Greatest Battle Ever Fought #16

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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, we want to approach Your throne of grace and mercy this morning with requests that You influence our minds Lord by Your Word, and You open our minds to the Word Lord that You have given us by the prophet, and help us in such a way that that Word will come forth and from his message to us for it’s intended use, Lord, which we know is to spur us on in the faith, to make us not just Christians, but doing Christians, Lord, accomplishing Christians, but only for Your honor and glory Lord to be in Your will.

Father we know there’s a divine will and we know there’s a permissive will, we understand these things, but we want Your best this morning and we want to be Christians who conduct themselves according to the Word from the life of the very Word itself.

So we want Your help this morning Lord in this respect, You’re able at this time, Father, because we know with You all things are possible, we’ve seen that, so now we stand upon it Lord, what You’ve shown in this day, and we believe You’re going to help us to that end, which we have such great need of today, to transfer Lord whatever was given to us in this ministry and to our own lives, and see it there as productive as it was in the prophet’s life and the little positions we hold, and we’ll give You the praise, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we’re on number 16 The Greatest Battle Ever Fought , and it is said in Proverbs 16:32 that the man who rules his spirit is better than he that takes a city. That’s what it said, “Better is he that rules his own spirit than he that takes the city.”

In other words the greater display of power and authority is not of one controlling another, or even multitudes, but one, that is one own self in control. Or one of self control. A man controlling his spirit is a man of great and wonderful character. To control somebody else does not really signify character. Those who would control others must have character.

That’s why I’m beefing about the pulpit these days, and I’ve seen more than ever why I’m preaching the way I’m preaching, because I find too many ministers are arrogating themselves an authority that they positively do not have, and they’re working against the very principles that God laid down in His church, by using some of the things that Brother Branham said.

If the pulpit does not have a man in control of his spirit, he has no right to be in control of others in the building. I mean that’s just the truth of the matter. Now we’re all striving, there’s nobody perfect, but there had better be a little better something produced.

So a man controlling his spirit is a man of great and wonderful character. The Bible admits that a great display of authority is a man who is authoritative in his own being and over his own being, not over somebody else’s.


Now recall that Brother Branham said the mind influences a spirit, which it does, therefore it is not just a matter of the spirit controlled, but the mind under control is even more important for the spirit can in no wise be controlled, except that the mind is controlled.

So the question is how does a man control his spirit? He’s got to start by the mind. And with this thought in mind we recall two statements Brother Branham made.

One: he mentioned that Satan got to Eve’s mind, not by denying God or God’s Word but by coloring by one word. It took only one word to bring her under his anointing, one Word off.

Secondly: she made a mistake by stopping for a moment to listen to him. Thus one word in one moment changed her life and all life.

To get the picture of how she and we should act is to see Brother Branham’s use of Luke 4, in the temptation of Christ by Satan on page 50, which we will go to later on.

Jesus did not give Satan one moment of time to consider any proposition submitted to him, but simply used the Word appropriately and cut Satan right off and sent him away defeated, with Christ going on to even greater victories. When Christ overcame temptation, the works of God became manifest in him. He began to do and to teach.

Now Jesus did not give heed to Satan and we do not need to give into Satan. Though Eve gave in, we don’t need to. She was fortified behind the Word and fully armed to resist Satan’s blandishments and change of the Word, but Satan disarmed her by way of her mind.

And that’s where we left off last Sunday, on the bottom of page 41, and we’ll just read that portion in there where Brother Branham goes to teaching on the full armor that we have in this hour to resist Satan, and not just resist but to embattle ourselves against him and become victorious.


All right, he says:

[41-7]  God’s soldiers are commanded to put on the full armor of God. Is that right? Now, if you want to write that Scripture down, it’s found in Ephesians 6:10 to 13. See? We read it awhile ago; it’s our text. All right.

Now this full armor of God you’re looking at will also be what is productive in bringing forth the virtues in 2 Peter 1, which you already are aware of, so that you will notice that we are not just to fight problems concerning health and jobs and welfare and things like that, but also the very important problem, which is social, which is our own behavior and our attitudes toward others and how we really act and inter-react with people in order to give praise to God.


He says:

[41-8]  Notice, put on the full armor of God. [And watch that word ‘full’.] Let’s go back just a minute. Let’s just see what the full armor of God is. All right. It’s to begin in verse 10. [Now I’m skipping a bit, it doesn’t require any… it’s just two sentences and they’re scattered.]

[41-9]  I don’t want to teach you too long today, but I may have to, [because I’ve just] one more message, until I take my trips for the summer…

[42-1]  You know what? You know why I’m doing this? I’ll tell you. The other day I had a dream. I wasn’t going to tell it, but it’s just on my mind; I might as well do it.

Now what he’s doing here, whether you recognize it or not, is he’s going to give you these dreams and talk about them relative to paragraphs 7 and 8 of page 41, which have to do with the full armor of God, not partial, but full armor of God, and not doing a job that you’re not appointed to do.

Now you can have a lot of full armor, and we appreciate that, but you also have to know from God what you are in the body of Christ. And that’s not difficult, please don’t become Latter Rain and Charismatic that you want someone to lay hands on you and tell you what part you are in the body of Christ. What you’re doing right now is your part. Period.

Now you may not like that, but I’m sorry, that’s how this church is run. What you’re doing right now is what you’re supposed to do. Because believe me, if you weren’t, there’d be terrible disharmony.

We wouldn’t be getting along, there’d be nothing accomplished as we see it accomplished, and being accomplished, you’re just fine, just keep pressing in. That’s all.


So there is in these dreams to be understood the bringing out of the full armor and your position so you do not intrude into a position that is not yours. Now just keep that in mind as we go along, please. All right, now he starts out, and he said, “Here is my dream.”

[42-2]  …I dreamed that I was fixing to cross a great river for mission work.

But now he said, “Hold it, between that dream I had another dream. So I want to tell you about it first.” So you just know there’s a dream coming about crossing a river for missionary work.

In other words he’s going to make a trip, something is coming up he feels is of God. But before that he suddenly remembers, “I had another dream.” Now remember all this has to do with armor and position.


[42-2]  First, I was up there with my wife, [wherever that was, I don’t know.] and how many of you ever knew George Smith, “Six-second” Smith, here in town? George Smith, his boy is on police force here. Poor George is an alcoholic now. But he was one of the best fighters. He was the one that gave me my training, even before I went to the YMCA or anywhere.

…He used to train us. And he was fast, real fast and only a welterweight, for a hundred and forty-five pounds, and he trained me. He used to stand up there; and he could take his fist right [fist] like that, and hit me in the stomach, and raise me up against the wall (See?), but it wouldn’t bother me. He just had me trained, till it wasn’t anything but just training.

