Future Home Of The Heavenly Bridegroom And The Earthly Bride #04

A Holy Fire
#3188 /
Brother Lee Vayle

Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, Your very Presence guaranteed the Lord Jesus Christ’s birth coming to this earth to give us redemption. Your very Presence today also guarantees the rebirth of the earth, Lord, redemption plan going on a pace and we’re a part of it already. We pray Lord, that therefore this Word that was given for the hour of restoration be made very clear to us today.

That we not only accept It, but we assimilate It, Lord, that we understand It and It brings forth fruit in our lives, O God, unto eternal life, till the glory of Almighty God.

Father, we know that You have done something in us and for us, Lord, something to us, and we count on that Lord, to be the finishing work of this hour that’ll bring the dead out of the ground, Father, and bring us into immortality. We give Thee praise for helping us study this morning, this wonderful message brought to us by vindicated prophet.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

You may be seated.


Now this is number four of the Future Home of the Earthly Bride and we closed off reading on page 26 and at paragraph 121. And up to this point we find Brother Branham explaining carefully, that the combined scripture in 2 Peter 3, and Revelation 21, do not say that God will annihilate the heavens and earth, necessitating another completely new creation, nor does He simply dissolve completely and entirely the heavens and earth, reducing them to an amorphous heap of original building blocks, like some people think go back to hydrogen.

From which He rebuilds them, but that God actually and only burns up what is on the earth’s surface and around the earth, so that He cleanses it completely of the old order or cosmos, or any and all things that defile, so that the devil and his demons are annihilated, all evil government is gone, all germs, all thorns, and any and everything that offends.

And then God brings it all out, as in a resurrection, and then He comes down and lives here on earth with His people, and His Own Order of Government in effect. It reminds us of the flood, for only the earth cosmos and its appurtenances were destroyed at that time. Now, it is to be fire that purifies it and does the very same thing.


So it’s good to read paragraph 119 and 120 and 21 on page 26, and then go on. But before we do, it is well to recall that Brother Branham continuously refers to this cleansing and restoration as the process of redemption, and constantly draws our attention to the fact that all things redeemable, must come by and through this one pattern of water, blood, life, or justification, sanctification, Holy Ghost baptism, to prepare us to be the home, or dwelling place of God.

As with the individual, so with the earth, and with the heaven. So, we start reading here then on page 26, paragraph 119. We were just at the bottom of the page.

[26-2]  Notice, some of you Bible students, in Peter, 2 Peter the 3rd chapter, [he uses the word] “world” from the Greek word, “Kosmos,” which means “the world order.” [That’s true.] The earth shall pass away, melt the elements with fervent heat. See? Doesn’t mean the earth, the planet is going to pass away, but the world order or Kosmos, the politics, the sinners, the system, sin, disease, germs, everything that’s wrong will pass away.

…God once shook the earth, but this time He’ll shake the heavens also. See? For we receive a Kingdom that cannot be moved, the eternal Kingdom. Watch how He goes about to do it.


Now, in here you’ll notice that God is going to destroy the earth with… that is the part of the earth which is corrupted, which is chaotic, which is not of Him. And Brother Branham didn’t know a thing about AIDS and what we have today, but he did know homosexuality had increased and the social diseases had gone rampant.

And he didn’t know about… as we understand mutation of germs today, although he knew a little bit about it. Nor did he understand, because nothing much was being said about genetic splicing. So what we have today, is that man is loosing upon earth, the various things which he has conjured up and worked with, and various germs which he has tried to use effectively in immunization.

And also, they’re trying to use these various… the DNA and the RNA and gone about doing splicing, and it’s going to turn upon the earth as everything does turn upon us. And it’s going to be very, very destructive and very, very horrible.

Now, I wanted to really get through this series as quickly as I can, but because these tapes go out, and many people don’t have access to the literature I have access to.

I’m going to read to you from what’s called ‘The Cutting Edge’ by Dr. …oh, what’s his name again? Oh, I forget his name, but… Dr. Douglas. And he’s quite outstanding in what he is into. [Brother Vayle reads ‘The Cutting Edge’ article, and then another article concerning the dangers of vaccinations.]

Well, do you blame God for just more or less setting a fire to the world? He’s duty bound to do it. You tell me how God would have a way out. There’s no way. See?


Now, he says here, He’s going to take the kosmos, paragraph 119, politics, sinners, the system, FDA, AMA. Strange. You can’t even get the AMA to allow a little linolic acid, an oil, finest oil in the world, if you’re going to use oils at all. It’s made out of flax seed, cold pressed method in Germany, articles written all around the world about it, but the FDA says no.

But if you put your bottles on and say it’s good for your complexion, it’s okay. When you pray money, and the premium is stupidity, there’s something wrong somewhere. You think that God would allow that to go on? How long before God is going to judge for the sake of the people? Go to you rich men, weep and howl. They’re going to get the worst of it. They haven’t made their money right.

They’ve taken God’s heritage here for God’s people and done despite with it. Look at America. Two hundred years in America, we’re far worse shape than Europe, they’ve been over there thousands of years tilling their soil. Over here we’ve got nothing left but a dust belt, anymore. See?

God has got to end it! And that’s all there is to it! Everything has got to go, it’s all going to pass away. And we’ll study that word pass away in a little while.

God once shook the earth, this time He’s going to shake the heavens also. We’re going to receive a Kingdom that cannot be moved, the eternal Kingdom. Now watch how He goes about to do it.


Now listen, Brother Branham makes a statement. “For we receive a Kingdom that cannot be moved, and that’s an eternal Kingdom.” Now how can it be eternal, when it’s got a beginning? The point is, it assumes eternality by the place it takes. Because from this time on nothing is going to happen that’s bad to it.

And you know we got a little scripture here, Brother Branham doesn’t use it, but see he gave us the clue to it, we’re going to use it. We’re going to go to 1 Corinthians 15. And because this is redemption of the mankind, what about the earth? The same thing.

It says in verse 49… no, let’s start with 48.

1 Corinthians 15:48-49,51-53

(48) As is the earthy, such are they that are earthy: as is the heavenly, such are they that are [also] heavenly. [There’s a difference.]

(49) And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly.

