Does God Ever Change His Mind About His Word? #20

Misunderstood Grace And Love
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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, we know that the truth of the Word is expressed in song, Your psalms Lord, and some You gave divine inspiration to, as Brother Branham used the song that Rader wrote, and we have changed it a bit to real, because we realize that You are here in the form of a Pillar of Fire, leading us into the Millennium, we appreciate that.

We just ask You tonight to make it all the more real, Lord, until this becomes our entire life, even as You said in Your Word, “I would you were hot or cold.”

Lord, we pray tonight, it shall be hot, O God, fervent, in order to please You, because that is why we are here. Illuminate our faith as never before, Lord, and take us in higher heavenly places as never before, we might glorify and praise Your Name, because it is of grace and truth. In Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we’re here at number 20, and we should be finishing quite soon in this message, Does God Change His Mind About His Word? Now from this sermon it is very evident that the prophet is warning us that the Word of God can never be changed any more than God Himself can change.

And of course we realize the basis for that is Rhema Logos, that there is nothing that God ever expressed, either by a literal Word that was written out, or by an actual expression of manifestation that wasn’t within Him, and so therefore it would be utterly impossible for God to ever change His mind, or to actually change His Word, He would actually then change Himself, as Brother Branham said.


Now why people feel… this is what I think, that why people feel that God can and does change His mind, may well be laid to a misunderstanding of grace, Brother Branham will talk about that just a little bit, and since grace denies works and rests solely on faith, the majority of people could have the idea that this faith does not rest on inflexible Word, or is the product of immutability.

Anybody that has an idea that God can change His mind, or God could be forced to change His mind, does not have an appropriate understanding of faith, because the Word of God is absolutely inflexible, and the product, faith, because faith is a product, is based upon immutability.

So therefore if there were a flexibility, or the Word of God could be passed over or changed, where will your faith be? You see, it becomes a paradox, it becomes actually utter folly.

It appears that most believe that the shed Blood and the intercession of Jesus obviates all rigid attendance by God upon His Word, and consequently we can be ambivalent. Also for after not is not God love, is He not good, is He not forgiving?

That’s true, but where would you find any of these things we mentioned, outside of the Word? Then what if the Word should change? Where would you then be? Even your ambivalence would be worse than ambivalent. It would like Brother Bosworth said, “If you must doubt, doubt your doubts.”

Never doubt your faith, because your doubts are unreliable. The point is when he said that, he himself was admitting to the immutability of the Word, and the Word being absolutely inflexible.


Now, people then thinking that they can be ambivalent, this is a terrible fallacy. First, if the Word had not been violated, beginning in Eden, by Eve and then Adam, there would be no necessity for shed blood.

So what you’re looking at then is the very principle in the Garden of Eden, that the Word Itself could not be changed, nothing could be altered, the Word had to stand there inviolate, immutable, inexorable.

So if the Word could have been changed, it would not have necessitated the shedding of blood, the giving of the life, and we’ll perhaps bring out something about that on Good Friday. God could have… in other words, if people were right in their assumption, then God could have let the whole thing just pass by, bypassing the Word. See?

He couldn’t do it. He had to back up His Word, which He said His Word would not return unto Him void. No way could He allow that, for the Word is precisely given, there’s no ambivalence about it, it’s given by God and it must be met and fulfilled so that there would be no way that the Word of God would ever be voided.

That’s what happened, of course, when Jesus was here, he said, “You’ve messed everything up by voiding my Word, and you’ve put another word there.” That’s number one.


The number two: if that same living, unchanging Word were not violated even today, we would have no need of an intercessor, and there would be no judgment, or even what you might call not just chastisement, but correction. There would be no need for correction.

Why would there be a need for correction if you could bypass the Word, and the Word just didn’t have to be rigidly viewed and fulfilled by God and us where it is incumbent upon us? Where would you have any correction necessary?

The Word Itself then could not be corrected, because by the time you wanted some type of correction, the Word could have changed. So there’s no way. It’s just like it said… what is it Micah said concerning the fact of a pen of steel on a tablet of stone, or like flint.

Now from these two facts, let us just see a principle accepted by the majority that can only destroy them. And it is this: supposing I have a wrong revelation or understanding of the Word, where I reject certain Scripture as the basis of misunderstood or misappropriated grace, where do I stand?

Now that’s what you’re looking at. See? This is pretty well the crux of the matter, and I hope you’re following what I’m reading to you, because I could not ever rewrite this, so it had to come at a certain time in a certain way, and that’s how it is.


Now suppose I have a wrong revelation or understanding of the Word. Perhaps I misunderstand the Word. Or on the other hand I reject certain Scripture on the basis of misunderstood or misappropriated grace.

“Well I’ve got grace, hallelujah.” See what I’m saying? All right, where do I stand? You stand completely severed from God. Because grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. There is no such thing as grace apart from truth, or truth apart from grace.

Now you could say the truth can be apart from grace, but thank God it is not. But you see, when you begin throwing out truth, there isn’t any grace. See, you go right back to the garden to see the inexorable combative Spirit of the Word. As they said, “The Truth goes marching on.” There’s nothing that will stop truth.

That’s actually what we read in John 3, “And this is the condemnation.” When the fact is that “God gave Christ that the world might not be condemned, but the world might be saved through Him, believing on Him.”

And they said, “Now then if that’s the case, where is their condemnation? If there isn’t any condemnation, how come there is condemnation?”

He said, “That’s what you’re missing.”


See: “This is the condemnation that light has come into the world, and men love darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”[John 3:19] And we know the evil deed was Cain misappropriating the Word of Almighty God, believing he could discern and know the things of God apart from a revelation, even in the face of vindicated revelation, he went right ahead.

So therefore even though the truth stood there, there wasn’t any grace, because he rejected the truth. And you’ll notice the Bible says, “They turned the truth of God into a lie,” and again the Bible says, “Holding back the truth.”

So that everything actually depends upon the truth, as to Jesus Himself having said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, and no man cometh unto the Father, except by Me, Who is the truth and the life.”

So if anybody then tries to appropriate life apart from truth, what are you going to do? You’re going to end up absolutely disgraced. So where do you stand? Apart from God.

Now, we then stand without grace, and without Christ, because we have become our own interpreters or prophets. We make the Word what we want to make it, rather than what it actually is.

Now from what I’ve just said, you can see why Brother Branham in our message from this last week, places a great deal of stress upon the fact that women typing the church, we’ll get into that more, refuse to let their hair remain long, they cut it, they find lots of excuses, you know, “The ends have been burnt by the permanents and I can whack it off and this and that.”

