Easter Seal #06

The Satisfaction Of Christ
#1891 /

Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father we realize that the great vindicated Word that You have brought to us through the prophet, showing us that he was that prophet to bring us the Word, Lord.

We now turn to Your Word exclusively, knowing that it has been proven to be correct, but Lord we know that it must be also revealed to us correctly and we pray You’ll give us understanding this morning, as we look at this Message that a prophet brought, Lord.

We know that it wasn’t in vain, we know it’s for very specific purpose, and we also know we have to understand it from the point of view of his own understanding, Lord, which means we have to give in to his Word Lord and Your Spirit that’s with that Word, putting aside our own thoughts.

Help us to do that, because we know that’s the great battle the prophet spoke of, and helping us to do it Lord, we give You all the glory and praise because we know it is Yours, and it has nothing to do with us. In Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we’re looking at number 6 in Easter Seal, and we are about to actually continue studying from page 16 and paragraph 77, which is just four lines from the bottom of the page.

And that’s because you’ll notice that Dave Mamalis, when he put this together, of course you know when you are using conversation and you use italics, every time that one person speaks it has been the rule that you put that in a separate paragraph, although it’s not essential anymore.

With the result that you’ll notice that one paragraph actually goes for about three paragraphs, which myself I do not like on the grounds that if you wish to find something rapidly, you should have every single line as a paragraph and numbered so you can put your eye right on it.

So that’s why I say we’re counting four lines up from the bottom, or sixteen lines down, or whatever, it’s just the matter of not put together in a way that you can study as we are studying here.


So all right, we’re going to eventually get to paragraph 77 on page 16, but before we do we will try to recap a part of the message in order to attain to a smoother progression of thought, and get on with what Brother Branham had in mind.

Now to begin let us recall that Brother Branham has moved from his opening statement that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which he called the Easter Seal, or actually Easter itself, then Easter Seal, as defined to be that which literally gave the complete and irrevocable demand upon God to fulfill His promised plan to His only begotten Son and all other sons.

I say he moved onward to show that the very same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, and thereby brought in the enforcing seal, now comes since Pentecost upon the believer and seals him into the same resurrection of Jesus Christ by a portion of that same Spirit imparted to the believer.


Now let me go over that with you so you’ll understand what I’m saying.

Now we say to begin with let us recall that Brother Branham has moved from his opening statement that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which he called Easter, or Easter Seal, as defined to be that which literally gave the complete and irrevocable demand upon God to fulfill His promised plan or promises, which He made in covenant form to Christ and His sons.

Now what you’re looking at is called by theologians the satisfaction of Christ. Whereby Christ satisfied every single demand, so there is no plan, no purpose, no promise, no anything that comes from God in a relationship to us as His children that can now be bypassed, set aside, or flaunted in any way, shape or form, because satisfaction has been met by Jesus Christ.

So that part is where you see grace. By grace are you saved through faith, and that not of yourself, it is the gift of God. As Paul says, “If it is by grace, then it is not by works. If it is by works, then it is not by grace.”

So you see here the isolation of Christ, standing as the complete mediator between God and man, and what He did brings in a perfect reconciliation, not only between the parties, but absolutely, absolutely everything as pertaining to creation, which was, and is, and which shall be.

That’s what you call the satisfaction of Christ. So therefore the demand was completely met in every way, shape and form.


So I’ll read it again. Let us recall that Brother Branham has moved from his opening statement that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which he called Easter, or the Easter Seal, defined to be that which literally gave the complete and irrevocable demand upon God to fulfill His promised plan to His only begotten Son, and all other sons.

I say he moved onward to show that the very same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, and thereby brought in the enforcing seal, the enforcing seal, God forced, now comes since Pentecost upon the believer, and seals him into the same resurrection as Jesus Christ, by a portion of that same Spirit imparted to the believer.

That’s why you find in Romans, “Whom He justified, them He also glorified.” You cannot find a departure from it, because it is what they call the ‘fait en complete’, which it means ‘it is done’. Just the same as Jesus said, “It is finished.”

This of course, we’re talking about the Spirit coming to the believer. This of course is the rebirth that comes by the baptism with the Holy Ghost, that’s a direct quote from Brother Branham.


Now let it be known that though the Spirit of God is received by faith, that faith, whereby he receives, is not simply one of mental assent or human agreement to an historic event, or present experience even, but that faith is the Word of quickened revelation, that so quickens or makes alive by that Spirit the individual, that he knows or understands he is a part and has his part in the resurrection of Christ, and has passed from death into life, and this quickening is unto the reality of his immortality, even as stated by Job, “I’ll see God in this flesh, though my bones decay and skin worms eat this flesh of mine, I’m going to see God, stand upon the earth with my Redeemer.”

And as Paul himself said without this resurrection, there is literally no meaning to Christianity. Because he said, “If in this life only we have hope, we are of all men most miserable.” He’s letting you know that Christianity apart from the resurrection is a miserable existence. Certainly.

You know, don’t try to gild the lily, you know, pretend. Just put it along what he said. Said, “If this is all it is, it’s miserable.” Why? Because you got a false hope. He told you. He said, “If this isn’t it, eat, drink and be merry, do whatever you can, because that’s it.”

No, there’s a resurrection. Brother Branham said, “We ought to so live as to see our loved ones in the resurrection.” What a great place he put on the resurrection.


All right, so we’re going to read paragraph 75, eleven lines down from the top, you don’t have to turn to it just yet, and then we’re going to read it in order to get down to paragraph 77, because I’ve talked a bit about it, but to get a little more continuity here, we’ll start about the eleventh line down there, and reading through 75, 76, to give the continuity we talked about.

Now as we do, we must note that the baptism of the Holy Spirit does not give you immortality at that moment, as though you’re going to live forever, the same as divine healing doesn’t give you immortality, you live forever, you’re going to die, like Elisha died, the sickness where he was sick.

But at that moment you are sealed into it for a future time when the promise will be made manifest. The church has been growing up with this potential, until in maturity the whole body of Christ will follow the resurrected Head, even Jesus Christ, into the resurrection itself.

Brother Branham mentioned that, where the Head is the body has to follow. And if the Head is here, the same Spirit, it’s going to bring Christ back on the scene, and we’ll rise with Him.

As the Holy Spirit has quickened individual members, it also quickens the church toward the resurrection by the measure of the Spirit quickened Word in every age coming up to seven, until it is ready for the actual physical headship and resurrection which has been proven to take place in this last hour.

It’s been proven that it’s going to be at this time. This is the hour for it. It is the same quickening Spirit that is predestinating the foreknown Bride.


Now so let’s go back to page 16, and Brother Branham there is showing you that you can go to a drunkard, you can go to a very definitely immoral person, and the person being a church member, and perhaps not immoral, perhaps very, very nice, very, very swell person, and you say:

[15-8]  “Well do you believe He’s the Son of God?”

[“Sure, I believe Christ’s the Son of God.”]

“Have you been baptized?”

“Sure.” [Father, Son and Holy Ghost.]

[“Do you believe what the preacher said this morning?”]


Now you see that’s what we just said awhile ago was this mental ascent to an historic event, or even a present event and say, “I believe.” And it’s simply what you might say off the top of your head. It’s what you’ve been brought up perhaps as a child or something like that.


