Anointed Ones At The End Time #21

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Shall we pray. Heavenly Father, again we want to ask You to help us in this hour O Lord, of our studies, that we might say those things, Lord, or teach those things that are absolutely true and correct according to that which has been revealed and vindicated Lord, in this last hour. For surely Lord, we do not want to add to the gross darkness which is upon the face of the earth or to cast a snare and a stumbling block to anyone Lord, but rather to do all people good. And may those Lord, who hear the message this morning, whatsoever form they hear it on tape or whatever Lord, audibly now, may it do them good O Lord, and prepare them for that great day; which we know this is the hour of preparation. In the Name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen. You may be seated.


Now we are continuing this morning, and I trust, I think this is the last message, number 21,  in the “Anointed Ones at the End Time.” And of course Brother Branham is speaking from the Book of Matthew, Chapter 24, and he had this to say about the fact of the time of the presence and Elijah.

Matthew 24:24

(24) For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall [show] great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Now, I know that we could be prone to be very comfortable at this point. And so say, “Well, while we’ve got it made…” but if you notice the language, “That if it were possible, the very Elect would be deceived,” so that puts you in a place where you must exercise discernment if you’ve ever exercised it before. And so you should, because your senses by now should be exercised unto righteousness so that you would know what this is all about. You don’t have to, like as I told you, a woman out there in Tucson, saying, “You should hear Mr. Swaggart because he is the closest to Brother Branham.

How close is ‘close’ to the Lake of Fire?


Well let’s look at this thing. We’re not here to bother anybody, to fight anybody, to throw ungodly punches, but the fact of the matter is, if there is a fact in the matter, there was a prophet vindicated.  Where does it lead these people? I want to ask you.

Now I’m going to be a very crude, hardnosed, vulgar individual because a spade is a spade. Now the Bible says “utterly destroyed,”  all that don’t listen.

Now how does anybody hear God? Through a prophet. Well what am I supposed to do about it? How nice is nice? Look, if you want flattery, and I want flattery, this message is not the place to get it. I’m sorry. It’s not the place to get it.

All but the ‘Very Elect’, not just elect now, but the Very Elect, which lets you know that the end time elect are not in any extra special position. As it says in I Thessalonians: “We do not take any preeminence over anybody,” because we’re the ones standing here that are supposed to go on living and never die. You don’t take any preeminence. You’re no hot shot, you’re no big dice, no big wheels, no big nothing. You’re just ordinary and this warns you. Can you see an Elect preacher endorsing polygamy?  Can you see an Elect preacher over God’s heritage wanting gifts established on the floor? And wanting false anointed ones to pray for the sick? Can you see a faithful shepherd opening his pulpit to just anything because he wants to be nice?

We had that in Memphis, blew the whole works. Never so mad in my life one thing just went one place, to another place. Why? Brother/sister, this is not a time to be nice. This is a time to be righteous. Niceness doesn’t have a thing to do with it; the fruit of the spirit will be there, but I want you to find one word in the Bible that says niceness. I believe we all ought to be nice in the sense that we’re not necessarily, you know, causing ripples, you know.


Dr. Price one time preached a sermon and he preached it on the fact he went to a great gallery, an art gallery, and he saw two pictures both entitled “Peace.” And one was a beautiful pond, like a mill pond, reflecting beautifully, serenity; everything so calm and so nice. The next picture down the way somewhere in the building, a or perhaps beside it (it could have been right beside it) was a little mother bird sitting on a nest right by a roaring cataract with a water tumbling. Oh, what a frenzied activity. And she sat on those eggs with real peace and serenity in her eyes; and both were titled “Peace.” And a man standing there said, “This one is not peace. This is stagnation.” Speaking of the pond, he said, “This is peace.”

“When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say,
It is well, it is well, with my soul.”

So, beloved, we are not given to stagnation and we are not given to pleasantries and we are not given to glossing things over; though with an adversary who will not believe, you had better back peddle and get out of there in a hurry. You have no truck and trade with the infidels. To tell any man twice is sufficient or you denigrate the Gospel of God and rob It of its strength.  One does not have to be foolish and think he is wise. The Very Elected: “Behold I have told you before.”


So therefore if it’s the time of the Presence and Elijah… anybody says, “Now listen: it would be… What’s the matter with you people? Can’t you bend a little and just come over here and see this?


He said, “Well then you’re not courteous.”

Fap! You don’t know what courteous is.

“You’re stupid.  You think you’re smarter than Eve?”

Shibby-shally, dilly-dally with the devil. You got to be sick.

He’s in the desert, the secret chamber…come and hear what our fine bretheren; have come together and decided. That’s why I’m not for preachers’ meetings, period. Unless they’re exactly as Brother Branham said; he said the last thing you do is talk doctrine, if you got time.  You talk mutual problems; how to solve them by the Word; sustain each other if you’re low; give each other more a buildup. That’s what he said to preachers; then if you got time, if… Well you see what I’m talking about. All right.


Last Wednesday, we noted that in this message we were seeing the Omega of the Alpha doctrines of the two vines, or the twins… righteousness and unrighteousness… true prophet and false prophets, etc., that lined up, because this is the end time message.

Now of course you know the two vines. You understand the twins. But do you remember righteousness and unrighteousness at the time of Cain and Abel? In other words, you are looking at the refusal of the true revelation and the continued worship of God in a false revelation which the theologians call “Worship in Self Will.” Nice title, very good, but they didn’t get it right. It’s “Unrighteousness.” Oh, the devil is careful  with the theologians, so they don’t get their good words in there. Oh, worship in self will, hmm.

Unrighteousness—you’re dead! If this life into eternal destruction. We don’t deal with pretty words here. Righteousness is to worship God according to revelation. And the worship of God, apart from revelation, though it be ever so wonderful, is unrighteousness with God. Unrighteousness is not you committing adultery on your wife, although many will call it that. That is the product of your unrighteousness. As Bro. Branham said, “Smoking is not sin, it is the…it is actually the product of unbelief.” The sin is unbelief. All right.


