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Voice Of The Sign
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…quite a portion of Events Made Clear by Prophecy running concurrently with our studies in… rather The Voice of the Sign and running currently with The Events Made Clear by Prophecy.

So, this is then the title of the Messages, Events Made Clear by Prophecy and subtitled ‘The Voice of the Sign’, and whatever number it is. I supposed it’d be number four by now.

And as we said last Wednesday, we say again that in our studies for some time now, we’ve read and commented on several Messages of the prophet. We’ve woven together different ones as we saw necessary.

All these messages are definitely Brother Branham’s own witness to Almighty God and the printed Word and to himself, and the interrelationship of all three.

Now, that’s standard understanding, that these Messages are a witness to himself. Now, most people don’t like a witness. They said to Jesus, “You bear witness of Yourself.”

He said, “Certainly.” And they bore witness of themselves. But He said, “There’s a greater witness which is the witness of God.” [John 5:32]


Now, He had John the Baptist, he witnessed to himself, but the great witness was the vindication. Thus in these studies we must never lose sight of the fact that the prophet is revealing the hour in which the Church is living, and he [the prophet] is bring us understanding what is presently occurring.

The main thrust of it all is that in an hour such as now, God has a prophet ready as a sign to the people, and this prophet is vindicated by a sign which is like a voice to attract the people. (That’s what it’s actually is, the voice to attract the people.)

And when the sign has caught the people’s attention, God speaks by the prophet and then the people can be ready as judgment must come.

Now, that’s a very, very strong and true statement that must not be overlooked when you begin thinking in terms of the prophet bearing witness to himself, to God, and to the printed page here that has been opened in this hour, so we know what the Bible has said is for this hour, and It’s vindicated that It is.


Now, don’t forget the judgment must follow this. Now, right away people think, “Well, hey, great prophet of the land, God’s opening great Scripture.” Bible days are here again. Oh, we can have great ministries.”

That’s all wonderful, but that’s not the truth. That’s not the truth. The truth is ‘judgment’. Now, remember, Brother Branham categorically said, “When you sing the song, ‘I’ll go with Him through the judgment’ you’re doing it now, be the Judging Word is here and you’ve accepted.”

There, the two go together, you can’t separate. He will judge the world in righteousness by One Christ Jesus, Who is the Word, the Logos. But also, He is delineated here in a printed form. But, that’s not Jesus, that’s about Jesus. See? That’s in there telling us.

Now, therefore judgment has been pronounced upon the Bride. And the judgment is the verdict: “you are the virtuous, righteous, sinless Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ. You didn’t do it in the first place.” Amen, that takes care of it.


To the world, judgment has already set in. The judgments are in the earth now. This world is judged. So therefore, you must understand what this Message is all about.

What we’re talking about, what the prophet talked about. But over one thousand recorded sermons were all about. What a ministry is all about. It is a judgment is in the land. “The day of the vengeance of our God.” [Isaiah 61:2]

And that word ‘vengeance’ is the Greek and the Hebrew my brother/sister is a peculiar funny language. You can have as many as up, I think, up to almost thirty different meanings according to context and circumstances on one word.

And where vengeance may be, you’re going to take vengeance on a person to destroy him. It may be the same word ‘to avenge’ means to vindicate.

And when a man took a vengeance on somebody in the Old Testament because he slew his brother or something like that; then the vengeance was the brother’s death was vindicated. There was a city of vengeance. You know, shelter and protection.


Now, this prophet then coming at such a time as a witness to the Presence of Almighty God. A witness to His Own Presence and interrelationship. The explanation of the Word of Almighty God.

That is truly 1 Thessalonians 4:16, “For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a Shout.” which is a military command. And the military command is setting the Church in order according to 1 Corinthians 15. The whole thing lines up, because the word ‘subdue’ comes from that same word.

And it’s not a subjection wherein somebody subjecting as though someone were a miscreant [one who does wrong] must be put in his place, or wild animal brought under subjection. It is a placing in divine order.

So therefore, Church Order has been instituted, so you can have a Hanna now prophesying if she’s in a little room by herself. If she does it according to what the Word lays down. But, the Church Order goes far beyond that, is to see the people themselves know their placing.

So, as Brother Branham said, “Ten people with one mind through the revealed Word of Almighty God could bring on a Rapture.” What’s holding us back? Oh, people don’t understand the simplicity. We’re too complex.

We keep on trying to in every way trying to figure out what Brother Branham said, by using our old dead theology.


Now listen my brother/sister, Luther’s doctrine is full of ‘wiggle-tails’. Wiggle-tails don’t get into other things, it’s dead. It’s rotting. Wesley’s full of wiggle-tails, Pentecost is full of wiggle-tails.

Now, if you would need that for your divine food at this hour, then how come you’re willing at any point of your life to interpret what Brother Branham said on the basis of wiggle-tails, or worms, vermin, decayed substance, dead manna, how could you possible interpret?

Because you see, if you’re eating that, you’re putting a new patch on an old garment. If your mind is full of that, there’s no way you can understand the Word of Almighty God. It’s the gospel of this kingdom that must be preached then the end comes.

What gospel? Paul’s gospel. The Message. Don’t you know God’s allowed His prophet’s to so thoroughly identify themselves, it’s called Moses’ Law. Moses’ Law, my foot! It says Moses allowed a bill of divorcement.

Then how come Moses could allow anything when God said, “See thou maketh according to the thing that I showed you in the mountain, the pattern?”

You say, “That’s a permissive will.” Then who gave him permission? Moses’ Law, signifies a definite period and an era. Paul’s gospel, signifies a definite period and an era. The gospel of the kingdom that’s amongst us, signifies an era. So, it’s William Branham’s Message.

It was Paul’s message at first, then carried on by Irenaeus. Carried on by Martin. Carried on by Colombo, right up to Luther, then to Wesley, and now. The identification is there. And you cannot identify a Message without identifying God.

Oh, Paul said, “If I come and say a thing which God did not say, I make Him a liar, I’m a liar myself.” So, we have a vindicated prophet. And a vindicated prophet is the ‘amen’ to the Word of Almighty God, and It’s the ‘amen’ to our hearts too.


All right. Let’s start reading: last Wednesday night we came to the place where Brother Branham talking of this great gift. A tremendous gift visible before the people. Page 17, paragraph 70. Now, speaking of Israel as an illustration. Israel believed that gift that God gave them.

The Voice of the Sign 64-13-03

[131]  If America would just give the–believe the gift that God’s given us this last day, [Now, what’s a gift?] His Son in the form of the Holy Ghost…

Now look, I’m not such a smart theologian, he wouldn’t be any good to you anyway. I’m not a prophet. I’m a very mediocre teacher, so therefore, I cannot explain all these things. But I’m not so stupid I cannot tell you what the prophet said.

And he said, that God’s given us His Son in the last days, and that Son is in the form of the Holy Ghost.” Not the High-priest at the right hand of the Majesty on high. But the Son nevertheless. Now, in the form of the Holy Ghost He’s known as the Son of God.

You say, “How do you figure it?” I’ve known that all my life. No, pardon me, not all my life, but I’ve known for years and years and years.


I caught that over there in Romans 1:3. Let’s go there. I don’t have much to read today, so we’ll maybe get through by noon, who knows, or day after tomorrow. All right:

Romans 1:3

(03) Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh;

The One that’s in the flesh is the Seed of David. He was born of a woman. His Father was God. Now listen: The One that said, “I came from God and I go to God,” was not that body. The One that said, “Destroy this temple and I’ll raise It up again in three days,” [John 2:19] was not the body. It was beyond that.


Romans 1:3-4

(03) Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh;

(04) And declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead:

Now, It tells you right there, what is He? He’s the Son of God, and He’s in the form of the Holy Spirit. See, “the One that was in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” [John 1:1] We’ll talk about that later on again.


Now, It says here, that He has given His Son in the form of the Holy Ghost in this last day, which was not the first day, which was Pentecost. Then He’s here, wherein He wasn’t here in this particular form for two thousand years. Brother Branham said so.

Categorically he said, “It’s happened three times in history, six thousand years. Once with Moses, once with Paul and now once with me.” That’s what Brother Branham said. I’m not saying Lee Vayle, I’m saying William Branham.

The same William Branham who said on the tape said, “Lee, we haven’t a man that spoke face to face with God like Moses for two thousand years since the time of Paul until now.”

All right, that’s Presence. Now you can do what you want with it. You can make Him out a yoyo, and say, “Well, he came down, He went up, He’ll come down and go up.” Show me a Scripture. That’s Latter Rain!

You people don’t know your church history, I do. You don’t know your religion, I do. I got a funny memory plus God has blessed me, because I’m dog-lazy, don’t blame the poor dog, but I’m lazy; and He’s let me read just the right books at the right time. Because He knew my nature.

Now, some of you folk this morning might carp about my nature, think that one over. If God gave William Branham a nature, He gave me a nature, gave you a nature. I don’t like yours either.

Paul didn’t like Barnabas. They had a fight and he threw him out. You’re sitting here, I hope you’re smart. Sometime a word to the wise is very, very good if you catch it. If you don’t catch it, you catch it later on. I just gave you a double-entendre.

I’m tough this morning, but I’m hanging tough doesn’t bother me one little bit. Not one little bit. Because I’m preaching His Word, and I’m going to preach His Word. Contradiction? I care little. I don’t care what anybody thinks, that’s not my business anymore.

Not to hurt anybody, but just lay it on the line. I’m minding my business, this is my business.


All right, He’s here. God has given His Son again in the form of the Holy Ghost, and Hebrews tells they’ll crucify themselves the Son of man afresh, [Hebrews 6:6] because you cannot crucify a spirit, but you can crucify what the Spirit has done.

And what He’s doing, and what He’s saying. You go to the lake of fire for it, because it’s blaspheming the Holy Ghost. Now, that’s Bible. Not because I preach it, who cares what I preach?

Brother Branham categorically put the blaspheming of the Holy Ghost in this hour as in no other hour. And I showed you that night where authority lay. The authority either lays in God, or it lays in man. That’s what they thought, but authority does not lay in man, because no man could give William Branham the gift.

They said John the Baptist. But Jesus said, “Who is he? Is that of God or man?”

They said, “We cannot tell you what authority it is.”

“Neither do I tell you by what authority I cast out these devils and do these things.” [Matthew 21:27]

William Branham could cast out devils. Show me the pope, show me the church, show me the conclave of men, show me the people raised up anywhere to pray, pray, pray, pray and pray some more, and fast some more until you’re skin and bone!

You say, “I’m going to confer a gift.” Go ahead! The gift is either of God or the devil, make up your mind.


Brother Branham said one day, he said, “Lee, (he said) you and I are just alike.”

Aw, you know my facetious way, I could have said, “Well, Brother Branham, so, you’ve got two eyes, I’ve got two eyes, you got one nose, I got one nose, so what? What’s new?” But, I knew better than that.

“What do you mean?”

He said, “Because I got a little gift of healing nobody wants it, you got a little gift of teaching nobody wants it.”

Did he lie to me, or did he tell me the truth?

“Oh,” you say, “Brother Vayle I love you. And if I don’t lie but I don’t think too much of you.”

You don’t have to, but you should prove what you’re saying. You don’t want the gift, you don’t want anything to do with it.

When I don’t even go near people they’ll say and do the things that… I’m not trying to grind an axe, I’m just laying this thing out this morning; because look, If there’s any future trouble it’s going to be all on you, not on Lee Vayle.

I’m not dealing with rumors and this thing and that thing. I’m dealing with facts. I don’t even have to go near people, but everything is fabricated. I’m not defending myself, because I care less for defense.

My defense of God and I can defend myself pretty good too. And I’ll do it in love and kindness. Oh, I’m a tough preacher, but I haven’t said one thing out of order this morning. You can’t criticize that. There’s no way, shape and form.


I want to ask you a question: where’s the authority from? Where’s my gift from, if I do and do have a gift? Brother Branham said I had. Of course he could have meant I’m a false teacher. And that’s a gift too, I got it from the devil. See, understand what I’m saying?

Now, let’s get the thing clear this morning. Because it’s going to be clear, that’s all there is to it. Because I cannot afford to make steps in the wrong direction, or somebody in my path. I can’t afford it, God doesn’t want that. And I know you people don’t want it either.

Now, he said,

The Voice of the Sign 64-12-03

[131]  (He’s) raised from the dead,

What is that, raised from the dead? The sign of Jonas. The sign of the resurrection, what is it? The fact that He is here, and He’s raised from the dead.

He’s in the form of the Holy Ghost, and He’s here according to His promise.


Now, I want to ask you the question: where is the promise said in the Scripture that Brother Branham has based his foundation on, because he’s got to have Bible for it? That’s where I got in trouble.

And I remained in trouble. Because I said, “Brother Branham had to have something in Scripture for the Appearing different from the Coming. I’ve got to look again.” Not to try to pry things out, but to stand there and wait if God might show me something.

