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Shall we bow our heads in prayer:

Heavenly Father, we come to You this morning knowing, Lord, that all the answers lie in the Word, but not only do they lie in the Word, they could lie there dormant as it were, until such an hour as It would have to come forth in a manifestation.

And we believe, Lord, with all of our hearts, or at least the best we can believe with no turning hither, or thither, but believing steadfastly that this is that hour when every Scripture is coming to a head and a fulfillment, a veritable harvest relative to the Resurrection and the Rapture, and the Millennium, these things, Lord.

And everything indicates It and we believe that this morning, Lord. And therefore, as we study, we trust that the knowledge of ourselves shall be rounded out even more, and more, and more firmly impressed upon us, so that we will walk as people ordained to this hour and there’ll be no questions.

And, Lord, if that is not this hour, we know that we have been deceived. But we do not believe that we have been deceived, we believe that we have been given truth and we stand in the truth this morning. So, help us to apprehend it in faith as never before. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.


Now, in our last study we reviewed certain information from Ephesians 1:15-23. And then we added to It. And I want to do the same thing this morning. So we’ll read beginning in Ephesians 1:15.

Ephesians 1:15-23

(15) Wherefore I also, after I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus, and love unto all the saints,

(16) Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers;

(17) That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:

(18) [That] the eyes of your understanding [of your heart] being enlightened; [you] may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,

(19) And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power,

(20) Which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead, and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly places,

(21) Far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come:

(22) And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church,

(23) Which is his body, the fullness of him that filleth all [things with] all [things.] [You notice in here Paul is very definite.]


Now, I’m going to read verse 17 again:

Ephesians 1:17

(17) That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:

Now, verse 17 is positively John 1:18, and 1 Corinthians 2:11.

So let’s just look at it and understand exactly what we are talking about, because we’ve already defined that this is Spirit is to come into the Church and has not previously, or least for two thousand years, come into the Church as He is to come into the Church at this hour.

It is not the Baptism with the Holy Ghost whatsoever. It is not simply a revelation whatsoever. It is a Spirit, and that is the Logos.

Now, John was speaking of the Logos and in verse 18 he says:

Ephesians 1:18

(18) No man hath seen God at any time, the only begotten Son, which is [now] in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him. [Or lead Him forth and shown Him as He is to be by Word’s.]

In other words, there is no way that one can receive a true revelation of God, or know God, or being enlightened concerning God outside of revealed Word.


Now we go to 1 Corinthians 2:11, reading:

1 Corinthians 2:11

(11) For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God.

Now, It tells you here in a definite manner that there is nothing that you can know about God, unless God ordains that He reveals It to you. Then It tells you that the way He does it is through the Holy Spirit taking Word, and by Word revealing that God.

Now therefore, you cannot find God in any other way outside of His Word. Now, the minute that you divorce God from His Word, you’re lost. I’m sorry, you’re lost.

I don’t like to be tough up here, but I wouldn’t be a servant of God if I melee mouthed you, to preach you into heaven and to preach you out of hell I can’t do it. You cannot divorce God from this Word.

Now, the Pentecostal shuck has an element that disregards the Word, so we don’t need It anymore, and they will be burned.

Now look, I’m not saying they’ll be burned because Lee Vayle wants them burned, or Lee Vayle said they’re going to be burned. The Bible says the chaff is burnt. Now that’s not the Lake of Fire, that’s at this hour.


Now, you cannot divorce God and separate God from that Word. Now… I’ve read the books, you don’t have to believe me, but I’ve read the books. I’ve got in my library right now the most ancient manuscripts that can be procured, the early church fathers.

And let me advise you, for the first time since the First Age a prophet, call him a man of God, or whatever you want, has gone back to defining Logos, and has presented Him as the Word. You see, it began drifting from the original concept.

And the church was set on fire by the fires of hell in the fourth century at the Nicene Council, when they threw the Word of God out and brought their own word in. And anybody guilty of attempting to define God outside of this Word, and he’s evangelical and he’s on fire, he’s lit with the fires of hell.

And I don’t care if you’re Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, or who you are, you are lit on fire this morning with the fire of hell. And the very God that you talk about will destroy you.

I’m sorry, I just preach the truth. You do what with it. I can’t believe anything, but lives are getting changed in this hour, we’re getting face to face with God. This is the Logos.

This is the Logos, that was told would be in our midst. Do you understand why? Because John said, He was the Logos made flesh and He’s in the bosom of the Father, and except that One in the bosom of the Father enlighten God’s heart to your heart, there’s no revelation.

Then who’s going to do it? Logos! Then Who’s down here today? Logos.


Now, that word Logos you well know from the original Greek is not only the expression and a word, but contains the thought within it. So therefore, whatever comes down here on earth beginning with the Pillar of Fire and going to the Word, that Word contains God.

Now blink about it. Go ahead and blink. I don’t mind. Bugs me too. I’m not standing up here so smart, and so wonderful, so thoroughly illuminated.

And let me tell you, neither was the apostle Paul and neither was John the Baptist. Because when old John the pressure came down he got thrown in jail. He said, “Hey,” he said, “quickly run and ask, were you the one I talked about for sure is the one?”

So if you get all worried this morning at times, get a little, you know, frustrated as Brother Branham said. Be my guest, I’ll pat you on the back and love you, I ain’t going to fuss at you. Look, I get problems too, because there’s certain things that boggles the mind. But if you’ll just accept it, it doesn’t boggle so bad.

And later on the Spirit of God moving deeper and deeper within the channels of Himself and you. I said, moving deeper and deeper within His Own channels within you. You’re looking at me with intelligence this morning? You’re dreaming.

I said, God, His Own Spirit moving within His Own channels within you. The deep things of God begin to come out, and they’re not as difficult as you thought, because you believe. Logos is here this morning.


That same Word that was here made flesh, the same One the prophet night after night demonstrated was here and he said, “We’ll ask Him to come. We don’t know if He’ll come, but we’ll ask Him to come.” Then he’d say, “He is here.”

Now, how would any man know that God was there in a special way if no man can see God and live? And the fundamentalist dies at this very point, because he says, “No way.” They forget there’s prophets, but they deny prophets.