We noted then on Wednesday, the Alpha… the Omega of the Alpha which we have seen in this doctrine of the end time. We saw the harvest of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death are knowledge of good and evil. Cain was a good example of good and evil because he took that which was good and perverted it, making it no longer good.  We saw the harvest of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death being reaped in this end time in this race of mankind.

You heard what I said. Listen again: in Brother Branham’s sermon, “Anointed Ones of the End Time,” we were made aware of, and therefore spiritually saw the harvest of the Tree of Life: in other words, the truth of it. And the Tree of Death, the knowledge of good and evil, being reaped in this end time in all mankind. Now listen, we’ll go into this thoroughly later on. The Tree of Life was there for one thing—what was it? Immortality. Immortality. What it was there for—its purpose, the purpose of God, whatever that is—we’ll look at.

We saw the faithfulness of God made clearly visible by the faithlessness of man, the faithlessness of man: in other words, man constantly turning down God for Seven Church Ages, in all ages. In that God, by grace, is allowing man access to the Tree of Life and immortality, the opening of the Seven Seals in spite of the whole world going after the beast. All right.


In a time of utter pollution, utter folly, we see grace and the message of grace coming to us. We pay special attention to one of the highlights of the message when we look in Luke 21:25-28, which has to do with the picture on the wall to your right—the ring of angels. We want to talk about it again because I’m a little afraid if I ask you a question this morning you might know the answer but you’d go all around it until you got to it.  So, we’re going to hit it very hard again.  25-28:

Luke 21:25

(25) And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars: and upon  the earth [these do not follow necessarily chronologically or in any particular sequence] distress of nations, with perplexity,…

Ha!  You don’t believe that nations aren’t perplexed? Oh, we’ve being doing our dead level best to get to the Russians. And they couldn’t even see us, and we knew they were ahead of us.  And a little bird flies a plane in from West Germany, nobody could spot it, so they fire the two top guys in Russia. Hallelujah.

The Word of God never fails. This world deserves what it’s going to get, brother/sister; and if you and I get it, just praise God. I don’t think we’re going to get it, but if we should, just praise God; we got it coming. Stupid is what stupid does. They think they can forget God and make some big show of it. Come on…perplexity. What if they did bug our embassy? Who needs it? They’ll never catch this Stealth if they get it ready in time. Nobody’s smart anymore…nobody’s smart. They just think they’re smart.

Luke 21:26-28

(26) …the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

(27) And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and glory.

(28) And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.


Now Brother Branham categorically said in this message that ring of angels which formed the wig and the beard of Jesus Christ centrally in there is what this is talking about.  Now, what we want to look at is this, 27 and 28.

Luke 21:27-28

(27) And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and glory.

(28) And when these things begin to come to pass, then [you who are not in this class up here but living amongst it] lift up your heads (‘course rejoice) for your redemption draweth nigh.

Now categorically Luke 1:27, Luke 1:27, was the seven mighty messenger angels all of whom were embodiments of the Holy Spirit, with Christ in the midst, appearing out in Arizona near Wilcox. We have the picture of it.


Now notice carefully, verse 28.

Luke 21:28

(28) Look up for your redemption draweth nigh

Therefore this appearance, this appearing of the Son of man, visibly as was taken by camera and seen by multitudes is a sign or a signal to us that the Tree of Life or Malachi 4:2, “the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in his wings.”

And 1 Corinthians 15:51: “I shew you a mystery. We shall not all sleep.”(For we’re all going to be changed into immortality).

And Revelation 22:14: To approach the tree of life and become immortal.

And 1 Corinthians 15:20-23:  which is the presence of the Lord and at that time the resurrection of the dead.

And 1Thessalonians 4:16 which is the descent or the appearing; the Shout, which is the Message, and so on…

And in John 5:24-25: which is the Son of man involved in the resurrection of the dead.

And John 11:25: which is: those in the graves will come out, and those now living will never die.

See. This is going on now and the literal resurrection and our change is according to this verse at that sign is near.


Now notice, let’s read a little further. It is so close as to fulfill Luke 21:29-33.

Luke 21:29-31

(29) ….he spake… a parable: Behold the fig tree, and all the trees;

(30) When they… shoot forth, [you] see and know of your own selves that summer is… nigh at hand.

(31) So likewise you, when you see all these things come to pass…

But the major one is this one. That’s your sign, cause that’s the evidence of the days of the Son of man. See, that’s telling you what this has been all about. And we know only after the fact. We do not know before the fact.  We can only surmise before the fact; it is after the fact we know. Because God interprets His Word by manifesting It. Now if that’s true, that’s true. And you cannot sit around and say, “Well let me tell you what’s going to happen.”  Now that’s okay with a little tiny gift of prophecy may get you somewhere; when it comes to this Word that’s a different thing entirely. Take notice.

Luke 21:31-32

(31) …..the kingdom of God is at hand.

(32) Verily I say unto you, (that) This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.

And it tells you, there are some in this generation; at what age- I don’t know. I don’t know. But this generation cannot pass away until every single thing be fulfilled; which is the great tribulation and the establishment of the Kingdom of God upon earth in a millennium.


Now notice, what it says here. It is not the literal. Rather, this is not a cloud of angels with Christ- that is the Rapture. Now many people want to make that the Rapture. They make 1 Thessalonians 4:16 the rapture. It is not the Rapture. It’s the conditions preceding the Rapture.

So, this is not the Rapture. This signifies that the Rapture is right in your generation because you cannot go in that Rapture unless you are immortalized.

