Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed #26

Dynamic Emphasis On Presence
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Dear heavenly Father, we just singing all things are possible now that You’re here, we appreciate the fact that that is true. We also appreciate the fact that Your prophet said the gates of hell were against the revelation of that You’re here now as Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever.”

And Lord, that is a great strong statement that might throw fear into people hearts and yet it does not throw fear into our hearts, perhaps we’re just ignorant of what real fear is but we’re also know that there is the fact that if the gates of hell are against this then the gates of heaven are for it and so we thank You for that, Lord, and we know the gates of hell will not prevail against the gates of heaven.

There’s no way, Father, and so Lord, we’re just going to claim the promise of Your Presence this morning and claim the promise of Your Word and the life that is in that Word claim the promise that we’re identified with it, oh God, and just stand here believing the hour of the Resurrection is upon us and the great day of immortality has arrived.

So, we’re just going to stand here and believe that as we study the Word that the prophet gave us and make much of it because that’s what we feel we ought to do and we trust we’ll be giving You honor and glory in so doing in Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

You may be seated.


Now as I said we’re up to number 26 in Christ is the Mystery of God Revealed, and I was just talking to Brother Harold Maconda this morning and he’s been going along some with the tapes with us in the message and of course, he believes identical to what we do.

We just had a nice time, real wonderful time this morning talking of this Word and how it’s getting clearer and clearer all the time and he mentioned the fact how Brother Branham brought out the simplicity of this Word lies in the fact that the more you understand this message and the more you get into it, the more wonderful it is and actually the more it expands.

It’s… you know, the Bible speaks of the kingdom being like a yeast and a grain of mustard seed, well, the mustard seed doesn’t grow too big but, of course, it is an illustration or a parable that puts a, you know, the depth, the light of the… on the… this word of the kingdom, Satan’s kingdom, it literally takes over from God’s Kingdom although God will defeat him.

Yeast, you know, multiplies so rapidly. Here you just get the right conditions and yeast just proliferates, just explodes. Well, and gets bigger and bigger. And in the good sense we can say that about this message. It starts with a little understanding.

It starts with the attraction of a prophet on the scene; God vindicating him and then it begins to go where you wonder, you say, “What is this all about anyway?”

And then of course, that’s where the prophet has to explain it. That’s what so many people never understand about the Word of God.

They cannot get that into their minds that God must attract the prophet, get his attention, then He’s got to do something in and through the prophet to get the people’s attention, and then when He gets their attention what has He got their attention for? See?

So, that’s what we see here. The God giving us this Word getting our attention and after He gets our attention then He just gives us His message which is the Shout and this is what’s important to us, is this Word of the Living God.


Now, in dealing with this segment of the Message which is Christ is the Mystery of God revealed, is the mystery of God revealed, when Brother Branham is speaking of restoration to Eden which is the third section of the three sections; revelation, preeminence, and restoration.

He brings to our attention that this Bride must be restored to headship of Christ the Word before the Resurrection can take place or the present living Bride can become immortal. Now that’s a vindicated prophet speaking.

Now I realize that someone say, “Well, I think I got my own ideas.”

Well, that’s fine, anybody have his own ideas. That’s good, but we believe in a vindicated prophet and we listen to him. That Headship of Christ predicates and insures the end and destruction of fallen mankind.

Now you’ll notice that God sends a prophet at a judgment period and His judgment falls. But remember the righteous are never destroyed with the wicked. See? So at the time of this Headship it’s predicating judgment, okay.


Redemption is now in its final stage. That’s true. And after this Message there will be no way for the Bride to fall into unbelief. Now that’s the beautiful thing we’re looking at.

There has to be something to wind everything up. What is going to wind everything up? Elijah must restore. What’s he going to restore? Well, he’s got to restore something. Well, what did John do?

He turned the hearts of the fathers to the children, the understanding which is the ignorance he made clear by revelation to those people that were the people of the Lord and thereby got them ready for what Christ had for them. Same thing today.

What has Christ got for us? He’s going to get us out of here where the righteous will not perish with the wicked. Now remember, that after Jesus had finished his work and that was after the Resurrection in 70 AD Jerusalem was literally wiped out.

All of those people perished but those that believed the Word escaped. And that’s true, even those that were not born again, even those that just saw something, like foolish virgin.

And they said, “Let’s get out of here because this looks like it could be it.” And they got the minor revelation, they got the understanding, they left Jerusalem but those that stayed there died and the blood flowed like water in the streets.

It was a mini, mini tribulation; it was a mini, mini-Armageddon, what you saw there, nothing to what we’ll see when the bombs fall and the blood won’t coagulate; it will just spurt out and flow upon the grounds and they say unto the horse’s bridle.

In other words, it will just… in little depressions and declivities it might not even be much of a declivity, there’s five billion people in this world today. You get fourteen million in one city, eleven in another, seven in another, four, five.

What would happen if bombs hitting them, bursting all over the place? Those warheads just spewing them out? Just blood just would spurt all over the place, just what it will do. I don’t know.

It could rise into a room and just people are… you talk about people suffocating in their own blood, now a little blood in the lungs, what will it be people in buildings? I don’t know.

It is just dramatic way, perhaps of portraying it but it’s going to happen anyway. Judgment’s coming.


Now speaking of this Headship where the Bride will then come to a place where she cannot fall into unbelief because there’ll be nothing following that time.

How could Abraham have doubted God after he and his wife were changed and she conceived? How could you? The promise is fulfilled.

See, there’s no place to go but up, so the Bride’s going to come to the place where there’s no place to go but up. You’ve got to see yourself as Sarah and Abraham. Do you understand what I’m saying?

So therefore, there’s a point of arrival and when you get there that’s it. It’s just like you, you work all week long, you get your check, that’s it.

You say, “Well, I’m going to spend my check.” What do you think you’re going to do with eternity? You’re not going to spend it? You’ve arrived. You’ve got there. This is what you’re looking at.

I know people don’t want to say, “I have arrived.” They say now a tough time. You just don’t know all the old saying is you know, “Let not him who’s putting his armor on boast as he that’s taking his armor off.” Well, hogwash to that.

We’ll see where this is a victory and it’s ours procured through Christ. And actually your faith is a victory because it’s always tried. See?

Remember that we’re looking at victories and this is the great victory that we’re sharing in because your faith is tried this morning and so is mine at all times because of that reason and it’s not a valid reason, it’s just a reason, it is that we have veils of creeds and dogmas over our hearts and minds and it’s difficult to rip them down and let the prophet bring it right through what he’s saying.

Of course, we see we’ve been taught a false modesty. Oh, this false modesty that we have is nothing but ignorance and pride of the devil spawned in hell and foisted on us because we’re not supposed to say those glorious things that Christ said of us and the great thing He said about a prophet, and the great thing He said about Himself.

“We’re too humble.” You’re a liar. You’re a dirty dog and you know it. Your attitude is, you’re not. You got to kill that, brother/sister, like a miserable rotten thing that it is.

Anything that vaunts itself against God’s Word is of the devil, period, and you can call it humility and you can call it self-effacement, and I can and we’re so nice; we are nothing but scum.

No wonder God wants to vomit. I’d vomit myself thinking about it and I’ve got a very rough stomach; I can take almost anything except you know, flies. I suppose I’ve eaten plenty of those in my days, I know I’ve had worms in food, apples and things, you just chop them down.

God’s stomach is very tender. He hasn’t lived on the kind of food we’ve lived on. So, you understand what I’m talking about metaphorically speaking. All right.


Now, speaking of this Headship we’re returning to, is put redemption in its final stage, there’s no way the Bride will fall into unbelief, because it’s all over, she can’t, this is it.

And speaking of Eve having… of the Bride not falling in unbelief, he speaks of Eve having fallen in unbelief by leaving the Word which Word was given to her by Lucifer, a fallen angel.

It repeated at Nicaea, fallen angels which were false messengers, false brethren brought in and then he, Brother Branham goes on to tell us about fallen angels in ages five, six, and seven; Luther, Wesley and Pentecost, and how under Satan they are now forming, that’s the fallen angels from those groups, that’s right.

