Does God Ever Change His Mind About His Word? #14

Two Vine Churches And Their Ministries
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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, we’re certainly grateful in this hour in which we live that You have chosen us out of to many people, gather together Lord, to come hear Your Word all together with one thought in mind, and that is the Word that the prophet gave us, and we understand only too well Lord, in this hour that our great request would be to be one with that Word, knowing thereby then we are certainly one with You and so we pray that may be tonight.

Clarify our minds Lord, we pray that we’ll understand what is being said by the prophet in such a way as to really put it together to see It, to understand It, and then become a part of us because we know without this even Your very elect would be deceived.

But this is our great hope even as it was when Moses was going into the Promised Land, or thought he was with Israel, he said, “This Word is what makes the difference.” And we believe Lord, It is, because It has been made very clear to us by vindication thereby showing us the truth to the Pauline Epistles especially in 2 Thessalonians that this is absolutely the truth.

Therefore being founded in truth Lord, we shall not be in error. We understand that and thank you for it, knowing it’s all been vindicated, we praise You Lord, that we can have peace tonight and absolute perfect faith in all things now working together for good, all things being possible because You’re here. We thank You for this and love You in Jesus’ Name, we pray, Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we’re up to number 14 on Does God [Ever] Change His Mind About His Word? And on last Sunday, we paid particular attention to the fact that even if one worships and tries to serve the living God he is not necessarily a child of God or a true worshipper.

And I think this is the… where people make a blanket statement concerning mankind that man was so made in the image of God, and by virtue of him having a spirit that everybody really desires to worship and innately they know that there is a God.

Now that’s not really true, the actual fact of the matter is that worship may be intruded into and people attempt to serve God without being called even to do so. But we saw last Sunday and we’ve been looking at it carefully in this Message that everybody that tries to serve God and tries to worship God is not necessarily successful in his endeavors.


Now the Midianites under King Balak exemplified the political cosmos or earthly government. Now that’s Midian under Balak. But under Balaam, you’ll notice that Midian represents under Balaam the spiritual cosmos or heavenly government.

Now don’t be mislead by that statement, because I’m not saying that the Midianites were spiritual and that they were really entering into a spiritual kingdom that had been apportioned unto them and they were possessing it, I’m just saying, it represents.

So we have a king here who is a political cosmos and we have a prophet who is leading in the spiritual cosmos, or the things which are supposed to be spiritual wherein one transcends the other.

Now the spiritual should transcend the political, material, but you’ll notice that it doesn’t. So you keep that in mind concerning the present situation in the world today, especially America.


So all right, the Midianites under King Balak exemplify or they type the political the earthly government and under Balaam you’re looking at the spiritual cosmos government. And you have them, one interwoven with the other and yet they have specific headships that are different.

Now notice how Balaam failed in his calling, in the spiritual cosmos or governmental structure that was on earth and there was a governmental structure and he was the one that was representing God, he believed in one God and he was descendant of Lot.

And Lot of course, was a nephew of Abraham who came out of the Ur of the Chaldeans when Abraham did. And he’s the one that made a very poor calculated judgment when Abraham said, “Take your pick.” He should have said, “Well, I’ll just stick with you.” But he didn’t he took his pick and he ended up as the mayor of a homosexual government and of course, these are his descendants.

And so you see that Balaam failed in his calling as actually, the governmental head which would be the representative of God, in that particular time. And he knew better, but did not obey God. Now being what he was he actually knew to do better and he didn’t and so therefore, Brother Branham said that was iniquity.


Now his pride and greed got in his way for he desired prestige, privilege and wealth above the truly revealed Word of God.

Now see, he should have been involved with the truly revealed Word of God which was not given to him but he had access to, proven by vindication, and he put it aside and became involved in a cosmos earthly government, which was physical, political, when he could have involved himself in a spiritual cosmos.

Now you understand there is such a thing as a good cosmos and a bad cosmos. Most people don’t understand that, anymore than they read their Bibles correctly and it tells you that the world of the ungodly perished at the time of the flood but the world of the godly didn’t perish. They came right back and took over. So all right.


Now, Balaam disassociated himself and Midian from Israel by turning aside the vindicated revelation of the Word. He laid plans to destroy them and even battle them unto his own death. Now he’s a perfect type to the Laodicean Pentecostal chaff age.

Now remember, as Luther came out of Catholicism the Light began to move up, the Life went out of the Word God sent fresh Word. He went to Wesley, Wesley’s went to Pentecost. But it was the same growth coming up so that whatever life there was came up to the time of the Pentecostal outpouring the restoration of gifts, etc. etc.

And so now you’re at the place where there must come life out of the end church age which will be a resurrection and a transformation and a Rapture and a going over.

So as Alpha is Omega, and we put out type way back there at the time of Moses and Balaam we’re looking at a Pentecostal chaff age where there is a great danger of people not falling in line with the spiritual cosmos, the true governmental principles of God, but going for the physical and political.


Now he is the perfect picture of the prophets of Matthew 24 that are anointed unto gifts, but not the Word. Now remember that’s brought out very strongly at the time of the Presence, just before the end of the world.

And in there, when they’re talking about, “Lo, here is Christ, lo, there, here is the true anointing, here is the Word made flesh, here is reality.”

He said, “Believe it not, don’t go with them, for as lightning cometh out of the east and travels to the west, so shall also the Son of man… the coming of the Son of man be.”

So he tells you right there as in Luke, the days of the Son of man would appear upon earth and of course, as Brother Branham told us so clearly, the same light that was in the east, the same sun that rises in the east, sets in the west, and so therefore, as the light has consistently moved to the west, the last bastion, of course, is America and here’s where the light settled at the end time. Yet these people use their gifts to destroy the truth.


Now, this Balaam is the one mentioned over here in Jude, a little book just before the Book of Revelation, talking about the end time and some very stinging things are said. Talking about the end time he goes right back to the Exodus out of Egypt and the entrance into Canaan land, and how Egypt was destroyed, the unbelievers amongst Israel also destroyed, even the foolish virgin destroyed and the few elect went in.

