Ashamed #04

Word Relative To Promise
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Brother Lee Vayle

Shall we pray

Heavenly Father, we’re so grateful that You are Present with us, not here in this church as a Pillar of Fire, but as a Bride, and Lord there never was such a time of agreement as in this hour, and you said in this – any age, that if two be agreed upon anything as touching Your Kingdom it should be granted.

And here Lord there is a whole group of people, a Bride who agree a hundred percent upon the Word, that there was a living prophet from the living God with a living Word, and such Word Lord as to come to pass and bring forth a people immortal in the time of the second half of the first resurrection.

And how wonderful that is Lord, and knowing that You can do that, and not only can You do that, but You are going to do that, having already started to do it, we know our requests, which have been made known to You Lord, surely in this group here, the two and three gathered together have the promises made to us, guaranteed that it’s touching the Kingdom, it shall be done.

And Lord we have this promise brought to You now Lord is touching the Kingdom concerning our problems here, if indeed we even have a problem, concerning pastor, and these things which we feel are in Your Word, and in our heart, and Lord it’s concerning doubts and fears and negativity, concerning this Word and answers we need, there again Lord agreeing this morning we can have answers from You, positively, because all things are possible, and that is according to Your Word.

So we take hope this morning and great consolation, and a greater extension of our faith, Father, and joy to know that these things are true. We’re so happy to be here together with Your people, making one beautiful little part of the Bride of Jesus Christ. How grateful we are, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we’re on #4 of Ashamed, and before we go to page 23, paragraph 160, I would like for us to recall a statement that we dwelt upon in some length last Wednesday, wherein Brother Branham said in paragraph 125:

[125]  That’s being ashamed of His Word. That’s His Word made flesh in you. [Or he’s saying, “That’s His Word made flesh in you, and you’re ashamed of It.”]

Now at that point when he made this statement, he was referring to denominational people in particular who had no trouble but joy in receiving certain Scripture or dogma, or theology, whereas other Scripture was refused and was an embarrassment to them, because though actually those Scriptures were in the Word, they had made them open to debate.


Now the Word of God doesn’t stand or fall upon debate. That’s the stupidest thing under God’s high heaven to attempt to take Scripture and debate it and somebody by fluency, or a little smartness, a little Greek, or a little Hebrew prove he’s right, especially when God can come down from heaven and do something to prove what is right. See?

And Brother Branham is dealing in this line of thinking. So he took two Scriptures, that’s all he took at that time, those Scriptures relative to healing and the baptism with the Holy Spirit.

Now then, rather than giving a stinging rebuke, or an argument, he laid before them an amazing prospect concerning the power of the very Word that they were rejecting. Now in receiving whatever Word they had received, they had received the power for it! Do you follow what I’m saying?

What if there comes a time when you need the full power of God? Then you will need the full Scripture.

Now here are the promises of God in Word form. This is what Brother Branham is bringing to us, when he tells them they’re rejecting the very Word of power, at that time in rejecting those two great doctrines. So here are the promises of God in Word form, which if we receive, and reception is a matter of believing!

Do you follow me? You can’t believe and not receive. You cannot receive and not believe. That’s why old Brother Draffen years ago said, “Asking is receiving! Because ask and it shall be given you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door opens up!”

So you see believing is receiving! Now receiving has various degrees and elements, which I won’t go into, but you already know that.


So here are the promises of God in Word, or printed form, which we receive into our hearts and become flesh. It is like another statement Brother Branham made, “When you receive the Word of God, you become the Word of God in your flesh.”

Now here’s John the Baptist, he is predestinated; even an angel comes to Zacharias, and tells him, “You’re going to have a son by your wife Elizabeth, who is unable to have children.”

And everybody gets very happy about the fact the great miracle power of God, that this lovely lady in older age can have a baby. Hogwash. That’s stupid thinking. The great thing is God said so. I don’t care if they found him under a gooseberry bush. That’s right. God said so.

Now John comes on the scene, and he’s a weird character. But there’s a dynamism about him that nobody else has, because he speaks with a certain assurance concerning that for which they are looking. Huh? The coming of Messiah.

And they narrowed their eyes at this fellow who had this dynamism, and they said, “Who are you and what are you?”

And he said, “I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness! I am the Word of God manifested in flesh!”


Now here’s what I’m driving at! John, though known of God and predestinated was no more known of God and predestinated than you and I! Yet he had to take the Word of God and believe it, meant he received it, and he became at that time the Word of God in human flesh!

In other words, when he took his stand with it, then it was accredited to him, and written in a book. Do you believe that? You’d better believe it, because the books are opened. And it has to do with man’s records.

So now we’ve got a record of God’s Word, which was written in heaven, then we get a record of names, which are written in heaven, then we get a manifestation of the individual on earth, then we get a record how that one responds to that Word! That’s right.

How he responds. And your response to that Word makes the indelible crisscross of the record, Word made flesh. Now nobody’s going to believe that but us, and Brother Branham taught us, and I’m proud we’re taught by somebody who knew, and the rest can go fly their little peanut picking kites.


Now that you may understand what I am thinking that this could mean to us, let us now to refer to some Scripture, and attempt to put it together. We do so by going to Colossians 1:27.

Colossians 1:27

(27) To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is [believe it or not] Christ [the anointing] in you, [which is your] hope of glory:

And remember, hope goes beyond faith! Faith is a revelation! And by receiving it we complete our believing! And upon believing, it goes to the earnest expectation, which is a culmination, the Holy Ghost coming in!

So now you’ve got a cross marked off by your name. Samuel… who cares? Stan – put it Stan Zawatsky, born over there in Scotland. He’s a son of God. He heard the Word and he believed. Received the baptism with the Holy Ghost. Checks right off.

Now you think that’s not recorded? Oh come on, certainly it’s recorded. God’s got a record. Okay:

Colossians 1:27

(27) …Christ in you, [Christ in you, Christ in your flesh, Christ in your body, is your] hope of glory:

Now we might as well stop right here and understand that glory has a progression.

Brother Branham said what a glory it was when Luther broke from the Roman Catholic church, what a further glory it was when Wesley broke from the Lutherans, what a further glory it was when the Pentecostals deserted the Wesleyans, and he said, “Now today what a glory this is, it will never fade,” meaning that at this point a spectacular juncture, there is a glory that doesn’t fade.


So therefore now as you started way back, as Jesus said, “Give me the glory I once had,” and he was cognizant of it, we now, having received the glory of identification, believing in God, knowing we’re baptized with the Holy Ghost, identifying with the Word, now come into the glory which the others could not have, because we will be standing right here transformed.

