micaiah was is Ahab going to die or not? He didn’t have a showdown right there. He just gave the Word. Let’s prove it as we go along.] …Notice the hour, the season….

[78]  Well, what if Zedekiah said, “Oh, I know the prophet said that, but that’s for the future generation. That’s… a long time from now”?


I want to ask a question. How old was Ahab at that time? I can’t figure it. I can’t find a chronology. Was he thirty some? You know those rascals they married at age twelve, you know, and got on the throne at age thirteen. And you know a few hundred years ago in England if you lived to be thirty-two you were an old man.

I must be monstrously old. I can sure feel that, too. If I’d of popped off at thirty-two I might have been better off. Well, I wouldn’t have known all you nice folks so I’ll take that back. So I’m lucky for my sake I’ve lived that long to meet you. Okay.

How old was Ahab? How old was Billy Paul when Brother Branham said, “You will not be an old man before this is under the waves?”

And by the way I heard Billy Paul had what might have been a heart attack or something. One side seems to be problems, you could pray about him because we ought to pray for each other.

And he’s still a very young man but I understand he’s had problems. I thought he was over all those problems, but I understand perhaps now he’s not.


Now Brother Branham never had a showdown but he said in the Rapture tape, “Thus it has been spoken, thus it will be.” And he continuously brings to our attention the drop of California. So, all right. The showdown is coming and the showdown has already come by virtue of a true prophecy by a truly anointed person. 

[78]  [So Zedekiah could have said, “Well, …sure, I know that but] that’s… a long time from now. [The question then came to Micaiah.] And he said, “Wait till I see a vision from God,…then I’ll tell you whether it’s a long time from now or not.”

And they said, “Then you’ll say the same thing? He said, “No, I told you. I’m going to just say what God says; nothing else… with it. I can’t add a word… or can’t take a Word from It.” So that night, in prayer, the Lord came to Micaiah in a vision. He went out the next morning, to face the kings. There’s the two stand, the… two prophets!

[79] The greatest man in the nation, in… military and national sight, was Zedekiah. He was ordained the head prophet, by the king. He was the head of all the other prophets, by …through their organization. He was made, by his organization, the head of all of them;

[He was.] …probably the best read, the best educated, most eligible for the job. And he was anointed with the Holy Spirit, [period] for he’s called a “prophet.” Sure, not just an ordinary prophet, he was a Hebrew prophet. Now watch him.


You know something? The anointing came on Jacqueline Ford, too, the Catholic theologian. She spoke in genuine tongues. Don’t worry. Don’t say she spoke in tongues of the devil.

There’s no reason to believe that she and Father O’Conner, the great Roman Catholic priest that had tremendous miracles, spoke in anything but a genuine tongue and had anything but a genuine anointing.

I’ve read, I’ve heard about him and read about him. Believe me, that is pretty fantastic, but she let the people know, “You leave my doctrine alone. My doctrine’s right.” All right. Don’t blaspheme the Holy Ghost. Now watch it.

[80]  Zedekiah said, “The Lord spoke to me, ‘Make Me these two horns of iron,’ a symbol.” A prophet usually gives symbols. “He said, [that’s God speaking] ‘Make these horns of iron.’ … Now don’t think I’m sacrilegious, …but to get in a point.

“The Holy Spirit that speaks in tongues through me, the One that’s vindicated me, He said, ‘Take these horns, and, by this, tell the king that he’ll push Syria plumb out of the country. And I will give him back the land that rightly belongs to Israel, the church.’”

Now what he’s doing is striking the Pentecostal evidence that tongues is the evidence which they are not. No way! They’ve got to know that by now and they have known it. Now you notice the anointed ones are saying the same thing. Brother Branham said,

[80]  Brother, that’s pretty fundamental, just about like Balaam was up here.


So the anointed ones are saying the same and don’t realize restoration and Appearing has already come. These ones are looking to bring something that’s already been here because He is here.

Isn’t Jesus the restorer of the breach? Isn’t He the restorer? Doesn’t He have to do it? Certainly, the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a Shout. And where are they stumbling? They’re stumbling exactly where they stumbled with Jesus.

