Ephesians #12

All And In All
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…find a certain spot that I said something, and I went over it and as I heard what was said, I said, “My goodness, did I say that?” Well, it was my voice on the tape, I must have said it. I’d forgotten I said it. It wasn’t in the notes, it was something that was filled in between.


So this morning I’m going to deliberately take a little more time and yet cut the message back dealing with what we took last night so that you really know where you stand.

See, you follow by now that when I began teaching on the Presence of God as strong as I did in 1977, roughly fourteen years after the Seals were broken to us by the distinct Presence of God Himself coming down into the Church, standing with the prophets, so that all mysteries would be revealed and the Word brought to pass, where all the mysteries in time had run out.

And I found to my own satisfaction that Brother Branham was preaching from Ephesians 1, especially verse 17,

Ephesians 1:17

(17) That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:

And he categorically said in Daniel Seventieth Week, now, I’m repeating this and I expect you if I asked every single person who has attended this church on a fairly regular basis, and I would say to you this morning, I want you to give me back in a quote the best you can.

Verbalize it in your own way. It doesn’t matter what you say as long as you’re literally saying what the prophet said.

I do not hesitate this morning to point my finger at any one person; except my whipping boy, I don’t see him. Where’s Gene? A whipping boy isn’t here. Well, I would point my finger and say, “Gene, tell me… (Gene is back there, but I won’t make him,) but tell me what quote it is of Brother Branham’s that mentions that Spirit of wisdom and revelation coming into the Church?”

And he would have to repeat back to me, “Lee, that is in Daniel’s Seventieth Week, and how well I know it. “That, that Spirit is to come into the Church, and that Spirit absolutely is given to bring the Church in by revelation, and revealing the hour in which It is living.

And it will come as the angel came to Daniel to make known the deep secret things of God.”


Now, I want to ask you this morning and I’m dealing mostly with brethren. How many of you brethren could actually repeat back to me in your own words what I have said? Now if you can’t say it, I’m sorry for you. I’m going to whip you.

And I’ll bring you together if I have to waste, spend all my strength, I will bring you together and you will sit here, and you will listen, and you will learn. Because, let me tell you before there is steam in a steam engine the parts must be assembled. This is the mechanics.

There is nothing God or I, or anybody can do for you unless there is something to be done to. In the beginning God sat there, and He plumbed His depths for trillions of years before one move was made by God.

And God demanded of Himself there was a creation to be made to whom He could communicate Himself, and they communicate back to Him.

And let me tell you what they would communicate back to Him would be what God had communicated to them. Do you follow me? Now, that’s why I’m a little rough. Not in my voice, and not in my spirit, but in my mind I must be hard.


All right, we read this revelation, the eyes of you would be in the knowledge of Him.

Ephesians 1:18

(18) The eyes of your understanding being enlightened;…

Now, let me just talk about that a second. You didn’t hear me say that last night. Let me talk about this. I said, God plumbed His depths. Was there anything outside of God? No. Then what would God do if there were a creation?

He would have to make that creation intelligent to the place spiritually where He would be intelligible to them. Then what would He communicate to them? The knowledge of Himself. Right? Oh, what else could He communicate?

“Oh,” you say, “Brother Vayle, He could make snow balls, so that you could have snow ball fights. Later He could make popcorn, then you could have popcorn balls and sit down and chomp beside the fireplace.”

Wouldn’t that be interesting to God? What do you want out of people yourself except a communication from your inner self and they come into a realm of a oneness, or a communication. See?

What did Dale Carnegie [says] the one thing people wanted above everything else as least when they were at a certain age, “to make friends.” Why do you want friends? Because you can gouge them?

You’d get gouged back. So you can clobber them? You’d get clobbered back. Why do you want friends? Well …?… friends. That’s right, that’s God. What would He communicate but Himself.


Now watch: that’s why it’s a revelation of the knowledge of Him.

Ephesians 1:18

(18) [That] the eyes of your [heart] being enlightened;…

You know, revelation is the greatest thing in the world. There’s nothing will touch it. You know, what people do you like best? The people you can just sit with and feel good. Even they can fool you. Haw, they can fool you. But you still like it.

And when you look back even when those people could become enemies there’s one thing that hurts above all else and that was you felt there was something there, and it got blown. That’s the way God was with His creation, there was something there and the devil blew it. The archangels blew it. You see what I’m trying to tell you?

God wants to be friends. He wants to be known. The inscrutable God is not as inscrutable [mysterious] as people would like to believe. He can be known, and He wants to be known. That is why He is here today.

That this which God had in His heart, and Christ was the heart of God, He will now place in your heart and mine a revelation, a knowledge.


Now watch,

Ephesians 1:18

(18) … [to] know the hope of his calling, the riches of the glory of his inheritance…

He wants you to know something about Him that He has in Himself either created or purchased, and made available; that your friendship will not be based upon, and listen to my words carefully, a sucker relationship.

I don’t want to hurt, but how many marriages are sucker relationships? Come on now. You see, look it folk, I use an expression which you understand. I said, “Christ spilled his guts, I spill my guts.” If you will ever stand in judgment because of Lee Vayle, it’s for one reason, he’s never held back a card, or turned a card face down. Some of you brethren are too slick at doing that.

You get over it this morning, you’re going to die spiritually. Lay every card on the table face up. You hear what I’m saying? I’m not preaching in vain, my life is ebbing away. I could be taken shortly, I don’t know, I’m just telling you this.

I’m not normally this way, but something happened where I can’t help myself anymore. Every card must be laid face up. And there are marriages that are sucker relationships. The woman will use the man for her advantage, and he will use her for his advantage.


This is why some men marry the boss’s daughter. This is why men get involved with sex queens. They’re sucker relationships, God does not have a sucker relationship. He did not call me to use me, to abuse me, He called me to His heart to love me.

The revelation of this hour, that’s what it’s all about. To show what He is to us, what He has for us, what lies there.

And then He said, number two, “I’m going to resurrect the dead and bring them with you living. And I’m going to change you, and I’m going to take you up above every authority.” We despise governments, we’re not to, but we do.

And you know why we despise them? Because the government has a sucker relationship to us, we’re the suckers.

As Paul Harvey said, “Tell me a difference between America and Russia?” There is no difference. The Russians go in there with their dictatorship politburo, and they tell the people we are going to do what we want.

But the American politician say to the electorate, “Vote us in, we will work for you and do your will.” The minute they get in there, they thumb their noses and they care nothing about you and me, they are liars. It is a sucker relationship. Churches, Nicolaitanism, sucker relationship. God doesn’t have sucker relationships.

If you’re a fool for Christ it is only that you stand unique in the world listening to His Voice, obeying His will and believing Him, it’ll pay off. A fool for the sake of Christ, but what lies in Him you will reap, the world calls you a fool, but God doesn’t.

The world calls you the off-scouring, but He said, “Elect, foreknown of God and precious in His sight.” Resurrection coming up.


What quote did Brother Branham give on that? And I would ask you this morning, especially the men, because you’re the ones who would have to teach your wives. And there should be family worship. There should be family discussion.

There should be these things, where do you stand this morning? That’s right. I mean it. I’m not lying to you. If I condemn myself in saying this, I’ll stand here condemned. I better stand here now, then be condemned later on. I better confess now, make it right.

And I ask you, where did Brother Branham say, and what did he say about the fact of a resurrection, and what does he say? He said, “In the evening time it shall be Light.”

Oh, hold it, but that’s what It says up here about the revelation, the Spirit of wisdom and knowledge. The revelation of Him coming into the Church in order to cause a separation. In order to cause a division, to bring out a Bride and to bring her into that revelation.

To let her know the hour in which she’s living in. You can’t shake her. No way, can you shake her. And the deep secrets of God become manifest as God Himself reveals them to us by His Spirit. But Brother Branham said, “In the evening time it shall be Light.”

At the time of the revelation that’s revelation brought about how but by the Spirit. That’s when comes Christ.


Now, he’s not saying, that’s when comes Christ when there is Light. He said, “In the evening time is when Christ comes down bringing the Life, because He is the Light.” And He comes down and he says, “Christ.”

Then he says, “Holy Spirit.” And then he gives the appellation, “Jesus comes down and sets Himself at the Head of the Church, then He will resurrect the Church being His Own Body.” Headship to Body.

Holy Spirit coming down to take all Authority, and all Dominion and all Power over the Bride. But it’s not a sucker relationship. Just as I tried to show you last night.

So we understand now then there are two tremendous divisions here in this little portion of Scripture.

And that is number one: revelation by the Spirit of God.

Number two: to those to whom He has revealed Himself and the deep mysteries in that which came forth out of Him embodied in the Logos, as the Logos came forth veiling Himself in materiality, but at the end-time veiling Himself in Word, expressing Himself perfectly.

So we see Him formed by the literal delineation of the Word of Almighty God here. Seeing without ears, down deep within the soul understanding. And that revelation calls a Bride to the Resurrection.

And you couldn’t beat it out of her if you killed her, boiled her in oil. She stands there with the revelation, because the Head is now with the Body.


You know, we’ve been a bodiless head to a great degree wandering around with our own insensitive way, our own sensibilities, out own understanding, our own things, we wandered around, but we’re not wandering anymore. Sense of direction has set in.

As Brother Branham said, “That little dove that they released during the war shot at, scarred and marred.” Our souls are scarred, they’ve been marred, but there’s a homing sense this morning, [said emotionally] Bride will not be turned aside. No way. Uh, uh. No way. The revelation has set in.

I could tell you something this morning, but I’d shock you. There’s no use shocking you, because you wouldn’t understand, yet at this point. But it has set in my brother my sister, height, nor depth, death nor life, principalities, angels. Nothing will separate.

And it is not out here in the realm and saying, “There’s something out there, something out there so wonderful so powerful. Yes, that great thing I attribute to God that He will stand there and He’ll sort of… aw listen, you’ve missed it entirely, He’s here right now. And there’ll be no separation.

You’re not looking at an event out there, you’re not looking at an authority or power out there, you’re looking at the reality nothing will separate. Nothing will. That hand comes down over the mind and somehow the mind cannot think anymore in a certain channel.

Somehow there is no way to go back to that, it’s all gone and done for. It’s a preview of that day at that great Supper when no more tears will be shed, when the veil is pulled down and there’s no more remembrance. Why should there be? There’s nothing to remember.


Man has a propensity which is terrible to remember evil far more than blessing, and far more than joy. It’s going to take God Himself to pull the curtain down, and He’s doing it today. Yep. He’s doing it today.

I can prove it to you. Can you go back to your creeds and dogmas? Could you ever think again of an eternal hell? Can you ever think again of three gods? Can you ever think again of those things which are given in Scripture such as falling away that people had utilized to their foolish ends?

