Greatest Battle Ever Fought #20

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Shall we pray.

Gracious Heavenly Father, we again count it a great privilege to be here assembled in your Presence, knowing Lord, that You did make… made promise in Your Word that one day there would come a time when Your Presence would be known amongst the people.

We believe that hour has come, is here now. And so we thank You Lord, for Your Presence which is the Presence, not known for two thousand years, but now known which men have looked forward to, Your saints have looked forward to, but our eyes see It, Lord and we’re grateful for It.

We pray Lord, in this service this morning, we shall see You and understand Your ways and be drawn closer to You. That we might be part Lord, of Your treasure which You are laying up through the Blood of Jesus Christ, and through the divine work of the Holy Spirit; we might be a part of that great Kingdom, a part of Your Inheritance Lord, and also show forth Your Praise Lord.

We would not want to be in a position Father, of any claim unless You had Your returns on it, Father, which would be lives consecrated to Your Glory. So teach us Your way, show us Yourself this morning somehow, someway; revealing Yourself to our hearts in Jesus’ Name, we pray Amen.

You may be seated.


Now, this Message which we’re studying this morning, and have been studying for quite some time; The Greatest Battle, and of course, the great battle is the battle of the mind.

And so I just want to bring to your attention a little preamble, before the preamble, that sets our position in… where Brother Branham has been teaching us the last little while.


Now to begin with, we are tripartite beings which means we are composed of three distinct parts; body, spirit and soul. And usually we refer to the body because that’s the sensate part; that’s the part that actually gets the most attention, it always does, because it’s visible to people.

And you actually move around about in it; that’s your ‘vehicle’. And so normally without meaning to, we gravitate toward the body as the important part. And as we do, of course, we conflict the brain with the mind.

So… we’re composed of three parts; body, spirit and soul which means that if you analyze it only one third is physical, and two-thirds is spiritual, plus we have a brain which is part of the physical and operating in and through the brain is the mind which is part of the ‘spirit’.

So there’s were your interconnections are. See, you have a physical, you have a spiritual and God intended them to be in balance and in harmony and used together.


So, then as we look at the original creation, Adam and Eve, because we are interested in human beings, not animals; we can easily understand how they could fellowship God and be under the spiritual Headship of the Word by being two-thirds spiritual.

Now of course, you’re catching what I am saying; we’re two-thirds spiritual, so we can have fellowship and we can be under the Headship of the Word.

And yet they could tend the garden and serve God through the physical parts of their nature, by busying themselves with the physical things that God wanted them to be busy with. You follow what I am saying now?

There’s… three-thirds make a whole; two-thirds are spiritual and in there you have the connecting point; which is the mind operating through the physical part, which is the brain; and that evidently was God’s understanding of perfection and what He actually wanted.

Now they walked and they talked with God, the Bible says so; we believe it and that was the great thing; that was the high calling. It was not two people dominated by the physical; but dominated by the spiritual; two parts.

Then Satan appealed to Eve’s mind by addressing her senses relative to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Now let’s read it and find out for ourselves that this is true.


Now, Genesis the 3rd chapter and the first seven verses are all we need to go into.

Genesis 3:1

(01) Now the serpent was more subtill than any beast of the field…

Now this was a thinking animal. Now contrary to public opinion and about everybody’s opinion; this was not a four-legged beast covered with hair. This was so close to a man; now he wasn’t a chimpanzee; orangutan.

Dr. Adam Clark, one of the brightest theologians recognized that this creature was very close to a man and he was. He was literally a man except he did not have a soul. There’s your connecting; he had a spirit and a body but he didn’t have a soul.

Genesis 3:1-7

(01) Now the serpent was more subtill than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, [You] shall not eat of every tree of the garden? [Introduction to the physical.]

(02) And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:

(03) But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest [you] die.

(04) And the serpent said unto the woman, [You] shall not surely die:

(05) For God doth know that in the day [you] eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and [you] shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

(06) And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food,… it was pleasant to the eyes,… a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.

(07) And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.


Now we know this, this is the language of symbology; and if you take it to the Book of the Songs of Solomon you will find that this is an act of love which is sexual.

And the eating of the tree is definitely considered a sexual act; read it for yourselves in the Songs of Solomon which is called the dirty book of the Bible by the carnal minded idiots that think they are wise.

