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Fullness Of The Godhead Bodily
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Shall we pray:

Heavenly Father, we welcome Your Presence this morning, and thank You for Your instruction in the Word of righteousness, which makes us wise unto salvation, and literally gets us to know You. We thank You for that, and we pray the revelation of Yourself shall be so profound, that it will truly influence our lives, even as Brother Branham said, “If you really got to know Who Jesus Christ is, your life would change.

And we know our lives have changed, even for a greater change, because our bodies will come into alignment with that Truth. But in the meantime, Father, we know we have the will and the Holy Spirit to help us to overcome all things and stand forth, even for Your Name’s sake, and for Your glory. Help us to do that. In Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now last night we started a little article on the fact of the spread of the AIDS, which Brother Branham told us would be “humankind walking the earth, while actually their flesh was rotting upon their bodies.” And I just wanted to make known to you, to make sure you understood from Romans 1, that the rejection of God, the True and the Living God, God Who can be known, and then rejected, leads to the people taking substitutes.

It also states there will be hypocrites who will take the very Word of God to deny the Word of God, to destroy the Word of God, holding down the truth in unrighteousness, which means they will substitute their own understanding for true revelation.


And this will lead to serious problems within the human race and, then, will devolve into homosexuality of the male and the female, lesbians and homos. This positively will bring about the end corruption and will bring us to the place of Sodom, wherein the government, knowing better, and perhaps even in cases trying to do better, because they have some sort of a conscience, like Lot, were forced to give in to the homosexuals, who are then literally running everything because of their perverse minds. And at this particular time, Brother Branham said that “No politician could make a correct decision.” And so, therefore, the decisions would be apart from righteousness, and you have that absolutely rampant in the land today, as the Scripture says that sin is a reproach to any people.


Now, at the time that Brother Branham went to India in 1954, [That was a showdown, as I mentioned.] where he challenged all the religions of the earth to come forth in the name of their gods and pray, and said this man would be delivered from his blindness, which was caused by worshipping the sun, where the Scripture says, “They worshipped creation more than the creator.”

And at that time there was with that group that went to Europe, a Christian Full Gospel businessman, identified with them, named Faery Von Blomberg even the name is typical Fairy? Not trying to be facetious, but look at it. It’s absolutely true. That was his name, and he was an avowed homosexual.

At the same time Leo and Gene, two homosexuals, attached themselves to Brother Branham’s ministry tape boys which was allowed by God; and, when they absolutely showed what they were, God warned Brother Branham. And I saw the vision in the vision book. “Leave them alone. They will leave and go into false doctrine.” Now watch: doctrine. People hate the thought of doctrine. They don’t want me to teach doctrine. They despise it.

“They will leave and go into false doctrine and destroy themselves.” That’s in the vision book. And they did it. Now the point is this: the greater the light, the greater the darkness. And the greater the darkness, the greater the light. But remember: the light is merely greater because of intensification, as a laser. And the darkness is not only intensified, but is more widespread.


So, at this particular time in Brother Branham’s ministry, you find perverted sexual sins. And Brother Branham was also with another man, and he called his bluff in Regina, and he said, “You ought to be ashamed of yourself. You were with a blond last night.

And he said, “You mind your business, Branham, and I’ll mind mine.” And he handed in his resignation.

Now I’m speaking as an authority because I stand before you, my Bible open, and I’m right before the White Throne. Don’t think I’m not. I know whereof I speak.


So, I want you to notice at that particular time, the rejection of God in 1956 is surrounded, or comes to a full peak of the essential, which will bring on the full destruction, which is homosexuality. Now, always around the darkness, or in the midst of the darkness, there is light. The light shineth in the darkness, and the darkness can do nothing about it. Neither can it understand it, apprehend or comprehend. See? It can’t do it. Neither can it do anything against the light. For we can do nothing against the Truth, but for it.

So, no matter how this Message goes out, even if not explained correctly, there’s no such thing as deception to the child of God, for that child is foreknown, elected, and predestinated.


What I’m trying to show you, that is, the crux of the whole thing is: there is a growing problem in the whole universe with homosexuality, and it’s pervasive. It’s everywhere. But in America, because of our laws and our politicians… We’re not like Africa. We look at Africa, and we say, “Oh, there you are. There you are. God’s judgment on the heathen. Oh yes, there it is.” And India, the same thing, “Oh, yes, it’s spreading.”

But it’s not covered up there, where it’s covered up here. We’re very anxious in America to trumpet loudly the sins of everybody except ours. It’s a beautiful cover up. In other words it’s known as “the best defense is a strong offense.” And that’s what America’s done.

So, we are in the place now of total destruction: “As it was in the days of Noah;” “As it was in the days of Sodom.” And in the days of Noah God pitied the remnant on earth that was standing there. And the end time the Bible says that God will have to call an end, because all flesh also has come up before Him, and all flesh would perish. But, of course, the Bride is going to be out of here.


So, although all the events are not in concerning the final moments of the Bride here on earth, and the ‘catching away’ of the Bride, and the revelation of the anti-Christ, and those things which will be in the great tribulation. There might even be a little space in between, [I don’t know.] as there is space on earth between the Resurrection and the Rapture, perhaps forty days, perhaps longer. I don’t know that Brother Branham actually specified, but there will be that gap in there. There could also be a gap and, perhaps, no doubt will be a gap between the time that the Bride is gone and the great tribulation sets in that three and a half years. I don’t know, but I really suspect that there is, because time, as an interval, is not that important to God, and it certainly won’t be that important to us.

But the major events are in. Israel is back in the homeland. According to the Book of Romans, when Israel goes back to the homeland, there will be a resurrection. Absolutely. Israel will no longer be blinded. They are now turning to the light. And it’s strange, after all these years, they’re still looking for Messiah. And you’ll notice that when He does come, The prophets, of course, coming on earth to prove reality. They’ll be turned down just the same as they’ve always been turned down. And only the 144,000 will be saved.


So, we are at the end time. Make no mistake about it. Judgment has set in. The Bride has already been judged. Brother Branham said that. He said, “When you sing that song, ‘I’ll Go With Him Through The Judgment,’” he said, “You’ve already gone through it.” You’re going through it. Why? Because it is the judging Word, because the prophet is here. He is with the vindicated Word.

The vindicated Word, which is the revealed Word, is always Judge. That’s why a judge is set in the earth. He has to know the law; he has to interpret the law; he has to apply the law. It has been. That’s why Brother Branham could say, “THUS SAITH THE LORD: you’re the righteous, perfect, sinless, pure Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ. You didn’t even do it. It all falls back on the devil, because you were trapped into it.


These are some of the things that Brother Branham said at the end time; that’s the laser light that comes from above. That is the light that’s shot through the ruby or the gem that excites the properties within it to the extent that it is completely perfect. [That’s the Holy Spirit, God Himself manifesting through the Word, bringing the Word to life God in His Word.]

And you’ll notice that they’re using the laser even on the eye. When the eye, the ‘macula lutea’ is degenerating and it could turn from the dry to the weeping they can focus the laser in there. Thousands and thousands of a part of an inch, and just sear that completely, without doing any damage.

And that’s the way it is with the Sword of the Lord, the laser Light coming down, discerning and dividing and separating not harming, but bringing out the health, and what you might call the Truth in the body because the Body of Truth must be restored in the world in the Bride. And God has done that with His Word. At one sweep He has actually cut away the putrefaction, and at the same time, laid a layer of health.

And that’s what the laser does. They apply a certain medicine in there to the eye, and the laser, by the light, excites the medication and the eye can heal. So, God pins His laser Light of revelation upon the Word within us, cuts away all the putrefaction, making a perfect Bride, dressing Her at the same time. The outer man, though perishing, will come back on this earth. And those standing here will go into immortality.