When the prophet stood here and said, “There is an eternal security which is in Him.” A real one. Can you go back? A hand comes down and pulls the shade down and you said, “It’s not even worth thinking about.”


I’m going to tell you something: it’s got to the place whether you know it or not, you can’t even argue with those who believe different. You’ve lost your arguments. You don’t argue about a thing.

Are you going to argue about this light? Stand there and call it incandescent? Call it this, call it that, call…I’m not interested, it’s a light. There’s no argument anymore. Why should you argue. You can argue the point where you can argue you’re not even here.

In other words, you can become a fool. Everyone outside of Christ is a fool. It won’t work now.

The prophet said, though he gave us those two quotes, and he is saying and he has said, “There’s a very real and definite visitation of the Person of the Holy Spirit.” He said, “The fullness of God coming up through the Ages is now in a complete satisfactory full form veiled by the full Word of God.”

The fullness of the Holy Spirit, the Person, the fullness of the Person. Call It what you will is in the Church just before the Resurrection when He, the Holy Spirit will bring a needed promise revelation which He is not yet given to the Church, nor can give to the Church until that time.

And we saw that it didn’t mean, it was a revelation apart from what was already there. We understand that. And if I were to ask you this morning, “What could we possibly mean about this Spirit coming into the Church at this hour, giving a revelation.

Isn’t the Bible full? Is It all there?” Yes It is.


But Paul said, “We speak the Word of God in a mystery.” [1 Corinthians 2:7] Now mystery does not mean something hidden you cannot understand. It simply means that God gives the revelation of it, and it’s water clear, crystal clear. The elements of confusion are gone.

He said, “I do not speak to you in parables, and I do not speak to you in similes. I do not speak to you in metaphors anymore, I speak clearly.” And I’ll tell you when he spoke clearly. And they said, “Now we know You don’t use parables. Now we know we’re in the light.

Now we know… and one of the most obscured passages in the whole Bible is what they said. “Now we know.”

What was it? He said, “I have been with you a while and you’ve looked at me intently and wondered. And He said I’m going away and you’ll wonder. But, (He said,) I’m coming back and you’ll look at me and intently again, for I came from God and I go to God, and I’ll come back from God.”

And they said, “Now there’s no more mystery.” Did you hear what I said? That’s in the Book of John. I wish I’d have brought a liberal translation and expand and read It to you to understand a little better.

And they said, “Now, you’re not speaking in parables.” You know they had a revelation. It’s the same revelation this morning. And that same Logos that came from God and went back to God has come down again right here. And now there are no more mysteries.

And yet people look around and they’re confused. And they say, wonder this, they wonder that. They wonder the anything my brother, my sister. Why do you wonder when He the Creator and the Maintainer is here? What is to wonder? What is to wonder?

That’s why I said all these years don’t get fussed up, don’t probe, don’t reach. And the prophet said, “The harder you try, the further you’ll miss it; and the hour that you really think you’ve got it, that is when you haven’t.” But he wasn’t talking a revelation, he was talking about a man probing. See?

Jesus said, “Don’t run here, don’t run there, for the kingdom of God cometh not with observation.” [Luke 17:20] He said, “It’ll be under your noses, unless it’s revealed you won’t see it.”

But when it’s revealed, now if we know He’s here, He has spoken plainly there are no more parables. In other words, what’s to say when He is here? Nothing. Nothing that’s going to be hard to understand.


Now, we see therefore as we explained to you in Ephesians 3:1-7 last night, Daniel 12:1-4, Revelation 10:4, fulfilled in Revelation 22:10. Isaiah 43:1-8, fulfilled in Luke 3:3-6. And then Jesus Christ Himself a fulfillment of the very Word of Almighty God.

It would come as a revelation. It would be definitive in minuscule. In other words, let us understand this: there is nothing blah about God. Nothing. And I am referring to God in His mentality. Not that He’s universal mind, but He has a mentality.

There is nothing about God that is scattered. There is nothing about God that is weak.

Brother Branham said, “If God had one thought about anything that thought could never change. It could not be weakened. It could not be strengthened. He could not add to it, because God stands there.”

So, we’re looking at this very thing this morning, that this revelation when God gave it was perfect in minuscule. You take an egg and a sperm, what lies in them?


Let me read it to you so you’ll understand:

“There are twenty three chromosomes. The mother has it and father has it, can combine it over eight million ways.” Great, that’s chromosomes’

All right, what about the genes? “There are twelve hundred and fifty genes. Combine chromosomes and genes and you can bring forth (actually out of that combination) one followed by nine thousand and thirty one zeros.”

Let us liken the egg and the sperm to a revelation and you see the minuscule. And out of that there is a combination of facts in a child, that can come forth one way out of one with nine thousand zeros. Do you follow what I am saying?

Give me one revelation of God in this Book, sperm and egg it could have as many as, one with nine thousand zeros behind it breaking forth over the horizon. You follow what I am saying?

Then listen: what we’re talking about here in this Book is even greater and grander, because we’re talking about the genes of God. It would take one followed by nine trillion zeros  to begin to plumb the entire depth.

It’s an unfolding revelation, and It says here that what has already been revealed there’ll come a time when as the baby is formed in the womb, first that little bit, then into the spine, then on down. There will come a time the heart will be formed in that baby.


The same with the revelation, there’ll come a time when this is formed. There’ll come a time when that is formed. And there’ll come a time when the other is formed. It will be the same revelation as the baby is growing, but it takes the full nine months.

So with this of God there is a revelation which starts sperm and egg barely to be seen, but it begins to grow. And in this hour of the Resurrection there will be that revelation there.

That hasn’t changed one little bit, it is the same definitive revelation, but it has grown and will grow as God breathes upon it, become greater and brighter. As God started with the Logos within Himself, brought forth that Logos which in Him would be all creation, The Light begin to form.

What was there before? I don’t know. Was it dark? I can’t tell, but Light begin to form. And then He formed vast areas of water I suppose. Vast areas of lands, gases, God knows what, I don’t know. Began forming, and forming, and forming, and He’s not through yet, because He’s going to dissolve it and re-form it.

You see, that’s revelation. That’s why it’s here. That at this time and for this reason, the baby didn’t need a heart until a certain time perhaps. The baby didn’t need skin until a certain time. This is that time, that this is necessary.

So He comes in revelation, and then you’ll notice that He comes in power to put into manifestation that which He instigated. See, that’s what we’re looking at here.


All right. We notice something else, that I showed you so many times that Ephesians is three sections. What are the three sections?

Can you go to those three sections this morning and say, “Sure Brother Vayle, I can read from 1-11. I can go to 12 and 14 included. Then I’ll start with 15 and go to the end of the chapter.” And even then, there’s some sections in there, see?

Notice: in the first section Paul delineates and shows the vast scheme of God. And then he said, “You people, I want you to know for trillions of years He sat there.

And in those trillions of years He saw you, and today you are the manifested revealed Word of God for this hour.” And Paul said, “I hope, because you’re full of the Holy Ghost.”

Now listen: “And love unto all the saints.” He said, “You show that atmosphere that precedes the Resurrection.” And when he saw the atmosphere he said, “Oh my, oh my, my (he said,) they got to be right for the Resurrection.” But they weren’t. It was just the atmosphere, because He had not come.

You see, you can get a little bit twisted up in your thinking. That atmosphere in this Age cannot come until He is here. But it’s going to come into the Church. And when Paul saw that, (and let’s face it,) the Logos was standing there, because Paul was getting this epistle from Him.


Now, you’ve got Logos, Revealer. You’ve got Him who raises the dead. You got that Spirit in the Church. Now Paul says, “I hope He comes into the Church.” He was out there standing.

Not knocking at a door, but today He’s out there, He was out there standing knocking at the door, [Brother Vayle makes a knocking sound] but the Logos never came into the church. He stood with the prophet. Today the Logos Who stood with the prophet has come into the Church.

Now, when that Spirit comes into the Church, now It’s beginning to move. I’ve seen it. I feel it. And I will say this and do not take me wrong: I know of no Church that I’ve visited at this hour where that same Spirit is as I understand and feel as in this Church, I don’t know.

I may be partial. I may not be partial. But I can sit here and suddenly tears begin to flow. Contrary to my nature and I know something is happening. And I watch people and I know something is happening, and on one hand I get so happy, on the other hand I get so scared because some of you are trying so hard.

Don’t try hard. It’s not going to do you any good. The Creator is here. The Former, F-o-r-m-e-r, He Who forms and molds is here. Once the church was fashioned by the devil, but this Church is being re-fashioned by God. See?

As the woman marries up, the man marries down. He who took upon Himself the human form of leaving God-headedness to become a man, He has not done at this hour. He has retained His God-headedness and come down and married beneath Him.

Watch what I’m saying, He is Spirit, we are flesh, but He’s going to change the flesh into a spiritual flesh. He’s doing it now. He has married down. I’m glad He’s married down. [said with emotion] That takes care of my problem. It may add to His, but He asked for it, I didn’t.


If He’s willing… ceremony said, “Will you take little old Bride down here to be your lawful wedded wife?”

And if He says, “I will.”

Man, when it comes my turn I’m going to be more than willing, I’ll just jump right in His lap. He’ll know. I’ll tell you, if I was woman met a man like that, he said, “I’ll do it.” I wouldn’t wait for the preacher to ask me if I’d do it. I’d just jump in His lap right now and say, “Kid, you’ve got me.” …?… No way.

Yes sir, I tell you, some of you men are smart, you knew a good thing when you saw it. Some of you didn’t. Incidentally, I’m quoting history. That ought to hold you. If it doesn’t, you ask me sometime later, next month what I meant and I’ll say, “I forgot.”


Now, Paul says, “This Spirit may come into the Church.” He wasn’t a prophet who was not astute. [clever and perceptive] He knew, but everything was so propitious, [favorable] and Brother Branham in the same condition would say, “Maybe a hundred years from now, maybe twenty- five, but maybe tomorrow.”

Paul said, “He may.” Not that he had to, like over there in Hebrews 6, “We’ll go on to perfection if God permit.” But God didn’t permit. I’m going to tell you something: the Ephesian Church never had the revelation we have today. No they didn’t. They didn’t.

See, the Logos lifted. Wasn’t seen for two thousand years.


Brother Branham sent me a private tape that should not have been released, but the brother released it. And it has done great good since it was released, and it caused great deception for good.

Did you hear what I said? Did you hear what I said? “It caused great deception for good.” That goes over you minds, but you understand I’m telling you the truth.

In that tape he said, “You see Lee, God has not spoken lip to ear to a prophet for two thousand years as He did to Moses and Paul until this hour.” The Logos was with the prophet. When the prophet left, the Logos stayed. Because it was in ’63 He came into the Church.

