Easter Seal #22

Being Raised To A Higher Level
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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, just singing this beautiful little chorus brings thoughts to our minds concerning the fact of Your Presence, and Brother Branham was speaking concerning Your transfiguration that was in a figure, a vision with Elijah and Moses there, and we realize that he said that You weren’t glorifying Moses or Elijah or even the transfiguration itself, but the Person of Jesus.

And he not just intimated, he actually let us know that it was happening here in this hour, the very events of the resurrection, the prefigures and the figure itself, we’ve actually come into it.

And we haven’t caught the reality of Your Presence, really we haven’t, we talk about it and we call it the Parousia and we say You’re here, and we sing about it, and we know at least that some better than those who made it just a doctrine, whose eyes are on everything else but the Christ, the Word, the life brought into actual manifestation according to truth and revelation, bringing it all together.

And we admit that we’re dull, we certainly are, and we talk a lot and we no doubt over-extend ourselves in our talk.

Too much is simply a matter of verbalization rather than realization, but then Lord You’re only the One that can help us anyway, so this we verbalize, we pray is going to be based upon truth and that which is right God, so that whatever little measure we have, like the woman with the three tapes, scrubbing over a scrub board will make it, in contradistinction to many that have whole libraries and hardly know the truth, or we don’t know, we don’t want to judge them, but we simply say what the prophet said. At least we try to.

So help us this morning to really relax now and begin to see Jesus, to hear that same One that’s here on earth now speaking, pointing to Him, just before our heavenly Jerusalem, which we’ve come into the very view of it, time and eternity blended, such a great mysterious hour in which we live, and yet we’re part of it, and if we’re a part of it, then we must be part of the environment, so being a part of it we ought to blend in with it, don’t belong someplace else. It should be as Brother Branham said that natural living.

And we pray Lord that that’s the way it’s going to be. Teach us and give us convenient food in this season, again bring our spirits under Your control, every one of us, may Your Name be exalted, may You be glorified, may heaven be filled with joy, or some little joy we might give to contribute something.

We’ll give You the praise in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we’re looking at number 22, and sort of chalking up my messages I’ve been bringing you, counting Toronto, thirty-nine in seven months. Not doing too great, but still got enough time left to add a few more.

So here we are in this sermon that I must admit started out with me a long time ago to wonder what was really in it that Brother Branham thought so much of it. It just goes to show I’m not very smart. He’s pulled this on me before; it won’t be the last time that it gets pulled on me.

I realize that I got to start thinking in my mind again some of the sermons that Brother Branham loved so much and start bringing them to you. Because he really enjoyed this one. I’m beginning to understand why he enjoyed it.

You know it’s easy to, I mean it’s not so easy to see somebody indulging in a banana, I don’t like bananas that well so forget the banana split. Let’s just go to something else that’s split, like big blobs of ice-cream, I see Ruth’s agreeing with me, and the whipped cream and the cherries on top, and all the good fillings in it.

But somebody else is eating it, all you can do is… well you could admire the guy, you know admire him for eating it, but it doesn’t do you much good if you don’t enjoy with him.


Well this message has turned out to be a super duper in my books, and I’m glad that we can say we’re enjoying it with Brother Branham. In fact I feel the closeness of Brother Branham more in this series than any other time.

I may be a little get goofy, which I admitted awhile ago in the preliminary announcements, if get a little bit too senile and goofy, you got a right to cart me off. Just be nice about it, eh? Don’t let me know what’s going on.

But maybe I’m getting a little goofy, but it’s been my feeling the last little while that Brother Branham could be here somewhere. He is in a dimension; don’t ever think he’s not. As Brother Branham said, “When you think those sweet thoughts about Jesus, about the departed saints, they draw near.” And if he said it, I believe it.

You say, “Well you’re a little bit goofy.”

No, no I’m not goofy because he was vindicated. You know, don’t give me anything you know you can’t pay the bill for. Don’t you talk about spending money you can’t pay a bill for, and put it back on me, or I’ll clobber you.

William Branham never spent money and put the bill on me. No way does a prophet do something like that. He pays the bill, and you enter in to the glory of the Lord. That’s grace. See?

God’s got a way for doing everything, and people just don’t want to agree with his way of doing things, that’s the whole trouble. And then… well we’re different. All right.


Now, okay for number 22 this morning. Last Wednesday, now believe it or not, you that weren’t here, we took all the hour and half, all of our time dealing with just four paragraphs. One, two, three, four, yep, hardly.

Four paragraphs, wherein Brother Branham in speaking of the resurrection took us to the prefigure of it in Matthew 17, wherein three disciples saw Jesus, Moses and Elijah in the transfiguration.

He emphatically challenged us that according to their account, that’s what they saw, the essentiality, the heart of the transfiguration was not the manifest fact of a transfiguration, that’s great, but the Person of Christ now exalted and positioned according to the Word prophesied or predestinated concerning Him for that hour.

Ha! You didn’t catch it, did you? Huh? He said, “Don’t get carried away with what you saw, only get carried away with the Word that was manifest in your hour, that was prophesied and fulfilled before you.”

Don’t get carried away with the great healing revival, it’s only pointing to something. That good old Catholic boy, I got to get his name and put it on the billboard. I love him.

He said it better than anybody, when he talked about a miracle, smacks you right between the eyes and said, “Shut-up and listen!” Oh I said that, he’s not crude like me.


Anyway, last Wednesday we took all of our time dealing with just four paragraphs wherein Brother Branham in speaking of the resurrection took us to the prefigure of it in Matthew 17, wherein three disciples saw Jesus, Moses and Elijah in the transfiguration.

He emphatically challenged us that according to the account, the essentiality of the transfiguration was not the manifest fact of a transfiguration, but the Person of Christ now exalted and positioned according to the Word prophesied or predestinated concerning Him for that hour.

We were admonished to exalt Him over and above everything, and that’s where the Parousia comes from, never mind the event, Who is there. Everybody’s talking about coming, coming, coming, the Parousia says, “Here He is!”

And Brother Branham said, “My ministry is to declare that He is here.” How did He get here? Shut-up and sit down! Goof off, every time goof off. What’s it to you how He got here as long as He’s here?

If somebody made a mistake in your bank account and you had ten thousand dollars added on to your account? You thought you could get away with it. No, you wouldn’t as Christians, I’m just illustrating. You wouldn’t care two bits how it got there, as long as you got the ten thousand dollars. Huh? Yeah.

We’ve got one honest guy anyway, old Billy, he’s with me, he’s my boy. Huh? That’s the truth. What are the signs of You being here? Well how You going to come Lord? What do you care, long as He comes?


Hey, you know, we have been inducted into this thing so perfectly that Brother Branham preached the events of the Rapture, and nobody needs to miss it! Yet the world’s missing His appearance! The descent of Him Who came down to take us to our Lover! Lover of our soul is Jesus, when that Spirit in our midst becomes incarnate to us. Okay.

And now in this hour it is exactly the same positionally with Jesus as the exalted Head, and we taking our position for the joy that even as we know Him, we know we are bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh! Yeah. How many can say that? He’s here! He’s the Head of the church! He came down in the form of the Holy Spirit!

As Brother Branham said, “God could not trust an archangel, God trusted nobody but Himself to go down and rescue His two ailing children in the Garden of Eden, so today He came down with the open Book, because God could trust no one but Himself!”


