Does God Ever Change His Mind About His Word? #12

Epiphaneia: It's Yours. Take It!
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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, we are very happy for Your gracious Presence, Lord, You’ve given us so much of Yourself, not just those things of creation for which we do appreciate, but of Yourself, Your Spirit Lord, and Your Word which is, we realize, the conduit, the source of the Spirit, true definition of Yourself and those things which are of You and also, concern us, and we’re grateful for that.

Therefore, to know this correctly and right Lord, really is Eternal Life, so help us to imbibe freely this morning O God, show us the way more perfectly. We’ll give You the honor in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

You may be seated.


Now before I… we get into number 12, I realized the other day I made a mistake on a little thing I mentioned concerning protein, I want to correct it. I was thinking that all you needed was about three to four grams of protein per day, actually you need thirty-five.

I believe what was in my mind was the fact that you’re not supposed to use anymore than about four ounces of animal protein, fish, bird, anything, and the rest should be vegetable and other matter, like your complex carbohydrates, and don’t have too much oil.

I often times I talk along health lines so I want to make sure that I corrected that for you because no doubt some of you sitting here realized that that was an error, I was going to give you about ten percent of your requirement. That would be kind of bad if you took that to heart, wouldn’t it?

Well, I’m not a doctor, unless it’s a doctor of baloney or something. So anyway, all right.


We’re into number 12 of the… Does God [Ever] Change His Mind About His Word? And it definitely, appears to me that this Message, as well as others so much like it, especially The Anointed Ones at the End Time, are enlargements and refinements of what Jesus said concerning his Presence in Matthew 24 which we’ll read.

And is this also, exactly, 2 Thessalonians, chapter 2, and Luke 17:30 where we see the Son of man and the son of perdition brought out together.

So let’s go back here to the book of Matthew, chapter 24 because we can’t repeat some of these things too often. We want you to really become tremendously familiar with them. And Jesus had said in Matthew 24, those couple of verses at top. They were looking at the temple.

Matthew 24:2-3

(02) He said, not one of these stones will be left upon another, they’ll be thrown down. [Paraphrased.]

(03) …as [they later on] sat… on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came… [and asked him,] …when shall these things be? [That is; When the stones of the temple will be all thrown down?] What [is] the sign of thy coming, and… the end of the world?


Now you’ll notice in there, the word is not ‘coming’ it is ‘presence’. Now how could these people, as I’ve said before, know anything about Christ coming a second time when they didn’t even understand his coming the first time? Didn’t even know he was going to die. Didn’t know he was going to rise again.

And of course, when he did rise again, they were still confused. So really when you say, these people here are talking about a second coming, hogwash! You’re not even being intelligent. Right? You’re not being… you’re not being, hey, what goes with you?

How do you know some… you didn’t know concerning some of the things I have, like I got several books on the… of Spurgeon, on you know, on David, you know, the treasure of King David, and I’ve got, you know, books by, I think one of the greatest theologians, if I can remember his name from Germany, he wrote, ‘From Eternity to Eternity’, I’ll remember his name later on. It doesn’t matter.

You wouldn’t know, some of them are there in the back there in the office, a lot of them are at home, scattered around, how would… now you… you wouldn’t know anything about books.

If I just laid one of the books on the counter here, and you’re looking at it, and nothing was said about it, it’s just there and later on we take a little service out of it, a little something out of it, but I don’t mention the other books.

So it’s anybody that thinks that they’re talking here about a second coming when these didn’t even know about a first coming are now considering, “Thou art the Christ, the son of the living God,” that’s in Matthew 16.

“Thou art the Christ” and you notice, even at that time, when he said, “Thou art the Christ, the son of the living God” [verse 16] and then he tried to persuade Jesus to go against the Word of God.

Here’s a man to whom was said, “Thou art Peter, flesh and blood hasn’t revealed it, but my Father which is in Heaven has revealed it.” And then he turns around and says, “Get thee behind me, Satan.”


What I’m trying to show you is that there’s no way under high heaven that you can say that these men understood a second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. What it was they wanted to know, when will You indicate Your Presence? When will You show that You are exactly who You are?

They were still in the same unstable condition, that the scribes and Pharisees were, when they said, “Show us a sign.” Now don’t fuss at those guys but take a little hope for yourself. If you’re a little messed up this morning, say, “Well hallelujah.”

Eleven disciples that sure did make it and Paul was the twelfth, the apostle, and Brother Branham said, “The four and twenty elders are the twelve patriarchs, twelve apostles.” Right? Twelve patriarchs, twelve apostles, they listened. It’s a lead pipe cinch, you know. They’ve got it made. So do we.

Remember Moses, fooled around for forty years, got trained for forty years, did good for forty years. You say, “Where does it leave us?” To the Resurrection and the Millennium, one thousand year’s sanctification. I’ll need it but you don’t, but I do.


So these people here, these disciples, they said, “What is the sign… what is the sign of Your Presence? What are You going to give that we’ll know that You are there?

Now remember, Brother Branham, categorically said, “When Jesus came back, they never recognized him by his form.” And the Book of Luke, categorically tells you, he was in another form. And that word actually means ‘changed from a form to a form’. Did he look different? No doubt about it. They knew him by what he did.

Now Matthew 12, categorically states, if you have an ounce of understanding, that he must do the same thing for the Gentiles that he did when he was here in the flesh for the Jews, as Brother Branham said so. But Brother Branham never quoted you, where he got it from.

Put it in Matthew 4, of course, but he didn’t say, that’s where I got it. Now it’s our job to know that this infallible prophet gave right to the Word, and he never erred from that Word one split second, one hundred trillionth of an inch or a millimeter, make it.

Why if he erred a millionth part of a millionth or a trillionth part of a millimeter, if he actually erred in the Word of Almighty God, you know a miss is as good as a mile. He ain’t no prophet.


But you see you can take everything back and Brother Branham preached and he said, “My ministry is to declare that He is here.” You see. So he said, what is the sign of thy Presence? Huh? What was the original sign? John the Baptist.

First of all born to two old people, the mother couldn’t have children in the first place, she had… she was something like Sarah, but not as bad. Now comes along and has a child supernatural, supernatural visitation, supernatural prophecy by a man and a woman.

Supernatural visitation by angels, shepherds came along, wise men came along, why to get rid of him, they even slaughtered the innocence. But John the Baptist was the one that pointed to him. You shall go before him in the spirit of the Lord God of Elijah and point out Emmanuel, “God with us.” And he said, “There is the Lamb of God.” Why? Because God came in and went into him.

So what is the sign of Your Presence? When will you declare Yourself? Now they put him on a foal of an ass, they went through the streets, and threw the palms down and he said, “This is right, this is true, this is the way it should be.” What did they say? Get rid of him. And at the end time they crucify to themselves the son of God afresh.


So what is the sign of it? First there’s got to be a prophet. Then he’s got to do… the prophet’s got to do what he’s supposed to do to make sure that he is the right one. See. So, all right. Now, at the sign of his… at the time that he is present which precedes the end of the cosmos as we know it, because then… they knew that he was to declare himself, “I’m taking the kingdom over.”

Now at the same time he declared not only himself to the disciples, but he declared the disciples to himself and that’s exactly what William Branham did. “You’re the virtuous, spotless, Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ, you’ve got it made.”

See, now that’s… why… everything… see, I marvel at how perfect we are with the Word because we had a vindicated prophet. See, now. They say here, “What is the sign? What is the presenting yourself, your Epiphaneia? The moment of your glory?” See?

Matthew 24:4-5

(04) …[He] said, Take heed… no man deceive you.

(05) For many shall come in my name, saying, I am [the One] [See? I am the anointed one] and shall deceive many.

Of course, people go right along and they say that’s antichrist, people say, “Well, I’ll tell you what, I’m Jesus.”

Anybody come along and say he’s Jesus, bring on the loony wagon, put him in the loony bin. That’s okay for a bunch of stupid Christian murders came out of India, which was eastern baloney cut western style. You can believe in philosophy, ….and all those idiots, that’s okay.


You could even be supernatural like Edgar Cayce and because the voice that spoke out of Edgar Cayce said, “Reincarnation is a true doctrine.” “Oh,” He said, “How could I be wrong?” Well, the stupid jerk, how could you be right? Does that make you an authority because a voice talks out of you? Hogwash!

That’s happened to hundreds of thousands of people. Why when I was in West Palm Beach down there, there was a little girl she was Della and Ray George’s daughter, and that girl was a nice little girl, but a spirit entered her and her voice changed to the voice of a man, she said, “I’m the Lord Jesus Christ.”

And she told everything that happened to her father, all day long, she wasn’t even near him, even warned him about his health and everything else, his security on the job. Told him about the things of the Lord and they were so happy about it.