Hey, you can’t do it, it’s impossible, you just simply can’t do it. And of course slacks and shorts, and Brother Branham placed them right with Balaam. And Balaam was the purveyor and the precursor, religiously, for fornication and adultery, which signifies idolatry.

And that’s why Brother Branham said, “Methodist, Baptist, Witchcraft.”


All right, these women cannot believe that the Scripture concerning these two commandments of dress and hair can exist in the face of grace. Now you think I’m wrong, you are a fruitcake.

I’m just waiting for the squirrels to pack you off. That’s what they did at our place. They found a cake with nuts on it, they ate through the screen, and packed the cake as far as they could pack it. So I’m being very nice to you, whether you know it or not. See?

Now you see what I read awhile ago, and I’m reading again to you. These women cannot believe that these are two commandments that must be obeyed, because they say, “Hah, just a minute now. What’s that got to do with grace?” You see where the reasoning is? “Oh grace takes care of everything.” Everything what? “Well, doesn’t really matter.”

Well then, you might as well say there’s no God, you’ll be all right. There’s no devil, that’s okay. You can be perverts, well, pooh, that’s okay, ordain women homosexuals and men. You see where you go? One word off, it forms a chain reaction, until the whole thing is in conflagration. [A large destructive fire.]


These women cannot believe the Scripture concerning these two commandments, hair and dress, can exist, or have any priority or any place in the face of grace. It is as though grace denies the Word.

And then the commandments of dress and hair are up for argument or rejection, because they’re deemed simply picayune or very minor and foolish in the light of the great doctrines of Christ, particularly His love that He died for all, and now stands there to keep everyone saved. How foolish. How utterly stupid. Not one word can be changed, all Word must be fulfilled.

And you’ll notice that the Seventh Day Adventist try to tell you that Jesus fulfilled all the law, so they don’t have to wash pots and pans and all, but He didn’t fulfill the moral law. Why do you think Jesus died? Over pots and pans?

No, He died over the sins of morality, the Ten Commandments. Because every sacrifice and everything you do is contingent to the Ten Commandments, starting with the love of God, which there isn’t any love outside of a true revelation.

Say, “Well I love God,” and believe in a trinity? Love God and believe in two gods, or this, that, the other thing? The Bible says you’re a liar. People don’t like that. But listen, you got to call a spade, a spade.


See look it, many people are going to be there at the White Throne. Now the people that actually many years ago saw Brother Branham, turned him down. Pentecostals, Methodists, Baptists, he went to India, in the face of a Mount Carmel showdown, turned him down.

Now millions will rise in the judgment at the White Throne, where nothing can be hidden. As much as people like to hide, remember you cannot hide! You will try to excuse yourself, but you won’t be able to lie!

Remember many will come in that day, and say, “Have we not cast out devils in Thy Name, and prophesied?”

And He said, “Absolutely.”

They make excuses, but they can’t lie, because there’s no way you can lie before God. We saw that in the prophet when he stood right there, and anybody come in front of him and try to pull something on him, he just… it was over.

Now that’s just a preview of a preview of a preview! In other words, an infinitesimal amount of discernment that shall be at the White Throne.


Now God will say to those men, He said, now to all the multitudes, “How come you didn’t accept My prophet?”

“I never even heard him.”

“Well how come?”

“Our leaders didn’t tell us.”

Now you see they’re looking for excuses. But you can’t give an excuse to God, because they’ll say, “Well now just a minute.”

He say, “Would you have believed those men if they told you about the prophet?”

They say, “Yes we would have.”


See, He caught them right in their lie there. Nuh-uh, they wouldn’t believe. There’s no way they’re going to believe him. So there’s no need for those men to tell them about a prophet. See, that’s why that everybody’s condemned on that day.

Now, not one Word can be changed, all Word must be fulfilled, and these two commandments can only be fulfilled in women who are obedient to grace, because grace forgives, based on the Word, then helps the people to live right, again based on the Word.

So we’re going to go back now, because I don’t want to spend too much time on this, and we go back to paragraph 166 on page 33, and listen:

[166]  Obedience to His Word is better than sacrifice. Do you remember that time when Saul came back.

He had a Word that he was to kill all the Gibeonites, to get rid of them, and he brought back some of the intelligents, or whatever they were, and he brought back all the cattle and oxen and those things, and [Samuel] then had to take up the sword then and kill Agag himself, and he said, “Saul,” he said, “obedience is better than sacrifice.” And Saul would not listen.

Now Brother Branham then goes right back to Balaam. Now watch:

[167]  Balaam had a gift of faith and could’ve used it to the perfect original Word of God.

Now Brother Branham right here is placing Balaam with the five-fold ministry. Because a prophet does not use a gift of faith. No way. Because a prophet is a prophet above these gifts. You don’t have to have a gift of faith to be a prophet, you are a prophet! You’re born that.

So it doesn’t require your faith. What faith did Moses have when God revealed Himself to Moses? Nothing at all. God vindicated Himself to Moses, then Moses was vindicated to the people and the Word of God came forth.


Now you notice I read last week, in Romans 12, and here it is right here. And he said here:

Romans 12:6

(06) [Then] having gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us,

Now the grace that is given tells you that alongside of God’s Word, He is giving you therefore that which aligns you perfectly with God’s Word.

Now if you turn down God’s Word, and grace aligns you perfectly with that Word, where is your alignment? See? Where are your loyalties? You understand what I’m saying? All right, this man had a gift of faith.

Romans 12:6

(06) Then [having] gifts differing according to [faith] that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith;

See, now the greater your faith is, the greater the gifts will be coming forth. Like gift of miracles, that’s gift; that has to do with faith. But what Moses had did not have to do with faith! God put His Words in his mouth period!

And when God said, “Stand upon the sea and raise your hands now,” that didn’t require any faith! No faith at all was required there, just go and did it! Why? Because he knew positively that God was going to do something, he was already inured now [inaudible] he was moving in God’s program.

This man wasn’t! This man used the prophetic utterance on the grounds of faith, and he said, “If I’ve got faith to bless, I’ve got faith to curse!” And he got plumb off the Word, because only God can kill and make alive, and only God can bless and God can curse. So you see he was plumb outside of his element.


Now watch:

[167] Balaam had a gift of faith and could have used it to the perfect original Word of God.

What were they doing in the first church? The Book of 1 Corinthians 14 tells you categorically here, [34th] verse:

1 Corinthians 14:34-37

(34) Let your women keep silence in the [church]: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.