You have everything here that is absolutely delightful to the inner man to the inner ear to the inner portion, as you begin to relate to this Word, and know that this is the hour for a certain part of the Word to be fulfilled; and It is living Word, manifested: the very Word that speaks about the prophet, who is now the living Word of God made manifest to us and for us getting us ready for immortality.

This is the hour for the Bride today, and it will be proven that she is that living Word of God made manifest via the resurrection and changed to immortality, and the ‘catching away’.


I just wanted to go over that again to make sure you’re getting what I’m talking about, because we have to relate the two and make you understand that there cannot be one without the other: light–darkness and, then, comes the laser Light through God’s ordained channel, the prophet, bringing us absolute Truth. Brother Branham said, “Find that woman of such character to stand still in the water of separation and then be dressed by the Word of the Lord,” where he said, “The Word of God is the Sword.

Then, he said, “The Word of God standing by,” which definitely is that the Word of God is twofold in Its Message this morning, with the Sword, cutting away everything that is not of God and, yet, bringing to life everything that is of God. And that’s the way the Millennium is; and then, above that and beyond that is when the new heavens and the new earth come and so on.


Last night we also looked at John 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Now you cannot for one minute deny the way the Bible is written. We read: “In the beginning was the Word,” and then we leave out the peripheral: “and the Word was with God.” So, we now read It: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God.” Thus, God, Jehovah-Elohim, is the Word.

So therefore, we have something in the beginning with which God is identified, and is actually of God, and must be so much a part of God that there cannot be any identification of God apart from whatever is there, which is called ‘Logos’, so that God Himself is known as ‘The Logos’. And we understand, of course, what that is: that’s the ability to look things over, to see, and to sort them out, pick them up, analyze, parse, put together; and you see, therefore, that God is not only the great Creator of all, but He is the great Maintainer, and He is constantly showing and manifesting Himself forth to whatever He wishes, and to whomever, He wishes to manifest Himself. And it all comes down to His children. Not the angels, not archangels, not this, or not that.

And that’s the principle of the omega, because the omega is the New Jerusalem and the new heavens and the new earth, the Bride in the New Jerusalem, the attendants, the Lamb on the throne, God above the throne, in the Pillar of Fire; and also, the twenty-four elders, the beasts, and whatsoever God has created and maintains for His glory, wherein the Bride Itself maintaining, in this respect: she is a part of God, and no part of God ever dies: It always was. See? So, you understand these things, I trust.


We also saw last night that Jesus is not Deity, but I’ll read to you from Brother Branham and point out what I could not point out in Psalm 45 last night, although it was there. All right. Reading from Brother Branham, he said:

[62]  [GOD’S GIFTS ALWAYS FIND THEIR PLACE JEFF IN V-6 N-13 SUN 63-122] Jesus said in John 14:12, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater than this shall he do because I go to my Father.” Did you notice that? Notice, now, that was the Son of God promising to the believer, that greater things than He, the Son of God did, in these last days that the believer would do greater things than he did. John 14:12. Is that right? Do you believe Jesus said it?

Now Brother Branham will be totally denied here by anybody but those who believe in a vindicated prophet and believe the Truth. This will be denied.

Notice, When Jesus created bread, he took a piece of bread, and created bread that had already been bread. When he created fish, he took a fish that was first created and put another fish out of it. Is that right? He took water which will potentially would have become wine, and made wine out of it. Is that right? Brother Branham said, “He simply bypassed the processes.” in another place. But we’ve seen Him in our midst in these last days create things right out without anything standing there. Is that right? He can create a squirrel where there is no squirrel. That’s right. Oh, He remains God. He’s just as much Deity today as He was then and ever was, or will be. He’s still God, and changing hearts to believe it. “Greater things than this shall you do, without anything to hold and break off of. Speak it, and it will be so.”


Now he’s relating his own experience back to the Bible, which he has to, because there can be nothing actually new, as the Bible teaches us, and we have to always go back to the prophets. And Brother Branham is saying here: Jesus himself took that which was and multiplied it. But, in this case the squirrels were created from nothing, because God said to him, “Speak and it will be so.” And he was taking that from Mark 11:16: “Speak to this mountain and it will move, for whatsoever you say and you believe in your heart, and without doubting, then it will happen unto you.”

And Brother Branham spoke it, but you’ll notice that he, within himself, was not able to carry it through. And God said, “But you said… But you said…” and he was held to his word. Now, when God took the fish actually Jesus, but God in Jesus did the work He took that fish, broke it, and multiplied it. He took the bread and multiplied it also.


Now, when I stood behind Brother Branham 1953, in December in Florida West Palm Beach, as I told you, I held in my hand the microphone cord, to keep Brother Branham from getting tangled in it. He picked up the chair and made a couple of complete revolutions. And the microphone cord was around his body, which Billy Paul had warned me, “Never let that cord out of your hand,” because his dad had a terrible time with the microphone. He hated it. He’d like something like I’ve got, the wireless type. But he didn’t have one. And, as I held it, and it went around him, I was horrified because I was responsible to see that that cord was never wrapped around him.

As I told you, I gave a one gentle little tug, and it fell right around his ankles. Now you know the law of the fulcrum: if my fingers are not quite two feet from my elbow, and I’ll tell you, it’s much harder to put pressure there, but up here, it’s just zip, and my elbow goes. See? That’s the law of the fulcrum, you know, the distance times the weight. It’s always multiplied by the distance.

And I thought, “Oh, God, one little move from his ankles, he’s gone. It’s going to be disastrous.” And I watched that line straighten out, just identical to the multiplying of the loaves and fishes, which is equivalent to a creation. I’m the only man living who can tell you that. You don’t have to take my testimony. Do what you want. But I can tell you one thing: except for seeing that happen, I don’t believe that I could have believed that squirrels were actually created.


See? I’m very honest with you people. I tell you just what I am, inside and outside. And that’s your business, if you believe it or not. But I’ve got my problems the same as you’ve got your problems. I’m a human being. And I’m no prophet. And I’m certainly not one who’s ever seen enough to say, “Well, I’ve really talked to God,” this and that and the other thing. Everything I have is watered down and second-hand and very, very far from a prophet, or anything like that. But I can tell you as I stand here this morning, “If you don’t believe me, I will meet you down the road; and, even if I go to hell, you’ll be there, too, and I’ll step on your head”

I was there, and I did not blink my eye. Identical. Brother Branham brought them both out: they are identical. And, if you can believe that Jesus took a dead substance and multiplied it, you can believe squirrels were created, and they were. And you can deny me this morning all you want, and people will around the world. It doesn’t matter to me. They’re not denying me they’re denying God.

You say, “Oh, Brother Vayle!”

Don’t “Brother Vayle” me, please.

Let’s go further. We were talking about Deity.

[GOD’S GIFTS ALWAYS FIND THEIR PLACE JEFF IN V-6 N-13 SUN 63-122] …Jesus is not deity, but He was the fullness of the Godhead as deity, which is godhead was within Him, which is a person, two persons in one body of flesh.

And, if you think that’s hard to understand, how come you’ve got the Holy Ghost? Huh? Christ in you, the hope of glory. Isn’t it strange how people can say, “Oh, hallelujah! I’m full of the Holy Ghost! Bless God!” And then, they deny God in a prophet? A bunch of hypocrites. And the Pentecostals are the worst of the worst, because they’re the ones that foster, promote, and rely upon the baptism with the Holy Ghost.

[102]  Then when He came, He was the fullness of all the prophets. He’s talking about Jesus… the fullness of all the prophets manifested because they were the Word of the Lord. And He said himself, “If you call those ‘gods’ to whom the Word of the Lord comes, how can you condemn me when I say, “I’m the Son of God”?

