Christ Revealed In His Word #09

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Let us pray.

Heavenly Father, we know that all things have always been possible to those that believe according to their faith, whether it was in the Scripture or outside the Scripture, Lord, for we know that You cannot give that which You have not promised to man. And, Lord, we appreciate that so much because we don’t have the power of distinction, discernment, as we ought to have.

So it’s a good thing it’s laid out there in Your Word, so that we can know, because You told us we ask anything concerning Your will, You know that You hear us, we know that You hear us, we know we have the petition.

So that makes it a whole lot easier on us, Father, and getting rid of that power of choice is a great thing, because now we can keep it right in line, keep our lives in line, and know what to do with if we only will, Lord.

So help us to keep our minds in obedience to the thoughts of Christ this day, teach us Your Word, Lord, not just the doctrine, but teach us conduct. Fill our hearts with zeal Lord, because we know it’s a time for zeal.

You said that You’d sooner have the people cold instead of lukewarm, but You’d rather have them hot. And we believe that there is a fervor today that is possible if we just get in line with You, if we walk in that light, having fellowship with You, the Blood cleansing, it shows there would be a perfection there that’s offered to this age, Lord, as never offered before, because some will get out of here immortal. And we’re so appreciative of that fact that the Tree of Life has come into view.

We know that this is the end time hour; nothing is going to stop it. Just say with the prophet we believe in Lord, that if we’re not Bride there’s got to be a Bride out there somewhere and by the grace of God we wouldn’t want to stand in her way. So help us all, Lord, to be in love with You and love with each other, and by grace and mercy and honor prefer each other, bear and forebear, and be real Christians. In Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.


You may be seated.


[For the next 35 seconds Br Vayle deals with church matters]

Now in continuing Christ Is Revealed In His Own Word, I’ve got two little sets of notes here, I was going to maybe use one little set of notes for next Sunday, but I won’t do that. I just want to make a little preface here by saying that concerning this sermon, Christ Is Revealed In His Own Word, and that is to understand Brother Branham’s treatment of this subject, so as to recall the main features or divisions of the sermon is not too difficult if we focus our attention on the title Christ Is Revealed In His Own Word.

Now that’s of course what the subject is and he deals with it according to the straightforward statement of fact, because that is a fact, that Christ is revealed in His Own Word, and then he elaborates on it in various ways because already in his mind has been the various thoughts that he brings up, and you’ll notice he makes a perfect subject title because of what is in his mind. So let’s just see what he had in his mind when he announced this subject.

One: he had in mind that Christ is not revealed in any book or is a subject of any oral tradition outside of the Bible. And that’s true. There’s no other place you’ll get a revelation. Now many people might think that the Mohammedans, and you know, the various types of descendants of Ishmael and Esau, would possibly have an understanding of Christ. And the answer is no, they do not. He’s not revealed in the Koran, although it is true that part of the Old Testament, which they have, certainly shows something in there concerning His power and Godhead.

Now you can search all you want, but the Bible today is the only source. And any knowledge of Him must come therefore from the Scripture. So that’s what Brother Branham had in mind. There’s no place you can get a revelation, no place you can get an understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ outside of the Bible.


Number two: he had in mind that the Bible is the Word of God and therefore it must be clearly showed that it has been vindicated in some way to be by God, to be His Own Word, and not the word of a man. Now that’s the next thing.

Well how can that be revealed? Who’s doing the talking? See? Who’s saying it? Well that’s God’s Own Word. We believe that God actually wrote the Bible, but He didn’t write it by dipping His finger in ink or carving in rock and steel, or something, by the power that He had available in His omnipotence. But how did He make known that this was actually His Word? What vindication, what proof, what was given that this was not the word of a man or the words of men?

Now you know that people today believe this is just a good book that was written by philosophers, and you know, fine people, and Jesus was a good man, sure, that’s fine. All of those things, people look at them, but they don’t get to the heart of the truth.


Number three: he had in mind to show that God must have had a never changing way to bring the Word to the people and prove that it was His divine way as well as His divine Word. Well now, so we find that we believe it is the Word of God. God’s got to do something about it. Okay. How does He actually bring the Word to people? Well He brings them by prophets. That’s what He did. Now then the prophet is subject to vindication.

And if this is the Word of God, and we have a continuity that this Book was written over sixteen hundred years by sixty-six, by forty different authors, and not only that but there’s a vast break from the remolding of creation from Genesis 1:1, to the introduction even to Moses, who brought the record of the history of what transpired, and that was by divine revelation, how in the world could you believe anybody had the right to say anything and say it was God unless you had something from Him that you could accept to be God as his Source? So you see Brother Branham would think of that.


Number four: he had in mind to show that God had a foreknown plan for this hour that would prove every premise, not promise now, but every premise set forth in his subject, of the title. Especially that God used prophets, not only as bringers of the Words but revealers. Now there’s something there that the people don’t like to accept. But he would have that in mind, because he’s preaching his own sermon concerning his understanding and his abilities given from God.

And in so doing, this would make it very evident that according to the Scripture, he, William Branham, was the prophet of Malachi 4. And he would reveal Christ by the same Spirit that placed Christ in the Word, or revealed Him in the Word, or set Him forth in that Word.

He would show he is Malachi 4:5,6, he is Revelations 10:7, and also the prophet that would be involved in Luke 17:30, and positively he would have something to do with Hebrews 6, which I just turned to there for a second, and just show you that particularly a little Scripture that you’re familiar with. And he says here, verse 4:

Hebrews 6:4-6

(04) For [it’s] impossible for those [that] were once [for all] enlightened, [he tells you right here] and have tasted of the heavenly gift, were made partakers of the Holy Ghost,

(05) And tasted the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come,

(06) [Having fallen] away, to [ever] renew them again [to] repentance; [that’s a change of mind, to bring them back.]…

Now what he’s telling you here, a once for all in message is a conclusion. Now you know there’s seven church ages and seven messengers and seven messages, that’s known. Now many people dispute that, that’s fine by me, they may dispute it. You say, “Well who is going to give us the answer?”

Then God had better put somebody on the scene, because we need an answer for the end time. Then how will God put a man on the scene? What man is He going to put on the scene? It’s told absolutely, Elijah the prophet must come to restore. And it’s the restoration of the Word of God, preceded by a vindicated revival.


Now people don’t want to read that. I can read it, I have no trouble. My eyes can see it; I don’t have a bit of trouble. But the majority don’t see it, because they don’t want to see it. They’re denominations that put veils upon their faces. Do you think the Lutherans are ever going to change? Do you think the Roman Catholics are going to change? Do you think the Orthodox Greek are going to change? The Presbyterians? And do you think we’re going to change? Forget it. Because the veil’s been removed.

And look it, I’ve been through more dogma creeds I think than any of you. I think Pete just moved from the good old Armenian tradition, you know, into what we have today. Look, I was back there as a Presbyterian, a United Church, which got the bad parts of Methodist and Presbyterian together, went into Pentecost, strung around with the Baptists, went Independent, God knows.

I’ve taken the gamut. Came up with one thought. If the church ever produced anything decent doctrinally, it was the old Philadelphia Confession of Faith, and I want to ask one question, what church has got that? We come the closest to it; we’re far beyond it. Because we have revelation they don’t have.

The Westminster Confession doesn’t hold a candle to it. We have all the inclusive thing the old Quakers had, the old Puritans, anything Wesley produced, anything Luther produced, Whitfield, the great people of God. On top of everything, everything Pentecost produced, because what group of people have a man in their hearts as we have William Branham, who could stand there, “I challenge you, bring me your worse case, I guarantee healing.” And proved he could do it.

You show me the church. Russia can let off an atomic bomb; Americans sit back and die. Lukewarm people today, red hot for the wrong causes. You can’t get… well listen, we know where we stand today, brother/sister. See?


Now these are the things that Brother Branham had in mind when he took this message on Christ Is Revealed In His Own Word.

All right now, last Wednesday night, we saw Brother Branham referring to the fact that strict adherence to the Word of God was paramount above all else. Now that strict adherence does not start with obedience. You’ve got to believe it. The element of faith isn’t there, then who wants to obey? You’re under then a coercion. There can be no reward. Because it’s got to be done freely.

That’s why I said a little bit I did in the announcements concerning money. No pressure on anybody. If it isn’t done freely, you don’t gain anything. Look, I don’t gain anything as a minister here. Nobody as a group gains anything. It’s got to be done with a faith. And faith is a freedom of choice, to believe God or not believe.

As Brother Branham said, “Man has one power in his soul, and that’s the freedom of choice. You can go right or you can go wrong.” Listen to that little Wheel in the middle of the wheel he talked about, right down where that living Word is. See? That Word that’s been brought to us.