Now this man evidently had something that gave him an armor against the blowing the solar plexus, which if you just hit your fingers here, I’m going to… [Brother Vayle makes gasping noise]… I’m gone, paralyzed. So all right now, there’s something in here. I don’t pretend to know it all, but we’re supposed to look at it.


[42-3]  Then I dreamed the other night and I saw “Six-second” Smith (Now, it wasn’t a vision, it was a dream.), and I saw “Six-second” Smith—with young fellows coming against him and wrestling him. And that old man about–oh, I guess, I’m fifty-two; and he’d be about fifty-eight, or sixty; there weren’t any of those young guys who could touch him in any way.

Now he’s still having something about position and armor, right? So there’s something to do with here about age and young people. Okay. And watch the training he had. See? And Brother Bill is getting old now, he’s fifty-two. I only got twenty-one years on him at this time is all. Of course he’d be seventy-eight.

[42-3]  And he’d just hold them, on the floor… [just, you know, nothing to it.] Now, I thought, “That’s strange,” and I thought my wife [so Meda] I said, “That’s strange.” I said, “You know what, Meda? He used to be my trainer.” She said, “I remember that, you telling that.” I said, “Yes, sir. With his good training I won fifteen professional fights and quit the business to preach the Gospel.”


All right. Now he’s telling you right here, Brother Branham is a trained soldier, and as Smith was his trainer, and an original, see? and passed the fight game onto Brother Branham, now William Branham is becoming a navigator and he is the first principal who will pass onto others what they need to know. See?

Now he won all of those fights, and now he’s getting up in age, and there’s got a young crop of men coming on, very charismatic, and they can’t touch William Branham with a ten foot pole, all together. So we’re seeing a picture here of what we’re looking at, I trust I’m getting this right for you.

[42-4]  Just then it changed, and I was starting to cross some water. [He said first of all it’s a river, then he said it’s some water. I think actually it’s more like the ocean, and it’s going to Europe. I think this is repeated in other place, and my thinking isn’t wrong, it has to do with that trip.]

…But when I was going, I was going by a power boat. And I looked over, and there sat two of my brethren, sitting there in a canoe, [a canoe,] ready to go with me. [In their canoe, and Bill’s in a power boat.] I said, “You can’t do that, brethren. I must go alone.” [Now we’re getting down to one man. Remember that, one man.]

And the boatman came up and he said, “Here’s your boat,” now it was a real white, plastic canoe. I said, “Uh-uh, not that.” He said, “Well, you can run up [and down the shorelines] fifty miles an hour [in this one].” But I said, “I got to cross that way.” [Not this a way.] “Well, get with those guys.” I said, “They’re not boatman. They don’t know enough about that; though they’re enthused.

Might think they do, hope that they do and try to put on they do.

They can’t shoot that; they’ll both drown out there; they just can’t do it.” I said, “Listen, I know more about boats than they do, [like Six-Second Smith,] I wouldn’t try to shoot it with that–just that kind of material.”


If I wasn’t well trained, do you think I’d let somebody hit me in the solar plexus and line me up against the wall? These guys just think that they’re fighters. They just think that they’re trained. They just think they’ve got some kind of ministry.

Now they don’t have the equipment to do it. They’re not qualified. They don’t have the boat, what have you. They’re not seasoned, they’re not navigators.

[43-2]  I said, “It’s got to take a boat to cross that.” I said, “It’ll take something greater than that.”

[43-3]  And I saw him look around to one of the brethren and said, “Are you a boatman?” [Are you a boatman, see?] And the brethren said, “Yes.” See? [Nah, they weren’t.] I said, “That’s wrong.”

And the boatman come back; and he said, “Tell you what you do.” He said, “They love you; they believe you,” but, “if you try to cross in the power boat, they’ll try to follow in that canoe; and they’ll both die.” See? “They can’t follow you.”

Now watch the conversation was one way from Brother Branham saying this, now the boatman is saying it back to him.

[43-4]  “What must I do?” And this boatman on the dock, said, “You go back up there.” [You better leave this trip and what you’ve got in mind, or anything else this point. You go back up, up there.] “There’s one little [storeroom] in all this country, just one little storehouse. [Rather.] And just lay in plenty of supplies, and they’ll stay here. They’ll stay here, while you’re gone,” but, “you’ll have to lay in supplies.

Or the evident answer is, they won’t stay. They’ll go rattling off somewhere.


Now we’re talking about the full armor, and part of the Scripture is to say stand, “Having done all to stand, stand.”

And these people will be rambling around, getting into God’s hair, so to speak, trying to do God’s service apart from His will, taking something from the message they have no right to attempt to handle, try to get out there and do a service, and there’s no way they can do it.

Now the only way they can attempt to fall in position, well fortified to do the job, as Brother Branham was, is to stand still with the provisions that God has given them, which He is storing up for them, and they stay with it and it stay with them, and they’ll make out.

This will take care of the army armament; this will take care of the position. Do you follow what I’m saying? This is what I see in this message. You see otherwise, fine by me, look you say anything you want. This is what I see, and this goes on tape and goes around the world. And I know I’m right, no problem.

[43-5]  And I was just ordering all kinds of cabbages, [I like cabbage,] and turnips, and radishes…

And you know what they contain? Sulfur, good for your constitution. Burn all the junk out of you. Vitalize your system. Nothing like the old spring tonic ma gave us, your mother maybe too, oh granny molasses and sulfur. Oh man, that’s a brimstone preparation. But it cures something, if not the pipwips, it will sure cure the gout.

[43-5]  [There I was with all these good vegetables] and things, piling them in there like that; and I woke up. I didn’t know what it was, but I know now.

That’s why he started way back there and when he said here, and I just skipped it, when he talked about the interpretation, he wasn’t going to start any interpretation; he was just telling us he had an interpretation from a dream he was going to talk about. And it comes in at the time of the armaments. And the position.


Now watch:

[43-2]  I was just ordering all kinds of cabbages, and turnips, and radishes, and things, and pile them in there like that; and I woke up. And I didn’t know what it was, but I know now. See? We’re laying in the supplies, [friends. Actually it should say,] “I’m laying in the supplies, friends.” This is a life [of laying in supplies] that you have to walk alone. “In order for me to leave the people well equipped and positioned.”

He alone could lay in the food, the Word supply, as a one man ministry. One man trained, one God training one man. He supplying, and the supply will do the job. Now he’s illustrating that only one person can do it, and he takes Leo Mercier, because Leo tried to follow Brother Branham, and he’s finally destroyed in what he has done.