(51) Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but [we’re] all [going to] be changed,

(52) In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, the dead be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

(53) For this corruptib[ility] must put on incorruptib[ility], and this mortal must put on immortality. [That’s what’s going to happen to the earth.]

All the corruptible is going to be destroyed and superseded by the incorruptible. See? And they’ll be nothing at any time that’ll defile. So we’re going to be in an eternal condition, not on grounds that our bodies were eternal or this earth was eternal, but it now assumes eternality, in the plan of Almighty God through the eternality of God Himself.



[26-3]  “Notice, Peter said here, “And will melt with the fervent heat and the works therein are burned up,” not the planet, but the works therein: the works of man [or what was caused by man through the power of Satan.] All their politicians, and their schemes, all their denominations and manmade schemes will all go when it burns.

Sure! Let’s face it. The perpetrators must go with what they perpetrated. That’s only fair. Like the Bible says, “He that sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed.” When was Genesis 9:6 ever changed? You tell me. People want to change everything.

That’s one of the great sins, is changing government. It’s right in the Bible. Changing government. Yes sir, you watch it. They changed it in the garden. Satan took over. God gave him a theocracy, with the prophet. They kicked him out to put a king in there. See?


America took a great step forward when it tried to go back to what was right, coming over here. Now they’re just as messed up as anybody. Government has changed, people can say what they want. We send elected representatives to represent us and do our will. The minute they get in there they do their own.

There is no difference between us and Communism, when it comes right down to a final ‘Thus Saith The Lord’ in the scripture here. They’re no worse than we are. In fact, I think they’re a step ahead of us. Gorbachev has now apologized to the Greek Orthodox Church. You know what that is?

That’s the same as the Catholic Church, Roman, taking the bones of, you know, Joan of Arc, if they could find them, put them in a nice tomb, and dig up the bones of the priest that killed her, and burn them and say, “Now, that’s nice.” It doesn’t work. Russia’s shot, we’re shot. It’s the end of time. Politics and apology won’t do it.

Only the blood of Jesus Christ, acted upon by the Holy Ghost will do anything. And if you’re not under the blood, you better get under the blood brother/sister, I don’t care how young or how old you are. See?



[26-5]  “The heavens will pass away with a great noise.” Did you notice here? “The heavens will pass away with a great noise.” Listen, the whole earth will be on fire and it will ignite the gasses that’s in the earth and explode it. Exactly. [True.] The Bible said here… Peter said, “The heavens and earth will pass away and the earth with a great noise.” Such an explosion will rock it (Oh, my.) because it’s got to kill every disease, every thistle, every thorn, everything there is to be done, the fire’ll burn it up.

Now you know the fire is the second death in annihilation, in the lake of fire. And this earth is going to get its annihilation in this sense, there is an end to it! And I mean an end to it! It’s all over.

My, how could these exploiters, that sell their own grandmother and their grandchildren down the road for a buck, how would they like it over there? They wouldn’t like it over there.

The only reason the devil likes it is he found someone to exploit. You know he can’t exploit rocks so he gets men to exploit rocks. Bust up all the nice rocks, make concrete, everything else. For a while they just threw them at each other. Now, God knows what they do with the rocks. See?

It’ll rock [my.], it’ll kill every thistle, every thorn, and so on, the fire is going to burn it up. And remember, it’s not all together now listen just a literal fire; it’s a holy Fire [See?], that will take away Satan and all of his devils. Both heaven and earth will pass away, killing all the germs, all the insects, all nature life on it and around it, even the water, will explode, [H2O.] That’s the chain reaction, atomic reaction. Think of it. Talk about noise…


Now, “It is a holy Fire.” Now, when you look at the holy fire, you realize that it’s accomplishing something that is spiritual.

In other words, accomplishing something that God wants for the welfare and the implementation of His Plan, which is to gather His whole family in the heaven and earth, together in the Paradise of God. So it’s a holy fire. It’s a great purging fire.

John the Baptist said, “Behold His fan is in His hand, He’ll thoroughly purge His floor, in order to gather the wheat in the garner.” God’s got to clean up the mess. He’s going to do it. So therefore it is a holy fire, because it is a just and righteous fire. By a just and wonderful God.

Let’s read this over here in Hebrews the 12th chapter. I never get tired of reading the Bible, because in preaching these sermons, you know, I usually miss a lot of scripture. We don’t even start with scripture most of the time, we just start reading where Brother Branham said.


Now, here it says here concerning you and me. The end time. Verse 18, and Hebrews 12:

Hebrews 12:18-24

(18) For ye are not come unto the mount that might be touched, that burned with fire, nor unto blackness, and darkness, and tempest,

(19) And the [voice] of a trumpet, and the voice of words; which voice [that] they heard entreated that the word should not be spoken to them any more:

(20) (For they could not endure that which was commanded, And if so much as a beast touch the mountain, it [must] be stoned, or thrust through with a dart:

(21) And so terrible was the sight, Moses said, I exceedingly fear and quake:) [Is it getting hot in here for you down there ? its getting kinda hot up here.]

(22) But [you] are come unto mount Sion [you are approaching unto the New Jerusalem], unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels,

(23) To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect,

(24) And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.

Now it tells you who are involved here. And they who are involved have predeceased us.

Now we are being involved because of 1 Thessalonians 4:16.

1 Thessalonians 4:16

(16) The Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and the trump of God: the dead in Christ shall rise first: [and so on, you see?]

You can see what we’re talking about here. Now watch. It says to those people, that’s you and me at this hour of the appearing.

Hebrews 12:25

(25) See that you refuse not him that speaketh.

Now remember, don’t you fail, listen to the speaker! And the speaker is not God, it’s a prophet! Because Sinai, God speaking orally to the people, is finished! No longer see and no longer hear. So you better know that someone’s going to be here.

And the Bible categorically said it’s Elijah. Okay.


Hebrews 12:25

(25) …For if they escaped not who refused him that [spoke] on earth, much more shall [we not] escape, if we turn away from him from heaven.


Doesn’t say speaking from heaven. It says turning away from the one from heaven. Who’s that? Revelation 10:1. Who’s the prophet? Revelation 10:7. Who is it? Elijah. That’s right. Remember, Malachi 4 speaks of fire.