And then he likens that to the ‘angels that lost their first estate and are held in judgment’, no, now he goes taking a step back, then he comes forward, and talks about Sodom and Gomorrah and then he brings it right down to our hour and he said,

Jude 8-10

(08) Likewise also these filthy dreamers, [or these dreamers that] defile the flesh, [that’s where they get the Word interjected filthy in there,] despise[d] dominion[s], and speak evil of dignities.

(09) Yet Michael the archangel, …contending with the devil… about the body of Moses, [so on,] durst not bring… a railing accusation,

(10) But these speak evil of those things which they know not: but what they know naturally…

So you can see they’re thoroughly involved in a spiritual exercise that is not dominated by reality but is dominated by what he already tells you here nature, by reasoning which is a part of your cosmos, the wrong cosmos.


Notice, ‘as brute beasts’. Now the word ‘brute’ there actually means ‘irrational’ or ‘crazy’. Brother Branham said, “The whole world is going insane and soon would be.” And the word ‘beast’ from the living creature like ‘zoa’ living creature these are crazy people.

They’re plumb out of their minds, making a differentiation that at the end time there would be a class of the sane as in contradistinction to the insane and the sane people alone would be full of the Holy Ghost and anybody not full of the Holy Ghost would be insane, for the Bible says, “He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love and of courage and a sound mind.” [2 Timothy 1:7]

So the sound mind could only come from the mind of God. Therefore, you see once more the evidence of the baptism with the Holy Ghost, is having a sound mind.

In other words, that which is set in the government of the spiritual is written out as the true Rhema of God thoroughly elucidated and brought to our attention as to Its perfect revelation.

Now it says,

Jude 11

(11) Woe unto them! for they have gone the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward and perished in the gainsaying[s] of Core.


Well, so Balaam is mentioned there and I won’t go beyond that at this particular time except also to take you to 2 Peter,

2 Peter 2:1,12

(01) But [as] there were false prophets also among the people, even [so]…there [would] be false teachers among you… [Verse 12.]

(12) But these, as natural brute beasts,

There again you will find that these people are sold out to the wrong cosmos. They are not a part of the true Bride of Christ as much as they’d like to tell you.

2 Peter 2:12

(12) [and they’re] made to be taken and destroyed, [They] speak evil of the things they understand not,

And you’re talking now about the Word. And if you want to see people cringe number one, you bring out serpent seed. That’s number one. We studied that in the same sermon and showed you, goes right back to the prophet in this latter rain, the teacher with the former rain goes back and sows the seed in the entire Bible, from the serpent to his position of vindication and restoration at this end time.


Now, they’re going to ‘perish utterly’. Now you notice the word ‘utterly’ is used in the Book of Acts, the 2nd chapter, I believe it is, the 3rd, whatever, we’ll soon find it if it’s there at all. And it says,

Acts 3:23

(23) And it [has] come to pass, that every soul, which [shall] not hear [the] prophet… shall be [utterly] destroyed…

You’ll find there in your Bible says, ‘destroyed’ but the actual Greek rendition is ‘utterly destroyed’. And you’ll find the same thing over there in Malachi [4:1] “Leaving neither root nor branch.”

You’ll find the same thing in Romans [1:19] “Where the wrath of God is revealed from heaven,”

You see the same thing in 2 Thessalonians [1:7] “When He’s revealed from heaven with His mighty messengers, in flames of fire.”

That visitation is only the sentencing of which He will come back to execute because it’s all going on now.


They’ll receive the reward of unrighteousness which is being off the Word. What was the reward of unrighteousness for Adam and Eve? Mortality they died. See? Now, ‘having eyes full of adultery’ and so on, ‘Promising liberty, get you away from your bondage,’ that you got to believe the Word and you got to be… have a certain standard of understanding of doctrine and so on.

Now, this is the beast, the brute beast we’re looking at that goes plumb back to the Garden of Eden. And you’ll notice in there, there was a beast in the Garden of Eden when at that particular time there was immortality based upon a principle of staying with the Word. Immortality today is based upon the principle of getting back to the Word.

Now they fell from that in the Garden of Eden and at the end time this same religion which starts with a misunderstanding, misinterpretation, and misleading, even by the Word of God, because it deliberately misrepresented, ends up to the beast in the book of Revelation when he takes the whole world over.

So, this fellow Balaam is a perfect picture of Matthew 24 at the end time and he stands out as a Laodicean who can’t resist trying to be a part of the bigger and better church of God that is increased in goods and lack nothing and yet, he really has nothing. All right.


That’s enough there, so let’s start reading on page 27, paragraph 133 which we looked at as we closed off the last time, as we were looking at 1 Timothy 4:1-16 and then other certain scriptures.

[133]  How many Balaams are there in the world today [becoming that way] …by a better position, a better church, a promise of something! When a man gets his eyes open to the Word and the workings of God…

And understands Hebrews 13:8 and Ecclesiastics that God, Himself, essentially does not change, neither do His Ways. And you go back to Genesis 19, Abraham meeting God and Sarah, two angels coming down with God, at the time of the filthy homosexuality and the Judge of all the earth not destroying the righteous with the wicked that’s Hebrews 13:8. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. See?

[133]  When man gets his eyes open to the Word and the workings of God,


In other words, he begins to see how God does convey His Words through vindication by a prophet. God revealing Himself, manifesting Himself, vindicating Himself to a prophet and that prophet to the people that the Word may come in other words, you begin to see something. You begin to understand that something’s going on here that wasn’t going on before it’s got to be God, but you might not be able to place it.

[133]  Now the workings of God, and that good man who’s got influence will start out as a servant of God, and he holds a good congregation. [Then] after a while the Holy Ghost baptism is presented to him [and also,] …baptism in (the Name of) Jesus is presented to him, which is a Scripture and the only Scripture… way to baptize, and when it is presented to him… the denomination knows they’re going to lose him when he starts that, they offer him a better position and a change in church. [And what happens? He takes it. Now watch!] See old Balaamism again, just exactly like it was at the beginning.