He destroyed people with him, but I hold not my punches, it’s right in Brother Branham’s vision book, I saw it, I read it, where Brother Branham said, “Leave them alone, they’ll go into false doctrine and they will destroy themselves.”


So all right, they can sue me or anything else they want, we’ll just take it to court any day anybody wants, I’m going to stand on the Word of God. This illustration here, Leo had his own dream. There was a revelation to him to keep his nose out of the prophet’s business. Let’s read it.

[43-6]  Leo, you remember the dream you had that time when you first came here [that’s like the young man, see?] about the pyramid…

Brother Branham was on this pyramid climbing right up into the sun, the great light, Leo climbed behind him, when he got to the top where Brother Branham was, Brother Branham was way on beyond again, and he said, “Leo don’t you try to get up here because this is a position God has ordained for one man and nobody else can take it.”

Now put that down to a trickle down and you see it’s also important to recognize proper ministries, like we want to recognize yours.

[43-6]  …remember the dream you had when you first came here about the pyramid, and you thought you could come up in there; and I said, “Leo, no man gets up here; God has to put a man up here. [He said it was sovereign.] You climbed every physical realm that could be climbed.” I said, “You can’t come here, Leo. Go back down, just tell the people that it comes from God.


Vindication. Hit the vindication principle. You don’t have a thing to do with the rest. See? If you’re not qualified to handle the Word, you don’t handle it.

Now here we had a board, every board member was up here, showing you that they knew what was being said, they could understand what I am teaching you from Brother Branham’s message, they can follow you, but they don’t handle the Word.

Now that’s over, you got one man handling it now, that’s Lloyd, if he’s successful all the way, he will certainly be the elder, there’s no two ways about it. Because that’s what he’s training for now, doing a good job. You got to watch these things carefully, because I would condemn you by allowing you or helping you to do things you are not supposed to be in.

So we’ve cut the one phase out entirely, it’s over, it’s finished, so I’m satisfied that we’ve got qualified men on the board. Because I could be taken from you anytime, I’m getting old, and I want you to know how to conduct yourselves, where you were going, how to do it, you will survive! You are being equipped! And I’m doing my best for you.

Which is very piddly, but I’m just Lee Vayle, and I’m sorry about that. But what I’m teaching you is the Word of God, you don’t need to worry about it. Don’t worry about the man up here, you’re going to get the proper Food, because that is what I am supposed to do, and I will do it, by the power of God.

He said:

[43-3]  “…Go on back down, [now said,] tell the people what comes from God. [Now he said,] It’s something… You can’t depend on…”


In other words he’s not saying it’s something you can’t depend on concerning vindication, “Leo, it’s something you cannot depend on, which is yourself! So get out of it, while you got a chance.” He didn’t do it.

He got a bunch of people fooled that Brother Branham had ordained him to call them all in, and he knew the secrets of Brother Branham, and the rest were foolish virgin and he was wise virgin.

Now there’s a brother I loved dearly, Brother Botosy, you met him right here in this church. He loves this Word, but he was fooled for awhile. Doesn’t take him too terrible long to get over it, but then in the meantime Leo had got him into such a mess that later on the man’s mind snapped.

And under with Harold Marcondick to praying day and night and helping him, Brother Botosy, he’s back to perfectly good health and not just a normal being, he’s a very super normal being in the body of the Lord Jesus Christ, a wonderful brother, but he went through hell because of these boys, what they did.

See, they didn’t use the Word of God; therefore the people were not fortified! They took a charlatan’s word. That’s why we take these messages word by word, and we’ll continue to do so, except for the odd time a little special thought. But Brother Branham’s message is a million times better than mine. So I just stick with his.


Now talking along the line of his own personal vindicated ministry, and he the one minister, one major prophet at a time, and he the Elijah of this hour, moving to the fact of he giving us the Word, which is going to give us the armor.

And we taking our position properly, because remember God is Himself is positioning, 1 Corinthians 15, based on 1 Thessalonians 4:16. Now watch what he says here:

[44-1]  As good as brethren, and sisters, and my church, [as good as the brothers and sisters that are in my church,] and everything; and good as other churches are, and brethren everywhere…


Now this statement is very obtuse, scattered, and I can get only this one thing out of it. There are wonderful people in this world, but only one person has the Food on the tapes. There is no one else. See? That’s why the church has to hear the tapes today, and we preach, try to preach them word by word.

Now this, what he’s saying, therefore is not only to Leo, but is going to everybody. And they’re fine brethren out there, like I told you I met a man in California, just after Brother Branham passed away.

He was a precious brother, fine old man of God. When I talked to him about Brother Branham, “Well Brother Vayle, I loved Brother Branham, but you see I’ve had some visions too, and I know a few things.”

And I thought, oh God the older they are the worse they get. What did he know compared to Brother Branham? Brother Branham’s sneeze muffled in eight wads of Kleenex, is louder than if he thundered the biggest sneeze and he was Goliath. The man… look, they’re lovely men, no one will argue that. No one will argue sincerely.


You know it’s a long time ago, almost forty-five years, I knew a guy in a certain town, I met him many, many times, and I never studied him to the extent where I knew he had a little dimple here or a little hole here or something, and not having seen him for one year, I walked up to a guy in Edmonton, and I called him by this guy’s name. He was a dead ringer.

I was letting you know brother/sister, none of so smart, you know, we know all the answers, got everything. When you come against a prophet, who is completely primed, both primed and pumped by God, you are not dealing with a man, you’re dealing with God.

So I don’t care what you got and what I got, we’re tremendously fallible to the point of being ignoramuses, or ignoramuses, whichever way you want to call it. So Brother Branham here is throwing this out to everybody.

Now knowing that there are people of the Leo caliber, and we’re talking a bit about it, knowing what’s out there is unbelieving, because if you can be so close to it, make the tapes for it, eat with it, literally sleep with it, fish with it, hunt with it, be immersed with it, hour after hour as the prophet talked in motels, and I would to God I’d only saved a few tapes which we never made that you could hear what I heard.

There’s nothing ever, except the apostle Paul or somebody, who could have sat and talked as William Branham sat and talked. And you thought you saw maybe a couple things on the screen and heard a few things on tape. What went on in Brother Branham’s life, outside the church, was so multitudinous as to be staggering.

So looking out there, if this was repudiated, and sought to be utilized to the point of superceding a man’s ministry and the Word, what would be out there? Oh brother/sister, you just kind of think of it.


Now what he’s saying is this:

[44-2]  I cannot keep away from the churches out there. Somebody says, “Well, why do you go out with those people, those Trinitarians, [why they hate Oneness.]

The Trinitarians hate, not the people perhaps who believe in Oneness, but they hate the understanding of one God. They despise it, but they sure can’t explain it. They just say, “Oh it’s a mystery.” Then they got to lock themselves in with a mystery.

