Events Made Clear By Prophecy #10

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Shall we pray:

Heavenly Father we’re again counting it a great privilege to be in this place, Lord, which has been sanctified by word and prayer, Lord, in order to worship You in Spirit and in truth.

And we believe, Lord, that that is not only incumbent upon us, but it’s a great honor that we believe in a great measure, we fulfill it, Lord, because we believe we have the interpretation, the correct interpretation the true interpretation, and the full interpretation, Lord, with the Word of this hour and that which is Perfect has come.

And we appreciate that, Lord, to see You the Living God, the Living Word, One in this hour.

We just ask you now to help us tonight to understand that even more, Lord, and to just have Yourself revealed to us, Your Word opened to us, O God, that It might profit us, It might correct us, Lord. And It might be thoroughly furnished unto all good works, Lord.

And we might show ourselves approved, one that need not be ashamed, but approved unto You, Lord. We know that in this hour there is a lot of shame. The nakedness of the church has been discovered, her fornication, Lord, has been revealed. Her blindness, her un-doneness.

Lord, we know that there is the Balm in Gilead to heal us. We know there is a proper mind unto repentance, Lord. And we know there is the ability to be clothed in Your Word, Lord, to stand forth in this hour. We believe that the prophet did that. Actually, You did it through a prophet.

So help us to be relaxed tonight, Lord, and to just enjoy whatever You bring to our hearts and our minds, Lord, to be beneficial to us, that we might also be an aide to others, in Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now, of course we’ve been studying various Messages and combining them with The Events Made Clear by Prophecy, and in there you’ll notice, or have noticed by now as Brother Branham has brought really a three-fold witness.

Actually, God Himself has done it, or brought it into the position where it is a definitive witness, and he’s witnessed to Almighty God, actually God is witnessed to Himself. And also, He witnessed to the Word, and then He witnessed to the prophet of this hour.

And we also noticed that that… that we’ve seen some things then, these various Messages. We recognized therein, that Brother Branham is actually talking about himself all through the illustrations that he uses in both the Old and the New Testament.

And furthermore he lays down certain, very, very strong principles, or keys that are strictly and tremendously beneficial to us as we look at his ministry in the Light of the Word and what It means for this hour. Because that’s what It is really all about.


We saw one in particular there, which we know that verifies our understanding of the Presence of God. And also Brother Branham said, “My ministry is to declare that He is here.”

And he talks of the ‘Appearing’ as in contradistinction to the ‘Coming’. And he said, “He’s already Appeared,” and then he distinguishes between the Appearing and ‘signs and wonders’, as to the little appearing of his own presence himself.

Where he said, “When Moses went down to Egypt, God didn’t only appear in signs and wonders, but He literally took the Israelites out, and then He Appeared to them.”

Now of course, it’s impossible for us to see the Pillar of Fire, except as in a reflection. It cannot be done, because God made His promise to Israel. When they said, “Don’t let us hear Your Voice and see You again, lest we be consumed. Just use Moses.”

And God said, “They have truly spoken what they have spoken. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll use a prophet, they’ll not see Me again, and they’ll not hear again as they have done.”

Now therefore, God cannot break His Word. So how can God appear to us? And Brother Branham said that He was seen by thousands in the photograph. Now, God could not let us see, but God could use a camera for this hour to place us in the perfect parallel with the Exodus.


All right, we also notice that Brother Branham taught, which was very correct, that Jesus Christ in His ministry was Son of man, He was Son of God, and then Son of David, which is to come yet when He comes back in the Millennium to reign upon the Throne.

That’s the physical throne not a heavenly one at this particular time. And we saw there, the days of the Son of man must repeat again.

And you notice in Hebrews 6 they crucified to themselves afresh, not the Son of man, but the Son of God. So therefore, there’ll be an office in there which is in continuity in a dualism, although it’s in a singular.

And Brother Branham could say categorically then, he said, “I’m not the Son of man, the Pillar of Fire is not the Son of man, It’s in the form of the Holy Spirit.” Then at the same time he could say, “In this last day God have given the gift of His Son in the form of the Holy Spirit, just like He did back there in the days of flesh.”


Now, you can understand then that what our speaking of and your and mine understanding of the Presence of Almighty God is not a fallacious doctrine, is not a blaspheming the Word, is not something to be sneered at, but is something to be reckoned with.

Because these things cannot be explained unless you understand thoroughly that God is here presently in a way that He was not Present before.

All right, Brother Branham parallel’s himself to John the Baptist where the Word comes to the prophet in the water. That’s what happened in the Ohio River. And he said, “I was not the One that Appeared down there, I was only one standing there when He Appeared.”

And he said, “I’m not the One doing those things so correctly, and says those things so correctly, but [he said,] that One there I was just a voice that He used. I was only a member that He took a hold of.” That’s what he was telling us.


So, Brother Branham understood the Presence of God, and as John the Baptist did, and he said, “There’s One standing amongst you, and I’m going to declare Him.”

Now, the Holy Ghost baptism is not God amongst us, It is God in us. And Brother Branham said, “When that Spirit that’s amongst you, in the midst of you, is incarnated.” Now believe me, the baptism with the Holy Ghost that you and I have is not incarnated, it’s already incarnated. The incarnation is already going on.

Now, you notice in there that John the Baptist said, “His fan is in His hand, thoroughly purging His floor, gather wheat in the garner, and He’s the One that baptizes with the Holy Ghost in a fire.”

Now listen, there’s got to be a Baptizer before there’s a baptized. And there’s got to be something to be baptized with if there’s going to be a Baptizer and a baptized. There’s got to be an element.

Now, the baptized happen to be every member in the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Baptizer is Almighty God Himself.


And so therefore, when John said, “The mighty Baptizer is here, and the fan is in His hand and thoroughly purges His floor,” that did not happen back there. Because the chaff was not burnt up.

So, I ask a question: who’s hand is the fan in? Now, if you’re a Roman Catholic and that’s exactly what you’ve got to be, or a bankrupt worse than a Roman Catholic; now let’s face this flat, the church then declares that the fan is in its hand and it’s doing the dividing.

That’s a lie from the pit of hell. God does the dividing! God’s fan is in His hand! God’s in the judgment robe! Not some stinking messed up foul prostitute church. You follow what I’m saying?

All right, the fan has got to be in somebody’s hands. And the Bride constitutes Church. We don’t have a fan in our hands. When did God give the church the part of the Judge? That’s the great White Throne my brother, my sister, and the little things in the church. Now understand that’s true.


He said, “he’s here.” John introduced Him. He said, “He’s amongst you and you don’t know Him. He’s already here.” I’m a little ahead of Him, (born six months earlier I think it was.)

Brother Branham was here on the scene, the prophet ordained for this hour, God came on the scene. He Appeared in the form of the Holy Spirit.

As Brother Branham said, “If He’s risen from the dead, (Hebrews 13:8) He’ll do now in the form of the Holy Spirit what He did when He was here in a human body.” And so He’s done it.

And there again you see the days of the Son of man, you see the Son of man revealed. Son of man, Son of God, Son of man, but He’s still Son of God, going on to Son of David, is just a reversion back.

Why? Because, He had to come to the Gentiles and do exactly for the Gentiles in the form of the Holy Ghost what He did when He was here in the flesh. That’s Matthew 4 and Matthew 12, and nobody can gainsay it. It’s just as clear as clear can be.


So, the prophet then gave witness to Almighty God in His great Presence. Present in a way that He was not Present before. And Appeared as in the Exodus of a nation out of a nation, now a church out of a church. A Bride out of a church.

Now, the same one also said, “See, in six thousand years this same thing happening today happens three times only.” Once with Moses, once with Paul, and once with William Branham. God speaking face to face.

Now, I know the church wants to arrogate to itself that. Why do you think they crucified Christ? Because the church wanted to take what Christ had. And remember, they were Christians. That word is ‘Messiah’ in the Greek. They were Christians. Lousy bunch.

Instead of looking for Christ, “We’re Christians looking for Him. We’re going to crown Him, make Him our leader.”  And they killed Him. Now, the same Christians are doing the same thing. See? No different. They talk about It, but they don’t believe It. They don’t act on It.


All right, now that One was presented and “He’s the same yesterday, today and forever,” and He is here just as the prophet told us. And He has revealed Himself to the Gentiles the same as He revealed Himself in the flesh to Israel.

And we know that Brother Branham absolutely preached ‘I Indict this Generation.’ He didn’t say the church did. But he stood as men of old in the old times and said, “Who’s on the Lord’s side?”

Notice, how the Pentecostal’s say, “God’s on our side,” Baptist, “God’s on our side.” Catholic, “God’s on our side, we got the vicar.”

I’m going to tell you, one day, God’s going to knock the wheels off the chariots, those churches, they’re going to drag. And it won’t be water this time, it’s going to be the flood of fire that comes in. See?

So, you begin to see in the parallel how that Brother Branham did this and the sorry thing is: the majority of people that say they believe this Message do not comprehend It.

Oh, some say they do, I don’t doubt for one minute that many people look at it and said, “Well, so what?” That’s the reception I got as I went around preaching. “Well, that’s nice, it explains a lot of things, so what?” See?


Well, what did Brother Branham say? He said, “God, Jesus Christ Holy Spirit come down. Set’s Himself at the Head of the Church in order to raise the dead.” Alright, if He isn’t here, the dead won’t be raised.

