Events Made Clear By Prophecy #03

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Brother Lee Vayle

Let’s pray.

Heavenly Father, again we want to say it’s a great privilege to be here in Your house that You dedicated to You for worship, Lord, being with Your people, not only in fellowship but instruction and edification.

Lord, these things are very important to us that we might be thoroughly approved of You, workmen that need not to be ashamed. Our witness, Lord, is genuine; our words are from the heart and based on the Word of God so that our mouths and our hearts are agreeing with Your Word, Lord, because of the Spirit of God within our souls.

Father, we know that that’s what the Christian life is all about, so we pray that we may go onward and upward with You until the last hour, Lord, when the saints are taken out of this earth.

So, Father, we have depended on You in the past, if it weren’t for You we wouldn’t even be here. We’re depending on You now, what little future is left on this earth; we’re depending on Thee even more so than ever before because though we know the events that are to take place; we know them sketchily but thoroughly enough that we can be warned, and no dangers and no blessings, Lord, all these things we can know and do know by revelation this end time hour.

So we consecrate ourselves this morning as never before so that we might be Your servants and not worthy of You in any way, shape, or form but at least try to give You some glory in Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

You may be seated.


Now, of course, the subject is Events Made Clear By Prophecy 65-0801, and we’re going to recapture the bottom of page 11 with a few words as Brother Branham said, “The Bible is different from all other sacred books because It deals in prophetic events.” That’s true. No other book foretells the future as does the Bible.

And over on page 7, if we remember, he said,

[26]  [Now] … this Bible tells you exactly who, when, where, and what to look for, and never has failed one time.

See? So, all right. That’s what prophecy is all about: who, where, what, when. It’s never failed. Furthermore, the central theme of the Bible is Jesus Christ who is the Logos or Revealer of God. Now that’s very, very true. He is the Revealer of God.

Actually he’s God in a human form; so therefore, he is everything that God thought of in His wisdom, particularly concerning redemption is revealed in Him.


Thus it is the revelation of Jesus Christ from start to finish or from Genesis to Revelation. It is pure prophecy from God concerning God Himself as to the how, when, and where as we showed you and in what form He manifests Himself.

Now that’s very important because people are at a loss to comprehend and apprehend the form of God.

Until Brother Branham came on the scene and preached from Philippians, it is very doubtful that we have any actual books of theology extant or books of doctrine that bring that out, although Schofield does fine when he uses the term “en morphe” which means “God changing His mask.”

However, there wasn’t anyone for a long time now who would understand that, as in the beginning, for there is only one God, not three. Now if you have three gods you can work it out very nicely but then you drift into paganism.

It takes a revelation to understand the changing of the mask and that’s very, very important for this hour. So you have to know the form in which He’s manifested.


As we said here on Wednesday night and also last Sunday when Brother Branham used the terminology, “If Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He’s risen from the dead, He will now do in the form of the Holy Spirit what He did in His flesh when He walked the shores of Galilee and lived in Israel.”

Now right off the bat you understand then that you’re not speaking of the body which was raised up and put at the right hand of the Majesty on high and became the High Priest. You’re speaking in terms of what Brother Branham said, “He is here now in the form of the Holy Spirit in the Pillar of Fire.”


So when he speaks of Jesus, you must understand that’s the One he’s speaking of, and if you don’t understand that then you’ve blown it right there.

Now the human mind cannot comprehend that. It doesn’t want to let go its former theology and if you can’t let your thinking go, you’re just not going to, you’re not going to understand.

Now it’s a real difficult proposition that’s set before us, but I want you to know one thing: the Message of this hour is repent, which means to change your mind. And the One who is trying to change your mind is Jesus Himself, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.

Now if you’ll open the door I’ll sup with you and you with Me.” What’s He trying to do? He’s trying to get you out of Babylon and to get you out of Babylon He’s trying to change your mind. Now you see the sinner had to come to Christ repentant which means “change his mind.”

As I’ve said in many occasions a lot of people want to use that word “repentance” wrong. They say, “Oh, well, when you repent you feel sorry.” That’s a lie. That’s not the Bible. Godly sorrow worketh repentance. Godly sorrow is not repentance; it worketh repentance. See?

Do you understand what I’m saying? Now you’ve got to let your minds go. Well, you say, “Well, I think Brother Branham said a statement along that line.” That’s true, he said a statement along that line which has to do with sorrow but that’s part of it.


So when you’re involving yourself with repentance, if there’s no real sorrow, there’s no change of mind. That’s why sometimes it’s really terrible thing to do but sometimes, some boys especially, have to be whipped awfully hard so they’ll change their mind.

Some people take the Scripture and they say, “Well, he that spares the rod spoils the child,” and that place meaning something about literally beating the devil out of them which means not beating the devil out of them as though you’re beating him to pieces, but you’re getting rid of a bad spirit there.

And, you know, W. B. Grant tells how that he told a lie one time, I think it was he first stole something. He said he never did it again; his dad took him and whipped the daylights out of him. I don’t say that’s the right thing to do in every situation. It may be the wrong thing to do in most situations but I’m trying to show you something here.

See, I’ll tell you, how sorry are you that you won’t do it again? See? Well, some… that’s associated with repentance but repentance itself is a change of mind. Now the key then to this age is renewing of your mind that you may be transfigured.

Now if you can’t pluck out by the roots those old thoughts and say the prophet is right, you’re going to have an awful time.

You just won’t have easy skating. You won’t have easy skating anyways, but you’ll have a terrible job if you don’t just take yourself and look at yourself in the light of what I’m saying. You’ve got to do it!

You’re looking at one fellow that’s learned to do it to a degree. As I said, you talk to the prophet four and a half hours with your own thinking, thinking he’s saying exactly what you know he is saying according to what you know and all the time you’re fighting for four and a half hours, can’t believe it, can’t believe it, can’t believe it, can’t be saying.

Well, he was saying it. See? So you’ve got to be careful there, see, to understand.


So then I say here that this Word here is the revelation of Jesus Christ from start to finish, Genesis to Revelation. It is pure prophecy from God concerning God Himself as to the how, when, and where and in what form He manifests Himself.

Then since the Author is God and the sovereign power behind it is God, it makes Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. Why? Because God can’t change.

If it’s all about God and the sovereign power behind it is God and that makes Jesus Christ Hebrews 13:8, how could there be a change? “I’m the Lord; I change not; unless you sons of Jacob be consumed.” A lot of people want God to change His mind. You know what would happen? The whole thing could fall into the lake of fire.

You can’t ask God to change His mind. Ask God to change your mind. Ask God to change your attitudes. And the thing is this, He will do it. That’s what the Spirit of God is given for. We’ve not been given the spirit of fear; but of love, and of power, and a sound mind. How sound is the mind?


Well, let’s take a quote Brother Branham said. He said, “There’s nothing left in the soil anymore, so what’s in the food? And if your body turns to mush, how much more your brain?” I never called anybody a mush head but we’re going to call them this morning. So it’s “Hi, mush heads.”

You’ve got every strike against you except for God. I say that’s a terrible condition; that’s the best condition in the world if we only recognized it because once you’ve got God in the clear and you in the clear with God, what do you want?

You own it all, just a temporary halt in plans, but we’re too greedy. Wait till we get glorified, we won’t be greedy anymore except for His glory.

And I pray all the time, “Lord, let me do… just let me glorify Your Name.” I don’t know if He’s ever got around to acknowledging anything or not because I look at the things I’m doing and I say, “Wow, that’s not even a glorified mess; that’s just mess, period.” All right.


He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. That’s what Brother Branham said and he kept showing us so what He did in a certain hour has got to repeat at this hour because Alpha is Omega.

Now people don’t want to believe that in the Bible. It tells them categorically, “As it was in the days of Noah, as it was in the days of Lot”. Everybody looks at the negative side. Come on now!

Wouldn’t that be great for God just sending down a big negative, say, “Hey, there’s a deluge coming. Hey, there’s a fire coming. Stand back and I’ll watch you fellows burn.” Well, that’s the most ridiculous thing in all the world.

That doesn’t suit redemption. Redemption is to get you out of here. Noah was saved. Lot was saved.

So what’s he trying to tell you? Brother Branham, the only man to bring it in perspective, gave us the negative and the positive, and the negative is not worth two bits. Why, it’s a monumental debt of trillions to our souls.

Well, what’s going on that bugs us so much these days? What’s messed up our brains and our bodies? Science out there, so-called. See?

So we haven’t got anything but a prayer and a faith in God but God comes on the scene. See? The same yesterday, today, and forever; what has been shall be.

Nothing taken from and nothing added to, that’s Ecclesiastes 3. Connect that up with the Alpha and Omega doctrine, you’ve got God essentially never changes, what He does never changes.

