Christ Revealed In His Word #02

Predestinated Family, Coming through the Physical
#2286 /
Brother Lee Vayle

Heavenly Father, we worship You again, and we praise Thy great and holy Name, knowing, Lord, that You’ve come down in this last day with the Shout, literally. That’s true, for God has come into our camp with a Shout. Even the Old Testament understood that, Lord, and people knew this great day was coming, and, as in all days, it comes upon the people unaware. But Lord, there’s always a little remnant that knows something about it. And we’re grateful that You’ve given us that revelation, not of ourselves, but through vindication authorized by Yourself.

So, Father, we praise You that we’ve been identified in this last hour, and we cannot draw back or take away from that identification nor do we desire to, but we all want to have our testimony to that Word in our share, in Its defense, O God, as Paul said, “I’m standing here prepared for the defense of the Gospel.” Not defending himself, Lord; we know that, because we don’t defend ourselves. Neither do we defend You, but, Lord, we defend that Word, and we stand with It today.

Fill our hearts, Lord, with the Holy Spirit and love also, because of the Holy Spirit indwelling us that we might do works of righteousness and walk according to Thy truth, Lord, and being in the light as You are in the light, having fellowship with You and with each other, the blood of Jesus Christ cleansing us, getting ready for that great day. Help us in the teaching of Your Word this morning, Lord, that what might be said might be of You. In Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.


You may be seated.


Now, I’m going to recap as I usually do, and from about page 3 to page 13, in “Christ Revealed in His Own Word”, the message preached by Brother Branham. I think that was back there in 1965, August 22, 1965, and he brings out some points. First of all, he deals with some thoughts, because there were certain questions lying on the pulpit that he had to answer.

And number one, of course, was that people misunderstood what he said relative to the Scripture, “Owe no man anything,” and they thought perhaps it pertained to, not, you know, owing on your rent which comes due in thirty days, or your car, which may take five years to finally liquidate in the sense of the cost of it, and things like that.

He said, “No,” what that referred to was the fact that many people had bills, and they simply refused to pay them; they ignored them, and then just passed on as though it was nothing at all, kept running up bills. Now, he said that is highly irregular, and no matter what your condition is financially, you, first of all, tithe; you owe the Lord that ten percent, because it’s not yours anyway. The tithe is the Lord’s.

And then, you go from there to paying your family… I mean paying the debts that you owe the person, considering your own family, that actually the family would come third down the line in the sense of your expenditures; it would mean sometimes a hardship, but bills must be paid. Then, if there’s a time you cannot pay, you simply inform the person, and you do your best until the bill is completely liquidated.


And then, he went on concerning health problems, and he brought out the fact of articles in Reader’s Digest concerning young women going into menopause at a very early age, speaking of the fact that his own mother and mothers, of course, like mine and so on, would have gone into menopause from forty-five to fifty years of age, and his own wife be in menopause about thirty-five, and now down to twenty-five and even less.

And he mentioned the fact that he was startled by the Holy Spirit picking out a young woman in the audience, just a few nights before that message was preached on August 22, 1965, and he could not believe it himself for awhile, that the Lord was showing him the young girl, twenty-three years old or so, was in menopause. But she certainly was.

And so therefore, we find that there must be something wrong. What is doing it? Well, we know that a hormonal imbalance is what usually causes such a thing as that. And we find today that there is so much imbalance because there’s so many hormones have been turned loose.

They’re in cattle; they’re in chickens; they’re in just about everything you’re eating, and they deal with hormones even in ripening fruit and retarding growth and this and that and the other thing. I’m not too much on my biology, and I’m not intending to be, but I have read enough to know those things.


And he said also, what has hurt the people today is very definitely the hybridization of animals and the hybridization of food. And we know also they’re using chemicals, inorganic as against the organic. And of course, the big debate in the world today is whether Dr. Stair [as it sounds; spelling not known] is right, from Harvard University and the FDA and the rest of them, who claim that there is no difference between the manufactured and the one that God produces.

Well, you show me any Scripture, and you being a Christian, anything man-made… even what God gave is better than what God made and put in His Own circuit. Now, you tell me that, I’ll tell you you’re not even born again. Because you haven’t even come to the place where you understand these things, because look, that’s exactly what happened. Man got out.

Adam only got as far as naming the animals. He never got to the ecological balance. He never understood those things at all. Man, years ago, understood more than he understands now, and finally they’re trying to get back to where they did understand, which they introduced insects and things, because there’s all kinds of forms of life; insects eat other insects and keep the plants clear. But it’s well-known.


And Brother Branham himself, being a prophet of God (And they’re not interested particularly in science.) knew full well that you can, as many of our agronomists know in the natural realm, that you can take a healthy plant, and bugs do not exist on a healthy plant; it’s when it’s unhealthy.

And you’ll find even the atheists, the Russians with the Kirlian photographs have proved that, absolutely. When the aura begins to go from the plant, the life begins to go out and the plant is deceasing, right away the bugs attack it. And people right today understand the human aura.

Now, I don’t want to go into all these things, but look; there’s lots of things in life that’s in nature. Everything has a vibration; let’s understand that. And even a rock is vibrating, and that’s the hardest thing I’d ever get in my head when I was a kid, molecules, atoms and so on: How can a rock move when a rock doesn’t move? It’s moving. But who knows how it moves.

Everything is moving; everything is in a state of flux. And everything then shows… Actually, then, everything in nature shows forth God, because God is life and God is vibrant. And God’s not in a state of flux; God’s in a state of movement. See, I don’t want to assault anybody’s intelligence on science and what have you, because I’m not that smart, but look; let’s face it; there are certain things you can just garner from Scripture.


Now, the Bible distinctly says the earth was corrupt and full of violence. And the corruption preceded the violence. Now, you take kids in school. They’re wrecking things. They’re doing horrible things. And you get those kids on a proper diet, the discipline problems go down. Tell me why. Get them off of sugar.

The molecular structure of sugar is almost identical to drugs. I didn’t figure that out; I read it from a scientist. You can get the picture of it yourself, how the molecular structure is, because it’s a pure carbon. And what are people eating today in America? Roughly about two hundred pounds of sugar or something like that, per person.

Don’t look at me; I’m not doing it. I ate my share. I had my tons and hundreds before you ever get around to… Well, years ago I had to tell the Lord, you know, like some people smoke cigarettes, or they got to have their beer, this and that, I said, “Now Lord, you know I’m going to go downtown and buy a chocolate bar if You don’t help me.” And He helped me. But He didn’t help me that much. You’ve got to help yourself.

There’s lots of things you’ve got to do yourself, you see. And you’ve got to realize a lot of those cravings you’ve got. If anybody craves anything and one bite of something sets you off, you’re literally an alcoholic in that realm. You’re a ‘holic’ of something, ice-cream-aholic or chocolate bar-aholic or cake-aholic or a milk-aholic. I don’t know. You’ve done got yourself messed up.


Now see, that’s what the earth was: corrupt. Now, Brother Branham categorically said, and it’s known, where are the nutrients in the soil? Where are those good bacteria? Where are those good bugs? Where are those good things? See, where are they? They’re gone. They’ve been leached out; they’ve been ruined, and everything else.

Then, what’s in the food? There’s nothing much in the food. So therefore, the body does not get its nourishment. When the body becomes rotten, as Brother Branham said, then the brain becomes rotten. Then the people are rotten. Now you’ve got insanity.

He said, That’s why… Why do women go out on the street literally naked? And then, they talk about all the passes men make at them and all the rape and all this and all that. Well, they’re asking for it. Now, what makes women ask for it? It’s not natural. There’s something wrong somewhere. That corruption has opened the door to spirits. Now, they’re anointed with an evil spirit. They don’t mean to be. Not running women down.

And the men encourage it. They’re bigger louses than the women; because the man’s supposed to be the stronger vessel. What’s the stronger vessel for? To wreak havoc and hell upon the weaker? There’s something wrong with the strong vessel. You talk about the woman being ungodly; the man better smarten up. He’s more ungodly than the woman is.

I’m not saying Adam was out fishing when Eve got out of track; he wasn’t. He was doing his job. She’s the one that walked from under the Word. It wasn’t Adam. That puts her in a special category. Puts man in a special category. God’s got them categorized. But now, at the end time there’s a leaching out of the system of everything.