Now watch Brother Branham get definitive below, and he says:

[16-1]  See, but he that understandeth, he that knoweth his place in this hour… “He that heareth My Word and believeth on Him that sent Me hath [present tense] Eternal Life, and shall not come into the judgment, but is already passed from death unto Life.”

Now therefore this is something that absolutely bypasses a judgment, but not all judgment. Because you’re judged every day here by the Word of God, and there’s coming a time when our actions will be judged and rewards and placing and those things given out.

But you notice in here that Brother Branham is saying, “He that understandeth.”

So understanding is to really believe, because these people did not understand what was going on, they only accepted it. They weren’t really privy to it, and that being a part of them, what you might say their culture. It’s like they’re on an observation tour, they’re touring around.

Like I went to Holland and that’s all it was, was going to Holland. I could see some of their things, but I couldn’t understand their language, and I don’t understand their breakfast and a lot of things about them. Germany the same way. You know.

That’s the way people are with religious, spiritual things. Is that there is an acquiescence because it’s there, it’s a part of culture, a part of teaching, but to be a reality as part of that person’s little innate kingdom, it’s not there.

See you see what I said, the little innate kingdom. The Kingdom of God is within you, amongst you, and you have to have an understanding.


[16-1]  He that understandeth. [He that understand. We’re getting the definitive.] He that knoweth his place in this hour…

Now that’s a real corker. And right away you are privileged to draw your own conclusion on what this means.

And if you’re just a Pentecostal person sitting there, as they were hearing Brother Branham in Phoenix, you’d feel, “Well hey, that’s right, I’m in this hour, and I speak with tongues, I’ve got everything I need, and hey that’s great, I believe it’s the hour for the resurrection.”

Now you can draw that conclusion.

Now, but notice:

[16-1]  “He that heareth [or understandeth] My Word and believes on Him that sent Me hath Eternal Life…”

Now remember, “He that receiveth whomsoever I sent, receives Me.”

Now you’ll notice that Brother Branham as the vindicated prophet of God was not able to ever change his ministry, the message, or his presentation of it, or the direction of it, or the division of the people by it.

There’s nothing he could do about it. If he attempted to sway it one degree, then he was not that prophet of God. Because now his own mind is going into it, he’s deciding what should be, what should not be, and so on. It’s no longer the prophet of God; he is no longer standing here as simply a mouthpiece. He has become now a fluke.

And then you could see why God would smear him across the road. See? Like Pentecostals believe that. They didn’t have a clue to what he’s saying here. See? They didn’t understanding Hebrews 4:12, the judging Word, all these things in here. See? Now he’s very definitive and it goes over their heads.


So all right, let’s keep reading. 76:

[16-1]  Then when this new Eternal Life dwells in you…

When this new Eternal Life dwells in you. Right away the legalist says, and those that don’t understand predestination, what we term the Calvinistic doctrine, which is very, very wrong, it’s Paul’s doctrine, not Calvin’s. And it was presented by Jesus in the 8th chapter of John, 6th chapter also, it was in there.

This new Eternal Life, what does that mean? It means that the same Spirit that comes upon you is identical in substance to the same gene that is within you, in your soul. By predestination, being a son of God.

So therefore now you have the two coming together, forming just like it did back in the days when we know concerning Jesus, he was the Son of God, took upon a human structure, God Himself came down, where’s the difference? There isn’t any. Life is life. But it is as to his structure and its definitive use in the plan of God.

So now this Spirit coming in, matching up with that gene from God, he said dwells in you. Now you notice in here also as you look at the word ‘life’, it is ‘zoe’, which you get your word ‘Zoology’ from, which encompasses all, which simply shows in my understanding in the broad physical sense of the Greek and also Scripture, that there isn’t any life that doesn’t have a manifestation.

So therefore you’re looking at the fact of now down the road to the manifestation. And the manifestation is now not a zoe that passes off the scene and remains off the scene, but now though you die, your body’s going to come back to immortality.

Now he says this seal, this life, which is eternal life, which is God’s life Himself, this little minute portion, dwelling in you is the potential or the earnest or the demand note that at the time the note falls due, you’re it. You being quickened from mortal to immortality.

[16-1]  Let me say that again. When this Spirit has found you, that’s the individual, [you as a person,] and has come upon you, it is the potential of your eternal inheritance that God thought of you and made for you before the foundation of the world.


Now what in the world is that one? New Jerusalem. How you going to be there? Immortal beings, eating and drinking, not smoking and jazzing, and dancing and corrupting. No.

[16-1]  That is your potential.

That is your demand on God that God Himself gave you. That God now demands of Himself, or what God demands of Himself, concerning you as His son, is now legally yours and incumbent upon God, so He better produce or He’s going to be in default! Now if He gets in default, we take Him over!

You don’t think so? Adam was a son of God. He went into default and Satan took him over. It’s illegal. This is demand payment. Eternal security.

“My sheep hear My Voice, they will come to Me, they will follow Me, and no man can pluck them out of My Father’s hand, and no man can get them away from Me, they’re sealed in, period,” this is God’s Own note of demand upon God, “I will come forth in the resurrection, period, no ifs, ands, or buts.”

That’s where your satisfaction comes in. Now, see?

[16-1]  This is your potential.

And what does he mean? It means it’s in there, but the due date hasn’t fallen on the note! There’s a due date, and you can’t collect before the due date. A lot of people get edgy.

You ever had somebody hold a note over you with a due date on it? And now they get very anxious to collect? Say, “Sit back kid, you can bust the gut for all I care, you ain’t collecting.”

I’m going to tell you something. There’s not going to be a resurrection till God says so, period. It’s right on the due date. See? Now we’re going to collect.

[16-2]  Like if you ask me for an oak tree, and I give you an acorn. [Which is a seed.] Now, the life of the oak tree is in the acorn. But you have to wait till it grows up.


Now what about us? We’re looking to Ephesians 4, and it tells you:

Ephesians 4:4-8,11-15

(04) There is one body, one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling;

(05) One Lord, one faith, one baptism,

(06) One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.

(07) Unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ. [Now here’s where the grace comes in, it’s all gift.]

(08) Wherefore he said, When he ascended up on high, led captivity captive, gave gifts unto men.

(11) And [right] he gave, apostles; and, prophet; [and so on.]

(12) For the perfecting of the saints, [that’s equipping,] for the work of the ministry, for the edifying [the building] of the body of the Christ:

(13) Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a [mature] man, [that’s completely finished,] unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ: [no more members.]

(14) That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;

(15) But [holding] the truth in love, may grow up [unto] him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:

Now there you are; the whole thing is growing up. See? Starting at Pentecost they have to wait a long time before the due date.

But when it comes time for Headship, and there’s nothing more to be poured out of the body, all seven church ages, Headship comes down; now this is the hour of the demand note and the due date for fulfillment.

And remember this is an abstract, Brother Branham said, it’s cleared by God Himself. The satisfaction of Jesus Christ. But you have to wait until it grows up.