See, so when you see that you know it’s God. See, that’s what these sermons are all about, to bring your faith up, to understand what is going on. See? All right.


Thus in turn reveals the plan and purpose of God. This in turn reveals the plan and purpose of God and illuminates mankind in every age as to the hour in which he is living. Now you know that that right there is a bad one.

People say, “Hey, the whole Word’s in vogue today. The whole Word is for us today.” I’ve got news for you: that’s not true. It’s not true at all. Why don’t you go back then and let’s go down, all to Egypt and float down the Nile and we’ll float right down into paradise.

See, it can’t be done. See, Brother Branham brought it out, he said, “Noah’s message wouldn’t do for Moses, and Moses’ message wouldn’t do for Jesus.” It wouldn’t work.

Now if you think Wesley’s message is going to do for this day? People say, “Well, sure it will.” Well, where’d the Pentecostals come from? They were called of the devil.

Now they’re even endorsed by the late Pope John XXIII because his, I think, his sister or somebody spoke in tongues, was Pentecostal in Italy. Now there isn’t a pope that would dare to go against Pope John.

Why? Because Pope John was infallible and now this fellow is infallible. Why, you couldn’t… you couldn’t budge, you can’t bust tradition, but you sure make them bend and wobble. Thank God, God doesn’t bend and wobble. A lot of times we’d like God to bend and wobble.


I was a kid years ago; I used to carry what they called the “Irishmen’s Load”. Do you know what that is? You put everything on the wheelbarrow at one time and you get a hernia trying to push it.

So I would put my arm like this and put a stick up here to hold it, and I’d pile the wood, pile the wood up, pile up. I could barely struggle then and, being off the center of gravity, it would fall down and I’d cuss like a trooper.

One day I said, “You stupid idiot, if there weren’t laws there you’d tip over anytime.” You got off the center of gravity. You lost balance. So now when I trip over something, I try to think of those things instantly. If you got rid of your trips and your fallings and these things, where would nature be?

Now then if nature goes out of cater… you go out of cater with nature and nature doesn’t change the center of balance to help you, it stays perfectly steady, then why not believe in an unbending God for our own good?

It’s sufficient that He in grace saves us and helps us but don’t try to get around that Word where He nails it down. That’s what a prophet does, nails it down.


So people don’t like that business of saying, “Well, hey, there’s a portion of the Word for every hour.” Even this is misunderstood and Brother Branham said in 1 Corinthians 13,

1 Corinthians 13:9-12

(09) …we know in part, and we prophesy in part.

(10) But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is [a] part shall be done away.

(11) …I was a child [at one time and] …understood as a child, …thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

(12) For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then… I [shall] know… as… I am [also] known.”

Now, he tells you right there when “that which is in part is done away.”

Now people call themselves Bible students, and they say, see, they don’t understand that the prophecy here has nothing to do with the prophetic utterance of these men that are called prophets and the fivefold ministry Paul is talking of himself as the Word prophet, and he said, “We’ve been given this through a part; it’s part upon part.”

One age, two age, three age, four age, five age, six age and the seventh age comes the last part. “That which is perfect comes” means it’s all over, it’s finished. So he said, “What is perfect, come.”

He said, “We believe by God’s grace we have the perfect revealed Word for this hour; that is perfection.” And the prophet’s right on the nose, because when the Word is revealed as It should be revealed and is revealed in the last time, the thunders are there, the silence is there, the Seals are there, the polishing off, the finishing, the filling in is there.

And who does It? Jesus Himself standing at the door. Well, that’s Holy Spirit. That’s not Wedding Supper. That’s not a man standing there immortal. That’s what you see right there. Prophet, God; God, prophet. Right here.

We don’t venerate those but we certainly are happy we have them. No idols or statues around here but we certainly love the Lord that’s behind it all.


Now when that which is in part is finished, and this Bible is a book of prophecy. Why didn’t Jesus say it was finished? And didn’t he point to the end, it’s ended? Didn’t he call himself Omega, the great Creator?

Starting it, finishing it; God creating Himself in the form of human flesh. That’s the introduction to the third Church Age, the beginning of the creation of God which is God creating Himself in the form of human flesh.

We’re going to be in New Jerusalem which is God in human flesh in many bodies with King Jesus in human form over us and the Pillar of Fire over him and they’re one, and before we even call or say a thing, it’s already answered.

It’s there in front of us. The second Resurrection group bring their glory into the city. On hundred forty-four thousand stand there as they, as those who serve the Bride of Jesus Christ. These things are not understood.


We must never forget that this Bible is given to us by God through prophets in Hebrews 1:1. That’s where Brother Branham always went back to that. People don’t believe in prophets. They say it’s all over. God spoke in His Son.

What about Hebrews 12 where he speaks again? I’d like some answers from these witty people. I call them witty on purpose.

Hebrews 1:1-2

(01) God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers [in] the prophets,

(02) Hath in these last days spoken unto us [in] Son,

Doesn’t say even His Son, by His Son; It says in Son: God in Son. What’s that? The dispensation of the Son of God. He condescends as Pillar of Fire coming over Israel by the blood of bulls and beasts, then He condescended coming down in the form of a man, then He shed His blood.

Now the condescension is the Holy Spirit Himself came down, dividing Himself. And remember, before He divided Himself, He Himself had to come down to give a portion of Himself.

We’re right back now where it’s run out and the Holy Ghost baptism goes on to the Holy Ghost Himself back to Headship. See, that’s where we’re looking at.


That’s not hard to understand; my heavens, that has to take place. Billy Graham knows that.

There’s no person who claims to be born again that does not know that someday the tap is going to be shut off and Billy said, “Listen, after He comes and the Bride is gone, they’ll be having altar calls not knowing the Holy Spirit is not there anymore and they’ll go right through thinking they’re born again and everything else.”

Ten to one they’ll be speaking in tongues. God doesn’t necessarily take His gift, just the Giver’s gone.

What do you think a boy that courts a girl for quite a long time and gives her lots of gifts, then when they split he says, “Give me all my gifts back.” He said, “I’m taking my departure and I want my gifts.”

Now it’s been done; I don’t think it’s protocol. That’s kind of chintzy but I can understand human nature. Then again the girl might not want it. So I’m looking at this thing.

Just because the Bride and Groom is gone doesn’t mean the gifts wouldn’t be here because there’s still the maintaining factor of God Himself doing what He wants in spite of the devil.

Remember, God never did abdicate sovereign power; He let the devil have power but not sovereign power, “where the wrath of man will praise Him, but the remainder of wrath he doth restrain.”

There’s no power but is of God. Let’s understand that. So the devil can only go so far and no further; that’s exactly true.


So the Bible came to us by prophecy, Hebrews 1:1, and two thousand years ago God gave us Gentiles a prophet Paul and at the end time has promised us Elijah just before the world burns; he is to restore by revelation.

Just as John the Baptist, he will make ready the prepared people to introduce them to the Groom. Now all right.

Brother Branham spoke on that, prepared people, a little bit, not too much, but you understand that comes from the Book of Romans, I think it’s the 9th chapter or the 11th chapter on… I think it’s 9, on the vessels prepared unto honour and those were prepared unto wrath.

Indeed, those that are prepared unto honor were prepared by God.


Now he says in Luke 1,

Luke 1:17

(17) …he shall go before him in the spirit and power of [Elijah], to turn the hearts of the [children… I beg your pardon] the hearts of the fathers to the children, [even] the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.

In other words, they had to be prepared somehow to know something was going to happen and actually it was who it was going to happen, and this was the hour. It was the Messiah to be presented. See?


Now let’s go to Malachi 4:6 and we’ll finally get around to where we want to go by tomorrow morning.

Malachi 4:6

(06) And he shall turn the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

Now what was this to be that John was doing that was actually the principle that God wanted or had in mind and John was engaged in these things?

Now that’s not a Philadelphia lawyer’s argument. I know it sounds spun around in a circle but I want get you to the point. What was really his ministry all about? Introduce Messiah. All right.

What will William Branham’s ministry be about? Introduce Messiah. To do what? To get them ready!

Now listen, if that’s to take place at the Wedding Supper, which is the Coming and not the Appearing, the introduction is down here, not there, because you better be ready here or you ain’t going to make it there. And if you do get there, you are ready.

So somebody’s messed up and it ain’t me. I don’t care what anybody thinks. I’m a very logical thinker but this doesn’t need logic, this just needs opening your eyes and read. Now the prophet said, “There’s got to come a time…” I couldn’t find my list of quotations… Well, don’t even come to my house, you know.

Well, if you’ve been in my study down there, which isn’t a study; it’s not even fit to be called a hog pen the way I’ve let things go, and I’ve got reams and sheams of things scattered everywhere, and I couldn’t find my quotes that I wanted.