Now, there’s a spiritual problem that’s come into the world. You’ve got the church that has allowed the Word to leach out. Christ is outside the church. And what kind of mess have we got? Women preachers. Don’t belong in the pulpit no more than nothing. Terrible situation. And men let women go out and work, which I’m not against that to a certain degree. I can understand those certain problems in there that arise.

Brother Branham understood them. There’s nobody doesn’t understand them to a certain degree; that is to say, there’s a certain element wherein that can obtain. But after a while, then, it shouldn’t obtain, because her position is one that God gave her in the home and all. So, we see all these things coming upon the earth.


Now, I want to just show you, read again this morning what I read last night. Now, Brother Branham says, [Questions and Answers 4, 08/30/64E]

[177]  …about thirty years ago, I gave a prophesy that it would come to pass that in the last days there would be diseases amongst the animals, amongst cattle, and…, even in eggs.

And I explained how that Dr. Baker told Billy Rowe’s wife, (That’s Bill Hildebrandt’s daughter.) how that her terrible tiredness and lethargy where she was all in, and iron didn’t do a thing and vitamins didn’t do a thing, and the doctors didn’t do a thing.

And he asked her one question: “Have you been eating eggs that have rings around them?” In other words, there’s a series of rings, as the chicken lays them.

And she said, “Yeah. And they’re rough.”

He said, “The eggs shell is soft. The calcium’s not going there. The chicken has TB in her ovaries, and you have picked up a type of TB.”

And he gave her a homeopathic medicine and kyolic garlic, because garlic is a very strong… Well, it’s just like a disinfectant. They tell me that Russia made a test of garlic, that some germs that literally took almost fire to exterminate them were exterminated by garlic. It’s very, very good. It’s an antiseptic. You smell some people’s breath; you can understand why the garlic would do that to a germ. But anyway, if you want a good mouthwash, this is better than Listerine.

I don’t mind a little joke at times. But anyway, the thing is he gave her the garlic and the homeopathic medicine, which is a very different type of medicine from what most doctors give, and the woman got her health back just like that. Now, you see, this doctor knows, and some doctors know because they’re better trained than others, what’s going on.


Now, he said:

[177]  …amongst cattle, and eggs… even… that wouldn’t be fit to eat.

Now, those eggs aren’t fit to eat. If you’ve got eggs that aren’t smooth, and they’ve got those rings on them and so on, you just put those eggs aside. Now, let’s watch, keep reading what he says here.

[177]  Now remember, I prophesied that way back thirty years ago,… it would come to pass, that people living in valleys, that I’d ask the Christians to move from the valley, and that they’re not to eat… Different meats and things like that…

And what did he say about meat? You’ll find he said don’t eat animal meat in these days, except very, very little if you eat any at all, and the best thing to do is to find wild meat if you can get it and eat and cut down on that. And you know today that the animals are full of DDT. Now, you know the best meat in the world is the organ meat. And yet where does the DDT go and the pesticides go? They go right to the liver.

And the minute an animal begins to lose weight… and remember; the DDT and that’s in the fat, it goes right into the liver. And that’s why people are getting hepatitis and everything else today, all of these things. People think, “Well this one thing did it.” It isn’t one thing that did it. It’s the hybridization of food and the leaching out of all of the good things that are in there, and people just haven’t got it.


Now, you could say, “Lord, put the vitamins in the spaghetti.” I suppose that could work, but I don’t believe it’s going to work for us. I just don’t have that kind of faith for me or for you or anybody else. I’m sorry. Maybe you say, “You’re a heathen up there.”

Well, I’m a heathen. I’m sorry; you’re listening to a heathen. But I don’t consider myself a heathen or very smart.

Now, he said:

[177]  Different meat… like that, would be poison. It’d be dangerous… for people to live in the valleys.

[179]  Notice again, all this hybridizing of stuff and things… they’re doing is absolutely decaying the human race.

[180]  And did you notice eggs? [Now, these are different quotes.] Last year hundreds of cases in Louisville and Jeffersonville fell sick and were hospitalized from vomiting from eating eggs that the chicken in the valley here… [ever eat, that they ate those eggs in the valley.] The eggs out of the valley picked up fallout…

In other words, all the chickens are contaminated. One outside has fallout, and one in the valley has got another kind of thing in there.


Now, watch what he says at the end. Here’s what I want to get you to.

[181]  But here’s where you get it, my brother. I believe with all my heart that it’s written in the Scripture that no food should be received without it be received with thanksgiving, for it’s sanctified by the Word of God and prayer. See? If you eat it, say, “Lord Jesus, You prepared the food for me. Now, with faith I sanctify this food to the strength of our bodies.” Then eat it, for that is all we can do by faith.

Now, you see right where you could read this and say, “Now hey, that obviates what was said.” It does not obviate what was said about it! And that’s the point I want to get to. What is said above still remains! See? Try to eat good food; try to get out of the valley; try to do things to help yourself. But if you’re in a position where you’re absolutely stuck… and don’t get stuck too easy! Huh?

Oh yeah, I know animals. Cattle will take the way of least resistance. I’m not going to liken you to cattle any more than I’m going to liken myself to cattle, yet I’m going to do both. We are too prone to take the way of least resistance.


So therefore, when we could get some wild meat or something, we’ll just get some other kind of meat. And we’ll start doing that. And we’re too lazy to make gardens. You can look at me, and I’m one of them. I could say I’m getting too old and decrepit; that’s fine. But I tell you what I’m going to do. I know a fellow in Columbus that’s expert in raising good gardens. He’s into the natural food business up to his ears and past his ears, and his name is Dennis something or other.

I forget what it is; I’ll remember later on. And our son knows him, so we’re going to phone him, and once a week I’ll run over with a couple of chests with ice in it and just pick up what we’re going to have, clean it up good, put in plastic bags in the refrigerator and eat it.

Now, you say, “What if I cannot get that; it’s impossible?”

Then you pray with diligence over the food. But I’m going to tell you something. That does not guarantee that that is going to work, or we just obviate the whole thing. That’s just the best you can do. It all depends how your faith is. And today is: we don’t have too great a faith for healing. And that’s in the Word of God by the stripes; that’s under the atonement. What about this?


See, I’m not trying to scare anybody, make it hard for you or lose our faith, or anything else. I’m very pragmatic type of person. Least I consider myself to be more pragmatic than the other. I’ve got a bread and potatoes and a meat and potatoes religion, which simply means, ‘it works’. And when it doesn’t work, you admit where it doesn’t work.

It’s not the religion’s fault; it’s our fault. But I’ve seen too much of people trying to pray vitamins into macaroni and die of diabetes. I kid you not. I don’t know. Ruth, you’re too young to know anything about that. Remember the Henrys down there in Florida? I didn’t think you would. It’s way before your time, kid. I’m ancient history.


All right. We’re trying to explain these things and show you, then, there is a place where you recognize the problems that exist in the world today in the food area and the health area, the spiritual area, and what you do, you do your very best. You don’t obviate them. You don’t walk away with your head in the sand like you’re an ostrich, which we’re not. We’re supposed to be eagles flying up high, looking for fresh meat, so to speak, which is true.

Now, in this last hour, then, there is a terrific imbalance in nature and the human beings. There’s neurosis far and wide spread. There’s spiritual wickedness. There’s evil. As the Word of God says, at the end time, evil spirits getting in there, yet in all of that, and that is there, there is the possibility, and not just the possibility, there is the fact there will be true Christians in that group. And they will live overcoming lives, and they will do their best to serve God and serve themselves and their fellow man in any way that’s laid down. They won’t neglect it. They will take time to do these things.


Now, the next thing Brother Branham brought up was concerning predestination. And of course, that’s over on page 6, and he starts in there in paragraph 23, bringing up a former sermon that he preached, and he mentions how the body has five senses, and your information, your knowledge, and all of those things that you use in life come through those five senses to the body.

All right. You know that is your five senses of taste and feel and smell and hear and right down the line. You’ve got a contact.

Now, he mentions in here that man is tripartite. He is a tri-unity; he is a body; he’s a soul and a spirit. Now, that’s the way most people recognize how man is a composite of those three. But it’s not really true. Its body, spirit, then soul. The soul is down deep within, and he’s the third part. And your soul is the real person; he’s the real fellow that’s in there. And that’s what’s predestinated by Almighty God; that’s that which has come from Almighty God.

Now, we just took a little picture on the board of that to show you predestination as most people don’t understand it.