He said, “Listen, you fellows, you know the Scripture. Okay, tell me this. What does it mean “the Lord said to my Lord sit thou on my right hand?” Tell me, if David in spirit called him ‘Lord’ whose son is he?”

And they said, “Well, we don’t know.”

The same thing, the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a Shout and we’ll meet the Lord in the air. Which Lord is which? Can’t you understand Scripture? It’s going… to be the same, brother/sister.

What Lord descended? The One that’s putting everything under the feet of our Lord for Christ Jesus the man is the head of the corporal body. Christ is the head of the church and God is the head of Christ. It doesn’t say that God is Christ. Understand the language.

That one… the One that gave His life, that formed a blood cell, that formed a body that One is Elohim, Almighty God, the Father and when He got the body with that life in it which was His would naturally be the Son of God, then He came into that one.

“I and my Father are one: the Father in me doeth the works.” Right down the line. Same thing today. Can’t understand.

[80]  Balaam was just as fundamental… as Moses was… The correct number of God is seven. And Balaam said, “Build me seven altars; seven clean sacrifices, oxen and seven rams.” That’s speaking of the coming of the Son of God. Fundamentally, he was just as right as any of them.

He, absolutely: don’t tell me they don’t understand justification and sanctification and some of these things.

Hebrews 6:1-3

(01) Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on [to] perfection; [Let’s hit Ephesians 1:23, Ephesians 4:13.] not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, [You’re past that.] and of faith toward God, [that’s past that]

(02) …[doctrines] of baptisms, laying on of hands, resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment. [There’s something beyond that that you need before there’s a Resurrection, perfection.]

(03) …this we [will] do, if God permit. 


God did not permit or He would have told us. How do I know God didn’t permit? And couldn’t permit? Because there was a Voice yet to speak on earth, He from heaven would speak on earth, “The Lord descend with a message on earth.”

The Thunders are on earth. They’re not in heaven. The revelation is on earth. Who’s going to give it? Jesus! And when He does everything, falls flat.

Hebrews 6:4

(04) For it is impossible for those who were once [for all] enlightened,


Who enlightened the eyes of Adam and Eve? The devil did. What’s it going to take to let them get to the Tree of Life? God enlightening them. It’s always been off the Word and those who haven’t been off the Word like Paul never had all the Word.

Now you’re going to get not only back on the Word, you need all the Word. Didn’t Brother Branham say so, “What’s been left off?” Okay.

I’m yelling it. I meant to relax tonight. I’m more relaxed yelling than I am otherwise. I don’t mean to be that way; I don’t mean to be that way. My nerves get the best of me and when I don’t feel well I can sometimes show it and I don’t mean to. You haven’t fallen away.

Look, the only falling you have done is upward and that’s perfectly legitimate. One having fallen away. All right.

Hebrews 6:4

(04) [Having been] enlightened [once and for all], tasted the heavenly gift, made partakers of the Holy Ghost,

In other words, God dumps the whole thing on them at one time. Everything that was in the ages, from age number one to seven and everything suggested that hadn’t been poured in is now poured in so that the Head Himself is here in the form of the Holy Spirit.

Hebrews 6:5-6

(05) …[taste] the good word of God, the powers of the world to come, [Millennium, New Jerusalem, everything. You’re in it.]

(06) …[having fallen] away, [they cannot be renewed to] repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame.


In other words, they said, “Away with Him. Give it up. Nah, we don’t want you. This is not the way it is done.”

And they got a genuine anointing of the Holy Ghost? You say, “Brother Vayle, I can’t believe it.” That’s exactly right. You cannot believe it, neither can I in our own mind, but if we accept it, it will help like it helped me.

This is what kept me from insanity and going back on God, throwing the whole thing back in the lap of God, in the face of God and walking out. I’m a nervous stupid jerk and you know that. If it hadn’t been for the prophet’s message I would never cared two bits for anybody.

I’d of gone back worse than ever before. If you think I could cuss before you’d find a guy that really could cuss and cared about nothing. Just like the girl said, “I’d watch my mother fry in hell.” And I want to ask you something, what is the difference if anybody fries in hell and you watch them or don’t watch them? 

What does it matter if there isn’t something real? Why is it not true, get before you’re gotten, slug before you’re slugged, beat before you’re beaten, kill before you’re killed? Then how do you care how you get it as long as you get it away.

