Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed #27

His Victory
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Brother Lee Vayle

…praise and thank You again for Your love and mercy giving us not only strength and health, Lord, but a desire and a purpose to be here in assembling ourselves and we love to come together, Lord, because we know You’re in our midst and we know we have the Word which is the vehicle of life and having this Word of life, Lord, we know that because You live we shall live also and that is the truth.

We’re grateful for that Father, that the Seals are open, the Tree of Life has come into plain view and we can come and partake, Lord.

Help us to understand Your Word tonight in such a way that the increase of it, oh God, in the simplicity will give us a faith we have never had before. Yea, Lord, a rapturing faith in Jesus’ Name, we pray, Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we on number 27, of Christ is the Mystery of God Revealed, page 83 and I would like to finish tonight but I kind of doubt that that is possible. So, we just sort of recap and that is God was in Christ making Christ the manifestation of God, the very expression of God substance. God was always in Christ.

Christ is the manifestation of God; He is the very expression of God substance that’s according to the Bible. That expression that is that expression meaning Christ physically could not show God in His true character.

It was what Christ did and how Christ did what He did in every situation and under any condition that revealed God whether the anointing that came forth out of God was the light or a Pillar of Fire or an angel or the configuration of a man or the virgin born body of a man; it was always consistently revealing God as the unchanging One of Hebrews 13:8 and that’s right today.

Christ brought the true revelation of God to man. Christ gave unto God total preeminence; Christ is now bringing a virgin Bride back to Eden, God’s government on earth with God in total Headship has started, is at hand.

It was in the Garden of Eden as the Tree of Life that God enjoyed His Headship which was His… which was He Himself present with Adam and Eve enjoying their fellowship and imparting His knowledge to them and giving them His loving care.

He was the source of their life and light and their preservation. And now today God has come down to restore a Bride to Eden and is in process of receiving His Headship which is His right.

At this point in this Message the return to Eden, Brother Branham stresses Headship of Christ and the establishing of the Kingdom under the King who is now amongst us.

He said, “The King is here.” This cannot be done outside of the prophet as the prophet is involved in all three; revelation, preeminence, and restoration.


Now never forget that also do not forget as we read tonight as I warn you constantly that when the prophet speaks of the body and vindication we know that vindication can come by only one person.

Vindication, proof, whatever you want to call it, manifestation comes only by one person in that Body, but the Body receives the credit for it you might say, receives that from God by the Body receiving the Word and identifying with that prophet and with the Word that the prophet gave.

Now you couldn’t… you can hardly identify with the prophet unless you identify with the Word; it’s impossible. So we’ll start reading on page 83, the last paragraph we actually touched at.

[83-1]  Now, the promise in the last days… Now, Jesus said in Matthew, …it will be the 11th chapter or the 6th chapter and the 11—no, it’s the 11th chapter and… the 6th verse. When John sent his disciples over there to see if He really was the One, Jesus said, “Who do you go out to see?… a reed… shaken… that’s shaken by the winds?

Did you go out to see such-and-such?” He said, “Or did you go to see a prophet?” He said, “More than a prophet”—John was more than a prophet; he was the Messenger of the Covenant. [Now remember, John was a messenger and he foreran the Covenanted One. And remember, Christ is the Seals and He’s also the Covenant.]

And He said, “If you can receive it, this is he which is spoken of by the prophets, ‘I’ll send My messenger before My face.'” Now that’s in Malachi 3, not Malachi 4. Because the Elijah that was to come in Malachi 4, the earth was to be burnt with a fervent heat and the righteous were to walk out in the Millennium upon the ashes of the wicked. So it is not that one. You see?

Okay, William Branham… As John, was Messenger to the Covenant, God Himself, so was William Branham. The Covenant is now, or the Covenant now is the mystery of the Seventh Seal and the… and immortality to escape into the Millennium under the promise of Malachi 4.


Now he starts out here in the 3rd verse now.

[83-2]  Now we see the promise being fulfilled.

Now what was the promise? The promise of Elijah coming in order to turn the hearts of the children back to the fathers in order to gain immortality in order to escape into the Millennium leaving the great conflagration behind. That’s the promise being fulfilled. Now notice.

[83-2]  Christ, the true Headship going in… coming in His Bride, doing the same works that He did at the beginning and making ready and fulfilling His Word as He did at first in John 14:12:…

Now we’ll notice in here this is actually the appearing in this hour, Christ the true Headship going in—coming in His Bride.

Now if you’re talking of something going in you’ll know then it wasn’t in previously. “Coming in His Bride;” let’s you understand where it is going to be as Brother Branham keeps on saying the Bride comes to the place where these works are manifested evident.

But remember, only a prophet does it. You’ve got to take the words that he lays down in principle, and he said, “All hell is against the people believing that one person is responsible for all of this, and you have to keep recognizing that.” 

[83-2]  Christ, the true Headship going in—coming in His Bride, doing the same works… He did at the beginning and making ready… and fulfilling His Word as He did at first in John 14:12:…


Now, of course, what he’s talking about here is this One here is doing in the form of the Holy Spirit what He did in his physical body when he was back there in the flesh in Israel. He’s making a complete identification.

And He said, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also.” And that is pinpointed to one person, not they but to an individual. Now, here’s what he says,

[83-2]  When that takes place then the Head and the Body are becoming one in works and in sign and in Life,…

Now you know the works and the sign that bring about that unity they are performed in and through one person only, not in many. It won’t work. It’s got to be that one. Then it says,

[83-2]  …and in Life, vindicated by God Himself through His promised Word for the last day.

So, all right, the signs of a prophet and the parallel ministry of that prophet vindicating this to be the Elijah of this hour, the works and the signs positively show that that Life that is behind it is the Life of Almighty God Himself as He promised for this last day.


Now I like the word ‘Life’, because Brother Branham in speaking of it is actually quoting from the Apostle Paul in Colossians 3:4, I guess it is, “When Christ who is our life shall appear.”

In other words, shall be manifested in His true character so that indisputably Christ, so because the words of a man will not do what these words will do; it takes God.

When it is proven that God is here on the scene doing this at that time it will be positively manifested you also as He appeared in His true character will show your true character. And that is, do you believe it or not? And that’s your life is what we’re talking about.

In other words, Brother Branham categorically said, “If you’re baptized with the Holy Ghost, that little bit of life that is in you, the Holy Spirit in you has to say, Amen, to every single word that the Life that wrote this Book said and proves to be that Word of that hour.”

How in the world can a man say he’s got the Holy Ghost and then turn that down? So, when the Life appears thoroughly manifested that this is it and even if you didn’t know that was in the Bible concerning Matthew 4 and Matthew 12, you inherently would know it.

There is no way you could escape it. You’d be held there until an explanation was forthcoming if such an explanation was necessary to be forthcoming. And it was, so you wouldn’t take something and run with it like so many people did.

They couldn’t sit still long enough to know the answers. They had to start their own little organizational things and get their own little cliques and crowds around them.


I remember years ago when… you won’t remember this, but way back right after Brother Branham deceased, I started meetings down south and they were meetings that people came from hundreds of miles to attend, and as soon as certain preachers saw the blessing of God, “Oh, we got to do this.”

Instead of help running interference for me, they grabbed the ball and ran. I just backed right off. Now where’s the leadership today? I’m glad I backed off. Nobody can accuse me of leadership, running around and splitting up churches, destroying people’s lives.

Try and do it and I’ll face you down on it. Or trying to take your money or anything else; you can’t do it. There’s no way you will do it. I can be criticized. That doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a lie; it’s fine.


Now, let’s take a look at what is going to happen and we preached this many, many times but you can’t hear this too often because you’ve got to get to this… this has got to be a part of you so that at no time the devil can take it from you.

And remember, the devil can take certain things from you under the duress of hardship. He hits you hard enough, you’ll be wondering whether you ought to stick with it or not. See? Now in,

2 Corinthians 3:17-18

(17) Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

(18) But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

Now that’s over the period of time from Luther when restoration began… reformation began to the point of restoration.

You are promised there is going to come a time when it’s face to face and you come into the glory that you are to inherit which is immortality given the promise the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings and escape the tribulation.

