Events Made Clear By Prophecy #11

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Shall we pray:

Heavenly Father, we’re very grateful to understand Your truth that has not been previously understood though looked at, and tempted and the people who tempted and tried to understand the great thrilling Message of Your Appearing, which we know to be Your Presence.

Because how could You Appear this time without, or actually Appear without being Present, because the prophet said it was just like it was in the days of Moses. Where You not only appeared in signs and wonders which You have been appearing in all through the ages, but now Personally.

And we know that the camera, eye of the camera which man cannot see the Pillar of Fire that camera was able to take.

So we praise You, Lord, that we’re on a hundred percent sure foundation, and we don’t need to wonder about it, though we never try to be authoritative.

The days of wondering, and the days of trying to juggle together the pieces of the jig-saw is over, and the picture is very clear for Christ stands in full view, completely unveiled with the Bride going from glory to glory. Soon to be transformed into His own glory, and have a body likened unto the body of His Own glory.

Surely, Lord, we are covered with clouds of glory today if we only recognize it, if we’d only lift up our eyes and see what is before us, Lord.

We’re just too much like Gehazi, the servant of Elijah who didn’t realize the mountains were just full of the messengers, the angels, the power of God that which was for them, greater than that which was against them.

So, Lord, no matter what is coming, we know that no matter what the enemy does, the standard is already been raised up, and the flood has already been averted in Your mind, and therefore by Your power it will certainly be averted.

So, Lord, this morning, we have confidence in You, and certainly we ought to, because faith is certainly a confidence. And we know that confidence is there, because of Your love, and You proved Your love, even as the Scripture said, “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

And here, before we knew nothing about Your Appearing, You Appeared in our midst, and brought forth the wonderment of Your Own self, Lord, and we appreciate that so much, because now we know. And in this knowledge, Lord, we recognize that this is going to take us right into the Resurrection, now on up to the Wedding Supper.

We appreciate that so much. Now, Lord, let us never forget that, which goes with it. Which is godly life, a life of cleanness, righteousness, faith, Lord, loving each other even as we love You.

And walking in that Light as You’re in the Light having fellowship one with another, the Blood cleansing us, being real true servants. Help us to be that for Your glory, Lord, and our eternal great good, in Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now… we’re into page 16 of  The Events Made Clear by Prophecy, and we’re down to paragraph 90.

And before we go into that, we just make a note, Brother Branham has been previously talking about  Micaiah, who could not prophesy concerning what Jehoshaphat desired until he checked with God to know that he was in line with the former prophet Elijah who had prophesied  that the dogs would lick the blood of Ahab, as even as Jezebel.

And Micaiah knew the way of God which the other prophets did not know. And he knew that every now and then old Ahab would get lined up with the Lord and walk softly before Him as we found in 1 Kings 21:25-29.

And God said, “See how softly Ahab walks before me.” And He said, “Therefore, I will put this thing off, so that this will not be the hour, but the hour is coming later on.”

Now, you notice that’s the way that prophets do. Now, if there’s a real genuine prophet, he’ll be that kind of a person.

He’ll have to check with the Word of the other prophets to see that this is that Word of the hour, that he himself is the correct person, his ministry’s correct, and there’s only one thing that he could do and that’s to go to God about it through the Word.


Now, many people don’t understand, and you know I’ve always made a strong point of this. Brother Branham said when he was working with the opening of the Seals, he said those Seven Messengers which were theophanies of the Holy Spirit would come into the room.

And would illuminate him as to what was the content of the various Seals. And he said I go right away to my Bible and my concordance,

Now, some of you say, “Hey, if you’re such a big-shot and such a great prophet, why would you do it?” Well, here’s your answer, he had to do it being a prophet. Now you know, come on, you’re not going to tell certain birds to eat seeds when they eat worms.

Say, that bird is going to eat worms, because he’s a worm-eater. And thank God he is a worm-eater, because that gets rid of the worms. See? Now, if he’s a seed-eater, the worms would just multiply. Nature you see, looked at, can tell what’s in the realm of the spiritual if you apply it correctly.

Well now, here’s good old Micaiah, and he said, “Well now,” he said, “I’m not going to even inquire of God, because I’ve been preaching judgment, because Elijah had to preach judgment. I got to find out if this is so.”

So, he went before the Lord and he had a vision. And the vision was “yes, this is the time that the dogs will lick the blood of Ahab.”

So you see, he prophesied, and it’s the same as when Daniel searched the scrolls.

And Daniel went before the Lord, and he said, “Jeremiah said certain things, and I better check with Jeremiah, and of course I can’t check with Jeremiah because he’s not around to be checked with. I read the scrolls, I better get with God.”

And he checked with God, and God showed him through angelic messenger what was very, very vital.


So, Brother Branham said,

Events Made Clear by Prophecy 65-01-08

[88]  …it was Ahab’s time. [Now, notice the time that he places us in. He says here,] Brother, sister, this is the hour and the time of the calling out of Babylon.

Now, God’s not calling out Babylon to come out of something, he’s calling the Bride to come out of Babylon.

Now, if it’s the time of calling out of Babylon, then you just don’t take Revelation 18:4, and just say, “Well, come out of her my people.” That’s not it. You got to finish It where it says, “Lest you be partakers of her sins, of her destruction.”

You say, “Who’s he talking to?”

As He’s called a nation out of a nation, He’s calling a Bride out of a church. Right? Okay.

[89]  The evening Lights are here. Walk in the Light while it’s Light. Notice, the believers saw the Word manifested and believed It.

Now, I’m going to tell you something: there were a bunch of people in Israel when they saw the Word manifested that Elijah had prophesied, and Micaiah put It in its right time-slot.

You follow what I’m saying now? Word of the hour, the right time-slot. When Judgment came that Word was completely fulfilled too late.


Now, we’re preaching ‘Appearing’ through the vehicle of the Presence. Which Brother Branham did not call Jesus Christ the man, he called that ‘the body’.

He said, “If He’s the same yesterday and today, and forever, He will now do in the form of the Holy Spirit veiled in a Pillar of Fire what He did in the flesh.”

And when Paul saw the Pillar of Fire on the road, and the Light struck him down he said, “Who art thou Lord?”

He said, “I’m Jesus.”

“Show me your nail prints.” He never said that. Everybody is so confused with the man and the Pillar of Fire it isn’t even funny. And you can’t tell them. Oh no, I get word around the country don’t worry. My friends have large ears, and I’ve got a big mouth. So I just spill the beans.

They talk kind of muffled about it, and they put in their prayers of course I’m wrong. Of course I’m right, don’t give me that nonsense of Christ appearing somewhere off in the blue heavens. Appeared in person, what God could not do, by letting you and me see what was forbidden to be seen He let a camera take It.

We got a good one on this one, just a minute, you wait. Well, maybe quite a few minutes if not today, next day. I don’t care if whether it gets finished, you know, just talk about the Lord, the One that He sends is the same as talking about Him, because He said, “He that receives whomsoever I send receives Me.

And then He that receives me that way receives the One that sent me.”


So, that’s why the Bible said, “In that day you’ll know that I am in the Father, you in me, and I in you.”

Well, if you get that down pat, you’ll understand perfectly clear He said, “You’re in me, and I’m in you, that’s great. That’s fine, “He said, “you’ve been put into the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ as a member.”

And He said, “Now, in me that’s a certain quality that makes you know that you’re not going to go wrong.” There’s no way. In that day because of the Headship right now, He’s returned to Headship.

People they don’t believe Brother Branham, he said, “He’s returned to Headship.” Then there must have been a time He wasn’t head. See? Then where’s all these preachers that’s ordained to see you through? So, “Hey, you come to listen to me, I’ve got it.” Fap!

I’m no more ordained to see you through than nothing. If you can sit here under my ministry and make sure you make it, I would be duty bound to let everybody in the world know, come and sit under Lee Vayle, you got a sure ticket to heaven.

Hogwash, it means I’m commanded to give you what’s right. You ain’t got nothing to do with it. I’ve got nothing to do with it, but I got a command.


The onus falls on me to feed you, and to help you. Not you come and support me and say, “Brother Vayle… carried. I’d like to be carried around in a pillow, like the other day, my wife, we were looking at the newspaper, (you know, you don’t mind me letting my hair down just talking kind of silly.)

But we were just looking… the newspaper we found these guys that had won forty two million dollars. Wow-wee! Another guy, he was making two million a year. My wife said, “Boy,” she said, “I’ve never wanted any money, wouldn’t be nice to just have it to… a million bucks or so, I could really just take it easy.”