Then one day the voice said, “Well, you’ve got to be on your own now, time to grow up.” And he left the girl. I don’t think he really left her, he just shut his big fat mouth. Remember the George’s, Ruth? You don’t remember, you were just a tiny kid. You know… just…


What is the sign of Your presence? These people here…. there’s going to be a lot of people claiming that they have the Word of the Lord, because remember the Word became flesh. Now these people here say we are the ones that you listen to, we’re the ones that you should abide by what we say.

Now he said here, if any man shall come and say, Lo, here is Christ, Lo, there, believe it not, for there shall arise false prophets, even false christs, even lying prophets. It tells you what they are. These people that show themselves as Christ are prophets, they’re liars. All right.


Now with that in mind, what we said there’s going to be a parallel of that as I’ve showed you previously in 2 Thessalonians, the 2nd chapter. Now Paul is talking about the actual descent of Christ in flames of fire at the time of the setting asunder and setting apart like one hand, left hand, right hand, when he descends, in flames of fire with his mighty angels, to be admired in the saints.

Now, Paul says, concerning…

2 Thessalonians 2:1-2

(01) …we beseech you, [brothers] by the [presence] of [the] Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, [Now this is the same presence mentioned over yonder.]

(02) That [you] …soon [not be] shaken in mind, [and] or be troubled, neither by spirit, [or by letter,] nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that day of Christ is at hand.

Now notice, Christ, many false christs. So if there is going to be a presence according to Jesus, there’s going to be a lot of false prophets on the scene. Now that’s right. And notice, what it says, don’t you be fooled.

And don’t you dare be fooled, be troubled in your mind, be shaken, by spirit, by a word, by a letter, some epistle that comes to light. Like they’re trying to get those fragments of the scrolls of the Dead Sea. What’s they called? Nag Hammadi. Something like that, I forget. I don’t read enough to remember all those names.


Now he said,

2 Thessalonians 2:3

(03) Let no man deceive you… for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and [the] man of sin… the son of perdition,

Doesn’t say ‘antichrist’ now, it says, ‘son of perdition’. And what’s he talking about? He’s talking about the presence, going to be made known.

Now he said, at the time that Christ is made known, when he is revealed, his presence, which precedes the end of the world, the world systems, he said, there will be false christs and particularly with Paul, emphasizes the son of perdition.

Now, who was the son of perdition? It was Judas. Now Judas was numbered amongst the twelve. And he had every single gift that any out of the twelve had, the other eleven had.

So when he was sent out to raise the dead and heal the sick and to preach the gospel, he was out there preaching the gospel, he was talking about Jesus Christ, he was pointing people to Almighty God, he was healing the sick and he was raising the dead and people who try to say he wasn’t, you try to show me one scripture where it says he wasn’t.

Because he sent them all out and there’s no record that says Judas didn’t do it. Because they all came back rejoicing. “Why,” they said, “Even the spirits are subject unto us” and Jesus said, “Don’t you dare rejoice over that, I saw Satan fall like lightning.” [Luke 10:18]


In other words, they were casting out devils in Satan’s kingdom was already coming on down at the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ with those people and the gifts that they had, even that false anointed one, that false one who was anointed doing the miracles and things of Almighty God.

It says, God… Satan was already being put to one side, God’s Kingdom coming in. What about this hour in the Epiphaneia of Jesus Christ where Brother Branham said, “He had more success in my ministry than he had in his own”?

Well, I don’t believe that, you don’t have to believe anything. Who asked you to come anyway? You can’t sit in heavenly places with your mind closed and full of sin. The Bible distinctly said, “He shall do greater works. There’s one coming that will do greater works.” [John 14:12]

And the greater works were shown at this hour. Why it has to be, because you’re where going more and more from darkness to light, because one day we’re going to be immortalized, there’s going to be a Resurrection and a Rapture.

Now it says, this one here…

2 Thessalonians 2:4

(04) Who opposeth and exalt[s] himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he as God sit[s] in the temple of God,

Now notice, he goes from son of perdition, a spirit, with a false revelation and a false word, right into a man. And you’ll notice later on here, he is literally confronted by the Presence of Jesus having descended in the human form. So you got the spirit here which is going to be put into then into a physical being. So all right.


Now, over in Luke, the 17th chapter, it says, you’re going to want to see one of the days of the Son of man but you’re not going to be able to see it. Now that’s right after… they came to Jesus and they demanded the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come.

In other words: “If you are that One, you declare Your Presence. Now we don’t believe it because you already declared it and we don’t really want it, but the point is, why don’t you just open your mouth again and really, really explain it to us and you persuade us. Now if you know so much, when is the kingdom going to come? And if you’re it, when are you going to manifest yourself?”

Luke 17:20

(20) [And he said here,] The kingdom of God cometh not with observation.

In other words, it will come and you won’t even know it, the same as you’re looking at it now, and you don’t know it. Well, come on. The kingdom of God is in the midst of you. It says right here, you can’t even see it. Then if he comes to the Gentiles, do you believe for one minute that they’ll see it anymore than they saw it? The answer is no. I can tell you that.

Luke 17:21-23

(21) Neither shall they saw, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is [in the midst of you and you can’t even see it.]

(23) And [at that particular time] they shall say… See here, …see there: [don’t] go… after them…


Then what time is that? The time of His Presence. Well, come on. He already was present, I’m going to be present again. They didn’t know me then, now they won’t know me then. Well, you’re just saying that. Why don’t you study your Bible? When did they ever understand, recognize?

I like what Brother Branham said, “If you said back there, if you would have been in the day of Jesus Christ, oh, you wouldn’t have crucified him. You’re the very ones,” he said, “that would have done it.”

Say, where did he get that from? From the very scripture that Jesus said, he said, now you say, “Oh, if we would have been back there the time of our fathers we wouldn’t have killed the prophets.”

He said, “You liars, you’re just the ones who would do it.” And he said, “Fill up the cup of iniquity of your fathers, I’m going to bring it all down on your heads.” And He did, 70 A.D. wiped the whole bunch out. The bruised reed, he broke. The smoking flax, he quenched.

Not with the Gentiles, not with the Gentiles. No, no, no, no. Nope, they end with immortality. They go to the Tree of Life. See, Adam wasn’t a Jew. He was a man. Well, Jews are men. We’re men.

Do we have that seed from Adam that God put in him? When God breathed into Adam the breath of lives, that’s when he was a living soul, able to procreate, able to multiply.


All right, he said, now he said, but now watch what he said here, now as lightning comes out of the one part, that’s the same thing he says in Matthew 24, and shines to the other under heaven, so shall the son of man be in his day. And Brother Branham explained it, as the light rose in the east, it goes plumb to the west.

And when it settles in the west, there’s only one place to go and that’s to the east. So the same one that was manifested there, the same God comes down at the end time, in the same perfect manner, now this time a spirit to the Gentiles.

Now notice, then Jesus put some wise to it, he said, “Don’t you understand, I’m going to suffer and die, and I’m going to rise again.”

And many centuries later is what happens, as in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the Son of man, there’s going to be an absolute repeat and this is what Brother Branham is bringing out in this sermon at this time concerning what we’re talking about.

Now, so all right.


It very definitely, absolutely appears because it is so that this Message like other Messages, especially Anointed Ones at the End Time, these messages are enlargements and refinements of what Brother Branham said was concerning the Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ, or God Himself.

Now these messages are belaboring the point of the two presences, the two Parousia. They are so close, razor edge close, that only the elect, that’s the very elect, not just elect, but the very elect can and will know the difference according to Malachi 3:18 because at the end time under restoration they do begin to understand.


Now remember, that the principle Brother Branham gave and the principle was never forget those twins, both on earth at the same time, though it is not necessary to believe, each will arrive at the same time, like twins are born, pretty well at the same time, within minutes of each other, usually.

Sometimes, one can even come twenty-four hours later, but it’s usually right at that particular one spot. But it’s not necessary to believe they’re twins in the sense that they’re going to be two people born exactly the same time like Cain and Abel and Jacob and Esau. It’s not necessary to believe that.

But they will each be in the same time slot. They will arrive in that particular hour of the Scripture and they will depart. Now this is shown in Cain and Abel and it’s shown in Moses and Balaam. Now we don’t know, if Balaam was older than Moses or younger but he was in that particular period, right at that time.

Then there’s Moses and Korah, Dathan and Abiram, now again it would certainly seem to me, that these men would be much, much younger than Moses because Moses lived to be a hundred and twenty years of age and he was already… what was he? what about eighty-three years old or so when he led them out of Egypt?

Could have been because he went to the wilderness at age forty, stayed there forty years and then came back. So he’s in his eighties. These men could well be, in their thirties. But at the same particular time, the hour of the Exodus, so at any particular juncture, you’ve got twins. That’s what we’re talking about here.

Same like Judas and Jesus. See, I don’t know if Judas was born the same minute, certainly had different parents, that’s for sure. He never had the true blood lines, he was an Israelite, that didn’t make him true bloodlines at all.