And I found the Presence, we call the ‘Parousia’. But not being a prophet I can’t get pure insight like prophet’s can get. So I took the word ‘parousia’ and I dwelt on it, until I found the word ‘presence’ was much better.


But you know what I did, I went to the Bible trying to get God to help me through the Message that Brother Branham gave. What does he mean by Presence? I… rather by ‘Appearing’. And that’s what I was looking at, the Appearing and ‘The Presence’ is ‘The Appearing’. And here It is right here.

Now, I want someone to tell me different from this. If they can I’d like them to put me straight, because I would like to be straight. And I’d like to see the prophet put straight too. Because in these last days, he said, “This last days God’s given the gift of His Son in the form of the Holy Ghost raised from the dead.”

How do you raise the Holy Ghost from the dead? I’m not answering that question, because I can’t. The Holy Ghost can’t die.

The closest I can get to that one was that Jesus was the chemistry of the entire form of attributes and Almighty God; and when you saw Him, you saw God, even as you see dog but, you don’t see dog, you just see… can’t do it. And they saw the actions, they knew It was God, because God cast out devils and the devil doesn’t cast out devils.

So, those people who said Brother Branham casts out devils by Beelzebub, because that was said. It was said. I know it was said. It was said in Florida. He was called a false prophet, then that means he’s casting out devils by a devil.

I want to ask you a question: did that man blaspheme the Holy Ghost? If I know the Word of God brother/sister, I am not his judge, but this Word is the Judge. And Brother Branham pronounced it, that man will go to the lake of fire, there is no repentance. Authority.


Now listen: he said:

If America would only believe the gift that God’s given us this last days, His Son in the form of the Holy Ghost, raised from the dead, living among us according to His promise. (Now, of course that’s Matthew 12 and Matthew 4, we know that, there’s no problem.) If we’d only cherish That!

Cherish what? The gift. “So, I got the Holy Ghost.” So what?

Brother Branham said, “You can be baptized with the Holy Ghost one thousand times a day and go to hell.” What was he talking about? Anointing.

He said, “The Seals opened up the truth of the true baptism and the false.” Do you think Luther wasn’t truly baptized with the Holy Ghost? No! It’s this hour. It’s this hour and the Spirit falls upon all.

Now, he said:

[132]  It’ll only go to the elected.

Come on, think a while. [Brother Vayle drums his fingers on the pulpit] There’s your picture of who’s elected. You say, “Brother Vayle am I elected?” If you can’t understand this, you’re not elected I can tell you that right now.

If you need me to tell you, you’ve got to ask the question after I’ve dealt the strongest I’ve dealt on this. All these sermons, and you don’t understand, this makes you a believer. This proves where the Holy Spirit is. This proves were election is. Then, my brother, my sister, you’re on your own.


Now, Pete’s [Klassen] more a pastor than I am. He wasn’t called to take care of goats. There’s no reason me teaching you either, because I can’t teach goats. Where do you stand this morning?

“Oh,” you say, “Brother Vayle some big thing.” This is the Big Thing! What would you call a big thing? “Well, if the Lord just filled me to such a place I’d be such a character.” You are a character, so am I. When I say you, I mean me, it’s a principle, you know that, I just let you know.

“Oh, I would have this mighty ministry.” Ha, Judas had a mighty ministry. Raised the dead, healed the sick, everything else. He was the son of perdition and he was called diabolist. He was the devil incarnated.

I didn’t say, “Hi devils.” But I could have. Not to mock anybody, but to get your attention, to make you realize where we are this morning. Now, if I’ve got to use this method of teaching, I’ll use it, but we have, all of us, from this pulpit down, have got to realize that God wasn’t fooling, even if we are fooling.

If you’d have been there that day when I was kidding Brother Branham, one of my left-handed remarks, when he whirled and looked at me, he stared through me for three solid minutes.

Like a man of stone and eyes of flint. And I knew this was no place to fool. That was just a man, with a gift. We’ll get down the line eventually.


This goes to the elected.

For “No man can come to Me except My Father draws him. And all the Father has given Me, they will come to me.”

Just seed sowing,

Just seed sowing. Huh, what is it? Just seed sowing. Now, what did the prophet’s say, “Just seed sowing.” You heard what I said? Hebrews 6:4.

Hebrews 6:4-8

(04) For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, tasted the heavenly gift, were made partakers of the Holy Ghost,

(05) …tasted the good word of God, the powers of the world to come,

(06) [Having fallen] away, to renew [their] repentance [again]; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame.

(07) For the earth which drinketh in the rain that cometh oft upon it, bringeth forth herbs meet for them by whom it is dressed, receive[s] blessing from God.

(08) But that which [bears] thorns and briers is rejected, nigh unto… [burning.]


Now, Brother Branham had a vision. Not Matthew 13, but Hebrews 13, where a man in white went forth sowing. Who was that man in white? You say, “Jesus was.” Correct. He came down to re-sow. But who did He entrust the seed to, because He’s in the form of the Holy Ghost? William Branham.

Now who’s the seed entrusted to? All the Bride. You got a witness, the others have ministries which you don’t have, but your ministry is no different from theirs, and is just as great. Look at Hannah.

…it falls, some this way, and that way. But there’s seed sowing anyhow. It’ll catch its roots, wherever it’s at. They’ll catch it.

Now, Matthew 13, there was those that didn’t have a root. But you notice, the roots were already there, because it’s coming from Luther. But it’s only a grafted in instead of an original, it won’t work.

Now, what’s a grafted in? We’re not Lutheran’s, we’re not Wesleyans’, some came out of Pentecost, some came out of Wesley, but you got to obviate that. What he’s saying it’s a word that’s grafted into a word, and if it’s a wrong word that this is grafted into, it’s perversion.

It’s a lemon tree bringing forth oranges, because it’s related. But, if it’s a proper seed grafted in, or word to the other word, it’s not a patch on an old garment. It’ll bring forth original branch.


People say, “I want to get back to Pentecost.” You either are, or you aren’t. What does Pentecost signify to you? Gifts? They never had gifts at Pentecost. It was the Holy Ghost. Gifts came later on, they caused havoc. The Word alone can discern thoughts and intent, not gifts.

People thought Brother Branham had a great gift. He tells you right here what the gift was. His Son in the form of the Holy Ghost. And he said, “I’ve got to learn to get out of the way.”

What do you get out of the way for? Gift? Not a gift, The Gift. Brother Branham didn’t excoriate gift, but he said, “To leave it alone, get away from it.” That’s where Tommy Osborn got his start. It was good.

[133]  Notice. Here they were. And we find out that in that day Ahab… [Now, he’s illustrating again] the nation had got them Israelites doing any kind of things they wanted to, and still professing to be Israelites.

[134]  How that Elijah condemned that generation with all that was in him,

Now notice, how Elijah… now, he’s the Elijah of this hour and he condemned that generation with all that was in him.  What was in him? Malice, bitterness, woman hating, grouchiness, you’re talking about Lee Vayle maybe, not William Branham, and it was God. For God was in the prophets.

Ah, people can say the blessing of God was on William Branham, the gracious words that he said, preached showing forth the praises of God in ministries and those things to help people.

Then the same God was in William Branham in condemnation, because he said, “Condemnation and judgment has to follow whenever there was a prophet at this hour.” Now, keep our types straight, and keep our Scripture’s straight.


All right, now:

How Elijah condemned that generation with all that was in him, and God vindicating him that he was a prophet.  (A judgment prophet, I put that in there, William Branham judgment prophet.)

[135]  Just before the coming.

Now, I’m… there’s something in there, very, very peculiar. Let’s look at it again. Elijah condemned that generation under Ahab, just before the coming. The coming of what? The Pillar of Fire to take him home. Come on, one of these days little children It’ll pick you up. What will? “It.” Where is It?

So did John. Walked right up.

Now, he’s talking of John who’s Elijah for his hour. And he’s talking about himself in his hour. You follow me?

And Israel had married this woman to Herod, Philip’s wife. Walked right [in] his face, he pulled no punches. He wasn’t afraid some presbyter was going to put him out. He carried no fellowship card, only with God. He was His prophet. The Word was with Elijah. [John] He didn’t have to go to ask any bishop or deacon.

[Now, how much authority does a bishop and deacon have over a minister? No more than a gift in the church has.] He was anointed. He had the Word.

In other words, I want you to notice here, Brother Branham is telling you categorically that he is the supreme and absolute authority, that he alone is authoritative in this hour. “It’s not what I say, unless I say what He said.”

And I’m only talking about him, now I’m not talking what he said, except that he said it here.

…walked right into his face and said, “It’s not lawful for you to have her.”


Okay, you Pentecostal gals, let that hair grow. Take off those slacks, put on the skirts and the right kind at that. Not skin down like a wiener like he said. It’s alright, you can’t help the way you’re built, but don’t accent it.

Nobody can help the way they’re built, unless they’re just (you know) foolish people in the sense that they have a chance to do better by themselves and don’t. I’m in that category too, don’t worry.

You people are trying to eat to get thin, and I’m trying to eat to get fat. So, that puts us right in position to be (you know) a lawful punch at us.

…walked right into his face and said, “It’s not lawful for you to have her.” Right. He pulled no punches to nobody. Those wicked women committing adultery, carrying on! [Now, Phillip’s wife wasn’t, so was the rest of them.]

[136]  Like Amos, when he come on the scene, (now, another illustration) looked over there… We don’t know even where he come from.

Why does he say that? He’s answering the question, where’s William Branham of the Bible? Where did he come from? What’s it anybody’s business? What’s it anybody’s business?

My, how he must have looked upon that city of Samaria like the tourists did, all beautiful, the preachers all in harmony with the nations, and the league with the nations, and everybody,

[In other words, just the present condition, peace, peace, peace, there is no peace, everybody,and still living in sin.

Oh, it just means, you get in a league with people you simply sin all the more. Just more of you to sin. Right? Certainly! Brother/sister, separation is the way to get away from sin, not joining.

God always separates His people. They’re always a minority. And they’re a very scanty minority. That’s the thing my brother, my sister, the people simply can’t like us, the old peer pressure bunch. “Be like us, well, what’s wrong with us, we’re nice guys.”

Nobody said they weren’t nice guys. Just stay away from them. I know [Casey] Stengel [former N.Y. Yankee manager] didn’t say it, they say he said, “Nice guys are losers.” He didn’t actually say that, but nice guys are losers.

The nice guys are the losers, because they are too nice for the prophet. They couldn’t stand him. Some people call it ranting and raving. One of my best friends did it, it just about killed me when he said that.


His eyes narrowed; his bald head shone

How did he know he had a bald head? All prophet don’t have bald heads. William Branham had a bald head. Do you think he’s not talking about himself? Come on. Come on.

There’s no different spirit in a different prophet, it’s one and the same spirit. God’s His Own Prophet. He just uses a mask, or a mouth piece. God’s His Own Pastor. You tell me He’s not?

The Chief Bishop, the Chief Shepherd, that’s Pastor is already here in the form of the Holy Ghost. He’s Appearing. He’s His Own Teacher. His Own Evangelist. He’s His Own Apostle. All things are of and for Him and to Him, that He might have the glory. I wish we’d give Him more.

He wasn’t much to look at…

Now, William Branham at the end time wasn’t too handsome, but as a young man he was very, very, very handsome. And as an older man he was still very nice looking. He lost his hair, but, so what. No big deal.

As he once said to some guys that were mocking, and another fellow didn’t have much hair, “Well,” (he said, Brother Jack,) it’s this way, (he said,) female hormones have all the hair, (he said,) it’s a good thing we don’t have much hair.”

I thought he cut him down very good. I loved Brother Branham, you can see why, we had our moments. It wasn’t just that.


All right:

[137]  We need a Amos on the scene today. [We got him, I’ll tell you that.] Would we receive him? Certainly not. No more than they did. He’d come on the scene. [He would come on the scene.] He’d tear down every organization, every denomination,

Now listen, he wasn’t kidding. Why? For the sake of the Word. That’s what I said, if you people could understand what I’m preaching and understand my stand and my spirit and everything about me, it’s Word, Word, Word.

From there we go, or we don’t go, except we go down. You talk about love, you talk about authority, you talk about this, forget it, don’t even come near me with your hogwash, clap-trap, and balderdash. Get with that Word, and we’ll see what’s working in us, and you’ll see a genuine love.

A genuine humility, a genuine trust. At this time we haven’t got it, but we’re trying to get there. Now don’t tell me I know better. And my yelling and screaming is not going to make the difference. It’s the only way I got to emphasize.

Wish I was smart like somebody else, I’d emphasize differently. But, I want it understood once and for all, as I’ve said many, many times once and for all, and I’ll say once and for all again.

This is the only reason I am here in this pulpit is for this Word, and It’s here and It goes everywhere the way I teach It, and I believe I teach It just what Brother Branham taught. If I’m wrong you tell me in that paragraph I read.