I said, “Kid, we’ve got enough to take it easy. Trust in the Lord and take it easy (you know) without worrying about that part.” I could understand her.

I said, “Well, I got sympathy for you, but money wouldn’t do it anyway, we’d be so busy (you know) counting our money and try to help people, we wouldn’t get any rest anyway. So phooey on the money. No, we’re all doing fine.


The evening Light has come. He said:

Events Made Clear By Prophecy 65-08-01E

[89]  Notice, the believers saw the Word manifested and believed It. [Those saw it too late.] And Jesus said, “My sheep know My Voice…

Now, He speaks in signs to get your attention. He could give you a vision. That’s His Voice. Remember, what the Bible said about Samuel. He heard only. But the Bible said, he saw a vision. He saw nothing, he heard.

It was a vision, so therefore you could have a vision and thereby hear. In other words, he’s telling you understanding comes from God. This is the hour of understanding. “My people perish for lack of understanding for lack of knowledge.”

It was John who came to give them a right understanding of what their hour was.

So all right:

“My sheep know My Voice, my Word, my signs of the age.

Not another age, ‘the Age’. “Always,” he said, “Looking back, looking forward, don’t know what’s going on.” Now, that applies to you and me.

Now, he said,

[90]  Now, let’s get to our text…

That’s why I stopped here last time, and I don’t want to just go carry it too far back before we get underway again.

I’m going to get away; I want to emphasize on that prayer line a lot. Let’s go back to the text… we now under consideration here for a minute. Well, it’ll happen again like it always did, as usual.

All right, what’s he been talking about? How you got your examples set in Scripture for the prophetic hour that comes upon the people. How you know, see, so there’s no mistake. It’s been prophesied, it’s got to come to pass.


All right:

[91]  God sent His prophet John, as His Word it said, promised in Malachi 3, [Now, that’s ‘thus Saith the Lord’, it’s going to be a messenger before My face, so they’d recognize the face.] “Behold, I send a messenger before My face to prepare the way.” John witnessed the same thing.

Now, you notice that John gave to the people the Word of God pertaining to himself. And people always get offended. Of course, if it’s they, they don’t get offended. “I’m a big-shot. Oh, God made me a great servant. I’m going to preach. Fap! You as a mess.

But, very strange, “Oh, I’m full of the Holy Ghost, hallelujah.”

Prophet comes on the scene. “Who does he think he is?” Either there’s something wrong with people like that, brother/sister, there’s something wrong.

I’m deliberately talking this way to let you know there’s something wrong. And it’s not just ignorance, it’s a false pride. It’s a pride of the devil. And don’t tell me it’s not, because I’ve been all through this. They all want to… “I got some too. Look at me, I got…?


I don’t care you got. You ain’t no prophet. You’re exactly like that little record we got from the Marconda’s one time to play, you don’t have to be Jewish. This guy is a multi-millionaire Jew. Finally strikes big time.

What’s he do? He buys a yacht. And what’s he do when he buys a yacht? Well, he buys a captain’s suit to go with the yacht. So, he comes before his parents and says, “Look mama, look papa,” he said, “I’ve a new captain’s suit. This boat belongs to me.” And he said, “I’m really a captain.”

His father says, “Son,” he says, “You may dress like a captain, you look like a captain, but to the captain you ain’t no captain.” That’s the way you are in front of a prophet.

That goes for everybody in this building. Everybody out there in the world. You might look like a prophet, you may think you got something, but alongside a prophet, you ain’t no prophet..

And this is where Israel missed the boat. They couldn’t stand still under authority. See? They still don’t understand authority. They say, “we’ll believe the prophets.” Will they?

Hundred and forty four thousand out of six million or fifteen million, whatever they got. That’s a very small number. And even those wouldn’t believe, except they’re ordained to it. See?

“Behold, I send my messenger before My face…” (that’s God speaking, and John reiterates it.  John stands with it.)


Isn’t strange now that people can go back, especially the Gentiles, not the Jews, and they’ll accept that. “Oh, wasn’t that great?” Well, how come it wasn’t great back there? Now, that sets a pattern. If it should be, that this repeats it won’t be great now. “Who’s this guy, William Branham?”  Oh, who is he? Good question.

Well, pertaining to the flesh, nothing to it. But pertaining to the Spirit, a man mighty before God. Like John the Baptist introducing Messiah, so the Bride will know her Mate the revealed Word. And that’s not just this Bible revealed. That’s the One who wrote the Bible, the Logos. See? Seeing through the eyes of the prophet.


“Behold, I send my messenger and he shall go before My face.” [Okay, remember Jesus Christ is the glory of God].


Okay, let’s go to 2 Corinthians, that’s the place we better go to. Now, we’ll see something in here with which we’re very familiar. I took a series on this, preached about three sermons in a row using the material in different ways. In chapter 3, It says in verse 15,

2 Corinthians 3:15

(15) …even unto this day, when Moses is read, the vail is upon their heart.

Now remember, you got to understand with your heart. This is talking about down in the soul, a revelation. See?

2 Corinthians 3:16

(16) Nevertheless when it shall turn to the Lord, (What? The heart, and the heart says, “Okay, I’m ready to believe.”) the vail shall be taken away.

Now, that means you want to learn. And a little child is a learner. Disciple’s learner, except these little children. Like a little sponge. Picking up the knowledge. Now:

2 Corinthians 3:16

(16) Nevertheless when [the heart will] turn to the Lord, the vail be taken away. [You receive the revelation.]

Now, what is the veil? Here’s where the prophet comes in. Creeds and dogmas, and that’s what’s wrong with theology. That’s why the theological system, and the theologian’s are not of God, they’re of men.

And they’re cursed, because men cannot hear the Word of God with the understanding of the theologian. You got to de-bunk your mind, because they’re a bunch of bunk, what you’ve learned. One word off is no the Word of God.

“Why, if he’s… I, I, I…”  Hold it! “I know right away,” they say. “Oh, just a minute, one Word off. Now, now hold it, this one little part, surely for one little part that whole bunch of condemnation wouldn’t come?” Yes, for one little Word it will come, providing It changes the meaning and the meaning is always changed.


Now, a double negative does not change the meaning, so you could add a word. But Satan said, “You shall not surely die.” If he’d have said, “Don’t think you won’t die if you do this.”

That would have been true, because that was the true interpretation. The question would have been there insinuating and knowing. You will die if you do this.

But he said, “Oh no surely not.” And that’s where theology has always come from. Theology in the eyes of God is a man interpreting the Word apart from divine revelation which has been authenticated, the man himself first of all being authenticated.

Now remember, God was the first prophet in the Garden, He authenticated Himself. The serpent came by, he wasn’t authenticated, too late they found out who he was.

All right:

2 Corinthians 3:17-18

(17) Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. [Freedom. Now watch:]

(18) But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord…

Now, when you look in a mirror who do you see? Yourself. When you look in the Word, who do you see? You’re supposed to see Christ in every word. Okay:

2 Corinthians 3:18

(18) …are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

2 Corinthians 4:1

(01) Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not; [Now, the last change is going to be immortality.]


Let’s go to Philippians here, we’ll just check It out for a second, I think I can find It without having put It in my notes. Paul said,

Philippians 3:10

(10) That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;

Now, he’s going to explain what resurrection he’s talking about. What the resurrection of Christ is.

Philippians 3:11

(11) If by any means I might attain [to] the [out] resurrection [from among] the dead.

That’s what he’s called in Revelation. The first born from amongst the dead. The first one to come back with a truly glorified body from amongst the dead. And He lead the rest out at that time, and the others stayed there.

So the First Resurrection is the ‘Out’ Resurrection. There’s no such thing as a ‘General Resurrection’ per se, where everybody comes up. First of all, the First Resurrection where only the Bride comes up, the last age had theirs, our age is going to get it.

Next will be a resurrection the second, which is the general. The unbeliever, the make believer and the poor virgin, (foolish virgins) they’ll be separated.



Philippians 3:11-12

(11) If by any means I might attain unto the resurrection [from] the dead. [The Out Resurrection.]

(12) Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect:…

What does ‘perfect’ mean? Paul was as perfect as any man would get in his state and standing before God. If any man could have stood right there and made the resurrection, Paul could have done it if it was by merit.

What does the word ‘perfect’ mean? It’s not finished. Paul himself said, “I’m going to finish my course, I’m going to die.” But he said to Timothy, “You carry on and finish your course.”

Everyone of these ancient servants of God in the First Age, they said, “Carry on, carry on, until there comes a time when the last person will not die.”

What’s he going to come in to? He’s going to come into down here, verse 20.