Okay, let’s go back to the beginning. Number one: you go back to Satan. Now what did Satan want? He wanted a better position. He had the best position he could possibly get because God gave it to him. See? He was positioned with Michael, who at that time Christ had represented himself in Michael.

I know that’s a Seventh Day Adventist doctrine but it just happens to be true. The old gal evidently guessed it right or something. I don’t know and I don’t care two bits. It’s been vindicated by the prophet.

You know so many people get their hackles up because Brother Branham teaches something and if it was taught by somebody else previously and taught wrong and then Brother Branham teaches it right and we come along and teach it right, they’re ready to kill me and not knowing they’re killing Brother Branham and destroying the Spirit of God.

Well, then you might as well throw the whole… everything out Brother Branham taught. He taught the right eternal security, he taught the right baptism, he taught the right Godhead, he taught everything. While all these other guys have taught it wrong so there can’t be any truth in what Brother Branham says.

That’s why they hit the Message of the Presence. Well, Rutherford taught it and this guy taught it. Well, the Catholics are teaching it now. I want to know Who came down?

The very guys that knew this and taught it years ago and stopped teaching it, where are they? I’ve got just a recent track on them they’re back in Pentecost. They’re running to meetings where people are talking in tongues and falling over and Brother Branham said, “That was not the spirit of God.”

If you want to fall around here get out. We’ll pick you up and throw you out. That way we’ll get rid of the devil and you at the same time. No apologies I’m just telling you the truth.

You’re going to run around and these square-headed birds that call themselves followers of the vindicated word of God and preach a Pentecostal nerd gospel. You want it you go ahead.


I was just talking about it before service. The foundation is the rock of Revelation and a rock doesn’t have feelings it’s cold, hard fact. It’s irrevocable, irreversible and it stands there in spite of the heat and the cold. Yeah. Where’s your emotions gone now? Flat into the hogwash! So we go back to the beginning.

Now listen, God had a plan in heaven if you don’t believe that how come the Bible says, “See thou make all things according to the pattern which I showed thee in the mount.” [Hebrews 8:5] And what was that? The earthy tabernacle based upon the heavenly.

The very principles of the Kingdom of Almighty God, “thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.” So it started that way. And Satan got out of hand. He deliberately said, “I don’t want this position. I want a bigger position.”


And hey, by the way, just taking a look at this thing, let’s go back to… let’s see… I don’t know where I’m going to go back to, it might not be… you know, my memory’s not all that great, whoo, whoo, whoo, where are we off to? Yeah. Ezekiel 28, no wonder I couldn’t find it, I was looking for half of it, in chapter 14. Now here it says in verse 12. Now,

Ezekiel 28:12-15

(12) Son of man, take up a lamentation upon the king of Tyrus, and say unto him, Thus saith the Lord GOD Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom, …perfect in beauty.

(13) Thou hast been in Eden, the garden of God every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and so on.

(14) [You were] the anointed cherub that covereth I set thee so: …upon the holy mountain… [you] walked…

(15) Thou wast perfect… from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.

He knew better but he did it anyway. That is against God. He knew better to do and wouldn’t do it. Now what’s the reason I read about these precious gems and all these jewels and things? That’s where the money is. Money’s in the gold standard and in the precious jewels and things.

Why do you think the Catholic church is full of it? Because it’s full of idolatry. So, so you see it started way back there, when Satan wanted to own it all. And it was true when Jesus stood before him and he said, “All these things I’ll give you if you fall down and worship me.” [Matthew 4:9]

He had every right to say that because he owned it. So you see what we’re talking about? This fellow Balaam and Brother Branham said, “Just like the beginning.” So we go back to the beginning. All right.


What’s the next beginning? The next beginning is that Adam and Eve are put over the earth as God’s stewards. That’s why the Bible said, “Be faithful stewards.” [1 Corinthians 4:2] How can you have a government that wants to get rid of the land of the spotted owl and they’re killing all the species off?

Hundred, maybe dying per day, everywhere, and man stands back and lets the very glory of God, the expression of God go down the drain, and he’s privy to the murdering of the very handiworks of Almighty God. And everybody knows when a species died out it’s not going to come back.

Although your stupid bunch of irreverent jackass pinheads that call themselves scientists talk about evolution. And because there’s protein there’s going to be life. Oh, shee! Well, I hope I’m on the right side of the ledger on the White Throne Judgment, because if I can feel this hot, you better believe that God feels hot.

You say, “Brother, I don’t think you should.”

He said, “Don’t be luke-warm. I’m going to puke you out.” [Revelation 3:16] I don’t intend to end up as vomit I want to be cold as ice, I want to be hot, one of the two.


This is what can make me really hot when these guys blab their mouths off, because you see, this is exactly what happened back in the Garden of Eden, the beast stood there and Adam and Eve were the co-rulers in the household of Almighty God and this woman and this man were literally over the beasts of the field of which the serpent was one.

And the serpent gets out of his place by using the Word of God to take control of these two people. You know what he did? He perverted the Word and he threw in a cosmos unspiritual, physical, into the spiritual cosmos of unreasoning, because spiritual cosmos doesn’t reason because it’s already reasoned. Understand what I’m saying?

The omniscient omnipotent God did all the reasoning within Himself, it came out because He’s God. So now, they’re poking that into it, the beast pokes it in. Now watch, Eve now falls for it. Eve represents the church.

So now we’ve got Balaam in the beginning of the physical because you see he listens even though he had the unadulterated actual Word of the living God demonstrated before him and he is partaking in the heavenly power and the Kingdom which is to come.


Now that’s in Acts, the 2nd chapter, but it’s also basically in Hebrews the 6th chapter.

Hebrews 6:4-6

(04) For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, [once for all enlightened] …tasted… the heavenly gift, …partakers of the Holy Ghost,

(05) …tasted the good word of God, [even] the powers of the world to come,

(06) If they [turn It down they are finished.]

Now that happens in everybody’s life in the sense of turning It down you’re gone. But we’re not talking about that we’re talking about a juncture. And the juncture is the time of a definitive mighty revelation that the first church age, no matter how steep they were and ready for Rapture.

