Events Made Clear By Prophecy #07

#1885 /
Brother Lee Vayle

Shall we pray:

Heavenly Father, we are in wonderment concerning the song we just sang awhile ago, How Lovely Are thy Dwelling Places, knowing, Lord, that the dwelling place that You’ve picked was not in buildings that man made but in the hearts of men and as Stephen said, “You always resist the Holy Ghost.”

So Lord, we know that Your dwelling place is by the Spirit and we’ll not take into ourselves or arrogate it to ourselves the privilege of calling ourselves lovely which indeed ourselves we are not but You have given us the loveliness of Jesus Christ our Savior, imputed to us and given us Your own righteousness which is the Holy Spirit.

And so we appreciate, Lord, what You have said about us and may we never forget it, and may we never make You a liar, Lord, about this because man wants to have a mock humility instead of a true humility, and we find we’re no different from anybody else.

We need help, Lord, to have our minds completely renewed so that we can get away in that Rapture that we’re all talking about and we’re so sure we’re a part of having been led thus far we don’t believe we’re going to stop short of crossing the river and the great God Himself, the Holy Spirit, is going to take us up there at the  Wedding Supper.

Now Lord, may we this morning learn even a little more concerning how You are doing this, how that the prophet preached on the events or the circumstances of the Rapture. And what we’re looking at right now are circumstances, events; events that make clear the Word of God, and are made clear by the Word of God. It all works together.

So we humbly ask You today to help us and we believe You will hear us, and we believe that You will help us, in Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

You may be seated.


Now in the message last night we finished off by reading from The Voice of the Sign [64-0313], and making some comments, of course, on it, and from the first few paragraphs because that’s how far we got which was really a recap from the sermon before.

We saw that the prophetic office which manifested the sign, that is how do you call the prophetic office because I don’t want to simply tabulate a person as a prophet. There’s an office involved there because he’s just a regular fellow like we are, predestinated, not any different from us. It’s all the same.

So we saw that prophetic office which manifested the sign of that office which was a voice to the people who saw the manifestation. Now that’s not ambiguous. It’s just plain simple truth that the prophetic office demands a sign, and when that sign is seen that literally becomes a voice to the people.

Now the Bible language is a little different from what you and I expect as very highly educated and very highly trained people who know just the right word to use in the right place which is a lot of hogwash.


1 Samuel 3:15 now this is after Samuel heard the voice of God speaking to him and he said, “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth.”

1 Samuel 3:15

(15) And Samuel lay until the morning, and opened the doors of the house of the LORD. And Samuel feared to shew Eli the vision.

Now he didn’t see a thing. He heard. Yet it’s called a vision, so therefore, you see with your ears. Yet now what is it really telling about. It’s telling the fact that it doesn’t matter what you see and hear those are receptacles. They touch the nerve like the auditory nerve and the optic nerve and it is the brain that gets the message.

Now everything you look at gives the brain a message. Everything that has a voice, so therefore, when you see the prophetic office in manifestation, and there’s got to be something that designates it as the prophetic office then that man in there is a prophet or he couldn’t have the office.

Like Brother Branham said, “The man and the Message is one, and the man and the ministry is one.” See, right down the line. So then it says here…

1 Samuel 3:21

(21) And the LORD appeared again in Shiloh: [Now notice, the Lord appeared gain in Shiloh]: for the LORD revealed himself to Samuel in Shiloh by the word of the LORD.


Now in the little town of Peace, that little town Shiloh, God gave a revelation of Himself and the Scripture tells us that that revelation was by the Word. Now you know many people like to get a little curious about God, and I’m not at all offended, and God’s not offended but you better be careful who you are.

Moses said, “Well, I… well, Lord,” he said, after everything Moses had gone through, he said, “I’ve got to have something else,… Lord,… if Your mercy is with me and Your grace,” and he carried on and on, he said, “let me see You.”

God said, “No way can you see My face and live.” See? And so Moses pushed a little farther and God said, “Well, I tell you what I’ll do,” He said, “I’ll put you in the cleft of the rock.”

So He put Moses in the cleft of the rock and that’s kind of like you know where you get down in these caves so you can’t be touched by the radium and you can’t be touched by the, you know out here the atomic energy, you know, the atomic impulses.

So He put Moses in there sort of as a sanctuary in a preventive measure and maybe I don’t know how this all went but Moses was able to see just a little part of the back of Almighty God. God indulged him.


But you know the thing is this people say, “Well, I want to see the Pillar of Fire.” Now listen, you just mind your business. You keep your nose out because nobody is going to tell God that He’s going to do anything. See?

Now He revealed Himself to Samuel. He came into full view as concerning His Godhead through speaking to him. See? Now a prophet then can bring God into full view by just telling about Him. Now if you don’t believe it you’re not going to see God.

People say, “Well, I want to see God.” Well, look it, I’m reading here, you’re seeing God: the prophet telling about this; that’s seeing God, God being brought into full view. Now that’s the thing that you and I come under.

Now you see that we’re getting into real church order now. Oh yeah, because everybody in Pentecost and Pentecost is taking the world over. Let’s never mind about the Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, forget it they’ve been dead for centuries, literally.

Almost give them fifty years anyway, a half a century, give them more than that; they’ve been dead. When Pentecost moved in, they died. They died because they blasphemed the Holy Ghost just like the Nazarenes did.

Why did the Missionary Alliance go down the drain? Because when the fire fell in Nyack, [New York] they literally saw something, and they’re speaking in tongues, they said, “That’s the devil.” And they died! Brother Branham saw a Nazarene pastor kissing, making love to a corpse.

What do you think of them apples? If you think sodomy is bad enough and homosexuality; what do you think of that? Yeah, that’s what God thinks of denominations. See? So, all right.


You can’t tell a Baptist anything anyway so it’s all right. Now the Pentecostal you can’t tell them anything anyway. Why? Because they got all enamored with gifts and seeing things, this and that. What about a vision that a lady tells about? I forget, maybe I actually met the lady, maybe I read it. I don’t know.

My memory’s not that facile anymore; it’s pretty dull. So anyway, she tells how she was praying, praying, praying up a storm and all these people were praying up a storm with her calling on the Lord, and suddenly she saw a vision.

And in this vision she saw Jesus walking by with a basketful of gifts and he tried to give the first person a gift, this person too busy praying, calling on the Lord, and he tried to give that person a gift, too busy calling on the Lord, and all this sort of stuff.

Now that sounds great for Pentecost and that’s great for Pentecost, but brother/sister I’m not interested in gifts; I’m interested in the Giver. And I’m going to show you that if we get time and if I can shut my mouth long enough to read something.

We may get you to the place where I can show you what I’m talking about pertaining to the gift. I might as well tell you, a Greater One than Solomon is here. They rallied around the gift back in those days and the gift was impersonating a man as Brother Branham would say, you can tell what’s going on. All right.