Philippians 3:20

(20) For our [citizenship] is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ:

That’s the Coming, where we’re looking for Him. But we’re looking for the Appearing also which is in there too. Because you can’t have one without the other. Now: In His Coming in that Appearing, and that Great One coming.

Philippians 3:21

(21) Who shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto [the] body, [of his glory] according to the working whereby he is able even to subdue all things unto himself.


Now, that’s in:

1 Corinthians 15:22-23

(22) For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive.

(23) But every man in his own order: Christ the first-fruits; afterward they that are Christ’s at his [Appearing. His Presence.]

Brother/sister, we’re going to get our glorified bodies before we rise in the air. So this is His Presence he’s talking about. What Presence? In the form of the Pillar of Fire, the Holy Ghost that Paul recognized on the road to Damascus.

“Who art Thou Lord?”

“I’m Jesus.”

“Henceforth, we know no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more after the flesh.”

How do you know Him? Back to the Spirit, back to the Pillar of Fire. Why can’t people understand that?  People say they believe this Message. What do you believe about It? “Oh creeds and dogmas.” Hogwash!

“Oh,” you say, “that’s not my thinking.”

That’s the trouble it’s not your thinking. Get it out of your cotton-picking skulls, get God’s thinking in your skulls.

Brother Branham told me personally, “All my thoughts are of God.” Then listen what the prophet said, and you won’t do much wrong listening to me too. Because I’m not telling you some bunch of junk. I’ve got to have my mind renewed or I’m lost. The Message of this hour is the renewal of the mind. See?

Now, you’re going from glory to glory looking at the face of Jesus, then He better be here to be seen. How are you going to see that face which is the glory of God and the face of Jesus Christ? Unless He’s presented to you, unveiled.

And Brother Branham said that’s exactly what happened in the hand of the skillful sword bearer. That prophet rent the veil. There’s too many veils. Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal.

And if I have one I just get in the way and be another veil. But I’ve been honest with you, so I can’t see one reason anyone should doubt.


Now, It says here:

1 Corinthians 15:24

(24) Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power.

That tells you, God is going to put all rule and authority and power at the feet of Jesus. The last thing to be subdued for you and me is going to be our bodies.

Then brother/sister the last thing to be subdued, (now listen carefully) and we’re body, soul, and spirit, then the soul and the spirit have already been subdued. And the word ‘subdued’ doesn’t mean brought into line like a raging lion. It means ‘proper order’.

The Lord descended with a Shout, and that’s where the word ‘subdue’ comes from, with a military order. With the Message. He came with the Message, and put our souls and our spirits in divine order. That’s Church order.

You say, “Brother Vayle…” Don’t Brother Vayle me. I got the answer for you.

You say, “What about denomination?”

“They’re lodges,” Brother Branham said.

Do you want lodge order, or Church order? Church order is not simply putting tongues and things in a room. Remember my message I preached and Brother Branham’s discernment? Fifteen points in Columbus.

I thought I’d get a repercussion that would blast around the world and blow me plumb to smithereens. Nobody raised up. I said, “One thing, praise God, nobody understood, except a few of us.”

For they’d have blasted my head off. Yet I took every single point from Brother Branham, not one of my own. Absolutely. See, God putting a Bride in order. How do you know it’s God? He’s got a messenger, because we cannot hear God, we cannot see God.

Everybody wants to think he can. So that would put him in the prophetic class that everybody is a prophet. They got scowling at Moses. They said, “Listen here, we’ve got a bit of prophesying, we can get to that Word just like you can, maybe even better.”

He said, “Would God all the children were prophets.  Get off my back.” Everybody a prophet? By my guest. To the prophet you ain’t no prophet.

I’m a broken hack of a teacher. I don’t claim no prophecy. No way shape and form. I don’t disclaim a spirit of prophecy, because that’s what the prophet  said. If I disclaim that, then where would I be standing?


So, you see here, “I send my messenger before my face.” How far before? Six months. How far before? Little tiny bit of preaching. How far before? Right down to the river, three feet. How far before? Six inches apart, maybe a foot, whatever it took. Then in his arms, and baptized Him.

Where was the face of Jesus at that time? John was right before It as he bent over the water. Now, if that repeats and Malachi 3, is not entirely Malachi 4. And Malachi 4 is not entirely Malachi 3. There’s two.

One turns the heart to the children, and one turns the children to the fathers. At two different periods. Because what wasn’t fulfilled has to be fulfilled. You see?


Okay, turning the hearts… all right, now we read in here:

Events Made Clear By Prophecy 65-08-01E

[91]  John witnessed the same thing. And we find out also in Isaiah 40:3, Isaiah said, “There will be a voice of a prophet, one crying in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way of the Lord”. [Before His face.] See?

See, all these…”and preparing the way of the Lord.” That’s very good if you understand this thought: here was Jesus prepared His way in the physical by a physical man.

Then what about His Coming? It’ll take a physical man to bring on a physical God, a physical Christ. And it does. Because without the Shout, the prophet bringing the Message, which are the Words of Jesus Christ we’d never make the Rapture.


All right,

‘Prepare the way of the Lord.’ (That’s Luke 1:17, we don’t have to read It.)

And notice carefully and quickly the Scripture… let’s me go to Luke 1:17, come on, we can never read that too much.

I tell you, the Bible is so full of goodies you can take one Scripture here and belabor the thing for the next fifteen years, think you got it and find that hey, you only got the first two or three words in it. Because every Word of God is eternal with the full potential of God behind It. What does that mean then for the Bible?

It means this Book will never be exhausted. Verse 17,

Luke 1:17

(17) And he shall go before [the Lord God of Israel] in the spirit and power of [Elijah], to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, [even] the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.

Well, that tells you what it is to prepare the way. It’s the same as when Eleazar went to prepare  the way, that Rebekah could come to Isaac. And remember, she had to come to him to meet him of where he was stationed. So the Bride is going to meet the Groom in the air where He is stationed up above the clouds.

So you see, there had to be a messenger to prepare the way. And the preparation of the way was… “There’s this wonderful man (you know,) you really belong to him I’m sure by kindred, by relationship. But I want to know if you’re the right one.

And there’s certain things here that are going to be presented to you to indicate if you are the right one.” Boy, she was the right one in a hurry.


You know what? I don’t believe a Bride fools around and fools around finally straggles in, “Well, I think he’s maybe he’s right, I’ll come in.” I don’t think they’d look around and dream, “Well, you know, hmm, hmm.” Oh listen, they’re red hot, brother/sister.

They’re red hot like the disciples, “Will you go away?”

“Where will we go?”

They didn’t give Jesus a great big song and dance, anymore than He gave them a big song and dance. They said, “Where will we go? We got a conviction.” The thief on the Cross had a conviction. A dying thief trusting in a dying Savior. What more could you want?

Well look, when Brother Branham died, how many left? Who cares. I’m not interested. Look how the ranks were swollen by people who came in without even hearing him say, “That’s Bible.” I like that.

I’ve been looking for something like this. That rings a bell in my soul. How many of you people came in after he died? There’s your count right there.  See, that shows a reality right there, because Jesus said so.

He said, “They’re going to believe me, because of your testimony and the testimony of those that come in after you. Witness to me until the very end time.”

So therefore, we see this man on the scene getting the people ready, which means he’s simply telling them about the hour they’re living in, the events that are transpiring, what is going on.

They believe It, and they understand. The understanding is opened. John the Baptist opened their understanding. Jesus opened their understanding. “He’s the same yesterday, and today, and forever.”

He’s got a messenger that gives us the Word that opens our understanding through the Spirit of God within us. Which is a witness of whether you’re righteousness or not.


“Oh,” you say, “Well, I believe in fruit.” I do too. But I can’t trust your fruit and my fruit, because we don’t know the motivation. See? “Well, I believe in love.” I do too, but I can’t trust your love and my love, until I know where it’s based.

And you think the phone calls aren’t coming in on that one. They’re all good too. I’m not getting blasted on that one, which I thought that would blast me clean out of the parrot’s nest, because they think I’m in a parrot’s nest, instead of an eagle’s nest.

But, they see what we’re trying to say in this pulpit here. If it’s not Word based into the frame-work of the Word, what have you got? You haven’t got God. That’s where you left it. That’s where I leave it. Come on, let’s understand.

Now, let’s not get scared brother/sister, because we’re not going to get booted out, we’re not going to go out. We’re just learning how to be skilled workers.

“Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

No one’s here to get hurt. Here to get help. Now, we’re getting help, because this is how help comes. When you receive the Word of God, you become the Word of God in your flesh. And the Life in that Word begins to form physical cells around it that are immortal.