The Rapture itself, the event for seeing the Rapture, (actually it’s the events surrounding It,) are in three things. Shout, Voice and Trumpet. The Trumpet is not the Rapture. The Trumpet is the summoning to the Rapture.

None of those three things is the Rapture. Not one of the three. But all three sets the tenor, and without the three you’ll never make the Rapture. If you don’t hear the Shout you won’t hear the Voice, you won’t hear the Trumpet. I’m sorry, that’s it. He does all three in descending.

Now, if He did the first in the form of the Holy Ghost, and we will not see Him incarnated, then we’re caught up to the Marriage Supper, which is the Second Coming and everything down here is the Appearing.

So, in the Appearing we saw the Pillar of Fire. In the Appearing we will see the dead come out of the ground in the Resurrection. And in the Appearing we’ll all appear together at the summoning of the Trumpet and be in one place. All, and this world can be round, flat, square, and who gives a hoot?


“Well, I don’t think Brother Vayle was the earth round as some of the folk…” Aw, listen, don’t you know, they can pass through that earth so quick in a bodily form, ‘zap’ like that.

Come-on, merciful God, if we live back there in the black ages? Back in stupidity, spiritual darkness and un-doneness. Jesus Christ went through a brick wall.

Brother Branham said, “You’ll travel faster than the speed of thought.” In other words, just as fast as God can think and once that Trumpet blows, they’ll be right there. Or they’d be there previously.

I don’t know how He’s going to do it. They’ll be in one place, he said so. Now, they won’t come out of the ground in one place, but they’ll get together. Remember, they talked about the bees swarming, the old and the young goose honking, they all… why, certainly. Bees or honkers.

I don’t care what they call me, just get me out of here. Job said, “When He calls, I will answer.” That’s the big thing, be one of the geese’s, eagles screaming.

All right, He does all three. Now, we see these things set forth in a tremendous fashion that gives us a tremendous insight to exactly what went on in our generation.

And unless you understand that, you cannot appreciate, nor will you accept infallibility. I don’t understand people. So, why worry, I’m going to shut up. Forget it. I won’t care about people, let’s care about the Message.


Okay, now… we say that this little prelude now, and we saw by six or seven messages combined, some fantastic quotes that we brought out to show you principles that Brother Branham enunciated showing forth the Presence of Elohim Who is the Word, Who is Jesus Christ in a Spirit form.

How that all works in, don’t ask me. I’m not God and I’m not a prophet. But it does.

He said, because he said, “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God,” And he said, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Elohim, and the Word was Elohim.” And he said, “Elohim is here.”

And time after time he spoke of recognizing the Word which was not this. This is blue-print. God in print. That’s about the best thing you can say about that. That’s a book. But when you see, when you see the manifestation of this Word, and God interprets His Word by manifesting It, then you know that God is manifested and God is revealed and it takes God here to do it.

And it’s not just in the form of a prophet. Take a look at that picture. [The Pillar of Fire on the wall] Now, Brother Branham said, that camera showed hundreds of thousands of people, God.


Now, your theologians will say, “That’s a lot of bunk.” Your Pentecostal’s will say, “That’s a lot of bunk.” Because “they’re blind, wretched, miserable, naked and don’t even know it.” And when you’re that far gone, you’re comatose.

You’re gone, you’ve been drugged by the sorcerer’s, because the word ‘sorcerer’ means druggist. Taken over completely by the opiates and the drugs of religion, what Marx said. But Marx was wrong in his assessment. Engels and Marx were wrong.

Religion is not the opiate of the people if he’s a born again person, it is anything but an opiate, it’s awakener-upper. Because by the Word of this hour we’ve had a spiritual resurrection.

But the people who do not understand this Word do have an opiate. For the Bible said, “Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from amongst the dead.” [Ephesians 5:14] So, there’s a bunch of sleeping people, there’s a bunch of dead people. But now the sleeping ones have been risen, and they’re here ready to go in.


Now, all right, that’s the background of what we’ve been looking at. Now, in this Message of ‘Events Made Clear by Prophecy’, and this is just a little recap on it, it is plainly set forth that the Bible is a Book of prophecy, and therefore chronicles history before it takes place.

Prophecy is the chronicling of events that are yet to take place. What takes place as to present events is already stated in the Bible, and we can understand what is going on and what It’s impact is if we go to the Word where It is made clear.

Now, nobody can understand what’s going on, lest they go to the Word. Now, somebody then has got to go the Word to clean up everything going on.

Now, when a phenomenon in the spiritual realm, the size of the ministry of Brother Branham goes unexplained from total investigation of Scripture, something is wrong somewhere. And I mean it is.

You know that what I’m talking about, that this Bible is written by God in the form of the Holy Spirit in the prophets. It is also truly revealed by the prophets.

The only trouble is, when the prophet’s pass on, the theologian’s take over and they do as Brother Branham said make a mess of things. But God is faithful, He sends the prophet with a nature and a ministry to fit that hour, and directs us to Jesus Christ Who’s the central theme of the Bible once again.


This prophet is always on the scene at the accepted hour, or appointed hour, through the sovereignty of God. God makes Himself known to His prophet, and then vindicated the prophet to the people so he’s accepted by the Elect, though hated by the others.

Then when he’s accepted, he brings the ‘New Message’. Not a patched-up message. Nor does he come and say, “Praise the Lord, I approve.”

God never brought His approbation by a prophet yet. Though approbation lies in there on the basis of a self judgment. “Where we judge ourselves, we should not be judged.” [1 Corinthians 11:31]

“Some men send their sins on beforehand, others leave their sins to follow.” But when he’s accepted he brings a New Message, as Brother Branham said, “If he doesn’t bring a new message why bother to send a prophet?” Why you already know it.

That’s another thing I can’t understand, here’s a man with the caliber of Brother Branham, a stature of Brother Branham and they don’t need to be told anything. Why, the thing is, they don’t need to be taught.

What they got to be doing is just shown and they’ll run into it too. You tell that to somebody that’s in an assembly line and has a schematic in front of him. He doesn’t want everybody there just looking yet how he does it, they got to read his schematic to get that thing done right.


A lot of these preachers they’re not smart to go to the schematic. Oh, they think they are, so they’ll gum up the works every single time.

They’re the ones that pick up a quart of maple syrup thinking it’s a quart of oil and pour it in the works, then watch what happens. That’ll gum your motor every single time, but you can’t tell people anything if they got nothing to receive it.

Like old Sojourner Truth said, the old colored gal, you know, she was the great emancipator, she went through stomping through the years back there.

After the people were getting liberated, she was up in the University of New York, (I guess it was,) and old Sojourner Truth was telling the truth and one smart alec-kid, you know, hardly… I don’t know what he was, I don’t think he was even a senior, and he was mimicking her, and she said, “Son, I’da told yuz somethin’, but you ain’t got nothing to receive it.”

She might have been black outside, she sure was white inside. That goof was white outside, but he’s black inside. You know, they often saying, “The black man has a very thick skull, but I don’t think the white man is very far behind, I think he might ever be ahead.


So, all right, when he is accepted he brings a New Message. And after the Message he is taken away and judgment falls. Okay we’re right back there in ‘Event’s Made Clear’ paragraph 58.

And read it again. We read it last two, or three times, and we always stopped there, but we’re going on tonight by the grace of God.

Events Made Clear By Prophecy 65-01-08

[58]  Now, every time that the church gets mixed up, and God foreknew they would, [Well, how come, it’s a Book of prophecy. They’re going to be wretched, miserable, blind and naked and don’t even know it. See?]

…therefore, He has His certain prophet ready for that age, to call His election by His vindicated Word of signs and wonders, and confirmation [or confirming] of His Word: confirming the Word with signs following, as He promised. He gives the true interpretation after the prophet himself has been vindicated.

Now, the signs following the Word as I pointed out, are different from the signs preceding the Word, because he said, he gives the true interpretation after the prophet himself has been vindicated.


So, the prophet has got to be vindicated to the people. That requires special signs that you and I can’t have, or we’d be prophets. Days of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram they got all fussed up, and they said, “Who do you think you are Moses with your special signs, your special big gifted gab here that you’re the holy one amongst us?”

And he said, “Moses, I would to God all the people prophesied.  But (he said,) that ain’t the way it is.” And they pulled that in Corinth, and began talking in tongues and prophesied. And Paul said, “Hold it, you don’t have a right to think you know this Word.”

He said, “If you got the Holy Ghost you’re spiritual, a real prophet, you’ll acknowledge that the things that I write and I alone are the commandments of God.”

Brother Branham said, “God never did use a group.”  And poor old pope John XXIII so humbly, he said you know, it came upon him with such a tremendous force that the College of Cardinals elected him to be the vicar.

That word ‘vicar’ always reminded me of a tumbrel, which is a knock-a-dee old cart that they took people to the death square and they perished. Pardon my expressions. Very good expressions though. It will get me in trouble. Maybe it’ll get me out of trouble too.

This man is vindicated by signs and wonders before he’s accepted, and the signs and wonders keep on after he’s accepted. And he’s unique and then he has ‘Thus Saith the Lord’.


All but those, the elected to whom he is sent, hate him. [They sure do.]