Now watch,

Hebrews 12:26

(26) Whose voice then shook the earth [when he was on earth. That’s Jesus on Calvary]: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven.

Now, if He was in the form of a prophet then, He’s got to be in the form of a prophet now. Is that right? Yes, it’s right. Can’t be otherwise. There’s no way… you can do what you want, there’s no way you can take it. There is no other way.

And Brother Branham said the last great thing before the coming of the Lord was God appearing in human flesh. Oh, people don’t like that. Well, that puts Brother Branham, he’s the one. Why He’s too big. Well, okay Joe Blow, would you like to stand up and take it? John Dokes?

Who wants to do it? “Well, I hate to [Brother Vayle mumbles]” …simpering bunch of jerks. How sick can they get? I know why God wants to vomit at the end time, because I feel like it, and I’ve got an awful strong stomach, I’m not at all sensitive like God is. And I could just barf on the whole thing. Pardon the language, I use it on purpose. So you get the point.


Now listen,

Hebrews 12:25-26

(25) …[don’t] turn away from the one that speaks, that came from heaven:

(26) Whose voice shook the earth: but now promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven.

Well, you know what that is. That’s Revelations. Stars are going to fall, everything’s going to be shaken. And it’s going to continue that way with an interim of one thousand years and then take it up with most violent force ever known. When the whole thing gets purged. Remember, there’s an interim of a thousand years there.

Hebrews 12:27

(27) And this word, once more, signifies the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made,

In other words, wherever man put his hand to work with whatever was original upon this earth, God’s going to dump it! And there’s no place it wasn’t. You think it is? What about our gasses here, going up to Canada, killing all the trees? Killing all our trees.

You like maple syrup? Better start putting in a supply every year, they got some. Next two or three years. Maple sugar trees are dying. The whole thing’s going.


Now listen,

Hebrews 12:27

(27) …as of things that are made.


As of things that are made, they made sin. They made havoc. They made destruction. The tornadoes blew in. The hurricanes blew in. The typhoons came. All of these things must go!

Because it’s nature out of the control of Almighty God. It’s what we saw right here in reading this little article by Dr. Douglas, and he’s the top authority on these things. See?

Hebrews 12:27

(27) …[only that] which cannot be shaken may remain.

Well that’s true. What wasn’t under man, he couldn’t get to? Or under the devil? A structure, a framework, everything else burnt off, but that never was shaken. God will just form something on top of it. It’s like a resurrection.

Now watch,

Hebrews 12:28

(28) Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved [eternal as Brother Branham said], let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear:

Knowing this, and abstaining from it!

Hebrews 12:29

(29) For our God is a consuming fire [and everything that isn’t fit to stay is going to be consumed].

The United States is going to go. Italy’s going to go. Russia’s going to go. It’s all going to go. There will be nothing left at the time this happens. And you better believe it.


Now, he says here, it’s “A literal fire but it’s a holy Fire.” It’s a purger. Look how it started over here, the same as it was in the days of Jesus. Hebrews the 4th chapter.

Hebrews 4:12-13

(12) For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, the joints and marrow, discerner of thoughts and intents of the heart.

(13) Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do. [Which is the Judge, and it’s already set in order now through the prophetic Word in this sermon, what is going to burn!]

You say, “Well, I don’t believe it.” Well, fine by me, I don’t care what you believe. The less you believe the better it is for me because there’s got to be very few of us who do believe. I’m not malicious, I’m just natural, old, cruddy Lee Vayle up here.

I told you there’s some wonderful guys in history and I’m ashamed to put my name with them, like John the beloved, Paul the ‘’, and Lee Vayle the ‘cruddy’. I’ll just tell you flat, I put my name to let you know where they stand, where I stand. I’m not like those fine men of gentle sentiments, I’ll be honest with you. I wish I were.

I love people and I love you, but God knows, I’m not going to stand up here and tell you a bunch of hogwash and palliate conditions when they’re not to be palliated. We’ve got to get down to remedies brother/sister and get out of here. We can’t be like the drug companies, the doctors, and the government, interested in billions of dollars. See?

Well Liberace’s money didn’t save them. No, he went to court, somebody called him a homo and he said he wasn’t, even won a court case, but he died of AIDS.

And Jessica Hahns said she wasn’t a prostitute, but when she heard of Liberace, she turned around and got an AIDS test, why? She had ate off his plate? Whew hoo hoo. Come on, for heaven’s sake, you can’t be naïve. The girl always was a prostitute, she had to be.


God’s going to destroy this, brother/sister, and let’s face it. He’s coming for a virtuous Bride, a virgin Bride. And you young people, the luckiest people this world’s ever seen, outside the first church age, because you’re born into something so rich and so real with the power of God that you don’t have a problem, unless you deliberately make it like a bunch of idiots.

Now if your parents don’t take care of you, you better tell your parents something. That’s right, you’re on your own. See, you can see right here.

Listen, I wouldn’t go back. I wouldn’t retrogress. I wouldn’t want my youth, I don’t even want to go back last year over this year, with the arthritis is worse than last year, it is so much better already this year, spiritually speaking where I know the Truth.

I would not go back for a billion dollars. First of all, I couldn’t get a billion dollars, and second I wouldn’t know how to spend it. I’d be stuck with some stupid thing like the rest of the billionaires, forget it. I’ll take my two bits and stand with God. Give the little two bits to the kids to help me spend it.


All right, here’s what it says.

It’s a holy Fire. Take away Satan and all his devils, Heaven and earth [Amen.] will pass away, killing all germs, all insects [Amen, especially those that bite], all natural life on and around it [I always did want to get rid of those mosquitoes, I didn’t know until know that it was going to be done], even the H2O, the water, is going to explode. Think of it. Talk about a noise…

[27-1]   You think that little noise out there in Tucson was something, when He opened the six seals.

Now say, “Aha, there it is, he only opened six seals!” Then how come Brother Branham said the seventh seal was Revelation 10:1-7? I don’t buy it. “Under the seventh seal, [he said, was] all the thunders,” and we have the thunders. Because they’re the mysteries to put us in the Rapture. You say, “Why?” Don’t ask me, just look at what the Word of God said, see?