Then there’ll be a further glory in the Millennium, there’ll be a further glory at the White Throne, and there’ll be a further glory and a further glory, because it keeps on and it keeps on and it keeps on, because it is the glory of God with which we are glorified, it is not a human glory at all.

The body is what we look at so much, and so does God look at it, but we fail to look at the intrinsic truth and value of what we are in the first place! We just don’t believe it.

Yet Brother Branham told about that great African fellow that came over here, that black man, he comported himself, the way he acted around others, he was not like the others. And so the fellow said, “I’d like to buy him.”

He said, “He’s not for sale.”

“Well,” he said, “I like him for this reason. He’s not like the rest of him.” “Well,” he said, “that’s why you’re not getting him.”

“Well,” he said, “what do you do? Feed the guy something special?”

“No, no, no, no privileges. What it is, this man was the son of a king, and he’s never forgotten it!”


And so what Brother Branham was trying to show us, what we’re looking at now, Christ in you the hope of glory.

In other words, the earnest expectation, not of a modification, but an extension. It’s just like they say extrude metal. You start with a lump of dirty rotten ore in the ground. You put it through the furnace and you begin to purify it. And if that doesn’t begin to work, you throw in a key later, that brings the other junk out.

The trials and tribulations of life, something thrown into your fiery furnace. And then you begin putting through the mills. And after you’re put through the mills, you’re put a refiner, and you get these things and sheets, and then it’s extruded, it’s put into certain forms and things. That’s what it’s all about.

So we come from God, with the elements of what can be extruded!

The lot of things in there look pretty hokey, because you’re coming through the flesh, but you begin to get rid of the flesh, and watch begin at the time of the glorification, it goes from glory unto glory, Christ in you, the hope of glory, Christ in you, the hope of glory, and men take that not knowing that that is the baptism with the Holy Ghost, they believe it is justification. It is not.

It is the anointing coming upon the seed! And the seed lies in the flesh.


Okay, let’s go to 2 Corinthians 3:2-3.

2 Corinthians 3:2-3

(02) Ye are our epistle[s] written in our hearts, known and read of all men:

(03) Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared [you are exegetically, absolutely drawn forth] to be the epistle[s] of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in fleshly tables of the heart.

And Paul is saying right here, “Your great destiny, and what you here are here on earth, according to the unalterable plan of Almighty God, that God has set forth here, you are literally the Word of God in this generation, you are an actual letter of Christ, but you’re ministered by us!”

2 Corinthians 3:3

(03) …written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in fleshly tables of the heart.

And what did Paul claim to have? He had the Word! Now we have an exact parallelism here and a parallel between Christ Himself and Christ His Word.


Now let’s go to John 8. John 8:37, and Jesus is speaking and he said:

John 8:37

(37) I know ye are Abraham’s seed; [I know you’re the children of Abraham according to flesh,] but ye seek to kill me, because my word hath no place in you.

If there were a child of God today, and he had the Holy Ghost, and he didn’t have the Word, he would be a killer! Now I know you say, “Brother Vayle, take it easy.” I’m taking nothing easy! You begin to smarten up!

You begin to realize what a Word this is that Brother Branham preached. That’s right.

David finally said, “Thy Word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against You.” Man with five hundred wives lusting after a woman who showed herself to a king, a prophet of God!


Listen to me you young girls today; you sit there deaf, dumb and blind! And your parents are just like you! You cut your skirts up the back, till your buttocks shows!

Listen to me, you women! Told you for the last time, judgment’s set in the land, prophet told you that twenty-five years ago, and you still can’t believe it. This vessel hid in earth and miry clay.

You don’t like the truth, do you? You hate being taught the way I teach. People hate my preaching, they hate my tapes, and they say, “I wouldn’t want my child to hear that guy, he’s too rough in the pulpit, he says things my little daughter shouldn’t hear.”

You little daughters… Ask any man, young or old, what the hip hugger did to him as a person. You know what a hip hugger was? Split way down almost to the crotch, showing the navel, the whole bit. Until any man would get a fiendish rip those things off you! And if that’s what you wanted, you’d get it.

Nah you people on here hear the tapes, you wouldn’t want to hear that, you’re too nice. Well, take your niceness; I’ll stand at the White Throne in front of you! Some of you folk are kidding yourselves. I know you’re nervous, you’d better be nervous, because I’m not.

I spill my guts, my sins are sent on ahead of time. I stand with Brother Branham, he spilt his guts, I spill mine. Because Jesus spilt His blood for you and me, and people don’t want to recognize it.



John 8:37

(37) [Yeah] I know [you said you’re] Abraham’s seed; but ye seek to kill me…

David killed. If there’s one thing David stood for though, got him over the hump, and he knew God. And in spite of all his sins and everything else, I want to tell you, David made it, “Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin,” but you listen to me.

If you expose yourselves, and you do those things – and we’re going to hit it, maybe this morning in Brother Branham’s message – and you do those things, you’re going to answer for it. Woe unto them by whom offences come.

And Bathsheba stood there, and no doubt she knew full well she exposed herself plumb naked to the king. And she was a beauty, and in her heart for all I know, she might have been saying, “Oh king, with your four hundred and ninety-nine wives, you ain’t got what I got.” I don’t know. I don’t know. All right?


Number one then is what we learn is Christ in you. Number two is Christ the Word in you. Or just put it Christ in you; number two the Word in you. This lines perfectly with John 3:5-8.

John 3:5-6

(05) Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto [you], Except a man be born of water and Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

(06) That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.

And we are body, soul and spirit! And the part that came at one time was flesh and soul, because the body is the home of the soul, and the flesh was allowed of God, given to us when the body and the soul came down from the womb, and the spirit gave life to the body. And so it takes the Spirit of God to quicken that soul.

John 3:7-8

(07) Marvel not I [say] unto [you], Ye must be born again.

(08) The wind bloweth where it listeth, [in other words, the Spirit moveth where He willeth, and you can hear the voice of it, but you cannot tell when it comes or where it’s going to go:] so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

And brother/sister, that voice has to be in the Word! No other place it can be, because that was already documented to us in Deuteronomy 18, “I will never allow My Own Personal Voice to be heard again, but I will send a prophet with the Word, and the Word will be vindicated.”

And you don’t even have to hear the prophet, you just read his Word. John the Baptist never heard Isaiah, he was born four hundred years later, or so.

He said, “I’m the voice of one crying in the wilderness, I’m Isaiah 40:1.” You can’t get by it.