[59]  Now, examine every instant and see if that isn’t right or not. Only the ones He’s sent to. “He came to His Own and His Own received Him not; but as many as did receive Him, to them gave He authority not to become… [you don’t become a son of God, you are a son] of God.”

You don’t become a sheep from a hog. How do Christian’s believe in evolution? They say they don’t believe in evolution, they’ll dare even die to tell you flat, “Bless God, there’s nothing as evolution.” But they’ll tell you a goat can become a sheep, and a pig can become a sheep.

Why they Got Darwin pushed plumb off the map. And poor old Clarence [Inaudible], he’ll look like a saint of God almost in his theory. What’s the matter with those people? God can’t change nature.

I like what Brother Branham said, he said, “When you leave here you got the same character, you’re the same guy, but you’re in a different place.” I don’t know if I like that or not.

Maybe I do like it. Well, I like it, because God said so. Like Brother Branham said, he said, “If He sends me to hell, I’ll love Him.” But he qualifies it, “If I have the same spirit there that I got now.” Okay.


Notice, now, every examination of the Word, in every instance, and at the end of every age or climax or junction, as I preached on it many times.

Now, you notice what he’s talking about here. A prophet just doesn’t just come on the scene, come on the scene, come on the scene, come on the scene. There’s a junction, or as Weiss’ translation says in Peter, “It’s an epical strategic season.” See?

There’s something tremendously definitive setting it apart, and if you miss this, blooey, it’s gone.

Okay, this is the time of adoption we’re talking about. Okay? Now notice here: “To them gave he gave the authority to be the sons of God.”  You’ll see here then we have authority to declare ourselves in relationship to God.

Because that’s in Matthew 16, what’s it’s all about, and in Matthew 17. That’s what it’s all about.

“Who do you say that I, the Son of man am?”

“Why You’re the Christ.”

Amen, “And you’re Peter, you’re a little rock of the big Rock.” See?

And then in the Mount Transfiguration vision experience, there they were there, right with it. Letting us know that the Bride will be where He is in a glorified form. And this is the hour for it, He’s already appeared right there. [Brother Vayle points to the picture of the Pillar of Fire]

Now, don’t get that out of your minds brother/sister, if you’re looking down the road I got news for you; you better start looking back and looking now, right there.

Now, Brother Branham said He takes the prophet, He takes the man, but not the spirit. See, everybody wants Brother Branham. I like him too, because he’s got answers. But there’s Someone that gave him the answers that’s leading us.

Now, I don’t know if people want to recognize that, that’s fine by me if they don’t, I mean that’s their business. As long as we recognize that’s what counts.

All right, now He said, “All that come unto Me…”Well, of course they’re the only ones that come to Him will be the ones that are preordained of Almighty God.


Now, he says here that those people who He’s not sent to, hate him. Now notice: He came unto His own, and His own received Him not.” Right?

Now watch, “He came unto His own, and His own received Him not,” but amongst that own, in other words, there were those that were His own and those who claimed ownership of Him, and He of them. But only one group was truly owned by Him, and they owned Him. You follow what I’m saying? Their relationship.

All right, now, (now that’s a little scripture I always quote) John 15:24,

John 15:24

(24) If I had not done the works which none other man did, they had not had sin: but now have they both seen and hated both me and my Father.

Now listen, only people like you and me can understand that. You go to the Church of Christ, they deny healing, they hate God. Now, you say, “Brother Vayle…” Don’t Brother Vayle me, either you are a believer tonight, or you are going to hell on your own testimony.

Why do you think I preached that series on love for? Just for fun of it? I stuck my neck out. I haven’t any repercussions. Funny thing, “I expected a blast from here to Mexico and back from…”

I guess I got it from the gates of hell already without already knowing I got it. But if you don’t have what’s in that Word, you haven’t got It the way God wants it.


Now, he categorically said, “To turn down the vindication of the prophet is a sign of hatred toward God, the same holy Jesus Christ and He is the holy Christ of God.”

Notice what He said over here in Matthew 23. And I promised I’d get past this page, but I take my promise back. Promises are only meant to be broken, unless that God made them. You might as well smarten up and know it now. Okay, he said:

Matthew 23:34-35

(34) Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: [Wise men can handle the Word, a Scribe will just tell It to you.] and some of them [you’ll] kill and crucify; some [you’ll] scourge in your synagogues, persecute them from city to city: [You’ll hound them.]

(35) That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth…

These fine upstanding people who would die and kill for Christ. Protestant’s will die for Christ, the Catholics will kill for Him. Now, they’re all in the same boat, they’ll all die for Him.

Oh, they will, spiritual plague. Twice dead. “I’ll kill them with death,” He said. That’s a funny way to say it, “Kill with death.” When you’re dead, what does it matter, you’re killed period, that’s death? That’s second death.

Do you realize  brother/sister, the judge won’t… There’ll be no judgment for them, You say, “Well, you could come in.” The name’s not even on the Book. Well, you’re not even here. What are you talking about? The name’s off. No record.

How would you like to try to establish yourself with some lineage and no record? “Well, my thumb print.” We got it honey. “Well, my toe print.” We got that too. No record. Their name is not there. What are you going to do? How are you going to prove your point? There’s no way it can be done. See?


All right:

Matthew 23:35

(35) That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom [you] slew between the temple and the altar.

Now, the Bible says that happens to the Jews in the mini-tribulation.

Matthew 23:36-37

(36) Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this generation. [And they sure did. Little tiny kids were there, they saw it.]

(37) O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee…

Remember, “Whosoever I send, receiveth me, and he [that] receives me, receives the One that sent me.” See? In other words, you turn down that prophet, you’ve turned down the complete chain of redemption. Your hopes are gone.

Then what about these folks then that want to say, “Well, I saw a great ministry. I can do the same thing.” They’ll do it.

And the Bible said, “They’ll come in that day and say, ‘Haven’t I cast out devils, haven’t I done miracles, raised the dead’?”

He said, “I never knew you.”  See?

Now, watch this here. Now these are prophets in His place.

Matthew 23:37-39

(37) …how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and [you] would not!

(38) Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.

(39) For I say unto you, [You] shall not see me henceforth, till [you] shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.


Now my brother, my sister, let’s understand something. He said, “I send prophets to gather you.” Is that right? Okay, let’s go to 2 Thessalonians 2:1.

2 Thessalonians 2:1

(01) Now we beseech you, brethren, by the [presence] of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him,

The Presence is accompanied by a prophet. There It is! [Brother Vayle points to the picture of the Pillar of Fire] That’s your gathering. And Brother Branham said, “That’s the Word.” He spoke a hundred percent correct.

You say, “Brother Vayle you’re shouting and your saying he did it doesn’t make it so.” I got news for you. It does make it so. Not because I’m shouting and saying it, the Bible said so.

He said, “I gather them by sending prophets.” And people turn down the Presence and the prophet.

“Why I know the prophet, but that Presence,  haw.”

Well, come on. You say, “My grandfather…”

I don’t care about your grandfather. I’ve a mother and father too, I just wasn’t born out here of an egg. They can go to hell either cursing God, or praising God. Same difference. Doesn’t make any difference what you believe.

You say, “That narrows it down.”

When did God not narrow it down? Oh, I know people hate that kind of preaching.

“Oh Vayle, you got no love.”

Oh, maybe I don’t love you, but I love the Word. I hope I do. I wouldn’t say I didn’t love you. As far as I know, if I know my heart, which I don’t know too well, because it’s a pretty cruddy instrument.

The pump works hard you know. Good to me that way, otherwise it’s not too good to me. “It’s deceitful desperately wicked, who can know it?” But anything at all tells me I love people. Love you especially.


Now listen, they wouldn’t take the prophet so they’re scattered, they’re finished. Their house is left desolate. Neither root nor branch at the end-time. There’s no more chances after this hour this prophet comes. Burning.

Now, come on, the burning has to do with the fan in the hand, the purging the floor and gathering the wheat and burning. Well, doesn’t Malachi say that? Then Who’s here doing it? God and His prophet. The Baptizer, the Judge, the King. The Progenitor. I don’t care what you call Him. God with every facet.

Oh, I haven’t got my notes… What I read the other day do to you? Where Brother Branham speaks of Jesus, and he didn’t say heaven was empty, but the idea was, that heaven was empty. All of it.

There’s nothing left in heaven. People look to heaven. Look up. Go ahead and look up. Oh brother, you better look right in front of you. That’s what Peter said in this hour. That’s what Paul said in this hour. Peter said, “Present truth.”

And Paul said, “Not looking at things directly behind, (that’s what you come out of) but what’s right in front of you.”

In our case, Paul thought in his case it could be the First Resurrection. In our case it is the First Resurrection. Who’s come down here to raise the dead? Then Who’s Appearing? Who are you looking to?

I’d like some answers from some of these preachers. I don’t want any answers pardon me. I don’t need any answers from anybody. Fap! I don’t even want them from you. I want my answers from God, where it’s just the same place where you want your answers.


Now, He gave authority to be the Son of God. See? Said to Peter, “You’re a part. Who do you say that I am?” He had the revelation that minute. “You’re the Christ, the Son of the living God.” See? Then He gave back to Peter. That was the custom. “Who do you say I am?”

This is like the one that says, “Will the real one stand up.” Who is the right one? Not a guessing game, but it’s a thing that went on in that age in that hour. See? “Well, you’re Peter, you’re a part of It. You give the authority.”

