Greatest Battle Ever Fought #13

We Must Act On The Theorem Principle
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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, we’re very grateful to be in Your house as dedicated to You at this time for this service, Lord, and we pray that we shall learn those things that are convenient for us Lord, that are right for us, that are very helpful for us, recognizing Lord that what You did through the prophet, and what we have is evidence of Your resolve to the good and wonderful, and yet there is a place that we all must play Lord, by the power and the life that You have put within us O God.

And so Father, as we learn of that, and hopefully we learn some this morning and the days coming that we will understand what we must do, that we must exercise our faith, exercise our senses unto righteousness, and every single thing until the channels become channels for God.

There’s something we know we’ve got to do Lord, not just accept the prophet, but something we’ve got to do. And Lord though we accept all the gifts and things from You that are wonderful, that You would give us, then there’s still something else we’ve got to do.

And Lord help us to begin to learn how we must bring our minds under control to what we have learned and what is here in the Word, and what we must do about it, because we know there are things to do.

So Father we don’t want to shirk, and we don’t want to be do-gooders, but we want to be Word-doers, Lord. Not hearers but doers. So help us now this morning as we learn.

We’ll give You the praise in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we’re on number 13, and page 31 of The Greatest Battle Ever Fought. Now we have seen in this Message that Brother Branham has enjoined us to take the same stand of faith which he took, which is his vindication was so perfect and so proven to be of God, that his personal thoughts and experiences could no longer exert an influence against the Word of God that was contingent to any promise.

Now I want to read that again, because it’s a definitive statement.

We have seen in this Message that Brother Branham has enjoined us, he’s advised us, he’s asked us, to take the same stand of faith which he took which is, his vindication was so perfect and so proven to be of God, that his personal thoughts and experiences could no longer exert an influence against the Word of God that was contingent to any promise.


Now can you repeat it to me yet? I can’t, so I’ll read it again. All right, in this Message, Brother Branham is enjoining us to take the same stand of faith that he took. Now this is something put in our laps, the same as Brother Branham’s, but you have to look at it and use it.

He was so aware of God, that he knew who he was without a shadow of a doubt through the manifestation of God in his life, and his vindication was so powerful and manifested to be so that he had within his power a weapon that would cause him to just put every thought aside that was against the Word of God.

In other words he was operating in this high plain of faith through the vindication that God gave him. In other words he had this weapon in his hands.


Now we are invited absolutely into that circle by simply believing him to be a prophet vindicated in the Presence of God. Now you’re invited in there according to 1 John 1. Now never forget, brother/sister that this Word is written for you and me, and it’s written for this hour.

Because this is the Appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ, the same as He appeared on earth as Messiah, this time to redeem the bodies, to get a Bride out of here. Okay I’ll find this in a second, this Bible sticks together. All right:

1 John 1:1

(01) That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, [John says, “Look it, I am telling you my experience.”] which [I] have seen with [my own] eyes, which [I] have looked upon, [which my] hands have handled, of the Word of life;

“Get this,” he says, “anybody else can say that they have heard and they have seen and they have looked and they have handled, but not this. This is different, this is something from the beginning, this is the Word of life.”

Going back to his original statement, “In Him was life and the life was the light of men.” In God was life, to be Zoe. And he said, “We actually saw and handled perfectly, we know all about it, this Zoe which was in God, God now manifested in Zoe Himself.”


All right:

1 John 1:2-3

(02) (For the life was manifested, and [I] have seen it, and [I] bear witness, and [I] shew you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto [me;] [Now:]

(03) That which [I] have seen and [I] heard [Him, I’m going to] declare [Him, I’m going to make a full revelation] to you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ.

And he said, “When I get through telling you, you are going to have the same thing I’ve got.”

You say, “Well just a minute, I’ve never touched Him.”

Oh why don’t you shut-up and listen? You are not required that. You are not required it. Leave it alone. That’s not to do with you at all. Nothing to do with you, as a personal relationship that you must have.

You just listen and say, “I believe that.” You’re right where John was, you’re right where William Branham was.

Now I know you don’t believe it, I don’t either. When’s God going to send His holy mule down and kick us right between the eyes? And I trust to God what brains we got goes out our ears and He gives a new set of brains or something.

Brother Branham told Hickerson, “I’m up here, you’re down here. When I’m gone, you’ll be up here.”

Now I know we’re getting up there, I know we’re different from what we were a few years ago, let’s understand that. I’m a little impatient this morning, with me, not with you. Because I figure the faster I can move, the faster you’ll move. But listen, this is fantastic.

Just as though we were there. Ah-ha! We’re going to be there! Right! But if you don’t see this here, you won’t be there. If you don’t stand in this judgment, you’ll be in the Lake of Fire. Or pretty close to it, foolish virgin out there.


Okay, all right, let me read it again. We’ve seen in this Message Brother Branham has enjoined us, he’s categorically told us, like John, to take the same stand of faith which he took, which is his vindication was so perfect and so proven to be of God that his personal thoughts and experiences could no longer exert an influence against the Word of God that was contingent to any promise.

In other words saying, “Look, I have got my hands on something now that is so great, I absolutely have this ability as the Word of God tells it, and Brother Branham demonstrated, that my personal thoughts and experiences do not need to influence me and thereby I lose the things of God. I now take that position with him.” In other words, it’s available.

All right, we are invited absolutely into that circle by simply believing him to be the prophet vindicated in the Presence of God, just like John here. Once we know that we have accepted the reality of Hebrews 13:8, precisely as he revealed it from Genesis 18, we can bypass our senses and sensations and know that we have the promise or promises that meet our needs.

There’s only one condition that hits that, that’s sin. Unconfessed sin. We’re right in that position. That means we’re telling you there’s something to work on from this premise.


Okay, it is from the utmost certainty that once we know he is the messenger sent from God, with the Word of God, and accept the vindication involved therein, even as Brother Branham accepted his own vindication and position, knowing that this has no part in Satan but only in God.

Which we can launch out on a perfect faith that precludes and excludes any of the normal inlets into our soul that promote decision making and decide for the Word of truth. That’s a long mouthful. That sound like a Philadelphia lawyer.

Let’s go over that. It is of the utmost certainty that once we know that he is a messenger sent from God with the Word of God, that’s true, and accept the vindication involved therein, right?

Even as Brother Branham himself accepted his own vindication and position, knew who he was, knowing that this has nothing to do with Satan, but is all of God, remember that, it’s all of God, this is God, we can launch out on a perfect faith.

What perfect faith? Realizing this that’s brought to us, not our actions now, not trying to get something from God, but knowing what we’ve got! Vindicated truth, which is faith, the revelation. Right?

Okay, and this perfect faith can and does under the right conditions preclude, that’s fights off anything coming, excludes, throws out anything that’s here, any of the normal inlets into our soul that promote decision making, we’re in it day and night, and decide for the Word of truth.


In other words we have right now all it takes to make every correct decision for the Word. Right, we have it. Now that’s going to be work. That’s going to be work. Now here’s where the fun quits.

We’ve had a lot of fun up to this day, several years now. I’ve come to the place where I know how to pray for you, I’m learning. Just like Brother Branham, you never saw a sensation.

That man prayed, he said, “Oh Lord,” there’s going to be power flow through his hands, the bells are going to ring, the signs are going to flash, ding, dong, you know why, you’re talking about Paris in the springtime, everybody’s in love and there’s a carnival going on in Louisiana.

You’re not talking about God’s Word. You’re talking about some kind of spiritual mayhem. Mm-mm. Stood there like a statue. Not a thing. And the thing was: he believed.