Okay, notice what he says here. He is speaking of Christ Himself and the Word, the Spirit, and the rebirth. All right, let’s go further; we go to the Book of Peter. And in…

1 Peter 1:17-23

(17) And if ye call on the Father, who without respect of persons judgeth according to every man’s work, pass the time of your sojourning here in fear:

(18) Forasmuch as ye know ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers;

(19) But with the precious blood of Christ, as a lamb without blemish and without spot:

(20) Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you,

(21) Who by him do believe in God, that raised him up from the dead, and gave him glory; that your faith and hope might be in God.

(22) Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto [the] unfeigned love of the brethren, see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently:

(23) [Having] being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which live[s] and abide[s] for ever.


Now he tells you right there what they heard was the Word of Almighty God, the same as he did, and something was in that Word, which was in no other Word, which as Jesus said, “My Words that I speak, they are Spirit and they are Life.” And notice:

1 Peter 1:23-25

(23) Being born again, not of [a] corruptible [spora], but of [an] incorruptible [spora], [which is the] word of God, which [is living and abiding]…

(24) For all flesh is as grass, and the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass wither[s], the flower falleth away:

(25) But the word of the Lord endure[s]… [bringing a glory to a glory to a glory!]

Now what do you want this morning? Do you want the world out there, the flesh and devil? You want your crappy TV’s, your cruddy ways, or do you want the living Word of God? It’s up to you.

Say, “I’m going to have it both.” You’re a liar and you know it. Don’t try to kid yourselves; it’s too late in the day. And you’ll never get by with that nonsense.

From these Scripture and what Brother Branham said we see, how correctly Brother Branham could say that on judgment day God would judge the world in righteousness by one Christ Jesus, for He is the Word.


Now remember categorically, Brother Branham took us to Hebrews 4:12, so let’s go back and read it, because I can’t quote it to you. If I just maybe hit it right.

Hebrews 4:12-13

(12) For the word of God is quick, and powerful, [even] sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joint and marrow, and is a discerner [and] thoughts and intents of the heart.

(13) [And] neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: [for] all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.

That is absolutely the truth, but listen to me, what happened over here in 1 Thessalonians 4?

1 Thessalonians 4:16

(16) For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

It tells you right there that Hebrews 4:12 can only come to pass at the time of 1 Thessalonians 4:16, when the Lord descends with the Shout, and the Bible categorically denies that the Shout is the Voice of the Lord Jesus Christ!

It’s a voice of another person; God would betray Himself as a liar! As a hypocrite if He changed Deuteronomy 18! Can’t do it! God’s got to use a man! I don’t care what anybody says. You sit there and think, “I’ll hear from God”? You categorically are a liar and a fool this morning.


Listen, categorically the Bible says, “One day God’s going to judge this world in righteousness by one Christ Jesus.” And I don’t believe for one minute that’s looking down there at the White Throne, I believe it’s looking right now! Where the prophet came, and the Holy One came down, and the prophet says, “I indict this generation.”

You don’t believe it? Come on, let’s find out. Oh everybody wants to put this somewhere else. Forget putting somewhere else! It says right over here in 2 Thessalonians 1, and it says:

2 Thessalonians 1:6

(06) Seeing it is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation to them that trouble you;

Say, “Well that’s White Throne.” It is not. That’s the great tribulation. Because he says tribulation. The White Throne isn’t tribulation. He’s not talking about that. Recompense tribulation. Say, “Well I don’t believe that.” You don’t believe nothing.

The Bible says that upon this generation might fall all the sins of Israel, and those people died in 70 AD, and now in this generation, this world is going to reap every single sin from Cain on. You say, “Well I don’t think that’s fair.” Who asked you whether it’s fair or not? I don’t care if you get mad, I don’t care if I get mad.


I like what old Rob Barner said, I’d quote him any old time of the day, when he preached predestination, showed the sovereignty of God, and if he understood redemption, he’d preach the same thing.

Then you say, “You’re mad? Then why don’t you get a big club and beat hell out of God?” Why don’t you go in the bathtub and play your electric guitar too, and see if you can do it? Why don’t you go to the Empire State Building and jump off?

See, you’re hopeless. You’re helpless. Let me tell you something, manifestation, vindication, goes a whole lot further than we think.

2 Thessalonians 1:7-10

(07) And you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, [there it is right over there.]

(08) In [flames of fire] taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: [Cursing!]

(09) Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, the glory of his power; [Cursing!]

(10) When he shall [be] come [blessing] to be glorified in his saints, to be admired in all them that believe (because our testimony among you was believed) in that day.


Now he said, “Our testimony in that day!” That wasn’t his day! That’s Paul’s testimony in this day! What about? What about, Dave? No questions? Good.

Dave came from a pretty bad background, that’s why he’s had questions. But he doesn’t question this; he just questioned maybe a couple things on Marriage and Divorce or something.

I’ve got my questions too. But I’m going to tell you something, you can’t question this. Because it’s come to pass. Say, “I sit here with my own ideas.” Have your ideas. Do what you want with them. Look it, I say I care less. It’s not that I don’t love you! I don’t ride herd on you! You’re God’s sheep! Not my sheep! That’s right.

2 Thessalonians 1:10

(10) …and to be admired in all them that believe (because our testimony among you was believed) in that day.

And Brother Branham stood behind the curtain of time, and I’ll bet you a billion dollars to a hole in the doughnut, Brother Branham never saw this Scripture as I’m preaching it this morning!

And he stood there! Why he said, “I’ve preached what Paul preached!” They knew more than he did! At that point! “We’re resting on that!”



2 Thessalonians 1:7

(07) And you who are troubled rest with us…

Do you want your rest to enter within the veil? Beyond the curtain of time? Then you know what Brother Branham preached and what Paul preached! When judgment of the land set in.

Now you tell me God in His Word isn’t one. You tell me some stupid thing about Logos and Rhema being different. Oh I know there is a difference! In the extent that one is written and one is spoken! But soon as it’s spoken, It manifests!

And I ask you one question, what was manifesting? Rhema! From what source? Logos! Understand. People wonder why I scream out; act as though I hate people.

Well there might be something about the fact I don’t like them. Why wasn’t Brother Branham liked though, the finest, gentlest man that ever walked in shoe leather? Couldn’t stand what he said.


Look at Psalm 1, over here talking about the ungodly.

Psalm 1:4-5

(04) The ungodly are not so: but are like the chaff which the wind [blows] away.

(05) Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.

It tells you right there, in the judgment the sinners can’t stand! Like the chaff, they’re blown away with the breath of God! And God doesn’t waste His breath, He talks. But the righteous stand in the judgment. They say, “That’s vindication.” They say, “That’s cloud of angels came down.” They stand.