It doesn’t matter if anybody has any fun, as long as you’ve got it. That’s what Paul said, “Eat, drink and be merry.” Freedom is being free though the other guy is put in shackles.

You see what I’m trying to tell you? This is where we’re at. I hope you’re getting what I’m saying. I’m not blaspheming God. I’m just telling you. This is what the Scripture says here. These people have got this and they kill Him again to themselves.


Do you realize why Brother Branham said “this is the evidence of the baptism of the Holy Ghost, to receive It, to believe It is righteousness, period, is the baptism with the Holy Ghost and pouring Word upon Word upon Word and It doesn’t come by sensation, It is a revelation?”

In fact your sensations may betray you. You say, “Man, how can I take this?” How often did I sit under Brother Branham, “What’s he trying to tell us? Is he the only guy that got something?”

Yes, he is the branch, John 14:12. God working through one man! “Oh my, my, my, my. Oh my.” Oh yes, just my, my all you want. Be a nice little Pentecostal goat.

Be nice little Baptist goat, little Presbyterian goat, goatse goats, marse doats and dozie doats, so go ahead and goats. Go ahead follow the gang; it’s your business. No problem. Join the pipes of Pan, half man, half beast, live it up.

I’m telling you the truth, brother/sister, root nor branch. I wish I was a nice preacher like Brother Branham. I could lay this on the way it should be laid on. Instead of just rotten the way I’m rotten because I know I’m not doing a good job. I’m coarse and crude and X-rated, the whole bit but I’m still telling you the truth.

Brother/sister I don’t care if I give you a diamond wrapped up in horse manure or twenty-four caret beautiful setting, a diamond is still a diamond. And I may be the off scouring of the dung of the earth presenting the Word of God but this is still the Word of God, period, you do what you want.

And I may be just here to throw you a loop, too, to see if you can take it. I hope not. I hope not because I don’t want to be a deceiver but I’ve told you the truth. This is what I’m talking about.

All this is okay, repentance from dead works, faith toward God, baptism, laying on of hands, Resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment; everyone is right with a little error. The life passed out of it. Now He came down to set it all straight. Take it or leave it.

Are you a briar or are you wheat? I’m going to tell you something, the prophet says it here and we’ll read it time and time again, a wheat cannot help being a wheat and a briar cannot help being a briar. So why don’t you just get happy?

Hebrews 6:7-8

(07) For the earth which drinketh in the rain that cometh oft upon it, [seven times, Seven Church Ages] bringeth forth herbs meet for them by whom it is dressed, receiveth blessing from God. [See?]

(08) But that which beareth thorns and briers is rejected, …is nigh unto cursing; [Now watch! Is just nigh to cursing] whose end is to be burned.


The foolish virgin will all die or be burned but they are not necessarily cursed at the White Throne, as far as I know I’m speaking the truth on that. That’s the only way I can see it. If I’m wrong… I don’t believe I’m wrong. I don’t know. I wouldn’t be too adamant about that. Okay. Where are we? Just as fundamental.

[81] And now here is Zedekiah, just as fundamentally right,… ”For this land belongs to us. While those Syrians and Philistines over there are filling their bellies, of their children and so forth, they’re our enemies, with the food… our children do without! When, God gave us this land!”

And therefore, the food on the land and we and our kids should be eating the food of this land. These interlopers are eating all the food of our land. That’s not right!

Brother, that’s a good argument. I guess he could scream that out before Israel, and they would shout as hard as they could. [“Hallelujah, glory to God!” Oh yeah, the tares were really screaming now.] Now, I’m talking about today…. I hope you’re following me. All that screaming and hollering!

Time, you know, that Brother Branham said, “Demos sister was going to die.”

One of the false Pentecostals they said, “Thus saith the Lord, my little children, your prayers have been heard, yeah, yeah, yeah, you know.”

How could God hear anybody’s prayers against His Word? “He that turneth away his ears from hearing my Word, I will turn away from hearing his prayer.” What, hogwash.

“She’s going to live, hallelujah. But she’ll scream, glory, glory, got God’s mind changed.”

Billy said, “Daddy, what about that?”