Say, “Well I think…” You’re thinking wrong. Perfect has come, can’t take, can’t add, it’s finished, that’s it. I like that. I like it. Now to get working with what I’ve got my hands on.


Okay, we have reached the theorem principle. In other words when a thing gets proven you simply use it. Anybody that goes around proving and reproving a thing is a nut. Well he is. Something’s wrong.

We have reached the theorem principle and must simply act on it until we attain to an output according to our measure of faith as did the prophet according to his measure of faith. Now do you know where that’s found? Come on, let’s somebody tell me. Romans 12. Beginning at verse 3,

Romans 12:3-7

(03) For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; don’t try to put yourself in a position you don’t belong to,] but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith. [Everybody’s got a measure.]

(04) For as we have many members in one body, and all members not the same office:

(05) We, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.

(06) Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith;

(07) Or ministry, let us wait on our ministering: [according to the proportion of faith.] or he that teacheth, on teaching; [according to the proportion of faith.]

Right down the line, everybody has a proportion, not just a measure, but a proportion. Do not aspire to be William Branham. Leo tried it, where is he today? He had a dream.

Brother Branham said, “Leo, your own dream tells you you’re trying to get someplace.” He went out there to Arizona, fooled a lot of people, that he would interpret the prophet’s message, they would be the virgins, everybody else foolish virgin, led them right into condemnation.

One of my best friends went entirely insane out there. You can’t fool with this Message, fool with people, brother/sister. There’s a lack of sincerity from the center to the circumference, in us, in the Message all around.

A proportion of faith. We have reached the theorem principle and must simply act on it. We are predestinated to act on it, we must comply with the predestination, making it sure, we must act on it. And attain to an output, commensurate with our measure of faith as individuals, and our proportion as to ministering in the body.


Now you’re catching me, not catching too much. Your minds are just going bluey like this, like pinball machines right now. And thinking of even the building program going on, the things going on right now.

And you’re sitting there, you’re listening. I want your minds to be so keen when something comes it becomes moving in the direction of the Word! I’m not fussing at you; I’m just telling you what I want.

I may never get it, but I believe I’m going to. I believe there’s some right here catch things just like that. Then don’t throw them over your shoulder. Put them in here. Okay, I know what I’m talking about.

Once we are assured within ourselves that this prophet is sent from God with the Word of God we are in position to go from Hebrews 13:8 to Mark 16. In other words, we’re going from the premise, from the theorem, we are now going into an activity, because the lesser is contained in the whole.

As that Scripture said, “As God spared not His Own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not also with Him freely give us all things?”

As John said, “Look,” he said, “I’m telling you. I was with Him; I know what I’m talking about. You can have the same thing, bless God, step right up, be baptized in water, receive the Holy Ghost, and come on, join the happy, marching throng.” See? Right down the line. We’re to enter into this. See? The part contains the whole.


So therefore as we look at the complete manifestation of God, and perfection has come, we are in a position because we do know that these things are here, that they have transpired and continue to transpire, God working, God moving, God not having left the scene, but the same God taking us on, these are ours, and we should just absolutely demand them of ourselves, and here’s where the work comes in.

Say, “That’s mine, bless God, I’m going to have it.”

I’ve seen many a man chase a woman, a woman chase a man, till she’s got him and her. Yick when it was over. What did they catch? I’m giving you an illustration. If a man can work that hard and get a woman that ain’t worth having, and a woman can work that hard and get a man ain’t worth having, why aren’t we working on this?

Why aren’t we working on this? Well we’ve got to, because I cannot help you here, and you cannot help me. As I said, look, I’m taking my premise, I’m trying to go into it without any emotion, without anything, saying, look, it’s been proven, I will pray for the sick and they’re healed as far as I am concerned.


Now see years ago I’d have to work up a certain kind of steam. I’d get myself kind of anointed. Oh I could do it too, don’t worry. Told you years ago I had this song leader back in Canada, and oh Lord God help us. He couldn’t have a platform, he wanted to preach.

And so he’d ruin mine for me. Everybody was so mad at Rudy they could have killed him. Not me. I didn’t care. I was walking back and forth and speaking in tongues, on my breath of course, not out loud, never speak in tongues out loud in a meeting. Or even in your own room you don’t need to speak in tongues. I was great on tongues in those days. Gave me a kind of anointing.

And I’d go back and forth, then I’d stop and I’d meditate in the message, I’d get myself all steamed up. And I knew within five minutes of opening my mouth I’d have that congregation right in my hand, I didn’t care if a thousand Rudy’s ruined it.

When you know what you’ve got, what are you worried about? Turned that whole meeting right around in five minutes flat. And there were healings, one after the other. I put myself in a breach. I’m going to do the same thing, but different.

By the grace of God, and the Lord’s got to help me. And your prayers will help me, which they are, I appreciate your prayers like you don’t believe. See? I tell you, I appreciate them. To be able to stand there without any conviction other than the Word of God. God said so. That’s something. Yep. It’s something.

Once we are assured within ourselves that this prophet is sent from God with the Word of God, we are in position to go from Hebrews 13:8, just like Abraham. “How you feel now, dear?”

“No better.”

“Who cares, glory to God you’re going to have it.”


“Because He appeared, He said so. Can’t fail.”


All right, to Mark 16 and into all the promises that are now yea and amen, as manifested to be in Christ Jesus. In other words, the Word as Brother Branham preached it and we saw it, and we know that’s it. It is the simple progression of moving from desire to attainment, as set forth by the Word.

In other words, desire is stimulated by the Word that says, “You can have it,” attainment is using the principle of faith, and the principles of faith are what we’re looking at today as set forth in the Word to give us the answers.

It is a simple progression of moving from desire to attainment, as set forth by the Word. The same conviction that the prophet had will set us on a true course of attainment. The same conviction, it’s of God.

The old song, ‘There’s A Deep Settled Peace In My Soul’. “There’s a deep settled peace in my soul, though the billows round me roll,” in the turbulence and all, “there’s a deep settled peace in my soul.”

And that’s what we’re looking at, because the turbulence will come from the factors in our body. That’s why the Bible tells us that the elders will pray for the sick. The elders aren’t sick, the poor guy is sick.

If he’d have had enough faith he’d been out of the mess by now. So the elders come. But you got to believe it. You don’t keep running somewhere else for more prayer, or more elders coming. You believe.


Now the Bible says at this time the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up, and if he commit any sins, they shall be forgiven. What a marvelous Word of God. You know that works?

Say, “Well Brother Vayle, I hope it does.” I’m telling you it does, but it may take some time. Because you may have to go some rigorous experience to be sorry you ever sinned. And you’re over it.

God doesn’t forgive, simply let a man go out and, you know, He doesn’t forgive us like be wallowing in the mire to simply go out and wallow again. Paul said, “Now you’re washed; now you’re clean.” We don’t wallow anymore.

It is time to march with the beat of the Message. That’s right. Not to hear some of the old drums from Pentecost and Nazarenes and God knows what, I don’t know. You know, where you come out. You’re marching to a different beat; you’re listening to another voice.

Paul said there’s lots of voices in the air, we’ve got to get the right Voice. That’s why we’re committed to this Message. Read the record of any church, there’s no record like William Branham in here, I don’t care what anybody says. This goes right back to a record that is so close to the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, if it isn’t the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, I’ll settle for it just the same.

Because I want to tell you, I wouldn’t know it was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself except it was explained, and this picture was explained, and the Word was explained in Matthew 4 and Matthew 12, I’d have missed it millions of times. Any time.