I have no respect for godless people. You understand that. I give them no time of day; I give them nothing, I have no part of them; they have no part with me. The Songs of Solomon is a picture of the true Bride and the true Groom, the Lord Jesus Christ in the Bride.

And you will find that most everything that God’s Word finally boils down, to an actual companionship between the male and the female as a basic illustration or the type of what is holy before God.


So this is literally as everybody knows and don’t think your church doesn’t know it, brother/sister, you ask around amongst some of your churches, and I don’t care what church you go to, you will find that there are those that understand this.

The Hebrews understood it; it’s in the Talmud, the book of [Ubemeth]; said, “Eve copulated with the serpent and brought forth Cain”. But that’s not the point. The point is what I’m looking at is here; that everything that Satan showed her and brought her into a deliberation had to do with the physical. See?

Satan appealed to Eve’s mind. And the mind functions through the brain and the brain is a receptacle whereby your senses; the five particularly, gather information, and catalogues it. First of all: it files it, catalogues it, analyzes it, synthesizes; puts it into use.

Now you will see instantly that Eve allowed one-third of her composite and complete self to dominate her other two-thirds. And consequently her whole life and this is where the problem started and destruction comes; do you follow? One third.

It is like the dog’s tail wagging the dog. The reason I said that is because everybody knows that no dog’s tail should wag a dog, but everyone of you sitting here and myself in the pulpit are very happy to have the tail wag the dog. And we’re very unhappy at the same time. Right? That’s true.


How wrong Eve was in letting Satan appeal to her senses contrary to the Word of God. Now that’s the battle. That’s the big battle. Now look it, if we can understand one third will not control me. One third will not control me.

See, we’re smart: don’t believe everything you hear and only a half of what you see. Normally it would be: don’t believe what you hear, but only what you see. But there is such a thing as the hand being, Pshhh, faster than the eye. There’s lots of things that are quite deceitful.

Yet we are stooges; not wanting to be; but we are, to Satan by letting the physical dominate. How wrong Eve was in letting Satan appeal to her senses against the Word of God. How many churches are here this morning; represent that very thing? That’s why we are so independent.

If we are going to make heaven or hell; we’re going to make it on our own with Jesus Christ and not a church. Because the churches get together; they form little committees and say, “This is what we believe; this is what we decide”. We’ll talk about that later.


Now our senses can be used and are allowed to be used, God ordained in all ways except against the Word of God. Or in plain English, we take naturally and it’s alright, to the one third; gathering information which we can use to our good, and we have to do it.

And we are not only allowed to do it, we must do it until, until there is a Word of God concerning that appropriation and disposition of the appropriation or what there is there and what we do with it and how we do it.

When that Word cuts in, then you and I must listen to the Word of God or else; and that’s the greatest battle. Because we know sensibly speaking, we will put ourselves in jeopardy, even death unless God does something about it. Dare I trust His Word?

Aha, that’s a tough one. But it is so good when we learn to do it. Herein is the greatest battle ever fought and being fought or to be fought and that is what Brother Branham’s Message was all about. And we must engage in this battle and overcome.


Now in this Message, you notice that Brother Branham, through divine vindication and we’ll stand on that; that God intervened Himself and proved that this was His prophet, brought us an end time Message which was declared in the Word to be so for the end time.

‘For Elijah must restore’ and that is the Word, in order as, John the Baptist to make ready a prepared people. And ‘prepared’ comes from the 9th chapter of the Book of Romans, which speaks of predestination, which is an anathema to most churches, but I’m not afraid of it, not at all.

So it’s declared that there would be a prophet to bring us a Word which would meet the conditions of the hour, which means somebody, somebody’s, plural will be here to be immortalized and walk into the Millennium.

That’s the Word of God, “Behold, I show you a mystery, we shall not all sleep.” So I don’t care what anybody says, the Bible says it.

“Well,” say, “I think I got…”

There you are, you’re letting your senses come against the Word of God, shame on you. You’ve got to be fools for Christ; like you got to be kids. Bible says, “Somebody’s not going to die.” Hallelujah, I sure hope it’s me. Well, let’s find out if it’s you; shouldn’t be too difficult.