That manifestation then in the prophetic office is to attract the people’s attention in order to stand still, in order to hear the Voice, as Brother Branham categorically said, “Oh,… to find a Bride of such character who would stand still long enough to hear the Message,” and then stand still long enough in the waters of separation in order for her to be dressed.

And the prophet was categorically saying, “He was doing the work of the Holy Ghost who is to do the dressing because it’s an inner garment being put on.” Now people want that inner garment, they want this which is going to put them in the Rapture; you don’t get it outside of the prophet.

And if you didn’t stand still long enough to listen to the prophet, knowing the manifestation was of God in the prophetic office, then you’ve missed it.

Now I know people want to say, “You’re unkind.” Look, am I unkind because I’m going to fall heir to sixty billion trillion dollars in heavens and skies that God wants to give me, and I say I’ll take it and they don’t want it?

Oh, come on, am I supposed to say, “Well, I just flush mine down the sewer and be a nice guy with you?” Let me tell you what, that’s why this earth is going to burn.


I told you last night about the man that had this great big industry, this great big farming project and he put foremen and superintendents and people in charge of it and they said, “Well, let’s get rid of the son and we’ll take the whole thing over.” And Jesus… “What do you think the master will do,” he said.

And people right out of their own mouths condemned themselves just the same as David did when he said that man ought to die. He said… I want to tell you something, they said, “…we believe they deserve death.” He said, “Exactly right.”

Seven church ages, seven messages, the rain of God pouring oft upon the earth, and the last time once for all, the most dynamic of all, once in six…, once out of three times in six thousand years a manifestation on the scene, caught It with the camera and everything, due line.

Look right there, the Judge Himself. And people say, “Well, I just don’t go there, that’s you know.”  “Know more, know nothing about God,” as Brother Branham said, “than a Hottentot knows about an Egyptian night.”

Whatever that is I know nothing about it myself, so what about the guy that’s lower down the ladder? All right.


Listen. The voice was the Voice of God because the acts were the acts of God. Now that’s what Deuteronomy tells us. The prophet must come in the Name of the Lord, and he must predict that thing which must come to pass and It will come to pass and when they see It come to pass, that is a Voice right there.

That stops them right like that. They say, “Just a minute,” just like Nicodemus said, “No man can do the works that you’re doing, except God be with him,” he might as well have gone further and said if God be in him because then His name was Emmanuel. And we’ll talk about that in a little while. All right.


Also Jesus said, “If you can’t believe me, believe the works,” he said, “I don’t do them, the Father does them.” Now I want you to notice something, this man Jesus just said that and notice this very, very carefully, “Who was he?” You say, “He’s the Messiah.” He’s more than that. He’s Messiah prophet.

Now in Messiah prophet is where people are losing their understanding of this hour and the understanding of the whole Bible; they refuse to equate Jesus with just a prophet.

“Well, who is Jesus? He’s a prophet.”

“Oh, I think that’s a horrible expression. Now it’s nice but it’s not nice enough. I want you to know that when I think of Jesus I think of God, one of a trinity.”

“Do you? Your thoughts are more muddled up than mine.”

I’m beginning to think of a prophet. Come on; slow down with me this morning. Get your hearts under control and get your minds under control. Jesus is in a Pillar of Fire today, brother/sister, risen from the dead and He’s here right amongst us.

Not in us, only He’s amongst us. It’s just a spirit that’s in us but the Spirit Himself is amongst us.

The Spirit in our midst will one day catch us up and take us to the Wedding Supper and then He’ll incarnate Himself in that Body that Brother Branham called the Body, He’ll be King of kings, and Lord of lords and we’ll see to it because we’re going to crown Him.


You don’t have that spirit right now but you will have, don’t worry. You say, “Why haven’t I got it?” because the hour hasn’t come. Prophets come at a certain hour or they don’t come. If a certain hour doesn’t come the prophet doesn’t come: God, prophet, hour; hour, prophet, God… three’s.

I see him as a prophet. If you don’t see him as a prophet you better lower your sights; you’re too big for God. Sorry about that, it’s being man.

He thought it not a prize to be grasped and retained to remain in His Godhood state, inviolate from all things but He came down and He took upon himself the lowest form there is because man has a conscience and a soul and he knows what he ought to do and he won’t do it.

An animal works by instinct; the animal’s absolved: man’s not. Man has to be judged. Animals can’t be judged. They can be destroyed. Man will be destroyed but he will be judged first. All right.


You’ll notice, then very important to notice this is messiah, the prophet; he is Emmanuel which is God in flesh but in the prophetic office. In the prophetic office, in the prophetic office, and He’s Hebrews 13:8 so you can’t take the office away.

Everybody did. Everybody wants to follow John, “Behold, the Lamb. Behold, the Lamb. Behold, the Lamb.”

Yes, behold the Lamb! But what Lamb? Prophet Lamb. And I’m going to tell you something. He was not the Lamb until they took him in and scourged him. He said, “I’m ready now,” in the Garden of Gethsemane he became the Lamb, before that He was strictly prophet. Now He’s prophet Lamb. See?


You know that old Ethiopian eunuch; he had something on the ball. People don’t think he had but he said, “Who’s this man talking of? Himself? The prophets? Himself or some other one?” You see in his mind he was connecting the prophet. “Is this about a prophet? What prophet?”

Well, you say this is about the Savior. Hold it! Hold it! Hold it! He’s prophet before He’s Savior, and He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. God is His own prophet as our own prophet told us. So let’s get down where we belong. Prophet.

That doesn’t take away the fact He’s Savior, He’s the Lamb, He’s Redeemer, He’s everything; that doesn’t take away. What you are doing and I am doing unconsciously is we’re the ones that are taking away. Now where does it put us? Out of the Lamb’s Book of Life.

Now don’t say, “Brother Vayle,” me because I’m not reading anybody’s thoughts but… but I stand in here in a very, very tiny manner like Brother Branham because I know these tapes go almost plumb around the world.

I expect better of you people here, although I don’t think I’ve got a right to because I can’t expect too much of myself. I’m so slow and dull of hearing. How I get as far as I’ve got which is literally nowhere to what we could be, you see? All right.


In the prophetic office, He is Emmanuel but He is in the prophetic office, in the prophetic office He’s Emmanuel, thus the miracles now, listen carefully, thus the miracles or works which made the sign were compatible with the prophetic office, and the prophetic office was for that hour.

Now you see what I’m trying to tell you, He was Emmanuel, but He was watered down to a prophet, so therefore, he could not be Genesis 1 in total though He was.

“For in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God,” and Brother Branham said, “the beginning was the Word and the Word was Elohim, and Elohim was the Self-Existing One all by Himself.” So, all right.


We’re seeing what God’s doing. And He confined Himself, deliberately confined Himself, so He came down in the stature of a prophet, and He would do those things which were compatible. Now people don’t like compatibility.

Oh, we’re all taught to be original. Oh God, do you remember the days they had the stupid haircut, and that and they’ve still got them. Original? If you’re original, you’re original like the devil because he’s the originator; he’s the fashioner. There’s the origin.