He was knocking before and forming around Him that which Message the prophet was giving us. As the prophet stood out there with that Logos, when he opened those Seals the Logos came right in. And He’s not leaving until He raises the dead.

Do you realize then the Resurrection is in the midst of us? The kingdom of God is in the midst if He’s among you.

Then you’re breathing atmosphere Resurrection. You’re breathing atmosphere of Eternal Life. I love it, but again I’m still not interested in the Resurrection. It’s not mine as far as I know. It’s somebody else’s and I’m going to rejoice to see them come up.

To see a steady procession coming up. Oh brother/sister that’s going to be magnificent. You say, “Well, we see Brother Branham and a couple people.” Look it, you’ve got to be kidding? I’m going to see them all.

You say, “Brother Vayle, how are you going to do it.” Well, I’ll just ask him to come on. There’s no trouble, they go like the speed of thought. They’re down here, they own it all now. Why shouldn’t we get with them.


You say, “Well if we don’t get with them all down here, we will.” That’s right, we’ll meet them all in the air. It doesn’t matter, you get with them and you’ll be changed yourself, it’s going on.

Now listen: he said, “It just may come, I hope it does, but you see, it couldn’t, because all the Bride wasn’t in.” It wasn’t in.

Now listen: at that hour when the Bride is in, here is what happens: the Resurrection power is released, the dead are raised. We are changed. That Resurrection power which placed Jesus at the right hand of God far above all principality, power, might and dominion is here today.

Now, you don’t get your eyes just on the fact that there is going to be a Resurrection and we are in the midst of It. It is that you must understand what he said here that all things are put under the feet of Jesus in the potential which must come to pass, and is related to the Resurrection which we are heir to.

Now, I want to show you that my exegesis is correct, because I said, the Spirit of revelation, God Himself, Logos, comes down here to reveal Himself which is necessary for you and me; which will in turn raise the dead, which in turn will put us in the exalted position of all authority and power with Him, and has to do with the putting of things under His feet.


Now, you might say, “But Brother Vayle, I don’t see it that way; what I am looking at is the fact that when Jesus rose everything was under His feet.” You’ve got to be kidding! What’s under His feet? Name me one thing!

Name me one thing. It isn’t there. He’s Mediator to bring them in. He’s Intercessor to hold them in. But you tell me what’s under His feet. Under all authority and power. Is the devil any less strong? No, He hasn’t clipped his wings. Is sin any less virulent? [poisonous] No, it’s greater still.

Until this moment revelation was a trickle. So indistinct that if the Word wasn’t like sperm there wouldn’t be one person born again. By the way, seed is ‘sperm’. Sperma. It’s like sperm put under magnifying glass; it takes fifteen thousand male sperm to go across the diameter of one hair.

Women use spermicide [a sperm killing agent] and still get pregnant. They’ll use every type of birth control and still get pregnant. The devil has done everything to stop souls being born again, but one Word of God containing Life falling in a vessel predestinated, I care not who or what he is will bring forth a life.

But today the Predestinator with His life is standing here. This is the hour that He said, “Father, you made me a promise, I want the promise fulfilled.” All things under His feet.


Now I’m going to prove it to you. See, you might have said, “Brother Vayle, that took place back there.” I want to ask you, “What took place?” Read the Book of Hebrews, you’ll find what took place. But you won’t find all things under His feet. It’s ‘potential’.

Now, when do they come? Well now, I want to show you again, because Paul said, “I want you to have clear conceptions. I want me to have clear conception. Therefore, I want you to have clear conceptions, or I haven’t done my job.”

Now, is Christ risen from the dead? Nobody denies it. That was back there, (right?) two thousand years ago, “and become the first-fruits of them that slept.” [1 Corinthians 15:20] Is that right? He took then right out of the ground, right? Is that right? Okay.

Now, explanation: “For since by man came death, by man came the Resurrection.” [1 Corinthians 15:21] He paid a price. The man didn’t raise himself. The man did not raise himself.

Listen: death came by Adam, I didn’t have a thing to do with it, but I’m stuck. Another man came by and in the type of Adam I didn’t have a thing to do with him. He paid my price.

You sang this morning, “He paid a debt He did not owe, and I owed a debt that I could not pay.” That’s what It tells you there. “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.” [1 Corinthians 15:22]


Every son of God that died in Adam, no problem. No problem. Do you realize what I said? I said, “No problem.” Yet preachers have taught you to be scared, you wouldn’t make it. Did you make it as a sinner? Oh, the very best.

I’m one of the cruddiest sinners living. I never had any decent good sins. [laughter] Mine were all the chinchy crappy, rotten, stinking cruddy little things. Yesh! Fap! I’d have been happier Genghis Khan. Even Paul killed people. He had some decent sins.

I’m getting close to you people, because you’re in the same boat as I am. Some of you people sitting here brought up so nice. Hmm, hmm, hmm, so nice. Right Dawn? Dawn’s a good kid, she thinks like me, but she won’t say it. I can tell by the way she laughs at times. Just nice little filthy jerks, that steal, that lie.

Pshee brother, get some decent sins. You made it didn’t you? Rotten sinner, that’s what you were. You made it through Adam, rotten sinners. In Jesus you’ll make it a son of God. You didn’t ask to be a sinner, and you were a deucey(?) one of the cruddiest.

You didn’t ask to come in His image, but you’re going to be there. That’s the type.


Now listen: “But every man in his own order:” [1 Corinthians 15:23] The Resurrection of God, the change has an order. There was an order of Christ upon Calvary before, and resurrection before one person could come out to the ground. There’s an order now. Now what is the order?

“Christ the first fruit;” it’s over. Now listen, “afterward they that are Christ’s at His Presence.” [1 Corinthians15:23] Now, isn’t that what I read in Ephesians? Do you understand what I’m doing brother/sister?

I’m crisscrossing and weaving Scripture so you can see It is one harmonious Word. Nothing contradicts… Paul doesn’t say one thing one place, then Paul say another thing another place. Now Paul could, and Paul would, but not full of the Holy Ghost. Not with the Logos talking.

Now I’m going to tell you something: let’s get this flat, the Logos came to Paul and I can hear you and me saying, “Well now wonderful, the Logos came to Paul and the Logos said, ‘Paul, will you please go down to the corner stationary store and buy a great big book that you can write in and I will stand here and look over your shoulder while I tell in your ear what to write.'” Phftt, hogwash. Are you kidding?

The Holy Spirit talked to Paul and the indelible branding iron of that Word came down upon his mind. And he knew exactly what God had said, and in his own words he said it.

And William Branham, when the branding iron came down from the Logos, he came back as if in a pulpit and he said in his own Kentucky vernacular exactly what the Holy Ghost said.


You think for one minute we’re any different? Revelation strikes. Now, I’m talking about the fact that He is here. We went to Ephesians, this is the same One.

The Ephesians said, “Resurrection after revelation.” This is dealing specifically with Resurrection. And It says here, “That at His Presence they are raised.” Over there It said, “At His Presence they are raised.”

But over here It also says, “I’m telling you a mystery you don’t die to get the change, you get changed here,” and that is not a resurrection, that’s changed in the atoms, they were still living.

It’s just like that sleazy looking caterpillar that turned into a butterfly. That chrysalis… (I guess chrysalises’ butterfly and cocoon is moth us it? Anyway, let’s pretend I’m right. I don’t remember anything anymore.)

You look at that cocoon and you say, “Interesting, what is it?” Yeahhh! I’ve done that so many times, yuck. Gone. But you learn what’s in there and you wait and there’s a struggle, a metamorphosis, and pretty soon something emerges in a struggle.

And there it sits on the branch slowly flapping its wings till they dry, and they’re such a wondrous thing of grace and beauty. But you know, we’re not going to struggle too much, because we’ve entered into a rest.

“Rest with us you that are troubled.” [2 Thessalonians 1:17] You’ve been troubled for a long time. Troubles without, troubles within. He said “It’s over, I’m going to change you.”


Now listen: get what I’m telling you, with all this other information thrown in, it stops in verse 23, and then in verse 24, it jumps, It says, “Then cometh the end.” [1 Corinthians 15:24] You notice it? “Then cometh the end.”

I have made a transition from Ephesians to Corinthians. Then I took you back again to Ephesians. Now, I’ve got you back in Corinthians, weaving back and forth to show you. It’s the same thing. And at this time, “then cometh the end.”

Now hold it: I’m glad you’re holding.

Revelation 10:1-5

(01) And I saw another mighty[messenger] come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: a rainbow was upon his head, his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire:

(02) And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, left foot on the earth,

(03) And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: when he had cried, seven thunders uttered their voices.

(04) And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write: and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, write them not.

(05) And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven, [Who is that angel?]


Revelation 4:2.

Revelation 4:2-3

(02) And immediately I was in the spirit: and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne.

(03) … he was to look upon like a jasper and sardine stone: and a rainbow round about the throne, [So Who’s down here? The One Who was on the throne.]

That’s God, Holy Spirit, Logos. Because that’s all you can see. You’ll never see God. I told you last night, God said, “Let the earth bring forth the horse.” You know that’s ridiculous. Earth doesn’t bring forth horse. The horse was there, and he got clothed in the chemistry of the earth. Just like God did to man.

Now, you look at the animal, the carcass and you said, “That’s horse.” You’re wrong, that is not horse. What you saw were attributes of horse. But you didn’t see horse. Now, that’s Logos in a vulgar way. See? Attributes manifested that veil God. God shining forth in a way that man can apprehend it.



Revelation 10:3,6

(03) … thunders uttered their voices.

(06) And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, [and so on, that time] should be no longer:

Now listen: notice what he says, He came down and He says, “Time’s run out.” Listen to me: He came down, then cometh the end. But not so. Let’s read It a little more. Verse 7.

Revelation 10:7

(07) But in the days of the voice of the seventh [messenger], when [he’ll] begin to sound, the mystery of God should be [completed], as he hath declared [the good news of the gospel by] his servants the prophets.

He’s telling you right there when that One comes down and makes the announcement, when He makes that announcement something begins to happen which will end up at the end. You see what I’m saying?


Now let’s keep reading:

1 Corinthians 15:24

(24) Then cometh the end, when he shall have… [future perfect tense. Didn’t say did have, said shall have.]

In other words, listen brother/sister, when you get here the Bride knows that it’s over. I don’t care if you die like Brother Branham, or you die like old Brother Dauch, and you die like Sister Little and some of these men and women that are passing on; that doesn’t matter.

The Bride standing here knows that it is over. She knows that she’s New Jerusalem. See, she knows it.