You can buy a lottery ticket; you got one chance, maybe, out of what? four times quicker you can get struck by lightning than to get a lottery ticket to win. Well, how do I know? I’ll look at my ticket. I don’t believe in buying lottery tickets. I’m just using it as an illustration. You look at your ticket.

Then there must be something in this Word that tells you if you’re elect and predestinated. And the bible says, “Make your calling and election sure.” So, Elijah comes at the end time, with the Word of God to get a people ready.

Now that great battle is this; and many of you have gone through it, and you’re still going through it, and I have gone through it, and I’m still trying to get my thinking a hundred percent right. When somebody comes on the scene and the Bible is full of it; the Bible is loaded with it.

God works through prophets. God was in the prophets revealing to the people what was needed. Not elected members of any type, whatsoever, no matter how smart, and how great, and how wonderful; God bypassed the Sanhedrin and used John, a boy of the wilds, no education.

God took Paul with his great education; beat it all out of him. So can we now accept some man to come in and so teach us that we find ourselves like Adam and Eve, completely naked when it comes to what we had here? Now this is the passive faith we’re talking about because this is doctrinal.


Now in this message, Brother Branham preaches very strong, great emphasis concerning his own vindicated Word, that we rest on It; and I rest on It, my brother/my sister, live or die, sink or swim, heaven or hell, I am committed.

You say, “Brother Vayle, I don’t think you should.”

Well, that’s all you know about God. I’m sorry to hurt you, but you don’t know the God I know. You’re just thinking you know the God I know; because the God I serve and try to serve, demands a committal and He doesn’t expect you to make your committal two minutes before you die.

No, your committal can be made at a very tender age and God will see you through. People make committals, but it’s sorry, too bad; they make the wrong ones, many, many times.

Now, he told us we must make a committal and that becomes our refuge, our tabernacle, our strong tower of defense, in this hour of the great battle of our minds, which we shall shortly introduce you to, as to whether you can take it or not.

Then he fluctuates in the sense, he doesn’t fluctuate, pardon me, that’s not a good word; because it sounds like vacillating. It’s not a fluctuation so much as it is taking two points of view concerning the Word of God and demonstrated faith or manifested faith.

One is; where you believe passively the Word of God, and secondly, where you actively approach the Word of God to apprehend or to make your own the promises that you are in need of; such as healing, is one thing.

Another thing may be a better job, which is available. Another thing is something else; better family relationships, more discreet way of living before people, more pronounced witness in witnessing to Christ effectively.

All of these things are promises in the Bible, and Brother Branham going back and forth between the one which stabilizes you in your faith; becomes a springboard for you and me to utilize the others as we aggressively pursue them. And every single time you will find it has to do with your mind.

Whether you will believe, what is being presented to you, which will be the Word of God in contradistinction of what ‘has been’ the Word of God, but now manipulated by men and their own thinking and ideas, until it is merely a church tradition.

Now a church tradition will no more get you out of here than reciting the apostle’s creed will give you the rebirth. No sireee. All right.


Now this is number 20; that’s ten solid weeks on this one Message. You realize that’s thirty hours. So here we go for another little while. Now last Wednesday we read where Brother Branham spoke of Satan’s wild three fold attack on Jesus.

That’s after Jesus was filled with God; he became the tabernacle of God; because Jesus isn’t God, he’s a man. God cannot be born God cannot die. But He’s the physical manifestation of life.

Now I’m not here to fuss with any scientist; for I’ll stop right here for a second, and then I’ll came back to this. Look, they found, I understand, protein on the moon; so therefore, they have some idea about life somewhere else. Now, I’m not a chemist. I’m not a scientist, but neither am I totally dumb.

So I read a little bit about what’s going on, and I read about DNA and RNA. I read about chromosomes and genes, and I know what they call the bases, how these little filaments, long little hairs come up from the DNA, and I don’t know too much about it.

But I know that they’re talking about protein and the use of protein and how it catalogues and how they’re getting it down to a science now working with laser, and it comes on a board, there’s a lot of wonderful things in there.

But you know I kind of get this feeling all the time that the scientists are telling me that as long as there is protein; the protein will bring life. I got news for that fellow. He’s a liar. It isn’t the protein that brings life; it’s that life uses protein.