Give me one Scripture that said God can’t act the way the way He’s always acted when it comes to prophets; and tell me why we can’t have a prophet? And I’ll tell you why you can’t go to heaven. And I’ll tell you why you’re going to burn in hell, because there’s no Scripture that says there can’t be prophets. That’s right.

A prophet can see what you and I can’t see, because God’s Own Word’s said the people themselves set the pattern. “Let me not see again and let me not hear again.” [Deuteronomy 18:16]

And God said, “That’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get.” [Deuteronomy 18:17]

Now you stand back and say, “But hey, I wasn’t there.” You weren’t? Whose loins were you in? Oh, we’ve got a bunch of dogs here this morning? I’m hitting you hard, but I’m not mean in doing it. I’m pricking your conscience. We’ve got a bunch of beast’s this morning?

Have we got people ashamed to identify with God that you were in His loins and He made a way for you to come down here by a pure spiritual election and a natural election?

Are you ashamed to stand this morning and realize in whose Presence you are that He came near you; putting you under that Blood in such a way that you could stand this day, and not be burnt to a crisp ahead of time? Are you ashamed because the Word of God’s been manifested?

You say, “Brother Vayle, I’m not ashamed of Him, I can testify like a house a fire.”

Take your testimony and drown it. You might be testifying about the wrong God. Because ashamed of Him is ashamed of His Word.

“Oh,” you say, “I wouldn’t be ashamed Brother Vayle, if I had the lovely character of Jonathan Goforth.” [1860-1936] Jonathan Goforth was a Trinitarian, and the same man stood in this hour he’d be condemned to the Lake of Fire. But he stood in an hour before the revelation came back.

“Oh my, if I had the sweetness of a praying Hyde, and I had this, and I had that.”


Let me tell you brother/sister, if you don’t have Him Who is the Word, what have you got? And if you deny Him Who is the Word, what have you got? Where do you stand? You see I’m preaching the Parousia this morning.

I’ve been preaching for eight solid months. I’ve been preaching a Presence, but I’m talking about the Person of Almighty God. It’s cost me a lot, but it’s cost me nothing. This is separating time. And there’s only one thing, “the gates of hell will not prevail against it,” [Matthew 16:18] and that’s a fact that He is here.

And Brother Branham would say, “We’ll ask Him to come, we don’t know. He’ll come, and He’s here.” And then he would say, “Now if He’s the same yesterday, today and forever, [Hebrews 13:8] what He did when He was here in the flesh, He’ll do now that He’s here in the Spirit.”

And the revelation that “Jesus Christ is here now and the same yesterday, today and forever,” was proven night after night after night. And people simply stood back and they said, “Oh, isn’t it marvelous that God does these wonderful things.”

It is, but I’m going to tell you something: nature’s been out there for six thousand years and billions of years before that. What’s it doing for you? Nothing. The same nature some way, sometime will dissolve.

But let me tell you: these bodies that have dissolved and are dissolving are going to come back in a glorious Resurrection and we’ll live eternally. Where do you get it in nature? “Oh, you say, “Brother Branham said the sun rose and the sun sets and the sun rose again, and the leaves fell off the trees and they came again signifying.”

Signifying what?

“Well,” you say, “Resurrection.”

Where did you get that pin-headed idea, by yourself? Had there not been a Word, William Branham would have not known one thing about it. He only said, “That nature in continuity proves what God’s Word set forth already.” It’s a witness to It. Well they didn’t like him.

First of all they didn’t even know He was to come. Well, I didn’t either. But when we knew He came that made the difference. Logos. Logos is Spirit, for God is Spirit.


The Bible says so in John 4:24,  

John 4:24

(24) God is Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

We go to John 16:27-28, and It says:

John 16:27-28

(27) For the Father himself loveth you, because [you’ve] loved me, and [because you] believed that I came out from [the Father.]

(28) I came forth from the Father, and am come into the world: again, I leave the world, and go to the Father. [Now notice what He said: “I came forth out of the Father and you believed it, now I’m going back.”]

Now, you tell me what’s to prevent Him coming back out of the Father? See, you people stop right there. “Well,” they say, “I don’t see where He said that in John 16.” I know He didn’t say it in those particular verses, but He said it in John 16, the verses above It.

And He said It in John 14 in the verses above that. And He said in Luke 17, and He said It in Matthew 24, and Paul caught it up in Ephesians 1. And John in 1 John 2, and in the chapter 3:2, and wrote a whole Book on It in Revelation, and two whole Books in 1 and 2 Thessalonians talk about it. Yeah, but nobody wants to believe it.

You tell me how a theologian can sit back with the Methodists, Baptist, Presbyterian, and form a World Council of Churches, and say we’re going to stop God. Because we’re going to say that’s not the Word.

You tell me that Israel could stop Jesus being born of a virgin? You tell me they could stop Him dying upon the Cross and rising again? And you tell me a theologian that could stand against a prophet. Can’t do it. Logos is here.


This is the Spirit of wisdom and revelation. It says so, He would be one of that. This wisdom and revelation deals with knowledge. He knows something which He will transfer to you. It’s what It says. Might as well take a definitive look at It.

Don’t get restless. You know why? If I didn’t speak hard you wouldn’t get it. It’s after tough preaching that you bathe down and something happens to you. But if I stand up here sweet-mealy-mouth you aren’t going to get it. I’m sorry, you aren’t going to get it. The prophet said so.

Now, if you want to fuss, you fuss with God and the prophet of God, don’t fuss with Lee Vayle. So you’re not going to get me to talk sweet and nice about anything or anybody that lives a lie or anything else, forget it.

And you quote the prophet until you get blue in the face, you ain’t going to change me, because I know better. Because you can quote the prophet and quote yourself plumb into hell making him Jesus Christ; or anything else you want, but you better know the doctrine.

I’m not a prophet, never claimed to be, but by the grace of God I trust that no one can hear my voice and go away without something happening to his mental images until they get down within, because there’s going to be a change.

You say, “Brother Vayle, what do you believe in?”