The Lutherans starting back there under Luther, all reformators, has to Wesley, Knox, Calvin, Huss, Zwingli, all of those, Anabaptists, the whole bunch way back in that day and Wesley, all under his day and Pentecost that left the original message.

Now as I’ve told you many times and look at the books they are right in the office there, pick them up anytime you want and read what Luther taught, fantastic. Find a Lutheran that teaches today like Luther. Find Methodists that do.

Oh, for years I thought Wesley taught a peculiar ridiculous brand of sanctification; I’ve yet to find one sermon anywhere Luther and Wesley preached that resembles the stuff Methodism preach it either in its free way of too much freedom or they say, “Oh, we’re wholly sanctified.” Hogwash!

I’ve read Wesley’s sermon on sanctification. I don’t find it at all like what today is and furthermore, Wesley was not much of a theologian. Any historian will tell you that Wesley made his inroads against the kingdom of Satan by the virility and strength and the passion of the Word that he spoke.

And he had a young theologian by the name of Fletcher died at the age of twenty-seven with consumption; he could roar like a bull and was heard for miles across the prairies, literally, or the mountains and the echoes took up his call. Like I read his book, well, I read some of it, antinomianism.

You just scoop it up in one word, look, we’re not hard-shell where we believe, you’re going to get there or not get there just walk away and do what you want and leave it up to God. That means salvation without a means, without rebirth; forget it.

Antinomianism we have no use for. So therefore, these fallen angels are those who fell away from the original Word that God gave to these messengers to give to the church.


Now we notice carefully, that this original fall from the revealed Word is what necessitates a restoration of the Word or fallen Eve can never be restored to Eden.

As Brother Branham said, “Look, she doubted a word and that put her out. Then there must be a Bride who does not doubt any Word.” Right? You got to get back.

She wasn’t doubting to begin with, now she doubts. She loses, so what happens? She’s got to come to the place where she cannot doubt. Now have we had a vindicated prophet with a vindicated message that leads us to the place where we cannot doubt? Absolutely!

And if we haven’t got it there’s got to be one coming. Well, where do you get anything that this will bring on a further? Where is there one Scripture that Elijah will restore to have Elijah restore?

Then if that’s the case Elijah restores so the next Elijah can restore so the next can restore and God knows which one is going to be the right one. So it’s got to be vindication somewhere. We believe we’ve had it. See? Now this is why there had to be a message at this hour.

There’d have to be a message to bring the restoration so Eve would know what to think. Isn’t it true? And who was it that said to her, “Don’t eat of this tree. Look here is life, here is death, now come on this way, don’t go that way?” Who told her? God did. How? Through headship of Adam.


How does God deal with people? Through prophets. Then all right, there has to be a message. See, people get involved with the word ‘message’. Well, what is the message?

Well, what is a message? Well, you know what a message could be? A fellow is waiting for a telegram and all he needs to know is one word, “Come.” So, the messenger will come [Brother Vayle knocks.] “Come in.”


“What’s it say?”

“Come.” That’s enough.

Next fellow he can’t work on that because his message is, “Come, but take this train or take that boat or that airplane and do this and do that and do this and do that.” So, he gets the message and it says, “Come.”

“Oh,” he says, “come where? I don’t know. I’m stuck.” So the message has got to elaborate. Apply that to this. See what happened?

The Word in Its pure form has got to be restored whatever that form is based on this from which something has not only been deleted by man but God Himself refused the revelation, “Seal up the book.”

So, there’s got to be a message. It was a wrong message that fooled Adam, rather Eve, and she by it destroyed Adam. Then it’s going to be a right message that gets us to immortality. Right? So, there’s got to be a message. That’s as simple as a-b-c.


Of course, that can be denied. Look, anything can be denied. There are men so smart to prove that one thing can be in two places at once. You know that’s a lot of hogwash but anything can be proven.

So therefore, it all depends then the final analysis on a revelation and if you happen to be one of those selected, elected exclusive people that God has ordained to this and I should be one, we together be one then this is it because it’s going to be that way to somebody, somewhere, sometime if this isn’t it.

But the apostles were said by Jesus one time when everybody said, “This cannot be the one that Pillar of Fire in a human form, was on earth here, called Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary,” and they said, “That has got to be the wrong one.”

And they said, “No, this is the right one.”

And one day Jesus said when everybody got discouraged with his message, he said, “Eat my flesh and drink my blood.”

They said, “We’re just going to leave this bunch.” The seventy left. A whole bunch left. He lost his whole crowd. What happened?

He said, “All right, will you go, too?”

And you know what they said, “Where are we going to go? We’re persuaded. We convinced that as strange as it sounds and as horrible as is the opposition and how absolutely paradoxical, we’re not going anywhere because we believe that this is it.”

Now Eve did not believe that was that. So there’s got to be a people believe that this, is this; which is what? It’s supposed to be. Now, that’s simple brother/sister, as plain as ABC.


Now as we read along here and how much we can cover, I hope we can do it in two sessions. I don’t know.

If not this morning by Wednesday we will surely begin to see a dynamic emphasis on the Presence which is the Appearing and you won’t miss it because it’s right there in black and white, unless you want to duck your head and deny it like Eve did, that’s… I’m sorry. You’re going to find out you’re wrong.

Now, Brother Branham, and I read this paragraph, last Sunday, last Wednesday, he said,

[80-1]  Now, there’s only one thing can happen… there’s only one thing can happen. There has to be a Message at the end time when there is nothing else can follow It.

Well, certainly, there has to be. There has to come a time when there’s a rapture. Right? Okay. There has to come a time when immortality strikes us.

That’s in 1 Corinthians 15, at the last trump when the trumpet shall sound. The last man speaking is the trumpet of Revelation 10:7. He is 1 Corinthians 15:51-54.

Nothing can follow that. Why? Because the Wedding Supper sets in and we come back to fulfill a destiny so there the message has got to conclude sometime. Nothing can follow it. Oh, they’ll try to follow it. We’ll see that.

[80-1]  And now the ecumenical world has set up such a regime that there can be no denomination or… anything else follow it.

When you got them all, you got them all. You know? It’s something like Pinocchio, when old Geppetto, what his name is, gave him the pear, he said, “I don’t like the peelings of this pear.”

So, he peeled the pear for Pinocchio and Pinocchio ate the inside. He was still so hungry so he decided to eat the outside. When there’s nothing left, there’s nothing left.

Now when the ecumenical council gobbles it all up there’s nothing left. There’s no place for them to go and there’s nobody can follow because they take a supreme authority backed by the government and by the forces.

Sure, no place to go. The Bride’s finished. The world’s finished. Do you follow? Okay.

[80-1]  You’re either in it or you’re not in it.


One or the other. You got to watch. You get into either one, you’ll never get out. Either one, that’s it. That’s it, praise the Lord, somebody sees something. If you’re in it you can’t get out.

A gate is for an enclosure, my dear brother/sister. A gate signifies you’re in or you’re out. It doesn’t signify, “I’ll stand here, and jump and do this, and jump and do this, jump here, and jump here and…” Oh, that’s nuts. That’s ignorance.

You’re not playing skip the rope, some stupid child game. The gate beckons, “Come in.” Slam, shut the door. You say, “What about go in and out and find green pasture?”

Well, that’s in and out of the Word of God and find good green pasture; you can’t find green pasture outside the pastures of God, unless you’re some kind of a dupe.

Don’t try to pit Scripture against Scripture. The gates are going to get you in. Get in, close the door or shut the door and shut out.

What do you think the gates of hell did to Jesus? Ecumenical church, put him out, put him straight outside. He said, “I’m here outside the door, you come out and come to me, you open the door.”

They never opened the door. He was shut out entirely. He’s gone. What’s he got now? He’s got his own doors. Brings us in by message; gathering us by the Word of Almighty God. I don’t expect people to understand that but I expect you to understand.

[80-1]  Now you’re either in it or you’re not in it. The fruit is in the top of the tree, [both trees; tree of death, Tree of Life. Top of the tree, life here.] and the Light is shining on that predestinated fruit,

[but that goes both ways, too. He called Pharaoh, he called Moses, right? Did He or did He not? Oh, sure, okay, but this is predestinated fruit of the Bride.]

and she’s ripening into Christlike fruit, [on the other hand, the other tree is ripening into fruit like Christ told it would be, false anointed. Right?