So what I’m looking at here, when I mention that Jesus isn’t God; he’s the Son of God. He’s the physical human being. He’s begotten of God. It’s that God’s life took the protein, He made his protein, a sperm and an egg, and He put it in Mary’s womb and she became the incubator.

And that One was the Son of God, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am pleased to dwell” and He came in and went into Him. That’s how God was manifested in flesh. Don’t let anybody ever tell you this crazy theory; eternal sonship. How can a son be eternal? He had a daddy. Didn’t he?

Then what’s this ‘eternal sonship’? Adam Clark blew that higher than a kite years ago, a Methodist; he’ll talk about ‘eternal sonship’. And not three gods; there’s one God. One God; Jesus said, “God was his Father.”

My Bible says, “The Holy Ghost came upon her.” I’ve heard of two people having two fathers; I have never heard of one child having two fathers, never, never, never will be… someone…


All right. The attack on Jesus came after God came into Jesus the Son. He stood in the wilderness for forty days and forty nights, fasting and the devil came and attacked him and flew in on an attack, as Brother Branham said, a three-fold attack, and every single time Jesus did only one thing, he said, “It is written.”

Now that is a perfect example of the controlled mind and of the great battle. We talk about wanting to be like Jesus; that’s very nice, I appreciate that; sweet, lovely, kind, little Jesus.

They forget he cleansed the temple with rope. You ever been burned by a rope? It is a most horrible burn. I used to use binder twine and that’s made up of little prickly strands that are brittle; man, can it burn the skin.

Have you ever been cut by a piece of paper? One of the rottenest, miserable cuts in the world. Pshew! I’d sooner have a razor blade, so help me. A razor blade’s a better cut than a piece of paper. So he just took those thoughts and said, whipped them, you know how you whipped them, schhhhh, man, sweet Jesus.

How sweet, exactly, perfectly sweet, no problem at all. Sometimes the Word: He was the Word, It will take the hide off of you. Ha! You think that hasn’t happened? Take the hair off you, too. He used the Word and only the Word to defeat Satan.


Let me tell you something, Jesus apart from the Word was ineffectual. He was not sufficient in Himself. Don’t anybody ever kid you that Jesus was efficient and able within himself. He tells you categorically, “It is not I that do the works, it is my Father within me.”

And apart from the Word, Jesus and He’s our example, was not sufficient. Then how can you and I ever face any issue apart from the Word of God? But we better know It’s the Word of God.

But each time Satan was defeated by the Word of God, and that which was properly interpreted, because Satan misinterpreted. Properly placed with unerring accuracy and every time Satan misplaced It.

And in perfect alignment with its scriptural context for the hour, which Satan always moved around. You will notice that Satan used the Word, but he used. It wrong. And Jesus used the Word right.

Now Jesus must have had implicit faith in the Word he used, for this is what he used and nothing else. Ha! That’s the beautiful part: the implicit faith.


How can you have any faith in God’s Word if you just partly believe It? How can you really use the Word of God if you have your doubts about It? We’re getting on some good choice ground here. It’s good for a laugh because It exposes us.

Not a humorous thing as though we can laugh at It, but to laugh deep down inside of ourselves, at ourselves, the way Sarah did; when He said, “Sarah, at this time is going to have her baby.”

She said, “Hmm, hmm, hmm… a baby.”

He said, “Why did Sarah laugh?”

“Oh, but I didn’t laugh.”

He said, “Oh, you did laugh.”

She got away with it, because of Abraham standing there. God on the scene; I’m not laughing in the sense of being vulgar, crass or crude. I’m just laughing at this thing because we claim we believe the Word of God so deeply… And do we really believe It?

Here’s Jesus, threw Himself right onto that Word. That’s all he did.. Eve threw herself onto her senses and took Adam with her and we’ve been doing it every since. With Jesus there was a clear cut decision; if the Word says it, I’m standing with the Word. Now that is a tough proposition.

And if you think that’s not a battle; I don’t know about you. I’ll just say I’m a cupcake or some little jellyfish up here because I have a terrible battle with myself. That’s right. Jesus had implicit faith in the Word for that hour because that’s all he used; and Satan fled from him. He left him alone, too.


You know something; if we, not could ever, but if we ever and by the grace of God, I believe there’s going to be a Bride who’s going to get there, if and when we come to the place, and we can, I believe, come to this place where we can stand with that Word.