What does he mean when he said, “God in this last day has given us His Son in the form of the Holy Ghost?” Who gave what to whom? Tell me! Explain it! Don’t mealy-mouth me. Ours is mealy-mouths, get up and lies. Detractions. Incriminations.

Just tell me. [Brother Vayle raps hard on the pulpit] what means, I can’t explain it to you, but I believe It. I don’t just believe It, I know It. You know why I know It? Prophet said so. I can lock my jaws and stand here in the face of destruction, though I may quail inside and even give up in the flesh.

But I’ll be like Galileo in my heart when the pope said, “We’re going to get you boy, we’ll fry you if you don’t say the world’s square.”

He said, “The world’s square.” And he said, “Just the same, it’s still round.”

I may not be better than Galileo. I may be a humbug in many ways, but this is what the prophet said, [Brother Vayle raps on pulpit again] I’ve quoted it.


We need an Amos… and he’d tear them to pieces. [Notice what he said.] The organizations, the bob-haired Jezebel. He’d tear them to pieces. [They accused Brother Branham the same,] They’d kick him out on the street and say, “That old fanatic.”

[They said worse than that, they said, “That false prophet. That judge.] But he’d have THUS SAITH THE LORD, for it’s written that way. Denomination receive him? No.

[138]  He had nobody to sponsor his program.

Now, why did he say that? That’s the time he went to Alabama, not at that time, I think it’s referring to the Alabama situation.

He went down there will all kinds of sponsors, by the time he got through there’s one man, a Missionary Alliance man named Brother Johnson. And then there was also a Oneness man named Urshan that sponsored him. The rest came away.

Would this great fine city of lust, like Samaria was, would they receive this little unknown fellow with no fellowship card, nobody to sponsor him, or anything else? He didn’t have any sponsorship.

I want to interject here, neither did Jonah, when he popped out of the whale, they said, “This guy’s different. He’s got a connection. The connection’s got to be God, in fact, he could be God Himself.” What about William Branham?

Stand there and say, “I challenge you, bring twenty four of your worse cases, I guarantee healing.” Oh, come on. Get Opec to try that. They ran the world for a while and they had enough oil knowing everybody.

Get the pope and all his cohorts, and all the daughters of Rome. Get them in there, let them say that. Doesn’t give us one ‘Thus Saith the Lord’.

William Branham said, “Just one time should turn a nation,” and it was Scriptural. One time turned Nineveh. One time turned South Africa, but America… when America went this way, what was their spirit? Same way.


Now listen: his coming as a prophet was a sign. His voice was from God, and it was identified. Now, not in the minds of the people who said, “This is not that One, he’s from the other one.”

For the question came: “Is not this the Son of David?”

They said, “No!”

Then whose son was he? He had to be the devil’s son.

I don’t think we ever played that tape here, ‘The Ashes of the Red Heifer’ did we yet? I better play it here, so that you might know what’s in the mind of Israel at this point as concerning antichrist.

It is the most messed up concoction of gobbledygook [nonsense] you’ve ever heard, and it’s just like the Protestants. We’ll play it, we’ll just have to do that, because it’s too good not to play it. And give you an understanding what’s going on in this world.


All right.

His voice was from God, and it was identified.

Now, again we must remember the simplicity, and furthermore, not only the simplicity, but watch this please, the repetition of it has made it common.

I’ve confessed many a time to you that when Brother Branham stood up there, that long time waiting for the Spirit of God to move, and he said, “Now here’s a woman almost [inaudible] now, this is like the woman at the well.”

You say, “Oh, Brother Branham, I’ve heard that a hundred times already, when are you going to stop?”

Now, if you’re honest like me, and you were there, you might have felt the same thing. Then he might not, he might have been so thrilled he’d say, “Hey, let’s do ten, twenty more times, or two hundred times.

See, I didn’t realize what was going on in the simplicity. It’s not big enough. It’s not great enough. It doesn’t titillate. It doesn’t tantalize. It doesn’t aggrandize.

You haven’t got something blaring across the sky like the fire-works that they have at your big doings, and blaring out like your big brassy bands, or your stupid rock-and-roll. And that’s not yours, that’s the world’s.


And we find this day that we’re living in is just a repeat of that again. Ministers and people ashamed to stand in a pulpit and the gospel becomes a meal ticket to them. They’re afraid to say anything. Some man is going to put them out of this, that, or the other.

You know, people literally cringe around here, (not around this place) but, I mean concerning the Message. People literally cringe if they feel they’re being ostracized or something. Come on, get used to it.

I remember one fellow once said way back when my wife was in Hollywood Sanatorium taking care of the alcoholic, he said, “I’ve been put on a more and better bars then you guys ever got in to.” That man was rich. He could say it. He had the big Chevrolet dealership in Vancouver, and it was a big one.

When he got the Alcoholic Anonymous and they cleaned him up with the help of the Lord, (you know) through the disciplines, he became a fine man again. He was even bigger, rich, rich, rich man. He just laid the line. He said, “I’ve been thrown out of more bars, bigger and better ones you guys have ever been in.” See?


People are people. He said:

[139]   They’re afraid to say anything. Some man’s going to put them out of this, or [put him out of that.]

[140]  There’s only one Man can put you out of heaven; that’s God. [How are] you going to be put out of heaven staying with the Word?

What Word? Not a matter of conduct, but a matter of knowledge. For conduct must come out of knowledge, or it’s not godly conduct. How could you do better than being one of the first born children into this world like old Cain? His mother Eve, of course, we know who his daddy was.

Alright, he stands there a beautiful fine child, maybe ten times handsome as poor old Abel standing there. Great big bronze guy you know. You know how men like this bow-chest and the thin hips, you know.

Phfft! That ain’t no sign you’re a real man, could be closer to serpent seed. Preach it Brother Vayle, he ain’t going to like that one. Oh, come on, I’m telling you the truth. Taurus, the bull ain’t no sign of God. Oh yeah, people get all mixed up on this stuff called ‘voluptuous’.


Brother Branham categorically told me and different ones exactly what the serpent was like. He was the original giant. And you know something, how come all these people are being born and so big today? Oh they say, “It’s milk.” Ha, ha, ha, it’s genes.

Even the very fact everybody likes blue jeans is a sign of genes. I’m not running down your jeans, wear them all you want. Around your neck for all I care. I don’t wear them, because I don’t like them. I just don’t like them, I don’t wear them.

I don’t mind wearing once the odd time, but I’m not criticizing garments, I’m just telling you everything types today. Every single thing types, because, it’s got to be in the natural to the spiritual, because God moved from the spiritual to the natural in order to bring it out.

But, you got to read behind the natural, or it’s going to throw you for a loop.

Everybody knows that AIDS is going to judge the world. What’s it a sign of? Sexual promiscuity. So has the church been that way. “Come join us, it doesn’t matter what you believe, we’re all one, hallelujah.”

Oh, I ain’t one with them brother/sister, and I know you’re not. But I hope we’re one with each other, because, I feel we’re one with God, I feel it in this Word that we’re one with God, Brother Branham said so.


He said,

How are you going to be kept out of heaven staying with the Word? [Now listen:] That’s what He sent you for.

That’s what He sent you for. [They got that capitalized, that ‘H’ in there. I don’t know if they got this down right or not? But that’s actually what was sent to you, and for that reason I suppose.]

[141]  Remember, the Bible said it’s such a time as it was in the days of Elijah, and such a day as it was in the days of John, that Malachi 4 is going to return to the earth again. [“I’ll] send Elijah…”

[142]  Now, don’t get that mixed up now with Malachi 3, “I send My messenger before My face.” That was Elijah too.

[143]  Malachi 4, He said, “Just before the great and terrible day of the Lord shall come, then the whole earth is going to burn like a oven and the righteous shall walk out upon the ashes of the wicked, (That’s the millennium.) I’ll send the prophet Elijah.” And what will He do? He’ll restore the faith of the children back to the apostolic fathers, back to the Word.

Well certainly. Certainly, that’s what the Word’s all about. That’s what vindication is all about. That’s what a prophet is all about, Word, Word, Word, Word, Word. And don’t change It. See?

I’ll see, He’ll have to be a prophet. “I’ll send him.” He’ll be thoroughly identified.

Listen: common sense tells you he’s got to be identified. Anybody knows the sure voice of science isn’t so sure. The sure voice of the preacher isn’t so sure either. How can God make a thing sure? He has to send a prophet. I’ll read again.


Okay: And what will He do? He’ll restore the faith of the father’s back.

He’ll have to be a prophet. “I’ll send him.” He’ll be thoroughly identified.

Now listen:

His nature will be the same as Elijah’s was, exactly.

Elijah and John and William Branham were abrasive. They were abrasive to the sinner and the one who didn’t know, but to the Saint he was anything but abrasive.

He was merely the fine honing instrument God gave to bring us into perfection. Knock off the spots and fill in the bumps, the holes. What more could a person want?

His message will be right on that line.

What line? What line is it going to be on? Well, he’s telling you, if it’s Elijah, it’s going to be on Elijah’s line.


Let’s go to 1 Kings 18:36. Let’s find Elijah’s line. Here’s where the fire is, and then the fiery chariot.

1 Kings 18:36-38

(36) …it came to pass at the time of the [evening] offering [and] the sacrifice, that Elijah the prophet came near, and said, LORD God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Israel, let it be known this day that thou art God in Israel, and [I’m your] servant, that [I’ve] done all these things at thy word.

(37) Hear me, O LORD, hear me, that this people may know that thou art the LORD God, and that thou hast turned their heart back again.

(38) Then the fire fell… [when the people recognized God in this hour, personal God, their hearts are turned back.]

Now you say, “Just, what about that Word?” Look, brother/sister, nobody’s heart ever got turned back to God Himself apart from this Word. It’s one. He is the Word. Printed page and Logos. Logos is the real thing.

These are the articles concerning Logos. This is description. “This is God in printed form,” as Brother Branham said. There’s God in a manifested form to the prophet, and it’s manifested, because, God bypassed His Own Word, and made a way that you and I could see that Pillar of Fire.

Now, he couldn’t let us see It, really, a little reflection at times, but take a picture that’s different. God said that’s okay. Now, who would have thought of that? God thought of that.


All right:

He’ll condemn, tear down, no fellowship, no cooperation, no nothing.

Now listen to me what Brother Branham’s saying: He’ll condemn. “What this world needs is love, love, wonderful love. The world needs love, love, wonderful love.” Sorry about that. That’s not what the prophet said. You got to hang out something there that people can judge by. He said, “He’ll condemn.”

Now remember, God says, “I kill and I make alive.” [1 Samuel 2:6] Remember we found that in Hannah’s little prophecy? Hannah stands as a beautiful Church that’s going to bring forth the Son in flesh, the Bride.

And she said, “Lord, just a bunch of old beggars stumbling around here on the dung heap, You’ve made princes, hallelujah.” She said, “Lord, You kill and you make alive, there’s none like unto our God, blessed be God.”

And she said, “Everything I have which is bound up from my husband, he is my son.”

“He said, “Lord You’re God, hallelujah. Everything I have is service toward You. All my thoughts and my life bound up in him, they’re yours.” [1 Samuel 2:] Hannah’s quite a girl. She’s like Proverbs 30, the woman who represents a church, she’s busy day and night serving her husband.

Why? Listen, any woman here lived Proverbs 30, you’d be six or seven wives, you couldn’t do what that gal did. There’s no way you could spin the flax, and spin the wool and take the produce to the market, and sit in the gate and do everything under high heaven, take care of her husband, kids rise early.

You can’t get some women out of bed really after the sun’s up several hours. And men are just the same. I’m not condemning the women. If I could sleep good I wouldn’t get up way pass the sun up.

I’m awake before the sun gets up. But that’s not because I want too, it’s because I just… I’m stupid I guess. But that’s the Bride, see?


[144]  Now remember. There’s been all kinds of groups stand up, and say, “This is the Elijah’s robe, [now watch this,] and this is the Elijah’s doctrine,” a whole group, a organization turn into Elijah’s group or Elijah’s robe. That’s not Scripture. God never did deal with a group like that. [Now, that’s Latter Rain, see?]

[145]  When Elijah come on the scene, and John the Baptist, both of them condemned the groups and the organization. He condemns them the way [now this, Elijah does,] condemns them the way they did, Elijah and John both. Not a group or denomination, but both, in both their times, condemned the groups and organizations.

[146]  What then? The end time sign will certainly accompany the end time Voice.

Now, you got an end-time sign, it’s got an end time Voice. End time sign is a ‘prophet’, the end time ‘Voice’ is condemnation. Judgment.

Elijah’s supposed to come on the scene, a man anointed with that spirit, a woodsman, so forth, and lover of that. And come on the scene to vindicate…

Now, watch what the Scripture says now. Then you won’t be deceived. See? The end time sign and the end-time Voice.

[147]  God never did deal with a group nowhere in the Scriptures.


Now, I’m going to read three paragraphs here, and I might talk about some… or come back at all.

