Does God Ever Change His Mind About His Word? #19

There Are Gifts And Then There Are Gifts
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Brother Vayle speaks to his church for the first 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Sermon starts at 9 minutes and 40 seconds [Ed]

Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, we know the song writer was certainly right when he said, “He enters all rooms, the doors being shut,” because that is a hundred percent scriptural, that actually took place, You stood in the midst, in that room, the doors being shut, even doors being barred and all, for fear of the Jews, for fear of things coming upon the earth and upon men, You entered that room.

And we know Lord in this end time that there was a room of Scripture that was untenanted by You as to the living Word in our midst, and that was the records sealed up by the Seven Seals, but You took away the Seals and entered that room also, brought forth all the Seals and the Seven Thunders, and revealed them to us, and now we abide therein and by grace it abides in us, and getting ready for the great Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

We know Lord that this Message here we’re studying is a part of it, a part of the great truth Father, which opens the things up that we might see as it were face to face, as it was said in that book written by Paul, “We’re looking in a glass darkly, but then face to face.”

The same glass we’re looking in according to Paul again in 2 Corinthians, where we see You completely revealed, the mighty God unveiled, and bringing You right into a Rapture Lord, that Spirit amongst us becoming incarnate. All so true, all so marvelous, and all so simple, just giving our minds over to You.

Help us to continue that way Lord, take over the rooms of our minds that are devoid of You Lord, and anything in our hearts, anything anywhere Lord that pertains to us, may any room that it devoid of Your Presence receive Your Presence gladly today knowing it is by the Word, and then that Word coming to life and we become living Word because we’re a part of You.

We know these things are true, because the prophet said so, completely vindicated, we praise You therefore this morning to the answer for our prayers, the blessing of God upon each and every single one.

In Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we’re over here in page 31 and we’re up to #19, and as little dissertations on Does God [Ever] Change His Mind About His Word? and last week we went into detail relative to those who believe they can actually change God’s mind, actually cause God to move and minister according to their desires.

That’s of course more Pentecostal than it is in any other field, and yet I think that’s been a common error in just about every single move that God allowed upon the face of the earth, because when they saw God moving in His majesty and glory and splendor and His power amongst them, and they saw that God was using men, and men saw that they were being used, it was just a quick step into this realm where people think that they can begin to persuade and pressure God to begin to do those things that they desire.

Which let us understand, some of those desires are beautiful and wonderful, but they feel they can actually prevail upon God to move and minister according to their desires, which hopefully they really believe are a hundred percent scriptural and scripturally motivated.

Now these are those people whose seed is not of God. Now it can come out of the original seed and the original truth, because everything was original seed and truth, until Satan took over.

So these people you’re looking at, leaving the Word, you’ll notice that they apparently… not apparently, my Lord, they simply do, become tangential in their true faith, literally at the same time that God is moving, and that has to be or they wouldn’t be twins! Right? Right, that’s what you’re looking at.


So okay, these people are those whose seed is not of God, their planting is not of God, their headship is not of God. Now that’s Matthew 13. They are the false vine church headed by the twin whose father is the devil. And their prophets are the wolves in sheep clothing.

Now you’re looking at a diversification here of religion. And you might sort of question that on the grounds that at the end time it is actually a complete religious showdown. And you’re looking at the Muslims, the Shiites and the Jannes, and you’re looking at the Hindus, and the Tibetans, and Christian Science, and everything you’re looking at.

And you may wonder how in the world they can qualify as wolves in sheep clothing. Well basically the false prophet is the one who promises the people the complete attainment of their heart’s desire, which would absolutely in over ninety-nine percent of the cases, go beyond the grave. Even if you think you’re going to come back and be, you know, reincarnated.


Now however, you must understand that this Book is dealing with Christianity. You are dealing now with the gospel since Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection, even as you are previously dealing from Adam and Eve.

So with that in mind, the emphasis is definitely going to be upon Christianity. And you don’t have to be a whiz kid to look at statistics and know that the so-called Christians can destroy anytime they want all the rest of the world. They’ve got it.

Why do you think they got it right packed down here for? The stealth. Do you think those Arabs would have got off the ground without us? Ha! Pbbt. They haven’t got a chance if there’s fifteen billion of them.

You see you must realize what you are dealing with, which has been vindicated from this Word by a prophet and you don’t go by your own thinking! You go right to this and examine it, and you line your thinking up with it!

Say, I don’t care if there are five billion people in the world, or five and a half billion, and only one and a quarter billion are so-called  Christians, those one and a quarter can wipe out all the [Brother Vayle whistles] just like that.

And I’ll tell you why, because God’s with them to do it. He said it, and His Word will not return unto Him void. So there’s a big showdown coming. And you’re dealing with literally billions of people out there, whose names either have not been in the Book of Life per se, or they’re taken off!


Now let’s just examine the fact that you could have a billion Muslim and a billion Buddhist. Let’s examine the fact. Let’s examine the fact you have all those people out there, and they comprise about five and one quarter billion people.

The European white stock races, which go plumb down into Africa, saw the vindicated ministry of the prophet and turned it aside, and in India in the presence of five hundred thousand, God came forth on the scene, when that man’s eyes were completely blinded by the sun, and Brother Branham said, “Call now in the name of your gods and see – one of you come forward in the name of your god, pray, and see this man delivered.”

And those priests were there and saw it, and therefore this generation is completely absolutely condemned by Almighty God. It isn’t that they don’t know, it’s that they refuse to know!

So listen. You just stick to your Bible and don’t let your thoughts get in there. Remember your thinking and mine is Medusa, the gal with the snaky locks, or the hydra-headed monster. As quick as you lop one off, another one grows to take its place.

You’ve got to stab your own thinking straight in the heart and thereby get rid of the hydra-headed monster, and look in the mirror of God while you take the top of Medusa, say, “Wheet,” lop her head off. Even mythology is nothing but the truth gone haywire.


All right, the prophets are wolves in sheep clothing, and they don’t all have to necessarily have the trappings of what we call Christianity, but they have the promise, “I am going to take you where you want to go!” See?

Now these people are all very religious, now this is now particularly to Christianity and the false church as we know it, one with the razor blade difference, because that’s the one to watch. Because that’s the one that’s going to get control! The Bible says so. What Matthew says, Revelation corroborates. Matthew 13 says it, Revelation chapter 17 and 18 particularly, define it.

So these people, especially those that have the real trappings of Christianity, they’re well insulated as to exactly who they are by their wool, and you can prod and probe and they’ll still come out looking like Christians and crying for you. And if you don’t know any better you’ll sell your soul down to something that isn’t real.