And I still haven’t found them. So, in there, I’m going to boggle this one but you know it anyway.


Brother Branham said, “There’s got to come a time when this One introduces the Bridegroom, the revealed Word.” Now this is under his ministry. Now remember, the Book of Matthew 25 says… “Behold, the Bridegroom,” and It doesn’t say “cometh.” It says “behold him.”

Now It says, “You come out to meet him,” which is Revelation 18:4, “Come out of her, my people.” See?

Now don’t ever put that word, you know, in there that’s “Behold, the Bridegroom cometh.” It doesn’t say “cometh.” It said “Behold, the Bridegroom,” because that’s Appearing. It’s later when they go into the Wedding Supper; that’s the Coming, because they’re caught up in the air. See? So you have to understand Scripture here.

So what is William Branham doing? What’s his message all about? It’s to introduce you to your mate, the One that you are to live with eternally. See? Now when It came down we found out He wasn’t one of three gods.

We found out, unless you were baptized in His Name, whatever you had, though it could be of God, you had to come right back there and correct it.

Anybody baptized wrong like I was had to come right back and be rebaptized. Now God took me on in His permissive will; it was fine, but when you come to this place, it’s not fine any longer because John the Baptist stands here.

And remember, half of that commission was fulfilled: the turning of the hearts of the children back to the fathers. Even Schofield saw that.

I don’t mean as though he were a type of vulgar student; he’s a great, wonderful man, but, I mean, when you just get things out of the study of the Word without being a prophet; it shows the anointing of God is upon you under reformers and a prophet comes on, just brings the whole thing into alignment.


But people thought Brother Branham came on the scene and condemned everything that these men taught. That’s nonsense. Brother Branham did not condemn Luther or Wesley and those men for what they taught. And if you read Wesley you’ll find that he didn’t teach the things they’re teaching today.

And if you’ll read Luther you’ll find out nobody teaching what Luther taught. Man, I’ve got his books and he’s right down the line with us. We came out of good seed when we came from Luther because we did come down from Luther. We came plumb on down through the harlot.

Let’s not be… you know, think we’re somebody because we aren’t anybody. And this last age is warned above all: don’t ever think you take pre-eminence over anybody. That’s what the Word said.

They that… they shall not precede us; we shall not precede them, the Bible says, which means to take a pre-eminence. We’re the sleaziest of the whole bunch.

Brother Branham’s vision showed the world church of America was the sleaziest thing under God’s high heaven. Now we came out of that. So if we smell like roses today, believe me, it’s only because of God’s great disinfected chamber, the Blood and the Baptism with the Holy Ghost; we don’t have one thing in ourselves worth a plug nickel.

Even our minds they’ve got to… they’re too full of flashing neon lights, got to come right down to the rivers that flow smoothly. Quiet waters, see, got to come on right down.


Now, to those who rebel against the last day prophet, they annul Hebrews 13:8 for God uses prophets to bring the Word and reveal the Word.

Now, you see, they don’t want anybody to get any edge on them, no, but they don’t want anybody to get an edge on them. They say, “Look, our church, we’ve got a great conclave of ministers here. Hey, we study. We’ve got the books. We’ve got the manuscripts.”

I don’t care if you have. I tell you, I read some manuscripts and they’re enlightening. Ho, man, if you go back to the beginning on some of those scrolls, you can see where a lot of this stuff came right from today.

Everything is a repeat. It’s interesting. I’ve got the books. I’ve found interesting things there. And Brother Branham would confirm and he’d say, “Absolutely,” because he read those books too. See?


Now these prophets are identified by God. First of all, they’re indicated or set forth in Scripture. If they’re not there, forget it. The next thing, they’re vindicated. That’s Deuteronomy 18, THUS SAITH THE LORD.

There’s two special kinds. There’s one kind that is not inferior though in a way it is lesser. That’s a good word: not inferior but lesser.

That man prophet has visions and dreams and God can speak in the inner ear. Then there’s the man like that where God comes down and speaks face to face. How many of those were there? I don’t know. Moses, Paul, and Brother Branham.

That much I do know. Some of the others? It could well be. You say, “What about Samuel?” No way, visions and hearing and the hearing is to see, because when he heard the voice of God he told the vision.

So when you see a vision you also hear. See?


Now, they have the Message of the hour. Now listen! For what good is that which lies behind except as an example or something to build on, and what good is that which lies ahead for the people who listen would be excluded, and the message mere telling more than vindicated truth.

So there’s got to be a Word for the hour in which you live.

You don’t care about the message Sam Jones preached and these other men preached. You weren’t with them; you needed the Word of the hour. Now if they were another generation they would need the Word of the hour. Ha, but this generation shall not pass away.

I’m praying daily for dear Sister Vincent. She’s what? she’s about ninety-one years of age? I think she’s about ninety-one years of age. She’s in a wheelchair some of the time, but she gets around, and I’m praying that she’ll be standing here for the Resurrection. For what reason? For God to be glorified.

To have some real old members standing here. I personally believe that most of the older ones are going to be taken away, but I’m not just personally thinking, that’s just something thrown in. Nobody thought we would be twenty years down the road.

I’m afraid some of it is twenty years down instead of twenty years up. That’s the travesty against the truth of Almighty God.


Now listen! This is the reason for Amos 3:3-8, what I just said a while ago. It’s got to be present truth.

Amos 3:3-8

(03) Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

(04) Will a lion roar in the forest, when he hast no prey? will a young lion cry out [in] his den, if he have taken nothing?

(05) Can a bird fall in a snare upon the earth, where no gin is for him? shall one take up a snare from the earth, and have taken nothing at all?

(06) Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the Lord hath not done it?

(07) Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secrets unto his servants the prophets.

(08) The lion hath roared, who will not fear? [There’s your Thunder’s, for it is the Voice of the Lion and Thunder’s came forth.] [And] the Lord God hath spoken, who can but prophesy?

There would have to be a prophet at the time of the Thunder’s. Now people don’t want to believe that. You know why? Because they’re taught different: they just won’t listen. Now if they won’t listen, what are you going to do? Walk on by. See? When a lion roars it’s like a rumble of thunder.


Now, this is exodus time, so what better at this point than to bring up Moses and Balaam, one of which was false to the Word? Directly showing Deuteronomy 18 and 15, both prophets spoke but one could only go so far and no further. One prophet had the Pillar of Fire, the brazen serpent.

He had all the Word, not part of the Word and he was exiting from the land into the land that God was giving him and taking the people with him. All right. That brings us up to date finally. Not too much time left, to the 11th page and the 50th verse.

[50]  Then its believers watch for the fulfillment of what their prophet said…

Now then, in other words, we’re telling right now those people who believe what we’re saying here, that God uses prophets; He’s got a Word or a Message for the hour. And you notice in history that’s absolutely true. Luther’s message did not bring the Wesleyans.

The Wesleyan message did not bring the Pentecostals, and we don’t brought it forth, there’s no way, and the Pentecostals could not bring this forth. There’s a difference. There’s a disparity. Pentecost message won’t do it for this hour.


Now you try to tell people that, they’ll rise right against you. See? It won’t work. And anytime anybody picks up that which is already been used of God, they are just as dead as dead can be. It hasn’t done one thing for them. It can’t do it.

Now some fundamental truth runs all the way through but you notice there’s always a major truth like Luther, believe, believe, believe. Now what do you do? Oh, just believe and you got It. Hogwash!

You believed when you started to get It, because as many as believed received the Holy Ghost. But if you say “I got the Holy Ghost” by just believing, you’re wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. You’ve got to go on. See?

Now some people say, “I’m sanctified. I shout and scream.” That’s wonderful. Go ahead. That won’t do it. People speak in tongues. That won’t do it.

That’s what Brother Branham said, he said, “The seals opened up and revealed the true baptism of the Holy Ghost.” Just, “Oh, I wonder if I got it. I wonder if I got it. I wonder if I got it. Oh, did I get the true baptism?”

You wouldn’t be sitting here if you didn’t. What’s he talking about? At the end time the Spirit falls on everybody.


Let’s read the Book of Acts. It’s just as clear as crystal here, my, my. If it got any clearer we just have to… I don’t know what we’d do. Now Peter speaking, “these are not drunk but Joel spoke of it.” chapter 2.

Acts 2:17-18

(17) And it [will] come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall [have] dreams:

(18) And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out… my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:

The same anointing on two groups of people: everybody gets an anointing, but one is God’s seed, the other is not God’s seed. As we know seed today, as in Christ Bride, because the Bride was… Eve was in Adam. Let’s not fool with the Scripture, brother, let’s just nail it right down.

The second Resurrection, no second Resurrection. Foolish virgin coming or no foolish virgin coming; we’re talking Bride. And my people are called by my name; that’s Bride.