“When Christ who is our life shall appear you shall also appear with him in that glory.” And here’s the glory here.

2 Corinthians 4:1

(01) [And] therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not;

Now somebody’s got that ministry to do that. Now I know people say, “I don’t believe it. Christ does it.” How does He do it apart from the Word of His hour?

Nobody wants to understand that except people that are simple like you and me who determine to understand this if the prophet said it, that’s right. It’s against everything we’ve been taught but we’re believing it because this is vindicated.


So if there’s a Word for the hour, there’s a Word for the hour. Now when you settle down in your thinking you know that’s true. When did the virgin bear the child? Six hundred years after it was said. So now there’s a promise for this hour. Now watch!

2 Corinthians 4:2

(02) But [we] have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, [not] handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.

It tells you right there that this message handled the way the prophet handled it based upon an understanding of vindication, the words in his mouth are no different from the words in my mouth or any minister’s mouth or your mouth and it’s guaranteed to bring about immortality.

Like an old friend of mine, years ago, I said, “How come you get so many healings in your church? So many folk get baptized with the Holy Ghost?”

He said, “Son, you get what you preach for.” The old boy knew it. You get what you preach for. I’m bound to get what I preach for; I’m preaching for one thing, for this Word to be in our hearts and minds and the Life in it be released. And you tell me what else I can preach for?

Now if the Word’s handled deceitfully, the congregation isn’t going to get a thing unless you’re a few elect and then you’ll find yourself a new preacher.

You don’t have to sit under somebody that’s going to lead you down. Well, you get that hogwash preacher come around and say, “Well, if Brother Branham did say, you better find yourself a church and a place to pay your tithes.”

Oh, the preachers love to grab that. Well, if that’s all you want here come and pay your tithes, I don’t need your money, not that it’s not a nice commodity. Who needs it? I’ve had a whole lot less and been happier.

I don’t know, maybe not quite that bad. I’m very happy now but, you know, let’s face it I didn’t have so many worries and problems way back, I had far less but I was on the road and we, the wife and I, we got by.

There’s much more care now in a way but I don’t mind in that particular sense. But you see there’s a guarantee here. Now that’s what the prophet is telling us here.


Now he said,

[83-2]  He promised this in the last days.

He promised what in the last days? There would be a thorough vindication toward headship which proves that Christ is in our midst Himself bringing His own message, His own Shout, the prophet being the voice standing there, the works and signs proving the life Christ is here returned to Headship.

[83-2]  Now, he said, if you’re spiritual, you’ll catch it.

What is that? Discernment. Discernment before you can take communion, recognizing God, His ways, and His prophet.

You’re not qualified to take the emblems of His death and Resurrection, or at least no, it’s not even the Resurrection, it’s the emblems of His death, unless you thoroughly understand the signs of His Resurrection in this hour which come by a prophet.

And all you need to do with me is to identify. You don’t prove anything that’s been proven. In fact you’d be a fool to tempt God. You believe God. And if it’s in your hearts you will believe God. It’s that simple.


Now notice let’s keep going now. This is the Appearing, preeminence, vindication of the great Shout. All right, and we discern it. Now, he says here,

[83-2]  …then the Life, vindicated by God Himself…

In other words, proves what Life it is, and that’s the Resurrection ongoing, not the baptism. You prove to yourself you’ve got the real life by recognizing the great Life.

You prove it to yourself you are a son because you recognize your Father. You prove you’re a part of the Resurrection because you recognize the Resurrection and the Life. That’s your identification. See?

[83-3]  Then we can see that the Marriage Supper is at hand. Now if I never see you again, remember, the Marriage Supper is at hand! And then the Kingdom according to the promise is ready to be issued in, [that’s the Kingdom, the Millennium,] the great Millennium, the taking up of the Church, and the destroying of the wicked.

Now he said, “Remember, the Wedding Supper is at hand!” I like that ‘at hand’. Brother Branham’s in the Book of Revelation. He’s Revelation 10:1.


So let’s find out about Revelation 22, Brother Branham again.

Revelation 22:9-10

(09) …he [said] unto me, See thou do it not:… for I am thy fellow servant,… the prophets, and of them which keep the sayings of this book: worship God. [So there’s a prophet at the end time.]

(10) And he [said] unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand. [What time is at hand? Now let’s look at it again.] Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand.

Revelation 10:4, the book was sealed. Revelation 22:10, the book is open.

Now only God can seal the book and only God can open the book. So that’s why Jesus gave the book back to the Father to do the works because the Body doesn’t do the works; it’s the Father in the Body that does the works, so therefore, the Father comes down. Revelation 4:1, Revelation 5:1, comes down as Revelations 10:1. He’s got the book opened.

Now with the book open the time is at hand. What time is at hand? I’ll tell you the time. The right to the Tree of Life: that’s the time. The right to the Tree of Life, you can live forever, because I don’t care if the Seals are open, and I don’t care what God does, you’ve still got to have a right to the Tree of Life. See?

And even though you got a right on the grounds that you’re truly born again, you can’t get to it except for the Seals. Now the Seals are open. So now you’ve got a right to the Tree of Life.

And the word ‘right’ means ‘authority’, you’ve been franchised. Nobody else has got it. Certain people only, see, to the Tree of Life.


Now remember, Laodicea is people’s rights. And the people are saying, “Hey, we’re rich, increased in goods, we don’t lack a thing. Oh, hallelujah, one day we’re all going to get changed. Millions now living will never die and we’re going to walk in.” That’s a lie from the pit of hell; they don’t have the right to the Tree of Life because they’ve refused the unsealing of the book.

Now let’s get this serious if it makes you sit up at night and worried, good, thank God you’re worrying. At least you’re not running around doing a hundred million things like sleeping in church, or just thinking of something else.

I don’t know if you’re sleeping half the time your mind may be a million miles away. Let’s get this down to the nitty-gritty. The Judge has already been here. Headship is in the church. The Kingdom of God on earth with Headship is being established.

Now is it just some little dream, some little hocus-pocus? “Why, we can come back thirty years from now maybe something else will be here.” This is life and death. You can say what you want because it is because it says when the Seals are open he’s that unjust is unjust still, filthy is filthy still, righteous is righteous still, and holy is holy still.

And the rewards are about to be passed out according to your work. Your work of what? Faith! And I’ll tell you faith is the toughest work there is because it makes you stand right there in the face of a paradox, in front, behind, above and below. So, you’re in a box of paradoxes.

Revelation 22:13

(13) I am Alpha and Omega, [I’m proving at the end what I was in the beginning, Headship in Eden]…


Everybody wants to go to Eden. Most are going to hell. They ain’t going to Eden at all. How are you going to get there without a headship? “Oh, I think I’ll get there and then I’ll have Headship.” Oh, no, you won’t. Oh no, you won’t.

Because the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, putting the church in order and the word ‘descend’ means ‘descend’. It means to come on down. People believe this message they say, they can’t even understand that. They say, “I believe that way but so what.”

Then they don’t believe it. Say you believe a prophet, then call him a liar. I should be such a good liar as the prophet. I don’t know what’s wrong with people.

No wonder the prophet said, “If you’re spiritual you’ll catch it. If you’re full of the Holy Ghost, you’ll understand these things.”

It’s at hand. The rich, increased in goods aren’t going to get it. They stated their rights. They don’t have any rights. But since the opening of the Seals and we believe we do have life; it’s been the Tree of Life is franchised unto us.

Nobody’s going to have it but those that believe. You can say what you want, but that’s what I stand here and declare unto you by the Word of the Living God; It’s been manifested.

Otherwise, this whole thing is a hoax and perpetrated upon us to no end but to confusion because if this does not come out of it, who needs the prophet? Because it said Elijah’s going to come or we ain’t going to escape.

And some of us got to be standing right here and make our escape by living and walking to the Tree of Life and taking It. Now it’s all laid out here like Brother Branham said it, I show you in the Bible, you say, “Amen,” there’s two witnesses, that’s the Word of the Living God, thus it is spoken, thus it’s got to be, because it is.

Not because I say so, I’m just putting my Amen to it. And I’m trusting you’re doing the same, in fact I know you are.

