Easter Seal #19

Prerequisites Of The Resurrection
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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, we’re certainly glad that Jehovah Savior is here this evening hour to lead us into the Millennium, by way of the events and those things which He has already laid out before us, and seeing them in the Word, and we praise You for it tonight.

We think in terms of the song writer who said, “Oh for a thousand tongues to praise our blessed Redeemer.” Tonight Lord we are not asking for that, but we are really asking for just one thing, which we believe is more scriptural, according at least to James, and then it would align with all the others, for one tongue, one single tongue, from one single heart that is single to Your Word.

And that by revelation of truth, Lord, we would ask that in our service tonight we might lift You up by way of that thinking, and that thinking coming from You, in Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we are at number 19 in this message that has been very gripping and wonderful to us, far beyond anything I had ever thought lay in it. So we’re very grateful for that.

Now for two services at least, we have been viewing Brother Branham’s statement in paragraph 194-196 wherein he says that the events surrounding the opening of the Seals, plus even more so the contents of those Seals were pertinent, both together, pertinent to the resurrection in that at the very least it was the same authoritative source performing the vindication and bringing the revelation, as was bringing about the resurrection itself, and we know that only God can quicken the dead.

And as one contemplates the subject matter he said was presented through the opening of those Seals, that’s the whole Seven Seals and the Seven Thunders, what is impressed that this is part of Ephesians 1:17-23, which starts by God revealing Himself in all wisdom and knowledge, which in turn leads to the resurrection and then the Rapture, and ends in the true exaltation of Messiah as the Head of the true church body, even wherein this church receives Messiah’s fullness.

Now I hope you caught what I said, it’s on tape anyway.


Now we have also noticed that Brother Branham was never more forceful than at this time and this message in presenting his vindication, that the vision of the Bride, beyond the Curtain of Time now, the vision of the Bride waiting upon us, and the true revelation of Pauline doctrine for their resurrection, and also the contents of the Seals, which were presented, the mysteries that were in the Scripture but hadn’t been revealed, were ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’.

Also we noted, as we read portions of the Seventh Seal itself that Brother Branham said on page 564, relative to what is called his tent vision, God said concerning the small room in the tent, “I’ll meet you in there, this will be the third pull and you won’t tell it to anybody.”

So you notice he says that seven years at least prior to when the Seals were opened, this vision was given to him, this is the third pull, nobody knows anything about it, you won’t be able to tell it to anybody, and then he explains, as he did in the Seventh Seal, if you want to get all messed up you just talk, and Satan can get ahold of it. Now this is something that Satan cannot get ahold of.


Down on page 562, which is years later, he tells us – now watch – he tells us years later, now this is in Sabino Canyon.

Now remember you’ve got to watch your geography, you got to watch your chronology, or you’re going to get all mixed up pitting statements against statements. And what you realize, this thing starts in a complete mystery and ends in a complete revelation. See? So you got to watch all these things.

So years later, he tells us that in Sabino Canyon, the sword that was in the seventh angel’s hand is now placed in his hand as the sword of the Lord.

And remember the seventh messenger, the seventh angel was the one to his right on the seventh, and it was more, it was the leading angel, and it meant more to him than any of them. And he said, “Oh you don’t know what this means to me.”

And you notice that we read the week or so ago, he mentioned the sword in the angel’s hand, the seventh angel, and you can just read it and it doesn’t mean a thing to you, but in Sabino Canyon, later you will notice that the sword was placed in his hand, when he was there alone with his hands uplifted. Remember?

All right, and it was placed in his hand as the sword of the King. Which of course, he says, is there’s only one King and there’s only one Word, and that is the Word of God.

Which of course is the Word of God, and then within the silence of his soul, the definitive revelation of this event is so deeply impressed upon him that he knows not to fear. Remember even as God told Joshua, “Don’t fear. This is that third pull.”


Now notice, this is that third pull. And remember under the third pull there are different areas that are covered. Now those different areas that are covered I leave strictly to Brother Branham, as to their manifestation, their intent and everything that includes him.

But remember God did not give this revelation to William Branham for William Branham anymore than He gave a gift to William Branham for William Branham. This is to the Bride because it is most definitely Ephesians 1:17-23.

“When that Spirit of wisdom and the revelation of the knowledge of Him comes into the church in order to enlighten their eyes, to know what is the hope of His calling;” in other words you’re going right back now to God in His Own mysteries, and what He is doing, then at that particular time, the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is here to raise us, and there’s only one Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, and that’s God.

Because the Bible said, “God Who raises the dead.” Or the first thing you’re going to end up is Jesus having two fathers, one’s God and one’s the Holy Ghost. That’s what you talk about asininity. Well that asininity can carry right over to your thinking tonight if you’re not careful.


So therefore, God Who raises the dead. All right, this is that third pull of which he could not speak then, but now does, and before it happened, he himself had no idea of it, so indeed he could tell no one what it was all about.

So how could anybody get to it? Then of course when the mysteries broke, and you’ll notice what he says in here, on page 122:

The First Seal, 03/18/63

[18]  There about twelve in the day the Holy Spirit just swept right down into the room, and the whole thing just opened to me, and there it was of the First Seal being opened.

Now what did he say before that? Well he had no thoughts. So he opened his books and he remembered what Dr. Smith said, and of course Smith is a big Seventh Day Adventist. My Lord, have pity. A bunch of legalists trying to give a revelation.

They don’t know if they’re saved or not. Haven’t got a clue to the blood or nothing. He was reading all these guys and ready to sort of try to put something together, and he said, “The Holy Spirit swept in the room.”


Then notice the fact that he told nobody what was going to happen, because he didn’t know himself.

Then at this opening of the First Seal, the first angel swept into the room, which was an embodiment of the Holy Ghost, and he says this twice in the First Seal, although I just read the one quote, on the Seventh Seal he said, “Did you know what was happening all week?” And he specifically talks to Charlie Cox.

He said, “Did you catch on? It was them angels.” Poor English, but It’s the truth.

Now what was it? The Holy Spirit in this particular form – and remember Jesus was one time Michael! Now let that blow your mind. You that got all the answers. We don’t have answers; we got to have somebody tell us.

We are a people with an inquiring mind, which is an open mind, toward vindication. So he said it was those seven angels of which the seventh was the great One, and He Himself carrying the sword.