(35) And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church. [Now even lesbians are preaching in the Lutheran church, I guess, and different churches. Oh God.]

(36) What? came the word of God out from you? or came it unto you only?

(37) If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, [men with gifts!]

Now if you think that you are a prophet, and you’ve got a gift that makes you a five-fold ministry prophet, and you are bringing forth prophecy, or you are spiritual, and you’re using a gift, and bringing forth a prophecy, you cannot go beyond that Word! You’re stuck!


Now you can seek a permissive will, which means the Word of God is up for grabs, as it was right back in Eden! Now God says, “There’s a Tree of Life, and there’s a tree of evil, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.”

Now He said, “You can have the one but not the other.” She had an option, and she took the wrong one! That’s where Brother Branham speaks of free moral agency, and we’ve got the same thing, we can either take the Word of God or leave the Word of God!

Now how’s any woman going to be obedient to the Word of God, not to cut her hair, not to wear these dresses and things the way she ought not to, unless first of all she believes in that Word?

Now the people say, “I believe in the Word, but you know I just don’t seem to have what it takes to do anything about it.” Well you see, you’re just kind of screwed up in your thinking anyway, it’s too bad, but you don’t believe the Word really. That’s a pretense.


Now listen, he’s talking about Balaam and prophesying. Now he’s going to talk about a gift of healing.

[167]  Many men on the field today with gifts of healing could do the same thing.

The gift they have brings forth the gift of healing! But they’re still subject to the prophet, but like Balaam, they supersede the prophet of this hour, like Balaam superseded Moses! Huh? You understand what I am telling you? You can use your gift of faith to use these gifts!

And though people don’t know when I say gifts can mess you up, I’m telling you gifts can mess you up! Because when you use your faith, and they’re operative, you think you’ve got the world by the tail on a downhill pull!

That’s why people think speaking in tongues is an evidence of the Holy Ghost. Hogwash! It’s a gift. It’s no evidence at all. It’s a product, it’s a creation, it is a force, a manifestation as it were, of something that this Holy Spirit can do.


I know enough of speaking of tongues of people who had nothing on the ball at all, came out of delirium speaking in tongues, who spoke a perfect language. You say, “What was that? God or devil?”

How do I know? But it sure wasn’t any evidence the man had anything. And that’s what you’re to look at! Not fumble the issue and ask a lot of vain and stupid questions, but look the thing straight in the face, say, “That’s not an evidence!” The evidence of believing the Word for the hour.

[167]  Many men on the field… could do the same thing. Many men out here, people speaking in tongues, prophesying, a gift–could use it for the Kingdom of God, but they don’t do it; [that’s why Brother Branham put the church in order.] … And God blesses them anyhow.

What does he mean by that? They keep on using the gifts! And don’t tell me good doesn’t come from it, because many will come in that day, and say, “Lord, have we not cast out devils? Have we not prophesied in Thy Name? Have we not healed the sick? Have we not raised the dead? Have we not so and so?”

“Yes, you certainly did, no problem.”

“Then what’s it all about?”

“You wouldn’t listen to the Word!”


Where the Word is vindicated, not by signs following, but to know it is the Word by the signs previous to it! Coming in ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’. But you can’t get people to see that, they’re not going to see it, so I only blast you tonight, when I talk this way, is on the grounds I want you to be so confirmed you can’t turn any way, but to it.

I don’t care about the rest of the people out there, who gives two bits? I wasn’t sent to them. Teachers are not sent to the world. No five-fold minister is sent to the world, outside of the fact an evangelist comes by and throws the net. You say, “What’s it done then?”

The people in the church go to the world and talk to the world and bring them in. That’s how it’s done. I never heard anything of a shepherd ever having little baby lambs, it’s the sheep. Not that the shepherd’s not a sheep too, in the sight of God.

[167]  God blesses them anyhow. Gets the permissive will. But for popularity, and pleasure, and personal gain, sold their birthrights as Esau did, sold out to an organization. Sold out like Balaam did.


Now he brings in Esau there, but really I think it would have been better if he had just left Esau out. The point is he’s saying that these guys are just like Esau on the grounds that God doesn’t love them, He sure didn’t love Balaam either.

[167]  So many are doing the same thing today. We know that’s right. They sell out their birthright. Women [Now watch,] professing the Holy Ghost, wearing shorts, men permitting them in the pulpit, bobbed-haired women in the pulpit, paint on their faces, religious gowns on–it’s the biggest stumbling block the church ever had.

Now the word ‘stumbling block’ is the interesting one, because Balaam is the one that brought the stumbling block! Then what do these women do with the paint on their face and their dresses? They bring in whoredoms!

As Brother Branham said, “Your grandmother was a flapper, and your mother’s a whore!” Whew, man! That’s a sizzler. Do you know that’s the truth?

Say, “Well I think Brother Branham was just more or less overemphatic.” Lee Vayle might be, but not the prophet. Let’s get it flat. Let’s see what some of you women escape from. Say, “Not very flattering.” I didn’t intend it to be flattering. There’s no flattery involved here. It’s a complete statement of truth. That’s all.


Now in Romans 1, you can read the whole first chapter yourself, and get in the second chapter. And there you’ll see the whole perfect picture. I won’t have time to read it tonight, but you read a whole chapter, on 2:1-16, and get it.

Okay, let’s go 168:

[168]  If you want to know in political powers what time it is in the Kingdom age see where the Jews are. Watch how the Jews are, because they are a nation. If you want to know where the nations are standing, watch the Jews. If you want to… Watch the morals among the women, because she’s a representation of the church. When you see the pollution among the women, you find the pollution in the church. When she becomes a painted-up Jezebel, just exactly what the church has become…

All right, now notice in here, he’s talking about Balaam and he’s talking about Jezebel. He’s not talking about Ahab. Ahab is the geezer that mixed idolatry, paganism, into religion. The true religion of Israel. He brought the priest in… Baal was his father-in-law.

All right, you’ve got what Brother Branham is saying here now, he’s talking about Jezebel, and he said these women are literally representatives, Jezebel represents the church of this hour, a painted face woman who is married, the daughter of a priest, and she’s married to a man that’s in authority.

And he talked about Jackie Kennedy and Jack Kennedy. That was fine in that day. But getting down closer to home here we want you to notice here, when speaking of Balaam he’s talking about the hour in which we are living!