How do you know at this point, you haven’t reached this stage? Where there’s just a little bit  of immortality working right now. I don’t believe there’s one person here, who wouldn’t like to die and get out of here. But there’s not one person here has got an understanding he will die.


Like a doctor said to me out in Tucson, he said, “Are you afraid that you’ll die?”

“No, I’m afraid  that I won’t die.

That shook the spots off of his PhD’s, and all that other kind of crud he accumulated. So, I want to get out of here. And I said, “I don’t have any fear.” He was puzzled.

I said, “Well, I can give you a little testimony.” So I told him a little bit about Brother Branham. Then he wanted me to see a psychiatrist to talk to the bugs in me.

He said to my wife, “Shouldn’t your husband see a psychiatrist?”

She said, “No!”

She’s a psychiatric nurse, that’s why I married her, to take care of it. I hear a lot of men it’ll comfort. So she gives it to me.

She said, “No!” She knew more than he did. Now, I had these bugs in me, it took us something to kill them. I let him, a psychiatrist kill them just by talking.

I’d let any psychiatrist talk, and he could have more than twenty five dollars, he’d have two hundred dollars an hour for the first hour at least, but I’d know if he’s talking and doing the bugs any good. So much for your stupid psychiatrist, psychologist. So much for stupid diagnosis too.


That’s why the church couldn’t stand Brother Branham, they’re a bunch of sorcerers. That’s where the druggist… the word druggist is sorcerer, told you that, taught you that two or three years ago if not four, whatever it was.

The wrong prescription. Too much poison. I want to tell you something: we don’t need poison, we… thoroughly poison, we need antidotes. As Brother Branham said, he said, “The penicillin kills the rats, but it doesn’t plug the rat holes.” You know, speaking figuratively.

We’ve been poisoned, we need the rat holes plugged up now. And that’s the opening of the Seals there, plugged up all the holes.

Yes sir, Paul was perfect before God, but his time hadn’t run out. This age runs out. And it’s a face to face. Haw, they didn’t know Him back there when they saw Him face to face.

Notice, the crowd didn’t come face to face. John lay over the body there, his face went down, John face was right near His face. Those eyes looking up. A heart pouring forth Word of Almighty God, “suffer to be so now, I’m going to fulfill all righteousness.”


John the Baptist knowing those things turned and focused said, “This is the One, and He’s going to judge you.” Sending forth as the great Judge. Fan is in His hand, thoroughly purging His floor, gather the wheat in the garner, burn up the chaff. Sure.

What do you think of this one? He’s the one who’s going to put the finger on, and say, “This is the One that John baptized, He’s here in the form of the Holy Ghost, and He’s the great Judge. There He is right there. [Brother Vayle points to the picture of the Cloud.]

Oh, you can’t believe this Message and not get your inspiration from It brother/sister, let’s face it.

Goodness me, gracious, how could I eat wheat germ for… two big dishes of wheat germ, nothing in my stomach at all and that’s all I eat, and then get my energy from a bunch of rice? Hogwash. You got to have the rice.

If I’m eating this Word that’s where my energy comes from. Right? You’re eating some of that hogwash, then get it from that. Fap! You know what I mean. It’s simple as a-b-c. We got a right to be happy in Christ.


All right, see:

Events Made Clear By Prophecy 65-08-01E

[91]  …All those prophecies, look, quickly, the Scripture identified him. (Not in their books it didn’t. Ha, and a handful of others.)

When they said, “Who are you? Are you the Messiah?” He said, now sir, “I am not Messiah.”

“Are you Jeremiah, no, I’m not one of the prophets.” He said, “I am not. But I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, as saith the prophet Isaiah.”

Who is William Branham? Part of Malachi 4. Part of Malachi 3. He was the Shout of 1 Thessalonians 4:16. Now, did those folk believe John? They didn’t believe John, no. No, first they had their own ideas about him, and they said, “Who are you anyway? You got to be the Messiah?”

And he said, “No way, I’m not the Lord Jesus Christ, forget it.” William Branham said the same thing.

They said, “Well look, you’re identified with the prophets, which one are you back here in the spirit of? Could be Elijah? Could be (rather) Isaiah, could be Jeremiah. Could be that.”

Now listen, they had a choice of Elijah, but they turned that down flat. You know why? Because John didn’t do any miracles. See, that really threw them for a loop right there. He didn’t come storming on the scene doing a lot of miracles.

Well, they said, “If you’re Elijah, and Elisha was the one that had the spirit of Elijah and he did twice as much as Elijah, and you’re the third one you got to do three times as much.” Oh, they had it all reasoned out.

They said, “All right, now you got to be this.”


You know what? And when he told them who he was, they walked off. What about William Branham? Soon as he identified himself, like John the Baptist he had a handful that stayed with him. Poor old John, he was really left alone. Three of four people, half a dozen at the most, if he had that many, man oh man.

When William Branham identified himself, a lot of people dropped off. The Pentecostal’s and then those who were around him they identified. They said, “He’s got to be the Lord Jesus Christ.”

He said, “I’m not Jesus Christ.”

Now, if you can’t believe the man who is talking to you, tell you who he is, then how can you believe what he said? Well, you know, there’s something all cooped up there, and it’s sure not us. I can tell you that right now.

[92]  He said, “No, I’m not. I’m the voice of one crying in the wilderness, as the prophet Isaiah said.” [I want to identify myself, like Malachi said.”]

[93]  Do you think they’d believe that? No, sir. Why? He didn’t come through their church, that’s why. See, he went in the wilderness at age of nine years old and come out at the age of thirty. [Now,] His message was too great to go through a school of theology;

Why? He’d be wasting his time. How could the school of theology give a revelation of this? They didn’t have it to give it, anymore than they have like you and I got salvation to give somebody.

You and I cannot give a revelation. We cannot give anything that pertains to God. God Himself gives it. But He ordains vessels to witness to it. To sow a seed, to water a seed, and so on. Message was too great. See?


Just like Paul, first of all God had to knock Paul down and literally beat the brains out of his head. Paul wasn’t too sad, because he was just dung anyway. Not only had bad-breath, he had smelly brains.

So, so much for Paul the apostle. He knew it, he admitted it. He wasn’t puffed up like these other fellows. No, he wasn’t at all puffed up. Yet he was a brain. He was brilliant, he was a theologian of top order, and he was right next to Gamaliel evidently. He was trusted. He was sincere, he was on fire.

He had a life, everything to back it according to tradition. But according to God he was a miscreant.  And a destroyer of the very plan and purpose of Almighty God that lasts for eternity. He was a mess, he stunk. Stank, stunk, what’s the difference?

Paul was wrong. God took him out in the desert. Took everything out of him. The Pillar of Fire blinded him, showed him how blind he really was. A true revelation will just show you how smart you ain’t. Not as smart you are. See?

No way, just one Word off, see? That’s why they had to come to a prophet. I don’t care how close people are, close doesn’t count. It’s only oneness with God. See? Okay:


[His message was too great]… he was the one to introduce the Messiah.

Certainly, introduce, that means ‘to make known the unknown’. Or to unveil the veiled God, Who is now there veiled in human flesh and needed to be introduced to the people to Whom He had come. He was to introduce Messiah.

He was the one to introduce Messiah and everybody would be pulling this way and that way. That’s right. They had the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Essenes, that rebel split groups that fought Rome. Today, we’ve got organizations that fight each other. The same as those the same as those groups back there did. See?

And God sent him in the wilderness after the death of his father Zechariah.

So, in other words, he didn’t have a chance to get caught up in the creeds of the Pharisees and the ministry. He was a priest, but he never followed the line of his father. And that’s good, because you’ll never find that the ministries of God is a family affair.

Now, his son could be a preacher like his dad and so on, once in a blue moon, but normally it spells trouble. It doesn’t pass on by blood. Passed on by the will of God, although blood could enter in the odd time.


All right:

Events Made Clear By Prophecy 65-08-01E

[94]  [Because] prophets don’t come out of such things as that. [Come out of what? Schools? Lines? Theology and so on?] They come from the rugged lands, the wilderness. No man knows where they come from or how they rise on the scene, or any of their history. They just come right out and preach the Word, and God takes them off,

[Now notice, God taking them off means death.] and away they go; condemns that generation, moves on into His Word, waiting for the great day.

All right, who knew anything about William Branham? Knew very little, see? Now notice he said, “God takes them off.” And condemns the generation. So therefore, after the prophet is gone comes condemnation. Right? That’s right.