Now this is number seven. Now what do you think if a constellation of angels had visited Paul? Number one would have been carrying the sword and put in his hand. You see?

And if every church age messenger would have had a visitation, which he did not have, it would have been Irenaeus number two, then three, four, five, six, and at the end seven. But only Alpha is Omega, and from one it deteriorated until it required at the end the same One that brought the Word to come back with the Word and reveal it.

Because there was no reason to bring the Word again. The Word had been completely given.

That’s why Brother Branham said one place, he said, “It’s not even written in the Bible.” He said, “Those Seven Thunders, it’s not even written.”

That corresponds with Dr. Bloomfield, one of the best authorities on prophecy of many years. And I read where he said, “Somebody’s got to do it.”

And then they said to Brother Branham, “Well, Brother Branham with the gift you’ve got, of course you could write a new Bible.”

And he knew it was a stinking trap by a stinking devil Pentecostal bird or somebody out there. “Oh,” he said, “of course not. How could I do that? It’s already written.” You can’t add a word, you can’t take a word.


So it’s a mystery, as Paul said concerning the Gentiles coming in, the mystery was not known as it was known at that time! And in this hour, the mysteries in Paul’s days were not known as they’re known now! Because this is the time the whole thing is brought together.

Do you realize that Brother Branham was not lying to us; he placed himself in a trinity of Moses, Paul and William Branham? Now either this man’s worth listening to or he’s a phony. And if he’s a phony, pbbt, heh! Who did he fool? A few apes like us?

How many people really believe what Brother Branham really taught? You get their tapes and find out. The majority of present believers have reduced it to a doctrine. Hey doctrine. Say, “Brother Vayle, aren’t you a little worried about being facetious?” No, I’m not. They’re facetious, not I.

They’re the ones that are playing the clown. They don’t even go as far as being literate concerning a Word that has been spoken! In other words they can’t even agree to two and two make four.


All right, Brother Branham is impressing us concerning his vindication of what he is telling us and we ought to believe it because he’s telling us based upon vindication.

Vindicated discernment proved that he by God Himself had fulfilled Hebrews 4:12, which means that by the exposing of every person’s heart that you couldn’t hide, he was the one who would expose the true Word of God, and thereby wrench back the veil, and destroyed the creeds and dogmas that hid Christ.

So he by God, William Branham, proved by vindicated discernment, and he was discerning, Hebrews 12 calls for discernment, it says so, which authenticated him as being Revelation 10:7, the messenger on earth at the time of the descent of God Himself, and Revelation 22:10, that one that opened the Book which could now not be closed, to bring about Revelation 22:11-20, which is the separation of the righteous from the unrighteous, and the foolish virgin fall in the category of the unrighteous!

This is why Brother Branham said a woman ever caught sinning, not true to her husband, could never be justified. The foolish virgin are not justified, only the Bride is justified. You got to watch your types and everything he said.


[Revelation 22:] 11-20, which ends up categorically, can’t add a word or take a word, the Spirit and the Bride say, “Come,” him that athirst come, if you don’t have a thirst you won’t come anyway, in other words it’s close up time, training time, it’s over.

Which is the exact parallel of Matthew 24, from the very first word to the very end, and also Luke 17:20-30, which shows the times in which you live as concerning the hour of the Son of man ministry, which is the vindication that Christ has risen from the dead, and doing the same things that He did back there in the flesh, God is doing it, doing it right here today in the form of the Holy Spirit, through a prophet as He always operates.

Now I’m not going to read it, because you can read it yourselves, time is too valuable at this point.


Now then, we notice in Revelation 10:7, so you get it:

Revelation 10:7

(07) But in the days of the voice of the seventh [church age messenger], when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared [the good news of the gospel by] his servants the prophets.

In other words, you’ll notice in here, as Brother Branham said, time runs out. Time and eternity begin to blend. Because it says in verse 6, “Time shall be no longer,”.

In other words you have come to the place where you cannot measure any longer time in terms of time, it’s blended into eternity, so that’s why he said White Throne is here, and these various things we have been looking at.


Okay. That we are correctly aligned with all Scripture, what we have read, that we have aligned everything with Scripture correctly is found over in Acts 3, which we read to you previously, concerning the period of vindication by the Presence of God, that fresh revival, the breeze is blowing, and then it says:

Acts 3:20-21

(20) [Even this on] shall send Jesus Christ, which was [before appointed] unto you:

(21) [But] the heaven[s] must [retain him]…

Now in spite of every single thing that you see here, Jehovah on the scene, the great One, this has to be in order to set everything in position so that Jesus Himself can be presented to the Bride and the Bride to Him. The heavens must retain Him.

Remember we meet the Lord in the air, where the Wedding Supper is. So therefore He cannot come until such a particular time has been fulfilled, which is the restoration of all things, spoken by the mouth of all the holy prophets.


So therefore the Word of God, which went off of course in 2 Corinthians 11, must now come back on course. In other words, as Brother Branham says, Ephesus must repeat, or Ephesians must repeat, which absolutely is true, Alpha must appear as Omega at the end time.

Now you notice in there what the prophets spoke, it has to do in this particular hour, because it cannot do in any other hour, because it refers to the coming, the physical coming.

So everything that was out of alignment, now watch, everything out of alignment that was necessary to bring about the literal second coming, had to be placed in alignment, or He couldn’t come, because the Bible distinctly said to the Pharisees and the Scribes, “You have made void the commandments and the promises and the Word of God by your traditions.”

In other words, no matter what God said, it isn’t going to happen to you, because you’ve changed what God said! So we’ve got to get it back on course.


Now you’re not going to tell anybody but us that. Because they’re going, “Well we always were on course.” Like that Lorry come over here, and he said, “Well,” he said, “of course you in America, Brother Branham had to get you back on the Bible, we in India always had the Bible.”

Did they have the Bible on moon-landing day, God came in and took him over, and they sang that song you know, “I love Him, I love Him.” Why he said, “That’s a Steven Foster, ‘I’m coming, I’m coming, for my head is bending low, I hear those gentle voices calling old black Joe’.”