Now these people are very religious and have every outward indication of being spiritual seed or sons of God. Now that’s at the end time. You’re looking now at Christianity, you are not looking at the Muslims and whoever number they are, you’re not looking at the Buddhists, you’re not looking at this guy and that guy, you’re looking exactly the Christianity gone to seed. Wrong seed.

Now they have every aspect of being spiritual seed or sons of God, but they are in error. And their error is not in fruit or gifts or intense desire to serve and manifest the living God, their error is in their revelation of the Word.

It is a wrong revelation because it is based on reasoning, rather than a true revelation of the Spirit of God, it does not deem God’s remedial and sustaining Word to be the foundation and prospect for reality, and correct direction and destination. And so what do they do? They say, “This won’t work! It’s not working!” Ha. That’s exactly the lie of the devil. It is working.


Remember Brother Branham said, “The properly germitized seed, which is germitized to the properly fertilized soil, all it needs is the sun and the rain.” And oh how people do not believe the grace of God. As Brother Branham said, “Every time God does something, man wants to put his finger in and add to it.” Yep.

Now that’s okay if you’re cooking chicken stew. I believe myself we have certainly improved on Italian cooking over here in America. Because most Italians are too poor to put in the delicious ingredients that we put in. But you can’t do that with God’s Word. Nope.

Remember they tried that back in the days of Elisha, and they were gathering all these herbs and things, and threw it in the pot, and one person said, “Oh my God there’s death in the pot.”

They threw death camas or something in there, or maybe oleander leaves or something, you know, look green, they make something out of it. But what did Elisha do? He took a sprinkle the salt of the Word, you know how it is, and even made the axe to float, you know. You just stay with that Word, brother/sister.


Now remember Balaam who repeats at the end time is our example of what we are looking at in this end hour, so therefore keep your eyes on it, knowing that all these peripheral things have their place, their religion, and the big showdown is coming… look it, hey every day it increases between the Arabs, the Mohammedans and the Jews.

And remember the Jews are Christians! Because the word ‘Messiah’ is the same as ‘Christos’, which is Christ, which is Messiah. And the funny thing now they’re calling them… did you read the paper where they’re trying to make Schneerson about eighty something years old, the Messiah?

Four hundred thousand bucks to make him Messiah? I don’t care if he had four hundred trillion dollars, he ain’t Messiah. Schneerson, he just likes to foment rebellion, when Jesus come back, phew, there won’t be a rebellion, there’ll be blood flowing on the street. Complete takeover. Poor Jews. Well, see what happens.


Now talking about Balaam, he’s the example of this hour, what we’re looking at the end time, and this is what we sort out of all politics and all religion.

As Brother Branham said, “If you want to know the hour in which we live, you look at the Jew! If you want to know the condition of the church, you look at the woman!”

So we look at the church, period. We look at the Jew, period! All of these things that are peripheral and yet interrelated we don’t worry about! See what I’m saying? There is a solid core of truth, period! And no matter what comes on the scene, we can talk about it, but forget it.

Now this Balaam, he based his entire life and destiny upon a gift of prophecy that God gave him! You talk about gifts messing you up. They weren’t meant to, they don’t have to. He rejected the higher calling (quoting the prophet) which came by Moses. He could not realize that the less is blessed of the better and that the whole contains the part! Right.

How would this little pinhead… tough talk, isn’t it? Well I’m very descriptive, and I chose my words carefully. How do you think he got what he got except for father Abraham? See? It’s easy to forget the rock from whence you were hewn!

Say, “Well bless God, I’ve got this, I can progress, now you watch mine, you watch how I do it.”


Like I told you folk more than one occasion, I had the sweetest young kid friend of mine; I loved him like I hardly loved anybody. He was Les Petrie, and he was a sweet, wonderful young man, wanted to serve God.

And I said, “Les, remember this one thing. There’s a big difference in being great for God for God, than being great for God for Les Petrie.”

Now I said that when I wasn’t even twenty-seven years old. And I’ll soon be three times that, if I have to be here, that would make me eighty-one, and there’s no way I can change it. Because I saw men who wanted to be great for God for themselves, like Oral Roberts, God even… well God let him know that he was very valuable, He took him ransom for 4.5 million dollars, whatever. That’s people.


All right, he rejected the higher calling, which came by Moses. He could not realize that the less is blessed by the better and that the whole contains the part. He would not put his church in order. No. With a gift? “I’ll do it all.” Huh?

Pentecostal, talking in tongues [Brother Vayle makes a whistling sound] do it all. And of course some don’t even have that; they’ve just got a synod.

Thus he became the negative and rejected part! The part of Psalms 68:18. Oh, let’s take a look at that. That sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Huh? Well it is interesting, it tells you right here:

Psalms 68:18

(18) Thou hast ascended on high, thou hast led captivity captive: thou hast received gifts for men; yea, for the rebellious also, that the LORD might dwell among them.

So it tells you right here, that God has gifts and gifts! And there are gifts that supersede a billion, trillion times other gifts! And it says the rebellious can have gifts. Huh? Bible.

Now remember, I never wrote the Bible. This is not my Book. But oh I can testify to the truth of it in this very subject we’re talking about, you’d better believe it.


Thus he became the negative and rejected part of Psalms 68:18, even as Korah later became such. Rejecting the higher calling! In other words there are degrees of gifts, and that’s exactly what the Bible teaches. And you see it in Ephesians 4, and in Romans 12, and in 1 Corinthians 12, which we might get to some of that.

The misunderstanding of gifts led to Balaam and Korah going astray, and so today, you cannot teach Pentecostal babies doctrine. Why? Because they are blinded by gifts, and the interpretation of the Word that gifts actually are a part of the Holy Ghost Himself, rather than only a product or creation by that Spirit!

Hmm? I see a tree on yonder landscape. The tree is not a part of God! The tree is a product or creation of God. That is where people do not understand you and me, and where we’re coming from. We know that birth is not a creation! No sir. Birth is not a creation. Birth is life from life!

The only created part of you and me, let’s face it, is what’s out there in the earth and the chemicals, and the spirit that took possession of our bodies when we dropped from our mother’s womb… the soul could not have been created, or it was not a birth of God, and you could not call God your Father, in the true respect of the word. We could say more things, but we won’t.

Gifts, like nature, prove there is a God. But they do not in themselves constitute God any more than does nature, nor do they give complete authority, which would take revelation and disposition! Which means God placing you in that particular area.