Now then this being true vindicated, we are bone of His bone, and flesh of His flesh! Period! Exclamation mark! Period! More exclamation marks, but never a question mark. I hope. God we’ve got hard hearts.

I feel like the hypocrite talking this way, but it’s the truth. You know something? We don’t have to prove anything. It’s been proven, only believe.

Let me read it again. And now in this hour it is exactly the same positionally with Jesus, as it was back there in transfiguration, as the exalted Head, and we taking our position in joy, or for joy, that even as we know Him, we know we are bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh! We know that He is here and why He’s here! So who else but the body responds to the Head? Huh? Bone of His bone, flesh of His flesh.

It is therefore not the resurrection itself, but to Whom and what we are raised, which is the fulfilled Word! Now everybody’s talking about resurrection, and they don’t know we’re in it and what the resurrection requires!

And then when He Who is the resurrection is here, and they don’t even know He is here! Where are they getting off at? I mean hey, if this is the hour of knowledge, we have it! It is no longer the hour of faith! Faith looks forward to a thing! But when it comes into view, it isn’t even hope, which is earnest expectation; it is now the manifestation of love!

God’s Own essentiality, visited upon His Own people. The true believer cares only about the truth, for he is seeking to go back to that truth, which he came from, the Word! Sure, right back in God. To be the fulfillment of that which was prophetically written, as it was about Jesus.

In other words, the prophecies concerning us are of no less concern to God than the prophecies concerning Jesus, because everything concerning Him concerns us! So you make any fulfillment concerning Him is fulfilling the Bride. We’re bone of His bone, and flesh of His flesh, it doesn’t say spirit and spirit, it says bone of His bone.

He Himself said, “Handle Me and see a spirit hath not flesh and blood.”


Now Brother Branham said when the Head came out of the ground, the body had to follow. And so when the Head comes down here, there’s got to be a body joined to it! And that’s physical! “Lift up your heads ye gates with everlasting joy, the King of glory is here!” See?

They didn’t believe it when He was here before, they can’t believe it now, because Alpha’s Omega. All of these things are hidden. Their desires must be the very desires of God, Who absolutely ordained nothing else but the glory or exaltation of Jesus to His position that is befitting Him from what He is, and how He was and is one with the Word!

In other words, He never changes! It always has to be not a Word context, but the Word itself! See? And He is in this hour sharing His glory, so that as God was glorified in Him, so He is to be glorified in us, and thence all becoming one in this day, where He said, “I in the Father, you in me and I in you, we’re all one.”


Now why did I put it that way? Because He comes to be admired and glorified in His saints! Say, “Well I don’t see much to admire.” Well that’s you’re looking the wrong direction. You’re not looking in the Word. “Well I don’t know how glorified I am.” Well you just don’t believe the Bible. See?

The point is you have got to understand centrality is in Christ, and if He is here, then all things are here, whatsoever lieth in Him, and Brother Branham said in Him is the resurrection, in Him is the Millennium, the New Jerusalem, in Him is all of these things, and He is the Seals.

And when He is the Seals, and you begin to open Him up, out of that flows immortality, eternal life and everything else. And knowing only, now the Bride knowing only the manifested and vindicated revealed prophetic Word, now watch, she knows only the manifested, vindicated, revealed prophetic Word!

That’s why these kayaks  over there in Germany get all mixed up, coming over here and trying to quote Zachariah, and trying to quote this, and trying to quote that, and say, “Well why didn’t Brother Branham cover it?”

Well why don’t you shut your big fat mouth and cover your head in shame, you stinking adulterer? And I’m talking from what he is! Don’t ever think the Pillar of Fire went back to Europe. Pillar of Fire resides amongst the Bride everywhere, calling a collective Bride.


So listen, these people I’m talking about, knowing only the manifested – nothing else do they know, they don’t question anything else, they’re not interested in anything else. Knowing only the manifested, vindicated revealed prophetic Word of this hour of the resurrection, we accept the God provided revelation of the reality that we are a part of His resurrection, because that is what is proven to be quickened.

You say, “Brother Vayle, I didn’t know that it was proven to be quickened.” The prophet said his ministry of vindication proves that the resurrection is here now, the resurrection Word is quickened, it’s alive and living amongst us and we in it.

Now you can say, “I don’t believe that.” Well that’s your privilege, don’t believe it, go on, go buzz off. If I don’t believe it and I’m up here talking, at least I’ll go to hell with bells on, knowing this one thing; I tried my best to preach the truth.

So even if I’m dissolved, I won’t have to suffer as long as the devil and some devils I know.


Hey, I haven’t got any big seal on God. You don’t find me saying, “Listen to Lee Vayle, he’s your spiritual husband he’ll see you through,” I’ll see you plumb through to hell! For all you know. People come in here, broken up homes, marriages; little kids suffering outside because of some jackass preacher misinterpreted Brother Branham.

I don’t even like my words jackass, well I’ll call anybody I want from this pulpit, if you don’t like it go and get your own preacher. Because you haven’t got the guts to stand up. You’re lovers or not lovers of God. Don’t talk to me.

I’m low man on the totem pole, I can’t see as high as a snake’s eye is to the ladder, I’ve never stooped to the stuff they pull off. You’ve never heard me lie to you.

Some of you can’t take rebuke too well, that’s your problem, I can’t either. I’ve even had the prophet turn his back on me, because of a Trinitarian that went behind his back. Don’t think it’s all glamour sitting here! I’ll look every one of you in the eye, afraid of none of you.

I stood with William Branham as no man ever stood as far as I know. You think it’s glamour? It ain’t glamour. It’s hammer and tongs. But I loved him better than my own life. I’d have died for him a thousand times, it wouldn’t have mattered. Couldn’t do it anyway.

It’s not a boast, it’s the truth. I’ve watched people lying everything else, but I’m going to tell you one thing, what answered back to this Word? It’s not William Branham that foreruns it, it’s the Message! And God’s not in the church, God’s in the Word. God vindicated Himself because He is the Word.


All right, and this Bride knowing only the manifested vindicated revealed prophetic Word of this hour of the resurrection we accept the God provided revelation of the reality that we are a part of His resurrection, because that is what is proven to be quickened!

So now as Brother Branham said, “In seeing His vindicated methods proving His resurrection!”  What was His vindicated method? He was not recognized personally when they saw Him; He was recognized by what He did!

And that’s exactly why you know He’s here in the days of the Son of man, because He did positively in the form of the Spirit through a prophet what He did when He was in His Own flesh, confirming His Own Word, “Greater works shall somebody do, shall he do!” Which was in this hour.

When did Jesus have truckloads of crutches and wheelchairs and canes piled up in Jerusalem as Brother Branham had in Durban, South Africa? You can’t find the records.

And yet the Bible said the libraries could hardly contain the books written about Jesus, if you’d have heard William Branham like I did, sometimes in motel hour after hour, the man never ran out! Of what God did and through him and revealed unto him.

And what he said in the church was true. You only see a very minor little bit of what actually happens. The rest you’ve got to believe for based upon the fact he never lied, he could produce!


Jesus Himself said, “When you see the Kingdom of God is come, because devils are cast out, devils are bound.” When did Jesus stand before a crowd and say, “I take every spirit in this building, or this crowd, this arena,” could be maybe five thousand, ten thousand, fifty thousand spirits under his control?