And he said, “I’m black.” So we were singing all the time for Mr. Lorry to come on the scene, the black boy. I got nothing against black people, but this is ridiculous! Then you should have seen the tripe he wrote later on. Hindu mythology, everything bound up in – my God have mercy.

He was another Indian, British Israel type of guy. Oh boy, talk about psycho ceramics around this Message. That means ‘crackpots’, if you didn’t get it.

Acts 3:21

(21) …[it’s to the restoration] of all things, spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began.


And notice it says by the mouth of the prophets. It didn’t say their brains. It said their mouths.

Acts 3:22-23

(22) For Moses truly said unto the fathers, A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; [that’s the Alpha,] him [you’ll] hear in all things whatsoever he say unto you.

(23) And [notice it will] come to pass, [and this is something down the road! After him!] every soul, which will not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed from among the people.

Now hold it. He goes back here and he says, “The mouth of every prophet,” and that includes Paul! Absolutely includes Paul. So the prophecy is for this hour, we’re looking at it.

Acts 3:23

(23) …[and] shall be destroyed from among the people.

That never happened previously. That’s Malachi 4:1. And the end of the Great Tribulation. 2 Thessalonians 1:7-10, right down the line. But notice what it says:

Acts 3:24

(23) Yea, and all the prophets from Samuel and those that follow after, as many as have spoken, have likewise foretold these days.

Now why’d he jump on Samuel? Well Brother Branham always quoted Samuel. Brother Branham always took it right back to Samuel. Brother Branham never took himself back to Moses. He never quoted Moses. We’ll get to it in just a minute or two and you’ll see why I’m saying this.


All right, now again here, that we are correctly aligned with Scripture we see in Acts 3:19-26, which Acts 19 is based on Matthew 12. Acts 19 is the Presence of the Lord, based on Matthew 12, which decidedly has to do with a period of time that does not have to do with the Jews.

Now look at it. This is what Isaiah says concerning Him. In [Matthew 12:] 15.

Matthew 12:15-16

(15) When Jesus knew it, he withdrew himself… [and then going on:]

(16) And charged them that they should not make him known:

Now what was there? Jesus was not to be made known by what He did and the arguments that followed as to whether what He did was according to Scripture.

Not that it was not something big, but was it according to Scripture? Did He have the right to tell this man, “Take up your bed and walk”? Did He have the right to do the things that He did on Sunday, to heal and so on? You see? By what authority? They questioned.


Now the questioning at the end time, it has to be something that is going to bring a question.

Now we notice in 17,

Matthew 12:17-18

(17) That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by [Isaiah] the prophet,

(18) Behold my servant, whom I have chosen; my beloved, in whom my soul is well pleased: I will put my spirit upon him, and he shall shew judgment to the Gentiles.

He never went near the Gentiles! And He forbad His people to go near the Gentiles; the closest He came was to the Samaritans. Now watch:

Matthew 12:19-20

(19) He shall not strive, [like fun He didn’t strive, He whipped the daylights out of those birds in the temple.] nor cry; [nor] any man hear his voice in the street. [He preached in the street and the Bible says in John 7:37,39. He raised His voice and screamed.]

(20) [The] bruised reed he [shall] not break, [He broke it; the] smoking flax he [shall] not quench, [He quenched it,] till he send forth judgment unto victory.

But to the Gentiles He was not heard. You just have to know that He was there by what He did. “Behold I stand at the door and knock, and if any man hear My Voice.” You see? But He proved it was He by the Son of man ministry where He was raised from the dead.

And the smoking flax He did not quench. Do not destroy the oil and the wine. The bruised reed He did not break. He doesn’t do it. He deals with the Gentiles till He brings them unto victory. Which is He gets them out of here and comes back with them.


Now this is the Omega of Isaiah 53, of where it says, “Who hath believed our report, and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?”

I don’t care what miracles are going on, I don’t care what is going on, whatsoever, the arm of the Lord can be manifested, but can the arm of the Lord be revealed outside of God doing it to receptive hearts that can take it? And the answer is no.

So now we’re going through Isaiah 53 again, to the second crucifixion of Jesus Christ, where they positively do not believe the Word.

Now Brother Branham categorically states in paragraph 197 that this is bringing on the resurrection. Why? Because Christ is crucified the second time. So now God will raise him from the dead, but this time it’s the body, the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ and the remaining ones are transformed.


So all right, Brother Branham categorically states in paragraph 197 that this is bringing on the resurrection and since this is already happened, we are positively in the resurrection hour, there is no doubt about it. So he says:

Easter Seal, 04/10/65

[35-6] What is it? That quickening power coming into the church, [Christ, Who is our life, appearing. See? Coming into the church.]

Now notice the fact that Brother Branham talking of coming into! This is another thing that people don’t understand and they don’t want to understand it.

And yet the church is absolutely confronted with it on the grounds that there isn’t a church that hasn’t been affected by the Pentecostals, which had the signs and the wonders amongst them which follow the Word! And they’re under a false anointing.


So all right:

[35-7]  The quickening power coming into the church, making her ready in this hour that we’re approaching: quickening power. God help us to receive it. [God] help us to believe it.

In other words, it’s not just enough to go along with in the sense that say, “I can see that, that’s the logical approach, I can understand this other,” but to really believe it is to come to the place of believing, if you really believe it then you rely upon it. See?

Now if this is not something that you think is a matter of “I believe it and there could be a twist in it, I believe it but it might not work over here,” this is something you’re looking at by way of vindication, and Brother Branham hits vindication in this message as about as hard or harder than anything I have ever heard him preach.


So what he’s telling you, you better believe you are in the hour of the resurrection. Those events and those things that are relative to it, that are stated in the Bible, are now amongst us. You see? And this is the big thing you are looking at on the very grounds that people do not really believe there is anything requisite to it.

Oh they say, “Hallelujah, we’re just gonna, you know we’re just gonna, just gonna.” Well the Bible doesn’t just gonna, just gonna, just gonna.

So you just can’t come along and say, “Well there’s going to be a resurrection; that takes care of it, who needs to know anything else?” See, you can’t do it. Why? Because there has been a voice of authority by a prophet that takes you right to the Scripture and shows it.


So all right. We’re going to 197 and we read.

[35-7]  See? It depends on what attitude you take as to whether It’s going to do you any good or not though. You have to believe that. If you don’t believe it, it won’t do you one bit of good.