1 Corinthians 15:24

(24) … have delivered up the kingdom [of] God,…

Now, right at this point when Jesus is here if I am true Bride I know that I shall have already been placed in the New Jerusalem. You see what I’m saying? Watch what I’m saying. I’m not saying something different.


Now look it, if I was paying for a car in time payments, and my time payments ran out in years, and every payment on the line I said, “I shall have paid the car off in two years,” I am identified what’s down the road by the fact that I am into what is down the road; that I’m already there.

You’re speaking in terms of the Parousia, “Whom He justified, them He also glorified.” [Romans 8:30] I’m justified, I know that, then I must be glorified. See?

Future perfect under the Presence, because it’s assured because He’s here. If He weren’t here I couldn’t say it. Then if He is here, I must say it. Then why aren’t people saying it? Listen, I could do some explosion here, but I’m not going to bother, because it ain’t worth it. Not worth it to our souls.

1 Corinthians 15:24-25

(24) … even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power.

(25) For he must reign,…

Now listen: from the Parousia to the consummation there’s a necessitous that it’s reigning, that somebody’s got to do and it starts at the Parousia. Are you following what I’m saying?

Now, I taught this last night, and I’m teaching it today. I’ll teach it next week too if I’m around if you’re not getting it. Do you understand what I’m saying? Now, if there’s nobody here, someone doesn’t understand just tell me now and I’ll go over it.

If I don’t finish this morning, it’s perfectly okay. I’ll likely be around again to finish it another time. Do you understand what I’m saying?


When He comes, something starts in. And it’s at the time that we’re going to be changed. That change is necessitate to the tail end when New Jerusalem has the Lamb on the Throne (we’re New Jerusalem) and the Pillar of Fire above It. “And God is All and in all.” [Colossians 3:11]

You understand what I’m saying? Then listen: it’s started now.

You say, “Brother Vayle, I don’t feel any different.”

I’ve got news for you, I feel worse. My backache’s worse. So what’s a back? You’re face to face with Jesus and not back-to-back. Who cares about the back. See? “Cometh the end.”

1 Corinthians 15:25-26

(25) … he must reign till all enemies [are] under his feet.

(26) [And] the last enemy destroyed is death. [That’s separation from God.]

Everything’s gone. Every vestige is gone. Nothing remains, but that which was in Him Logos and brought into manifestation in its proper beauty. Do you think for one minute God had a disordered mind when He plumbed His Own depths for trillions of years?

That’s why He hasn’t got a disordered mind. And He’s got the power to bring it to pass, but these interjections are there in order for God to give Himself a reason and purpose of being to His creation that He might be All and in all.

And you know the peculiar thing is you can rise up and say, “Phfft, say what kind of God is that? A God made a thing that’s going praise Him because this thing and that thing that He brought on the people.” And the funny thing is it’s exactly right. We can’t help ourselves.


An ordinary student would say, “Well, come on, for the love of Pete, you’re going to talk about a God that made him, let a man sin or did this and did that and brought a devil knowing what would happen.”

Yeah, that’s exactly right! But the peculiar thing the spirit in us, the agreeing with Him and His Word; what would you call it, Word-foreknowledge? The great Blueprint? And we’re happy to be a part.

And Paul could say, I’ll be glad to suffer and die for him. He said, “I’m filling up the measure of the suffering left.” He said, “It’s wonderful.” And he said, “You’re going to suffer too to be glorified to them.”

And we say, “Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.” You’re a hallelujah bunch of nuts. Yep. Hallelujah, hallelujah. Explain it. I can’t. Oh, go ahead, explain why my hand here can lift up this bit of Kleenex.

Go ahead and explain why it can. Oh go through the ramification. Hogwash, you explain nothing.

You come right down and an old doctor up there in Canada the most brilliant herbalist I guess living, an MD at the same time, and he said, “I want to tell you something, (he said,) in six thousand years we’ve only learned twenty percent of the body.”

Five times six is thirty thousand. Let me tell you, in fifty million years you’ll never learn, because the human body keeps changing. I want to get back to an unchanging God and it’s started now.


Now, the last enemy.

1 Corinthians 15:27

(27) For he hath put all things under his feet. [But he hasn’t put all things under His feet. That’s the promise.]

Now listen: But when he saith all things are put under him, it is manifest that he is, left out, which did put all things under him.

Now listen: in here It says,

1 Corinthians 15:24

(24) [When the end cometh,] he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority [for he must reign.]

And then It tells you, “Hey, that’s not Jesus doing that. That’s God doing that for Jesus.”

So, what’s God done? He’s come down here where it started to go off cater. Brother Branham said, “If that bullet goes off cater, a little puff of wind fifty yards from the barrel, its scope maybe three feet off the mark, (he said,) you’ve got to take that bullet back to where it went off.”

Then He’s got to start here with man. And you know something? Get this straight, when He’s through with man, then He works on the devil. Yep. And when He’s through with the devil He’s through with everything. That why “the last enemy is death.” [1 Corinthians 15:26]

That’s separation, because you see the devil separated from God. He said, “I will exalt myself above the heavens.” [Isaiah 14:13] “I will have a better throne. I will have this.” He’s separated right there on His will.

“Thy will be done in heaven and on earth.” [Matthew 6:10] Identical, it’s coming right now. And it starts here in His Presence. See? He’s doing something.

If it was redemption in the Garden, it’s got to be redemption here. If it was refusal in the Garden to let a man live forever, it’s got to be reversal here. So, He’s doing something. So the reign…

I’m going to jump a little bit here and hit my notes, before I do, I want to show you again that I am right in what I’m saying about this One Who is doing the reigning.


We go to Psalms 8:4.

Psalms 8:4-8

(04) What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, [you visit] him?

(05) [You’ve] made him a little lower than the angels, and crowned him with glory and honour.

(06) [You’ve made] him to have dominion over the works of [your] hands; [you] put all things under his feet:

(07) All sheep and oxen, yea, and the beasts of the field;

(08) The fowl of the air, the fish of the sea, and whatsoever passeth through the paths of the seas.

Now, you know Who did that. That’s God. So God is moving in behalf of Jesus. And Jesus is on the Throne reigning, it’s vicarious. Let me tell you something: let’s get it understood, the Scripture says that, “This Jesus is the express image of God.” [Hebrews 1:3]

One translator says that’s the out-raying of God, as though God was out-rayed. That’s very nice, but I prefer the fact that it is the etching, where God’s etching tool, where God etched Himself right out here. Becoming an image like an alter ego. Like the soul of God. Call It what you want, Logos.

Now, in and through all things made by Him, and for Him, and to Him. Then we understand that everything that God did, he did through the Logos. Then everything that God is doing He is doing now through Jesus Christ sitting on that Throne.

That’s why He is a Mediator. That’s why He is an Intercessor. That’s why we come to God by Him, and that’s why you cannot approach God, except through Him. And that is why you cannot see God except through Him, and there’s nothing about God period, that doesn’t come through that One.

Now, that One human is sitting on the Throne right now. The very etching, the very image. And when you look at Him you see God. Though He isn’t God. But the attributes are there, and without the attributes you couldn’t see God. Like I said, you’re not looking at horse.

You’re looking at attributes. Listen: you can even be more, more complex. You take an egg, and you look at the egg and say, “Ah, ha, ha, beautiful fresh egg, I’ll crack them in a pan of butter.”

Now, hold it: in there is chicken. Now how in the world do you associate egg and chicken? Now you’re getting more complex. You’re like the human structure now, because egg doesn’t look like chicken period.

But within egg are attributes that’ll come forth manifesting a chicken. So therefore, chicken is in the egg. Whooo, hey, that’s some looking chicken. But he’s there.


Listen: these expressions are pretty raunchy, because look it, I’m groping to try to get the right words and say the right thing about this One sitting on the Throne.

You cannot disassociate Him from God in anyway shape or form from the Name, the power, or anything. But at this time because that One paid the price then everything must be for Him, because it was originally by Him that which was in Him.

And listen: you’ll never separate Logos from that man. You can’t do it.

So therefore, now God standing here in the Person of the Holy Spirit having laid the body aside, taking on Himself the form of the Word is now bringing everything under the feet of Jesus. Right back to where It was before there was a Logos that came out. It was there, but It hadn’t come out.

Now, He’s here doing this, and as it started in Redemption in the Garden which is on earth, It’s got to come back to the earth to start it, to bring It to a Garden. You see what I’m talking about? That would take a Resurrection.

So now at this moment we see Him God on earth, and He is literally reigning, and Christ is reigning through Him. See, that’s the way it was with Joseph; Joseph stood there and Pharaoh said, “In everything you’re just as big, except when it comes to what’s behind the throne. I’m the power behind the throne and you’re the man that stands with the whip of the throne.”

Now, we’ve got the same thing right today, Jesus is on that Throne, and God stands right here with every bit of His authority and He’s going to bring everything right into a perfect harmony until everything’s under the Son. And they look at Him and they say, “Wonderful, wonderful.”

And He said, “This was the will of My Father, the doings of My Father and our God.” And He turns it all back. Now, that’s what we’re starting on brother/sister, we’re right into it, right in this hour and people are having a job to perceive it.


Now when he said, “All things were put under Him,” [1 Corinthians 15:27] it is manifest that the One Who was doing it is left out. Because remember, Jesus is not over God. The Bible said, “The Head of Christ is God.” [1 Corinthians 11:13] So don’t get all messed up in your thinking.

Now, It says, “When all things shall be put under Him, subdued.” That word ‘subdued’ is entirely wrong. That’s like taking a wild animal. But this is this, the word is ‘subject or put under feet’, “then shall the Son also be subject unto Him that put all things under Him.” [1 Corinthians 15:28]

Now, can you imagine God saying, “Well son, you’ve served your purpose. And now since I did everything nice I’m going to jump on you. …?… Get down boy, get down boy.” Oh, why does it come into our minds? Why does the word ‘subject’ mean that?

I’ll tell you why, in this Message you’ve got too many cruddy husbands who say, “Wives, be subject to your own husbands. Get down girl, get down girl, get down girl.”

My God, I’ll never forget that fat-slob of a preacher, called himself a preacher. Poor wife, pregnant with I don’t know how many kids. She’s just as big as a house and his sitting writing by the stereo and she’s trying to serve us preacher’s meals.

I wanted to get up and get out of there, or just serve her, instead of her serving me. And the preacher said, “Honey, come on and turn the stereo down.” I thought you lousy fat-slob, why don’t you get up and turn it down yourself.

And that was his idea of “wives be subject’. What a love match that was. What a love match some people got concerning Christ and the Bride. Now the Son is subject so, “Get down there boy, get down there boy. This is papa talking, down there boy.”

Is that what subjection is about? Is that what it means under His feet? Those are expressions brother/sister, that we really shouldn’t use today in our modern American language, and in this Message, because it entirely betrays the thought.