Now, let’s go into the Word of God for just a second here, and we’re going to look at the Book of Ephesians, because that’s the great book. That’s the great book of the Bible. And no matter how much Joshua parallels Ephesians, and that’s entirely great. Ephesians to me is… well, let’s face it… We’re starting at verse 3.

Ephesians 1:3-4

(03) Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ:

(04) According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him. In love…

Now, right in there you can see we have predestination. We were in Him from the beginning. In other words, we were back with God when God was not God, He was merely Spirit, because God is an object of worship, and there was nobody there to worship Him. Well, you might say God was all alone with His thoughts. God the omniscient, omnipotent One was there for maybe billions of years, for all we know trillions of years, because you just don’t measure eternity. Don’t even think about measuring it; there’s no way. Just let it go.

And here He was sitting in eternity, and you might say then taking all of His thoughts and all of the great power that He had in His omniscience and bringing together in that great wisdom and understanding, just before He begins by His omnipotence to put it into action. And we were back there then. And we were then as Brother Branham called us, the attributes of Almighty God.

Now, an ‘attribute’ is ‘something belonging to or produced by or as a result of’. So therefore, we were already back there with the ability of Almighty God to bring us into a manifestation. See? Now, that’s what we got to be looking at.


Now, with Ephesians we also read in chapter 2:

Ephesians 2:19

Dr. Kenyon wrote a book on the family of God. And that is true. But Kenyon didn’t understand what we understand today; neither does anybody else in the ages except the first age, and they never had the definitive revelation as of this hour, which we have it in this hour, because Paul definitely did not, did not, because he longed to know Christ and the power of his resurrection, and we today know it because we have seen the resurrected Christ among us in the form of the Holy Spirit.

Now, that’s absolutely the truth. Now, I know people don’t understand that. I’m sorry, but I can’t give them a revelation. We just speak those things.


Now, I take a little bit of scientific evidence here that’s in the human structure that’s in the human body. It has to do with procreation. Now, I read It again, and we’re maybe going to do a little bit of my beautiful artwork on the board there. I’ll show you how pretty it is. I’ll use another color this morning.

“The odds against two individuals being born exactly alike are astronomical, except for identical twins. There are more than eight million ways that twenty-three chromosomes of a mother and of a father can combine.”

So, we’ll try to work on that. Now, we have the male and the female, and we have the twenty-three chromosomes. And we’ve got twenty-three over here. Now, it tells you right here that these chromosomes can unite in eight million different ways. So therefore, right from here alone, you could have in that sperm and in that egg coming together, you could literally produce eight million different people actually different.

Now, they wouldn’t be radically different in the sense they’d have a different composition, like one wouldn’t have calcium, one would have calcium. That could be possible, but it would be almost impossible, you know, because there would be a terrible deformity if the child didn’t have calcium. But you understand what we’re saying. The ways they come together, then, these could come together in eight million different ways. Now, that’s an awful lot of ways.

Now then, over here there’s twelve hundred and fifty genes. That’s a tremendous amount right there. And that’s in both of them. Okay. When you, then, bring those together, these twelve hundred and fifty, there’s about seventy trillion. And we figure that’s about twelve zeroes, isn’t it? Or get the billion; now we’re here. Now, see? We’ve got this here, and we’ve got this here. Now, we’ve got this here; we’ve got this here; now, watch it come down to here.

Now, this takes a radical jump which is one to the nine thousandth and thirty-one degree [one followed by 9,031 zeroes]. Now, if this looks tremendous, I wouldn’t even begin to try this one. Because it would be just what? When am I going to quit? Well, we want to get out of here at least by supper time; so, forget it. There’s no way we’re going to try to put that one down there.


So, we just have to understand that you can take the male sperm and the female ovum, unite them together, and there’s only one chance in this entire number of you producing anybody that’s truly identical, and even then it wouldn’t be one hundred percent. There’s no way it would come up that way. But let’s say it could. It would be this number here.

Now, I’m just trying to show you what lies in the human race. Now, let’s get a picture of this over here, and we’ll put God above it all. That’s Elohim; we call Him ‘Jehovah’ also, so on.

Now, God created Adam, and the Bible distinctly says that Adam is a son of God. Now, let’s just take a little look at Scripture over here. I want to go to Romans 5, so you’ll know what I’m saying, and this to me is not merely illustration. Now, we’ve got fine Bible students and fine brethren who will call it an illustration.

Old Lee Vayle is not a fine brother and a fine student. He’s just a bird up here preaching what he believes. And I say this is not just an illustration; this is fact.


Now, let me read It to you. It says here:

Romans 5:14

(14) Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam’s transgression, who is the figure of him that was to come.

Now, It tells you right there that Adam sinned. Now, Jesus did not sin. And we’ve got a type here, like I call ‘a reverse type’. Now, we’re going to go to 1 Corinthians 15. And in chapter 15 It says in verse 20, beginning:

1 Corinthians 15:20-23

(20) But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the first-fruits of them that slept.

(21) For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead.

(22) For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive.

(23) But every man in his own order:

Now, It tells me there categorically that, as the Bible said, Adam was the son of God, or Adam was of God, which means, then, he was an attribute. So, we’ve got here, man; we’ve got Adam. Okay. Now, as in Adam, we have all these children, for He said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply,” when they were both in the form of the spirit, not in human physical bodies at that time.

See, it was when they were spirit. God made Adam, male and female in one body, one spirit; He made them in His image, which was spirit. And at that time they had a power which was not in a sperm and an egg. See? You’ve got to remember that. So therefore, he was the perfect type of Christ. Now, He said, “Be fruitful and multiply.” And It says, “As in Adam all those sons died, so in Christ all will be made alive.”


Now, It also tells us in the beginning, all of those were in God, were in Christ, because Christ is the, as we talk of Logos, that is the physical manifestation of the one true God Who is Spirit. So all of that was in, (We’ll put in Christ here.) which was the beginning of God forming Himself in human flesh. Now, He creates, breathes into Adam the breath of life, and in here now we have Adam, the male, and we have Eve.

Now, the thing is this: Eve was in Adam. They were one. And they are still one, because everything that Eve has came from Adam, as the Scripture distinctly says, the woman is of the man, not the man of the woman. That’s right. Now very, very simple. Okay. So therefore, the chromosomes and the genes were split. See?

And between the two of them you can find this takes place here, which is what I’m trying to show you: the absolute, awesome power of life that lies in here, not on the grounds of multiplication, although that is there, but on the grounds of the great plethora of qualities and attributes that could be called out, so that every single union, that’s baby-born… child, is literally a microcosm of the whole universe or the whole human race, so that in each one of us literally lies the whole human race, as to…

You know what I’m talking about? Sure, it doesn’t lie in us out there as we got the whole thing. I’m just talking about what lies in here, the power of this, what is there… so you can reduce it to a sperm and an egg.

So, in Adam all of those children lay there. And notice now with Eve coming out, you have a multiplication, that is to say, you have a begetting. See? And now they’re able to bring forth.


Now, I want to just read something from what Brother Branham said here in

“Who Is This Melchisedec?” 02/21/65E

[53]  Think…! Before Jesus was ever born, four thousand years before He came on earth, and several thousand years before you came on earth; Jesus, in God’s mind, died for the sins of the world, and the Book of Life was made, [Well, was it really a book, or was it a person? Well, it’s both. It’s a person, then there’s going to be something written about it.] and your name was put on that Book of Life from before the foundation of the world. [It’s really Lamb’s Book of Life.] That’s the Bible Truth. See? your name was ordained of God and placed on the Book of Life before the foundation of the world.

[54]  You were there in His attributes. [In other words you were of Him, ready to come forth into manifestation.] You don’t remember it, no, because you’re just a part of His Life.

Now, this was never the life of God per se; it was a part! This here manifested in flesh, when He became flesh, is God Himself. I’ll just put this ‘SE’ here [after the word ‘Himself’]. That’s Latin; I think it is, my own little abbreviation from when I remembered Latin. I don’t remember it anymore. Okay. Now,


[54] …you were a part of His Life. You are a part of God when you become a son or a daughter of God, just as you are a part of your earthly father.

Now, what is he saying here? He’s not saying that you’re going to become a son of God, because you already are a son of God! He’s likening to your birth! He said, “Can’t you understand that now here is your father and here is your mother. And what are you? You are down here; this is you.” Now, what makes you that? Because you were in them! But really, you were in Him! Now, just hold that. Now, we’ll go to it. Now:

[54]  That’s right!