[95]  The church did not believe him, because he was not known of them. [It’s exactly true.] They had no record of his ordination in their books;

[He wasn’t ordained, see?] so therefore, they refused him. See, they didn’t believe God’s vindicated Word, plainly, letter by letter. See? Malachi 3, two Scriptures to vindicate a man. Malachi 3 and Isaiah 40:3.

Why certainly they didn’t. They didn’t believe the vindication of two Scriptures, they didn’t believe the vindication of Christ with dozen of Scriptures. The world’s not going to believe the amount of Scripture anyway, let’s face it. Come on. You can snow anybody with Scripture, that doesn’t mean they’re going to believe.

And I’m going to tell you, the more you bombard, and the more people you win into this Message by bulldozing the worse the Message is going to be. Because you’ve got just a bunch a people that don’t have an understanding anyway.


I tell you, I have seen bulldozing tactics, I used them once and I would to God I never used them. I just met the guy on his own ground. I knew what he was, he was a bulldozer, so I bulldozed him.

I just went slam, bang, bang, and had him all crippled up in a corner in no time at all. Stupidest thing I ever did. Never do it again. The man had already walked out once on Brother Branham during the Seals, said, “That can’t be God.”

You say, “Well, what if the man makes out.” That’s up to him and God. But I shouldn’t have tried to make out, because that’s God’s business. Tell a person something, sure, be nice about it, kind about it, explain it, but bulldozing, no.

Overwhelm him with the plethora of words is not the answer. It’s not the answer, to inundate a man and drown him in words. Drown him in theology, make him come up gasping to believe your way. Forget it!

Let me assure you  brother/sister, we do not hold people under the water in baptism, and say, “I believe Brother Branham’s Message.” You go under the water because you think you believe and you want to believe. Till the bubbles come out, you know.

It’s strange, but it may be humorous, but it’s just the way… Look it, it can’t be done brother and sister be of God, you can’t do it. I’m guilty on that one case.

[96]  He was to be a prophet. “I’ll send to you Elijah.” And there he was, in every rugged way. Watch how his nature blended in with Elijah. And Elijah was a man of the wilderness, so was John, the outdoors. He wasn’t a smooth man, he was a rugged man.


Now, his nature and style of life absolutely was in his preaching and his motivating, his pleasures and everything else. That’s true. But you know, people will not accept that, because they say, “Well, that guy is identifying himself on personal characters and traits, and you can find anything in the Bible, so forget it.”

They say, “Well, should be believe Samson then, there’s a lot of guys running with other women?” See, you can’t… this thing of believing is in you to believe right, to receive It, or forget it.

As Brother Branham said, “You either had a representation there in the beginning, or you don’t have one now.” Now, I know those are tough words to say, but I believe in a prophet. Because we cannot explain.

You say, “What are you preaching for then?” Merely to encourage your faith and mine and that’s all. To keep us ever in mind of what’s going on, because pretty soon there’s got to be a change.


Now he said:

[97]  Notice again, Elijah was a woman hater; told Jezebel about all of her paint… where to get on and off at. So was John. Jezebel tried to kill Elijah, swore by her gods that she’d take his head off  him. So did Herodias. See?

Now, he’s laying the ground work for his own ministry. Now, William Branham was not a woman hater. He just hated a lot of the things that women did.

Now, I want to tell you something: I know women get offended and I’ve been get offended with them for what Brother Branham said. And I used to get really bugged at one time about Brother Branham saying, “Now women present themselves to men.”

Until it was the last two weeks, I suddenly realized Eve presented herself to Adam. And that’s where it all started. Now, I’m not saying women are this or that.

But I’ve known for a long time that women are just as bad as men if not worse, because I’ve seen our own daughter, and I’ve seen other people’s daughters, they run down to where little Johnny B. is, (and that can be Bennett or Bose, or anything else that I should happened to pick that out of the air,) down at the gas station where he’s pumping gas.

And the nice little girls, eleven, twelve, thirteen, they’ll all run down and grin and shimmy around. Now, what are they doing? They’re presenting themselves.


Now, I’m not running women down. I’m just telling you, listen, let’s just understand nature. Brother Branham was right. He was right. See? It’s the same… when he said, “All children are born of sexual desire.” That’s true.

How much a woman hungers and thirsts after a child. That’s true, she has a nature to bear children, so therefore, that’s her capacity. That’s her nature. She’ll want children. But you say, “Well, alright now, my husband is sterile. So I’m just going to get a donor.”

Oh, what made him ejaculate? Oh, I’m very plain, very crude maybe. But there’s no time to be (you know,) be nice and beautiful and gentle. I don’t care who’s young here and who’s not here. I’ll talk to your kids, or talk to you face to face. Get this thing down flat.

God’s against these things. Paul said, “Women are shamed faced.” That doesn’t mean they go around full of shame. Fap! You do proud your daughter in Jesus Christ. Happy in God, wear your hair whichever way you want to do it, as long as you don’t look (you know) crazy. As long as it’s long.

It’s the idea, just keep the hair long, those things. Don’t snip them off, that’s against Almighty God. See? Just smarten up and know these things before God. Know your natures and know these things  brother/sister.


The prophet laid it all out. It’s like old Dr. Bell said, his son in-law quoted him, he said, “Look, ” he said, “You want to learn about sex, you don’t have to read some dirty old sex book, read your Bible.” He said, “It’ll tell you the truth.” Old Dr. Bell.

All these things the prophet brought out here. And people must watch him. See? And Brother Branham was not a woman hater. If he was, how would he love his wife? How did he speak so tenderly of Hope?

A man that would hate women and talk about his first wife the way he talked about her? You have to be sick, weird, insane and perverted. Literally homicidal and God knows what. Prejudiced to the core. The man knew love as few men will ever know love.

I’ve often said there’s now… I’ll stick with it, “Every woman wishes that her husband was a Brother Branham .” And every man has to admit, that he wishes he was too. The gentleness and the love, and the consideration, the kindness.

He was of the old school that opened every door for a lady. Tipped his hat and walked softly. Was a gentleman, but hated sin. And he knew where sin lay, in the beauty and the glamour. We got to admire Brother Branham. Elijah was the same way. He didn’t around hating women.

But I’ll tell you what, if it came to tearing their ways up, don’t think he didn’t tear the way of man up. Turned right around, put them on the spot.


I often said, “It takes two to tango.” Don’t criticize women… I’ve been for women’s rights in the sense of true Christian woman in the church, not out here in the world. Her rights drive me crazy out there. As well as her driving drives me crazy out there. I ain’t going to say what Brother Branham said.

Well he did tell you on tape that ninety percent of the boo-boos, or ninety six were committed by women drivers. I don’t… women are getting to be good drivers. Slave drivers, men drivers, truck drivers. You got to forgive me.

I just throw that in to kind of ease the tension. Because I don’t want any woman here thinking I’m against women. I’m not. You got to place it where the prophet placed it. Do you see, comes begins to come out, and then you understand with the understanding you begin to move forward. Nobody’s here to hurt anybody.

Look, it’s to keep our hands out of the meat grinder I’m talking about. The world’s got a mighty big meat grinder out there. And we got mighty small hands. You lose one, it’s gone.

You know, you cut your finger off, they might sew it back on. But you put it through the meat grinder, good bye Charlie, better feed it to the dogs. See?



[98]  …watch their messages, watch what they did. Now, we find out if they would’ve looked back and seen what the Bible said, and watched the nature of the man, and how perfect he was in time with the Scriptures and everything, they ought to have known that was he.

Now, what’s he telling you? The historical parts of the Bible shed great light. Because It never changes. What was the man like back there? Never mind the miracles, what was he like per se, that would have pegged John the Baptist? See?

Who knew where Elijah came from? Elijah the Tishbite. Tishbite, Smishbite, what’s a Tishbite? I don’t know, you don’t know. Where’s the history on it? Nobody knows. Now, what’s all this history bunk you got to know? What’s seminary, what this, what that?

Now, John didn’t do miracles, nobody knew where he came from exactly. They’d all forgotten concerning the fact of his birth. And the dedication, Zachariah and all the rest of it. They forgot what Simeon and Anna said.

They forgot even about the three wise-men and the slaying of hundreds of children under two years of age. How could you forget that? They forgot it. They forgot the parallel with Moses’ day. That’s what the Psalmist said. It’s God speaking to the Psalmist. He did wonderful works, lead them through the Plains of Zoan.

He’s lead them through the red sea. He gave them Manna. Then forgot they His wonderful works and went on to the prostitution of idolatry. That’s what Israel did, we’re doing the same thing right now. We’re forgetting His wonderful works. Look in the Word of God and find His works.