It simply means that God is doing what God said He would do, which is get us all back in divine flow with Him.


Does my hands to my mind say, “Hey little finger, be subject. Wiggle waggle, wiggle waggle.” Fap! That poor thing can’t hardly move, it’s on its own it’s so messed up.

How many people wiggle their noses? I can’t wiggle mine. My sister used to always amaze me. She could wiggle her ears like a bunny and wiggle her nose and that’s about all she could do too.

Subject? Subject? What’s he talking about? He’s talking about something in my head through life has these moving in harmony. A divine flow. Don’t you see what it says…listen: if you’re not getting it, let me read It again.

1 Corinthians 15:28

(28) … when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son also be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all.

He’s talking about the subjection is the “all and the all,” where the devil doesn’t intercept anymore, or interpolate himself. Where man doesn’t get out of harmony anymore.

Where there’s nothing the wife can say to make the husband mad, because he couldn’t get mad if he tried, and she couldn’t say anything anyway; that could make a man mad if he could get mad. That’s what we’re talking about, subject.

Brother Branham called it “harmony.” I scratch my brain. I did everything I could to express it. Gene would come to the house. Brother Russell would come to the house. Maybe Jim was there, somebody else and I tried to tell them I feel pretty good. Or maybe Brian was there, and I’d feel pretty good.

And I’d say, “I’m getting it, I’m getting it. And I’d say, “Fap, it was partly right.” And then I’d talk to somebody else, or I’d preach in the pulpit, and I’d feel good. “Hey, I’m getting it, I’m getting it.”

But I never got it till one day it suddenly said, “I know that Brother Branham said it somewhere. I know that he said it. I know it’s in the writing of the Spirit.” And I went there, and there it was. He said, “Harmony.” Vertical, horizontal, beautiful spirit, harmony. See?


Now look: There’s nothing I can do to get God mad. Ha, ha, you don’t believe that do you? You bunch of old legalists sitting there, I hope we’ve got a few Baptist. Bless your bones. I got to get this in here.

Romans 1:1

(01) Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:

That’s not the peace of God, that’s peace with God. That’s when the perpetrators  of rebellion had come against the Sovereign, and the Sovereign put them all down beautifully and then He stood there and he said, “I know that you meant to get Me out of the way.” But he said, “I’m not mad at you.”

“Well,” he said, “You’re not mad?”

“No, you can’t get Me mad.”

“Boy, I’d sure be mad.”

“Yeah, I know,” but he said, “I forgave you through Christ, I’m not mad anymore.”

So you see what I’m talking about. Is every thought of God is beautiful toward us, and we’re getting beautiful thoughts towards God.

You know, you’re sitting here this morning, and I know He seems a million miles off, but you keep forgetting that sweet Spirit beyond the ‘Curtain of Time’, is going to come before the Resurrection. He told me, “It’s mine.”

And I’m telling you this morning it’s yours, because He won’t treat you different from me. Why should He? Why should He, the presentation is the only difference and that just depends on attitudes of faith. That’s all. You’ll all be the same kind of people. You can stick everyone of us with a pin we won’t bleed. We won’t even feel it.

Actually, no one will want to stick us with a pin. You see what I’m talking about? The subjection is not [Brother Vayle makes a noise] crunching bones, [Brother Vayle makes the same noise] coercing, “I’ll get you boy!” It’s all different.

You know what? Faith, hope, love. Is this the same message preached last night? I doubt it, according to what I’m saying, but it’s the same notes exactly.


[Romans 8:]

Romans 8:24

(24) For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he hope for?

Paul the apostle said, “May He come.”

Now, the same one says, “If He is here and you see It there’s no hope left.” Right?

“Oh, I hope for… well, really I hope that within two weeks this church will be finished.” Shee. I shouldn’t of said that, but it was good to say it. Now, if it’s finished in two weeks I won’t hope anymore.

Now listen: Faith is gone. Hope came and He stood there and we saw Him, and He’s standing there and we see Him. Then hope is gone, what’s left? Love.

Now if you want to believe New York, that the Capstone hasn’t come, and you’re going to get some kind of a love you’re all wet. God is love, and God is here. Now, what’s subjection? He loved her so much she couldn’t help loving back.

It’s like old John Harris said, “Come and visit me, (he said,) we’ll treat you so good in so many ways you’re bound to like some of them.” That’s the way Jesus is this morning. Love. See what I’m talking about?

This subjection brother/sister…why do we get married anyway? Surely to God it wasn’t just wasn’t sex; although that’s alright too, because Paul said, “It’s better (you know) to marry than burn.” [1 Corinthians 7:9]

So that’s legitimate, but after that Brother Branham said, “I love her so much I just want to get her right down inside of me.” If a woman doesn’t love that much, well, she’s bound to be like the man, because she’s human like he is. Love is love. Subjection.

You see what I’m talking about now? Okay, now that you understand that’s very, very good.


Let me go a little someplace else now.

Now look: Get It back to the verses so I don’t take you up too much longer. It says here:

1 Corinthians 15:24-25

(24) … he shall have put down all authority, all rule, all power.

(25) For he must reign, till he hath put all enemies under [the foot.]

Now, we looked at the word last night as to the word ‘reigning’. Now let’s listen carefully. This is what God is doing now and this reigning is a continuing explanation of verse 25.

Now, It tells you that He’s got to put the kingdom back under the Father. Now the Father’s got to do something to make that happen. See? He’s duty bound, because the Son is interceding and mediating. He’s done what the Father said, so the Father’s got to do what He said. “All is under your feet.” So now God is bringing it.

Now, at this time to culminate the “all in all” at Mount Sion. He is putting down “all rule, all authority and all power” and He’s reigning.

The word ‘reigning’, and this explains [verse] 24 which I just brought out again, is dealing with all rule and authority and power that God has allowed to be transmitted to be used by others. And that’s exactly right, because there is no power but of God.

The devil brings on an earthquake. What power did he use? God’s power is what he used. This explains the Charismatic movement. Genuine gifts. Brother Branham said, “The worse havoc that can be created in the church is when a genuine gift is misused.” Used by the devil.

The question came: “Brother Branham can a man full of the Holy Ghost with the genuine gift of God be used of the devil?”

And he answered after pages and long way around, he said, “Yep.” And it’s down at Junior Jackson’s. I’m not going to pull my punches. He doesn’t pull his. He makes Brother Branham a liar, I make Brother Branham true.

We’re going on, they’re going back if he ever came out. I just make those statements flat, tell him to his face and care less. You don’t fool with this stuff. See?


Now, all power is of God. There is nothing impure, or sinful of itself. So therefore, what is done with ‘What’ makes the difference. And God is bringing back what is done with What, which means ‘God is What’. And What is in God by power is What. They’re one, and nobody else has anything to do with It.

That’s why Brother Branham said, “The Bride will have the Word and she won’t say one word, or do one thing until she hears from God.”

And people, “Oh, hallelujah.” Great big tremendous things with ‘Thus Saith the Lord’. My brother, my sister, turn the world upside down, heal a million people. Though wonderful, you do it, I’m not interested per se.

I’m interested in one thing, What with What in Lee Vayle. So that Lee Vayle will be one with What is What. Ruling, reigning. Reigning, rule literally power over somebody or something.

You know what? “We will not have this man rule over us.” [Luke 19:14] Give Him to me. Give Him to me. I want to know that God’s my Head and that He’s ruling over me. Authority comes from the word ‘existing’, meaning ‘it’s lawful’.

From the meaning ‘to have permission, liberty, to do as one pleases’ is the right to power. God’s taking all that back too.

God alone has the right to power. God alone has the right to power, because He alone knows how to use it. He’s taking it all back. Yep, power. The actual strength, mighty works of the Holy Spirit. Raise the dead, change us, Rapture, Wedding Supper, (others.)

Oh listen brother/sister, can’t you see what He’s doing? God is doing this and it’s got to start here to get us back to Eden. Then from Eden we go on, and on, and there is no stopping. What will it be like when God is “all and in all?” Logos!

In Its multiplied forms: Logos in Word form. Logos in a Fire. Logos in a whirlwind. Logos in a spiritual Rock. Logos in a Cloud. Logos in a Bride. Oh, brother/sister listen: our wildest thoughts cannot be begin to imagine.


I’m going to read in Ephesians here what I read a long time ago. Ephesians 3:20. And I’m going to read It the first way, which is wrong, and the right way second.

Ephesians 3:20-21

(20) Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, [That’s not true, because that sounds as though we work the power.]

(21) Unto him… [who in the exercise of his power,… that is, at work within us. God not delegating except in this way, God allowing us the privilege of Him working in and through us at His Own time.]

So this is what is going on right now. Right now this is going on, that God is bringing us to a literal restoration. Not just of Word as though it’s simply just this Word, but the real Word, Logos is here that are expressed in human flesh.

Look, I’m going to tell you something: I could have done no more have done what happened to me recently than nothing. I tried it for years. I even went for hypnotism and got scared stiff, because I almost went into an absolute trance, and I know what trances are like. So I said forget it. Maybe I would have been alright.

But I’ll tell you something: I never could have done it. There’s no way it could have happened to me by my own way. People say, “You psyched yourself.” I did not psyche myself. I wasn’t even aware what was done until one day suddenly I just couldn’t remember.

My mind looked at something that held me in its torturous care for fifty five years that drove me to the verge of suicide. That made me feel that I was a hellish of all hellish people, that forced me to take actions of faith, which made me stand there like a stupid bulldog instead of a man ordained of God.

It worked. But didn’t work to any good. And then one day it was gone. And I suddenly realized it was gone. And my mind is a blank.

You say, Then you had amnesia.” Drop dead. You got stupid. Forget it. I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to the air you know. It’s nonsense that people bring. I know when God works.


Now listen: in the Greek in this word ‘reigning’ that comes from [1 Corinthians 15:] 24, Dr. Vine says, “It is in the aorist tense which means ingression, or the place where it starts.”

Where does this start that’s going on, or supposed to go on? Right now. “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” The same One that says, “God is in the midst of you.” The same One says it right now, “I am here, and I am King and this is My kingdom, and I am restoring it to Myself.” …?… He said, “The world won’t see it.” And you won’t see it.

“Oh, Brother Vayle, I will, because you’re going to have such fruit.” You are a fruit-cake my dear, because the prophet said that’s not what it was. Now there will be fruit, but that’s not it.

“Oh,” you say, “Brother Vayle, that character.”

“Look, I’ve always been a character honey.”

You want me a better character? Ha, ha, don’t ask for that. You just might tempt me.

“Well, what about Charismatic?”

“Well, what about it, why don’t you do it?”