In other words, “I’m a prophet. I am that prophet of whom Moses spoke. And, if you can accept Moses, you can accept me. I’m the one of whom Moses spoke. Search the Scripture, for in them you think you have eternal life, and they are those that testify of me.” And not only that, but he had a greater testimony because you have to receive the testimony of two people to be valid. He had the Bible, laid It out, proved who he was, and God answered back through “THUS SAITH THE LORD,” the way it is done in Deuteronomy chapter 18.



[102]  …See, even those in that age were anointed as gods, small g-o-d-s, God called them Himself ‘gods’. What were they? They were manifestations of His Word, and here He was, the fullness of the Word, Deity embodied [Amen.], Deity manifested in the flesh.

Okay. Now let’s go to Psalm 45, and here is my answer to Psalm 45, the best I can do. Now It says in Psalm 45, 45 in verse 6

Psalm 45:6-7

(06) Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: even the sceptre of thy kingdom is a right sceptre.

(07) Thou lovest righteousness, and hatest wickedness: therefore God, thy God…

So, he’s calling one God ‘the great God of heaven’. He is giving His Name and position to this one. If He gave His Name and position to complete identification and indwelling, then this is one of whom he is speaking. So, if He called them gods, then Jesus can be elevated as the fullness of the Word to a position of “God to the people,” as a prophet never was. And he’s still the same, and will be, because after the New Jerusalem, he will be on the throne, visible, and the Pillar of Fire above the throne.


So, that’s how I look at this, and see and understand what Paul is saying, quoting from the Psalms. And it is based upon being not just a prophet, “God to the people,” but actually ‘the prophet’, the fullness of the Word, not as Moses or anyone else, but as ‘this one’. He would, then, take the higher position as ‘God’ over the prophets, even the prophets having been called that. Because, if they were manifestations of His Word… And you can’t deny that John the Baptist was; he was not only a prophet, but greater than a prophet. But remember, they said, “Who are you?”

Now Isaiah was not divided into verses; but, if he were here today, he would have said, “I am Isaiah 40:1-3. I am that Word. I am the Word of Isaiah, the Word of God, which has the life of God in It. And here I am, this Word made flesh.”


Well, is that wrong, or is that right? I told that to the people in Greece, the first time that the Message went to Greece, in Athens, Greece… Very beautiful pastor there, very lovely person. There were millionaires sitting in the congregation, and generals, what have you. And I laid it right in the line. I said, “Can you deny that John was the Word of God made flesh?”

See? They couldn’t do it, because Jesus is the Word of God made flesh. Then, Moses was the Word of God made flesh. The prophets were the Word of God made flesh. And in our own order, we’re the Word of God made flesh in our own disorder or “under order,” as it were.

At the end of the service… We had a very excellent translator, born in New York. She was the wife of a general sitting there, Mary Matakalos, and she interpreted for me as the man came behind me, the pastor. And he very gently said, “We have heard many strange things today, but do not put them to one side, because they could be true.”


I don’t know what happened. If any man would dare to deny that John was the living Word of God made flesh, I’d nail him right there. Brother/sister, I would nail him like he never was nailed. I’d say, “I want you out of my sight, because you’re out of the sight of God.”

Well, true or not true? And what about you and me as predestinated ones?

“Well, Brother Vayle, I’m so humble.”

You’re not humble. You’re a liar. And you’re so puffed up like the devil, you couldn’t believe God’s Word if you tried.

I told you I can slash and be hard. I’m not here to be mean to anyone in this church here. I’m laying principle out. I am not talking about anybody in this church, anybody that hears the tape. I am talking about principle: two and two make four; three and three make six. God, in Jesus’ body, makes the fullness of the Godhead bodily. The prophet is the living Word of God made manifest; or put it this way: if God is going to make the Word living manifested, It will have to be done by and through a prophet.

And, do you know that even Cyrus, mentioned 400 years before his birth, a heathen king, is mentioned in Scripture by name; then, he was the Word of God made flesh, whatever flesh that was. He said, “My shepherd, Cyrus.” Huh? Read your Bibles. Read your Bible. Get to know It.


Brother Branham said:

[70]  [JESUS CAME AND CALLED TULARE CA V-22 N-11 THUR 64-0213] I’ve said this before. I might say it again. I was talking to a woman not long ago in a certain church, I’ve mentioned here a while ago, that doesn’t believe He was God, His Deity. He was just a prophet, an ordinary man. Now you see… [Brother Branham didn’t say he wasn’t a prophet. He said he was just not an ordinary man-prophet.] He was that truly. Sure, He was a prophet. He was that plus God. See? He was the manifestation. Jesus is the body, the boy, the man. God was what indwelled Him.

Now, can you have a ‘him’ without the body? No. At the River Jordan God entered the body of a man, thirty years of age, who had walked around, who had been circumcised after the eighth day, who had his diapers changed, who went from breast feeding to normal feeding, who grew up, who was sent to the temple. At age thirteen, he had to be inducted in the temple as a man. We’re talking about a man who ate and fished and drank.

God was in him. He was a God-man. He was a man. Yet He was God manifested in flesh. Whose flesh did God manifest in? The flesh of Jesus, yet it was His Own flesh, because He created the egg and the sperm, wrapped Himself in it in order to get the blueprint of God… God manifest in flesh. “When we see Jesus, we see God.” That’s what He said. “When you see the Father, you see me; you see the Father,” because He was the reflection, because He was the Word, Amen. that was in the beginning. Brother Branham called him ‘reflection’; Paul called him ‘the image’. When Brother Branham says ‘reflection’, go back to Paul: ‘image’. ‘Image’ was what he was. ‘Reflection’ was what he projected because the Father indwelt him.


[78]  [SEED OF DISCREPANCY PHOENIX AZ V-12 N-5 MON 65-0118] “Well, Jesus prayed that we should all be one.” Then He also said, “Can you walk together, two walk together, lest they be agreed?” He said, “One like Him and the Father are one.” And the Father was the Word, and He was the Word made manifest. He was one with the Father, because He was the manifestation of God’s promised Word. So it is today, or any other day. Yes, sir. That God is one. He wants us to be one. How can this be one? This one denying the virgin birth, and this don’t, denying Divine healing, and this, that, all of them in a mess like that?

In other words there’s not a common unity of mind. And so, he’s saying, “If there’s not a unity of mind in the Word, how can God be in the midst of that people? And, if there’s not a common unity of mind, individually with God, how can they be walking together? That’s why It says, “If we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with the other.” And that’s why Brother Branham said, “How you ought to love each other, you that love this Word.” See how It all comes together? Certainly. As God was “the Word” and Jesus was “part of the Word, they had fellowship and could walk together and be one. And now we are one with Him and each other.


Some of them even don’t even believe in God, believe He was the Son of God: believe He was the son of Joseph, called the Son of God. Certainly. The Zwinglies, the twin brother to the Lutherans, believe that: that He was absolutely just a good man. The Christian Scientists said He was a prophet, just an ordinary man. He wasn’t Divine. [Now, if you use the word ‘divine’, you’re using the word ‘divinity’ or ‘deity’.] He wasn’t Divine. Why, if He wasn’t Divine, He’s the greatest deceiver the world ever had. He was God or He was nothing. He was Divine. He was Deity Himself made flesh among us, the Person of the Son of God. Certainly, that’s what He was.

Now some of the language is kind of convoluted there, like the last little bit of it. He said, “He was Deity himself made flesh among us in the person of the Son of God,” which is true. That’s certainly what He was. So, when you talk about the two, you must remember Brother Branham said, “It was a duality.” Always a duality. “One time Jesus spoke; one time the Father spoke.” But always the thoughts of Jesus had to be organized or given by God Himself.