So I’m convinced that we’ve got something here that nobody else had. The historians admit it. Church historians admit it. Now you got some liars and bamboozlers, I don’t care; they’re going to go to the Lake of Fire.

You say, “Brother Vayle, you sound unconcerned.” I am unconcerned.

I’m not going to worry about denominations or organizations, I’m worried about us. Love, brother/sister is sacrificial but not destructive. If you destroy yourself in an act of love, is not an act of love, because love will always build you up as you go.

So don’t expect me to love it to the point of being destructive to destroy my soul. You could have an intense desire, brother/sister, that God would put something upon you to save somebody else.

Better be careful how far you go there too, because there’s only one Savior, no matter what you do, He’s still the Savior. He’ll not share His glory, His honor. We have a lot of screwy ideas, about time we got rid of them.

May the grace of God help us to get rid of our ideas and let God’s Word come in. We don’t have any room for ideas, tell you the truth; not this late in the day.


All right, Brother Branham was talking about himself and his vindicated ministry, and he was letting you know that there are messengers sent from God, they’re called angels, the word ’angelos’ is messenger. It’s just the same as the word ’witness’ is ’martyrius’, which is a martyr, open your mouth you’ll get clobbered. Unless you’re one of the gang.

You’re not much of a witness then, if you’re one of the gang, are you? Because you’re not a martyr. If you don’t get hit and knocked down, you’re one of the boys.


All right, angels sent from God, the Presence of God-like, that’s the Presence of God there, he was sent from that. You don’t believe that, why believe Moses? Why would I believe Moses? I wasn’t there to see the Red Sea or anything else.

Personally, I’m not too much interested in Moses. Oh I am, you know what I mean. But let’s look at this. Don’t worry about… Paul’s a wonderful man too. I didn’t live when Paul lived. I’m going to tell you something. If I was in Christ, I recognized that, whatever in me, God or the devil will recognize that. Sure.

Brother Branham mentioned the angels, messengers that came from God, that come with the Word of God. Not some denominational message, but the Message of God.

And Brother Branham categorically said, “If it’s not a new message, it’s not a true healing revival, it’s not a true message of God.”

Why would God bring a healing revival to attract your attention, to gain favor with you, and bring you the same old tired message that you already had, evidently already liked? You wouldn’t want it.


All right, now page 31, he inserts quickly and goes back to himself a little bit about Satan’s anointed ones. And he said even as God has His anointed ones that comes from His Presence, so do they come from Satan’s presence, those angels that Satan anoints.

[31-1]  Satan and his demons are anointed.


All right, where is that found? Well we know where it’s found. It’s found in 2 Corinthians 11th chapter, where Paul is talking about these poor little virgins that have fallen for something they shouldn’t fall for. And he says here, in verse 13:

2 Corinthians 11:13-15

(13) For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

(14) And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

(15) Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

And just like Cain they’ll tell you how to worship and serve God, and they’re wrong. They’ll mess the Bible up for you. Some don’t even want the Bible. Some Pentecostals have gone beyond the Bible.

“We don’t need the Bible anymore, Brother Vayle, we’ve got the Holy Ghost, hallelujah.” Yep. Well praise the Lord.

[31-1]  But these Angel Spirits that are anointed to bring you the Word, to cause you to believe the Word…


All right, that’s Hebrews 1. God in the prophets. Bringing the Word. And notice it will cause you. Let’s go to Luke 1:17, let’s watch these words, they’re lovely words. Cause you. Here’s John the Baptist.

Luke 1:17

(17) And he shall go before [the Lord God of Israel,] in the spirit and power of [Elijah], to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, [even] the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; [in order] to make ready [the] prepared [people].

Already the people are there, they just need to just get ready. They’re prepared, they’re the vessels prepared of God. Now He’s got to get them ready. So He sends John the Baptist, right at the time, so that God can appear to him.


Now notice, this is causative! It is causative! It causes the hearts to turn! How far have you turned in this church? I haven’t turned too far really, I can stand up here and boast as though I’ve, you know, got somewhere. Ha. Oh brother/sister.

If there’s one thing I hope I’m not, is a hypocrite. Or a boasting bragger. As though I’d arrived when I haven’t arrived. But you know what? Not to worry, this is causative. Lord how far does my heart need turning? “I’ll take care of that,” He says. Well come on, here:

Luke 1:17

(17) And he shall go before [the Lord God of Israel] in the spirit and power of [Elijah], to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, [even] the disobedient…

Those that don’t know the answers! They don’t understand! They’re without understanding! And he opens the understanding and the heart is turned! Elijah stood before God on Mount Carmel.

And he said, “Now Lord,” he said, “this is the time You’re going to turn the hearts of the children back to the fathers.” And God did it, it was causative! There’s your theorem again. See? You need zinc? Eat minerals. It’s that simple. It’s causative.


[31-1]  These Angel [messengers like William Branham] bring you the Word, to cause you to believe the Word…

We do. We don’t believe this, what do we believe? That’s why I say the dedication and the sell out must be as perfect as Brother Branham’s, brother/sister, and we can do it in our own measure.

Oh you know I’m not saying to be like Brother Branham, as though we had that measure, but in our own place, we are just as much… look, my little finger doesn’t lift near as much as one of these other fingers here. And my ear, I could even make my earlobe do some certain… my Lord have pity, how much could my earlobe lift? But it can!

You women don’t have earrings holding, you know, or yeah, I could prove the point, say, “Come on lady up here.” Let me see, oh my ears hold my glasses up. No, my nose does too. But look it, it won’t do like if I took thirty pounds, but it does perfect, you know, for the three ounces, or whatever it is.


I’m trying to show you something. So Brother Branham and us in comparison! You don’t need to compare yourself to Brother Branham and say, “Well I’m not Brother Branham, I don’t have this, so that…” Oh come on, that’s ridiculous. That’s ridiculous. We’re coming apace by the Word of God.

Now notice Satan has his emissaries, he’s got his angels of light, and we’ll talk about them a little later on, so I won’t conclude it here, next paragraph I will. Now notice in here, Satan will hammer away with anti-word.

The true Spirit messenger, he will hammer away with the true Word! Now Pentecostal women, they wanted Brother Branham, “Come and teach us gifts, come this, come this, come this.” Oh listen, listen to the Word! And see where the gifts are. See?


All right:

[31-1]  Now, could you see where you ever heard a prophet, a real prophet of God denying God’s Word? [He’d be a false prophet, wouldn’t he? That’s the devil denying it. Balaam.] No, sir. What happened when the organizations of their days raised up and said, “Now, he’s wrong.” [That’s a true servant of God, a prophet. That prophet] stood by himself and stood alone. And he said, “It’s right.”

Brother Branham proved that to Pentecostals one time. More than one time. Like in a meeting. You know, they couldn’t stand his doctrine of being one God. It had to be Trinitarian, you know, stuff, which is diabolical, it’s not of God, that’s doctrine of devils. Not the doctrine of God. Proved to be in this twentieth century. You know?

And Brother Branham prophesied that the Shakarian girl was going to die. And people got all steamed up, and they said, “Thus saith the Lord, my daughter is going to live.”

Everybody thought, “Praise the Lord, God’s changed his mind.”

So Billy Paul said, “Daddy, what about it?”

He said, “All I know is He said,” he said, “two o’clock, watch the clock.” She was dead at two o’clock in the morning.


Now look, Word’s Word. Why fool with the vindicated prophet? Why fool… fool at all? This is life and death, brother/sister, and the simplicity is beautiful, because it means life. You say, “Well I believe this.” Sure I believe that, I can’t help but believe that. That’s authenticated.