Now, also, never forget, Brother Branham was dealing not with twins as people per se, but spirits. Always spirits and spirits need a conduit, even as our soul and all life needs a conduit, it’s got to have something to work through. Even so, God and Satan appear in flesh and so do all their messengers.

So what we are watching at this time is the Presence or the Parousia of Christ and we are warned there is one true spirit versus one lying spirit. In Moses and Balaam we see God’s true spirit identified in one man, Moses with the Word but we see many lying ones, as Jannes and Jambres, Balaam, Korah, Dathan, Abiram, etc.

And all these men are gifted but not one of them have the oracles of God, just only one person. Now both groups or both spirits which we’re looking at more than anything testify and witness to God, but one is seen, only one is seen as we see it in 1 Corinthians 4:15.

1 Corinthians 4:15

(15) For though [you] have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet [you have] not many fathers: for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel.

Now you notice right here there is one person that stood up, and that person was the apostle Paul and identified himself as the complete father founder and the producer of the exact gospel that was to go forth and did go forth.


Now with that we go to Galatians and maybe we can cut this back, Galatians, the 1st… well, in the 1st chapter, let’s read the 2nd here.

Galatians 2:1-3

(01) Then [after] fourteen years… I went up… to Jerusalem with Barnabas, and took Titus with me, also.

(02) …I went up by revelation and communicated [with] them that [the] gospel which I preach[ed] among the Gentiles, but privately to them which were of reputation, lest by any means I should run, or had run, in vain.

(03) But neither Titus, [nor] who was with me, being a Greek, was compelled to be circumcised: [and so on.]

And then it says in here, in verse 6,

Galatians 2:6-7,9

(06) But [to those] who seem to be somewhat, [whatsoever they were, it maketh no matter to me, God accept[s] no man’s person.] for they who seemed to be somewhat in conference added nothing to me:

(07) But contrariwise, when they saw that the gospel of the uncircumcision was committed unto me, as the gospel of circumcision was unto Peter,

(09) And …[then] they gave me… the right hand of fellowship [and so on, as they went] to the heathen…


So what I’m looking at here and trying to show you is, that there is one person who is authenticated by Almighty God but there could be literally multitudes of people who are not of God even though they have a witness and a testimony to Him and they have actual ministries.

Now this something the Pentecostals and Laodicean Church Age cannot understand. This is something that there’s no way they’re going to understand It, now let’s get that flat. There is no way they’re going to understand this because they’re the chaff that gets burned and they say, “We’re rich, increased in goods, and don’t lack a thing.” [Revelation 3:17] See?

Now, he said, “But that’s not true, you’re wretched and miserable.” The word ‘wretched’ means as a beggar crouching, a crouching beggar with his tin cup recognizes that he doesn’t have anything. These people say, “We’re rich, increased in goods,” and they have nothing, they’re bankrupt.

It’s just like at the time of the ’29 when the great stock market crash came, people with millions of dollars in shares and stocks, you were foolish to walk down Wall Street in New York somebody would fall on your head and kill you.

They were jumping out of windows left and right, committing suicide, pulling every kind of trick in the book. See? They’re literally bankrupt. So you cannot tell these people any more than you can tell the scribes and the Pharisees, because they’re chaff for the burning.


Now, we notice carefully, and we take this to be a categorical and axiomatic statement based on Isaiah 41:21-24, Colossians 1:16-17, Romans 1:18, 2 Peter 1:12 and so on. That these men are allowed access to the knowledge of God but in their folly they use It against the truth, even as Satan did in the Garden of Eden.

So if we want to go to the book of Isaiah, chapter 41, we can do that. And we read a few verses here, beginning at 21 and it says,

Isaiah 41:21-22 

(21) Produce your cause, saith the Lord, bring forth your strong reasons, saith the King of Jacob.

(22) [And] let them bring… forth, and shew us what shall happen: [Now tell me the future.] let them shew the former things, what they be…

Now they weren’t even born, so how are they going to know? Someone’s going to tell them? How are they going to know they’re not being told a lie? He’s telling here, Come on. Show me that you know. Show me you’ve got something on the ball. You can look ahead, tell exactly. Look back, tell exactly.


How do you think Moses got the revelation what happened in the book of Genesis? How do you think the scribes were able to write, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John? Then John turned around and wrote the Revelation.

How? Where does the Book of Peter come from, the epistles of John and Jude? By the omniscience of God, as every scribe that sat right down and God told them what to write, exactly right. Come on, he says, tell me. Now God’s talking about Himself here. All right.

Isaiah 41:22-23

(22) Let them bring… forth, and shew us what shall happen: let them shew the former things, what they [should] be, that we may consider them, and know the latter end of them, or declare [unto] us things for to come.

(23) Shew the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that ye are gods:

Brother Branham said ‘prophets’. God called the prophets of Gods. Only a prophet could do this. Israel is challenged to believe the prophets.


Why could this man Isaiah, as a vindicated prophet. So God tells him what to write here. Gives it to him word by word, he’s got perfect total recall.

Isaiah 41:23

(23) Shew the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that ye are gods: yea, do good, or do evil, [Not that they do it themselves, the thing is they say it in the Name of the Lord and watch it come to pass.] that we may be dismayed, and behold it together.

Come on, do you think a prophet is not a dismaying and awe inspiring thing? To stand in the presence of a prophet like William Branham… it’s some… no man… unless you’ve been there, you can’t tell anybody what it’s like.

It was the calmness, a rightness and yet it was so forbidding and foreboding that you didn’t… oh, there was some that tried. Showed what they were.

Isaiah 41:24

(24) Behold, ye are… nothing, and your work of nought: an abomination is he that chooseth you.


In other words, these people don’t take the true God and the true source that God deals with, they’ll take something else. You know it’s like a fellow said, “If a man doesn’t stand for something, he’ll fall for anything.”

Or like Lincoln said, was it Barnman or was it Lincoln, said, “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people, all the time.”

The actual fact of the matter, Brother Branham said, “The majority is never right.” He never coined the phrase but he sure was right in using it because you don’t have to coin any phrases anyway. A prophet doesn’t coin phrases, he just goes… the Word comes through him, you’re not coining phrases.

Okay, now let’s go ahead and I read this and showed you here that God says, “Hey, no one can do this, only I can do it and it’s done through a certain source.”


Now look, now look at Colossians here, Colossians the 1st chapter, 16 and 17.

Colossians 1:16-17

(16) For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, [things] in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:

(17) And he is before all things, and by him all things [are maintained.]

So I’m trying to show you, God knows the end from the beginning because He is the end and the beginning. I am Alpha and Omega. It’s all in Him. And He is the source, that if you have access to by some particular way, why you just have the world in your hands, so to speak.


Now, let’s go over here to the book of Romans, and we’ll use some more Scripture now. And in the 1st chapter, it tells you Paul is speaking of the Gospel and he says in the 17th verse.

Romans 1:17

(17) For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.

Which is the true revelation of God’s Word is the beginning of righteousness and it’s not only the beginning of righteousness, it’s the maintenance and the end of righteousness. It’s the Alpha and Omega precept, which is beginning to end, it’s all of it. So when God says, “I’m Alpha and Omega.”

He said, “I’m all of It. I’m all of the history, good and bad.” Sifts out the bad and burns it, just keeps the good. Everything is like that, like Brother Branham said, “When Eve said, ‘I’ve gotten a man from the Lord.’ He said, “Any rotten slut of a prostitute can have a child by the most despicable rotten ways and she can say, ‘I’ve gotten a child from the Lord.’”

And that’s true, because it’s the laws of God in motion. Where are you going to get it from? Gooseberry bush? “Well you see…” See what I mean? People just go nutty when it comes to the Bible, thank God we had a prophet that could steer us into these precepts. Because the precepts, the doctrine is what will really will help you to understand.


Now he said, “The just shall live by faith.” Now watch.

Romans 1:18

(18) For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold [down] the truth in unrighteousness,

If you ever heard the definition of a reprobate, you’re listening to one now. An ungodly, unrighteous person butting into the truth, and holding It right down. Now keep all this in mind in this sermon we’re going to get to it, don’t worry.

I’m going to tell Chad to turn it over in half an hour but just keep her moving because… I ain’t going to quit till I’ll quit. All right.


Now, they’re going to go to 2 Peter and we’ll see some more goodies, [chapter 2] and in 2 Peter it says, 1st verse.

2 Peter 2:1

(01) But there were false prophets… among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you… [should] …privily… bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

Now if Peter is saying here, “Hey, listen, there aren’t going to be any prophets at the end time.” There’s no way Peter can be saying that, because Jesus said so, and we’ve got them right today. What’s he saying? They’re going to have a ministry of false teaching, see? Just the same as Korah, Dathan, Abiram, going right on back to the Garden where Satan got his wedge in.