[3-2]  [RISING OF THE SUN JEFF IN V-3 N-12 SUN 65-0418M] Then he said, Well, if you’ll turn the picture like this, that’s the Cloud over here, [Brother Vayle points to the picture of the Cloud.] he said, [You can probably see from the audience] it’s Christ. See? His eyes looking here, just as perfect as it could be, wearing the white wig of supreme Deity and Judge of all the heavens and earth. Can you see His eyes, His nose, His mouth? Just turn the picture from this way, and that away, it’s as it’s supposed to be. He’s the supreme Judge. There’s none other but Him. And that is a perfect identification of vindication that this Message is the truth. It is true. And making Him not a third person, but the only Person…

Now, if you notice then: if He’s the only person, not a third person, he’s talking about Elohim Himself. Why? Because God is the Judge of all the earth. Now you can’t go to Genesis 18, I believe it is, where he said, “Shall not the judge of all the earth do right?” and then put the Judge someplace else. Jesus himself said, “Judgment was referred back to the Father.”

There are more verses on ‘Deity’, and you can see that Brother Branham is not making Jesus ‘God’, as some would have it. And he’s not making the Logos ‘Jesus Christ’ in John 1:1. He’s identifying it in the singular, because when God left the flesh, He went back to being, or indwelling, if He so desired the manifestation that He gave to prophets, He gave to Israel visibly for a while, but He never gave to the public again, which was the Pillar of Fire, which he gave singularly to the prophet.


Now remember, when Brother Branham had a meeting in 1960, when he preached the “Church Ages,” the people could see that the very pictures that William Branham drew, which were the pictures of the eclipse and of the church ages, and he said, “You saw one, but I saw two.” He said, “You only saw the reflection. You did not see the original.

And it’s a good thing Brother Branham cleared that up or the people would have been mistaken that they literally saw the Pillar of Fire, which they could not. It was not given them to see that. Some people say they saw a light. They see this and that… Look, I was in Pentecost a long, long time, and you look for lights, and you know… Actually, you’ve almost a psychedelic religion.

I can laugh at it now. Believe me, it was no laughing matter. I was in error. I was in error thinking I could get into some realm that only is reserved for certain people; and believe me, brother/sister, you can get into realms that don’t belong to you, but you better watch out. It’ll prove one thing: that you are off the Word. Huh? Well? what about your own body? What if your liver tried to act like your kidneys? Huh? You better get a new set of kidneys or a liver. No different in the church.


[15-3]  [THREE KINDS OF BELIEVERS JEFF IN V-3 N-6 SUN 63-1124E] God said, “I am the Lord. I heal all diseases. I am God, and I change not.” Amen. And God is Word, and God doesn’t change. How is the Word going to change? See? “I am God and I cannot change.” The Scripture says that. God said it Himself. And, if He cannot change, then He is the Word. In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God, [unchangeable Word] And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. Amen. Yes, sir. See, [Brother Branham puts John 1:1 and John 1:14 together, 1:14, which is exactly true. It was the Word that became flesh, which was God Himself. See?]

God raised up bodies all down through: Moses, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Elijah, all down where the Word temporarily came, but the full Word was made manifest in this man, Jesus Christ.

The full Word was made manifest in Jesus Christ.” And so, they took Willy, the whale, and put him in a pool. It was still Willy, the whale, put in a pool. It is still God put in a human body. Right? Okay. Learn to parse It, because parsing is very valuable. Parsing is actually revelation.

…Which He was God in the fullness of the Godhead bodily. He was made flesh. I believe that every word.

Well, let’s face it: Jesus was made flesh. You and I were made flesh. God was made flesh. God had a body, the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. He left that body, one body; then, the same Spirit, God’s Spirit, part of God, came back, starting at Pentecost, appeared in a cloud, and little tongues of fire came down on each person, showing God dividing Himself, but not becoming less. He only divided of Himself what He wanted divided and put It in the vessels, human vessels, cleansed by the Blood, separated in water baptism, now full of the Holy Ghost, the seal to the day of redemption. And, when the day of redemption finally comes, nobody else gets sealed in temporary.


Also, Brother Branham said:

[11-5]  [FEAST OF THE TRUMPETS JEFF IN V-3 N-16 SUN 64-0719M] That’s the reason they failed to recognize Jesus being the Son of God. Their traditions had blinded their eyes, but He was exactly with the Scripture. He wasn’t only exactly with the Scripture, He was the Scripture. The prophets were the same. Jesus said, “Which of your fathers didn’t stone those prophets who were sent to you?” Then God sends His prophets, and the prophet is the living Word of God made manifest.

That’s a tough one to swallow. A certain guy in Canada was kicking up his heels and was literally one of those who were destroying the Message. And I had just talked to Joe Raczkovy about this one. And I said, “You know, that’s what the prophet is: the living Word of God made manifest.” So, they got tangling with Joe. Joe quoted that. And the preacher so-called he was infuriated. And the other guy said, “Blasphemy! Blah-blah-blah! Blasphemy!”

And Joe said, “Just a minute. I’m going to show it to you people.” He picked up his book and showed them. Those same two. They don’t believe today really believe.

See? If you were a real believer, you’d rejoice. Why, that’s not just spoken about a prophet, that’s spoken to you and me, so we can understand, and revel in, and have this perfect faith. People right around the world are still looking at the message, “Perfect Faith,” and they think, “Oh! I’m going to have that! Oh! I’m going to have that!

You’ve already got it, because it’s the perfect revelation for the hour! You’ve already got it. Oh my, my, my. I don’t understand. [why they can’t see vindication [perfect] bringing us perfectly revealed Word perfect faith.]


Jesus said, “How can you condemn me and say, when I say, ‘I’m the Son of God,’ and it’s called in your own laws… You said, “Those who the Word of the Lord came to” that’s in the Psalms [which are called prophets], “they’re called ‘gods,’ and the Scripture cannot be broken,” then “How can you condemn me?” They were a part of the law, which is part of the Word of God. They were part of the Word of God, but Jesus was the fullness of the Word of God, His whole plan of redemption, God’s whole sufficiency was in Him.

Now this is the quote that I use where people are misunderstanding John 1:1. Now there’s no reason to believe that Jesus isn’t the Word, because look, if this whole Bible here is concerning him as to the ultimate of God in the plan of God, from the alpha to the omega, because he was there before there was a speck of stardust, you have to recognize that he is the Word. But it is the same as the prophets. He was ‘all’, where they were ‘a part’. We also are a part minuscule. But, when it comes to God, you are talking now far above and beyond the Bible. You are talking about the One above the Bible. Without Him there wouldn’t be this.

Now, if He is Word, and He has progeny, the progeny must be ‘Word’. You have to accept that. We also are a part of Word, because we were His thoughts to be expressed. So, we were a part of the Logos. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” In other words God literally compartmentalized Himself and set aside that part of Himself, which would come into existence. And He did.

So, where Jesus is the full Word, it is that which you compare to the prophets. But, when you talk about God, Jesus himself is minuscule, when compared to God, and exactly Who He is. And, of course, we, far, far less. But at the same time, if you and I are a drop of God, that is sufficient more than sufficient.


Reading further; now, listen carefully:

[77]  [UNVEILING OF GOD JEFF IN V-9 N-1 SUN 64-0614M] Now, when it said here that He emptied Himself, or poured out, [because that’s the Word ‘kenosis,’] now watch… this, that He vomited up. The English word, “emptied or poured out from him.”