Okay, that shook the country around about and caused the talk, wait till this earth receives her baptism!

[27-2]  You know, when a man receives the baptism of Fire there’s a lot of noise around there. They think that it’s a shame to hear people scream and shout like that. Just wait till this earth gets her baptism. Wait till it explodes, the H2O, the water; for the Bible said in Revelations 21, “there was no more sea.”

In other words, that’s the dissolution of it. Atomic reaction. This is a definitive statement that Brother Branham makes, based upon his vindication from God as a prophet.

[27-3]  All right, this will change the whole surface of the entire earth. [In other words, all of what Satan and man has worked over and used and change and perverted.] She’ll burst and blow to pieces, on the outside, which is the crust and even to hundreds of feet below it, it will just simply be completely demolished. [Rubble, and changed.]

…The atmospheres, the gasses that’s in the earth now, where they’re finding these missiles that can’t get through it, great spheres up in there (way up in some kind of a sphere) there’s all kinds of gasses, they’ll say, and that’ll burst. The holy wrath of God will come upon it, will cleanse it, it will change the entire surface.


Now, I don’t know what Brother Branham means here, exactly, but I think he means that the expanse up there is so great, you send a missile up to Mars, and if the gravity doesn’t bring it in to circle Mars and keep circling, it’ll just keep moving and moving and going and going and going.

And they find by using the spectroscope and getting pictures back, radiograms, what have you, from the satellites that are going around the world and sending them pictures, they can tell you what kind of gasses are up there. Absolutely. And it’s going to explode.

And say it’s even got to go hundreds of miles if not thousands, because there’s debris up there, floating around right now, and they’re trying figure a way to get the debris out of the way because they’re traveling about 24,000 miles an hour, well, it’s more than that I guess up there, little tiny pellets [Brother Vayle makes whistling noise], right through like that. A satellite.

They’re trying to use a material, that bullet proof vests are made of, to see if it will work, and then send things up there, with little cranes and all and try to drag it in. Pitiful little man.

But boy is he a trouble maker. It’s just like one cotton-picking bedbug. Bite me and I swell up over my whole body. Itch, scratch, scratch. Scratch, scratch, itch. Yup. Holy wrath of God is going to stop all this mess.

[27-4]  Now, many of you that want to put down the word, the Greek word, “pass away,” it comes from a certain Word… I had to find out. I thought, “How’s this world going to pass away, and yet we’re going to live on it?” [Now that’s a good question. How is it going to pass away and I’m going to be here living on it?]

…But you’ll notice (some of you people that wants to put it down, I’ll spell it for you; I couldn’t pronounce it). So he spells it in the Greek, p-a-r-e-r-e-c-h-o-m-i-a, [and I think that’s parerchomai.] Now, that way, as I said, when I get the inspiration strikes me for something, then I go back to find out the word.


Now you see the inspiration struck him, but he’s praying, that’s how this sermon came, and he said within himself, Now how’s the world going to pass away if I’m going to be on the world because this is what it’s actually saying here.

So he’s got to go and try to find it out, and he says, I can’t spell it and I can’t pronounce it. But in that the Lord has given me a way: I go and find out what that word means; then I got it.

Now he tells you the Lord has given him a way which is not like my way, of simply going to the Greek and checking it out. So he’s got another way, that though he does go to the Greek, it’s not simply like a student, that he uses his mind only and says, “Well I’ve got to compare these scripture and see if I can find out something.”

So he explains here he feels compelled to check out the word for meaning, that the translators are losing in the word that they’re using. It’s not simply the right word, so God begins to deal with him, to watch what that word is and go with God into the Bible and see what this word really means and remember, it has to line with redemption!

Did you get what I said? If he’s going to find a word, it has got to line with redemption! Right? Right, cause that’s what he said so. That’s what we’re all about.

[27-5]  See, “Heavens and earth will pass away.” Now, this word means “passing from one form to another.” It does not mean annihilation, as the English word would mean, pass away: [that would be] annihilated. But the Greek word here does not mean annihilation, that kind of passing away; it means “passing from one thing to another.” See? It says, to pass from one condition to another…


All right, now, let’s read 128.

[27-6]  Now notice, Paul used it (if you want to read it now, put it down you can read it later), it’s Titus 3:5.

Okay, we’ll read it right now, ‘cause this is later, right? Much later. And I think you know the verse because at one time like me, you memorized and then forgot it.

Titus 3:5

(05) Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost; [Washing of regeneration. See?]

Now, Paul is using this same word. Now, the word ‘regeneration’ is not the word he spelled from the Greek. See? But he said Paul is using the word ‘regeneration’ applying to the man, the sinner, the sheep gone astray, like John applied this, Peter rather, to the earth.

Everything redeemable must follow one pattern. Now remember, the earth had water, blood, fire, change. Man has water, blood, fire, Holy Ghost, purification; Holy Ghost coming in, what? Change. Redemption of the body.


All right.

[27-6]  Paul is using this same word: means regeneration of man, that man is passed from a sinner to a saint, not completely annihilated. When a man’s changed, he isn’t annihilated, but he’s a changed person. He’s been changed from what he was to what he is, not annihilated.

Now remember, he’s using the terminology of redemption.

[28-1]  Jesus used the same word in Matthew 19:28, now, not 28:19… [28:19 is be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, this is 19:28.]

All right, let’s go to Matthew, because he said read it later. What’s this twenty-three/four years later? So we read it. Together here.

Matthew 19:28

(28) And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, that ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, [you shall also] sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

Now, this word is ‘recreation’ according to the Greek ‘Paliggenesia’, not the same as the other word. Recreation making new. Same word in Titus. But it’s the same word that God said to the prophet, you don’t go by the Greek! Only this one word.

Now watch the rest begin to change and follow. See, you can see a prophet doesn’t do what a teacher would do. A teacher, he’s just plumb stuck. They come to me and say, “Well, where is your authority, Mr. Vayle? You think you’re a little bit of a teacher. Where’d your authority be to just change this?”

That’s why they’ll study the Greek and never bring the Bride together. There’s got to be a revelation. And the revelation is redemption follows one pattern and I don’t care what words you use! It’s one, two, three, go! Water, blood, fire, change.