“Oh, I don’t think I can do that, because it might be different.” Then you don’t even know God, because He never changes. This is one thing you rely upon. Elijah’s spirit remains Elijah’s spirit. And it gets rougher as the time goes on.


Elijah came on the scene condemning what was wrong. Elisha came on the scene condemning little children with their rattyness.

“So, you call me old bald head. You make a sneer what I know to be true. I saw him go up. I know, (he said,) I saw the Pillar of Fire come down. You may be just kids…”  Little snakes, make big snakes. They were killed. Angry prophet.

Now then, what would John the Baptist be? Go up to up to the old king, he was the Herod, you got Phillip’s wife. Stick his finger in his nose and say, “You know,” he said, “You’re living in adultery.”

“You say that to the top man?” Zhoo!

I got it from some of the best authority in the world, that a certain great lady evangelist, you all know who I’m talking about on the west coast. She smarted off with Randolph Hearst and she said, “Look,” she said, “You got your girls friends, I can have my boy friends.”

He just whirled on his heels and left her, he never saw her again. To my knowledge if he did, he just literally spit in her face to do it I guess, and next day his paper blasted her one end of America to the other.

What do you think that guy did concerning John the Baptist when he had the chance? He said, “That two-bit jerk.”  (Phftt!)


That’s why they came to Israel, the Jews came to Jesus and said, “Can a man divorce his wife for any cause?” Helel taught that.

Now, if your wife one day woke up and her eyes were glued together, maybe one of the eyes glued together, because a little cold in the eyes you look kind of funny, you could divorce her.  [Inaudible] get rid of her., they came and said, “Can we get rid of these women for any cause?” Any man that would do that to a woman, he’s got to be… He ain’t no man. He’s a scum-bum.

And all he did want was sex, and a little care, this and that. You talk about a horse’s neck. Why should I insult a poor horse, it’s got a lovely neck, even a beautiful mane on her. (Phftt!) So much for man.

So, he said, “Now we can marry and get divorced women and get anyone we want.” That’s what they’re were doing.

So, that’s exactly why they said to Jesus, “Can a man divorce his wife for any cause?”

He said, “No, not for any cause.” That’s what the prophet said.

The main thing today is not that. “Can we divorce for any cause?” It’s always two causes. All right, he or she is dead, we can get married again. He or she commit adultery, we can get married again.

He said, “Hold it, both will put you in the ditch.” And he came back to the one cause that Jesus gave. The really one cause, fornication before marriage.

“So why then did Moses give a bill of divorce?”

“Because of the hardness of heart.”

And Brother Branham said, “You couldn’t live with her in the first place, then don’t try to live in the second place.” Right? I don’t have the answer to marriage and divorce.

So all I know is this: if you want a divorce and get married, you are on your own. I will not condemn you, but you had better know it is from God!

Because later on, no use coming to me and say, “Well, Brother Vayle…” Because I can’t get in your boots and tell you nothing like it. I can’t tell you a thing. And if I could, I wouldn’t, because I don’t know that I really would know. Why? I’m no prophet.


All right, you see it here? Now, John came and he brought a lot of questions up. He answered them right off the cuff. Now, he said here:

watch the nature of  man… they ought to know who He was.

Now, this is the time of Elijah, the spirit of Elijah. All we got to do is to study Elijah and Elisha, and John, and we’ll come up with an answer. What will that man be like? Tougher than hob-nail boots when it comes to standing for the Word of God. But he will not run over anybody, but neither will anybody run over him.

He will not join up, nor neither will he be joined to, because he’s not here to make an organization. He’ll leave you in the arms of Christ, safe and secure. They ought to know him.

About a half a dozen knew it. [Knew who John was.] That’s right. Not over a half a dozen realized it. They went to hear him, but they didn’t believe it. See? Why? They did not believe the identification of  the prophecy in their hour.

They didn’t believe it. All that was told about him had gone into the discard. How could people have forgotten?


I’ll tell you what: I talked to a man the other day, real sweet guy. To me he’s a real nice fellow, he’s a preacher. Met him down there in Dayton. And I believe that he’s got something on the ball. He’s Charismatic, but he is different from the Charismatic’s.

He never heard of Brother Branham, but he knew the sons of God bit was bunch of tripe, (you know,) because they were trying to go past the Bible. And I didn’t recognize the name of the man that he told me. But after I got home going to bed, I remembered the name of that man. I knew right away who he is.

So, when I see Vince, I’ll have to talk and say, “Hey, I’m sorry, but I do know that man. I know him personally, and I’m with you. The guy is plumb out of his boondocks. He’s not even in the boondocks, he’s plumb a peripheral, in the periphery or something.

Phony as paste. “Because you see, your sons of God don’t need the Bible anymore.” Fap! If we ever needed the Bible, we need It now! Because there’s so much confusion. It’s not even horse sense, nor jack-ass sense, it’s pure unadulterated insanity what’s going on. It is too.

Because there’s only one sane mind, and that’s the mind of this Word, brother/sister. And that’s the Mind of God. And we could never accuse ourselves of being sane. That makes God insane.

But we know we are insane, so therefore, God is sane, and we get His Mind we become sane. And we become sanitary also. Because out of  the heart, (you know,) if that’s not in there you’re pretty messed up condition, we all are.


Now , they did not want to hear him, because they didn’t believe it. See? Why? They did not believe the identification of the prophecy of this hour. But who would know, except their true revealed of the Word come by.

You say, “Why wouldn’t they know?” Because we’re so different from this Book. Unless there’s something of this Book in us, there’s no such thing as a match up.

It’s a transfusion when the type of blood is wrong. You’ll die, or get excited, or sick. It’s got to have the same blood. The same life, that’s the spirit. You had to have that in your soul, or you never would have reached out.

[99]  Notice, they all laughed at him, calling him some “screaming, wild unlearned fanatic with no schooling, hit, hain’t, tote, carry, fetch.”

John never said that. That’s a Southern Kentuckian. Who’s he talking about? The fourth Elijah.

As usual they judge him by his education. They judge him by his grammar, by the way he dressed. John wore a piece of sheepskin around him, and a camel skin belt; he was all hairy.

Well, at least he had pretty good protection out there in the briars. Why knock it. Well, people  knock anything. You know, you’re just ready to pick on anything. They don’t care. As long as they pick on him. You disagree, they’ll pick on us. See?

Walking out in the waters, no church, no pew, no cooperation, they couldn’t accept that. They [were] worshipping the god of the world.


Yes, they were worshipping more than that, the god of their imaginations. The god of their own creation is what they were doing.

People say, “Well, you know it’s terrible, that those heathens out there, they’re so stupid that they think that thing that they carved with their hand, or that goat out there is a god. They’re not half as stupid as we are, who create our own gods of our own imagination.

Because, they’ll not receive near the condemnation we receive, because the greater the knowledge, the greater the condemnation  brother/sister, that’s true.

The greater you know, the greater you have, the greater the responsibility, then the greater the responsibility the greater the judgment. That’s Bible. You know it as well as I do.

[100]  I don’t mean to say now there’s not false prophets that come out like Jannes and Jambres.

Now, why does Brother Branham throw that in there? Because he wants you to know there are men who can be vindicated that are wrong, even though they are vindicated in the eyes of the people.

In other words, God appearing in signs and wonders. But not God appearing in the Word that says, ‘Thus saith the Lord’. You see?

There’s a true vindication of Hebrews 13:8, which does not come in Mark 16, and in 1 Corinthians 12. No way, shape and form.



But the way you want to do, is to check the original message by the Word, then you got it: what age it’s in, and what’s prophesied for that age.

Now notice, John didn’t know miracles. But he was an Elijah, and Elijah did miracles. So depends on the age. Does the age call for miracles? Well the point is, is how do you know? When the person comes on the scene identifies himself, see how far he goes with what he’s got.

Then if he’s got something like William Branham, “I challenge you, bring me your worse case, I guarantee healing,” you better prick you ears up and listen. Because whatever this guy’s got is worth looking into.

Then you got to come to one place, what authority, and what source does it come from? Now, there’s only two real sources, God and the devil.

Now, that makes it beautiful. Now we got a chance of getting to God, or go to hell forever. Beautiful. It’s down to fifty, fifty. One choice does it! Come on you fence sitters, in the building, or on the tape, or any place else if you get a hold of this tape. I care less.

We usually put this right on the barrel head. Yes sir. We’re not down here at the ground around you know, picking all the peanuts and pop-corn out of a pop-corn barrel and a peanut barrel having fun with it.


We’re right down to the line where it says, “Which way are you going to go with this question?” You don’t have a handful of peanuts now, and a handful of questions and a handful of answers. It’s just one question: where did the authority of William Branham come from?