Now listen. Balaam knew that God had given him position and authority, and he got swept away with it as people also do today, and we’re going to Psalm 37, I think Brother Branham took us there anyway, I hope I got the right verse, and in verse 4.

Psalms 37:4

(04) Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Now that’s a very tricky verse of Scripture that Brother Branham brings to our attention. Because you can be in your own understanding, a thorough going, fruitful, gifted individual, and you can go like Pentecostals, go in and lock yourself in that room there, and you’ll come out with gifts that God does not want you to have, as far as His perfect will is concerned, but He allows you to have them to your own destruction.

Now you get lifted up and say, “Well, now I want to tell you, I go in there and I know how to move the hand of God, hallelujah.”


And there’s a man named Franklin Hall, you know all about it, Norm, he was going to write a book on fasting and prayer, which he did, and Brother Branham said, “Brother, don’t you dare write that book, or you’re going to cause many people to stumble and fall, and great destruction!”

And Mr. Hall went down the road thumbing his nose literally against the prophet of Almighty God, vindicated prophet of God, and he wrote the book! And he caused havoc. And I saw that very man myself, how low he finally went, I thought, “What a great man he must be.”

I went to see him up there in Yakima, I think it was, I’m not quite sure, in Washington, coming down from Canada, and there he was talking about the chord being eight, and giving numbers on eight. And because there was nobody there, he needed money. And he let some big… what are the words? I’ll just explain it in sweet language.

A Pentecostal woman, who was dropping in ten bucks in his stupid hat, and I wouldn’t give him a dollar, and she was up there mouthing off and running the show… if fasting could do that, what he said his book said, what was he doing catering to a couple of nincompoops, saying he’s glorifying God for a few dollars dropped in the hat? Pbbt. Nah.


Now you wonder why I run down money and wouldn’t take a nickel? Ask for it? Listen, God’s bigger than that, or forget it. Let me tell you something, the devil made a sucker out of Franklin Hall. Want to get suckered by the devil? You’ll do it with your blood upon your own hands, because I’m giving you the truth.

Saw the same with Alan, up there, that same area. Said, “I’ll just be great, see a great man.” I saw him take his accordion, he just wump them up, wump them up, he said, “Now that’s it, now you’re getting it, now you’re getting it, now you’re getting it, now you’re whoop-a-whoop-a-whoop-a-whoop-zooinga!”

And he didn’t know, but he did know, without knowing, that psychologically this is a true law of psychology, excitement will bring about faith! Activate what you got in you. Does this sound like live, die, sink or swim? Not that stuff doesn’t.

This sounds like live, die, sink or swim, a rock does not move, it does not get hot, it does not get cold, except by the influence of the temperature that somebody’s playing upon it, and by the grace of God we ought to be molten lava by now.

Well, we won’t be, because we’re just solid rock sitting there, but if we do flow, we’ll flow right into Ezekiel’s river and over to the Kingdom, praise God. I don’t mind floating across on molten lava, it’s water I know, but I’m just letting you know my own thinking, who gives a rip, as long as you’re solid rock in there with the Word, let God have his way.


All right, also today, people are swept over, Psalms 37:4, not knowing that there is a contingency to Psalms 37:4, that makes this Scripture and them one with God, if they want to be, see? Or over as we see in Psalm 106, and we’ve used this before, but we keep on using it, bless God, you don’t have to use every Scripture in the Bible, you got some favorites, use them, till the people know all about them.

Psalms 106:12-15

(12) Then they believed his words; [and] sang his praise.

(13) They soon forgat his works; they waited not for his counsel:

(14) But lusted exceedingly in the wilderness, and tempted God in the desert.

(15) And he gave them their request; but [He] sent leanness [to] their soul[s].

I understand this is the hour that we’re calves in the stall. Reminds me of the Japanese. They got this famous [inaudible] beef or something, I know what it’s called, I’m just kidding. It’s a very famous beef, cost about thirty-five or sixty-seven dollars a pound, or a hundred, for all I know, over here.

And they got these calves, these cows, and then they feed them the best food and they massage them, to keep the meat beautiful [inaudible] But that’s meat for the… but we’re sheep, and we still get the beautiful attention, and the beautiful massage, God’s hands upon us.

You don’t have to go the way of the world, brother/sister. But it tells you right here that God will give you the desire of your heart, and He’ll send leanness to your soul! See?


Now that’s what you’re looking at particularly at the end time, because this Scripture refers to that time of Balaam and Moses! So it’s our time! And we see it all over, when Brother Branham was given by the angel, “You cannot teach Pentecostal babies doctrine.” Something else it was said and I can’t get it back in my mind.

Now, so the two groups can achieve the same things temporarily, but one is cursed by God. Now this is certainly the Book of Acts 2, where Peter is looking at the future based upon the present Alpha, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

And he said:

Acts 2:16-18

(16) …this is that spoken by the prophet Joel; [verse 17:]

(17) …come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

(18) And on my servants and on my handmaidens [two groups of people, two vines,] I will pour out… my Spirit; [And they’re going to have the very same thing, but one won’t have the Word! So don’t get caught up.]


Now watch, they’re going to prophesy, that’s going to be the big thing. And you notice how everything is in prophecy, and prophecy in the Catholic church, Mary appears in a vision, and it’s on route 201 up there, and all around the country, Mary came back and she said, “I came back to tell you God loves you.”

I don’t need a hundred dollar sign board, I got it in my Bible here. But I also know something that they don’t know, because they didn’t go to the Bible. And the day when people say, “Does God love you?”

The answer come back, “Have I not chosen Jacob and rejected Esau? Have I not shown you My sovereignty and My foreknowledge, and My election, and My predestination?”

Say, “Well, I – I just can’t see that as God’s love.”

That’s right, you can’t see, because you’re blind. Blind to the Word. These people look in the mirror and they see everything but God! Because God’s His Word. See?

This is certainly Matthew 7, where many will come in that day and say, “Lord have we not testified and prophesied, in Thy Name done wonderful works?”

He said, “I never even knew you.”


Now having seen these Scriptures established so perfectly, seeing them, we listen to Brother Branham say it for us again on page 31, and in little paragraph 154:

[154]  What did Balaam do? [Now listen.] After knowing the will of God, yet he was persistent, he was going to do it anyhow.

Now as I read here, I want you to keep in your mind that Brother Branham is talking about himself and his own ministry vindicated, proving he has the Word of the Lord, and what is absolutely for our moment. The Judge interpreting the Word. Now keep listening.