I believe that I am part of that immortality coming on the scene. I’ve taken my stand and Satan can bug me all he wants, and he did his best a couple, three weeks ago to destroy me utterly, and he couldn’t do it. The gates of hell will not prevail against the revelation. It’ll open your eyes to what’s really going on.


There comes a day when you got to stand with this or forget it. This wisdom tells us something. In here, It says, “It brings a revelation in the knowledge of Him.” [Ephesians 1:17b]

Now look: simple Baptism with the Holy Ghost will not do it. These were baptized with the Holy Ghost. The definitive teaching of Paul at that time could not do it, because he prayed for something else. Let me explain it to you. You still with me? I know if I’m jarring you, it’s good for your kidneys, you need them vibrated.

Look: I sat under Brother Branham’s ministry for years. I heard altar calls. And those altar calls would shake you from stem to stern. And night after night I saw preachers supposed to be born again running to the altar for the rebirth.

But Lee Vayle never moved once, and Lee Vayle in character, in sweetness, in fruit, in about everything is the cruddiest one of the bunch, and yet I wouldn’t move. Why? If I had the Holy Ghost then I can’t get the Holy Ghost! I believed I was baptized with the Holy Ghost. I was convinced that I was. Then why would I come again?


Now, what I’m trying to show you is this: if the Baptism with the Holy Ghost would have done this, then Paul could not have been any man at all. I’d take his Jewish beak in my two fingers and twist it and look him in the eye and say, “Paul, I got more than you got.”

If you want to get the Holy Ghost all over again, when sealing is sealing, but he’s not saying that. He’s saying, “God is going to visit His people.” And at that time give to those people in his visitation a definitive revelation of Himself.

And it’s something they didn’t have. It’s not as though they didn’t have it in the potential. I explained that the last time by many Scriptures showing you.

Going to Ephesians again where Paul said this great mystery of Christ in the Gentiles was not known as It’s known at this hour. It was reserved for a special time, when God Himself did a special thing. When God turned form the Jews and went to the Gentiles. God Himself did it. Paul didn’t do it.

Paul prayed here that God Himself the Logos would come on the scene with the definitive revelation amongst the people. Which means one thing: he was not able to get across to them what he knew. The same as way back there in the prophecy of the Old Testament, they couldn’t get across until the hour of that Word’s time, then It would be gotten across.

So, he’s praying here that the Holy Spirit would bring the definitive revelation of God in the midst of His people, and what God was doing.


Now, speaking on Ephesians Brother Branham said in Daniel’s Seventieth Week, and I read it to you.

The Seventieth Week of Daniel 61-06-08

[28]  The Spirit of wisdom comes into the church to make known to the church by the revelation of the Holy Spirit…

Now notice how careful he is there. He lets you know that nobody can do this but God Himself, and God is here. But God has always been here through the Baptism with the Holy Ghost corporately. It can’t do it. It can’t do it.

It’s going to take God Himself to come to a people full of the Holy Ghost individually and corporately, and God Himself will stand there and declare Himself. Now, that’s what It is. That’s why He’s so explicit. The Spirit of wisdom comes into the Church. To make known to the Church by the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

You say, “William Branham said it.”

William Branham was nothing but a ‘voice’. If God could use Balaam’s jackass, don’t tell me He couldn’t use a nice little fellow like Brother Branham. And at the same time Brother Branham being nothing. Because the more contact a man has with God, the more a man is used of God, the less that man is in his own sight.

All right. He said:

to make known to the church by the revelation of the Holy Spirit–bringing the church in and revealing what day we’re living in…

That’s why I said this morning is this a juncture? Is this a juncture? If it is we better know about it. What juncture is it?  Now:

Just the same as Gabriel came to Daniel… [prophesying angelic visitation.]

Now, with it he identifies the angelic visitation with the Holy Spirit. Hope. You understand what I’m saying? God Holy Spirit came forth Pillar of Fire. God Holy Spirit came forth veiled in a Cloud. God Holy Spirit came forth in a Whirlwind. God Holy Spirit came forth just a Voice. See?


Now, you’ve got God Holy Spirit coming forth in a man. Then you’ve got Him coming forth at this hour in a Pillar of Fire, and to that prophet He will come forth veiled in angels. Hear what I said? You tell me what’s to stop Him?

You say, “Brother Vayle, nobody ever preached that.”

What do I care what anybody preached? Nobody gets saved by any other gospel than true gospel. Nobody gets any help other than by the truth. I don’t care what man preaches, does it line with the Word? See?

You say, “Brother Vayle, I really don’t know if the Holy Spirit ever identified as an angel.”

Well, I’ll explain it to you. An angel came down and stood before the parents of Samson before he was born. Manoah, the father, and I forget the mother’s name, and when they entreated him, they said, “What’s your name?” Now in the translation it says ‘secret’. That’s not true at all.

He said, “My name’s is Wonderful.”  Whose name is Wonderful?  God. And everyone of those Names was bestowed upon Jesus of course. Who came down in an Angel form? God did. Who came down in the form of a man, the day of Abraham? God did. So the Holy Spirit revealed to Brother Branham.


Ephesians 1:17. “That the spirit of wisdom would come into the Church,” to make known to the Church by His Own revelation which would bring the Church in to the hour that God said.

I want to ask you a question: because you can be confused right there. You say, “Brother Vayle, in this hour doesn’t everything come in?”

Are you kidding? Are you kidding? Is He going to bring the church in? No! It gets purged. “Is He going to bring the wicked in?” No! They get destroyed.

“Who is He bringing in?” Bride.

“Who goes into the Marriage Supper?” “Who goes into the Bridal Chamber?” Bride!

“And who gets brought in?”

I want to ask you a question: It’s not very often, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of where one man married a group of women at one time. Let’s say that man decided that he’s going to have three wives in one night. So he has the marriage ceremony for her. Well which does he get to first? Which does he kiss first and all the rest? Good question, eh?

I want to ask you a question: Who did Jesus make love to? Who does He tell His secrets to? Who does He bring in? World church? No. Only one’s brought in, with the wedding garment. Does He speak to know His voice and reveal Himself.

There’s nothing more revealing about a man and woman physically than nakedness. There’s nothing more revealing about anybody period, even God, when that God, or that person unveils his mind and his heart by speaking a word to the listener.