I don’t know and you don’t know. It’s like why how has a cow got four legs? Let me tell you, I don’t know and you don’t know and neither does the cow. That’s exactly the Trinitarian dogma.

“They don’t know and I don’t know, nobody knows, but we believe it, hallelujah.” Why should you believe it? Especially this so-called scientific age.

[44-2]  “Why do you go with those Trinitarians, those others, and this and that, and the Oneness, and Jesus’ Name, and all the other things out there. Why do you mix with them at all?” [Now he said:] They are mine. No matter what they’ve done, they’re mine. They are my pulpit.


Now therefore William Branham was warned by God not to make a name for himself or to start a church, but to attempt to call out a people for a Bride whose Headship is Christ! Now that’s why I preach the way I preach.

There are times I’ve got to warn you that I do have a ministry. I am called. Other times I consistently warn you, you don’t listen to me, and you don’t. I’ve got no hold over you. I’m not interested, number one, I’m not stupid. What would I do with you? Pshew.

I’ve got a bad enough time washing my own feet and washing my hair, and taking care of myself, taking care of you. Who wants you? Christ wants you. And I want Christ to have you.

And if I can do something for you by way of presenting you the Word of God that makes you and Christ more in an affinity and a unity, well man alive, that’s plumb off of my back and onto His. And I even get credit for it, brownie marks.

So the philosophy of this pulpit is not another man’s philosophy. It is my own as I strive in Christ. You’re very valuable to me. Not your pocketbooks, I’ve got enough from the outside, and I don’t say that to hurt anybody, God has always taken care of me, and I’ll do my part by this church, I’ve a ministry going out of here, I will do part of this building, don’t you worry.

I’ll put in more than any of you, many of you combined. Because the ministry stands here, goes out from here. I’m not boasting, just telling you flat. See? We understand these things. We are going on with God through the prophet, brother/sister, we believe that, we believe that. We believe the Pillar of Fire is here leading us.


So all right, we’re moving. People may not think we are, but you just stick with this Word, child, let me tell you something. You stick with it. You may be… well you may have your problems, don’t worry I’ve got mine too.

But it’s all right. Now he has a ministry. These people must be ministered to, they must be witnessed to, and he tells us to do the same thing, like he said to Leo here.


[44-3]  When Israel had done so much evil,

Now remember this is Revelation 3:15, you are absolutely sour before God. Stink. You make Him vomit. In your wretched rags, and I speak not to you people, but the Scripture says to the whole church world.

In your wretched rags, as a beggar, you hallucinate as though you’re rich, increased in goods and have everything and you’ve got nothing. Wretched, miserable, blind, like the dogs licking sores. That’s all you’ve got.

Now that’s the mixed multitude of the world church that Brother Branham compares to Moses’ time, when God by Moses was leading Israel out.

[44-3]  When Israel had done so much evil, until God even told Moses…

When they rebelled against the same thing as that, against the same as that, and then said, “Who needs Moses?” Now come on. They’d seen the Pillar of Fire on Mount Sinai. They knew God been there. They saw the mighty works. They saw Jannes and Jambres come against it.

They heard the pleading, they heard the teaching. They say, “Hah, who needs it?” What do you expect from puke? I could have used vomit, regurgitated substance, I prefer puke. Because it stinks a little more than vomit.

And I want you to know what God said in His Word. And the prophet used the word, I love it. All tables are full of it.

[44-3]  [And God said,] “Separate yourself [Moses]; I’ll start a new [movement with you, I’ll make a new church, I’ll make a new] tribe.” Moses threw himself in the way; and said, “Before You take them, take me.”


Now they say Brother Branham is very sentimental at this point now, and very maudlin, teary, and of course he’s trying to make himself like Moses. Hot dog.

[44-4]  No matter what they’d done, that’s who I am sent to. [Or to whom I’m sent.] He sends the Light, not to shine where there’s Light, but where there’s darkness; [then if He’s light, all else is darkness. If He alone is on the truth, all else is off the truth.] there’s where Light belongs. You’ve got to get with the people; you’ve got to stand with them regardless.

Right. So we need everything that God can give us by way of a ministry to get us out of this mess.

[44-5]  Their wrong [doings]… Israel was wrong as wrong could be. They were so wrong, till God gave them up, but Moses [stood for them]… I’ve always wondered how that ever came about, but It was the Spirit of Christ in Moses. See, we’re all wrong. [In other words, we’re all sinners. Right here in absolute error. Even those that are born again have erroneous doctrine! But that will be corrected. Christ] stood for all of us, when we were in our [sins].

[44-6]  No matter how wrong they are, let’s not disfellowship or disassociate ourselves with anything. [Now notice, no matter how wrong they are, let’s not make ourselves wrong by leaving them to the judgment of God. That’s what he’s saying.] As long as we can win a soul, let’s go [to them, be with them, as] “wise as serpents, and as harmless as doves” (You see?), and try to win every soul that we can.

Because they must come out! In other words, this is not a truly evangelical mission! Huh. This is an elect group that must come out. Of all the fishing expeditions, and all the fish, and all the Christians, born again, or otherwise. Now this is why he is storing up the Food. This is part, a part of what the stored Food does. See?

The souls are now in prison, even as in Noah’s day, but Christ went to them and preached before they got in prison, and then He preached after they got in prison, so therefore this message, and even the evangelical substance message of Christ the Savior must go forth at all times that men repent, be baptized, and then filled with the Holy Ghost.


Now this is the greatest battle being fought, and we need an armor, we need to be armored by God, armed by God.

Now listen:

[44-7]  Now, this is, what I am saying this morning is storing Food, storing Food, so you’ll have something to eat, you’ll have something to feast upon. Get it on your tapes; sit in the cool of your room.

…Maybe when I’m a long ways away, you’ll still remember these things are true. Sit in your room and listen. See? And this is Food, storing it in the storehouse. I don’t know where the trip is, but wherever it is, He knows where He’s leading; I don’t. I just follow.

Now this is in preparation to reading the Scripture. He’s telling you that he’s the one man that’s got what it takes. And if you try to come against him or this, you’ll be pinned down helpless.

But if you want to use it, you’re free to use it and go out there, and you’ll be beneficial to those out there, and you’ll be happy with those in here, you’ll be doing God the proper service.

Now from what we have heard these Scriptures are paragraph 8 and 9 of 44, which is the last page we just read, he dressed a Bride with the sword, he armed us with the perfect Word, the full armor, and a shield of faith over it all, which is all the revealed Word, and this constitutes a growth.

You have it birthed into you, and in embryo, and in potential. And waiting in the sun, and lying before God, and serving Him the best we can, will bring this full armor into being.