You want to go back to your origins? You go back to origins you will have… you’ll dress like women, you’ll dress like men. And even Andy Rooney lashed out at these guys that do ballet. I should put the column out there and read it to you. (Eensy, feensies.) Poor Brother Branham.

If I have troubles and I realize I’m not half as masculine as he was and rugged, Lord have pity. What he must have gone through! If you and I feel a little bit like regurgitation, no wonder the fellow had such a weak stomach. I finally found out what it was all about. No wonder he’s agitated. All right.


He was in the prophetic office of that hour and that hour did not call for all the things that people thought it called for. Now we’ve got the same thing here where people just speak like we do concerning the Presence of God is literally blasting in their ears because it doesn’t cut with what they believe.

But when you understand it’s prophetic that’s the opposite has been revealed, that’s what is manifested, then you gear yourself down and you say, “Well, hey, wasn’t that the way it was?” Then fine, now you’ve got it! Do you follow me? You see how simple it is? My heavens, twenty years to get this far in simplicity.

Well, we came from the original as a unicellular seed being and we’ve got pretty complex in the meantime through six thousand years, machinations and everything else, imaginations, put them all together.

Now we’re getting back to simplicity where one Word will do it all. As Brother Branham said, “One Word from Thee, oh Lord, is better than the millions of words any man could speak.” All right.


Notice, thus He did not create but multiplied dead substances according to His Will and not man’s ideas. After all the signs they said, “Show us a sign.” He said, “Hold it, I’ve been showing you signs,” lined up entirely with the Scripture in the sovereignty of God and it’s been explained.

And they said, “Well, we wouldn’t take that.” Did you ever stop to think how often you make God a liar?

Now listen, let’s be serious this morning and ask ourselves the question and when we do ask the question we going to always ask the question, “Well, do I believe for healing? Do I believe for this? Do I believe for that?”

I’m going to switch it and say, “Do you listen to your own minds instead of the Word that the prophet preached and you are determined to interpret the prophet according to your mind as though he were simply patting you on the back and said, ‘Yes, you’re all right,’ when He has come on the scene and said, ‘No, nobody is right and I’m going to point you right’.”

You say, “Horrors, I don’t know if I can take that because you see I do have a lot of right.” The Bible said he that offends in one point is guilty of all which is the same as saying, take away one Word or add one word, you’re finished. See, you follow me?


The prophetic office, thus He did not create but multiplied substances. However Moses created at that time and at this time we say that we see the same today.

Now you don’t find an act of creation the way Moses did and remember, Moses was not totally  Emmanuel in flesh, Emmanuel, he was only partly in that hour, in that dramatic role: Jesus was the sum total, where Brother Branham mentioned that all of heaven was there.

I think we’ll read that, not today, because you’re going to get out here roughly in one hour that is to say I’m not taking long, but I will take my time. All right. And today we see a creative act in the very ministry of Jesus the Christ for William Branham could not do nor could he say the things that were done and said. See, no way.


Now the prophetic office is responsible, now listen carefully, the prophetic office whether you and I like it or not, and you better like it. See? We better be like the little kid the mother said, “Now listen, son, when you go out eating today you had better be polite because we’ll be watching.”

He said, “Yes, Mommy, I will.”

So they had the dinner and the hostess said, “How did you like it?”

He said, “It sure was good, what there was of it.” His mother looked at him and he said, “There was lots of it.”

Now there’s too many, pardon the expression, snotty nosed little imps amongst us and you may be listening to one and I may be talking to several but it was good and there’s lots of it.

We don’t have a thing to say about God’s plans and it’s spiritual food in due season, and the prophet said he gave us everything under the Seven Seals to put us in the Rapture. It must be good and there’s lot of it. Follow me? Okay.


The prophetic office is responsible for the manifestation of God and the revelation of God and His Word or purpose for the hour and that event, you know, of the hour has already been documented in the Word because God cannot operate apart from this Book.

He said, “Listen, children this is your document and remember, Isaiah said, ‘All thy children shall be taught of God’,” not one miss it. All thy children taught of God.”

“Then Lord, tell me because here I am, Your good little boy.”

And you know what you’ll hear? You’ll hear but you won’t hear from God, except how God can speak to individuals which like He talks to me and talks to you but not like that. No way.

And you intrude in the office, you’ll die with fire. You say, “How do you know?” because that’s what happened to Korah, Dathan, Abiram. They went right down the pit of lime.

You say, “Horrors!” It’s going to happen again my dear sweet brother/sister. After this the fire falls. See? So we’ve got to be serious about these things.


The prophetic office is responsible for the manifestation of God. Now if God is responsible to Himself, He uses that person and that person will now manifest God, he certainly will, and he will reveal God and he’ll reveal God not only God, he’ll reveal His purposes which lie in this Word, documented for us, which are for that hour, not another hour.

God was in Noah, absolutely, then when He was in Moses he didn’t preach Noah’s message. When He came into Jesus the Christ, he didn’t preach Moses’ message. When He came into Paul He revealed what Christ was all about.

Now unto William Branham, you’ve got to study the Church Age, you’ve got the Seals, you’ve got the whole thing, perfection is come, and yet people say, “Perfection hasn’t come,” that’s back in Pentecost. They’re confusing the gift with the Giver.

When you deal with the prophet, you are, you better not confuse the gift with the Giver, you see a gift to men in the prophetic office but you see the Giver in the prophet, or you see nothing. He’s the Manifester.

“Thus the prophet,” as Brother Branham said, “becomes the living Word of God manifested.” It’s a scorcher. You say, “Brother Vayle, I don’t believe I can take that, that’s blasphemy.”


I ran across that quote and there’s a certain church where a certain minister had come in and he was… he was wrong. I still say he’s wrong. There’s no way I’ll back away from it.

And Brother Joe was certainly around at that particular period of time and so they… the quote was given by the other brother, “The prophet is the living Word of God manifest,” and this man threw his hands up and didn’t believe it. And one boy stood by and said, “Blasphemy. That’s blasphemy. Blasphemy.”

Okay, how many am I talking to this morning and you’ve got all the answers? You know all the quotes. None of us. I know so few quotes it’s pitiful. They’re necessary, only if you can line them up and understand the doctrine.

The prophet correctly said, “That the prophet is the living Word of God manifested.” Why? Because it is His, He is in here for that hour and he is brought forth in human flesh and when That and… John the Baptist could have said when they said, “Who are you?”

He could have said, “I am Isaiah 40. I am Malachi 3 in human flesh.”


I preached this over in Greece in 1970. That old patriarch, he must be dead by now, wonderful man of God. Sister Mary Matakos did the interpretation, she’s excellent, she’s absolutely fabulous.

And at the end of the message the old man came forth, the pastor, he said, “We have heard strange things today,” but he said, “do not let them pass by; they could be right.” That man wasn’t Pentecostal, he was full of the Holy Ghost. He’s just ahead of his hour.