He deals with one individual, because every man is different from the other, every man. Our thumbs are different; our noses are different; our actions different.

[Now listen: he’s talking about William Branham.] He gets one man till He can get him perfectly in harmony, till he can become that Word.

Now, that’s a prophet and that man is William Branham. He’s not talking about you and me. Someone’s going to sit here this morning and say, “Well, that’s me, that’s me.” That is not you. I’m sorry, that is not you.

You are going to stand in doubt until your change is on this earth, or you see the dead come out of the ground and you’re consorting with them. You will not know that you know, “the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, the Lord knows them which are His.” [2 Timothy 2:19]

A prophet is a different person entirely. Now, by faith you know that you are part of Him. But, you don’t have what the prophet has. I don’t have. Brother Branham was a rare breed.

Where the church was fashioned by the enemy, God fashioned that man. He was put in a tube, he couldn’t do the things you and I do. How many of you brethren here (don’t raise your hand, it’s not necessary, or women) you started smoking and you got away with it. And you had to quit.

William Branham could never start smoking. The only reason I could never start smoking, I hated the stuff. And I didn’t like doing things I didn’t like. That’s why my diet is killing me.

I need some good fattening chocolate and all those goodies, you know, that decay your teeth, give you worms and destroy your liver. Yes, oh, lovely love. All the wrong stuff.


God got him in perfect harmony. Perfect harmony, a prophet. Now listen, perfect harmony with God. He said to me in ’64, “All my thoughts are of God.” That’s the reason Paul said, (now watch it:) “Except, I get exalted above abundance of the revelation there was given me a messenger of Satan.” [2 Corinthians 12:7]

Now, this man had a revelation and his harmony with God, and the Word was one to the extent, and this is not boasting, this is explaining that God had to give that man something to keep him down.

Now, look brother/sister, Moses got out of hand. And the Bible says, he was in perfect health. Hundred and twenty years old, all his teeth were in. Muscular reactions were perfect. His vision was wonderful.

At a hundred and twenty he was just like a young man. He didn’t have any thorns in the flesh. He just [makes a noise] God took him. His thorn in the flesh was people bugging him.


What was Paul’s thorn in the flesh? Wicked nerves. Paul didn’t have a lot of sicknesses, maybe he had bad eyes, Brother Branham went along with that, but, it could have been a cover up. He just said Paul’s bad eyes.

Most students say that, but, that’s not necessarily in the Greek, in the original. But, Brother Branham went along with it. But, that wasn’t that ‘thorn’. It was nerves. Just like he had nerves. Elijah was a nervous man.

Remember, we read how Brother Branham explained it, that Elijah, after this great, tremendous thing happened, old Ahab’s wife, Jezebel got him so upset he said, “Oh, I’m finished God, take me out of here.

I’ve had it, I’ve had it, this is it.” He was so moody and so nervous he was a mess. And John the Baptist once he got thrown in coop, in the jail, he got so nervous he said, “I wonder if that was the right one? I wonder if that was the right one?”

Now, prophets aren’t perfect. Brother Branham got moody. How often behind the pulpit he literally seemed to cry within himself and cry out, “God, I got to know, get out and pray and fast till I die, or somebody got to know.”

Brother Branham, his body was so young when he knew he was dying and Meda said, “Oh Bill, quit talking that way, you know you’ve got the arteries and the stamina and the blood of a… hemoglobin and so on, of a sixteen year old boy.” And he just turned his face and tears flooded in front of his shirt she said.

Because, God was going to take him in death. Kill him on a road. But God kills and makes alive, what’s the big deal? He’s dead, he’ll rise again. He’s not dead anyway, he’s living in a better place you and I are living. In fact, we’d like to go there if we’d be honest with ourselves.

Sure, I’d like to get out of here. I figure I’ve used up my time now, not too profitably, but that’s alright, I’m not going to ask God for more time. I’m ask Him for less time. And I don’t know if He’ll agree or not. But, to go is not a bad thing. You know?


All right, a messenger given. Now, this is an explanation is not boasting, but an explanation. Now remember, he is not boasting. “God forbid that I should boast or glory, save in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.” [Galatians 6:14]

That’s not boasting. No sir, his boasting is in Christ. He’s not boasting about himself.

[148]  See, Matthew wrote, Luke wrote, Mark wrote, all of them, but they just followed Jesus and wrote what He said. But Paul had the revelation of Who He was. [That’s Jesus. See?] That’s the thing. You see his revelation was so great He let him write the Bible like Moses of the Old Testament.

You follow that? Moses, Paul, William Branham. The same One is here that gave It, is now revealing It.

That great man Paul, that new revelation he had… He knew Jesus of the New Testament was Jehovah of the Old.

So did William Branham when the three rainbows spread in front of him, and the Voice said, “Jesus of the New Testament is Jehovah of the Old.”

“Who are you, Lord?”

“I’m Jehovah, Jehovah Savior.” [Acts 9:5]

He had the revelation of it, and could place it to the Hebrews, and also the Romans, and to the Ephesians, and [to] all. He wrote [those] letters.


Let’s find out about William Branham eh? Now, this is something you won’t find in the tape. I had to ask the question myself, but you can believe me or not, but I don’t care what you believe, or don’t believe.

I mean if you want to get down to that, it doesn’t matter to me. I know what he said. And if you pay the cost of a lie-detector or anything else, a voice stress machine, I’ll be glad to go through. You got to pay it.

Now, John said:

Revelation 10:10-11

(10) …I took the little book out of the angel’s hand, and ate it up; it was in my mouth sweet as honey: as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter.

(11) And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.

I said, “Brother Branham, is that you?”

He said, “No, that’s the Word.”

You say, “Brother Branham is not in the Bible?”

He sure is. That would be nice. We’re in the Bible too.

Notice. After his sign had gone forth, (singular sign, see?) then he wrote the letters.

Now, after Brother Branham of course, his signs went forth and he preached the Word by revelation. Church Ages, Seals, the whole bit. See?


Now watch:

[149]  The nature of the coming will be the same.

What coming? Elijah and what he does. Not Jesus’ coming. Although it’s true, He’s here, in the Spirit, the form of the Holy Spirit. That’s not what he’s saying, although that is part of it. The thrust is, what about Elijah of this hour? Our John the Baptist, our Elijah, if indeed we do have one.

Well it’s the same way, wasn’t the Pillar of Fire with Moses? Wasn’t the man, Christ Jesus, the corporal form with John? Then what will it be with William Branham if he indeed is that one? Pillar of Fire? “Before Abraham was, I am.” [John 8:58]

Paul said, “That Cloud that followed Israel day and night was the same Jesus.” That same Rock. We got the same One now. And people say, “He’s the same yesterday, today and forever,” [Hebrews 13:8] based upon Mark 16. Come on.

How could you base that on Mark 16? Oh, brother/sister, this is a billion miles beyond Mark 16, because, the false anointed can take Mark 16 and do more than we can with It. Because, they’re anointed to that end.

They’re anointed to deception. Listen, brother/sister, and deception must cover the world. Antichrist! Truth, is barely accepted and gets us out of here; 2 Thessalonians, right? Am I right on that? Oh, come on.

Are you with me this morning? I hope you are. I hope I haven’t lost you by being rough. If I have, well, you know how it is. I didn’t put a spur under the saddle, you know I could have done that, I didn’t put any spurs under the saddle, I just want to let you know, that, you know how it is.


There’ll not be a group, there’ll be one man. Never did God deal any other way but one man. Elijah was not a group. John the Baptist was not a group. They were individuals. Malachi 4 doesn’t say so. Doesn’t say, “I’ll send a group,” It says, “I’ll send Elijah.” The Word cannot change.

Now, this Message today does not ring a bell like it used to ring a bell, and it could point to Latter Rain, because, they believe in groups.

Now, my feeling is this to bring the Message up to date. Now, I’m not trying to outdate Brother Branham. But, isn’t it quite possible that some people amongst us may say, “Well, our group believes this, so we’re right.”

And then they get a coterie amongst them, a following. A little train, and they become a recognized head of something. Now you see why I don’t go on the field? Anybody can say what he wants. You get my tapes at your own risk, and your own danger. I don’t visit anyplace. Tickets around the world.

If I say, “Brother Vayle feels good” I’m ready to go to Europe, tickets come in. Australia, tickets will come in. South Africa, promised the other day again. “When are you coming over?” I don’t go anywhere, you get the tapes at your own risk. I don’t want a… I got no following.

You believe what I believe you could be in very great danger, because the greatest lie in the world is ninety nine percent truth. So, I’m saying there’s a warning in here about groups. There are no security in numbers, there are not necessary wisdom in numbers.

There’s not necessary righteous in numbers. There’s nothing in numbers, because God’s infinite, He out numbers them all. Swallows them up, because trillion times, trillion times, trillion times, trillion times, trillion of trillions go into infinity, infinite number of times. Mathematically correct?

Sure, I know that, I knew enough mathematics, I don’t know them now. Care less.

[150]  Now, watch, The end-time sign and Voice will come in the Scripture order, as it was promised.


All right, Elijah is going to come, and It’s going to come in Scriptural order. Let’s find out.

[151]  We want to know [at the end with me? Now, that’s supposed to be a question, I don’t know. They got a question mark there.]… Jesus told us in Matthew 24 and 25.


Now, Matthew 24:25, I don’t believe is the verse he wanted to use. Because, that’s “Behold, I told you before.” Let’s see if I can find something over here if I got this with me. (And I better have it, because I made it up.) [Brother Vayle searches] Matthew 24:25, okay let’s read a little further:

Told us also in Revelations, all the way from 6th chapter, or the 1st, [now, he’s correcting himself, see, so there could be two corrections here.] plumb over to the, well, the 10th chapter. [Of course that’s Brother Branham, Revelation 10:7.] Then He comes in the 19th chapter.

So, what’s he saying here:

[150]  The end time sign and Voice will come in the Scripture order, as it was promised.

So, there’s an order. And the order of that coming then will precede everything that’s in Matthew 24 and 25, be a part of It. Be a part of Revelation 1 through 10, although in there is a  lot that the church misses, but it tells about It.

And comes back in chapter 19 to set up the Millennium. And that will end in the great White Throne. So, what’s he saying? Are we in the period when time blends into eternity? The answer is yes.


So, alright we go to Matthew 24 then. Yeah, here It is. Now:

Anointed Ones at the End Time 65-25-07

[114]   …you see, it seems to be so hard for you. You see? Not the Son of man Himself, but the seventh angel, the seventh messenger, is revealing to the public the Son of man, because it’s left the shuck. [and this is bird out here, they won’t recognize him. Now, read the rest.]

[115]  Notice the very day when this messenger, not when he starts, but when he begins to declare his Message. See? The First Pull, healing; Second Pull, prophesying; Third Pull, the opening of the Word, the mysteries revealed. No more… There’s no more higher order to reveal the Word than prophets. But the only way the prophet can be vindicated is by the Word. And remember the Third Pull was the opening of them Seven Seals to reveal the hidden Truth that was sealed in the Word. Do you see it? It’s then, in that day when this thing is to take place that Jannes and Jambres,

[Now, that’s Matthew 24:24, he’ll quote It.] and the impersonators, will appear again, just like they did when Moses appeared with the original Word to say it; they appear to impersonate it. [That’s in order to impersonate it.] Just exactly right. Now, see what Matthew 24:24, [So, this to me is a little misquote, a little flub there, no problem.]


Now, at the end time sign that precedes this blending of time to eternity, when we’re getting out of here, see:

 [152]  …it’ll come just exactly the way the Scripture says.

And what is that? That’s in Malachi 4, see? After Elijah, things move right up to the end. That’s what I’m telling you from this verse.

Now notice,

The Voice of the sign 64-03-13

[153]  Now, [Now watch, the end time sign and Voice will be in the Scriptural order.] Now, Jesus, in Luke 17:30,

[Now, he’s going on now about this end-time sign which has a Voice. It’s Luke 17:30, the Son of man revealed, no, right, right on] promised the sign of the end time. The last sign was God manifested in a human body that could discern the thoughts that was in Sarah’s mind in the tent behind her.

Now listen: are you with me? Now listen carefully. Now I might have got you a little unsettled for the first, settle down and bear with me. Because, if I’m edgy don’t worry about it, that’s my nature to be edgy. I’ll get over it eventually, or around it or something. Now watch:

The last sign was God manifested in a human body…

Now, William Branham was not Emmanuel. God was in him, but he was not Emmanuel. So we’re not talking of a human being like William Branham, where we talk about the One, Elohim, Who had on Him a body of a human being, but it wasn’t a human body.

Was definitely a theophany of God’s Own creation. What He did with It, is God’s Own business, don’t ask me, I’m not… I don’t know the answers.


William Branham was not making himself God. But what is he showing you? He’s showing you what I’ve been talking about in Church Order. They said, “Are you the Son of man William Branham? I thought the Pillar of Fire was Son of man?”