You’ll notice the same thing in Ephesians the 1st chapter, starting with God in His mind and His children, takes you right to the place of the sealing in by the Holy Spirit, now to the day when God Himself, of Whom you were begotten and sealed by the same God, the same Spirit, Himself in Spirit form, because that’s what He is, comes to raise the dead. Because it’s the same Spirit.

Now you’re at the due date. And we’ve grown up. The church has. Now see what you’re looking at now at Brother Branham here carefully. You are looking at the individual and you’re looking at the entire body, because that’s what he’s talking about. So you got to read it the way he said it.



[16-1]  That’s your potential.

[16-2]  Like if you asked me… [and so on.]

[16-3]  So do we. When you receive the Holy Spirit of God, it’s God’s potential waiting upon you that has already recognized you, and you were sealed by the Spirit of promise of God into the body of Christ. [And then he says:] When God looked down at Calvary and saw Jesus dying, [then he stops. Now what happened? Go down to where it says:]

It is Christ Who is bleeding and dying, and God, looking upon Him…

What did he do? He looked at his notes and he looked at the wrong place, when he said that little sentence, he’s knew he’d missed his notes, so he looked up and read it the right way. I’ve done that many times. William Branham was a human being. So what does he do? He says it, but he doesn’t mean to say it, so let’s read it.

[16-3]  So do we. When you receive the Holy Spirit of God, it’s God potential waiting upon you that has already recognized…


What does he mean God’s potential? Well God’s potential is God’s complete fullness, in whatever way He wants to direct it as concerning you. The Holy Spirit said, “This is it.” Isn’t that strange that that’s what the Holy Spirit is given for and nobody believes Him!

My Lord, we got more faith in this stupid Yankee dollar than we got in God. I’ve got some one dollar bills, unless my wife got them for the kids birthdays, I think I got some one dollar bills, I don’t know. I’ve illustrated before, yeah I got a dollar bill here.

This dollar bill will buy anything for a dollar that’s for sale in the United States or almost any place in the world. Well say, “I believe that, give me some one dollar bills!” And then nobody gets really frenzied about the Holy Ghost! You talk about a bunch jackasses, and then God still loves us.

We are about the most unlovely thing in all the world. When you realize our attitude is so corrupt in the presence of incorruption. I can see why Jesus vomited, because I felt a little nausea there myself just that second. Ready to burp myself up.

In this hour, what a treacherous hour in which we live. Not giving credit to God’s vindicated Word, God Himself being present to do it.


So okay:

[16-3]  When you receive the Holy Spirit of God…

Because that’s what it is, and you know by It’s nature, what’s He doing? Raising the dead, healing the sick, going back to the Word, reading men’s hearts, exactly right, never making a mistake, coming before the Word.

And yet Pentecostal preachers say, “Well that has to be the devil.” What’s the matter with people? You know what? Natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed. You don’t believe your Bibles, do you?

Oh you’re sweet people, say, “Ah, Brother Vayle, those people out there God loves, and you know He ain’t going to destroy them, and there’s hope after all.” Natural brute beasts made to be taken and destroyed. “I don’t want that!”

You ain’t no Christian. You’re not for this hour. You see you still think you wrote the Bible and you interpret it. I didn’t write the Bible. I didn’t write the Bible. I’m not about to interpret it either. By the grace of God I say that and thoughts of grace because of myself I would go ahead and try it.

[16-3]  When you receive the Holy Spirit of God, it’s God’s potential waiting upon you that has already recognized you…


If you weren’t with Him in the beginning, in His recognition, you ain’t now. People don’t even want to believe that there is a true spirit seed of God in us and is spiritual as well as natural or natural as well as spiritual, and they look at the natural and they cannot conceive the spiritual, so they deny it!

They say, “Well bless God, I’m a child of God by creation, so to speak, you know, and everybody’s a child of God, we’re all His offspring, as the Apostle Paul said, and blah, blah”. We’ll go into that too, before it’s over and they go down the road and say, “I’m going to tell you what.”

And don’t tell me anything, I’m not interested. I’m not interested. Because a vindicated prophet said different. You can say what you want, you can believe what you want, no skin off of my nose, but he says it’s the prophet telling you.

[16-3]  When you receive the Spirit of God, it’s God’s potential [God’s Seal, God Himself, that measure,] waiting upon you that has recognized you…

He’s not waiting on something out there that’s not a seed of God; He’s waiting only on the seed of God. And that’s coming up through seven church ages. Actually through six thousand solid years. And you are sealed by the Spirit of promise of God into the body of Christ.

In other words, we’re making God’s Own body up! We are supplying the timber, the materials for the life, so that the life can build a body!

See, you can’t see life. All you know about life and what’s there is by the thing that is material and what works through it, and you call it the characteristics.

But nobody can understand life and [inaudible] that’s what makes me to laugh about these stupid asses called ‘scientists’. “Oh there’s protein, there’s somewhere there’ll be life.”


I was just thinking the other day, isn’t it wonderful that there’s nothing out there really, just this thing called evolution, and God knows what that is, but isn’t it strange how that the water gets cold, and then it rises and forms ice, leaving water at the bottom for the fish to keep warm in and swim in?

Where did it all come from? “Oh well, oh bless God,” says this idiot, “evolution.” Shew, merciful God. My wife can’t even eat cow’s tongue, because she sees the cow going, “slurp” up its nose, “slurp” up its nose.

And yet educated people eat worse than that. I make you a little sick? Stick with me; I’ll have you feeling it really bad in a minute or two. I don’t understand this. See?

Now watch:

[16-3]  He died for His Bride, the body, which is the Word-church…

Not just church it’s Word-church, and that word of course goes to two places, it goes to Rhema and Logos. Because Logos actually will be Rhema, completely brought into manifestation with the full meaning thereof, the interpretation. As Brother Branham said, “God interprets His Word by manifesting it.”

See, it’s just perfectly true.



[16-3]  For He died for His Bride, the body, which is the Word-church, the church that believes the Word of God for the age whether it’s feet, body, head, or whatever.

Now I want to ask you a question. Do you think for one minute that the people sitting there understood that outside of us? Certainly not. They don’t have a clue as the Nebuchadnezzar image came from the head down, gold to feet, so the image of Christ goes from the feet to the top.

Then how you going to have a universal pope or a universal anybody running any body of Christ? The head hasn’t come back so the pope never was the head.

And your general superintendent Assembly of God never was the head, unless he’s the head of the ass, and they scraped it at the time of the siege of the Syrians, or Syrians, and they were dying with starvation.

Because that’s true. They’d give their fortune for the scrapings of an ass-head. And they’re doing the same thing in the church. They don’t understand the head part.


Now watch:

[16-4]  It is Christ who was bleeding and dying, and God, looking upon Him, saw His resurrection, and the church raised with Him on Easter.

I want to read that according to the Greek, and the word ‘and’ can be then a preposition.

[16-4]  It is Christ who was bleeding and dying, and God, looking upon Him, saw His resurrection, [even] the church raised with Him on Easter.

Why? Because the church didn’t raise with Him in that actual time, it was the potential. But He saw it! That’s where you get the One that knows the end from the beginning, because He’s Alpha and Omega Himself!