Tell that to people and they’ll think that you are blaspheming because they want to make Jesus all flesh. Oh, He’s the one. He’s in the Pillar of Fire.

I’m going to tell you again, henceforth know we no man after the flesh, yea though we have known Christ after the flesh, henceforth know we him no more after that flesh. “Why do you persecute me, Saul? Who are you? I am Jesus.” That ought to be enough.

People say they believe Paul. How much do they believe Paul? That’s a good question. It’s very easily answered. The answer is very, very little.


Thus the prophet becomes the living Word of God manifested, for he is a complete prisoner to God, spoken of in the Word, completely controlled by God when he is actually engaged as the representative of God in whatever role God has given to God Himself at that time and it would be a prophetic office every time.

See, you want to read it again to you? He’s the living Word of God manifested because number one, he’s in the book here, and he’s completely controlled by God. “I put my words in your mouth.”

And Brother Branham said the prophets were in a tube. And Balaam said, “I cannot speak anything other than what God said.” Now he could take what God said and mess with it which he did and messed up everybody and he died fighting Israel.

Just like Paul was so messed up he was killing the Bride. So the false anointed person though the anointing is true can predict and say the very things that come to pass and absolutely try to kill the Bride of Jesus Christ. Why? Because they’ve denied the prophet.

Now see where we are? The prophet’s the living Word of God because here he is, he’s already known for a certain hour he comes forth and manifested in flesh. He’s completely controlled by God, the same as Jesus said, “What I see, I do; what He says, I tell.”

Completely controlled by God, actively and when God is actively engaged or that man is actively engaged as the representative or the mask, call it the ‘mask’, of God in whatever role God has given Himself and that would be prophetic God now, whatever God has given Himself.


Now Brother Branham also did represent the Judge because he said, “I indict this generation,” but he could only do it as a prophet because as Brother Branham categorically said, “Judgment always follows a prophet,” and if the prophet was not a man who could open his mouth in judgment then he was not that man.

Now people don’t like that but… but the same judge that opens his mouth said, “I condemn you to the gallows,” is the same Judge that said, “You’re free; there’s nothing against you.” So we better smarten up. So we’ll see how the negative works for the positive.

Brother Branham brings it out, too, which if we have time; we won’t get it today, we’ll get it another day. Okay.


Now this accounts for such a variance amongst the prophets. What accounts? The roles in which God has engaged Himself to manifest Himself to show Himself and to bring to pass His purpose, to declare His purpose, to reveal It and have the people come into it.

And as that goes on through the ages, that same God then is not obligated to do exactly the same thing but He will do it through the same manner of offices which He said He would do It. He’ll use different people at different times under different circumstances, it will all wring out as God because the thing will come to pass.

He will use the prophet. The continually unfolding drama and God directs it alone. As He directs the drama He doesn’t ask any man for advice and He allows no man to take… take any advice to Him.

Now you can go and petition God and within a certain area you will get your prayers answered but it’s just like if I was a school kid and I said, “Well, Lord, well I’ve written my test yesterday on geography and I sure pray that you make Cincinnati the capital of Ohio.”

Forget it! God’s no fool; he already made Columbus the capital, so put it on your notes. See what I’m trying to tell you?

Man cannot come in, in this program. Man is a recipient of the omniscience and the omnipotence and the graces and the mercy and all those intrinsic factor of God Himself, he’s a recipient of it but he cannot add to it. He cannot get it on his own. It is all under the plan of the sovereign electing Almighty God. All right.


After this then the prophet appears, signs and wonders, the vindication, then comes… then we come to the Voice which comes out of the sign and It reveals what God is doing and what hour we’re living in as Brother Branham said in Daniel’s Seventieth Week [61-0806] which I’m going to read because we’ve read it, oh so many times to you, dozens and dozens of times but we ought… I got to read it because I can’t remember it word by word.

Daniel’s Seventieth Week 61-08-06

[68]  The Spirit of wisdom comes into the Church to make known to the Church by the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

[Not by a man. Uh, uh. The Spirit comes to the Church and does His own revealing through the man.]…. bringing the Church in and revealing what day… we’re living in. Just the same as Gabriel came to Daniel, the Holy Spirit comes to the Church in the last days to reveal these great, deep, secret things.


And remember in Daniel 2, he talks about visitation which we talked about last night. So God has come down in investigating judgment and remember when He came down Abraham said, “Shall not the judge of all the earth do right?” There He is.

And people say they don’t understand. What’s not to understand? I tell you why they don’t understand; they won’t let their thinking go. They got it all nicely figured out. Oh, let’s get it un-nicely figured out. Lets’ get our figuring out of the way and turn to God. Okay.

With this understanding in the mind concerning the voice of the sign that the sign has a very audible voice, it’s actually you might say, oh a kind of a simile, it’s a pictograph, call it whatever you want; it’s an illustration. All right. Here you see something.

Now this camera caught what the authorities said was a supernatural being or something. Now that should make people say, “What is it?” Now there’s going to be signs in the skies. There’s one there. “What is it?”


Now science can’t tell you but science has negated, science falsely so-called, because science comes from the Latin word, ‘scio’, ‘sciolus’, ‘scius’, ‘scientia’, which means ‘to know’ and science does not know. The assured voice of science is absolutely hogwash, claptrap, balderdash and a lie from the pit of hell.    

They were so dumb when I was sixteen years of age they had the dipping needle predicting the curd in the wrong way. There’s a lot of dipping needles since then because we’ve got a lot of dips. They’ve dipped into the wrong place.

Science doesn’t know but science has superseded the spiritual to such an extent that man has negated the spiritual because he thinks by obliterating from his mind that which could be true and literally is true that he’s now safe.

Ha, you might as well cover your head when the hurricane comes and think you’re safe. It will do one thing for you, it will stop getting dust in your eyes but it will likely take your head off. Smarts is smarts. It’s not too smart. All right.


We’re reading.

The Voice of the Sign, 64-03-13

[35]  Now watch. God gave him a sign, to prove his calling and claim, [Now that’s what we’re talking about. That’s the voice. Enquire, find out.] when he went down in Egypt.

[36]  Now, God always gives a messenger a sign, and a voice of that sign.

In other words, there’s a voice to the sign. Why does God give a sign? To attract attention. How do you attract attention? You say, “Hey!” Knock on the door. Something physical. Why? Because you are physical; you and I are physical, therefore, God must use the physical to get us to the spiritual.

That’s why he said look out there in nature. If you can’t tell by nature there’s a God, there’s something wrong with you.

Science is so smart; now they’re talking how that Nasa’s got it figured out that we’ve got evolution really pinned up now because after all we have found something not in the space up there, there’s some clay up there and we find by certain action and interaction and God knows, slam bang balderdash stuff, under their stupid test tubes.

Sure, they… now they figure they’ve got the answer. Well come on produce me some light. Go ahead get the clay moving. I’ll tell you where the answer comes with clay; God formed clay and put the man in it.