So we’re going to go back to what we looked at before, and there’s three places I want to look at, there’s likely another place too, maybe about four places, but in Peter 2, you’ll notice it says here,

2 Peter 2:15

(15) Which have forsaken the right way, and gone astray, following the way of Balaam the son of Bosor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness;

Now you notice in here that Balaam could not go astray unless first of all there was a right way. If there was no road map, or there’s no way to anywhere, you can’t go astray. Now he went astray on the very grounds that he knew Moses was in the country, and he knew Israel was God’s chosen.

In other words, there was indication by vindication that this man knew or had the opportunity to consort with and know the truth! Instead of wondering and coming to Moses, he turned right aside on his own! Now that’s Pentecost today in the churches. So you’re looking at it.


All right, now listen to me. Where does this all come from concerning Balaam? It says:

2 Peter 2:1

(01) But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord [saying no to the Lord] that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

What does it mean to deny the Lord? There it is in the Pillar of Fire. Say absolutely no to God! There it is in another picture. To stand right there and say, “Absolutely no, I won’t take it!”

Now then what do these people do? They rise up and they teach according to their gift ministries, which they operate by faith! In other words they’re doing it all, in other words just like the devil, because there is no power that is not of God, they’re deliberately using the power of God contrary to God’s Own Word, and God allows it!

Say, “Well I don’t understand it.” Well it’s simple as ABC. Why hasn’t God stricken every one of you down and me included in the pulpit by this evening from what we’ve done from this morning? Yeah. Because not one of us lives and breathes apart from God!

“In Him we live and move and have our being.” [Acts 17:28] All things were made by Him, and all things are maintained by Him! So tell me which one of us ought to be living tonight? Not one, not even a child.

So this fellow here, by the dynamism of faith, which he had, he left the Word to practice gifts! And use the authority and power of the Word, which was demonstrated by the original true prophet! And he began to run with it. See? Okay, that’s this fellow here. Having forsaken the right way!


Now this man comes out of Hebrews 6! Now we read this many, many times. It’s perhaps one of my favorites, because Brother Branham made it so clear.

Hebrews 6:4-6

(04) [It’s] impossible for those who were once [for all] enlightened, tasted of the heavenly gift, [partake] the Holy Ghost,

(05) ….tasted the good word of God, the powers of the world to come,

(06) [Having fallen] away… [no more] repentance;

They literally saw manifested and indulged in what was there at that hour and they fell for the manifestation instead of what should come out of the manifestation, which was the Word!

Say, “Well I can do that too, I got this, I can do that.” And they boast themselves and their gifts. And turn down the one vindication that God brought for the people.


All right, let’s go a little further. Let’s go over here to the Book of Jude. And the Book of Jude it tells you about this fellow Balaam.

And it says:

Jude 11

(11) Woe unto them!

That’s the same, the people; they’re called natural brute beasts. As brute beasts they corrupt themselves, Peter said the same thing.

Jude 11

(11) Woe unto them! [11th verse] they have gone in the way of Cain, ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core.

Now you tell me anybody that can make more money than a bunch of Pentecostals, either using a genuine gift, or using a phony proposition with the people. Oral Roberts with the gift healing took in millions and millions and millions until he turned more and more away from the Word, and he turned more away from the Word, the Bible distinctly says God will close His ears to those men who turn their hearing away from the Word!

So God will not esteem their prayers! Oral Roberts today, can hardly… he’s hardly got the [inaudible] to lift up a cigarette paper, let alone a package of cigarettes which he could have lifted years ago. He’s out there begging like a bum, losing everything.

Those guys, wait till Chilton get his, and he was just as phony as a three dollar bill, he never even had a gift. They’re all going down the tubes. See? Look what they’ve done. Their error is in money! They want a lot of money.


Okay, let’s go back here again to the Book of Revelation. And it tells you again about Balaam. This is the Third Church Age, Pergamus. That’s a tough, tough age, that’s where they really went lock, stock and barrel into idolatry.

Revelation 2:13-14

(13) I know thy works… [13th verse,] where Satan’s seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.

(14) But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumbling[stone] before the children of Israel,

Now what’s he telling you there? He’s telling you here, success at any price. It’s okay to tell lies, it’s okay to do anything, because why? Well you know it’s all a matter of grace, and after all, doesn’t the church have power? Doesn’t it have this? Doesn’t it have that?

In other words he puts the Word of God to one side, it doesn’t matter. A stumbling block, idolatry, all those things go with it right in there. Now you notice that Jezebel represents the church, she’s a type there. What is this? This is organization and its headship!

And so if organization says, “This is our little black book, this is our doctrine,” that’s the way it is. And it would be nothing but blasphemy.



[168]  Now, that’s the truth and you know that. See? If you want to know where the church is, watch the morals among your women, because she–the church is a woman. If you want to know of the national status, watch the Jews.

[169]  Notice, as God said to Balaam, after he had heard the true cut decision Word, “Don’t go”… Yes, then He told him after He had seen it in his heart, what he was to do, He gave him His permissive will, so He said, “Go.”

Now the point is: why did God tell him to go? He was going to go anyway! You say, “Why didn’t God cut him down?” God wasn’t interested in cutting him down. He didn’t want to cut him down.

Why didn’t God stop the devil interviewing Jesus and tempting him? He didn’t want it! Being what He was, He had to stand back. And He stood back. And you know what happened? He knows in Balaam’s heart, and as soon as Balaam got down there amongst the Israelites, it was evident what was in their hearts!


Now would you like to leave here tonight and go to a whore-mongering preacher’s church that believes in so-called polygamy? He doesn’t practice it, he just lives with them. He’s not married, because the law of the land demands you get married to live together.

You say, “Well I don’t believe I got to obey the law, I believe God’s law” You’re a liar! I’ll take you to the Scripture and show you, you obey the laws of this land! Yes sir! Don’t fool with me and the Word of God.

Don’t just get married, there’s a law in the land that says certain things. It’s about time they put a law in too, that everybody gets tested for VD, and I mean AIDS. “Oh no, that’s a breach of privacy!” Is it? When you can affect me? Hogwash!

Don’t give me that stuff, that you’re above the law, you’re above this and you’re above that. My Bible tells me every law in this land, everything, God’s over it. And not only over it, He knows what it is, and He is the One that definitely not just knew about it, but predestinated it according to the records.

You watch my language too in there too, I said it a certain special way. Because these things were in the records, they are not in the Book of Life. It was written concerning them. And there isn’t one law that’s not of God, and there isn’t one law in the land that’s on those books that wasn’t meant to be right, but any crooked rotten lawyer and anybody can turn them right around.


All right, we’re looking at the truth here. And what we see from the Word of God.