[154]  What did Balaam do? After knowing the will of God, yet he was persistent, he was going to do it anyhow. And what did it do? Notice. He never changed His mind; He knew what was in his heart.

Now He knew what was actually in the heart of Balaam was to curse the seed of God. I don’t care what that guy manifested! You see, let’s get this flat! And I’ve said it many a time. I met many years ago a Church of Christ minister, I was absolutely impressed with his fabulous nature, his kindness, and his love, his welcoming spirit. But if that man… and if he followed the church, he’s got to say it… healing is of the devil.

Now Jesus said, “If I had not done the works no other man did, they had not sinned. But now they’ve both seen and hated both me and my Father.”


So therefore I don’t care how nice that man was, I don’t care how he pleaded for souls, I don’t care two bits, I don’t care two bits! If he put everybody to shame, even make Jesus Christ look like a sucker! The man has blasphemed, has committed the unforgivable sin. And in spite of all his protestations that he loves God, God says, “You hate me!”

Oh let’s go home, I… what’s the use? What’s the use? You can’t tell people anything. God’s just some poor old jackass, some poor old liar. Religions for the screwballs and nuts. That’s what Lenin said. Where is even his statue today? They’re carving him up. The opiate of the people… is it?

Where’s Este Wells and his girlfriend? Who wrote history, and said, “Palestine never was any important, nothing ever happened there of any importance, and nothing ever will happen there!” What about Desert Storm? What about the oil? Shee. What about them?

For all of this man’s outward appearance and what he did that looked so noble and so intellectual and so spiritual, and so dynamically… what would you say? supernatural? The man was absolute serpent seed. God knew his heart; he hated them and wanted to curse them.

Say, “Well Brother Vayle, I don’t believe these lovely people want to curse us.”

Ha, ha, ha, you have got to be sick. Because you just made God a liar.

I may not make it, but I want, before God, to at least He’ll say, “Well Lee, I’ll tell you what, you did tell a lot of truth.”

Like Brother Branham said, “Lee,” he said, “I want to tell you something. Leave discerning alone, you had a lot of true discernment, but you did make mistakes.”

I dropped it. But I’d be happy, I guess, well as happy as I can be, under the conditions, if He said, “Well, you were hitting on all four on certain angles in there. When you told the truth about those guys out there that were wolves in sheep clothing.” I won’t settle for that, I hope I don’t have to, I don’t believe I will.


Now let’s watch carefully as Brother Branham now goes to Thomas, and remember he is talking to Thomas in the light of Jesus, who had already demonstrated a hundred percent who he was! And yet Thomas has got to get another lick in there somehow.

[155]  You know, Thomas, one time he just couldn’t believe it. No, he said, “Naw, I can’t believe that. If I could take my hand, stick it in His side, put it in the nails of His hand, well then I believe [I would believe].”

Now this is the second time round! See? Because he stood there when Philip said, “Lord,” he said, “show us the Father, and that will do the trick, that will suffice us.”

He said, “Have I been so long with you and you still don’t understand? It’s the Father in me doing the works!”

Now they still couldn’t believe based on God Himself doing what God said He would do, that He would rise from the dead. And He stood right there. He said, “Well I could poke my hand in, you know I could believe then.”

In other words, what I’m trying to tell you, this fellow wanted a further sign! I’m crude, I admit it, but if I’ve got to take castor oil to make my Epson salts work, forget the Epson salts! Take a swig of castor oil and get over it.


Where do you get the idea, or anybody, that you can ask God for anything once God has laid it down in front of you? That’s the same thing making you believe in your heart that God can change His mind about His Word, and that’s where this man was in danger!

Thank God he only got rebuked! Because no seed will perish, but they may get a nice swift lick in the chops. How do you think Thomas felt when Jesus said, “Okay, Thomas, here it is.”? Shee.

Bible’s quite a Book, isn’t it? It sure lowers the boom. It sure tells on those to be told on. White Throne is here, and we’ll soon be in the reality.

[155]  “Come here, Thomas. Put your hand in here.”

“Now…” said Thomas, “It’s my Lord and my God.”

[156]  He said, “Yes, you’ve seen, now you believe. How much greater is their reward who have never seen and yet believe.” People sometime won’t receive the Holy Ghost until they speak with tongues.

You know something? If you notice around Brother Branham was all the mayhem, and God knows what was going on spiritually. They ran with Brother Branham as Jesus Christ, as God, as all knowing, as this and as that, who said the world, was going to raise Him again, and they said everything from here to there and back again, and like a whirling dervish, the ones close to him, those that saw him, were around him.

I was even told by Leo, when all these guys around, with the homosexuals, and crooks, and God knows what, he said, “Lee, if you stick around Brother Branham you’re going to be tarred.” I didn’t stick around, I wouldn’t move down his way for nothing, though I should have done it, I disobeyed God. I didn’t know the answers I know today.


But I’m going to tell you, you look around Brother Branham and he tells you flat, he said, “It wasn’t that Luther could successfully protest the Catholic church, but he could successfully protest the people that tried to make him a fanatic.”

Of one day somebody came in, and I forget the whole story now, I read it, but then they came to Luther and said, he said, “My spirit tells me that you’re Jesus.”

And he said, “Yes, and my spirit smacks your spirit in the nose.”

What I’m trying to say is this: many people around Brother Branham completely misread him! But it took the testimony of those that stood true to what he was, and the Word that the man preached and sent it out, they raised up another generation that believe exactly the truth and say, “That’s God’s prophet!”

And the God prophet of this hour on the grounds that God Himself indwelt him at certain times. But not all the time. Like all prophets it had to be.

[156]  He said, “Yes, you’ve seen, and now you believe. How much greater a reward that those that never seen and yet believe.” Sometimes people won’t receive the Holy Ghost until they speak with tongues. I believe in speaking in tongues. Certainly. He’s a good God; He’ll give the desire of your heart. But no matter how much you speak in tongues and deny this Word, you’re wrong anyway.


There you are right to gifts. Bringing it out. Depending upon a gift. Which is merely a gift. Though the cow manufactures milk, the cow is not milk! See?

[156]  But no matter how much you speak in tongues and deny this Word, you’re wrong anyway. See? You don’t go in by speaking in tongues; you go in by keeping every Word.

And that is not conduct! If you applied that to conduct, you would not need a mediator or an intercessor! Just cancel the office. The keeping of every Word is keeping it in its original form and revelation intact. That’s why I keep stressing if you don’t know the doctrine you’ve had it. Now:

[156]  That’s the evidence of the Holy Ghost: when you believe the Word of God.