“Well, what about getting nearer to God?”

“No way, He better come close to me, because if I do it, I’ll botch it. If He does it, hallelujah.”

“Oh, what about obedience?”

“Oh, what about it?” That’s not it.

Now look, all those things are there. Let me tell you as far as character, fruit and other things, I believe in my life there is a deepening the same as in yours, but that is not it. It is He bringing everything under; and character.


Listen: who had greater character than John, not the Baptist, but John the revelator? Who had that life of Polycarp where they couldn’t kill him? Who had what Paul had? And why wasn’t he made immortal? Because it wasn’t the hour and God wasn’t there to do it.

God was there to take him safely home and then come back to raise him in this hour. We’ll see Polycarp. Interesting. Interesting. See Paul, beautiful thought.

This is the point of entrance. This is Revelation 10:1-7. This is that hour, and we are in it. I’ve told you many a time, but never able to explain it that the clock has moved to a position where the twelfth hour must strike. We’ve been caught up where it cannot be stopped.

I was talking this morning to brethren at the back, I said, “I’ll explain what I’m talking about, take a child one and half years old that is steady on his feet, put him at the top of that stair then watch that kid he’ll take one step and nothing will save him, he’s down.

I’m telling you now what’s happening, you stay with this Word. I’m telling you from experience, and try to be the voice of God to you which is very difficult, but I’m trying to be truthful and right to help you that you will be changed and changed, and changed, until you get there and I will get there.

Something has started you cannot reverse. You’ll never reverse It. The devil can still be here and look to you in the eye and make you feel lower than a snake. He can twist and pervert things, because his time is not yet.

I’m going to tell you something: something has started, you cannot reverse It. There’s something out in the world that cannot be reversed. That is why God told me, “Get your eyes off all that stuff”. Forget about the bombers. Forget about Russia. Forget about the pope. Forget about this, forget about that. Forget about the tares.

Who cares? Who cares? What have I got to do with anything? Forget about the inheritance. Forget about the other thing. Just remember He’s here. Something has started. See? That’s it. That’s the Parousia. That’s the trigger.


Now, take this over as we did in John 11:26.

John 11:26-27

(26) … [He that] liveth and believeth in me shall never die. [Do you believe] this?

(27) She [said, Yes I do, but it didn’t do her any good. Right.]

That’s why Paul said, “He may. We’ll pray that He may.” We’ll pray that He may, it might not be the hour. But when he said,

John 11:25

(25) … [whosoever] believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall  he live: [That was for her.]

Now, I am on the brink of both of them, but I choose to believe that I have nothing to do that he that perisheth shall be raised. My perishing was in creeds and dogmas and in sin, it’s been taken care of.

I’m looking for “He that liveth and believeth in Me shall never perish. Do you believe this?”  Yep, I believe it, [end of side two of tape] and I believe it for others.

Now, my wife doesn’t believe too well, but I believe for her, and whether she wants to make it or not, she’ll make it. Because I figure that we should be in the Millennium together, and I don’t whether she likes it or not, I’m not too interested, because you see, that’s sovereignty.

I never chose God, He chose me. And she never chose me, I chose her. So that’s the way it is, and that’s the way it’s got to be, because that’s the way it is.

Brother Branham said, “Amen. I’m not saying ‘amen’ to myself,” he said,  “I’m just saying ‘amen’ to Him.” [Brother Vayle says laughing] Remember the time he said that, it sounded real cute.


All right, subjection. The subjection at this time is going on by the changes here, that literally shove aside the enemy which is death, as a sliver gets in our finger and causes the cells to die. There was something in here bringing death. Today there’s something in here that refuses death.

Now look, it may not run its course. Who cares? No problem, but it could run its course. Somebody’s got to be here. “Oh,” you say, “Brother Vayle, don’t you think the old gang dies off?” Yeah, but there was a Caleb and Joshua. I think maybe somebody else, so I’m not worried.


Now, the anti-Word enemies are coming under subjection. And their subjection is not God say, “Die, die, die, die, die, die, die, tired of you guys.” They mis divided the Word like Cain and the separation is in Matthew 24, where He said, “Two grinding at the mill, one taken and one left. Two in the field, one taken and one left.”

It is separating time by the Word of Almighty God. That is subjection. They don’t even know it’s happening. We didn’t even know it was happening. You see why I dwell on subjection the way I do? Because it cannot …?… it’s no way I’ll believe, I’ll believe this coercion stuff.

Now, it isn’t coercion, it is destiny. Destiny is not coercion. Destiny is a point that we come to by reason of life, and we are subject to it, because it is life. And Christ Who is our Life is here and is flowing out and we are melded, molded into It. That is the subjection that I’m talking about. For love is here.


Now, we’ve talked about subjection. That subjection I mention, talked to already, I also see it where He said, “Where I am, there you will be also.” [John 14:3] The ingressive action of God has started. He’s down here to take us back. So that’s started.

In Ephesians 1:10, notice what It said.

Ephesians 1:10

(10) That in the dispensation of the fullness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in him:

Now, that’s the ultimate. Then there is nothing there that cannot be gathered to God, only that which is gathered to God both in heaven and earth shall exist and remain. It’s started already.

I hope you’re getting it brother/sister, because look: this is what’s going to change your lives, and I’m preaching for changed lives. I’m sorry if you came here to hear a sermon that you can just leave this building, a brother…

A certain man once said, “Well Lee Vayle didn’t do a thing for me.”

And I said, “Well, so what?”

What did Jesus do for ten thousand Pharisees? Now if you’re sitting here and you’re thinking what can Lee Vayle do for you?” I’m going to tell you something, you’re sick.

I’m going to tell you what you better do. You better repent before this meeting’s over and get right with God and get the Holy Ghost, because you ain’t got Him. Now I’m not going to talk bluff, I don’t get…


You say, “Brother Branham sweet and gentle.” Lee Vayle is not Brother Branham. So let’s get that flat. Now if you want money, how much do you want? I mean it. If you want money, Lee Vayle is going to …?… How much do you want?

You think I haven’t got it, come up and count it. I can take care of some of you. If that’s what you want. Is that what you want, some money? No problem. I don’t know how many hundred dollars I got here, and what sits at home on a shelf. Because I cashed a bunch of checks.

God’s good to me. If you want money tell me. If that’s a criteria, how much do you want? I’m not kidding you. That’s all Lee Vayle can do for you. Now if that’s what you want, I’ll supply the best I can. I’m not rich, that rich, but I’m not either so poor in the sense that I’m broke. I’m not broke. This Word is what counts.

Now, I said that to settle some of you down, because you’re young, you’re ignorant. And you walk out of this door, that’s your tough luck, I’ve warned you.

I can’t do one thing for you. But I’ve got faith in this Word that I preach is the Word of God and It will change your lives if you want to listen. And I’m going to tell you something: I’m looking for it brother/sister.

I’m not standing here, standing back and say, “Well, maybe.” I’m not saying maybe at all, because one’s taken, one’s left.


You say, “Vayle, you make yourself something.”

Not by any stretch of the imagination, but what if He made me something? Where do you stand then? What if there is a ‘flame of prophecy’, spirit of prophecy? What if I have it? And I don’t back away anymore, because many people run around and say Brother Branham said this, and they tell a bunch of lies.

I’m telling you the truth. He met me at the door and said, “I saw you coming.” He saw me coming? What’s he talking about? He knew I was coming. No, he waited outside the church, because he saw me coming with Dr. Lewis Cobble and Brother Branham never held up a service, but he had to hold up the service waiting for me to come. He said, “I saw you coming.”

The flame of fire is the spirit of prophecy, testimony to Jesus Christ. I’m going to tell you, if that doesn’t change, you nothing will. And I’m not, I’m not a flame of fire. I’m not a spirit of prophecy. To stand up here and admit it takes more than you think, because they are going to say, “Well, Vayle then you better have character.”

I’ve got character. I am a character. If you don’t believe that, ask Marilyn. I speak her thoughts. I said, “Well, you wouldn’t say it, and I knew your thinking so I’ll say it for you.”

I can do just about anybody here, because you see, most of you won’t lay your cards face up. Hee, hee, I lay them face up and feet down. “Well, you better have this.” If I had it what would it do for you? It’s not brother/sister what it does for me, any gift, it lies in what it does for you.

Brother Branham could not use a gift for himself. A boy out there with a great big cancer, poof, falls off his face. Another one with a sprain back, poof, he’s perfectly well. And Brother Branham pulls up his pants and said, “See, no use praying.”

He had a big bruise, a big mark. He said, “It won’t work for me, that was meant for you.”


I’m going to tell you something: that man had something from God for himself which was Christ in him like we all have. But I’m going to tell you: you think I’m talking about myself to what I’ve got something? Let me tell you: everyone of you has got something too.

There isn’t one person without some gift from God. You’re responsible, and it won’t be anything that is something that you produce as though you are somebody. It lies within you, even to be cheerful.

To show mercy. To be generous. To show hospitality. To show a kindness. To exhort. Makes a difference when you know what he’s talking about.

Now listen: I expect the Word of God to take action, and I will say this to my own satisfaction not to yours, because I’m talking about myself. When I sat in this church this morning and felt the Spirit and heard the singing, I said, “Something did happen last night.”

There is something here this morning that wasn’t here last night, and what it is it’s that Spirit that’s beginning to flow across the people.


That tells me the Resurrection is closer than any sign out there, because he said, “You watch what is yours.” This is mine. This is mine. We can let our hair down here this morning.

Listen, don’t put up a smoke-screen any longer. Don’t let your diffidence show. Don’t let your unbelief come between you and your brother, your sister, and Almighty God. We are brothers and sisters. We are one in Him.

We are facing show down, but that’s not what counts, don’t pay attention. Is what are you in Him. What is He doing now? He has started on us to bring it all into balance, because it started with living people out of balance. It’ll finish with living people in balance.

Do you follow what I’m saying? Then get your faith up.

You look at yourselves, you’re unbalanced. Forget it. He’s balancing us. It’s a work of God, a work of grace, love is here overflowing and abounding.

It’s going to end up with the Lamb on the Throne, the Pillar of Fire above the Throne, and the wolf and the young lamb lying down together, and the lion and the ox eating hay. Oh my, and the Saints eating Word.

In the meantime, God is here bringing a Bride together. We read about it in Jeremiah. We talked about Malachi, but we didn’t go to Ephesians. So I’ve got a few minutes before you go and eat, and there’s no more services today.


So we’re going to go to Ephesians. I’m going to hold you longer. I like to hold you longer. I test your patience to see if you love me. [Brother Vayle snickers] I’m not lying to you, I’m just teasing you. Okay.

In Ephesians 2:11-22.