Now he says here:

Revelation 2:14

(14) …[he] taught Balac to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication.

So all right, you got a pretty tough situation there. You got a stumbling block, you got sacrificed eating wrong things, and committing fornication. So what was the stumbling block? The stumbling block was the fact that here was a man who had faith to operate a gift.

Now what stumbled everybody right in this hour? Gifts. Was it the gifts themselves? No, it’s the guys with the faith. But where do they get that faith? God allowed that gift of faith, the same as He allowed Adam and Eve, their organs of procreation, and said, “Now watch it.”

Blunt language, but it’s the truth. Free moral agency, so-called, by Brother Branham. They turned it down. They went the permissive will.


And when you talk about permissive will, well first of all look at this: God saw Balaam’s heart. And He saw the hearts of the people. He let him go down there, and the hearts of the people that wanted to fall in adultery and fornication, they got a man over them that gave them what they wanted!

So okay, Rose and Lee don’t feel too bad about the bunch you lost. If I had them in here, I’d want to lose them too, in fact I’d tell them to get out. See, we narrow it down. You may think that’s rough, but it’s the truth. Brother Branham said there’s one thing, gross immorality, if anybody’s got that around here, there’s no place at the table for you if you’re in it. I don’t care who you are.

Say, “Well I believe in multiples.” You do?

You multiple sin – good – out. Yeah, you keep the place clean. You don’t let the bars down so the goats get in. You let the bars down, what happens? The goats come in and shove the sheep out, forget it.

We’ve got a Word, bless God, and God stands behind His Word, just the same as that Word was shown, God was for that Word, Who gave the Word in our hour by that prophet, so we got no problems, as long as we just stay with the Word.


In other words, now God says here, He said, “Don’t go,” but He saw his heart, he was going to go, so therefore God did not change His mind, it was a matter of Balaam, who didn’t believe in the first place, and God letting him go was simply a matter of geography. Because Balaam would have tried to curse Israel without even going down there.

So God said, “Go on down and try it, see what happens. It ain’t going to work, anymore than it’s going to work up here.”

Funny thing how people think, “If I could just leave this and go there, I’d be a better Christian.” Ha, ha, ha. Hogwash, you’d be worse than ever. Yep.

[170]  You could do the same thing. If you don’t want to walk in the Truth… You can go and have a great ministry.

That’s what he said right there. You don’t have to walk in the Truth, and have a great ministry. Why? Because the Word said it! The desires of the heart of man, what’s in the Word here, and it is in the Word, by a perverted understanding, can reach out by the faith that God has given, and allowed, you go ahead and you operate in those realms, just go ahead and do it. Because you got the ability.

[170]  You can have a great ministry. Certainly you can. But you’re taking His permissive will; [the option,] you’re walking over His Word. He’ll prosper you, certainly. Just like He did Balaam. Balaam was a success, but he couldn’t curse that people.


Yeah, he couldn’t curse them. And you know what? He knew stinking well he wasn’t one of them. And he thought he could get rid of them.

He said, “Let me clear the decks, and I’ll have it all to myself.” I’m going to tell you something, I don’t care how many decks anybody tries to clean, and that’s the devil himself, they cannot have it all to themselves, because God is sovereign.

[170]  He was a success, but he couldn’t curse that people. He couldn’t do it, ’cause every time he started to curse, he blessed. See, he couldn’t do it. But when he came to being prosperous in his achievement, he taught those people, through Balak, to commit adultery. [Now that is physical and it’s idolatry.] He brought in the camp of Israel and married them off.

That’s what Paul said. “He that is joined to a harlot is one flesh.” Take that back to the original, where it tells you: “For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and they two shall become one flesh.”


So now they’ve got themselves one flesh by adultery. That ought to make some boy smarten up and older men begin to worry about the fact they’ve had adulterous affairs. How many women you’ve got out there that God says they’ve left an impress upon you and you upon them?

It’s not just a good thing to keep out of adultery and fornication, it’s a smart thing, it’s a spiritual thing. Not saying you can’t be saved, never said that, but notice what you’re looking at.

[170]  He brought in the camp of Israel and married them off. “Why, we’re all one. Why, you’ve worshipped the same God. We got a prophet; [notice how he justifies himself,] you got a prophet down there. And we have the same sacrifices, the same Jehovah as our fathers. Now, why not come and associate with us.” The Bible said, “Don’t join yourself up amongst unbelievers. Don’t yoke up with them at all.” If they don’t believe it, stay away from them. See? “Come out, be separate,” saith the Lord, “I’ll receive you. Touch not their unclean things.” That’s right. [Then watch now:] Their filth against the Word [of God] and things like that, stay away from it; and don’t listen to it.

These money oriented gift ministries, they are as unclean, even though the healings and miracles and signs are there, they are as unclean as the tables that are desecrated at communion time! The whole thing is a mess.

Now Brother Branham says:

[170]  “…Touch not their unclean things.” That’s right.

What’s the unclean thing? Their filth against the Word of God. What is their filth against the Word of God? Denying, number one: denying that God is behind the vindicated Word! Do you understand what I’ve said? You don’t have to say ‘amen’.


Let’s just go back to 2 Peter again, the 2nd chapter.

2 Peter 2:1

(01) But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

It tells you flat that there’s got to be appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ again! And they’re going to say no to Him! Hebrews 6th chapter! Then they’re going to bring all these teachings in.

And that’s their filth against the Word of God, and they hold the truth in unrighteousness, which means they know the truth, they turn it down, and they’re going to worship God anyway! That’s exactly what Balaam did! Headstrong bunch of lunkers, because they had a gift!

Now you see why Pentecostal is the chaff and there’s no Pentecostals going to make the Rapture. How can they when the chaff gets burned? Burn it into your brain, the Word of God is right!

You know we’re at the day having done all to stand, stand! Because there aren’t any more answers, we had them all. You think He’s going to appear and appear and appear and appear and appear? Doesn’t work that way.

[170]  Their filth against the Word of God, stay away from it; and don’t listen to it.


As Brother Branham said, “What fellowship has that man that believes all of the Word, have fellowship with one that only believes part of the Word?” Funny thing is you get the guys that quote that the most are the ones that are doing it too. Terrible situation. What fellowship has Christ and Belial?

[171]  And here we find out that Balaam went down there and began to teach the people, and he had an error. [And he originated what’s called ‘the way of Balaam’.] …how he did it, taught Balak, and the children of Israel to commit adultery, [Now watch,] and a plague struck the nation of Israel, the people, and thousand died in one day.