In other words he’s saying, “Look, you’ve got an earthly father. You understand that; you’ve got a heavenly Father.” Where were you before? You were in your father. Now, the Bible speaks of Levi in the loins of his great-great-great grandfather Abraham. Do you understand?

Now, just keep that in mind. Don’t get scientific on me now, please, because if you do, you’re going to blow it because most people hear these things, and they blow it. And we don’t want to blow anything because we’re not that scientific. We go beyond science.


Like somebody once said, “God has not necessarily written a book that is scientific, but when He does speak on science, believe me it is scientific.” Like for years they said with the four corners of the earth, “Ha, ha, ha, the four corners.” The astronauts go up and find out the earth has got four corners. The land mass does have four corners. But the earth is round. They said, “Oh, the earth is flat.” God said, “He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth.” (Isaiah 40:22)

The sweet influence of the Pleiades out there, all of those things have a salubrious effect on us. They’re supposed to have. You get all that junk and crud up there, it’s going to interfere. And shooting rays up there and radios and all these things. When did man start to get cancer? When he began messing with things. See?

Oh, for the horse and buggy days. But please don’t go around looking like you’re an old-fashioned, you know, come out of the ark or something, because that ain’t going to get you there. The blood of Jesus Christ, the baptism with the Holy Ghost, and a resurrection is going to get you there. Anything else… Get dressed up in the robes of righteousness through the Holy Spirit.


Now, listen.

[54]  The male carries the hemoglobin, the blood. [And no blood, you’ve got nothing.] And when that has gone into the egg, then you become a part of your father, and your mother is a part of your father also.

Now, that’s just simply not by marriage, although it is true. But look; the male having… here coming from Adam into Eve. (Brother Vayle goes back to the drawing) Everything that lay in him now lies in her. And she and he… If fifteen thousand sperm goes across the cross section of a human hair, and most people think the human ova is about two hundred and fifty thousand, but it’s not; it’s like the little cilia, little tiny hairs, which could be millions.

So therefore, you have in here literally, then, where Adam was productive for what lay here, in order to bring forth children. So, in every single… Well, we should reverse this. On this side, lying in here, because of the depth of the intensity or the numbers, there is a cross match over here so that she can match perfectly, every woman can match perfectly, and every male can match perfectly. It wouldn’t matter who it was, under what condition.


Now, I hope you’re catching what I’m saying there. We’re not looking for an open kind of a marriage or something like that. We’re just trying to point out: Look; with what lies in here, that God has produced, in every single sperm and every single egg lies, there is enough there to populate worlds, not just a world.

So therefore, when the Bible said, “You were in your father, and the mother is a part of him,” that is exactly true so that now you are coming down where you are, as the Scripture said, “Levi was from the loins of Abraham.” So now, I know it doesn’t sound too horribly scientific, but I’m trying to get back here and where the Scripture is dealing with it, so we understand the principle here.


Now, it says here, again.

[54]  The male carries the hemoglobin, the blood.

He’s carrying something here that’s got to balance off here. And she’s got something that came from him in the first place, from the atom, right on down, that will carry that. And that would go for every woman and every man, then, could be a microcosm, or they could be just, you know, an example, type, whatever you call it, of what is in the universe, humanly speaking. Now:

[54]  And when that has gone in the sperm, has invaded the egg, then you become a part of your father;

In other words, you’re looking now at the time that you here in a life form of the spirit only, (See, a life here.) now is beginning to take on a physical form. Now, you are definitely a part of that. And the mother is a part of that. And altogether, then, you comprise a unity and a one, just the same as it came from above, now, because we’re going into types.


[54] …so you’re all part of your father. Glory! That lets denomination out, altogether. Certainly does! God, in all, the only place.

[55]  Notice now His attribute. Then the attribute was first, God; the thought, the attribute itself, all in One, without being expressed… when He expressed, secondarily, He became then the Word. “And  the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

Now, he talks a bit about Melchisedec there, which we won’t bother about. Now, we’re just going to take a little (well, I can maybe erase that) just to take a quick, little picture here. The Scripture distinctly said that Levi was in the loins of his father, Abraham. Well, we know that Abraham was here, and we know that Isaac was there, and we know that Jacob here, and we know that Levi is here.

Okay, we find Sarah here, and we find Rebecca there, and we find Rachel here, and then… who is wife… Well, we don’t worry about his wife, but you’re coming down. See, there’s your father, the grandfather, and the great-grandfather. Now, we’ve got to understand that before these, he came from somebody, and she came from somebody, and you’ll notice that this was a half-sister. Okay?

Now, you notice also that Isaac had to marry someone who was of his blood. And you notice that Jacob married someone of his blood. And you notice in Israel here they were commanded to marry of their blood. Now, you notice at this particular time that God, then, began dealing in the form of a group of people. It was a family. See, that’s what we’re looking at. And this family here was the family of God.


Now, we go back to Ephesians again, and you can just begin to see what we’re talking about. It says up here in verse 11:

Ephesians 2:11-12

(11) Wherefore remember,… [you] being in time past Gentiles in the flesh, who are called Uncircumcision by that which is called the Circumcision in the flesh made by hands;

(12) That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel,…

They had no federal headship from God. Their headship was not in God, neither were they called the children of God, per se, as the family of God. Now, we’re speaking concerning the flesh, so the flesh is very important. It’s far more important than people realize.

Ephesians 2:12-13

(12) …strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope,… without God in the world:

(13) But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ.

Now watch, verse 19:

Ephesians 2:19

(19) Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow-citizens with the saints, and of the household of God;

Now, the Bible said, “He hath made of one and broken down the middle wall of partition through Jesus Christ the Lord.”

Now, through here God was working in a family predestinated. Now, at the same time all Israel is not Israel. No, certainly not. Do you know what happened? They began marrying wrong. The great mistake came at Baal Peor. Down in Egypt they were mixed up a bit, but at Baal Peor they had an open season on sex.

And so they began taking all kinds of wives, and God never did forgive them for that. See? Then they went into Babylon, and they took more strange wives. And the original illegitimate child was not a child out of wedlock, but it was a child born to an Israelite man and a Gentile woman.


Do you see what I’m trying to show you? God literally coming down in election, foreknowledge, which is way up here (See?) bringing His foreknowledge into a predestination, which is over here. Now, in there comes an election. And that election is based distinctly upon a foreknowledge where your name was written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, (or in a Book of Life also, which they come together,) down here, which is a choosing. See. But you wouldn’t choose except for this, and here is a predestination.

Now, notice how God was using a family relationship that came through the physical. See? God wanted a family, and the family wasn’t simply a planned family with parental planning in the mind. It started there, but it came into a manifestation. See?


All right. Now, here’s Israel. They have become inundated with the foreign element of a foreign flesh. So, that’s why God says, “All Israel is not Israel.” Now, we in our turn, coming in here, after Israel, we form a group here. Actually it’s the Big Dipper. Little Dipper’s over here; (That’s in the stars.) Little Dipper, that’s Israel. That’s Little Dipper, and here’s your Big Dipper. “Other sheep I have, not of this fold.” You get your astrology books out. You get signs of your zodiac. This is the fold; this is the great fold, the Gentiles.

Now, Paul speaks in terms of an election. See? Absolutely. He speaks in terms of a foreknowledge, speaks in terms of a predestination, of one lump. Now it’s no longer Israel after the flesh. God has set them aside until the one hundred and forty-four thousand come in twelve tribes of pure Israel. Absolutely, they’re coming in at the end time, right in the Book of Revelation. You can’t miss it: God predestinating by means of the flesh; God predestinating down here to the Gentiles.

Now, this is one big lump of flesh. Everything’s in there, like in Israel. Nobody knows today who the twelve tribes are really. Oh, if the name is Cohen or Levi that’s pretty good, the sign of the priesthood. But that doesn’t mean too much because there’s a bunch of Khazars in there. Bulan brought his tribes in, what, the twelfth century? What’s religion? Ain’t nothing at all; doesn’t mean a thing.

“I’m Presbyterian;” “I’m Baptist.” Well, you could be Jew, a Khazar. Phooey on that. Only God knows. God alone can keep track of that seed. Why? Because names are on a Book: Lamb’s Book of Life, Book of Life; all one, but different sections. Lamb life coming down, see.

Now, all of one great big lump out here, Gentiles, all mixed up. But watch. As in Adam, way up here at the top, coming down, down, down. And remember; the genealogy of Christ is traced in two places: one through the tribe and one through the woman, showing Mary was the one to be the carrier coming down. He was in the election, he was in predestination, and he was in foreknowledge. That’s the body of the flesh, coming on down. All right.