He said, “Son, all I know is I saw the vision that said two o’clock. Watch the clock.” And she was dead at two o’clock.

Did the man repent? “Well, no, I don’t suppose… well, I made a stab at it, I’ll stab again.” Sheee. Watch yourself Brother Vayle; you had a lot of that junk, too.


So, all talking of the great healing revival and the Appearing and Coming and the Millennium, and all of those things today are just talk and screaming and the legalist has no concept of truth because He’s already come.

And amongst us are still those who are looking for a return ministry, when Brother Bosworth pulled my coattail in 1953 in the old boxing arena down there in West Palm Beach in December.

And he said, “Brother Vayle, I prayed for forty years for the ministry of Christ to return to this earth and there it is in that man.” And they’re looking for a return ministry when the ministry returned.

Just like the man that sent out… had a carrier pigeon, I mean a passenger… one of those homing pigeons sent out and there’s a message tied to his leg and he’s waiting for the message and the pigeon is sitting there with the message. He said, “Now… you know I’m waiting for the message to return.”

“Well, there it is on the pigeon.”

“I’m waiting for the message to return. Oh yeah, there’s something to come.”

“There it is on the pigeon.”

“Oh yeah, I’m waiting. Oh, restoration, hallelujah.”

“There it is!”

“Oh yes, bless God, the great Spirit of God.”

“There it is!”

“Oh yes…”

“There it is!”

“Well, I’m not looking for that.”

“Oh yes, you are.”


Now how can you look for something God didn’t declare or how can you look for something that God did declare in a way that God didn’t declare it? You see why Brother Branham said, “We’ve got to watch our Scripture where you put It, how you put It and what you say about It.”

And he let you know that all… now let’s read a little more here because we’re getting to the goodie, goodie gumdrops. Look,…

[82]  You remember David last Sunday? [All the screaming and shouting big revival doing God a service.] See? You out there in… the land of this telephone hook-up; if you don’t get last Sunday’s Message, be sure to get it. Trying To Do God A Service Without Being Ordained To Do It,

That’s what these prophets were doing. That’s what Oral and Tommy Osborne, all these men are trying to do. Look, I’m going to speak freely because that’s the truth or Brother Branham lied. And I’m putting myself in the balance to see who did lie. And I know they did lie.

They haven’t got a leg to stand on and they can sue me if they want. I don’t give a rip. That would be good to have the fat in the fire. I’m not that fat. They are nice and fat. We’d get a good fire going.

[82]  sincere, good, it’s absolutely not received by God. [no matter what it’s all about.]


Now, who was out there trying to be the leader? A lot of them were trying to be leader but Oral remains when all the rest have faded. He can prove, he can prove he even bought God off. That’s pretty good. They’re all trying to do God a service by explaining this end time but they can’t do it. Only a true prophet can really explain and really reveal.

Now Brother Branham’s service was to restore the Word and cry out against error and in this little verse, this little paragraph he’s explaining the title of his sermon, ‘Doing God a Service.’

And in it he’s telling us that he is the one true anointed prophet who was truly sent of God with God Himself anointing him with the Word and thereby doing the service which God had to have rendered to him and to the people and he’s the one that’s going to bring us there.

He’s John 14:12 branch. He’s the epitomization, the personification of that prince that brings forth the headstone crying with grace with the message of grace although God Himself does it but does it through a prophet. Here Brother Branham is vindicating himself and pointing himself out.

[82]  Now, here was Zedekiah, thinking he was right.

[83]  Micaiah said, “Let me ask God.” So he came down the next morning with THUS SAITH THE LORD. 


When did the others say THUS SAITH THE LORD? And it stuck? You know a fellow named Garret … ?… I used to like that guy when I used to read about him. He went to Korea or somewhere and came back had this great big tent meeting in Tucson.

Just before I got there I got his book and he said, “You see, …Brother Branham made a terrible mistake,” he said, “you know this business of using visions and THUS SAITH THE LORD, …I had a vision after his vision of God and,” he said, “I said, ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’ and it didn’t come to pass.

You see Brother Branham did the same thing.” Why that liar! That Oneness liar!

I don’t care if he raised the dead and converted all of Korea so-called. He’s a liar. There wasn’t one time that THUS SAITH THE LORD failed. The man is patently a liar. He’s false anointed. He’s Anti-Christ.