And Brother Branham said, “When you see that, and we give it back, because we do see it, that is what the Bride is talking about.” He said, “You’re a believer.”

Then the rest are not believers. I’m sorry, but they’re not believers. Oh yeah, they’re make believers, unbelievers, where you want to put it. But they’re not believers.


Okay, it’s adoption time. (Paragraph 60)

Events Made Clear By Prophecy 65-08-01E

[60]  Look at the age of Noah at the climax before judgment. What happened? [Now, he’s illustrating all the way through. These are illustrations.] Noah, it was only his own family that believed the man. The rest of them criticized him. And destroyed the whole world.

Now, if God comes to His own, then the prophet comes to his own. Then who are not going to criticize? His Own. That is His truly owned, though He owns it all. It’s either churches identified itself with Him. See?

As that vineyard, and the keepers of a vineyard. And He comes and He wants fruit and He doesn’t have it. What’s He going to do? He’s going to cut down the vineyard and destroy the keepers.

Now, you can’t stop Him. He’s going to do it. That’s why Brother Branham came, and they got mad a him. He preached judgment. Now:

The rest of them criticized him. And God destroyed the whole world.

Okay, now, back up there in paragraph 59, we were talking about those that were truly believers, and those that just associated.

Alright, there’s your twins again, Cain and Abel, hate and love, Esau, Jacob, despising regarding, believing, disbelieving, criticizing and accepting. You got twins today. Now, let’s go a little further:

[61]  In the days of Abraham, only Abraham’s group that believed… When the angels went and preached to Sodom, only Lot and his wife and two daughters come out, and she turned back to [become] a pillar of salt. [That’s another illustration. Now, who’s going to be saved today? The family of God.]


Okay, we go to Ephesians 1:10. That’s not hard to follow. That’s easy, part and parcel.


Ephesians 1:10-12

(10) That in the dispensation of the fulness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, which are on earth;… [See? Okay.]

(11) In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will:

(12) That we should be to the praise… [and so on.]

Now, the Bible said, “The whole family in heaven and earth is named in Him, and He’s Appearing at this hour to bring us all in.”


All right:

[62]  In the days of Moses, only the elected of Israel come out. And Pharaoh hated him. [There you are again, another picture of hatred.]

Remember, as a Bride is starting to move up, and the Bride starts to move up with the Shout. Now, she doesn’t get out of here, she’s just moving into It. And notice, as we are moving into It, Satan begins moving down. So that as a Bride goes up, Satan comes down.

The move is on brother/sister. You bet it is, move both directions. God’s on the move with His Bride, Satan’s on the move with his church. They’re getting ready to receive him.

We’re getting ready to receive the Son of man, the Son of God, the Lily of the Valley, the Rose of Sharon, Elohim, call It what you want, all combined in a glorified form in a Rapture. We’re getting ready to bring Him forth to the great Wedding Supper. See?


Okay, what about the devil’s bunch? They’re getting ready to bring forth the antichrist.

[63]  In the days of Elijah, everything almost seven thousand, every one of them hated him, and the whole nation. [Okay, that’s another illustration.]

[64]  In the days of Jeremiah they threw unripe fruit at him, called him fanatic, because he laid on his side for so many days, and the other side, and taken things and made symbols, and they hated him.

Now, Brother Branham is telling you here, (watch this carefully) that there’s a special hatred reserved for a prophet. You know why? Because they can’t put a finger on him. They can’t touch him, he stands there. And they know that he’s called their bluff.

Why, they even said, “A man sent from God, and they wouldn’t take what he said.”

“I’m from Western Union, got a telegram.”

“Oh, get out of here boy! Now you’re a nice looking kid. Oh man, (he said,) you really rode that bike down here in a hurry. And I can tell the way you jumped off and came and rang my door bell. Oh, that was great, I tell you, you’re a fine fellow, (phftt) your message, out of here.”

“Well,” you say, “listen bud, I’m here for a Message, a messenger, I’ve a Message.”

“Oh well, find somebody else I’m busy. You’re a nice guy, out of here.


Now, Brother Branham said see, they couldn’t put a finger on his character. Now you and I might not say that, but it doesn’t really matter that much. We’re not involved like he was. They just hated.

A prophet has a special hatred launched toward him, just like Jesus. And remember, Jesus said they hated Me without a cause, and you people have a cause to be hated, even prophets, because they’re born in sin, shaped in iniquity.

I know some people have the goofy idea that Brother Branham was born without sexual intercourse. They went so far as his children were born without sexual intercourse. One fellow said, “Let’s go and ask Meda.” But he wouldn’t go. You know something else? Stupidity is not the answer.

God never went to a guy… [Brother Vayle makes blabbing sounds ] You know what? You had a little accident with your thumb. You couldn’t be in the priesthood.

Oh, where do they get their thinking from, I’d like to know? And then in the end, who cares. I know where they got it, just read cursed. So they hate him. See?


Special hatred for the prophet who is the living Word of God manifested to us. How? Through Hebrews 1:1, God in the prophets. And people say, “Well, God’s in me too.” Aw, not the way He’s in the prophet.

That’s a different story. See?  He is the visible cause of the people coming out. Also, he’s a true sign that is overlooked as a true sign of God. So sure they hate him. They don’t recognize him.

Events Made Clear By Prophecy 65-08-01E

[65]  Isaiah the prophet, he condemned that race so much till they sawed him in two with a saw. Right. [That’s more illustrations.)]

[66]  John the Baptist, “He was a wild man down there, some screaming maniac.” [That’s what they thought he was.] All but those disciples that he presented to Jesus as a church, “There He is!” John made ready a people.

Now, that’s what he’s supposed to do. What’s this one going to do? Make ready a people. How? By presenting Him to the One that is the Great One. And that Great One increasing.

How many did he have? He could count them on both fingers–both hands, your fingers, how many that John presented to Jesus when He came. Now, what about His second Coming? Think of it.

What about it? There’ll be a prophet like John. A presentation. An introduction. What did it do? Oh, in the eyes of the world not very much. Because God gathering in the fish, the lambs, the eagles. Call it what you want, His Own people. See?


Now listen, when John identified himself what effect did it really have? John came on the scene only preaching in a ‘scream-ment’, really tearing people up. But they knew he had something.

Now look, let’s take a look at modern history that we can count on, Luther and Wesley. Luther was a real outstanding teacher, theologian, a man that really knew the Word. Wesley couldn’t touch him with a forty foot pole.

The sheer weight of Wesley lay in his power of conviction, a driving force like John. That’s a good type of Pentecost coming along being the Spirit of God for that hour. Because when the Spirit of God and Pentecost came under signs and wonders, and miracles and gifts and those things restored back to the church.

Which was only a preface again as a vindication to a point that the Coming One was appearing amongst us about to Appear. Then William Branham came on the scene vindicated of God and showed Who was here.

Now, what effect did John really have? Little to nothing. Again, who recalled what Zachariah said in the temple that day? Who recalled Simeon and Anna at the time of Jesus? Who recalled anything? Who recalled the wise-men?

Or look it, if they murdered children thirty one years ago (that would be about thirty years ago) when Jesus (you know) well hardly that. The kids were two years and under, that would make Jesus twenty eight years of age when He really came on the scene.

Well, you mean to tell me that people forgot the murder of their little children in twenty eight years? Hey, no way. You say, “Well, why didn’t they put things together?” That’s the question, why don’t they?

The same bunch said, “Well, look and see, no prophet comes out of Galilee.” He never came out of Galilee, came out of Bethlehem, out of Judea. Now, somebody knew that, a lot of folk knew that. But who spoke up? Nobody spoke up.

Dumb dogs who couldn’t even bark, except they barked the wrong way. Dumb dogs always do that. Yap, yap, bark, bark, bark in the wrong places, preachers same way. Let’s see now.


Okay, he said, “What about the Second Coming?”


[67]  But when the true Bible believers see the Word so openly vindicated for the age, they believe. There’s no way to keep them from It, believe It. They even seal their testimony with their blood.

[Now, that goes across the board, what about this hour? It could.] They believe It. It’s then it’s to them, [at that time it’s to them, see?] the predestinated, that for that certain age that sees and believes.

In other words, the Message of this hour that is the prelude, the first step, to the going away is for us and nobody else. All else are blinded to It. And when you believe that, that puts you right in there.

Now, I know right away that people say, “Well, what about fruit?” You have to have fruit, but that’s not it. You can be a Christian Scientist, anything else, and have plenty of fruit.

You can be a person that doesn’t have any experience at all in anyway shape and form, and have lots of love, and lots of grace, and lots of this and lots of that, lots of savvy, lots of personality, lots of everything nice. Generous to a fault, that doesn’t make it.

Oh that’s good to have, because at the White Throne remember, you’re complimented and allowed in. Because you were in the election and you came in not through Blood and the baptism, but you came in through a works program so to speak.


Now, you come in My Name by that day and they’ll be able to say, “Look, you can come in, because you did so and so, and so and so.”

Okay, but what does he say? “When the Bible believers see the Word so openly vindicated for the age.” Now look it, you’ve got to see what you’re seeing vindicated for that hour. And where did he get it? Events made clear by prophecy until you can place it here. See?

Through the prophetic Message you don’t do it yourself. But you see it. See?