He said, “The Kingdom of God is come nigh to you, it’s come to you.” And it has. He said those wicked Pharisees, he said, when they questioned, he said, “The Kingdom of God is amongst you and you don’t recognize it, and when it comes again, you still won’t recognize it.”

You say, “Well bless God, I’d recognize it.” Come on; get that spirit of hell out of here. The prophet said, “You’re the very guy who would crucify Him.” Tough preaching, but it’s true. Hits me, hits you, that’s our tough luck.

So Brother Branham now said, “And seeing his same vindicated methods, proving his resurrection,” and he, Brother Branham, is referring to God in this hour trying to get the people to see or understand through this God given, vindicated method, we realize that Brother Branham has just said only the Bride whose eyes are anointed by the Spirit can truly understand the resurrection has been proven to have already set in!

“I don’t see nothing. Well after all, the Presence is just a doctrine, just like serpent seed.” Isn’t that wonderful?”

Call yourself a Christian, believe this Message? You ought to be ashamed of yourself. You haven’t got part or a lot in any of this. And I disassociate myself a hundred percent from you.

I might not understand, I might not have the greatest revelation, which I don’t, I might not have the greatest depth of sincerity, which I don’t, I might not have any of those things, but I know that’s real! And I know the Word concerning it!

And I can quote what the prophet said! How far am I supposed to go? Make up my own junk, like the guy in New York does now? Preaching to four thousand, drives around in a Liberty Chariot, has video cassettes, and he said, “Well, Brother Branham said this, but you know, come on let seem to do further.” Yeah. Yeah.

I’ve been already told I’m the devil, you know, going around sowing after Brother Branham. How come I take Brother Branham word by word if I’m sowing something different? How come I’ve got my own message? All I preach is his.

I can just tell you something, these guys aren’t with it. You do what you want, I’m not boasting, I’m just telling you the truth. All right.


Now the days of the Son of man now repeated give the vindication to the Word of His Presence, and what God is doing now. Okay, we found that over here, we read on page 37, I’ll skip it. Because I went into a little bit of it. Now he says here, in 208:

[37-8]  See God’s Word, which is Christ magnified and fulfills the promise of this day, in this hour of resurrection…

Over here in Romans 11, Paul is speaking concerning Israel and the Gentiles, and notice what he says in verse 13:

Romans 11:13

(13) For I speak to you Gentiles, inasmuch as I am the apostle of the Gentiles, I magnify mine office:

He said, “I take my office that God gave me, and place it over every single one of you, do what you want about it, I am it!”

Ho! Say, “Well bless God, Brother Vayle, if I could just see someone with that authority, I’d believe.”

You are a liar, and your lousy rotten stinking tongue is lying in your throat, and if you had any grace and manners you’d pull it out and choke yourself with it! And I’m not speaking to anybody in this building, I certainly hope. If I am, good for you, you deserved it. Ain’t nothing but a haint and a make believer anyway.

Because positively Paul the Apostle was not the one spoken of, “Greater works than these shall he do.” But he was vindicated, he counts his vindication in almost every single book that he wrote, especially over there in the Book of Romans and in the Book of the Corinthians, and he tells it over there in Galatians, and he proves it in Ephesians that he had the revelation from Almighty God, and he magnified his office, and he said, “I am it because of this Word which I bring by my office!”

Do you think Elijah’s going to do different in restoring the Word? You’ve got to be ridiculous. Come on. Come on, get with your Bibles.

Everything Brother Branham said is in the Bible here. Yeah. People don’t like it, say, “You equate Brother Branham to the Bible.” Oh my, that’s great. What do you equate to? “Well I equate to being some great guy.” You got them in New York, you got them in Canada. And they are so ridiculous as to be pitiful.

I mean just pity; I could pity them, except I can’t. Why? Because Brother Branham said, “They know better!”  I proved it to you too, the other day.


All right, let’s go back. We’re over here. He said:

[37-8]  See God’s Word, which is Christ magnified…

Okay, the office of the Word is absolutely preeminent. As it was back there, so it is today, and it gains it by the fulfillment of that very Scripture for that hour.

Knowing what was back there, in the end time, the second half of the resurrection, even as the first half proved that they were bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh, we are in the same position today. Because the dead came out of the ground! And stood with Jesus.

[38-1]  That’s the only thing that a real believer cares about. They don’t care about a denomination. [Nope, they don’t.] Now:

[38-2]  …It’s nonsense to them. There’s only one heart’s desire, [that’s paragraph 210,] and that is [for] Jesus Christ [to be] glorified.

What is it be glorified? To give Him His proper assessment according to what He is! Now I got this watch here, cheap little old watch. I don’t know what this is made out of. It could be stainless steel, it could be pot metal, I don’t know what it’s made out of! So how can I give it its proper assessment if I don’t know about it?


Well come on, let’s go over here to the Book of Ephesians and here:

Ephesians 1:17-18

(17) That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:

(18) The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; [and so on.]

That’s got to come into the church to give you the definitive, and when you get the definitive, you glorify Him, because you say, “Yes, yes, yes!”

You say, “Well, Brother Vayle, I don’t understand all that.” You don’t have to understand it all, who says you got to understand it all? You believe it.

See that’s the thing what you’re looking at. You say, “Yes.”

Brother Branham said, “You say you got the Holy Ghost, and deny one of these words? How can that be?” 


Now watch. He said here their desire, their desire, now listen, their desire is to place Christ according to the revelation of the Word! And Who’s revealing it? God. Oh my. If I have the Word revealed, I’ve got everything, because what’s God going to do? He’s going to reveal Him! By Whom the worlds are created, the Exalted One.

That’s why in the Mount Transfiguration, they said, “Let’s build tabernacles, let’s do this.”

And he said, “You do this, you listen to him.” Yeah. That’s why Brother Branham couldn’t have anything to do with organization.

[38-2]  There’s only one heart’s desire… [Now listen.]

[38-3]  Their conduct must be with God. [What’s their conduct with God? They go along with God. They agree with God.] It’s absolutely, nothing but for the glory of Jesus Christ. And what is Jesus? He’s the Word. And seeing His same vindicated methods proving His resurrection…

Now I believe this punctuation is wrong. I notice almost everybody, myself is guilty, when you start a paragraph, you start with the key sentence, and when you end, the paragraph is finished, and you start a new paragraph with a new key sentence.

So therefore this one down here, “And seeing His same vindicated method proving His resurrection,” should start a new paragraph! Who knows English? Dave, you studied it, right or wrong?

Sure I’m right, you know I’m right, you don’t have to tell me, I know that, I was taught that in school. You don’t write a hundred percent in English for nothing. It’s true. I’m not pulling your leg. They sent my work up to grade twelve when I was only about grade six or seven.

I could have quit school in grade seven, be smart as I am right now. Little kids know their vocabulary when they’re five years of age; they’ve got just about all the vocabulary they’re ever going to learn, except for a little word here and word there.

There’s only so many words anybody can use anyway, except you get verbose like I do, and you run away with your own imagination. You’re nice people to sit here and listen. You know, come on, I don’t kid myself. Simplicity.


[38-3]  And seeing His same vindicated methods proving His resurrection…

Now what is it? He fulfilled the Word of God, which was predestinated unto Him, and being that same Word is predestinated unto Him again, and people don’t even know it! What did they do with Matthew 12?