Now, coming down here from Adam, as in Adam all these children died. How did they die? They died through Eve when she cohabited with the beast, because the Bible said, “Cain was of that wicked one.” So therefore, Cain was an attribute. Attribute means ‘belonging to someone’, ‘produced’, or ‘as a result of’.

So, Cain was of the result of the wicked one. So, he was an attribute of the beast. That’s why God changed him. That beast was turned to a writhing animal like a serpent. Then people say, “Well, did…”Some people try to tell me the beast didn’t have a mate. You show me where the prophet said that or the Word of God said it, and I’ll believe it. Can’t do it. It’s just your imagination. Everything had a mate. She got changed, too, just the same as Eve fell.

Now, watch; when Eve gave herself to the beast, the Bible said she was seduced, which is exactly right. And the Jews understood that. In their own books it says, “Eve copulated with the serpent, and Cain was born.” And in John 8, where they said, “We be not born of fornication,” and they traced themselves plumb back to God because they knew Abraham was not born of fornication. Then where was it coming from? And fornication is the act before the marriage. Adultery’s after. That’s generally understood and known by just about everybody.


So, all right. Where did he come from? Cain came in the union here (Brother Vayle points to the serpent and Eve on diagram). Who did Cain marry? Married one of these over on this side. This side under Adam, way back to Adam stayed pure for a long time. But eventually before Genesis 6, the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair. And so therefore, they married into, and now you’ve got one lump over here.

Therefore, God by election took the bloodlines of these two, bringing together, producing the Little Dipper, which we had over here, just put up there, the Jews, or Israel even they have an admixture. So therefore, God by election brings them right on down, and you can tell how that tribe was inundated by the fact of the production of the kings they had and the people that went toward idolatry, whereas the elect are never deceived.

And notice how tribes kept true to God while other tribes went right away from God. You’ve got the same thing right today in the church. You got a little Bride that will stay true to God and His Word every single time; you’ve got a big bunch that aren’t going to stay true at all.

Now, so we see this coming down into the place of predestination. So, God taking from the foreknowledge of the Book, the people being born right down here to a certain end, of one lump, He takes the clay to make a vessel unto honor and one to dishonor. And remember; It tells you categorically that the vessels of dishonor prepare themselves, but the vessels of honor are prepared by God. See? Always. Not something else. God now having predestinated, then, a Bride to Himself, coming out of this group here.

So, we see what Brother Branham is talking about, showing us that there is a natural election as well as a spiritual election, and, if there is a spiritual, there has got to be a natural. Christ also had a natural like we do. So, here we are coming down, Brother Branham explaining it.


Now, I want to just come up with something else here. We started up here with the fact of God in the very beginning, which we’ll put God up here. Now, before He was God, He was actually Elohim, which is the ‘Strong One Bound by an Oath’.

Now, if the ‘Strong One’ is bound by an oath, It simply tells you that God is obligated to do what lies within God within the realm of His senses, His wisdom, His understanding, which is omniscience, and He’s big enough and strong enough to do it. That’s God.

So, here is God, omniscient and omnipotent. And He is the Strong One, omnipotent, bound by His Own Word. “I stand behind my Word to perform It.” That’s why He is called the Word to begin with. In the sense, “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God…” which shows you that this One here now comes into a manifestation. So, what happens?

The light comes out from God, and here’s where we find the beginning of the Word, which is “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God;” in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Elohim, and the Word was Elohim. In other words, any manifestation out here is going to be a manifestation of God.


Now, let’s talk about manifestation of God. Okay, we reduce that by just talking about the fact that we say, “Here is a rose.” Okay. Well, we have carnations over there. That might be better still, but we’ve got flowers up there; there’s carnations and mostly carnations, daisies, and we’ve got some snap dragon. Okay, we’ll start with rose though; we’ll start with the rose here. Okay, here we… I’m not any good at drawing a rose.

Oh, that’s horrible. Isn’t it? to start off like that? I’ll get somebody up here like Rebecca Sowders or someone. But anyway here we’ve got a… What’s a rose, about four, five? The single rose? There’s a little rose up here, not much of a rose. Okay. That’s a single leaf, wild rose, very wild, you understand, but I grab it and hold it down.

Okay, now we say, “That is a rose.”

Wrong! That is not a rose.

You say, “Well, what do you mean?”

Well, rose is a life. It’s a botanical life. See, there’s botanical life, and there’s animal life, and there’s human life, and there’s this kind of life and that life; you know what I mean: there’s certain kinds. I’m not a biologist, not a scientist either. But look; say, now… You say, “That’s not a rose?”

No. Well, okay then, here’s a little tiny speck. This is a rose. Well, yeah, but it’s not a rose. See, there now… What is rose? Can’t see it. See, can’t see it.


Okay, here’s ‘dog’. I’m not going to try to draw a dog. Don’t worry. He’d be a monstrosity. Okay, let’s say that’s dog. You say, “That’s dog.”

No, that’s not dog. Okay. You could take a microscope, and you can take the sperm and the egg.

You say, “That’s dog.”

No, that’s not dog. But it is ‘dog’. See? Why? Because there’s a spirit there. There’s a spirit.

When God said, “Let the earth bring forth the animals,” the earth did not bring forth animals, brother/sister. It just ‘bringeth forth’. It’s like Adam was. There were spirits there to be clothed. That’s my understanding. So, coming out of the earth, here comes all these animals. Now, spirit can’t be seen, no way, shape and form. No way. You can’t see the spirit.

Now, here’s a flower. Now, in a seed is a life. Now, in that life, it’s like a spirit. Now, this life is covered. The cover contains all that’s necessary to bring a flower. Sure it does. Everything’s there. You give it the soil, you give it the rain, you give it the sunshine, you’re going to have a flower come forth. See? It’s in there. But what lies behind that? Something in the spirit lies behind that: a life that designates what is going to come forth… and you can’t see it!


Okay. We’ve got the same thing here with God! Not three gods, one God! And He’s got to do something about bringing Himself forth! See? And He starts doing it through this light up here, this manifestation that literally you’ll call the Son of God. It starts way back there.

Now, what would that be? That would be actually Almighty God displaying His attributes, and when He starts putting Himself into a form wherein the life, which is spirit, begins to manifest, which is omniscience and omnipotence and all the virtues and the trillions of things that lie in there. See?

I’m not God, and I’m not a good theologian. I can’t tell you. Just do my best to give you an idea, a little hint, put into this form, and then you find Almighty God in manifestation.


That’s exactly why the Scripture says over here in the Book of Hebrews. Let’s take a look and read It. Now, let’s watch carefully here. Oh, I’m going to let you out pretty soon, because I could get talking about this for hours, I guess, as I get thoughts coming, and they just keep coming, so I can’t afford that. Now, Hebrews 1.

Hebrews 1:1

(01) God,… [in] sundry times and… divers manners spake in time[s] past [in many parts and many ways spoke in times past] unto the fathers [in] the prophets…

God was in the prophets. Was it all of God in the prophets? No, a part of God was in the prophets. Just like you and I are part of our fathers, not the whole thing. We’re a part of God; we’re not the whole thing. Church never makes up the whole thing. Trillions and trillions never make up the whole thing. It’s just a little trickle of life.

Hebrews 1:2

(02) Hath in these last days spoken unto us [in] Son,…

That’s a different thing entirely. God in the form of a human being, because at the river Jordan, God came down and took upon Himself the chemistry that He applied in order to have a form! A manifestation! Sure, it’s all chemistry.

Hebrews 1:2

(02) …whom he… appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds;…

See? God in Son: God in Son form turned right around to make all the worlds and everything else, because the Bible says that God created the heavens, the earth. The Word is Elohim. Elohim is the Word. He’s Creator. Then It says the Word’s a Creator. He’s just telling you something. It was God in this manifested form that did it.

Hebrews 1:3

(03) Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person,…


Christ then, actually, as this was, the expression of the substance! The true substance of a rose cannot be even seen in the seed! You don’t know nothing. Put the sperm of an animal or a fowl or a human being under a microscope, there’s no way you can tell what’s there! Give it a chemistry, then a little baby be born. “Oh, it looks like its mother.”

Great, looks just like his mother. Twenty years later, looks just like his father, then died looking like an uncle. Yeah. See what I’m talking about? The chemistry. But the person could not have that unless it was in that life there.