Now, it is not the Second Coming. It is absolutely not Christ coming back to this earth. Absolutely not! So, it is not the Second Coming. It is not the Rapture.  It is not the descent to the earth. It is none of those things. What is it? It is a sign that the resurrection of the righteous is in this hour, as well as our change to immortality. Now that’s what this is all about. And that’s what I want you to understand. It is not the Rapture. It is not the Second Coming. It is not your immortality. It is the sign of it; the evidence that this is that hour

Now do you think the world’s going to pay any attention to that? Hogwash. Look, based on what we know of scripture, what man always does with the things of God. Let’s ask ourselves the question. The wise men that came to seek out the Christ, and the scribes and no doubt the Pharisees could say to those wise men,

“Well I tell you where is He. He’s got to be down there in Bethlehem or Judea because that’s exactly where He’s supposed to be born.”

They knew that. But how convenient it was to forget that they directed the wise men there and they themselves turned down the one that was born there, who was King of the Jews.


Now they were one people in one place. They were studiously looking for these things. You show me Christianity in one place studiously looking; with all the pooled resources of their knowledge. Hogwash.  You’ve got hundreds of organizations, cults and sects and God knows what and we’re one of them –all pulling in every different direction. No more pooling our knowledge than nothing. The only thing they’re pooling these days is their ecumenical bliss which is going to lead them right into complete destruction; because to become ecumenical they must give away more and more and more until they give it, everything away, and they’ve got nothing but damnation. You know that as well as I do.  That’s the truth.

It is a sign that the resurrection of the righteous is in this hour as well as our change into immortality. The Son of Man coming in clouds of glory is the witness to the hour of the Son of Man being revealed. This is part of the revelation of the Son of Man. So make no mistake about it. This is the Appearing. This is the Appearing. This is Christ coming more and more and more into visibility until He’s seen by a photograph. Here, over here the same thing. This is the Appearing that Brother Branham spoke of.


Here is where we differ from all the other believers who call themselves Christians. The Appearing is not the Rapture. They say it is, but it isn’t.  The Appearing is a space of time before the Rapture. And this signifies you are in that space of time now getting ready.  And the only readiness, wherein you are not ready, is the revealed Word of almighty God.

When you begin to examine what Brother Branham set forth as to conduct and order. He set forth very, very little. There was little to correct, but the Word needed correction very desperately. It is only by understanding this, this space of time before the Resurrection (your change and mine) and the Rapture. It is only by understanding the true Appearing, and this is part of it; this is what we see visibly.

I say it’s only by understanding this that we can fathom Ephesians 1:17-23 (And we all know exactly what that is). That’s when the Spirit of God comes into the church to give a revelation of the knowledge of Him to open the eyes of our hearts, our souls, to know certain information that we must know relative to the hope of His calling, the riches of the glory of His inheritance. And at that same time the power of God is loosed to bring about a Resurrection. So therefore this is a sign of the approaching Resurrection. Absolutely cannot be changed.


To understand this, is to understand Revelation 10:1-7 where the mighty messenger comes down with a rainbow. The same one that you saw in Revelation 4 and 5, sitting on the throne with a rainbow over His head came down on earth. God Himself to speak to a prophet, to speak upon earth because the Thunders were upon earth and to bring forth the truth at the end time where everything runs out.

You have to see this to see Luke 17:20-30 because It speaks of the kingdom of God. The two go together. It is the Appearing. It is the days of the Son of Man revealed upon earth. They came and said, “When’s the Kingdom going to come?”  And He said, “The Kingdom is going to come but you won’t be able to see it.” There’ll be plenty of evidence, but you can’t figure it. No, you won’t be able to do it.


Now look, back there theology and nationalism was a great stumbling block. Today, it is head knowledge. It’s your scientists and the whole aggregate of so-called facts that they try to marshal to destroy the truth. He said the Kingdom of God is in the midst of you.

He said the days will come when you will desire to see one of the days of the Son of Man and you, this generation, shall not see it because they’re going to see Him die and rise again but they won’t see Him come back, come back in a ministry.

And they shall “see here or see there.” Don’t bother going looking because you will have already seen it and understood it. So when you see and understand, you don’t go looking. So therefore if any of your brothers and sisters in this church or any of your friends in this Message are out there looking for something, you better believe this – they don’t know this Message.

They’re not part of it. And if any of you people here today, you got a wandering spirit, you got to run around and taste this and that, you better forget coming here because I can’t do you any good; because you won’t believe me.


You say, “You’ve got to hear Brother Vayle.” No you don’t got to hear me, but you better sit somewhere. Get your roots planted down because I’m not pastoring jack rabbits. Sheep follow a shepherd. Until I give you cause to just stop listening, you better be here listening. Because that’s the only way I can be responsible for you. On Judgment Day I will be responsible whether I want to or not. Don’t go looking here and there.

Now if you’re not satisfied you better go looking. It’s more than your privilege. I’ll help you do it; pay your bus fare or anything else you want. I’m not being facetious; I’m just telling you the truth. You want it, I’ll help you, but you’ve got to settle down. You don’t go running here and running there. Turn on your TV, if you’ve got one, and say, “Hey, I’m going to look at Swaggart. I’m going to look at this and the other thing.”

They haven’t got a thing for you brother, sister, except death. If that wasn’t the truth you wouldn’t be here. You would be someplace else where it’s far more academic and far more pleasurable see. Don’t follow.

See. Tells you right here, you look for light; the same light in Israel. What was the light? Well, what was the light? In Him was life and the life was the light of man.


So, we go back to I John, the 1st chapter and in there He says:

I John 1:1-2

(01) That which was from the beginning which we have heard, [You can’t hear spirits] which your eyes have seen, [you cannot see spirits] which we have looked upon, [you can’t look upon spirits] which our hands have handled, [you can’t handle spirits] of the Word of Life.

(02) For the life was manifested…

Now, in Him was life (I’ll be preaching on that again, just so I won’t say much this morning) and that life was spirit, just as Adam and Eve were. So God fabricated from protein, from the elements of the earth.