You say, “Brother Vayle, don’t be so harsh.” Then why are you sitting here? Go on and get yourself another preacher. You think I’m going to toady to nonsense because you got some background, be nice, be nice, be nice. Who’s been nice to me? Why should I be nice to anybody?

I want to tell you God’s been nice to me. And I’ll stand for the prophet. I loved him. I still love him and I know he’ll stand for me. Not that I’m expecting to become Jesus Christ, not for one minute. It’s not if you scratch my back and I’ll scratch your back, but listen, I’m not going to go back on what he said.


Now listen!

[83]  Micaiah checked his vision with the Word. [He checked his vision out.]

[84]  Now if he would have said to Zedekiah, “Do you know what the prophet of the Bible here said would happen to this fellow Ahab?” [Now the answer Micaiah would have received likely was “Sure, sure I know.”]

[85]  “But not at this time (now Micaiah), (no, and this prophet Zedekiah, he’s an)… honorable man. He is trying.” Don’t fail to get this. “He is trying [I’m going to put my own words in, sincerely, as honorably, as hard as he possibly can, he means it,] to give back to the church the things that belong to the church.

Now there’s two things you’re looking at. Back here Brother Branham said it was the physical things back there. Today it’s the spiritual because they already got the physical. Rich, increased in goods and don’t lack a thing and they think that’s the mark because they got the spiritual too.

[Now he said] …not the Spiritual things; if [Zedekiah had wanted that and Ahab wanted that if] it would, he’d have shook the whole nation like Elijah did. But, trying to… get the material things, “We own property. We’re a great organization. We belong to it… all you people are Protestants, … all join with us.”

In other words, Brother Branham is saying, “They cannot use the spiritual approach; it’s got to be a physical carnal approach.” They’ve got to do it with things, not the Spirit of God. And the Bible says, “When this One from heaven speaks, the things are going to go down.”

What are we working with in this church at this point and every point? It’s the Word or nothing. We got to understand that. In our four years of existence, whatever it is, starting all over and adding carefully. Our consistent approach is it’s in the Word and we have the Word or we don’t got it and we don’t want it if it doesn’t come out of the Word.

Now you say, “Well, I’m looking at that thing, Brother Vayle, and I don’t see too much.” I don’t care how much we do see or don’t see. It’s still got to come out of the Word. That’s the trouble that’s right here. They couldn’t line with the Word.

When you get a false prophet and a false line you’ll go down every single time, but you take the knocks where it doesn’t look like it, you’re a holy-roller, a grubby old bum so-to-speak. Don’t you worry, check the inside out.


I’ll tell you something Sunday that will talk a little bit about love again. I’ll illustrate a little experience or two I’ve had, you begin to see what I talk about. Not that I’m anybody. Don’t think, look at me. Look, if that’s the case get yourself another preacher.

If you want a misunderstanding this late in life, if you can’t figure me out now I’ll tell you what you do, just don’t…you can sit here if you want to sit here but close me out after twenty, thirty minutes. Maybe some of you do already, just close me out, just sit here, “Hmm, hmm.”

I’ll tell you what go and buy yourself an ice cream or a cup of coffee, you’re better off. I’m not trying to be mean to anybody or trying to read anybody’s mind; I’m just telling you, look, I’ll build the prophet up and the Lord Jesus Christ but not Lee Vayle.

But I’m going to tell you something, the only person I know is Lee Vayle. I don’t know you. I can’t talk what happened to you, I don’t know what happened to you, anything about you when it comes right down to it. You don’t know about me.

If you don’t spill your guts to me I won’t know it, if I don’t spill mine you won’t know me because only me and God know me. My wife thinks she knows me and I think I know her but we really don’t though.

You’ll find out the more… the longer you live as man and wife you’ll find out that really you love each other and there’s something there sure, but you really never know each other, not the way you really want to know, and you won’t know until the other side.

Then you won’t know what’s on this side, praise God, and I love my wife, I’m crazy about her and she’s crazy about me but we’re just a couple of nuts, that’s all, we ain’t got much brains. That does the whole thing in a nutshell. Okay.