Right! The rain falls on the just, the light shines on the just and unjust, the same as rain. Right? Okay, but now watch what this is doing. This tree, the good tree, the Bride tree is] bringing forth the same mellowness and sweetness and the… Spirit that He had in Him. I hope you see that! [See?]


Now what’s he saying here? He’s letting you know very, very assuredly that the Shout has taken place, that Christ has come down according to 1 Thessalonians 4:16, a message has gone forth to bring in a Bride, there’s nothing more to follow it, the doors will be shut, the Bride taken up.

In the meantime, the Bride believes this and as the Scripture says, or history said, “How the Christians love each other,” and Christ said, “By this shall all men know you’re my disciples, you have love one for another.” They’re ripening in mellowness and sweetness as the Bible said.

Let me read it in,

Galatians 6:1-3

(01) Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.

(02) Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

(03) For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he [deceives] himself.


True, Hebrews 12,

Hebrews 12:11-13

(11) Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it [yields] the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.

(12) Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees;

(13) And make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way; but… rather [let it] be healed.

He’s telling you here the sweetness and the mellowness that’s in Christ is in the Bride but when it comes to that Word, last Wednesday I read three chapters to you showing that you stand with that Word without compromise, that you do not have the sweetness and the mellowness and the love of Christ if you are a traitor to this Word or you ever have the lack of energy to stand up for It; you’re kidding yourself. You got a phony two-bit love. Yup, it’s wrong.

Paul stood up to Peter even when it came to the Word, and Peter was ahead of Paul in seniority both in age and in experience and in first revelation but he blew it. That’s right.

The Holy Ghost said, “Sever me Paul and Barnabas for the work that I have called them.” When Barnabas blew it and he wouldn’t listen, he was going to be a Judaizer, Paul said, “Out!”

Now they did not separate themselves; Word separated them. Barnabas got a wrong word. You tell me what fellowship hath light with darkness.


I read this to you before. I’ll read it again if I can find it. I usually can find it in time if you give me time.

[112]  Can a man who believes in all the Word of God have a unity with them who just believe part of the Word of God? God wants separators.

That’s in the message called Oneness. What’s your oneness got to do with it if it’s not oneness with God which is determined by Word? So, you see there’s two different things spoken out here.

So don’t let anybody come around me and tell me I’m supposed to be very sweet and very kind and let anything go. Hogwash! Why do you think… I guard this pulpit for? Because I’m responsible.

If I’m going to answer for God for you, nobody’s going to get in my way and try to give me a false answer by the grace of God, I hope that’s really true. I don’t feel too bad about answering for one reason; I believe I got the Word of God here. And I take it word by word.


Now here we’re starting.

[80-2]  So look, they sold out to reasonings, sold out to reasonings of denominations. “If I can just belong to this. The mayor goes to this church.”…

That’s what it comes to with ordinary membership. They look who’s going, where the big boys are, the big money. Ha, we got too much money here ourselves.

We’ve got to get back… I don’t like the thought of laying back but… you got a raunchy set-up here right now because I willing to take care of about everything, that’s not bad, that’s not good for me, not good for you. It’s just not good, period. Who needs it?

Who goes here? And who goes there? Who can provide this? And who can provide that? Fap! Get your eyes on a man? You know some of the places I’ve been in you’ll get your eyes on God in a hurry; at least you hope you can get your eyes on God in a hurry.

You bet your sweet life. My wife and I can tell you a few things about that. You bet. Most of you sitting here is creampuffs. There’s no problem. You’ve had a nice, good for you; some of you can buy and sell me.

Go ahead, I don’t give a rip. It’s not going to change what’s in here. It won’t do it. See? No way. “Let’s go here; let’s go this way because this looks good here.” Go ahead. No problem.

[80-2]  Just look where they’ve gone. Now, I’ve just explained these limbs are pruned off; they’re dead. They’re not connected with Christ anymore; they would be bringing the same life.


Now listen, let’s just stop here. This is my problem, always stopping to elaborate to make sure you don’t miss anything. What is in the church? You say God is.

What is God? He’s Holy Spirit. Wrong and right. He’s Life. We’re talking about life and life is spirit. Now we already got Spirit. Now we can have the spirit of Satan and have the Spirit of God.

You say, “Well, I got the Spirit of God.” Okay, that’s life. What is the evidence of the baptism with the Holy Ghost? Ah, ah. Then what is the fruit you’re looking for? Then what ripened fruit are you looking for in the top of the tree?

Revealed life Word for a Resurrection and rapture, immortality! Where is that in the other churches and denominations? They haven’t got any fruits because there’s no life there. So, we’re talking about life.

It will bring forth its own fruit. And remember there’s a fruit in the tree of death that’s identical, identical in manifestation to the Tree of Life fruit which is a fruitage of virtues and the fruit of love, faith, hope, and so on and gifts.


Now the other morning waiting to go see my… see Jim, his doctor’s assistant in Bluffton and stopped at our daughter’s place. So, I cranks up the TV and I zeros in on the 700 Club, interesting.

I see a lady there taking the place of a man. I see her dressed unbecoming to a woman that’s born of Christ, and I see her calling a Roman Catholic priest, Father Michael Somebody, “Father.”

And she’s having a great time and he’s a spellbinder, he’s a wiz, and he tells how he became spiritual minded, began looking to the things of God because he’s a fine man.

There’s no doubt he’s a fine man and he got to the place where he began to be elevated by his colleagues because he’s an educator, an academe, or what you want to call him, the academics.

And they’re making him a big man and he wanted to be more spiritual minded to help people and he’s helped them so far but now he said, “I’ve got to have a holy life because I’m impressed of God my life is not a holy life.”

But he said, “Who shall I go for holiness?” And sister so-and-so. Well, he said, “I went right to sister so-and-so.”

And she said, “The thing is you need the Holy Ghost.”

And he said, “Give me the Holy Ghost.”

She said, “It’s not that easy. I cannot give it to you.”

“Well,” he said, “I have to have the Holy Ghost.”

So, she instructs him, no doubt, which she must have done and now he speaks in tongues and this is it. And I want to tell you something, the man’s got something very, very real because what he’s got is real but the man himself is not real.

This is the trouble. You say, “Well, how could he have this without that?” Very easy, because he has a gift of the Holy Ghost, not the Holy Ghost Himself. That’s right.


You people sitting here, you more majority, you think that God’s got to have a man or a woman to work through by the Holy Ghost.

I’m going to tell you something, the prophet said it right, “He could have used the wind; He could have used the sun; He could have used that microphone; He could have used this pulpit with me not standing here and let this pulpit speak or a dumb ass speak.”

God can make this building resound with voices, even made Balaam speak the truth and he used a lying devil to do go down and deceive Ahab.

God can do what He wants but He takes these men that are not baptized with the Holy Ghost, they are not elected unto salvation and He gives them gifts and the Bible says so,

Psalm 68:18

(18) Thou hast ascended on high, thou hast led captivity captive: thou hast received gifts for men; yea, for the rebellious also,

Those contrary to the Word of God can receive gifts of the Holy Ghost and speak in tongues and prophesy and it’s a hundred percent genuine because it’s a hundred percent God.

You say how? I just read it to you. You say, “I don’t believe.” You’re an unbeliever. You better come back to the fountain of blood. You better run to the cross. If Eve could destroy the whole world with Adam in one word it shows you right there.

You say, “I don’t take it.” You’re lost. You say, “Brother Vayle, you condemn me.” I don’t condemn anybody. I preach the Word of God. You do what you want. If it shocks you go out and get drunk, take drugs, anesthetize yourself, commit suicide; that’s your business.

You say, “No preacher that has any God would talk like that because you’d woo me.” How can I woo you when you don’t believe? What am I supposed to do? Be Moses and go down and convert Pharaoh? You’re in a crisis hour, my brother, my sister, you refuse to believe it.

If you do refuse to believe it, that’s your business. See? Same life, if you bring in the same life, they’re not. Contrary to the Word of Almighty God. So, close the very elect could almost be deceived but they won’t be.