Brother Branham said, “But the time wasn’t ready because the Bride wasn’t in, the Ephesian Church.” They weren’t privy to the understanding of Melchisedec, he said, this is for people of strong meat. And they were only milk Christians at that time.


But at the time of the end of the burning, and the burning is in verse 8, he said, he said, here,

Hebrews 6:6-8

(06) …they crucified to themselves the Son of God afresh… [Because they can’t repent anymore.]

(07) …the earth… drinks in the rain that comes oft upon [as seven times, God brings His Word down] …brings forth herbs meet for them by whom it is dressed, receives blessing from God.

(08) But that which beareth thorns and briers… rejected, and… nigh unto cursing whose end is to be burned.

Every time you see burning, you know right away it’s the end time, right after the tribulation. And we’re getting there, pretty close. You know, we’re gone out of here it’s only three and a half years left. And then it’s bonk like that really, the time. So, all right.


The next thing you see is Cain. Now Cain is of the same spirit as was the beast taken over in the Garden. You know ever since then nature’s ruled over man, beast ruled over man, man is scared of everything. What? He takes the gun and does certain things, but you know it’s just… nature still has got man completely bamboozled.

Now we see it in Cain, and that’s what we saw in Peter and in Jude, this very same genealogy. You’re looking at this system that came down and it goes into Balaam. And Balaam is a man who is attempting to serve God he can hear from God he’s a genuine prophet, in the sense of a seer that can look into things, but he’s not a Word prophet.

Now it doesn’t mean that he can’t prophesy concerning events and eventualities that have to do, that are coming upon the land, even God’s people.


Now remember, the only reason he gave that prophecy was because he pushed God against the wall. And God said, “You’re not going to curse them because I’ve blessed them.”

And this man said, “I’m going down and I think I’ll be able to twist God’s arm and I’ll be able to curse them just the same because I’ve got this entrée with God.”

But he was smart enough to say to Balaam, I can only open my mouth and what God puts in there I’ll say because God’s going to say it and he was just a hoping and a praying inside, thinking inside, out of this mouth is going to come cursing on Israel.

So what happened? God double crossed him puts him up against the wall. You don’t fool with God. And out of his mouth came this prophecy which would not have come otherwise. Don’t tell me it would have because it wouldn’t.

You just better read the Book of Genesis, and you see where prophecy really comes out. So God just turned the tables on this bird, and it’s a genuine prophecy and it’s still coming to pass.

Sure, so you see when Brother Branham mentions this, it’s not as though this church is devoid of the spirit as to the machinations, the mechanics, and manifestations of the true Spirit of God. It’s the people in their souls that are destitute.

Now I said awhile ago that God had set Satan in a certain place and Satan didn’t want to stay there. He wanted different, he wanted something better, more prestige, more money, more everything, more this, more that, own the whole world and he got it.

And then you see now Eve, she just dumped it all away. And then Cain determined he’d take it by killing Abel let’s rid of these skuzzballs here and we’ll just take it all. Now you got Balaam doing the same thing. All right.


Let’s go to 1 Corinthians, the 12th chapter, we’re going to see some things here. It says in verse 18,

1 Corinthians 12:18,27-28

(18) But now… God set the members every one of them in the body, as it hath pleased him. [Now 27.]

(27) Now [you] are the body of Christ, and members in particular.

(28) And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers,

Then he stops that because he’s dealing with gifts. And you go back to Ephesians, it tells you, apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelist, pastors. There’s a five-fold ministry that’s absolutely ordained of God.

And now listen, these other things are gifts. So therefore, the major gift in the church is miracles. The second major gift is healing. The third major gift is helps. The next is governments. And then on then it says,

1 Corinthians 12:28-29,31

(28) …diversities of tongues.

(29) Are all apostles? …all teachers? …all work… miracles? [all gifts: no.]

(31) …and yet [I’ll show] …a more excellent way.

Now, let’s go to Ephesians, so you’ll see what we’re dealing with here. And that’s the 4th chapter, and it says. God has set some in the church, he gave… that is he gave the apostles, he set it up on high…

Ephesians 4:11

(11) And he gave some apostles …prophets …evangelists …pastors …teachers.


Now he doesn’t name them in the order that’s named in Corinthians because he’s not putting them in order. But notice, these are all five-fold ministers and the purpose is to bring perfection to the saints. Now there’s absolutely nothing said about gifts bringing perfection.

Every one of these people here each one is ordained to do something for the Bride in the stead of the Lord Jesus Christ because each one has his particular office that he is to fulfill.

Now, when you look at the gifts of the spirit that are not men, but are literally manifestations of the Holy Ghost just gifts of the Holy Ghost, tongues and interpretation and all those things. You can see that nowhere have they been called to bring perfection to the church.

So therefore, if the church requires restoration and is going to be set in order, it cannot be set in order by the restoration of gifts it must be set in order by the restoration of gifted men which number one is a true Word prophet and number two is a true five-fold ministry that will say only what the prophet is saying. So, all right.


You can see Balaam here goes all the way back to the beginning and he is a hundred percent out of divine order. See? Now, let’s read page… paragraph 134.

[134]  Now, that man who reads the Bible, he can’t read it unless he sees that that’s the Truth.

In other words, he’s telling you right here if you read the Bible you’ve got to recognize that at the end time, Balaam appears again. And he appears in the company of Cain and Korah and he’s got to go plumb back to Satan. But you see they don’t believe that.

Because they don’t believe that Cain is serpent seed. If you can’t believe that, your Bible hasn’t got a foundation. How are you going to attribute to God to have any justice and foreknowledge and predestination? You can’t do it. That would be a very wicked situation.


[134]  Now, notice, there’s nobody every baptized using the titles of “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.” It’s a Catholic creed… not a Bible doctrine. No person in the Bible has ever baptized for three hundred years after the death of the last apostle, but what was baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. The Catholic church started that, and the rest of them come to it. [And came to it.] And any minister sitting in his study… will look at that, [and] know that’s the Truth. But for popularity, to hold his position, to be better thought of among[st] the people, he compromises.