Then Cain and Abel born and Cain turned down the true revelation and killed his half-brother. You know what he was doing? He was holding down the truth in unrighteousness. Here’s an ungodly person turning righteousness into unrighteousness.

That now… holding it down, what does he do? It says in 1st John, it tells you about it. He kills his brother. Why did he kill his brother? He hated him. Why did he hate him? Because of the revelation.


Now if you think this revelation isn’t going to bring you trouble, there’s something wrong with you. Don’t try to force it on anybody, just give them the witness and walk on.

I’ve had different preachers, I told the Presence to and talk back in 1977 or 78 and I said, I’ve laid it out and “Oh yeah, so and so,” and they went a million miles off course. Right, one hundred percent. Walked right off and never talked to them one more time.

Say, “Brother Vayle, you’re a liar.” Well, never said, I wasn’t, I’m not stupid. You don’t bulldoze and argue and get someone to believe what you believe. Forget it. It’s going to be a pain in your neck like you never believed your vertebrae could hurt.

You won’t hang any wallpaper from that time on, believe me, you won’t get your arms out. I’m talking physical things, too. Because it will hit you, it’ll hit you. Don’t fool with this, that’s nonsense if you think you can get into that.


All right, listen here. We go a little further.

The 12th verse:

2 Peter 2:12

(12) But these, as natural brute beasts,

Say, “I wouldn’t say that.”  I’m happy to. Peter is quoting from Matthew 24. Yeah. These men that are gifted men, they witnessed to Christ, testified. Where do you think the Swaggart’s are coming from and the Bakker’s? And the so-called second Billy Graham?

Boy, did he blow the cork out of the sour champagne bottle. Because believe me, the kind of grapes that he is growing will set the children’s teeth on, eee, eeee, you can’t stand them. You take one look at those guys, say, Come on, come on.

2 Peter 2:12-13

(12) ….brute beasts, ….to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not, and shall utterly perish in their own corruption,

(13) And shall receive the reward of unrighteousness, [What’s that?  Entire excommunication, destruction.] as they… count it pleasure to riot in the day time. Spots they are and blemishes, sporting themselves with their own deceivings while they feast [on] you,


Notice it says, their own deceivings, they’re puffed up with their gifts.

2 Peter 2:14-15

(14) Having eyes full of adultery, [Oh brother, if that isn’t the truth. It’s worse that that, it’s homosexuality.] …that cannot cease from sin, beguiling unstable souls, an heart they have exercised with covetous practices, cursed children.

(15) [For they] …have forsaken the right way, and… gone astray, following the way of Balaam the son of Bosor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness,

What is unrighteousness? It’s a perversion of the Word. Turning down the true revelation, it’s the only way that happens. And that’s what Balaam did, he turned It down flat. And what did he go for? He went for money,

2 Peter 2:16-18

(16) …was rebuked for his iniquity [Brother Branham said, “Iniquity is knowing to do it, and you won’t do it.” ] the dumb ass speaking with man’s voice forbad the madness of the prophet.

(17) These are wells without water, clouds that are carried with a tempest, to whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever.

(18) For when they speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through much wantonness, those that were clean escaped from them who live in error.


A fellow phoned me from New Zealand the other night. It’s one of those night’s that I was up… so well, I can answer the phone,… it’s only nine-thirty, so we were there till ten-thirty.

And he told me, this one guy over there, he doesn’t have a clue to the Presence, he may think he has, but he’s telling the people now, he said, “You see, you’ve gone from the Shout to the Voice and we’re the voice and we’re going to do this, that and the other thing.” Latter rain hogwash!

That voice is Jesus raising the dead, period. The only way that the Voice is in the Bride is by the true revealed Word that she witnesses to, which she must witness to the exact witness of apostle Paul or she won’t make it, period. We showed you that in scripture. 2 Thessalonians, the 1st chapter.


All right.

2 Peter 2:19-22

(19) While they promise them liberty, they themselves are… servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.

(20) For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning.

(21) For it had been better for them not to have known the way of unrighteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.

(22) But it… happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his… vomit again, and the sow that… washed to her wallowing in the mire.

The people say, “Well, you see, they’re backslid.” Hogwash! They never slid forward in the first place. You don’t believe that, go to the book of Hebrews the 6th chapter: and it tells you categorically here.


It says,

Hebrews 6:4-6

(04) For it is impossible for those who were once [for all] enlightened, and… taste… of the heavenly gift, and… partake… of the Holy Ghost,

(05) …taste [of] the good word of God, …the powers of the world to come,

(06) [Having fallen] away, [they’ll never repent.]

What is it… what is it all about? Repentance, the change of the human mind to the Mind of God, casting down all reasonings, giving way to the Word of God which has been revealed by vindication. Here’s what you’re looking at. They turn it down, absolutely, because they’re not part of it.


Thus we see Matthew 24: 24. All the anointed ones, all the liars, their false prophets and they begin teaching the things of their own imagination. So there you see the two spirits that are in 2 Thessalonians, the 2nd chapter which we have already talked about.

Now with this in mind, we can go back and read, I hope rapidly now, if we can get ahead, on page 22 and paragraph 107 and 108, which we covered. Now,

[107]  Notice. Now, they’re both going to have prophets. You see, [the two groups of people.]  The only difference was, Moses, the prophet of God, his King was God. That’s where he got his orders—the Word of the Lord. And Balaam, …also… had a king, and that… was King Balak, the king of Moab, and that’s where he got his orders [you see, which is a cosmos of the world.…] “Come on down and curse me this people, for they cover the whole…earth. They just come and lick up everything like an ox licks up…grass.” [He said,] “Come [on] down…, [for] I understand that you can curse, you can bless, whatever you do is recognized.”

[108]  Now, we want to notice that this man was a prophet ordained of God, but he sold his birthright… for political reason, just as the church did today—like Luther, Wesley, Pentecost, …the whole group… sold… out for [the] pulls in their organization. [That’s the organization pulling them the wrong way. You see] Moses under God, Balaam under Balak.


See? It’s two spirits, not the flesh. Although there’s got to be a conduit. You’re talking of two spirits. So now you’re looking at now, the Son of man, and the son of perdition. Now what is the Son of man?

The Son of man is the literal spirit of Almighty God, as the spirit of God means the nature, proving that it is God doing it, comes right down here and does it in the Pillar of Fire, and there is a picture. Say, I don’t believe that. That’s fine, you don’t have to believe anything that we teach.

Making and wearing their funny hats and their funny clothes and think that’s a way they invented God two hundred years ago? They walk in the door and they walk out. You think I’m going to be sorry? No.

There’s never been repentance for a man to have a certain suit of clothes on and think that makes him something. What’s your clothes got to do with it? Unless your filthy clothes, you’re trying to expose yourself. Then it’s got plenty to do with it. Shows what’s in you. Come on.


Let’s get down to where reality is. People don’t want reality, they can’t stand reality. That’s why they can’t come to the light because their deeds were evil. Based on what? Their own revelation, it tells you this. What revelation has a brute beast?

How many people got a dog? Let me see your hands. Go on, get them up. How many got a dog? Talk to your dog today and explain the Word of God. Go ahead. Ya-ha. There’s no difference. The Bible tells me Balaam had a donkey that had more than he had.

See, the comparison is not exactly true, a brute beast is a brute beast. The spirit of man goes up but the spirit of the beast goes down. Come on.

Stick with the Bible, don’t get your own thinking in here, and say, “Well, Brother Vayle, I’m… I just love these people.” Fine, love the people. That’s great, but you better not love their ways. Stand up, stand up for Jesus, you soldiers of the cross. Not something erroneous.


Now where are we going to go from here? We’re going to go to page 23, and on page 23, going to read 113.

[113]  Now, [he said,] now, we notice this. [This is where you’re going to turn the tape over.] Now, we notice this. Both of these were spiritual men, both prophets, both were called. And Moses, right in the line of duty with a fresh Pillar of Fire before him every day… [and the spirit of God upon him in the line of duty. See? Okay.]


Let’s go over here and we go back to 2 Corinthians, the 11th chapter and notice Paul has already had a confrontation with these false prophets that are teaching wrong. And he said,

2 Corinthians 11:2

(02) …I’m jealous over you with [a] godly jealousy… I’ve espoused you to one husband, that I may present you… a chaste virgin to Christ.

He said, “There it is. Absolutely righteous, based upon the Word of God, no problem, hundred percent, you’re going to make it.”

2 Corinthians 11:3-4

(03) But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

(04) For if he that come… preach… another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or… receive another spirit, which [we] have not receive, …another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.

Now notice in here, he saying here, when this comes which it will come, don’t you dare lean toward it, you stay with the original. But he said, “I’m sorry I know that already it’s amongst you, some of you have already given way.”


Now what is he saying in the 13th verse?

2 Corinthians 11:13-15

(13) For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

(14) And no marvel, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

(15) Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness, [and] whose end shall be according to their works.