Ephesians 2:11-12

(11) Wherefore remember, that [you] being in time past Gentiles in the flesh, who are called Uncircumcision by that which is called the Circumcision in the flesh made by hands;

(12) That at that time [you’re] without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, without God in [this] world:

But you know, you can apply that right at this hour. In the churches where we were. God standing outside. Judgment pronounced. But now and with no hope you’ve come to hope. See?  Okay, verse 14.

Ephesians 2:14-17

(14) For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition…

(15) Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, [which] the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace;

(16) … that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby:

(17) And came and preached peace to you which were afar off, and them [who] were nigh.


Now listen: He said, “Because of the Cross God cannot be our enemies. God cannot be angry. Now listen: we’ve got too legal of a background. We’re all the time talking. You do wrong, God will fix you. You do wrong, God will fix you. Yes, He is fixing us. He’s fixing us up. Little kid breaks a toy.

“Oh, you shouldn’t have done that, break that toy.”

So, papa says, “Well, get out the glue. Fix it up.”

How many of you had gut aches? Real bad ones? Doctor says, Ah, ha, ha, ha, too much Coke a Cola. Too many pies. Ah, ha, ha, ha. But I fix you up.”

He doesn’t say, “Huh, you stupid jerk you. You deserve your gut ache. So I give you nothing.” Uh?

You know, I’m preaching this morning like the fellow went into the Jew store. And he looked at the suits and he said, “Well, what I wanted was a blue suit.”

And the guy said, “Abe, bring the blue light the man wants a blue suit.”

I’m trying to get you to see everything in the Light of God’s Word this morning. To turn the Light of the Word on you this morning. He doesn’t do the way we do. He said, “I’m not a man, I don’t think like a man, I don’t do like a man.

“Well,” He said, “Hey, I better do something about it. I better send a Man down. So He got inside of a man. Then He came down and He did what He would do if He were a man. He Redeemed us.


Brother/sister listen: Get your eyes where they belong and get it off everything but what He is to you in redemption, because Redemption is here. Don’t worry about what you’ve done and all.

I’m not saying well don’t worry, so you can go ahead and do more. I never said that. I’m talking to the legitimate. Not the illegitimate. If you’re illegitimate this morning, “oh come on back next week it’s okay,” it won’t do you any good. If you’re legitimate you can’t help but get some good. See?

Ephesians 2:17-19

(17) [Now, he] came and preached peace to [them] were afar off, and them were nigh.

(18) [That] through him we both have access [to] one Father.

(19) Now therefore [you’re] no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God;

Do you know, right now we are absolutely linked up and joined with Abraham and Isaac and those great people? We’re part of the eleventh chapter of Hebrews, and are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets.


Now listen: God supplies every single thing in measure. And every single thing the same thing, but in different measures. Which means, the Word of God in different Ages is the same Word for that Age. It’s always the Word, but in different measures at different times.

Now listen: we are part of the foundation. The Word that came here in flesh and said, “You’re Peter, I want you. You’re John, I want you. You’re James, I want you. You over here, you’re Phillip, I want you. Come on Andrew.” And He did it all, and they’re foundation.

And you say, “Hallelujah, He did the same for me.”

He did the same for you. He said, “Come on, come on, come on.”

And He called us all by name, and we’re all part of the foundation. Because what’s in the foundation is in the super-structure. And the foundation and super-structure is also what the Headstone’s made of, because It came from Him.

Now, where do you stand this morning fellow Logos? Logos that went astray is now coming back never more to roam. “Open up Thine arms of love, Lord, I’m home, I’m home.”


You say, “I’m coming.” I ain’t coming, I’m here. See?

Ephesians 2:20-21

(20) … built upon [that] foundation…

(21) In whom all the building fitly framed…

That’s that beautiful marriage we’ve talked about. The same thing over in Ephesians 4, “fitly framed,” harmony, because the word marriage is… the root word is ‘harmony’. [Brother Vayle whistles]

“From morning till night, our home it ain’t bright.

Except when the sparks fly, from morning till night.

Then it is exceedingly bright, both day and by night.”

That’s harmony. Shooo! Boy or boy. When love shines in. [said in a singing voice then chuckles]

Ephesians 2:21-22

(21) … groweth unto an holy temple…

(22) In whom [you] are builded together [by] habitation of God…


Okay, notice verse 13 is the provision:

Ephesians 2:13

(13) But now in Christ Jesus [you] who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ.

The Blood allowed God to come on down here. Verses 14 and 18 shows what lies in It. “For He is our peace.”

“God are you approaching?”

“I’m approaching.”

“How do you come God?”

“Is there any way I can come, except in peace?”

“Oh my, well You could come in anger. You could come in wrath. How are you coming?”

“I’m coming in peace, because you see, everything is to be reconciled and this is the hour of it.”

“But you mean You’re not mad?”


And the prophet said, “He is here in grace and in mercy revealing Himself and the next time it will be in wrath for those nations that didn’t believe Him.”

Do you believe He’s here? I’m going to tell you brother/sister, He’s coming in peace this morning to bring peace, the Prince of Peace is here. But you wait, the next time it’ll be in wrath and judgment. I’m not lying to you, I’m telling you the truth.


Let’s read on:

Ephesians 2:15

(15) Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances… [the Ten Commandments and my inability to do anything about it. And even the ordinances didn’t do something for me. I just kept doing it.]

“Lord, You’re coming, are You my enemy?”


“Yeah, but I’ve been a million miles off the Word, and I try and I never get anywhere. You’ve got to be coming with a whip.”

“Nope. Nope. Nope.”

See, you don’t realize that we’re one. Admire every Old Testament Saint, he was full of flaws. Admire every new one, he couldn’t tow it, but he said, “When Jesus came, I came down in Him so that we could combine the two, heaven and earth combined.” As Brother Branham said, “Hug each other.”

See, and the glory of the Mercy Seat come into man. And He said, I don’t hate you. I’m not your enemy. No, I’m coming in love and friendship, because we’re one.”

And the minute that you realize that you…”Shoo, I’m sure glad the cop didn’t catch me that time I was speeding.” You ever felt that good feeling? This is a million times better, because this is revelation. It’s revelation. Okay?


Let’s keep reading:

Ephesians 2:16

(16) … that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross… that’s humanity, to love your brother to trust him.]

This is a touchy subject. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. Whenever I see a Christian so called talk business I want to buy a Jaguar [English sports car] and take off, because I prefer dealing with just good old sinners. But Bride’s different.

Can you sell yourself to your brother this morning? I wouldn’t advise it brother/sister, but there’s coming a day when you’ll be able to trust your brother inside out, and upside down.

You’ll live in that atmosphere, because we’ve been reconciled through Jesus Christ on the Cross to come to a place where there is no enmity between us and God, or with each other, but the Book is opened as God could come and view us and we view back and feel that rest and sanctity that lies there.

Even though our nature’s would try to contradict it, this is what is real. This is what is going on right now, and there is something going on between brethren. Yep.

Ephesians 2:17-18

(17) … came and preached peace, [you] were afar off, and to them that were nigh.

(18) For through him we both have access… unto [one] Father.


Now see where it ends? We’re no more strangers to God and to each other. Our fellowship is with the Saints, the household of God. We are built. We are foundationed. The program is over. The Capstone is down. It is fitly framed.

It is now ready for that Holy Temple condition. We’re builded for a habitation of God through the Spirit. New Jerusalem right on line. When this Age is over, there’ll be no more New Jerusalem.

You say, “What about the 144,000? Eunuch’s take care of the Bride. It’s all over, it’s finished. No temple in the New Era. We’re the temple. No …?… it’s all over. Jesus, Himself, a man sitting there completely, everything. The Pillar of Fire, everything reflects through Him. Every blessing channeled down.


Listen: we’re in that final stage. Then what lies there? “All and in all.” You see what I’m driving at this morning? Then get your eyes off of everything but All and in all. Never mind your bitter experience with past preachers.

The people that are sitting here this morning for the last several years, you’ve had bitter experiences with preachers, and there’s almost everyone of you, forget it. I’ve had mine, and I’ve been steadily ascending on wings of faith. I’ve watched the others stand still.

Let me tell you brother/sister, there is no weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that rises in judgment against you, you shall condemn. For this is the heritage of the Saints of the Lord. Forget it.

Since I began to forget certain things or refused to dwell upon my arthritis is getting better. Praise God, should all be better one of these days. When I find out what ‘s doing my back in, I’ll forget that one too.

You got troubles? You’ve made them for yourself like I’ve made mine. He told me, I’m telling you, He told me, “Don’t look out there anymore.” It isn’t worth it, but This is worth it. See?


All right, so God and not another is in charge. He is starting to destroy the enemies. In other words, by putting them down. The separating is going on. They’re getting wickeder, we’re coming more into His Presence, you know, bathing down.

We are. Revelation 19:15, coming back with Him to establish the kingdom is started. Oh yeah, it’s going on right now. He’s doing it, not somebody else.

So therefore, brother/sister, everything is just fine. Everything’s just fine. We’re coming to the place where Satan will be bound and chains of circumstances, because he’s being bound right now.

You know something: if God reached down and took His hand so something in me just won’t let my mind go certain direction, I want to ask you, if God did it, then is Satan bound? Sure, he’s bound. He’s bound as far as I am concerned with him in this certain area, not perhaps other areas.

I’m not saying he is. In fact, I’m literally admitting he’s not. I’m not going to lie to you. But he can’t do certain things. See? Because we’re getting in harmony.

So God is here. We don’t believe it, we know it. We see it. Then when you see it, you can’t ask for it. “God, why don’t You come? Why don’t You do something?” He’s here and He’s doing something, we’re talking about it. In other words, we have taken the step beyond hope. Faith, hope, love. He’s here.

“Now,” you say, “I don’t see Him.”

Oh, come on. “Show us the Father and it sufficeth us.” [John 14:8] “I’m under your nose.”

“Ah, phtt, forget it. God’s your Father, ha.” They said, “Why don’t you deny that God’s your Father? You know that you’re a louse.”

“Shut up, sit down, He’s not your Father. Why,” He said, “if I deny He’s my Father, I’ve become a liar just like you.”


Any liars here this morning? Let’s give it the check. “I and my Father are one.” [John 10:30] Now that kind of bugs you, doesn’t it? Because you see, you’ve got an idea of your kind of Oneness, without beginning to look into what His one kind of Oneness is.

Did you ever hear what a contract is to be legal, a submerging of the minds. The merging of the mind means: that the man who wrote the contract and you sign that contract you both know identically exactly what’s in the contract, and what is going to transpire and you therefore agree.

Now, let’s have a little show of honesty. Let me see the hand of that one liar, [Brother Vayle chuckles] in the congregation who says that he really understands business contracts. Where is Brother Evans? I see you’re looking through that little hole there.