I can stand up here and fool you completely. I had in my mind years ago to fool everybody, my wife will tell you. I said, “Look, we ain’t getting nowhere.” Not in this Message, I didn’t mean that, this is years and years ago, way back before I quit preaching the first time, and came back and I’ll die.

So I ain’t going to quit. Angels come and get me in a hurry.

But I told her, I said, “Look, I can take gospel to the United Church up there in Canada, I was a Canadian by birth, see? I’ll come in there…” Look, you don’t know, but there was a time I was very suave. I will not tell you all about it because that’s none of your business. But you believe me that I was a suave as they came.

My language, my deportment was perfect. I’m not lying to you. I kept myself in check and everything else. My wife will tell you what I was like years and years ago and I said, “I will capitalize on everything I can inculcate [cause or influence] into my mind and my very being and I will sneak the gospel into the Presbyterian and Melodist church combined.'”


Well, I’m going to tell you something: no person suave, no person with a certain temperament, a certain ability can do the work of the Holy Spirit. And I care less how you and I might be when it comes to these ingratiating [charming, pleasing] qualities that we may be stir within ourselves, or birth within ourselves.

The Spirit of God can only bring and He alone can bring that revelation, and He alone can only tell the Bride, and that Bride alone is the only one that can receive the revelation of Almighty God.

Now, man as I say can be very suave, and maybe he had three wives all lined up, and he’s going to be very nice to each one. Well, which one will he start with? I’ve never heard of any man marrying two or three women on one night, though I suppose it’s possible, I don’t know. But I asked you the question: To whom does Jesus make love?

I’ll tell you to who He makes love: The spirit of wisdom coming into the Church, revealing to the Church His Presence. The hour in which they are living, bringing that Church in, and revealing the secrets and the mysteries of God.

This is a love story! But you know something? Man couldn’t take the love story. (I’m not going to preach this sermon this morning, forget it, I’ll let you out of here early if I have a chance. If I don’t you sit there. Otherwise, I’ll let you stand up and walk around, then come back.)


Listen: Let me tell you a love story:

Ephesians 1:3-5

(03) Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places…

(04) According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love:

(05) Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will,

And the love story began to unfold, even in Marriage and Divorce, which stunk in the nostrils of just about everybody, and even made men in this Message so-called, in the Message ran said, “Haw, I get it, one rooster, many hens.”

You dirty bunch of birds. When did an eagle have a lot of hens? Even a goose mates for life, and dies lonely if the mate’s gone most of the time. But William Branham’s Message stunk to high heaven to most people, because he told the love story of ‘foreknowledge, election, predestination’, God Himself in human flesh dying for the Elect.

And he described the fall, He took a woman, made her out of the original, because it was unbecoming to Him in the original creation that a son would fall. And when the whole thing was explained, the love story, and God deliberately as I’ve said many times, I don’t like the phrase, but it’s the only phrase I can use in this Twentieth Century day, he spilled his guts. That’s right.

God unveiled Himself, then veiled Himself in words that men might know, and they turned the love story down and they walked off. They never came in. They’ll never come in, because it’s too late.


Now listen: This Spirit given in order to reveal Himself that we might know God as we’ve never known God before. Where the Spirit Spoke to Brother Branham and said, “How would you like to take a walk with me?” I know you sit here and you say, “That was for Brother Branham.” Uh, uh. that’s for every, every Bride.

Do you think for one minute I have ever believed that God would allow me the privilege of knowing a guiltlessness before Him, when I spit in His face forty five years ago? I’ve spit in God’s face so often, that’s why they plucked his beard, and spit in his face as a type to what guys like you and me would do.

I’m announcing it to you and telling you the truth. I spit in God’s face. I did despite to the Spirit of love and grace. It’s a wonder that He didn’t kill me. I’ve told you, and I mean it, if I’d have been God I’d of killed me. So you can tell where I stand this morning in grace and mercy.

Do you think for minute that of myself I’ve ever believe that I would be to the place where there is no fear? I’m going to shock you this morning, and shock the daylights right out of you.

What happened a few weeks ago I sat on my bed fondling a hundred sleeping tablets, and a bottle of hundred and eighty proof to make sure I’d go out. And something said, “The people wouldn’t understand it.” Because they don’t know what you know that you’re not afraid of death to where you could walk out.

Do you hear me this morning? I’m telling you something, I spilled my guts. Do you hear me this morning you people? You want to play around there this morning with your legalistic concepts? Do you hear me? I’m angry at this point, because I can read some of you like books. You’re legal.


The prophet of God stretched out his hands to take two wires. He could have walked out of this world without a fear, just a sorrow. You still don’t understand do you? Because you’re playing this morning, you’re still playing around.

Too much denomination is still in your systems. I hate to be this way, but I’m going to be this way, because I know what goes on. And don’t tell me I don’t because I know. Get out of yourselves.

You’re in the process of change. Not short change. Man has consistently changed going down, and God came on the scene that man can consistently go up.

Now, I don’t fear death. I don’t fear God. I’m embarrassed a lot of times, but the Blood stands there. I never knew the gracious answers and what could happen. And I’m not boasting, don’t ever think for one minute that I don’t get troubled at times.

Don’t think the devil doesn’t throw the whole book at me. I’ll preach on it someday and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. So you’ll know where it’s going to start to come from. Why I raise my voice and said certain things you’ll know.


You’ll know why I’ve made one little statement that the prophet covered in fourteen pages, and I’ll preach my two hour sermon on it, to show you why he told me certain things.

Let me tell you brother/sister, that prophet was a first fruit. A first fruit of the grace of God waved over the people of a super, super race that approaches unto the very Headstone in flesh. Are we at that juncture? I say we are at that juncture.

We are in a process, and it only takes one step on your part and that’s faith. Some of you are still confused, you’ve had too much consecration preached to you and dedication of the wrong kind. Yeah.

Too much of the old legalistic Nazarene, Salvation Army, Pentecostal, Amish, dunkered river brethren, God knows what spirit. Where you’ve got to pull yourself up by your boot-straps.

I want to ask you one question: How many of you brought about your own birth? I’m glad that you did, you’re wonderful people. You don’t belong on this earth. What did you come from? How did you get here?