So, we’re seeing that this one here, light, or a theophany, a Pillar of Fire like over there, Cloud, whatever. Because remember; the Bible tells you the Cloud that led them by day and the Fire by night was Christ, the same one that he said, “This is the one you crucified,” where God died in a physical form. See?

Okay. This, then, is the manifestation of that substance. And that substance is spirit. No man has seen God, and no man can see God, period. And in the Millennium, and in the world to come, there is no record that we will! But we will be more familiar to the manifestation because the end-time manifestation is the pyramid, and the Lamb is on the Throne up here and the Pillar of Fire is above the Throne. And we’re all become one. See?


Okay now. So, we’re looking at the fact here that God, then, comes into manifestation. Now, then God coming into manifestation comes down to the place where He could take any form He wanted, which as the Greek says is the ‘en morphe’, which is ‘God in a mask’, ‘God as a certain character’.

God as a certain character. God manifesting and showing Himself under certain conditions as is fitting for that time in which He wants to reveal Himself and get something across to the people. This is how He did it today, through a Pillar of Fire and a prophet.

People say, “I don’t buy that I don’t go for it.”

Brother/sister, you can do anything you want with what you believe. See? People getting these tapes, they get them pretty well around the world now. Have to do what they want with them. Doesn’t bother me what they do. I’m going to teach this in case there’s something here that they can respond to and begin to understand.

And we’ll never thoroughly understand; I’m just scratching the surface, to get it across to us, to show there is only one God. There’s not two gods, three gods, just one God manifested in offices, that same God manifesting Himself. God manifests Himself to begin with in the very beginning.


Now, what’s He doing? He wants to create Himself in the form of human flesh! That’s what He wants to do! Because therein lies Redemption! so that God can identify with the human race, be one with us, and bear our sins and shed His Blood! Literally die! People might say, “Well, how can God die?”

I used to wonder myself. How could God die and then…? Why, if God ever died, the devil would see that He stayed dead. Oh, no. Oh, no. No. There’s no problem there. I used to think all the time, too, God had to force things on people. He’s got great power, but God can simply know, and it will come to pass. The more you look at this, the more you understand the sovereignty, the power and the beauty and all these things of Almighty God.


Okay. God then bringing Himself down. Now, He starts in here to bring Himself to the form of human flesh. And it is this, when He said, “Let us make man in our image,” He is referring to the fact, now, that He wants to depart eventually from this form into the form down here, so He comes down to Adam, and Adam and Eve come here, and down, down, down, down, down. Now, at the last time God has manifested Himself, down two thousand years ago, in the form of Christ, the human being, the Word becomes flesh. See? God in a human form died for us.


Now, watch. How could Brother Branham say, how did he say it? I’ read this for you. I think I read it, but I can’t remember now just where that was: how he says that we were in Christ when he died in seed form or germ form. That’s exactly right. Because why? What’s he talking about? He is talking about the spirit.

And it’s the same spirit that was up here that comes down, down, down. It’s the same spirit, the same spirit of life. Now, what is in that spirit of life? Everything that’s in God, in the proper form and the proper quantity not quality now; quality is all the same, in the proper quantity, which is necessary, so that as in one person…

See, all it took was this little bit of life in Adam, imparted to Eve, to bring down millions (Well, it’s billions.) of people. Maybe since God began six thousand years ago, what, maybe twenty billion? I’d say that was a pretty fair estimate. I don’t know, twenty billion people. Well, that was up right in here. That potential lay in just one little sperm, one little egg.


Now, therefore, this life, then, that is in here, is that same life that is in us. But this was in a greater form. This life in Christ was all God poured Himself into. Now, when people say, which is true, “God poured Himself in the Church,” let’s understand this: God never poured His whole Being in the Church. No siree. He poured, like attributes we mentioned, all these things up in here, like these trillions of things that come out here.

So now, then, down here it is in Christ; when he died, we died. When he rose, we rose. How? Through the eternal Spirit. What Spirit is that? The same that I got a little drop of way back here. Now then, if you were in Him from the beginning, as in Adam, you died! But in Christ you came alive! And people say, “Well, you see, I got to get into Christ first.”

I used to say that, too, and that is true, but it’s not true. It’s after the fact because, if you were in Him and you were a sheep gone astray, absolutely you will come! And nobody else can come. See? Nobody else can come. So, this is what Brother Branham was bringing out here on the predestination, as much as I will go into at this time.


Now, It says:

Christ Is Revealed In His Own Word, 08/22/65M

[28]  …same thing is this… you are a son of God, and if I’m a son of God, or a daughter of God, we were in God at the beginning. And when Jesus became the Fullness of the Word, then we were in Him, germ form.

That’s exactly true; why? Because it’s the same Spirit. Where did you come from? I’m talking Holy Spirit now. That’s that soul part of you; that’s that gene of God. That’s where the attributes lie. That’s when the Holy Ghost comes upon a child of God that is dead in sin, separated; the Holy Spirit unites him back to God.

Then you have the genuine love, you have the genuine peace, you have the genuine things of Almighty God. And even then, because we’re in the cocklebur stage (The flesh is not perfect.) we’ll have trouble, trouble, trouble. But you notice that the Bible said, “Thou wilt keep him perfect peace whose mind is stayed upon Thee, for he trusteth in Thee.”

What will your trust come from? The knowledge of who you are. You know who you are, your parents are. It’s like Brother Branham said, “The thoroughbred horse knows his mommy and daddy, but,” he said, “the mule sure doesn’t.” Or that donkey, whatever he says. Hybrid. He’s all mixed up in his genes.


Now, we’re mixed up in our physical flesh, brother/sister, because the serpent got his wedge in there. There’s not one of us can say we’re pure human being. The last true human being was Noah! He was the only man perfect in his generation, and that word ‘perfect’ means ‘genetically…’. Genetic perfection won’t do it anyway! It took blood back there in the garden; it takes Blood today.

And if God started it back there, God’s got to be here to finish it! Absolutely! God was there to remove the Tree of Life so man could not stretch forth his hand and live forever; so therefore, God has got be here to put that Tree back, to give us a chance to stretch forth our hand. Immortality is our position today, brother/sister, and if I’m not here to enjoy it, somebody’s going to be here.

This generation, this kind of people, those perverts, those homosexuals, that rotten bunch out there, they’re not going to pass away, and we’re not going to pass away, till the grace of God strikes us and takes us home and the wrath of God smites them and takes them out of the earth. That’s right! Don’t you believe anything else.

That’s all predestinated. “The Lord knoweth them which are His. Blessed is the man whom Thou chooses and causes to approach unto Thy throne.” See? Yes sir. The elect only cannot be fooled. We’re in that election this very hour.


[28]  When He was crucified, we were crucified in His body.

Sure. Why? Because that same Spirit took on a body; it didn’t take on a body just like ours, no way, shape and form, because that was created egg and sperm. And the life forms the blood! You can take any egg and sperm: if they’re not fertile, they’re not going to work.

But you look as perfect as all get out, like that grain of corn scientists could make. You could even fool a chicken, fool the horses and cows. But you can’t fool nature. Put it in the ground, won’t grow… rots. Won’t do it. See? Okay.


[28] When He arose from the dead, we rose with Him. And now, since we have recognized it, ‘… we sit together… in heavenly places in Christ.”

Who sits in heavenly places? Those that understand the predestinating power of God; that understand you were back there! Listen, the churches don’t want this; they’ve all turned Roman Catholic. And the Roman Catholic Church positively said, “If any man could assuredly say, or say assuredly, that he knows that he was predestinated, let him be cursed!”

The churches have put a curse on the Word of God! God puts a curse on the church. Yes sir, you watch and see. Get rid of your denominations and your junk. Get rebellious, real rebellion for one time in your life: rebel against the powers of hell and darkness. Don’t go like blind, drugged sheep down the road to slaughter, led by a bunch of goats. Where does God have that for you?

You say, “Well, it’s going to cause me trouble.”

You’re in trouble right now, kid. It’s all I’ve ever known is trouble, but I notice the Lord gets me out of it. Well, it’s His business to get me out of trouble. It’s my business to get in trouble. He knew that in the beginning. He knew what kind of a guy I was, so He just sits around and when I said, “Well, it’s okay Lord, You’d better have Your way now,” He said, “Okay, I’ll have my way.”