Which is a hundred percent contrary to what Jesus did in the flesh! He went in the streets! He raised his voice! He booted them out of the temple! He contended, he fought! He lashed out! The temple was destroyed because of him! You’ll never get sacrifice, the blood of animals again, they’re gone, it’s finished!

But in this hour, He doesn’t raise His voice in the street, He doesn’t contend, He doesn’t fuss with anybody, He doesn’t destroy, He builds them back up! Brings them onto victory, takes us right on through, the Gentile church goes on. Come on! You think they believe that?

Now how did I believe it? Because William Branham said so! Nothing to it, when I read Matthew 4, I just went to Matthew 12, and got a little bigger view of it.

He told the preachers to go to the Bible, and take his Message and further it on the grounds of the [inaudible] he said, “I can’t preach it all, but you’ve got enough to work on.” I’m just doing what I’m supposed to do.



[38-3]  And seeing His same vindicated methods proving His resurrection….

Making Himself known that He Himself is doing it! But if you think it’s a devil that heals the sick, well what are you going to do, Church of Christ? You blasphemed. Every single person in that church that agrees has blasphemed.

Now you can say, “Well Brother Vayle, I’m sweet.”

Well I ain’t sweet. Because if they’re going to get away with it, what hope have I got? God lies. He hasn’t got any honor. There’s nothing to defend. Then why should I defend Him? If He doesn’t back His Word up? What good is me saying something? My good say, “Lord, You must be mighty pleased, because I’m backing you up”?

Oh-ho, He said, “Can’t you ever learn anything down there you stupid idiot, except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain, except the Lord watch the city, they watch but in vain? Can’t you understand I stand behind My Word to perform it? And if you’re a part of My Word, I’ll perform you? And if you aren’t, so that’s it.”

“Well, I’m going to twist His arm.”

Like Dave talking this morning, it’s hard. You know what you do in prayer? The first thing, learn to get quiet. Don’t ask God for anything; just learn to get quiet, quiet, quiet. Just quiet your thoughts, quiet your body, quiet everything, until you can earnestly speak to God what’s in you, what you really want.

But if you think you’re going to bombard heaven, you’re just twisting God’s arm, and He ain’t got no arm to twist. It’s like going and shaking hands with a guy that hasn’t got any hands, it’s just a coat sleeve. In fact it’s worse, because there’s not even a coat sleeve, you can’t touch a spirit. See?


All right:

[38-3]  And seeing His same vindicated method proving His resurrection…

[38-4]  Now, what is it? Seeing your life by His promised Word that He said that He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever…

I don’t know if I take that translation exactly. What if he’s saying, “Now, what is it seeing your life… now what is it? Seeing your life by His promised Word.” Why does there have to be a question mark there where it is? See?

This goes deeper than what it just being written here in my understanding. I don’t say I’ve got it all down pat. Because I don’t. But there’s a thought there now.

[38-3] So, [2]10-B… seeing His same vindicated method proving His resurrection… [See?]

[38-4]  What is it? Seeing your life by His promised Word that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, proving He’s still alive.

So now we’ve got something in here we’re looking at. He’s got a vindicated method to prove His resurrection. And He’s proving that He is still alive. So what is it? If He’s living, you’re living, and you’re seeing actually your life by His promised Word that He, not you! He, not you!

And what does that take you to? It takes you back where I read, “He never glorified Moses, He never glorified Elijah, It never glorified Itself, but It glorified Christ by the fulfillment of the prophetic predestinated Word concerning Him!” 

So all right, now you’re into the prophetic predestinated Word concerning you! What is it? You’re seeing your life! Bone of His bone, flesh of His flesh. Because He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He’s not here for His resurrection, honey! He’s here for yours! He done had His!

That’s why Brother Branham was so reverent all the time, and sincere, God help us, we need to get a little something.


All right.

So what is it now? Same thing. See your life in the resurrection! See the prophecy concerning you proven! That I am a part of His resurrection. You know why? Because you’re the only ones that see it!

Do you understand what I read over here in paragraph 208? Look it. We’ll get this page finished someday, who gives a rip.

[37-8]  Didn’t glorify Moses, didn’t glorify Elijah, didn’t glorify [Itself], didn’t glorify anything else, but when they saw the glorified Christ; and any true believer, that’s what’s in his heart: to glorify Jesus Christ. That’s what He’s trying to get the people to see.

He’s trying to get people to see something! Trying to get them to see the Word! Manifested! Because the Word is Rhema and Logos are one and the same. Don’t ever believe anything different or you’re just going to mess up.

Now it said you’re trying to get the people to see, see, see God’s Word.

[37-8]  It gives them joy because they know they’re with Him, [that makes them] bone of His bone, flesh of His flesh.


Now the question is: is He here or is it just a doctrine? Do you know people talk like that don’t even really believe serpent seed, they just think they do. Just mouthy. Oh there’s big money in believing Brother Branham, there’s big cash. Yep.

I never sold God out for a nickel, but I’ve got plenty of nickels now. I still won’t sell Him out. You want it, you can have it. Anybody want to leave here, say, “I don’t like your preaching,” we write you a check for your tithe. No strings on anybody.

I’m not being mean, I’m just telling you, hey. If I get crooked out of anything, I can go down the street, I believe by the grace of God, I can lie in a ditch and die, be hard on my wife but we can do it somehow, by the grace of God, hey, His grace is infinite.

And you know where it’s infinite? It’s infinite to you and me. Not somebody out there, not even in Jesus. He’s just the example of the infinity of grace, but we are the beneficiaries. So the same grace will take us more than through.


So the vindicated methods prove He’s alive! Now come all the way down.

[38-4]  There’s one thing that I want you all to know: that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and in my heart I hold His abstract.

Paul the Apostle: “I magnify my office!”

William Branham: “I’ve got the abstract!”

“Oh bless God, he says he’s got the abstract, and him a lousy oneness preacher. Doesn’t believe the Trinity.”

Well when did these guys meet face to face with God and see a trinity? What do they know about it? Liars! Hypocrites on top of it, because they pretend they know when they don’t know. They say, “Well I can prove it by a book.”

Let the book prove you, kiddo, if you’ve got something real from it. This is supposed to be life, you don’t give life – you give life to the Bible? You are a complete stupid jerk. You can only give death to the Bible!

The same as Satan did, and come around and say, “I give life, I’ll interpret, I’ll do…” You will? Fap! I wish I could read hearts; we’d have a ball this morning. You could read my heart, sure, roll my head.


Go ahead, we’re in the White Throne anyway, come on we’re in the White Throne, everybody’s hearts exposed whether you know it or not, your tongues are exposed, your attitudes are exposed, everything is exposed, and you sit here this morning before me and think I don’t know that? Minds exposed. My wife always jumped on me, “Why do you blab it?”

I said, “Because we’ll shout from the hilltop, housetop,” I didn’t know I’d be standing in the White Throne just like I am today. I said housetop. She’ll never figure me, there’s no way to figure me. I spill my guts.

You know why? They’re spilt already anyway. Hold yours in with your girdles, your corsets. Go ahead, fall asleep, do what you want, and deny this and deny that. You think in your heart, you’re wrong. This is vindicated or that’s a lie! And there ain’t nothing to nothing.