Now don’t doubt there could be other pictures with certain kind of lights on them, I could care less. That’s different. Manifestation came forth, brother/sister.

There’s manifestation in this world, there’s lots of lights, there’s lots of everything, there’s by any stretch of the imagination, you can almost have anything, you put hand in the cheese barrel and cracker barrel, you’ll pull it out.

But I’m going to tell you there’s only one that stays with the Word, because it is the Word. There’s only one. God’s got His prophets, the devil’s got his.


All right, let’s go to the next paragraph.

[31-2]  Look at Micaiah down there that day, that little old holy-roller, the son of Imlah. There were four hundred anointed, supposed to be, anointed prophets standing up there all well fed, and fixed, with big degrees, and highly educated and polished scholars, and said, “Go up, our loyal king. The Lord be with you. That belongs to us; Joshua gave it to us, so you go up and take it. That’s exactly right. You go up and take it.’’

What’s he talking about there? False anointed, rascals that come from the devil. Educated men and they’ll stand right there and said, “Listen, we know the Word of God.”

I’ve got a tape right now from Dwayne Dean. On it there’s a boy that used to be a Mormon, now he’s a wonderful great man of God, see? Former Mormon. And he’s letting you know that he really knows something.

And he calls himself a reporter, I’m quite sure he does, but he’s not, he’s a liar, he’s an editorializer. Because if he was a reporter he would simply list to you all the facts and state the facts and you draw your own conclusion.


Now here’s a man goes to Brother Branham’s meetings and Dr. West is there and that’s where the picture was taken in Houston arena, big auditorium. This man’s a real reporter.

And he sees certain things being done, he sees a man come in and this man’s got a white cane and the man just explodes, “Hey, I can see, I can see.” So he wonders, and here’s a person, he gets up off a cot, another off a wheelchair. Here’s somebody all bent over.

So at the end of the meeting he goes and sees some of these patients, the people, and he said, “Say,” he said, “I noticed,” he said, “you with the white cane there.” He said, “You purported to be healed by William Branham as you were on the platform.”

“No,” he said, “I wasn’t healed by William Branham, I was healed by God, but William Branham prayed for me. He has a gift of healing.”

“Oh I see. All right now, you could of course had been paid by him to come up there, and you weren’t blind at all.”

Well he said, “That’s true, I could have been, but I wasn’t.” He said, “Here’s my card, showing I’m a blind person, legally blind for twenty years, I can’t even see a hand before my eyes.” He broke his white cane to prove it.

And he said, “Well,” he said, “maybe you could have had that card and been fooling people.”

Well he said, “No,” he said, “there’s no way I could have fooled them, because they took all these tests.”

And so he goes on, questions some more people, finally he gets to Brother Branham, he said, “Now, Reverend Branham, I understand, seat by seat that these things are supposed to be happening, is that really the power of God?”

Well he said, “It certainly is, because I never healed anybody in my life and never expect to heal anybody. It’s just a gift I’ve got from God and I’m using it here, God is the great Healer.”


All right, the next man he interviews is this Dr. West. Now he said, “Dr. West,” he said, “I understand because this meeting, you didn’t agree with Reverend Branham.”

He said, “No I sure don’t.”

“Well,” he said, “do you believe that people are getting healed?”

He said, “Sure they’re getting healed.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t sound that way on the platform as though anybody could be healed.”

“Oh,” he said, “people get healed.”

He said, “Well how are they getting healed?”

“Well they’re getting healed by the devil.”

“Well William Branham said that they’re being healed by God.”

“Well,” he said, “I’m telling you he’s wrong, they’re being healed by the devil.”

“Well now, there’s this man over here with the white cane…”

“Yeah, I know him; he used to come to our church.”

“Yeah? Was he really blind?”

“Oh he’s really blind, no doubt about it.”

“Now you say that this man has been healed now, but it’s got to be by the devil.”

“Yeah, I sure do.”


Now I’m going to show you, watch this reporter now. This reporter could go ahead, if he’s just reporting everything as I’m saying it, now he could go ahead and begin to use Dr. West, and begin to make all the implications on his own and his own understanding and put it on the public.

But as long as he only says exactly what William Branham said, and the people said, and Dr. West said, the man is a reporter! But the minute he puts in one opinion, he’s not a reporter.

Now, “Dr. West, why don’t you like this man William Branham?”

“Well he’s a Oneness, doesn’t believe in the Trinity doctrine, and I’m a Trinitarian. So I don’t like that at all.”

“Okay, now what do you mean?”

“Well we believe there’s three gods comprised one Godhead, and he said just one God comprised in one Godhead.”

Now he could report that, and say, “Well that’s fine.” But let’s take this a little more, ex-Mormon boy. He’s going to tell you right now with big laugh and sneers and all that Branham can’t be right, because he’s a Oneness.

How come no Trinitarian could do what William Branham did? You mean to tell me three gods cannot outwork one God? Did this one God pull something on two gods? I’m serious and I want to know.

Because I cannot understand the folly that people have in their minds, concerning God creating mankind and knowing he would fall, and that He would redeem and to give Himself glory, which things we can only adhere to in our minds, and don’t understand in our hearts, we just believe them.

We don’t know what it all means. But poor God made mankind, and He made the devil too. But God wasn’t too smart, because now the devil’s got the upper hand, and God says, “Oh what am I going to do?”

And the Son says, “I think I’ll die for them.” Can you imagine? Trinitarianism.

Even make Jesus God. Jesus is not God. The man Christ Jesus. Man, Christ Jesus. Man, Christ Jesus. Man, Christ Jesus. Called a man, right? If I can find what I’m looking for.

Hebrews 1:8

(08) But unto the Son he saith, Thy throne, O God…

And the Lord said to my Lord, God said to God, not three gods, God’s an object of worship. You worship Jesus sitting on the throne? If he stood here with nail prints, and you knew it was the nail prints… let’s say we get caught up in the air.

Let’s say God has not incarnated Himself in the man Christ Jesus. And he stands aside. Wouldn’t you fall down and weep, and hold him by the ankles? Wouldn’t you worship him? Thank him profusely?

I think people are mixed up, and I mean they’re terribly mixed up. There aren’t any reporters left, there’s no reporters left, they editorialize. There’s not a religious book that doesn’t editorialize. This does not editorialize. This does not editorialize.


God anoints, the devil anoints the same as God anoints, but God doesn’t anoint what the devil anoints, that is to its manifestation, what it’s really going to come to.

These people here, these prophets, likened today to the students of the Word, seminary students, who have divided the Word by reasoning and not by revelation, like this boy’s doing, and he said, “Well I’m going to tell you what’s right.”

He can’t tell what’s right, because he’s already anointed by the devil.

Do you believe the Bible? Most don’t really believe the Bible. Not really. Just really don’t believe it; they just can’t believe it, because you see they got to have their own thinking. Brother Branham sure did a lot to help me; in fact he’s the one that really helped me.

And I wouldn’t have got any help from God except through him. Oh-ho-ho, people don’t like that one do they? “Well Brother Vayle, you see, I see perfectly what I said. I believe the Word that says that “He who receiveth whomsoever I send receiveth Me.”

And I’m convinced God sent him, so I’ve received God. And this is causative; something’s going to happen to me.” See?


All right.

Matthew 12:22-27

(22) Then [they] brought unto him one possessed with a devil, blind, and dumb: and he healed him, insomuch the blind and dumb both spake and saw.

(23) And all the people amazed, said, Is not this the son of David? [And the Pharisees said, “Hogwash. Son of David, my foot.”]