In other words, if God poured out, would He go, “Urp!” and vomit? How do you empty yourself? Well, how do you empty yourself? You vomit; you void; you defecate. And Brother Branham is bringing something to our attention here, and I do admit that this is a little horrendous. It’s about more like Lee Vayle than the sweet, gentle William Branham, talking about vomiting. But the word ‘kenosis’ in the Greek does not mean to ‘vomit up’, or something like an arm went off, or His eye went to another person. Now here’s what he says the ‘kenosis’ is and you’ve got to take what he says, because he’s the authority.

That is, He changed Himself, He “poured Himself into” [Amen!] into another mask, into another form, not another person went out of Him, called the Holy Spirit. But it was He Himself. You get it? He poured Himself into the people. Christ in you. How beautiful, how wonderful to think, “God pouring Himself into human beings, into the believer, pour out. It was a part of His drama to do so. God, all the Fullness, all the Godhead bodily, was in this Person, Jesus Christ. [That’s ‘kenosis’ right there.] He was God, and God alone, not a third person, not a second person or a first person; but the Person, God veiled in human flesh.

So, if He actually, literally indwelt Jesus Christ to make him what he was, He now Himself indwells us proportionately, which would be merely a part of His life, sealing us back to Himself, empowering us, making positive to us that we will be in the Resurrection- the first Resurrection, the Bride, and be in that New Jerusalem. And it is God in you, willing and doing of His Own good pleasure.

Tell me: is that different from Jesus? Absolutely not. As Brother Branham said, “He came the same way we did, except he did not bypass his Spirit-form or Word-form body.” So, all right. We’re beginning to understand.

It’s still the same God. Amen. I hope that gets through.


Now, 281 verse, “The Unveiling of God:”

[281]  When the Word was in Moses, he was God in flesh. When It was in Jesus, It was God in flesh. See? Only thing He did was change His mask, not His Word, not His nature. He’s the same, yesterday, today and forever. He not only changed His form; He changed from Noah to Moses; He changed from Moses to David; from David to Joseph; on down until He came to the Fullness of the Godhead bodily.

It’s still the same God…

So, what did He do? He came into Paul, and at the end time He came into William Branham.

“Oh, I can’t believe that…”

So, don’t believe it. What are you going to stand on? Your own two little ideas? Why, a theologian could blow every one of us into a cocked hat, if we don’t stand on revelation, the revealed, vindicated Word of God. Don’t try to stand on your brains, because you don’t have any when it comes to matching the world. Why? Because Satan “sealed up the sum of wisdom” and he can overcome anybody at any time with his cunning ways of seduction, of flattery, of enjoining you to come into the dance. And he can flatten anybody at any time except for God. Even the angels said, “The Lord rebuke you,” when it came to contending for the body of Moses.

It’s still the same God. Amen. Amen. I hope that gets through. See? It is God, but it just takes another veil. See? He puts on another veil.


So many times people will not credit Brother Branham, that is, what he’s saying about himself. When I wrote the little book for him, Twentieth Century Prophet, he said, “Brother Vayle, this is the greatest weapon placed in my hands, you see, because you can say it, where I wouldn’t dare say it.” And you bet I said it; and I’m still saying it.

I challenge you: find me one time I’ve changed anything from the Seven Church Ages book, that he gave me the material to write, and what I wrote myself. I challenge you: find a change. And the Seven Church Ages’ book is still the backbone of the entire ministry that’s out there in the world today. I haven’t changed one thing, except I have a deeper and better understanding of it. For instance, Godhead would have eluded me, except I knew there was one God, and He had one Son, and the rest of us were Seed. But today I can put it all together, as I’m doing now.


Let’s read some more pertaining to ‘the Godhead bodily’.

[79]  [THE MASTERPIECE JEFF IN V-4 N-7 SUN 64-0705] The perfect image of the God-man, God En morphe had changed from Supernatural to the vision. And the vision was projected into the image. And the image was smitten so that Supernatural could taste the feeling of death. Now, let’s go over that again: The perfect image of the God-man… [I’m using the word ‘image’, God in a man.] God… changed from supernatural to the vision. And the vision was projected to the image. [In other words everything that God saw laid out there logos came into the reality of a human being, called ‘Jesus, the Son of God’], God’s perfect Masterpiece. He could not do it in Moses. He could not do it in the prophets. Isaiah, who was sawed with saws till he was sawed to pieces… He could not do it in the prophets that were stoned. He could not do it, because He couldn’t feel it. They were just a portion of Him. But in this perfect Masterpiece, He was the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

In other words God fully manifested Himself by indwelling this person, Jesus, of whom Jesus said, “Lo, a body hast Thou prepared for me.” Jesus indwelt it. Now God indwells this body in whom Jesus dwells, this body that belongs to Jesus, yip, actually belongs to God. So, God comes in. He doesn’t cast out Jesus. He resides within him. You have a duality.


[79]  They were just a portion of Him but this perfect Masterpiece, He was the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

Why the perfect Masterpiece? Because God wrapped Himself in the sperm and the egg, began that body, absolutely; and, because that life had to be there in the sperm and egg to contact the elements, the blueprint of God Himself had to be in that manifestation. And we’ll go into that later by Scripture to show you that’s actually what had to happen, because God is a man. Brother Branham said so: “God was the first man; Jesus, the second; and Adam was the third.” And that’s what you’re looking at.

People think it’s so strange. Is it strange that a kitten has kittens that look like cats? Is it strange that dogs have pups that look like dogs? It would certainly be strange to me if God had children that didn’t look like Him. You say, “Well, Brother Vayle, that’s a different thing. Oh, that’s a different thing.”

Well, I appreciate your folly. Don’t rub off it on me though, because I’m not a cat nor a dog. My life came from God originally, and you better believe He had to put It in something that looked like Him, because Jesus was His image. Huh? Well, let your thinking go, and stop being you know, I was going to say the word stupid, but I changed my mind.


[79]  They were just a portion of Him but in this perfect Masterpiece, He was the Fullness of the Godhead bodily. He could not only project Moses, He could project His entire being in this Person and taste death for the whole human race. God’s perfect Masterpiece, God, so inspired by seeing It, He became the Redeemer of all ages to speak for those in the backgrounds who had been there before and even now.

In other words you look back, you’re present; you look forward, no change. Same God that did it, is doing it, and will do it. Let me see if I can find that for you.

Listen, Ecclesiastes 3:14:

Ecclesiastes 3:14-16

(14) I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him. [In other words you can only learn, knowing the unchanging God.]

(15) That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requires that which is past.

(16) And moreover I saw under the sun the place of judgment, that wickedness was there; and the place of righteousness, that iniquity was there.

In other words, as soon as man got a hold of it, he changed it. But God remains unchanging. Now this can only come through prophets. When a prophet comes, you fear him. How many feared Brother Branham? They were palsy-walsy; they sneared; they mocked; everything else… Same thing they did to Jesus.


[“The Masterpiece”]

All the promises were met in Him. He was the Perfection of the perfection. All types fulfilled in Him: our Kinsman Redeemer in Ruth and Boaz, our Law-giver from Mount Sinai; our Prophet from the wilderness, as He came from the mountain, as He came from the wilderness, as He came from eternity and became man, the perfect image.

In other words he followed the perfect, complete pattern, but way above and beyond.


[264]  [HARVEST TIME PHOENIX AZ V-18 N-6 SAT 64-1212] God is a great Sculptor [right]; He made man in His image to reflect Him and He is the Word. Huh? And what did He do? He tried Adam; he failed, Moses failed, all the rest of them failed. But there was One perfect. Hallelujah. What was it? Nothing less than God Himself in flesh, the Word reflected; in Him dwelt the Fullness of the Godhead bodily, not a prophet, yet He was a prophet, not a man, yet He was a man.