Just like Noah, entering the ark. They stand. They don’t even lie down in death. They stand. But the wicked are plumb blown away. And at the great White Throne, they stand! The unrighteous are burned, they’re blown away. Yeah.

Brother Branham like the Hebrew prophets, like the Hebrew prophets – and he’s the only Gentile prophet, in the sense we’re going from the time of Jacob now, we’re not going to go beyond that, back to Abraham. Abraham was a Gentile, then he became a Jew, or whatever you want to call it. As a Hebrew.

Brother Branham like the Hebrew prophets equated Rhema and Logos as one in the true sense, there could not be one without the other. One does not split God in three pieces. Or divide asunder the Word from the Word.

But the one God and the one Word run in continuity and according to God’s Own purpose and time! If it hadn’t been written, it wouldn’t have been spoken!


You say, “Oh, oh, oh, come, come, God could have done differently!” You are liars and lying in your own teeth and you’re listening to the devil!

Say, “Now, brother, I don’t believe that way brother, I don’t believe that way, I mean God could have…” You are still a liar and controlled by the devil. Because you fail to realize that God is limited.

The same God Who said, “You cannot change your stature, you cannot add a cubit, you have nothing to do with the hairs of your head, actually, your coming and your going, I, the Lord, do not change!” True.

The great, eternal, invisible, omniscient, Spirit God, manifested what lay within Him, but could do so only on the grounds of a defined Word, which was written and then voiced.

God being what He was, which was Savior, Healer, Father, and much, much, much, much more, even now speaks those words concerning such as He is through the printed and spoken Word and gives form to them in flesh, as good seed in good ground! That’s right.

Now some of this is solely, s-o-l-e-l-y, on the grounds of predestination, which is in the realm of the positive, revealed faith, while other words are in the realm of an active faith. As it says in Acts 13:48, “As many as were ordained believed.” And what did they believe? They believed the doctrine!

And the doctrine, to be absolutely valid – now listen – the doctrine to be absolutely valid, that you can rest on it, has to go back to God Himself and vindicated by God. That it is God. That’s right.


But all the words given to us have an end destination upon receipt, that’s a good Word, that’s a good seed in the good ground. Now whether these words are active or passive faith doesn’t matter, all the words given to us have an end destination upon receipt, and that is it is made flesh or outworked in flesh.

Or it is turned down, as in the case of John 8:38, which we read, “You haven’t got My Word, there’s no place in you for It.” Which we read, as in Matthew 13:58, to begin with:

Matthew 13:58

(58) And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.

They couldn’t believe Who He was, which is a revelation, which is a passive faith. As Jesus said to Peter, “Flesh and blood did not reveal it to you, but My Father, which is in heaven!”

Peter had nothing to do with it! As a creature he was completely passive, except he had a brain that could suddenly absorb a thought. And the thought came, and his mouth flew open, or maybe he didn’t even need his brain, his mouth just flew open.

But I doubt that, because it’s supposed to be a revelation. And a revelation is something that you have and you can nourish.

And that doesn’t come by opening your mouth and flapping it, the trouble is with all of us, we put our mouths in gear without putting our brain in gear. And I don’t think that this man’s mouth was in gear, without his brain.

And it came like a flash, looking at what Christ had been and was according to what Peter had seen and heard! It blew his mind, and he said, “Thou are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” That’s passive.

Now these people here could not believe the passive. So therefore they could not expect the active. Now the beautiful thing is that God fools everybody by allowing you to miss the passive and still go to the active. But He couldn’t do many miracles, because they turned Him down, they couldn’t believe in those things.


Now let’s go to Mark 6:6. (You may have to blow your buzzer loud when you want me to stop talking for turning the tape over, because I’m not watching too well.) Mark 6:6, if we’re on the beam. Not the 5th chapter, 6th chapter. All right:

Mark 6:5-6

(05) And he could there do no mighty work, save that he laid his hands upon a few sick folk, and healed them.

(06) And he marveled because of their unbelief.

Small breakthrough.

Mark 9:24

(24) And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I [do] believe; [but I can’t seem to believe strong enough!] help… [my] unbelief.

Now you see, you got two different faiths. You got an active faith, you got a passive faith. And your active faith actually depends upon you! You’ve got something to work with, something to do with. Like Brother Branham said in the virtues, the basic is faith, then comes power.


Okay, let’s go to Romans 4:20. Again if I have this right, which I hope.

Romans 4:20

(20) [And] he staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God;

Right? Romans 3:3.

Romans 3:3

(03) For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith of God [unto none] effect? [Or shall it make the Word of God void?]

How much real healing did they have in Luther’s time? Hardly any! But the passive faith was there! What did they have in Wesley’s time? Hardly any! But the passive faith was there!

And when Pentecost started, they blew it! Because they couldn’t go from the passive faith to the active faith! That’s right. They started passive, they became very active, their tongues and all the gifts, then they blew it, when the genuine came.


Now we have an opportunity, as Brother Branham said, “When the gifts of the Spirit are laid on the shelf, as it were, and the sweet Spirit of Christ comes into the church, everybody’s going to be healed.” That’s why he said, “Take this Message for your healing.”

We identify with the Word as living Word ourselves – now listen – we identify with the Word as being Word ourselves, which equates to Word coming to Word and Word coming together. Every single Word comes to the great Word. And all the little words come together forming a body.

Therefore it would be very strange indeed if we as Word, the good ground, with soul and gene, which you can also equate to the Word, we showed you that some weeks ago, would not receive the Word, which came to us especially vindicated.


So we identify with the Word as being Word ourselves, because we are Word ourselves. Which equates to Word coming to Word and coming together. But that does not mean that we will get every prayer answered, except in the context of the Word relative to that promise!

Because “My sheep hear my voice, and they follow me. My Father that gave them me is greater than all, and no man can pluck them out of my Father’s hand, no man can take them out of my Father’s hand, I will lose none!”

He didn’t say that about healing. He didn’t say it about healing. He didn’t say it about you getting the right wife, either. What do you think of that one? You know why? Because some of you didn’t ask for the right one. Too bad.

I can’t say I’m too sorry for you; looks like everybody got a pretty good wife here. Those that haven’t got wives yet, you got better chance than anybody, because you’ll wait on the Lord. Follow me? Okay.


That does not mean we’ll get every prayer answered, except in the context of the Word relative to that promise, and remember rebirth is not a promise, specifically within itself, it is a revelation concerning you that come from God! Follow? You follow what I said?

The world out there doesn’t believe that. They hate any thought that you can’t just choose, you can’t just choose, you can’t just choose. They forget Jesus said, “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you!” How can God change His ways?