That body that could manifest them, and because it was simply the clothing and the formulation of material from that spirit, that was Adam; that was Eve. So therefore when you saw Jesus, you saw Him who is God. If you do not believe that “ I am” you are dead, dead, dead.

Now it says, that light was the light of men; what they handled, what they saw, what they looked upon, what they listened to. In other words, that visible man, what He did and what He said was light. So therefore, if God should desire to repeat the days of the Son of Man, all He needs is a body.

Who will be the body?  “Well I,” said the great ecumenical, president pope – drop dead. You’re twice dead now, plucked up by the roots for even suggesting it. Let God send His man.  What will that man be; a prophet. So that’s what we’re looking at.


See, this is exactly what we see here. Let’s go back to Luke 17 again because we were reading it. We don’t have to keep reading it but we… this is a favorite portion of Scripture because  you see this is life. This is where we are living. All right, the light come to the earth, the same manifestation.

That’s why Brother Branham continually said, if He’s the same yesterday, today and forever, He will now do in the form of the Holy Spirit, here in this building, what He did when He was here in the flesh on this earth and it was done every single time.

That’s why I said this morning, you don’t need to worry about healing, a special message, a special anything, this is your healing. All you’ve got to do is believe. This is the greatest thing in the world. You’ve got the greatest demonstration to base your faith on the Word that I’ve ever seen.

Now it says, He’s going to suffer and be rejected in this generation, so some it’s another generation that’s going to see this repeat. God in human form, as the prophet said. God in a prophet; God using another body. See, okay.


What’s it going to be like? The days of Noah. That’s when it comes back. The days of Lot. That’s when it comes back. Just before fire and brimstone hit. That’s when it comes back. And at that time there will be a separation. Number one in Matthew 24, by the Word, number two, by a rapture. So therefore this here is separating time. Here is the Judge. Here is the King.  He said, “I’m going to gather My own.”

This is the great gathering for the exodus, and it’s done the way God always does it; He does it by a prophet. Don’t let your minds go into a funk at this time and weasel out on you because that word “prophet”, you’re thinking too much of men like William Branham. God is His own prophet; Jesus was a prophet. The prophet died upon Calvary. The same One is immortal up there.

He’s just a multiplicity of offices and the great offices, the great prophet. But we’ve been taught so much about Saviour, Saviour, blam, blam, this that and the other thing that we have gotten a very weak revelation of the Lamb and the Saviour. Right, because we don’t understand “prophet.”

And you’ve got to understand more than just Saviour and this and that because let me tell you, it says at the end time when the Spirit comes into the church, to tell the church, the question is this, who will be the voice of the Spirit? There you are.


So, this is Resurrection vindication right around the corner. Right in this minute it’s come out. So, never forget what we’re looking at. This is not the Rapture; this is not the Second Coming. This precedes the Rapture.

This is Christ coming more and more to His church for a total rejection, so that if you’re in the church, you’re lost. You’re one of them.  Oh the Pentecostals sing “I’m so Glad That I Am One of Them.” I sung it as a kid; we sing it now in the right way.

But they sing it; they’re one of the ecumenical boys and don’t even know it. They’re caterwauling and complaining they don’t have a part in it. They got the Roman Catholic baptism my brother, sister. And the oneness got an erroneous understanding; they’re Jesus only. But there’s a Bride somewhere that’s got the truth. By His grace, we’re part of It. That’s point number one.


Another high point in this Message, it is that the Alpha, Omega of the Seventh Seal (that is the Alpha and Omega of the Seventh Seal revelation- because it’s got to have an Alpha if there’s going to be an Omega). You cannot find something in Revelation that is not in Genesis.

Now that’s that. Now let’s understand that; because you can’t add or take too- take from.  It is the Alpha and Omega of the Seventh Seal under which the Seven Thunders is; the Seven Thunders and the Seven Seals. Notice the Scripture.

So let us go back to it. Genesis the 3rd chapter. A lot of this is repeat, but additional, because we want to nail it down, because if I don’t feel happy about something that isn’t nailed down we’re going to just,  I’m going to preach until I’m happy.

And that means if you’re unhappy that’s your tough luck, because by this time you should really be thoroughly understanding. I don’t want to be hard on anybody, that’s just the way I say things.

Look, 22 begin [Genesis  3:22]

Genesis 3:22-24

(22) And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil; and now lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:

(23) Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden [he put him right out of the government of God] to till the ground from whence he was taken [he wasn’t taken out of the ground of Eden, let’s get that flat. The Lord- because this is God’s headquarters. Only Jesus was the Lord of heaven.  You bet].

(24) So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life. [Which meant he could not get near there]


Now, look it here. We’ve got to understand something here. From this Scripture we realize one hundred percent that the purpose or reason that God had the tree of life in the Garden of Eden was to bestow immortality. Right? Right! Anybody not see that? It’s clear as a bell. It says it right here. Why he said, if he gets to that tree of life he’ll become immortal.

So the tree of life was placed there so that he could become immortal. So now it’s removed from that time slot to another time slot. Because you have got to admit, even by reasoning, and reasoning is not fallacious; it’s not fallacious if you are spiritual-minded. Man was always meant to live forever in a beautiful state of eating and drinking and building and sowing and reaping and loving every split second for trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions to infinity of seconds.

You ever found a time when you hated to go to sleep, it was just so great? Or hated to wake up because it was just so great? Or didn’t want to quit eating because it was just so great? You just didn’t want to stop something?  Well, this is going to be everything beyond your imagination or your capability of even suggesting something to yourself now that’s going to go on and on and you’ll never get enough. Won’t be any shoofly pie and apple pan deli. That’s about all the world thinks of and all the world is going to get.

We’re going to have something eternal because you see we were basically a part of God and that will never be satisfied until you basically get exactly what God gave Jesus to Christ, which was a glorified, perfect body. You can’t brother, sister, you can’t stop short of it and this is what we’re looking at; the purpose of God. And it got sealed up under the Seventh Seal when God came down like a thunderbolt. Said, “Adam, where are you?” Cut the whole thing back. Put it completely under lock and key but did not throw the key away, because He said, “I’ve got the key of life and death.  And I control the gates of hell” Sure did.