Now Brother Branham mentions baptism, because baptism is basic to Scripture. It’s a Bible tenet. It’s a doctrine. And you will baptize according to your theology. If you’re a Trinitarian you’re going to have to baptize in Father, Son and Holy Ghost. If you understand there’s one God you will baptize in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. See? So, the baptism will instantly show where this person stands.


Now, you’ll get people who will fuss and say, “Well, these men here cannot be idolaters.” I talked to a certain guy, on the phone certain times and I can really make… I can get his hackles up pretty good.

And so, I said, “Hey, what I can’t figure about you is, how that you read all these guys and you believe what they say, and you’re supposed to believe in one God and they’re all Trinitarians?”

Now I said, “A Trinitarian is an idolater.” Man, he blew his stack right there. So I know the guy doesn’t believe one God he’s a liar, kidding himself. He is a Trinitarian in his heart. You know the time Paul got angry was the time that they tried to destroy his concept of the Word. That’s the time that Jesus got angry.

They never got angry because of the things that people just did to them. It always had to be something concerning the Word. But you know, you sure drive people up a stump if you give them the Word and they’re not ready for It I can tell you that. All right.

[134]  “Well, but,” you say, “God blessed him.”

[135]  Certainly. Some of them… got gifts of healing some of them have great campaigns and that rubbed right in their face, and they get the same answer from the Word of God that you or any other man would get: God doesn’t change. See what I mean? Okay.


Now what Brother Branham was saying here people say, “Well, look, you’re likening the people today to this fellow Balaam. But I want you to know God is blessing these people. God is answering His Word to them. He is fulfilling the promises that are in the Bible.

And you see, when you take that view then you are entirely off the Word of God. Now David had a real problem with that same thing. As we say if these people are unrighteous they are insane, they’re irrational.

Now they think we’re irrational but they’re wrong we’re rational they’re irrational. Because we’ve got the Holy Ghost, therefore, we have sane minds. We have not been given an unsound mind we’ve been given a sane mind and power and love that’s what we’ve got.

We know it they don’t, but we do. We know they haven’t got it. They think they do. They say, “They’re critical now of this fellow Balaam, of us talking about Balaam, although they know Balaam… something’s wrong with Balaam.”

Now the legalist they’ve backslid. And the other guy I don’t know what he says anymore because I haven’t been reading after him. But I know they got this idea that Balaam here, although he’s evidently categorized as a bad guy it doesn’t have a thing to do with them because they’re walking in the light, they got the Holy Ghost, and everything else.


Now, the question comes up: what about these fellows that are literally seemingly and you can’t deny it, the evidence is there, that they are absolutely people that are blessed of God? Well, you know, David had that trouble. So we’re going to go to the 37th Psalm and we’re going to start reading.

And as usual we like a lot of Bible with everything Brother Branham said because it does more for you than to just take what he says without going to the source where he got it from. And notice what it says in Psalm 37 and this sit… fit me years ago when Brother Branham explained the anointed ones at the end time, how it worked the two vines.

Psalm 37:1

(01) Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.

Now remember, on that great day Jesus said, “You workers of iniquity. I never knew you.” [Matthew 7:23]

Now you read this Psalm here and it sounds as though David is fussing about the kingdom Nineveh or somebody down in Egypt, or somebody somewhere but not in Israel. No sireee, it’s right in Israel and it’s in a high place of authority.

Psalm 37:2-12

(02) For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.

(03) Trust in the Lord, and do good so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed. [Now that’s a good thought for today.]

(04) Delight thyself also in the Lord and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. [And Brother Branham will talk about that shortly.]

(05) Commit thy way unto the Lord trust also in him and he shall bring it to pass.

(06) And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgments as the noonday. [In other words, He’s going to make it terribly, terribly evident.]

(06) And he shall bring forth thy righteousness…

(07) Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.

(08) Cease from anger, and forsake wrath: fret not thyself in any wise to do evil.

(09) For evildoers shall be cut off: but those that wait upon the Lord, …shall inherit the earth.

(10) For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be: …thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it shall not be. [You know burnt up like chaff.]

(11) But the meek shall inherit the earth and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

(12) The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth.


Now you’re right back to Cain and Abel. Religion, you see. Remember, Israel is a religious nation. We’re dealing with the twelve tribes of Israel. David never had any trouble with the heathen he could whip the spots off them overnight. It was that monkey, Saul and his bunch, yo-yo’s that he had trouble with if you want to know the truth.

Psalm 37:12-17

(12) The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnash[ed] upon him with his teeth.

(13) The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming.

(14) The wicked have drawn out the sword, and have bent their bow, to cast down the poor and needy, and to slay such as be of upright conversation.

(15) Their sword shall enter into their own heart, and their bows shall be broken.

(16) A little that a righteous man hath is better than the riches of [the] wicked.

(17) …the arms of the wicked shall be broken: [and] the Lord upholdeth the righteous.


Now remember, “The beginning of righteousness is a true revelation.” So what you’re looking at here is the two vines.

You see, remember, the whole Bible does not actually deal with politics it deals with the scripture, deals with spiritual things and it has to deal inadvertently with the political. It wasn’t meant to. You think there will be politics when we are all reborn out of the dust of the earth and our bodies are immortal, no, of course not.

Psalm 37:18-20

(18) The Lord knoweth the days of the upright: and their inheritance shall be for ever.

(19) They shall not be ashamed in the evil time: and in the days of famine they [will] be satisfied.

(20) But the wicked shall perish…


And let’s get on right down now here now verse 35.

Psalm 37:35

(35) I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree.

You didn’t see that happen in the time of Brother Branham? I did. He’s the man that God used with the gift of healing that brought the vindication of God, the power of God back on earth that set all these things in motion where men like Oral Roberts and Tommy Osborne all these other fellows, even men like Brother Bosworth had to come to him.

There was no man of the stature of Brother Branham. Yet you see how these people begin to spread out. How in the world could a guy like Swaggart take in a hundred and thirty-nine million dollars and have about six hundred churches or so? Listening to him.

I wouldn’t give him the time of day. If you talk about a bunch of luke-warm slop that’s it. And you think he didn’t know better no, he slandered Brother Branham. No trouble at all. Where is he today? Where’s Osborne? Where’s Roberts? Where’s all these guys?