Oh, listen, we’ve got the answers, yes sir, boy. Herod was just a fox, we’re foxy. That’s what Jesus said, “Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” But I want to tell you one thing, let’s just forget it. I already told you one thing.


Now God always gives the sign and the voice of that sign, there’s got to be a voice to it. If there is not a voice forget it. See? In other words, there’s a sequence here that God lays down and people get carried away by not watching the sequence.

That’s why the false anointed can fool people. We’ll read that. You know it anyway. Like John said, “I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness.”

Now Brother Branham said, “A sign, a prophet is a sign.” Of course, Jesus is the super sign. There’s the super sign right there. There’s signs and super signs. Living Word of God made manifest, right, a little part; living Word of God Itself, the great Manifester.

Now remember, when they went and Brother Branham said, “They went down to Egypt and, and God appeared in signs and wonders, and after He got them out, God Himself appeared.”

Everybody said, “Let me see God.” You can’t do it because Israel said, “Hey, we don’t want to see God. We don’t want to hear God. You do it for us.”

And God said, “Amen, that’s exactly the way it is.”

Now people don’t want to listen to God. They want to say, “Hey, I want to see. I want to see. I want to see.”

God said, “I can’t do it.” But notice how nice He is, how He ingratiates Himself. See? “Not just curries favor or gains favor,” as Brother Branham said, He literally ingratiates Himself.

He said, “Listen, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do,” He said, “you cannot make me break my Word but I can go around my Word in my own Way, I’ll let you take a picture.” So He had a scientific camera waiting in the twentieth century which they didn’t have before. So now we see God, a picture.

You say, “That’s not really God.” No, but it’s all right. You don’t see God. No, you see physical attributes; you see chemistry around the spirit; that’s the chemistry. Another chemistry. We’re all chemistries. See?

Waiting to be manifested and now we’re manifested and when the great Manifester comes on the scene children know their Pappy. Not a bunch of mules. He doesn’t know his ancestry; he’s just been conceived in the back alley. These came from heaven. Horses, thoroughbreds; they know who their Maker and their God is.


The Voice of the Sign 64-03-13

[42]  [Now] the Bible doesn’t need anybody to interpret it. [Oh, how we try to do it.] God is His Own interpreter. He interprets it by making what He said come to pass.

Well, that’s the point is this, why would He say it if He didn’t make it come to pass? That would be some kind of a god wouldn’t it? That wouldn’t be God at all. The Bible said, “There are no gods. They don’t speak. They don’t do this. They don’t do that. They can’t because there’s nothing to them.”

[42]  That settles it. [Very good.] If God said it, and He did it, that’s all.

Oh, I think we ought to have something more. He said that’s all. He must increase. I’ve got to decrease. I’m getting out of here and when I do I won’t be back. Well, something else has got to happen.

Sure, come back in the Resurrection, by that time it will be too late. We’ll be perfect by then for they without us cannot be made perfect. Doesn’t make you have any preeminence, just makes humble you right down, know that you need God.

[42]  If God said it,… that’s all. It need no interpreter. The Bible said, “It’s of no private interpretation.”

[43]  [That’s] God’s way of doing it! Ever true to His sent sign, He follows by His voice; [In other words, as soon as there’s a sign, you better listen, there’s got to be a voice coming out of it. That voice, that sign shouted, “Hey, listen, stop, I want to tell you something.] “Now God never does anything,” the Bible said, “until first He shows it to His servants the prophets.” Now… if that’s wrong,

[Now listen! Now Brother Branham’s really on the nose here. He said,] If that’s wrong, then the rest of it’s wrong, too…


One little part of a verse wrong makes the whole thousands of verses in that Bible wrong. Like the last time my blood was examined under the… a dark field microscopic… is that right?… or whatever it is, showed one little bug in there that shouldn’t be there, others too but that was the bad one.

I’m going to tell you right now every drop has got one of those rascals in there. See? Now that means that one drop of my blood is wrong, every other drop is wrong. Maybe by the time I go back there’ll be no more aliens in there.

They don’t belong there so we’ve got a right to get rid of them by… either by the power of God or the sources that God gives. All right.

If that one little verse is wrong the rest is wrong. Now you watch how people defend that one. You can’t defend that. In other words, defend their stand against it.

“Well, you see, that doesn’t mean that.” Tell me what it does mean. It means what God brought to pass. See, that’s the thing people don’t understand.

[43]  He never does anything until He shows it. [Talking about the prophet, now, there’s a revelation involved there.]

[44]  And that seer or prophet, is to be identified, [Now we’ve been talking that all along. Now watch what he says about this.] that’s what he prophesies, [then he quotes]… Numbers 12:6,…

Wrong. The prophet is not throwing a curve; he’s waiting to see if you’re smart enough to catch it. Then Numbers 12 is face to face but Deuteronomy 18 is not necessarily so.

That can be a vision or a dream and the man backs it by the prophecy that vindicates him that he is correct but this man not only has that, he has the other. All right. Do you follow?

[44]  …comes to pass. Then, believe it. But if it doesn’t come to pass, then don’t believe it.


Now he is basing his whole premise of the proof of the Pillar of Fire because he did not have that in the beginning, that picture. He has supernatural evidence.

So now he tells you listen, he says, “I’m going to tell you I am in the category of Moses and of Paul.”  How many believe that one? He said, “I’ll prove it by Deuteronomy 18.”

[47]  Now watch. Every true God-sent sign is followed by a voice.

Now in there the God-sent sign is a double. First of all it’s the prophet, then what the prophet does. Not what he says yet, that comes later. The first two are the confirmation of the Message which must come, and if it’s the same old tired voice you know that it’s not going to cut. Okay. Let’s read.

[47]  Now, the sign has a voice. And, now, every true God-sent sign has a voice, and that voice must speak according to the Word that’s given for that day, just exactly.


Now notice that Brother Branham is placing this phenomena which is in a human vessel and it is literally earth rending, the appearing of God in a prophet; in this case, in a prophet and beside a prophet. Now he’s telling you something here that it is for juncture periods.

It is, therefore, for us to understand, he is speaking of the now hour. Your mind wants to go back and always think, “Well, God He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. He does healing. He does this. He does that. He does this.

“No, my brother, my sister, we’re winding down. He doesn’t do anymore in this hour. You say, “What doesn’t He do?” He’s fixing to finish off the baptism with the Holy Ghost; it runs out. Now where does that leave your thinking? Come on. It runs out.

He distinctly said, “Justification gave way to sanctification, sanctification gave way to the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and the baptism of the Holy Ghost gives way to the Holy Ghost Himself.”  

Brother Branham categorically said, “The baptism with the Holy Ghost is temporary.” So therefore, He is not doing as people think, He is doing what people don’t think and don’t understand and therefore, he needs somebody to help. Do you follow? We’ll see that as we read this.