Okay, let’s go then to the purpose of God. We go to the book of Ephesians (and I won’t worry about taking all the message this morning because I’m not going to cover it). Ephesians, first chapter , we begin reading 3rd verse.

Ephesians 1:1-3 

(01) Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in [the heavenlies] in Christ.

(02) According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him. In love

(03) Having predestinated us [who was in Him to a physical being- predestination deals with the physical. Foreknowledge deals with the blueprint; election deals with the material. Predestination puts it together and delivers it]. …In love… having predestinated us unto the adoption of children…


Now a lot of people don’t understand anything about the Greek.  They want to tell you we were poor little children out in the world, our father was the devil, but God came by and adopted us. A lot of hogwash. You ever heard such junk? It means you’re going to be placed where you’re supposed to be placed. Where? In the Garden immortal. Because that was the purpose of God. The purpose of God was Adam to get to the Tree, and he blew it. Right? Right! Right? Okay, that’s good. Glad you’re getting it.

Ephesians 1:5-7

(05) Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ [unto] himself; [and by himself] according to the good pleasure of his will,

(06) To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved.

(07) In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace.

This is the history of how you get to having fallen, that’s all.

Ephesians 1:5-8

(08) Wherein he hath abounded toward us in all wisdom and prudence;

And there’s a great big wisdom in our day that comes up in the 17th verse. And if you leave that out, you ain’t got “ all wisdom.” If you leave that out, you ain’t going to make it. If you leave that out no dead are going to come out of the ground for this age or any other age since the others rose up and there won’t be any complete family or anything else. So, wisdom and prudence;

Ephesians 1:9

(09) Having made known unto us the mystery of his will, according to his good pleasure which he hath purposed in himself:

Now the mystery of His what? Not the mystery of “We’re going to be immortal; that we’re going to take of the tree of life.” The mystery is how we’re going to be able to do it. How is it going to be done? As Brother Branham said we know what we don’t know how, on a tape.

Ephesians 1:10

(10) That in the dispensation of the fulness of times… [Well, he’s got a time set?] [What’s he going to do?]… gather together in one all things in Christ both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in him:


In other words, there’s going to come the perfect climax of God’s divine blueprint. Yep.

Ephesians 1:11

(11) In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will:

In other words now, there’s something in here, in the purpose of God which was to get us to the Tree of life. It’s going to go beyond it. Things that are in his own counsel not yet revealed. In other words we’ve got a revelation through a stopping place, which is a jumping off place, and we’re getting there.

And this is what it’s all about, right there. “The Annointed Ones at the End Time” so you don’t get euchred out of what you got coming to you. So nobody can entice you. Okay.

Ephesians 1:12

(12) And we should be to the place of glory [who]first [hoped in] him.

Now let’s go to, let’s go to Ephesians the 3rd chapter, and in there we read verses 8 to 12, I do believe.

Ephesians 3:8-10

(08) Unto me, who am less that the least of all saints, is this grace given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ;

(09) And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from before times eternal hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ:

(10) To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be made known by the church the manifold wisdom of God,

He tells you right here God is going to do something in the Bride that’s going to let everything that ever was and will be, know exactly what God had in his mind and what He wanted. Now that’s yours and mine. And This lets you know that you’re getting might close brother, sister.

Mighty close. Because your redemption is a part of purpose. Redemption is not purpose. Purpose transcends redemption; your redemption brother, sister. You don’t get changed to just…. sit there just like a bunch of loonies. All is done. Man, you’re just getting started. This is a little training period. And this is a little faith period. See, to let you know, all right. What God had in mind was to get this fantastic glorified family. See.


Now let your minds go, and I’m not going to preach it. Zoe. Let your minds go. Zoe. See. Okay. Now, having read Genesis and this, this then is 1 Corinthians 15:51.

1 Corinthians 15:51

(51) Behold, I shew you a mystery; [we’re not all sleeping, we’re all going to be changed].

(52) In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump; for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.


In other words, what stopped with Adam is now available. That’s what God wanted for Adam to get him to the place where he would take him further. But Adam blew it. But, God in allowing it, which gives Him the opportunity to show forth what He can and will do, in and through and for mankind.

And mankind allowing it and going through it. God will now give him what man could not imagine if he lived a trillion years to figure it out. See, you’re just really getting into the purpose now. Because why, the Tree of Life is here for the first time in the two thousand years.

Actually, to get where we’re going and where the Tree wants us, six thousand years. Because it was the Tree of Life that raised those dead, but couldn’t make the present immortal. Oh, it could have, if it had wanted it. But it would have spoiled it and God’s not in the spoiling business.


So what’s He doing now? He is giving us the Tree of Life that we can avail ourselves by eating this Word. Eating. You’re not living on the words of a man; you’re living or eating on the body Word of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

And it’s putting on an inner garment wherein you are changing in the very structure, I would say, of your soul particularly, and your spirit. Mind-renewing; feeding more and more until the atoms have come to a place where they not only can change, they must change.  You can say what you want, but that’s what it says.  Look up your redemption draweth nigh. This generation shall not pass away.

Say, well I think maybe somebody else ought to have it. You better start smartening up. You’re the ones that’s going to have it.  And to try and pass it on as though you were humble is not humble at all. You’re stupid. And notice I said that quietly and nicely. It doesn’t, it doesn’t go here. Okay,

1 Corinthians 15:52-55

(52) … for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

(53) For this corruptiblity must put on incorruptibility, and this mortal must put on immortality. [At that time death is swallowed in a victory].

(54) O death, where is your sting? O death, where is your victory?

(55) The sting of death is sin.