So he’s telling the people here, no matter what they believe, if they don’t have a proper revelation, it isn’t going to do them any good. Now the only people who are even anywhere near a proper revelation are those that understand what is taken place actually was the opening of those Seven Seals, which nobody can duplicate.

Nobody can come along now; they tried to duplicate it, this Frisbee out there. Frisbee, that’s not his name. Frisbee, it’s a Frisbee, something like that. Well that’s the kind of guy you throw, he try to throw a lot of guys through a loop, and he talks about the Seals, that God came down and opened scrolls and all. It’s too late!

We have everything Brother Branham said on record and in print! You can’t change it! It’s over, the devil didn’t know a thing about it, nobody knew a thing about it, William Branham didn’t know.

He didn’t know those seven angels even in the vision predicted was the embodiment of the Holy Spirit, the seven spirits before the throne, the eyes of Almighty God, each one coming down in turn, and the last one opening the Seven Seals. He was all alone in the room by himself.

Now he said, you just try to duplicate it. You can’t do it. He says other things about that Third Pull too, but that’s not too relative.


All right, now here we go back, we’re talking about Samuel. Paragraph 198:

[36-1]  Samuel stood there before the people and said, “Have I ever told you anything in the Name of the Lord but what happened? Did I ever beg you for your money to live on?”

Now you see he’s going right back to Acts 3, to the Elijah ministry that follows a revival, a breath of fresh air from God. Well what in the world is a breath of fresh air from God? It’s the moving of the Holy Spirit!

See, like it says in – how does he say it over here in John – when I want to quote it I can’t, but you believe me, I will.


Let’s take a look at it. In [John] 3:8, it says:

John 3:8

(08) The wind bloweth where it [willeth], [that’s not true, the Spirit breatheth where He willeth. See? It’s the Spirit.] and [you] hear the sound, but [you can’t] tell whence it come, wither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

How can you have wind in one place and Spirit in another? The Spirit is actually wind, same word, ‘breath’. So the Spirit breathes. He moves where He wants. See? And so this is how you have a rebirth.


So all right, I was talking about Acts 3. So you look at it and you understand that the moving of the Holy Spirit in the Word of God is a two-fold. It is first of all it must be proven that it is the Holy Spirit by vindication to the person bringing it, he in turn is vindicated to the people, and the people know it is the Word.

Otherwise how in the world could you have a restoration of all things spoken by the mouth of all the holy prophets? That’s why Brother Branham said there’s no such thing as a true healing revival unless there’s a new Message.

So all right, we have our precedent as we have the setting here exactly right. And you notice he goes right back, not to Moses, but he goes to Samuel who is a prophet judge, to whom the Lord appears in visions and never tells the people anything wrong. You see?

Samuel does not have a word of his own! No way, shape, and form. Neither did William Branham. He never had one word of his own. What he had was appearing on the scene with the revelation by Almighty God.


Now notice, the reply from Israel was:

[36-1]  “No, but we want the king anyhow.”

And of course that’s: “We want someone to rule over us, we want someone to lead us and guide us, and do all these things for us. Even though we know God is able to do it, what we want is this in-between thing.”

[36-1]  That’s the way the church is today. They want their own ideas. They won’t pay a bit of attention to you. [Now he’s talking about himself.] They walk right around. Well, it just goes to show the quickening power is not there.

Now he lets you know positively that these people are like Israel in the days of Samuel, and he stands there like Samuel.

And he stands there against organization, he stands there right with Almighty God, but the people will not listen to him anymore than listen to Samuel, and when the King Himself came, which was Jesus, they crucified Him.

And the Bible said, “Had they known this was the King of glory, they would not have crucified the Lord Jesus Christ.” Now what happened to them? There was no way they could – there was nothing in them to receive it. They didn’t have it, see?



[36-1]  “Oh,” you say, “I spoke in tongues.” “I jumped; and I shouted.”

[36-2]  That’s all fine, but if that quickening power is there, you’ll recognize. Like that little eagle, that’s his mamma. That’s the Word, that’s THUS SAITH THE LORD. That’s what God promised. That’s what was foretold. That’s exactly what happened.

Now what you’re looking at here is the fact that he said, “Hey, I’m like Samuel. Did I ever, ever make a mistake? Did I come to you for money like Balaam? Did I ever sell myself out? Did I ever sell you out?”

And the answer is, “No, you just did one thing. You stood there, where while God vindicated you, vindicated the Word, and you brought the Word and you asked nothing in return.” You see that’s what he’s telling them.


Now he says here, “If you understand what I am saying, there must be something in you that is moving toward what I am saying, the same as the little eagle who answered the mother’s scream.” Now he said:

[36-2]  That’s the Word, that’s THUS SAITH THE LORD.

Now based upon vindication of a prophet, which the people do not want, except those to whom the prophet is truly sent, that they might receive him, this ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’ means nothing. Because they have signs that follow the Word, so therefore they don’t care two bits about the signs that precede the Word, because they simply don’t believe that it’s going to happen in this hour.

So how are they going to possibly fill in the Thunders? How are they going to possibly stand and get a true revelation from God? They say, well they’re going to come to the place where it doesn’t matter if they have a true revelation of God or not, or His Word.

“Well we be Christians. We be Israel.” See? Yeah, you be serpent seed too.

Now notice:

[36-2]  That’s what God promised. That’s what was foretold. That’s exactly what happened.


Now let’s go and look at this. And I’m going to challenge your thinking. Now Samuel stood before the people: “Have I ever told you anything wrong? What happened in the Name of the Lord? Asked for money, do anything?”

“Nope, but no-no, we won’t hear you anyway. We want our way. We want what the organization taught. Because hey, I want to tell you something, I spoke in tongues, I healed the sick, I raised the dead.”

You’re talking about signs following; you’re not talking about vindication of Word. You’re talking about what Judas did. That doesn’t mean a thing to them. “Well you see, Judas was really right with God but he backslid. Hallelujah. So he can be a child of God, there’s no such thing as serpent seed.

No-no, not really, no-no-no-no, we’re all children of God, all one lump.” Like that idiot that phoned me from Texas; can’t see serpent seed, and he wants his own way all the time, one lump. He doesn’t even understand what one lump is. You can’t tell him anything because he’s already so sure he’s right.