[45-1]  Now, [notice.] Listen closely. Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

Not just in Christ, but also to be warring Christians. Use what He gives you, actually put yourself in position so that He can use you by what He put in you! I want to talk a little bit about that some day on love.

We’re so mixed up, it’s pitiful. Christ put His love in us so we could love Him. Then there ought to be in the marriage, which is typical on earth, the husband’s love put in the wife’s heart, and the wife’s love put in the husband’s heart, you’ll have a good marriage.

I want to say to you people sitting here, because some of you have made mistakes already. When you’re young, you’re sitting here, your marriage might not be too far off, but you remember my words what I say this morning, make sure your love is in her heart, she loves you desperately, and vice versa, or don’t you talk about getting married, or I’ll lop your heads off.

Because I’m going to tell you this church becomes strict on those things. You follow what I’m saying? Bring your children up with that admonition. We didn’t do with ours. Too late I’m smart, too soon I’m old.

But I’m not so stupid that I can’t tell you, and you make it stick. Because we’ve got time down the road, let’s make the best of it. Let’s make everything count. It’s worth it.

[45-1]  Put on the whole armour of God, [don’t take one word away or add one word.] that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

What was his original wile? His first tactic, to attract the mind. To attract and to attack. And remember many attack is to attract. The plant that eats the little bugs, and little bugs fly in because they smell the honey and they see the pretty flower, the Venus deathtrap, and the fly’s ate up. Yes, attract. You can stand against the wiles of the devil, he’s wily. Attract your mind, delude your mind.

[45-1]  We wrestle not against flesh and blood,… (like shooting bullets and cutting knives)… but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers… [against] darkness,…


Now listen, they are all invisible so that physical grappling is out. How can you wrestle the unseen? Can’t do it.

“Who has seen the wind?

Neither you nor I.

But when the trees are bending low,

The wind is passing by.”

These are all manifested in people, and since they’re spiritual and deal with churchanity, so-called Christianity, you are looking at what the Word of God says concerning the church.

Let me tell you, Satan did not go to Herod! He did not go to Pilate! He went to Christ. Now he’s not going to have to go to governor Celeste. No. Nor whoever ministers in the state of Ohio. Or to Mr. Edwards who is down there in Louisiana.

I don’t think he’s wasting too much time on the president. See they’re not in this. Nah, no matter what they do to us doesn’t matter at all, brother/sister. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, against guns and those things at all. That’s why communism has nothing to do with us, period. And Brother Branham will bring it out, it’s the church.

Did Jesus… was he told by the devil, “Listen Son, let me tell you something, because I’m an old man, you’re just a kid. I will take you to the top of Herod’s senate, and jump off the top of the senate.” He said, “Let’s go to the temple and jump off. Let’s go to the high pinnacle of the temple.”

That’s why churches still got those spires on. You know that’s a pagan symbol? Pentecostals are loaded, don’t blame the Catholic church. Funny the Greek Orthodox got round balls on top of theirs. Well, hurray for the round balls, maybe that’s the pawn shop coming up. I don’t know. I’m just kidding, talking silly.


Our warfare is not with the visible, it’s with the invisible! Then it takes the invisible within us to fight the invisible! Which is the life released from the proper Word that lies within us.

[45-2]  Who rules the world? The devil. [By right of forfeiture to Adam.] Certainly. Who’s [responsible for] all these things going on, all these ungodly things going around here, and these governments, and so forth? It’s all the devil; the Bible said so.

…The devil controls United States; controls Germany; controls every nation of the world. [That’s right, the Bible says that.] (I’m coming to it in a few minutes.) And we’ll find out whether he does or not, whether every kingdom ever was and ever will be, until God sets up His Kingdom, [the world will be] controlled by the devil. I don’t mean everybody in it is of the devil now. There’s [some good people holding] office. [That’s right.]

Now remember, Satan took headship, or control of man by changing God’s Word. There is only one Word. God’s Word. Satan changed it, as an angel of light, and so he does today, Satan therefore is the god of this world.


All right:

[45-3]  There’s going to be one [of these good brothers, that’s born again in government,] here to show a picture here with Brother Arganbright [in this church]. He’s been a diplomat to about five different presidents, [that’s right, I met] Brother Rowe, [myself. Brother Raoul, is what is, not Rowe. A Norwegian, he’s deceased now. Very, very fine person.] (He will be here, I think about second week in April.) [He loved Brother Branham.] A wonderful man.

He said he could speak in eight different languages (I believe), when he received the Holy Ghost, he didn’t have a language wherein he could talk to the Lord; [nothing was good enough,] so the Lord just gave him one, and he said, he could talk to [God] in that one–gave him a new one he never practiced on. All right. [That’s right, I knew Brother Raoul.] spiritual wickedness in high places. [Sure. Cain rejected the truth and became the killer.]

Wherefore… (Now, listen, ye soldiers, before we start the prayer line.)… take unto you the whole.. (w-h-o-l-e)… [whole,] (not just part of it)… the whole armour of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day,…


All right, we all know the evil day. That’s the day of the Lord coming, of darkness and thick darkness and so on. It’s the day that we read over here in the Book of Revelation, which we won’t read right now. It’s in 2 Timothy 3 and it says:

2 Timothy 3:1-2

(01) Know [this], in the last days perilous times shall come. [Peter said the same thing, “Perilous times shall come, false teachers.” Now watch what they’re like:]

(02) Men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters…

Not like Moses who didn’t love himself, and said, “Look, I’ll die for the folk.” Brother Branham took his stand with the people.

2 Timothy 3:2,5,7-8

(02) …boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, [and so on. And verse 5:]

(05) Having a form of godliness, denying the power thereof: from such turn away. [Verse 7:]

(07) Ever [learning], never able to come to the knowledge of truth.

(08) [But] as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, [they’ll resist the truth, that’s over in 2 Thessalonians, the last day Message,] men of corrupt minds, reprobate[s] concerning the faith.

Church, not the mafia. Not the communists. The church. Absolutely. Now it says here, verse 13:

2 Timothy 3:13-16

(13) But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, [evil men, even seducers, that’s what they are.] deceiving, and being deceived.

(14) But continue thou in the things [but stand in the things that you’ve] learned and [have] been assured of, [that Paul said you were taught of Christ in Ephesians 4, taught by Christ.]

(15) That [thou] from a child hast known the holy scripture, [and so on.]

(16) All scripture is given by inspiration of God, [but must be divided correctly.]


Okay, 2 Peter 2, 2 Thessalonians 2, you all know those verses; I don’t have to read them. All right, when perfect is come, when perfect is come, what do you do? You turn to 2 Peter 1:12, I believe it is:

2 Peter 1:12

(12) Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance [to keep your nose right in this,] these things, though ye know them, and be established in the truth.