It is appointed unto man once to die. Why? Because of sin. But now he can’t die. Well, what, who did it? Judge, told you about it. Judge proved it. See, you are looking at a proven thesis. That’s why you don’t run. You don’t add; you don’t take. I know that everybody doesn’t teach.

There’s, God has sent prophets, wise men, scribes. He sent a prophet with the Word; He sent a five-fold ministry to delineate and give it  ear. And He sent those that can simply just quote what the prophet said or simply read it. But, it’s good enough. But I tell you, you can have what you need and you’re getting it.


This then is also Revelations 22:10. Now listen. Let’s look at it; 22 and 10. That’s where we start.

Revelations 22:10

(10) And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand.

Now the book was sealed up in chapter 10 and verse 4. So here it’s unsealed. See. Okay. Now, only God can unseal the book… not at this time, when It’s unsealed. Now what was sealed up in the garden? The tree of life. What does the breaking of a seal do?  It looses what’s under it.

Brother Branham said, “Christ was those seals.”

Not the Seven Seals written on that book, it’s what was contained therein. So, God loosed Himself from the obligation of keeping people from immortality. So now, God and man have an obligation, which is eternal, to get to the Tree. God’s got to get us to the Tree and we’ve got to see we get to the Tree, because this is the hour.  How are you going to do it? Well, you’ve got to have somebody help you.

How has God ever done it? The prophet. People simply will not believe that. That’s why I said a while ago if you denigrate Jesus Christ to the place of a Lamb or a Shepherd or a Savior or a this or a that and say but not Prophet, you’re gone. You’re finished. I’m just telling you the truth. You’re finished. Because that’s what they did in Israel; they would not receive Him as the prophet that Moses spoke of.

Well they said, “The guys got a pretty fair gimmick. He’s linked up with something. But is he that man? No, He is not that prophet.”


Now listen to me brother, sister. You get your Bibles out when you get home and you trace everything through that you can and I’m going to tell you what you’re going to find before you trace it through. You’re going to go back and you’re going to find the seed of the woman in the book of Genesis, chapter 4, I believe it is, or 3.

You’re going to find it there. From that time on it’s going to be prophet, prophet, prophet, prophet. You look for yourself. You’ll find a little smidgen, a hint now and then; when God reveals Himself to the people that He is Jehovah, complete.

Every facet of redemption lies in Him. You’ll find many things, but brother, sister, the key is prophet. For He is the prophet Messiah. He is the prophet Saviour. He is the prophet Lamb. And He is the prophet right now; God is His own prophet.

And remember, the prophet has everything to do with Judge. And remember, prophet is Son of Man. It’s linked to the human race, period. The things that Bro. Branham taught us were not in vain. It’s just been a long time getting to us.

Revelations 22:11

(11)  [At this time,] He that is unjust [will remain unjust.] He that is filthy [cannot be cleansed.] He that is righteous (cannot be unrighteous. [No way, no shape or form.] He that is holy (cannot ever get unholy.)


It’s over, it’s done, it’s finished, that’s it. That’s White Throne. Urgency.  Nobody wants to believe urgency. Dilly-dally, shilly-shally, it won’t work. Behold.. Now He said at this time you better look out because I’m going to come pretty quick one of these days.

Yep. I’ll be coming in the Rapture. I’ll be descending down there and the Spirit that’s in the midst of you now will become incarnate to you. And He’ll take you up there before the incarnation. And when he’s incarnate you’ll crown Him King of kings and Lord of lords. Now He said:

Revelations 22:13

(13) I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and last. [And I’m trying to show you something here.]

Go back to the book of Genesis and see where the tree of life is and what it’s all about. It’s immortality. God wants to get you there. From that point God will take you anywhere.  Now notice.

(14) Blessed are they that [wash their robes,] that they may have the right to the tree of life, and enter in through the gates into the city.

(15) [Because] without [there’s nothing but dogs.]


That’s male prostitutes; that’s your bunch of preachers. You notice that Jimmy, that they say that this guy Jimmy Bakker had a procurer. They got about three-quarter million dollars here for procuring. Put all the preachers together that procure- pimps.

Pimp preachers. Baker’s take is fiddlesticks alongside of the billions the church has taken in for years, from being procurers for the harlot systems. Take a good look at it brother, sister.

There’s nothing today that doesn’t type. There’s nothing in your newspapers that doesn’t type. Check your own lives. Come on, get personal this morning. I dare you to be personal with yourselves. Check your own lives; find out.

No problem; it’s there. You might come up with some pretty swill things. S-W-I-L-L. You might come up with some pretty swell, S-W-E-L-L things too. You may look back and you wonder how God allows you to have a heart that you didn’t have before; because you sowed for it.

And you sowed in a way that you didn’t even know that you sowed. I can tolerate things today that never could I take them before. And I look back and I see their roots in a little simple thing; a little kindness done somewhere and it begin to come back.

You know what, a mushroom can lift literally a ton of concrete to get to the sun. A life lies in there that is blessed of God, that any object can be lifted, if you just let yourself go. I’m trying to teach you over a long period of time some of these things. I want you to know them because your life depends upon them. The very things that you want in this life will come to you if you sow; but, you’ve got to sow right.


A number of years ago there was a friend of mine, his brother married a woman who was an alcoholic. They had a terrible existence.

And he said to his brother, he said, “Hobson, I sure wish I had a wife like yours.”

“Well,” he said, “I tell you one thing; I didn’t get mine on a barstool.”


I’m just letting that go as a little illustration brother, sister. There’s a lot to life here. There’s a lot that you can get outside that are sorcerers, whoremongers, murderers, idolaters. “Whosoever loveth and maketh a lie,’ they’re the worst of the works. And he said:

(16) I Jesus have sent mine prophet to testify unto you these things in the churches. [Because the prophet had talked to John]

Don’t understand everything, but there it is. So, we’re looking at that. All right. Now listen, we’re looking at that seal that was clamped on immortality, and believe me when it did, that seal sealed everything.