Now what’s he talking about? He’s talking about the gospel. So these people will take the same Word and pervert It. They’re not going to come and say, “Hey, there’s no Jesus who ever died on the cross.” They’re not going to say that. They’re going to say that at the same time, “Blessed virgin, blessed mother, queen of the heavens.” Kiss the pope’s toe.

Talk about Jesus having died and risen for sin, then turn right around like some of my Catholic friends and then say, “Well, you know, we’re going to have another stab at this, because we’re coming back. I believe in reincarnation.” Show me where the Roman Catholic church believes in reincarnation.

Show me where they don’t believe it. Anything goes. Sure it does. They’re bewailing and they’re bellyaching right now about it, why did the pope loose his control over the years? Because they allowed everything and anything to come into their doctrine, voodoo, everything else.

Go down to the islands and see who practice witchcraft, the priests are the best of the works. You want a good Ouija board operator, I think that the Catholics would be good because they pray to the dead. I’ve got news to them, Mary’s dead.

Her prayers can’t get to you, prayers to her can’t get through. But the pope’s got it all figured out, Mary’s going to persuade her son Jesus. And she calls him… he calls her the mother of God. How can God have a mother? If God has a mother then you better worship the mother because she is before him. That is Gnosticism.

Oh, listen, they know the history way better than Lee Vayle ever knew the history but… maybe I know the important points. I hope so. All right.


So here now, these are the same that we’re talking about as Matthew 7, the false prophets, Matthew 24, the same false prophets and in 2 Thessalonians, the same false prophets, and in Peter, the same false prophets, and in Jude, the same false prophets, and in Revelation, the same false prophets. There isn’t any difference because you’ve got the kingdom of God against the kingdom of Satan and they both start as spiritual.

[113]  [Now,] here comes another servant of God, called of God, ordained of God, a prophet, to whom the Word of God comes to… [And] here’s the danger of it. There’s nobody could dispute that man being… of God, because the Bible said the Spirit of God spoke to him, and he was a prophet. But you see, when he got the real answer from God, he wouldn’t keep it, [and] he didn’t notice it. Then he went to challenge Moses.

Now this is the thing you’re looking at, these people today can preach the very Word that we’re preaching with an entirely different slant and claim they are a hundred percent right, when we know they’re a hundred percent wrong, because the Appearing is not the Rapture.

The Appearing leads to the Rapture, then the destruction of this earth. Not the complete destruction, I don’t mean dissolution now, going into a vapor. I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about the earth and all these kingdoms being taken over by Christ and His Bride by the power of Almighty God, the One seated upon the white horse with the Bride coming with Him. Now remember, the Appearing is when He comes with His angels, there it is right there. But they’ll never understand it.


Now listen. But you see, he couldn’t take the real answer. Now what is the real answer? A real answer is a real prophet. How the Word of God really comes and how you can really know, It is the real Word of God.

Now they know that, they talk about prophets, go back, prophet, prophet, prophet, prophet, prophet, like that Brother Moore I mentioned, you know, wrote the Herald of Our Hope, the best, Brother Branham admitted, it’s the best paper ever put out.

And they said, “Oh God, send a prophet. Oh God, send a prophet.” God send a prophet, and the prophet came and ate dinner. And when he went away, “God, oh God, send a prophet.”


You know what Israel is going to come to before it’s over? They’re going to say, “Blessed is he, and we don’t care who he is.” And how he comes and where he comes from. But blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord, we’ve had it.

To this point Israel after two thousand years has not yet had it. Oh, they smart off left and right, they’re depending on their government, they’re talking about fleeing Russia, and you get communism, socialism, right in the midst.

And America over here, that’s building the image to the beast, screams, “Oh, hallelujah, we’re glad that this communistic nations have fallen, now we’re the chief bastion of socialism right here.” We’re finished.

Oh my, can’t you see these people when they come to the real answer, they don’t want it. They come right up like Israel to the Promised Land, the door open, “It’s yours.” Look it, the good fruit, look it, taste it. And in this hour, it says in Hebrews 6, they literally taste the power of the world to come, and they said… walk right away.

The Bible said, “You don’t get one more chance, it’s all over.” Why? Because that which was perfect has come, no more parts and they don’t even notice it. Now what keeps them from noticing it? They’re so enthused with their programs and their abilities, especially gifts of the Holy Ghost and the converts coming in, and all the lies that are coming through their mouths.


You know they’re just like that person I told you about, Daddy Bosworth, I told you many years ago, the poor woman was dying with arthritis, she was lying in bed, her bones had turned to chalk and so they had got this message in tongues and interpretation, now…

“Thus Saith the Lord, my little children, do not be afraid to straighten her legs.” So they pulled her legs and crack went the legs and the bones broke.

And the next person spoke again, “Do not fear, my little children, though the bones may have broken, fear not to take her neck and twist her neck and shake.” They took her neck and shake and broke her neck and she died.

They took the whole bunch into court. And that’s what’s going on with these people today. They’re trying to manipulate a body that’s calcified and turned into chalk. And all it’s going to do is break their own necks. Why? Because they know better.


They know better. Go and talk to their theologians, like I read in Toronto. If you haven’t got the sermon, get it for your own good. They Know Better [July 5, 1991, Mississauga, Ontario] Proving Brother Branham, a hundred percent better. They know better.

Catholics standing down there wrote there, an artist, a fine man, an absolute fine man, and you couldn’t say the spirit of God wasn’t speaking through him, the spirit of God was speaking through that man by the Word. And he’s a million miles off. And he said, “What’s the miracle for?” Shut-up and sit down and listen, there’s something you’re going to be told.

And they’ll take the squeeziest, the queasiest thing you ever saw, and yet Pentecost turned down the Word of the Living God. Well, they’re supposed to do that, so what are we going to do about it? We’re going to do nothing about it, nothing we can do about it. All right.


Where do we go from here? We went there. Okay, we got… now.

[114]  Now, Balaam sought the will of God with all… his heart.

You think they don’t? Why, they lock themselves in clothes closets. They prayed and they fasted. They locked the door. Don’t come near me I’m not available. I’m here to twist God’s arm.

I’m here to plow through. I thought Jesus plowed through. There’s a lot of funny things going on, I was a part of it for a long time, so don’t think I don’t know what I’m talking about. Their hearts could be crying and screaming for God.

[114]  Now, when these great men came over and said, “Balaam, Balak the king has sent [to you, come and meet him] …and curse these people Israel, because they’re scattered all over the face of the earth, and now they’re camping against me.

The thing about these people, they didn’t want any part of their Moab. Huh. You know, they think we’re looking for converts, to take people out of church? Hogwash! You don’t have to be afraid, scared of me going anywhere and asking anybody to come.

I just say, “Hey, I don’t think you’ll like us.” See, there’s no use talking to anybody until you tell them where you’re coming from. You’ve got to let them know where you’re coming from, there’s only one real voice and that must be vindicated or forget it.

Live like a dog, die like a dog, who gives a rip? There’s got to be something somewhere. And you show them the film of Brother Branham, you talk about the Word of God, how God does things, then you walk off.


I think Brother Bob Simpson found it out west when he was talking to a man and talking a time. He said, “We need a prophet, that’s what we need.” Bob led him exactly where he wanted the man to be led to, hey we need a prophet. What ever happened?

Did you ever get… nowhere, but he’s still needs a prophet. Yes sir, doesn’t matter, brother, he makes the wrath of man to praise Him. The remainder wrath he doth restrain. God will make every tongue confess to Him, sure, that’s good… good work for you. Good you did that. We must witness in this particular time.

[114] [Now he said,] …they’ve licked up every kingdom [and so on.]  “…come… and curse [them]…”  Now you see, he was a man of God. “What you bless, is blessed.” He was a servant of God.


Okay, and of course, we know that everybody is a servant of God. Over here in Romans, the 14th chapter, it says here in verse 7,

Romans 14:7-9

(07) For none… lives to himself, and no man dies to himself.

(08) For whether we live, we live unto the Lord, and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s.

(09) For to this end Christ both died, and rose, and revived, that he might be Lord both of the dead and living.


So it tells you right there, it says right here, when Jesus died upon the cross, he bought everybody. Everybody’s…. if you ever tell a man what to do with his own goods. Well, you may suggest and say, “This is better.” But you can’t tell him unless you’re the law, or a crook, or something, or got a gun in your hand.

All of these belong to God, everybody belongs to God, He bought them all. That’s why Eve could say, “I’ve gotten a man from the Lord.” See, there again because he was coming under the… under the future of the Messiah shedding his blood, and therefore, he bought them all.

He does what he wants, like it says in Romans, the man has a house, he takes a… and he can take a lump of clay and make a pot of this kind, that kind of pot, that kind of pot, put it on a shelf, beautiful vessel, over here use it for slop can for all he cares.

You can’t tell a man what to do, can the pot say to the potter, why have you make me thus? Can the thing formed say to the former, why? See? You got to understand these things.