Well, someone  wants to be really nice. And he said, “Well, Brother Vayle I know in the beginning it came from God. But you see, Brother Branham got swell headed.”

Now, that makes God quite a fool that He can’t pick a man better than that. There’s something wrong even with Nebuchadnezzar who said, “God ruleth in the army of heaven and doeth whatever He will.” Here’s a heathen king who turned Christian. Had a better answer than these theologian, these Pentecostal wise-acres.

No, it’s still one question: where did it come from?  Now, if you say from God, you better know it’s from God. You better have some authentication for yourself, because kid you can be fooled like anybody else can be fooled. And prophets can be fooled.

There’s only a certain type that cannot be fooled. That’s where your Jannes and Jambres come in. That’s where your Balaam comes in. That’s where Korah, Dathan and Abiram’s come in.

And that’s where at the time of the Kings a certain prophet came down, and if God said, “Don’t you dare eat in this person’s house, don’t you dare do anything, I want you to go down there (I forget all the details) and then you go right home.”


And when the great thing was done by this prophet, another prophet came forth, he said, “Sir, I’m a prophet too.”

And that bird didn’t listen to him in the right way and he said, “Show me you’re a prophet.”

He said, “God just spoke to me and said, ‘Hey, He changed His mind, you can come and have dinner with me’.” And soon as he had dinner, the prophet that invited him got him the real good boy and he wasn’t too great.

Mislead, he said, “You’re going to die for disobeying God!” Now, here’s this poor old boy, goes down the road and a lion gets him. Neither one of those fellows had the Word. They just had a little word in the Lord, a little thing going to happen.

This man is dealing introduction of Messiah, revealing Scripture that paves the way for you and me, that’s going to get us to Him, that shows we’re away from Him. How do we get away? We booted Him out!

Oh, you say, “I didn’t do that.”  Oh yes you did honey, I’m sorry. You booted him out, I did too.  How did we boot Him out? By refusing the Word. By not having the Word. Then He knocked at the door and said, “I stand at the door and knock.”

“What was that knock?” Oh signs, wonders, miracles, everything to attract us. Everything to get our attention to curry favor. To make us look on this thing, like Moses at the burning bush. You think my eyes didn’t bug the time that microphone cord was wrapped around him two or three times?

And suddenly there it was by his feet. Bugged? Why if you had a stick you could have knocked my eyeballs off, like you knock beetle bugs off a potato plant. I rejoiced though. And it was getting better and better, and gooder and gooder. Hotter and hotter, sweeter and sweeter. Sure it is.

You let yourself go, waters to swim in, they’ll take you over. Now, if you want to dog-paddle and fight the current, forget it, you ain’t going get over. Just… waters to take you over. I never learned to swim, praise God they’re going to carry me over. Oh hallelujah.

You see, we got it made. We got it made, yes sir. Yeah, never mind the Jannes and Jambres they’re going to be there. Matthew 24. But you can’t have a false unless there’s a true.


This man I was talking to down in Dayton, he said, “You know,” he said, “the Baptist, and them, they don’t believe in prophets. They warned me and said, ‘There could be false prophets’.”

He said, “But how could you have a false unless there was a true?”

I said, “Now you got it.” And I talked about William Branham a true prophet. Well, maybe later again, I don’t know, I may look him up. Might be just wasting my time. I know I didn’t feel lead to go to that camp meeting, but I’m not against it. I just couldn’t go.

I wouldn’t have anything to say, except what I’m saying now. But we’ll see what happens. God’s bigger than I am. And I’m not against what God wants me to do. Maybe I’m just too careful.



[101]  Then John’s prophecy was vindicated in God’s own order.

Now watch: John’s prophecy was vindicated in God’s own order. Now, what was John’s prophecy? “I’m forerunning Him, He’s out amongst you, you don’t know Him, I can’t see Him. I don’t know if He’s here, but I will know when He comes.

And I’ll be doing it by baptizing, and there’ll be a Pillar of Fire come down like a dove sitting on Him and resting upon Him. That’s the One.” Now he said, “I’ll know and I’ll tell you.”

Watch how perfect. The Bible said the Word of the Lord comes to the prophet. Now, Jesus was the Word. And John was prophesying of the coming of the Word for fulfillment, and Jesus the Word came to the prophet in the water.

Now, William Branham was in the water. And the Word of fulfillment of this hour is: He must Appear before he Comes. Right?

So, what was William Branham’s entire Message? “Appearing.”

“My message is to declare that He is here.”  Spokane. “This is my ministry, to declare [Him] that He is here.” [From That Time – 62-13-07]

The word ‘declare’ in the Greek means to lead forth. It’s the word ‘exegesis’. ‘To lead It forth, to show It in words’.  To present It.

“My job,” he said, “is to preach It into plain view, so by your hearing you see It in plain view.” All right, the Word, the Logos came in water.


Oh, how beautiful. How unfailing it is… See? The Word was a scarce thing in that day. [What about today? Perish for lack of knowledge.] Here come the prophet, saying, “I am the voice of the Word.”

Not a man preaching a sermon, the literal Voice of Logos. Why? Because we can’t see Logos. We could have seen the Logos in human form if He was here. One day we will see Him in human form. The closest to human form we see is the prophet. God to the people, but he is not God.

That’s not hard to be understood, Paul said, “We’re legates, we’re delegates, we’re ambassadors.” Anybody understands that. Authoritative, as Brother Pete was talking the other day, of the authority. Not the person, but the authority from that person is what Paul’s talking about when he said, “I’m an ambassador.

I’ve got the Word for you.” But it wasn’t Paul’s word, the messenger comes. The herald on the horse. Toots his horn. They let down the draw-bridge. He comes in screaming before the king. He said, “This is the message oh great one.” Jumps on his horse, away he’s gone again.

You say, “Doesn’t he explain the message?” He doesn’t have to. He just gives the message. Most of us are little ‘herald’s’, little ‘knights’ running around. We don’t have to explain a lot of things. Prophet is the one who brought the explanation. God used that great man. Now, we can do a little better with our testimony.

I’m the voice of the Word. Brother Branham said, “I was just a voice of One standing here.” Certainly, it’s exactly right.


Okay, God came right behind John the Baptist and proved him right. He sure did. He said, “John testified… what’s the matter with you boys?  You noticed how I line with the Word. I’m doing everything.” And he said, “Notice, (and watch this,) I am that prophet!”

“Oh,” they said, “if you’re that prophet you will say what we say, because we’re children of Abraham. We’ve had a long time in getting here to get what we got. Oh, we got to be right.”

You know the churches are saying the same thing. You know people run around today, that Dr. Carol, a fine beautiful Baptist brother, wrote good things. Then he wrote this crazy little book,  how the Baptist were never the Protestants, they came right from John the Baptist. Hogwash!

And that hog is at least (oh God,) two thousand years old almost. Twenty five thousand miles around the equator. That’s Catholic dogma. Apostolic succession. He’d have to prove that he was a son of John the Baptist. John the Baptist never married. Shee! You talk about insanity. Then they try to say the Catholic’s are crazy.

Oh, Brother Joe, you ain’t heard nothing like this. Even the Catholics will vote somebody in, these guys vote themselves in. Ha! Oh Protestants, you got no more protesting in you than a… then I don’t know… a flat tire has. He died on the job. Lord have pity. True.

“I am the voice of the Word.” (Then Brother Branham revealed here, okay.)


Perfect for today. Okay, we just got a couple of minutes and we’ve got to get out of here, because I think my times are up.

“What must we do?” (They said to John.)

Just like marriage, divorce. What marriage and divorce? What’s right, questions, questions, questions. “Blessed is the man who can shut his mouth and listen.”

You know why? Because as long as you ask questions while somebody’s talking, it means you’re not listening to what they’re saying and you’ll never get it. That’s why you listen to tapes carefully. Listen carefully, keep your minds abreast to what’s going on.

[102]  Said, “I’m not worthy to unloose His shoes. But there’s One standing among you somewhere; He’ll be the One that’ll baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire.

Notice now, what he said. He said, “He’s here and He, (though not now,) will be baptizing with the Holy Ghost and fire. That’s to cleanse you plumb out and fill you. Now, watch the next thing:

His fan’s in His hand and He’ll thoroughly purge His floor, and burn the chaff with unquenchable fire, and take the grain to the garner.” [That’s way down the road.]

Now, He doesn’t set His foot here to separate. No, no, no, no, no. Matthew 24, Luke 17, He is not here to separate. They’re already separated before they’re taken into the garner. So, this is the ‘Appearing’.