So therefore what He purposed, He perpetrated! And He perpetrated upon us! He said, “Little children, I know you won’t like this, but I’m going to give you a marvelous Kingdom, tremendous city,” and lays it all out.

Say, “Well He can perpetrate that any time He wants to.” Why do people back away from the truth of it then? You’d almost think God was pulling some kind of a crooked deal on him. Notice the integrity of God.

[16-5]  Now, I want you to get all of this together because I’ve got something here, a little bit I want to say, the Lord willing.

Now for several pages he speaks to the Pentecostals and church members and describes to them what they agree with in most ways, but they never receive the Message of the truth because they don’t believe there is one, on the grounds there can’t be one because they already got it!

Remember Jesus said, “The only person that I’ve got any use for is the one that’s hungry and I’ll [not] send him away empty. But he said, “The one that’s full, he’s got nothing and he’ll go away empty thinking he’s full.”


All right, down at the bottom:

[16-6]  Notice, it is the earnest or the potential…

In other words, it’s the demand note that says, “This is what you get.”

Now if your demand note that’s signed, that says you’re going to get six percent on your money, and you’ve got an idea the demand note says you’re going to get eight percent, I’ve got news for you, you are not going to get eight percent, you’re going to get six percent!

So I’ve got further news for you, as I’ve said already, if there’s a demand note given on you that you are going to be in the first resurrection, now the question, are you going to try to duck it? Then why don’t you believe it? Why don’t I believe it?

See this is what I’m getting at where Brother Branham said here, “He that understands, he knows, he hears, he believes, he’s got it down, where his part is!”


Now Pentecostals say, “Well bless God, I wouldn’t have laid hands on you and discern, we’re going to prophesy over you, and this morning little sister I see you’ve got a great prayer ministry in the closet. But sister over here, I can see that you are ordained for the pulpit and you will preach.” Oh boy.

That’s not it. God never told anybody to put people in offices and so on in the body of Jesus Christ, that’s something the Holy Ghost does, that’s something you will inherently do, if you are that person and anointed to that end.

Could Christ be other than Savior? No! Could Jeremiah be other than Jeremiah? No! Can one corpuscle of mine be another corpuscle? No! It’s predestinated, and it’s natural as breathing, because this is better than breathing, this is life!

So it’s predestinated… what does a person have to worry what he is? He’ll be what he is, I don’t care what he claims, I could claim anything I want. I didn’t need Brother Branham to say what he said about me, I was sure happy he said it, I’m very glad he encouraged me.

But you see I didn’t even want to be a teacher of the Scripture. I wanted to be the evangelist. Evangelical. Ho-ho. They’d sit there like this with their fingers on the bench and go white. They’d no more come to that altar than I’d go down there and you know, dance with Marilynn Monroe or something.

Wasn’t called to be; not meant to be. You’re meant to be what you are, you’ll be doing it. Don’t have to strain and strain. And look how beautiful a lily comes out of the muck and the mire and floats on the water, a thing of delight. Just live the life, see, just let the life come through.


Now, he said:

[16-6]  Notice, it’s the earnest or the potential, the quickening power of your resurrection when you receive the Holy Spirit…

That’s exactly what Ephesians 13 and 14 said concerning New Jerusalem. You are it! Because you are ordained to it.

[16-6]  …it is then dwelling in you, [what’s dwelling in you? This resurrection spirit of immortality,] the potential of it.

See? In other words, you’ve got it so that you can be finalized at the given time.

See when you look at the word ‘predestinated’ based upon foreknowledge, you say, “This thing’s going to get there because of that person’s determination!” What person’s determination? The predestinated person? No! No! The determinator is the foreknower!

“So you mean to tell me the way I feel today, and all this and that, I’m really going to get there?” If you are truly fully of the Holy Ghost, you ain’t got a choice! Say, “Well just a minute, you mean I ain’t got a choice like going to jail, no more cigarettes, no more booze?” That’s right.

You’d better stop all your dirty habits, because you’ve been locked in. You’d better start looking around. “So what shape am I going to arrive in?” That depends on you.


Brother Stan preached a sermon the other day. If he’d have been back in my day and studied theological books, you know what he’d have told you? He said, “There’s two major doctrines that you will face as soon as you are born again. They are known as state and standing.”

Your standing before God is in Christ with the perfections of God Himself, but your state is what you make it! Huh? What’s your state this morning little children? Your standing, as Brother Branham said, the first this message, in Christ.

Unto you He has been made all the perfections of God, wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, holiness, and under the seals we have become the righteous, perfect little Bride of Jesus Christ, that is our standing, what is our state? And Brother Branham said, “Love one another.” Uh-huh.

And love is corrective, and what was God’s corrective love? He stood for somebody that needed help. “Bear ye one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.” If you see one going astray, restore him in meekness and love, knowing yourself can also be tempted. What’s your state? Huh? Okay.

[16-6]  You are now on your way growing to the full resurrection.

And remember, he is speaking of the individual and the individuals as a body. Because remember the church went astray in the first age like Adam and Eve did, and now they’ve got to build back.

But before they build back, Satan has to take over and build up his Eden. But all the time the church is coming up through the members that are the legitimate true children of God.


Now let’s just read a bunch as we go along here.

[17-1]  No tree comes up overnight. It has to grow. We grow in the grace and the knowledge of God… You are baptized into the Holy Spirit. Now, as the Pentecostal church baptizes into the Holy Spirit, it begins to grow. [Now that’s way back in about 33AD he’s talking about.] Limbs have died, [He] just prunes them off; but the tree is still growing. It is still going on, because it has to come to resurrection.

Now what is he talking about? He’s talking about the Pentecostal church; he’s talking about the church, the collective membership. Now it’s got to grow up, it’s just got to grow up to what we talked about here in Ephesians to make it all the way. But it is it has the potential and it’s going on and on, but it says:

[17-1]  …[He] just prunes them off; but the tree is still growing. [Sure it is.] It is still going on, because it has got to come to a resurrection.

Now notice, he lets you know there, the state and standing of the church! You cannot kill off the life of Jesus Christ out of the church! That’s the true church. I don’t care if he says, “You are so rotten I want to vomit you up.

You’re wretched, you’re miserable, you’re naked, you’re blind, behold I stand at the door and knock, and you that are My children, come on out of her! And I’ll sup with you and you with Me.” Because there is a resurrection and the Bible says so, there’s immortality at the opening of the Seals.


So Brother Branham says here. He lops the branches off, the first church age lopped off, the second one lopped off, the third lopped off, the fourth, and when it came to the fifth, a new branch started to grow.

But it had too much death in it, it died, the Methodist came on, the Pentecostals came on, but the same life is coming up through the chaff, and in the chaff today, that the life has passed through, there’s a Bride. See what he’s talking about? All right.

[17-2]  You are led by the Spirit who quickens the Word to you who are believers. [Nobody else.] The Word keeps quickening as you come to the first limb, second limb, third, on up. [See the measure of the Spirits in the measure of the Word.] It just keeps quickening. The Spirit of God keeps quickening it to you.

[That’s every age, every body, every member.] Notice that Pentecost, their bodies were quickened by the new life they received. [Or they were quickened by the new life they received.] That makes me feel religious. Just think now. [Now here’s what he’s thinking. And this is the growth that started at the day of Pentecost.]