What if somebody loved a fellow, his name was Ronald Smith. Maybe three girls loved him; one girl married him. The rest said, “Well, we love him too, so we’re Mrs. Smith also.” Ha! Fine barrel of cheese, that one, oh boy.


And then he said at that time,

Acts 2:19-20

(19) …I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke:

(20) The sun… turned into darkness, …the moon [to] blood, [See? That’s just] before [the] great and notable day [the tribulation sets in]

God anoints right across the board and Pentecost said, “We’ve got the genuine baptism because we speak in tongues, and we’ve got the peripheral signs of Mark 16 and Hebrews 2.” We’ll read it after a while. Uh-uh, forget it. There’s one great sign at this hour and that’s Jesus Christ Himself, the great Sign.

I’ll give you no sign but the prophet Jonas; as he was three days and three nights in the belly of the whale, so shall the Son of man be, and he came and proved the same one proving it right now the sign of the Resurrection in our midst, Jesus Christ, Hebrews 13:8 in the form of the Pillar of Fire working through a prophet, revealing the Son of man, the days of Son of man once more.

There’s only one thing left that’s taken up. He was here. Listen, brother/sister, I don’t care what anybody says, the prophet nailed this down. He nailed them down with the spikes of Almighty God. Sure. He doesn’t drag them either.


I was reading something here, wasn’t I? 50, we’re talking about it. Now, 50, because they… he said,

[50]  Then … watch its fulfillments of what the prophet said, and that’s identification that they are God’s prophets.

Now there’s… now let’s just get a little verse of Scripture on that here. I’ll use it here. I’m going to use it maybe later down the line again but I want to use it right now. It’s in 1 Corinthians 14,

1 Corinthians 14:36-37

(36) What? came the word of God out from you? or came it unto you only?

(37) If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you [they] are the commandments of the Lord.

Here’s a man with the Word. Here’s prophets that don’t have the Word. They’ve got to go along with the Word prophet. Now where did Paul get it? Pillar of Fire; face to face with God.

Where’s William Branham getting his? He said, “Don’t change one word.” Same Pillar of Fire face to face with God, he said, “See how wonderful, how wonderful.” He said, “See, the same Pillar of Fire that gave the Word to Paul is here revealing It.” You can’t get by that.


Now at the end time there’s going to be false prophets, scads of them. They’re going to show signs and wonders that all but the elect will be deceived, and it says “Very Elect” so this is going to be the most trying time on your nerves and your life spiritually you’ve ever had but you’ll have no worry.

It will try men’s souls. You bet it will. It’s meant to, until you come where the apostles were: “I don’t know anything else, but I know one thing: if this is wrong, forget it. We’ve got a conviction. You alone have the words of eternal life,” they said back to that man that stood there in flesh.

Now the same One standing in flesh is standing here today, not maybe in our church, no, I don’t say that, but He’s here and He’s saying the same words, “Do you want to leave me?” Why, Roman Catholics speak in tongues; they’re praying for the Pentecostals now. What a switch!

They’re all back to mother. I’m not against them doing it; I’m happy they are doing it. Sure, they need somebody. People need people. I’m not against that. I’m telling you it’s not the Word of God though, brother/sister. You can’t line with that stuff. There’s no way. See, just no way.


Now he said, “Right to this hour,” he said, “you’ve seen it.” And the same ministry repeats. I don’t care, listen, I don’t want to be sacrilegious, but let me get this flat so you know where I stand, if it was in a doorknob or Balaam’s mule came back, you don’t denigrate that Voice that’s been vindicated because that’s got to be God, because God doesn’t sell His integrity for two bits.

We’ll go into that later on. So in this last day you’ve got the same thing that Jesus said, “You going to leave me for these?”

Everybody’s on the bandwagon: gifts, this, that, and the other thing. Everybody’s got an anointing. Everybody’s showing signs and wonders. Everybody’s got the answer. Now Jesus said to the group, when the seventy walked off, he said to those apostles, “Will you leave me too?”

And they said, “Hey, we’re stuck.”

“Well, what do you mean you’re stuck?”

“Well, we’re stuck.”

“Oh, come on, you got a better answer than that. Give me some reasons.”

“Well, it’s this way: we believe that You alone have the words of eternal life and we can’t prove anything. We wouldn’t know how to go about it, but something tells me if this isn’t it, I don’t know, forget it.”

That’s where you’ve got to be. Where would I go today with what I believe? You say, “Well, why do you say that, brother?” Because this is final: I’m not sitting on the fence to tip one way or the other way; I’m on one side of the fence and the wall is too high to climb and I’m too old to jump and I wouldn’t trust any of you guys to push me up there anyway.

That goes for everybody that hears this tape. I’m just kidding you here, of course, you know that. No way, no, we’re stuck.



[50]  Then as believers watch for the fulfillment of what their prophet said, … [See, now they’re watching for it; they’re seeing something.] that’s the identification that they are God’s prophets.

Now here’s the point. I want to ask this question. Who was really looking for something definitive when William Branham came on the scene? It was very nebulous. One or two were looking for Elijah. That’s all it really takes, one or two.

Like Daddy Bosworth, he said, “I prayed, Brother Vayle. I prayed forty years for the ministry of Jesus Christ to return to this earth and there it is in that man.” What gave Daddy Bosworth the idea to pray for the ministry of Christ to return to the earth? Evidently, Matthew 4 and Matthew 12, the two chapters.


Show me one book of theology that even mentions that idea. Show me one person who thought of how it would be if it would be. Everybody wanted it but everybody believed they had it. “My church has got it. This church has got it.”

There’s some wonderful churches in South America. There’s a Pentecostal church built on a very wonderful man. Today the families are millionaires so I don’t know what that really does. They’re wonderful people, Pentecostal, but they were so wonderful you can’t tell them anything.

It’s not running them down but some of us were in the same boat. Rich, increased in goods, and didn’t lack a thing: tell me what I need. Ha, I’ve got it.

And know not you’re wretched, an object of pity. That’s what the Bible says. That word is pity: an object of pity, wretched, miserable. Really, if you saw it, you couldn’t stand yourself as well as that which is around you.

You’d have to come to the place where you’re screaming out to God like a sinner that didn’t know anything about religion or the gospel or Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit whatsoever.

Wretched, miserable, naked, blind, don’t even know it. What kind of a person’s that? Laodicean, right at this hour, by a Nicolaitan concept.


Now who saw anything? But when it came before us, we recognized in the seeing and in the hearing. Now he said:

[50]  Then its believers watch for the fulfillment of what their prophet said, and that’s the identification that they are God’s prophets.

Now once we got onto it we began to watch whatever the prophet said we’d knew it’d take place, that set up the stream and the pattern for those who weren’t where we were and say, “Hey, show me where a man’s word will do that.” Then they start coming to Christ. Why did they do this? Brother Branham said:

[50]  Because, first they’re inspired. [They’re inspired; they sure are.] Next, they say exactly what the Word of the hour. Then that’s his credentials.

Now we knew that in our instance that from events in history we were coming to a place, especially with Israel going to the homeland, where we knew something had to happen in the chronology of God’s sacred history. We knew something had to happen but we didn’t know what.

When a prophet came, I just knew this was a great man the same as you did. This was a phenomenon beyond a phenomenon. This was something to do with God Himself indicative of the area of time in which we are. And so it’s been proven out.

[50]  … that’s his credentials. [In other words, if the prophet isn’t with the Word and that which he says comes to pass under his ministry, you turn him down. Now it’s THUS SAITH THE LORD the man’s got.] [Now watch.] Many false prophets will rise. [We get that last Sunday, that’s July 25th, The Anointed Ones at the End Time.] And we gave the illustrations … how … Balaam and Moses, both … anointed with the same Spirit, [See?] one of them said, “Well, we’re all of one. Let’s come join, put our girls and all together. We got pretty girls over here, and you got boys come over here and take you take a nice wife. That’s all right, we’re all one people, anyhow, the same race.”


Mingling the seed, see; the antichrist does the same thing at the end. Now he’s already opened the door for Protestants and Catholics to read to Mary in front of the altar.

One time they couldn’t, but it’s okay now because the Catholics admit that they invented water baptism in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, and every Protestant baptized in Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is automatically a member of the Catholic Church because you’ve been baptized right, you have your entrance to heaven, so you’re now blessed. Now where’d that come from? They said, “All right…”

[50]  “That’s all right, we’re all one people, anyhow, the same race.” God never did forgive them for it. They listened to that.

All right now. The churches are coming together. We know that. What’s it under? It’s under a false anointing. In other words, the anointing itself is not false; but the people are false to the Word. They don’t watch the Word.

Now we’ve got a clue right there: never join anything. Don’t even join a local church except join yourself to the people in worship, centralized on God, but nobody has a membership book, no way, shape, and form.