In other words Jesus was the mirror of God. You looked at him, and you saw God. That’s 2 Corinthians, by the way, too.

Jews, don’t try to claim Him as yours. He was neither Jew nor Gentile; He was God. See? You are what your blood is. [See?] And, of course, your flesh. And Mary, of course, didn’t have any conception with the Holy Ghost giving her a sensation. God the Father created a germ, or an egg in Mary, and a blood cell in her also, and it was the blood of God.

In other words Brother Branham is denying the myth, the mythology of the gods coming down and having sexual intercourse with women.


[19-3]  [BIRTH PAINS PHOENIX AZ V-3 N-4 SUN 65-0124] Now, we feel and know that this is the Truth, that the systems were rot in every age, and every one of their systems had to rot and die out, until she brought forth that church; out of that rotten mess came forth the Word Itself. [That’s “Birth Pains.]” The Word of the Lord comes to the prophet. It never comes to the priest; it comes to the prophet. And notice, and when it had finally, that word altogether, was born here in human flesh, the Fullness of God had rested in Him. He was the Word.

Who was the Word? Jesus was the Word. He had to be the Word. And God was ‘the’ Word. Jesus was all of the Word allocated to Him, and to you and me. But God was ‘the’ Word, from which the Word comes. Eggs come from chickens. Huh? Word comes from Word. What will it produce? The life from the original Word. All this talk: which came first, the chicken or the egg? If there weren’t any chickens, there wouldn’t be any eggs stupid! Evolution… Forget it.

[19-3]  He was the Word. He said when they were accusing Him, making Himself equal with God, because He was the Son of God, they said to Him, “Well, you make yourself God.”

Well, how about that? If we’re not a God-race, then Brother Branham lied to us. How could he have lied, when he was vindicated by the One That put us here? He said, “Isn’t it written in your laws that those who the Word of God came to, are called gods [or prophets], and they were, then how can you condemn me when I say, I’m the Son of God?” Where the fullness of the Godhead bodily rested on the Son of God, He was the manifestation of God.


[25-6]  [THIS DAY THIS SCRIPTURE JEFF IN V-3 N-8 FRI 65-0219] What does the Scripture say about today and about the time we live in? [That “This Day the Scripture Is Fulfilled’ back in 1965.] Jesus speaking… I won’t have time to take them all, but I want to take this one before we close. Jesus said in Luke chapter 17 verse 30, Jesus Christ, the Word Himself [Do you believe that?] Jesus Christ, the Word Himself, made flesh, spoke and said what the Word would be in the end time.

Now there’s where you could believe right there that “the Word became flesh” is John 1:14, which belongs to John 1:1 and makes Jesus the ‘Word’. Not so, my brother/my sister. Not so. Not so. The prophets were the living Word of God made manifest. And, how was it? In human flesh. Then, what about this? It’s the same thing we’re talking about.

[25-6]  Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, spoke and said what Word would be in the end time, what would be the sign of the end-time world. He told them nation would rise against nation, but He said, “As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the days when the Son of man is being revealed.”

Now, how was the Son of man revealed? He’s the prophet; he’s the living Word of God made flesh the Word for that hour becoming flesh. How can it be? Only with God in the vessel, and it will have to be manifested that that’s what it was.


And I ask you today: was the ministry of Jesus Christ, which was back here on earth two thousand years ago, made manifest in the twentieth century in the life of William Branham? Absolutely.

“Oh, Brother Vayle, that’s too strange.”

How come Dr. Bosworth pulled my coat tail in December 1953, and he said, “Brother Vayle, I’ve prayed for forty years for the ministry of Christ to return to this earth, and there it is in that man.”

How come old Daddy Bosworth knew, and all the Pentecostals stood around and said, “A man sent from God… Ain’t it wonderful? But he ain’t nothing to us. He just came here to show us what we can do. And bless God, we’re going to do it.”

Where are they today? Where are the Tommy Osborns? Where are the rest of them? Oh, yeah! Back in Trinitarian dogma. And the whole world will attest to how beautiful their lives were, and how great their testimonies, and how beautiful their ministries, and how beautiful they all die. “Be not deceived; God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” If you sowed a Trinitarian dogma, idolatry, that’s what you will reap.

“Oh, Brother Vayle, I believe in grace.”

I do too, but I don’t believe in disgrace. When did grace ever operate apart from truth? I want to ask you that question. Look to your Scripture. It’s always grace and truth, grace and truth, grace and truth. Huh? Look it up.


Now, when Jesus came to earth, He came in the name of three Sons: Son of man [which is prophet], Son of God, and Son of David. Now, He lived here on earth; He never did say He was the Son of God. [Only in the fact of the matter that he was the Son of God and the respect of having come.] He said, “I am the Son of man. Jehovah Himself called Ezekiel in the prophets “son of man,” because He had to come and fulfil the Scripture as a prophet. And Moses said, “The Lord your God shall raise up a prophet like unto me.”

That’s the reason He could not be the Son of God there because He was a Son of man. He, the Word, came to the prophets, and He was the Word in Its fullness. [And remember, Brother Branham quotes where Jesus came to John, and the Word always comes to the prophets. And so, he was that Word that was to come to the prophet.] The Word came to the prophets, and He was the Word in Its fullness: Son of man, the major prophet; not the major prophet, but the God-Prophet. [Brother Branham corrects himself.] The fullness of the Godhead bodily was in him; therefore, he was the Son of man.

Just like the rest of the prophets, but he was ‘that’ prophet spoken of, that, if you don’t listen to him its all over.

Now, remember: when Jesus was ‘that’ prophet, [Remember now, carefully… was ‘that’ prophet.] Israel, all of them, did not die, and the Gentiles did not die. But there’s coming a time, according to Acts 3, that those who do not receive Him receive ultimate destruction. And that’s this hour, when the Son of God, risen from the dead, Jesus, comes back in the form of the Holy Ghost, which is God Himself, in the prophet, William Branham, making ‘that’ prophet. It’s all over for the Gentiles.

And, when Jesus comes back and appears to the Jews, it’s all over for the Jews, and the whole earth goes up in flames. It’s all gone. And the Bride comes back. But the earth, either fully renovated, or partly [Brother Branham said he didn’t know which.] and there the temple worship is set up. Christ again, incarnating God, the Bride in all. They have their own homes; they have everything. And they set the Millennial order up, which is you and me, and those of the children of God, who will be there living the lives we’ve always wanted to live; and the first time, really happy, really at peace, really free, because there’ll be no body of sin. No. No body of sin. Nothing to tempt. Millions of temptations could fly around us; we wouldn’t even know they’re there. We’d be just dead to them.

Now for two thousand years He’s been known as a Son of God, Spirit; [That’s what I’m telling you.] in the Millennium He’ll be the Son of David upon the throne. We all know that; we believe that. But today, the Son of man revealed. In other words the same prophet, right now, same ministry.


[158]  [THE RAPTURE YUMA AZ V-5 N-14 SAT 65-1204] One day when I started to preach these Seven Church Ages, I called Jack Moore, a great theologian; I said, “Jack, Who is this person standing there?” There’s one like the Son of man standing there.”

Actually, the Scripture does not say, “One like the Son of man.” It says, “One like a Son of man.” Now, remember: in the Bible every word is explicit; otherwise, it wouldn’t come out into sevens very strange mathemathics but It does. And It couldn’t be done by anybody, even with the computer, although you can take the computer and make a lot of things say a lot of different things. That’s fine by me, but let’s see a person do that. And, if you did make it come in sevens, it wouldn’t work anyway, because nothing would be true.