(24) …This fellow [doth not] cast out devils, but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils. [Let me tell you how he does it. It’s the devil.]

(25) Jesus knew their thoughts, said, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:

(26) If Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how then [shall] his kingdom stand?

(27) If I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out?

There’s only one way to cast out devils, that’s by God period. Devil’s not going to cast himself out. Listen, God came down into an incarnation, the body of Jesus Christ and died upon Calvary. This One that we look at and we know from a preexistence, “Give me the glory I had in the beginning.”

Let’s face it, there was a preexistence. I can’t explain it all but I’m getting closer to it all the time. Some day God will help me, maybe, I don’t know. Coming on down. Stood right there, and they said, “This cannot be that one. There’s no way he is that one.”


Now he said here, “The kingdom is divided, if God casts out God. They’ve come to nothing.” He said, “Therefore Satan does not cast out Satan, not by any stretch of the imagination.” He said, “It is only God Who casts out devils.”

And they blasphemed the very God of heaven, and the Bible says they’re going to blaspheme the God of heaven; they’re going to gnaw their tongues in pain and torture during the tribulation.

Matthew 12:28-29

(28) But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, the kingdom of God is come unto you.

(29) Or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house…

Who’s the strong man? That’s where your faith is. The strong man is your faith. We’ll go into that sometime, not now. All right, now let’s get down here:

Matthew 12:31-32

(31) Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.

(32) Whosoever speak[s] a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speak[s] against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, in this world, [nor] the world to come.


All right, back there before the sacrifice you could blaspheme and get away with it if there’s a sacrifice, because you didn’t know better. But when the Holy Ghost came, that’s in the time of Paul and in now, you blaspheme the Holy Ghost, it’s all over.

It’s not just strict blasphemy, brother/sister that we have to look at. You’ve got to look at the fact of men disbelieving and sneering. And making light. And being critical. Many men will not go so far as to blaspheme, but let me tell you, the criticism will lead to it if you’re not careful.

[31-3]  What did he say, “Well,” You know, Jehoshaphat [now he’s talking about Micaiah here, and Ahab and Jehoshaphat. You know, Jehoshaphat,] “Isn’t there another one?” [“Besides these four hundred people that stick together?”]

Now why do you think Jehoshaphat would ask for somebody else when there four hundred standing there? Because he had enough on the ball spiritually to know that there was no such thing as four hundred people saying the same thing, unless it was rigged. No way.

I mean there wasn’t even one person, he said, “Find me one person that’s not with this bunch, and I want to see if he says the same thing.”

And Ahab said, “Well,” he said, “no way.” He said, “These boys are just tremendous, you’ve got to listen.”

He said, “I’m sorry, I’m not listening.”


[31-3]  “[Haven’t you got one somewhere?] Surely, you got another one somewhere.” Well, [said Ahab, I do] have one. There is another one, oh man, I hate him.” [“Ah,” said Jehoshaphat.] “That’s the guy I want to listen to.” Said, “Bring him up. Let’s see what he’s going to say.”

Type of ecumenism here. Ecumenism. Do you think that’s not going on now? Come on. Pbbt. You try and rent a building in a city where the town council listen to the local church clergy men. The ministerial assassination, you go to some town that’s got them.

And you try to get a building, they’ll refer you to the assassination, and if you ain’t one of them, you ain’t going to have it. That’s the Protestants, not the Catholics.

Catholics don’t belong. That’s your Protestants. The only thing they can protest is protest for ignorance or error; they forgot protesting for God a long time ago. Haven’t had it for God knows how long.

And you notice all those old boys are dying, like old Dr. Rice, you know, Sheldon, all those guys are all about dead now, the Barnhouses’, they’re all gone. You got nobody left.

There’s no… the wilderness out here, who’s crying? Oh we lift a little trembling voice amongst ourselves, and we don’t listen to ourselves, nobody else does either.

Where’s the Voice of God? Dead, dead, dead. Got to be. It’s dead as far as any vocal position is concerned, but it’s mighty living brother/sister, where it’s supposed to be.

Well he said, “I’d like to hear what he’s got to say.”


[31-4]  So they went and told him, “Now, listen. You set your sermon just right this morning, ‘cause you’re preaching to the king. You’re preaching to all the ministerial association of So-and-so of Palestine, and the whole ministerial association. Now, you remember, here’s what they said; you say the same thing; you believe the same thing as we do.”

[31-5]  Now he had the wrong man there. That man had done got away from the old reasonings. He’d done cleaned the flues out, his conscience, and… [so forth.]

Now William Branham is talking about himself, because he withstood the people. That is the hierarchy.

[31-6]  “Well, you know what they’ll do? If you’ll say the same thing, I [tell you] they’ll likely make you district presbyter; probably will. [You know, if you just say the same thing, join the gang.] They’ll make you general overseer for the local district here if you’ll just agree with those men.” [Now he said,] That wouldn’t be a real man of God. [No way.]


[31-7]  Why, his [channels] had all been cleared out, all of his conscience [that is all his consciousness, all the things by past experience, and everything going on,] everything was clear; his mind was open to the Word of God; and the Word of God only would he believe. That’s a ministering Spirit; that’s a ministering Spirit.

In other words only the pure Word of God, even though outnumbered, doesn’t mean a thing.

He said, “I don’t know what to say now, but I’ll tell you one thing: I’ll only say what God tells me to say.” [He didn’t know at that minute, see? But he know later on. If God would tell him, if God would tell him. Maybe God wouldn’t tell him. But he’s going to find out if God will talk to him.] So they waited that night [and of course Micaiah] had a vision.


[32-1]  The next morning, I could imagine Micaiah looking through Scriptures and saying, “Now, let’s see. [What about] that vision… Now, all those men… [are] wrong here somewhere, because [Elijah was] contrary to what they said. And what’d It say? Let’s see what Elijah said back here, the prophet, ’cause we know he was a prophet.

…See where the Word of the Lord came to Elijah, yeah, what did It say? The dogs shall lick your blood, [Ahab.] Jezebel. The dogs will eat her, because of righteous Naboth.’” [She had him killed.] When he saw that, he saw that his vision was just straight with the Word of God then, and old Ahab had it coming to him.

[32-2]  He walked right up and said, “Go on up, but I have seen Israel…” [Scattered like sheep without a shepherd.] See, he wasn’t ashamed to tell his vision then, because it was the Word of the Lord.

See his vision a hundred percent contrary, “Go up there, bring the land back, hallelujah, everything’s going to be great.”

“Ahab, go on up, you’re dead, you’re gone. Israel’s in worse mess than ever.”

That’s what the vision said. And it had to because Ahab had to have his blood licked up by the dogs, and Jezebel had to be eaten up by the dogs. And it happened. You know, it’s just like she’d already been eaten up by the dogs, but his turn now to get his blood licked up.

Or vice versa, I forget… she got threw her off the wall after Ahab was killed, maybe that’s how it was. My chronology isn’t too clear, but I can look it up.

[32-2]  See, he wasn’t ashamed to tell his vision then, because it was the Word of the Lord. He knew he could take that thing just perfectly. What? He’d opened his heart, and his mind to the Word of God, and the Word of God had been revealed back, so he knew that was perfectly the Word of God.


Now that’s exactly what Brother Branham could do. Providing that it was something that God wanted to show him. See, he tried on one occasion to get God to show him something concerning a person, and all God showed him was a string, just left him dangling like a string in the air, said, “Now just don’t try to press.”