[17-3]  Here’s the  fishermen, tax collector; [that’s Matthew. Fisherman, Peter,] the humble little woman (Mary) –just ordinary housewives, little virgin girls. They were believers. They were believing that this was the truth. They believe that when Jesus died they believed on Him, and that He rose up again from the dead. They believed that to be absolutely the testimony of God, that had quickened Him to life.

[17-4]  Now, they go up to the day of Pentecost to receive their abstract. Do you know what an abstract is? It is when a deed has been cleared. They went up there just to receive their abstract, they became quickened. What a thrill. They bought the land: [actually they took the land, because he said here, it had] been bought for them. They received it.

So he just should have said, “What a thrill. They took the land that had been purchased for them by the Blood of Jesus Christ.” Like Caleb and Joshua. Now notice that they’re getting that which they absolutely must have in order to make the Resurrection, which is the Millennium.

So they’ve got to have the abstract, which means Satan no longer has it! Now remember, the baptism is the potential or the seal! The abstract is real! But you cannot do a thing about it until the hour of the Resurrection.

And that’s when you’re going to collect your full percentage! You’re not going to get one toe in, one foot in, one this, one that, oh I just barely make it. You’re going to make it period! It’s a reality you’ve got to look at.


Now, 82:

[17-5]  Is it true or not? “We have seen Him raised up, but now what about us? [Now he’s putting words in their mouths. These are the people, the fishermen, the little ladies and so on, the tax collectors like Matthew and like Zacchaeus, those guys.] We are witnesses. We stood and saw the Man crucified. We saw the clouds come over the earth and darken the skies, the earth quake that shook and [gave the earth] nervous prostrations.” Then when they put Him in the grave, they speared Him in the heart with a spear; [make sure He’s dead,] and they took His body down and laid it in a grave of Joseph of Arimathea. [Should really say, then we found] on the third day He was raised up again. And as the disciples said, “We are witnesses of this. We saw Him raised up. We know He is alive.”

Now you notice what they saw, and you notice what they testified to, as they went up there to Pentecost, the upper room, in order to receive the Holy Spirit baptism.

Now 83:

[17-6]  Now, what did that do? That took all the fear out. No wonder Jesus said, “Fear not. I am He that was dead and alive forevermore.”

Now He didn’t say that back there. That’s He said that in Revelation 1. Now that’s all right, Brother Branham’s got his purpose in doing that, because this is that hour of the Easter Seal.

The hour of our Easter, which means resurrection, and the seal of it is God Himself here to raise us, we already sealed in by the same life, by the One that’s going to raise us, that begat us. So here you are in a three-fold principle. Begetter, sealer, and raiser. Because He raises us, He’s the resurrection.


[17-6]  It took all the fear out of them when they did that. But when they went up to Pentecost, there they received the quickening power, the power that made them alive.

Now he said, until the time that they positively saw Jesus resurrected, they had a witness, but it didn’t do them much good, because it didn’t go far enough.

Now when they see Him raised, it goes to the point where it does them great good, because now they know He’s raised from the dead. But even that isn’t sufficient. They’ve got to go to Pentecost to get the quickening power in order to be made alive.

In other words they could not become a part of the resurrection of Jesus unless they had the same spirit in them that raised them from the dead.


Now listen, the Spirit of raising from the dead though the same Spirit of begetting is different in what it is doing!

It’s like the life can make me chew my food, the life can make my eyes look out, the life can make me hear, the life can make me digest my food, the life can make me run, can jump and shout, it can do thousands of things, but it’s the same life.

And the same life that’s in me that does this is the same life that knows how to multiply itself in order to beget children! Now that’s simple as ABC. So it’s an application, because God must become all and in all!

When that spirit that’s allowed of God, we get rid of it, we’ll have nothing left but His Spirit, the soul that He gave us and a body commensurate, with Christ the Lamb on the throne.

And this is what is sealed unto the church! This is why the church doesn’t have victory, doesn’t know its standing. That’s why its state is so corrupt.

You know if a father promised you a bicycle and you don’t know whether you’re getting it or not, he said, “Now look, if you do your homework, so and so, and so and so, and so and so, and this and that, and chop the wood, and you know slop the pigs,” whatever they’re supposed to do, “and the milk the cow,” and all that kind of stuff, like you’re on a farm years back.

But you looked at your dad and you said, “Well hey, gee willikers, I don’t know if the old boy’s good for it.” Well how much would you do about your bike?

So I say if you really knew, and we could really have descend upon us the true divine knowledge and understanding Brother Branham is speaking of, we don’t even need vindication for it, just need to relax.

We’d believe, we’d be coming out on top, our state would be a whole different from our standing, I mean our state would be a whole lot different today because we know what our standing before Him really is.


Now it’s to make them alive. See the spirit followed the vindication of Jesus Christ right to where that they knew this man like Nicodemus said, “This man has to be from God, because of what He does.”

They knew there was something fabulous there. And they wanted to believe it, even though they weren’t in the position spiritually to truly apprehend it. See?

Now after the resurrection they get the baptism with the Holy Ghost, everything comes into pure focus and clarity.

[18-1]  Now, there is where I think you Presbyterian, and Methodist, [I want to read down here,] brethren, you do receive potentially on believing on the Lord Jesus Christ, but the abstract hasn’t come yet. That is the [declaring] of the deed.

Now we know that to be true. Many people think that when they’re justified they’re full of the Holy Ghost, when they’re sanctified they’re full of the Holy Ghost, that’s not true. You’re only full of the Holy Ghost when you’re full of the Holy Ghost. That’s all.


[18-2]  God gave Abraham a promise. Abraham believed God, it was imputed to him for righteousness. But He sealed the covenant by the seal of circumcision. [That’s very important to know that.] And God gives you a promise potentially that you will receive it, [what? Resurrection. After you’re dead,] and you’re going to be raised up; this body is going to be glorified with Him at the end time. But you see, you have got to get a clearance on that deed. And the clearance is when everything against it has been stricken off, and you’ve got the abstract. You’ve got the seal. It’s yours. Everything in it belongs to you.

Why? On the satisfaction of Christ! If He hadn’t satisfied every single thing in the Book, He would not have been raised from the dead! And if He wasn’t able to impart what He did for you and me, we would not receive the Holy Ghost! So this makes it final.

And yet people, they come along and they say, “Well I want this, I want that, I want the other thing,” when the Holy Ghost is everything. See? All right.

[18-3]  When we believe on Jesus Christ for our Saviour, repent, are baptized, come up to believe Him, God recognizes our repentance and our faith towards Him and sends down the abstract. [Providing it’s genuine. Providing the genuine life of the genuine Word for that hour, that time, that second of your life was real. And you are really with it. See?] The abstract is the assurance.

See? That’s the power behind the demand note! What is behind the demand note? All power! Jesus said, “All power is given to me in heaven and earth.” He said, “I’ve got complete authority and control, and I’ve got you.” See what you’re talking about? Okay.

[18-3]  It’s a guarantee that everything that was ever held against you, you thoroughly repented. Hallelujah. The property is bought, and you hold the abstract for the [insurance].