God even holding Osborne [Roberts] captive for four and a half million dollars I don’t think God would do that I think He’d want at least forty-five million. You talk about a… see, they’re spreading themselves. Watch!

Psalm 37:36-40

(36) Yet he passed away, and lo, he was not: yea, I sought him, but he could not be found.

(37) Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.

(38) But the transgressors shall be destroyed together: [and] the end of the wicked shall be cut off.

(39) But the salvation of the righteous is of the Lord: he is their strength in the time of trouble.

(40) And the Lord shall help them, and deliver them: he shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in him.


Now you’re at the perfect end time with the perfect trust with the perfect faith. So you see David couldn’t understand that. Now I’m not likening myself to David, but I understand what he went through. Because he could see these people here of the false anointed ones.

Man, everything just turns to them. But they don’t realize that it’s a temporary thing. See? They believe because they get answers to prayer to certain promises that they absolutely have to be true believers.

And yet, Brother Branham said the truth when he said, “Even a person going to a witchdoctor can get healed because they believe they’re approaching God.” 136th verse… paragraph.

[136]  Balaam, went  for a better position [or so] he thought… Now look, when that better group came back, …Balaam [then] …took a phony text. See? …The better group came back (and) he ought to have said, “Get out of my presence! I’ve told you the Word of God. Get going! [That’s] THUS SAITH THE LORD.” But you see, the gifts, and to be a more popular man… [lead him astray. See?]


In other words, let’s face it, Brother Branham said, “These people know better.” And we showed you that they do know better because they certainly do. There’s no two ways about it.

[137]  Oh, how they like to do it. “We’ll send you all over the world. We’ll [even] …we’ll give you a special plane. We’ll sponsor your meetings everywhere if you’ll just…”

What about the time Arganbright wanted Brother Branham to go to Europe? If I’d… they’d have taken me along, too, as sort of a flunky, to put pressure on Brother Branham. But I’m not wasn’t that kind of a guy to put pressure on Brother Branham.

He’d have to make his own decision. Going to give him a special time over there, just… “Well, just come on over, give you a nice vacation, give you a nice vacation.” God said, “Well, if you’re going to over there for some particular thing and a period of time, it would be worth your while but just for a little vacation a few days, forget it.”

So Brother Branham didn’t go. How many people are willing to just take advantage of a ministry that God’s given them and then use it for their own gain or illegitimate goings-on? See?

[137]  “[Well,] we’ll sponsor your meetings everywhere if you’ll just [stick with us.]” Oh, no! See? We know what the Word says. We know what God said. We’re going to stay with that with God’s help.  See? No matter what kind of a promise, and how much more you can pay, and how many this, that, or the other you can produce, we want… THUS SAITH THE LORD and what He said here first.


Now you know, of course, God isn’t going to say one thing and then improve on it or He’s going to be a God of evolution. And that’s why people try to tell me that the God who said, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth said, turn the other cheek, now don’t listen to that anymore is a God that evolves. That’s a lot of hogwash!

The God that said, an eye for an eye if you don’t believe it true, an eye for an eye, you’re going to find it gets worse than an eye for an eye, because the more grace that He gives the more we’re going to have to pay back because at the end time it said, “Double unto her double.”

So whatever the Catholic church handed out and the Protestants handed out, living with the Catholic church and playing footsie with her they’re going to get four times back what they dished out. It would be double, double.

I imagine, if you want to put it to square roots, then you’re going to be real trouble. If you have a double, double, you double that and put it again you got four to the fourth power. That’s really going to be up there.

So, I’m not a mathematician I’m not going to try to read between the lines of the Bible because I never even looked at, you know, what the Greek says, and I wouldn’t know too much anyway, just to compare words. See?

So God never changes. He just said, “Look judgment is mine, saith the Lord, I will repay.” [Romans 12:19]


There was a time when a righteous nation was supposed to take the government that God laid out and use those executive laws and orders and see that they were carried out, but not now. God’s just like Brother Branham preach the Word, and stand back and watch it.

I’ve learned a little bit about that, not too good, but I’ve learned a little bit. Just preach it and stand back and watch it. Nobody’s going to ride herd, you’re going to do what you want anyway. You don’t want to get rid of your television set keep your television set.

You’ll find out you’ll pay a big price for your television sets, kiddo. You got too many wrong video cassettes in your house you’re going to pay a price for that, too. I pay a price everybody pays a price. Who are you trying to kid? You think you can fool with God? Come on.

A vindicated God that showed these things He’d read people’s hearts and Brother Branham said, “Don’t do this, don’t do that.” I just don’t understand. But I just stand up here and preach the Word of God, you do what you want. I don’t come around and check on you.

That’s Bob’s job if he wants to do it. If he’s sucker enough to do it let him do it. Gets a few pies in his feet and face he’ll learn better next time. Simple as A-B-C. See, I can… I can afford to preach this way. I’ve got nothing to lose everything to gain. “Well, I don’t think I like you anymore, Brother Vayle.”

Well, who said you’re supposed to? You’re supposed to love me. You don’t have to like me. It’s a different story. One guy said, he said, “Love your wives doesn’t say you have to like them.” We’re going to stay with the Word of God.

[137]  See? No matter what kind of promise, …how much… you can pay, …how much this or that… we want… THUS SAITH THE LORD…

See, they want vindicated Word. Well, the church said, “Hey, that’s secondary.” See, like, in other words, here William Branham comes with vindication ahead of the Word which proves what he’s got, they come after the Word which merely is promises.

And you can pick those up left and right. But with that they say… they put Brother Branham as secondary when he’s primary and they’re secondary. They’ve already lost the race. Yeah. The race is over they lost it, they came in second.


Anybody ever played the horses? You didn’t? I’m not too embarrassed about it I’ve played the horses. Usually the winner pays off good unless the odds are too close because he’s just too good a horse. But you get those horses up there paying ten to one and you put a two dollar bet down that’s twenty bucks.