You know folks that’s one thing, you mustn’t try to press. Now you can press yourself to stand resolute and force yourself in conditions that you don’t like to do the right thing, but you cannot force yourself upon God, don’t ever try. Don’t try to make yourself understand things, just ask God to show you.

That’s why I’m so careful myself up here, and told you time after time, if it isn’t there, don’t shove it. See my faith is a very strange faith; my proportion of faith for the ministry I have is I’ll stand up here and I’ll fuss and say, “Man I’m upset I don’t see things.”

But really I’m not, because I’ll just wait until He shows me. If He doesn’t show me, I’m not supposed to be shown. I can’t handle the Scripture then if He doesn’t show me, I can’t do it. See now Brother Branham’s talking about himself here. What you do.

[32-3]  Now, you say, “Oh, if I could only be a Micaiah.” You can be; you are. [In your own position. And he said to the little girl on the cot,] You are too, honey. You’re a Micaiah the prophet. What can you do? Open your mind.


In other words, “Hey can I really think these thoughts?”

You say, “Let’s look it up here. Can I really think the thoughts about that being the Pillar of Fire, the Shekinah glory attendant upon the Presence of God, God Himself is there and that’s the visibility given to the camera whereby we know that God Personally is there. Well let me see now.”

You see what you got to do? God opens your mind. This thing that cuts in here, the senses, and here, this cuts in right in here. Like a dull thing behind the eyeballs and it’s saying, “Now you better take it easy there boy.” You know. Now check it with the Word.

My strong point on this here, really, is just one thing. I don’t have a lot of integrity, you know I don’t know what I’d do for a million dollars, I don’t know what I wouldn’t do.

I don’t have that much integrity, and I’m too sharp a person and nice person. But I could never believe God will allow anybody to use His Name and then back it up if God wasn’t behind it. Uh-uh.


Boy if somebody came with one of my checks, and the signature was not the right signature, you know, but they’d done an illegal thing by signing my name and it wasn’t my name there, even though it looked pretty good and I knew what was on the check, do you think I wouldn’t raise every kind of ruckus under high heaven and get my money back or anything else?

Say, “Look, I don’t authorize that bird; he’s not going to use my name to get money.”

Then do you think Brother Branham, any man trying to say’ Thus saith the Lord’ and God back it up? Say, “Well now you see, that was meant to deceive people.”

Oh come on, get off of it. God can deceive and not be stupid and unrighteous and untrue to Himself. He already sets the premise in Deuteronomy 18, and going to tell God, “Well God doesn’t do it.”

Who says God doesn’t do it anymore? You said so? Your pastor said so? Your church says so? Tell me where God’s Word said? “I can show you all through Scripture He remains the same. He doesn’t change, what He does is the same. See?

[32-3]  Open your mind. What am I trying to tell you this morning? The Word of the Lord. See? Open your mind;

To the Word of the Lord. To the Word of the Lord. To the Word of the Lord. You’ve already got a Word, which is Word by man compiled through experience and what man arrives at through his own fallibility! This is by infallibility!


Now would you sooner have a ten dollar bill that’s real, or a bogus eight hundred dollar bill? Or let’s put a thousand, because I’ve never heard of an eight hundred dollar bill. There are thousand dollar bills. Would you sooner have a genuine ten dollar bill or a thousand dollar bogus?

Now that’s what he’s telling us here! We can begin… now here’s the battle that I’ve been telling you about! The battle of this is nothing to what this is this morning. Oh boy, I just even get tired of thinking about it.

You know this week, after preaching on Sunday and Wednesday, you talk about being attacked by the devil, just to go bluey. I couldn’t even remember what I said, and I knew I said the right thing. I can prove I said the right thing, got the tape, plus I got my notes.

I’m going to say it right now, the right thing, tell you the right things. Tell you the theorem, the whole bit, right down to the letter. And yet your mind goes bluey. The mind is the enemy of God. I have an enemy of God here, it needs to be annihilated.


You know, all the time trying to lick these little things called lusts, pbbt, they’re nothing. They’re nothing. Want to quit smoking? Commit an offence, get thrown in jail for six months where you can’t smoke, you’ll quit smoking. That doesn’t bring your mind under control.

Quit drinking? Pbbt. I can help you right there. We’ll give you Antabuse. Give it a shot of liquor, you’ll think you’re going to die, then you’ll pray to die. You smell it, one whiff of liquor, you think you’re going to die again; you’ll pray you do die. I can get you off liquor with Antabuse.

You want to get cured of stealing? I can cure that too, cut your hand off, you’ll never do it again. Lots of things we could do. That’s kid’s play alongside this. Because here you have your full faculties with everything like Eve, blessing and all things around, isn’t this nice and all that. Devil comes in, into your mind.

Now the mind is a good and a normal functioning thing. But it’s still an enemy. Yep, I can’t preach an easy way, brother/sister, I wish I could. If God helps me I’ll preach an easier way, I can’t do it. Up to this point we got to face these things.


[32-3]  The Word of the Lord. See? Open up your mind; say, “Now, you know, I do believe I can be healed.”

Now he said, “How do you know?” Based upon the premise, the major theorem, look it’s vindicated, it is possible, it is not only possible, it is being done; it is here to be done! Can I have it? Yes I can have it!

Now you got to get yourself out of the way and start looking to the cross, because He died upon Calvary, and by His bruise you’re healed, the double cure. See? “Well maybe I’ve been too wicked.” Hasn’t got a thing to do with it, the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanses.

What have you done that might be harmful? That might be hindering? We clean it up, even then that’s not the answer, you still got to believe it. You got to believe it. You got to believe your mind, open it right up. See? But at least we have the premise; we have the springboard where we want to go to.

[32-3]  Sure It’s the Word of the Lord. This guy here says, “The days of miracles are past; you can’t do this…” Forget about it. [It’s been done.] Put God first. Here comes the Word of the Lord, and he spoke It, and It was so.


What’s he talking about? He spoke it, William Branham, it was so. What more do we want? Well I know what we want. We want a sudden death and a resurrection, hallelujah. It isn’t going to come that way! This is a growth.

You know isn’t it strange? Everything today is headlines, growth, a growth, a growth! Betty Ford, Nancy Reagan, a growth, a growth! Let’s go for another growth, the Word of the mind. Let’s get the sweet cancer of God, so to speak, the sweet opium of God, as Brother Branham used it. In our mind. Huh? Sure.

And let’s always associate it with God. I said that on purpose, not to associate man, because say, “Well that man failed, that man failed, that man failed.”

William Branham in the power of God never failed once, as an individual he failed as a person many times, but this One never failed. When He took a human body, “Which of you can confute Me?” Find one place, one word, one thing out. See?

Brother Branham is telling us here now, based on the premise, the theorem principle, the Word of the Lord that we’re receiving and have received for our healing is just as real and dynamic as when creation took place under Moses and under him. No difference.

[32-4]  Now, what did Satan do? [Going back and forth to this anointed business, people, God anoints, Satan anoints.] Satan had the others anointed. [That’s those four hundred men.] Now, Satan anoints his servants. Oh, sure, uh-huh, sure. He anoints his servants. What does he anoint them with? With unbelief. Satan and his demons anoint humanity to disbelieve God’s Word.


Now then that’s a categorical statement! He uses Genesis 3:4, so let’s go to Genesis 3:4, because he doesn’t read at that point, so let’s go and read it. Okay:

Genesis 3:4

(04) And the serpent said to the woman, [Thou] shall not surely die:

So he anointed her with unbelief. His word did it. Now he didn’t clunk her on the head and pour something in. He spoke. I am not clunking you on the head and pouring something in, the prophet does not clunk you on the head and pour something in, God does not clunk you on the head and pour something in.