Now what’s the property? Our bodies. Over here in 1 Corinthians 6:19,

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

(19) What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

(20) For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.

Tells you. That’s why I say, you notice the doctrine. Your standing then your state! Your standing is you’re not your own, you’re God’s! So forget it!

Now what’s your state? Will you recognize it and go with the Word? And glorify God in your members? And people try to talk about this last day message and they’re full of adultery and every kind of sin and crookedness under God’s high heaven, bigamy and polygamy. Don’t talk to me about it. They’re corrupt.

They’re brute beasts. Say, “Hey you’re getting harsh.” Well why don’t you go to God and talk about Peter, cuss him out? I know what the Bible says here, and he’s talking about adultery! “He who is joined to a harlot is one flesh.”

How are you going to get the flesh of God mixed up in that? Why you can’t live like a criminal sinner and think you got some kind of a standing. See, now you can only get a truly revealed standing by the Holy Spirit.

Is He going to lead you into sin? He’s going to tell you how to pull crooked deals and things? Be lazy nincompoop, this and that? Ho! You should have been around the prophet.

[18-3]  …you hold the abstract for assurance.   


[18-4]  Let somebody try to put you off the land [you know, tell you’re not going to be in the resurrection, not make the Millennium,] and say [it doesn’t belong to you], with the abstract in your hand. Let him try to. [Notice.] No law in the land can do it.

Unless the law repudiates and goes into bankruptcy! Now you show me God going into bankruptcy, repudiating. See, it’s impossible!

Like Brother Branham nailed down sovereignty of God, His omniscience, He knew how many fleas there’d be and how many times they’d bat their eyeballs. Maybe millions of tons of fleas.

[18-4]  Let somebody try to get you off the land and say [it doesn’t belong to you], with the abstract in your hands. Let him try to. No law in the land can do it. Because you hold the abstract, there’s no devil, no church, or any theology that can overstep the boundaries of God’s proof and abstract that the baptism of the Holy Ghost has recognized us in Christ.

Now remember we were in Him before. That is the begetting. That’s the progenitor, that’s where we were. As God called us all down the line, the same Holy Spirit, the begetter, now does not become the begetter, He’s the Redeemer.

Now how is He going to do it? If He begets you by life, He can only redeem you by life! So it seals you in. Now, “In that day you will know I am in the Father, you in Me, and I in you, and we’re all one.” That’s this hour right here. And it’s clear as ABC, because it’s proven.


[18-5]  [We have the assurance that He raised up] because potentially we have already raised in Him.

Now notice he says here, “We have the assurance that He raised, because potentially we have already raised in Him.” In other words we’ve got the baptism. Well how in the world do we get it? Based upon the fact of God fulfilling His Word, the same Spirit.

So we know He’s raised, we’re raised. And remember the return of the Holy Spirit in this hour proves we are in the resurrection hour. See? Brother Branham talks about this.

He said, “Let somebody try to put you off the land, say it doesn’t belong to you, the abstract in your hands, let him try it.” When did Brother Branham bring out the abstract? Under the Seals.

He differentiated from a deed. He said, “The abstract shows that the deed is completely clear. It’s been searched. The title is good. There is nothing anybody can do about it, it is yours.”

Now what is he talking about here? He’s talking about perfect faith because the vindication of the hour proves every single thing that this man is saying! You say, “Oh let me look in my Bible and see if the man is right.”

Oh you got to be some kind of a jerk. You can only look in the Bible to see if you’re understanding it right. How can a vindicated prophet be off the Word? Come on, he is the Word! Man, I don’t understand people, of course, I can understand people, but not brute beasts.


See all right now, 88:

[18-6]  What does it do to our mortal body? It turns our opinion, changes our notions. It sets our affections on things which are above, and the smoking, and drinking, and gambling, things you used to do is dead. It’s beneath you, you are quickened, and this quickening power it brings your body into a raptured condition already.

In other words, this growth he talked about, even toward the resurrection by the Holy Ghost, there’s a constant purification, a constant sanctification going on as we’re looking to the day that we know we’re going to be absolutely glorified!

You see there’s the point again, the state and the standing! The standing doesn’t mean that much to us, it’s too hypothetical, too theoretical! There’s something wrong. You know what it is? Not enough time put on the Word of God, Brother Branham bemoaned it.

He said, “I’m afraid,” he said, “they’ll be so busy doing other things they haven’t got time for it.” Or they get involved in arguments and their own crazy ideas.

What a wonderful time we have this morning just talking about this. Just seeing what lies here, what the prophet vindicated, there is right there, vindicated prophet of God, God Himself coming down, Shekinah glory right there.

How can it be without the blood? Oh listen, absolutely fabulous. And yet people don’t make their minds up, want to sit on a fence. All I can say is God help me to make my mind up so thoroughly that You just have to kill me, and that wouldn’t even bother me, try to put me off my path and understanding. Forget it.



[18-7]  Notice, the Pentecostal people up there [that’s at Pentecost, two thousand years ago,] when they got quickened by the Holy Spirit… Now listen to me. When that Pentecostal group up there on the day of Pentecost received their abstract deed from God… Sure, it glorified their souls. They screamed; they saw tongues of fire separate upon each of them. It so quickened their bodies, till they couldn’t even speak in a earthly language anymore. It quickened their bodies to heavenly languages, the place where they were going to go.

Now that’s true, absolutely, the people spoken in tongues not as themselves, but as it was, it was a complete gift of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit operating along there.

Page 19:

[19-1]  Quickening power of God shook their mortal bodies so until their entire mortal language was transfigured, transformed into an immortal language. What a quickening power. If the Spirit that raised up Jesus from the dead dwells in your mortal bodies, it shall also quicken your mortal body.

Now right there the Pentecost’s are going to be very happy. They’ve got that all figured out, say, “That’s exactly why we speak in tongues, we’ve got it made.”

Down the road you’re going to find out what you already know, there’s two vines, and there’s one anointing on two people, and it doesn’t make the two people one. But they like this, you see.

The Bible’s right here, Brother Branham’s using true Scripture on this, so don’t think for one minute he’s just buttering those guys up. They’re falling for it wrong. Because I’m going to show you what the Bible actually says about what he said here.



Acts 2:32-33

(32) This Jesus hath God raised up, whereof we are [all] witnesses.

(33) [And] therefore being by the right hand of God exalted, and having received of the Father the promise of the Holy Ghost, he hath shed forth this, which ye now see and hear.

The invisible Holy Spirit was in people causing them to do things which they ordinarily would not do, and done by the power of God, they were speaking in tongues and prophesying, proclaiming the Word and these things that were out of their own control in the sense that they did not ask for it, nope, it was given to them, they did not bring it on, and they did not become fanatical with it. See Pentecost gets fanatic with it.

[19-2]  We are quickened then by the power of the living God. Tongues quickened to a new heavenly language…

Now that wasn’t at Pentecost; that was later. Because Brother Branham said heavenly language is you’ve got the cart before the horse. If you speak in an unknown tongue and you call that the evidence of the Holy Ghost, you’re messed up. Because at Pentecost the tongues were right there.