So, he sat there telling them miracles and everything else, he’s a very dynamic person. I loved to see a man like that get right with the Word.

But what he sold on the Roman Catholic church with a pope and he himself is celibate not because God wants him celibate, but because the order wants him celibate; there’s something wrong somewhere.

When you sell out your freedoms that God gave you to a phony word what kind of a god are you serving? What god has spoken to your heart and told you something? Something wrong somewhere.

[80-2]  …You put a grapefruit in an orange tree, it’ll live by the orange tree, but it’ll bring forth grapefruit. [It’s true.] You put a lemon in there [it’s a citrus fruit], it’ll bring forth… sour lemons,…


Sure, it will bring sour on the Word of God. There’s no denomination that wasn’t ever sour on the Word of God, come on. Who was sour on the Word of God? Satan was.

And what’s it going to be today? Sour on the Word of God. The Word of God put him in his place, kept him in his place so he left the Word of God to get his own kingdom.

Then what do you do when you leave the Word of God? You go to Satan’s kingdom and you build Satan’s kingdom. I don’t care what anybody says that’s just pure understanding.

I’m not going to reason. I’m not going to logic. I’m just telling you what lies there.

You say, “Well, you are drawing a conclusion.” Hogwash! I’m telling you history, my brother, my sister. I’m not drawing any conclusions.

The poor Betty Jeffers three grandchildren were in an auto wreck that was almost fatal? They were in an auto wreck; it’s history that you don’t drop and get your car in a wrong lane in front of another car.

We’re not talking now about what might be consequences; we are talking about historical consequences that are factual.

Let me ask the question. Who talked to Eve? Whose Word did she leave? What word did she get? Where did it place us? Now are we going to sit here stubborn like jackasses or something, mules? Or understand the Word of God?

Not throwing off on anybody, I’m just telling you the truth. These tapes go all over the country, almost a different place in the world. I got to make myself clear even I don’t care what it costs. I’m not going to find myself under obligation.


The Bible says when Christ who is our life shall appear, then shall we also be made manifest. When Christ who is our life, not our Holy Ghost now, but that is true, but Christ who is our life shall come into a complete manifestation so that nobody can be deceived as to who He is in His proper and true character, then we shall also appear.

Then He’s got to appear the way He once appeared in the flesh. Well, how do you know? You say, “Brother Vayle, I don’t believe that happened.” Listen, brother/sister, be my guest. It’s alright what you believe. I was there; I saw.

Nobody saw Brother Branham like I saw him. You got a few sitting here who saw him a little bit in his ministry, but you never saw anything what I saw. You know nothing compared to what I know. See? You got to take a word.

You say, “I don’t think I like that.” Then you don’t like the Bible because that’s what John did. He said, “What we saw, what we handled, we declared.” See, you’re not even in the Bible. You’re not oriented.

You’re out there in denominations, somewhere way out in the middle God knows where, the barley field, not the wheat field. Not even barley. Tares; get out of it. If you’ve got an inclination toward God, get out of it. Get back to where it’s right.

See even Eve cannot get back, brother/sister, unless the condition is right to get her back. We’re in a mixed world. Who is Eve going to get out of here? It’s the Eve that’s going to get out of here that recognizes the life and it’s not fooled by denomination. It’s not fooled by creeds and dogmas.


And remember the truly religious people of the day of Jesus Christ emphatically pronounced him to be of the devil; therefore, Pentecostal people will call Brother Branham of the devil. They’re the only ones qualified to do it.

The Baptist aren’t even near them. You say, “Prove it.” The Samarians were right by Israel, the Jews, they didn’t even count, they had no say, but Jesus went to them.

He told his disciples, “Don’t you go near Samaria.”

The woman said, “Say,” she said, “we got… a handle on God.”

He said, “Like fun you do.”

Like Brother Ungeren showed you, you had five husbands and the sixth one is no more your God than nothing, the one you claim.

You talk about, “I’m the one that you’re supposed to be looking for not that one, and look what you’ve got.” She said, “I know what I’m talking about.”

The Catholic Church has a bunch of people talking in tongues, speaking in tongues, the Lutherans, the whole bunch. What has that got to do for it? Show me where tongues is the evidence.

I know we were taught that for years. I was taught that. I knew every argument like Doctor Bosworth, in the book and out of the book; it isn’t so, brother/sister, it’s just not so. There’s no Word for it. Sour on the Word. That’s what they were.

[80-2]  …denominations… under the name of the Church. [The Bible speaks of those names.] It’s the Bride that’s the original Tree, the original Spirit. [There you are.] The revelation comes from Christ, not the denomination—but Christ.

[80-3]  Notice. What’s the denomination trying to do?—exalt itself like (Luther) [Lucifer]. They so-call themselves the church, the bride, which they are [in Revelations 17,… spoken of] that’s the harlot… the false bride, above Christ’s little flock, the Bride.

Lucifer thinks and exalts himself above the humble Word of God’s Truth by the knowledge of the revelation and has placed himself by seminary education and theology until they… got themselves up, and if you don’t belong to their group, then you are a washout or an out-wash.


It’s the same spirit today. I want to ask you a question then. What’s spirit is the world church born of? Now look, I’m going to tell you something.

In my little announcement this morning when I tried to get you involved, you sit here this morning, are you really involved in your heart and your soul and your thinking? Or are you standing back and looking at the picture I’m painting which I am trying to paint after the prophet.

He laid us a picture out in squares, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten and so on, and he laid the paints out we put in there and I’m trying to show you something.

But are you getting it deep in your hearts and minds what I’ve just said? That group has to be of the spirit of Satan. “Oh, we’re too nice.” And if we’re too nice we can’t realize what’s being said.

I can see why Brother Branham tore what little hair out he had left. Why he’d just fold up. A man with a ministry like his and couldn’t prove anything to anybody? I admit I cannot and he cannot and God Himself cannot prove anything to the devil. Do you know that? Well, come on.

If God had proven anything to the devil he would have changed his ways or he can’t change his way because he won’t accept proof and doesn’t give a rip if it is proof because he’s high bound the way he’s going.

And we like to sit back as nice, lovely people because we are nice, aren’t we. We have a very sweet people. Them that came out of a church that are just nice, nice, nice… brothers and sisters, brother, whole bunch, most all of you, they’re nice, nice, nice.

You know what I’m talking about? Yes, nice, nice, nice. “We couldn’t possibility think that because we’re nice. I’d be judging my Brother” Would you be? Come on, my God, where is this stupidity taking us?

This is the spirit I’m fighting out there with my ministry and I want you to understand what it’s all about. Where in my most insane moments, where I just want to go off like a roman candle and finally spin into nothingness, I have to come back.

Look, what is this any way if it isn’t God’s truth? Men talking about God without having heard from God; that’s what it is. It’s not a bad word, it’s just letters.

[80-4]  …like Lucifer did in the beginning, saying to the people just exactly what Lucifer said to Eve: “Surely God will receive us; we feed the poor and [that’s good.]


See, Brother Branham and I concur; all of these nice things are good. Thank God even the people that speak in tongues though they’re off the Word.

Thank God they’re leaving the barrooms and the pool halls and the degradation of sin and all that slime and there’s hope, hopefully at the second Resurrection they will be allowed to come in, thank God for anything that’s good.

I’m not against it but we’re drawing a line here for a Bride, even foolish virgin not in that, same cloth, but the pattern is different. See?

How I like the thought today you can take cloth that’s piled up, cloth like this, feet of it I understand. They had cutters electronically, now they got laser beams; they go pppphhhttt; the light comes through.

The light is cutting a pattern, my brother/sister, Eternal life. Igniting souls that are eternal if you’re Bride it always was as Brother Branham said, “One day you will come to the place where you recognize you always had Eternal life and always were eternal but now you know it.”

Did you hear what I just quoted? Huh? You didn’t? Oh, yes, you did. But did you get an inkling of it? Where does it put your doubts and your fears then? You always had representation or you haven’t got it now.

Oh, they say, “Horrors, I can’t believe it.” Believe what you want to believe, I have no problem.