Not stand with the church now, I don’t care about a church, I’ve stood in too many churches all my life. I-ya-ya-yi-yi, we came out of the Catholic church, we came Presbyterian, Methodist, Pentecostal, Baptist; you name it. We had it right down the line. Right down the line.

It isn’t the church that counts. It’s the Word of God that counts. And the Word of God in your life personally: not you coming down the road and later, saying to maybe, somebody in the clergy or somebody you got faith in, “Well, this and this and this.”

“Oh, that’s fine, my son, the Lord forgives you. Everything is just fine. We’ll all make mistakes.”

Look, that’s… oh, Eve said,… “Well, you see, God, I made a mistake.”

He said, “Yeah, I noticed you did.”

“Well”, she said, “It was the serpent that did it.”

He said, “Yeah, but you heard what I said, didn’t you? Adam, what about you?”

“Well, the woman that You gave me.”

“But,” He said, “I warned you; you’d leave Me for her. So why didn’t you wake up?”


So, I’m trying to show you something here; we just simply cannot in this church talk about these things, we’ve got to have them. Now I don’t know just exactly how quick we’re going to get them and how we’re going to get them, because I’m standing with you, with this Word.

That’s why you notice I don’t take authority over you. Say, “Well, you just listen to Brother Vayle and you just follow him and you’re going to make it.” I’m going to tell you; you listen to me and follow me you’re in trouble because I’m not that good of a person.

I don’t have it down that pat. I’m struggling, the same as you are, and we’re in this together as a family of God to come to this place to stand like Jesus because we’re going to need to; nothing but the Word.


You know, hey, I think I’ll read something here in Hebrews for you, it just strikes me as this being beautiful. This is Jesus in his temptation and you and me; but we… verse 9, of Hebrews 2.

Hebrews 2:9-13

(09) But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honour; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man. [The word ‘man’ should be italics; it’s not in the original. It’s for ‘every son’.]

(10) For it became him, for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons unto glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings. [He suffered right there; fasting and praying and the devil coming upon him.]

(11) For both he that sanctifieth and they who are sanctified are all of one: [that’s Jesus and the Bride Church sanctified to God] for which cause he is not ashamed to call them brethren,

(12) Saying, I will declare thy name unto my brethren, in the midst of the church will I sing praise unto thee. [God speaking concerning the Son and the Bride and you got a beautiful little thought for the Son; a beautiful thought for you and me.]

(13) And again, I will put my trust in him. And again, Behold I and the children which God hath given me.

In other words, what I’m trying to show you here is this; that the Royal Seed, the Lord Jesus Christ, our Elder Brother, the one we identify with, does not consider for one minute that you and I cannot stand with him in the temptation and use the Word and rest on the Word until the devil flees.

Which means the battle lies right where it has always lain: What are we going to do with our computer brains, which are activated by a spirit, which is one third of us. Down in our souls is the Word.

Now which way will the mind go? Out here or in here. Which channel will we plug? This one coming in or this one coming out; the secret is to learn to plug this one coming in and bring this one out. Now there’s where we are and you know; it can be done.


Now this is where we find our church today at the crossroads. And you know, somehow by the Grace of God, there’s going to be people here; they’re going to do this. It’s prophesied in the Bible and we must set our hearts to It.

So Satan fled Jesus; Jesus used the Word when He was here in human flesh. That’s all He did; was use the Word. Now listen carefully, according, and this will be news to some of you sitting here and it’s all right, but it’s the news of the Word of God.

According to chapter 4 of Matthew and chapter 12; it is prophesied that Jesus in the form of the Holy Spirit, one day in the days of the revealing of the Son of Man which take place under Sodom and Gomorrah conditions which are today; homosexuality and AIDS, conditions of Noah, science gone, berserk.

You’ll not stop the bombs and the experimentation likes. He is to appear one more time in the form of the Holy Spirit and do the same deeds He did back there and get the same treatment.

Now my question is this: if all He used was the Word back there, tell me, give me one reason why He just won’t use the Word now? And that’s what you’re looking at today. It will be, it must be the Word of the hour directed against Satan. He had a confrontation back there.

He’ll have a confrontation now. Not physical, but spiritual. And you and I will be a part of it. The Word alone can bring about Satan’s defeat. The Bible says, “The whole world wonders after the beast and goes after him.”