All right, now he says here:

[36-2]  [All of these things are] fine, but if the quickening power [in other words there’s anything in you that can make alive this Word, you will go to the Word as the eagle went to its mother’s scream. Now he said:] That’s what God promised. That’s what was foretold. That’s therefore exactly what happened.

Now I’ll give anybody here in this audience anything you ask as a favor, if you can tell me a Scripture where that is concerning this hour. We’ve got time for anybody on the phone to phone in too.

Now where is it? Prophet made a statement, he says right here. He’s talking about William Branham standing as Samuel.

Now he said, “If you’re an eagle, you’re going to listen.” You don’t know where it is? I never knew till tonight either, so it’s all right, don’t feel too bad.


John 10, let’s read it. Verse 14,

John 10:14-16

(14) I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.

(15) As the Father knoweth me, even so I [know] the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep. [That’s what he said. Now he said, “My sheep know my voice and they follow me.”] [But watch verse 16:]

(16) And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold:

What was the fold he’s talking to? Israel. What’s in the heavens? Two dippers. Two sheep folds: the big dipper and a little dipper. And the star on the handle of the big dipper always points to the North Star in dead center.

The sign of the Zodiac are the sign of the Word of God. The little fold is the Israel fold and the big fold is the Gentile fold.

John 10:16

(16) And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: [but they are of a fold] them also must [I] bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.

Now he’s talking about the one fold and the one shepherd, which is positively end time Bride of which the hundred and forty-four thousand don’t have a part. So he’s talking to the Gentiles in this hour the same as he was talking in Matthew 12.

But unless you have a prophet to give you the keys, you will no more understand the Scripture than nothing. But when Brother Branham said, “It’s prophesied and in Scripture,” you better believe it is there and somebody’s going to find it by the Holy Ghost. All right, it’s conclusive, not to anybody but us.


Now he said, “That’s what God promised, that in this hour there’d be the eagle screaming.”

And this by the way, if you still don’t understand is over in Hebrews 12, even though it’s the Book of Hebrews, Paul put the Hebrews in their place! Because he already said in Romans that they were blinded.

And he said, “We’re not approaching to Mount Sinai where the Word of God is given unto condemnation in a Pillar of Fire, but the Word of God is given by Him that is now speaking, Who is from heaven.”

And the One from heaven is evidently Revelation 4 and Revelation 5 come down to Revelation 10:1 conversing with Revelation 10:7.

And it says here at this time you are coming to Mount Zion, which is exactly what it says, the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him comes into the church in order to bring us to Mount Zion!


Now you’ll notice where you stand. You stand where Abraham stood, who in spite of the fact the Bible said, “This is your land, I’m giving it to you,” it says, “Abraham looked for a City whose Builder and Maker is God.”

Now where do you find that? You don’t find one bit of that except the Book of Hebrews. You can’t find it anyplace except inter-sprinkled through the psalms and the prophets and down the Word where you get a little slanting in. But you cannot find one place where God said to Abraham, “It is a city.”

He said, “I’ve given you the land.” But the further revelation was there was a city fifteen hundred miles square, fifteen hundred miles high upon that land, and if you put a city fifteen hundred miles in the center of Israel, I think it would overflow the borders; I don’t think Israel’s fifteen hundred miles wide, anywhere.

So the Bible teaches correctly that Abraham and his heirs were heirs to the whole earth! Now you got this same voice over here speaking, and “See that you refuse not Him that speaketh.” Because every time God sent a prophet, it was on a judgment order.

So you could come on one side or the other. Well always it was on the side, God never destroyed the righteous.


All right, he shows you that this is in Scripture, that there will be a people who hear the eagle scream, and he talks about the eagle because we’re under the dominance of the nature of an eagle and no longer under lion, so forget it, and you’re no longer under calf, so forget it, and you’re no longer under a man, so forget it, you’ve got to be under the eagle. See?

And the eagle is symbolic of the renewal of youth.

And you don’t have to go to California and get anointed by Jager’s wife, to get the oil of youth, because she ain’t got any, she’s a liar and a hypocrite, all they want is the oil of gold and they’ll take yours.

Oh you talk about schemes and how people can fall for them. Anything they’ll fall for anything but the truth. Because you don’t fall for the truth, you get upright. Fall doesn’t talk of truth and fall don’t go together. No, no, no, sin and falling go together.


[36-2]  We’re beyond any shadow of doubt, potentially in the resurrection right now, [in other words, potentially means everything is there and in order, all your waiting for someone is to light the match and watch the rocket go off.] the saints are getting ready to be taken up in the air. [Like he said everything is here that we need.]

[36-3]  Jesus, so full of this quickening power, said, “If you can destroy this temple that took you forty years, to build…

Now you notice I left out ‘you thought’. That’s an interpolation, so it should be in there.

[36-3]  “If you can destroy this temple that took forty years, to build, I’ll raise it up in three days.”

Now in other words, he put the ‘you thought’ in there, they had a completely different understanding entirely of the temple, and what God’s understanding was the temple. And when Stephen revealed it, “God doth not live temples made with hands.”

He said, “You stiff-neck and hard of hearts, why do you resist the Holy Ghost?” They killed him. See? Their thinking was a hundred percent contrary to Jesus’ thinking when He said, “Destroy this temple, and I’m not talking about your thinking, I’ll raise it up in [three days].”


[36-4]  Why? Why did Jesus say that? I want to ask you. Why could Jesus say a thing like that? He knew Who He was… Amen. I wish I could make that stick. He knew Who He was.

Now why is he saying that? Because Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and God is in the prophets. And what is going to come forth from the prophet then is absolutely Jesus Himself knowing who He is at this very hour and everything else about it.

[36-4]  He knew that every word God had written in there of Him, He had to fulfill it. He knew that He was the One David spoke of.

Well don’t you think Brother Branham knew that he was there in Malachi? Don’t you think he would know? He’d have to know.

William Branham knew that he was Elijah for this hour, in the sense of the manifested body, but he also knew Who the Elijah was this hour, it was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself in the form of the Holy Ghost in the Pillar.


All right, 199:

[36-5]  Do you know you’re the ones the Bible speaks of?