Okay, first of all, before there can be an adherence of obedience there must be a revelation of faith, as proven by the first one in the Scripture, Eve, who did not obey the Word of God, there was not a true revelation of faith. Then Cain came on the scene, and he killed his brother, because he had no revelation of faith.

And God said to him, He said, “Why hast thou countenance fallen? Why are you angry?” He said, “The sin offering liest at the door, and you’ve got power over it. Now why don’t you offer the sin offering, which is blood?” And he would not do it. Why could he not obey? Because there was no revelation of faith.

So therefore you and I… Look it. You talk about obedience without faith. That isn’t going to work. That’s the same as trying to force a child to do things he doesn’t know the first thing about. See? And there’s not much use in trying to tell that kid either, “Hey, eat your cabbage, and eat this and eat that.” The kid makes up his mind he doesn’t want it. It might take awhile for the persuasion by an understanding.

There’s a lot of us right today are eating a whole,… I’m eating a whole lot different than I did years ago. And I imagine, I must admit I have those qualities lying within me that make me to wish I was… that is the palette and the tongue, the little taste buds all make me wish that I could, you know, indulge again.

But there’s nothing in my heart that makes me want to be a hog in a wallow. See, why? Because there’s an education there. An education by the Spirit of God, based upon a revealed Word, by the Spirit of Christ within, and that lines up with the Word. See?


There was nothing in Cain. Now he was serpent seed, pure and simple, anybody knows that, Adam Clark knew it. So you see, the Methodist, we got what the Methodist have, plus we’ve gone on. They couldn’t define it. The best Adam Clark could do was to say he was a high form between a chimpanzee or an orangutan and a man. And he knew that Eve had twins in her womb.

Tell that to Methodists today. Tell the Baptist some truth. How many Lutherans believe what Luther believe? Now we’re not trying to say we got a little corner of heaven, they don’t have any, I’m going to tell you, every ordained Lutheran’s going to be there, every ordained Methodist is going to be there, every ordained Baptist, and Pentecostal, and if we’re not ordained, we won’t be there.

So it’s not just a matter of saying, “I believe,” based upon a super vindication, it’s a matter of it being of eternal life by the rebirth through the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ.


All right, strict adherence to the Word of God was paramount above all else. The Old Testament believers were expected to obey the Word, and wherein there was disobedience, the penalty must be paid, even unto death. See, they did. That the Word must be explained to them, then they would begin to abide by It. Because theirs was a work’s program. But remember to shed the blood was a step of faith.

Because how in the world could you believe in a simple shedding of blood’s going to do something for you? Well if that’s the case, just go out and murder anything. Why if that’s the case, well just a minute, let’s go out and every time we murder an ox, or kill an ox, and we eat him, say, “Well that’s…” Oh no.

The sacrifice is under specific rules and specific understanding in the purpose and plan of Almighty God. You didn’t fool with that Word. Disobedience demanded a penalty.

Now, and today, for anyone to add or take from the Word is even worse. And it was back there too. It hasn’t changed. Because God has guaranteed that person’s name would be taken out of the Book of Life. That would make such a sin or misdemeanor to be an unforgivable sin.

Now people go around, and they say, “Well just a minute now, I know that blaspheming the Holy Ghost is positively the unforgivable sin.” I have no doubt about it. But that doesn’t obviate this one. Then how do most people blaspheme God? They blaspheme Him by positively adding or taking from the Word.


Now if you at the end time, you got a lukewarm people that’s wretched, miserable, blind and naked and don’t know it, and say, “We’re rich and increased in goods and don’t lack one solitary thing, we’ve got the Holy Ghost,” let me tell you what they’re like.

It says right here: it says, “They are enlightened, they taste the heavenly gift, they partake of the Holy Ghost, they taste the good word of God, they have the powers of the world to come, and they fall away.” They’re gone. See?

Now you tell me that they won’t add or take? Isn’t it strange, the Protestants who have loved the Bible all these years, or said they did, they’re in the same boat the Roman Catholics are who threw the Bible out and have now brought the Bible in. So therefore the Bible in your house doesn’t mean the important thing, it’s not the great thing.

It’s the Bible in your heart. And not only the Bible in your heart, but is it the Word of God? Because Christ says, His Own Word, He said, “They have to believe according to the Scripture.” What if you believe, it’s not according to Scripture? And what if you have a scriptural misunderstanding the way that Israel had that scriptural misunderstanding? Where do we stand? See? Take away and add to it, in this hour.


Now if we believe in prophets, and I guess we’re of some of the few people who do believe in prophets, and I know we’re the very, very, very minority and we do believe that God has Word prophets. We believe there’s such a man like Paul available to this hour, and in this hour. Paul said, “If any man thinks himself to be spiritual or a prophet,” that means full of the Holy Ghost or a five-fold ministry prophet.

Now most churches don’t even go for prophets. They say, “That’s a preacher.” Well, be my guest, I won’t mind. Though Paul said, “Anybody that thinks himself to be a prophet or spiritual, full of the Holy Ghost, let him acknowledge the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord.” And he said he got them straight from Jesus Christ. I want to ask you a question. Is it too far fetched to believe that God could do something like that again?

Now the minute people say, “I don’t believe God will do it,” you have put yourself from Him and I say, “You prove it. You prove it.” Say, “Well He didn’t do it in our church.” That’s the whole trouble. That’s the whole trouble. And you let a people that want to believe anything try to build a church some way? The people get right together and say, “You can’t come in.” You got to go to court and fight them. Because the church is thoroughly entrenched.


You’re seeing here in America what I saw in Canada fifty years ago. You couldn’t move without the counsel of the churches. Oh they’re a little lax maybe in some towns now maybe. But I couldn’t get a building to bring a great man of God in, who said he’d come to Red Deer, Alberta.

And he said, “Sure, brother.” That was the late Dr. Charles S. Price, one of the greatest men ever lived. I knew him personally. I know what I’m talking about. Because I’ve met some of the great men of God, twentieth century. They said, “No way. We’ll tell you whether you can have a man or not.”

And you think they’re going to have a prophet come on the scene to tell them what to do, a man of superior authority? “Rich, increased in goods, and we have nobody. We don’t want anybody.” And they put Christ outside the church. Larkin knew that. I imagine, Larkin was not Armenian, I imagine he was more of the strong Calvinistic.

Now, if we believe in prophets and can go so far as to believe the Bible, this is it, that says, “Elijah must truly come,” Malachi 4:4, and there’s a prophet in Revelations 10:7, standing on earth at the same time that mighty One comes down, and puts foot on land and sea, and says time’s going to run out, and things are winding up, then we have to believe, if we believe this much, that there could be somebody come at the last time, when this Holy Spirit says, “Don’t seal the Book,” chapter 22, when in Revelation 10, He says, “Seal the Book.” So somewhere between chapter 10 and chapter 22 the Book becomes unsealed.


Now I’ve never seen that in print anywhere, and I’ve read the books. Oh not every book. But you name them; I’ve had them in my hands pretty well. Except I get bored now. You tell me. Who will say the Book opens? Old Dr. Bloomfield more than knew than all put together, and he said, “Someday a man must come on the scene and put in those thunders that were left out.” Not knowing they were in there, because you can’t add or take.

Where are the Bloomfield’s today? No doubt they’re dead, but they’d be crucified. I believe if old Doc Bloomfield were alive today, he’d go right along with us, the same as Dr. Hoyer did. The right hand man of Ivan Panin, who could preach in the Greek and the Hebrew, and read all the books. And he knew there was one God, and said, “Brother Vayle,” he said, “don’t laugh if I tell you something.”

I said, “Brother Hoyer, I don’t laugh at any man what he believes.”

But he said, “Someday,” he said, “there’s going to be, as I read my book and understand what the Greek and Hebrew says,” and he knew the Armenian, the Aramaic, the whole bit. He’d even tell you by the… how you had to elevate your eyebrows when you said a certain thing. A certain how to put your hand out. And he’d show me. And he said, “That Word says one day God will create in this earth, the creative power of God will return.”

I said, “Brother Hoyer it’s true, I believe a hundred percent it’s been done.”

You tell that to people, they say, “You got to be crazy.”

Well I’m crazy. At least I believe God that is God. That if you say, “God can’t create” Say, “God could create, doesn’t create now.” Who said it? You prove it. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever.

You say, “Well I don’t see anybody doing it.”


You better watch your Bible to know the seasons that God does things. Because It said, “God sat down.” He finished. But He took a prophet Moses just before an Exodus, and creation once more sprung into existence as fleas were a yard thick. You think those fleas multiplied in a matter minutes, and those quail that were so many feet thick, God had them hidden in the bushes? Well you believe what you want to believe. Free option.

But you can believe the Word and be satisfied. You don’t have to produce any word, brother/sister, you don’t have to vindicate one solitary word, you just got to sit there and believe if you want to believe It. It’s up to you and me; it’s not up to somebody else.