[83-3]  …and the world under the Sixth Seal to be purified by volcanic eruptions to take all the corruption and sin of the world and to mold her out again, and to bring forth a bright new Millennium for the age that is to come. [It’s exactly true.]

When we see all these great threefold revelations: God in Christ, Christ in the Church, the Kingdom coming, Adam and Eve redeemed back to the Garden of Eden and the representation of Christ and His Bride, and then the Kingdom is going to be restored according to His promise.

In other words, Adam and Eve represented Christ and His Bride. Sure, and now Christ and His Bride are presently anti-typing Adam and Eve, getting ready for their home sweet home in the Garden of Eden.

Praise be to God! Now, by the revelation of the threefold mystery [the secret] and all this by the personally vindicated Word [Yeah, vindicated Word, now he’s got ‘by His original Headship’ which really is taking back His original Headship.]


So he says right here, he’s repeating himself over and over again. He said, “You saw it is demonstrated by the Word of God coming to Life, this is it and He’s got control of my life in order to bring the Word of God to pass, therefore, Headship is returned to the Bride.”

And remember, God’s got to have a prophet. It’s hard to just accept that in it’s simplicity and keep it in our minds all the time. It’s got to come by a prophet. The Lord Jesus… “Elijah of this hour is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, not God, not man but God but it comes by a prophet,”

Brother Branham said. “The Token is the Holy Ghost Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.” That’s what you’re looking at. Now by the vindicated Word proving It.

[83-3]  Now… by His personally vindicated Word by His original Headship.

Or in other words, going back to taking back original Headship which was before creation, the Headship which was in Eden which was in the human flesh which was in Paul which is now, Headship.

Now the prophet’s gone, it returned to Pillar of Fire. The Pillar of Fire leads us to the Millennium, to the Millennium.

[84-1]  Well, not say, “Well, glory to God, we shout; hallelujah, we sing.” That isn’t it. I’m a missionary. I’ve been seven times practically over the world. See? I’ve seen heathens, devils, and everything else dance and shout. I’ve seen all kinds of fleshly manifestations. That’s carnal. But I’m talking about the Headship of Christ.

All right. People rely upon emotion, stimulation, inward exercises, mental exercises of the soul, have hallelujah, everything else, they take that for Headship and say, “Look, I know everything is right because look what God is doing in me, how great I feel, how wonderful, how marvelous, hallelujah.”

And Brother Branham says, “Look, I’ve been a missionary around the world about seven times, I’m a preacher, I’m a prophet, I know what I’m talking about and,” he said, “that isn’t it.”

That’s not it, so therefore, I don’t care what you and I say we’ve got and so we don’t claim very much. What is it?


Now he said,

[84-1]  That’s carnal. But I’m talking about the Headship of Christ.

Now what is that Headship? What I’m talking about here,

[83-2]  Christ the Headship going in, coming in His Bride, doing the same works He did in the beginning and making ready and fulfilling His Word as He did in John 14:12.

Then the… Body are becoming… [the Body and Head]… the Head and the Body are becoming [one in] works and in sign and in Life, vindicated by God Himself through His promised Word in this last days.

Now that’s Headship. What is Headship? God taking one man, the prophet, manifesting His Word, declaring It and proving It, the Word of this hour, that which we saw was the demonstration of the Life Itself which is God. We have a modicum of that Life.

When we receive that, Headship has come to us. Now you’re looking for something else. You say, “Well, Brother Vayle, when I get to the place where I… every thought is of God and every move is of God and everything is of God; that’s Headship.”

Well, have it your way. Have it you way. I’m not going to argue with you. I just done told you what it was. I’m not saying it’s not a good thing to want God in every thought and every breath and everything until we make every wrong right and walk in the light. That’s great.


But the same prophet said, “We backslide a thousand times a day and there’s no perfection this side of the Resurrection.”

As long as you’re a mortal you’re going to have some tossing. You’re going to have some doubts, but don’t doubt this. Live or die, sink or swim, so therefore, the church has returned to Headship.

You say, “Well, Brother Vayle, I think it should come another way.” There you are again.

I’d let him go to the boss and say, “Now, boss, I want you to make a certain form of check up that suits my accounting.”

He’s say, “Drop dead, bud, you’re fired.”

If you think you’re going to try to fool with a multi-billion dollar corporation with your stupid ideas, “Out, I need you like a sore thumb.”

Well, if God’s not bigger than a multi-billion dollar corporation you tell me how little He is. And who’s to tell God anything? You know that’s one thing in Scripture God hates? Anybody trying to tell Him something.

And you know why He hates it? It’s for the person’s own good. Then wouldn’t it be much nicer to settle down and believe it then try to fool around and figure things out. You… could be… it’s just nice to be like a bunch of idiots and let the nurses come by and spoon feed us. Right?

Because you haven’t got a thing to do with it. You’re neither the cook nor the servant, brother/sister; the whole thing is of God. I lay it on pretty heavy but I got to, to get the thing across. Okay.


Now, here listen. Headship has returned.

[84-2]  Now notice, being personally identified by the original Headship, we have the answer to the devil’s question. [Now, notice what he says here.]… being personally identified by the original Headship, we have the answer to the devil’s questions.

Now what in the world could that be? The devil that makes you question reality or what is going on or is to be going on for this hour. You got an answer for it. What is the answer? It’s been manifested. It’s been proven. Let’s take a look at… ahead of ourselves on page 85, verse… little paragraph 1.

[85-1]  Now, we are the sons of God. Not we will be; we are. Now we’re redeemed. We have Satan’s answer.

We don’t have Satan’s answer as though you got something from Satan giving you an answer. You got the answer to Satan who’s the father of doubts and fears, sin, criminality, death. How are you going to answer that old bird back? He’s going to get burnt. Let’s not get burnt with him.

[85-1]  God has vindicated Himself. God has proved Himself to His promise in this day. Hallelujah! The Headship is here…

What is the devil’s answer to what he’s doing to make a great kingdom? Christ is here! Your organizations and your bishops and your cardinals, the whole bunch are going to burn. Pentecostal chaff, certainly.


We’ve got the answer to the devil.

[84-2]  Amen… We have the answer to the devil’s question. [That’s what he’s really saying. How are you going to answer the devil’s question?] He, Christ, is risen and has paid the price and raising up the head… the Body. The devil can’t stand it.

What can’t the devil stand? The answer God gave him. The Presence of the Lord, Headship in the church and he knows when God starts to take Headship of the church his days are over, because God’s going to set up a brand new kingdom and the devil ain’t in it.

He’s been living a long time, maybe millions of years for all I know, or trillions, I don’t know and care less. And he’d just like to keep on living. He’s not going to; God’s going to annihilate him after a certain due period of processed time.

Headship is here. That’s the devil’s answer. We’re following God, not man-made creeds and dogmas since the Shout we know who we are and what we are, where we came from and where we’re going.


Now listen!

[84-2]  The devil can’t stand it.

[84-3]  That’s the reason these ecumenical kingdoms are setting up.

So, what’s the devil doing? He’s got to imitate everything that God does; he’s got to counterfeit it. So the churches are setting up their own kingdom. Who’s at the head of it? Satan is. Then what spirit do they have? Satan’s spirit.

Then who are they worshipping? Satan. Oh, they claim they are worshipping God. What good does that matter? What makes them… what makes anybody think they’re worshipping God if they can’t even recognize the God they’re supposed to have in their hearts? See?

[84-3]  That’s the reason these ecumenical kingdoms are setting up [because our Kingdom is here]. Now…the reason they’re all coming into what they’re doing now. The devil, that’s the reason he’s howling the way he is. His wickedness… his scheme has been uncovered by the risen resurrected Christ in the Headship over His Body! 


So what is God doing? Raising up His Body for His Kingdom. That means Satan’s kingdom is on the way out. That means Satan’s going to do everything he can against God.

And remember, as I taught you so thoroughly the other day, maybe I’ve mentioned it twice, that the devil took whatever God has in His Kingdom in order to fashion his own kingdom up in heaven and on earth he started in Eden to work in God’s Kingdom to get his own kingdom.