[51]  See, the world and the people are watching for some little outlet, some little bypass, some little shortcut, but there are no shortcuts in the Word of God. There’s one Pattern. You must cut yourself to fit the Pattern, not try to cut the Pattern to fit you.

[In other words, don’t try to adjust God to your ways; adjust to God’s way because one day we’re going to die.] Everybody must do that. And that’s the only way that God has of doing it.


That’s by the revealed Word, not just Word. It takes God to reveal the Word because everybody’s in this Bible, you can take right here. I don’t care if the Catholic Church said, “That’s the history of the church and we wrote it.”

That’s the funniest thing I ever heard in my life. That’s a good way to keep me laughing for at least seven eternities. Phttt. What are they talking about?

That’s as good as a joke a Texan theologian, Roman Catholic Church in Texas said, why, he said…, “We’re tired of you people telling, you Protestants saying we murdered you Protestants. Why, it was you Protestants murdered us Catholics.”

When did the Protestants ever kill sixty-eight million Catholics? It’s right in the martyrology. Where’d they do it? I’m not fussing at the Catholics.

I’m talking about the church. The reason I’m saying this is because I just read an article last week or so in the Reader’s Digest where a Roman Catholic author who studied church history pulls out the same old sour nut. Well, he said, “Why did the church do this? Because they weren’t Christian.” And then stays in the same church?

That’s what Jesus said about the Pharisees, he said, “Your fathers put them in the tombs and you are literally the ones that did it in them and you’re going to do it now.” Right down the line. I got no fuss against them. You say, “What about the Protestants?” They’re the same type.

A Protestant’s no different, no different, because where the Catholic Church organized once and stuck with it, the Protestants organized time after time after time after time after time and haven’t stuck with it. Shows the Protestants only have a tradition. Murkier than mud water.



[51]  …cut yourself… to the Pattern….

[52]  Notice now, the believers wait for that Word to be confirmed. [Okay.]

He’s talking about events confirming, prophecy being confirmed by the Word that’s… by the events that are coming right now. Okay. In other words, there’s the vindication the prophet has and the events must occur and match the Word. And he said,

[52]  See, It’s not written by man, [That’s the Bible.] but by the Lord God, therefore It’s not a book of man.

That’s true, because man’s spirit wouldn’t… can’t write a Bible. Man’s spirit reveals man’s spirit; it reveals man. It doesn’t reveal God. I don’t care how smart the man is, without the rebirth there’s no way, because you’ve got to be in that Word.

That’s why the constant theme of our message up here is if we get right on this Word with the right spirit there is nothing that will stop us being in that Rapture. There’s nothing to stop our flow of love.

There’s nothing make us mad at anybody. We might be a little perturbed or upset at times, a little righteous indignation as Brother Pete brought out.

We won’t be angry without a cause; that’s Scripture. And love is not easy to provoke. It doesn’t say it isn’t provoked; it’s not easy to provoke. We’ll be coming right down the line because we’re still human, we’re fallible, but we won’t be in extremes.

We’ll be more patient, more meek, more within the line of the pendulum, not way out here, right in central. So don’t look for perfection here outside the Resurrection but look for growth, look for transformation. By the grace of God, we’re getting there. See? All right.


Man’s spirit is today is fulfilling oneness with God and with each other by ecumenism. Where is true ecumenism found? Okay, let’s go to the Scripture. 2 Thessalonians 2, and let’s read it.

2 Thessalonians 2:1

(01) Now we beseech you, brethren, by the [presence] of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him,

Now the Rapture hasn’t taken place. See? He’s dealing with the events that are coming up. Now he said our gathering is unto the Lord Jesus Christ, and if He’s Hebrews 13:8 show me where He changed His mind. Which of you convinces me of sin that finds me wrong in one word? Find me, he said, one word out.

Then the Bride is coming to Christ the Logos, the Word, fully revealed. We know it is He. We know it is what He’s saying concerning His own Word. Now we’re gathered to that Word, eating on that Word which has been breathed upon, giving us life, to transform us and put us into the Resurrection without even dying.

Now God had a time to do that. I’ve told you before how, in Genesis (3:22), he said, “Lest he put forth his hand, and reach and take the tree of life and live forever.” It showed that God had a time space already in His mind, six thousand years, when man would come to that, but He said man can’t come to it without the sacrifice.

Now the Old Testament saints were risen from the dead. They’re up there with Him somewhere. Where? Don’t ask me, I don’t know. But Abraham and those men are raised in the first part of the first Resurrection. All right.


Oneness today is by ecumenism. Oneness for us is gathering unto the Lord Jesus Christ the Word, the Message. See? And remember He came down to make Himself head of the Church, not some person.

[53]  Somebody said, “It’s just some old Hebrew writings.” Would the Hebrews write a letter that condemned themselves? Would that fine nation of Jews, [And they’re smart, buddy. Don’t think they’re not.] self-styled and polished,

In other words, they’ve had their own culture. They’ve not been molded by others. Oh listen, that’s what makes the world mad at that bunch. They’re feisty, everything else. If we were in their position we’d be pretty feisty too. I can tell you, we’d be… America had better watch because she will turn on the Jews.

You know, Rockefeller tried that when the oil crush came on. His bunch, they put big ads in the paper, smack down the Kikes and get on with the Arabs, and America revolted. People don’t like guys like Falwell and those, but I want to tell you: Falwell is a very valuable instrument in the hand of Almighty God.

Any man that preaches the gospel and lines up, never mind what the Jews look like, they belong there and they need our support. One day we’re going to forsake them. That will be the day that Russia wants to walk down and take over. And they will, don’t worry. America’s going to be judged because she built the image to the beast.

She’s rescued all the churches of Rome, and she rescued all the old Protestants too. They all the same thing; Momma and daughters is the same thing. Don’t ever differentiate except at this moment because they’re going to get together. See?

[53]  … self-styled and polished, would they write their own iniquities, condemning their own selves? Certainly not. Tell of his own sins, how they went into idolatry, how they committed fornications against God’s Word? No they’d never tell that, that proud nation.


How about organization? They gloss over it. Israel tried to gloss over it and God pinned them right down, He said [Inaudible]

He said, “You’re of your father the devil,” so don’t give me any of your nonsense.”

He said, “Don’t talk to me. I’m talking to you.”

That’s a kind of a way to put it, isn’t it? They tried to kill him. He just slipped right through their crowd. “Where’s he? Where’s he? Where’s he gone? Where’s he gone? Did anybody see him?” Nobody saw him. They haven’t seen Him this time either.

The old song, “Jesus is Passing this Way.” He certainly is, and He’s not through passing because the Pillar of Fire takes us into the Millennium. Never forget that. See? People just get a little bit worried about those terms, up and down. You forget those terms up and down.

He came down, period. And that wasn’t just in condescension. The condescension took place to restore everything; this is glorification. Yes, sir. This is God calling the notes we’re marching to. See?

[54]  It’s not a book of man, [Certainly not.] It’s a Book of God. And the men who see the visions or hear the Voice of God, never understood it (many times) themselves, in many cases. [That’s right. No way.] See? Man didn’t write the Bible. God wrote the Bible. It’s not a man’s book, It’s God’s Book. It is God’s thoughts expressed through human lips.

[Now you keep that in mind. In other words, it’s God in print, and actually Logos.] That’s what makes It the Bible. A thought expressed is a word. And in the beginning was God’s thinking, He expressed It through the lips of His prophets and confirmed It by His servants.


That’s right. Now it says He expressed it through the lips of His prophet. This could be two thousand years ago, and I just looked up Jacob’s prophecy to Israel; it was thirty-seven hundred years ago. See?

It was said back there. Now what’s going to really make the fulfillment of much of that prophecy that Jacob had when their Elijah, the fifth time, the spirit of Elijah comes on the scene with Moses? See?

Now he says here it comes to the prophets and confirmed by the prophets. Now you well know that we read in Amos here already, that 3rd chapter.

Amos 3:7

(07) Surely the Lord God will do nothing but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Now in every case the servant is not a prophet. He doesn’t need to be.

For there is a revelation of redemption in its simplicity that’s continued from the beginning and when he said, “Destroy not the oil and wine,” he meant what he said and it never was destroyed, so that did not take a prophet to revive that.

There were people being born again all the time coming up through the mire.


Many protested the organization which they’re in. Then came Luther, a reformer, but he was a true servant of God. In fact, many people still call him a prophet, once in a while Brother Branham lets it slip that he is a prophet but he was not the caliber that William Branham was.

He would be a five-fold and being a five-fold he would not come to the place of perfection that this man came to, because Paul said, “If any man thinks himself a prophet or spiritual, let him acknowledge what I write, not somebody else writes, but what I write is the commandment of God.” (1 Corinthians 14:37)

So he supersedes all authority right next to God because he is God to the people, just like Moses; Paul, same thing; now William Branham.