When the true Bible believers see the Word so openly vindicated, brought to pass, they believed. There’s no way to keep it from It, believe It. They even sealed their testimony with their own blood [their blood]. They believed It.

It’s to them at that hour this Word is in effect to you. Whatever It’s supposed to be at that hour is in effect for you. You own it. You possess it. It owns you. It possesses you. You’re one. You follow me?

The predestinated. Predestinate means ‘to take on the form’, in physical. Foreknowledge, election, it foreruns it.

…for that certain age [it’s season] and believes. See?


Now, Brother Branham said, “Your Message precedes the Second Coming.” Foreruns it. When we believe and identify, we are the ones that are going in that Coming. You follow? Well, you better believe that, because that’s what you’re going to stand on.

You’re not going to talk in tongues and this and that and the other thing and say, “I got some evidence.”  Hogwash, you got evidence. That mule will work you under the table, and will pull you just far enough to burn your cart down too. Because there’s burning coming.

Now, you can have the dross burned out of you, and I can have the dross burned out of me, and we can be separated from chaff, or we can be burned up with the fire and burned up with the chaff. Now that’s a choice. I didn’t preach It. I’m not preaching what I believe myself, I’m preaching what this is in the Word here.


All right,

[68]  Others just can’t see It, they’re blinded. Now, you say, “They can’t see It.” [Now, he’s bringing you a question here, they can’t see it, and look at the ones that can’t see it. Number one:] Now, like Balaam couldn’t, why couldn’t Balaam see, That he was a prophet, anointed?

Now, how come even prophets will not see this? Same anointing, but not anointed to the Word. Now you know what I’m trying to tell you here? Here’s a man named Balaam whose prophecy is still coming to pass.

Heaven and earth can pass away, but something’s these anointed ones of the end-time will not pass away. They’ll be right there. They’ll come right to the Judgment. They’ll survive, but those men will die.

Now, that means  brother/sister there is a special evidence a prophet has and no one else has. And at that hour there is a special faith that the Elect have that nobody else has. There is a special understanding, a revelation that nobody else has.

So, don’t be fussed up if they don’t believe and understand as we believe. We could be wrong they could be right, but I’ll guarantee you one thing they are not right, we are right.

Because there’s no way that you could bring these together the way we do, and if we’re wrong there is no way, because our thinking is already gone way beyond what we ever believe.

In fact I laid just about every bit of my thinking down, I can’t say I’m perfect yet, you know before God I am not. But you do know one thing: If you know anything you got enough brains to understand what I’m saying.

And I do know you got enough brains to understand what I’m saying, and you believe what I’m saying.


There is one thing I do know: that if I wasn’t the first one that discovered that principle that I had to listen to Brother Branham in his own spirit and understanding and not mine. I was pretty close to being the first one if I wasn’t. But I’m the one that sat with him  those hours.

And I wonder why we’ve been fought so desperately ever since, because we try to say exactly what the prophet said and the way he said it.

Why, I got the answer, the answer’s right here. I’m not boasting, I’m just telling you. You do what you want. That’s one reason I’m here, I got a ministry. That’s just exactly what we’re going to look at.

Here’s Balaam, a prophet, truly a prophet died fighting Israel. So prophet’s can’t necessarily see it. See? Why there’s prophets in the country.

[68]  Why couldn’t Pharaoh see It? (See?)

Oh, Pharaoh couldn’t see it. Prophet’s don’t see it, then Pharaoh couldn’t see it. Pharaoh is a political leader, and the church is full of politics. Pastor Pharaoh didn’t see it. No way.

How did Norway react when Brother Branham went there? He couldn’t pray for the sick. Oh no way, it’s too big. The Swede’s are worse than the Norwegian in my books, because they’re proud arrogant race. What a proud arrogant race you are.

They got sex so deliberate in their homes the boy can bring home the girl friend, the girl friend bringing home the boy friend, the mom and dad bring them breakfast while they have sex in bed. They haven’t got it that good over here have you yet? Rotten filthy scum, and condoned by everybody. Fap!


You talk about immorality Sodomite condition got into the world, and they got the guts to boast about it. They’re like the rooster that eats manure on a manure pile, then hasn’t got anymore brains than to crow about it.

It gets up first thing in the morning to wake up the populace. You talk about degradation brother/sister. Pharaoh couldn’t see it. Norway couldn’t see it. But over in Finland is a border, Russian soldiers could see a boy raised from the dead and weep and say, “That’s the kind of God we’d believe in.”

Hah, oh Swedes in region,  America, they all got the answer. They don’t have one answer.

If they had one answer they wouldn’t be “wretched, naked and blind.” How far can you go? Destitute. They’re as bad as the demented little girl that thought she was going to marry the Prince of Wales back in Canada.

One day she found out he jilted her. You know who he married? Old Wallis, oh she’s the third mate. Oh, so much for American and Great Britain. It’s in the pulpit, that’s what we’re talking about. We’re looking at the political side of this whole thing.

King George had Brother Branham pray for him you know. He got healed. People don’t believe that. I saw the letter by the secretary thanking Brother Branham. Who destroyed those files? Your guess is better than mine, I don’t know.

Well I saw it, President’s letters, everything else there I saw. I should have asked Brother Branham for them. At least a copy, but I didn’t do it. But I saw them.



Why couldn’t Pharaoh see It? [No way.] When he saw the hand of God come down and perform miracles, It only hardened his heart. Is that right? Sure.

What’s going to happen this hour? Hardening of hearts. Opens the eyes of one, closes the eyes of the other. Light to one, dark to another.

Why couldn’t Dathan see It, a Jew himself? [Brother Branham said], “That’s organization.”

Right out there, had come through the Dead Sea, [ate] the manna every night, that fell fresh, couldn’t see It. Why didn’t Korah see It? [Same reason, see, organization.] Why didn’t Caiaphas see It?… religious head of the world at that time. [Why didn’t he see It?]

I’ll tell you why he didn’t see It. Because He didn’t come to him. Jesus didn’t come and say, “Hey, Caiaphas, you’re a real messiah. You’re a real Christian.

Oh, I tell you, I’m going to work with you  and you’re going to work for me.” Why, Caiaphas had usurped his position. He was to step aside when the great High Priest came. He didn’t step aside, he stepped in His way. You talk about somebody trying to grab the ball and carry it. So much for that. See?

Why didn’t Judas see It? Judas was right with them, walking with them, performing miracles with them. But the Word had to be fulfilled. The Bible says they was raised up to take that place. Raised up for that purpose. Romans 8 says that.

Alright, that’s true. What about Judas? Well, someone might say, “Well, I think the Judas’ today may be amongst us. I don’t know if they are or not. See? Could be. Could necessarily be. I don’t know.

They could be the Pentecostal’s. Who knows? But, all these people he brings out. What he’s showing you is no matter where you turn, what section, what segment, what person, if he’s not in the election he misses it, pure and simple.

So, don’t you get worrying about it, you just believe God, and thank God you see something.


Now, we’ll take a few minutes more. (69) This is a good one.

[69]  Now, the believers can see the Word is made flesh in their generation: God speaking.

Now, you might have missed that, but here’s what he’s saying: “The Word made flesh is God speaking.” Not you and me per se, although that’s true in a way. He’s speaking in terms of the prophet, so we go to paragraph 72, so we know a little bit more.

[72]  Now, the Bible said they were raised up for this purpose… but now when the true believer can see the Word of that age made flesh, God speaking through human lips and then doing exactly what He said He would do, that settles it.

Then what is he talking about? “The Word made flesh is God speaking through human lips, and then doing exactly what God said through those lips that He would do, and that settled it.” That is God in human flesh. See?

“The Word made flesh.” I think we better stick to “the Word made flesh,” than God made flesh. You can put the two in there, but Word made flesh is what he said. And Word made flesh is definitely that God… that deals with people through a prophet, and that is His Word and that is flesh, because the prophet is flesh.

He’s not some mechanical thing. He’s not spirit, he’s a man of flesh. See?


All right:

But now, when the believers can see the Word of that age made flesh… [What is it?] God speaking through human lips and doing exactly what God said through those lips what He would do and that settles it.

Then what happens? You become Word with the prophet. The prophet knows It already. Now you know It. Now, together you’re one. “I and My Father are one.”

“I have received Him and He has received me,” because the Bible said, “Who so ever receives whom so ever I send, that one receives me.”

So therefore, when I receive the prophet I receive the Logos. Then I receive everything above and beyond what was manifested. I’m heir to it all. See?


Let’s go back now.

…the believers can see the Word made flesh in their generation: God speaking.

Events Made Clear By Prophecy 65-08-01E

[69]  Now, [those] true real believers, those seven thousand, or was it seven hundred… Seven thousand’s right. In the days of Elijah, there was seven thousand men about two or three million,  saw that that was right. Not a hundredth of the people, hardly.

[That’s true. Not hardly a hundred.] But they saw It was right. They saw God manifested. That old widow that Elijah was sent to, she went to get those sticks, to make a cake, enough to make a cake for her and her son, then die. But watch Elijah; he said, “Make me one first. For THUS SAITH THE LORD, the barrel will not fail and neither will the cruse run dry until the day the Lord God sends rain upon the earth.” No question, took right off to make the cake and give it to him.