What was that plague? Well I suppose accelerated AIDS! What do you think He’s going to strike if they’re committing adultery? Sex organs! Not your eyeballs and your eardrums! What’s apples got to do with pregnancy? Certainly was not an apple she ate. Ai-yi-yi, I don’t understand some people’s thinking. Just ridiculous.

[171]  And while they were all there before the altar of God praying, [everyone praying and committing adultery,] here comes an Israelite man and a Midianite woman, a denominational woman, and went into the tent. [Right in broad daylight.] The priest’s son walked over there and took a javelin and killed them both. [Speared both them right through, one spear.] And that stayed the wrath of God. You see that’s Scripture. Is that right? See?

What’s going to happen? God’s going to curse the end time union of the church with the world, the whole thing’s going to go, because it’s all going to be one great big mess.


By the way, you know I’ve been telling for some time how the Marshall plan saved Europe, for the economies, but the real building of the image of the beast is just really started, it started under Bush.

And you notice the White House release was positively that now there is no superpower left but America, and everybody now listens to America. Ah-hah, that’s the lamb that speaks like a dragon.

Now with trade going on… what Senator was it went out recently down in Carolina’s? And he said, what he said, “We’ll send a poster to Japan” … or something else, he said  “with a mushroom cloud showing,” he said, “made in America,” but he said, “tested in Japan.” Yeah.

The cats out of the bag, there’s only one superpower. I’m going to tell you what, just don’t kid yourself, a lot of other folk got the bombs, and America will not get the Soviet scientists place before Kaddafi and some of the other guys get to them, don’t worry. Don’t worry.

Russia’s still got the bomb, who’s kidding who? All you need is one jerk to get his finger on it, and he doesn’t even have to be in the government. Yeah.



[171]  …that’s the Scripture.

[172]  What happened? Balaam. He succeeded in weakening Israel.

Now watch how Balaam succeeded! He succeeded based upon a gift that he had faith to exercise, went down there and purported to be the voice of God for that hour, and took the people into a lecherous way! Which was idolatry. Money! And sex.

Oh listen. Some of you are getting up in years, you’re not such tiny kids anymore. It’s not fair to talk about my age against yours, I realize that. I got twenty years on you, and ten, fifteen, what have you, just go on back when you were a kid even.

Are the conditions today like they were then? “Ah it’s always been proven, there always was somebody crying out in every age!” Oh yeah? But not as this age, because this is the age we had That. Yeah.

So don’t ever get your dates mixed up. Sure it’s been here all the time, what do you think? God’s never changed, and neither has the devil. Neither have people. But now you see there’s a time of the ripening.

[172]  He succeeded in weakening Israel. What did he do? He weakened their camp. God let him go and weaken their camp, it polluted the whole camp. And when some doctrine starts that’s not the Bible truth, it pollutes the whole camp.

Now this is a warning that Brother Branham is talking about for our day. And this is like it says in the Book of Deuteronomy. This is our strength to stay with this Word!

[172]  …pollutes the whole camp. Somebody raise up a different idea, like Korah, and say, “Well, this, that, and the other thing. I’ve got a different idea,” it pollutes the whole camp. And that’s what’s done in the whole church camp today. [And he said,] That’s right! [Not that they’re right, he said, but he’s telling you the truth.]


Now the Bride is not with this bunch. She is of one mind, as we find over here in Philippians 3rd chapter, and Paul is speaking in verses 15 and 16, and he said, here, 15 over this side:

 Philippians 3:15

(15) Let us therefore, as many as be perfect, be thus minded: and if in any thing ye be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto you.

In other words, you that are mature, have come to the place of maturity. You see? You’re right up there in the truth, be of one mind.

Philippians 3:15-16

(15) …if any thing be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto you.

(16) Nevertheless, whereto we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule, let us mind the same thing.

In other words, there should be a teaching amongst the people in this Message, where they say the same thing, because they believe the same thing! That’s why Brother Branham said, “Just say what I say.”

Paul said the very same thing. Because: “What? Did the Word of God come unto you, or did it just come to you only?”


All right, now the strength that they had going over to Canaan’s land, as we saw in Deuteronomy, was believing this Word. This Word is preparatory to getting us in there.

As Brother Branham so correctly told us, the angel that came to Brother Branham said, “As John the Baptist foreran the first coming of Christ, so your Message shall forerun the second.” Don’t let anybody tell you, not even his kids, it was William Branham forerunning, it’s not true. Only in a very limited sense.

And now it’s impossible, because the man is dead. It was John the Baptist, no one but John the Baptist, a man, and he didn’t have much of a message, just a little bit. A little discernment, showing the people the truth.

But at the end time there is a former rain teaching at the time of the latter rain, when Elijah’s spirit will come on this earth, which is the Lord Jesus Christ in a particular special role, and it will be a Message, it will not be a man or a ministry, though they are there, it is the Message.

So never mind William Branham, and never mind the great power, look at what he was bringing, which is the Word! Let that be your necessary meat.



[173]  Teaching, as he did, [Balaam,] weakening the whole camp for Kadesh-barnea, the Word showdown… When they got to Kadesh-barnea, [now watch,] then in the weakening of the camp, they came back… Remember, they’d eaten Angels’ food; they had the Word of God [that’s Hebrews 6,] every night made manifest, [every night] they had food. [Every morning they had food.] They drank from the rock. They had all seen miracles; they watched Moses and saw his word, they saw his prophesies, saw everything. [They were part of it by being there.] Then finally when they listened to this false teacher come in among them and teach wrong, he weakened the camp, and prospered it.

In other words, wickedness prospered. So by the time it came to Korah, Korah never looked back upon this guy that died at Baal Peor, he never looked back and drew a lesson from Balaam, he went right ahead and said, “Hey I’ve got a gift too, bless God, Moses you step aside.”


That’s all I ever saw in Pentecost, with a few jibber jabber women speaking in tongues and jackass husbands following around like idiots, they’d stand up and dety a preacher as though they had something on the ball. That’s why I say don’t tangle with me unless you can handle your gun, I’ll bring you up here and blow you plumb out of the water. I’m not a fool and a little kid anymore, get that flat.

I’ll say that every now and then to let you know, hey, you’re not dealing with somebody now back in Pentecost, I’ve stood with the prophet, saw him, what he did, studied with him, I know what I’m talking about. Or I better sit down and shut up.

You get yourself somebody else, do what you want. But you’ll need somebody. Because no sheep will make it on their own. You say, “Well just a minute.” Don’t you give me just a minute on nothing. God ordained a five-fold ministry.