Spiritual things they couldn’t go for, the restored Word, and that’s what they’re turning down today, looking at numbers and everything else, and leadership. They don’t know they’re poor, wretched, miserable and blind in the midst of lacking nothing because the church is enormously rich.

Look, Italy today cannot get out that bishop banker that went with a bunch of hoodlums and busted the bank in Italy. And who do you think got the money? Ha, who gets the cut for taking confession and absolves the sin?

Who would let old Frank, blue-eyed Frankie Sinatra, the bopie boy, that bird have his marriage annulled to a good legitimate woman so he could commit… live without adultery by some papal decree? Fap!

You talk about the pope lying in bed with whores; he’s doing it right there vicariously. Put that on the record. They want to shoot me for it, I’ll have to either recant or I tell them I said and meant it.


Ahab… was the beast, and Zedekiah was the false prophet to the beast. Right? Government [and] church getting together. The false prophet spoke for the beast to get his way. How are we doing for time? All right.

 [85]  Now we belong to it. …all you people, you Protestants, …that join with us.” [He’s talking about today. See? Okay.] We’re coming to that in a little bit. “It’s all Brothers and sisters, anyhow.” It is not! Never was and never will be, with the real genuine Church of God. It can’t be!

Brother Branham said, “What fellowship can he have who believes all the Word with him who believes only part of the Word?” But all denominations will have a common denominator pretty soon. You better believe it. They will get together on the communion because they’re almost there.

[86]  Notice, he saw the vision. And so he said, “God spoke to me.” Now, look, the man was sincere. He said, …”God said, ‘Make these horns, …go up there before the king and push westward,’” …whatever the way the land laid… where they were standing. [Now organized, see.] “‘Push, …that’ll be THUS SAITH THE LORD, that he’s going to win the victory and come back, a victory for the church.


See? Now let me tell you something, brother/sister, the church does not get restored. Don’t you believe for one minute the church does because it doesn’t.

It’s the Word that gets restored and the Bride taking the Word then is restored, because that’s exactly the truth because Eve went off the Word and before Eve can get back there’s got to be a right Word to get her back. All right.

[86]  ‘Going to drive them out!” That’s pretty close, isn’t it? What’s was the matter?

Here came Micaiah down. And they said, “Now you give your prophesy, Micaiah.”

[87]  Micaiah said, “Go on up! But I saw Israel like sheep, scattered, having no shepherd.” Whew! Exactly vice versa.

Now listen! Here’s these two guys prophesying, two brethren, two men prophesying. And notice I said the church is trying to beat the rap, just like these people here, trying to postpone or eliminate judgment and they cannot do it because the days of Noah are here.

Just like Ahab’s day was there and whatever they did could not postpone it, could not stop it.

And since Brother Branham came on the scene, There It is right there, God, prophet: prophet, God. There is no turning back. The corner has been turned. The road to heaven is not paved with good intentions. The road to hell is.

The road to heaven is paved with the Word of God and strait is the way and narrow is the gate and very few find it, and they’re not going to find it because the gate tries to find them and they turn it down flat. So they’re trying to eliminate judgment but they cannot do it. There is no way they can do it.


Now Brother Branham said when these two men have prophesied.

[88]  Now, you’re the congregation. [Sure, right today. Here’s Oral Roberts. Here’s Tommy Osborne. Here’s all the rest of them standing right up here.] Now which one’s right? Both of them are prophets. The only way you can tell the difference in them, is to check… the Word.

Now then, he is asking us to judge. Now if you believe God, prophet: prophet, God, and you believe that he is speaking under the influence of the Holy Ghost wherein we will show in this sermon here, he makes a very bold blunt statement, almost crude, and he said, “God told me to say it exactly that way.” So, all right, then God told him this.

Now you are the judge. Here He is right here, here over here, and here He’s out here. [Referring to the two pictures on the wall]

Now you tell me where you stand tonight. Now it’s that simple. See, you’re looking for something tough. You’re looking for some big thing, some big vindication.

You’d like me to be the sweetest, nicest guy in all the world. “And bless God, pray down the honey and the wine, and oh yeah, and the bread, and the fish, and the loaves and Brother Vayle, then, oh, then, then.”