[He said,] “No! I am not the Son of man, and the Pillar of Fire is not He.” Now, here it is: [Brother Vayle points to the picture of the Pillar of Fire] “I am not the Son of man,” [said William Branham,] and the Pillar of Fire is not He.”

Then what is It? It’s in the form of the Holy Spirit. All right, then where is that Holy Spirit if that’s Elohim? He’s in there. But how is He moving? He’s not moving on His Own, He’s moving through the prophet.

Now listen: the Elijah of this hour is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Not a man God, but It comes through a prophet. The prophet reveals the Son of man. So therefore, the Son of man ministry is the Holy Ghost working in and through William Branham.

And because Son of man is a prophet he’s got the prophetic Word which is the interpretation of the Word, because the Word has already been given. But nobody knows what the Word means. Now, we’re going to get to the end of this pretty soon, just bear with me.


Okay, now:

…discern the thoughts of Sarah in the tent behind her. That’s what He said. That’s the sign that He promised at the end. What did He say it would do?

Reveal the Son of man. The ministry of Christ returned to earth in a human vessel. And He said, “I don’t do the works, my Father in me does the works.” And Jesus said, “Greater works than these shall he do, because I go to my Father.” [John 14:12] And He talks of the singular.

And Paul said over here in Ephesians, “Now unto him that is able at the exercise of his own power that is within you to do exceeding abundant above all you do and ask or think.” [Ephesians 3:20]

And Jesus said, “My thoughts are not my thoughts.”

And William Branham said, “My thoughts are God’s thoughts.”

Now, William Branham so identified with the Word, the Logos. He stands out there like a sore thumb you might say. What a lousy expression to use. What else can I say?

He stands out there so one with God in that Word, that he’s absolutely God’s man, he’s God to the people. And he’s not his own man, and he’s not William Branham any longer. He’s in a tube. We said a while ago, you all could smoke, I could have smoked.

Except I hate the stuff, I don’t like doing anything I hate. Castor oil, forget it. Maybe the good old Eskimo’s like it, but don’t ask me to like it. Whip cream, strawberries, now you’re talking my language.

Plus take me over there in good health through that nice little (what is it,) Café Doshea over there in Columbus. Oh, mama Mia, you talk about… anybody want to gain weight? I don’t like doing things that I don’t like. And I can do them too.


Not William Branham. God stopped him, put him in a tube. That man wasn’t foolish, people just don’t read into this thing what he’s saying here.

Listen, it takes years, I’ve been looking at this… I haven’t been looking at steady for twenty years, but look it, I’ve been hearing this Message for more, way more, twenty years and been with the prophet hour after hour. This is become a really real now to see what’s It’s all about. This is why I make those tough remarks that I make.

God’s showing me something, He’s not showing somebody else, which I don’t know that He is. But I can’t take a chance that He’s showing somebody else. I got to preach hard. If it’s going to go around the world, I better know what I’m saying.

Because I can’t afford to send out just a bunch of junk and a hogwash to people. Now then, they might not like my language, but they pick up a lot of things that go in between that language. But I think my thoughts are clear enough, we should get somewhere with it.


Now, he said here:

The last sign was God manifested in a human body that could discern the thought that was in Sarah’s mind…

And that is Hebrews 4:12 that makes Him “the same yesterday, and today and forever,” [Hebrews 13:8] which is exactly what was said down there in Genesis 18, which is spread through the entire gospels and brought back at this hour.

And that is ‘the sign’. Backed up by “Thus Saith the Lord’. All the other false anointed tried, they make all kinds of claims, it will not work.

All right, now listen, let’s keep going:

It would be known in the days, the last days, when the Son of man will be revealed–be revealed to us. [That’s Elect] When the Son of man is revealed, that’ll be the sign He’ll be revealed by. Now, if that don’t say that. It certainly does.

Now, people say again, “Well, where does that certainly say that?”

Okay, let’s go down to paragraph 91.

The Bible said, the Word of God is sharper than a two edged sword, discern the thoughts that’s in the heart.

Now, that sign of Sodom has returned in the natural. And if everything is said in just exactly positioned the way it’s supposed to be in the natural, then how come you can dismiss it from your mind that the spiritual isn’t there?

Now, you know that I’ve said time after time, after time, after time, why do people… I never knew that this was here, but in my subconscious I did, don’t worry, it wasn’t original, it was put there by God through the prophet.

You don’t look at only the negative, you got to look at the positive, because what’s going for you as well as what’s against you.

So, what’s in the spiritual? He tells you the spiritual is the same in both seeds, God reading the heart, because Sarah laughed in her heart. What’s really with this woman?

Now, you could be here because you need money. You could be here because you’re in some kind of sin. You could be here for this or that. He said, “I don’t know, but He’ll tell me. And if He’ll tell me, will you believe?” Oh, that’s a different thing.

There’s your picture. [Brother Vayle points to the picture of the Pillar of Fire] Now, one person is going to do it. Everybody tried to do it.


Ephesians 4, he said:

Ephesians 4:4-5

(04) There is one body, and one Spirit… one hope of your calling;

(05) One Lord, one faith…

How do you get one faith out of a lot of guys? One revelation. Paul had it. William Branham had it. See, this is why I constantly get in trouble, I haven’t got enough brains to shut up and keep my mouth closed.

When I find people say they believe the prophet, they say, “Well, he made a mistake here, ‘that which is perfect’ hasn’t come.” They know? Do they know?

Brother Branham said, “That which is perfect has come.”

Now, who are you going to believe? I could explain, I’ll explain it to you what it means. I’ve showed you by God’s grace and God’s Scripture. I wouldn’t known ‘that which is perfect has come’, what It was, unless the prophet told me.

I want to ask you a question: would you have known except I’ve explained it to you? I think, give me a break, if I need a break at this time, maybe I don’t. Broken neck might be better and get me out of here. They’re supposed to break all jackasses necks if they’re not redeemed. But I’ve been redeemed, hallelujah.

Yeah, a little tough, but it won’t hurt anybody. I don’t mean anything bad by it, I just say, look here. Because you see, the big question comes out, what about Lee Vayle and this ministry that goes out around the world? That’s mine and mine alone. That’s mine and mine alone.

And I’m telling you all this morning, leave me alone with my ministry. If you haven’t caught it, I want you to know it now.

Now let… I’m very serious now, because, not one of you do one thing toward it, or tend to one thing toward it, except be with me to help me, encourage me in prayer and those things. But this is something between me and God and out there. That’s the way it’s going to go.


If you wonder what’s been sort of bugging me, as you can tell I’m edgy this morning, I want you to know now, don’t you fool with my ministry.

Now, I’m not being rough on me, because I treat you all good and love you all. But I want this one thing known, I don’t care if forty thousand people come in here at one time, I will be left alone with my ministry, it hasn’t got anything to do with anybody there, except I preach it here.

I can’t go on the road, there’s no way. So, that’s what we’re all about this morning. If you think I’m edgy, I am edgy. I’ve spent sleepless nights on this, but I’m relaxed this morning, you might not think so. But I want you to know, that’s just where it is.

That’s just the way it’s going to be and everything that pertains to it. If it comes to the place, which it won’t, that’s fine. We won’t even talk about things that won’t come, we’re talking about things that are here now.


All right, listen:

The Voice of the Sign 64-03-13

[154]  …you could say that, “No, it’ll be something else. [The Elijah ministry] It’d be build a great building, [it won’t be that simple discernment, it’ll be a great] something.” No, no, That’s a long ways off. That’s the on the other side. It’s against what God said He would do.

He’s telling you, not matter what people conjecture, no matter what people say. No matter what they hope. No matter what they think. No matter what they want. This is the way they get It.

And only one people understand that, that’s the election, because they understand sovereignty. And Brother Branham put it such a way I’ll never forget and neither should you. “God knew how many fleas there’d be, and how many times they’d bat their eyeball’s, how much it would take to make a pound of tallow.”

You say, “I don’t think God is that exact.” Say, I don’t think you believe God. I don’t need a computer, I just need God. So do you, all in the same boat.

[155]  Now notice what we said. The Scriptures will be just exactly, ’cause you have the Sodom sign, in the natural. [Now, I read you the spiritual] When was there any more homosexuals,

[Boy, you talk… he’s twenty years out of date on that one, shee, he hadn’t even run across herpes, let alone AIDS,] and things as there is now. A wicked and adulterous generation,

But listen: that types the spirituality of the church, herpes and AIDS. Filth, let’s be honest, sex is to bring forth children. What are they bringing forth? Herpes and AIDS.

The process of the transmission of life in the churches my brother, my sister, that’s sex, has deteriorated into herpes and AIDS, and death. Nothing outside of this Message comes to life. You see why?

And Brother Branham screamed out, he said, “They won’t bear children unto God. No, they can’t stand the sniveling, he said, the slobbering at the altar, the crying, the speaking in tongues.” That’s all part of it. But that’s not the big part, that just shows birth’s are kind of a nasty thing.

Nobody likes the blood and the mess around a birth. Now, this modern method of watching the babies born, count me out. I’m a weak brother, admit me as a weak brother and give me a cup of cold weak tea, but don’t ask me to get in that other stuff.


What did they brought forth in organization, they brought forth nothing but disease, that’s all. Hollywood stuff. (Paragraph 89.)

Are we going to make Hollywood our example, or are we going to believe God’s Word about it?

[156]  [Then] that same group can see the Word of God vindicated, and what do they do? They laugh at it, because they are dead, [now watch it,] eternally dead. They never was alive.

I saw that as I told you, time after time, broke my heart. When William Branham said, “I come back here every year, and you women are worse than ever.” He said, “I talk about, preaching, short skirts, your short hair and you’re worse than ever.”

And they said, “Ha, ha, ha, ha.” They all broke down and screamed with laughter.

He said, “Oh God…”

Yet, they speak in tongues.

 Oh, they might be polished up, believe this, believe that…

[157]  Jesus said, “You hypocrites.” Those priests of that day. “How can you say good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh, calling Me good rabbi, good master.” He knew their hearts. He could perceive what’s in their heart. He was the Word.

[158]  The Bible said, “The Word of God’s sharper than a two-edged sword, discerns the thoughts of the heart.”

[159]  Now that sign of Sodom has returned in the natural. [And he preached this out in California, that is the sermons that I heard when they laughed and laughed.] (Now that sign of Sodom has returned in the natural.)

[Saw that in California, started out there in San Francisco. Wicked, wicked city.] And if everything is setting just exactly positionally the way it’s supposed to be in the natural, then how can you dismiss it from your mind that the spiritual isn’t here at the same time?


What spiritual? God in a human form. God Himself, Elohim. Jesus risen from the dead, proving the sign of the resurrection. The whole complexity of God.

I read the other night didn’t we about heaven, all of heaven was there. Then what about now? What about now? Can’t answer your theological question, I haven’t got the answer, but I’m telling you what the prophet said.

Yeah. Everybody agrees the natural is right. But oh, in the spiritual, they don’t want to believe it, because it interferes with their doctrine.

[160]  Luke 17 is a sign. (Luke 17:20-30,) is a sign that Jesus said, in the just last days the nations, the churches, the people would be like it was in Sodom, the Gentile church, just before the burning up of Sodom. And there would be a group looking, like Abraham.


Now, sixty years ago when I was a kid I told you we heard lectures on VD. And they said, “Don’t you be promiscuous,” Because you could be all loused up in your body, a terrible disease and the babies would be born blind, everything else.

And pretty soon then they got all kinds of prophylactics out, then they got all kinds of shots, they would take it away, and that would very encourage them. And I could get VD, I could get gonorrhea, I can get syphilis, and I can get this and that and it’s going to just fine. That’s right.

Then they got herpes. And then they taught you how to live with herpes. That’s in Reader’s Digest. Did a great job, goes around the world, thirty million people read it. That’s a subscription, thirty million. And so maybe five people read Reader’s Digest, hundred and fifty million people at least, and yet, God knows where it goes from there.

And they say, “Oh, just fine, you can get herpes, that’ll be fine, you can just go ahead and mess up, and mess up, and mess up. Now, the herpes has gone to AIDS.

Now, they say, “Oh, oh, oh, don’t even kiss anymore.” Now they’re scared. Too late, anybody, everybody’s got it. The dread thing is here. And notice what they call it, ‘AIDS’. Acquired, Immune, Deficiency, Syndrome.

In other words, you asked for it baby, you got it. Acquire means ‘I get it’, when I didn’t have it. I don’t have AIDS, but I got something pretty bad. Except fungicidal will take care of it, that’s yeast infection.

Now, they associate it, lupus, our son died with. With the same thing, and also Crohn’s disease. Those things can be cured by proper diet. But the sins of sex are not cured by sex. The sins of diet are cured by diet. But the sins of sex are not cured by sex.

Now, they reap the whirlwind. What is a whirlwind? You know as well as I do. Get’s big enough, picks you up and carries you away. Now, God’s whirlwind is fine, like Elijah, but not this other junk.