The next horse usually pays about three dollars. I’m trying to tell you something the winner takes all, usually. Secondary is gifts. Primary is the Giver which is God in a human form, prophets giving the Word to us. But you see they reverse it. They’re already out of the race. And they’ll try to tell you they’re winning it.

Say, listen, bud, the horse came up and the board shows what the odds were and who won, the long shot, seventy to one. Say, “Wow!” One thousand dollars! I got seventy thousand, yup. We’re talking now about eternity. How many times does one go into infinity? An infinite number of times.

How many times can your life and mine go into eternity? An infinite number of times there’s no ending of it. See, these guys are losers. It’s secondary. Primary let’s you know where you stand. Go to business school. Go to accounting. Go to any place you want always primary takes the cake, the rest are playing around. Right? Certainly.

[137]  Well, they say, “That’s secondary.” No, no, no, it’s primary. We want what…God said at the beginning, …Now we know what secondary is. See? We want what… God said at the beginning, …anything added… or taken away… why even your name gets taken out of the Book of Life if you do that. To add one word to It… take one word away from It… We want what He said, not what the church said, what Dr. Jones says, what somebody else says, we want THUS SAITH THE LORD…and what the Word said.


Well how do you get THUS SAITH THE LORD? There’s only one way to get It and that’s from God by way He… the way He has planned It that’s through the prophets. And the most beautiful thing is that God laid it out before the people in such a way that they had to go to Him and say, “Lord, we want it this way.”

And then God did it that way. And they said, “Well, hey, I don’t think we like that.” God says, “Just a minute now, that’s what you said.” What are you going to do? You know, did anybody think that God’s behind the eight ball? Do you think that God’s got a gag on His Word? No way!

And you know what? We don’t have to gag on God’s Word. It’s marvelous for us it’s just the tonic we’re looking for. There’s healing in It. In fact, it’s immortality.


Now, you see, the problem here is, they’re trying to use God via His Word rather than, God fulfill His Word by them according to His purpose. See? They want to manipulate God by His Word. Like Allan did go in the clothes closet and lock yourself in, throw away the key till God does something to you.

How come he died an alcoholic? How come the day he lay in that room dead he’d already made a tape, and he said, “People say I’m dead does this sound like the voice of a dead man.” And he was in the room dead when the tape was played I understand. He had no trouble fighting Brother Branham and his gang all round up.

Here are men that play second fiddle in the orchestra and they think they’re the concert violinist. They think they’re Isaac Stern or Perlman, about as good as old Lee Vayle trying to play a plunk, plunk, mandolin, and his fingers too sore to play it. See?

Problem is they’re trying to use God via His Word, rather than God fulfill His Word by them according to His Purpose. He set them in the church He knew what He wanted. He said, “Balaam, look, you’re right here in this spiritual position.

Now look, go ahead.” Balaam starts right ahead. Sincere, but he goes by the way. What is it? He doesn’t have what it takes to stick to God’s Eternal purpose there’s something missing in his soul. Now we know the answer I’m just putting it in here.

[138]  But now we find Balaam, a servant of God… And again who isn’t a servant of God? He’s a servant. He’s a servant of God. And many of [these men] start out, and [they] are ordained of God,


Are they ordained of God? Oh, absolutely, now just a minute there’s two uses of the word ‘ordained’. Let’s take… the one over here first of all in Jude, the 4th verse. And it says,

Jude 4

(04) For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation,

Notice! Let’s read that 3rd verse.

Jude 3-4

(03) Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that [you] should earnestly contend for the faith which was once [for all] delivered unto the saints.

(04) For there are certain men crept in unawares,

Now what is happening? They’re destroying the once for all faith. They’re doing something to It. Now naturally, the once for all faith is the revealed Word of God all written out here vindicated.

Now what’s the thing they can do about It? They can take from It or add to It. That’s all. That’s why the Bible says that. That’s all you got to do. Take it or add. There’s nothing else.

You say, “Well, just a minute, what if I explained it.” Well, aren’t you either going to take from It or add to It, if you don’t get your explanation right. Certainly! It’s all there is to it.


Now he said, These people they creep in unawares. That’s what Paul said. In the 20th chapter of Acts.

Jude 4

(04) …who were before of old ordained to this condemnation,

The word ‘ordained’ is not the same as if a man is ordained of God. It’s ‘they were written about’. It was said in the book these people would be there and do it. They are not in the record of God as God’s children. Then where in the name of common sense did they come from?

Anybody, listen, who even begin to guess and look at the Word with even an half an ounce of speculation and interest he’ll come up with an understanding to begin with. Oh, there was a serpent race on the earth as the same time as Adam and Eve.

And the serpent race mingled with the children of God. I’ve got news for them. There wasn’t a serpent race. There was a serpent, period. And he co-habited with Eve and brought forth Cain, from then on the fat was in the fire, the trouble. See?


Now, you won’t find Cain in the genealogy. He can’t be. Eve was the mother of all living but Adam wasn’t the father of all living. And remember, it’s in the midst of the church that Jesus is not ashamed to call us brethren because we’re all of one source. These aren’t of the same source. But they’re written about.

Now they’ve crept in the church, way back at the beginning. See? And it’s the condemnation, ungodly men they’re not righteous. What does it mean? They’re off the Word. How will they creep into the church in that day?

I want to tell you people, get this flat, this business of Jesus Christ, Ha, ha, ha. Hogwash. Even a three year old kid will look [inaudible]. What did you say? Why the fat’s in the fire. You talk about a fight. They never said that.

They say, “Hasn’t the Word of God by Paul said so and so?” Just like the devil did, just like he came to Jesus, like he came to Eve.


I want to tell you something, let’s go back here in the Book of Isaiah and see something you’re not seeing. They never took the Pauline revelation. The Pauline revelation is one hundred percent to the Gentiles. You can forget everything else.

You say, “Brother Vayle, I think I’ll go back and study this and that.” Go ahead, idiot. Paul’s Gospel, the world gets judged by It, even called It ‘my Gospel’. Then what do you want this and that for? Well, you say, “It’s okay for those Germans.” You bet it’s okay for those Germans.