So certainly there could somebody on the scene. There’s got to be somebody on the scene. Now when is the hour? At the end hour. I know people don’t want to read the evidence anymore. “Oh we’ll spend billions and trillions of dollars to get rid of the AIDS.” You’re not going to get rid of the AIDS and if you do there’s something bigger and better. Because God’s going to get them out of here.

That generation, that type of people will not go off of this earth, God will destroy them, burn them to dust. And I’m against my tax money being used in a purpose like that, but I’m not going to stand up and say, “Hey, I’m not going to pay taxes.” They can have all they want. It’s going to burn anyway. I’m guaranteed food and clothing, and so are you. If we believe. It doesn’t say fancy duds and fancy food. Well I’m addicted to that.

I try to get them cheap of course, you know, good bargain. But I’m a little addicted to things. We’re all addicted to things. And God’s a very indulgent God. Jesus let the alabaster box of ointment be poured across his feet. He didn’t fuss about it. He said, “The poor you’ve got always.” He knew there’d be people that just wouldn’t rise to the occasion. They wouldn’t pick blackberries if blackberries under their nose. He knew people like that.


All right. There’s a prophet of this hour. There has to be somebody come on the scene. We read that over here in the Book of Ephesians, exactly how it would be. Paul couldn’t do it himself. We can see that later as we get reading into the message of Brother Branham. In Book of Ephesians 1:16, Paul says,

Ephesians 1:16-17

(16) Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers;

(17) That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:

He tells you right there, after you’ve been full of the Holy Ghost, according to verses 13 and 14, Paul is praying to God to send the Spirit of God! To give the people another knowledge that he could not give! Who’s going to do it?

Now let the Bible students show me what book of theology this is written in! I’ve read them! And I’ve been reading since I’ve been eighteen years of age. That’s quite a long time. That’s fifty-four solid years, watching these things. Going to secondhand book stores, going to Bible bookstores. Quickly thumbing through to see the places. What’s it got to say?

I never read that for this here. I read it for the heavenlies and it’s found in the Book of Ephesians. But everybody mistakes that, “Oh He’s already here.” Not that Spirit. Because when that Spirit comes there’s Revelation, then a Resurrection, then a Rapture. Tell me what theologian wrote that in his book. Get them.

Now nobody here’s read the books I’ve read. And I’ve stopped reading, forget it. Their minds are dated. If I know the Scripture at all, we’ve had an updated Scripture. In the sense that the Word has been revealed for this hour, not the other hour.

How could Luther have this or Wesley or Pentecost or anybody else have this if Paul couldn’t have it? Oh there’s some proud people today, brother/sister. A little humility of mind is what the church needs today.


Read you something.

Vatican City.

“The Vatican on Friday exhorted the Roman Catholic priests worldwide to work against the proliferation of religious sects and cults, saying such groups can disrupt families and society and be destructive to those who join them.”

That’s what the Jews said about Paul. Protestants no different. Mama harlot and prostitute daughters. One big, happy family.

“Seventy page study…”

Well I must say they didn’t spend much time on it. It would be a hundred and seventeen be a minimum in my books.

“A seventeen page study released by the Vatican said sects and cults are “too diverse” to be defined simply and clearly, but noted that local Catholic churches around the world view a serious matter the inroads made by such groups. A Vatican official told The Associated Press that the Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church…”


They framed him. When they put him in prison. Every Roman Catholic priest does the same thing he got thrown in the coop for. And this is supposed to be a Protestant nation. A nation of freedom. Oh yeah, take care of the AIDS victims. Which I’m not against, if you want to help people.

Sure, sure, don’t throw them in the street and let them die. But give the homosexuals all the say they want to say. Is that so? Not in my books you don’t. When is this nation supposed to send an emissary to Rome? Now where’s your state and church?

Oh they’ll crucify you and your kids if you want prayer in church, but oh no, they can do what they want. You haven’t got one man in government, brother/sister. I pray for them daily, they need prayer; just the same as I need prayer and you need prayer.

“…Unification Church and fundamentalist, fundamentalists of evangelical denominations active in United States and Latin America are among those winning converts from the Catholics.” (Now notice, watch the language.) “We are not condemning anybody; rather we want to analyze why they (the sects) are succeeding, and take action to deal with them…”

Now, that’s the veiled threat. Well, they say, “We don’t mean that. What we mean, we want to see what they’re doing, and we’ll use countermeasures; they’re brainwashing, and we will now renew the brain.”


Oh, come on, the Roman Catholic Church has always had the tenet under St. Augustine, “And Paul raged against the church of God and God smote him down in order to bring them in, we can smite them down too!” Like they did to the Incas, pour hot metal in their throats and things. Put them in the iron maiden. I don’t have any sympathy for them, not anymore, that is to say the Catholic church, I can’t buy it.

Don’t tell me they’ve changed, because they haven’t changed. If God hasn’t changed, the devil hasn’t changed. I’m not trying to personify the devil, I’m just telling you flat. It’s always been people rise up against what comes on the scene. I don’t believe in what Dr. Moon is saying, that’s his business, but he’s welcome to it, because as far as I’m concerned, it’s all election anyway.

Where is the old Baptist doctrine, Presbyterian, and the old Puritans? Where has it gone to? Where are the Lutherans today? They don’t believe this. That’s why the Roman Catholic church, “If any man says he can know for a surety that he was assigned to the rebirth, in other words, predestination, let that man be anathema or let him be cursed.”

Then I’ve heard Pentecostals say the Roman Catholic church believes in predestination. Oh brother/sister, where did Sumner ever learn, couldn’t read the Bible, Sumner a great speaker for Pentecost. I don’t know if the man ever read a book. No way, shape and form.

“We are not condemning anybody, we are going to deal with them,” said the Reverend Dupre of the Vatican Secretariat of the Christian Unity. Some groups have used such techniques as brainwashing, sexual enticements.”


Oh so great. When is the Roman Catholic church free of all that and the Protestants? I don’t believe in sexual enticement, but I’ll tell you one thing, it’s not very wide spread. No there’s not that much sex enticement. They’re going to get that anywhere. You know, where there’s no ox in the crib, it’s clean. You’ve got cows; you’re going to clean the stable. You’ve got people, there are problems.

“They promise a body healing, (nobody can promise anything,) to win followers, said the document drawn up by Dupre’s office and three other Vatican departments. It was based on responses from local churches in a 1984 Vatican questionnaire. “The sects appear to offer simple and ready-made answers to complicated questions and situations, simplified and partial versions of traditional truths and values, a pragmatic theology, a theology of success.”

And some of them do offer that. I grant you. But I tell you, I believe what old Rob Barnard said, no its not it wasn’t Barnard, it was this fellow from Ireland. I forget his name right now. He said, “You know years ago people would go knock on people’s doors, the old Puritans.

They’d say, “Would you like to come to a service? We’re having a protracted service. Hopefully where, hopefully where souls might be saved. That you could learn, to come and learn of the Lord Jesus Christ, and be born again, and learn to suffer for His Kingdom.”

They never gilded any lily. “You come and join us and give ten cents, you get a dollar back.” Oh that’s possible. “Come and join us and you’ll get healed.” That’s possible, not going to doubt it. I’ve no fuss with that, in the sense that it could happen.

But I tell you, when has suffering ever been lost to the church? There’s no simplified, simple answers, brother/sister, except in Christ. And then it becomes very complex. Except you retain the simplicity. That if you don’t suffer, you won’t rule. And if you offer any man a religion, without suffering, you have desecrated the Word of Almighty God. No, you haven’t really; you haven’t got the Word of God to desecrate.


Remember in Ohio here, there’s a [Inaudible] of in Ohio. There’s a great bunch, I think they’ve taken twenty-four million dollars a year, which isn’t chicken feed. Yes it is, that’s not eagle food, I can tell you that, it’s chicken feed. And they take it in. And they allow sex and liquor and everything else, that’s fine.

And their leader was so drunk in many occasions he slurred his words. He promised them everything, from the gift of tongues and discernment, everything else, word of knowledge, you name it. To literally go to millionaires and then inherit the Kingdom of God. No brother/sister, that’s entirely wrong. It’s a narrow squeak.

And that squeak is so narrow and the gate is so narrow, if you’ve got barnacles on you, with sex and delusion and those filthy things, they will be scraped off you by the time you get through the gate, because it’s more of a passageway than it is the gate. We all of us go through that process. If there’s not a process of suffering, believe me, there’s no Christianity. We won’t have time to read all that today, but Brother Branham said it.

Now, “The Vatican does not use the term sect or cult to describe mainline Protestant churches.”

Well hallelujah, isn’t that sweet? What gave them the authority? You see what’s wrong with churches and organization? They always got an authority. And they’re going to get somebody else with their authority. No way, I’m not interested in crowds. Not interested in a lot of people.