Now he’s in the church which is God’s church; he defiled it to get his own kingdom. The kingdoms are separate, praise God. That’s 1 Corinthians…

Now, the scheme here is in 2 Thessalonians which we know that chapter and what God’s doing is in 1 Corinthians 15 at His appearing, He brings everything under the feet of Jesus. He has to. For Jesus paid the price as that anointed man.

Now under the feet of a man God must place everything but Himself, and when the time comes when He would place Himself under that great servant Jesus, that that man that is risen from the dead He doesn’t, He just simply incarnates him, moves right into him.

Then on Mount Zion He moves out in a Pillar of Fire above him and they’re perfectly one. Sure they’re one. We’re all one because of a Life. It’s one Life. Not a dozen lives; it’s one Life. And it’s no longer fragmented. I can’t understand that but I believe it’s true.

[84-4]  You think I’m beside myself; [said Brother Branham,] I’m not. We’ve got the [answer to the devil…now listen to what he says,]… “Not me [but there was the]… Christ the Word living in me.”

Oh, I think that’s a little slip of the tongue. He’s really talking about Jesus back there. Oh no, he’s not. He’s talking about Zion. What’s he telling you? Christ in him, because he goes on to say,

It’s not my idea; it’s His power. Not my idea;… His Word.


William Branham, God to the people, a prophet housing Christ, the logos, becoming God to the people. So, it’s not his works, it’s not his ideas, and he’s giving you as the authority of Almighty God, God speaking in the man, using his voice, here is the answer to the devil. It’s been manifested, this is God.

You say, “Well, that’s simple.” It is if you can just let it trickle down into our fat thick skulls that are so complex with stupidity. Chicken life in a chicken. Horse life in a horse. Dog life in a horse but could God’s life be in a prophet? “Oh, heaven forbid.”

Why do you got to go stupid all of a sudden, give way to ignorance and the very thing the devil wants us to do? Why not just begin to understand, understand the truth? I’m going to read it to you.

[84-4]  …I’m not beside myself;… We’ve got the… answer to the devil, or the devil’s answer or the answer for the devil. “Not me, but there was the Christ, the Word living in me.” It’s not my idea; it’s His power. Not my idea; it’s His Word. He promised it,… here it is. He said it would be here, and here it is. We’ve got his answer.

Elijah shall surely come and restore. Oh, people don’t like his definitions. “Elijah of this hour is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, the Token is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.”

They don’t want identification. What could we present for identification? Please don’t ask me to present anything. I’m getting worse and worse as the days go by. Feistier and feistier, yeah, it’s true. Edgier and edgier.

You wonder why I talk about somebody superseding me here. When if you feel like I do part of the time you’ll wonder why somebody hasn’t superseded me here. I’m just laying it flat on the line to you.

If He doesn’t do it, it ain’t going to be done. I’m not going to even try. Oh, I want to try to better myself and be a better servant of God, more reliable, more this and that, sure, that’s what I should do before the Lord.

But this, forget it. I’ve got his answer. He’s here, His sheep know His voice, they follow Him, He does what He will, He’s going to take them back to Eden and if I’m not a part of that so I’ll never make it, period. If I am a part you better believe I am going to make it. See?

[84-4]  We’ve got his answer.

[84-5]  Christ is risen [Now watch!] and has paid the price for our redemption. [Now that doesn’t just go back after Calvary. Watch!] What God manifested in Christ…, [no.] What God in Christ manifested, [because God was in Christ manifesting.]

What God in Christ manifested, He gave that flesh and Blood, [In other words, He put it to flesh and blood what He’s going to do, make him flesh and blood] that in the Blood might come the Life, and the flesh be redeemed;

that was God in this redeemed flesh could manifest [no,]… that was God in this redeemed flesh could manifest [They made a wrong punctuation there. They put a period; it’s not that.] His Word for the day as He did in that day.


Now that’s like garbled reading, but let’s just take a look at it so it won’t be garbled to us. See? First of all you got to realize here, God became man to shed His blood so the Life could redeem us and redeem our bodies at a future date which is now to get us out of the ground. Okay.

What God in Christ manifested, and wants to manifest He gave that at that time back there, flesh and Blood, and that one died in order that the Life and the Blood may come back which was going to be the redemption of our flesh which means when we’re born again we’ve got the absolute seal that we’re going to be redeemed.

And God did that back there in flesh to prove that He could redeem flesh; it was manifested back there. And today He’s manifesting the very things that He did back there to prove who He was in order to show that we’ve got the redemption. Everything His death gave us we’ve got.

Is it already turned over? [Brother Vayle refers to the tape] Okay.

So there what you’re looking at, this is Ephesians 1:13-17 from the baptism with the Holy Ghost called off to the Holy Ghost Himself now going to get us out of the grave and change our bodies.

[84-6]  Notice it. As we stand justified in the Presence of God…


That’s 1 John 2:28, not ashamed. Adam and Eve were. Let’s take a look at it.

1 John 2:28

(28) And now, little children, abide in him; that, when he shall appear, we may have confidence, and not be ashamed before him at his [Presence].

That was in the Garden of Eden; they were ashamed. We’re clothed, inwardly, outwardly, washed in the blood of the Lamb. Our robes have been made white by the washing of waters of separation. We’re not ashamed. No, because we’re not naked.

We’re not found in adultery and fornications of idolatry of false prophets and organizations. We’re not ashamed in His Presence. Praise God. We stand. Why? Because we stand justified as though we never done it in His Presence.

[84-6]  …as a drop of ink dropping into a tub full of bleach. [Can’t find a trace.] You’ll never find the stain of the ink anymore. It went somewhere. It’ll never come back…

But when man is truly redeemed (that predestinated Seed that sees it and accepts it), [That tells you you’re truly redeemed]his sins are demolished. It’s gone! It’s separated! It’s dropped into the ink of the Blood of Jesus Christ…

It should be ‘the bleach of the Blood of Christ’ unless you’re putting red on red then it becomes white because the blood is red, the sin is red, drop it in; it’s white. Okay, I don’t care how you put it. God forgets it.

never… remembered!… and that person stands as a son and a daughter of God in the Presence of God. Amen and amen! [Adam and Eve, back, restored, ready to come into the Millennium.]

[85-1]  Now, are we the sons of God. Not we will be; we are the sons of God. Now we’re redeemed. [Notice, redeemed. Not redeemed by your past experience through Christ filling you with the Holy Ghost, proving you’re seed but we’re talking now of redemption of the body, the coming out of the graves.] We have Satan’s answer. [the answer to Satan.]

God has vindicated Himself. God has proved Himself to His promise in this day. Hallelujah! The Headship is here [What Headship? Pillar of Fire, prophet, Word, there’s your Headship.] [Amen!]—Christ, the risen Lord! It’s here in the same power of His resurrection (Ephesians 1:17) that He ever was, manifesting Himself. There’s the devil’s answer.


The Appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ proving it is He, we knowing it is the devil’s answer. No matter what happens now you can’t be tripped. You can’t be fooled because you know where you stand.

You stand identified with the prophet. Sure, He is here as Hebrews 13:8. That’s exactly what He is, demonstrating Genesis 18, proving the Seals that was sealed in, in Genesis 3, been torn off.

The 4th chapter will never be repeated. You’re going back to the repeated number one, Adam and Eve under the Spirit of God living in a Garden of Eden.

[85-2]  That’s the reason when this man… [Now watch it, here’s the devil’s answer, the same power of the Resurrection, okay.] That’s the reason when this man sitting here dropped dead the other day… [That’s Brother Way.] “Come back, life.”—Because the Holy Spirit said so. That’s why He could do to that little baby… in Mexico that had been dead… about fifteen hours.

When the vision came,… “Call her back to life.”… “Let the… baby live.” And the baby that the doctors wrote a statement died at 9 o’clock in the morning and 11 o’clock that night come back to life and is living today.

Do you realize that Brother Branham would have had to call the spirit of that child back from where the dead go? I don’t believe the spirit was hovering around the baby.

The spirit goes first, then the soul goes. The soul lingers. The spirit’s gone; it goes back to God who gave it. Where did it go? Out to a dimension.

Now Brother Branham said, “The body of Jesus was corrupted within three days.” That’s why he had to raise. But Brother Branham also knew that the human brain swells in five minutes.