So all right now, we’re talking business. And you know, anybody in his right mind knows this. You know, if you study the Word of God at all. And you’re looking at the thing here.


Let’s keep reading now. Now he says,

You’ll set with me in my Father’s Kingdom,” regenerated (You see?), changed, when you’re changed. [That’s right, ain’t nobody can doubt that.] He used the same word. And He used the same word when He said to the colt; When He said to the colt, “Loose the colt… [said of the colt it should be] …Let loose the colt and let it go.”

Now that word is not the same word at all, again. It’s the word dissolve. It’ll be dissolved. I’m going to dissolve my marriage. I’m going to dissolve my partnership. I’m going to dissolve the sugar in water. Dissolve anything you want.

I’m going to dissolve this contract of the colt to the tie post. That’s what happened in the Garden of Eden; they got untied from the tie post, they dissolved it. It was disillusioned. A dissolving. One was making new, this is a dissolving.

Said the same thing at the resurrection of Lazarus, “Loose him.”


Now, this requires a change! Sugar dissolved is changed! The colt let go is changed! Lazarus let go is changed! So now you’ve got a change with a change! Which is, hey, everything of Satan is burnt up, phoey! Gone! Bam. I’m changed! This is changed! Loosed forever! Redemption.

Do you see what Brother Branham’s doing here? Oh someone comes by, “Well, you see Brother Branham erred on the Greek.” Hogwash. He erred on the Greek, you stupid jerk, you wouldn’t know a Greek from a Russian. Anyway, everything’s Greek to me, once you stop speaking English. See? Now you get the beautiful part of this.

“Loose him. He’s been tied, let him go.” We’ve been tied for a long time. Thank God it’s getting over.

[28-2]  What does it mean? [130.] The earth will be loosed from the grip of Satan. It’ll be loosed. It’ll be loosed from politics; loosed from denominational religious systems to be used for the Kingdom of God, to establish it here on earth. For as long as it’s in the hands of Satan, politics, Satan’s the ruler of this earth, he owns it. It belonged to him, but now Christ has redeemed it.

There you see the beautiful picture he’s painted. See, that’s a real prophet taking the Word of God. I wish I could do that but there’s no need to and he does it for me.

You know, why should I come and hoe your garden just to make it look good, if you’ve already hoed the garden? If you haven’t hoed it, I ain’t going to come and do it anyway. It’s the same as this.

You know, come on, he mentions grace here. Hebrews 12 mentioned grace. Hey, let’s read that for fun. This is a fun time, being in the pulpit Sunday mornings, I have a great time, I hope you have a great time with me. I don’t know, I sure hope you do, ‘cause it’s lots of fun. It’s just so much fun to look at the Word of God. I mean, real scriptural… yeah, look it.


In verse 28.

Hebrews 12:28

(28) Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace [let us be smart enough to take it as a free gift. Say, that’s mine. Not like these birds out here trying to keep it! Try to perpetuate something! Let go of it. Let go of it. God’s got something better].

You know how it is, look it here, let me tell you something, if you ever get into the position which some of you have gotten in over the years, if you started a couple poor working kids, get married, and kids come along, and it’s tough, tough, tough, pretty soon you get a little more money, a little better, a little better, and pretty soon the kids are all gone away, so when you really don’t need the money, except maybe you get sick, you got the money.

But you know what happens, you usually, make your salary a little better. Things get better, get better, get better, they do get better and better. Well you know, the more you get along in this message here, the more things get better and better and better. See?

And at the same time, no matter how good things are in this world, if you’ve got this good stuff of God, you’re happy to let loose anything you got, leave it all behind, and say, “Lord, burn it.”

And Lord, if I could see some of it burn, it would be a nice lesson. And I’ll just stick around with you and see it burn. We will by the way. And the poor greedy guys out there, if there’s any greedy ones left by that time, looking out in the lake of fire, “Oh, it’s all burning, oh, alas Babylon it’s all terrible, terrible.” It ain’t terrible, hallelujah, get rid of the junk. Get rid of it.

The Bible warns us about that. “Alas, Babylon, ain’t it awful.”

No, praise God, it’s great. I’m glad it’s going. Though I’m not as glad as I should be, put it this way, I’m going to get glad as time goes on. I know the things of the earth kind of pull you.

Say, well here I am now, I’d like to enjoy this. I know for awhile, I used to wonder about the roads in America, say, my heavens, here I’m getting so old, I won’t get to drive those roads. For the first time in America, they have roads east and west, north and south, a person can really drive on.

That’s not really true, they’re breaking up already. They need new ones. But anyhow I say, “Well, isn’t it too bad, here I am, going to be so old, I can’t drive those nice roads.” Phooey. You can have it. Ain’t no good anyway. See?


Now let’s keep reading. The property’s been loosed, and we’ve been loosed, and we’ve been tied to God, praise the Lord.

[28-3]  One time I was his property, Satan’s, but not now. One time that little woman at the well was his property, but not now; He came to loose the grip of it. [That’s Satan. Loosed his grip.] He loosed the grip of sin of Satan upon my life, upon your life, and now we are not his.

..Have you often heard me say in prayer, “Take your hands off of God’s property”? Amen. [See? It’s an end-time saying.] Have faith to claim your own. That’s your right. [Again he says to Satan,] “Take your hands off of her.” “Take your hands off of him.” See? Faith will do it. It’s being right done today by the Word of the Lord.

[28-4]  Oh, my. Not annihilate it, but just, “Take your hands off it,” to loose it; let it go; pass it away. [Pass it on, see.] It changes; earth will change; politics will change; religions will change; denominations pass away; politics pass away; the Kingdom of God shall be established.


Now, in other words, everything goes into degeneration. But now, it’s going into regeneration, where degeneration can never ever come. So, one form of government which is the cosmos of the ungodly, will now pass over into the cosmos of the godly! And God will reign and rule.

Now this sermon is a fantastic sermon. And it should do tremendous things for us because it’s vindicated to know that this is already started. Because this… Hebrews 12 is spoken to the end time people. Right. Though every Bride has a stake in it. You see?

Now, there will always be government. There will never be a time when there is no government. But this will be the Government of our God.