But I’m going to tell you something, if you don’t believe it, then you say you believe this message, you’re going to lose something. You’re going to loose a quality and brother/sister, when you lose quality, you are finished.

That’s like elasticity in your skin and your cells and your mobility is gone, then you’re going downhill. In fact we’re all going downhill because the elastin is going, so with your salvation so-called. Huh?

Yeah, poor old Vayle up here, dirty dog, but I tell you what, the food you’re getting is very good. It’s just you don’t have a very good caterer. If you had a better caterer you might be better off.

[80-4]  “Surely He will receive us; we are a great denomination; we are a beautiful church. Why, look at our great buildings. Look at our great membership. We stand in the millions. Surely God will not turn that group down.”

The same thing that Cain did. Brought… the pretty fruits from the ground that he had tilled, and toiled, and worked, and brought in the fruits and rejected the humble blood of the lamb.


Oh, the people admire today the great churches, in fact, Billy Graham, you know Billy Graham has been a great advocate for the Catholic Church, but don’t feel bad about it because I’ll tell you why.

He was with Cardinal Cushing, well, no, Cushing, and they were great friends and Cushing would say, “My brother, Billy Graham, you go and hear him you’ll come back a better Catholic.” Shoo!

Brother/sister, man, you go to the Ford garage you’ll come back a better Chrysler. Told you where the veterinary that takes care of only cats, you’ll come back a better dog. You know what I’m driving at. He told the truth.

If that’s all Billy could get… now listen, I’m not bad for Billy but I’m going to tell you something, Brother Branham, prophet of God who distinguished himself by differentiation of the Holy Spirit and manifestation from all organization and especially Pentecostals which he loved dearly, he gave them three quarter million converts. What do you think of that?

Yeah, the days of Elijah, seven thousand hadn’t bowed the knee, yeah, millions out there had and they were off the hook. God just left them alone to go their way. No.

[81-1]  God have mercy… that men and women will not think I’m saying this to exalt something or some personal revelation or something of myself. I’m only telling you the Truth. Can’t you see what you’re doing? I speak it loud and harsh, but you got to drive a nail till it clinches it if it’s going to do any good (see?), so you will see it. See?


Now it’s as simple as this in one word that the angel uttered, “Come out,” don’t ask questions, “Come out.” Ask your questions later on; they’ll be answered.

[81-2]  Now, saying to the people, [Satan] “Surely… You mean to tell me that our great Catholic church that’s stood all this time, our great Methodist, and all our great ones… See. Look at our forefathers.” See? But they broke the Word of the Lord. And Eve was God’s [personal possession]—one of His… She was a by-product of Adam but she still belonged to Him. And because she doubted one word of God’s Word, it did it.

Now listen! We also are a by-product and a product. We’re a product of God, a by-product through by-products of man. We’re also a product of the Word. That’s right. We’re being formed and produced by It.

We are a product and yet a by-product, because the Word did not come to us from God per se; It came through the prophet, the channel. So, we’re product and by-product.

Now what I’m trying to show you is this, you can sit here if you’re true elect you will not be deceived but that doesn’t mean you better… you can just let your guard down and kind of let yourself go, you can’t do it because you see, Eve had to be restored.

And this Bride must come to the place where she never gets from behind the Word. I’m sorry a lot of people never get behind the Word to begin with. You think I don’t worry about second generation Christians?

You think I don’t worry about you parents sitting here that you came in with the full bloom of the Holy Spirit burning in your hearts and you raised children right today pretty well to adulthood and all they’ve ever heard is what you’ve been able to teach and what they’ve got in this church here?

And you think, “Well, maybe my kids are okay because they’ve heard.” No, your kids are okay just because they heard. They’ve got to have Christ themselves.

There’s no such thing as grandchildren. Du Plessis said that and Brother Branham concurred du Plessis was right.

[81-3]  And here is Lucifer at his job again today. And remember, the antichrist is not communism.


Now the Catholic church has made this their battle cry, “Communism is antichrist.” Now what’s going on in the White House with the Iranian deal?

I care less, but everybody’s trying to point a finger and they will all scream to get attention away from what the real thing is, and off themselves and that’s what Catholicism has always done. It’s pointed the finger at something else to get it off of itself.

But the antichrist church is the Catholic church with the Protestants all hooked into one because antichrist means ‘instead of Christ’, not against Christ, as though there were no Christ and Communism says, “No Christ, no God, no nothing, period, forget it.”

Anti means ‘instead of’, not ante as ‘against’, two words in there. Okay, and yet if you’re instead of you are against.

[81-3]  …antichrist is so close to the real thing till it’d deceive the very Elected if it were possible,…

Then what is true antichrist? Antichrist is Mark 16, valid as Mark 16 in its true basic origin but placed in the vessels unto dishonor. Judas had a devil; he was the devil incarnated, his body was the temple of the unholy ghost.

And nobody can tell me that he didn’t heal the sick and raise the dead by the power of God because he did. There’s no place where Jesus said, “All but you one.”

He sent them all out. They all did it; they came back rejoicing and Judas opened the door and became the temple of the unholy ghost. There’s your picture.


The unholy ghost as it were and I call Satan that just to make the term expressive stood there in the worship of God and detracted from God to himself.

Do you see why we preach this way, brother/sister? It’s the only way I can preach God being my judge. If I could preach some other way I would have changed it but I cannot change it. There’s no way. Matthew 24.

[81-3]  …Jesus said [Matthew 24]… the Elected if it were possible would be deceived. Lucifer again… Lucifer again is breaking God’s unity in man by his… limiting the Word of God to his reasonings, what he thinks is right, and what he thinks he breaks the Word of God.

Now notice that Brother Branham said correctly by Scripture that Lucifer was limiting the Word by reasoning, by your own reasons and doctrine, your traditions, you have annulled the Word of God.

In other words, if the Word of God is not mechanically pure as to our receiving it, there is no way that God will honor His Life in it and get you where you think you’re going or I think I am going which is in the rapture.

I know a lot of this is ho-hum to us because we go through this so many, many times, but it’s not ho-hum to me and I’m not going to let it get ho-hum to you if I can possibly help it.

But I’m going to tell you something, I can preach to you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and you’ll be barely be beginning to get the reality of it because at this point we do not have that which is going to get us off the ground; it is all here in potential and it’s all here in the dynamics.

But to get it where this flesh is becoming one with the Word; that’s going to take miracles but that will be a miracle of God but we better get in place for it.

[81-3]  And the same thing he did in the days of Jesus. And Jesus said, “… by your traditions [that’s reasonings instead of revelation, and reasoning is against revelation.] “… by your reasonings have made the Word of God of no effect.” [Traditions.]

And the denominations by their organized intellectual reasoning [Now notice, he used that beautifully, organized intellectual reasoning which is what? A conduct of a guide of doctrine in conduct, yeah.] have made the Word of God to none… effect…


None effect how? To them, not to me. Get that down flat. What I think I believe does not nullify you, unless you’re crazy enough to believe me, if I’m wrong and what you believe has no effect upon me unless I’m foolish enough to listen to you if you’re wrong. See? Okay.

[81-3]  That’s right. They just can’t see it. [Notice light.]… then they say, “Where is the God of the Bible?” He’s right here. He’s the Bible—that’s what He is.

In other words, God is here bringing out the Word of this hour. He can’t bring out the Word of the hour when he was born of a virgin.

The only Word he can bring out is that his promise to appear to the Gentiles, Matthew 4, Matthew 12, delineate and sets it forth which is in line with Isaiah 61, when he hurls forth judgment unto victory, comforting those that mourn, you that are troubled, rest with us, come into a state of relaxation, see, for this hour.

[81-4]  …now, Lucifer comes in his cunningness and breaks the unity of God to man just like he did in Eden by great temptations of promises of self-power and exaltation. [You know what he said right there? Lucifer comes on the scene and tempts the church with promises of self-power and exaltation. Now he says to the people that are in the ministry,]

Why, you might become a bishop if you’ll just stay with us. You might become a district presbyter. Why would you go to something like that?” [over here, see, where you think it is.] See? That’s Pentecostal,…Roman Catholics from Nicaea and so on.… A great false promise to man to receive power outside the Word and the promise of God.