He’s got a true one somewhere that’s going to see a people through. And when it means ordain, it means they’re commissioned, they’re commanded, and they better know what they’re doing and say the truth, and not stand up for some gain or something else.


All right, they’d seen all this, just like I saw it. They listened to a false teacher, weakening the camp, and showing where there’s prosperity.

[173]  He might’ve built a million dollar building; he might’ve had a great denomination; he might’ve added thousands times thousands, done great works, and mighty works, [if he] was a prophet. That’s all right, but as long as it’s not with the Word of God, you better stay away from it. God doesn’t change His mind. Stay right with His Word, ’cause that’s what’s going to come out in the end–the Word, word by word. “Whosoever shall take away one word from It or add to It…” It’s got to stay with that Word.

Now that’s why Brother Branham when he warned, “Stay away from that stuff,” he was talking to people like you and me, and I remember the [inaudible name] up in Buffalo, you know, you know Irene, her sister.

They were trying to get her to go to some Pentecostal jockey, you know, to exercise some kind of gift. She had cancer, and she said, “I’d sooner die than go there,” and she died, but she died with the grace and glory of Almighty God. “Stay away from that stuff!” the prophet said, then why go to it?

“Well maybe I’ll take a chance God’s in it.” I’ve done laid it out in the line tonight, the same as the prophet did, showing you that they have a gift, and thereby exercise, and they got only one thing in mind and that’s to lead you astray.

Say, “Well, Brother Vayle, I don’t believe it.” Yeah, see… go on home. You just bring a sin in the camp with that kind of stuff. There is no power and authority that is not of God. Devil doesn’t have a word of his own. There’s nothing that’s not of God.

Don’t you understand the whole thing is not white or black? It is gray. See? It’s the perversion that gets people. If you could make it white or black, it has been made white, the little tiny bit in there makes a little gray, a perversion, that’s where people are gone haywire.


Now he said:

[173]  “Whosoever shall take… add one word…” It’s got to stay with that Word.

[174]  Now, listen closely now. [And here we are for today.] When the Word test came, when they went over and saw the opposition so great–the greatest opposition they’d ever seen, the Amalekites ten times their size–they said, “We look like grasshoppers. Their fences… their cities are so walled till they can run a chariot around it, two chariots, [at one time, you know, horses abreast running around the top of that wall. Kind of like Babylon.] Why, their spears are… [this] long. [Great long spears out there.] They’re giants. We look like grasshoppers. We can’t do it!” And two men stood on that Word. Caleb and Joshua said, “Wait a minute! You two million people, shut up just a minute; we are more than able to do it. (See?) We are more than a match for them.” What were they basing it on? God said, “I’ve given you the land. It’s yours.” And there they stood. But the people had gotten married off amongst other things and all kinds of creeds and rituals among them, and just weak, wishy-washy, didn’t know which way to turn and what to do. That’s right. There come the Word test.


In other words, Brother Branham is telling you here, if you don’t stand with that Word, you’ll never be a Caleb, you’ll never be a Joshua, you’ll fall for something and you’ll miss it. That’s why he said, “Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t miss it!” What is it? Right back to the truth of Paul!

If that’s what’s going to get us there, then don’t tell me about missing the great land that’s there, tell me about how to get there and not miss that which gets me there! And I say that’s what Brother Branham was doing when he came back and said, “Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t miss it.”

We’re resting on the fact we have the revealed Word, as which Paul said, “God will judge the world by my gospel.” He’s done and doing it right today. In the judgment. You’ve got the two sides; you’ve got Mount Ebal and Mount Gerizim. Never has changed, grace and truth, they’re hand mates, you cannot separate them.


Now he said:

[174]  Listen. The Word test came, when they went over and saw the great opposition…

Now it tells you right there that things have appeared in this hour. And things could still appear in this hour, which make us wonder if all we really need is God’s vindicated Word.

Now someone will come by and say, “Well, Brother Vayle, I agree, what it is, it’s some great vindicated promise, and I’m just resting on a promise.”

Well I’m not resting on a promise, because a promise could be one thing. Now if you’re talking about the Message and the whole truth contained in the Message, I’ll go along with you. But it’s so easy for people to get pulled astray, and be just like the world church out there.

So well you say, “I’m resting on Jesus, hallelujah. I’m resting on the fact that he died. Hallelujah. I’m resting on the fact the Blood makes perfect the Bride. Hallelujah.”

You can hallelujah everything the prophet’s saying and miss it. That’s true. The thing is where is your heart concerning it?


Now there’s something coming down the road from what Brother Branham said here. We’re into it already.

And I believe the great thing in the world right here, the big hard thing we’re looking at is the fact the kind of preaching we go for and the kind of thinking we do does not make a great big hip hurrah, hallelujah spirit amongst us running around and trying to create something, when we’re trying to simply believe the Word of God and say, “God, there’s something going to come out of that Word,” and it could be that we’re looking even at the wrong thing to come out of that Word!

The point is: what’s going to come out of this Word is resurrection and immortality, and those that are standing here are not worried about resurrection, they’re worried about immortality. There’s only one Message going to bring it back and that’s Paul’s.

Nothing else is going to do it, because this is that end time, where it says you’re either going to go to the antichrist or going to go to Christ. You’ve already seen the spirit of antichrist, which is the son of perdition; you’ve seen the Spirit of Christ, which is the Son of man. You’ve made your choice.


Now the point is: what was the Son of man all about? The Son of man was absolutely to reveal the Father. To give you complete revelation of that Word. The other was to lead you astray. Now the thing is, right at this end time, are we come to the place where it’s insurmountable? This going on in?

Are we looking for something else and say, “I simply cannot believe what the Word said, what Brother Branham brought us.” Brother Branham said the opening of those Seals and Seven Thunders gave us everything we need to put us in the Rapture. Yet people say, “Well you got to this and got to do that, and got to do the other thing.”

Now I know there’s a certain work’s program in the Word of God, where you walk in the light as He is in the light, and you have fellowship, I understand that.

But here’s the point: these people could not do any walking, because they turned down the revelation. They listened to something else! They listened to a program! They listened to that which was a part of the whole, which was the Word that Balaam brought, which had to do with gifts.


So all right:

[174]  Listen closely now. When the Word test came, they went over and they saw the opposition was so great–the greatest opposition, the Amalekites ten times their size…

They look like grasshoppers. Fenced cities, huge walls around them, spears, great big spears sticking out there, they had weapons of warfare of course, Israel didn’t have any. Nope, they didn’t have any.