Jesus said, “As it was in the days of Sodom…” go back and see what it was in Sodom. He read the same Bible we read, same Bible. Go back and look what it was.

[161]  Here was an elected group: Abraham’s group. They were looking for a promised son. The Sodomites believed nothing about it. [They were] the lukewarm, the church members, down in Sodom. Look at those three Angels coming down, see what signs they showed, you’ll see what signs we’re living in.

[162]  That will be the sign. The voice of the sign will be Malachi 4, to restore the people back to the apostolic faith of the fathers. There is the sign; there is the voice according to the Scripture. See, the sign is the sign that it was in Sodom: God manifested in human beings.

And He said, “Where is your wife, Sarah?”

“She’s in the tent behind You.”

[163]  “I’m going to visit you according to the time that I promised you.” He said…

[164]  And Sarah, back there said, “How could it be? Me, an old woman, him an old man, my husband out there, an old man. We… nothing like that with us.” Said, “It just can’t be.”

[165]  He said, “Why did Sarah doubt that, saying in her heart, ‘How can these things be?'”

[166]  And Jesus said It would return… (Hebrews 4:12) remember, Abraham called that Man “Elohim,” God. God… It had to be. Why? He could discern the thoughts, He was exactly on time. And Elohim, the Holy Ghost–

[Notice: Elohim, the Holy Ghost] not another person, the same Person, returning into the church, and would do the same thing, that would be the sign.


And one prophet does it. And if one prophet does it, the church does it. He said, “Elohim, in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, the Word was God.” [John 1:1] He said, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Elohim, and the Word was with Elohim.” The Word was with Elohim and the Word was Elohim.

I can’t understand the complexity, but I know as it were, all heaven is here before us today. God Almighty took that last great step of redemption, if He’s… Oh, He’s not here, He’s this, He’s that and lay it down to the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

What have you got with that baptism with the Holy Ghost would do this? Not any group under God’s high heaven if the whole church. Bar-one, and that one was William Branham, and every gift it wouldn’t do any good, you need William Branham.

That’s right, who cares what anybody believes. I don’t care what they believe. I preach hard for those that nail the thing down, for those that do believe.


Now, and Elohim the Holy Ghost, not another person, the same Person returning into the church and would do the same thing. That would be the sign. Super sign. Not William Branham is super sign, Christ is the Super Sign, but He’s here.

“Call them back to the Word, restore the faith of the children to the fathers.” There’s the sign, there’s the Voice.

[167]  Signs are usually accepted, but the Voice is not. They don’t like the Voice, but they’ll take the sign. They usually take it. They like the sign, ’cause they look at it; it entertains them. But the Voice, they don’t want it.

“What work do you condemn me for?” [John 10:32]

“Oh, the works are wonderful, but you better shut your mouth boy.”

I’m going to tell you something, when a man’s got that kind of works, he better open his mouth as far as I’m concerned. Or take a crow-bar, open his mouth for him. Why do you think I stuck around all those years and want to see Brother Branham? I could sit back and watch.

If I had ears to hear, you bet I had ears to hear. And I found out I didn’t have ears to hear. They’re plugged up with a cruddy wax of a Pentecostal fundamental Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian hogwash. I was in all that stuff, don’t kid me.

I started out as a Presbyterian. Went to the United Church, looked at the Nazarene’s, got into Pentecost, turned Baptist and the whole bit. So, there you are. You talk about a hybrid. Hybrid’s usually, usually the mess between two animals.

But I had so many animals, I don’t even know if I could call myself a hybrid. But other than that, if you’ve got ears to hear it’ll come. Don’t have ears to hear, it ain’t going to come.


They want entertainment. Who needs entertainment? I told Brother Branham one day to his face, “Brother Branham, I wouldn’t walk across the street to see you raise the dead, but I know you.” That’s a gutsy statement to make in the face of a prophet.

He didn’t feel bad at all. I didn’t even understand false anointed at that time. But I didn’t like the ideas something out there was going on. I couldn’t place it. I hope you’re the same way this morning. Not to be like me, but it’s got to be the same Spirit brother/sister, the Spirit of God does the same thing.

He doesn’t reveal two different things to two different people. There’s one thing that He reveals. Sure, you and I can’t have different thoughts on this subject and be one with God. Say, we both got the thoughts of God, it’s impossible.

That’s why it comes by one man. And we’re all going to have one mind. They’ll see eye to eye when they come to Zion. We’re coming to Zion. We are Zion. It entertains them, see?

Notice, all revivals want entertainment. I hate it. They go to church and they sing a song. Clap, clap, clap, clap. Oh, what’s this clapping for? Some kind of a side show circus? I was taught in church to be reverent.

And someone sang, they sang for the glory of God, not to be heard, and to be seen, and you know, [Brother Vayle claps a few times] lauded. Fap! Maybe God didn’t think was so hot, He had somebody clap for you.

Just like those crazy shows you know, they take some girl that supposed to be (you know) the star, and she’s supposed to have a famous voice, and she gets up and she sings. And if they don’t dub her voice then she sounds like a cat meowing on the back fence.

And everybody claps, [Brother Vayle demonstrates] great singer. I say, “Oh God, have pity, that’s singing?” Man, I’m a realist, not a surrealist. Ha, ha, surrealist’s can have it. A realist is more pragmatic. That’s a good word. I don’t know what it means, but it sounds good.



Now, the Voice…

[169]  Turn back to the Word again. Jesus’ sign of Messiah, according to Isaiah 35, “The lame shall leap like a hart,” and all this.

[170]  That was wonderful. Oh, they accepted that. That was good. They believed that. They believed the sign. “Come on, Rabbi, to my church. Give me full cooperation. Sure, we believe You. You’re wonderful… You’re the rabbi… young prophet. Come in, all kinds of cooperation. Sign’s wonderful.”

[170]  But the Voice said, “I and the Father are One,”

[171]  Oh, boy, they couldn’t believe that. “You make yourself God.” They didn’t want that Voice. [Brother Branham said, “When the Bride says, ‘I and my Father are one’, that’s it.”] They liked the sign.


“The works that I do you’ll do also.”

They said, “He’s Beelzebub.”

He said, “You generation of snakes.”

What did they do? Put the voice out. Sure they did.

[173]  Jesus said, “…call the Master of the house ‘Beelzebub’, how much more they call his disciples?”


I want to ask: was William Branham a disciple? He sure was, therefore he’s got to be Beelzebub to them.

[174]  The Voice [said,] “Return back to the Word, away from these creeds and denominations,

[175]  The sign’s right, but not the Voice.” They don’t want anything to do with the Voice. Oh no; the Voice said, Moses said, if they won’t?

[176]  Or God said to Moses, If they won’t believe the first… sign try the second. They won’t believe that, then get some water pour it on the ground.”

That to me is like the dust, you see, wipe the dust of waters of separation.

He said, Get some water at the river, pour it in the ground,” become blood, and show what she’s going to be drenched in, blood. [So, that’s exactly what it was.]

Now listen: Brother Branham took his third sign as the Word and said, “That will bring blood.” The last plague is spiritual death. Remember what he said previously as we study this Message, he said, “That Light, that Cloud, gave light to one and darkness to the other.”

Now, when do you go into darkness? You go into darkness the minute your doubt’s come up and you ask questions. I’ve explained that. You get into a room with Brother Branham and ask questions it starts to go dark, even though you’re trying to believe. You stop trying to believe, just believe.


I told you that, I had the problem over the saints in the great tribulation. I’ve been so thoroughly schooled in the other side from Dr. Bosworth, Aaron’s and all the rest of them. I studied myself, when I found I agreed with them, because I misunderstood the Word.

And I ask legitimate questions, every time he explained, I couldn’t get it, because my mind was saturated. Then when as the room began to get dark and I saw him fading from me, I said, “One question Brother Branham, one more question.”

“Yes, Brother Vayle, what is it?”

I said, “Is it ‘Thus Saith the Lord’, the Saints will not go through the tribulation?”

He said, “It is, Brother Vayle.”

I said, “Brother Branham I believe you, the Saints will not go through, I will find it by the grace of God.” Ten years later. Ten years later. Can you sit for ten years?

“Brother Vayle has no patience.”

Have you got that kind of patience? I want to ask some questions: I’ve been asked questions, I’m going to ask you questions. That’s only fair. Have you got that kind of patience? No, you don’t have that kind of patience.

You’re not required to have that kind of patience. I’m required that kind of patience that waits twenty years for a simple answer. True. Your patience is different from mine. I’m different from all of you. You’re different from me.

So, if we’re in the Word that should make the difference right there. That makes the binder. That’s makes the glue that holds together. That’s the whole thing. That’s where patience comes in, love comes in, trust comes in.

If I’m a fruit-cake, they come right handy at Christmas. That’s not very long to wait. September, October, November, December, four months. Can’t you wait four months and ten days? You didn’t think I’d spring that on you, did you? I never know when I’m going to spring it on myself, so that takes care of that.


[176]  “…drenched in: blood.”

[177]  All ministries have three signs if it’s sent from God. [Now,] Jesus had three signs; Moses had three signs; Noah had three signs; Elijah…

What those three signs are I don’t know. I’ve not figured it out, I’ve haven’t taken time. I don’t know if they ever will. But I believe it. And I can see where every single one had three signs, even Noah.

One sign would be building the Ark. One sign would be with the animals coming in. The third could be when the door was shut. I don’t know. It sounds logical. I don’t say I’m right.

Elijah had three signs…

When did he have three signs? Well, I guess when the Fire fell one time. Second one: the rain came. Third one: he ran ahead of the horses. You get an old man like him beat a bunch of horses down the hill, they had a head start too.

I don’t know, that could be three signs. I don’t know. I don’t know, but there’s three signs there. We know Brother Branham’s.


The Bible said so. (Paragraph 104)

[179]  …you believe the Sodom sign, then why can’t you accept the Malachi Voice that follows the sign, to return to the Word?

Now you see, that’s the thing that they will not take. That’s the same thing that that brother from India came over here and he said, “See you people had to come back to the Word in America, we in India never left the Word.”

Right today, I got his book where his church is Seventh Day Adventist. Makes a big deal of it. Oh God, when you turn to dead stuff like that what are you? Sat in my home that time, his face just as black as an angry cloud.

I said, “Phillip, what’s the matter with you?”


I said, “Come on, come on, quit playing games.” I very seldom talk to people that way, I just let them do what they want. I said, “Come on, quit playing games. I know there’s something’s upset you, what is it?”

“Well,” he said, “Brother…”

“Answer the question.” I said, “What is the question, I want to answer it.”

He said, “What’s the body made of?”

I said, “Many members.”

“No,” he said, “no.”

I said, “Don’t play games with me. That’s what the Bible says.”

He said, “Has it got a head?”

He wanted me to say, “Head, trunk, and limbs.”

Here’s the Bible, one million dollars, I’ll rob ten banks to get it, likely shoot me to get it.

“Show me in the Bible where it is and I’ll get you ten million dollars.” (Did I say one or ten? It doesn’t matter. I tell you I haven’t got either one, but I’ll have to kill to get it maybe.) I’ll be glad to kill to get you.

This Bible has head and trunk, and limbs. Hasn’t got it. It’s got head and many members. You know that. You’re smart enough to know that to know that word ‘limbs’ is not in the Bible and ‘trunk’.

He said, “Well brother, let me ask you a question: has it got a head?”

I said, “Yes, if you mean the Living Word of Almighty God.”

“No, no, no, the Holy Ghost.”

I said, “Hold it right there, that’s Pentecost.” I said, “Don’t give me that stuff.”


A man that shook India, the crowd of roughly a million, miracles after miracles, where is he today? On moon landing day, he became the son of God, God incarnated him. Lovely man too. When he first started, a real angel of light. Preached this Word of God like an angel.

I heard him preach on several occasions. He criticized us Americans. And his sermons I heard maybe four Scriptures and mine you’ve heard as many as two hundred. And I’m not boasting. So where’s the Bible?

At least one thing: if you hear me preach and I’m using the Bible which I’m just reading Brother Branham, you can go home knowing you have heard the Word of God, even if It was distorted. Because man, I read Scripture after Scripture. I’m not boasting, I’m just telling you the truth. See?

Malachi’s voice brother/sister. One voice not transferable. No, not transferable. The Voice of God is not transferred, It is assiymable, you can assimilate It, but It doesn’t transfer.


The rain that cometh all from heaven is found of God in a mouth of a prophet, and those ordained to preach It. Falls upon the ears and goes to the heart. And men suddenly see a vision and the vision is Christ before them. That’s when they see Him and they get really born again.

Brother/sister, can’t you understand there can be no birth outside this Word? I just don’t care what anybody says. It is just no way. Nothing outside this Message is going to come to life, because there’s no life in it.

Come on, how in the world to you put life in a stone? And yet the stone does have life in this sense: molecules move not matter what the density is. But whoever’s seen a stone move? When it gets hot enough it flows, you bet. You get the stone hot she’ll move.