Not even Jesus brought about His own birth. And if you didn’t bring about your own birth, I want to ask you a second question: How did you bring about your re-birth? Well, if you’re a nut like me you just might do it, though I’m pretty sure I won’t.

Then if you die will you bring about your resurrection? And aren’t you content this morning to believe that God will do something for you?


I don’t care where you are on the totem pole my brother, my sister. No, I don’t care. See, I don’t care where you are. God can take the varmint off the dung heap. The beggar whose sores are licked by a dog and exalt him to prince-hood. See if I can find it for you.

Ephesians 3:20

(20) Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think…

The literal translation: “Now, unto him who in the exercise of his own power that is at work within us, is able to do infinitely beyond our highest prayers and thoughts, to him be glory.”

I want to ask you: what have you prayed for? What’s your highest prayer? What’s the cry of your heart this morning? Uh? Look, I can read you. I’m not a fool, I read my own heart and I know you’ve got a heart.

And I know your heart cries are not too different from mine, because if they were we wouldn’t have had a common Savior for common sins. We would have had an uncommon Savior  Who met a few needs, but didn’t meet the blanket necessities. I’ve got a God Who meets the blanket necessities.


So, if there’s a cry in my heart that I want something, you know what it’s based upon? A need. A need. A desire. Something that always was there or something He put there, or something that’s come there. Not through meditation, or premeditation, but suddenly you found it there.

What is your greatest cry this morning? You want healing? You want to be able to go to your wife and talk like you’ve never talked before? Yeah? Come on. I’m hitting tender spots this morning, I intend to. You can’t get along with your wife, so you want to boss somebody else.

You mother’s let your kids go, you make it hell for your husbands. You see I can talk this way, because God talked to me. I got worried about my wife whether I’d leave her or not in death or something. I can’t prove it’s God, only time will tell.

He said, “Don’t worry.” By that I meant either she’d go by the time I go, or something good would happen, she’d be alright.

I’ve talked to her for years about certain things that never made a dent in it, but God did over night what I couldn’t do. She doesn’t even know how she’s changed, but I watch her. She’s changed.

What do you want this morning? What really is on your heart? I read it to you, and I told you He can do infinitely above that. You and I haven’t even thought of it. We haven’t dreamed of it. That those things that haven’t entered the heart of man that God has revealed, He now reveals this, God is far away and beyond any need that sin ever created.


Let me read It to you: I’m going to Romans. Oh, that’s the Book that Luther loved and that’s the Book that I love, because I am eternal security inside out, and upside down. Hopefully getting more and more everyday like it.

Romans 5:15

(15) But not as the offence, so also is the free gift….

He said, there’s no comparison, don’t even try. For as high as the heavens is above the earth, and then shot it out there millions, and millions, and millions of miles until it went to light years. They still can’t plumb It.

So is His mercy, far above our needs in the depths of the sea of His forgetfulness. Not in the sea out there. Oh, forget it, they can plumb that. In the depths of God’s mercy He has hidden our sins.

Romans 5:15

(15) … For if through the offence of one many be dead, much more…

What’s he talking about? Death! What counter acts death? Life! And if He’s standing here this morning, opening the graves is nothing. Clothing those cells that went to gases, nothing, merely a cry, “Come out.” And what about us standing here?

Look, I gave up years ago trying to have pure thoughts. They just don’t exist. I gave up years ago trying to be suave. It never would have worked anyway. How can you be suave in a day like this when everything is down here in the dirt? You only enter into more seduction. God knows we’ve had too much of it already.


Do you know what it is going to be like to be immortal? Nobody knows. But the exercise of the power of the same Holy Spirit that’s within us, that’s sealed us standing here amongst us, is going to take everyone beyond their wildest dreams.

Listen you kids today, have you got your ideas on romance? It’s wonderful. But marriage to Him is going to be a billion times greater. What you see, feel and thank God for is a slight wind in the desert compared to the mercy and grace of God on the highest order.

The homes that you struggle to build, they’ll be nothing like the home you’ll build for yourself in the Millennium, and what He’s got ready in New Jerusalem.

I don’t care what the cry of your heart is today. I don’t care what the cry of my heart is, I’ve known for years and He said, “You’ve got it.”

Like Abraham I can stand here this morning and die, not having received, I know it’s mine, I’m going to have it and hell shall not deny me. And all the hosts of hell shall not deny me. I’m defiant this morning brother/sister. Yeah.

You say, “Brother Vayle, if you saw a mouse you’d run.”

Yep, I would. If I saw a billy-goat I’d run. If I saw a small bob-cat I’d run. But from this Word I will not run. No way, once the mind is thoroughly pregnant. Once the mind is even a wee-bit pregnant.


I want to ask you a question: when a woman gets pregnant, how much is she pregnant? She’s pregnant. She’s not a lot pregnant. She’s not a wee-bit pregnant. As soon as insemination takes, she’s pregnant.

Going to tell you something: you’ll never get away from this Word. If you’re true seed it’s your life. If you’re not, you’re stuck with your conscience and you’ll preach it and testify for conscience’s sake. Uh?

If the pregnancy is in the fallopian tubes it won’t work. But it’s pregnancy just the same. It’ll abort. If it’s in the womb of your mind, I’m going to tell you this morning and you believe it because you got no choice. Not because I say it, because it’s true.

If you’re pregnant with the Word of God it’s all over. It’s all over, because it’s going to run its course. God does not have abortions.

You say, “What about the fact you just said awhile ago you’ll abort?” That’s because you weren’t impregnated by God Himself. You just listen to Word and you thought you had It. You saw something and didn’t know what was behind It.

Do you understand what I’m saying this morning? You’re sitting here because you want a change, that you’re a part of immortality. Do you believe that? Merciful heaven, if you don’t believe that, what are you believing for?

You see I said to begin with, we’re at a juncture, or are we? If we’re at a juncture, what juncture are we at? Now, Noah preached for rain. Rain and destruction, except for eight people. One was pure human, seven were loused up. Aw, it didn’t matter. God was dealing with election anyway by foreknowledge.