The only reason a Bible comes in sevens, as far as I can see it, is everything is measurement. There’s nothing that’s not measurements. Everything is a measurement. Try as you will, you can’t get away from measurement. Even though God is infinite in His capacities, God Himself is measured, and He’s limited by His Own Godhood. And Brother Branham said that, and there’s nobody who will disagree with that, if you believe in theology at all.


[158]  …Who is This One like a Son of man, hair as white as wool? I said He was a young man, how could He have hair as white as wool?

And Brother Branham [Jack Moore] said, “It was his glorified body.” That didn’t ring the bell. But when I went to the room and prayed, He let me know what it was.

See, I’ve always preached that He was Deity, not just a man; He was God manifest in flesh. Now look. That’s telling you one thing: positively, that God has to be back in that body to qualify. And when He’s in that body, God is doing it, regardless; the body is only there as a manifestation. See? I want you to get that. “God” God was manifested.

…He was God manifest in the flesh.

See? Once God was in flesh and then separated from it. When does He come back into it? Brother Branham said, “When that Spirit That’s in our midst becomes incarnate to us, we’ll crown Him King of Kings and Lord of Lords. That will be the Son of man, the Son of David, the Son of God, the Altogether Lovely, the Rose of Sharon.”

That’s what he said. I’m not making it up. See, when you know the doctrine, it all falls into place. If you don’t know the doctrine, you’re out of luck.

There’s a church up in Canada that broke away from another church, and they said, “We’re leaving doctrine outside the door.”

You can’t worship God apart from doctrine. So, what’s their doctrine going to be? They can’t be led by the Holy Ghost according to the Word, which is the authority we go by.


Now, he was God manifest in the flesh, in the flesh, God, the attribute of God of Love, the great attributes that came down here, displayed here on earth of God.

Well, the display was through flesh. “God so loved the world, he gave his Only-begotten Son, that whosoever shall believe in him shall not perish, but have everylasting life.” When God gave His Son, it ultimately ended up in death, but the love gift was to the people, and had they believed John, the Kingdom would have come unto them. They didn’t do it. But those that did believe, the Kingdom of God came, but was delayed in its fullness on earth until all the Bride comes in.

Now we, believing Brother Branham, the Kingdom of God is come unto us. We know that, because devils were cast out. Every spirit in the building, if there were one million or five million, were taken under control. The Kingdom of God is come unto us. And we’re just waiting now for the Pillar of Fire, the Presence, to lead us into the Millennium. And He’ll do it by raising the dead and changing us, and taking us to the Wedding Supper, and keeping us there for three and a half years or whatever it is and, then, coming down on earth to the Millennium.


Now that’s the picture. And time and eternity have blended.

I’ve always preached it was deity God manifest in flesh, the attribute of God’s love. The attribute… [What was the attribute? Jesus, in flesh,] and he displayed God in earth. Jesus was God’s love, which built a body that Jehovah Himself lived in. He was the fullness of the Godhead bodily. It took the two of them. Not one of them; Jesus wasn’t the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

It was ‘big’ Jehovah and ‘little’ Jehovah. Right? Jehovah, crying; little Jehovah… Well, certainly he was Jehovah, because ‘Jesus’ means ‘Jehovah-Savior’. See? Jesus came in his Father’s Name. They both had the same Name. So, if you said, “Jesus,” I say, “Which Jesus? Big Jesus; little Jesus? Father or Son?” And remember, they are identical, except sons have beginnings. That’s it essentially; and we, essentially the same soul.

We got all muck racked and tripped up, put here in the flesh, to be tested. And listen, the very command that God gave, “Be fruitful and multiply” gave you a sex drive. What are you doing with it? What is the world doing? I showed you last night: homosexuals, lesbians… My God, six-year-olds know more about sex than when I was twelve years old. We were told to contain ourselves. It was taught.


Do you know that homosexuality was called “buggery,” and was a criminal offense? Yes it was! Wake up, and go back to the past a little bit. God hasn’t changed, but the world has. And the devil hasn’t changed either: he’s the same rotten scuzzball he ever was. And he seduced the whole world and Eve by sex. And he’s doing the same thing right today, until there’s nothing left but sexuality, and that’s gone to morbidity and death and destruction.

And it’s brought every failure and rotten sin upon the world, because they perverted it, and the perversion came right of the bat from the command of God, which meant simply that you would have a sex drive you could not deny there would be procreation. But you control it into marriage and one wife, just as Adam was.

Mormons tried to fool me on that one time. This Mormon girl that I knew said, “Well, Lee, Jacob had two wives.”

I said, “Yeah, but Adam only had one.”

Stupid woman, willing to be in a harem or something. What a nut! But women’s lib is the same stupid thing. Any number of men run with them, or this or that. Hollywood glorifies childbirth out of marriage. Lesbians, so proud of themselves, they still want to have a baby. They get artificial insemination or lay with some man. Have you ever seen such filth? All because of the command of God: “Be fruitful and multiply;” and every Word of God has been perverted from the moment It left His mouth or almost.

I hope you’re picking up what I’m driving at, because if you don’t, you don’t see what I see, and you don’t understand what’s going on. You’re just standing there wondering. I don’t wonder; I know… At least, what I know that I know. I don’t know everything. I certainly don’t want to. But I know the Alpha-Omega principle, and I see that what is sown in sin is reaped up to one hundredfold.

[THE RAPTURE continued.] …He was the fullness of the Godhead bodily. What God was, He manifested through that body, and that body had to die so that He could wash the Bride with His Own Blood. All right.


[172]  [MODERN EVENTS MADE CLEAR BY PROPHECY SBD CA V-7 N-6 MON 65-1206] But the real ordained of God, that real gene, that real germ, a soul of God that was in God before the foundation of the world… Remember, you that has really got the Spirit of God in you tonight, you were in Christ, [Huh?] because He was the Fullness of the Word. He was the Fullness of the Godhead bodily. God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. Do you believe that? Look, He was in Christ. He was in Christ. [He’s emphasizing it.] Then, if you were in God, a gene, a word, an attribute from the beginning, then you walked with Him here on earth; you talked with Him on earth, you suffered with Him on earth, you died with Him at Calvary.

Brother Branham even went so far as to say, “You paid for your own sins there,” Did he not? Oh, he certainly did. That blows people away, doesn’t it? Well, where is grace? Oh, my! People just can’t take the truth. They simply cannot do it, brother/sister. They worry about a gnat and swallow a camel. They can’t take the little fine print that Brother Branham brings. But oh, they’ll believe the devil’s lie every single time.

“You will not all die! Oh, no!” The devil’s lie: “You shall not surely die.”

“Oh, millions now living will never die!”

Well, there’s an element of truth in that they’ll never die, until they’re annihilated! But you better believe the Word of God. But I’m not a judge here, standing here, and telling you. I’m just preaching the Word of God, that’s all. And It’s the vindicated Word by the prophet.


You know ‘the herald’? He’s in the Bible. The herald was the king’s messenger. And he blew a trumpet, and he threw the scroll over the wall and galloped on. And they did what they wanted with the word. It wasn’t his business to enforce it; he merely brought it. But the king enforced it. Amen. I like that.

It’s out of my hands. I couldn’t preach anybody into heaven, or give anybody salvation or healing or anything else. But the Word of God can, and It’s found in the mouths of men that are sinners: children gone astray, disobedient from their parents, but not children of disobedience. See? Cain was a child of disobedience; Abel was a child of obedience. And that’s why we’ve got all this serpent seed and all this mess, because they perverted the Word of God in the garden, “Be fruitful and multiply.” Oh, my, you’ve got the means, so go ahead. yea yea.