Now if He just chose Paul, and left it up to you and me to make a decision, then He’s a respecter of persons, and He goes against His Own Word, and then again He’s a hypocrite, He wants me to do what He won’t do Himself. Hogwash.

Where would you find the only begotten Son dying for you and me and shedding His blood and sending His Spirit back, if we were to stand and do something?

Well I ask you a question, what did any of you do, people here do to bring about your birth? Phew. What you’d do was squall, because you’re babies, when you’re born. Some of you haven’t quit squalling. I don’t say I’ve quit.


Let’s take the example of Paul, Paul the apostle. Look at him. He went to God with the promises of God. And the Bible, he tells us, “I besot the Lord thrice to take this thing away from me!”

And God said, “Paul, I cannot answer you, though there is a promise in the Word concerning the very thing that you’re talking about. And I’ll tell you why. You’ve got something nobody else has got! And if I let you have what you want, which is there in the Word, you’d be a flop and a fizzle.

You’d be so puffed up that you wouldn’t know where you came from, and where you’re going and what you’re ministry’s all about.”

Well he said, “O God, if that’s the case, I’ll die a million deaths.”


Okay, let’s go to Matthew 9:27-30.

Matthew 9:27-30

(27) And when Jesus departed thence, two blind men followed him, crying, and saying, Thou Son of David, have mercy on us.

(28) And when he was come to the house, the blind men came to him: and Jesus [said], Believe [you] that I am able to do this? [And] they said, Yea, Lord.

(29) Then [he] touched their eyes, [and he said,] According to your faith [now let’s see if you lied or not. I don’t mean that as though you lied or not, but let’s see if you really mean it. Do you really mean it?]

(30) And their eyes were opened; [they meant it.]

Just like the time that the man came to him, I read about it, he said, “Lord, help my unbelief.” He said the disciples couldn’t do anything about it. He said, “Lord, can you do something?”

And Jesus said, “Can I? Are you crazy? Certainly I can. But what about your faith, mister?”


Now listen, that’s active, that’s not passive! Follow me? Okay. That we do not receive the benefits of all the Word here on earth does not mean we do not believe it.

We do accept it all as truth, and continually press on knowing that when we are thoroughly in one mind with the Word, which is God, it must come to pass or God would deal with us as he dealt with Paul.

And Brother Branham said, “I cannot get help myself.” And he limped and he limped until the thing was gone. But the strong point that Brother Branham making is that when a message is vindicated, it is to be believed entirely.

As good as Luther and justification was for that day, and Wesley and sanctification for that day, and Pentecostals and the baptism for their day, it is not good enough for today, because that which is perfect has come.

Hah. Tell that to a certain fellow that believes he knows the Greek. Today it is a Word for immortality and resurrection, which takes the Presence of God Himself and the Word of this hour according to Ephesians 1:17-23, which is actually 1 Thessalonians 4:16.


However, in spite of vindication, not only is the revealed Word rejected, but even the healing power of God, (this is under Brother Branham’s ministry we’re talking now,) the rejection is so strong that it is evidently fostered by the devil.

And is resisted by people with evil spirits though they don’t even know they have them. As we’ll find this little girl here, to her congregation she was retarded. And Brother Branham said, “I wish you were crazy, then you wouldn’t be responsible, but you’ve opened yourself to the devil.”

He speaks of this in an illustration of evil spirits controlling people, where there was evidently some sort of a Baptist convention, where the people were in majority against healing, but a few believed in it, and even one person knew Brother Branham, and he had been healed.

So Brother Branham is saying, “Why do you people turn this down? Don’t you know that it’s the Word of God made flesh in you?” In other words, not somebody down the street, not somebody over here, but in you in particular, as you receive and believe this Word, it can and does become literally flesh!

Now you say, “I don’t believe that.”

Well if you don’t believe it, you’re lost. Now if you don’t understand it, that’s different. I don’t understand it too perfect myself, but I keep looking at it. I told you I would, that’s what I’m dealing with today, and I’ll be dealing some more with it, don’t worry. I don’t close my mind off to these things; I just wait to see if something happens.


Ashamed of Him, 07/11/65

[160]  I was speaking the other night with George Smith, the boy that goes with my daughter [that’s paragraph 160, on 23] Rebekah. A fine kid, [is George,] sang here in the Tabernacle, [he’s got a good voice,] a Baptist boy that just told him, [that’s the Baptist church,] “Take my name off that thing.

[Off your Baptist records.] I want nothing anymore to do with it.” And there was a young lady… [She was there when] they were having a conference, in this certain Baptist church, [and the conference was] up in the hills.

[161]  And they were so firmly against me, all of them out there… They’ve got nothing against me [as a person]; it’s against the Word. [See?] I, as a man, they can’t say a thing against me; I never did them any harm. But That is what they’re afraid of. [What? His Message.]

[162]  They were having this meeting up there, and they were going to have a missionary to take the last three nights of this great conference up in the hills where it was cool. [Because that’s hot weather out there.] Happen to be, this missionary got up and came to Mark 16, and he said, “There are many people today who can’t believe in Divine healing.” He said, “I was in India. I’m an Indian. And I was in India when a man here from the States by the name of Brother Branham, came.” The pastor begin to move [nervously]. And the man said, “My wife was dying with cancer. I was blind,” or something like that. “He prayed for one of us, and the other one he called out of the audience, not even knowing our own language, and spoke of the power of God.” And he said, “We’re here, healed.” Well, they tried to shut him up. And they couldn’t do it. That… Right in their own conference…

They’ll shut you up, if they got to kill you! The Roman Catholic church knows the value of two things: instant death or prolonged agony until you die or you say, “Yes you’re right, yes you’re right.”

What did the communist do? Then you tell me the communist spirit is not the same as the Catholic spirit? You’re wrong. It’s the same spirit. It’s the Babylonian spirit today in the church of Rome! Smarten up! Why do you think they’re coming together under Gorbachev?


Oh, Roger just phoned me last night. He said, “Lee,” he said, “I want to read you something you said back in 1988, it’s prophetic.”

And I said, “What is it?”

He said, “You watch and see; Gorbachev will go to the pope one of these days.” That’s over a year ago. And I’m not prophetic. Brother Branham was the prophet; I just said what he said.

[163]  Then they even denied there was anything to it. [That’s the man, getting healed.] And some of the people, even this boy’s sister, [that would be George’s sister,] those on the ground, wouldn’t have anything to say. But they wanted to know if she wasn’t connected, some way they could get down to find out. [In other words, “Is there some way we can get to Brother Branham or get him to us? And we’ll see if there’s anything to it.”]