What is He? As Judge with a fan in His hand, He’s separating now, it’ll soon be over. For the wheat is lying in the presence of the S-o-n. And the same chaff in that same Presence is getting brittle, and we’re getting brittle too.

Because we take nothing from nobody comes Message, do what you want, we’re going on. You believe what you want. hallelujah be my guest. Got no time to fuss and fight, moving on with Jesus.

We’re over popping at the snakes, (I’m not calling people snakes) I’m using the illustration Brother Branham used. “Climbing the hill, no longer popping at those snakes that pop, I just walk on.”


If you want to pop something, pop corn. Don’t pop… don’t pop snakes. It ain’t worth your time  brother/sister. Just have a good time at home. Put the pop-corn popper on, fill it full of good butter and get fat. That’s the way to do it.

Take the Word of God, get red hot, and read It, let the Holy Spirit anoint It with the oil of God, the joy of the Lord. You just eat yourself full. Sure, fan is in His hand. Take the grain to the garner. That Spirit’s among us, takes us up there,

Events Made Clear By Prophecy 65-08-01E

[102]  …Oh, what a prophet! Jesus said there was never a man born of a woman as great as he [was to] that day. [It’s exactly right, see?] Oh, how blusterous.

[I think how illustrious he means, blusterous is a good word though.] How he [knew] where he was standing. He [knew] exactly. He [had] heard from God, it was exactly with the Word, so he didn’t care what people said. He preached It and prophesied It anyhow. And watch, when a man stands for what is Truth, then God’s obligated to vindicate that man the truth.

God’s obligated. What’s he saying? The next showdown is Mount Zion, God’s obligated to take us in the Rapture. Obligated! You say, “Well, maybe Brother Vayle…” Don’t maybe me, it’s the prophet that said it.

What’s he talking about? The fan in the hand. The purging of the floor, gathering in the wheat in the garner.

And he said, “You believe, and that makes you a believer. To receive It, you’re a believer.” And  he screams out, “Righteousness, the Holy Ghost.” If I’ve got that quote or not, yep.


He said:

Feast of the Trumpets 64-19-07

[101]  [I] hadn’t had it through the [Scriptures.] See that perfect continuity of the Scripture? Here we live in it. The mysteries, of the one baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus, away from the Oneness idea, and these other things, how the Holy Spirit has moved that in and showed it perfectly; and the true baptism of the Holy Spirit, the Token, everything, and placed it; and how He placed every reformer, and everything just exactly, and see right before our own eyes.

[That’s the Seals] And it’s not in a corner; [the] it’s world known. Jesus, the Son of God revealing Himself by the Scriptures, making that Scripture, (that had been predestinated to this day like it was to that day, and all other days) live. And to believe It is the evidence of the Holy Spirit: righteousness.

How did It come? Through a prophet, vindicated. That makes you Bride  brother/sister. Where everybody got other ideas. Let them have their ideas. Welcome to them. If I fight this, I fight God.

Now, let’s wait and find out who’s right. Mount Zion. That’s why Brother Branham said, “Just love each other.” No use fighting.

These folk you know, they thought they knew the Bible, “search the Scripture and see.” Did they go back to the time of Genesis? No! Will we go back to Genesis? Only those who believe this Message were taken back by the prophet.

Nobody will go back to Genesis 18, and link It up with Luke 17. Nobody will do that.

Who wants to believe Acts 8? Not the man, no nail prints. Here, there He is, picture right there. That’s a veil. [Brother Vayle points to the picture of the Pillar of Fire]

Oh they say, “You got to be crazy.” Well, praise God, I’m crazy. I’m happy to be crazy. Just wish I was a little crazier, then I’d be much happier still. Sure. No problem there. If they want to fight about that, that’s their business.


Events Made Clear by Prophecy 65-08-01E

[103]  When Moses come down there in Egypt, and said, “I was in the wilderness yonder, and I [saw] a tree on fire, it didn’t consume. I went up to the tree, and when I did, there was a great Pillar of Fire hanging in there. And a Voice said, ‘I AM THAT I AM.’ And He told me to take this stick and come down here and perform these miracles, and God will vindicate His Word.”

Now, I’m going to tell you something: Whatever said that, and that was vindicated, you better listen.

He stretched out his stick, there come fleas and flies, and darkness and so forth. Then to vindicate that prophet, He brought those believers right back to the mount, and God came down in the same Pillar of Fire, right on the same mountain, proved that that was right.

And he said, “That is the same evidence that they saw there.”

Now, somebody could say, “Well, I don’t believe that.”

Oh, don’t have to believe It, be my guest, but God said, “You’ll never see the Pillar of Fire again. You’ll see a prophet.”

Now, He comes right behind and lets the camera take the picture. Let’s the camera take That picture. [Picture of the Cloud] There’s the Judge.

Oh, they say, “You people are superstitious.” Well, praise God for superstition. I’m a superstitious [Inaudible]… I don’t care what you think. At least my superstition is based on vindication, what’s yours based on?

Well, with me this morning, you’re based on the same thing. If superstition can produce This, give us more superstitious people O God. I’ve missed my superstitious friends for twenty years. If hypnotism does it, O God, give us more men with hypnotism like Brother Branham. Uh, uh. Somebody’s wrong.

“Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ Blood and righteousness.” And righteousness is that believe It. See, people run true to form  brother/sister. Events made clear by prophecy. The events are right there.

Everything tells you what’s going on, and nobody wants to believe it. And those that say they do in many cases just stop short. God help us to not stop short, but go all the way.

Times run out… didn’t mean to keep you this long, but that means another long session later down the road. [Brother Vayle discusses local issues]

Who knows what lies ahead? Well, there’s a Rapture coming  brother/sister. If I read my directions right from God, Who gave to a vindicated prophet what we believe, because it’s the answer to the whole thing.

It’s not what you think, not what you do, it’s what you believe. But, out of your believing will come your thinking, and will come your doing. And strange to say the people will not want It. They won’t want It, anymore than they wanted Jesus.

And He said, “If they didn’t want Me, and I’m the right One, I haven’t centered on one thing off color. They’re not going to receive you, because they already know you. They know I’m perfect, but they know you’re imperfect.” Right?

How are they going to believe? They’re not going to, unless they’ve got representation there in the first place  brother/sister, unless they’re ordained. Thank God, for the Scriptures that he gave on predestination. Let the world hate it. Let it be repudiated. Thank God.

I told you two years ago, Thanksgiving down there in Memphis, that was the first thing they rejoiced in heaven about, was the predestinated plan of Almighty God. We’re ready for another Thanksgiving, I hope we get out of here before then.

Let’s rise. Lord love you, Lord bless you.

Heavenly Father, we’re grateful again for Your love, mercy and grace that You bestowed upon us, O God. We know, Lord, that we’re not what we ought to be, and we’re not what we’re going to be, but praise God, we’re not what we used to be.

We understand that and know it, Lord, and we praise You, Lord, that You love us in spite of ourselves. And we love you in spite of ourselves, because in us, Lord, there isn’t any good thing.

We know that You loved us first, then we loved You, and we know that love does respond, Father, we know that, that’s why it’s such a great curative power.

Father, fill our hearts with love by the Holy Ghost. Lead us as lambs, led by the Dove of Almighty God. Fill us with Thy meekness, Thy tenderness, Thy great compassion, Lord, that we take a strong stand for Your Word.

That is, never take a strong stand against any manner, or anything else, but, Lord, there is no limit to standing with Your Word. It means even unto death. Loving not even our lives unto death.

Dying like Paul and Peter, heretics in the minds of those who couldn’t understand. They worship You, Lord, according to a Word. Not a tradition, but according to Word.

Lord, let us worship You in spirit and in truth. That’s what You seek, and You only seek sheep, Lord, so therefore, we know You sought us, you bought us, you brought us and we’re here, Lord, because of truth.

May we never offend You in It, Lord, or offend. And we don’t say anybody else, because we know we’re going to offend people, because what we believe, Lord. They won’t believe like we believe, but Lord, may we never offend You.

But always just stand there with the strength of God in the meekness and the love of God as witnesses, true witnesses reflecting our blessed Savior Jesus Christ.

Lord, until we meet You in Your incarnation, Your re-incarnation. See You face to face, we’re happy that we see You face to face at this time. By Your Word the veils and the creeds all ripped aside and we’re going to be changed into Your image, because You said so.

We’re standing on It, Lord, the best we know how, Father, and until we know better, and it’s got to come from You, we stand this way expecting more, in the Name of Jesus Christ we plead our expectation of grace. Amen and amen.

Let’s sing, ‘Take the Name of Jesus with you.

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