That’s why Brother Branham said one of the great mysteries at the end time that unfolded was the true baptism with the Holy Ghost. What did he mean? What it expressed! Which is correct revelation. And only the seed can receive it, proving you’re seed.

[157]  I believe in speaking in tongues. I believe you can be quickened–like I said this morning– you’ll speak with a new tongue. I have myself, and I know it’s the Truth. I know it’s true, but that’s not the sign that you’re God’s [elected] child. See? No, indeed. He… Said, “Many will come to Me and say, `Lord, haven’t I prophesied and done all these great things in Your Name?'” And He’ll say, “Depart from Me, you that work iniquity, I never knew you.”

In other words, you knew better but you did it anyway! Now remember there is time when God winks at ignorance. But when the light shines it is no longer a matter of ignorance, it is a matter of responsibility! Sure.


Now let’s keep reading.

[158]  You speak with tongues and then refuse to be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ?

See, that’s the big one. “Hey I got the Holy Ghost, hallelujah, I speak in tongues.”

“What about being baptized correctly?”

“What do you mean baptized correctly? I was baptized in the Name of Father, Son and Holy Ghost, and I spoke with tongues, what about it?” You see? They are going by their own experiences. They’re going by their little black book. Forget it.

[158]  Something wrong somewhere. Yes, indeed. Any of those things, any of those orders God gave… There’s something wrong. Just search your own conscience and see what the Bible said. Show me some place [any place] where somebody was baptized in the name of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. [Actually they say that’s an interpolation, never was in the Bible.] See? It’s not there. But, you see, sometimes for your conscience’s sake… You say, “Well…” You say, “God speaks to women about how they [should dress], shorts and things, [like that,] but you know, the pastor said… So they take the easy way.


What does he mean by conscience sake? Well the fact of the matter is they know jolly well you’re supposed to be baptized. And if you push them to the place where they got to admit that nobody was ever baptized except that way, then they’ll say, “Well you see, it’s this way. I’m here baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and Father, Son and Holy Ghost.” They’ll combine them.

They say, “Well look it here. I know you’re supposed to be baptized, but hey look, where do you find anything that you really got to baptized, and some great big thing, because Peter says, “Hey, it’s not the answer…”

He said, “It’s not the putting away the filth of flesh, just an answer of good conscience toward God.” So if I have that good conscience, what does it really matter?”

And your mind can trick you. And I’ll tell you how stupid I was, and that’s no problem, because you know that anyway. I remember when I wasn’t baptized correctly, and Brother Branham brought it out, and I thought, “Well, what’s the big difference?

I know what is true, and I’ve never baptized anybody the wrong way,” to my knowledge, maybe one or two, a few, two or three, how do I know? Can’t remember. It was always Lord Jesus Christ, because anybody reading the Bible knows that, Paul couldn’t make mistakes, and those guys couldn’t make mistakes.

So that was all right, but Brother Branham when he said, “It’s ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’, you must be re-baptized,” it was no longer a matter of my conscience or something else. It was a matter of what the Word said, and so I’ve been very happy with that.


Now he says here, you say, “Well, God says this and God says that, but you know we really don’t need to listen, because that’s not the real integral part of it. The real integral part is, you see, it’s not the Word, it’s Jesus.” But they forget that Rhema and Logos is one and the same.

So how are you going to talk about Jesus without Rhema? What kind of a God have you got if you’re off the Word? See, they don’t understand that.

Now, something Brother Branham said in here. I’ll get to that later on.

[159]  They know what God said about it here. See? Sure! God said so, they want to do it anyhow. [That is have their own way.] See, they try to find an excuse. [We talked about that couple of Sundays ago.] “Well, I think it’s much better; [you see with woman’s clothes, and] the wind blows…” [and of course a woman’s skirt would lift up, and they say, “Well it’s best to have slacks,” you know.] God said for a man to dress different from the woman. If a woman puts on a garment pertaining to a man, it’s an abomination in His sight. So it’s not right. You shouldn’t do it. See?

[160]  So therefore, it’s wrong. But you see, they try to find an excuse that “the Lord told me to do this.” I don’t say He didn’t, but look, it isn’t His perfect will. It’s got to be His permissive will. You see what it’ll do? It’ll pollute the whole bunch. It polluted all the camp. [Why was it? Because it was compromised.]


Now the word ‘permissive will’ is a word that Brother Branham used like ‘free moral agency’. Now ‘permissive will’ means ‘allowable by one’s option’. So permissive will means you ain’t going to do what God wants anyway, you’re going to do your own way.

And God doesn’t strike you dead. There’s no way He can strike you dead, because He didn’t strike Eve dead, didn’t strike Adam dead. Only once in a blue moon will God strike anybody dead, and that’s for outrageously blaspheming the Holy Ghost or coming against His prophet or something where there must be something like Ananias and Sapphira.

But you don’t find God striking people dead. Any more like than there was Robert Ingersoll going around saying, he said, “There’s no God,” he’s an atheist. And he said, “If there’s a God,” he said, “let Him come and strike me dead.”

And the theist, the preacher, he said, “Look,” he said, “you’re just a fool.” He said, “God will no more come down here and strike you dead than if you’re a peanut on the track saying, ‘Oh if there’s a Santa Fe train, let it come down and crush me’.”

He said, “Sure there’s a God, but He ain’t going to worry about little peanuts like you.”

Ingersoll wasn’t smart. He turned down Dowie. He wouldn’t dare take Dowie on, Dowie chased him around America, and he wouldn’t take him on. He would have been flatly defeated by a man that thought he was Elijah, he wasn’t, but he sure had a ministry, and he blew it on that one.


Now permissive will, allowable by one’s option. So that means there’s an option. I can take it or leave it! So the man took what he wanted, and he left what God had for him. And it pollutes the whole camp, certainly because it’s a compromise.

[161]  Notice, God never changed His mind, or His Word. But He is a good God, and He’ll give you the desires of your heart though it be against His will. [That’s the direct will.] You believe that? Look! God told [now watch, he goes right down here and talks about] Moses, “Now you go down there [that’s Moses] this the anointed prophet…” [And He] said, “Go down there and speak to that rock. It already had been smitten.”

[162]  Moses went down there in anger, picked up the rod, and said, “You rebels, must we fetch you water out of this rock?” and smote the rock. And water didn’t come; he smote it again. It came. But it was against God’s will. [You see?]