He also explained rigor mortis, how the organs collapse; that’s dead. That’s already deteriorating. So, here’s like almost a Resurrection taking place, the baby gone on.

[85-3]  What is it? Not those people; the Headship and the Body has become One unit. It’s God manifested in His people. [Not God manifesting in the church out there with tongues and interpretation of Mark 16 in a bunch of pseudo people. No, that’s not it.] It’s God manifested in His people. That’s the reason the husband and wife is no longer two; they’re one. God and His Church are One—Christ in you! That’s the great revelation.

Not Christ in you the hope of glory, no, that’s Christ in the church. He that hears My voice, answer the door will have fellowship. Go out and meet Him. Go out to His appearing.

Glory to God! Even bearing His Name. His Name is Jesus, the Anointed. The reason He’s called Jesus, He is the Anointed. And it is the Anointed Body of Christ proving, manifested God like that Body did.


What’s he talking about? He’s talking about the Bride anointed with the Presence of God Himself working through a prophet doing the works which fall back on the Body proving that God has come for the Body.

He didn’t come for the prophet; the prophet’s only a part of the Body. He came for the Body but He’s got to work through His ordained channels. That’s why Brother Branham preached, having respect for God’s prophets and God’s ministers, God’s anointed ones.

[85-3]  And that Body redeemed ever of… these bodies.

So, what do you got? You got Ephesians 1:17 with the Shout. God’s using the prophet’s body so that there can be a composite, the entire Body can rise.

[85-4]  And through there God works His threefold manifestation.

Well, how does God work His manifestation? God in the Bride through a prophet. You can’t… Listen, that’s what you’re looking at. What you think they’re looking at I don’t care what you’re thinking.

That’s what you’re looking at. That’s what you’re looking at. That’s it. Not something else. Then that in him. Why not? If God wants to do it, fine.


Have you ever come to the place where you meet people so bull-headed and pig-headed, say, “Well, do it. Well, do it?” Isn’t it strange how we can soon give into somebody pig-headed and bull-headed? “Well, do it. Well, do it.” We can’t say to God, “Well do it.”

“Oh, no, Lord, you better listen to me, bless God. Let me tell you, Lord, how to do the things because You might offend me.” How about if God’s bull-headed? You know He’s pictured as a great bull, you know?

The Bible says, “He’s of one mind.” Not two minds, three minds, four minds. And if God wants to do it this way we had better find out if it is His way.

And as soon as you know His way you’re on safe grounds and that’s what’s wrong with the church today, brother/sister, they don’t know God’s way. They don’t. Even people that say they believe this message don’t know God’s way, can’t even understand the Presence which is the Appearing.

If we’re not right you tell me what is right. Too late, I done figured it out myself by the Holy Ghost. I’m not interested in anybody’s argument anymore. Talk if you want, that’s fine.

[85-4]  And through there God works His threefold manifestation. Going to the Kingdom, risen, paid the price. We’re redeemed. God proved it, vindicated… [Proved it by vindication.] See? And we stand justified in Christ before Him, because He cannot pass judgment, [He’d have to be judge for that statement to be made because before He could say whether you could or not He’d have to be a judge.]

…for He’s already judged that Body in which I am a part of It. What–how am I a part of it? Here it is; it’s in me. [He’s making his own proof right now.] “If… ye abide in Me and My words in you, then what you say…

Remember Revelation 13:3 they said, “We’re rich, increased in goods, and don’t have a lack a thing. Oh, we got it. We got this and we got that.” But can they do this?

Ask the Father anything in My Name it’ll be done, because it’s there.” Justified! Glory to God!


What’s he talking about? Squirrels! He said, “I know where I stand. Don’t try to tell me nothing. I don’t listen to man. I don’t talk to men. I got the proof just the same as Paul did, a hundred percent.”

Paul went down and confounded the whole bunch, even the present day good brethren Peter, James and John, confounded the whole bunch of them, pushed them right back on their honkers.

He made them hunker down. Booted out Barnabas for his folly. Withstood those false brethren. Trained up a group of men that looked people in the eye and said, “You’re a bunch of false prophets and false apostles.” Oh, we can’t do that anymore because oh, that’s horrible.

Way back here when Hankins was going round his rounds, people had an idea I couldn’t call names and have a showdown. He could say, love was… or the evidence was love of the Holy Ghost… the evidence was love.

He could say that was okay because he had this sweet little way with him. You can take your sweet little way, brother/sister, and do what you want. Don’t come around with your hogwash around me.

You show me some vindication, kid, then I’ll listen. It’s too late I done had my vindication. Brother Branham stands right here and he says now he’s been vindicated like the Apostle Paul. I like a man like that! If he’s anything less what time have I got for him?


I said it twenty years ago I’ll say it again, there’s only one thing Brother Branham could move me with and that’s the Word of Almighty God.

I don’t need healings. I’ve seen them. I don’t need miracles. Who needs it? You got a healing that’s good enough. I don’t need soul winners. I’ve seen them. I don’t need men with fruit. I’ve seen men with fantastic fruit. But I sure would like to know what the Word is. That I don’t know.

Brother Branham stood there with his complete vindication, he lays it out here, he said, “I’m vindicated.” He said, “When you see that Headship’s return,” because you’re looking at a man that’s given God such preeminence that man’s in a tube and God’s got His own way, His thoughts, His mind, His actions, right before the church. That’s it.

No wonder a number of people died in his presence. Remember, some of you were struck blind and everything else.

We don’t know the half of what happened, brother/sister, and we don’t know one thousandths of what is going to happen and one trillionth of what’s going to happen because it is going to happen. You can’t fool with God.

“Touch not my anointed, do my servants no harm.” See?

He’s talking about himself. That’s why I said I warned you, you keep listening when Brother Branham’s talking about himself, not about us, and you say, “Amen, praise the Lord,” you identify.

That’s not hard to understand. You can’t shed your blood; you’re identified with shed Blood. You can’t go to God unless He’s called you, God in you willing and doing of His good pleasure.

[85-5]  Oh, if I could get the world to see that. Why? There they are. There’s the Body of Christ living, standing redeemed—redeemed. Oh my, justified in His sight. Why are they justified?… we are His victory. The Church is His victory. We come forth in this last days with this glorious Gospel showing His victory.


You say, “Well, I believe He had a victory when He rose from the dead.”

Oh come on, that’s not His victory. His victory is coming up to the church in the final mess Satan made of it to bring forth a seed and reestablish His Word and His Kingdom and bring forth a group that’s just like Him in glory.

We are His victory right now. It’s been a victory all the time. Satan had the upper hand. The world gave him the upper hand. Poor little hunted remnant, that’s all they ever had was abuse. God’s got a great victory in His church.

[85-5]  He died for this purpose, [He’s talking about today.] and we are proof of His victory.

What proof are we except the prophet’s talking about himself and identifying us in him? What proof have you and I got? Do you want lovely beautiful love and niceness? I’ll take a Hindu anytime over any one of us or all of us put together.

You want great soul winning and all? Ha! We’ll take Oral Roberts and Billy Graham and put them together. William Branham who did he really win? Three quarter million, gave them to Pentecostals, a trinity, Satan worship, idolatry.

Little flock, it’s your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. The only striving you and I’ve got is to bring ourselves under to listen to this Word, to believe it, to make it our very lives.

[85-5]  …we are proof of His victory. Amen! When we see Him coming down and living among the Church… that’s His victory.


“Why, I think His victory, Brother Vayle, is something else.”

Well, you don’t believe what the prophet said. I told you how we had to get our thinking all renewed. You can’t think your thoughts on this subject. I can’t think my thoughts. I’m not a theologian. You are not a theologian.

This is what he said, “When we see Him coming down and living among the church; that’s His victory!” We blame it on Laodicea, wretched, miserable, naked, blind, filthy, rotten, God condemned them, hell bound; destroy us, that’s right.

He said, “Little flock, look up and say, ‘Hallelujah, that’s got to be Jesus’.” That’s His victory. We’re His victory.

You say, “I think that’s something else.”

In spite of what I just said and read, you think it’s something else? Would you like to come up here and give me a four by four so I just slug you right on each temple? Or blow through one ear and see if a candle goes out on the other side of your head? I know this is foreign to your thinking.