And I think I speak for those of us who believe this way. We are not joiners, we’re segregationists. Segregate from the world and sin and the flesh and the devil, and try to be joined unto God in a more perfect union.

“The document said sects with Christian roots “could be those groups which, apart from the Bible, have other ‘revealed’ books or ‘prophetic messages.’”


Well the prophetic messages I suppose is supposed to take in people like us. That’s a lot of hogwash. We get everything right from this Word, and I teach everything the prophet said right from this Word or I don’t teach it. We know where we stand. But we see a vindication. You say we may die for it, I don’t know whether we’re going to die for it or not. We’ll see when the time comes.

“It said the attitudes and methods of some of the sects “can be destructive to personalities, disruptive of families and society, and their tenets far removed from the teachings of Christ and his church.”

I suppose that didn’t affect Paul that way. I suppose Paul said, “Well hallelujah, isn’t this great?” Who could be so foolish? You think his family didn’t burn him in effigy. Beaten, stoned, everything else. What’s the matter with this church? I’ll tell you what’s the matter with this church. They’ve been corrupt from the first century. They were the church that organized and went astray.

They were the ones that took these gods from the outside and gave them Christian names. They’re the ones that have done it. And the Protestants are just in that same folly. Luther had the church; he had a name that he lived in, he said, “You’re dead.” Every organization is dead. Every so-called loose union is dead.

Oh the Protestants, they got rid of their bishops and their cardinals, so they had district Presbyters, and they had presidents, el presidente, that’s the same as the pope-ay. Want to know the difference there’s no difference. Oh brother. You can call a porker a swine, a hog, a shoat, a piggy, he’s still a porker. Nobody can change that.


He said the attitudes and methods are removed from what the church does. You mean the Catholic church was never coercive? Hah.

“The phenomenon “develops fast, and often quite successfully” and affects the entire world except predominately Islamic countries, the document said.”

They’re not going to change, certainly not. Who’d they come from? Ishmael and Esau. You think God doesn’t have His Own lines where the seed comes through elect wives? Read your Old Testament and see where election came. There was a physical election as well as a spiritual, and it still goes today and people don’t want to recognize. They think God’s changed, oh God’s different. Is He? Show me He’s different. See? We don’t prove anything today, it’s been proven.

“Almost all local churches do see the emergence and rapid proliferation of all kinds of ‘new’ religious or pseudo-religious movements, groups and practices, as a serious matter, an alarming matter.”


What are they telling you? They’re telling you, “If you differ from us and those we accept, you’re wrong, because we are right.” I’d like to have the pope prove one thing. I’d like to have him just prove one thing. He can’t do it, there’s no way. That he has a clout; certainly he’s got a clout. But if you’ve got a clout of nations and strong arms behind you, who wouldn’t have a clout? See?

“Catholic priests and bishops were urged by the document to view the phenomenon not as a threat, but rather as a pastoral challenge. “We cannot simply be satisfied with condemning and combating the sects, and seeing them perhaps outlawed or expelled, and individuals deprogrammed’ against their will,” it added.”

Now, “We cannot simply be satisfied with condemning and combating the sects, with seeing them perhaps outlawed or expelled.”

Now if you can’t understand there’s a threat in there, you don’t know English. They said, “We wouldn’t like to do this, but if we’re forced to, we will do it.” And you better believe the government is going to stick behind them too, because this nation for the first time is Roman Catholic. Oh yeah, they’re over fifty percent now.

Oh there’s a bunch will kick over the traces for awhile, but you hit them in the stomach, that’s by food, you watch the depression come on and all these things. You watch, they’ll change. They’ll back the church and the church has got the gold. How much gold do you think the Roman Catholic church has? Fifty-four billion dollars, that’s back before the price of gold went up.

What have they got now? The gates in the big Basilica, in Mexico City, I think, are either eleven or twenty-two tons of gold. Each gate, and there’s many, many gates. How’d you like to compete with that, with a few Kruger rands, pandas or maple leaf’s’. States doesn’t have much; it takes the Canadians and Chinese and the Afrikaans.


Now America’s trying to destroy the Afrikaans. The Afrikaans. Trying to destroy South America, why? You know why? Because they cover up their own hypocrisy. Go and parade the Indians out, take them out of the reservations, put them in charge. Go ahead, we owe it. We owe it. Hypocrites.

The president knows. We got a good man for a change. But he’ll only go so far, and he’s gone as far as he’ll ever go, and he’s back wadding. They all got to backtrack. They got to go deficit spending. There’s none going to save this nation, brother/sister, she’s gone. And the gold is the crux of the whole thing, the nation going down. See?

“Individuals ‘deprogrammed’ against their will,” it added. “Fundamentalist evangelist denominations have made inroads in recent years in Africa, Latin America, United States and other Western countries. The Reverend Thomas Stransky, who is active in church unity efforts, said recently in New Jersey where he worked, 40 percent of the members of the Assemblies of God are former Catholics.”


Well what’s the difference? They believe in a trinity doctrine anyway. Haven’t the Catholic church published, “You’re sister churches because you use our doctrine of baptism, the trinity baptism and we’re the Trinitarians.” Certainly, that’s exactly why you can get married in front of the altar instead of behind the altar nowadays.

Protestants go right along. They say, “You Protestants, you belong to us, because you baptize in Father, Son and Holy Ghost.” You know something? And the Protestants just giggle and say, “Isn’t that great? We’ve got a place to fellowship now. Oh it’s okay you killed my great-great-grand-daddy and great-great-great-grandmother.

See it’s okay you put our ancestors in leather bags with snakes and threw them in the water. It’s okay you crushed them in iron maiden, it’s okay you burned them at the stake. That’s fine; oh everything is lovely, lovely now.”

Wonder what God thinks. You know what God thinks? He thunk it two places in Scripture. And He thunk it first of all when Jesus spoke in Matthew. He said, “Fill up your cup of iniquity; I’m going to take and put on you all the sins from Abel, right to this present time.” And He said the same thing concerning the harlot in the Book of Revelation. That’s what He thunk if you want to know what He thought about it. What He thinks about it. Let the church tell that to God!


You know the church needed a prophet, and men like the late Brother Moore, that ran the… what was that paper out of California? Not the one of hope, but the… anyway it’s the best, perhaps the very best paper ever came out. Screaming day and night, “God send us a prophet, God send us a prophet, God send us a prophet!” The prophet sat down and ate with the man! God sent the prophet! The next issue, and until Moore died, “Send us a prophet, send us a prophet, send us a prophet.”

“Yes God, send us the man, but send the man we want, the kind of man we want, in the way we want it.”

Show me when God ever did that, and I’ll eat this book, and I’m not very hungry, and I can’t eat ketchup, that’s taboo because it’s got sugar in it. And I can’t even use soy sauce, because that’s been fermented. I’d have an awful job. And I’m not the least bit scared anybody is going to make me eat this book.

Because God never sent a prophet and never will send a prophet according to what man wants. That’s why they stoned them, they sawed them asunder and everything derogatory that could be done to the poor fellow.

“In Brazil, which has the world’s largest Roman Catholic population, sixty percent of an estimated five million Protestants are members of the Assemblies of God.”  (But that’s okay, they’re Trinitarians.)


Okay, it will be very evident then that this prophet is the one who brings us the evening time Light, if indeed there was a prophet in this hour. Because according to the Book of Ephesians, which I read, and Zechariah 14, I think it’s in 7, 14:7, there’s going to be somebody, something come at evening time.

Now Brother Branham said, the last paragraph we read,

[144]  God is revealed in every age by His promised Word to that age.

Now that of course is up for grabs, people might not believe that. But Seven Church Ages have seven messengers and have seven messages, so what are you going to do about it? You say, “Well I don’t think that’s very clear.”

Who said it had to be clear to you? If God said it, God said it. If God said He’s going to do it, then He did it. And anybody knows that the first age is the Ephesian age, because the Bible says so, “Unto the messenger which is in Ephesus.” He says it. And He ends up in Laodicea. Okay.

God is revealed in every age by His promised Word to that age. (And that’s true. Every age had a message and a messenger.) Now let’s just look close at some of His promises what they are for today, while we’re closing out in these last words.


All right now, how would God show the Word in manifestation? Because that’s what we have here. If He’s going to reveal It, It’s got to come into some form of manifestation. In other words something has got to happen or God’s Word doesn’t live, there’s something wrong with the whole program and the whole premise.

Now it doesn’t necessarily obtain that God is going to have to send a man like Moses, and send a man like Paul to every single age. He hasn’t done it, and He’s not going to do it. But time after time we know that God has brought His Word to pass by great spiritual revivals. We have seen the hand of God move by people’s lives been changed. In other words, we have seen the superiority of God over all other gods.

Now you and I today, we’ve read the Scripture so many times in Isaiah and Psalms and the various prophets, and say, “There is no god like our God.”