Said, “Make mine first, and then go make one for you and your son.” For she heard that man and looked at him, she was a predestinated seed.

Okay, the prophet under Deuteronomy 18, is showing himself here, that is Elijah.


All right, we saw the definition. Today there’s five billion people on earth, maybe one billion are Christians. Take nine zeros and drop four of them and you get one hundred of one percent. Ten thousand, and that’s about right. Ten thousand make the Rapture over the whole generation.

Ten thousand believers, and yet Brother Branham said he won three quarter million to the Pentecostal Assembly, where does it leave him? Put a revival in all the earth, for what end? Cannon fodder. Atomic fodder.

Okay, he illustrates for today. THUS SAITH THE LORD, a prophet in the land. William Branham fulfilling Deuteronomy 18, listening to the prophet as this woman listened brought the results.

And if we listen to Brother Branham, though at this point we cannot make use of him in a prophetic ministry manifested, and the miracles and signs and wonders, put that to one side, you got the Rapture made. The assurance of faith is not based upon you and me. It’s based upon God and His Appearing. See?


Now, he said here the curse is here till God sends rain. Then the curse is removed when God sends rain. And he said, “Pray for rain in the time of the Latter Rain.

Pray for what rain? You already got the Latter Rain, who needs it? Pray for the Former Rain. Then the teaching Rain is what we pray for. And then what? The curse is gone for the Bride.

Why he said, “You’re nothing but the perfectly righteous virtuous Bride of the Son of God. You didn’t even do it in the first place.” Man, I’ve been through that experience myself. Did it ever get you so confused you think you’re all messed up and everything’s wrong? Then find out you’re a hundred percent right. Takes God to do it too.

I want to tell you, God deals with human hearts  brother/sister, don’t think He doesn’t. Don’t sit here looking around back and looking forward. I’ve had so many people preaching everybody, tried to take this away from me it isn’t even funny.

I’m going to tell you: you take one step back, and darkness closes like that. Move on, move on, move on, or you’ll die where you’re sitting tonight.

You say, “Well, I got my grandfather.” I ain’t got a grandfather, praise God. Ain’t got a mother, ain’t got nothing. Got Him, that’s everything. I’m not boasting, just telling you. You got to make a move  brother/sister.


Got to be like those four lepers out there.

“Well,” they said, “we can go back there, we’ll die with that bunch of birds in there. And if we go forward likely the Syrians kill us, because they’ll just knock off the lepers.”

But they said, “Look we’re gone both ways. Let’s just throw ourselves upon the mercy of God. I think we should move forward.”

God sent a noise in the camp, the Syrian’s ran around killing each other, fussing and fighting, and left bushels and bushels of diamonds and food and everything else. So, Elijah’s prophecy came out that, as there’s a scarcity today that there will be an abundance tomorrow.

And the old king said, “Well,” he said, “I suppose God’s going to open up the windows of heaven [Inaudible] suppose you’re prophet William Branham, he’s going to do so and so.” You bet your sweet life, because he did it.

Oh, brother/sister, these melee mouth bunch of birds. Oh, those old crows out there (croaking you know) they’re so happy they killed a sparrow or something. Bless God, we got eagle food.

[70]  Many will say, “There’s that old crank again. God’s cursing us because of him.” Remember, Elijah said, “You’re the one that’s troubling Israel.”


And Brother Branham was a woman hater by those people. They called him a ‘self styled judge’. They revoked his office in their own minds, there’s now no repentance.

[71]  He said, “You’re the one that’s troubled Israel.” See who God, Who’s Word He was vindicating? His Own Word. [See, God was vindicating His Own Word. He had to do what He said you see?]

Now, a prophet ministry stirs things up and creates problems in the status-quo. Yeah. Jesus upset the tables, so do these prophets. Prophets preach repentance through rebuke, then calls people out. That makes a division, and then they hate him, because now we’re divided.

You know, the best thing you could ever do is to leave your mother’s womb. Boy, what a mess if you stayed there for years and years, the poor woman why oh, if you didn’t get out of there, she’d get you out of there.

Who wants to be in the belly of the old harlot? Get out of her! People don’t want to let their thinking go. They want to put a new patch on an old garment. Want to stay in Pentecost.

Listen brother/sister, tongues is no evidence. Shouting is no evidence. Power is no evidence. Obedience is no evidence. What’s the evidence? Are you going to associate with That? [Brother Vayle pointing to the Pillar of Fire picture]

See, God’s not doing what people think He’s doing. Or if you can’t take that statement, God’s not doing the way people think He ought to do. And He’s still not doing what people think He should do.

And if they did think that, they still wouldn’t think He’s doing it the right way. But He knows what He’s doing. So does His prophet.

[72]  Now, the Bible said they are raised up for this purpose… But now when the true believer can see the Word of that age made flesh, God speaking through human lips and then doing exactly what He said He would do, that settles it.


Now, that settles it. That man said absolutely, ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’. It never failed, that settles it, and you stand on that. Now you got a firm foundation. And if you stand on that, whatever you thought before you’re going to let go.

You will question what you believe in the past, you will not question what he says now.

“Forgetting those things which are behind.” And believe me, you got to forget what’s behind. That means ‘you got to purge your mind’ with the help of the Holy Ghost. Right? Okay.  All right, now:

[73]  Now, watch the rest of it. Don’t watch signs.

Now, you see Mark 16 has always been there, and people go to Mark 16. Don’t do it. You’re not looking at Mark 16, you’re looking at a vindication that God especially gives a man that’s apart from Mark 16, but Mark 16 will follow.

Mark 16 does not say, go around the world saying ‘Thus Saith the Lord’. That’s Deuteronomy. Mark 16 does not say you’ll speak face to face with God. That’s Numbers 12, and a very special one.

Even John 14:12 doesn’t tell us to go around and do all the signs. That’s a very special person. That’s ‘he’, a singular, not ‘they’. Mark 16 is ‘they’. Don’t watch signs. If you want signs you’d be fooled as sure as the world. Now, how sure is the world? It’s here, you better believe it.


False prophets will rise and show signs and wonders that’ll deceive the Elected if it were possible. Just like Judas. (Anointed Ones at the End Time.)


Events Made Clear By Prophecy 65-08-01E –

[73]  Watch the Word. Look at these priests, these prophets. Hebrew prophet standing there. Zedekiah with two great big horns, saying, “I am a ordained of God prophet.”

[That was true.] “I have three hundred and ninety-nine right here with me, and the Holy Spirit upon us, confirming and saying that land belongs to us. Let’s go up and take it. And by these horns, Ahab, you’ll push the enemy off of our ground, for God gave us the ground.”

Now, you see that guy was quoting a Scripture that was dead for that hour. Why? Because Israel could only maintain the promise under condition. And they broke every single condition in idolatry. You watch how people quote the Word in idolatry.

Oh, they’ll quote It backwards and forwards, up and down, make you and me look like a couple of two-bit jerks out of the boon-docks. Quote us right off the map. They’re wrong.

It’s best to have ten Scriptures right than know nine hundred and ninety nine and have wrong. Because the greatest lie in the world in ninety nine percent truth.

[74]  But watch that religious man, good man, Jehoshaphat, “Haven’t you got one more?”  [See?]


Okay, now these religious guys, if they believe Brother Branham, they’d have believed the Shout. They don’t do it. How could they… Here these religious men, old Jehoshaphat said, “Haven’t you got one more?”

[75]  “One more? [Why] there’s four hundred in agreement.” He said, “Yes, there is one around here, but I hate him. Always bawling all of us out and telling us what great sinners we are and everything. I hate him. He’s Micaiah, [or] the son of Imlah.”

[He said,] “Oh, don’t let the king say so. Go get him and let’s hear what he’s got to says.” So they brought him down there. He said, “Give me tonight and I’ll see what the Lord says about it.” Ahab said, “I adjure you; don’t you tell me nothing but the truth.”

He didn’t want the truth anymore than he wanted another kick in the head by the mule. In fact, he’d have sooner had a kick in the head than by the mule instead of what [Micaiah] had to say.

[79]  The men come and said, “Now, if you want to get back in fellowship, just say like the rest of them.” Micaiah said, “I’ll say just what God says.” [See?]

[80]  The next morning they come out. And the kings put their robes on, set in the gate, all of the celebrity. And all the prophets standing there, said, “Now, fanatic, what you [got to] say about it?”

[81]  [He] said, “Go on up. [Go ahead.]”  “But I [saw] Israel scattered like sheep having no shepherd.”

[82]  He smote–took his hand and smacked him in the mouth. The prophet smacked the prophet in the mouth.

Now, the mouth is the vital organ of speech. That’s considered the vital organ of speech. “My Words I put in your mouth.” The prophet came and hit another prophet. Who’s doing the damage today against the Message?

Those anointed with the correct spirit, but wrong to the Word. And they say, “I can do the same thing. I can do the same thing. I can do the same thing.” And they did it.

Now, both these anointed prophets standing there prophesying, four hundred against one, that looked pretty strong. Now, in the multitude of counsel there’s  not always safety. [See?]


Now, notice one anointing came against another anointing. One word came against another anointing. And notice, the Seals revealed the true baptism. What really is the true Holy Spirit baptism. See? Never forget that. See?

Now, remember,  ‘The Voice of Healing’ convention they withstood Brother Branham.