You listen, comes to your mind. Now what will you let lodge in your mind? The Word or anti-word?

[32-5]  Let’s just turn back and listen just a minute, see if that [isn’t] his first tactic. That’s the first thing he did; he never leaves his same tactics; [he doesn’t, neither does God.]

…he does it all the time. Now, just see if that is what it is. Now, he didn’t disagree with the Word; [that is, he didn’t say, “Look here, I want to tell you something, don’t you ever believe what God said.” What did he do?] he just caused her to kind of misconstrue that a little, you know, just kind of make It sound like the way he wanted It to sound–don’t take the whole Word.

[32-6]  Now, Genesis, I got here Genesis 3 and 4. Let’s see if that’s what he says. All right. The serpent said to the woman, Ye shall not surely die–not surely die: [See?] See how he quoted around it? “Oh, we believe the days of miracles are past.


“It’s not that God didn’t do miracles and miracles weren’t done, but you know those days are over.” That’s the good Baptist theory. “See, we’ve got the full Bible now, see this needed to be proved. And so what they did, they had miracles to prove it. But now we know it’s the truth.”

How do you know it’s the truth with about ten thousand people speaking ten thousand different thoughts on one paragraph alone? Hogwash.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a symposium here in America, and the American government ask all the scientists to come together in America, and we have ten thousand scientists, and they said ten thousand different things, and Reagan say, “Oh drop dead, I can do better than that as an actor.”

He said, “I can bluff it. You guys can’t even bluff it, pbbt, who needs you?” I like that. Goody for Reagan. Hope you get my thought here, brother/sister.

Where is this stuff about God doesn’t do miracles because the Word’s been given us? I want one verse of Scripture for it. Where did it come from? Signs following men and anointed by Satan. Though I give my body to be burned, doesn’t mean I’ve got it. “Surely you won’t die.”

[32-6]  We don’t believe there is such a thing as people receiving the Holy Ghost like they did on Pentecost. [Who said so?] Oh, any way you’re baptized, it doesn’t make any difference.” See the devil? And his tactics?


Now if we can only apply the positive Word to ourselves, as Eve should have done, we’d all get the results we want. That’s what we’re looking at here. True. Eve should have done it, because she had the Word and she could have done it. She could have done it, she should have done it.

Now this business here, wrong baptism, do you know that Brother Branham’s ministry was so tremendous that if anything should settle a dispute as how to get baptized correctly, his ministry should have solved it.

And under the Seventh Seal, Brother Branham said, “It’s ’THUS SAITH THE LORD’ you must be re-baptized if you were baptized wrong.”

People still refuse the definition of a prophet, that’s the whole trouble. What is the prophet all about? The Word. Well how do you know he’s the one to listen to? God will send signs and wonders. What signs and wonders? Right with the Word. Then let’s have a contest!

Okay, you prophets come on in. Wouldn’t I just have loved to see a contest like Elijah with the prophets of Baal? Oh man. Ah, no it wouldn’t work, it wouldn’t work, brother/sister, because God’s not a fool. Nope.

You know what it would have done? It would have got a lot of people believing in a disbelief. They wouldn’t have made it anyway. Oh brother/sister, that’s too much like taking a boat out with a lot of people that can’t swim and their boat capsizes. You got tragedy. No, God wouldn’t do that, no He wouldn’t do it.


All right, let’s go further:

[33-1]  “Well, if the doctor told you you can’t get well, that settles it.”

[33-2]  Now, not discrediting or disbelieving the doctor, the doctor is working on the line of scientific. And the doctor has done everything he can to save the person’s life; and if it can’t be saved, because there’s nothing he knows else to do; he’s at the end of his wits. The man’s honest. [Now watch:]

[33-3]  But now, the tree of knowledge is all right, but when you go as far as it’ll go, then step off of it onto the Tree of Life and just keep on going. Amen. That’s it. It’ll just work so far. [And no further.]

Now, he said, “Leave the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” And it’s true; doctors can do so much good and then no more. Then they’ve got what evil, it sets in.

Listen, you can overdose yourself with any mineral or any vitamin and just make you go bonkers. There’s nothing that you can’t take that doesn’t become poison to you. And there’s nothing that if it’s adjusted to the body, like even arsenic, the body can handle it; it’s good, if you don’t take too much.

Now I don’t know how much cyanide you could take, but the body can handle cyanide, because you get it in certain nuts and things. I don’t suppose there’s anything that God made that the body cannot handle. If it is the right proportion and the right kind.


Now that’s the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They can manipulate those things, and help you, but there comes a time when you’re finished! Are you finished?

Now look, this is for me and for all of us, let’s understand this, I’m not going to try to preach anything and get myself out of the net, and I’m in. We’re all into together. Age has nothing to do with healing. I can be healed, you can be healed, every one of us can be healed. Unless a prophet comes by and says, “Not for you.”

Now some of us might not get healed because we haven’t thoroughly cleaned our lives up, in the area that we’re supposed to clean our lives up! Like you know, like Brother Branham talked about the woman and man both had gotten into adultery on each other.

And the woman could never get healed, and he suddenly saw what happened. Because she was unfaithful to her husband, and it was just killing her. But the minute she cleaned it up, it was all gone.


Now certain things are in there, but look it, we know God and God knows our hearts, and if we’re sincere, and not not legalists, you know, come on there’s a place you can pester yourself and drive yourself until you know… come on.

There’s nothing there but unbelief, unbelief, there’s no faith, there’s no nothing, but down, down, down, no nothing to me, nothing to God, nobody can help. You know you’re a zombie, you’re nothing. You know, I’ve seen that. Anybody can get that way. It’s tragic, but anybody can get that way.

You got to say, “Well look, I am a child of God. I know the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanses me. I know if I die I’m going to heaven. Everything is fine for me, this way, but in my body, evidently there’s something wrong, because I’m not prospering in my body as in my soul.”

Now look it, we are the most prospered people in the soul in God’s world if this is right, and it’s right. There’s nobody can deny that. Unless we’re not letting it down in there. So then we could look and say, “Lord, what is it?”

Now the Lord’s spoken on different occasions to me, told me what’s wrong. And I make the thing right, everything’s good. So look, any one of us can have help from God, we can leave the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and go right to the Tree of Life.


Now let me show you what I’ve got in mind here. We’re going to go to Revelation 22, and I want to show you this, because I think it’s a good thought. And I think it’s the Word of God. That is the thought of God, not the Word of God.

Twenty-two, if I can just get these pages apart. I wasn’t going to live so long to have to break a new Bible in. I’ve been kidding myself for four years. Okay verse 1 and 2.

Revelation 22:1-2

(01) And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. [Hallelujah, I like that.]

(02) In the midst of the street of it, either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.


The Tree of Life. The Tree of Life exposed. See? Healing. That’s why they couldn’t get it back in the garden. Now keep your mind, turn to the next page if you’ve got a Scofield Bible. No, I beg your pardon, stay on the same page.

Oh-ho. 10th verse:

Revelation 22:10

(10) And he saith to me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand.

What time? Revelation 10:1-7. Then what happens?

Revelation 22:14

(14) Blessed are they that [wash their robes, verse 14], that they may have the right to the tree of life…

There you are. So what am I showing you? I’m showing you the Tree of Life inherently bears healing, always has, always will. And we today are in the Presence of the Tree of Life and it hasn’t changed! And we go to heaven in glory, it won’t change! No different.