So William Branham would come on the scene for that which those men could not apprehend because it took a prophet of this caliber. See? Not even the caliber of the five-fold, which is tremendous because they were, Agabus and those men, tremendous, but it takes this caliber. Okay.


So the confirmed Word of the Scripture coming by lips, not the mind but the lips only, then confirmed down the road, so it’s always current and events will bear out the hour.

Now we look back in history and we place Luther: they had a name that thou livest, and were dead already. (Revelation 3:1). They could’ve gone back so easy and they did by organization. But mighty men begin to spring forth in the Reformation. Now:

[55]  God does His Own choosing, [He’s talking about prophets.] by predestination, He chose the prophets for every age.

Now that means there has to be an unfolding, magnified revelation of God’s purpose in redemption until it necessitates an end time prophet to end it by revealing it all.

And at that time God will be His own prophet because Alpha is Omega, and the first intimation of revelation of redemption was by God Himself face to face with Adam and Eve.

You say, “Face to face with Adam and Eve? That means we see Him face to face.” Didn’t I read in the Bible you do? Well, you saw William Branham, you weren’t looking at man; you were looking at God, temporarily, temporarily. Why did we go to those meetings all the times we went? To see God in action!


The man was fine: nobody more wonderful than Brother Branham, like Brian, quoting me, “Brother Branham was close to a Millennial man I’ve ever seen.” He certainly was a Millennial man in many respects, but not fully; he wasn’t glorified yet. And I’m sure he wouldn’t give up what he had, I mean, give up that for this.

He wants the Millennium just like we, and he’s in good position to get it now, pretty soon now, because he’s the last one over. The last messenger’s gone. The last one that took the Word. Then who is here? God Himself. Because like John the Baptist, William Branham said, “He must increase and I must decrease.”

How could you ever say that about any prophet? It would take God and would God Himself…say, “John the Baptist, greatest men ever lived born of a woman.” They say, “Now, hold it.

How in the world could he be greater than Moses?” You ask God. Now God didn’t ask me; He told me. And John said he’s got to… “I’ve got to decrease that He may increase.”

Now if John the Baptist was the greatest, which he was, what are you going to do about that? If William Branham was the great prophet of this hour, what are you going to do about him?

The next one’s got to be God and that’s what It says in Malachi: God and Elijah. “If I didn’t send Elijah,” He said, “I’m going to burn it all up.” So there you see it.


Do you see, wonder, why I’m preaching this way? I’m preaching this way, brother/sister, because there’s another spiral coming, that’s why.

You always got to go back to the prophet before you hit a… when you hit a plateau, you always got to start with the prophet again and you spiral upwards. I wouldn’t preach this way if I didn’t believe something greater is coming.

In other words, a further revelation of this Word for more transforming power because I’m looking steadily at one thing: there’s got be this love come into the Church: it’s already here but it’s got to manifest, and it’s not going to manifest until God’s people are solid and sound, because this is one thing that is not going to be wasted, because right after that comes the Resurrection.

Here’s where we’re coming. There’s no way because the prophet said so. I will not take back what the prophet said. There’s no way. We look for what he said. We believe what he said and it’s coming.


Now, see:

[55]  God did His Own choosing, by predestination, chose a prophet for every age.

At the end time God Himself is His own prophet. He is here. Brother Branham said, “The Elijah of this hour is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Not man, God, but it comes by a prophet.”

Again he said,… “Our Joshua is the Holy Spirit to lead us to the Millennium.” And Joshua is Jehovah Savior, just happened to be the Greek for Jesus, that’s all. I mean the Hebrew for Jesus. So there you are. Now, notice, oh, we got time.


It says:

[55]  He fixes the nature of that prophet to fit the age.

In other words, the nature of the man will be vastly different from the nature of the age. Now he won’t conform to the age. Could you see a prophet coming on the scene so sleazy as to be wretched, miserable, naked, and blind, doesn’t know it?

To see the American church so rotten, filthy that they’ve got all their clothes off except the fig leaf in front, the buttocks is entirely bare and the breasts are entirely bare. That’s heathenism. That’s sexual worship. That hasn’t got a thing to do with God. See?

He’s going to be different because he has to confirm truth and condemn error. He’s got to do it, so he himself is different. And he as a person becomes a rebuke in that hour. He might appear to be crazy, a nitpicker, a woman hater. You call him what he wants, if you want.

He is contrary to them and they are contrary to him. Now, if you think that wasn’t true, you follow William Branham same as you follow John the Baptist.


And I’m going to tell you one thing: if people in this land had the authority like old Herod did and old Pilate did, they’d had his head off long ago. He wouldn’t have died in a car wreck. They’d just… they’d have blown his head off. When that gun blew up they thought, they thought, “Oh boy, that’s good.

God almost got that dirty guy William Branham.” I know there’s more than one person said, “That false prophets been killed good.” “Wait, how do you know?” Because one person did say it so there’s got to be more.

When you see one rat, there’s lots of rats around. It’s just a matter of the dark. Now that he’s been gone so long they’re all coming out of the woodwork now.

For about eighteen years nobody dared to call Brother Branham anything but what he was, except one or two that were completely obnoxious and that took a German guy in Germany to write a book that is so filthy and it’s so disgusting it’s immoral. And a man from South Africa did the same thing, same principle.

I wrote a book; it’s right with the Word of God. I’m going to pat myself on the back. I know it’s just God’s doing, not mine. If I didn’t have inspiration I wouldn’t have written it. No way, shape, and form. All right.

[55]  He fixes the nature of that prophet to … that age. [Fits the age.] See, He fits his style, what he does. [Okay, fits his style. That would be what he enjoys in life, his culture patterns, his lifestyle, how he likes to be alone or with people, and his life among the people, not just the pulpit, but he will put God first and love and do His will. Now that’s his style.] He fits him whether he’s educated or not educated. [All right.]


A prophet seemingly, if you know what a prophet is, would need little or no education because God puts His Words in his mouth. Let somebody else write them. That’s what he had scribes for. The prophet said it and the man would say, “Now just a minute.

You said it too fast.” He said, “I’ll say it again.” He said it word perfect. Do you know Brother Branham could do that? You know his own speech was this, he said, “Look, I’m the only man that can tell it as it is seen and the only man can say it as it was said.”

Now an educated person can’t do that. Ah, no, he has to have a photographic mind and even he couldn’t do it. So do you see what kind of a man the prophet is?

He is truly unique and furthermore, talking of education, no truly educated people, except they’re stuffed shirts, a truly educated person, except for a stuffed shirt, will overlook grammar.

Yup, I’m sure that the person who found a great diamond was not panned because he wasn’t educated; he was elevated because he was lucky. But here’s a prophet that can tell it word for word and picture for picture.

He can tell your dream that you forget; he’ll tell your dream right to the letter and say, “Hey, you forgot this,” or “You added this,” or say your thinking is wrong. He’ll tell you right now. Truly educated people overlook that stuff for they see the whole man and they understand the purpose where he is.


Furthermore it says,

[55]  He fits the gifts, [God gives him gifts] the manner that he’ll preach in, (“haint,” “tote,” “fetch,” and so on) the gifts he’ll have.

His gifts will be authentic and suit the hour of the role that the Holy Spirit is using, in this case Elijah, rugged, real. John the Baptist, uneducated; John got his learning from the desert and he sure knew what he was talking about.

William Branham went to the seventh grade but one day when the people were, you know, panning him, he said, “Yes, I only went to seventh grade,” he said, “but, believe me, I knew what was in those books.”

In other words, don’t push me too hard. You don’t have to have beyond a seventh grade education. Look it, I could have quit school at grade eight and be just where I am right today. You say, “Well, that’s no advertisement.” Maybe it’s not, maybe it’s not, but maybe it is.

Sure, they took my essays and things up from grade six into high school, said, “If you do as good as this kid, you’re doing something.” I could’ve quit. I look back and wish I had quit. I didn’t go any place with it. I’m not pleading for ignorance.

I’m just telling you, look; just don’t put a premium where it doesn’t belong. I don’t put a premium on ignorance or the lack of education, not for a minute.

You’ve got to be educated for certain areas. You don’t have an education for other certain areas. God’s got an economy like that; it sticks out like a sore thumb. Why do you think He gets people in the beginning were all, that were farmers?

Adam knew more from God in five minutes than the world knows about agronomy right now by studying and living it all these years, almost six thousand years. All right.

He suits his gifts. They will be authentic and suit the role of the hour. What’s the role of the hour? Presence, the days of the Son of man, the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, the days of Lot, of Noah, the role is there. All right.


Well, we’ll keep reading.