You’ve read it like I’ve read it many times but we just read it, we just read it, settle in, settle in and see what he’s saying, open the spiritual eyes, get rid of the veil, the creeds and the dogmas.

“When we see Him coming down and living among the church,” that’s Luke 17:20 “The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation except to the elect.” The Pharisees never saw it, never will see it.

They can’t, but blessed are our eyes because we’re seeing those things, the prophets, the great men wanted to see and knew they would see them but the Laodicea is wretched, miserable, naked, and blind and God’s victory is in Himself and Elijah doing exactly what he said and he’s done it. That’s where we stand and he said, “Amen.” Okay.

[85-5]  When we see Him coming down and living among the Church—that’s His victory. Shows… [Now listen, if you got a victory you’ve got to have a struggle. He’s battled to do this. He’s battled every one of the veils upon our minds and our hearts.]

Shows that he couldn’t keep Him in the grave, neither can they keep us…? [We have a spiritual Resurrection.] And we are already potentially risen because we’ve raised from dead which is unbelief in His Word, from denominations and creeds [which are unbelief in the revelation, right?]

…to the Eternal Word of the Eternal God which is in Him Himself working through us, manifesting… that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


That is Genesis 18. That’s not you and me. That’s William Branham, Elijah, prophet of God. When we see it, it’s a victory that we see it.

That God could snatch us as brands from the burning from the devil when we all thought the same stupid thing about 1 Thessalonians 4:16, the proof of the Resurrection. He’s risen amongst us.

[86-1]  And then the Word moves on down into the Body from the Head. [Praise the Lord. That’s what He said. Where is the Word now? It’s in the Bride.] What is it?—the same word. –this same word. Nothing can be added or taken from It.

That’s Revelation 22:18, 19. What is that? The Seals opened. Well, let’s read it. Let’s get an understanding here, all revved up for the glory of God. We’re getting out of here, brother/sister, I’ll tell you that, not going home and going to bed.

We’re getting out of this world; I’m sick and tired of it. I want a good temperature and a good everything, phooey on this life. He says,

Revelation 22:10

(10) And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand.

So, there you are and at that time the unjust are unjust, the filthy, filthy; the righteous, righteous; the holy, holy; and so on and the right to the Tree of Life is there. Everything else qualifies for the lake of fire.

They are idolaters, whoremongers, the whole bit. Jesus Himself is testifying through his messenger that he sends in this hour that He is the root and offspring of David.

He is the bright and morning star; so therefore, there is a message to Israel, also, after the Seals. Right? Because He’s got to turn to them.

Revelation 22:17-18

(17) [Now] the Spirit and the bride say, Come. [That’s Gentiles.] And let him… [hear] say, Come.… [he] that is athirst come. And [let him] whosoever will… take the water of life freely.

(18) For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man… add [and so on…]

So it tells you right there, “Seal not the prophecies,” the seven Seals that are open, the Thunders, don’t you dare touch them, don’t add, don’t subtract.

Exactly what the prophet said, and you’ll make it. Everybody else turns him down or adds to them. They miss it. Do what you want. I’ll do what I want. Hope to God before all of us do what Jesus wants. Okay.


The Word’s moved down into the Body, nothing taken or added to it.

[86-1]  So that same Word [which is Life, of course,] moves from the Head as the day comes close, down into the Body—down into the Body vindicating that they are One.

The Word that came down from Headship and up through seven solid church ages now has vindicated itself that the Bride and Christ are one through the prophetic office of Elijah: you can’t separate it, brother/sister.

Revelation, preeminence, restoration cannot be separated from a prophet. All this hogwash of vain enthusiasm and glory toward Christ, “Hallelujah, I don’t need that man because Lord, I love You.”

He said, “You are a liar and the truth is not in you. If you’d love Me you’d believe My Word.” A woman that loves her husband she’ll obey him if he’s worth obeying. You show me where Christ isn’t worth obeying. Sure.

[86-1]  They’re Husband and Wife. [There you are.] They’re flesh of His flesh, Word of His Word, Life of His Life, Spirit of His Spirit.

That’s what we are! Right! Flesh of His flesh, Word of His Word, Life of His Life, Spirit of His Spirit. Is that not enough?

“Well, Brother Vayle, if I was just power of His power and raise the dead, bless God.” Then you don’t know vindication, honey, because you saw it and went right by it.

You’re like my good friend down in there, Corpus Christi, I won’t mention his name. He’s a lovely brother. He said, “Brother Vayle,” and he told every man the same thing, “I have never seen a miracle.”

Yet his own wife was healed of TB right in front of his eyes as she listened to Oral Roberts on the TV. Healed of TB watching the TV. He never saw a miracle and he never will. How blind can you get? How blind can you be?

Your answer is there, brother/sister, and that’s God’s answer to the devil. Satan you got all the blind ones and you’re welcome to them because I manifested myself when they choose not to believe.

[86-1]  But the Bride,… flesh of His flesh, Word of His Word, Life of His Life, Spirit of His Spirit. See? Amen! How do you know it?—bears the same record, the same fruit, the same Word,… manifests Christ. Same Life, same God, same Spirit, same Word, same Book,… same signs, “Things that I do shall you do also.”… hallelujah!


There’s the prophet again but a peculiar vindication: Deuteronomy 18, Numbers 12, face to face even apparently seen, and come back with THUS SAITH THE LORD. Have what no other man has and watch them rise like Jannes and Jambres, watch them rise like the Balaams, watch the false teachers come on the scene, watch them aggrandize themselves.

How many learned to get out of the way and let God have His prophet have His way? Brother Branham wept over that. “What can’t you run hinderance for me instead of run hinderance against me? Why do you want to grab the ball and run?”

Look all around you, brother/sister, look around you, wake up for God’s sake and you’ll see them out there trying to carry a ball having grabbed from somebody else. It’s a pretty tragic thing.

In 1964, Brother Branham could say to me categorically, ’65, “Brother Vayle, you’re the only man who ever put me forward.” Categorically make this statement, 1965.

You say, “Brother Vayle, I think you’re lying.” Make me a liar and I’ll meet you at judgment day, honey. I will meet you at judgment day at the bar. I’ll look everybody in the face and tell you, I will look in your eyes on judgment day. I haven’t lied to you.

I’m not in the habit of lying about these things. You say, “You make yourself somebody.” I make myself nobody. I don’t ask people to listen. Do what you want. You’re going to do it anyway. I’m going to do what I want. You think not?

Oh, brother/sister, there’s a contest between God and Satan, and we are the battleground. He’s already won a victory and it will soon be manifest at Mount Zion who is part of that victory. By grace we all hope we’re one. Don’t lay anybody aside but just look around you, just look around.

[86-2]  Notice the vindicated Word in His Body is His… victory and the reason of His death. [That’s back there.]… the vindicated Word in His Body is His… victory… [In other words, He proved absolutely without a doubt that He was that One and that’s why they killed him.]

See, the death—not in… Spirit; when He died, He… died only in the flesh; His Spirit went to hell and preached to the souls in prison. Is that right? His flesh only died, then He raised it up again and quickened it [“quicken,” means made alive]—His flesh, which was His Body (and that’s the Word).

So how is it the Word? Well, it said the Word took on flesh. God became manifested. That’s the manifested part; you and I are the same thing. We were His thoughts, His attributes; we’re the same thing.

It’s been… it’s laid dead… been laid dead for years, but It gradually began to come in… reformation, and now She’s standing upon Her feet.


It started back under Luther but now it’s Matthew 12, coming to the Gentiles, vindicating them, see. The Word is back in the Bride, His Life in us assures us. His Word is living and moving us back to Eden.

[86-3]  Oh, how I wish I had time to go… into Ezekiel and pull out those dry bones and show you! He said, “Can these bones live again?” He said, “Prophesy.” How can prophecy come?—only through the prophet. It is the Word of the Lord. “Hear ye, ye dry bones, the Word of the Lord.”

And sinews, skin came upon them… they stood up a mighty army,… they began to march toward Zion. Glory to God! That’s Him; that’s Him—the victory. The ransomed of the Lord shall come to Zion with joy. All His holy Mountains, nothing hurt or shall destroy. He proves His resurrected Life then… He vindicates Himself.