Which is presently set before you in this epical season, which is the Word of God in this hour. Now that’s how you’re going to be clothed. And you’re going to stand.

[46-1]  Stand therefore, having your loins… (Listen to this.)… your loins… (That’s your middle part.)…

That’s actually the hips. By extension it refers to procreation, the procreative area, like Levi was in the loins of his great-great grandfather Abraham.

[46-1]  (What is the Truth? Truth is the Word of God. That’s right.

In other words, procreate, bring forth sinners out of their sins, by the revealed Message in this hour, because nothing else will do it! Or you will bring forth hybrids like Cain! You cannot impregnate with another gospel and bring forth a live servant of Christ, you can’t do it.

So therefore make sure the Word that you give to bring life is this Word, that Word and no other! Don’t try to accommodate yourself. Eve, like a fool did. She brought us all in bondage. Thank God there’s redemption for her and for Adam. Stand with the theorem principle. The vindicated Word.

[As Jesus said to God,] “Thy Word is Truth.”)… [and remember it came through Jesus.] having the breastplate of righteousness;… (To do what is right–got the Word of God in you, doing what’s right.)… the breastplate of righteousness;

What does the breastplate cover? The lungs and the heart. Let’s just take a look at the heart. That’s what the breastplate covers, and Brother Branham said the Word’s going to do something good for us.


We go to Galatians 5. Let’s read what’s in there naturally. Beginning at verse 16 to say what? 25:

Galatians 5:16-21

(16) This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, [that] ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

(17) For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary one to [another]: so ye cannot do the things that ye would. [As long as you listen to the flesh. See?]

(18) But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law. [That’s the law of sin and death. Do this, do that. See?]

(19) Now the works of the flesh are manifest… Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, [What did Jesus say came out of the heart? Adulteries, fornication, idolatries, lasciviousness. What else?]

(20) …hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,

(21) Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like:

Brother/sister, let’s not be naïve any longer, let’s go to history. Will you please, if you haven’t got a good history book, get some good history books on religion?

And you will find that every priesthood in all Catholics, all Greek Orthodox, all Protestants, their ministries have produced this, adultery. Show me the clergy in any church that’s not full of it.

Don’t tell me, “Oh they’re behind the cloth, and they’ve got a gift, and they’re this.” Shut-up with that nonsense! Don’t ever bring that to my attention!

I’m sick and tired of preachers talking about me all the time. “Well you got to look beyond Lee’s flesh, and look at the gift.” Hogwash!

When have I lied to you? When have I seduced you? When have I taken your money? When have I got drunk or smoked? Or led you into sin? I’m not perfect! When have I double-crossed you? I’ve been double-crossed many times.

When have I gone to another man’s pulpit and done ought but good to his church? Lied about anybody? Never have, and don’t intend to by the grace of God.


Let me tell you something, the pulpits are full of this! Read the record of the popes! Read it! They speak for God? My foot, they speak for God. This is what comes out of the heart that doesn’t have the Word in it!

I’m not through yet. For my last forty minutes not gone, I’m going to tell you something in a little while, personal experience I have with a certain man.

This is because Eve turned down the Word. Cain was a killer. Why do Catholics kill Protestants? There it is. Why do Protestants want to kill Catholics? There it is. Why does any man want to kill? There it is.

Now I’m not trying to out-God God, there’s wrath coming, and I’m not going to have to stand here and plead, “O God, don’t send the wrath.” My job is to look up, my redemption draweth nigh, I will escape, but not the squeeze, whatever that comes to.

Lord haste the day, if we don’t say it now, there’ll be a day when we will say it, brother/sister. God said to Israel and it came to pass and so will it come to pass for this world, in the morning they’ll say, “Would God it were night,” and in night, “would God it were morning.”


And I was through a little bit of that with the suffering that went through just with the disease in my blood, brother/sister. Don’t you dare fool yourself, brother/sister, that you’re hiding and you can be cloaked with anything but the Word of Almighty God deep down within the heart.

I’ve preached it for all these years; I will preach it until fruit comes out. Because the prophet told me, and he told you categorically, that there’s the right soil that’s predestinated! To the right seed that’s fertilized! Germitized.

All it takes then is rain and sun, you can lie in the Presence of the Son, and wait on God, something is going to happen. And if it doesn’t happen to me it will happen to you, some of you sitting there. You’ve got to be sold, lock stock and barrel, hook, line and sinker, live or die, or sink or swim, this is it or there’s nothing to it.

Let me tell you brother/sister; let me tell you flat, get this flat. If that’s the devil, and not God, I have blasphemed the Holy Ghost, I am finished, there is no hope for me. Say, “Brother Vayle, you can repent!”

You’ve got to be crazy this morning! You’re sick, you don’t belong here! Go on home and get out of here while you got the chance. And don’t let me waste my time on you, because you haven’t heard a thing! Whether you want to know or not, you’ve shot your wad.

You don’t believe it? That’s your baby, not mine. I wrote the books for the jerk, it was of the devil, thought it was God. I found Scripture for him, he delighted in. If William Branham is not there where he said he is, oh boy, hee, hee, I’m gone. I haven’t got a chance to repent, brother/sister, it says there’s no repentance for me. Read your books.

Galatians 5:21-23

(21) Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

(22) But the fruit of the Spirit [and where is the Spirit? In the Word! And where is the Word? It’s in your mind and in your heart and in your soul!] is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

(23) Meekness, temperance: there is no law [against that]. [In other words, nothing can stop it! That’s right.]


[46-2]  And your feet shod with the preparation of Gospel of peace; (Go anywhere, any time, any place: feet shod with the Gospel. See?)

Certainly. Hah. How are you going to get to the elect of God unless your feet are directed somehow? By the elect gospel to get you to the elect. You’ve got feet shod with this other junk, it will get you where you belong. Take you right there every time.

Now some people got awful stubborn feet. That’s okay, kid. I have bunions, fallen arches, I’m letting you know something. It’s a little difficult at times. It’s all right, you can win. Keep struggling. Keep practicing. One day the feet will straighten out, don’t worry, God will put wings on these feet, He’ll help us.

[46-3]  Above all,… [That means over all, and Brother Branham doesn’t know the Greek, but he hit a hundred percent on the head, it means it’s a covering for everything.]… take the shield of faith,… (That’s the one that knocks off the darts. See?)… the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.

In other words, this Message applied and confessed, we can meet life like David did in 1 Samuel 17:45-51, when he said, “You come to me in the name of this and that and the other thing,” he said, “I come to you in the Name of the Lord God.” And he said, “I’m going to take your head off your body sure as you’re alive.” And he did it.