“Well anybody knows there’s just one God.”


No, my brother/sister, back there when that was written, it wasn’t so. And we have gods that we don’t impute, you might say, Godhood to, on the grounds as though there are simply gods out there existing in some kind of a form. We’ve got other gods: god of science, god of knowledge, god of pleasure, all of those things. We’ve got plenty of gods; we make a god out of anything, which is very true.

Now there has to be a manifestation. Now people from all groups in all walks of life, all cultures, all forms of theology, which could have many gods, ancestor worship, you name it, it’s extant in the world. God has always granted, at certain periods, in certain areas, where the knowledge of the Word, as Paul brought it, would sweep in many, many people. Maybe millions of people.

Like there’s a revival going on of Christianity in China right now. I guess, be a certain while back, just before the revolution, there were only so many, and now there’s a great acceleration. What is doing it? God Almighty, somehow by His Spirit is bringing a manifestation into being, so that people, that is the Spirit is moving, so that people are coming into the Lord Jesus Christ. In some cases there’s miracles. Although that is not very often. At this age we saw that.


Now Brother Branham says:

[145]  God is revealing Himself in the evening Light time.

All right.

[148]  Now we’re going to speak about evening Light, [now he introduces that thought, that there is Light at the end time.] just for a few moments. The Bible predicts there would come a time, right at the closing time, that the sun would come out, and there would be an evening Light.

Now, let’s understand this, brother/sister. Either God Almighty is, like in the times of Joshua, going to stop that sun there, it’s got to stop from going down, or it’s got to be like in the time of Isaiah, that He’s going to bring the clock back. Now what’s it going to be?

Well the fact of the matter is as the sun travels from the east to the west, you realize the sun loses the intensity of its strength, until going further and further down it becomes kind of hazy, the evening time. There is like a refracted light that’s coming back upon the scene.


Now it’s the same sun, as Brother Branham points out, that rise in the east, that sets down in the west, that comes to the west. So at the end time, as it gets hazy, murky, it’s dark, from what is preceded in the other ages, as the church is coming up to the end time, God allows a burst of that sun.

In other words, He allows the same Light that shone in the east to come into the west, because that’s exactly what the Bible mentions, “As the lightning comes from the east to the west.” And that by the way is not necessarily lightning as we talk about lightning. It isn’t that at all. It’s simply referring to light. And Brother Branham said it very, very quickly.

What theologian was able to tell us that? The same sun that rises in the east sets in the west, and that same Son that gave the Revelation back there in the day of Paul would be the same One that is revealed here in the west. And that’s exactly why you have a repeat of the days of the Son of man.

What theologian understands that? Show me one person. The best they can do is the same they always do about Abraham and Sarah, when they went down amongst the Philistines, and the man wanted to take her for a wife, because she was so young and so pretty. They say, “See, now that chapter is out of place. It shouldn’t be here. It should be way back there when they were young.” That’s a lie!

As Brother Branham points out, she was changed and Abraham was changed, so they could have children! How else could they have children? She was gone and he was gone! You think a people ninety years old, a hundred years old and ninety years old, even if he had the power to inseminate, she would have no way of bearing the child, it would kill her!

What did God do? Change them back to youth! Show me a theologian that caught that! Why man, I used to love to get back… I always loved Genesis. Get a hold of any book of theology, any writing, read it right up. I want to find the person that saw it. No, they’ll misplace it every single time.


So they’ll do the same with this at the end time. They say, “Well the days of the Son of man.” Oh you’ll want to see the days of the Son of man, but you won’t see them. And they’ll stop right there, not realizing that Christ must die! And the days of the Son of man repeat in a Sodom/Gomorrah condition, just before the Rapture!

But nobody wants that! Where’s the theologian, where’s the preacher, Roman Catholic, Protestant that tells you that? And we’ll ask you, what authority could they tell you, if they didn’t have some authority from God to place it?

See, people think everything about God has half past, say, “Well you see what God did, see He put the stars into space, He put the universes here, and oh many more out there, and it’s wonderful, wonderful, and then He just sat back with all the laws, and He’s waiting to see what happens.”


Hogwash. The Bible said the Creator’s a maintainer. And His eye is on the sparrow. Then what have people got into their heads, why have they got the idea in their heads that God is not looking after every minute detail? As Brother Branham said so succinctly, and I think it’s so beautiful, when he said, “God knew how many fleas there’d be and every time they’d bat their eyeballs.”

That’s sovereignty, brother/sister. And that’s not ludicrous, that’s exactly the way it is; if you’ve got a God any less, you don’t have the God that Brother Branham showed us. We may struggle in ourselves to understand these things, but all right, we’re going to understand them.

[148]  The Bible predicts there would come a time, right at the time of the closing, the sun would come out, [yup,] and there would be an evening Light. We all know that. [Well sure, that’s the Bible says that.] We who are familiar with our Message today from the Lord Jesus, believe that there will be a evening Light.


Now I want you to notice something here. This man is either knows what he’s saying or he’s a big mouth braggart. Because he said, “We who are familiar with our Message today from the Lord Jesus.” He doesn’t say about the Lord Jesus, or of the Lord Jesus, he said, “From the Lord Jesus.” So this man’s been talking to God and God’s been talking to him, like the apostle Paul, or there’s something wrong somewhere.

Now people say, “I don’t believe that can happen.” You read in the Book of Revelation, it said, “John turned to hear the voice.” And that word in the Greek is a conversational voice, meaning the voice talked to him and he talked back to the voice. He talked back to what he saw in a vision.

And God had sent a prophet to John to talk to John. And John was talking. And John had been caught up in his spirit. People say, “Well I don’t know.” Well I do know! They say, “Well I don’t think that could happen.” I don’t think it could happen; I know it can happen! Because God doesn’t change.

Now you see you’re right back to a very definitive and very hard place. Who’s going to go what way? Well I’m not here to persuade anybody, I’m just telling you how I’m going.

[148]  …we believe there will be an evening Light. And this evening Light… Of course, the great Light will come when Jesus Himself will be manifested… up in Heavens, taking away His Bride, then the Millennium comes.


Well sure. We’re waiting for that day, when Christ appears in flesh. In the meantime Paul prayed His Spirit would come. So the meantime He has come. Now what good is that Spirit going to be if He’s just loosed amongst us? Who’s He going to talk to? How’s He going to communicate? Well how’s God ever done it? By a prophet!

Now if you don’t want a prophet, you’re stuck right here. Well you say, “I believe that’s further down the road.” What if it’s today? And what if it were yesterday? If it were, then what are we doing here? Because it’s supposed to bring a Resurrection and a Rapture. What hour are we living in? What hour? That’s a good question.

[149]  But we’ve got one of the most dreadful times to go through, that ever laid before human beings.


Now he tells you there’s going to be pressure come. What of this thing I read here indicate? Oh this is the velvet glove over the male fist. Oh sure. Oh sure. It’s always been that way. You know, reasoning, cajoling, flattering, paying, welcoming, elevating, church will do that. What if you say no? Then what? Squeeze.

[139]  I’m just waiting for the hour, when everybody can get a chance where we can get off from work and spend a few days, can set up here somewhere where I can speak on those Plagues and the things that are to fall in the days; [that is the days that we’re in,] and throw two or three weeks together, and bring that together, if the Lord lets me live to do it and will inspire me to do it…

Now what if the Lord didn’t let him live? And He didn’t. He wasn’t supposed to. Do you know where this was all covered? He was going to preach on the trumpets. Instead God said, “No way.” Let him preach on the Feast of the Trumpets. There’s no way. That’s for the tribulation, that doesn’t have anything to do with you and me.

[149]  …see how these things will be dropped in there, and those Thunders. Then you’ll find out what that man and those people have been dreaming about, and all those things there, [and people were having dreams. And this is Walker’s dream, and Mrs. Collins’, and also Junior Jackson’s, and different people that had those dreams that were peculiar at that time to the ministry.] you’ll notice what they revealed, that great Thunder coming forth out of the skies. Now, of course, the whole bunch of you, you know that I know what that means, you see. But we’ll just wait until the time comes,… it’s got to be more in season.


Now that’s true, because it has to be, you can’t dislocate or misplace Scripture. See? Why would you know something down the road here, or something back? And something is going on now? What if you knew all about certain things government had done, and certain things they were going to do, but you didn’t know the government had levied a certain tax on you, and one day they come and kick you out of your house?

You’d say, “Well hey, I didn’t know what was going on!” Well that’s great isn’t it? That doesn’t do you any good. What if you didn’t know there was a sign down the road that said ‘no u-turn’, you make a u-turn? The cop’s sitting right there to grab you. “Well I didn’t know.” Well, it’s your tough luck. What if God did send a prophet for this hour? I believe He did.