I want to ask you: Did it happen? I ask you a question, as soon as God told Noah and Noah said that one word, “Rain.” I want to ask you: was it over? Yep, it was over. Could never be changed.


Once the prophet told us what he told us proving it was God who told him to tell us, it’s over. It’s over. You say, “What if I got to wait ten more years?” Keep waiting, but I don’t think you will. The space of half an hour, I don’t care where you put it, is about to run out.

And you cannot believe for one minute that Israel became an nation in 1946, and sanction worldwide in 1948. Go past forty years, six to go.

You can’t sit here and believe for one minute we’ll not have a showdown with Russia. Bam! We’ll both go up in smoke.

You can’t sit here and not know that atomic waste and chemical waste is destroying everybody, and except for the mercy of God, God destroying the people instead of the last ones standing there breathing in the stench, and the filth and finally dying in the mental ungodly condition.

He repents in Noah’s day, and He said, “I’ll take them off, for I’m getting out of here.” [Genesis 6:7] Oh, I hate to admit it, but I’m ready for heaven, but I hate to admit that heaven is not ready for me. No two ways about it. So He stands in our midst.


Okay, let’s keep reading.

Ephesians 3:15

(15) … For if through the offence of one many be dead, much more the grace of God, and the gift by grace, which is by one man, Jesus Christ,…

I want to ask you: was Adam here? Yes! Did he do it? Yes! Have you got evidence? Yes!

I want to ask you a question: was Jesus here? Yes! Did He do it? Yes! Have you got evidence? Oh, brother, there’s never been evidence like this hour. Never been evidence, what are you looking for?

Just like, take my Polaroid camera, which I haven’t got, first I’ll go to a good camera shop and put a little hole in it so that nice red things will flash out, pretty cart-wheels. I might get it fixed where I’ve got a beautiful angel standing on both sides of me.

I really need an army of them to keep me… I’m just kidding. For God’s Word can keep me straight, I don’t need angels or anything else, although I’ve got them. So have you. Oh yeah, every Redeemed one has got an angel. Don’t ever tell me you don’t, because you do. That’s Scripture. That’s verified by the prophet of God.


All right: was Adam here? Yes! Did he do it? Yes! Is it proven? Yes! Was Jesus here? Yes! Did He do it? Yes! Is it proven? Yes!

Ah ha, but here’s where unbelief comes in. And unbelief says, “But not as the free gift was… so was that rotten offence. For since by the death of one we can see that nothing really happened.” Well, we’re in tough luck.

Now, I’m known to be very crass and very crude, and I’ve just demonstrated it. Because I have read it the way the carnal mind wants to read it even in this hour.

Do you realize what I’m saying here that God came down in the form of human flesh in Jesus Christ to begin the true centrality of all Redemption? And the same One that was in Him is here now to finish It.

And how can anybody put his eyes on sin and be taken up with it instead of righteousness? Didn’t I tell you that God told me it’s not in the heavens, it’s not in the earth, it’s in the Word, go to the Word?

And I went to the Word in obedience, and then He said, “Now I don’t want you looking at the world out there, I don’t even want you looking at the church out there. I want you to see what’s the Bride’s.”

I’ve done it. I’m going to preach more on it. I’m going to do more by the grace of God. I’ve been as faithful as Brother Branham to tell you what God gave him by vindication. I’m as faithful to tell you what comes out of this Word by a vindicated prophet that happened in my life.

And I’m telling you something, why do you bother at looking at Adam? Why do you look at sin? Why bother with what’s out there?


Let me tell you something: let’s get this from the board now, the minute this Church begins to look at Him and the perfections of Him in righteousness; I’m talking about Lee Vayle doing it too.

I’m not leaving me out as though I’ve arrived. I’m just smartening up finally. Pooh, after almost sixty seven dull years. Finally smartening up.

From the ministers on down, to the board which represents the church to the Church itself to begin to see what God told me to look at. Something’s going to happen. It will be the foundation if …?…  ever get in that room.

It’ll be the first step of bringing that sweet spirit behind the ‘Curtain of Time’ into this building. I’m telling you the truth. Don’t worry about it, I’m not here lying to you.

Listen: “But not as the offence, so also is the free gift.” [Romans 5:15] Ten billion people born in sin and hell bound. That’s a lot of people. One man did it. What did the other man do? No comparison.

“For when the last tear is wiped away and the last memory is gone there’ll be no recollection of sin.” [Revelation 21:4] You’ll be back in the beginning with God. You believe that this morning?

If you don’t, you better shake yourselves and wise up, because you’re hearing a warning at the last day. I will face you down the road my brother, my sister. I will. I will. You say you make yourself something? You talk to God, don’t talk to me. You stick around and find out. I’m telling you the truth.


Ten billion people, millions of angels. History of six thousand years of corruption and damnation and hardly a trickle of evidence of what Jesus the Christ stood for.

And one day everything that He stood for will stand there magnified a billion times, and there won’t even be one thought, or one memory of what happened in those four billion.

“Not as it was by one that sinned, so is the gift: for judgment was by One to condemnation.” [Romans 5:16] Adam condemned everyone of us. One sin brought us all into bondage. And you know something: we haven’t been satisfied to be born in sin, we’ve capitalized on it.

I want to ask you a question: was Pharaoh a sinner? Yeah. Did he have to kill those kids? No. He deliberately made himself rottener. Look back in your own lives. Look back yesterday, the day before, and the years before. What were the things you were doing, and what are you doing now?

I want to ask you: who’s making you do it?

You say, “Well, in here.”

You’re right. Backslide a thousand times. No perfection this side of the Resurrection. Now listen: One man, then what have ten billion men done, and ten billion men and women? Uh? Now you see, you’re looking at yourselves. And I’m letting you do it, but I turn you right around and look at Him.

And It says, “Many offenses unto declaration of not a sinner, but God saying you’re righteous.”

And you say, “But Lord, look, I’m a son of Adam, I’m all messed up. God I wish…”

He says, “Hold it, you don’t wish for what you already got. I’ve declared you righteous, and every born one righteous.”


I want to tell you something: you know you read in the Bible about Adam’s one sin don’t you? I want to ask you a question: have you read anywhere else in the Bible where Adam did any sin? Uh, uh. One sin. You think Adam is going to make it? The Blood sacrifice stood there right in the Garden.