Now David should have been scared spitless. He should have been scared plumb to death. Why David a little tiny runt of a kid. That old bird, was he thirteen feet tall or something? My Lord, he had a hand like a ham. Feet? Shoo. Like toboggans.

Why, he said, “You little stupid nincompoop. I’ll pick you on my spear.” And David said, “Hogwash you will.” I’m not David, because you see, I just put the hogwash there. I’ll take on so much. That’s right. He did.



[46-2]  How you going to [use] this helmet, what’s it to do? It’s for protection. What’s the helmet made out of? Brass. Brass can’t even be tempered: hard, harder than iron. [That’s right.] A brass headpiece— then signifies the protection by the vindicated unchangeable Word.

Right. I put that it in there, that’s what he’s talking about. Huh? Certainly. Where do you get your faith from? Word. Where do you get this inside stuff? The Word’s a conduit to get the Spirit in here. How are you going to keep building up and building up till the life is controlled by God?

Listen brother/sister, we must consider this seriously and believe it and believe in our hearts and aim by faith toward it! It will not come by systematic works somehow in the flesh, but it will come by application of God’s Word, believing it and doing what we can with it. In other words using it where we’re told to use it.

[46-2]  The salvation, knowledge of knowing this: “That my healing comes from God; my salvation comes from God; my spirit matches His Word,” not the church’s idea, the Word. There you are. Covered over with a protection. The helmet of salvation, or deliverance, take that; and then go marching forward. But oh, now. Now, that’s what we’re supposed to do.


In other words, Brother Branham is telling us, Hebrews 13 is being translated into Mark 16, James 5, and whatsoever is necessary. It’s being translated. Because you’ve got faith! Because of That you know what’s in here!

He said the virtues are birthed into us! We look around, we say, “Well, boy I sure am not too good at temperance, I guess I don’t got it.” That’s a lie! That is a lie! And you’re partaking of the devil’s lie.

I do have temperance! And I’ve got a good kind too. And I’m proud of it, and I boast of it. I can sit back and wait. Most people can’t. I’ve seen you people jump at things. See you’re not equipped. I got to wait, you better wait. Or get yourself another preacher, go someplace else, look that’s okay by me.

Come on, you know I’m not going to try to hold anybody bondage, because but if you got some zip and some go, man you go ahead, I ain’t. I haven’t got that, I’m sorry. I’ve waited twenty years for some answers.

Some answers come just instantly. Some answers come while I’m standing here talking to you. Others I’m still waiting on. I may never get it; I just do the best I can.


Now I’m going to tell you something, and I want you to notice when I talked of Galatians 5, there’s a man, I’ll not mention his name, I could, I know him well. He’s from Canada. He’s Pentecostal. He was a Baptist. When he became a Baptist [Pentecostal], his wife turned on him and she turned the daughter on him.

And she treated him like filth, and the daughter treated him like filth. He lived in the home with them, she never cooked, she never washed, she never attended him, she never lived as a wife to him, and taught the daughter until the man lived in a virtual hell. He came home every day and night, went to work every day, worked hard, supplied them all their needs.

He went down the road as a Pentecostal, preaching, loving them, taking all manner of abuse from her or her relatives, anybody else, he lived like a dog and she was as filthy and the daughter as anybody could be.

But they’re wonderful Baptist Christians. But he was Pentecostal. Never batted an eye, never said a cross word, never did a dirty thing, just loved them and took care of them day by day until they turned to Christ.

Now that’s wonderful. They became Pentecostal. That is a big step forward; that is a wonderful thing. Let me tell you about this man though, he’s a preacher.

He [saw?] Brother Branham with another brother. This man began discerning. All he could take was the gift. When it came time to take the Word, he couldn’t take the Word. And where is he and his wife and his daughter?

Now you see why I teach love the way I do? I’m tremendously happy that the man did that. Brother Branham would weep over a man doing something like that. And unless you got a heart of stone and you’re filled with the devil, you also would glorify God and be happy, and say, “Thank God he’s come this far!” Then you wait for the next step!


I remember years ago, when I was with Brother Branham. There was a Roman Catholic man, he was a nice man. He was a good man. But he was lost in the doctrines of the church. He believed the priest could forgive him or intercede for him, which they can and to a degree, but they can’t do what Christ does.

And the church cannot save you, being baptized doesn’t do it. The man was a nice man, restaurateur, nice man, I knew him. He became a mason. And Brother Branham highly commended him. I wasn’t too happy. “Why,” I said, “that’s mighty fine,” but I talked a bit about Christ.

And Brother Branham afterward didn’t say a thing. We got out, he said, “Lee,” he said, “you did wrong.” He said, “You shouldn’t bother talking about the Lord.”

He said, “That’s for another time. You congratulate the man and realize what a tremendous step he took as a Roman Catholic taught against the Masonic Lodge to become a member!” 

Now was Brother Branham saying, “Hey Lee, that’s the end of the trail; the man’s fine now because he’s a mason”? Hogwash. No he’d made a step.


Now what I’m trying to show you here, look, these men in Galatians 5, with the filth, they died in their filth. These people came from Baptist to Pentecostal. Under the anointing of the Holy Ghost.

But Jannes and Jambres were anointed. Judas was anointed. Korah, Dathan and Abiram were anointed. These were anointings, but when the light struck for the revealed Word, which you can’t have Christ and the blood when you turn down the Word!

Come on, I can go through Scripture and show you that time after place, I’ve done it. And my brother/sister, where do they stand? You say, “They could be foolish virgin.” Right, they could be foolish virgin, I don’t know.

But I want to show you the point here! What we’re driving at! We have to stand in this unique position! We didn’t ask to be in this position! Noah never asked to be in the position! His kids, the boys, the three boys and their wives never asked for it! They got it because God had in them in that place. Now what did they do when the ark was being built?

Run and say, “Well listen,” said the little boy and the little girls, “you know my dad, Noah, he’s a nice old boy, but my God he’s crazier than a loon. You can tell the old boy, look, that business of talking to God in a Pillar of Fire, oh fap. You know some little thing took place.”


Velikovsky, one of the world’s smartest men, he’s dead now, Worlds In Collision, he tells you it is absolutely true that the rivers of Egypt turned to blood, but he said, “There was an eruption and there was this red clay in the air and it made the land that way.”

And he said, “Certainly,” he said, “it was true that those fifty men, two in a row were struck by a light, a power from heaven.” He said, “What it was, it was a comet, and we’ve got the very marks on the earth now.”

So they said, “Old Noah, you know he took this phenomenon here on the top of the hill and tried to make God… now he’s building this stupid ark.”