What’s going to stop you and me? Yeah, what’s going to stop you and me? The Standard: God raises up a man, as a force, as a barrier. Second Thessalonians tells you, only those who love the Truth, the Word, the Gospel; the Truth will escape the anti-Christ.


Now on paragraph 3, we left off on page 55 and what Brother Branham says, and then with what he says, keep that in mind; we read how Brother Branham emphatically reveals what Satan’s challenge to us will be.

Now this will go over like a lead balloon, maybe, to some people, it doesn’t bother me at all, because I believe it. Herein he will fool the church, but not the Bride. So, we listen carefully, see, I’ll read that number two first of all.

[55-1]  Watch close as I am closing. Satan’s attack is what? Disbelieving God’s Word; like it was in the Garden of Eden, that’s his attack.

Do you realize that every time the Word of God is impugned or disbelieved or something is thrown against that in your mind, either in your interior thinking or from the exterior to your interior, somebody else putting it there, or conditions, or books and so on; you’re being attacked by Satan.


Now you see, we’re quite prone to make Satan’s attack something vicious such as; child molestation, burglars intruding, assaulting, raping, disease, war. Aa… aa… not really, come against the Word.

Did Satan take a club and beat Eve over the head? He seduced her. He made her happy to enter into his thinking and what he wanted. Seduction, deceit, is the word that is more applicable as a general principle. All right.

[55-1]  Disbelieving God’s Word; that’s his attack. There, can you see the greatest battle that’s ever fought? There’s only two forces: Satan and God. And what’s Satan’s weapon against you?

Every single time he doesn’t change; just like the Lord, he doesn’t change. Why? Why should the Lord change when He’s got a good thing? Why would the devil change when he’s got a good thing? For him that is.

[55-1]  [You know, it] is to try to get you to disbelieve your Weapon.

Now what is your weapon and mine? It is a vindicated Word, brother/sister; that other ages have not had for two thousand years. There has not been a vindicated prophet; now you might not want to believe that, but you better read your Bibles.

I don’t care what the church says. I’ve been all through that. Phtt! Who would have ever thought that the day would come when the Pentecostals would say, “Who needs the Bible? We got the Holy Ghost.”

Why I thought the Holy Ghost wrote the Bible. “Oh, we’re gone beyond that now”. Then you went beyond the Holy Ghost. But you can’t add a Word nor take a Word.

We’re not talking now about other churches back in the Dark Ages, we’re talking now about the charismatic people; listen, I was one of them. Roger, you weren’t? Were you Pentecostal? Nice kid. You got out of it. Come on out. Everybody come on out. Come on out. Just try to find something from God. I’m not fooling up here; I’m telling you the Truth.


[55-1]  He disarms you. Let’s listen real quiet now… here we start. If he can get you to disbelieve, your Weapon is equal to his weapon.

He got Eve fooled. “Why,” he said, “God has not surely said that.” “Oh, He sure did.” “Well”, he said, “I got news for you; you won’t die.” So what happened? He disarmed her, right then and there. If you…

[55-1]  If Satan can get you to disbelieve, your Weapon. [And today that’s vindicated Faith Word or we’ve got a vindicated Faith… is equal to his.] If he can get you to believe your Weapon is not strong enough; he’s disarmed you. And he says, Oh, Brother Neville, I hope you never disbelieve that.

I hope you never ever believe when it comes to faith and doubt… now let’s read a couple Scripture here.


Romans the 3rd chapter and the 3rd verse, and I’m just trying to impress you with what Brother Branham said here, so we can understand this. Now watch.

Romans 3:3

(03) For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?

Let the whole church world rise up against the vindicated Word, if you and I stand on It; all their unbelief and disbelief will not annul the Word of God. Through the ages they’ve killed the people who wanted to believe the Word of God.

They’ve done it since the day of Cain and Abel. But they’ll not kill the soul, my brother/my sister. I want you to understand we’ve got a fight to the death. Brother Branham categorically said, “It will be a repeat of all diabolical cunning”.

The battle is for the mind and when they can’t take your mind they will take your body; they can kill you. It’s been done and it will be done all in the name of Jesus, hallelujah. You alright?