Isn’t it true Brother Evans, that every contract is written to the good of the man that writes the contract? And nobody really reads what’s in the contract. Even if he does, he doesn’t know it. I’m talking about God.

The merging of the mind. You and I, are looking at God through our own minds this morning, forget it. Bring it down. Bring it down. Get your fingers right and your brain and bring it down. Forget it. Look at what He said.


Paul said, “I have become the righteousness of God.” Hmm. But you see, I do certain things. He never said you didn’t. He said, “In Christ you are the righteousness of God.” [2 Corinthians 5:21] Read the print, but God said in the contract.

Now, God made a contract here that I am coming, and when I do come to raise the dead, I’m going to start the end of my complete program which ends in me being all and in all the way I started, right back in Logos.

Everything, perfectly harmonious. And you say, “You mean all this flesh?” Yes, all that flesh. “And all that nature?” Yes, all that nature, right back to Logos.

“Oh,” you say, “well, in the light of the circumstances it becomes dubious.” In the Light of God we’re a bunch of liars. Which is not dubious. In the Light of God we are puffed up bunch of ignoramuses, which is not dubious.

Which we have taken our side with Satan who fell by pride, which is not dubious, but will end us all in hell. Where do you want to go? Now, you can believe what God said and go to the All and all, or you cannot believe what God said and go to where God becomes All in all, then you’re gone.


You say, “Brother Vayle, I don’t think annihilation is so bad after several trillion years.” I don’t know, maybe after some months. I want you to see this, look, He is here. God is here. Alpha and Omega is here. All in All is here.

Hard to swallow isn’t? This is not a bunch of rubber that the harder you chew the bigger it gets and the harder to swallow. This is honey in the mouth, and It is honey in the stomach. It is not bitter any longer. That’s over, the bitterness was done away in Christ.

The bitterness is going now. The softening up is coming. All in All is here. If All in All is here, it has started to end at New Jerusalem and I’m a part of It. The Sword of the Word is bringing down all strongholds. Yeah, yeah, see?

“Well Brother Vayle, I always think of that Sword destroying nations.”

I want to ask you a question: For whom is He destroying them? What’s God doing with His enemies, intruders? False interpreters of the Word. Why is He separating? We can’t coexist. They must go and we must exist.

What is He doing? He’s bringing Eternal Life immortality. He is restoring a Bride, making her finally and completely one with Him.

You say, “That’s down the road.”

I say, the last stretch home has started for time has run out. The new time of God’s clock has started. If you’re a part of It you’re going to be there. You believe that this morning? If you believe It, you’re going to start changing. Something is going to happened to you.

It’s got to start in your mind. A hand will reach down and you’ll suddenly realize where did It go. It went to the Cross. Yep. Brother/sister, let me encourage you, you’re not forsaken of God. God never came to visit judgment on you, He came to save you from judgment.

But let me tell you, the same God that came to save Abraham and allowed the salvation in a temporary way, as it were, of Lot and two daughters was the same One who sent His angels to cause destruction.


The Word of God that saved is the Word of God that destroys. For He said, “I kill, and I make alive.” [Deuteronomy 32:39] This morning God has visited, is visiting His people. I’m standing on that.

I cannot change it. I do not look for one bit of evidence, I believe the Word of God. For I have already had the irrefutable evidence of vindication.

Let us understand this, this morning brother/sister, if anybody ever proves anything it is folly, it is asinine. It is ridiculous and murderous, stupendously ignorance for a man to try to reprove what’s proven. Has it been proven to us? And who needs a reproving?

If it had been certified, you know, nothing makes me madder than to go to banks where the teller’s are so stupid they can’t read. And I get a check from Canada and it says, “pay in US funds.” And they see a Canadian bank [Brother Vayle makes a weird noise] and they run.

I said… Look, I try to keep my temper, because I’m a sweet lovely person. And these are such intelligent people who run a bank. And I said, “It says, ‘US funds’.” They’re so scared. They’re so unbelieving. [Says in a whisper many times] “Money, money, money, money, money…”


Life is here this morning. Can you read the print? He’s translated Himself into our area to take us back into His. He didn’t even put it into fine print. He put it into letters five feet high, and billboards fifteen feet high.

He blazed it across the sky. He blazed it across the world. And the prophet said, “I’m not riding in that trail saying ‘He’s coming’. I’m screaming He’s already done come!” And the gates of hell are against It, but they shall not prevail.” [Matthew 16:18] See? It’s started.

“And He that hath begun the good work and you will perform it till the day of the Lord Jesus Christ.” [Philippians 1:6]

See that you come behind in no gift waiting for the apokalupsis, the unveiling where you’ll be declared in His Presence, guiltless, established, a part of the original foundation, because it has been growing up like pillars you know, till the very top.

We’re in those pillars. There aren’t many pillars in a house brother/sister, but we’re a part of It. See?

Are you going to recognize yourself this morning? That’s the thing. Look, I could talk all day. Look, this is all I live for. This is all I’ve got to preach. Anybody preach anything you want. Do anything you want. This is all I know, He is here bless God.

And somehow I am a part of It in spite of myself. I am a part of It. He is going to take me there, and somehow, I don’t know how, and I cannot tell you, but somehow Resurrection come on, I’m wanting my share which is just beyond yours.

The Lord bless you, let’s rise.

Heavenly Father, we thank You again for the privilege of being here. Maybe wearying ourselves as it were, wearing ourselves down, but that’s wonderful if we can wear out and You can come in. We can step to one side which is absolutely possible.

We honor You this morning, Lord, and we feel, Lord, that You are here. It is come to a realization within the realm of the sensate, and the ability to acknowledge. We know that You are here. We’re not doubting anymore. And we’re at home with the thought and the fact.

And though, Lord, we are a little bit dividend in some lines, yet we have confidence in You, that You have come and You’ve come to a certain end and we’re included, and therefore, Lord, we’re so happy with You. Though we be unhappy with ourselves within ourselves, even that’s going. We’re just happy that You’re happy with us.

Lord, we’ve gone back to being little children, kind of naughty, but like attention and love. As the prophet said, “Little children they’re the ones that can learn,” and we’re learning. And we’re learning not to be afraid. We’re learning not to say things that are negative.

We’re learning, Lord, to look at what You told us to look at. And we’re learning, Lord, even to look at that which sometimes we’re forced to look at that is not a part of us and turn it right around. And we see on the other side of the coin of death, life.

And every time we see death, we scream life. And every time we see tribulation we scream victory. We’re learning, Lord. We’re grateful. It’s just a tremendous happy time of our existence.

No wonder, Lord, song writer said, “Teach me Lord, teach me Lord to wait.” And it’s nice, Lord, that people did wait, but actually we’re not waiting any longer, because You’re here. And we’re not waiting on You, we’re waiting on those dead to come out of the ground.

They’re going to come, we’re going to see them. But we’re so happy, Lord, that You’re here and we’re comfortable with the understanding of It, and fear is departing, and these great beautiful measures of grace are coming in.

Now, Lord, as we depart this day, we’ll have fellowship around tables and things like that, but brother and sisters will be going home. Lord, I pray that there won’t be cars taking them home so much as angel wings and eagle wings.

That they won’t be just abounding in each other’s company, but there’re going to know the cars filled with angels in the Presence of God and oh, they’re going on with You, Lord, and anything of the past doesn’t really matter anymore, who gives a rip. Because everything new is started.

Oh, there’s a beautiful vision ahead, a beautiful land, a beautiful vista Brother Branham called ‘panoramic’ up there, just beyond the horizon has started. The glowing colors of the rainbow when the eternal life begun to be painted within the scenario. Now it’s coming in.

It’s all changed. The drama has changed. It’s an up-swing. And there’s no longer the muffle drum and the shuffling feet calling death, death, death. But it’s a triumphant step to a new tune. To the new song as it were when the prophet heard, “Onward Christian Soldiers.”

It’s not death, it’s life. They’ve gone on. And I know, Lord, this is not a figment of my imagination. This is not the pulsating of a romantic mind. O God, I wish, but I know it will happen soon. The reality will transcend reality until reality becomes reality. I know that, Lord, because that’s the way it is.

And I thank You for the measure we got. I’m just so happy, Lord, and so glad, and so grateful. That really, Lord, that I should be able to say with Paul it doesn’t really matter if it’s death, or famine, no matter what. I’ve got this wheel within a wheel, and I know, Lord, You got to forgive me, I still got to be hewed out, but I trust You to do it.

I trust, Lord, that same hand that reached down has not departed at the right moment as fingers of God could flick out devils. The right arm of God deliver all Israel out of Egypt. That same hand can change each individual until there’s nothing left to change, and All and in All has come.

O God, quicken It this morning. Holy Spirit, quicken It to us. Set that clock a little faster, maybe could be allowed, although we don’t want anyone to miss. We’d have to hang back on that, but, Lord, something within us desires a quickening tread that’s never before to reach that final step and we’re taking off.

And we know that, Lord, we know it. And we’ll know it as never known it before, because, Lord, You promised it. I’m standing on that. I’m standing, Lord, that I preached the right thing in the right way, O God, that It’s got to come back upon us.

And therefore, Lord, I believe This has got to come back. I know It’s going to come back on somebody. All in All’s got It, He’s here.

But, Lord, I can’t believe for one minute that we would be here listening and knowing, knowledgeable and not be a part. Quicken that revelation within us that need quickening, Lord, it’s been so good have what we had quicken, but now, Lord, we’re looking for the mighty flood tide, the water flowing from Eastern Gate from the City.

Not waters to the ankle, not waters to the knee, not to the loins, but waters to cross over. A tide bearing us up. I’m looking for that, Lord, spill it on us this morning, Lord, O God, pour it on us. Because You’ve made a vessel that can stand it. I know that.

We might not think so, but You don’t make mistakes, Lord, You’ve got vessels here this morning I believe can take that, can stand it absolutely. They’re not old skins with new wine. I don’t believe that, Lord, I believe that’s we’re the right.

And just thanking You now for Your Presence and all Your goodness. Thanking You, Lord, for Your sweet Spirit coming more and more amongst us until the sick are healed. Those things happen. We’d like that right now, but it’s alright, it’s alright.

They’ll still be standing here that sweet Spirit and all over the building the grace of God manifested. The hand of God moving, proving every item of that great atonement, “By His stripes you’re healed.” Yes, we believe that, Lord.

So, Father, we can’t thank You enough. Can’t praise You enough. Can’t desire, Lord, just enough how quick we like to have it come. But, Lord, however and whenever, we know it’ll be just exactly right.

And unto Thee therefore Almighty God Sovereign, we give You praise and honor and glory in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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