[28-5]  We read in Revelations 6:14; [concerning the skies and the earth,] it departed as a scroll. As John said, “I saw the heaven depart as a scroll,” and the earth also. Revelations 6:14. Jesus said, “Heavens and earth is going to pass away,” or in other words, heaven and earth shall be changed. He used that same word right there again. Not annihilated, see, pass away. It’s going to change. For later in Revelations 21:2-24 he saw the New Jerusalem coming down from God out of heaven and sitting upon this earth. It doesn’t mean that the earth will be annihilated. The systems will be changed.

Through the cleanup of the Fire of God, because you see, it is a holy Fire, and as a holy Fire, it does not devour that which is right. It only devours that which is wrong.

You know something brother/sister, it’s like the maggots. During the first world war, and they’re doing it again now. The maggots would form on the soldier’s legs and arms, and those maggots would eat away all the puss and the rotten stuff but they left all the good flesh.

And doctors just haven’t got a way to scrape out the corruption like a good old maggot will take care of it. And that’s what you see in this Holy Fire. Now I’m not trying to compare the Fire with a maggot, but I’m telling you, it’s in nature, right in nature under your noses.

There is that which… like look it, you can take oxygen. Oxygen destroys the anaerobic diseases that’ll kill you. But it feeds the aerobic, which are good for you!


So the holy Fire of God is a discriminating, judging Fire! Whose fan is in His hand, to thoroughly purge the floor! And the Holy Ghost breathes, it was even caught on a tape. In Waterloo Iowa. Which has breezed across the world. Across all mankind, is discriminating right now, and is taking out the elect.

So you see it’s a holy Fire, brother/sister. In other words, you can depend on it. How nice. Like I see we want to get this church to the place, where if we have make believers, believers, and unbelievers here, which we could well have, I don’t know, we just take everybody to believe It with us.

They’re all trying, all believing to get there. But I’ll tell you, if we set our hearts, my brother/sister, the love of Christ by the Holy Ghost can come into this church, and everybody anointed, everybody on fire for God with a beautiful congregation, and the sick healed amongst us.

You don’t have to sit around and say, “Well hey, if we just got rid of this and got rid of that, things would happen.” I got news for you, they’ll happen right now. Because they are happening right now.


See, they weren’t annihilated, for later in Revelations 21:2-24 he saw the New Jerusalem coming down from God out of heaven and sitting upon this earth. It does not mean annihilation, just the systems…

[29-1]  Daniel saw the same thing. A Rock struck the world, was hewed out without hands, [I spoke of that the other night.] The whole image of the systems was broken down and became like chaff on a summer threshing floor, [the fan just breezing it away. Chasing it away. All gone, no more chaff, praise God.] The wind packed it away. And the Rock grew itself into a great Mountain that covered the earth. Watch that Mountain now in a little bit; that Mountain covered the earth.

In other words brother/sister, what you see here is the continuing Kingdom of Almighty God. And it’s started already.


Let’s go to Colossians the 1st chapter, and we’re looking at the Word here, 16-18;

Colossians 1:16-19

(16) For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, in [the] earth, visible and invisible, whether be thrones [now watch], or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: [And they got took over. Taken over by Satan. Prostituted to the filth of this world.]

(17) [But] he is before all things, and by him all things [are maintained]. [He knows what’s going on.]

(18) And [he’s] the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.

(19) For it pleased the Father that in him should all fullness dwell;

In other words, He’s in control right now. Just waiting for the day when the church, which is the firstborn in His likeness, is going to come forth with Him and take it all over.

Now, Brother Branham talked of this stone, made without hands. Let’s go back to Daniel. And Brother Branham I think was speaking from the 4th of Daniel, maybe, I don’t know, 29-31, I wrote it down anyway.

Now, what I’ve written down here, let’s just see, I’m going to read first of all, 2, go back to chapter 2:31, because that’s what I want to read first.


Now, here’s the image that Daniel saw in the vision, and he’s telling it to the King, what it’s all about.

Daniel 2:31-32,34

(31) Thou, O king, sawest, and behold a great image. [That] image, whose brightness was excellent, stood before thee; [whose] form was terrible.

(32) [The] image [with] fine gold, [silver, and brass and iron]. [And 34.]

(34) [You saw] till a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet that were [made] of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces.

Now this other image was made by hands. Signifying world dominion in four separate great political dominions. No more, no less. And it was going to be smashed!

Now watch, 35.

Daniel 2:35

(35) Then was the iron, clay, [and] brass, [and] silver, and gold [broken to] pieces, became like chaff of the summer threshing- floors; the wind carried them away, no place found for them [annihilated]: and the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth.


Okay. Now, let’s go to Daniel 4 and see the picture. 29-31. Now this is where Nebuchadnezzar is going to get, what you call, disciplined by God, because he said, “All my hands have made this; look at me I’m somebody.” At this time… let’s read 29.

Daniel 4:29-32

(29) At the end of twelve months he walked in the palace of the kingdom of Babylon.

(30) The king [said], Is not this great Babylon, that I have built for the house of the kingdom by the might of my power, and for the honour of my majesty?

(31) While the word was in the king’s mouth, there fell a voice from heaven, saying, O king Nebuchadnezzar, to thee it is spoken; The kingdom is departed from thee.

(32) They shall drive thee from men, and thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field [and so on]:

Now, let’s go down to, well, that’s about as far as we need to go. But then notice in verse 34.

Daniel 4:34-37

(34) And at the end of the days I Nebuchadnezzar lifted up mine eyes unto heaven, mine understanding returned unto me, and I blessed the most High, and I praised and honoured him that liveth for ever [and ever], whose dominion is an everlasting dominion, his kingdom is from [one] generation to [another] generation:

(35) All the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing: he doeth according to his will in the army of heaven[s], and among the inhabitants of the earth: none can stay his hand, or say to him, What [dost thou do? Or what are you doing this for?] What doest thou?

(36) At the same time my reason returned to me; and the glory of my kingdom, mine honour and brightness returned to me; my counsellors, my lords sought to me; and I was established in my kingdom, and excellent majesty was added to me.

(37) Now I Nebuchadnezzar praise and extol and honour the [God] of heaven, all whose works are truth, and his ways judgment [notice that, judgment. That’s a big thing, judge, judge, judge, that’s a big thing, judge, remember that]: and those that walk in pride he is able to abase.