I guess old Joshua had one sword, I don’t know where he got it, and a couple of… Phinehas had a spear, they had a couple things, but they weren’t an army. They no way an army, any more than Moses went down. He was one man taking over Israel, taking over Egypt. They had spears, they were giants.

[174]  And two men stood with the Word. Caleb and Joshua… “Two million people, [he said, now quiet.] We are more than a match for them.”

In other words the testimony of the hour is God has given us the Millennium, we are going in. People say, “Well, this, that and the other thing.”

He said, “No, no, no way.”

Brother Branham himself said, he said, “If one person in that town going to make the Rapture, and you’re one of them, you don’t exclude anybody else, say, “I’m the one that’s going to make it.””



[175]  Yet He grants you permission [permits you] –a permissive will…

In other words, the Word is here, take your choice. God’s going to go right on anyway. And when you change your mind this time, there’s no changing it back!

Brother Branham categorically said, “This is the hour of jubilee!” And he said, “In the hour of jubilee,” he said, “the slave master puts the slaves ear, the lobe to the door, and he said, “Now what do you want? Do you want to stay with me all your life or you do you want to get free?” And the guy said, “Well I’d sooner stay with you, I’d sooner be a slave.” The guy – chook – puts a little mark in the ear, and that’s it.””


In other words, Brother Branham said, “You’ll never hear the Word of God again!” Absolutely the truth. Hebrews 6. There’s no other Message! There’s nothing else! It’s finished! It’s all over. People don’t want to recognize that. But now you can have your choice!

[175]  “Well, Brother Branham, I do so-and-so; it doesn’t bother me. [You know, doing the wrong thing.] God blesses me every day. I sing in the Spirit; dance in the Spirit; [you know what Paul said? He said… how does he put it? “If you live in the Spirit, walk in the Spirit.” That’s what he said. Yeah.] He’ll permit it. Go ahead. That’s right. But what are you going to do?

[176]  “I wear shorts; I do this; it doesn’t bother me. I know my faith is in Christ, not in what I wear.” [See? They got grace all mixed up. What they got is something promiscuous.] The Bible said there is something to it. See? What’ll you do it? [Or what do you do it for?] You’ll make a stumbling block like Balaam did before every one of the other women. What’ll you do to you young girls? You’ll have a bunch of “Rickettas” (that’s exactly right), a bunch of little painted-up Jezebels. See? But God will prosper you.


You know what they found out in the churches? The percentage of fornicating teenagers in the world is no higher or barely higher than what’s in amongst the so-called Christians. So you fathers and mothers you better start looking into life a little more clearly.

You say, “Where’d you get it Brother Vayle?” Just read it the other day in my statistics I get. I do my share of reading. You know you got to have demographics up there the same as in the world. You got to go by what’s out there. Church is no different. Don’t anybody get the idea.

Minister phoned me years ago, “Brother Vayle,” he said, “what do you do about sexual problems?”

I said, “All you can do is preach. You can’t stand on their… can’t go to their homes, can’t crawl under their bed, you can’t take them by the hand, you can’t take a club, you just preach.” Yep. You got to have faith in God.

Brother Branham said right here, those women, and he said the truth, he said, “Your grandma was a flapper, your mother a prostitute.” What did it? Roll them, girlies, roll them.

“Well it couldn’t be.”

Why do you think it’s in the world today, the rock and roll songs and the church says, “Well, the thing is this: we’ll just put nice words to the rock and roll.” Ho. It’s still rock and roll. It’s still the Beatles and Elvis.


You know, at one time you might say the world is a queer place, but today it’s a place for queers. It’s just a complete mess. They get more money for their sin, in the cancer society, the lungs, the heart, and congress is only too happy to vote them more, so they can spread more, and when they do, they’ll tell you all the lies in the book, and they’ll say you can’t get it by saliva, you can’t get it by this, you can’t get it by that, and they’re liars. And the truth is not in them.

Well Brother Branham pinned it. He said they’ll be painted-up Jezebels. That’s religion. Prostitutes, flaunting themselves, running the show and God will prosper them.

You know when David stood back one time, and he couldn’t understand how God could do it. But then he said, “Suddenly one day God showed me the end of the wicked, and the end of the righteous.”

And if we got a picture that Brother Branham painted, the end of the righteous, which only man living could ever paint that picture outside the apostle Paul, Brother Branham put the finishing touches on it, the portrait’s been in painting for seven solid church ages and Brother Branham put the final addition to it, if we see that final addition, it doesn’t matter what the giants or anything else looks like, we’re going in because that’s our end.

It doesn’t matter what’s going out there, we’re not even interested. The only interest we have is knowing that when we see these things, lift up our heads and rejoice because our redemption is not only drawing near, it has drawn near. With the opening of those Seals and the coming into our presence and we into His Presence, even Christ Himself.

Let’s bow our heads in prayer.

Heavenly Father, we want to thank You now again for the time You’ve allotted us, which is a goodly time, by the hours that we get here, to study Your Word, to see these things, line by line as the prophet taught, going line and line to the Bible, showing the utmost clarity, which indeed it is, and we see Lord we’re in that very hour of Jezebel and Balaam, Korah, see it right there, no two ways about it, genuine gifts right down the line, men who turned away when they had the opportunity.

The reason they turned away is just what You said, “I never knew you, depart from Me you that work iniquity. You that knew better and wouldn’t do it.”

We see it right in this hour, Lord. I don’t believe for one minute that there’s anybody going to be absolved in that great day, there’ll be excuses, but we know Lord the very people that blame the people that didn’t tell them anything, if they’d have told them, they would have doubted it anyway, and they would have kicked the fellow out that told them, he wouldn’t have been their authority any longer.

Because You said in Your Own Word Lord, that they heap to themselves having teachers having itching ears, and we know not the teacher has itching ears, he’s got an itchy mouth. The people got the itching ears.

So here it is all before us Lord, help us to inculcate it right into our very lives, the warp and woof of our being, until Lord there isn’t any desire in our hearts and not even the remotest possibility we’d desire anything outside of Your Word. Make it live to us O God we pray, in these very human vessels, because we want to get out of here, Lord, as part of Your Bride.

We don’t know a hundred percent we are, but we believe we are on the grounds that we believe this Word spoken by the prophet, and what a beautiful, wonderful Word we believe it is, because we believe it just matches every single Word you gave by every other prophet, and this one just came down Lord to us, brought to us, to our attention, what is the truth that was already written there.

So we thank You for it. Help us during the service at this time as we go to the communion.

In Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

[Brother Vayle proceeds with Communion Service]

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