All Galileans speaking it was turned in midair, it was prophecy. And some of the spoken tongues, and the native tongue of the people standing out there. Heavenly tongues is in 1 Corinthians, that’s afterward. But it’s all right.

[19-2]  Tongues quickened to a new heavenly language, to speak to them…

But Brother Branham could be meaning here the language came from heaven though it was earthly known, because all languages have to come from heaven. Remember God confused their tongues at Babel?

[19-2]  …to speak to them, a rapturing up, a raising up to a different atmosphere from what they had ever lived in. Also with the new quickening life to them that came in them, it quickened their language. They spoke in new tongues. Oh, yes.


Now that’s true, because that’s been all through the ages, it is absolutely correct, and you will notice here if anybody’s truly full of the Holy Ghost, even as Brother Branham said he sins a thousand times a day, he’ll repent a thousand times a day, he hates himself a thousand times a day, he wants to go on and be commensurate with that which he has received from God because it is a Holy Spirit.

And if it’s God’s Spirit, it’s going to try to act like God. Now that’s just simple as ABC.

I never saw a pup that didn’t act like a pup. Unless the poor thing was you know crippled, blind or something. And even a blind pup will act like a pup, he can’t help it. He gets one whiff of you; he’ll slobber all over you and you know, lick your face and everything else.

So you know if the Spirit of God’s in a person it’s going to be a change. See, it’s going to be. Absolutely. And remember that’s the strengthening life that helps us to do it. And that life is so strong, evidenced by Pentecost looking to immortality, it’s going to actually change our very molecules!

If the Holy Spirit indwells us, I don’t care if we go back to gasses, every one of those little bits of gasses going to come right back in a new body. Going to be completely recreated. It’s got to be!


[19-3]  Now, watch it. It also was designed to give them [after this abstract]; it was designed to give them every promise that was on the grounds. Every promise on the grounds of God’s Word, that was promised in the Bible, that quickening power was given to them to quicken that promise to them.

Therefore, they laid hands on the sick; they were healed. They spoke in new tongues. They did great signs and wonders, because it was God’s promise. And Jesus died to redeem that back to them, the ground that belonged to the sons of God…

Which actually means the principles of the Word manifested in life in this life on earth. Absolutely. Now what’s he driving at? He’s driving at the Presbyterians, the Baptists, the Methodists, there ain’t no such thing.

“We don’t need healing, because bless God, we’ve got the full Bible here and it’s proven.” Nobody… what do you mean proved? You can pull this thing apart with no problem at all. This Bible is plumb full of ignorance unless you got the Holy Ghost.

And it warns you. It warns you! Don’t try to get your thinking in this thing, it ain’t going to work. Nobody has this book. Paul himself said, “Nobody has this book open, except those full of the Holy Ghost.” And they’re ordained to it. See?


Now he tells you right here that these promises that are denied by the church, it’s like the Church of Christ said, “The devil heals.” Where in the character of the devil is healing? God said, “I am the Lord that does the healing.”

You know, these Church of Christ, they’re absolutely blasphemers. I don’t care how sweet they are, I don’t give a rip, anybody comes along and sees the mighty works of Brother Branham right there, and they don’t believe it, they hate God. They say, “Well I love God.

I can prove it, I speak in tongues, I jump and holler, I just love, love, love, love.” I’m sorry, you’re a hypocrite. You got a hypocrite’s love. My Bible tells me you hate God. Now who’s right? Who’s right?

Oh people don’t like this kind of preaching, I don’t like it myself, if I had to actually, you know what I mean, if I didn’t believe it. I wouldn’t want it. I’d want to defend myself. How can you defend yourself? The judging God.

How are you going to do it? No man gets justified outside of faith. And that faith means you got a complete revelation of the abstract. Sure, you got the abstract, Brother Branham said, you’ve got it.

Now he said here:

[19-3]  They spoke in new tongues. They did great signs and wonders, because that was in God’s promise. And Jesus died to redeem that back to them, the ground that belonged to the sons of God, He demonstrated what God was. [Absolutely, “He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father.”] How dare we socialize that and put it into an organization. We have no right to do that.

But the people did it. See they did it. They turned down John 13,14 and John 15,16, and all those things, they turned them all down. Jesus made a demand note to the people, He said, “Look, whatever you ask in My Name, I’ll do.” There’s a demand note right there. On us. Drawn on Himself to us.


Now why don’t people get it? Because they still don’t understand their standing and their state and correlate. Absolutely. I remember old guy that wrote the Gospel Trumpet. What was his name? I’ll remember later on.

He was dying, and I mean he was dying. And so he made everything right in his life. There wasn’t one thing he didn’t have right – wrong in his life anymore. Confessed everything, cried his heart out, and said, “Now God,” he said, “why am I not healed? See I’ve confessed everything, done every single thing.”

God said, “Sure you have. There’s just one thing you haven’t done, you haven’t believed Me. Get up out of bed.”

Got out of bed, pulled his pants on, went down, prayed for the sick. God used that man fantastic across America. There’s where your Church of Christ out of Indiana comes from. The old Gospel Trumpet. I remember there are two men, I forget their names right now, Anderson, is it Anderson? No that’s a town, a city of Anderson. I might remember sometime.


See you’ve got to understand where your state and your standing come together. If you really understand who you are, it’s like Dr. Kenyon said. He said, “When I understood I was the righteousness of Christ Himself and you couldn’t change it, that’s it.”

Well Brother Branham talks about in his own words. He said, “From that time on, no cancer and no devil stood before me.” See, there’s a difference in what we’re talking about here, this is not hit and miss Brother Branham’s talking about, this is hit.

The only thing we miss, and we don’t miss it, is the pain and agony that’s gone; we’re glad it’s gone. See?

[19-4]  The Holy Spirit today [now today, he says. Not Pentecost, today. Is] hunting out honest hearts that will believe that message.

Now what message he talking about? He’s talking about Easter Seal, Holy Spirit that raised Christ.

Talking about the Word of the hour, the church coming up having been pruned off, individuals baptized into Christ, marching forward as a body into the resurrection. And he had a vindicated message proving who he was, now that’s the big thing.

[19-4]  Everything in the Bible that was promised is to that believer; and when you accept it in its fullness, then God knows you’ll do it; He gives you the abstract to that.


In other words he says here, if you really believe this Message has been vindicated by God, there’s no way you’re going to miss the abstract. Why? Because you heard the eagle scream. What did the eagle scream to you for? To get you full of the Holy Ghost!

The eagle scream was not the baptism, don’t ever think it was, because it wasn’t. The eagle scream was the call to it. Like “Jesus cried in the streets, “Ho every man that thirsteth. Any man thirst, let him come to Me and drink. And out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” But this spake he of the spirit, which was not yet given because Christ was not yet glorified.”

So you got a man that’s got a living experience in God with the baptism. See? But if you don’t come to the believing and understanding, where does it take you? It doesn’t take you very far.

Now God will clean you up and get you out of here, you’ll get there, don’t worry, if you’re a Bride of Christ, part of the Bride.

But you see so many people don’t understand the grace of God. The grace of God gives you that strength whereby you can stand and if you don’t stand, God will pick you up, says, “Yea see a man will fall seven times and God will pick him up.” That’s absolutely true.