[150]  So we are going to read these Scriptures in here. Now, in the evening Light coming, we notice that it’ll have to be the same Light that was in the morning. Because, there’s not one sun in the morning and another in the afternoon.

Now that’s a very correct statement. If the lightning comes from the east to the west, even if it were just zap, like a bolt of lightning, a flash. And we’re dealing with the Bible. And we’re dealing with the days of the Son of man. We’re dealing with the coming Kingdom and the coming Christ. Could it be a different light? And the answer is no. It can’t be.

There’s one God, one Word. It’s laid out here. Can’t add, can’t take. But reveal, that’s another story. And men have sought for revelation for years, they study hour after hour, read book after book, pool all their sources of information and do everything they can to get revelation. But they don’t like the thought of a prophet.


[150]  It’s the same sun. The same sun in the afternoon is in the morning; the same in the morning as in the afternoon. Now, It said, “The day itself,” the day between that time, “will be kind of like, dismal, dark day. That could not be called night or day, but in between that.”

[151]  See, that’s the forming of the Body, from the feet, coming up.

Now what’s he tells you right there? He’s letting you get ready for the thought, he’s going to introduce the subject of the head, and the eye, how the body is going to get the light. Now watch.

[151]  When He was here on earth, He was the Son, the Lightness, [He was in the Lightness. In fact He was the manifestation of the substance of God. He Himself being a substance, perfectly.] then He was killed. [That’s crucified.] The Church took His place, and martyred Him, [now that’s something you’ll not find in theology. They don’t understand it.] and went through the Dark Ages,…

Now most people understand how you do fill up the suffering of Christ, because they’re suffering, but to understand this, they don’t know. How reformation comes and the other comes. They say, “Well I think this is just a poor old Kentucky hillbilly guy that thought he was a prophet.” Well, and his vindication?

If he could do that, being a hillbilly, without education, and the man thinks he’s got something with education, how come the guys with education haven’t done anything? They’ve not shown anything they’ve got anything there. And I’m not a sign seeker. No way. Now,

[151]  The Church took His place, [Christ’s place, and martyred Him,] went through the Dark Ages, began to build on the foundation coming up. [Who’s the foundation? Luther started that, reformation.] Then where does the sight come from? At the top of the head.


Now he illustrates.

[151]  See that vision; Nebuchadnezzar? See God going down, from the beginning of the Gentile age before the Blood was shed for them and made an atonement. They were proselytes to Him. But notice it went right down, right down, right down to the bottom, in symbol…

That’s the starting point, which is the image that Nebuchadnezzar saw, the head of gold down to the feet of clay. So God Himself came down from Headship to take the lower part. Now He’s coming back to Headship through a church. And when the church is fully completed, He’ll become King of kings and Lord of lords, and take us to the Millennium, and that’s all the Kingdom there is.

Because remember, what Daniel saw, the stone carved without hands came down and hit the image. Hit all world governments and scattered, there was not even powder left, the whole thing’s gone, and Christ and His Bride come down to take over. Which He does, He takes over.

All right. Now, the head of gold.

[151]  …He brought it [right] down. Then it started right back, coming back, the Church came back from the feet, coming up. Now it’s in the head time.

In other words, it’s time for the head! Time for the head. Now when it’s time for the head, it means the body, and the flange here, like on the pyramid, the neck, is completely formed.


Why do you think chiropractic’s came in when it did in the twentieth century? It’s a type of what’s going on today. The atlas vertebrae, so important up here, the head get off of cater can do almost anything to you. All kinds of diseases, all kinds of troubles set in. Chiropractic’s is not a false science. Oh some things involved with it are false, because what isn’t?

Look at the doctors. I think that most MD’s in my books are more quacks than most of your chiropractors. Because they don’t know what they’re doing. They’re simply giving you drugs, drugs, drugs and drugs will destroy you. There’s no way our bodies are compatible to drugs. No way, brother/sister, that’s… The only way they could be compatible, if God had them there in the first place. There’s no way.

Now things we take, like drugs, they aren’t drugs; they’re like… you can use parsley for kidney disorders. You can use comfrey in a poultice, it will cure things that penicillin won’t touch on the outside, on the body. You can use zymex, which is made out of figs; knock infection out of you like nothing else will. Nothing but a natural product. Because it fully compatible with the Word of God and compatible with your body, because God made it for your body.

But every time they introduce something in the synthetic form, you reap the wild wind. I’m a product of that right now myself, from all the penicillin and junk that I was given. And in Canada, we could go down and buy it across the counter. We get lozenges any time we want, suck them all we wanted.

Oh great, get a sore, throat. Oh yeah. And sometimes they’re accumulative. Everything is accumulative. The more you get the Word of God in you, the more life there’ll be in you. The more you obey, the more you accumulate in the Kingdom of God, start getting that soul blessed inside of you. See?


Now talking about the head coming up. We’ve come up from Luther’s feet.

[151]  …notice the Light. [Now evening time Light.]

[152]  You can’t see with your hands, yet it’s a part of the body. You can’t see with the ears, yet it can hear. You can’t see with the nose, yet it smells. You can’t see with the lips, though it speaks; that was the Pentecostal age. [That’s the talking, see? Tongues.] But now it’s the eye time, the seeing. Now, there isn’t one moving faculty beyond the eye. Is that right? The next is intelligence, which is Christ Itself, Who controls the whole Body.

Now what’s he telling you right there? If the eye is in the head and the head is Christ, I want your answer then, where is Christ at this moment? Right here with the Bride. Ah, people say, “Well sure, because this is the baptism.” I am not talking about the baptism with the Holy Ghost; I am talking about the Baptizer. The baptism comes from the Holy Ghost. Just like the sperm comes from your father, but the sperm is only a part of your father. It’s not your father. Without that you wouldn’t be here.


So you couldn’t be in Christ without the sperm. Being born again not of corruptible – not sperma, but spora. One of the flowers of God. Being born. Not like grass that fades and perishes, that flesh goes down. But a living flower in the flower garden of God. You are God’s husbandry. You came from God. That’s a mystery. “As in Adam all died.” You were in Him, I was in Him; we were in Him.

People don’t like that thought either. They want to twist the Word of God. Twist the Word all you’ve got, my brother/sister, one day God will twist those that twist the Word. Don’t be afraid of the Word of God. That’s the trouble, we’re too afraid. We’re afraid of what there’s too many ‘don’ts’ and ‘do’s’ and things. The Word of God is not full of ‘don’ts’ and do’s’.

The Word of God is full of life, which takes care of the ‘don’ts’ and ‘do’s’. That’s the trouble; we just don’t get enough of that life, because we don’t have enough of that Word. That’s the whole trouble. That’s what we’re trying to get across here, and by the grace of God, one day it’s going to come.

Now it says,

[152]  The next is intelligence, which is Christ, Who controls the whole Body.

Now so where is the eye? It’s in the Headship. So he said it is the Message from the Lord. And he abnegates himself. And he said, “Look, I have nothing to do with it, that light that was caught there, supernatural,” positively proven to be supernatural by the late George J. Lacey, FBI, head of the FBI, the documents and photography, all those things.

Said, “No sir, the light struck the camera, that is an authentic picture of some force, some light, some supernatural Being.” Now that man’s not a religious man. But that’s a picture. He said, “There it is, that picture one day will be all around the world,” he said. Because it’s evidence that something is out there, see?


Now he said, “From the Lord.” Paul the apostle had a light. What was in the light? The Spirit of God. Now if you can credit the apostle Paul and knowing that he said there’s got to come a Spirit, and knowing he said, “Our gospel.”

And John said, “The Seals got opened, the Thunders have got to come forth.” And he said, “At that time you can’t add or take.”

You tell me what comes on the earth at this hour if this is that hour! I want an answer! Not a bunch of humming and hawing! Look, I’ve been all through that stuff, I’ve read the books. What I haven’t read, I just phone my good friend Brother Unger, and he reads what I won’t take time to read. Because he loves messing with that stuff, good old Morris, good old buddy of mine. Tired of the books. Here’s the Book, tell me about it. See?

So at the time of the prophet, and that’s time of the darkened minds! Because when they say, “We’re rich and increased in goods and don’t lack a thing,” and they’re wretched, miserable, blind and naked and don’t know that, you tell me what they’ve got! And I’ll tell you what they got. They got the same thing they had before the flood.


Let’s take a look at it. Let’s see the condition that went on before the flood, the days of Noah going to repeat. Verse 18:

Romans 1:18

(18) …the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all [the] ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold [down, not hold, but hold down] the truth in unrighteousness;

And the church is going to hold down this truth. The church holds it down. The church kept out Brother Branham, the church kicked out Jesus Christ. And they got no use for us.

Romans 1:19

(19) Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.

And then It says here, when they would not glorify God when they knew Him as God, watch in verse 24 what God did.