It’s no different from the marsh gas, the methane, the will of the wisp! And men cross over the bogs and marshes, a little light forms. Methane gas. Otherwise a plain burp that I wasn’t. You say, “But you’re crude on a purpose.” Exactly right.

You’re telling the truth. Let’s go all the way and tell all the truth. And all the truth is there it is. I don’t care what anybody says.


Brother Branham talks in here about himself, forget it.

Let’s go to paragraph 212.

[38-5]  I know that someday, though I may be drowned in the sea, killed in Africa; I don’t know what’ll happen to me. But there’s one thing I know: I hold the abstract. Hallelujah. Every door could be closed. That doesn’t make one bit of difference to me. I’m not trying to glorify some man, some organization, myself, nor any of the groups, or anything else. I want people to see Jesus is raised from the dead, and His Spirit lives. That He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever.

And he did it time after time, demonstrating from the Book of Genesis 18, where God turned His back with Sarah in the tent and read her heart, and knew precisely, and that was God manifest in a form, which He merely took dirt, blew on it, and became a person.

[39-1]  No wonder Jesus said, “Fear not. I am He that was dead, but I’m alive forevermore.”

Now just a minute, that’s not the gospels. That’s over in Revelation. Revelation 1. And Who said it? The Judge! Now the Judge says, “Judge Me!” Well what kind of a judge is a stupid judge that doesn’t say judge me? You know what he is? He’s an ass, he’s a nincompoop.

He’s supposed to know so he can produce! How many judges are they that know so they can produce? A judge is supposed to interpret the law! He stands there as the authority! His word is the authority of the kingdom granted to him!


Now William Branham is talking about the Judge! Well did he prove he was the judge? Hebrews 4:12, he discerned every heart, take every spirit under control, never was one time wrong.

Vindicated that he was another Moses, another Paul the Apostle, through the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ of Whom he correctly said, “The Elijah of this hour is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, not a man, God, but comes by a prophet.” He said:

[39-1]  For now we are redeemed by Him and are risen with Him, and are now, not will be, sitting in heavenly places. [Now!]

What about it? “Well, Brother Vayle, I’ll tell you what, you got this theory about that White Throne coming up, that’s here, and I believe I’s coming up.”

Well you just have your little way. You go ahead. You don’t know what Abraham knew, you’re not a child of Abraham, he knew that God calls those things which are not as though they were and raises the dead.

So at the time of the raising of the dead God calls those things which are not as though they were, and Brother Branham puts it right here with Abraham, which shows a completed and a finished faith which can only be on a perfect revelation!

Which has to come exactly before the time the Son comes in flesh upon this earth, that’s Genesis 18, look it up for yourself. I hope I didn’t lose you. I’m a fast talker, but go over the tape. It’s true. See?

[39-2]  Now, when we have this Spirit in us, the Abstract…


Now he goes from the personal to you and me, which is Romans 8:11.

Romans 8:11 

(11) If the Spirit that raised up Christ from the dead dwell in you, that same Spirit shall quicken your mortal bodies.”

[39-2]  Now, when we have this Spirit in us, the Abstract, [now that’s the Abstract, it] shows that [everything] is stricken off. [you see?]

Now that means you’re thoroughly justified! That you didn’t even do it! It’s not counted to you! Because you were tricked into it! Now remember Brother Branham said a woman in adultery can never be justified!

So if you are in idolatry, off the Word, you are not going to be justified! So how can he preach to a people that are justified? They have to be one with that Word, and the start is the Son of man ministry through the Presence of Christ, which is the Appearing, which precedes the Rapture. That’s right.

He said, “My ministry is to declare that He is here.” In other words, he said, “I am the one that God sent, like the Apostle Paul, to stand back and tell you all about it, what was happening, because I didn’t make it happen!”

So they stood back and they said, “Well William Branham that happened, it’s very nice it happened to you, now we’re going to do it too.”


Now he said the third pull will never be duplicated. Because nobody knew about it, how it was going to come.

Even the devil didn’t know, and nobody knew, the seven angels, which were seven embodiments of the Holy Spirit, would come every single day, and the seventh one would put the sword into William Branham’s hand!

And it’s all on tape! And it’s all recorded! How can anybody now come and say, “Well bless God, I’ve got this and I’ve got that.” It’s impossible. It’s all over.

Because he said that third pull absolutely in two places slid right back in the Bible, what he saw in that tent was absolutely the same thing that happened out in Sabino Canyon, when the sword went from the angel’s hand to his hand.

He said, “I believe I’m sent to dress a Bride.” Dress a Bride of the sword? Bring on your holy vesture, with the holy Word of God standing by, that’s exactly Ephesians, the end time, where he presents a Bride spotless, her garments, she’s all beautiful within and without, she’s the King’s daughter.

Oh my, listen, that’s why a man married his sister. Do you think that Abel would have married anybody but his sister? Don’t be ridiculous. How is Christ going to marry anybody but the seed of his own Father? See? What about Abraham? Half sister.



[39-2]  Now, when we have this Spirit in us, the Abstract, shows that all the doubts have been stricken off.

In other words, there’s no room any more to doubt. If I have the baptism with the Holy Ghost, and that is proven by one thing, I say yes to every single word, I say I believe what Brother Branham said, I take it back to the Bible if I can, I know this is the Word of the hour, I know how God does things, this is fine, I accept it, well there you are.

“Well Brother Vayle, I got to have a feeling!” I’ll give you some feelings, hey, bring me my pointed toe shoes. Whatever it’s going to take.


You know, come on! Why does everybody want his own ideas? You know we’re all crazy. You know, come on. You go into my house, you don’t like the way my furniture is, you’d sooner match it your way. I go in your house and say, “What’s this idiot doing? I want to match it my way.”

Huh? Come on let’s be honest. Oh we’re all great guys. Got answers for everybody and everything. How come we aren’t rich? That’s what Bernie Brooks said, only he swore about it. He said, “If you economists are so blankety-blank smart, how come you’re not rich?”

How many economists do you know are really rich? They’re blabbermouths! Hah. Time and chance happen to all people. You got to take a chance at the right time.

Economist isn’t smart, he just thinks he knows his rules and tries to play them, and then they write… do you know what economists do, they write these papers? They plagiarize; they read everybody’s books and write an article. And so you pay for all that same old junk that’s dead and dying.


See our son’s pretty smart in economy, he used to teach for Doc [Bastogard] in the University when he worked for Procter and Gamble. So he would lecture in the classes. He’d laugh about what they do, these guys and he’d work for Bass when he got his own job, his own office.

He’d just read manuals and write it down, that’s it. He’d get a lot of money for it. That’s not the way preaching is, hah, hah, hah, hah. You can have a hundred manuals and die  Saturday night at three o’clock in the morning, still nothing. You think I’m kidding you, come on up and try it.

See I’m lazy; I take Brother Branham word for word. You guys don’t know how just lucky I am. Hmm, hmm, hmm, this is the rest wherewith he may cause the lazy like Lee Vayle to rest. This is the pickings.

This to me is 2 Thessalonians 1:7, “You that are troubled rest with us,” take the pressure off. Hah, hah, hah! Put it right back on God’s vindicated prophet. Not I, but Christ! I didn’t do these things, He did it!

How do you know? Same yesterday, today, and forever. Lay it all back on Him! What did you come down here? To take you through. Fine, I’m going through, Jesus.