Don’t tell me the Blood is ever going to fail. It only failed to Cain. And you know why it failed? He wouldn’t do it.

Ten billion, I’m part of it. And you know what? Let’s get this straight, every juncture God demands retribution for all generations preceding it. Uh? Noah, the generation, got it for all generations ahead. Israel, Titus 70AD, all generations ahead. And this generation my brother, my sister is going to get it.

Now, Brother Branham said, I think he said this if I’m not sure. Not exactly sure, but I think I’m sure. I don’t know the tape, but I believe he said this: “The Catholic vow of the Knights of Columbus where you can have your bowels split open, sulfuric acid poured in and every rotten thing that could cause you pain and diabolical discomfort and torture, (he said,) I would sooner have that then a moment in the tribulation.”

Now, he might have said, “Going to that land of never, never.” He could have said it concerning the two. But I do believe he said, “Rather than tribulation.”


Let me tell you something brother/sister, the sins of two thousand years are going to be judged within the next decade or less I believe with all my heart or something is wrong, and we’ve got two thousand years to go. Because history proves junctures every two thousand years, and if we missed it, there’s two to go. But it can’t go, there’s no place to go. There’s no place to go.

Now listen: if it’s piled up, and it is, what’s it mean to be in the Presence of Him Who came down here as in the days of Lot in Sodom, and said, “I will now find out by my own witnessing with my Own eyes, and I will stand amongst them and make my judgment. And I will not destroy the righteousness with the wicked.” [Genesis 18:]

Because listen: (I should have my blackboard here, but it’s all right.) Righteousness has reached its consummation, even as sin has and as light overcomes darkness even though it be a small sulfur match lit in the midnight gloom, so the grace of God stands this morning in the face of the perfidy [breach or trust] and the millions of years as Satan has had to plan, concoct, devise and bring to pass the rottenness that’s out there.

One drop of Blood can scatter it all. One drop of Blood on this ground will bring the bodies out.


Then you tell me that I’m to stand back and gaze at Adam’s sin and what’s out here in the world. He told me right, he said, “Look you look at what’s in there for you.”

And then He showed me about it, by the grace of God I’m going to preach on it to show you and to show me, because I want to study it myself and get it into my own heart myself, because I know it’s there. That every time “I see evil, grace does abound.” [Romans 5:20]

And when I see wickedness, righteousness is crowning us all by the Mercy Seat of Almighty God. And when I see the in-famished impoverished condition of the church, I see my richness and my fullness in Him Who gave Himself for me. See?

That Spirit is in the Church revealing Himself. That’s all I’m going to say. I haven’t got even got number one page done. It doesn’t bother me at all. For what was on my heart indirectly, indirectly I brought out this morning.

When I raise my voice and sounds as though I’m condemning you, let me tell you this: if I did not have the knowledge of a wrongness and hear myself, I could not preach the way I preach. If I did not know my own limitations I could not for one minute describe yours, because we’re all human.

There’s not one here got different aspirations, you only give it a different names. There’s not one here got different feelings, you only have them as well certain people and certain other things that everybody else has about certain people, and certain other things, but it’s the same thing. It’s the same thing.

And you know, it’s time to make the simple commitment I made several months ago and I’ve got to keep doing it, because it’s a simple commitment. It easier to believe, than not believe. We’re not getting anywhere with disbelief, but we can go a long way by belief. You see what I’m saying?


There’s nothing out there that’s worth anything, but there’s everything in here that is eternal. There’s no answers out there, but there’s every answer in here. There’s nothing but death out there, there’s nothing but life here.

There’s nothing but tragedy and remorse and degradation out there, there’s nothing but victory, uplifting and immortality here. And we’re at a juncture. Now, it’s not hard. Do you choose this morning to say it’s easier to believe than not believe. It is easier.

If you don’t believe it, you go back when Joshua and Caleb and those men went to the Promised Land and ten went with them, and the ten came back saying, “Oh no, no, there’s no way.” And the people said, “Oh no, no, there’s no way.” And they walked for forty years and suffered.

They paid a terrible price, when it was so easy to say, “Hey, that looks great and this is the hour and I have seen it and God said it. That’s mine!”

And they say, “Well, what if you die?” Who cares! I’m going to get it anyway. My eyes have seen the vision of the glory of the Lord. My heart has seen what Brother Branham saw, I can’t explain it, but a Voice said, “Go back,” and said, “That’s yours.” The same Voice that said, “You’re healed William Branham.”

And they stood there crying before the congregation and I’ll never forget it, and you that were there will never forget it, and you can visualize it when you hear the tape, On the Wings of a Dove.

And he said, “Why would God heal me now?” But he died in the same condition. I’d be dead tomorrow morning, I’d still believe I’m going to be immortal. I’ll still believe I’ll be here to partake of that sweet Spirit.

And if I’m not, like Brother Branham, I’ll go over there and get it. You see, what’s the difference if He comes and gives it, or I go over and get it?


Now, if we had a bar of gold here and somebody said to this church, “Now look, there’s a bar of gold for you.”

You’d say, “Hey, I’ll come and get it.” You wouldn’t wait for the guy to bring it.

But what if the fellow said, “No, I’m going to bring it.”

You say, “Well, if I went and got it I’d get it quicker.”

You see, that’s what I’m thinking. But it’s all right, because I’m going to have it. Going to have it.

You say, “How do you know?”

Within myself, I do not. Within myself I have no hope, but whatever It is that’s led me this far had told me It’s mine. So It’s mine. If like Paul, I get confused, and say, “I better go and talk to somebody.”

Or like John, I’ve got to send emissaries, let me tell you something: it didn’t change the truth one bit. For the faithfulness of God is all the more clearly seen through unbelief.

As Brother Branham said, “It takes a bad woman to make the good woman look good.” I don’t care what comes. I don’t say that as though I don’t care, I’m slap-happy, I’m free. I say it with my heart pounding a little more.

My nerves a little more edgy, but He said it. It’s mine, I’m going to have it. I don’t care how I get there, how it gets to me. I don’t care what shape I’m in. No, I don’t, because I know He fed His Saints to animals and their carcasses were dung on the floor of the arena.