So therefore this morning we can all be healed of whatever the trouble is, meeting the little specific things we have to meet, what in the world is wrong with us, is there something spiritual? Then listen, if the spiritual’s taken care of, then we come right down where it said to where old Dr. Barnum was.

That great old gospel trumpeter of the Church of God, in Marion, Indiana. He went through the whole motions, he was dying. So weak he couldn’t do a thing.

He said, “Lord God,” he said, “I believe Your Word, I’ve confessed everything, there’s nothing between me and You as far as I know and I’m dying.” And like a voice said, “Yes, and you are going to die unless you believe Me. Get up!”

And he struggled to get up, he finally made it, he got one leg over the bed, the second over the bed, got his trousers, slowly, painfully, killing him, pulled them on. By the time he rose to his feet he was healed never to be sick another day in his life.


Now brother/sister, let me tell you something. We can get there; we’re trying to get it. It’s too bad the prophet’s not here to help us. It would be nice, because you know what? He’d help us back there. Oh God what we missed.

Well you got to settle for a second rate junkie up here. But I’m trying to help you. Now I don’t know what all we can do together to help each other, but I think a lot of this has to do again with talking the Word and being together. Commiserating, sharing the burdens.

Not getting your hand in anybody’s pocket, no that’s out. Nope. Nope. I was talking that this morning. Look it, husbands love your wives, you’ll believe, you’ll keep busy, you’ll do something. Families.

But then you see that love, and we are believing for that love of Christ to come more and more in this church until everybody gets healed. Look, I don’t know if you’re Bride, I don’t know that I am Bride. You believe you are, I believe you are. You believe I am, I believe I am.

And we don’t have to like each other, as Brother Hunt one day said, “You don’t have to like your wife, but you got to love them.” I’m kidding you about that, but you know, I’m letting you know something here. We’ve got to go beyond the place of like and disposition and personality conflicts and all.

Say, “Look.” Listen, God knows this personality conflicts’ a terrible thing. I won’t go into family details, but there’s one in our family, my sister read his handwriting, and she said, “He just puts his hand to it, smack me.”

Are you sitting here this morning, one of the people, you’ve got your, “Smack me”? You want somebody so you can grouch about it or feel something? Look, get that out of your system. If my hand stings, you take a crack, I’ll crack your teeth in. Just kidding of course. Just kidding of course.


I want to get you to understand. Don’t have those things there. Don’t look for them. If something goes wrong at home, wonder why, that person’s a little weaker vessel or something. We’ve been married almost fifty years; it’s just getting to where I believe we’re really married.

I think so, yeah, understanding now. A little bit. Another fifty, we’d be pretty good. I’ll understand, she’ll understand me. But you know getting into this Word the way we’re talking broadens the scope. And you get real empathy toward each other.

Look, there’s everybody here needs healing. Is anybody holding anybody? Brother Branham said, “Look it, one person can hold everybody back.” Let’s begin to examine our lives and see where we’re wrong.

Listen, I doubt there isn’t one thing that you and I cannot take care of if God speaks to our heart. And listen, you don’t need God to thunderbolt, you just stick with this Word and these messages, and you’ll find your heart checked.

But you’d better watch how your heart is checked, because I can hear Brother Branham’s sermon. And if I’m listening in a wrong atmosphere I’ll go negative, negative, negative. I won’t explain why this is true, but it’s happened to me. I can come in this building here, and it’s positive, positive, positive.


Now aren’t you glad you’re in a place where it’s Word positive? You’d better be glad, brother/sister. Because it’s been demonstrated. No matter what I say, there’s a positive Word here, proven by God. Oh if we could just… Just breathe that sigh of relief. Just… breathe all the unbelief out.

Brother Branham used to pray with his kids, his whole family, facing Hoffman’s Head of Christ. “We face this.”

Make everything mean something. And Brother Branham made everything mean something in this Message. Because it did mean something.

If that prophet could say, “God knew how many gnats there’d be, and how many times those gnats would bat their eyeballs.” How many gnats, how many times the eyeballs being batted. Then doesn’t He know all about me? All about you?

Can’t we let that great Master of creation, Who took the chemicals of this earth and wound them around a spirit, creation, and set them in that garden, can’t He take our spirit creation and wind the flesh we have around so we’re all one? Certainly He can. Brother/sister, He can if you want it and I want it.

But you can’t sit and hold back and act like a prima donna or something, expect someone’s going to dance around like a maypole. What you put in is what you’re going to get back. If you don’t put in, you ain’t going to get it back.

I’m going to tell you something, God put something in us to get something back. You got to lay it all out there in front. There’s got to be a merging, and it can be done, the beauty of it, he said, it can be done.

Now you say how? God will direct us brother/sister, if we’re willing this morning, like he said, “You’re willing, you’ll know the doctrine.” If we’re willing we’ll know the way. It’s going to be a battle on this here.

Okay. You ready? It’s all we can do, let’s rise and be dismissed. Fight the good fight of faith, here it comes somehow Lord help us, it’s all I can say, because I can’t back away from what I preached.

Heavenly Father, we come to You again this morning in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ at the end of this service, and we know the battle is being enjoined Lord, being joined. We know Lord we learned all these wonderful things, we see them all set before us.

But we know Lord God in heaven that as the prophet left this scene, he knew there was turmoil, there’s confusion, there’s lots of things going on, and things that should be going on weren’t going on, and things going on shouldn’t be going on.

And now this morning Lord we’re ready to square away if possible, somehow Lord, I must admit Lord I’m to the place where I know it would be nice, and I know that it’s the most wonderful thing in the world, but I don’t know if I’ve gotten lazy or what it is, mentally broken down, things in my soul, somewhere in this lukewarm age.

Maybe that’s just all it is, just this lukewarm age. But I just wonder sometimes if it’s worth the fight. Just wonder at times Lord if I’m in the right direction so that I’m headed to get what’s in Your Word here, along healing and these other things O God, and what we’re looking at in the church, but willing to drift with the tide, maybe that’s what it is, I think maybe that’s exactly what it is.

Just haven’t primed everything to where it should be, but Lord we’re confessing this morning, and I’m confessing for myself, and I believing the people are honest to confess themselves that this lukewarm condition is just not what’s the answer, there’s got to be the red hot flue from this Word Lord, to begin making the fire begin to pull, and the power of God begin to move Lord.

And if You exercising Your power that’s within us, at Your discretion Lord, because we’re vessels, that we believe we’re fit, You made us that way, Father, therefore we believe we’re fit and You could do that for us. And we want to be right with it Lord.

So we’re asking You to help us now in the things we’re not up in, and it just may be the teeniest thing, I don’t know, because we know You said a little fly makes the apothecary’s ointment distinct. It’s little foxes spoil the vines. You didn’t say it took a hurricane and a tornado.

And so Father we’re looking for You to help us this morning, and we pray You will O God, that whatever comes to our hearts and minds Lord, individually, could be maybe even shared with people Lord, could be shared and people helped, begin to share each other’s burdens, and begin to pray one for another, and just Lord lay ourselves open before You, as the prophet said, “Lie in the sun and ripen there.”

So Father this morning we know that we’re on the line O God. We know that this is kind of like doomsday, this is the day of reckoning, this is where as Truman said, “The buck stops.” Now we’ve got to see what we’re going to do.

So Father help us in the days to come, to show us carefully, Word by Word, step by step what we need to do, and help us Lord to come to this place that we know the prophet is trying to take us, and You’re trying to take us by Your Word and not one of us miss it, because we know it’s going to be worth it all.

So we commend ourselves to You this morning. Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be all power, and honor and glory through Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.

‘Take the Name of Jesus with you.’

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