Romans 1:24-25

(24) Wherefore God gave them [over] to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: [There you are, homosexuals.]

(25) Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped… the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever.

Who are they worshipping? Your preachers, your priests, your bishops, your cardinals, your presbyters, your presidents. Oh they got all the answers, your theologians, Dr. So-and-so. So who are they worshipping? Say, “Well I don’t see it that way.” You don’t have to see it my way at all, I’m just telling you; it’s there.

Romans 1:26

(26) For this cause God gave them up [to] vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:


Now when did you ever read about women going to where men went? You’ve always known about male homosexuals. Where’d you know about lesbians? Trace your history and show me. Before the flood and now. God forbid we pick up those magazines that are on the stands, but I know enough about those magazines to know, by reading papers and seeing some myself. What do they got? It makes you vomit.

A natural use into a most vile use, women with women. Just try to figure that one out. If man with man is bad, women with women, merciful God. What are people come to? And they’re not going to leave the earth here. Don’t think for one minute. And like the old… [Person’s Name or tittle] said, even kissing.

Doctors tell you, “Oh it can’t by fluids of the body.” It will come by fluids of the body, don’t worry. It will come by you sitting on a toilet seat, or anything else too, or touching something. Because you haven’t got a thing left in your body to resist these things.

Romans 1:27

(27) …men [leave their] natural use of woman, burned in lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, [see the whole thing’s gone to lust, homosexuality,] receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.


What was it like before the flood? I’ll tell you, if you want to know the answer. All the science and everything they had, man had depleted himself, the earth was completely corrupt! Violence then began to fill the earth! That’s why you got violence right today, nothing left in the soil to give you health and energy.

Take a kid off a rotten diet in school, he’ll buckle down to good marks and do good again. It’s been proven! Whole schools try to turn it! They’re not going to get off the ground. Violence.

And men got so full of these AIDS, and all this stuff right here, and God took pity, He’s repented, He’s got so sorry for man, He said, “I’ll just let them all die now; I’ll blot them with water.” And they could have just gone down, and weaker and weaker.

As Brother Branham said, and I heard a person the other day say it, and I knew that person didn’t know anything about the Bible. Said, “Doesn’t the Bible say about getting smarter and weaker?”

Look at you people today. You’ve got computers, some of you right in your own homes, got computers. And if you want to hook your computers up to other computers, legally or illegally, you could break in certain areas and get information that’s classified and tremendous.

You could pull records where they studied the butterfly wing for years, and they got volumes like this on just the butterfly wing. There’s so many trillions of words they’ve written on knowledge and science, you can get it any time you want!

What about your bodies?  Longevity is a myth, brother/sister. Health is a myth the way it’s gone on anyway, your Dr. Stare’s out of Harvard telling to eat all the sugar you want. Sugar’s the closest thing to the molecular structure of a drug; it’s almost identical, nothing but a pure carbon. The bodies of men are corrupt today, because the earth was corrupted. Now the earth is full of violence.


Look at those terrorists. They strike terror, and one purpose, to kill, but you start knuckling in on them, it’s a different story. And American nations set back. You know, it looks like the Jews have got the only brains left in the world. I’m not a fighter, you know, not going to start a riot or anything, I’m just telling you, let’s look at the picture, the ways in the world.

Where’s it all gone to? America’s gone to mush, the whole thing’s gone to mush. Of course wrong decisions like Vietnam had a lot to do with it too. But it’s right here in the Bible.

Now, at this time he said there’s… what’s left, when the eye’s up here, the last moving part? Nothing moves except this eye, then behind the ear, what comes mind, the director. So he’s telling you, at the time of a prophet, God will be here on the earth in the form of a Spirit, manifesting in the Spirit what He did when He was here in flesh, the days of the Son of man repeat. And at that time there’s got to be judgment.

[153]  Now let’s find out. “It shall be Light” (in the middle of the day?) [Nope, no, no, we’re there.] “at the evening time!” What is Light sent for? [Listen, what is Light sent for?] So you can see where you’re at and how to get around. Is that right? See where you’re at. “It shall be Light about the evening time.”


Where did God promise the Light to come? Just before the Resurrection. Now tell me how He brings Light. By prophets, when it comes to handling the Word in an epical, strategic area. Can’t do otherwise. Not your theologian, not your educated men, He says right in His Own Word, “I will send Elijah or come and destroy with the curse, lock, stock, barrel.” It’s right.

But He made a promise, one day man will stand here immortal, and the rest will come out of the ground. They’ll come out first of course, and then taken away. That’s His promise. How’s He going to do it? Tell me where the Light’s going to come? What church is going to bring that Word that does this? Because it’s got to come. Because that knowledge was not given.

Now the theologian will say, “Well Paul didn’t quite put that right.” Well if Paul didn’t put it right, who needs it? Merciful God, what are we doing? I wanted some answers. Theologian is not going to give the answer. You read the books; I’ve read the books. Now I haven’t read every book. Merciful heaven, how would I read every book? I read the old-timers.

And if there’s any new-timers, Sauer’s the best of the works in them. Well, seems to me, he’s kind of like his name. It’s S-a-u-e-r, but it’s kind of S-o-w-e-r. Sauer. Is that how you spell Sauer? Yeah, I guess it is. Okay, listen. He’s a good man, don’t think he’s… he’s an excellent theologian, very good man.


Now listen,

[154]  Now, we take that now and compare it with Malachi 4. [Compare what? Light in the evening time.]…”For, behold, I will send to you Elijah the prophet, [that’s what I was saying. God tells what prophet’s going to be here.] and… restore the children back to the fathers…” (is that right?) “lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.”

[155]  Now let’s take Saint Luke 17:30, and watch what Jesus prophesied there, saying, “As it was in the days of Sodom, it’ll be the same at that time…” Now remember, notice, this is at the time that the Son of man would be revealed; or the revealing of the Son of man. Now, the Son of man was actually revealed potentially, just a few moments there, before Sodom burned.

Now why does he say that? Because there’s supposed to be a repeat of Sodom! What happened at Sodom? There again your theologian won’t face facts! That’s only history! But He’s the same yesterday, today and forever!


Oh look, Ecclesiastes, come on. Let’s get the thing right down to the nitty-gritty. I’ve read this many times. All I got to do is find if it’s in the third chapter or the fourth chapter. Where that is anyway. The third chapter. Verse 14:

Ecclesiastes 3:14-15

(14) I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear him.

(15) That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past.

He tells you right there that God never changes in the way He does things! So what did He do at Sodom? He came down to Abraham the prophet! Came down to Abraham’s elect! In the form of a Man! With two angels! Then who’s to say He won’t do it again? Oh the theologian, “Well no, no.”

Listen, Mr. Theologian what in the name of heaven have you ever produced? What has he ever produced? It’s just like the old saying, “Those that can do, do; and those that can’t do, teach.” They apotheosize all the time. Or hypothesize. And apostatize in doing it.


He was potentially, in other words, in a figure, because Jesus used it as a figure! The days of the Son of man would repeat under identical condition just before the burning! And remember, the promised son came after the fire! So our promised Son can only come after the fire down on earth here, we meet Him in the air!

Then Who comes down here? Elohim came down here! To Abraham. Then Who comes down here? Elohim! You say, “Well I don’t believe God comes down.” Believe anything you want, the Bible says He does!

I’ve preached seventeen sermons on that alone, the mechanics. He came down a lot of times! He came down in Eden! He came down in the temple! He came down to Samson’s parents! Came down many times! Ezekiel saw Him. People try to say God doesn’t do the same thing in the same way – what’s the matter with people? I’d like to know. There’s something wrong with people, not with God.

[155]  Now, that Man was Elohim. That was God; and Jesus is God.

Certainly He’s God, we’re not talking about the flesh. Not talking about the flesh, we’re talking about God God. God Spirit. The Logos. In other words, that which appertained and was the essence of God, God’s whole definitiveness came into view, through the production of flesh. God’s God.

[155]  God was revealed potentially right there… talked to Abraham, in the investigating judgment.


What was He doing? He was investigating. God said, “I’m coming down,” He said, “to find out what they’re doing over there.” Why would God have to come down to find out what they’re doing anywhere if He’s omniscient? That throws everybody. There’s no problem. He came down at the time that He was going to do something about what He knew was going on! So the righteous wouldn’t perish with the wicked!

So He said, “Abraham,” He said, “I come down here and talk to you, I’m going to something about Sodom.”

He said, “Man,” he said, “old Lot’s in there.” He said, “Now peradventure Lord,” he said, “I want to ask You a question. Would You destroy the city if fifty righteous were there?”

Why He said, “Certainly not, I wouldn’t do that.”

“Well, now pardon, you know it’s very presumptuous Lord to talk to You, but could You go for forty?”

Why He said, “No problem.”

“No kidding? What about thirty?”