You’ll understand someday, brother/sister, what I’m talking about. You’ll understand the way I understand it, because I do understand it. I’m not fooling myself for one minute, what’s going on. I only would to God I had one tenth of the teaching I give people today. And yet, I kept my vessel, or God did it for me. Yeah, It’s a great satisfaction, knowing that you walked in the light.


[MODERN EVENTS… continued.] …Then if you were in God, a gene, a word, an attribute from the beginning, then you walked with Him here on earth; you walked with Him on earth, you suffered with Him earth, you died with Him at Calvary, and you rose with Him again; and now you’re sitting in heavenly places in Christ, communing with Him, the Word, as It feeds into your soul, “Man shall live by Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

Not Methodist word, Baptist word; remember, if there’s any left over in the sacrifice, it must be burned before morning.

The Pentecostal age has gone; the gifts and everything else are gone with it. You are in a new age, which is the Word age, which is the Ephesian age. Gifts are superceded by the Word. I personally asked Brother Branham: “Brother Branham, the gifts have ceased from my life. Is it because the age of gifts is over?”

He said, “Yes, Brother Vayle, the age of gifts is over.”

You think he would lie to me? Certainly not. Certainly not, when God told him, as shown by the supernatural picture, those flames of fire, “All of the nine gifts are still in your possession.”


Did he use them? Did he put the church in order? Well, you answer your own question. Where was it done, if he did? And he wanted me to work with him, especially because he knew I understood gifts, to a degree. Perhaps no other person around him understood them, which I wanted a special service for believers in the morning, where gifts would be operated and put to the test. And then, I said I’d like them in the morning where they weren’t judged, but in the church local, they would be judged.

He said, “Well, Lee, I agree to a degree with you, but,” he said, “they don’t go in the other service; they just go in this one service.”

And, because I was perhaps the one person who had enough light on the subject at that time, he was willing to work with me. He tried to get a place in Louisville. It was sold out. He wanted me to go to Chicago, pastor the church there, and they turned me down. And, believe me, I turned them down too, when I saw what was going on. So, we never, ever got a church where the gifts would be operated, because he said, “Lee, if you go there, I’ll come up, and we’ll put the gifts in operation.

So, if the prophet didn’t do it, how am I going to do it? I just refuse to attempt to handle what I can’t handle, as though I could handle it. And, until I know that there is a person positively identified with discerning of spirits standing at the door… That’s the law the prophet laid down. I can’t do anything about gifts. And frankly, I’m a little smug about it. A little flicker of joy floods my rotten little heart to say, “Well, okay, you’re off the hook.” I only hope I am, because I don’t have the answers. I don’t have the answers.


Not Methodist word, Baptist word; remember, anything was left over was burnt because tomorrow’s another church age. Remember in 1955 when the stars all aligned, the birth of a virgin church took place. Right? Exodus, that’s where the sacrifice was burnt. A symbol, a type…

You get rid of the past the way Paul did. Whatever you were, it’s all over. Are you dragging something with you this morning? Or could you take every thought and bring it in captivity what Brother Branham said, and judge it by the actual reality of the doctrine: there is one God, and Jesus is not God. He is the Son of God. He can be worshipped and called ‘God’ as the prophet, right up there with Elohim, because even the prophets down here were ‘God’ to the people. Yes, we can do that. But he’s not God; he’s the Son of God. And he was in the adoption, as you and I are coming into it, and are today.

There is one God, period. And Jesus is the Son of God, and therefore in his own right, a God. And you and I, to whom the Word of the prophets have come, having received It in our own right, we are lesser, but gods, because we are of God. Right?

There’s absolutely a kingdom set up with one Father, Who brought forth this Son, Who gave Adam and Eve the right to produce those children; and there they are, those children, and it’ll all be made manifest in that day. And even at the end, at the White Throne, at which the Bride has no part, the sheep and goats will be separated, foolish virgin from those that never had anything in the first place, because as in Adam, all die, even so in Christ, every one is made alive not one missing. And the word ‘even so’ means ‘in identical manner’. You had no provision of your own wherein you spoke anything concerning it, and at the end time, it’s the same way, for God hath chosen and predestinated. Blessed is the man whom Thou chooseth and causeth to approach unto Thy Throne.


And it wasn’t that God said, “I’ll take this,” and “I’ll leave that;” “I’ll grab this, and I’ll put this to one side.” No, no, no. It’s lineage. It’s lineage. And out of the bolt of cloth God cut the Bride and, of the same cloth, foolish virgin. They’re all virgins. But, you see, one didn’t have the Word as the vessel for the oil, and so they come up out of denominations. But they’ll come in at the White Throne.

And people think that’s the most horrendous thing in all the world to say that because, “You see, Brother Vayle, you must be born again.”

Oh, no, no, no. It’s the Bride that’s born again. The rest are not born again. But It said, “As in Adam, all died.” And remember, they were all in Christ to begin with, in identical manner… predestination, sovereign God, where no one dares to say, “Why do You do this?” and “Why have You done it?” and “Why don’t You do so and so?”

And He says, as a kindly Father, “You’ll learn one day, and I hope it’s not too late, because I’d like to see you come here, at least thirty-fold.” It’ll be thirty-fold, at least, or sixty, or a hundred. It’s up to you and me. Now, if we sow the Word of God continuously, and stand back for God to bless It, we holding steady, the sky is the limit. It’s the limit a hundred-fold. That’s perfection. Every sowing is a reaping; every sowing is a gaining. And remember: whatever you get stops with you, but with whatever you give sowing it goes on and on till it reaches God; and then, see what God does with it. Alright.


We‘ve got part of this message covered now; and, if we live long enough and something happens where I can come back, I’ll finish up. It’s very difficult for me to preach. If I’m going to preach, by Friday I’m upset. I don’t sleep. I hardly sleep Saturday. It begins to wear me down, until, by the time I get relaxed again, and I feel better, it’s back to a very, very, personally, hard problem. So, I never guarantee anything these days or tell anybody to do anything. I just have to sort of play it by ear, and I hope my ear is in tune. And I hope my body can work with my ears, or whatever it is that’s going on.

So, let’s rise at this time and be dismissed.

Heavenly Father, again we thank You for the time we’ve had together concerning what the prophet taught us. We know that the many people may think of it in terms that this is dry fodder, and I know many do. They might even call it a lie. They don’t even believe what we teach, but we know, Lord, in spite of it all, It’s the living Word of God. And, if at times, it’s just like a little bit of a poppy seed, hard, almost like a rock, we know that as soon as You pour Your Spirit upon It, It blossoms up, becomes a part of us, and is living Food for the Christ within us, and building up the inner man, though the outer man perishes.

And one day, Lord, I believe that people are going to be healed, sitting in their seats, by this Word: absolutely. Father, the potential is there. I believe what the prophet said is true: I believe we’ve seen the great miracles and power of God that vindicated the Word, but I also believe that in Your Word lies everything that the prophet said was available to us and is ours.

And, Father, I hope somehow by us pinching ourselves awake to reality, that the reality of Your Word, forming in us, will blossom forth as You want It to blossom forth; not as we want It, but as You want It. And we know It will be wondrous, absolutely glorious, even though it may be like a little snow flower somewhere there in the Arctic area, perhaps not seen by people, but only by Your Eye. But It will be wonderful in our sight too, because It is of God.

We appreciate it, and down deep will be so grateful and so joyful within us, that we cannot sing Your praises and shout them loud enough or high enough or long enough or great enough, because Thou art God and Thou art worthy. And so, we ask Your blessing in helping us wherever we fail and make up the difference, which we know You will, but may we recognize it. And unto the King, eternal, immortal, invisible, the Only Wise God, be all power, honour and glory, through Jesus Christ, our beloved Savior. Amen.

“Take the Name of Jesus With You.”

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