Now, notice you got the pattern set in Genesis. Life was not to come the procreative way of normal sex, although it was there. It was to come the other way. It would have come eventually under the proper conditions. See?

Now the rock should have not been smitten at that time, because the rock gets smitten the second time in our day! Yeah, they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh. And that’s the Holy Ghost. See? That’s why complete blasphemy hits the world, then judgment comes and there’s no hope.

[162]  The water didn’t come; he smote it again. The water came. It was against God’s will. It broke every plan in the Bible. Christ had to be smitten second time. See? Christ smitten once. Broke the whole plan. But He gave His permissive will.


In other words, what are you looking at? Interruptions. Every time man does something it interrupts, it interrupts, it interrupts, causes problems. But it does not stop God from moving right on, and He will go moving on as the song says, “The Truth goes marching on.”

Let old John Brown’s body be moldering in the grave, don’t worry, the Truth goes marching on. And so let the church, it was moldering for roughly one thousand years in the grave, but the Truth kept coming up like a little sprig, and then today, bless God it’s in harvest form, whether people want to believe it or not. See?

So, see, Moses said:

[162]  “We got water for you. See, I brought it for you, you bunch of rebels.”

Moses was the chief rebel. See how children of God can be? Remember, children can be disobedient without being children of disobedience! The child of disobedience was absolutely Cain.

Now Abel could not be the child of disobedience, because once that law was set into motion, and he was the true son of Adam, everything was in order, and he then became the first type of Christ, shedding his blood. The righteous blood of righteous Abel.


[163]  God said, “Come here, Moses. Come here. Come up here on top. You’re been a faithful servant. (see like the woman with high heels:) [climbing, walking over but couldn’t get all the way. Remember Brother Branham’s mother’s dream?] Looking yonder. See the promised land?” [Now:]

“Oh, Lord… !”

“[Nope,] you’re not going over! You took My permissive will down here at the rock. [See?]

Now, if you’re going to look at people’s stature in the Bible, you cannot look at ministries per se, although ministries are mighty important, you have to look at the person’s dedication to the Word. And Moses blew it here!


Now let’s see what Paul says about this in Ephesians 3rd chapter, and I’ve read this many times to you, in the 20th verse:

Ephesians 3:20

(20) Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think, according to the power that [is at work within] us,

The actual translation, the true interpretation is this: it has to do with Christ actually controlling and working His Own power in us, as the Scripture says, “It is Christ in you, willing and doing of His Own good pleasure.”

Moses somehow fell into a bit of a trap. Like old Balaam there, showing his fallibility. And he couldn’t get in, because he went against it. Now that lets you know one thing, that at this end time, how is anybody going to rebel against the Word of God and take things in his own hands and make the Rapture?

See, Brother Branham said categorically, a man always wants to put something to it, put something to it, put something to it, put something to it. Forget it, put nothing to this.

It’s a million times better to close your ears and to close your eyes, and to close your mouth, and to close everything, and say, “I believe what the prophet said, what he said, never mind what he said, I believe it.”

You might as well put yourself in a catatonic trance or something and… you’re not allowed that of course, you got to be intelligent people. You know why? Because He’s not given a spirit of fear, but of courage, and love, and a sound mind. [2 Timothy 1:17] When you’re baptized with the Holy Ghost.


So Paul understood these things, and I think that Paul positively went all the way. And yet Moses was caught up to see the Promised Land, Paul was caught up to see the future glory, but you notice that Paul did not die, except in his own era and hour, Moses was cut off. Paul’s head was taken off. There’s a difference.

So you just can’t say, “Well this man had to be the greatest, the greatest, the greatest, because you see the great ministry.” That’s the thing we get tricked on! Ha, ha! Yes, yes, yes. And we must watch it.

[163]  “…You took My permissive will down there at the rock. You have glorified yourself (see?) [He used God’s power to glorify himself.] and not Me. You sanctified yourself.

In other words, you set yourself apart and made yourself look good, like I said to the kid, “Great for God, or great for God for Les Petrie?” Great for God for Oral Roberts, oh watch the billions roll in.

[163]  You didn’t sanctify Me. You didn’t keep My original Word, what I told you to do.” Yet the waters did come! You can lay hands on the sick and they recover; you can prophesy or speak with tongues, but the thing is, keep His original Word. God doesn’t change His mind, friend. You got to keep His commission…


Now Brother Branham is using the fact of Moses here to let the other seed know positively, hey look, you are not off the hook. Moses got off the hook, but you’re going to pay for it. You see what he is showing them, you can positively enter into a place of using the power of God when it is not His will!

You know, I used to do it, like I say discern. I didn’t know any better. But you know the strange thing happened? The more I got with the Word, the less I could discern. Because there wasn’t any need for it! It wasn’t my ministry anyway.

So you know you can enter into things you should not enter into, but God is good, and when you’re corrected, you go right down the line, because remember the Word corrects the error, and God corrects the sheep. So there’s not going to be a throwing away, and a casting away, no way, shape, and form.

So all right, remember then, we’re right back to where we were many, many lessons ago. And that is passive faith supersedes active faith. Active faith never supersedes passive faith! Active faith never ever, never ever, ever is the criterion of the passive. Passive faith is its own criterion.

That’s why Brother Branham said, “You cannot judge a prophet.” That’s exactly what Paul said. Prophet and the Word’s the same thing. What’s the prophet all about? The Word. You see?



[163]  You got to keep His commission, His will.

See? True, you’ve got to, but how is it done? By going first to that Word, then if there’s something beyond the Word, which is indicative of a certain type of behavior required of you, which is perhaps geographical, which is perhaps financial, God will reveal it to us.

But no, the whole world wants the financial, the geographical, the spectacular; they don’t want the common simplicity of God giving His Word.

[164]  Oh well, that was for the disciples!” [The people say.] He doesn’t change. If He’s still got a disciple, that’s the same commission: “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel. These signs shall follow them that believe.” It never changes; He can’t change.

Now right here it looks like Brother Branham is laying an egg. He’s already hollered and give us the low down, never mind these gifts, never mind these gifts. What’s he doing? He is now becoming remedial, lest the pendulum swing too far. Well then, who needs gifts? Who needs this?

No, remember end time evangelism that he talked to Bose and tried to show him the truth. Take this Message to every place you go, and believe God for signs, because now you’re in the clear, and before you were not in the clear! Now you are not a debtor!