Then shut-up you ain’t what I’m talking to. Here it is right here. It isn’t me at all… It isn’t I at all. I’m out of the picture now. So what are you looking at?

Now as crass as I am you’re getting it straight. Now you’re on the hook, not me. You got to answer because I’m telling you what I stand for. Now it… little funny feelings come over you. I know.

“Well, am I really making… it mean… is mine? I believe it, all right, and I’m saying, ‘Yeah, I’d go along with that.’ And I’m judging like he told me to judge and I’m putting it, I believe where it is. But is that enough?” Ha, there’s the question, isn’t it? Is it enough? 


Well, let me see now. I think I better have faith and virtue. Who said you weren’t supposed to have? For without them, without this you ain’t got the other that’s worth a plug nickel here. Because these men are honorable men, do you think Oral Roberts is kissing another woman?

Now there’s another guy got in this two soul bit and this other stuff about thinking Brother Branham was God for awhile, and he’s got himself a sixteen year old like the rest of those whoremongers got. It’s proliferating, honey child. And I’m sure he’s a very nice man or he wouldn’t have got that nice girl.

I’m dirty, ain’t I? Stick around you might hear more. It’s not because I’m too old to have sex and run like a whoremonger, the fact is I don’t have it in me.

You say, “How do you know, Brother Vayle?” Because the prophet said Lee, “You can’t do it.” And I can’t. And it’s not impotence; it’s potency by the power of God and it has nothing to do with me; it has to do with God.


Let me tell you something, brother/sister, either God is control or He’s not control. X-rated sermons don’t go too good but I don’t give a rip. You’re the judge. You’re the judge. And He settles it eternally because there is no tomorrow. There is no more repentance.

The ear to the door says, “Jubilee has sounded and I don’t want to be jubilated. I don’t want to be free. I like my little doubts, my little organizations. I don’t want it so final because you see finality will put me where there is no tomorrow.”

There isn’t any tomorrow. It’s all today and it’s eternity. Now you either believe the Scripture or you don’t believe the Scripture; time and eternity running together. “That’s not Scripture.” That is Scripture. It’s Revelation 10:7. Time’s no more, they’ve blended. Millennium ushering in.

White Throne judgment, White Throne judgment is sitting in my lap and I’m sitting in its lap. “Oh, Brother Vayle, a thousand….” Aha, you still don’t understand Lee Vayle’s preaching. You still don’t know the law of prophetic projection. That’s the Judge! That’s what Daniel saw.

A thousand years is but a day. Do you follow me? A thousand years is but a day. Today, you are there. You are there. You are there.

“Well, Brother Vayle, I’m going there.” You are wrong, you are there. We’re speaking of eternity. Eternity is not measured by the roll of a planet. Eternity is measured by God.

In Him is the Resurrection. In Him is eternity. In Him is freedom. Where is He? When the Spirit that is in the midst becomes incarnate to us we will crown Him King of kings and Lord…


Well, I don’t quite feel like it.” That’s because you are not ready to do it, honey. I don’t feel like never going to sleep anymore because I don’t feel like it, I feel like sleeping. When I get my glorified body I may never have to shut my eyes again and I won’t feel like sleeping.

Why? Because I don’t need to feel like sleeping because there’s no feeling of sleeping: I don’t feel like smacking some people are in the teeth either. Ha, that got you, didn’t it? You can empathize with that. Don’t sit there that you’re so nice. Fap!

I’ll stand there and tell you, you know it’s the truth. Let’s be honest with you, that if it’s the first and last time I do it. There’s nothing there.

Listen, a rock doesn’t feel like flying because there’s nothing there to feel. There’s no dog feels like flying, only man feels like flying. He’d like to fly and he doesn’t really feel like it.

The only reason he got some feel for it because there’s something in him that says, “I’m going to whizzing through space one day. I’d like the speed of thought and then some.” Okay.


Now you’re the congregation, which one is right? Which of them, they’re both prophets, the only difference you can tell is; the only way you can tell is by the Word. In other words, who has the Scriptural authority and who lines with the Word of God.

[88]  And they asked and said, “How do you get this prophecy, Micaiah?” And he said, “I saw God sitting upon a Throne. …And I saw all His council around Him.”