Do you think they said that? Hogwash. Those eight people, seven under Noah, they said, “Hey, nobody knows what rain is, but it’s coming. Now this ark’s going to get us out of here.”

Oh they said, “Listen our scientists have said that insanity is not hereditary. Boy have you guys been sucked in!”

“Well, maybe yes, we’re waiting for the flood.”

I ask you a question. Who was glad who was in the ark and who was unhappy who was outside the ark?

Now listen, that’s what the Bible says for this day, brother/sister, and I’m not trying to be facetious. I’m trying to bring us this point here, because I’m laboring in my own soul to stand with vindication, because I know it’s going to get us somewhere.

We have just begun to understand after twenty-five years. Maybe the old washerwoman with three tapes caught it a long time ago, I hope so. I haven’t met any myself.

How much time we got? Well, I was going to get to page 50, I’m four pages short, so we’ll finish this by next Christmas. Not this Christmas, but the next Christmas. At least we’ll be struggling to understand and to believe it and put it in practice.


All right:

[46-2]  Satan’s army, now watch. (Now, I got to hurry, but I got to get to this.) Satan’s army brings diseases. That’s what Satan is; he’s a destroyer. Satan–the whole kingdom of Satan is sickness, death, and sorrow, and frustrations, worry, that’s all of Satan. God is Life, and faith, and joy, and peace, [just like we read] over here.

[47-1]  Now, there’s two great forces that are coming together.

All right, we can stop right there. There’s two forces, God’s we talked about, we will start having said God’s got His army battle line and here. God army and Satan’s army in battle. Okay, we’ll start there next Wednesday.

And I’m sorry to take so much time but look, I just pray the Lord to help us, and like everything He just overdoes it. Just gives you all the help in the world.

Say before you go though, we got a minute or two, I want to read something here I was going to read, just to let you know how things are moving. Don Sheer gave it to me, I put in my Bible here, it’s about the car Brother Branham saw, that General Motors bought out a huge industry for. And it says here:

“Stempel says GM to assist in traffic study, GM president Robert S. Stempel said, “Yes the General Motors will participate in an experimental project use driver information system in the Los Angeles area in ‘88 and ‘89.”

Speaking to American Association of highway and transportation officials meeting in San Diego, Stempel said GM is joining four of the representatives of the private and public sector in the experiment of them. The project involves navigation systems which display and map on the instrument panel of the vehicle to illustrate vehicle location.

“The goal will be to link these navigation systems with such traffic information systems and message signs, ramp controls, aerial surveillance,” Stempel said.”

In other words it’s on its way. How close are we? That’s the last thing Brother Branham saw in the line of the mechanical. The next thing is complete domination by the church. Which will run government. So there you are.

Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Gracious Heavenly Father, we know the signs of the times are closing in on every hand, we realize that, but we realize Lord the greatest fortification man ever had was that ark being built back there when the flood came, and now the great fortification against fire, brimstone, damnation, condemnation, Lord is being built right now, has been built, is in use right now Lord as we’re putting on that great Word.

O God, help us to be serious as we’ve never been serious before. Cut back our social life, Lord, cut back everything in our life until we actually could appear morose to people, but lively and energetic in our actual spiritual experience one toward another and toward the world.

Lord, there must be something in here as there was in the life of Christ, in the life of Paul and William Branham, who had such a sobriety with it Lord, and yet a gentleness and an understanding, a firmness and yet Lord a great meekness.

These things Lord we are longing for that we might be in that image, which Lord we know is here and Father God we believe that this is it. We believe Lord, and as we said today, and I couldn’t say it Lord the way I wanted to say it out of my heart, with that conviction Lord, whatever it would take, I would know, but I know Lord this one thing, if we are believing wrong, we have blasphemed You O God.

We really have, but whatever we’re talking to today, and we’re talking to the Lord God of William Branham, the Elijah of this hour as we believe it, we’re talking to You, and if You are not that One, then what can we say? We’re worshipping You as a false God.

So here we are, we’re just standing here as a people, we’re standing here as in the days of Noah, we’re standing here believing that You are that God that appeared in the garden, You are that One that made Adam, that made Eve, You are that One, the Tree of Life.

You are that One with Moses, You are the One with Paul, You are the One that was in Jesus, the body. You’re here, we believe that You are that One, and it warms our heart to believe it, we’re talking to You, and we believe that we are right, because You have done it.

It’s something that we’re looking at, that You are involved in, that we are the spectators, and we by Your grace are taking what we are supposed to take on and refrain from taking anything else on, and to give anything away we shouldn’t give away, and then to stand where You put us to stand.

Lord that’s what we’re looking at this morning. We’re looking to You to see it done, because we can’t do it unless You sober our minds. We’re like the alcoholics out there, who’ve gone so far that unless somebody does something, we’ll just drink ourselves into a further stupor until one day, lying out there, we’re going to be gone, lost, lost, lost.

Lord we’re looking to You today. We’re a desperate people in a desperate condition. We were wretched, miserable, naked, blind, and didn’t even know it. And God, how can we know anything unless You do something for us and show us and help us moment by moment?

Fill us with this Word O God and fill us with the substance of the Word. Let the Word begin to crack open Lord, like the good seed in the good ground, and pour out its life. We pray that Lord. So that we might be vessels, epistles read and known of all men.

Lord, don’t let one person this morning leave this building but having taken on some real definite armor as never before, graces and virtues O God as never before, so we can live and love.

That’s what the prophet said on marriage and divorce, he said, “If you love your wife, you’re content to live with her, go home, be happy with her and the children.”

God, that’s exactly what we want to be in this place here, a happy people, married to You and to each other by the grace of God, happy as children of the Lord, with Christ in the midst and glorifying Your Name, but standing against all the wiles of the devil, together as one people. Even nature knows that, O God, Your people must know it too.

Surely we know it, Lord, surely Father. Surely it’s got to be. We plead with You this morning Lord, to answer our pray and make us one as never before, the transparency of the Holy Ghost of God in our midst as never before. We’re asking these mercies.

Let not one depart from here sick if it’s possible this morning, Lord. If our spirits have come unto Your Spirit, Lord, and Your Spirit has come more and more in the church, until that sweet Spirit is here in a way that we know the gifts and things can be put aside, by Your grace we do it, so there won’t be one infirmed person amongst us, and only Lord on the condition as the prophet said, “We want Lord to use our strength for You.”

Help us O God, to know how to dedicate on every front, Lord, until every front is anointed for the purpose of the glory of God. We commend ourselves to You now, Lord, what else can we say?

In the Name of Jesus Christ for Your glory, we pray. Amen.

‘Take the Name of Jesus with you.’

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