[164]  Rebekah and George went to see this lady. [That wanted to know.] And she got a girl that was suffering kind of retarded a little. So they had me come over there to see the girl, the other night. And I went over there, and the little lady was sitting there, and I said, “Are you a believer?”

[165]  And she said, “Nah, I don’t know whether I am or not.” Well, she wasn’t retarded, just a devil spirit. They don’t realize it. See, (that spirit) takes you, and you don’t know it. It comes, then violence overcomes the person, and they don’t know it.

So the violence is not you throwing yourself in the fire, not you screaming and jumping up and down and biting, but it’s you coming against the Word of God! Every time it shows up. See? Not only that, but it may make you a person just like this girl. She sneered all the time.


Now listen, Brother Branham says, as illustration, the example of 165, the spirit taking a person over, the person not knowing it, but it’s a spirit of violence in the sense it does violence to you and the Word of God!

[166]  Women that walk out here on the street with those shorts on, they don’t realize it. They might prove and swear to it, they’ve never done any evil against their husband, [no adultery,] and so forth like that, but in their heart they don’t realize, that the spirit of the devil has taken them over.

Now you that want to fool with skirts and things like I’ve been warning and warning and warning, I’m laying the bone down, you’ve got a devil. You say, “Oh Brother Branham, not my wife!” Hey, are you stupid? Are you Pentecostals?

Are you like the Hite’s down in Florida years ago, they could not believe in marriage and divorce and remarriage? But she had a beautiful sister, and I mean she was a beautiful, lovely woman. She was a fine person. She’d married a no- good slob. And our family has the same misfortune of doing it. Whether it’s a man or a woman.

Some of you families sitting here, you children married slobs and you know it. See? Okay, she divorced the guy. And this lady preacher came to my wife and said, “Sister Vayle, I guess we got to change our doctrine, because my sister wants to get married again.”


I’ll look you all in the eye this morning, many as I can look at. I’m taking my time – how many of you are Pentecostals this morning? “Oh it couldn’t be me, it couldn’t be my daughter, it couldn’t be my boy.” It could. You know what you’re doing?

You’re holding back the Spirit of God in this meeting from people getting help. Because you’re taking your stand with the devil. A vindicated prophet! Attested to! Want to thumb your nose at it?

[166] Women that walk out here on the street with those shorts on, they don’t realize it. They could easily prove swear it, [prove it, they’ve never had a man touch them outside their husbands,] but in their heart they don’t realize, that the spirit of the Devil has taken them over. They are possessed of it. Why would a woman want to strip her clothes off before a man? [That’s under these conditions.]

There’s only one person who did it in the Bible, and [that person was crazy.] Others try to cover themselves. They don’t realize [now watch the constant warning, because that’s what Brother Branham did,] it’s so cunning, so subtle. [Is this spirit.] You have to watch, and weigh yourself with the Word of God and see where you’re standing.


1 Corinthians, we read it time after time after time after time after time after time. Every one of us needs it, there’s nobody doesn’t, I need it, you need it, there’s nobody doesn’t. In 1 Corinthians 11, Paul is speaking of 31-33.

1 Corinthians 11:31-32

(31) For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.

(32) But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world.

Now you know I told you according to Brother Branham in Hebrews 4:12, the Discerner Himself came down, the living Word of God came down in the form of a Pillar of Fire, got into the form of human flesh, God once more transforming Himself into human flesh and standing before the congregation discerned and proved what He was saying, and He said, “Women you cannot do this, and men you cannot do that.”

Now looks like the judgment is blowing some people plumb out! I’m not angry at anybody, look; you know I’m not angry at all. I’m not emotionally moved.

I speak my gut in my throat this morning, so I have no trouble, I just let her beller. Plus the fact I rely a hundred percent, or as much as I can, maybe not a hundred, but as much as I can on God giving me what lies in this sermon. And I’m trying to show you the facts.


Let’s go to 1 Timothy 5, and Brother Branham says the teacher takes the Word and weaves it back and forth in Scripture. Now if I can’t do it, then I’m not a teacher. If I can do it, then I am a teacher. He said so anyway, so I don’t care what anybody else says. Like now, let’s go to 24, that’s what I wanted.

1 Timothy 5:24-25

(24) Some men’s sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment; and some men they follow after.

(25) Likewise also the good works of some are manifest beforehand; and they that are otherwise cannot be hid.

In otherwise it tells you right here, Paul the apostle, William Branham, and you and I don’t have to be cagey about what is sin. Now you can send your sins on before. And you miss the judgment, and you’ll be able to stand.

And there is only one way you can do it, and that is by the vindicated Word of the prophet, who pronounced judgment upon the world, and avenged the Bride by saying, “You are the righteous Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ, you didn’t do it in the first place, you were tricked into it.” But anybody who continues to do those things that Brother

Branham was against proves they don’t qualify, they are simply not Bride. And all you have is a mental head reservation. And that’s not good enough. There’s got to be the life with it.


[167]  This young lady said, “Oh, they told me that I was baptized when I was a kid. I don’t know whether to believe that stuff or not.”

I said, “Don’t you believe Jesus Christ?”

[168]  She said, “Well, I don’t know whether I do or not. Some of that hocus-pocus stuff, I don’t believe it.”

[169]  I said, “Well, of course, you don’t believe hocus-pocus stuff. But you do believe He was the Son of God?”

“Oh,” said, “He could’ve have been.”

[170]  And I said, “Do you believe He’s the same today, and that God would save you?”

[171]  She said, “Is any of that there stuff about that there miracles and stuff like that? I don’t believe anything about that.”

[172]  And I said, “What would you do if you were sitting in a meeting and saw God the Holy Spirit, which is the only God there is, working amongst the people; God in the Fatherhood, the Pillar of Fire, and the prophets; God in His Son, then God in His people? It’s just attributes of God, one great God Who covers eternity.” I said, “What would you see if He, among His people, made the blind to see, the deaf to hear, look out upon the audience and tell the people what was wrong with them, like He did when He was here on earth?” [Of course He in the prophet doing what He did in the body of our Savior Jesus Christ.]

And she said, “I believe that would be a horoscope.”

[173]  I said, “You are in a worse shape than I thought you were. You’d be better off if you were crazy, see; you wouldn’t be accountable. But you’re just possessed of an evil spirit.” I said, “When Jesus told the woman at the well about her husbands, when He looked upon the people and perceived their thoughts, would you call that horoscope?” See, just so wrapped up in a denomination called Lutheran, that anything contrary to that would be wrong!