Now that’s what you’re looking forward to in the very near future, started already. Because the appearing which sets the pattern for the coming, which sets the millennium, and eternity going on and on and on, even through time, because we become eternal. We always were eternal. Just cloaked with eternality. We’re going on.



[29-2]  Also, we find over in Revelation there, it said, “The kings of the new earth will bring their honor and glory into it.” [Now look at that, there’s more government. The cosmos of God. Kings, rulers. See? Something to do.] The New Jerusalem is sitting on this earth. See, it is just changed.

In other words, the complete picture of redemption is what we see. Redeemed means to buy back and every single thing that could be bought back is bought back and we’re right now in the cosmos of God. This illustrates it.

[29-3]  You’re the same man in stature, [this is redemption concerning you.] You’re the same man in stature when God called you: the same woman. But you see what it did; it was a regeneration: the old life that you had passed away; the old desires you had passed away. When you used to like to drink, and cuss, and fuss, and stew, and run around, and be immoral, that thing just died. See? [At that time you were] Satan’s instrument; now you are redeemed.

[Then you must be God’s instrument, see?] And that’s what the world will be, the same way, redeemed. It’ll be God’s instrument, no longer Satan’s. A new heaven and new earth, just like you–you are a new creature. And the Greek word there [anybody knows] said you are a new creation [Amen.], a new creation in the same old temple. [What’s he saying? A brand new order of government! See? That’s right. That’s why the church must be under God. A new creation.] Hallelujah. Watch what happens here now. Glorious. All right.


Now, when he mentioned new creation, of course, that’s over here in 2 Corinthians, the 5th chapter, so we’ll read what Brother Branham was talking about. And it may do us some good. Beginning at verse 14.

2 Corinthians 5:14-18

(14) For the love of Christ constrain[s] us; because we thus judge, if one died for all, then were all dead: [That’s right, even the sheep. They were once dead, those are double dead.]

(15) And he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live to themselves, but unto him [that] died for them, and rose again. [That’s the government. Right? Something’s happened to you.]

(16) Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more.

(17) Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature [just like Christ, He hasn’t got the same flesh He had. If you stabbed Jesus He bled, if you hit Him, He bruised. Try to stab Him now. You can’t, He’s not the same]: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new [in the government inside of us. Not yet the outside.]

(18) All things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation;

In other words, to witness as a mediator, or a delegate to the people, “Look you can have what God says.” And Brother Branham here is telling us what we’re going to have in the new world. Witness to it. Notice, reconciliation.

2 Corinthians 5:19-20

(19) To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.

(20) Now we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us [and so on.]


All right,

[29-4]  Now, we find that this earth will hold the kings of the earth, that’s right, again in Matthew 5:5, “The meek shall inherit the earth.” [That’s us. And you know, now listen.] It isn’t going to have another earth; no, it’s just going to be the same earth. I’m trying to get the plan of redemption to you, if I don’t get anything else. A single plan for all.

Now he’s giving us a rule here. What God does for a certain purpose, works every time for every other thing He’s going to do it for. Save one man by the blood; offer blood again. Gives one man the Holy Ghost under certain conditions, God will do it again.

Redeems man by a certain plan, got to redeem everything by a certain plan. See, everything is falling in order. Now, one, a single plan for a single redemption. 138. Because it means going back to God no matter what it is.

[29-5]  The baptism of Fire on it only is to cleanse it and make it a fit place for His meek to live in.


Why? Because the meek don’t fight. And we certainly don’t want anybody there to fight us. We’ve had enough fighting down here. If I have to go where I got to fight some more, forget it.

If I got to fight myself and everybody else, I might as just say, “Look, I don’t want to go.” I sure am, like the girl said, “I don’t think I want to go.” I’m not going to that kind of place anyway.

The baptism of Fire on it only is to cleanse it and make it a fit place for His meek, and remember they’re kings and priests, they’re going to live in. See? Oh. Like He did us, this creation to live in, before He could come in it, that’s you and me as temples, He had to give us the baptism of Fire; then the Holy Ghost can come in and live: after the baptism of Fire. Then, when you get the baptism of Fire, then the Holy Ghost can come in.

He keeps repeating it. What if it does? What if it does come, see? It burns up everything contrary to the Word out of you. See? It won’t believe anything else but the Word, because It is the Word.

All right. Let’s just find out something here, if that’s right.


Let’s go to Malachi, oops, went too far. Malachi 3rd chapter. What finished? What are we doing? Malachi 3:2.

Malachi 3:2

(02) Who may abide the day of his coming? who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap:

Before He comes in and takes over, He scrubs with fuller’s soap, and He burns out with the fire.

Okay, let’s go to Psalm 97, let’s read something here. Starting at verse 1.

Psalm 97:1-3

(01) The Lord reigneth; let the earth rejoice; let the multitude of [the islands] be glad thereof.

(02) Clouds and darkness are round about him: righteousness and judgment are the habitation[s] of his throne. [Now watch what happens to get what He wants for His throne.]

(03) A fire goeth before him, and burneth up his enemies round about.

That’s where He can sit down. So the Holy Ghost has to got to have a… the fire of the Holy Ghost comes and burns out all the old denomination, dogma, all the old things that are in there, then the Holy Ghost Himself, having cleaned out the roost, He can roost on it, ‘cause He’s a Dove. Yup.

Cleans out your hearts so He can get on the roost of your heart. The Dove sits in there. That’s right, that’s what he’s talking about. That’s the Bible teaches that, my brother, my sister.


All right. Now, from that point on, we are all Word believers, and we must understand this. As Brother Branham brought so clearly, they’ll be nothing there but the Word, why? Because the conduit of the Holy Ghost is the Word.

Now let me explain something to you, what I’ve tried to preach in all these years, sermon after sermon, the love of God. As I said, I stand for even sleazy love. Look, sleazy love is better than no love.

Brother Branham liked nice people, no matter what they were, he liked nice people. He says nice things about anybody that acts nice. That’s why you don’t hear him say anything about me. But I’m going to tell you something, I go for it. But in my books, there’s a phony love, ‘cause the Bible said, “Let love be without hypocrisy.”