See. All right. It was one man, Adam, who had the only true revelation of God’s Word when sin entered.  Listen carefully. There was only one man; that was Adam, ordained of God, who had God’s true revelation of the Word when sin entered.

And when the twins came to light, Cain and Abel, only one had a true revelation, not anymore, and there will only be one man at the end with the true revelation of Malachi 4. That’s all. He’s Alpha and Omega isn’t He? Okay how’s he going to end the age?

He started the age that blotted out the tree of life; one man and he blew it. At the end then there’ll have to be one man who won’t blow it. And Bro. Branham said, “I will take to my grave.” And he did. Whatever, that’s his business; but he never blew it. Listen carefully. It is just like Noah in the flood; only one man had the revelation. The rest had to seek to it; and he was the only perfect man, which means genetically perfect. The only true human being.


So before this hour comes there has to be one man and one man alone with the true revelation; that is a true servant who understands the true Blood and the true Spirit, the true Word. Even as Abraham, one man, one man stood there just before the fire fell. Because that’s why Brother Branham said there’s only one major prophet and everybody gets thrown by the fact that there was somebody else on the scene.

What I think Brother Branham should have said, let’s face it; there is only one who is ever entrusted with a Word like this. Because he himself said, Moses, Paul, William Branham. And you study Scripture; there is always one person who has the preeminence.

When he went up there in the vision or transported, I don’t know how ( that’s his business and God’s business); the Voice said to him, “You were meant to be a leader.” And he was. There’s got to be leadership.

Thus the great mystery of Elijah comes into view as to restoration; one person. It took only one man in the presence of God, right… in the presence of God to dislocate it all so therefore it will take only one man in the presence of God to relocate and restore.

Well come on. Latter rain they’ve got a… well they’ve got what we don’t have, thank God. The proof of his ministry is vindication. He alone was vindicated. His Word to the Bride alone stands.


Ephesians the 3rd chapter and 10th verse:

Ephesians 3:10 

(10) To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in the heavenly places…

That’s the elevated places. Your great theologians. The people that are smart and all of those things.

Ephesians 3:10 

(10) …by the church [will be made known,] the manifold wisdom of God.

Not these people here but a little tiny group. Looks like a flat tire. Compare that with Ephesians 1:17.

Ephesians 1:17-18

(17) … the God of our Lord Jesus Christ,  the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:

(18) [To the intent your eyes as souls were] enlightened; that [you] may know the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints.

To the end that you may be; to know and that’s physically know, the power of the Resurrection. You, yourself changed and taken up to glory. How many people are going to do it? You tell me.

Therefore, anything then that follows this Elijah ministry is false. It is counterfeit and not a God, no matter how good it looks or who brings it.


Galatians 1:6.

Galatians 1:6-9

(06) I marvel that you are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel:

(07) Which is not another [in other words there’s only one gospel so forget what you call a gospel. It’s not even recognized. God had disrespect to Cain, though it was a very wonderful offering]; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.

(08) But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

(09) As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that [you] have received, let him be accursed.

So Paul said let me be accursed if I come and bring you something else. See, you cannot add or take from it.


Now listen, they will say in one group who claim to believe our prophet, William Branham, especially from Europe.

“Did he cover this? How come he left this out? Why did he not explain this or put this together this way? After all, you see we can read the Bible too.”

The big shot from Germany that said that; well almost identical to that. He criticized Bro. Branham. He’s got his PhD now at London University; piled higher and deeper. That’s all it is. The hogwash of man’s intellect.

What’s it going to do for him? Preaching polygamy; living in sin. Let me tell you something brother, sister. Go out and start a religion like that. You can get any number. Talk in tongues to justify yourself.  That’s been done too; the Whey organization came out of Ohio.

You don’t die of cirrhosis of the liver without drinking usually. Check the records. You foster sin. Go open go …[inaudible]… somewhere; go with the ecumenicals. You’ll have a following.


How long will we be together? I don’t know. I said many a time, back yonder, I said we’ve got ninety-two seats. By tomorrow morning they could go ninety-two different directions but by the grace of God they won’t. We’ve got a hundred and some here now; by the grace of God they won’t. I don’t know. But people don’t want to hew the line what Brother Branham taught in this message. I can’t understand it.

Others will say, he left … he, he, he left out some things and we’re here to put them in. We have fresh manna. This kid from Virginia wrote me, right at the very beginning of the tape. He let us know that Brother Branham was off  the scene, and you know there’s something they were picking up.

So his good buddy went back to Barnes. Barnes has been dead. His notes aren’t all that great. I gave mine away; well they might be in the office – I don’t know.  Might be back in there. Barnes I think I gave them away, but I don’t know. What’s …[inaudible]… dead manna.  Brother, sister, they say they’ve got fresh manna. Don’t you believe it.  They say, “We have the Word for this hour.” They don’t have the Word for this hour because they pervert It.


All right. As usual, I’m going to just stop there. Time’s gone; as far as I’m concerned it’s gone anyway. And I don’t have time to take the last point, which is, position, the prophet, where God put him and make sure you keep him there. Not as though I’m warning anybody.  That’s for all of us.

See brother, sister, we’ve got something that’s too deep and too wonderful to just let go by the board. We’ve got something that’s not casual anymore. It’s life. And Brother Branham brought out that beautiful part of the psalm, where he said,“My soul pants after thee oh God, as the hart pants after the water brook.” And he said, “The wounded deer that’s been wounded by the wild dogs, if he can just get to where the water is he will live.”

And that’s where we are today, brother, sister. We are there; we are in the pavilion of God if we place ourselves there by grace believing we are fully Elect. So let Him cover us in the day of the destruction He preached concerning the Rapture.


We are living in critical time. But the critical time, my brother, my sister,  I believe it’s going over everybody’s heads; because we are looking at every single solitary thing but the truth. And that is this: there was a couple of lovely people in the garden of Eden. They were fine, fine people. She walked one day on her own, away from her husband who had the Word of God for her.