Now, is this an extreme case of unbelief? That’s a joke, there’s no such thing as extreme unbelief. You know why? Jesus said, “If I have the faith of a grain of mustard seed, I can move a mountain.” Teeny-weeny bitsy.

Paul said, “If I have all faith, and move a mountain.” Ain’t no such thing as big and little faith, actually. Faith is faith. It’s the person that’s using it.

Now this is not an extreme case. This is as Brother Branham said, your little teeny-beanies will pull this off right in your church and right in your home. I want to ask you a question. How far out was Cain? Not very far.

He had an excellent sacrifice. But he had a wrong division of Word. He tossed the blood out. Though the blood was shed, didn’t do Cain any good. He couldn’t identify. So the Lutheran church was in bad shape. Cain was called the son of the devil, which he was.


[174]  Now, God wants a man who is wrapped up in the Anything contrary to That is wrong. Jesus said, “Let every man’s word be a lie, and Mine be the Truth.”

Well, that sure sounds great to me. Would you please pass the dish of words so that I can have it? Because Isaiah said every table’s full of vomit.

The end time church is wretched, miserable, naked, blind, and she thinks she’s got everything in her hand, she’s increased in goods, she lacks nothing, she thinks she’s a bride of Christ, and she’s a complete harlot, a tougher word ‘prostitute’, and the best word of all is ‘whore’. Because the word ‘whoring’ suggests not just a philanderer, but one who makes it her business, and that’s all she wants.


Now there’s another tape they’re not going to like. Your kids might hear it. It might just save them from sin, but you’re going to put your kids in another direction though, so that’s all right. My kids didn’t believe either.

Do you think I’m going to quit preaching the gospel? Or turn away from Christ? My wife had her ultimatum years ago, as one of love, if I ever go back on God, kid, you go on with God and leave me to the devil.

Because there’s no marriage and giving in marriage over there. And you’ll find really who your real father was, not your biological. It’s Abraham. Goes right back to Adam. Doesn’t go back to Eve.

Eve was a part of Adam that fell. Doesn’t go back there. We’re all her children, science has even proved that, but that doesn’t mean too much to you anyway.

[174]  Now, God wants a man who’s wrapped up in the Word. Anything contrary to That is wrong. Jesus said, “Let every man’s word be a lie, and let Mine be the Truth.”


So I said, “Pass the dish, give me God’s truth.” How do I know it? Vindication. Only one way, vindication. That’s why the prophet said, “Say what I say, that’s all.” That’s the ultimate; that’s the perfect faith.

[175]  There was a man in a very scientific age by the name of Noah. He wasn’t ashamed of God’s Word. God met him; and he talked to [God]. He knew it was God. And He said, [God said,] “It’s going to rain.” It never had rained before, but Noah believed it was going to rain. And the faith that he had, he was not ashamed to exercise it. He took a hundred and twenty years to build an ark, [he exercised his faith.] when the world was against him. He wasn’t ashamed of God’s Word in his day. God saved him and his household for it. [In his day.] How foolish it might have seemed to be to other people; but to him, he met God.

What about Luther? Luther met God! Met Him right through the Word! And the pope said, “I’ll kill that dog.”

But praise God for a German nation. Looked those bunch of Italian bums right in the eye, and said, “No you ain’t going to do it.”

And the French, and the Pole’s, and the Hungarians, and all the rest of them, said, “You ain’t going to do it. Want to come out here and fight? We’ll fight you.”

Look where Germany is today. Doesn’t matter. They did what they were supposed to do in that day. Yeah. See?

[175]  No matter how scientific it was [how] contrary, how they said it couldn’t happen, [oh no,] it couldn’t happen, but he met God.

Now what’s Brother Branham saying here? That God is the great communicator. There is no such thing as the silent God in heaven. That’s a lie. It’s always been a lie, always will be a lie. See? But He has His Own way of doing it.


Now let’s go to Hebrews 12:25.

Hebrews 12:25

(25) See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they escaped not who refused him that [spoke] on earth, much more shall we [not] escape, if we turn from him that speaketh from heaven:

When did that take place? That was not when Jesus was on earth; that was the time of Moses. Because he’s talking of Moses in verse 18 and on.

Hebrews 12:27-28

(27) And this word, Yet once more, signifies the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.

[28] Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved,


We had better be careful to listen to somebody! Now how does God speak? Oh praise the Lord, I feel like leading a hallelujah march down the aisle, but there’s nobody here to play, ‘When The Saints Come Marching In’.

Deuteronomy 18:15-17

(15) The LORD thy God will raise up a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken;

(16) According to all that thou desiredst of the LORD thy God in Horeb in the day of the assembly, saying, Let me not hear again the voice of the LORD my God, neither let me see this great fire any more, that I die not.

(17) And the LORD said, They have well spoken that which they have spoken.

That’s exactly what’s going to come to pass! And how are you going to hear Him? By a vindicated prophet. So before the end time, before the burning, before the consummation, there is going to be an end time prophet! God is not silent!

The churches purport to speak with God, somebody ought to muzzle those dogs, because that’s what you put on dogs, and they are dogs, put muzzles on them.

Now as you consider the attitude of Moses, let me say this, Brother Branham speaking:

[176]  That’s what it is when you know that you’re talking to (God)

You got to know it’s got to be God. Then you launch out on it through the building of an ark whereby you save those that are of the family! Now remember, Noah was the last true human being! His kids and his wife weren’t! But you know what that meant? They had the closest.

So God saved them. Now you and I have the direct relationship to the genetically perfect One, Jesus. And nobody else has it, and there’s very, very few.


Now listen:

[176]  That’s what it is when you know that you’re talking to Him…

In other words, you refute, you do not take anybody’s argument, you do not care what anybody said, you stand with your word! So Brother Branham had these visions of standing before kings, and what God was going to do! And Dr. Davis said, “You with the seventh grade education, do you think you’re going to do it?”

He said, “Certainly I will, because that’s what He said.” And he did it!

Everybody comes along, and they try to say, “Well Brother Branham, he wasn’t original when he said this and that, there’s a guy named Hayslip, there’s a guy there,” and you talk to my friend Bill Monsib, he’ll give you all the history of lies that these guys told, and he’ll believe it.

Because he wants to think his own thoughts. He’s a nice guy, maybe he’ll come back to it one day, I don’t know. That’s his business.


But I know one thing; you’re not going to kid me, because I know Pentecostal liars. Because I was with them. They’ll tell you anything and justify themselves by talking in tongues. Fap. People commit adultery and talk in tongues to justify it. You say, “Brother Vayle you’re getting raw.” I always was raw, I’m not getting raw, I always was raw.