Do you know that’s true what I just said? You thought it was facetious. I am not facetious; I am telling you the right attitude. Joy! See? Don’t bother what’s going on out there, who cares? Maybe we’ll talk about that, I don’t know.

Just a minute, he said here, yeah. Well all right, we’ll keep reading here, might catch that thought later on again. Now. Oh yeah, here it is.

[39-2]  But now, when we have this Spirit in us, the Abstract, shows that all doubts have been stricken off. [That] Christ lives.

You know this was in my subconscious, I didn’t read it. Because I read it before.

[39-2]  But Christ lives: not I live, not me, Christ lives in me. Not you live, but Christ lives in you, because His living Word lives in you, showing that all of the accounts of  your Methodist, Baptist, and Pentecostal ideas and everything else is stricken off through Jesus Christ.

He never came down to vindicate them! He took one man, like He always does. Now where’s the Baptist? Idolaters. Where’s the Methodists? Witchcraft. Why? Because Brother Branham said so. Why Methodists especially? Because they drink a lot of liquor. They’re booze artists; they’re the most liberal people in the world.

They’re the ones that wrote in their… listen, do you know they were the worst offenders against democracy in America? That they’re the ones that wrote about Joe Stalin, “Well he’s just like your precious uncle would be a man, you know a little mustache, and smokes a cigar,” and he killed millions.

Methodist church, they’re corrupt! They’re the ones that want a racial integration based on intercourse! I can prove it to you; I’ve had the books in my hands!

One of the most lecherous [lustful] guys that ever lived was that Methodist bishop that ran things, and I say lecherous, because everything he did has hastened homosexuality and perversion, but I say, hallelujah, not God bless him, devil take him, I’m glad he was here, he started the ball rolling.

Say, “Man, you’re a mean guy.” Never said I wasn’t. Never said I wasn’t. What do you expect me to do? Come on. He’ll give me grace if I got to die for it.


All right, if one lives amongst the Baptist, or the… they’ll be with the Baptists are. And there’s no repentance, because they’ve turned down Hebrews 6.

Now listen:

[39-3]  Like on Mount Transfiguration, and all the prophets and everything else is finished. [Right. It’s finished. And when it’s finished today, it’s finished!]

Now listen, when the law and the prophets were finished, and it was finished in the Person of Jesus Christ, “This is My beloved Son in whom I am pleased to dwell, you hear Him,” there wasn’t anything could touch Him! Nothing could come out of Him, nothing added to Him, that’s it!

And at the end time, when perfect comes, it’s the Word of God absolutely complete. It is like a bowling ball to the most perfect structure. It is a hundred percent flawless. There’s no curves, no weaves, nothing. The gloss on it is the same thickness, it is perfect.

No matter how perfect you took the sun’s rays, or a laser, you could not find one thing wrong, but put one scratch, huh? One drop of paint, it’s not perfect. And Brother Branham said we have the perfect revelation of the Word of this hour.

“Well Brother Branham lied, because you see Dave Mamalis said so, and Joe Colman had an addition of revelation.”


I say Brother Branham brought us the perfect revealed Word, the same Pillar of Fire that brought the Word to Paul was here revealing it and gave it to us, and it’s because of my dumb stupidity, my gross carnality, I can’t get it all!

But there’s nothing wrong with the Word. And you girls, there’s nothing wrong with your clothes, you’re just too fat! Now I said that on purpose, didn’t I, to catch your attention to bring you right down to the mundane things in life, there’s nothing wrong with our clothes, we don’t eat right, we don’t exercise right and do right. Right?

Then don’t fool with the Word of God, there’s nothing wrong with the Word of God, it’s we ourselves that are gross! We are not the judges of the Word, when we do we sin before God! Let the Word judge us! Let our clothes judge us!

Are they bulging in the wrong places, come on you men, can you feel more than one inch here? And you guys that got these pots on you, “Oh hit me here boy, I want to tell you I’m hard.”

That’s because the fat is extending your muscles, and they’re tough because there’s a lot of fat below it. Spoken like a true hero, I just read that. How you doing Russ? Norman, you ain’t doing so good. Get rid of it.

You see listen, come on, I’m not bluffing up here. We just go back and forth like the Word does. Nature back and forth, Brother Branham did it, I’m taking my liberty, a little bit too much, but it’s all right.


All right.

[39-3]  Like on Mount Transfiguration, all the prophets and everything else is finished. That’s all the days of the Luther, and Methodists, Presbyterians, they’re all right, but “This is My beloved son. Hear ye Him,” the Word of this hour, the [Word] of the seals, when all the mysteries back yonder had been hidden all these years, and that great pyramid of time was stricken off the headstone, making it honed down, so that the star of David will settle in its place, and the great church of the living God will be raised like the wings of an eagle, packed out yonder into glory. Yes, now in our bodies, speaking with new tongues, prophesying, foreseeing, laying hands on the sick, [and that was the last and the final stage, Pentecost! See? And Brother Branham came with something different.] The world dead and all the things of the world, we have passed from death unto life, and we now hold the power. Hallelujah.


Now listen, we have passed from death unto life, by leaving Luther, Methodist, that’s Wesley, and Pentecostal. In other words, the fullness of the Gentiles has come; the Headstone must come down to make up the complete and perfect Bride of the last two thousand years.

We know by the very fact of the manifestation through Pentecost, we’re coming to it, restored gifts, yep, which bring the people together, and the restored Word that divides even the foolish virgin, placing them with the unholy. Now come on, think it over. Exactly true.

No, I’m not lying to you; they come up in the second resurrection with all the rest, so they’re with them. How can you be in one cattle pen and not be with all the rest of the cattle? Foolish virgins, second resurrection, with the wicked, everybody else, the devil’s right there, they’re all there. So don’t kid yourself, let’s understand the Word of God.


Now he said we have passed from death unto life, and we now hold the power. We hold the power to do it!

Over here in Hebrews 6 it tells you distinctly: “It’s impossible for those once for all enlightened, taste the heavenly gift, partake of the Holy Ghost, taste the good Word of God, even the powers of the world to come!” There you are.

That’s what they have at the end time, and they turn it down flat. You say, “My Lord, why would they do that?”  Well they’re not predestinated to it! They don’t have their name in the right place! So come on, we’re finished with all that stuff there.

[39-3]  On that resurrection morning when deaths seals will be broken, we shall rise. Hallelujah. We shall rise. Amen.

[39-4]  There aren’t enough devils in hell to keep us from doing it. [That’s from rising.] We were foreordained of God for this hour. [And what is this hour? The resurrection hour.] The Word of God manifests Itself right through us, and we live in the Presence of God, by the Word of promise of God.


In other words, if there had not been a promise of God being here amongst us, He would not be here! But He is here!

And Brother Branham said, “God not only, when Moses went down into Egypt to deliver Israel, God not only manifested Himself in signs and wonders, but God Himself appeared in a Pillar of Fire upon Mount Sinai, so today we have His picture!”

He said, “God was so gracious to come down and let His picture be taken.”

Well you say, “Well, that-that-that-that-that…”

Well you tell me what it is. Let me tell you how stupid that kind of remark can be. I read just the other day that they’re now declaring that fire was what it took in order to ignite life! Come again? Fire kills life. Fire ignites life! What if there wasn’t any life to ignite? That’s what they’re telling you.