[89]  Now remember, Zedekiah just said he saw God, also, and the same Spirit.

Remember, Brother Branham had said, “She’s going to die at two o’clock,” and the other man came by and said, “Hallelujah, she’s going to live.”

Brother Branham said, “California is going to go down.” Du Plessis said, “Hallelujah, that man’s judgment… that guy who judged he got judged himself and California is not going down.

God’s not going to let all those saints go down. I feel perfectly good here.” Last I heard he’s not dead; he’s a very old man. He just might be standing somewhere when California goes down. I don’t know. You be the judge. Zedekiah saw things, too.

[89]  “I saw God. He told me to make these horns out of… iron. Go out there and push the nations out of here, …this belongs to us.


Tommy Hicks saw the churches as a sleeping giant and all covered down with little tiny ants or men like this great sleeping giant and held down like you know, Gulliver’s Travels, you know.

The Lilliputians and sort of jazz, and he said, “She began to stir and arise like a mighty church.” He’s dead and the church gets stinkier every day. He saw visions, too.

I saw a vision when I was a kid in that same vision but not the same. The One who came down looked like a man but He wasn’t a man. Beautiful colors, and His feet… stood upon the earth, and the earth looked like an orange, just like this in my arm and there He stood and I knew who He was. You think He’s not here? Somebody doesn’t understand.

Now listen!

[89]  …push them out of here, it belongs to us. The others have… no right to it.” They would have had the right had… they’d stayed… with God. They would have had that, but they got away from God. That’s the way the organization is, the church.

It’s got a right to these things, but you have been cheated out of it, because you’ve gotten away from… the Word of God and …the Spirit of God, [You know they’re one.] the anointing, to vindicate the Word in the season. Don’t… fail to get this Message.

Why? Because the church is going to get the curse instead of the promise; it’s got the word, it’s got the word of the church, not the Word of God. They will miss life. They will get death because in vain do they worship Him having for commandments of God the doctrines of men.


Time’s up. We won’t take two minutes. All right. There you see it. We’re right to the place, brother/sister, you’re the judge, I’m the judge.

Now you can judge me and you can judge my preaching. I’m a pretty spunky guy. My preaching is rotten, I admit that. I’m not happy about it. I’m no more happy about me than you are about you.

I’m going to tell you one thing, I stay with Brother Branham and I mean it with all my heart as much as I’ve got a heart, if we are not Bride there’s a Bride out there somewhere and by the grace of God let us not get in her way. There’s a Bride there, brother/sister, and she’s made a decision. He made a decision, irrevocable.

Let’s rise.

Gracious Heavenly Father, again we thank You for love, mercy and grace, the joy of the things of Almighty God Lord, how we praise You for it.

We cannot thank You enough Lord, and we know, heavenly Father, if we’ve been a lot in our own spirits tonight there’s one thing you can really say, the prophet that brought this Word, he was in the Spirit of God and at least we have tried to proclaim and believe Lord, that we did proclaim the letter of the Word that You sent forth, and if thereby, O God, we have deceived ourselves thinking we are what we are not, we do know this one thing, at least we believe we know with all our heart and all our mind that we have said the things that the prophet said that they are standing because Lord, I believe that we believe that they have been vindicated.

So heavenly Father, we can say in our prayers as we said before previously but maybe not the way the prophet said it with the same understanding, with the same Spirit, that if we are not Bride, there’s a Bride out there somewhere, we believe that.

And if we are not worshipping the living and true God, there is a living and true God. If we are worshipping a part of our imagination or something that man has said about You Lord, and we are approaching as it were just like old Cain, maybe not as quite as severely, maybe just more one little point off Lord, we know that we’re wrong.

We realize that Father, but by Your grace Heavenly Father, we know that if we are elect everything is going to come out right and before long You’ll bring us right around more and more and more to the dynamism that the prophet himself had, the living reality in our measure, O God, prophet of God, God the Great Prophet coming down to visit us and be with that one who was His mouthpiece.

Lord, we given the great privilege, every single one of us believing this message, right especially Lord, I hope we certainly are, we also then become in a little way Your mouthpiece Lord, and even to say it Father, it just makes our heart feel crushed because how can we say such a thing to be even…

[Tape recording ends.]

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