[48]  Now you see a sign,… and the sign that the man is doing, [if you see a sign… is… what he’s doing, and] is the same old school of thought, then you can say right then, “That didn’t come from God,”


Now listen! He’s not saying, contradicting THUS SAITH THE LORD, the visions and the dreams and the face to face in a real prophet; he’s contradicting those who operate by gifts, genuine gifts, but they’re with the old status quo now.

Understand this or you’ll not understand Anointed Ones at the End Time, your mind will do bla, bla, bla, and blip. Get your mind lined up. You do not lay one Scripture down that Brother Branham said because he says another Scripture or he’s talking about this point and that seems to contradict that.

There is no contradiction. Numbers 12, Deuteronomy 18 stands and in It stands every single gift and the offices and the graces.

Now comes somebody behind with gift ministries in order to contradict the voice of God in the message and both of those men stand there with genuine anointing the same as Balaam and Moses. There wasn’t any difference in the anointing but believe me there was a difference in the two men.

And Balaam’s great prophetic utterances still standing right at this hour and he was not truly a prophet… but he was truly a prophet, I beg your pardon, but he was not a true prophet. Why? Because he never came with the Word; he was in a step-down category which today would be understood as a five-fold ministering prophet.


Listen, if I’m going to go to the Lake of Fire or something else, I’m going to go with the least on me as possible trying to say the right things and do the right things because look, there’s the judgment for a period of time and then annihilation.

So we’re sitting in the driver’s seat today in a certain sense of the word but we’re sitting beside the driver. Will we get pitched out of the car? That’s up to us. Well, it’s up to God really but you understand what I’m saying.

[48]  …now if it keeps identifying the same old school of thought. It never did. It never has. It would be against God’s program.

[49]  It’s got to be something new.


Now here’s where people really flip their lid and don’t understand. “Oh,” they say, “here’s the whole Word of God. That man’s usurping. He’s trying to add. He’s trying to do this. He’s trying to do that.” Oh, come on.

Read your Bible for the first time with understanding. Israel never did know the ways of God. The Bible categorically said, “Israel saw the works of God and Moses understood His Way.” And Moses couldn’t get to first base with that rebellious bunch but he loved them and he bore with them.

[49]  It’s got to be something new. It’s got to be something that… people don’t understand. …or it wouldn’t be sent. It doesn’t need to be sent, if [they understood it or] if it’s the same old school of theology.


Now let’s find out if that’s the truth. Okay we go to:

Luke 1:17

(17) And [John] shall go before [the Lord God of Israel] in the spirit and power of [Elijah], to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, [even] the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; [and that word ‘disobedience’ is ignorant] to make ready a… prepared [people] for the Lord.

Do you want to be in His Presence and know His Presence and get out of here? Then open your understanding and realize what you’re going to hear is something different.

Brother Branham already explained who was right and where he was right, where one group of eternal security never had to begin with. There’s a true eternal security; there’s a false eternal security.

There’s a true baptism. There’s a false baptism. There’s a true baptism of water; there’s a false baptism. There’s a true name and there’s a false name. There’s a true organization which is an organism so to speak, and there’s a false one. There’s a true vicar and there’s a false vicar.

The whole thing is perverted. And God sent a man like John the Baptist who opened our understanding that our ignorance would be wiped away. “My people perish for lack of knowledge; ignorance. They perish for bread.

This is the bread.” More Bibles than ever, more sermons than ever, more everything than ever and this world goes out in the black plague of spiritual death and a physical plague of AIDS.


Let me tell you something brother/sister, we’re in a very serious position. You know, how many years ago did Reader’s Digest write about herpes? And how to enjoy sex, even promiscuous and it would be fine, even though herpes are extant; they said go ahead.

Now they reap the whirlwind; they’ve got AIDS. Now go ahead? Now go ahead? They had better get themselves emasculated. But that wouldn’t do any good either because now you can get it by drinking. So much for your Reader’s Digest, the great voice of authority: “Oh, the digest, it’s just great, oh, the great doctors.”

You go to doctors like that? You better go to a good doctor, not one that would fill you full of drugs and all this junk and everything else. Try to cooperate with Almighty God. I realize doctoring is of God because God put doctors here but everybody that’s a doctor is not of God anymore than all preachers are when they cut and butcher.

Finally they say, “Well, we made a mistake,” we rip women to pieces, and restriped them and everything else, “We made a mistake.” Well, that’s nice for the poor corpses like my sister. Brother Branham called them butchers. The same man that said doctors; God called them butchers.


Where do you stand this morning with your mind? Is it renewed or is it not renewed? Are you back there in that same old theology? Everything that Brother Branham said, you’re judging by what you thought you knew or didn’t know? The message of this hour is repent, get rid of your thinking.

Get the thoughts of God because they come from a prophet. Brother Branham said, “All my thoughts are of God.” Who can say that? We can say that if we get in line with the prophet. What a fantastic thing is there. See? All right.

The Voice Of The Sign 64-03-13

[51]  Now let’s study this, thoroughly. See, the signs are given to attract the attention of the people. [That’s the voice right there is a sign. Why? Got to get the people interested, get… spark the interest.] Because, when a God-sent sign is given, God is ready to speak.

Brother Branham came like every prophet. What is it? God has a message for you. Yeah, God has a message. And the message was not under William Branham, “Hey everybody can do this.” That’s Korah, Dathan, Abiram.

Oh, everybody’s got a revelation. Who do you think you  are Moses? Some top dog of some circus here? Some top banana of some show? Come on, man, you talk about God, we’re holy, too.”

Nobody said they weren’t. They’re full of holes really but they weren’t holy except in that respect. Their theology is plumb shot, just like the Jews were under the time of Jesus Christ with their Talmud.


Ever read the Talmud? Ha, unless you’ve got a filthy mind, you better not. There’s not filthier, corrupted crass filth in the world all in the name of religion. We’re no better. Why did Israel get that way? They went to Babylon. How did we get that way? Babylon.

They’ve paid their price but they haven’t laid down their books. That’s what happened to Luther. He didn’t lay down his books either, just enough strength to get by. Wesley met the same folly. Pentecost met the same folly. We don’t enter that folly, my brother, my sister.

Candidates of the kingdom of God stand with the Word of God in Its undefiled condition. Complete, total that which is perfect has come: the perfect revelation for this hour.

Who needs a revelation on Wesley? Read his material. Read his theologian, Fletcher. He could bellow like a bull, hear him for miles, died about age twenty-seven from consumption, great man of God, read his theology. Oh, he had antinomianism as Brother Branham said.

The Anglican Church got to the place where they… you didn’t need salvation. They were hard shells, worse than hard shells: salvation apart from grace, from individual experience. Well, God foreknew you. So what’s the difference? Let’s just so what we… we’ll be all on the other side if we’re destined to be all right, we’ll be all right.

There’s a part of a truth there, my brother, my sister, part of a truth there but it’s not the truth see, perverted. They preached against it. What good’s it do? Well it did a lot of good in that day; today, forget it. Few hearts shall take it. Brother Branham brought the truth. Who needs that? They’re dead. See? All right.