Now there you are. Do you know that you’re the eagles? Do you know that you that listen to this Message and understand vindication and have your heart sold out, do you know that you are the ones?

Now listen, there isn’t any other way you’re going to know it! Say, “Brother Vayle I’m going to pray and fast.” Well be my guest, pray and fast, please pray and fast for me, because I don’t like it.

And I hope you get thin for me too, that I’ll lose five or six pounds, it would make me a little more comfortable. I’m not belittling praying and fasting, I’m just telling you, what do you think you’re going to do? Jump up and down and speak in tongues, perform something on your own? Go ahead, try.

You see, what we’re telling you is this: you are shut up to a vindicated message, take it or leave it, live or die, sink or swim, forget it. “Well I’m looking around, I’m still sit…”

Listen. Get off your – no, I’ve no use telling you to get off the fence, you’re already stuck on the fence. If you’re there, you’re never going to get off. You’re already finished.

See, you got an idea that the Scripture doesn’t ever get fulfilled, that the sower, the reaper catches up with the sower. The last one in child trained. The Man that went forth to sow is no longer sowing, He’s reaping! Well what are going to do? Going to tell Him to do different because you’re you?


Now I hit hard, but it’s the truth. That’s the trouble with people; they don’t want to face reality! “William Branham is just oh some great guy that came on the scene, hallelujah, bless God.”

We a bunch of rock and roll stupidities, that’s all. Jump and jiggle, let your hair grow long. Can’t tell if you’re a man or a woman. Let me tell you one thing, you’re a bunch of haint’s if that’s what it amounts to.

Now you don’t belong in that class, I just rip into these things because it’s the only way you’ll ever get anywhere. You got to face stone dead reality. When those angels came down, Sodom burned. You just can’t fool with these things, but everybody wants to fool with them. That’s why they hate my guts.

[36-5]  Do you know you’re the ones the Bible speaks of? Do you know your position is in Christ? If you’re in Christ, you’re a new creature. You know this Word is just like everyday living to you.


In other words, you’re perfectly at home with it. You’re a stay at home body. You’re not running around looking for something. Getting all the stupid magazines. I get a few, and my God, have pity, I read them and they got no more understanding than a dead horse has. Dead and corrupt. Boy oh boy.

And the Pentecostals going full blast. They’re the chaff of the hour. That’s a terrible thing to say, but let’s face it. What can be chaff but the last religious people? And it’s all going Pentecostal. Haven’t got a clue to what’s going on. See? All right.

[36-5]  You know this Word is just like everyday living to you. Why, sure. It’s yours. You are an eagle; that’s your food.

Now how many people like to give away their food and starve to death? My, your cupboards full of food so you just give it away and say, “Well I’ll starve, I’ll starve, give it away.” You got to be nuts.

You’re willing to share, but you don’t give it away and have nothing for yourself. He’s telling you here, it’s every day living. You’ve come so used to this there’s nothing else but a vindicated Word.


Now you’ve been trained by the FDA people to read the labels on the boxes. And when you read the labels on the boxes they still lie to you, because they’ve got lousy rotten manufacturers. But my God is not a lousy rotten manufacturer.

What came there and there you can depend on as food that will take you through, because it’s living food. Not filled with a bunch of maggots and monosodium glutamate, that doesn’t even make your food taste tasty, it’s to make soup taste sweet.

I talked to one of the big shots, Frank, spice company in Cincinnati. He told me flat, he said, “That’s monosodium glutamate,” he said, “we sell it, but it doesn’t have flavor, it makes you salivate, it makes you think you’re tasting something good.”

Like Pavlov’s dog, ring the bell and you start salivating, but some glop monosodium glutamate, start salivating. All you do is you know, let’s face it, you’d better be like the Scotchman, every time he drank his beer, he held his nose.

He said, “What did you do that for?” Well he said, “The smell makes my mouth water, I don’t want to dilute it.”


Haven’t got enough brains as a Scotchman drinks liquor. Hold your nose and drink it. God have pity on people. Dilute the Word of God with this and that. “Well I know this and I know that.”

You know it burns me to a crisp, they haven’t produced one ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’, they haven’t got one sign, they’ll listen to idolaters, Trinitarians, everything else, instead of the Word of Almighty God. Talk about some little vision they had. Pbbt. Forget it.

[36-5]  You’re an eagle; that’s your food.

[36-6]  [Jesus] knew by the power of God He would do it, because it was prophesied He would do it.

Now relate this to Brother Branham or relate it to the Bride.

[36-6]  [Jesus] knew that by the power of God He would do it, because it was prophesied He would do it.

[36-6]  That’s the reason He wasn’t scared to say, “Destroy this temple. I’ll raise it up in three days.” Because David said, “I won’t leave His soul in hell. Neither suffer my holy One to see corruption.” He knew that not one cell of His body would corrupt, and it corrupts in seventy-two hours.

Now where Brother Branham gets that I don’t know. But it might mean within the seventy-two hours or something like that. But the point is this – seventy-two hours is actually three days. So whatever that all means, then the third day would positively raise incorruptible.

I don’t understand; I just let it go there, if I find something I’ll let you know. But what we’re looking at here is Brother Branham is referring to himself and to us. See? That Jesus knew by the power of God He would do it.

In other words, Jesus knew that God was going to supply the power that raised him from the dead. And it was based on a Word.


Now listen, the Spirit of revelation, and the Spirit of wisdom and knowledge, sure I’ll just quote it backwards, and the old devil will help me to do it too, let me read out of the Bible.


Ephesians 1:14-16

(14) That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:

(15) The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; ye may know [this]…

(16) And what is the exceeding greatness of his power…

In other words he’s telling you flat here, there is a Word which precedes the resurrection, which Word Jesus had, so he wasn’t at all frightened, no matter what happened, he knew that he’d be raised from the dead! See? He knew the Word had to be fulfilled.

Now that’s what we’re looking at, at this very hour, that we are children of the resurrection, we do not have any fear, based on the fact of this revealed Word that precedes the resurrection! Now that’s all through the Scripture! Peter said it at Pentecost, right after Pentecost, the third chapter.

Because he was taught it by Jesus! Paul got it by revelation and increased the revelation! Say, “How’d he increase the revelation?” Just tell us more about it, that’s all. You know that’s how a fish grows, anything grows, it just gets bigger. Same fish, same animal, same everything. See?