Had a very handsome enticing person who looked just like a man, who could talk and converse with everything else. He simply seduced her and she fell for the seduction;  the blandishments of it all.

And now today we’ve got the very same thing; the garden of Eden all over again. They look at the tree of the knowledge and it’s beautiful to look at, and why it’s good for them, this is wonderful. And the Tree of Life stands there as a root out of dry ground. And there’s no beauty that they want Him. And they say, “You bunch of cults.”


That’s all. Well, praise God. Praise God. If I’m presenting this Message in such a way that you want it because of sheer eloquence and sheer brilliance and sheer beauty and sheer wonder, there’s something “sheerly” wrong with my “sheer” delivery.

There is, my brother, my sister because it isn’t that way except to the Elect. Jesus does not look…the true Jesus does not look very beautiful to anybody outside the true Bride. And the true Bride does not look very beautiful to anybody but Jesus Christ. And let us say the fact that has been said before, there’s only too true though a man said it and men often say the truth. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and false beauty is only skin deep. True beauty is down in the heart.


How is it that some people can look at some person whose features are the most irregular and there’s nothing there that would commend that person to any type of excitement when it comes to the natural when you’re looking for something beautiful in a person. And yet there’s something there that cannot be produced except by a soul that is in touch with God or a mighty element that is apart from man.

It comes right down again to the picture that Dr. Price said. One was a millpond that was glass before the burnished sun; not a leaf of the tree moved – silence. But the roaring cataract…and just beside it where the spray could touch the mother bird, the roaring thunder dissidence discord yet her eye was peace. There was something real. And the man said that is stagnation. That is peace.

This is beauty, the other is corruption. David one day sat alone and he looked around and he said, “I saw the great man out there, the sinner, that great warrior against us, merchant man (or whatever he was.) a polluter of the things of God, a despoiler.

And he flourished like the green bay tree.” And he said, “I was very sad in my heart until one day I considered the end of the wicked.” And he said, “I wouldn’t go there for anything. I’d just be a doorkeeper in the house of my Lord, than dwell in the tents of those wicked.”


Have you heard what that young, that son, they go out and they hunt in the desert. And they’ve got tents, three tents that cover acres? That’s what he’s talking about. The billions the Arabs have or one kid could have a million bucks a week just to spend. Three big airplanes any time he wants it; jumbo jets.

And David saw those birds out there and he said, “My!” he said. “I got pretty envious, I got pretty distressed.”  He said, “I began getting myself worked up.” But he said, “I sat back one day. I began to meditate and I saw what their end is.”

Now brother, sister, that’s what we’re looking at.  We’re looking at the end of the purpose of God in this hour. And the Message come forth. Watch out. Watch out. You’re not as smart as you think you are because Eve in innocence and the pristine purity of knowing only one thing, the things of God, the enemy came right in and said, “Hey, let me tell you all about it.” And she died; and the world died with her.

Tonight we’re going to live because He lives and He’s living in our midst. I believe when we sing “He’s Here” I believe He’s here with all my heart.

Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Heavenly Father, we know this is truth oh God; truth in the inner man. We know it’s your truth; it was demonstrated to us. And Lord, here we are hungering, not for another Message, but for a reality that comes from this Message in our hearts. So that we are so at home with it and it with us that we’re walking and talking with the Lord of Glory. He’s molding our lives and we are happy to see our lives molded.

He is leading us minute by minute and we’re happy to be lead. Somehow Lord we just can’t cease hungering to be what the prophet said concerning himself. He said, ” I always do what I want; I always want to please Him.”

Now Lord help us to just not come to the place of the want, because I suppose we’re there and even past that.  Help us now Lord to be to the doing of It. And we know there’s the happiest place in all the world to know your voice and to walk step with step. And step by step in faith sometime when we simply know your Word and say I believe this is exactly the way to walk because the Word said so. Then we hear the voice behind us saying, “That’s right; this is the way. Walk ye therein. Just keep walking.”

So Lord, we know really what it’s all about. We’ve got life within. We’ve got leadership behind, before and all around us if we’d only recognize it. Father, we’re not serious enough, we’re not sober enough.

What’s going to happen to make us that way? Will it be something like a thunderbolt bringing us to our senses? Some cataclysmic thing, oh God? Some disorder which could be tragic amongst us , Lord God? What is it? I don’t know. Sooner, Lord, all of us would say what that One who wrote the Scripture. “If you’re going to chasten us, chasten us in mercy. Bring us up, but not in wrath, oh God.” Not because we have to have something to be whipped for Lord, or whipped around, oh God. But help us be sweet dear obedient children to just want more and more and more, oh God.

Take the world out of our hearts and our minds. Take the throb of the universe away Lord. Get us in touch with Him who is Logos; with Him who is the true Zoe set in this cosmos which He owns because He made it until we’re an integral living, throbbing part of that Kingdom, oh God.

Not just a part, but a living, throbbing part Father. And Lord, maybe there’s a big price to pay and we’re sort of looking out of our eyes corner-wise hoping you don’t hear us or do something about it. Father, take it all away; whatever’s wrong take it all away.

God, strip it all away somehow. As the prophet said, that old nature be annihilated. We’re asking this Lord, not just because we want it, not to do something with it Lord, to be somebody, but actually Lord to know that we’re just one with You in this walking and talking. And some things are coming out the way You want them to come out. And we’re serving You and others as You’d like it to be. That’s what we’re thinking about.

And we’ll give You the honor and glory. Go with us Lord and may as the prophet always said, take this Message for your healing. May there not be one feeble or sick one among us, oh God. May we begin to believe that as never before and, in love, seed in every single person until that sweet spirit manifests moment by moment, day by day because Lord we’re going on. We’re going higher and higher, by the spirit of God, transformed by that Word. We give You glory in Jesus’ name. Amen.

‘Take the Name of Jesus With You.’

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