I think pressure is going to make us move too. All these living stones are going to get together hot enough by the pressure coming in, we’re going to get out of here praise the Lord. I don’t want pressure anymore than you do, but let’s face it, it could come.

The Bible said so, and you see it. Then listen at the Voice of the sign,

[180]  “Flee the wrath to come. [Now remember, he’s a judgment prophet.] Don’t think, “Because I belong to the UPC, Assemblies of God, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, I have a right to go in.’ God’s able of these stones to rise children to Abraham.” Turn to the Word.


Now notice, he used the word ‘Abraham’. Turn to Abraham what? Because everybody’s got to boast and ‘I’m of God’ and Abraham types. We belong to the Father, no way.

The Voice Of The Sign 64-03-13

[180]  Turn to the Word. Back away from your worldly-ism, and your organizational systems and things. God will destroy them from the face of the earth. He’ll sink them into the depths of the sea of forgetfulness, just like He did Egypt when He called Israel, nation out of a nation. When He calls the Bride out of the church. You’ll go through the tribulation, and drench your blood upon the earth. Flee the wrath that is to come, for it’s at hand.

Remember, Jesus is the Blood of God. Remember, He’s here in the form of the Holy Ghost. And remember, the Bride, because she is now the living receptacle, she has become the Blood of God. And there is only refuge in that Blood, all other blood must be shed.

Sure, you refuse the Blood of the Lamb, he meant you died. The first born was gone. In other word, protection is gone. You name’s blotted out, because the name and the whole inheritance lay in the first born. So it was gone. Yes sir.



[181]  You can’t see these things… I don’t know what you think about them. I’m only responsible for reading them and talking about it. [See, that’s… we were doing it this morning.] It’s up to you. If you can believe the sign, then believe the voice that follows the sign. Oh, my.

[182]  Look, Moses, the type of going out now. He was to tell those people about a promise that had been given to the fathers. “I remember My promise to their fathers.” And now, what’s Moses to do? To turn the hearts of the people back to what the fathers had said.

And what was said? You’re going to go down for four hundred years and come out here, I’m going to take you out with a high hand. There was a promise. And that promise we read the other day and showed you.

That’s as simple as… How do you hang your eternal destiny upon something so simple? Oh, bring out your mighty theologians and a great dissertation, a mighty treatise on the whole thing, hallelujah. Oh yes. Hogwash.

Bring out the simple Word of God, see one Word brought to pass. Brother Branham said, “One Word from You O God is more than a million words from us.” How about one Word manifested?

Oh, brother, sister, now we’re getting into the real tremendous thing and God manifests His Own Word. He interprets It by manifesting It.

“I remember My promise…”

[183]  All these scruples of denominations, [that’s all the messed up skewed up things of denominations] and so forth, get back to the Word. I know you… Lots of people like to do that. I’m not just scolding you here.


Now, I wouldn’t say that, I couldn’t say that like Brother Branham. Now he could get really up there and not scold anybody. And I get down here and I scold people. I must admit. I’m not nice like he is. So, people say, “Lee Vayle is not nice.” That’s true, in certain conditions. Yeah.

[183]  These tapes go around the world (See?), everywhere. I’m not scolding you, but I’m scolding to whoever it is, where it belongs. [I agree with that.] I’m a seed-sower. [Hebrews 6, see, Revelation 10, Malachi 4:6.] That’s all I know to do.

Ho, I know a lot more than that. I hope God keeps me from doing it. If Brother Branham made a statement like that, that’s what he said, he said, “I always do what I want. I always what to please Him.” Well, you and I, we’re just not quite so happy that way.

It’s up to you to make the decision. Flee the wrath that is to come, people!

[184]  Don’t think because you’re [Pentecostal]; don’t think because your mother was a fine sanctified Methodist, your daddy was a shouting Baptist; [a good one] don’t think that that’s going to have anything to do with you. Don’t think because you belong to the church that they built, or the church that you’re building now;


That ought to be a lesson to us about building a church, shouldn’t? Ain’t going to do anything for us, except give us a little better place if we do ever rebuild. Which we may not.

Who know what’s in the cards, and if you can’t say I’m going to build, and I’m going to this, because the Word of God says, “Don’t even say, I’m going to go to town tomorrow, except the Lord willing.”

So, the Lord willing if we should have a building, because we like people to come in and visit with us, and we want to make the comfortable. If we should do that, that doesn’t do anything for us. No. That’s just creature comfort. That’s what Brother Branham said.

He said, “The folk here want to build a church, they’ve taken up money, [he said,] the trustee’s say the money’s here, [so he said,] I go along with them.” I could preach in anybody’s front room and that’d be fine by me. But we don’t have to do that. So therefore, we won’t do it.

Now we’re here, we might have another building, wonderful. I can preach there too if you want me to. If you don’t that’s fine. That might be way out, wouldn’t it? Mean my next way out, say, Lee Vayle can finally retire.

I’ve been flat tired for so long now, I guess be retired be much better. What I need is a retread job. And I imagine some of you here are hoping that you get one too. You’re a lot younger than I am… I know some of you got it tough, you don’t feel well, and I feel sorry for you.


[184]  Don’t think you belong to this church… or [that] church the you’re building now; don’t think because you Pentecostals spoke in tongues and danced in the spirit, (all those things are good you know) and run up-and-down the floors forty years ago. (I guess it was forty years ago that I did that.) Don’t think because you’ve had healing meetings and so forth.

[185]  Don’t fail to see that sign of a Pillar of Fire that God has vindicated, and the Voice behind It to turn back to God.

Now remember, that’s exactly what I read out of 1 Kings 18. The Pillar of Fire and the Words turned them back. In other words, they knew that It was there.

They could see the Fire fall, which was not really the Pillar of Fire, but was emblematic of It, because it was a Judging Fire that came from that God. “I’m an consuming Fire, and I consume.” [Deuteronomy 4:24]

I love the Consuming Fire, may He consume my heart of all its dross, and all the things I’m into brother/sister. Purge my lips, my tongue, everything, I need it. I’ll be the first to confess it. I mean it with all my heart. Yes sir.


Now, listen again: Don’t fail to see that sign of the Pillar of Fire that God is vindicated. Didn’t say that you saw It, it said, “God vindicated.”

and the Voice behind It to turn back to God.

What’s his one purpose? Not any thing for William Branham, but to get the people back to God. What more could you want in life? You know I hunger and thirst for a people and myself included to be representative in the Scriptural manner of the Logos Himself.

I don’t know if we’re going to get that far. By the grace of God, I believe we’re going to get that far. Personally I don’t want to leave this earth until I’ve made giant strides in some direction toward Him.

Maybe I’ve made my strides. I don’t know, I don’t understand the things of God like I’d like too. I know it’s not bound up in character, though character’s there. It’s not bound up in gifts, though gifts are there. It’s not bound up in consecration, though that’s there.

It’s not bound up in obedience, though that’s there, all those things there. But what is here? He is here, and His Word is what our cells are going to form around to get us out of here. And they without us in the ground cannot be made perfect, they’re waiting on us. They can’t have their bodies until it’s time to get ours.


What’s God to do? The transfiguration comes by the renewing of the mind. The mind is a part of the spirit, brother/sister. And when that blessed Holy Spirit the Life of the Word, and the Word that’s in our heart transforms Itself into the spirit. The spirit begins moving through us.

And Brother Branham said, “It’s so natural, people are missing it.” And we’ll be full natural. I believe that with all my heart. You’re going to see a people, they’ll just be it. The strain is all gone, it’s all over. Why?

Because you had a spiritual resurrection already, now it has to come through the flesh in the form. That’s why I say, love each other. Love this Word and love each other.

I was rough this morning. I don’t mean to hurt anybody, but I just want to know, look, I cannot take a chance on misunderstanding, I must let you know where I stand. And if you do not like it, I’m sorry. God knows I’m sorry, I can’t help that.

I’ve got to go and do what I’ve got to do. But I’ve been forced into it. Like a tube. As far as my ministry is concerned, I could have said, last year when I preached The Rapture, and the sermons on The Paradox, I’ll never preach anything of that stature again.

Although God knows people thought I would never get that stature. That’s alright, that’s up to God. I don’t have a stature, I try to have God’s if I can possibly have it. I’m not saying this to be glib, or attract any attention. I want you to know that, because that’s not in my heart.

But, I believe now at this very minute I don’t know, I say, I just believe. But now that we’ve come back to the prophet again, and seeing these things we’ve never seen them before; and understand as we never understood before.

Three, four years ago, I said, “God, prophet. Prophet, God.” That did it for me. But it didn’t do it, this is doing it. This is a knowledge that brings it together as it never done before.

Where do we go from here? I don’t know. We’re just going to continue, because we go back to Events Made Clear. I don’t know what’s going to happen, I’ve got no idea. But I know God is not dead.

I know we’re not dead. I know the chapter is not closed. But one day it will be. So, as sincerely as I can I tell you, look this is what it’s all about to me.


Now listen: on the Appearing:

[186]  When a man raises up with a sign, the same old school of thought, there’s something wrong. It isn’t coming from God. Oh, my. Make His path straight now. Do you believe it? Then return, oh, blind… [and he closes off his Message.]

Now it says here:

The End-Time Evangelism 62-06-03

[49]  See, they had a testimony that they seen the Lord. The others didn’t believe it, He upbraided them because of the hardness of their heart.

Now listen: the other’s said, like William Branham said, “I saw the Pillar of Fire, I’ve got the vindication.”

And God said, “Those people that will not believe are hard of heart” and God has a controversy with them. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever, my brother my sister.

“Oh,” you say, “Brother Vayle I believe there’s grace.” Come on, grace runs out, judgment sets in. What are they talking about?

Let’s not get our own thoughts in here this morning brother/ sister, let’s get the Word of God in here. “He upbraided them.” Listen, he’s drawing the parallel, so it is today, see?

They didn’t believe these people who had seen that He was not dead, “He’s alive.”


And what is the sign today? Jonah, Resurrection. It, “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.” And He’s here in the form of the Holy Spirit. He will do now what He did back there in the flesh.

That’s not been for two thousand years brother/sister. People say what they want. People always say what they want. Thank God a prophet couldn’t. You believe that? You better believe it. We haven’t got a thing to stand on.

Hope you’re not tired. I’m not tired at all. Brother Pete already this morning, because I was tired, wasn’t I Peter? What did you do, give me a shot in the arm from long distance? You’re a good kid, I love you.

Same thing today, when you see His work.

The End-Time Evangelism 62-06-03

[50]  Now, we have already seen and are witnessing the Appearing of the Lord.

Now, come on, is the baptism with the Holy Ghost the Appearing of the Lord? Is It in signs and wonders? Yes! But No! The Appearing in signs and wonders is over. It’s Person.

Brother Branham told us, I read it to you. Have you got the tapes yet? You got a lot of tapes? Give them the tapes. Tell them to study them. Well you don’t have to study them, do what you want.

[50]  Now remember, Appearing and Coming is two different words: to appear and then to come. Now is the Appearing; He’s already Appeared in these last days, right here with us in the last few years. Now, it’s a sign of His Coming. He’s Appearing in the Church in the form of the Holy Spirit, showing that it’s Him, ’cause people can’t do these things that you see the Holy Spirit doing;

That’s not the baptismbrother/sister. Come on, or then nobody’s got the Holy Ghost except prophet. Come on, let’s be honest now. Let’s get this thing down. See, this is where the big trouble is. This is where always the trouble is going to be.

Don’t kid me that you’ve got another answer. I’m going to tell you the answer: here’s where the trouble is. You say, “Old Lee Vayle.” Don’t’ talk about old Lee Vayle. Let’s get… I’ll look you all in the eye one at the time, but you want me to stare you down.

Let’s get this thing flat. This is where it is. [Brother Vayle raps hard on the pulpit] Not what you think it is. I’m telling you. Now, if you don’t want to be told, that’s fine by me, you go your way, and I’ll go mine. This is what the prophet said. It’s all over that little thing called ‘the Appearing’.


Now, don’t get messed up on personalities. William Branham was not He. William Branham revealed Him. Without him there’d be no visible Appearing and no revelation.

I’m not that kind of a guy. I know where I stand. This is your crux. This is where the gates of hell are against. One of the places, there’s another place I’ll find it sometime again.

He said, sign of His Coming. He’s Appearing in the Church in the form of the Holy Spirit, showing it’s Him, ’cause people can’t do these things that you see the Holy Spirit doing; so that’s the Appearing of the Lord. Now, remember, he spoke both places, “Appearing” and “Coming.”

And yet people try to tell you, it is a Pentecostal dogma, that’s still in their minds, a fundamentalism that came out of Darbyism. Came out of Drummond, Darby, the whole bunch are the same. Where the Appearing is supposed to be Him Coming at a Rapture. That is not the Appearing, that is the Coming.


Now, I want you to know this, you listen to this tape, you’ve heard me say it a hundred times.