So Jesus positively knew that God was going to do it, because it was in the Word and that same power that vindicated Jesus vindicated the Word, so he knew he was going to be raised! That’s the same with this here.

There’s no difference, the same God, same Word, same everything. All you’re dealing with is different period of time.

[36-7]  He said, “Destroy this temple. I’ll raise it up again in three days.” Why? He was so full of that quickening power [in other words, he was so full of life giving power,] that quickened every word. He looked back and saw every word that God wrote of Him [those] prophets had said, He had fulfilled it. He knew that would be fulfilled too.

So he knew that everything in his life was fulfilled, everything back was fulfilled, there was no way out, but this would be fulfilled.

Now you see Brother Branham is getting to fatality! Six people – well let’s just take one person. This one guy, he has the buzz saw, and he sticks his finger in, and ‘whoop’ goes the finger.

And the guy says, “My Lord, how’d it happen?”

Well he said, “This way.” There went the second finger.

See what I’m trying to tell you? It’s the process! If you see the thing demonstrated, you don’t have to put your finger into the meat grinder. You’re not experimenting. You are looking at that which has happened, that faith has materialized into knowledge that you may know!

Ephesians is no longer a matter of believing, you already believed! You’ve got the Holy Ghost proving your faith! Now this has nothing to do with your faith! This merely lets you know the time in which you live and you’re part of it.

So therefore it is a passive faith, it has nothing to do with anything you have anything to do with. See? As you had nothing to do with your being in Christ, now you have nothing to do with your resurrection in Christ.



[36-7]  He said, “Destroy this temple. I’ll raise it up.” Why? He was so full of that quickening power that quickened every word.

Now notice the quickening power that he’d already had in him, quickened the Word to him.

Now we listen on this grounds, we see the quickening power of God that worked in and through a prophet, that same power quickens the Word to us, making us to know that as we look on the Scripture, everything is fulfilled that has been written concerning the events of the resurrection, so therefore the resurrection is assured unto us!

Now that’s what Brother Branham’s saying here. You’re looking at Jesus Christ as a man, in whom the quickening power was, which is God Himself dwelling in him, manifesting the works to prove what he said about the present time was correct, authenticating everything that went behind so that Jesus Christ knew that he could say, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it up.” And he positively did.

So what we saw as vindication, or God manifested, is now in us to quicken us to the resurrection and immortality. See? Now, how much time we got? Eight minutes.


All right, we can close in that. What we’re doing, I’m not going to take so long tonight. But let’s go to the Psalm 105, we’re going to close.

Psalm 105:1-2

(01) O give thanks unto the LORD; [and] call upon his name: make his deeds [known] among the people.

(02) Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him: talk of all his wondrous works.

Talk of all His wondrous works.

Psalm 105:5-6,8-12

(05) Remember his marvelous works that he hath done; his wonders, and judgments of his mouth;

(06) O ye seed of Abraham his servant, ye children of Jacob his chosen. [Now:]

(08) He hath remembered his covenant for ever, the word which he commanded to a thousand generations.

(09) Which covenant he made with Abraham, and his oath unto Isaac;

(10) Confirmed the same unto Jacob for a law, and to Israel an everlasting covenant:

(11) Saying, Unto thee I give the land of Canaan, the lot of your inheritance:

(12) When they were few in number; [and so on.]


And right on down the line, notice what he did in Egypt, verse 26:

Psalm 105:26-42

(26) He sent Moses his servant; and Aaron whom he had chosen.

(27) They shewed his signs among them, and wonders in the land of Ham.

(28) He sent darkness, and made it dark; they rebelled not against his word.

(29) He turned their waters into blood, and slew their fish.

(30) Their land brought forth frogs in abundance, in the chambers of their kings.

(31) He [spoke], and there came divers sorts of flies, and lice…

(32) He gave hail for rain, flaming fire in their land.

(33) Smote their vines and their fig trees; [broke their] trees of their coasts.

(34) He [spoke], locusts came, caterpillars, without number,

(35) [Ate] up the herbs [of the] land…

(36) Smote the firstborn…

(37) Brought them forth with silver and gold: not one feeble person among their tribes.

(38) Egypt was glad when they departed: for the fear of them fell upon them.

(39) He spread a cloud for a covering; and fire to give light in night. [Keep them warm.]

(40) …he brought the quails, satisfied… the bread [from] heaven.

(41) Opened the rock, the waters gushed out; ran… like river[s].

(42) Remembered his holy promise

Now you see this is what Brother Branham is talking about here, you’re looking back and you’re seeing what God did according to His Word, and now it’s brought right up to date, and the people didn’t believe it. See? Now the same thing happens today, with us as through the prophet.

And Brother Branham, he positively is telling us here that the day is come again and the crucifixion of Christ unto themselves, in this hour, the prophet, the Word of the prophets have been so fulfilled, that there is no doubt that the Word of prophecy is going to be fulfilled unto us.


Now here’s what you’re looking at. You are looking at the full assurance of faith because there isn’t any more! Because this is it! Now you can’t look for full assurance if there’s something more! It can only come at a time as when the promise was made to Abraham after twenty-five years he came to the full assurance of faith!

So the church goes through the same thing, in seven solid church ages, of which the major are five, six and seven, perfected in three, God comes down, brings the whole thing to pass, and the church now stands upon the solid foundation of God Himself doing it, and they look back and say, “That’s got to be God, this is God, we’re on with God, we’re a part of it.”

Now that’s why you don’t look back and you don’t look forward, you come to the place of the full assurance of faith. And when you’re there, that turns into knowledge. That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection is this hour, because Paul could not know Him in the power of the resurrection, only in the potential of it!

Now Brother Branham goes beyond the potential. He said, “Everything is here, and we’re in that hour.”

So there is a knowledge that the Bride has which is different in the sense of the amplitude of what was there before, and her faith now has come to hope which means earnest expectation, so now she lives in the expectation: “I will be standing here when the dead come out of the ground and are ready to take our flight with the Lord Jesus Christ.”


Now he compares this now, the Bride, the body, to the body back there. And if you take Matthew 12 with that, you can see you’re looking at the mystical. So there’s a good one.