Now what he’s doing is taking something in the Word, outside of the Word, trusting that what he sees in the Word is going to be his salvation and God turns around and lets him see what he’s looking for and it’s outside the Word because it’s now dislocated.

You talk about a cunning God who can fool anybody. Brother/sister, do you realize, let’s place it, okay.

The Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, right, now that’s God’s government on earth so that’s God’s heaven on earth. Right? That’s where God is in His Presence, so now He is the Tree of Life. So, what’s He do? He takes cherubim with flaming swords.

Now what is a flaming sword? The flaming sword is to be held by the one that God ordains which is the flaming Word of God that strips and cuts asunder and the flaming Word of God in front of Christ was keeping them back from the revelation.

God hidden in His own Word in simplicity waiting for God to ever manifest and produce Himself in His own Word until at the end time the revelation is complete and the flaming sword ripped asunder the creeds and dogmas, the veils that hid Him from the Bride, exposed Him thoroughly so now you’re back to touch the Tree of Life and go in the Garden of Eden. What more do you want?

You say, “Brother Vayle, I like the sound of that but it’s kind of like the road to Emmaus.”

Don’t feel bad, he never dumped them on the road to Emmaus. He just let them stew a while then he got them off the hook.

And you and I are here stewing awhile, going through a little… I’m just quoting twentieth century language, we’re going through the trial of our faith because we’re spouting a lot of things, mechanical and dynamic that either are right or they are wrong and we’re going to be here to find out.


Like this hogwash the fellow tried to teach around us here that if you died it proves you aren’t Bride. Already a man that believes that was confronted with death and he did die, and he said, “I guess I made a mistake.”

We’re not interested in making mistakes, brother/sister, if at all possible. Just hang around. Just stick with it. Don’t leave the boat. This is not Paul’s day when the ship gets wrecked.

Brother Branham said, “The controls, the stabilizers have been turned on. This boat will crest every wave. She’ll go through or over or under,” or who gives a rip because he said, “Live or die, sink or swim, we’re going to get there.” Great false promises. See?

Now, that’s the present day, the testing of this day message starting with the prophetic. What if Brother Branham had joined a denomination with his power?

A certain bunch of Oneness people called him a false prophet, one of their group said, “Well, I’m glad that false prophet’s dead Why’d if he’d of been the real prophet he’d of come to us.”

Catholics say it. Pentecostals say it. Methodists would say it. Everybody says it. When did a prophet of God ever go anywhere but to cause problems? You tell me. I want to know.

Give me one prophet that didn’t cause problems. What problems? For the wicked, not for the elect. Oh, he might get us a bit on the spot. He might get us to try, might settle us down a bit and shuck us off real good and give us a few bumps and bruises.

We got our bumps coming, don’t worry I’ve got more… listen; I’ve never received half the share that I deserve, I know. You are looking at a wicked criminal up here compared to what he ought to be. I should be honest with you for as the flesh, the flesh can boast nothing.

I wasn’t born good-looking and I don’t care about that too much anymore. One time I was very disturbed but not anymore. I let the other guy be disturbed.

Like the guy said, “You people,” he said, “my face I don’t mind it for I am behind it, but you people in front get the jar.” Some jar.

Other things, we’re all born with these problems but you know God’s going to take care of our problems. I’ve never found… I never seen a sheep that couldn’t be as bad as a hog, not that he’s supposed to be. Paul was a killer dog.

A killer dog turned loose among sheep but he was really a sheep like they were. One day he had to stand up for it and answer. So, we got problems here but don’t worry about that. God will take care of those things. See?


What if Brother Branham had joined a group the same as Oral Roberts did? Why in the world did Oral Roberts join the Methodist? Well, I think somebody said the money was there. Oh, ho. It’s an interesting situation.

One day the devil said to Jesus, “All these things I give you if you just come down and worship me.” He’s not interested. How many Fort Knox’s did the devil get ready to turn over to Jesus? But you know what?

You can tell how really he disesteemed money by the fact he wouldn’t sell out for billions and trillions and he sold out for thirty pieces of silver. You can buy Him awful cheap but He comes awful dear at the end of the trail. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s true.


[81-4]  A great false promise to man to receive power outside the Word and promise of God.


Now listen to me. He’s saying, somebody is in position to receive a false promise given and receive power outside the Word and promise of God but it’s something from the Word that has been totally abused by malinformation.

In other words, somebody is going to be a conduit, conduits. This thought here about promises of self-power and exaltation. What about these preachers that run around and say they believe this message and then make Brother Branham a liar and a false prophet?

There’s a man running around he’s from Chicago there. I know his name. I think you know his name. He’s been up to around Lima. He’s been down in Dayton. He’s been up in Canada, I think. He’s been out West and he’s been in Europe and all around.

And people stand for him and say they believe this message and say, “Well, Brother Branham made a mistake and I’m going to put him right, put you right.” What about this Indian guy that Harold Marconda said, “I got more respect for Jannes and Jambres at least they used their own shtick.”

They rode… he rode on Brother Branham’s coattails. And when you stood in his presence he could call down fire from heaven, lightning cracked around your feet and a cloud followed him and it would even follow you, protect you from the sun and cold and stuff.

Say, that man’s got to be somebody. If he was the somebody why did he ride on Brother Branham’s coattail? He said, “I’m the one that Brother Branham pointed to.”

Remember the song, “I love Him, I love Him?” That’s based upon the old song, “Old Black Joe”, isn’t it? “I’m coming, I’m coming for my head is bending low; I hear those gentle voices calling, ‘Old Black Joe’.” Right? Okay.

I love him, I love him. See, he said, “He was talking about me. I’m black and I’m Old Black Joe.” Why would he need anybody to talk about him?


Listen, in this message I want you to notice brother/sister, you better tend to your housekeeping and look under your own noses and not look at the Roman Catholic church or the Methodist or the Baptist or our Pentecostal brethren which we actually love.

Although see I came out of Pentecost, that’s why I’m rough on them. If you’d had my experience there and done my preaching, all these things, for years and years then you could stand up here and say what I say, but until you’ve been in my boots you better leave them alone, because I’ll bring out some good things in their favor, see.

They got good things in there. I’m with Brother Branham, “They are the cream of the crop when it comes to denomination, organization.”

But God’s not calling a group; He’s calling people out of groups to be a small group. You say we’re a small group and that qualifies us. Hogwash! There’s smaller groups than us and they’re not qualified.

They don’t know the first thing about Brother Branham. No, you’ve got to be with the Word, brother/sister. What do these people think today? It’s some great thing in this message here we’re going to make ourselves something. No sir.

Listen, if you really got a glimpse of the prophet you ain’t nothing from nowhere but thank God you got a hold of something that’s going to make you something from somewhere and get you there.

And you won’t exalt yourself for fifteen minutes; you’ll talk about him and you’ll talk about the Lord, particularly the Lord. See? Okay.

[81-4]  But Lucifer’s at his job again. Does this church understand that?…

[82-1]  Breaking away from… the Word of God… See? He did the same at Nicaea, Rome. [You know what he’s going to illustrate what happened in Rome, what the devil did like the Garden of Eden.] You know what Constantine gave them? You went through the Church Ages…

They didn’t have anything, but just Christ… they sat in… old buildings anywhere they could on hard rock floors [if they even had a rock floor they were lucky; most would be in the mud, I suppose]. You know that,… if you have taken the Nicaea Council and the Pre-Nicaea Council and the Nicaea Fathers and so forth… the history of the church.

They had nothing. But when they had this council and inducted some of the Roman paganism into Christianity and put “holy men” and bishops and so forth, and popes… of all kinds of nonsense… and that kind of nonsense…

What did Constantine give them? I ask any theologian to tell me! He gave them property [and with that he gave them concessions and authority because they had state protection.]


When did God ever need a government to take care of Him or any people of God? They’re in direct antithesis.

The kingdoms of this world will fall before God as He slaughters it, not by amalgamation. See? Be not unequally yoked. Do you think God then breaks His own Word?

[82-1]  He gave them freedom and all… they wanted. And they swapped the Word of God for the wisdom and culture of man!… that’s the same thing Lucifer did then,… in the Garden of Eden. And they died right there.