And he said, “I show every manifestation, even give my body be burned. Give all my goods to the poor. Show everything that’s love, it doesn’t mean I really got it.”


Now let me tell you something, let me show you something. It says, “The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost.” That’s the Bible says, right? The Bible says that. But Brother Branham said the conduit was the Word.

Then how do you get the love of God in your heart, outside of the Word? And I’ve preached all these years and I still maintain, my brother/sister, something has got to happen to you and me, because of this Word, and that change is going on now, it’s very slow. I may die and not get what I want, fact’s it pretty well looks like it.

In fact, sometimes I get very discouraged, think it’s better to get out of here and die, before I heap up anything else. It’s a nice thought, but it’s not happened yet. But I tell you, my sermons have been true. The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts, and there’s one conduit. That’s the Word.

If you want genuine love, if you want genuine patience, if you want genuine temperance, if you want God Himself, you have got to have the Word. It’s still this is the condemnation, light has come into the world.

The blood of Jesus Christ cannot cleanse anybody if a man leaves the Word, it doesn’t work. There is no covenant that valuate when you leave the Word. And if you don’t have the Word for this hour, that’s what we stand on. I know we’re a minority!

We will never be anything but the barest minority over what we preach in this pulpit, and other brothers and sisters in the message. We’ll be the barest minority. That’s something to rejoice about! They’ll hate us, because we got to stand for it. Say, “Well look, I’m sorry.” Where’s your vindication?


I get phone calls, always going back and “this wonderful man, that wonderful man,” oh, don’t give me any more wonderful men, give me the wonderful God. I’m tired of wonderful men, they all let you down. If I’m a wonderful man, I’ll let you down. The more wonderful, the more they’ll let you down. Almost.

There’s one, Brother Branham put it down. There’s no big ones, there’s no little ones, there’s only one holy One, that’s the Holy God, the [inaudible] That’s what we got to realize, and that life in us must come by that Word, so this Word is everything.

And that’s what I say, back in the days of Moses, the exit, he said, make little frontlets before your eyes, phylacteries, they bang, bang, bang, the Word, Word, bang, bang, bang, bang, the head, Word, Word, Word.

Put them around your ankles, Word, Word, Word. Everything. But if Israel said, “Well, this man I don’t like. I prefer the old Pentecostal days, the leeks and the garlic.” You bet yah. The hot times in… you know… in religious town tonight.

Sure, I’m not for it anymore brother/sister. I don’t mind the shouting and all, but you better make it God because I’ve been all through the other.



[30-1]  That’s what we’re talking about, [Brother Branham said,] the other day, the evidence of the Holy Ghost. See? The evidence of the Holy Ghost when you can receive the Word, not some system, but have a clear understanding.

Now people say, “You don’t have to understand the Word.” Brother Branham says you do. What did he say, “You don’t have to understand, just believe.” He’s telling you, “Don’t force yourself to understand, just take it.”

But you will understand. Brother/sister, I could never stand in this pulpit and tell you people don’t understand. I’m doing my dead level best to communicate to you, what I understand to be what the prophet understood. I don’t know that I’m a hundred percent, but I’m trying to be. And that’s all I can do. I cannot give you a revelation.

But I can teach it and teach it, and you can come to the place where you can know it word perfect, praise God for that much. May get you off some kind of hook down the road if it doesn’t save you. And me the same way. Bring the Holy Ghost in to heal us. Little heaven to go to heaven in. You don’t have to go to hell in hell.

You can go to hell with a little heaven around here. A lot of people are trying, I guess they’re doing it. We live in a little hell around us here, too, this is all we’re going to know, this purging done here. We’re not going to be purged up there, brother/sister. As soon as we get to the millennium, John saw thrones! Oh man, he saw a ball going on.

He didn’t see weeping and wailing, fussing and mussing. I tell you, we’re getting ready for the big thing that’s ahead, actually it’s not very far ahead, it’s right now. If we could have just had our eyes opened like Brother Branham, with his visions, you’ll see the thing bursting all around us, it’s breaking all around.

So, I’m as far as we’re going to go this morning, I put a little note here. And that’ll be here, we’ll start over next Wednesday again. I’m sorry I had to read all this to you but I wanted to get it all, to let you know that, hey, this earth had better burn! And everything had better burn with it. You know why? I wouldn’t be happy, and God wants me happy.

Now you might not think so, but God wants me happy. So you want to be happy? Let it burn. Lord, haste the day. Amen, let’s rise and be dismissed. Enjoy having a little time with you. Then you go, and the brethren, the board, can come back to Brother [inaudible Name]

Heavenly Father, we want to thank You again for Your love, mercy, and grace, and the kindness You’ve shown us, especially Lord, to be able to get in this message with Brother Branham here, and see some of the things he said, and find it right in our newspaper, twenty-some years later.

To see Lord, what we consider to be the beginning of the very end, the showdown of the showdown, the rapid acceleration, the cup coming to the place of almost overflowing, in fact it will be pretty soon, and we can see now where everything is just at a place of guesswork! Science, it thought it knew so much, and doctors, they’ve been the perpetrators of all this upon us, Lord, but unto the devil.

Education, just what You said it was, gone right to the church. But here’s a little folk, and we believe we’re part of it, that has the wisdom of God. And we know You’ve got the answer of the devil, he’s roaring. And he’ll roar against us. But Lord, though the foolish virgin, those that are left here, they’ll be hunted down, the Bride will be gone.

We know Lord, we’re going to have some pressure, we’re getting pressure now. We realize that. But Father, by Your name and by Your grace, we can say, the pressure comes, thank You for it Jesus, it’s going to do something in us and for us, as we stand with Your Word.

Now let Your Word have right of way Lord, that the Holy Ghost may have right of way, and we be vessels indeed unto honor, lights that cannot be hid, trumpets that don’t give uncertain sound but certain sounds.

In short Lord, the children are of God, living epistles, read and known, that we are of our Father. Father, we wouldn’t want any more than that, Lord. O God, that’s the place Lord, where the real suffering has to be.

And so Father, may we enter into it, and then into Thy gates with praise, and unto Thee we give the glory, in Jesus’ name, amen.

‘Take the name of Jesus with you.’

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