That was down in Florida that time, Brother Branham came to see us down there, and he said, “Brother Vayle I’d like you to come up to Chicago, we’ll have meetings up there in December come on up.”

And he said, “We’ll talk about India and places like that and we’re going to meet so and so.”

And you know what? I prayed about it, and some friends of mine sent me some money to go up there. They wanted me to go. I didn’t have any money. And the Lord literally spoke to my heart and said, “Don’t go.”

Then I said, “Well, I’d kind of like to go, because I said I would go.”

He said, “You can go if you want, it won’t do any good, it’s just confusion.”

That’s all took place is confusion. I didn’t even get to see Brother Branham, there are two hotels by the same name and I turned up the wrong one. That’s the time the people on the platform lied and lied about me, lied about Brother Branham and the whole bit. It wasn’t worth being there.


And later on in another big convention they were going to test and try Brother Branham, and Brother Branham scared the daylights out of them, so not one of them came forward to contest him.

And they said, “Oh, we believe you Brother Branham, we’re going to get baptized.” Then not one of them got re-baptized. A man was going to take two hundred tapes, he never took one tape.

Why? Because you couldn’t follow a man of God, because your prestige was too great. See, it doesn’t pay to have prestige, or be anybody. If it was just crazy old nobodies you got her made. And I’m going to tell you, you can be just a nobody and God will make you somebody.

See, you sitting here, you forget that God takes the beggars off the dung-hill like we said on Sunday. For you think that God takes His nice sweet smelling boys with underarm deodorant, you know, they curl their hair just nice and stays in place and they’ve been to the latest barber and all that sort of stuff.

Though you’re nice guys, fap, God ain’t going to take one of you that’s nice. You’re too nice for God. Nice people make God sick. Why, these Laodiceans are beautiful. Why then in their own sight.

And you can’t see one person out there wretched, miserable, naked, blind. You go to the Pentecostal church, Baptist church, Methodist church, they’re not poor, miserable, naked and blind.  That’s spiritual. You go there, man, they’ve got millions of dollars. They got billions of dollars.


Go back to the day of Robert Kennedy and his brother. Oh, Robert he was an outstanding upstart of a Attorney General. So he began combing all the colleges and universities and the schools for those who were ‘pinko’s and ‘reds’, he did a good jobs of fettering them out.

And one day he said, “Hey boy, we did a good job we’re going to descend on the preachers, because the pulpits are full of red’s too. And Auxemann and Warren and those guys they said, “Hey son, you want your brother to be President next time and you want to be Attorney General, one move toward the pope and you is out, out, out.

Because we just tell our people don’t vote, and they don’t vote.” And they backed right off, go read the records. Read the records. I’m telling you the truth. Sure, that’s the way it is. You can’t tell from the outside, but we have a revelation. See?

All right, now he said, they say the Bible said, you know, safety in a multitude of counselors. But It said:

Depends on [the counsel see?]… what they’re counseling about, what their counsel is. There wasn’t safety there for the king, and he took that multitude for their counseling to be right. But if he’d just stopped and turned back the scroll and look what Elijah had just said.


See, a preacher told me that years ago, and he wanted me to disobey God and listen to him, the great big General Superintendent of Canada. He said, “In the multitude there lacketh not wisdom.” I looked around and only saw him.

Remember old George, whether he’s living or not, I care less. But I thank God for one thing, he got me out of organization. I could not even get in, not with a spirit like mine. You can have your organization.

Anybody around here afraid I’ll lead you to organization you got to be sick in your head. You better examine the records again. I got no more use for organization than a cow’s got for two tails unless she’s swatting flies, and I don’t care to swat flies. Do what you want. No fly swatters. (Paragraph 83)

[83]  Then, Micaiah couldn’t say anything, he didn’t know but maybe God forgave Ahab for it.


Okay, let’s go to 1 Kings 21:25-29, and just see what we’re talking about. Why Brother Branham said that.

1 Kings 21:25

(25) But there was none like unto Ahab, which did sell himself to work wickedness in the sight of the LORD, whom Jezebel his wife stirred up.

See, I’ll tell you what: you get a church behind you, you’ll go anywhere and do anything.

1 Kings 21:26-29

(26) And he did very abominably in following idols, according to all things [he] did [as] the Amorites, whom the LORD cast out before the children of Israel.

(27) And it came to pass, when Ahab heard those words,  he rent his clothes, put [his] sackcloth upon his flesh, and fasted, and lay in sackcloth, and went softly.

(28) And the word of the LORD came to Elijah the Tishbite, saying,

(29) Seest thou how Ahab [humbles] himself before me? because he [humbles] himself before me, I will not bring the evil in his days: but in his son’s days will I bring the evil upon his house.

Now, Ahab had to die, but the evil was spared later. You see, that’s what this man Elisha knew, or this man Micaiah knew. And he said, “Well,” he said, “I got to seek God (he said,) because this maybe one of those periods where God says, “Call it off, it’s not today.”

So, he went and sought God, and God said, “This is it.”

He came back and said, “This is it. This is your hour Ahab.” And it was. You follow?



[83]  …But first, being a prophet, [and you see God.]… And now he found out what God said. He said, “I saw God setting upon a throne, and… all of His counselors of heaven gathered around Him, said, “Who can We get to go down and cause Ahab to come out here… otherwise fulfill the prophecy that’s made about him?”

[84]  See, prophecy… Elijah had already said, “The dogs will lick your blood.” See?

[85]  And so he said he “saw a lying spirit go up from beneath, come up, come up before Him, and he said, ‘I’ll go down and get in his prophets, Ahab’s prophets, and cause them to prophesy a lie.'”

Now, you understand  brother/sister what we’re saying here? That these men that are doing these signs and wonders could well be devil possessed.

Not the devil possession doing the signs and wonders, but genuine gifts, and gifts are not the Holy Ghost anymore than the baptism with the Holy Ghost that you and I got is God Himself. It’s just a microcosm. See?


As again, what’s infinity? The biggest number of trillions can go an infinite number of times into infinity. So God can pour Himself out and pour, and pour, and pour, and pour, and never empty.

Never diminish Himself. My people, listen: this is not hard to understand. This is just common. Even God in nature tell you this. “I’ll go down and make them lie.” Lie what? Lie about the Word.


Okay. Time’s going on.

[86]  Now, God knew that those men was so puffed up and so full of theology [not revelation, theology, comparing this and that] that they thought they had everything right. They had never noticed the Word for the hour. See? So God said, “You will succeed; go on down.” And when Micaiah said that, that made them prophesying under an evil spirit.

[That’s exactly right, they certainly did.] They’d have jerked the plug out of the telephone, [Now, he’s on a telephone hook-up see,] or turned off the radio, [had he been on one] or done anything, they heard that coming against them, got up and walked out.

[And they did walk out of his meetings.] But look what happened. Now, Micaiah had to check his vision with the written Word; therefore, he knew.

[87]  He said, ” Put that man in prison; give him waters of sorrow and bread of sorrow. When I return, I’ll deal with him.”

[88]  The prophet said, “If you come back at all, God never spoke to me.” That’s when he knows his vision is exactly with every Word for that hour. It was Ahab’s time. [You see, it couldn’t happen at any other time.]

Now remember, God gives the church space to repent. And when they don’t, they set themselves on a course which with they cannot turn back. And with the Seventh Church Age Message they can’t turn back! See, every vindication proves that!

The Word is brought into a form of life, and it’s right in front of us. Will you  take It? If you take that you’re on your own. If you don’t take that you’re stuck with what you’ve got. Now, do you want to get out of here?

Now, I know you’re thinking, but maybe I can do something. That’s what you do. That’s the labor of faith. That’s the greatest battle ever fought. That’s you’re Armageddon.

When you say ‘sink or swim, live or die’, I’m stuck. Now, you might be even wondering about a lot of these things. “Well, I don’t understand, I got my doubts.”


Who hasn’t? Are you some super-duper-duper-duper? Man, my God, if you’re that great, you come up here and tell me how it’s done. You already done passed the resurrection. You’re up, you’re glorified. Come on. Elisha got… Elijah got, where  John. Everybody has problems.

Why, old Abraham had problems. He had even problems when the promise of the resurrection was fulfilled him in a type. He had a renewed body. And young men of twenty years of age are usually much hungrier should be than guys that are forty five, fifty at least a hundred like Abraham.

How can you have a man a hundred years old eat like some of you young fellows? I’ll tell you one thing: if the old man ninety years old could eat better than some of you young guys, there’s something wrong with your appetite, or there’s something nutty about him.

And Abraham was turned back and his wife and they got mighty hungry, they had big appetites again, because they were a couple of kids again. And there was a famine, so he said, “I better find me a lot of food to eat.”

And he goes down there amongst the Philistine’s wherever they were, and here’s old Abimelech and he goes on down there, and he said, “Now, look it,” he said, “you’re such a pretty girl again (he said,) I don’t mind you being pretty (he said,) that’s really great, (he said,) but that’s going to get me in trouble.”

See where he’s going?

Now, you’ve got a promise right here, that promise can cause you trouble, but God is going to fulfill His promise. You get your eyes on the fact God’s going to fulfill It.

We’ve had the sign of the Resurrection  brother/sister, the same as Abraham did. That’s in the Appearing. Next  He’s coming in flesh. So, my we’ve got to get our eyes lifted up unto our citadel, which is Christ our Living God. See?