[115]  [Now] Balaam…thought, being a prophet, “There’s only one thing for me to do, and that’s seek out what is the will of God.” That’s the duty of the prophet if he’s called… a prophet. [That’s what he is going to do.]

[116]  First, what must a prophet do? Is seek out the will [and] the Word of God. He must do it! Because, being a prophet, the Word of the Lord comes to him. [and you see, you] say, “Well, [they’re] not… theologians.” [Certainly not. The Bible never does] say the Word comes to theologians. They’re the ones who mess It up.

That sure is the truth too, right there. He wouldn’t get very many brownie points for that one. But it’s the truth. All right.


Now let’s go back to where we were reading. Let’s see now. So, now, you notice here, there’s a real true prophet. He comes on the scene vindicated according to Deuteronomy 18.

One: God vindicates Himself to the prophet.

Number two: he’s vindicated to the people.

Number three: he brings the Word.

For he knows who he is and his purpose and in his course, his course of life, you know, which is the Word, which Balaam and the rest can’t know, and they cannot know it.


Now that’s the thing about it. There’s got to be one source, and these people come and they say, “Well, hey, just a minute, I’m got the same this guy’s got. Don’t tell me I don’t have the Holy Ghost, don’t tell me I can’t know, I do not have to have anybody because it says right here in the New Testament.

Jesus said, “When I go away and the Holy Ghost is come, he’ll teach you all things.” Well, then how come the Pillar of Fire came to Paul? See, they… something is missing up here spiritually. They can’t look at the Word and say, “Just a minute, that never happened at Pentecost. It never happened with those eleven.”

It happened to one man, Paul and even withstood those eleven face to face and showed them they did not have what he had concerning his ministry which was to the Gentiles. No, they did not. Now, they were born again, no problem. They’re disciples, they’re apostles: no problem, no problem, no problem.


The point is this, God does things a certain way. And the true Revelation came to the apostle Paul and he wrote it all down and Peter said, “There’s many things that Paul says that are hard to understand, and people wrest it to their own destruction, but I want to tell you one thing, Paul is right.”

You bet he was right, you bet he was right, he was vindicated from Jerusalem all around the world, wherever that man went, absolutely vindicated, walked in and you saw the processes of the power of Almighty God.


Daddy Bosworth would go to Japan, go to Cuba, go anyplace in the world. I talked to the man, knew him very well, personally. And you can perhaps, you might get tapes from him, I don’t know, some are extant, I don’t know. Some of you got a book or two.

But I know he would say, “You know, Brother Vayle, I just love to prove God.” He said. He told me, I went to Japan… and in this man’s ministry, there never was a failure when it came to radical mastoid operations, which means you take all the eardrum and everything, there’s nothing there to hear with.

And he knew every time he prayed, God would recreate those bones in the eardrum and the person would hear. And that never failed in his ministry.

And so when he preached in Japan, he would now say, Listen, you don’t believe God, they’re a bunch of Shinto believers, that Buddha—Shintoism is not the same as Buddhism, but Shintoism will be along that line, but maybe it’s a branch like Shiite and different types of Muslim.

I don’t know, but anyway, over there, he had the… he would preach and then he’d say, let me pray for the people. The first people here, I want radical mastoid operations. And they’d interpret, I want you that doesn’t have an eardrum, been taken out, the bones out.

And he said, “I just stand there and chuckling away to get my hands on them and watch… and knew that God was going to do it.” And he did too. The fellow was a marvel. Second to Brother Branham only, that anybody ever knew, nobody of his caliber and as soon as he prayed, a brand new ear.


But you see signs followed the Word. That’s everybody’s commission. But there’s no place outside of a prophet where the signs go before the Word as Jesus began to do and to teach, as Moses began to do and to teach. Now these people simply take gifts, you follow? And it won’t work.

Now that’s shows you when you arrogate to yourself a position based entirely opposite to what the Word of God says, you are not of God even though you preach and preach and preach and you say, “Brother Vayle, what if the day comes when that man turns around?”

That proves he was of God. I used to believe in nothing but signs following, I thought, hey, that really puts you in a category, not that you were going to show anybody you really were of God, but hey, this is the way to get them to God.

It doesn’t get them to God at all, I’ve seen them come with bad backs and everything else and get perfectly healed and go on down the road and the same as they ever were. You know, it’s Baptist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Presbyterian, heathen, heathen.

What’s the difference? You know, it’s just differences, he’s a healed heathen. See, I’m back in my mind I’m going back thirty years and better, which you just kind of got to take my word for it. All right now.


It says here, from page 25 and we’re up to paragraph where I left off last time I preached.

[124]  [Balaam] failed to see that Smitten Rock and that brass serpent, that Pillar of Fire. He tried to judge them from a moral standpoint.

Now listen! He failed to see the Smitten Rock and the brass serpent, that Pillar of Fire. He couldn’t see it, because it was pointing to the future. And he was standing still where there wasn’t any future, unless he, positively, worked and ordained that future.

He didn’t understand, except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. Except the Lord watch the city, the watchman watched but in vain. He didn’t understand how that God does things and maintains it, the things I’ve been telling you about. He doesn’t understand those, see. So he’s looking at this and he doesn’t see it.


Now watch! In not being able to take this looking forward, do you understand what I’m saying because you’re going to return to the Millennium, to Eden. The Promised Land is not Eden, it’s not the Millennium. It’s a temporary place where humanity and history going on. If this is only a type, now he couldn’t look forward to reality.

Now watch! What happens in our day looks back upon the Pillar of Fire, the cross, the Smitten Rock, the brass serpent, because we see everything that He did when He was here in the flesh as Emmanuel, He does here now in the form of the Holy Ghost in the Pillar of Fire, through a prophet. See?

They couldn’t look forward, today the people can’t look back. No they can’t. They can’t identify what went on today as the ministry of Jesus Christ as brought forth in Matthew the 12th chapter. They can’t do it, they can’t identify the son of Man in 2 Thessalonians, the 2nd chapter.

They can’t identify the Appearing, they think it’s the Rapture. That the Bible says you got to see Him as He is before you get your change. My understanding is you already got your change when you’re up in the Rapture.

They got the cart before the horse, they got something messed up anyway, bad as Balaam, thinking he was talking to somebody when it was the donkey. Even answering back, even answering the donkey back. Talk about a mixed up guy.

[124]  [Now listen!] He tried to judge them from a moral standpoint. He failed to see the higher calling of God. By Grace, by election they were in that line, [l-i-n-e] and with God’s Word.


Now, look, today most people haven’t got a clue to election, foreknowledge, and predestination. And they don’t understand exactly what it says over here, according to the apostle Paul, now this is the people that escaped the antichrist. This is the Bride.

We are bound to give thanks always to God, for you brethren, beloved of the Lord, Jacob have I loved, because God has from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the spirit even belief of the truth.

How in the world does the spirit of God set you aside except by the Word? See what I’m saying? Not by gifts, by the Word, that’s what’s was the days of Moses. He said, “When you go to that land in there, it is this Word that makes you different.”

When you and I go to the Millennium, it is this Word that makes us different. And we are Word. It is the difference, it is the Word by revelation.


Now, Brother Branham said, “They were looking at Israel on moral grounds, which is works, and how they conducted themselves.” That’s how you people say, “Well, you’re not winning any souls, you’re not doing this, you’re not doing the other thing.” That’s all right. All those things are good but they’ll never take the place of the Word.

Now listen, and when he wanted to curse them, God said, “Don’t do it. They’re mine, leave them alone, don’t touch them.” Now remember, no man in himself can curse anything. There’s got to be some power out there that’s doing it for him because the curse enters into the realm of the supernatural.


Now, look right happens over here in 2 Thessalonians, the same thing today,

2 Thessalonians 1:8,7

(08) In flame[s] [of] fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and… obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: [Now what does that come from?]

(07) …to you that are troubled rest with us, [Rest when? At the time] when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, [His mighty messengers, seven mighty angels, ministers, flames of fire, and they come down and that’s the time there’s a curse and a blessing.]


Now here’s the same thing with Balaam and Moses, a curse and a blessing. And God says, “I’m taking Israel in as a blessed people.” And Balaam stood there and said, “I don’t think I’ll let him do it, bless God.” What makes that bunch down there think they got anymore than I’ve got hallelujah?”

“Why,” he just said, “they came from the same stock we came through, well, old Abraham was the son of [Terah] or whatever his name was anyway, back there in Ur of the Chaldeans,” and he said, “After all, our father was Lot, and he was a nephew, and so it’s the same blood lines, and we worship the same God, there’s one God, we worship, what are they trying to tell us anyway?

Why, they’re trying to make something of themselves. And when people make something of themselves and they separate themselves and say, “Hey, we’re going in and this and that.” He said, “I just think they’re too high and mighty and they’ve got out of hand, because God blessed them and took them through the Red Sea.