That’s what they’re telling. “Oh listen to us great wise guys, there’s no such thing as life, there’s no such thing as creator, there’s no such thing as God, but suddenly fire is there, something suddenly, suddenly, suddenly.”


People are insane. They’re crazy. I don’t like to diverge, so I’m going to tell you something. This guy from Ohio, in Milwaukee, that killed all those homos. They’re going to investigate the cops, because that one little Thai boy was outside there.

United States government, the churches, the teachers have legislated upon filthy sex, it is allowed, it is not prohibited! Why should those cops then do other than let the boy go, “He’s my lover”? See where the world is? Get out of here brother/sister, before it’s too late.

You better make your mind up. You haven’t got one prayer outside of some little vindication, and that’s not some little vindication, that is some little vindication. God have pity on us.

[39-4]  Not enough devils in hell [will stop us from rising]. We’re ordained of this hour. The Word of God manifests Itself right through us, we live in the Presence of God, by the Word of promise.


Brother Branham speaking of himself and he’s speaking of us. Why? It’s over here in Revelation 22. He’s speaking of the fact of the Seals opened.

Revelation 22:10-14

(10) …Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: the time is at hand. [Open Seals, open Book.]

(11) He that is unjust, [is] unjust still: [it’s divided.]

(12) [Now I’m going to] come quickly; [to give] my reward…

(13) I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, [I started it and I’m going to finish it. Now:]

(14) Blessed are they [who wash their robes]…

There you are; they’ve got the right to the Tree of Life. Now what happened? The end time the Bride is clothed filthy. She’s literally naked before Almighty God, and nakedness means she’s caught in adultery.

We’re ashamed at His Presence, even as John said. But we heard the tap-tap-tap at the door, and opened the door, and we’ve been supping with Him ever since. Who do you think is feeding you? What do you think you’re living on? The living body bread of the Lord Jesus Christ.

[39-5]  There aren’t [enough] devils in hell that can keep me from rising. [No sir. That’s what he said. In paragraph 212, “He lives, I live.”] There isn’t a door that he can shut in my face that morning. The seals have been broken. Hallelujah. I’m free. I’m an eagle. I’m no longer in a cage, but I’m free.


Now Brother Branham categorically says when the seals came off the Book, the Seven Seals came off the Book; the seal of death was broken at the same time! Well if he didn’t say it, he’d be a liar! And I’d lose all faith in the fellow.

Because it says here, “Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book for the time is at hand.” What time is at hand? For Adam to stretch forth his hand and take of the Tree of Life and live forever. Time’s over, blending to eternity.

And what does it say here then? It says here, “Blessed are they that wash their robes, they eat the Tree of Life, they go to the city, outside are dogs and the rest of them.”

Brother Branham had said different he’d have been a liar. When the seals were broken the seal of death was broken. “Behold I show you a mystery, we shall not all sleep, we’ll all be changed.” There you are! See?

What takes a natural birth? Seed. What takes a birth out of the ground? Depend on what seed you are, you get the body for it. Now if you’re a seed here, what you going to get? Immortality. So this is the working of God.


Now he said:

[39-5]  [I’m free as an eagle.] I’m free. I’m an eagle. [Doesn’t say I’m free as an eagle. I am an eagle.] I’m no longer in a cage…

Brother Branham liked to talk about that eagle in Cincinnati, beating its head against the bars of the cage until it bled.

[39-5]  I’ve been raised from the dead into a new Life of Jesus Christ, not only me, but everyman, woman, boy, or girl that’s sitting here that’s been filled with the Spirit of God…

Now notice we have been raised into a new life, I don’t know that he’s saying we’ve been raised from a new life we had to a newer life, but the thing is we’ve been raised to a higher level, because at this time, no matter how many times you are baptized with the Holy Ghost, how much you ever did, how much God accomplished in and through you, you could not walk into the resurrection, living and breathing until this hour.


So as I mentioned the other night, the spiraling of it, the magnification, higher and mightier, the Word of God whirling as in a cyclotron, taking these very elements of ours, until the last moving of the Word of God by the Holy Ghost Who’s going to change us… He’s going to change somebody, we know that for a fact.

How well we know it, I don’t know, look, hey, I’m just preaching the Word of God here. I don’t get many special revelation, I don’t get many special feeling, any special depth, any special anything, once in a while I get lifted up to tears or something, I love it and all that, but hey listen, I’m just telling you what Brother Branham said, and it’s in the Word. Now he said here:

[39-5]  I’ve been raised from the dead in a new Life in Jesus Christ, not only me, but every man, woman, or boy, or girl that’s sitting here that’s filled with the Spirit of God he is a new creature in Christ, [of course that’s 2 Corinthians,] and you are an eagle. [See?]

Now the same Spirit that says, “I’ll raise Lincoln from the dead,” if he was told that, he’d do it, and we know it’s true, that same Spirit is here now, not to raise Abraham Lincoln, but to raise all the dead in Jesus Christ our Lord and change every single one of us.


Now in 2 Corinthians 11, which we read many, many times…  In 2 Corinthians 11:2-4, it says:

2 Corinthians 11:2-4

(02) I am jealous over you with [a] godly jealousy: I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ. [In other words, I want to keep you as God wants to keep you in the way God said to be kept.]

(03) But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

(04) For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, [and they did,] whom we have not preached, or receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him. [And so on.]

Now that actually happened. So after two thousand years, what kind of a Jesus, what kind of a Spirit, what kind of a Word is there? Two thousand years off target. A complete diabolical mess.


Okay, what is the clue? The clue is over in Ephesians. Now you that are full of the Holy Ghost, after two thousand years, you will not have the revelation, you’ll be wretched, miserable, blind, naked. What is the cure? Here it is.

Ephesians 1:17-20

(17) That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:

(18) The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what the hope of his calling, what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,

(19) And (then) what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power,

(20) Which he wrought in Christ,

Now that means you up here that are full of the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost Himself is going to appear, give a complete and absolute perfect revelation that was taken from you!

You’re going to be right back where you were, that means the Seals have to be ripped open, the Thunders must thunder, perfection must come, and we stand here ready for the resurrection, based exactly as they were based in the first church, which was full of the Holy Ghost, you will make the resurrection.

But how are you going to believe you got the Holy Ghost if you turn this down here, 17? And how are you going to receive that without vindication? You end up a Mormon! You won’t get all the floozy’s over there if you want them, but you get them over here. Man’s religion. Ever hear where…?

Oh come on, you talk about a filthy rotten religion. It stinks. They want filth? God have pity. Then they go around trying to convert the world. They talk about their money and everything, that’s all they got to talk about.


Now listen, this is the age not of the lion, of the ox, or a man, but the eagle. This is the year of jubilee. Because jubilee says all the debts are cancelled!

And William Branham came down and said, “You are the righteous, sinless, virtuous Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ, didn’t even do it.” You got one hung on you, so therefore you were liberated. See? Now:

[40-1]  We are alive today and enjoying the resurrection evermore. Because He lives, we are alive also. And He is living us, making us alive, [and that’s more and more alive, progressive, see?] and the Spirit that raised Him from the dead dwelling in our beings shall quicken our mortal bodies in that great eternal Easter. Glory to God.