Okay, Now, he says here, it was Ahab’s time. Now, we’ve repented, we’ve changed our mind. And sure we’ve got trouble, that doesn’t mean a thing. God’s faithful, see?

[89]  Brother, sister, this is the hour and the time of the calling out of Babylon. The evening Lights are here. Walk in the Light while it’s light.

What happens in the Light? You have fellowship one with another and the Blood of Jesus Christ is cleansing. He tells you there flat, John tells us, and Brother Branham reiterates, that if you walk in the Light the Blood is effective.

But you can walk all you want and though it appears Light to you and Light to others, it is not Light if it doesn’t jive with that, which is the Word here.

See, listen  brother/sister, we are under a different interpretation we ever were before. Everything has got to go. Everything has got to go. Can’t have one word left anymore.

You know what’s it’s like? It’s just like, you know, you get tired of everything. You say, “Well Lord, just let me commit suicide.” But you always have one thought in mind, let me wake up in the place I want to wake up in.

You want to commit suicide, you really don’t want to die. You just want something better and you think, “If this is the way to get it, well, hallelujah, this is the way we go.”


And so, death isn’t bad at all. Not even blowing your brains out is half bad. I don’t think you should do it, but then again if you did it, that’s your business, not mine. I understand these things, because people just want to get out of here. They say there’s something better.

Well, I suggest you blow your brains out now with the Word of God. I suggest you blow your mind with the prophet’s Word, get it out. Just get it out, that’s what you want to do anyway.

And that’s the time you will wake up through your spiritual resurrection into a physical resurrection. Now then, your cells can build around the true Living Word of God.

Well, I’m going to tell you something, you will not have immortality building itself into yourselves around anything but the truly revealed Word. It won’t work. Wrong chemistry. Transplant a heart, what happen? It kicks it out.

People don’t live forever, normalized with a transferred heart. Oh, they get away with kidney’s I guess to a degree, there’s certain things shows, you know, but when you’re dealing with hearts you’re dealing with soul. But, you’re dealing with the Word of God, then it’s a plane all by itself. See?

Now, look it here:

The evening Light [is] here. Walk in the Light… [The Blood of Christ will cleanse you.] Notice, the believers saw the Word manifested and believed It. [There He was… again see, right back.]… the believers saw the Word manifested and believed It.

But now, when the true believer can see the Word of the Age made flesh, God speaking through human lips and doing exactly what He said, He would do, it settles it.


Let me read something about … I don’t know if I can find it. Harvest Time, Son of man revealed.

The Son of man is the Word Living Itself again amongst the people.”

There you are. Okay.


Events Made Clear by Prophecy 65-08-01E

[89]  Jesus said, “My sheep know My Voice, My Word, My signs of the age. A false one they’ll not follow.”

We don’t follow false people. Why they can show more signs than Brother Branham if you want, that doesn’t bother me any. I’m convinced that I saw the original, anything else is counterfeit, who gives a rip? See?



[90]  Now, let’s get to our text, ’cause I see I’m going to get away; I want to emphasize on that prayer line a lot. Let’s get back a minute we get to the text…

Okay, now Brother Branham is going to get to the text…

Now, we just simply say this, this sermon here is just like all the others. Just like all the rest. It’s a constant testimony and a witness to Almighty God, to His prophet, to the Living Word. Say, “Here It is, It’s living in this hour, and this is the part that’s Living.

This concerns you, and when you believe you’re living also. And Christ said,  “Because I live, you live.” And there’s He’s Living, risen from the dead the sign of the Resurrection. Everything is here  brother/sister, don’t let yourself get into some death-sleep, of unspiritual wisdom.

Shake yourself from all your thoughts. I’m not shaken from all of mine yet, but I certainly am not I was twenty years ago.

And yet I knew more than twenty years ago I had to get rid of my own thinking. Because I was caught red handed. You cannot go back to fundamentalism. You cannot go to Pentecost.

You get rid of your book of doctrine and go to the Living Word of this hour, and that’s all you need to dwell on. Don’t be like those guys in Europe who say, “Well, Zacharias says this.” And they took so long to bury the dead, and this stunk over here.

Yeah, stinks, you better stink, that’s where they get Limburger cheese. Now, I didn’t say that tongue and cheek, I said what I meant and I meant what I said. And I’m going to say it plainer. I’ve seen your folly, I’ve seen your downfall.

“Oh, we’ve got the prophet.”  Then you better get back to the Word. Oh brother, they’ll do hand springs go through everything. Let me warn you: I’ve said it tonight and I’ve brought it out. The Word of this hour, you don’t look ahead, you don’t look back.

You say, “What about this?” I was asked a question within the last twenty four hours what it is. I don’t know the answer I said. I’m not interested. See?

Brother Branham said, He appears… He comes… three comings: came back in flesh, that’s gone by. Going to come, meaning the Rapture. Going to come back to earth.

You say, “What about Him appearing to the Jews?” I don’t know and I don’t care. Now, that may startle you. I don’t care, I’m not a Jew! Wouldn’t be bad if I was, got the hook nose, the whole bit for it. Ain’t got the pocket book. Nice if you were Wall Street. I’m not interested. Why should I be?

The prophet tried to preach the Seven Vials, or Trumpets, and God said, “No way, the Bride will be out of here.” She doesn’t need that. What do I need to know beyond the prophet’s statement?  See brother/sister, don’t impugn the integrity of God. Thus Saith the Lord coming to pass means ‘He says right’!

You’re going to say, “Well, Lee Vayle says he’s going each one of us ten dollars.” Now, I could give everybody here ten dollars, like cash a check. Get my wife’s money, that make two of us can give you ten bucks quite easily if I ever made that promise.

So, you say, “Thus saith Lee Vayle, he’s going to give you ten dollars.” I say, “Thus saith Lee Vayle you’re a liar.” I ain’t going to back you up if you gave me money to give each.

You say, “Well Brother Vayle backed me up. I’m going to give you twenty bucks for each one .”

I say, “Drop dead boy. You lied, you face it.”


Now, I ain’t got integrity along side of God. But you do think God would let that man lie and then back him up. [Brother Vayle pointing to the Pillar of Fire picture] God? Oh, come on, even the devil wouldn’t do that. He’s a louse. A lot of people think that man’s [Brother Branham] of the devil. Devil take God’s own sign?

This is God’s Own Word, and the prophet wants to impress us, “Stay with this Living Manna.” Forgetting those things behind, the hour of the Resurrection, the Living Word. This Word Living. Logos. And Logos can only manifest this printed page.

We partaking, living on the Living Word. Being transformed. Getting ready to go away. The veil opened asunder. The veil covering the Shew-bread and the Mercy Seat, the Living Fire.


Brother/sister right in the Presence of Almighty God ripening. The people sit around, “Oh, man…” I’m going to tell you something: that prophet made that so real, but the same God that made it real to the prophet, where people jumped up and down, and screaming and everything else was real to the prophet.

And they tried to catch his spirit, they didn’t catch it. They just made so much racket they couldn’t hear him.

Tonight it’s our turn, when he was way up here, we were down here. Now he’s gone, we’re up there. You say. You believe it?  Sure, I believe it. You can believe what you want.

I want to tell you flat: just because people don’t have gold in their teeth, everybody, I got gold in my teeth honey. Since then, I have the cheaper stuff put in. Oh yeah, I’ll catch you.

And you think, just because I don’t have good sight, everybody else has poor sight? Fap! There’s people got forty-forty vision, or a hundred and twenty, they can see almost through a stone wall.

Oh, just don’t go looking around at yourself, just because you’re this, or that. I’ve seen too many people that way. I’ve learned my lesson as a little kid. I thought everybody… things happened just the way they happened to me, and I said,

They laughed at me. Said don’t happen that way at all. And I was so embarrassed I found out… Come on, grow up. Dirty old thinking, carnal thinking. Get right with this Word tonight brother/sister.

Listen, getting with this thing does it all.

What I’m trying to show you it’s grace, it’s not what you do.

As Brother Branham said, “If God ever sends His power back in the church, it’ll not be, because of [Inaudible], it’ll be because of grace.” He said, “Look it, what are they looking for? Looking for great gifts.” He said, “It’s not gifts.” He said, “Looking for great fruit?” He said, “It’s not fruit and character.”

No way shape and form. None of those things. What is it? God, the Living Word. Now, what’s Living Word going to do? “Because He lives, we live also.” Getting ready for the Rapture. The going away. That’s what it is.

Let’s rise at this time.

Heavenly Father, thank You for the privilege of allowing us to gather to study Your Word, Lord, and I pray, O God, that just gives us food for thought, and just gives us the Water of Life, Lord, and all of these things, O God, just pouring upon us for Your Name’s sake, Lord.

Let it not be any glory of ours, Father, it isn’t anyway. But, Lord, if You give us glory, the glorified body, the Body of Your glory, Lord, we know that, then we’re safe and secure, and all we’ll do is be for Your glory.

Right now, Lord, we can have little things come in. Little things go around here and there. And we don’t have a perfection ourselves, but thank God for the perfect Word. And Your assurance, Lord, that we are one with You, and You are one with us. We know, Lord, that while we’re here at this hour, we understand like even John, that great, great…

[End of tape]

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