I don’t mean to be facetious about these things, but I just know human nature. That’s all. Most of us don’t realize the yoke is easy, the burden is light. We think our own way is easy, our burden is light. We think we know a better way; we know a shortcut. We don’t know anything, brother/sister, as we ought to know. Know how to sit still, that’s the thing, and know that He is God. We’re trying to do that. That’s what the little sign up there says.


All right. Well, he said:

[28]  …We,… are sons and daughters of God, we are God’s children, and thus we are attributes of God, [which we are of God.]

We’ve been produced by God. We’re God’s production. See? What? On the grounds of election; the whole thing got messed up, but God by election took it out. That’s why the human birth is a million times harder than the birth of Jesus Christ, born of a virgin. A sovereign, creative God could create any sperm and any egg, any old time He wanted. But of course, there’s a different thing there. You talk about the sperm; you talk about the attributes of God.


Okay. Let’s just take a little peek here. What’s in God? Okay, here is that life in God. In it are all these great things that make it up, whatever they are; all these attributes and all these things there, all that are produced by God in there. Okay, what does God do? God says, “All right, I’m going to bring them into manifestation.” See?

What’s He going to work from? God is God. There’s nothing else there, so He’s got to work from God. That’s all. He works from God. So, what is it? This becomes an out raying. That’s what it is; which is a manifestation.

Now, what did God do? Brought Himself down, made Himself into an angel form? Put Him in a whirlwind? In a Cloud? Pillar of Fire? so on… Cherubim? So on down there. Come on down here to what? Comes down here to a human being. What’s the simple thing? He gave it by type, sperm and an egg. The attributes, all bundled up, reduced Himself to that, comes down, makes Himself flesh. We lie in the same mold, same thing. See? To try to understand.


See, now we say, “Why should we know these things?”

You’re supposed to know these things. You’re supposed to. This is the day to know them. Why? Because the pressure’s going to come because of the Word. How can there be pressure? the antichrist comes against the Bride of Jesus Christ, and the world forms a church that’s come against a Bride? They’ve always come against a true Bride of Jesus Christ. What have they always come against? Revealed Word!

And now, when the whole revelation comes out, this is the screwiest of all, as far as they’re concerned, the most damaging. Who’s damaging anybody? Who’s doing anything? Little tiny groups like us around the world. We don’t amount to that, or even… Well, it’s not even worth a snap of a finger, and yet they’ll do their best to destroy it. See, that’s where your squeeze is going to come, for we believe these things.

Why was Servetus killed? He believed in one God. Why was Paul killed? Defied the Jews. Why was Peter killed? Defied the people, the religionists. On what grounds? Word. Revelation. That’s what did it. You see? Then you’ve got to know these things, because something’s going to bring it on; there’s got to be a move somewhere. Got to stand for that Word. That’s what’s going to do it.


[28]  And God is the only eternal Life there is.

[28]  See? If we know that then we are the attributes of God. Then we’ve got eternal Life. And God is the only eternal Life there is. Then, we were in Him from the beginning. And when Jesus became… that Word, we were a part of Him then.

Absolutely, had to be. Because why? Because it’s the same life, brother/sister. You’re not dealing with two lives; you’re dealing with one life.


Now, look; let’s get back to the Book of Galatians, then we’re going to let you go here, because we want to start next time round, that will be about a week from Wednesday; we want to get you into the “Christ Revealed in His Own Word”. Now, I was going to go to Galatians, wasn’t I? Okay, if I can find it for you. All right. Galatians 4:6.

Galatians 4:6-7

(06) And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, [Our] Father.

(07) Wherefore thou art no more a servant, but a son;…

Now, what’s he trying to tell you there? You were a servant, though you are a son of God. But when you’re born again, you’re no longer in the servant position. You take the son position, as the true family heir. You’re not under a law now. You’re in what? A principle of life!


Let’s go to Romans 8.

Romans 8:1-2

(01) Therefore [there is]… no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus,…

(02) For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of [the] sin and death.

Tells you right there, what is it? That you’re not under a law now; you’re under a life. Not under a principle of anything but life. And that spirit of life absolutely is revelatory. Not only delivering, but revelatory. How could a man say he’s delivered, and the revelation’s against the Word of Almighty God? Can’t do it.

That’s why Brother Branham brings out this preface here. How are you going to see Christ in His Own Word sitting there, revealing Himself, if you don’t begin to understand these things? No way. You’ve got a wrong Christ. Now, if I’m preaching this morning, and my preaching is wrong, I’ve got a wrong Christ. Let’s admit it. I’m antichrist to the real Christ.

“Well,” you say, “Brother Vayle, I wouldn’t say that, because I think you’ve got a fairly loving nature.”

That’s nice you put that there for me, and I had to put it there myself for you. And I think you’re fairly honest; I am fairly honest. Wish I was one hundred percent honest, but nobody else is, but that doesn’t excuse me… only God. We try to be honest. We try to be honorable. But to say, “Well, that’s fine.” No, it’s not fine. I’m antichrist, because I’m not receiving the Christ that’s revealed in the Word.


“Oh, well, really that doesn’t matter, Brother Vayle. You see, all of us got trouble.”

Well, it does matter! Because at the end time the Word goes forth, add one Word or take one Word, you’re finished! We’re in an era of going in; time goes into eternity. Life goes into immortality, not into death. We’re at a juncture. What are you going to do about it?

Now, if you believe there’s a vindicated prophet, he’s going to be the one who leads forth Christ from his Word. And if I’ve got what the prophet said I had, I’m going to do the same thing in my measure. It’s going to be witness unto Jesus Christ. And I’ve been trying to do that this morning, trying to show you our relationship to Him and how it came down in His great plan.

But you try to get people to understand that, and they’ll say, “No, no, no, we were all reprobates, and by the grace of God He changed a hog into a sheep” Hogwash! And God does not wash hogs. He washes sheep. Blood does not become a pig dip; blood is a sheep dip! There’s a difference, brother/sister, and a big difference. The sow returns to the wallow, the dog to its vomit. Seed always remains seed; sheep is always sheep, sheep that went astray, not a hog that’s suddenly smartened up.


God’s not in the business of transmigration of souls, and the recreating of a pig into a sheep! Let’s find out. 1 Corinthians tells you that, absolutely. On the Resurrection, It says here:

1 Corinthians 15:35-38

(35) But some man will say, How are the dead raised up? and with what body do they come?

(36) You fool, that which thou sowest is not quickened, except it die:

(37) And that which thou sowest, thou sowest not that body [or any body] that shall be, but bare grain, [That little rose we talked about.] it may chance [be] of wheat, or… some other grain:

(38) But God gives it a body as it hath pleased him, and to every seed [its] own body.

That’s what we talked about, a little dot, rose. That’s not rose; rose is a spirit life of botany! God gave it a chemistry! See?… a little shell, little seed covering. Fertilize it, water it, let the sun hit it; now we’re seeing the full manifestation of rose. But you still don’t see rose.

So, we saw a full manifestation of Jesus Christ, and didn’t see Him. That picture, Brother Branham said, was a picture of the same Pillar of Fire that Moses saw and Israel saw. And I believe he’s right. But do you know something? You still don’t see God. There’s no way you can see Him. Let’s see what comes forth.

Well, if He’ll do the same things now in our midst as He did when He was on earth, then it’s got to be that One! That’s exactly what He did!… and the sign of the Resurrection amongst us and God proving He’s alive from the dead. Oh, listen, brother/sister; let’s understand the Scripture and give a defense for the Word of God that we know in our day.

1 Corinthians 15:38-39

(38) …God [was pleased to give] it a body, [what He wants.]

(39) All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds.


Do you think He’s going to change it? Hogwash. He’s going to bring those birds and animals back, He’s going to bring you and me back. I believe with all my heart He is. There’s going to be a great renewal. God’s going to do great things on this earth; going to bring it right back to its pristine beauty.

The earth is one-sixth, I think, land today, the earth, and five-sixths water. In the days to come, the Millennium, it won’t be that. It’s going to go back to where it was: just rivers and things. I don’t know if there’s going to be oceans and seas. I doubt it. But there’ll be plenty of water; there’ll be fishes.

You say, “Will I eat fish there?”

Jesus ate a fish sandwich when he rose from the dead. We might eat fish; I’ve not got the least idea.


Listen, don’t you worry about that; you just think on these things now, and get ready as a son of God to get there.

You say, “Well, if I’m a son of God, I’m going to make it.”