So Brother Branham is repeating himself now. And we’re going to quit here. Concerning the fact that we are in the resurrection. And people say, “Well I don’t see anything going on, I just don’t see anything there at all,” and they forget absolutely positively before Jesus can take a Bride, there’s got to be a resurrection. There’s got to be immortality.

They forget the Book of Acts categorically tells us in chapter 3, that there will be a breath of fresh air revival from the Presence of God and even then Jesus will not come until there’s restoration.

So, God has to do something to let us know the Word’s restored. Now how does He do it? As He always did, by a prophet, what more do you want?

“Well Brother Vayle, we don’t believe in prophets.”

Well that’s fine, you’re not going to make the Rapture, so that’s fine by me, I’m glad because only so many hundred are going.

Say, “Man, Vayle you’re wicked.”

Am I wicked because I love the Word of God and I want to stand with God when He curses? Am I going to bless what He curses? You better not try to kid me, honey child. You give me one reason I should bless what He curses, come on. You give me one reason why I should curse what He blesses! You give me one reason. And I’ll tell you one thing.

The churches are full of what I’m talking about. Because Brother Branham said so true, “Every man blesses himself in the name of his little idol.” Crosses him, “Oh I’m okay, this that.” Are you okay? Come on, prove you got something. All of you or somebody, come on, just give me one little sign, do some little thing.


See, I’m not going to do anything. Because if he’s wrong, I’ve had it. Since 1977, day and night, hundreds of sermons, nothing but His Presence, nothing but the prophet vindicated, nothing but the Word of God coming forth, what the prophet said.

I think there’s eight hundred recorded sermons back there now. Now am I going to go up in court and say, “Well I didn’t say it; I made a mistake”? All I can say is, “Hey, if I made a mistake, I don’t know where anybody else is coming from.

Somebody show me something.” Because you’ve got your collar on backward? Because you went to school? Oh come on, for Pete’s sake. What does that mean? Give me something that’s on the other side.

Oh Michael Landon had it, oh yeah, yeah, he died, he saw that white light and he wants to go to the white light. I don’t know what it means, and I care less. You can see any white light you want. Green light, black light, who cares what you see, no problem. Tell me.

No man did what he did and for a while all the religious historians admitted it, now that he’s gone, like the yapping, filthy, rotten, stinking dogs they are, they’re yapping at his heals.


The same as the Seventh Day Adventists did when Gamble died. Gamble showed the Seventh Day Adventists there was no such thing as the Sabbath as regular seven days in a row. And when the Jewish seminary found out what Gamble preached, they said, “This man absolutely is telling the truth.”

He was a Methodist, because otherwise you’d get God defaming His Own Sabbath. Because the Passover is fixed just like Christmas! It’s a day of the month, not a day of the week, it’s a date. And the new moon is a new moon. Get Gamble’s little book sometime and study it.

But now soon as Gamble died, oh the Seventh Day Adventists got a hay day, Brother Branham is dead, he can’t say, “Come up and stand before me,” and watch the Pillar of Fire knock them out cold as a cucumber, or burn them up like a cinder.

Oh anybody can yap and talk, let’s get the brass tacks, was he or was he not? Vindicated. See, there’s your thing.

I’m not trying to get you to rest on a man. William Branham couldn’t vindicate himself. Only God can do, or something beyond.

And I stand here this morning exactly like the servant Eliezer who went down amongst the heathen, he said, “O Lord God of my master Abraham, I know that he knows You and I know that You know him. Now I don’t know You, but I know him that knows You, and I’m calling on You that he knows.”


Now Elisha was a great man. And he went down there to Ur, and he said, “O the God of Elijah!”  He said, “Where is the God of Elijah?” That’s what he said.

Do you think I’m very wrong this morning when I say, “O Lord God of William Branham, or Whoever You are there”? He’s got more than I got. You know, if you got more money than me, I’d sooner spend your money. Mine won’t go very far. I’ll take my lot with him.

Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Heavenly Father, we again thank You for Your kindness and mercy to us, You never let us down as we go into this Word here, especially these things that Brother Branham brought us, which we looked to askance  at for awhile, but only begin to see the reality, and we see the reality because of the Word.

Just exactly like Abraham, that calleth those things which are not as though they were, and God that raises the dead, and he placed it.

And we know that Brother Branham did that today, he’s done it all his life for us, that he was vindicated, the Pillar of Fire, the voice in the wind, the stirring in the trees, vision after vision, telling people’s dreams, always going back to this Book that makes us to know we are part of the prophets.

And if we are part of the prophets we are part of You, because being children of the prophets that we would be Your children.

And we come to Your Word this morning Lord, knowing that we may treat it many times bombastically, we may not be reverent enough Lord, we may be very uncouth in all the things we say, but Lord You know the fight and struggle within our hearts to believe, and to desperately believe God.

Wanting as never before to come to this place of this co-union with You know, we can’t express it, You or the Word or whatever lies within it, until we are just one with it, and nothing else but to stand right there, not looking for miracles, not looking for intensity of gratification or this or that, but just that deep seed of knowledge, I’m going through Jesus, not with emotion like they sing today, they’re all singing it, but based upon a vindication, to stand there, just as we should stand, our hearts made of stone, and the Holy Ghost with an iron quill writing on that heart that is solid rock revelation faith in Jesus Christ.

And nothing but the Blood of Jesus Christ passing over us. Lord God we want that life, we’re standing with it. And I know Lord we’re to the place where the Apostle Paul said having done all to stand, just stand. And Brother Branham said relax; just go about your living.

So Lord this morning, may we just conclude our prayer by saying help us to just go about our living, because Christ lives in us by this lovely wonderful Word. And whatever is predestinated to us will be so far beyond our expectation or faith or belief or revelation, we know that.

Help us to rest in it Father. We give You the praise, heal the sick amongst us, help us in every way which we know You’re helping us, we thank You for it.

Bless the people Lord to have one mind and one heart, to seek each other’s good, to love each other, help each other, and look for the one Lord that You can send amongst us if You only will, we don’t know Lord, to help the people with the things I cannot help them with.

Well this might be the most important part that we know there’s other things that fall in line, You said Yourself, “You tithe of mint and anise and cummin, but greater things there are,” [Matthew 23:23] but You didn’t say let the little things go too.

The glass of cold water, the visitation, people who are sick, the hands that hang down, the knees that are weary, minds that need cooling off, bodies that need care.

All these things Lord are in Your house, and we want Your people to be well fed and well cared for Lord. The sheep of Your pasture, the flock of Your hand, not mine, and not each other, but Yours Lord, that lie down beside the still waters, that go into the green pastures, that are kept in at night in the safe pen with a shepherd as the door standing there.

A real pastor as Brother Branham said, ordained, commanded to see the people through, watching with faith and love and help to the people. Not smiting people down, ruining people’s lives, but helping to build up the body of Jesus Christ.

If that same prophet Lord could tell us that there’s no church need be without all the gifts of the Spirit, then Lord we could have all the fruit of the Spirit, and the Word manifested among us, the tenderness, the kindness, the joy and all these things Lord, until everything is set aside with great grace and praise unto Thee O God, and as one voice as the voice of many waters proclaim the Majesty, and whatever else Lord, we don’t know.

God just give us words even if it’s another tongue, give us words, that we might bless Thy holy Name, Lord. We give Thee glory in the Name of Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.

‘Take the Name of Jesus with you.’

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