Now you can receive reward. But every time you operate a gift outside the Word of God, you become a debtor, and God will exact the last penny. That’s in the Bible, Jesus Himself said so, read it for yourself in the gospels.


All right.

[164]  Now, you can say, “Well, I tell you, it isn’t for this day.” Oh, you Balaamite. You see? See? God don’t change. He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Now what does he mean there? This here, these things are not for today? He’s still talking about himself, which is the signs that are before the Word, God vindicating Himself to the prophet, the prophet vindicated to the people, so therefore now what he speaks is ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’.

Now you can enter into any ministry that’s in the Bible that God calls you to, and you’re on safe ground! Now your works will not be burnt up, gold, silver, precious stones, no longer wood, hay, and stubble.

No longer, “I never knew you.” See? Oh my, there’s such a difference here. See? One does not operate out of a perverted light; one is operating out of the true light.

Well he said, “That’s not for today.” What’s not for today? What’s he talking about? Moses and Balaam! And God going right back to His Word, where Hebrews 13:8 is chapter 19 of Genesis, where God stands before Abraham, before the destruction of Sodom.

Come on! Come on, breathe deep, and understand the precepts or we’ll get nowhere. See?


Okay, let’s go to 2 Peter 2, and in 2 Peter 2, we are reading verses 14 and 15:

2 Peter 2:14-15

(14) Having eyes full of adultery, [you know that’s idolatry, right there, that’s the earmarks of it,] and that cannot cease from sin; [from unbelief] beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children:

(15) Which have forsaken the right way, and gone astray, following the way of Balaam the son of Bosor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness;

That’s what the church did. The individual seed didn’t do it! The church corporate did it! See? That’s what happened there.

[164]  Oh, you Balaamites. See?

Now, it doesn’t matter how sincere the people are, it does not confer any rights on them, or their baptizers. Sincerely, like they said the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I think there’s more sincere people in hell than outside. See, why are they involved in religion?

Like Brother Branham said, why do they go to church? To be better people than bad people. They try, and the priesthood leads them astray.


All right, let’s keep reading.

[165]  Just look at the Balaamites today: “Oh, I know in the Bible they baptized in Jesus’ Name, but look, all the people…” [out there, you know, my, they weren’t baptized that way, so hey, hey, hey. You know, hold it, they’re good people, you know. Oh my, what does it really matter?] I don’t care what the people have done. There’s not another Name under heaven given among men whereby you can be saved. No remission of sin, only through the Name of Jesus Christ. How good you are, what you do; that doesn’t have one thing to do with it; it’s God’s original Word. You have to stay with that. Whew! All right. [He said. Do they believe it? No, they don’t believe that.]


Let’s go back here just before the Book of Revelation. And in Jude, the 5th verse:

Jude 5

(05) I will therefore put you in remembrance, though ye once knew this, how that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed them that believed not.

He’s telling you the church came out of the world. But there were just only so many seed in there. So many seed Bride, so many foolish virgin, so many that had no part at all. Oh yes, you must understand that, see?

[166]  Obedience to His Word is better than sacrifice. You remember that time when Saul came back.

Obedience is better sacrifice than to hearken in the fat of rams. And he said, “I’m going to make a sacrifice.”

“Oh no,” he said, “it’s too late, you can’t do it. You didn’t obey God, you turned aside the Word.” See?

Now that’s what you’re looking at, you are looking at those that were not in the original seed group, or even foolish virgin that could go astray, they have to pay with their lives. I don’t understand all of this. I’m just bringing out the high point of what you are to look at, and not what to look at.

So thereby looking, you will not be deceived, having previously looked at what is correct and thoroughly explained, we have no reason to look at anything else and thereby be fooled. We should not under any consideration be led astray.


Now watch in 167, this is very important, I’m going to go to the Bible for it.

[167]  Balaam had a gift of faith and could’ve used it to the perfect original Word of God. [Listen, he had a gift of faith and he could have used it to the perfect original Word of God.] Many men on the field today with gifts of healing could do the same thing. Many men out here, people speak in tongues, people prophesy, a gift–could use it for the Kingdom of God, but they don’t do it; …And God blesses them anyhow. Gets the permissive will. But the popularity, the pleasure, the personal gain, sold their birthrights as Esau did, sold out to an organization. Sold out like Balaam did. See? So many are doing today the same thing. We know that’s right. They sell out their birthright. Women professing the Holy Ghost, wearing shorts, men permitting them in the pulpit, bobbed-haired women in the pulpit, paint on their faces, with religious gowns on–it’s the biggest stumbling block the church had.


Now he’s talking about people who have gifts of faith and can operate gifts. Ah-hah, let’s go the Bible. Romans chapter 12.

Now he said:

Romans 12:3

(03) For I say, the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.

So therefore there is a certain status within the church, wherein there is a particular active faith, a powerful faith in you. Which causes you thereby that you can demonstrate the things that are in this Scripture here, they’re allowed of you and given to you. Watch:

Romans 12:4-6

(04) For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office: [Ah-hah, we’ve got offices in here.]

(05) So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.

(06) Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith;

Brother Branham was right on the Word. He said, “This man had a gift of faith, and he could turn it right onto the gift of prophecy.” Right on the button, right on the button, but absolutely died in battle, fighting the seed of God. Hated the people of God, wanted to curse them. See? All right.

Romans 12:7

(07) Or ministry, let us wait on our ministering: or [teaching], on teaching;


It tells you right there that in the five-fold ministry there is a particular gift, and a gift of faith. And in that particular gift of faith, so you can stand there and you know it’s going to come. I’ve done it time after time. I can’t explain it to you, I explained to you once before how Brother Branham and I were talking about this old prophet Balaam.

And I said, “Balaam had something.” I didn’t realize it was a gift of faith to turn on prophecy.

And I said, “He knew something. And he knew when he stood in a certain place that gift operated.”

He said, “Certainly, he took up a parable.” How come I didn’t read that in the Bible? I read it, didn’t know it. He said, “I’ve got my parable too.” It’s right on a tape he said it, but I’ll not tell you the words.

And I know from experience you can positively stand there with a gift, and you watch that thing begin to move, and you can be mean as a snake with it, like a hypocrite, almost. I said almost to defend myself. But I don’t want to be. Because I can blow people right out of the water at times.

Wish you hadn’t have said things. Now what do I do it for? Self gratification? If I do, I’m a hypocrite. To club them on the head, I’m a hypocrite.