Now I know it’s hard to accept this, to say now, “Look, in the Garden of Eden I don’t really think that Eve had that swapped for her, this culture and all.”

Then I want to ask you a question. Where did this culture come from? It never came from God. There won’t be cars and steamboats and radios and things in the Millennium. So, she swapped it for culture. Listen, brother/sister, the Word of God is very terse.

It’s… look it, oh good heavens, how could this Book except in little bits of jots and tittles kind of tell us anything? It tells us very little so when it talks about Eve being approached by the beast it doesn’t give you the whole story.

No, he didn’t just come and say, “Well, listen, did God really say this?”

“Well, yes, God did say that.”

“Oh, let me tell you God didn’t.”

“He didn’t?”


“Well great.” That did it? Hogwash!

They were involved sexually. He seduced her completely. He offered her everything, the same as he offered to Christ, therefore, that’s the word that Brother Branham says is a hundred percent right. It started there.

What have we got today except a culture man, the wisdom of man, man’s exploration?


Now they’re going to turn loose these little bugs they’re creating from splicing the RNA and the DNA and God knows what in the genes and what have you to produce a better insulin, to produce a better this, a better that. And it’s already been loosed.

Do you think that these birds are so kind? –The scientists that are doing this? The story is right. The mad scientist is releasing Frankenstein; or Dracula is releasing Frankenstein on us.  It will be all over the country. AIDS will look like a bowl of cherries.

Yes, you bet. According to Doctor Bradford, the oxychloride will cure AIDS right now. They’re doing it in West Germany. So, when they get this one cured a bigger and a better one will come on the scene. Don’t think it won’t. It always does.

They told me they’re all for bigger breeding and a better breeding. It started back in the Garden of Eden with breeding, about an eight foot giant, handsome, gorgeous creature, very dark. That’s where your Cain’s came from.

Get your woodcuttings out, your old history books and you’ll find it way back there Nimrod had dark features. I won’t say too much on that because people get all mixed up at what I’m really driving at; they think I’ve become a racist or something. I’m not racist at all.

I’m just saying what Brother Branham. Forget it. It’s the Word of God.

[82-1]  …same thing Lucifer did… in the Garden of Eden. And they died right there. The Pentecostal church died at Nicaea, Rome,…


That’s exactly true, because Rome had a Pentecostal church; they certainly, read your history. They never starting something out of the woodwork.

No sir, it was Judias and I forget, I’m not good at remembering names, went there, a couple of Jews, and they started a church in Rome.

Then all the Jews were banned out of Rome, so therefore, the little Christian church didn’t have any headship to really help them because they were ignorant in the things of God except just starting out in the Holy Spirit. So, people came in and inundated it.

Polycarp felt so bad that he said, “I’ve got to go there and set them straight.” As he was on his journey, ninety year old man, about on his journeys, eighty years, at that time went to Rome, a voice from heaven thundered, “Ephraim”… how did he put it? The same as he said, “Ephraim has joined her idols; let her alone.”

He went there and beseeched them. He could do nothing. Just a fallen church; it was a fallen church that took the credentials from Constantine. Rome was originally Pentecostal and now they’re trying to pump new life into it. Can’t do it.

[82-1]  Now the Pentecostal church died at Nicaea, Rome, but to be resurrected in the Bride Tree in the last days.

In other words, we’re going to go right back to what we were in the original, a true pure church. Now, brother/sister you got to recognize that that’s the Word of God.


2 Corinthians 11 gives you the same thing Brother Branham said about Eve going back to the Garden when she is a pure virgin of the Word again. Now, chapter 11,

2 Corinthians 11:2-3

(02) For I am jealous over you with… [a] godly jealousy:… I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.

(03) But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

She fell from her virginity of a virgin mind with the virgin Word by getting a wrong word. Now she’s got to get back there. Who’s going to do it? Tell me, who’s going to do it?

“Well, Brother Vayle, I’ve got great faith in the Pentecostal church.” Fine, that’s wonderful. “I’ve got great faith in the Methodist.”

That’s wonderful. “And the Baptist, and there’s some wonderful Catholic theologians, let’s bring them all together and let them tell us.”

You get a thousand men together, twenty… a half a million different ideas. Finally, you use a computer and you bring together what is the most salient and crystallized thinking.

You say, “That’s it.” Then God’s the computer? Do you see what I’m trying to tell you? It isn’t going to work, brother/sister, God’s got to go His own computing. God’s got to do His own thinking.

God’s got a better… and He better do His own revealing and He better do it His own way or we’re sunk because there’s no way to get back to original unless you get back who wrote this Word and how was it written.

Well, man wrote it. Where did he get it from? God! Aw, hogwash! Prove it! Prove it. You’re cheque will bounce brother/sister, there’s a penalty for bounced checks. It’s mandatory fine and usually prison. How are you going to do it? See?

[82-2]  Notice, Lucifer comes in (cunning like he did then) and by temptations and false promises of power out apart from the Word of God. He did the same at Nicaea, Rome. He’s doing the same thing today at the World Council of Ecumenical Churches. [Now we went through the other page.]

[82-3]  “Let’s all unite together,” the pope says. [He’s not the only one. Come on, don’t blame the poor old pope.] “I want all my ecumenical brethren out there to unite with me.


He did say that, “Come back to mother. We’re one.” He said that to the Pentecostal people several years ago in London, “Come back to mother.”

A Roman Catholic priest stood up on the platform and he was praying for the Pentecostal people because he had a great gift in his ministry.

And he said, “Isn’t it strange,” he said, “a few years ago you Pentecostals were praying for us Catholics and now here is a Catholic priest praying for you Pentecostals, why don’t you come home to mother?”

Here’s the child that forgot his mother but the mother didn’t forget the child, so now mother and child stand side by side and the child says, “You’re not my mother. You’re not my mother.”

The mother says, “Ha, ha, you are my child.”

Do you get the picture? Rome said it to Pentecostals. No difference, Baptist, Methodist, it’s all the same thing. All same thing.

Gentile age started with a prophet, speaking in tongues, signs on the wall, it ends the same way. Right? Alpha is omega. Come on, come on, come on. We’re not… you know, a disorganized people that don’t know anything.

Now see, people say, “Well, it may not be in the Word but this is the way we’re going. Well, we see something in here so we’ll call it this. It’s very good.” All right.

[82-3]  “Let’s unite…,” says the pope… We’re one.” That’s right. In organizations you are one. [In organizations you are one.] But that has nothing to do with the Bride of Christ. Not a thing, Brother You’ll never wash Her in anything like that.


I told you the other day the Catholics and the Anglicans came together, the bishops, and they made the paper up and said, “We are one in water baptism. We believe in the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Ghost.”

The next thing is the bread and the wine and that to me is nothing because all you’ve got to say is, “Look it, I tell you what, we know what it represents in our mind and you say what it really is, so we’re really saying the same thing, so let’s get together. Why should we worry about that? We haven’t worried about this, so why worry about that?”

You say, “Well, there does come a time when people get serious.” That’s like AIDS. They didn’t mind anything going on. It’s the way, a little gonorrhea, Phttt, knock it out with a shot of penicillin, a little syphilis, well, a little longer.

Well, there’s a bigger bug came back from Korea and Vietnam, “Well, we’ll get rid of it, too.” Now we’ve got AIDS. “Well, we better start thinking.” Too late.

You know what, I don’t care if they do think, they’re going to try to work around it. Do you think they’re going to give up sex? They’re no more going to give up sex than I’m going to give up this.

In fact I have a better chance of giving this up than they have of giving up theirs. You say, “How do you mean that?”

Well, someone could blow my brains out or tie me to a stake or something. Before God He’d give you grace I’m sure to stand up for the truth, but in other words I’m telling you something here.

He doesn’t have to give his up; he’s not going to do it. There’s no pressure. The pressure is to keep doing it. Do you see the way the ecumenical system is going? But by the grace of God we won’t cave in either.


Now listen, here’s an antidote he’s going to talk about. Here’s the antidote to the present situation.