[19-4]  What kind of people should we be? How wonderful to see God’s great Holy Spirit here to do that power. Think of it. [Now he’s talking about his own ministry.]

[19-5]  The Holy [Spirit] Itself, is here to bear record of this hour.

Now come on, that’s not gifts and signs and wonders that’s been in Pentecost for all these years and down through the ages. It can’t be. Because those hours went by, and we’re still not resurrected.

This hour is our Easter, as Brother Branham brings out later on. He calls it our Easter. This is our resurrection day because Israel’s back in the homeland. See?

[19-5]  Now the Holy Ghost is here to bear record of this hour. Jesus said so. He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. How dare any man wipe out [Hebrews 13:8 and John 14:12] “The works that I do shall [this man] do also.”

Then he throws in Mark 16. Now he’s really going to be confusing, because now Pentecostals going to say, “Well we can do all these things that he does.” Hogwash.

Pentecost never came with signs and wonders before the Word, they came with signs and their wonders after the Word, and the thing is this, they open the door to an anointing without reality because they went right past the Bible.

They determine their own evidence, the speaking in tongues. And they determine restoration was the Word instead of just gifts. They blew it! And they’re chaff.


Now I’m not mean about it, I came out of there, don’t talk to me. I preached for them, laughed with them, danced with them, wept with them, messed up with them and everything else, and I knew they were wrong.

Say, “How come you know you’re right?” Because I am right. I finally got what I wanted. The eagle scream took me out of it! It let me know, “Listen kid you don’t belong here!”

When I didn’t take out, they kicked out, hallelujah. When them chickens get a hen party going, they don’t have any use for the eagle, they just say, “Let’s get him out of here.”

We had an eagle conversation one time down there in Florida, and you should have heard the old [Brother Vayle makes squawking noises] they were squawking around to their preacher when they heard about one God.

Well he, “cluck, cluck, cluck,” you know, and that’s fine, [Brother Vayle makes a swooping sound] it all over. Let their feathers off.

I know Pentecostal hogwash, don’t tell me kid. I’m going on seventy-seven, I ain’t about to die, at least right this minute. And I hang in tough on it, I’ve been all through it, don’t tell me, I know the doctrine, I know it all.

Been around it long, I remember when Joe Stiles came on the market, really destroying things, I was backslidden, yeah, completely gone. I wasn’t running with women, and drinking, everything else, that’s not my nature.

I was just out there hating everything about men and God and just, you know just trying to get by with my family, that’s all I wanted. I was not doing anything else.

So a friend of mine, a Pentecostal preacher friend to me, I said, “Fred, he’s right but he’s wrong, I can’t tell you, but there’s something wrong about that man.” I knew right there. Took the prophet to show me.

But you see when you’re to the place a prophet can’t show you, you ain’t got nothing. Except the wrong thing. You got the unholy Ghost. You got the wrong seed. Come on, let’s be honest. See:

[19-5]  This is assurance.


Now the Pentecostals will run for this, they don’t know that Brother Branham is talking of Deuteronomy 18, Numbers 12, and Mark 16! Because they don’t know his Message.

That’s why I say when you read these messages you’ve got to know the doctrine. You’ve got to know who William Branham is and what he’s doing and what he can’t do! Which he can’t deceive.

Now by him God sends strong deception. And the deception is the truth! And if you get deceived by the truth, that’s your tough luck! What’s in you? Well come on. Come on! Answer me. You’ve got no comeback. Just go back to the manure heap and squawk like chickens.

You ain’t going to get off the ground. I saw a drunken chicken one time get on the chicken coop and flap his wings and try to take off, and couldn’t do it. But I saw the eagles come, yeah, there was a few eagles when I was a kid. Oh way up in the beautiful birch, way, way up, you hardly ever see them. Yeah. Okay.

[19-6]  When we see a group of people sitting together, and those signs manifesting themselves, that’s the assurance that the abstract is there to vindicate that that’s property of God. Amen.

Now is that completely true? No! Unless you understand what Brother Branham said. He said, “When you see God come down from the heavens, stand before groups of men and declare Himself as ever He did,” then you can understand what he’s saying here!

But it is still the truth that it’s the Holy Ghost doing this, because the devil can’t do it! Except he can speak in tongues, you better believe that. Brother Branham mentioned that, and even interpret it. When it comes to the healings and things he can’t do it.

And when you come and see that man under the anointing, it’s impossible that Satan is with that man! Impossible! You say, “Well I believe, you know, that Satan got in William Branham, he was all right at one time, you know.”

You know you’re sick. I don’t understand it. You talk about deceived, you can’t even be deceived, you’re so far gone.


All right, we got to quit.


[19-7]  So we are Easter also. Amen. We are now in our Easter. We have already been raised, hallelujah, from the things of the world to the things of the promise of God.

And I’ll put a note right here that this is the end. This is ended April 28th. Two days to go.

All right, we had to end here. I think just getting exciting, just two pages. But you see what happens when you understand as we have just begun to understand, well a little of the mind of the prophet. Is that on tape? That’s good.

I want you to think it over, I’m not going to tell you what it’s all about, you draw your own conclusions, let’s rise and be dismissed. Not being mean, want to give you time to think it over.

Heavenly Father, we thank You again for the time we’ve had together here with each other and with Your Word Lord, getting ready now for a little baptismal service, which is absolutely Your Word, baptize in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, knowing that’s been vindicated, commanded under vindicated Word of the seals, ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’, you must be re-baptized if you’ve been baptized wrong.

We appreciate that Father. Appreciate the fact this can be done in this building here, without any fear, without contradiction, without having to think it over, and then wonder about it, knowing that this is part of the abstract, this is the restored Word, the reality, the perfect faith.

And we know a little more than we knew before Lord, a little more about the prophet, a little more about Your coming forth Word, Your forthcoming Word. We appreciate just every single thing Lord in its simplicity that You give us, we certainly do, we love it.

We thank You my God that You’re showing us these things as never before and will continue to show them, because we believe that whatever we need to know we’re going to be knowing. It’s all just part of the demand payment, now here it is.

You swore by Yourself, You said, “I the Lord do it.” And now it’s a case, “I the Lord have done it, I’m doing some more.”

Soon Lord it’s going to be over, I trust. Trust Lord that everybody in this building is a part of it, I want to be and I think everybody else wants to be too Lord.

Even as we desire the sweet Spirit of Christ to come amongst us, really come amongst us and melt us and mold us into the beauty of what we have desired, we haven’t seen it yet, but Lord we don’t have to give up on it just because we haven’t seen it. Beautiful sweetness of Christ till the people are healed.

Now we commend ourselves to You heavenly Father, in the grace You’ve extended toward us, which grace we have vindicated to us, and God we admit, if we cannot really see our standing before You.

We know there’s just one reason, that’s because we are allowing ourselves to rise up in our own minds, and not like the dear apostle Paul who said, “I got rid of it, I don’t have one thing to do with it, it becomes as manure, dung upon the ground.”

Let my mind now be filled with the righteous revealed Word of the Lord, and just keep walking on, filling up the measure, until You call us home. We ask these mercies in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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