But if I use that gift to put you straight, though I might even name names, I’m not a hypocrite. Because it’s exposing the error, and the Word always exposes the error, and if you don’t preach that Word and stay with that Word, how are you going to get error out of the people?


Now I haven’t led you there, for one thing, remember popularity, money and women, you can’t put your finger on me on one of them. I’m as popular as a skunk at a garden party. I wouldn’t take your money, I’m not interested. Women? Forget it.

I’m almost a woman hater, except for you sisters here, and I love you dearly, but women just burn me to a crisp. That’s out there on the streets. Just watch them. I read the newspapers, I read the books. Shows you just where the church is. Stinks! It’s a militant force for hell! That’s what the church is.

It’s a terrorist group, and there’s no terrorist like a woman terrorist. Ask any male terrorist, he will tell you, “Let me fall in the hands of man, but never a woman.”

I’m not running you sisters down, because I’m telling you’re sisters, I love you. Great respect for you and your children, your husbands, but what’s out there? Well, that’s God’s problem not mine. Let the devil do what he wants.

Romans 12:8

(08) Or he that exhorteth, on exhortation: he that giveth, with simplicity; he that ruleth, with diligence; he that [shows] mercy, with cheerfulness. [So on.]


Right down there, every single person has a measure of gift for a ministry, and as Irenaeus said, there are hundreds of gifts in the church! Like I mentioned, where do you find a Pentecostal telling this is a gift? “Showing mercy with cheerfulness.”

If that ain’t a gift, I don’t know what is, because the time you got to show mercy, is when somebody done sticked you right in the back or…  [Brother Vayle makes a whistling sound] down to the fifth rib with a dagger… ahhh and you’re lurching, ahhh, and you go, “I forgive you. I sure ain’t going to be happy about it though!”

It says, “Mercy with cheerfulness.” Like God love a cheerful giver. “Well here I am.” You’re glad to give, because He’s going to return more and more. It’s a gift. Everybody’s got a gift. All God’s children got gifts God gives. It’s just use them.

Well that’s enough for this morning. Time has done run out. Where are we at? Oh yes, we’re right here, right here, right here. Well we did very well, we covered… hey let’s find out, this is going to be good. I think, I hope, I sure do hope.

Heh, we covered from 154 to 168, roughly fourteen. How many pages have we got left to go? Oh, we got about five or six more sermons, I guess. Who knows? Well, let’s rise and be dismissed.

I trust the Lord blessed you today, gave you a deeper understanding, a more compelling faith. Because if faith does not compel, pbbt, it can’t be faith. Faith compels and impels. And the greatest gift in the world, as Brother Branham had, is to get out of the way.

Let’s pray.

Heavenly Father, we want to thank You again for Your love and mercy to us, that You certainly do answer our prayers, You open up the rooms of our minds and our hearts that more of the blessed light of the profound judging Word of God enter in, the Sword of the Lord, which in the skillful hands of the prophet, anointed by the Holy Ghost, wielding that Sword, cut away all the veils upon our minds and the shrouds and the entombment windings that wound around until we were like mummy corpses in a pyramid buried deep below the sands.

Bringing us forth, unbound, unchained, unfettered, like Lazarus, to face a new life, coming forth to live this life by the life of God as never before in this dying generation of condemnation. Lord let us be those lights in that last generation. Not just lights because we are so thoroughly illuminated, and truly and rightly indoctrinated as we should be, in the articles of faith Lord, the faith once for all delivered to the saints, that we have this hour restored to us.

But Lord, with the same gracious spirit, though adamant, live, die, sink or swim, that’s beside the point, that’s the way it is, but in all ways to have the sweet Spirit of Christ and be known by our moderation, by acts of moderation, kindness and goodness.

Knowing Lord that in many cases, even in our own families, it could well be that the only truth and reality they might see, or any heavens access, or any degree of what is in Christ may be found and seen in us. How therefore we ought to walk Lord, within the walk.

Help us to be living epistles, read and known of all men. Not people Lord, like a data processing machine that we have today, every house got a computer, and around the land millions of computers, everything computerized, press a button, press a button, here flows the data.

Lord we don’t want to be mechanical people, data processors in the sense we have a great knowledge. Lord give us the warmth of the reality of the life in the Word, transfusing these temples until, though people won’t admit, and we don’t ask them to admit, to anything that’s of You as concerning us, but we know in our hearts that we have fulfilled the Word of God, not only as to the passive revelation, but a walk that brings forth a genuine fruit, a genuine love, a genuine compassion, a reality of the life that is in the same Word that we now harbor within us.

Truly Lord, somebody is a temple of the Holy Ghost, and as Brother Branham said, if we’re not Bride, there’s a Bride out there somewhere, and by Your grace, we won’t get in her way.

Bless Your people this morning Lord, we pray for healing amongst us, people need healing, it’s not unusual. It’s getting more and more that way, with the way the world is. What strength do we get out of the food? It’s a mess Lord, we’re calling on You this morning to help us get our deliverance and our health commensurate with this hour, and whatever else may pertain to it.

But in Your Word Lord You didn’t say that age meant anything, the prophet confirmed it, it just means we can be healed, unless this specific thing is to take us out of here, and then Lord I believe that’s one of the things we talked about this morning, You would whisper to our hearts and let us know, this is the time to go just like You told me my mother was going to go with that condition she was in.

You let me know she’d get sick one more time and that was it. I’ve seen it different times, Lord You’ve shown me. I don’t need to be shown for other people or anything, but Lord I know in Your Word, it’s not against Your Word that we be shown, because it’s not discernment, it’s Your telling us those things which are acceptable to You, because we believe that they’re ours and have been all through the ages, You speak to our hearts and help us.

May Your people come closer and closer together, the love of God, the family of God, as Brother Branham said, “How can you help but love each other, when you commonly believe this Word, this great tie post?”

Father, if there’s anything hindering in my mind, in my heart, my soul, all those things, or anybody here, You’re the powerful One with the Sword, Lord. Take it all out of our hearts, circumcise our hearts as never before, and don’t let the circumcision Lord be like an onion, layer after layer.

Let it be the definitive work of Almighty God, as we turn from the pit from whence we’re dig, to the Rock from whence we are hewn, and come forth within that loving nature. We want it Lord, and I know You want it, You said if two be agreed, it would be theirs.

God, we’re both on the spot this morning, I believe somehow, I hope we are, and You being the elder Brother, You being the forerunner Lord, we’re looking to You to lead us right into it. The great One. Unto You we ascribe the honor and the glory, in the Name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

‘Take the Name of Jesus with you. ‘

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