[37-1]  Now, every Word that God said, has your spirit said, “Amen” to it, and been fulfilled in your life as a believer?

Now been fulfilled in your life as a believer, do you believe it? In other words, is it fulfilled? Is this it? Or are you still looking for something? You’re still sitting on a fence, looking back or looking forward.

You see that’s what’s wrong with people in this Message, you can’t tell them that. No you can’t tell them, why bother? They’re so full of hallelujah looking down the road for this thing and that thing they don’t know what they’re talking about! See?

How can you look into the resurrection, you haven’t even got there! All you can look at now is the vindicated prophet and his Word, and if you go beyond that, let me tell you something flat, you are too smart for God; you’re too big for your britches. You’d better get up here.

Remember I challenge anybody in this church, the whole bunch of you; give you twelve hours, all of you put together couldn’t talk twelve hours. I said I’ll take fifteen minutes. I wouldn’t even take that. By the time you got through I’d sit down and laugh.

Say, “been, you’re mean Lee.” I’m not mean; I’m just telling you, get with this Word! That’s all. Don’t look around. Forget looking around. See?

So all right he said:

[37-1]  [Is it] fulfilled in your life as a believer? Do you hold back and say, “Well, [I got a right to believe this, my church said so and so, I think this or that.”]

That’s all there is to it. Sunday morning, 10:30, our time’s run out. Let’s rise and be dismissed. The reason the time’s run out, because we’re saving tapes, that’s all we’re doing. Just cutting back tonight, just go right on Sunday morning.

Heavenly Father, we want to thank You again for the opportunity of coming together, maybe it’s rough time in bringing out certain things, but we know that’s what the prophet said, and we know that’s the way it is, and we know nobody’s going to change Your mind.

We know the only prayer that Abraham could pray, and he didn’t even need to pray it, and he prayed You and beseeched You and begged You, and he said, “Lord, You’re the God of all the earth, You’re the righteous Judge, You wouldn’t let the righteous die with the wicked.” He said, “Under no consideration, why’d you bother even asking.”

I appreciate the fact that Abraham had that nice thought. But he got it from You to begin with, it had to be something in him to even begin to say it. And You never will. We don’t have to stand here tonight and ask Him anything, even as Jesus said, “There’ll come a time when you won’t even have to ask in My Name.”

And we know that’s the truth. We don’t have to ask anymore about Your coming and giving the Word and these things. Why that would insult You, because it’s already been given.

So we see these things Lord in our very midst, the actual truth, but we’re looking just a little more, Lord, and You don’t have to do it, it’s Your business how You give us a depth of a commitment to it as never before, because in our own minds and thinking, what can we say, where could we go?

And yet Lord there is something that we believe is beyond that in the sense of a richness of the reverence and the depth of the commitment.

I don’t know what all it means, because it doesn’t adapt to the lion, it doesn’t adapt to the beast that’s a burden bearer, the ox, it doesn’t adapt to the face of the man, it adapts to the eagle. So this is something we don’t know too much about, yet we know a lot about it in a particular sense.

So Lord we’re asking for Your help tonight, to get us out of ourselves in our thinking, a hundred percent into You, in the measure Lord which You’ve allotted for this hour, and in each individual here in Your divine Presence.

So as we come around that Word Lord, that Word as a prophet said, “If you really believe that Word, you’ll love each other.” All these things he said before us, and we know it’s absolutely a tie post to the Word.

And we know Father, if we’re really dedicated to that Word, we believe that it can only come by the fact that we’re meant to be dedicated to it, and then whatever lies in that Word can be quickened to us, and perhaps we’re a little bit previous in this respect, that we want a deeper quickening to it than what is available at this hour. I don’t know.

But I do know Lord that Your prophet set it forth here, do we really believe? Are we really committed? And that’s the thing that You know more then we know ourselves, even though our mouths keep talking about being committed. What else can we say except You try the reins of our hearts. You know us as we don’t know ourselves.

And so Father whatever is missing tonight, we know is going to be a factor, a concerning within ourselves that is not fully given over to the reality of this Word, so that more and more of it may be manifested in our hearts, inwardly not looking for miracles, and signs and those things, but looking Lord to the complete dedication of the satisfaction of a unique rest.

And yet the peculiar dynamism, where Brother Branham later on says that they can burn our bodies and do what they want, we know that we’re in that resurrection by virtue of the fact of what he is preaching and teaching as concerning the Word, which we know everything rests upon.

So in this particular way Lord we offer our prayers tonight and ask You to help us. We’ve asked you to heal the sick amongst us, You been good in doing those things too. Answering the needs of people and all those other things that are so vital. But Lord we realize that as we saw the prophet and hear his voice with the penetrating emphasis that only he could deliver baste upon an absolute vindication, as something with in him was so one with Almighty God and the quickening power of Him who is within him.

We want Lord not that intensity because we wont ask for it as though we could ever have what he had in that measure. But Lord, we pray for a greater intensity then we got now the other abandonment to it, even as he was utterly abandoned and I don’t think that is asking too much. I don’t believe it is.

I believe Lord that’s the only way we can pray that we would in our respective self and our respective capacities come to the place where we realize and yes we are utterly abandoned to this Word as the prophet said and we said it so many times “live, die, sink or swim. This is it and there is nothing else because nothing else has this particular earmark the vindication as we call it, as the prophet brought it to our attention.

Now Father we prayed our little prayer and we haven’t meant it off the top of our heads but the bottom of our heart to the very roots of our tongue coming from the depth of our soul. Until body, soul and spirit is thoroughly one with Your Word and its acceptation and relying on the power of it to do exactly as it said it would because its already proven to be that. Even as Brother Branham said about Jesus. And we put ourselves in that position according to what he said when he refer to us personally.

Now we thank You Lord that we can use the words that the prophet gave and the thoughts that the prophet gave concerning us from You and can give them back to You. And we believe that satisfices your heart and satisfice our heart. So this comes forth to be the answer to our prayers to our needs to everything that’s in the midst of this time because this is the answer to everything. What Adam tried to get to and could not and is now available by Grace. The free gift of all Mighty God because He loved us.

Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be all power and honour and Glory. And may our lives in some respect show it. In the Name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen

“Take the Name of Jesus with you”

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