[55]  And the Message for that certain age, God’s predestinated that certain thing to happen and there’s not another thing can take its place. [Then you see there’s a message. Now watch this message.] [Don’t] Care what it is, how many man-made achievements, nothing can take its place. He predestinated the man maybe an ignorant man, He might have predestinated him another kind of a man. Whatever he is, He gives him his class, his gifts, his nature, his style, and whatever it is, how he expresses himself, and whatever he does. And He makes the man of the hour to catch the people of the hour.

In other words, He brings the Message, and a way of life, manners, gifts, everything, to bring those men right in where He wants them. What about Billy Graham? He’s not a prophet but he’s doing exactly what God wants done. What about Oral Roberts? Exactly what’s supposed to be done!

Yes, absolutely, all these men are right in there.

You’re in the place where God wants you. I don’t care whether you think you’ve got an evidence of being saved or not, or what you’re doing; you’re right where God wants you, or He’d put you someplace else. Let’s not get ourselves fussed up with these things.



[55]  … to catch the people…

There’s your three pulls. He had a sign in the hand, discernment of the heart, then the Word of God came forth. Okay, the sign of the hand brought confusion. People ran for it. Discernment, everybody began discerning. Now at the end time, what happened?

The Word of God came; people are taking the Word that he said, applying it their own way. And I’m not talking about us that follow the Message.

You can hear Brother Branham preach to almost around the world by people who don’t believe him, but they like what he said, so they don’t say one thing about Brother Branham; they’ll take what he said and adapt it to their own way.

When you do that, you’re putting a new patch on an old garment. Blooey, that’s horrible. You might as well try to patch a broom with a piece of rubber and a flatiron, hot iron.

It’s not going to work. Put new wine into the old skins, blows them apart. Why, you can blow a glass bottle apart doing that, never mind a goatskin that’s going to fall apart anyway. See?


Most of the people came to see the sign and the miracles and they ran off. They saw a discernment; they left. Some saw all three and they pressed on with God. But I’m going to tell you something: after his death there was no more the sign in the hand and no more discerning.

Those had to come by testimony to the prophet and the Word of Almighty God. And if they liked and said, “This is what the prophet said. This I understand.

This rings a bell with me,” and I know from experience, people have told me how they read certain things of Brother Branham and it just rang a bell. They said, “That’s it.” Didn’t understand a word but they said, “That’s it.”

Sure, God deals with people over this Message, even visions, supernaturally. People crying unto God. Nobody can get to that person, so God says, “You fly to Jeffersonville, Indiana.” Where in the world’s that? That’s over in the States. Fly here, do this, do that, whatever it is. See?



[56]  At the end of each age, when the church has turned to the world and sin, and leaning upon man’s interpretation of the Word. [And at each age it does that; it goes to man’s interpretation. Why? Because they want to bypass the Pattern. They want to bypass their sinning. They won’t fit the Pattern. Why? Because the Word is contrary to them and they’re contrary to the Word.]

As ever, they always, … get in such a mess by their theologians and priests until its always a mess-up. Always their interpretation is wrong, not one time has it ever failed to be wrong. And not one time has God’s Word ever failed to be right. That’s the difference.

Now it takes time to prove this but history proves it. We were not here to see history proved. It’s vindicated this hour what we believe. We don’t look to history but history proves what we stand for and what’s going on. It sure does. Yes, sir.


Now they get in a mess by their theologians. That’s right. Why do they get in a mess? Because men organize on a truth, the truth produces the denomination; the denomination produces the organization, because they take man’s way to protect truth.

They formulate a doctrine but then they stop there, instead of waiting for more light. That’s why all organizations swear they have the truth. When light comes anew, it is rejected and their light becomes darkness to them and they lose what they had.

The Bible says so. Said, beware when your light becomes darkness (Luke 11:35). It does become dark. The manna becomes stale and wiggly worms in it; the worms eat it. It becomes dark, it absolutely does.

And then it says, he said, even a man what hath will be taken from what he has, taken away from him (Matthew 25:29).

And they get up there, dead in Pentecost in judgment day and they say, “Lord, I cast out devils.” And Pentecost won’t be the only ones saying it; every denomination will be saying, because they’re all on the same bandwagon.

“And we prophesied in Your name, did so and so.”

He said, “I never knew you.” Even what they have is taken away.

“Well, just a minute, Lord. I gave everything I had to feed the poor.”

He said, “I’m sorry, it doesn’t work.”

“Well, I did great. I really,I repented, and I tried to make things right.”

“Well, that’s wonderful, but you didn’t believe the Word of the hour. See, you didn’t believe Me. You believed what you wanted to believe about Me. What I wanted you to believe about Me I showed you; you turned down.”


Now, come on, that’s the Word of God. That’s concerning those false prophets, brother/sister, and the people that follow them because this thing was not done in a corner.

Mattson Bose and he would know well; he’s flown around the world and into Africa many, many times, and he said years after Brother Branham’s campaign in South Africa down there in Pretoria or wherever it was, Johannesburg and all through there, he said even the airline pilots were talking about that great meeting down there. It went plumb around the world.

People say, “Well, I never heard of him.” You know why you didn’t hear of him? Your preachers turned him down. Your organizations turned him down. They couldn’t afford to have him. Couldn’t afford to have him?

My God, it would have brought the Millennium on. He’d have given them eternal life. They chickened out. They got scared. What’s to be scared of? God’s not to be afraid of, not at this point, not in this hour.

Reverence, respected, loved, but not feared in something abject where He’s going to take something from you. I tell you if He takes anything from you it’s your sin and your disease.


Man, bring on the anointing, let me tell you. You get a healthy soul, you’re wide open for a healthy body and a healthy pocketbook.

What are people wanting anyway? You know what they want? They want to push God off the Throne and get their own little puny being up there. I don’t want a man on my throne. I don’t want to be on my throne either, phooey.

I know what Lee Vayle is and what he ain’t too. Forget it. If you got confidence in me, you got the wrong end and you’re going to fall just flatter than a fritter. It won’t work. I’m trying to get confidence in God. Point to Him and whom we know today as we’ve never known before.

We’re not looking through a glass darkly. Not anymore. But even the Light is on the shewbread, what you’re eating.

Brother/sister, look, everything depends on light; light has warmth. People want to get warmed up; get to the Word. See, prayer’s good but don’t get on a bandwagon of prayer. The Bible distinctly says, “He that doesn’t hear my Word, I won’t hear his prayer.”

Where does that leave man then? Leaves him where we want our Church based, right on this Word. I don’t say we’re there yet but we’re trying; we’re going to keep trying. See?


Now God’s Word never failed. It isn’t going to fail either. See? There’s always… their interpretation’s wrong. Not one time ever failed to be wrong.

You can see why God had to send a servant, usually a prophet, or a reformer, but at the end time it’s going to take a prophet, absolutely. There’s no way out. The Reformation won’t do it.

[57]  Now you see… [We’re going to close now pretty quick here.] Now you see, God wrote the Bible, Himself. Now, God can speak. Moses said He spoke to him. Jeremiah said, “He put Words in my mouth.” And God can write. He wrote the Ten Commandments with His Own finger He wrote on the walls of Babylon.

[He wrote in the sand, too.] And, remember, of the Old Testament alone, two thousand times the prophets said, “THUS SAITH THE LORD!” [Now that’s fantastic, two thousand times.] God can speak, and God can write.

You see? Now when God says, “THUS SAITH THE LORD,” you know that the thing has got to come to pass or it’s not God, because God will not back up His integrity, because He’s the way, the truth, the light, well He will not back up a man’s word; He’s only going to back up His Own Word.

He said, “I stand by My Word, behind My Word to perform It.” Literal translation.

Not my word, not your word, but if His Word is in your mouth, you being a true servant of God, a prophet, that Word has got to come to pass, then people have got to listen to you. I’m using wrong English, “have got”, but I’m doing it on purpose. I want to nail it right down.

You are obligated, it’s incumbent upon you, it is demanded, you are condemned without it; now that’s strong language but that’s the way it’s got to be because, now look it, I’m not God.

My preaching can condemn me, don’t worry, amen. They said, a guy said, “Well, when I point my finger at you, I’ve got three more if not four pointing back at me.” So don’t ever think that anybody’s up here trying to tell you something that the preacher doesn’t have to knuckle down to, and even more so. All right.

[57]  Almost ninety percent of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, are the very Words of God Himself, Jesus Christ speaking.


As I said the other day, those were just scribes under anointing. What about a prophet? He’s a billion miles ahead of a scribe. “Behold, I send you a prophet, wise men, and scribes.” The prophet is the man who gives It. The rest are those that teach It and the scribes are those that only write It down or read It to you verbatim.