Okay, He proves His resurrected Life, manifestation of signs and wonders, all of those things, after that… it takes a vindication to do it, absolutely. She, the Bride… He vindicates Himself. Okay.


We’re on page 87 now.

[87-1]  She, the Bride, is independent from all others. [Now he’s talking about her now.] She’s an independent woman, a great speckled bird that’s different from all others. You remember the Bible on that: the great speckled bird, but she had His Name. She had His Life,

[87-2]  How did they speckle the bird?—they were both white,… then they pulled the head off of one bird and drained the blood… upon the other bird. And the other bird was speckled with… red blood,… it flopped its wings like this, and the blood cried, “Holy, holy, holy” as it bathed the ground.

So Christ, the dead Mate, put His Blood [His Blood from His Life] into us, spread—carrying His Blood crying, “Holy, holy…” unto the Lord. It’s an odd looking bird. Sure it is. But She, the Bride,… is identified by Him, and She’s independent from all others, “Keep thee only unto her as long as you both shall live.” [or keep thee only unto him as long as you both shall live, same thing, see.]

Keep thee only to Him, the Word. No—no adultery, not one sign of denomination, not one sign of creed, no adultery at all, the Word and Him alone. “On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other grounds are sinking sands,” said Eddie.

Now that’s the truth. So, to take this Word is to defy everything we ever learned unless it checks out with the Bible. In other words, justification’s fine but it went to seed. Sanctification was fine; it went to seed. The baptism’s fine, restoration of gifts; it went to seed.

Then when it went to seed you don’t plant that again or you get the same round of corruption. So you go back to original Life, a fresh insemination. Do you follow? Are you listening?

Get your thinking caps on. This is one of the best of the whole series right tonight if you only know if you’re listening to, and you’re getting the meat and the whole jist of the thing.


So there’s a fresh insemination. God Himself has come down with the open Seals. They’re open; they’re open. There’s enough in here to put us in the rapture. I was looking at, everything else is sinking sand.

There’s nothing else to look on and if we believe this all it needs is a little refinement. We’ve got the precept upon precept, the line upon line, now it’s… and the here a little, there a little; it’s come down to just that little Word now, so we’ll not be guilty of adding or taking even a word.

And when the Word of God is thoroughly in Its place it means the Bride is thoroughly in her place: Word placed members, that’s what He came to do, put everything under the feet of Jesus. That’s why he doesn’t come down; we meet him in the air. He incarnates himself. We crown him King of kings.

[87-3]  That’s in Christ, the Word. He was the Word; He is the Word… the Church becomes the Word by Him making Her a part of Him, and that’s the Word again. Personally identified by Him. His property alone. His property alone. She is redeemed by Him, through Him, and for Him… for Him alone. That’s right. [Well, that’s just telling about the Bride.]

[87-4]  Then, what the devil is howling about— [that’s the gates of hell and all hell] that it’s being revealed. We’re in a dangerous time. [Now watch!] Remember, the Scripture says when these things begin to happen, time is no more; she’s fading away.


In other words, we haven’t got time to just look around here and look around there and see how it fall is, how falls that, and I’ll see if it works out. We got too many fence sitters. Get off the fence.

Brother Branham said, “You turned a corner.” Didn’t say you sat on a fence.

You know how Brother Branham got his way down when he was lost in New England in that big storm, he found the guidewire that guided him right down to his tent.

Now we got the same thing, we got the prophet gave the example, lost in the blizzard of the twentieth century, ready to die, we grabbed that line and took our way down to turning the corner as it were and coming into Canaan land; we’ve crossed over Jordan, brother/sister, whether you believe it or not. We’ve crossed over. We’ve left all this sinking sand stuff.

[87-4]  …time is no more; she’s fading away. And when you see the manifestation: earthquakes—see them thousands killed the other day?—earthquakes in divers places;… fearful sights in the sky—pillars of fire like, floating… like flying saucers. They don’t know what it is. See? They don’t have any idea.

In other words, Brother Branham said, “It’s already started,” just waiting for the three and a half years to bang in. You’re into it.

[87-5]  Did you notice the Angels that come down investigated Sodom before Sodom was destroyed? You remember that? There was a bunch of them come down—three of them. One of them stayed with Abraham. You remember that? They were Lights from Heaven that came down in… investigating judgment.

Ones… Look where they’re all found. Around the Pentagon and things they find them. That’s the world judgment, Sodom. And there’s One represented—will be represented amongst the churches—would be Christ Himself vindicating Himself.

In other words, there’s lots of lights going on; there’s lots of sights, there’s lots of things that’s in the Bible that you’re seeing fulfilled but they’re all missing the Word that says Christ Himself will be fulfilled in His appearing.

…Sights on the heavens above and signs in the earth below. Certainly. Identified.

[88-1]  Oh, the devil’s howling about this. The manifested Truth of the promise of the Word in Her alone.


It’s no place else. Do you think they… Look it, always the ones that had the light were hated. Look it, you could join their ranks and commit murder and they’d absolve you.

“Hallelujah, the Lord forgives, bless your heart, dear, because you believe like I, hm, hm.” But just filth. Oh, yeah, you’re absolved as long as you believe their way. Sheew, oh God have mercy.

[88-1]  They don’t have the answer. When Jesus came, why didn’t those Pharisees believe him? See? He said, “If I cast out devils by the finger of God, who do you cast them out by?”

Isn’t it strange they made Brother Branham a devil and he could cast out more devils than all of them put together? They made him a devil. He healed more sick than they ever did all put together, had more prophecy, had more everything but, of course, he had a devil.

Then what did they have? Well, they had to have a little devil. They sure didn’t have much of the big devil. Do you see where their argument goes? How fallacious? How stupid? How ridiculous? How asinine? How corrupt is the heart of man, deceitful above all things, desperately wicked and then try to listen to your heart.

Cardiphonia, Newton, The Voice of the Heart. Phttt! You better forget your heart, kid. Yes siree. You eat a lot of cucumbers just… about the voice you get around your heart, indigestion. Listen to the Word of God vindicated.

[88-1]  She’s not hooked with nothing [stands alone] But He was identified by God, [Jesus was] being the body that God dwelt in, and the Church is identified by His Body doing the same thing. She is His Body. The manifested Truth of His promised Word for the last days.

Certainly, it had better be in the Body even though it comes by the prophet, or this Body is not going to rise. We’re talking now of the corporate Body.

…She and She alone stands by it. That’s why the devil is howling these great organizations to set up something to close her up. She’ll never do it. She’ll be taken up, not closed up!


Now in this same sermon he said, “They’ll turn the places into warehouses, and granaries and things or libraries and stuff.” So he’s letting you know, “Look, when the time really comes you don’t need to worry, you’ll be out of here.”

[88-2]  She is now risen and by the power of the vindicated Word promised to Her. [Listen!] She is now risen and by the power of the vindicated Word promised to Her. 

She’s in a Resurrection by this Word, because the Word is Life, as light overcomes darkness, Life overcomes death. In Him was Life and the Life was the light of men, so therefore, light is life and life is light.

So, if you’ve got the light you’re going to have the life and if you’ve got the light there’s bound to be life. Right? It’s that simple. That’s not Philadelphia talk, lawyer talk; that’s just God’s truth.

If you got the Word and you take it to heart you know that positively there’s a life in you answering to the light because it’s both.

[88-2]  “He told Her… told me He would return after me. [Quoting the Bride now] I believe it.” [Quoting himself] See? Yes, sir. To meet Her Headship, Her Redeemer, Her Husband, Her King, Her Lord, Her Lover, Her Saviour in the provided meeting place.

He’s got a place to meet them. You know the Bridegroom didn’t leave anything out. He’s got the ring, the identification. He’s got the robe that She wears, Her clothing. See?… He’s got the provided place to meet Her; that’s in the air.

Everything has been… provided. He’s got the Wedding Supper already set. Guests already invited, already chosen. All the Angels… standing… in attention at the service… Oh, my.