“Take thirty any day.”




“Oh Abraham, can’t you understand? I won’t destroy one righteous with the wicked. I’m going to get Lot out of there.”


Now where’s your theologian on that one? Oh they got a little clue to that one, but not many other things.

Investigation. Come down in an investigating judgment! The Judge was there! And if God appeared in this hour, showed the ministry of the Son of man, and had a prophet, what’s going on? Judgment. It’s time to get ready to get out of here. And remember we can’t get ready, He’s got to get us ready. You say, “Why?” Because that’s what John the Baptist did, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.

How did He get ready anything prepared? I thought a prepared thing meant it was ready. No, God’s people are a prepared people from the foundation of the world, they’re elect, and foreknown, and He gets them ready. Say, “Well I don’t think I need anybody, I got the Holy Ghost.” You got the Holy Ghost and deny the Word of God?

My brother, my sister, listen, you’re back to your theology again. And I can’t take theology. Theology gets me nowhere. Except in trouble. And I want to get out of trouble. Why haven’t I got the faith I should have in this hour? I’ll tell you, my rotten theology. I’ve got too many veils over my face yet and my heart.

I’ve got the old Presbyterian, and Methodist, and the Pentecost, and the Baptist and God knows what’s still there, and all the books and trash I read. All the misunderstandings and miscues I’ve got, too many veils, I got to strip them off and strip them off, and strip them off, until I see Him in His Word and I’ll get out of here. And get some of the values that He’s got there set aside for me, same as you will brother/sister, let’s understand this.

Get rid of those veils you’ve got, there’s too many veils there yet. Oh I know that. Don’t tell me, because look I’m struggling with you. But salmons go right up the stream. They go back to their place where they came from. Our representation, brother/sister, our Representative wants to get us back to our original representation.

The Son of man was revealed; the Son of man, Elohim. Do you see it, church? The Son of man, Elohim, was revealed just a few minutes. For, the very next morning she was burned, (when?) before the sun could come up again.


There isn’t going to be an organization from what Brother Branham taught, there’s no way we could organize. First of all, you got a tough nut like me to crack. Do you think I’d sit down with a bunch of preachers and draw up doctrine and say, “This is what we believe”? Hogwash.

I could be changed by tomorrow morning. That is my thinking. I may have a pointer saying, “Gentlemen, I believe this is what I see,” and tomorrow morning say, “Hey hold it, I being no prophet, I miscued over here.” It’s gone askew, it’s gone awry. No way, no organization.

Uh-uh, nobody going to tell me how to think. It’s all here and here, what a vindicated prophet said. We might get pushed like… [A person’s name] I hope not, I don’t know what’s going to happen. They’ll push you if they can.

[155]  …before the sun could come up. [Was gone.] So there can’t be any organization left, neither can there be any further advancement than what’s going on right now, [in other words, no further Message,] she’ll burn before the day breaks again. [And our day breaks the Millennium.] The revival is over across the nation. There aren’t going to be any more revivals, big sweeping revivals; this nation will never receive it. [Billy Graham says he’s burnt out. Fine man of God, burnt out. I can understand.]

You might have intellectual gathering. But, I mean, a Spiritual revival, we’ve seen it all. I hope you’re catching it. I’m saying it in such a way that I hope you get it. See? It’s over. A fine minister brother… said, “Brother Branham, if I could just have the joy… in my heart in the Lord!” And I said, “Son, the revival is over.” See?


[156]  Now the stabilizers have been put on the ship. Great fearful waves are out here before us; but we know, just beyond the wave yonder, we’re nearing the shore. We’re nearing the shore. Just stay stable. Just stay with the Word. Stay with God. No matter how you feel, what anything else; just stay right with the Word. Let it lie there stable, when you see all these great big old clouds around us, and storms a coming, and atomic bombs, and everything they’re talking about. Our stabilizer is right… in the Word. God said it would be here; and we’ll crest every one of them.

Yes, we’ll go right over the top of them. Yes, indeed! They can’t sink us. They can’t drown us. They’ll put us in the grave; we’ll come out again. That’s just all there is to it. There’s no way in the world to keep it down there. We’ll crest every one of those waves, because our great Chief Captain is calling at the other side. We’re anchored in Jesus, the storms of life I’ll brave; I’ve anchored in Jesus, I’ll fear no wind or wave;


All right, we’re going to close there, because my time’s all gone. Now we’ve come to the place then where Brother Branham tells us here that there’s nothing, this is an end time Message, and there’s nothing to worry about, even though rough times are coming, because the Bible tells us there’s rough times, we’ve seen the glorious times of a prophet, we’ve seen a great revival, we’ve seen a lot of wonderful things happen, but he said, “Now it won’t be too long until the pressure starts to come in.” But he said, “Don’t worry about that pressure, you’re going to get out of here before the antichrist takes over.”

Now let’s understand, brother/sister, you cannot have a revelation of Christ in this Word, without a definitive revelation of the antichrist, no way. You cannot have the true Word revealed without having the word that’s wrong revealed. Because automatically this sending light will show you where we’re at, and where we know we’re wrong, we rectify.

I don’t condemn the world out here; they’re trying to do good. I got no fuss about that, I appreciate that very much. But brother/sister, God did not come to simply tell people to be good. He came in order to be glorified, and you cannot glorify Him unless you recognize Him and the One you want to glorify. That’s just simple understanding, that’s a tradition, I mean that’s traditional. There’s nothing hard about it at all.

Well the Lord bless you, and don’t forget, Tuesday night, 7:30, Brother Zawadzki, I know you’re going to enjoy it.

Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Gracious Heavenly Father, we know, Lord, we haven’t had many tough battles recently, oh some of us had battles in the flesh, we get sick and little problem here and a little problem there, Lord, but we realize that just about every single thing we’ve muddled into on our own, and we are condemned within ourselves, Lord, by the very fact we’ve strayed from Your Word, and at times we’ve just been carried away by our own flesh, Lord, as so described by Scripture, the lust of the eye, the pride of life and the lust of the flesh.

Comforts of life, the easy living, and some of these things, Lord, we’ve had, we haven’t been wanting to be rigorous and strong, vigorous Christians as we should be, and so, Lord, we know a lot of our problems have stemmed from ourselves. We recognize that. In fact, we recognize all of our problems stem from ourselves, because it started way back there in that Garden, disobedience to Your Word.

Now, Lord, we just pray today that because of that Word that has come, and that Word, Lord, is going to get us out of here, because the life of that Word will be released in us. We just pray, Lord, that we’ll stand still, like the prophet said, don’t worry, and just stay with the Word, and have faith that that same One that’s here to get us out of here, is changing us even now in our hearts, in our minds, waiting for the body change in order to get us out.

And I pray, Lord, we’ll understand that as never before. That what You have done was not done in a purposeless way, was not simply done to manifest Yourself, was not done to get glory unto Yourself, although that’s in there too, but was done because we needed it. It was right and proper for what we had to have. And I pray, Lord, we’ll appreciate that, and in our appreciation begin to see ourselves molded more and more into the image of Christ, Who loved us and gave Himself for us.

Help us, Lord, to be better Christians than ever before. To where there’s love, to excel in love, that’s love based upon a Scripture. Where there is gentleness, to excel in a gentleness which is based upon the Scripture of the living God. And a temperance, Lord, to be a temperance, which is Holy Ghost temperance, that doesn’t come from the articles of faith that we try to adhere to, but comes from a life that is in this Word, Lord, this is what we want.

We want to be Christians that are indeed Christians in the heart and manifest a Word that has been laid out here. Father that’s what we want. And we know one day, Lord, You having done Your part, we are going to get out of here, and I trust Lord from this moment on we’ll do our parts more than ever by becoming more and more agreeable to what You have said in Your Word, faith taking predominance by the love that’s within us, bearing and forbearing, witnessing and doing what we need to do, Lord, and should do through the power of our Christ.

Bless every home here, Lord; I pray there won’t be a rift in any home. We realize Lord that some homes have not got all that fellowship that some other homes have. Lord, I pray that there won’t be a home here that will not have a fellowship around that Word, and not have a fellowship in the spirit, husband and wife, and children with parents, O God. Just pray, Lord ,that lives and homes will be built more and more on that attitude.

Realize Lord, and I know You realize far more than we do, how that man must struggle, against the adversities of nature and life to make a living, and these things we must do, but there’s something far more important, and that is to worship You, and have a family, Lord, a life that is Christ centered, where prayer settles issues based upon the Word of God. Lord, I just pray that we’ll be families like that, until as a church family we come together as never before in love and understanding and until one day all the families of the earth, knit together in Jesus Christ, will be here in a Millennium. Father, we pray to this end, and we know our prayers are being answered and will be answered, because it’s in Your Word.

And now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be all power and all honor, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

“The Lord bless you…”

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