Now, you can see what’s happened, it’s gone to their heads.” Oh yeah, they separate themselves, we’ll just curse them. We’ll knock them out, we’ll get rid of them.” You think they didn’t say that? Come on, they had an association, they had everybody going back and forth just the same as today, there’s no difference because Brother Branham said, “Moab is today.”

And I’ve gone through that… what was it in? Jeremiah, chapter 48, read the whole thing yourself. We already dealt with it. See?


Now he said, he said, “Don’t you do that, don’t you curse them because he said, “What’s today?

2 Thessalonians 1:10

(10) When he shall come to be glorified in his saints, and… be admired in… them that believe [because our testimony among you was believed] in that day.

The very Word of God which came to the apostle Paul must come back today in Its original absolute meaning and application. And when the people take It they will be guaranteed under Ephesians, the 1st chapter, verses 17, to what… 21-23?

Let’s find out. Never could remember if it was 21 or 23. We’ll soon tell you, 23, but especially to 21. Comes in and puts the church in order and takes it away.

[125]  Now, so the men turned around, went back. Now, watch his denominational headquarters though when he gets back. They send a more influential group. [And so on and so on.] [And] he sent a better group, a little more influential group, [a people who] had a little better education, …could lay out the plan… better, could make it reasonable.

[126]  [So], that’s what Cain did. He reasoned. That’s what Korah did. He reasoned. [And] it’s not he that reasons. We cast down reasonings, we believe God, no matter what anything else says, we believe God. We don’t reason what God says. You can’t reason with It. You have to accept It by faith.


Like I said the other day, last Sunday, when I preached here, I mentioned the fact what Paul brings out in Hebrews, what a man seeth, what does he yet hope for?

In other words, when it’s in front of you, there it is, it’s yours. Take it. Well, that’s the way it is with the Presence and with the Appearing, It’s in front of you, take It. Israel, the door was open to Canaan’s land, there it is, take it. There’s the grapes! Eat them! [Brother Vayle makes grumbling sounds.]

You mean you can’t take what’s yours? How come we want to take what’s everybody else’s? Cotton-picking bunch of thieves! God, we need a bloodbath or something, I’ll tell you that. Just letting you know the truth. Something’s wrong. Yup, they turned It down. You have to accept It by faith.

You don’t reason, It’s there in front of you and that’s the truth, when It’s there in front of you, that’s scientific because you have passed now from wondering what is so, to knowing what is so. And Brother Branham said, “That’s scientific.” Oh, praise the Lord, I believe what the prophet said.


Now, let’s go on down to where we really quit the last time. I got myself mixed up on a page there, but that’s all right. I wanted to read it anyway.

[128]  [Now] he said, “It isn’t for me to know what they believe or not.”

That’s when Dr. Davis and he, Davis said, “Hey, Bill, forget it. You didn’t have a call, they won’t listen to you anyways, so why?”

He said, “I don’t care if they believe it or not, it’s my duty to preach it. That’s what He told me. He said He’d be with me and He told me what He would do.”

Now, I know that Dr. Davis thought, absolutely, that Jesus being with Brother Branham, he was talking about the spirit, like Dr. Davis would say, “He’s with everybody.” Uh-uh.

There it is, right there. [Points to the picture of the Pillar of Fire] Like with nobody else. I’m sorry, nobody else all by himself, nobody else.


People today from Norway and different places, claim they got the Pillar of Fire, every place you go, they got the Pillar of Fire. Phtt. Not to us, the Pillar of Fire, that’s for the guys thinking so. What are you going to… how are you going to come behind Brother Branham?

Especially to me, I don’t know about the rest of you sitting here, Brother Bill and Mary and some of you saw Brother Branham, but many of you here never knew him like I knew him. Few men ever did, and few men ever cared. Touch him? Come on, I’ve been with the greatest men, seen them, read their works, and everything else… nothing, but nothing.

Marvelous, marvelous that God should do that at this end time. Talk about an Epiphaneia for us as well as for him. It’s absolutely fantastic. God appearing in human flesh once more, God manifested in human flesh. And when the hand does it, the body does it.

And when Brother Branham did it, the Bride did it. And the so-called Bride and says, “Now we’re going to do this, and do that.” They forgot it’s already been done. What is vindicated, that’s science, that’s knowledge, that’s it. When that which is perfect is come, that means finished, it’s over. All we got to do is wait for the Word to take Its final effect.



[128]  And It’s done… exactly what He said It would do: “First, take ahold of their hands, then it’ll come to pass that you’ll even know the secrets of the… hearts.” And I’ve told you about it, and it happened that way. How does it do it? I still don’t know how it does it. It’s none of my business how it’s done. It’s just done.

Now that’s really something we should pay attention to.

[129]  Who can explain when God told Elijah, “Go up there and set [in the mountain] and I’ll feed you. I’ve ordained the crows to feed you”? How could a crow get a slice of bread and a… piece of [baked fish] and bring it to a prophet? That’s beyond anything I could explain. I don’t think you can either, …nobody can. But He did it. That’s all that was necessary. He did it, and that’s the truth of it. How He did it, I don’t know. It’s none of my business. But He did it. How He made the earth, I don’t know, but He did it. How He sent His Son, I don’t know, but He did it. How He rose from the dead, I don’t know, but He did it. How did He save me? I don’t know, but He did it. That’s right. How’d He save you? I can’t tell you, [how] He did. How did He heal [you?] I don’t know, but He did it. He promised He would do it, and He [kept] His Word.


Now, from paragraph 126 to 129, we can see there is no difference from what takes place in nature. How do the birds fly? You can’t tell. They tell you… the dynamics engineers will tell you that the bumblebee can’t fly. His cargo is just made him unfit to fly, but they say the bumblebee doesn’t know that so he flies anyways. You know.

How does the hummingbird flap his wings like he does? They’re faster and faster you can hardly see them moving. If you take on a nice day, got some pretty flowers, you take a nice and delicate spray on a hot day, and spray those flowers, and you could pray, it would help, a hummingbird will come and just sit right in that little spray right there and right up by your hand and you can see all its beautiful colors, I’ve done it different times.

Or you can put honey and water, not honey, but sugar, you can’t give them honey, it will kill them. You put sugar out there, you can see them come right out there, sit underneath them, they won’t bother, out there. I’m curious, you know, hoeing in the garden, come right up there. How do they do it? God!

Now well, they say, “Protein was there, so something had to happen.” Phtt. You know that, that is about the best laugh I think, I could… what you call a real good laugh right down in the depth of the tummy.

Ha, ha. How do they fly? The point is they do fly, thus manifestation alone is the answer to God’s Word. “Explanation,” Brother Branham said, “and interpretation is God simply performing it, don’t fuss, just take it.”


Number two: thus we see God interprets His Word, and thereby, Himself by manifesting It and Himself and just let it go at that. See. See, I don’t know how He keeps His Word but He does it.

[129]  Now, Balaam should’ve known that, …he did know better.

Now if you think for one minute, that Balaam didn’t know that when he was ready to go down and curse those people? He knew God was faithful to His Word.

What do these people out here preach all the time, Swaggart and the rest of these guys? He’s a faithful God, a faithful God. I think Swaggart… Is Swaggart a Trinitarian? Somebody told me he’s Oneness. I don’t know.

No deeper than that Oneness spirit is the worst spirit in the world though. It’s criminal. They’re the ones that said that Brother Branham is a lying prophet. “That false prophet got killed, that’s good, he’s out of the way now.” Yeah.


[130]  Notice, this better, influential group [came] and what [and what about them was] better? [Why] they had better gifts. [Maybe more education, more manifestations, more this, who knows.] And not only that, they could give him more money, …they could offer a better position. “Now, besides just a regular minister in our organization, we’ll make you district superintendent.” … “Well… we’ll do something for you if you’ll just run that bunch of people out of …here. (see?) and stop that.” [So] they offered him a great position. …[And] said, “You know, I’m able to promote you.” Look where he’s getting his word…  from, the head of the nation!


Now listen, let’s face this straight, we’re talking about Brother Branham ministry, we’re going back there. We’re talking about two spirits. We’re talking about true anointing on false people. We’re talking about those that are off the Word. We’re talking about one real man of God and all the rest, even though they appear to be, they are not.

Now what are they doing here? They are pitting gifts against an ordained prophet, ordained Word prophet. They are saying, “Hey, we’ve got something, too. We are great people.”

And so what happens? The Assemblies of God and the Oneness and the whole bunch began raising up preachers that prayed for the sick. Then pretty soon, they began discerning.

I never knew better, I did it too. I had pretty good discernment. But Brother Branham said, “You have a lot of real discernment. See, you could make one mistake and that throws it out.”

You say, “Well, the discernment was the devil.” No it wasn’t. I was operating outside the Word of God. I was believing what I saw.