[51]  If it comes,… [Now listen!] If it comes,… God’s ready to speak every time the sign is given, God is ready to speak. That’s true. If it comes from Heaven, it’s from God, and God is ready to speak and… is trying to attract the people’s attention.


Now he’s telling you if it is from the sovereignty of God from the Throne that this is part of God’s great plan and purpose for the elect. That’s fine. But it can also come where’s it’s not and they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They’ve got gifts. They’ve got fruits. They’re got grace.

They got everything else but they do not have the Word and they don’t have the identifying earmarks. People are so glib. I cannot understand why they cannot discern.

William Branham was head and shoulders if not mountain peaks above everyone all combined. But they still said, “I’ve got some, too. I’ve got some, too.” It’s a pity. Pardon me. Now and the Word… when the people… all right… let me read it again.

[51]  Because, when a God-sent sign is given, God is ready to speak. God is ready to speak, when the sign is given. [See, he repeats it.]

Sign, God’s ready. Listen to Him. That’s what That said to me that time, inner voice, it wasn’t a voice. It just a compulsion, it said, “If you listen to any man, you listen to that fellow.” I hadn’t even heard him. Saw him minister a couple of words ministered. But you know what? That’s the way it was supposed to be. I saw the sign.

This man said “Hey, bring twenty-five miracles, or twenty-four, (I forget which) I guarantee them all.”

You said, “Nobody can do that.” That’s got to be God. Then they went through the prayer line; there wasn’t one miss, several hundred.

I said, “Man, you better hear that fellow.” What made me say it? Same thing that made you say it. There’s no difference, brother/sister, don’t get carried away with differences and ideas. There’s no top dogs here.

There’s a great One called the Holy Spirit, King of kings and Lord of lords, yes sir, ready to come forth in His due season, completely in the glorified form, in the meantime, He’s the Pillar of Fire.


Here’s a picture right there, everything is just going just great, no problem. He must increase; the prophet decrease. Like Brother Branham told Brother Hickerson, he said, “You see, Hick, I’m up here but when I’m taken off the scene you people will be up here.”

That ought to encourage anybody if you think you’re even part goat, you can be encouraged to think the sheep will take over pretty soon. Yeah. You’ve got a few wild grapes around you, well; you can be all grapes pretty soon, true grapes. Just keep your eyes on where it belongs, brother/sister.

Listen, you see, this is something that God did and it’s pertinent to our salvation. This is what’s going to get us out of here to there. This is what people think He’s doing the same old thing.

Well, He’s the High Priest, He’s this, He’s that, no, He’s prophet come down here, laid it all out and said, “Now come on, we’re going.” Now I’m telling you the truth, I’m not lying to you up here. Why would I lie? I’ve got no reason to lie to anybody. I got no lie to pull a deal on anybody.

I’m going to tell you something. I don’t believe this myself as a human being, no, there’s no way. It’s got to be God because you see; God’s got to grant repentance. It’s got to be something to make you see this.

I know this is so simple you can go right asleep on me. Of course, it’s hot in here. You go ahead and go to sleep; that’s your business. I went asleep on the prophet, too, but not anymore. You say, “It’s too humdrum.” Is it too humdrum?

Do you really know what I’m saying this morning? Or do you just think you know? See, that’s the thing. Is it a real revelation? Is it down there where it’s stuck, where you can say, “Sink, or swim; live or die?” Phttt!

“Oh, come listen, don’t be that way because look we, we, we got something, too.”

Phttt! So what! Not interested.

“Oh, but this could be salvation.”

So, I’m sorry.

“Man, you’re a zombie.”

That too.

“I think you’re a hypocrite.”

So what?

“Lousy idolater.”

Well, maybe I am.

“You made Brother Branham God.”

Well, not really; he was God to the people though. He was the living Word of God manifested.

“phew… what you said blasphemed.”

Well, I’m a blasphemer then. Who’s going to prove what, when Mt. Zion comes? That’s the showdown, the Rapture.

I’m going to tell you something, the harlots and the publicans will be there ahead of the righteous guys, so don’t feel bad if you’re bit of a scum. As one guy said, “So is cream scum, but it gets to the top of the milk, best part of the whole deal.” Who wants milk and strawberries? I’m a health nut but not that bad. See?


Now listen!

The Voice Of The Sign 64-03-13

[52]  …the Word comes to His prophet [God’s prophet.] And that prophet is identified by the sign that he shows, and then he comes to the Word and the Word is made manifest. That settles it;

[He takes It out and shows you. You say, “Hey, that fellow identified himself.” So did Jesus. So he’s only following a good example. They thought they could get Jesus on that, didn’t they? He branded them with what they were.]… and then he comes to the Word and the Word is made manifest. That settles it; it doesn’t need any interpretation. God has already interpreted it. See, it’s just as perfect as it can be.

[53]  Now notice, God gives the sign to attract the attention of the people.

Now I’m going to have to quit here because it’s 12 o’clock, but listen, if you’re going to read this at home and do anything, remember these are illustrations of what I’m discussing of what Brother Branham said.

The fact is that God has an appointed hour for an appointed thing, and He has an appointed prophet right on the mark to get to that prophet and He gets to that prophet. And He uses that prophet and He can only use him because He’s identified Himself to the prophet and He’s identified the prophet to the people.

And the prophet said, “This is what the Scripture said.” And then Brother Branham takes all the illustrations to show you how when God did it it was a perfect interpretation but the people didn’t get it except the elect.

In fact as we read the other sermon, part of the other sermon the other day as we have gone on, he said, “All but the elect hate him.”  Hate who? Hate the prophet and automatically they hate the God in the prophet.


Now remember, that verse of Scripture I quoted and I quoted and I quoted, “If I had not done the works no other man did, they had not sinned but now they’ve both seen and hated both me and my Father.”

And you go to the man over here that denies the power of God, the very thing there and he says, “I love you, Lord. I praise You day and night, hallelujah. I’m a soul winner.”

And I say, “You hate God.”

“Ha, don’t tell me.”

I’m telling you, right from my Boss, not some secretary general, or hooped up hoppy doppy; I’m talking about the Boss who said, “You hate me and my Father.” That’s why I’ve been preaching about love around eleven times in a row.

You and I don’t have the first idea of love and understanding or any authority in the field of that vast and tremendous subject until we become one with that Word, at least in the mechanical because your affections will betray you just as they betrayed Eve. It takes what’s in God, His love shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost.

Remember, Jesus loved His own until the end and the first church age they loved their lives not unto death. In other words, they didn’t care about themselves. They had that Word and they died for It.

And that’s been the key to every age, men believing Word, and what came out of that Word was what was real because original seed is Word or spoken Word is original seed. Do you follow what I’m saying? All right.


He doesn’t need interpretation. So we’re talking about this and we’ll go on to this maybe Wednesday unless Brother Klassen preaches, I don’t know how I’m going to feel. Nobody knows these things, but he’s always very gracious to help me out and back me up, and I’m very ungracious for loading on him. That’s how it is.