[82-4]  Now, it is promised in the last days that the original faith in the same is to be restored to the children of God at the time of the Bride Tree [It’s Malachi 4].

God said, “Before the world burns up with fire, behold I send to you Elijah the prophet, and he will restore the faith of the children.”

Now he’s been telling you this, Eve went off the Word, how are we going to get back? Organization has made the Word that’s off really difficult because they’ve organized it now. They’re going to force it on you.

They’ve also got gifts of manifestation working for them. They’ve got fruit. They’ve got this. They got that. How are we going to come to the place of decision to know if we’ve got anything?

He’s telling you. “Behold, I send you Elijah, the prophet and he’ll restore the faith of the children to the fathers.”

[82-4]  Now, that wasn’t the first Elijah that come. No, no. Now, we don’t teach here Elijah’s mantel and Elijah’s blankets, and all those things like that. We just teach the Word of God. See? That’s what He said. See, we’ve got all kind of Elijah this and Elijah that, which is nonsense.

That’s… we know that, That’s… not what I’m talking about… And you that are spiritual minded understand. See, as… late as the hour is—but hour’s getting late and we can’t put it all on the tape…


Now what he’s saying here is not only Elijah must come but he’s talking about that light that must be manifested that lines right with the Word of God so that you know it is the Word of God. It is God in the Bride manifesting Himself.

[83-1]  Now, the promise in the last days… Jesus said in Matthew, I believe, the 11th chapter,… the 6th chapter… no, the 11th chapter… it is the 11th chapter… 6th verse. When John sent his disciples over there to see if Jesus really was the One,…

Jesus said, “Who did you go out to see? A reed… shaken by the wind? Did you go out to see such-and-such?” He said, “Or did you go to see a prophet?”… “He was more than a prophet” [Now watch this.] John was more than a prophet; he was the Messenger of the Covenant.

That specifies what he would do. That’s right. All right then, William Branham as John was messenger to the covenant, God Himself which was that covenant One, just as in John’s day, there has to be somebody in this day who would be that one. See?

The covenant now is the mystery of the Seven Seal, getting out of here. It’s the reopening of the book that was closed. John opened the book up to redemption. Jesus opened the book and explained it.

In other words, John introduced the one that opened the book to redemption and Jesus turned the book over, he closed it, but he didn’t close or open it to the place where redemption ended and the Millennium set in.

So, who’s going to do that? Jesus, the Holy Spirit has got to do it. So there’s got to be a man at this hour. So, Brother Branham’s talking about himself.

[83-1]  And He said, “If you can receive it, [Jesus said about John] this is he which was spoken of by the prophets, ‘I will send My messenger before My face.'” Now, that’s in Malachi 3, not Malachi 4.

‘Because the Elijah that was to come in Malachi 4, the earth was to be burnt with a fervent heat and the righteous were to walk out in the Millennium upon the ashes of the wicked. So this is not that one. See?


So, Brother Branham identifies himself here. Now let’s read this because this is terribly important.

[83-2]  Now, we see the promise being fulfilled. [What promise fulfilled? Malachi 4. The work of Headship.] Christ, the true Headship going in—coming in His Bride, doing the same works that He did at the beginning, and making ready,…

and fulfilling His Word as He did at first in John 14:12: [that’s when Christ who is our life shall appear, fulfilling Malachi 4:5,6, absolutely the works of John 14, we’ll read up here,] “He that believeth on Me the works that I do shall he do also.” Then the Head and the Body are becoming one in works… in signs and in Life,…

Notice, works first, then sign, then life; actually works and sign go together, then life which means that we accept the works and the sign so the Life can pervade us. You see? What he’s telling you here is revelation based upon preeminence which comes by one person which the gates… all hell is against.

All hell is against the revelation of one man will do it. The gates of hell is against the fact that He is here, Christ, so therefore, now you have Revelation 10:1-7, you have the days of the Lord.

Now keep this in mind because this is where the whole gospel of what Brother Branham taught is here. You can say, “Well, I accept that.” How well, do you accept it? What does it mean to you? It’s got to be life itself.

[83-2]  …the Body… becoming one in works and in sign and in Life, vindicated by God Himself through His promised Word for the last days. He promised this in the last days. Now, if you’re spiritual, you’ll catch it.


What does he mean there? He said you’ll understand that this is that ministry that you have seen and heard and are dealing with. You see?

And remember, this cannot be fulfilled until the hour it’s obligated to be fulfilled. The very clue in the Garden of Eden tells you, “Lest they stretch forth their hand and take and live forever,” shows you the possibility of immortality.

And it wasn’t that they couldn’t have it; they were circumvented from the hour of having it. It was there for them, otherwise why was He in the Garden as eternal life and immortal life? Tell me!

Why was He there? Why do you people put peaches on the table? So, your kids can stand back and look and say, “Well, I’d like a peach. Can I have one, Daddy?”

“No, they’re just there to look at. I like them and they’re wonderful but you’re not going to get it.”

“Why did you put it there?” Because I’m stupid. Now you call God stupid. Well, you’re not there in the form of a being or the… or the form of the Holy Ghost called a Tree of Life and had immortality. Why was it? It was there to be had so now we got to get to it.

How are you going to get to it? We don’t. Got to restore; “I will restore,” saith the Lord, but Elijah restores. “I will reveal,” saith the Lord, but a prophet reveals.

“I will be preeminent,” said God, but it takes the prophet to do the works to give Him preeminence so then the Bride can follow and be thoroughly identified. There you are, all in the last day.


We’re going to quit right away now. So therefore, when I said, watch carefully for Presence this is what I am telling you.

Christ the true Headship going in, coming in His Bride, doing the same works that he did in the beginning making ready and fulfilling His Word as He did in John 14:12 which is the singular person which is a prophet which is the life of God, God in that man doing this, proving the whole scenario.

Headship! And this is how headship comes. Well, Lord, I’m going to honor you as the great Head. Then honor Me how I make my Headship known and how I’m doing it. That’s it. This is where we stand. Not where the world stands. This is where we stand.

So next Wednesday by the grace of God, hopefully we’ll finish and we’ll point preeminence from this point on, strong, strong, strong, until you can see he said, “God coming down presenting Himself.” Brother/sister we’re not off the Word.

You’re having some problems. I’m having problems. Sure, not that hour of complete dynamization. The baby hasn’t been delivered yet. Nine months gestation but everything is there in perfection, just waiting for the hour of delivery and nothing is premature with God and nothing is late, just hold on. Don’t try to hold on too tight. Remember, you don’t row the boat, the boat carries you.

Remember, the time you struggled when the old airplanes took you up there, I used to hang onto the seats, relaxed, it didn’t do one bit of good, whether you fly or you don’t fly, kid, you’ve committed yourself.

If you can’t trust this, you can’t trust anything; let me tell you that flat. In other words, why are you here this morning? Why did you bother coming? Why do you bother listening to me all these years? Why do you talk about a prophet? You got your answer, you’re sold. The Lord bless you. That’s the way you got to do, that’s right.

Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Heavenly Father, we just appreciate the fact that we can come together and just go over these tremendous sermons by the prophet of God, Word of Life that came from heaven, bread of God sent down to us a hungry people.

We praise You for it, Lord, that we can get in here and literally rip it to pieces and men and women rip loaves of bread to pieces and gnash on it with our teeth until we can get it broken down in little tiny particles where little poor puny people like us can assimilate little tiny bits of it until it begins to form something in us, oh God.

That’s tremendous to the overcoming of this world and getting out of here, and getting rid of all these things, Lord, we want to get rid of for the glory of God.

Father, we just pray You’ll sweeten us and make us love each other as never before. And Lord God, may everything be tempered with love and soften with a smile and every correction with cheerfulness and every little favor we do with just… with the light of sparkle of delight in our eyes until Lord, it becomes contagious, until it becomes just a complete life, Lord, like in a cyclotron of the blessing and beauty of God until just that power comes forth as it should come forth.

Not in great signs and wonders but praise God Lord when you give them to us, that’s fine, but Lord, in that life under You so that it is God in us willing and doing of His good pleasure. That’s what we hunger for, Lord, and we ask You for this morning as…

[Tape recording ends.]

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