I know what I’m talking about! I can name you names! May take me awhile to get the man’s name, but I can tell you the girl’s name, her name was Williams, and she was an actress, a little fledging actress!

And she was down there in Beaumont crying, over this guy with all these girlfriends. And he could sing beautifully! And he enchanted her right into bed! So much for your tongues.

Well you say, “David messed up with the true Holy Ghost.” He came as close to getting the Holy Ghost – Brother Branham said what the prophets had is the closest to what you and I have.

Tell me you know it, brother/sister, when you got a vindicated prophet, I’m not saying you’re going to be the finest person on earth, I’m not going to say you’re going to be this and going to be that as far as conduct is concerned, but I’m telling you, you will sit up and listen, and amen it, and you will begin to strive as the apostle Paul strove and William Branham strove and other men strove.

Of course we don’t have what they had. Brother Branham said Abraham was a silver dollar, Lot was like a little ten cent piece of tin. But you see you don’t throw the tin piece of ten cent out. You go along with him.


But listen, brother/sister, we’re past that day of fooling around, and we’re looking to get people to believe and understand a vindicated Message, because listen, your passive faith is what’s going to take you through, not your active faith.

“Though you speak with the tongue of men and angels, though you turn the world upside down, give your body to be burned, that isn’t going to profit when that which is perfect has come!” See?

All these things could stand until that time! But the minute they come, it’s just exactly like the first time the first offering was given, outside the garden by two boys.

And one boy came under revelation! And the other came under duress, he did his best, he brought the best, he’d nurtured it, he brought the first fruit, everything he could lay his hands on, an excellent beautiful sacrifice, and he said, “Here God, it’s the best I can do, I’m giving it to You.”

And God said, “It’s not good enough. I want a life for a life.” “Well,” he said, “I’ll cut my throat.”

He said, “That won’t do you any good either.” It’s still the same old life. He got a substitute life. “Take a lamb.”

“Hey, God you’re telling me that a beast was my father! I don’t believe that! I don’t associate with that nonsense. I’m a son of Adam, therefore a son of Yours.” He was mad. Spitting tacks. “Well,” he said, “You figure then Abel is Your son through Adam? Well it won’t be hard to get rid of him. One day Adam will die. Then where’s Your sons?”

Think the Catholic church hasn’t done that? People wake up. Every type! Every wind that blows, every breeze in the trees signifies the truth of the Word of Almighty God. People turn down the Word.


Well if I’m with you this Wednesday, and I could be, I don’t know, don’t promise, we’ll start here. Good as anybody. Don’t think I don’t love you, because I do. But you know what I love? I love this Word, because it’s my life.

And you know what? I’m carnal. Very carnal person. I’m not proud of what I know I can see as God helps me. But it makes me happy as nothing else can make me happy.

To begin to feel what Brother Branham felt under the Holy Ghost and begin to show you so much in so few paragraphs. Because sometimes one sentence is like a whole book from the Bible, it’s an encyclopedia. And it’s all a part of life, and we enjoy that life.

And I’m holding to His promise, take this Message for your healing. It’s okay, go to doctors, do all you can, it’s still going to be God that does the healing.

You know folk, the life in us is good and does some healing, because see it built that tabernacle, but God never gave it power to build an eternal tabernacle, God had to step in and help it, like He’s doing now. So you see often times we got to sort of help our life along, because He said, “All these things are for you put upon earth.”

But God would step in many more times if we just opened ourselves up to Him all the way, which is a complete reconciliation of our minds with this Word that Brother Branham taught, and say, “That’s it, that’s it, and I am it, I’m a part of it.”

David never said after his great sin of adultery, bringing forth a baby, a truly illegitimate child, and God killed it. He never said, “I’m no king. I’ll never win another battle. I’ll never judge another case. I’ll be dead by morning.” He said, “I’ve sinned, and against Thee O God alone have I sinned.”

You say, “He sinned against Uriah, sinned against Bathsheba.”

No, he betrayed his trust and his position in God. But you know, he’s in that first resurrection, I believe he’s somewhere where those resurrected saints are, Abraham, Joseph, Jacob, Job, David, righteous ones. See? It’s what God did.

Let’s rise and be dismissed. Can’t preach forever.

Heavenly Father we want to thank You again for the time we have of fellowship with You, the love of God we know shed abroad in our hearts, and only by the Word seeing more and more You in the Word one.

In no way saying, “I’ve got Christ in my heart,” and don’t have the Word, and no way saying, “I’ve got the Word,” and don’t have Christ. Somebody’s wrong Lord and it’s not You.

And this morning by faith we can say Lord, by a vindicated prophet knowing this Word, and we know that others do not know this Word, and they turn it down the same as they did Brother Branham, knowing what the prophet said to me personally, God I believe this morning that we as a people here do have this Word, we do have You in our hearts, they’re one, and it will be manifested, because we are not trying to supersede anybody whatsoever, we’re just trying to stand Lord with this.

Now Father, by the Spirit of the living God in that Word, let the two-edged Sword now circumcise our hearts and our minds from everything which is anti-word, that’s where we want to start.

And then by grace, whatever’s possible and lies within the context of Your predestinating power, or whether it’s simply in us ourselves, O God, help us to circumcise the flesh also, to put away those things which are declared sinful by the prophet, that we know to be naughty within ourselves, to be a trap, either to ourselves or to others, and in any way Lord, somehow, that as the epistles which we are and known we are of You, to give forth the savor of God, and neither of man or the devil.

Now Lord it that’s too big an order, we simply mean in our hearts that You are in control of our desires, what we’re looking and pressing into, and You will help us in a measure beyond ourselves, because at this point we are not satisfied, and You said Lord Yourself, if we came to You hungry, we would not be turned away.

For You said, “Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be full.” Feed us Lord we pray, upon this convenient bread that comes forth in a life that is sanctified as jewels, as jewels for Your crown. And if not that far, at least something in the gold of the streets You could walk on, that’s all right, long as we’re with You, near You somehow, a part of it all.

Thus Lord we go today, praying again Father that none of this congregation shall be ill, or in any way harmed by the devil, but with You Lord, the strength of Your Word pouring forth in vessels of clay, bring forth those into health that need Your help this morning, O God, and have need any help, I thank You for all You do for me Lord, I praise You for every bit of sleep You give me.

Anything else Lord, I feel comfortable, I’m so happy You do it for me, I know the people here are the same mind. We love You this morning, Lord, we love You O God, we love Your Word, how that Word Lord there’s nothing like it.

Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God be all power and honor and glory through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Lord bless you.

‘Take the Name of Jesus with you.”

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