Say, “Well, I believe anybody should do this.” I was told by people, “Hey, this was done by a man over here.” This was done many years ago, this and that was done about Brother Branham, I found out they’re a bunch of hogwash. Ha.

If there’d been one man and one man only with his ministry, he could have turned the world around. God didn’t want the world turned around. No. So what do they do? He allowed them to produce through the Holy Spirit, based upon the Word, all these great manifestations, and they said, “Hey, we’re fine. We got it.

Reverent Branham, you’re no different from us and I don’t like the idea, you’re pretending you’re different. So hey, we’re just going to upset your apple cart. You’re nothing but a Oneness anyway, and us Trinitarians, we know what’s right. And you’re no theologian.” See, they just went the whole gamut. And that’s what you see right today.



[131]  Where was Moses getting his words from? The King of Heaven. One was the Word of God’s Promise: “I’ll take you to the promised land, and no man will stand before you. I’ll send hornets before you and drive them out, …right to left. And you’re going to take the land. I’ve already been give[n] it to you. Go [in] take it, possess it, it’s yours.” And now, see, that’s Who Moses was listening to. And this man was listening until it [came] to something in his own heart [and] he was jealous of, and so then he went to his ecclesiastical head.

Okay. We’re looking at this paragraph here. This is all very strange in the light of that Israel had no intention of staying there and not paying for their food and welfare and their animals, what they ate.

Now the king here said, “Hey, these people here, we’re not going to let them have any food. We’re going to get rid of them and we don’t want them to go through our land. We just want to send them on their way and we just hate them.”

Now the point is what I’m bringing out here, according to Scripture, Israel was told to pay their way. They give money for the food. They give money for the water. They pay for every man, woman, and child and every beast. And said, “All we want to do is get over where we are going.”


Now you see, these people here did not have that vision, although, no doubt they knew there was the promise to Abraham, that there’d be a people raised up to go to a certain area, the same as Lot had a certain area.

And they say, “Hey, if anybody’s going to make it, we’re going to make it.” Now this man, Moses was a pretty tough customer to contend with, because if Balaam had not been there to divert the people’s attention, there is the complete possibility that they all would have gone on Moses’ bandwagon and said, “Hey, we’re a part of you, we’re going in, too.” So what happened?

You got to raise up just enough of the same material to get the people thinking, “Hey, they’re loony. They’re a discredit. They’re fanatics. They’re heretics. Get rid of them. Don’t leave them with us, we don’t want anything to do with them. We got to put them down.”

You see what I’m saying? If any man was of the stature of William Branham, if he was the only one of that stature, the rest would have come, but when he stood there and proclaimed his own stature and all that they were doing was receiving an anointing but not the true Revelation, they had no course, but to turn on him. No other course. Now how can they turn on him and win? Because they’ve got gifts.


Now we might not have [microphone drops.] Get rid of this thing, one way… say, we might not have one man like William Branham, that can really do all the things, you know, that we know that he’s been doing and saying all the things he’s been saying because the man’s got this and he’s got that.

But I’ll tell you, we got many. We got many that can stand up and do as much in their way, so who needs it? Now if he says he’s vindicated because he’s got that, then we’re vindicated because we’ve got this. Now then who in the world from Moab would follow Moses? Nobody’s going to do it.

And yet Moses didn’t even want them. When they said to William Branham, “There’s ten thousand people believe this Message.” He said, “Too many, got to shake them off.”

If you’d have ever been around him like I was and knew the number of people that were actually healed and helped by William Branham and he never to my knowledge once asked them to come to his church. His church would have been the biggest church in the whole area.


I remember walking in one time to that hotel, it’s down there on Spring Street, down by the river and there was a drunk guy in there, and his language was like mine used to be, and he was letting the people know, and he had heard that I was down there to go to Brother Branham.

Why he said, “He’s on ten. And anybody around here, (and he’s drunk.) See, nobody going to tell me one thing about William Branham that’s wrong because I’ll take that blankety-blank-blank-blank-blank-blank.”

And he blanked for about an hour, well, not an hour but about three or four minutes, about anybody had a bad word against William Branham. He didn’t go to church. No doubt, the guy had been healed or helped sometime.

But you couldn’t lay a finger on the man, there’s no way you could. Never once could you catch him with any deceit because it wasn’t there. Unless this Word is handled without deceit, absolute purity and you get It that way, there’s no way you’re going to make the Rapture because Paul said so.

Everybody says, “I believe Paul’s message.” Do you? Come on, come on, come on. Then read the book of Galatians again. Find out how he got it. Read Romans 15 how he is vindicated. Go through the Book of Acts and see further vindication, how that the man was vindicated before he opened his mouth, he began to do before he began to teach.

[132]  Notice, a better position. He said, “You know I’m able to promote you? I will promote you to a better place. I’ll do more for you, I’ll raise your wages, I’ll give you a better salary.” And when he offered all of this, it blinded him.


The Bible says, as a man’s gift will blind you, blinded by gifts.

[133]  How many Balaam’s are there in the world today, that by a better position, a better church, a promise of something… When a man gets his eyes open to the Word and the working… of God, and that good man who’s got influence will start out as a servant of God, and he holds a good congregation. After a while, the Holy Ghost baptism… presented to him, the baptism in Jesus’ Name is presented to him, which is [in the] Scripture and the only Scriptural way to baptize, and what is presented to him in the denomination know… they’re going to lose him when he starts that, they offer him a better position, and a change in church. See, old Balaamism again, just exactly like it was at the beginning.

Now everybody that starts to leave churches, it doesn’t mean they all go bad. There’s some that never come to this message but they will never go back to organization because they know it is wrong.


Now let’s go to 1 Timothy, the 4th chapter and we’re going to take a look at this very thing.

1 Timothy 4:1-4

(01) Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, …in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils,

(02) Speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their conscience seared with a hot iron, [Notice that.]

(03) Forbidding to marry, …commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

(04) For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if we receive with thanksgiving:

So that’s people tell you, you can’t eat meat, they’re crazy. But don’t eat too much, of course, Brother Branham said, “Eat very little at the end time.” So that’s what the word of God is for this hour so put it in there.

1 Timothy 4:5-6

(05) For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.

(06) [And] if thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things… [and so on, down the line.]


All right, our time is up on this and I’m not going to take any further, make a note here and we’ll start when we get back with you, whenever that is. When we get back we’ll go to Timothy and bring in Timothy here and show you the conditions that exist in this Balaam situation right in this hour.

So all right, you know what we’re talking about, this doesn’t need to go on tape. You’re know what we’re talking about now. We’re getting a real glimpse and a real in-depth study of the fact of the two vines, the two spirits that are, razor close.

And ain’t nobody but nobody going to know the difference except the very elect, which means either the Bride, wise virgin, in contradistinction to the foolish virgin, or it means, even greater, only the few that are going to be standing here and change to immortality. I don’t know which it is.

And I… I’m not prepared, I’m not a prophet. But there’s your picture, it’s very strong and very wonderful that we know the difference, and that’s only by the Grace of God. None of us asked for it. We didn’t pray for it. It was already foreknown. And this is now predestination.

Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Heavenly Father, again we want to thank You for Your Goodness and Mercy to us, the Grace which is in Christ Jesus, now made known to us, even before the foundation of the world, but revealed in this last times, what was at that particular time.

And how good it is, Lord, O God, may we never forget that and walk in the light as He is in the Light and have fellowship one with another, the Blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, cleansing us from all unrighteousness, all sin, everything, iniquity, whatever it might be, Lord, as the prophet said, “The Blood of Christ, not only purifies, but perfects the Bride.”

Now washed in the waters of separation by the Word ready for presentation, we believe that, Lord, because as the prophet said, “If we’re not Bride, there’s a Bride out there somewhere, and by the Grace of God we won’t stand in her way.”

Lord, bless Your people today, we pray, there’s those of us who could stand more of a touch upon our bodies but if that’s not to be so, as Brother Branham taught us, if we ask Him, and we don’t get it, just say, “Praise the Lord” and go on.

Yet who knows around the corner, it might be there waiting for us, a little more step of faith, a little more maturity. We keep on believing your Word, Lord, and Lord, may we all believe It together until one day there will be a group of people leave this area here.

May there be enough to make the people wonder though, we know that that won’t be the truth because they’ll be so busy with so many of their own thoughts and own things that wouldn’t matter if half of a company didn’t turn up, something would take away their thoughts concerning it and they’d attribute it to something else. They wouldn’t know.

So Father in Heaven, we know that as long as You’re for us, then who can be against us because You’re our portion. So be with this people, Father, in their correct anointing, correct way and understanding and may the spirit of grace and mercy be in the heart of each one, so we live Christian lives that are known unto men and say, “Well, might not agree with them but at least we can’t put their finger on their lives.”

That’s all we ask this morning, in the Name of Jesus Christ, we pray, Amen.

‘Take the Name of Jesus with you.’

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