[89-1]  Okay. Don’t you love that? [He’s quoted this little song here about… the meeting in the air and so on.] Don’t you love that? Now, the threefold purpose of [God’s revelation or the] mystery of His revelation has been revealed. He is the main One. That’s the One.

[And he said,]… Let’s sing it. [So they sang something.] Have you heard of little Moses in the bulrush? You have heard of fearless David and his... [and so on, he reads it all here.]

[90-1]  Now, we’re going to meet one another over there. Let’s all the Methodists, and Baptists, and whatever you are, that’s borned… of the Spirit of God shake one another’s hand and… sing it.

[90-2]  …Oh, that’s wonderful. See? See what He will do? Now, listen… watch close, [Now look, folk,] friends. It’s nearly 2 o’clock,… wait till you get the supper. I’ve… got just page after page to show you here, you know… I’m just going to… close… There’s no end to… this revelation. It’s… God’s Eternal Word…

[91-1]  …But… look, the threefold… purpose of God’s great mystery is revealed. God manifested in Christ, Christ manifested in the Church in order to redeem the lost Eve back to the original condition again. [In other words, there can be no restoration unless God is manifested in His church, a return to Headship.]… It’s right…. We believe it. Don’t… you believe it?

[91-2]   I… think of that song every time I think about… He vindicated Himself in Daniel, and in Moses, and in Jeremiah. What were they?… prophets…. “You’ve heard the story… of dreaming Joseph,”… Daniel in the lions den,… all those… ones. See?

[91-3]  But the main One… God was just temporarily typing… them. He typed Himself in Adam knowing what was right, but walked out to redeem his wife because she was wrong. Christ didn’t have to be sin, but He walked out, and took sin to redeem His lost child… He typed Himself. [See, that’s where Adam was a type.]

[91-4]  Hebrews 11 said, “They could not be perfect without us.” Hands and feet cannot be perfect without the brains, the knowledge, the head, and so forth. See? And we’re all perfected in Him. So by one Spirit we’re… baptized into one Body, free from judgment, passed from sin… which is death [unto life]… Amen! God’s own Son will be the leading One, at that meeting in the air. Do you love Him? [Now he said,]

[92-1]  That great Angel of the Covenant, that One… [Now watch this!] That great Angel of the Covenant, that One Who was with Moses in the wilderness, that One Who came to Paul on the road to Damascus, that same One permitted His picture to be taken with us; the same One that was in the picture in…

Life magazine the other day, the same Word by the same God, through the same channels, by the same way, by the same promise. “Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, I am… in their midst.” [He said it was only two or three that will make the Bride; that’s it.] Then He’s here.

“The Angels of God are encamped about those that fear Him,” that hangs only to His Word. No man can respect that Word without fearing God. [Now we got another promise right here; there’s angels all around about us. Praise the Lord!]

[93-1]  Amen! Glory to God! How we love Him. Just worship Him in your heart now. Just adore Him. Just… think how beautiful He’s done. Look what He’s done for us. All these years of the visions, not one…ever failed.

Everything… He said would come to pass,… just exactly the way He said it. I love you. Don’t forget the commandments of God to you, little children: love one another.


Now remember, you can’t love and have unity, you can have love, yes, to love your sinner, to love everybody you can love with that certain love but there’s a certain love that’s reserved for the brethren.

This shall you… all men know that you’re My disciples by your love one for another, and that’s got to come out of the Word that brings you together because love comes out of that life and the life comes out of that Word.

Now this church wants to have the love of God and everything in divine order and communication, you have got to be one in this Word, you have got to exalt this Word above everything. And I mean it brother/sister; we’re getting too lax here.

You can see the way I preached tonight and what’s being said here, there is a laxity in every single one of us from the top down and I consider myself the top in this respect, I’m up here preaching to you and I need it worse than anybody.

[93-1]  …love one another. Love everybody right or wrong,… saint or sinner; love them anyhow. If you don’t, then pray God… help you, because God loved the sinner.

That’s exactly true. But how are you going to really love a sinner except that real love is in you? And it’s got to have a source, and there’s only one source of Life, one conduit, that is the Word.

[93-2]  And the nature of God is in… [It’s in the Word, no doubt.] If a man’s wrong, love him anyway. Don’t partake of his sins. See? Don’t partake of his sins, but in sweetness—not in sourness and rebuke—in sweetness tell him of the hope of Life that rests within you through Jesus Christ being revealed to you by the Holy Ghost. [Then they sing the song,] Take the name of Jesus with you,…

[93-4]  What?—the hope of earth and joy of Heaven; everything is manifested in Christ: God, the Church, everything else is manifested in Christ. The Bible is Christ. The Bible is the written Word, which He is the Word. It’s the manifestation of the evidence of the Life coming into… flesh of the Word to manifest It. Isn’t that wonderful? 

[94-1]  Not knowing (of course, now being spiritual, you watch spiritual things)—not knowing this, God knows it, but if you’ll turn and look at the clock, it’s on the dot of 2 o’clock—the end of the Second Pull; the Third Pull is at hand!


Now what in the world is the Third Pull? Well, I tell you one thing, whatever it was to Brother Branham it might not be the same thing to us but it means everything to us, it means positively the Third Pull has been going on since that time which was 1965, I believe, yes, when this was written, in 1965 he preached this.

What did the Third Pull have to do it? The Word of God given to a prophet and the sword struck his hand and he said, “The sword of the King,” the King, there’s only one King and that’s God and His Sword is the Word, bring on your holy vesture with the Word of God standing by.

The Bride is being dressed internally and externally by the Word of the Living God. This is what has happened, brother/sister, as he said, “When you receive the Word of God, you become the Word of God in your flesh.” That’s what we’re looking at. The Third Pull is going on now.

[94-2]  He said, The next Pull is at hand. 

And if it had to do with him he’s had it. If it still continues with him, I don’t know. I can’t speak beyond the grave. I can only know this, he said, “Everything was in those Seven Seals, the Seven Thunders to put us into the rapture.”

We don’t need anything else, brother/sister, if he comes back and does something, praise God. I’d love him to come back and do something. I wish I could hang… drive a nail in a wall and hang something on it as a proof.

I don’t have it but I got this proof what I read tonight and showed you, the vindication of a vindicated prophet. That’s where we’re identified, that gives us exclusive rights, brother/sister, franchised as it were to us, and nobody else out there in the dark, dark world we alone have that right.

So let us appreciate what we have in these earthen vessels and carry it all the days of our life till He gets us out of here because believe me it will. Do you love the Lord tonight? I hope you do.

Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Gracious heavenly Father, again we want to praise and thank You for Your love, mercy and grace and above all, Father, for giving us extra energy and the ability to finish off these last pages, Lord, of this glorious, glorious message which we just see such tremendous thing in that just seals it in more than ever to know that You did send Elijah to restore and we believe it has been done and that absolutely with healing in Your wings you have risen to give us immortality and we shall escape all this wrath and judgment because we are identified, Lord, by You and in You because we do accept this Father God, and we know Lord, we don’t accept it enough.

It’s not real enough yet but we’re keeping on believing Lord, and keeping on pounding at the door until one day it bursts upon us because You said, “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be open.”

Lord, we’re just knocking, knocking, knocking, pounding on that door for it, oh God, that the real revelation of life come pouring out of it and into our very beings, transforming by His transfusion, oh God, yes, indeed, yes indeed, Lord. We’re banking on it.

We’re asking, Lord, for it and You said asking was receiving, Father, we’re not only knocking, we’re asking in every way shape and form, Father, we’re just looking to You and You by Your own Word even went so far to say, “If even two or three are gathered I’m in the midst,” and You also said, “If any two agree upon anything touching the Kingdom it shall be given unto them.”

And Lord, here there’s more than us tonight, there’s more than two, there’s all of us agreeing on this if there’s only thing we want it is we want the dynamization of the true Word of God and if we should precede that by another prayer, we would say this Lord, give us the absolute true mechanical revelation of Your Word and then pour in the dynamics so by the infusion we are completely transfigured.

Father, that’s what we desire, asking, seeking, knocking. Father, that’s it and God help us tonight, Lord, to shake ourselves from everything else. Lord, please help us to be shaken from everything else that…

[Tape recording ends.]

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