If he wants to supply me with strawberries I’ll eat them. I’m sorry about that but that’s the way the cookie crumbles many times in our desultory lives but you read this from now on, if you read it remember what I just said to you.

What Brother Branham is showing every single time and remember every illustration is for this hour. He is talking of pertinent things there. Do you follow me? And that is the voice of a sign, you’re being spoken to, you have caught it loud and clear, now you’re listening to what is being said.

And I’m only teaching this way, the very purpose of going, believing God to come to another plateau because always you have got to start with the prophet my brother, my sister, or you’re wrong.

So it behooves us, I used to get very… I was ready to chide Brother Branham, “Why are you always talking about your prophetic office? And why the woman at the well all the time? All the time, all the time.”

Now I say, “Praise the Lord, talk about the prophet, talk about the woman at the well, because that’s the crux of the whole thing.” Simplicity, God doing it, that’s what God wanted, that’s what God got, that’s what I finally accepted; I believe I’m in. That makes you and me a believer.


You don’t have to understand all mysteries and know these things. My, how would you understand Godhead to perfection? How? You can’t even see Him. We’re very fallible vessels.

Listen, we’ve got it tough, yeah, so every… every inch you gain, praise God. Every little understanding that God gives you, praise God, because that’s what the key is. John the Baptist gave understanding. Poor old king Nebuchadnezzar, oh what a mess he was in, and Belshazzar and Daniel came and gave understanding.

And Daniel got in a mess and the angel came and gave understanding. Now the angel of God, the messenger, the covenant to the Messenger of the covenant has come and given us an understanding and that’s the key of the whole thing, my brother, my sister.

That’s where our faith lies. “Well,” you say, “can’t prove a thing.” It’s been proven. Well, I have to do nothing. It’s been done. What are you going to do? Well, believe God.

Brother Branham said, “Listen,” he said, “hardly got enough to have faith… to get a healing, hard enough revelation; why are we so slow getting out of here?” Our revelation’s not up to peak yet.

The acceptance of the fact of how God does things and this was it still leaves us at a low ebb. It should be high tide. He said, “The boat stabilized will crest every wave.”


Now bring that down to glory to glory and the great river that flowed out of the temple of Ezekiel going across, oh, he dibbled dabbled up to his ankles. “Oh,” he said, “that feels good.” The water came more up to his knees and he said, “Oh man,” he said, “second joy is better than the first joy.”

He said, “That’s great.” It came up to the thighs, he said, “Hey, … I kind of feel some effect going on here. This could be I’m going to get buoyed up,” he said.

And pretty soon another deluge came out of that great temple, the waves rose higher and he got carried up and he said, “Waters to swim in, and… waters to get carried across right to that great land there, brother/sister.” Praise God!

Who brought the water? The prophet brought the water. God gave the water. What are you waiting for? You’re waiting for something out there with the false anointed bunch? They can have it.

Listen, I can die sick. That’s all right. Elisha died sick. No disgrace. Of course, I don’t like it but the prophet said, “Something has got to get you out.” I prefer otherwise. I ain’t God.

Why if I can just get the mind of Christ, this portion is for me; that’s what’s going to do the job and got to do the job because I can’t get myself out of here. But God put every one of us in position through the prophetic office and that Word under the Seven Seals to get us out of here.

What did it? Come on, give respect and honor to the servants of Almighty God. The Lord bless you.

Now let’s bow our heads in a moment of prayer.

Heavenly Father, again we come unto You in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, thanking You, Lord, that we take time here… we know somehow Father, it’s got to be laying a foundation I don’t know what for but I don’t believe Lord, for one minute under the anointing that’s in this building here, the love and reception of Thy Word, oh God, there’s got to be a reason for what’s going on at this minute.

I don’t pretend Lord, and I will not pretend to anybody at least I hope I won’t be a hypocrite Lord. But I do believe that something is coming where You will show us Lord, a simplicity that we have not known, are just Lord God, like the unicellular animal there, that little thing that just begins to divide itself, and divide itself and divide itself and suddenly we see, oh, a tremendous wonderful thing before us.

Lord, we believe that You’ll get us down to that place where it’s just a beautiful little unified Word and then suddenly see the grandeur and the glory Father, to see It. As Brother Branham said, “One Word from You, Lord, is better than millions of words from millions of men.”

Now Father if somehow we just thank You this morning for Your grace and Your love and know You’re leading us, Father, I just pray, oh God, that people leave this building and they’ll be leaving to go home and all and be with them, heavenly Father.

Oh God, in Jesus Name, help them that they will have journeying mercies, welfare of soul, Lord, a glowing testimony, a heart that is at rest and peace with Thee, Lord, and as Brother Branham said, “never forget that healing is in the atonement.”

Father, none of us want to forget that; we want to make good use of it, Lord, because we’re all getting older and we’re all going down to the dust.

Brother Branham at fifty bemoaned that, knowing that as he was without maybe visible evidence as with many people he had slowed down and all, considered himself an old man and now today he’d be seventy-six years of age which would indeed be quite an old person because Lord, we know that he could live like Caleb and Joshua, lived to be hundred years older or better like Moses, a hundred twenty.

It wouldn’t matter, Lord, but then You took him off the scene. And here we are now Lord, and we know that that Word is better than ever and You’ve increased more and more and we’re getting out of here and quicker than ever because twenty years have gone by and that’s a pretty fair stand.

So Father in heaven we just praise You in that and ask You for Your love and Your mercy be devolved upon everyone of us here that we may come together in the Spirit of the Living God in honor prefer each other, step aside when necessary in humility and be only glad to be of service, oh God, say, “What can I do? What can I do?”

Lord, we’re always trying to serve You and do things but we know that really in our hearts it cannot be done until we serve each other. Lord, we know that, that’s why we wash feet and all these things and show that we do prefer, we do love, we do honor.

So Lord let it be now, let it be now Lord that we will as we zealously guard coins, oh God, which we know there are coin collectors, little children guard them, adults guard them from a penny to a dollar and then some, Lord, we know that all of us here we don’t make up very much, Lord, when it comes to [Inaudible]

I don’t suppose there’s a silver dollar here, Lord, except in Your sight we’re all silver dollars but as to our actual state in this condition, Lord, we might all just end up as pennies or halfpennies for all we know, Lord, might even be just even less than a halfpenny, I don’t know, Lord.

But, but I know one thing Lord, that everyone of us can upgrade ourselves by looking to You and becoming amenable to the Spirit of God and just determined Lord, within ourselves that we will not hesitate to enter into the fullness of God but we will hesitate to deny anything, Lord, that is of Your Word, we will hesitate, Lord, to enter into that which is not comely and in the Spirit of love of the Holy Spirit in the present hour that the prophet left us.

Help us, oh God. And unto Thee we will ascribe the glory and all the honor for You are worthy Lord, and we are so very grateful to You for these days in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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