That’s why you’re here this morning. That’s why you’re here this morning. Examine the record. “Am I a son of God? Is God pulling my heartstring?”

Years ago I talked on sovereignty of God, and a man said, “Well, Lee, how am I going to know?”

I said, “The very fact you’re inquiring, the very fact that you’re interested, you want to probe this thing and know, or…”, I said, “you’d just turn your back and walk off.”

I’ve seen people throw their hands up, and they say, “I can’t believe that, I couldn’t believe in that kind of God.”

I say, “Then one of us is antichrist.”

Now, if the church deems we’re antichrist, they’ve got to hunt us down and destroy us because the church is bound to it. Hallelujah, they’re so nice. When did I need to defend God, my brother/sister? When was God so puerile, so weak, so puny, I’ve got to take up a club on His behalf?


I like that old boy back in the old days. They said, “Now, this is a terrible thing.” They said, “Well listen; if God be God, let God answer.” He said, “What are you trying to make of this guy answer and that guy answer; let God answer.”

Old Elijah stood there in the mountain. He said, “I’ll tell you what,” he said, “You prophets of Baal, I give you first chance.” He said, “You have four hundred stand there; call upon your god. Let’s see if fire will come out of heaven.”

And they didn’t figure fire could fall for anybody. They said, “Well, it sure will; he’ll make it fall.” And they cut themselves, they gassed themselves, they danced, they hooted, they hollered, they went through all their cavorting and capering and calling on god.

Old Elijah, he grinned, and he laughed, and he said, “What? Maybe he’s asleep.” He said, “Raise some more noise, as to wake him up. Well,” he said, “you did your best making noise; maybe he’s gone hunting.” He said, “He doesn’t care about you birds anyway.”

He just laughed and snorted because he knew what God was going to do. Then he prayed the simple prayer. Now, he said, “Let God be God. And turn their hearts back.” He said, “You do it, Lord.” And the fire fell, licked the whole thing up. Now, he said, “Kill those birds.”

You say, “That doesn’t sound nice.” It doesn’t sound nice? You better start believing your Bible. I didn’t ask anybody to kill them, but a prophet, who God was in, said, “You do it.”


In this day a prophet had the same power of life and death. I was there when he had it. That man could have died at his feet and other men did. But he didn’t ask for it, but he could have. But this is the hour to grant life, not death, brother/sister. This is the hour when the two-fold death upon mankind can be disseminated, can be destroyed, death itself disemboweled.

The dark clouds of doubt disseminated. All of these things can happen this morning, because Christ is here, and the power of the Resurrection. God stands amongst His people, having descended with a Shout, the Word of Almighty God, proving the thing in this hour.

Men don’t want His kind of proof; they’ve never wanted His kind of proof. Always the minority’s been right; the majority has never been right. Only the very Elect will not be deceived. That’s our possibility this morning; we’re very Elect. We’re not going to come back as a bunch of washed hogs, brother/sister. We always were sheep that went astray; we’re coming back as washed sheep.

Yes sir, absolutely! We won’t have the old flesh to clutter us and to encumber us anymore. No way. It won’t be clamoring; the world, the flesh and devil will all be gone. Oh, it’s here to plague us right now. Mine plagues me; it sure does. I know yours plagues you. There’s no way you’re going to get out of it. But there’s a land beyond the river, brother/sister, in that sweet by and by. Yes, we’re coming to it, absolutely!


One of these days, a little sweep rolls over us, and we’ll see those dead there, absolutely see the dead, join hands for a great going up to the skies. This is not some pie in the sky dream; this is something that’s been proven. The world turned it down. They turned down a prophet; they turned down a manifestation; they turned it down. They knew it. I was there. I saw it; I heard the challenge.

I know what I’m talking about. You do with what you know you’re talking about, and I’m going to stick with what I know I’m talking about as much as can be known. And I’m going to stick with that Word, as strange as it may seem, with all my little dots and figures, nine thousand zeroes. I can see that just in the human race; what I see in God, I see those nine thousand zeroes, if necessary, raised: as in Adam all died, in Christ everyone made alive again. Yes sir. I see a Resurrection; I see a power of God, brother/sister.

I don’t care what other men see and the world sees. I know what I see. And I see a grace for a Bride that God Himself has manifested and brought to pass. You bet there’s a Reality that’s going to grow and grow and increase and increase, from the negative to the positive, till every man, like a vast and mighty army, standing up and counted for God. Sure.


It’s not my emotions going to get me through, because I’m not very emotional. It’s not that I’m emotionless, but I don’t have too many emotions. Nope. But we can have a love, because we’ve got the power of God and the power of our Christ. Doesn’t depend on us anymore. No siree. We depend on God. Yes. He predestinated. He foreknew. He elected; brought us into a manifestation.

One of these days it’s going to be complete. That’s “THUS SAITH THE LORD.” You know that as well as I do, or what are you doing here this morning? If you didn’t know there’s a land beyond the river, you didn’t know there was a hope, what are you doing? Trying to please somebody? Don’t try to please somebody. Let your heart answer to God, and let God answer back, because it’s just any moment, any time.


Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Heavenly Father, we look to You in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for Your love and mercy and Your grace, Your goodness, oh God. We praise You for what You’ve done to us and done with us, Lord, and what You’re still going to do, going more and more from this negative to the positive, Lord, going more and more from time to eternity, going more and more from our thoughts to Your thoughts, going more and more into the depth of Almighty God, understanding these things.

But not understanding them, Lord, for the sake of understanding. Not at all. No, no, no! Not understanding, Lord, that we have a knowledge superior to somebody else, not in any way, shape, and form, not in anything, Lord, that is prideful, lifted up in any way to make a human gain, but oh, God, knowing this, that the knowledge which is of You and of Yourself has a life within it. And that life released, oh God, within us is going to put us into immortality, Lord.

Knowing this only, that as we walk in the Light as You are in that Light, and have shown Yourself in the Light of this hour, do we have fellowship with You and the blood of Jesus Christ cleansing. Father God in heaven, there has been nothing left out of Your plan, absolutely simple, boiled right down to the legitimate, positive truth.

Father, I pray this morning, not one of us shall leave this building, but reckons the heart, yearning toward You, answered, and that heart knowing there is an answer, receive the answer this morning, letting You come in, Lord, by Your Holy Spirit of revelation. Bless each one, young and old amongst us, Lord, sick and well, whatever it may be, and whatever, Lord, lies within us that needs correcting, we pray You will correct it. Whatever needs help, oh God, we pray You’ll give us help.

Father, help each one of us, because we all need Your help, and we’re so glad, Lord, we know we can call upon that help because You’re nigh unto all those that call upon You in Spirit and in Truth.

So Father, we commend ourselves unto You this day, all of our loved ones, everything, oh God, we commend, and may the grace of God now blossom and shed forth within our hearts as never before, Lord, that we have reached another plateau, going on and on, ever upward, until one day we’re in that great and wonderful host, the New Jerusalem, looking upwards, see that Lamb upon the Throne, the Pillar of Fire, that Elohim manifested above the Throne, and before we call, the answer is there. Oh, great and mighty God, what lies there.

Give us more and more of Thy revelation, Lord, and in depth until our very lives are not only hid with Christ in God by a reality of the shed Blood, by that revealed Word, Lord, and by that Holy Spirit, but, Lord, we ourselves walking in that faith and that knowledge, making us to know that oneness, because that is our satisfaction.

Not anything else, but as that little life lay in that little seed, Lord, and many of us here, Father, we’ve developed a little bit from that dry hard covering, little more, little more, oh God, we’re looking for that day when it blossoms forth into that real life manifestation. Help us, Lord day by day to grow more and more into it, so that we might be known as worthy a presentation before You; not, oh God, by what we’ve done, but what has been given to us, Lord, through You, Yourself, and our willingness, because we’re seed, to go all the way.

Lord God, we may be mixed up in many things, but one thing we’re not mixed up in, and that is we believe with all our hearts in this last hour You’ve appeared; this is that Appearing that people talk about, getting us ready to get out of here, Lord, Curtain of Time swinging down, eternity opening up, all darkness and all evil soon going to be gone, and brightness and lightness in the grace of our God. May we inherit that, Lord. May not one miss it this morning. May we strive to enter in as never before.

And now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be all power, and honor and glory through Jesus Christ our Lord, world without end. Amen.


The Lord bless you. Let’s just go singing that song, “Take the Name of Jesus with You”.

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