Anointed Ones at the End Time 65-25-07

[118]  I want you to know this… you that listen to this tape, [you heard me say it a hundred times] might have thought today that I was trying to say that about myself, that I was packing this Message. I have no more to do with the Message, nothing, no more than just a voice. And my voice, even against my better judgment… I wanted to be a trapper. But it’s the will of my Father that I declare to do, I’m determined to do. I wasn’t the One that Appeared down there on the river; I was only standing there when He Appeared.

I want to ask you a question, what appeared? What did they see? A ring like a rainbow. Hundreds saw It.

And the Voice that said, “As John the Baptist foreran the First Coming, So your Message, will forerun the Second Coming,” was the Voice of William Branham. [Brother Vayle pauses and raps on the pulpit] And It puzzled Meda.

She said, “Bill, I heard what was said, but that was your voice.” And he just smiled. So, I took her to 1 Thessalonians 4:16, just before she died. Why do you think God impelled me to go and see her? Now I’m some great hero? No! I’m just a stupid jerk that can hear God once in a while.


You think, “Brother Vayle that’s not nice to say.” I said it, I won’t take it back. Because I never considered myself anything. That’s been one of my major problems, that old inferiority complex. But that doesn’t have a thing to do with it anymore.

By the grace of God, what I preach from these sermons to be simpler and simpler, and simpler and simpler. Until we no longer look at a man and dissect him, well he’s got these eyes. We’ll look at the eyes, we’ll look at the ears, look at the nose.

We’ll look at this, we’ll do this, we’ll watch, we’ll cut this flesh apart, we’ll see this, we’ll see that. No, you just see the man, say, “That’s a man.” That’s the way the Word is. Otherwise, why did he call it body-word?

Not dissecting, it’s the whole Message. You take It, you don’t leave part of It. I told you for years I’ve had trouble with certain sermons and I turned away. I said, “I don’t want that.”

Say, “Just a minute now, maybe he’s not saying what you think.” Forget it, never mind what you think, just look at It anyway. Now, there’s some sermons like ‘The Feast of the Trumpets’.

Except for certain quotes brother/sister I haven’t picked It up for what, two years maybe? Maybe about two years. Maybe a year, I don’t remember anymore. It may lie there for another year, I don’t know what I’m going to do.


He said,

…I’m determined to do. I wasn’t the One that Appeared at the river; I was only standing there when He Appeared. I’m not the One that performs these things and foretells these things…

But yet, he’s foretelling them. Say, “William Branham if you’re not foretelling them, tell me quickly, are you kind of like the ‘Three Faces of Eve’?” [screen play of a woman with an identity disorder]

“No, I’m William Branham, but you see He uses my voice.”

“Oh, that’s different, okay.”

God to the people.

I’m the only one that’s near when He does it… only a voice that He used to say It. [There you are.] It wasn’t what I knew; it’s what I just surrendered myself to, that He spoke through.

Now, I can’t say it, I got to surrender myself to what this man says, and believe the Holy Ghost leads me. The same as you do, there’s no difference between even the two of us.

It just happens I’m standing up here, you’re sitting down there. If you want to reverse it, well, I wouldn’t say I’m going to sit down there. You do what you want. See?

…it’s what I just surrendered myself to… It isn’t me. It wasn’t the seventh angel, oh, no; it was a manifestation of the Son of man.


Listen, it was a manifestation of the Son of man. You say, “Just a minute, I am the manifestation of the Son of man?” No! He’s telling you what’s involved in it. What was said, and what was done.

And this is the vehicle. “I am not the Son of man, He is not the Son of man, it’s in the form of the Holy Spirit.” The Holy Spirit is doing it through the vessel.

What could God do at the time of Adam when he was strictly in a spirit form? Nothing! Put him in a body, then watch things happen. You say, “But Brother Vayle, some bad things happened.” Certainly!

If you had a chance for all the good things and chance for some bad things, would you turn down the fact of a body, just because there was a chance for some bad things? No! Look it, this is our home. We’re going to come back here with a changed form, where it’s all good.

The old Plato said, “Shall we not take good and evil from the hand of the Lord?”

“Um mmmmm.”

Calm down Rover. Don’t go biting the hand that fed you. You’re going to get evil and bad… evil and good. And let’s face it, we’ve had it mostly good. I look back and you know, shed my crocodile tears. You heard me talk about… I’ve been down the road and had it rough.


I’m going to tell you something about my experiences down the road. It’s really nothing to it when I look back. I can’t remember them hardly. All that I know it was rough. Women preachers, and thrown out of a church and everything else.

Refuse to help me on the road when you preached for them, wouldn’t give me an offering. So what! Me, I’m so good fed… I don’t even have to pray that the Lord turn my macaroni into good food. I had good food. He never let me down.

Never let my wife down, kids down yet. Now we often thought (you know) He was going to do it, but, nothing for the time being. It seems good, it seems grievous the Bible says. Paul said it, Peter said, it. But afterward, it’s all fine.

Like a woman having a baby. It’s hard to carry babies and then bring them to birth. But you know… what would you do without little kids? Do you think you’re bad now, you’d be worse than ever if you didn’t have little kids around you. See?

“It’s not God. It’s not man,” he said. No.

It wasn’t the messenger, his Message; it was the mystery that God unfolded. It’s not a man; it’s God. [Remember, Christ the mystery of God.]

[119]  The angel was not the Son of man; he was a messenger from the Son of man.

There it is. Now, he said, “I’m not the Son of man. That’s not the Son of man, I’m a messenger.” Now we’re getting it. He’s doing it through me, He’s talking through me. The Son of man’s been revealed. See?

Now, right down there Elohim has to be on the scene. Now, you can’t split God in fourteen different ways. There’s one God with all these offices. Now, I haven’t got it worked out in my mind.

I could take you to the simplistic attitude, and the simplistic attitude will explain the thing right on the nose and hit it a hundred percent, except for one thing. I still got doubts. So, I got to leave Godhead alone. I don’t know if He’ll ever show me anything. If He will that’s fine.


All right. He said,

Feast of the Trumpets 64-19-07

[29]  …Haven’t had it through the age.

[30]  See that perfect continuity of the Scripture? (Here we live in it.) [My, look at that.] The mysteries, the baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus, away from the Oneness idea, and these other things, how the Holy Spirit has moved that in and showed it perfectly; true baptism of the Holy Spirit, the Token, everything,

Notice, he says, “The true baptism of the Holy Spirit, the Token.” Now, he doesn’t say, the true baptism is the Token. He’s saying it reveals the true baptism, and the Token as far as I’m concerned. Because though you do have the token, you don’t have ‘The Token’ or you’d have all of God.

You see, even at that, if the fullness of God was in William Branham, it still does not constitute him Emmanuel in the true sense of the word. He is not God, this Wonderful, Prince of Peace, Mighty God, he’s just like the Moses and Paul.

No difference, see, don’t ever make William Branham more than he is, because that’s not right.

it’s not done in a corner; [it’s done right before our eyes,] Jesus, the Son of God [notice: Jesus the Son of God] revealing Himself by the Scriptures, making that Scripture, that had been predestinated to this day (like it was to that day, and all other days), live.

Now he’s telling you right now that Jesus is making through William Branham the predestinated Scripture to live, so the prophet is the Living Word of God manifested, manifesting the Living Word of God.

Oh, I know people who hate that. “Oh, Brother Vayle you make too much of the prophet.” Well fine, got to make something to somebody.

Like Joe Branham one day, a guy said, “You know what he said a preacher down there, he imitates your father, just imitative?”

“Well,” he said, “You know a better man to imitate?”

Joe ain’t nobody’s fool. No.


He said:

Why Are We Not a Denomination 58-27-09

[36]  I’ll stop on my subject just a minute if possible. [I’ll finish reading here.] I was reading in a piece of Scripture…

And then he just goes to that Scripture, and I’m going to do the same thing. Leave the Scripture out, just say, I’ll finish the message reading what I read, and I trust now that you have a better understanding of what you have had, although it’s the same understanding, there’s no doubt about it.

But you can see why I have stressed the Presence of God. Why I have stressed the Appearing. What It is all about. And you can see also where Brother Branham stood.

I believe I stand with William Branham. I’ve got no vindication, I don’t need any, I don’t want any. I’m not interested. All I want to know is, can I take what he said and find it here? Does it line up? If it lines up, then that’s all there is to it.

Shall we pray at this time.

Graciously heavenly Father, we thank You for allowing us to be together this length of time. O Lord, You know that I do not relish preaching this long. I don’t know if the people do either, but trying to finish things up, Father, we never know what’s going to be held next week when we can come together again.

We know, Lord, that… like Job’s sons all gathered in one place, and the whirlwind came out of the desert and destroyed them. We know, Lord, that our times are in Your hands, where there’s a step betwixt us and death.

We do not control our destinies, we’ve been advised that we cannot even say, “tomorrow I’ll go into such a town, and do such and such.” We say, “if the Lord will.

So, Father, here we are at this moment, we… and hopefully, O God, and that’s all I can do is just hope and pray, Lord, that You’ll overlook my mistakes and the things that I’ve perhaps should not have said, or in manner which I should not have said them.

But bring out the truth of You Word, Lord, which we can see a continuity here as we’ve never seen before. And see the interrelationship of the prophet and You, Lord, and understand what is in this hour.

And, Father, we know that that is the living sacrifice for the misunderstood and the ignorant. That we didn’t know these things, and the same Jesus raised from the dead in the form of the Holy Spirit came down as a Spirit of Wisdom to erase our ignorance so the sacrifice stands.

Light brings the fullness of the sacrifice into play for a Blood bought children. Perfect by the Blood of the Lamb. Robed in the Holy Spirit, living by the Life of the Word. Ready to take her flight at any minute, Lord.

Thy will be done, O God, Thy Kingdom come upon this earth. Thou great and Holy King that the prophet said was in our midst. Thou great and Holy Judge that has made a pronouncement. What can we do but believe You? How we ought to shame and cower before You, Lord, if we do not believe You in this hour.

Help our unbelief, Lord, if we have anything left in any shape or form. And I do admit, Lord, that is not only possible, it is certainly true that there are spots of unbelief here and here. We move every spot from our garment, O Lord, for the Bride we know must be spotless and her garments without spot or wrinkle.

Father, it’s been that way, our garment being the Word, we know It already is that way. Open our eyes to see It. Open our eyes to see It, O Lord, that’s what it was. You were risen, but You had to open Your eyes to see that You were.

Paul already was an elect child of God, but You had to open his eyes to see it. The Bride’s already made the Rapture, Lord, open our eyes to see It. All these things are here. Like You said, “Children, have you any meat?” They said, “No.” You said, “I got plenty, come on.”

The Wedding’s Supper’s spread, some of our dear beloved ones, brother, sister Branham, they’re over there already. They’re waiting on us, anxious. No doubt in what form anxiety might exist there. Happily you might say, not anxious, but happily anticipating that great day, hasting unto It.

Lord, help us to hasten, that together we might hasten to the Marriage Supper, the great banquet in the sky. Father, just help us today to be real serious and sober. Foster that Word amongst us as one mind, O God.

Not that I want to have my mind, Lord God, You know that. I don’t want that, I want Your mind in me, Your mind in them, and one mind together and that’s fine. Because, then we’re all lead by You, we’re all fed by You, and the whole thing is of You, because there’s only one body, one faith, one Spirit, one Lord, one baptism.

We know that, Lord. There’s all one there, it’s not a dozen different things. And then if we’re right, then we’re all one, because that’s Your Word. And I appreciate that, Lord.

Now, help us, Father, if we just realize that. Just realize that, then there wouldn’t be anything else but that. Maybe that’s what Brother Branham meant when he said, “The Bride all have the same thought, just ten of them.”

There’s more than enough here, Lord, this morning to bring about a Rapture if we just get in that frame, O God, which is the Holy Spirit frame.

Bless each one in Divine Presence, Lord, may there not be one that isn’t blessed. And, Lord, being that I’m up here praying I don’t feel too bad to pray for myself, because I think I need it worse than anybody here, Lord, because the responsibility lies there.

And I don’t want to hurt anybody, and if I’m going to be responsible, Lord, I know that I’ve got to be responsible. There’s no two ways about it. I’ve got to answer to You, then I’ve got to answer at Judgment Day if I’m wrong, to other people standing there.

I trust, Lord, that no one has been hurt today, but everybody helped, because I don’t believe, Lord, there’s a place here for anything but help. Although the prophet did say we come for correction. And I realize that clubbing is not correction, it’s hypocritical, but, Lord, I trust I haven’t been that way.

Maybe a little wrong, a little harsh, You forgive me, Lord, people forgive me too, I trust that they will.
In the Spirit of love going on together with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Burying, Lord, every thought and every transgression under Your Blood.

Leaving it there, lest we be condemned for having brought it out and have to bear the consequences.
May we understand that this morning and walk in that Light, in Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

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