They literally smeared Brother Branham to death in a car. Others were burnt at a stake. I’ve got all history lined behind me scriptural, to let me know it doesn’t matter about the individual. That imperishable Seed will come back to the Master Sower.

It’ll come back with a body that the Seed was planted for. You don’t plant oats to get barley. You plant oats to get oats. He planted that Seed in you and me this morning to get an immortal body. Get your eyes off of all these things.

Help me and I’ll help you to get our eyes off of all these things that really are no longer consequential.


Like the old song I suppose that [Charles]Wesley wrote:

Jesus, lover of my soul,

Let me to thy bosom fly,

While the nearer waters roll,

While the tempest still is high.

Hide me, O my Savior, hide,

Till the storms of life (are) past.

Brother Branham said, “There’s a storm coming.” But he said,  “That gyro has been set.” He said, “The compass put that boat on a steer course.”  And he said, “The sails are set.” He said, “Everything is set.” That old boat’s going through.

Now, I’m going to close in saying this to help you perhaps more than anything that I’ve said this morning, and that is this: The Baptism with the Holy Ghost comes without sensation. Comes without feelings. Comes without phenomena.

And if He comes that way He stays that way. Don’t look for your pictures. If you do, I’ll oblige, I’ll get that camera. I’ll give you all you want. I’ll even help somebody fake it for you if that makes you happy, but you’ll die.

God deals in one thing, and one thing alone and that’s His Word, because He’s in that Word. Don’t go by your sensations. I don’t like to get torn up about people. I don’t like to get angry. But I do get highly disturbed at times.

I give people the right hand of fellowship. I’ll say we’ll do what we can for you. One thing, we’ll preach the Word the best we know to help you. But momma, sister dear has dreams. Poppa is not the head of the house, because momma’s got dreams.


I want to tell you something: put your dreams in the garbage tin and weld the lid on. We’re not here for sensations. Sensations are fine, I’m not against it, because the body, we’re sensate creatures. But keep sensations where they belong.

Keep your faith where it belongs. It’s in that Word in God speaking back that Word to your heart. And you becoming as it were, conversational with Him Who is the Word, and you can converse back and forth with this Word. The glow of the Life within the Word permeates our being.

Brother/sister listen: I’m speaking beyond myself. I’m speaking in Christ this morning, because Lee Vayle cannot produce it. And you cannot produce it. There’s no way, but He will! And He’s doing it.

Brother Branham said, things are happening so fast out there in that desert where God called him alone. Why he said, “Word is turning to flesh, flesh is turning to Word, and Word is going right back to Word.”

What’s that, eighteen years ago now, seventeen years ago? [Thirty three for 2015] Well, how long was it since I shook his hand? Just like yesterday. What is age? Age is nothing. Up here is what counts. [Brother Vayle points to his temple]

Sensations are fine, but that’s not, it’s what’s up here that counts. The behemoth [something enormous] that cannot add two and two, but play good football, forget it. Better to have an idiot as about as husky as a vegetable with one Word of God in faith, one day he will rule universes.


I’m appealing to your minds this morning, although I hope your hearts are involved, because that gets your attention. But let me tell you this: this mind is the womb of the Spirit. This mind is the doorway to your inside.

And this Word illuminated by the Holy Ghost must come to pass, and it’ll come to pass where It was predestinated. Where when God said, “Let there be light,” it was light to this earth and not to the universes out yonder. You hear what I’m saying?

When he said, “Let the earth bring forth,” it wasn’t Mars that got it. It wasn’t Jupiter, it was earth. When He gave this Word to a Bride today, it was the Bride that received It, and this Word will be in that Bride, and she will be that Word.

And that Word of this hour is as Jesus stands here, Holy Spirit Himself. And He said, “Whosoever liveth and believeth in Me, shall never perish. Do you believe this?” [John 11:26] Yesterday He said, “He that liveth and believeth in Me, though he were dead yet shall he live.” [John 11:25] That was yesterday.

Today, He said, “Shall never perish.” Do you believe that this morning? Uh? Do you believe that this morning? I’m not talking about Joe Bush, and John Doe, and little Hilda out there, I’m talking this morning to you. Do you believe that? If you don’t, what do you believe?

Brother Branham, I keep repeating, he said, “The trouble is it’s always back there you’re looking, always looking forward,” what are you looking at now? Abraham looked for a City now. He hasn’t got It yet. I’m looking today for immortality.


Now look: will you please understand what I’m saying. I stand here as the least among you. You don’t know that, but I prefer every brother in this place and sister above myself.

Now that’s funny hearing that coming out of me, but God knows my heart, it is the truth, that is my nature. But I’m saying this morning I was not put here to die in this hour. That’s my stand. If I die, wonderful.

Brother Branham stood believing that he would stand here saying, “Behold the Lamb of God,” and we misread it. He did say, “Behold the Lamb of God,” and we saw him as mortal I could never see Him.

And if I’ve seen Him, now listen, Abraham and his wife said, “We have seen God face to face, we’re going to die.” And they suddenly said, “How can we die if we’re going to have a baby?” It was God in angelic form, that’s why they could live.

Now, when you see Him in here, we don’t only stand here and live and then die, it’s immortality. Understand what I’m saying? Get your sights up this morning. See, I’m past worrying what anybody says. How can you say you’re… how could… Oh, shut up! I can say want I want! It’s a free country.

If you don’t like my preaching just somebody this morning tell me and I’ll never be in this pulpit again. Now, see what I mean. I’ll go where they want to hear It, for somebody wants to hear.

The clarion sound, [a medieval trumpet] “I shall not die but live.” Somebody’s got to say it. And the hunkiest junk of all is going to say It. Yeah. I’m going to say It if I die tomorrow morning, He told me.

Let’s rise.

Heavenly Father, merciful God, loving Companion, wonderful Husband, King of kings, and Lord of lords, full of grace, full of truth, everything, everything and we becoming that through You. This morning, Lord, we have stood with Your Word. And by the grace of God not presumptuously but faithfully, and with the understanding of the Holy Spirit given.

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