But the in-between ones, the five-fold ministry break it down and try to help you to see many related scriptures and facets, so you say, “Hey, I can build my faith on this. Wonderful!” I’m going to tell you, no house is built on a true foundation unless there’s four points in the foundation.

In other words, even the basement has got to have four concrete pinions in it or whatever you put down. So therefore, the more you get of this Word revealed to you, the better off you are. All right.

[57]  So, if God can write, if God can read, if God can talk, can’t He cause others to do the same?


Well, didn’t God say, “Who makes man dumb, or who makes him speak? Who kills and makes alive?” (Exodus 4:11)

See, people just… Brother Branham is reasoning here, trying to show the people: “Listen, this ministry is authentic. Please, listen. Not for my sake but for your sake.” If it was for his sake he could have walked out, fah, thirty years ago. Been dead twenty. Forty years ago, fifty years ago, he could have walked out. What did he stay around for?

The same reason Paul did, he said, “I’d sooner go and be with God but,” he said, “for your sake, I better stay,” and that depends on God too. But when it was time for Brother Branham to go, it meant one thing: it meant that we had to learn to walk by faith now, the real faith, and faith in Jesus Christ, and let the One that’s here now take on greater authority and greater praise and magnification.

[57]  So, …can’t He cause others to do the same? Did not He say to Moses, “Who makes man dumb or who gives him speech?” [Well, I quoted that.] God wrote the Bible by the prophets, His way of doing it.

Now if He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever and He speaks in the prophets, won’t He do it today? And won’t the word of the prophet be the very Word of the hour, God with us, and that’s exactly right.


Well, our time is pretty well run, about a quarter past twelve, I guess it is, somewhere in that area. All right. We did good today. We…what did we do? Covered about eight paragraphs in two hours, somewhere in that area. So we’ll be here for the rest of the year.

This is horrible. Thirteen pages: I planned to get to page 16 and I’m only on page 13. Wednesday night then, Lord willing, we’re able to take punishment and I’m able to stand up here with you, we’ll have a service, I trust. I trust you’re getting help.


I repeat again, we’re trying to show you what Brother Branham, I think, spent maybe forty percent of his time on, pleading for his ministry.

And if you understand the ministry is absolutely God manifested, understand what God is doing in this hour, then, brother/sister, your confidence will know no ends as to your faith in this Word; you come to the full assurance of faith.

And Abraham did not come to the full assurance of faith until the visitation from God, just before the fire fell on Sodom. And when the fire fell on Sodom, the son was conceived and brought forth upon earth.

Remember, it took that to get their body changing. We are in the same process. Every type and shadow points to it and we’re going into immortality now.

We’re already entered the… well, the process of the Rapture, the process of catching up. Time and eternity have blended and yet we just don’t let this just saturate our minds and our comprehension down in our souls until we become a born again soul in its true reality. We’re being birthed into it but, my, we’re so slow. See?


The process of the ever increasing knowledge to the transformation of our very cells is going on. See, one of these days… look, brother/sister, let’s face it, Abraham had the same process going on and one morning he woke up; he was changed; he found himself changed. You and I will not escape the footsteps of faithful Abraham.

See, the trials are all here just like he went through, the dark periods, the constant affirmation of what God said. And Abraham was a prophet himself and God dealt with Abraham. Now God dealt with the prophet in this hour. Now He’s dealing with you and me.

How? By His literal Presence in the Pillar of Fire and by the Holy Spirit within us we have… look it, it said, what they in the world’s vernacular, it’s a lead-pipe cinch [a complete certainty].

As Brother Branham said in the spiritual vernacular, “Here’s the jury” I mean, “Here’s the Judge and the Attorney and the Jury and Jesus Christ is all three.” He said, “Case dismissed.”


You have got to have your confidence where it belongs and that confidence is not in you, period; you had nothing to do with that. You had nothing to do with it. When it came on the scene, like me, you were just a dumb dodo.

You couldn’t recognize; you knew something was there but that was it. What was there? What was there? Oh God, what was there? And the prophet began to tell it and when he did they walked off. We didn’t walk off; we stayed and said, “Tell us more. Tell us more.” We got greedy and guzzly, and we wanted it all in a nutshell.

We get up in the mornings, went down to Jeffersonville, got up at four in the morning or five in the morning and got down there and stood outside three hours or so, maybe four, got in church where it was hot and pretty soon your eyes were getting glued, tears coming down, saliva dribbling out of your mouths, waiting for the magic word.

I even fell asleep sometimes which is unusual because I’m not a sleeper, waiting for the magic word; the magic Word is being given all the time.


I didn’t know a growth process, a transforming process. Not something in fifteen seconds. It’s been going on for twenty years now since he left.

I’m going to tell you something: the prophet said, “Twenty-five, a hundred, maybe ten, maybe tomorrow.” Who knows? But you got to start right there. You turn that down, you turn it all down. The more you know That, this is come to life. The more you and I come to life.

It’s not heaping honour on a man; it’s heaping honour on God and His ways. You and I alone of all people in this earth, I’m talking of those that follow this Message, not this local little group here. We above all people on earth understand what others have no way of knowing, and this is that Shout.

This is that Shout that leads us to immortality; we’ll bring the dead out of the ground. They’ll be changed first, but they without us cannot be made perfect. There’s going to be a summoning because we’ll be busy talking to each other in a glorified form. The world won’t see it; we’ll be in a dimension. I’m sure it’s going to be a dimension.

We’ll be together. If you want to meet some saint over there in Jerusalem, you just go over and see him, that’s all. Why not? Travel like a speed of thought. It doesn’t take a Millennium to do that.

When you’re changed, you’re changed, period; Millennium’s just another setting for you. And the summons, he said it’s time to quit talking and fellowshipping now; it’s time to see Him that did it all.

That’s when that Spirit within our midst becomes incarnate to us. We crown Him King of kings and Lord of lords, Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, the Mighty God, Son of God, Son of man, Son of David, Holy Ghost, Lily of the Valley, Rose of Sharon, All Together Lovely. That’s it.

Let’s rise.

Heavenly Father, we thank You, Lord God, for such a Word that just doesn’t… It just doesn’t have one word, Lord, that can’t grow and grow and grow and grow and grow, Lord.

There’s not one thing, Lord, that’s said about You and Your people that just doesn’t take on added weight and added factors, facets, that glisten and glow. There’s none of those things, Lord, that are reserved from us.

They’re all open before us today and we thank You, Lord, that it warms our hearts as we speak about Him that You sent upon earth, and we know it has to warm our hearts because You said, “He that receiveth whomsoever I send receiveth Me.”

And even though, the organizations of this world said William Branham was a man sent from God, and a man wrote a book on it, but I don’t know why people change their minds.

I believe I suppose they feel, Lord, that You sent a man and the man let You down, but I don’t know where a prophet could do that, because the prophet said he was in a tube.

And so, Lord, I know that nobody could let You down, not this late in the hour, there’s no way, shape, and form, no way. Why would anybody want to let You down that had access like that man had access? And why would we want to turn when we’ve had such access?

No way, Lord, we… we’re happy this morning for the warmth of revelation and the glow that You place in our souls, Lord, and the desire, Lord, to know You, Whom to know right is life eternal, even more and more, that face to face, Lord, may increase and, Lord, Your Will and our lives may be totally in power so that we just no longer even desire anything of ourselves, Lord.

Father God in heaven, help us at this hour to be molded in Your image as never before, to be as Paul was, and William Branham was, and Moses, and those men, Lord, Isaiah, all those great men of God; they were bond slaves, actual prisoners.

Help us, Lord, to be that today. We know our words aren’t going into the air, Lord, and not being received by You. We know they are because You put this hunger in our heart to that end and though we may be a little bit slow, Lord, in fact, we may be even rebellious at times, Father, we know that You have a way of dealing with us and You’ll see the whole thing come through, Father.

We’re depending on that. There’s not one Word’s going to fail. Not one Word’s going to fail, no way, shape, and form, but to those that You call are coming in, Lord, and they’re going to be prepared, made ready, absolutely, for that day.

So, Father, now, bless each one, whatever the needs of the people are, we pray, O God, You’d meet all of those needs to every single one of us.

There won’t be one of us that is not taken care of, Lord, it’s in the measure of our need, whatever that is: could be healing, Lord, could be financial, could be jobs, could be anything, what it is, could be a more personal walk with You, which would be the best of all.

And that’s one we’re, I suppose, every single one of us has upon our heart to just be more intimate with You and more in love and just more at ease in Your Presence and just everything God and His glory until we see nothing but God.

Like the old fisherman said, “Son, I, in fifty years, ain’t seen nothing but God.” Lord, let that be our testimony too: nothing but God.

And unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be all power and honour and glory, especially, Lord, from us here because we’re interested to that depth, be all power and glory through the Name of Jesus Christ, our blessed Savior. Amen.

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