I got no fight with them, but I do have a fight with them. Come over here and tell me Brother Branham made fifty-three mistakes and Brother Branham didn’t say this and didn’t say that. Why should he? He’s the prophet of God you’re just some bird up there.

See, they can’t keep their mouth shut they’re adding to it, taking away, pulling it apart. He said, “By my Gospel.” [Romans 2:16] And because you believe in that day, you’ll miss the judgment that that brings upon the earth.

So what do you want to look all around for and say, this that and the other thing. What? Oh come on. You know, it’s kind of fun to change somebody else’s recipe, but it might not be too much fun eating it.

There are too many people fool with this Bible and you’re going to have to eat your words. You better be careful. Now these guys here were ordained unto it, it was written about them.


Now over here in the Book of Romans, you absolutely find that there are two groups of people and again it mentions predestination. And it said, “Before the children were born and not having done good or evil it was already foreknown of Almighty God which was His child and which was not because the earth had become one lump of clay.”

Remember, it was when the sons of God looked upon the daughters of men and saw they were fair and they intermingled to the extent that the last true human being on earth was Noah. From that time it was all over. It had to be election.

That’s why God said, “Abraham, you of all men have I chosen,” and from that time on you see God taking His… the life that is in the sperm and bringing it on down through natural election, so Brother Branham could say, “The virgin birth is nothing compared to an ordinary human birth.” 

Because all God did was create an egg and a sperm and put It in an incubator. Ha, nothing to that. When you think of the male ejaculate, trillions and trillions of sperm by billions of men over the period of time and that’s come on down, and God knew every single seed in there, in every age.

Oh, come on, that’s… a virgin birth, would be nothing, because we’re talking about a Creator. You know anybody can almost make anything as try to control it. Right, you bet, you know what I’m talking about. So God made it the thing is getting it in control. See, they got out of control with the interruption. But the interruption will soon be over.


Now he said in here, the Scripture said unto Pharaoh, “For this same cause have I raised thee up that I may show my power in thee.” [Romans 9:17] In other words, God allowed him that position on the throne and all the whole thing. But he was not of God. God allowed it. See?

Now these people here that we’re talking about are not any special election in foreordination and predestinated and so on as the Bride is but they are there according to the Scripture.

Brother Branham said, “They still are ordained of God and do speak God’s Word in many things. But when it comes to the full truth, they don’t do it.”

So number one: Brother Branham is saying what we said all along in almost every single sermon we say it. Truth as doctrine takes precedence over all our actions and works.

Truth as doctrine, passive faith, takes precedence over every active faith and obedience to that Word that we’re trying to accomplish and live, no matter what, it’s believing that Word and that’s the evidence of being seed. The Holy Ghost comes upon us to develop it, word by word.


How many minutes we got? I’m not going to be able to tangle with the rest of the Scripture tonight because we’re going to go into Matthew 13 and right down the road into Peter and show you what we are talking about here, that this is exactly what we’re talking about Jesus has already spoken about it and brought it all to light.

And people read those parables and they pass right on, you know, you know, sweetly, serenely. Yeah, that’s all they just sleeping people. They don’t know what it’s saying to them, but then again how can they know. So we don’t talk about that. We’re going to talk about that tomorrow morning.

We’ll just go straight on tomorrow morning starting on page 29 and get into what we are looking at here to understand even more thoroughly, how that this man was right there as a high spiritual officer.

Representing God, representing the Kingdom on earth and getting so confused because he didn’t have innately what it would take to keep him from confusion he goes right in and mixes with the governmental materialistic reasoning cosmos, leaving the true cosmos of God alone.

Now where are you standing tonight, brother/sister? If you want to stand with the spiritual cosmos you’ve got to go to that revealed Word and don’t move from It because that’s where life and death is. The Life is in the Word unchanged.

Death is in the Word that is changed because the devil doesn’t have a word. Do you know that? The devil doesn’t have a word. He was created. So where did he get his words? He got them from God. What did he do with them? Perverted them took them out of context, took them out of place, added, took away.

Say, well, let’s get back to the Word. Amen. Let’s get back to the Word.

Let’s bow our heads in prayer.

Heavenly Father, we want to praise you again tonight for helping us, even just a few little old paragraphs here but sure good to just see the richness of the Word that’s behind it all, Brother Branham could say in just these few words, the condensation of all this material we’re looking at to see this hour in which we live to know that it’s there and like he said, “Don’t unchristianize anybody.”

We don’t have to, unchristianize Balaam, Balaam was one believer in God. He did his own unchristianizing. Here was the judging Word that day right there Balaam walked right off. And here we are at the same thing right at the end time.

Father, we just pray that every single person in this building is just devoted to that Word whether they really understand or not, we’re not looking at that. We’re looking at the fact of a vindicated Word when God vindicated Himself to a prophet and vindicated the prophet to us, that the Word might be vindicated.

This we believe and we believe Lord, as the prophet said, “We got to go back to Paul, just think, just how wonderful, the same Pillar of Fire that brought the Word to Paul is here revealing It.”

Bringing us the truth, standing on It, resting on It, in that day, in this hour, to know that judgment is passed over, it’s been decreed, there is a righteous, absolutely glorious Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ that didn’t even do this thing at all.

Stands right there, perfectly righteous at home. “And if we’re not part of Her, Lord by the grace of God,” as the prophet said, “We don’t want to stand in her way.” Help us to just rejoice in truth tonight Lord, because that’s wonderful within itself.

And You said, “Love does rejoice in truth” So there’s got to be some love of God shed abroad in our hearts by that wonderful Holy Spirit that we rejoice in the truth, especially in the inner man.

Now by Your grace and power Lord, it will overcome that outer man, and the mind and the spirit, and just bring everything under control to the Word, what You said in the church. Praise God.

And Lord, you set yourself in the church and now coming down through the Word, getting ready for a people to go home. Wind up history and start it anew in the glorious eternities.

Help us further tonight as we enter you service looking at the blood offering, the sacrifice, looking at the blood that was shed, and foot-washing, these things we commend to you in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

[Brother Vayle proceeds with Communion Service]

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