If you read your history, don’t listen to me, read your history and if you haven’t got your history, I’ll give them to you. I’ll bring the books to you. Do you want to read them? There’s one back there by Smucker’s, Glorious Martyr. When men rose up; who killed who?

Let me tell you something; Satan is not just… is not in the Congress of the United States. Satan is not in the Canadian Parliament. Satan is not in the House of Lords in Britain. He’s in the churches. And the American Congress goes to church and the House of Lords go to church and the Canadian Parliament goes to church. Keep thinking.


Let’s go to 2 Timothy, the 2nd… oh, I’m reading here.

Romans 3:3

(03) …shall [the] unbelief make the faith of God [to none] effect?

Do you think man’s going to kill what we’ve got, if we’ve got the truth? I used to feel terrible thinking what they’d do to me. I don’t feel bad anymore. I’m not tough and I’m not hanging tough. I just know this one thing, there’s a treasure hidden in earthen vessel; that’s all. There’s something bigger than I am. There’s something bigger than you are.

So don’t look at yourself. Don’t look at yourself; it’s not worth it. It’s not worth it. If it’s not your big nose; it’s your big feet; it’s not what you look at, it’s what is inside of you. So it’s not worth looking at; look at the Word of God. There is nothing that is going to destroy this Revelation, brother/sister.


Let’s go to 2 Timothy. He said to Brother Neville, “Don’t disbelieve it;” I want to help us to never disbelieve what he is saying right there.

Don’t ever let Satan tell us that his weapon is bigger than ours; if he can do something to outsmart us; if he can do something to get us on his side, he can’t do it. 2 Timothy 2:13, it says.

2 Timothy 2:13

(13) If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself.

All right, I ask you a question. Is your faith that God gave you bigger than the devil’s unbelief? Why, certainly.


Let me show you something here in,

2 Thessalonians 3:1-2

(01) Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you:

(02) …that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men: for all… have not [the] faith.


Let’s read something else, though, because that hasn’t got a thing to do with you and me. Over here in Romans the 12th chapter; this has to do with the Bride Church, the church of the Living God, not something outside of Christ but in Christ. Verse 6.

Romans 12:6,3

(06) Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith; [You got a proportion for every ministry.] [The 3rd verse.]

(03) …to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.

Every member of Christ has a measure of faith. Where did you get it? From the Word. Now the point is: will the mind come to grips with the reality of the Word through the Faith that is intrinsically yours and a part of you, this in the soul to challenge what is in the spirit and the mind to come against what’s out there?

[55-2]  …Brother Neville, I hope you never disbelieve that. [But] he disarms you, when he gets you to disbelieve that Weapon.

When he gets you to lose faith in your faith: to say, “Well, I don’t think I’ve got enough.” That’s why people right today are faltering in what we call the ‘message people’ because they’re looking down the road for something else.

Brother Branham said, “Under the Seventh Seal you have everything here to put you in the Rapture.” That means, immortality now, not tomorrow. It means someone’s going to be immortal.

[55-2]  When you lay That down,…

The Word of God, consequently, you lay down the Life that’s in the Word, because the Life does not come apart from the Word. There must be a conduit, you know that. You’ve been taught well enough on that to know that. See. Don’t lay it down.

[55-2]  When you lay That down, that finishes your fight; you’re done. Hold that Weapon; don’t you lay It down. We see his unbelief. We see Satan’s unbelief. One thing I want to say [more] in a minute.


Now, before we go on, I want you to notice, and that is this: from what follows and we’re going to read it; it is evident that what he refers to will be of great importance to us in our coming battle which will have to do with anti-Christ forces.

To know our enemy’s true manifestation, that’s Satan, our true enemy, to know his manifestation, in other words, what he is going to work in and through, will be a powerful defense.


Now, I want to read in Romans the 5th chapter, where there is a comparison between Jesus and Adam. And what we got through Adam which is in the negative, you will see what we have in Christ which is the positive, which we will apply to the Word today, so that we can know exactly who and what we are, as per status in this fight. Verse 12.

Romans 5:12-14

(12) Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; [that’s what happened,] and so death passed upon all men, [that’s what happened,] for… all have sinned:

(13) (For until the law sin was in the world: but sin is not imputed [where there is no law and] when there is no law.

(14) Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam’s transgression, who is the figure of him… to come.

In other words, sin was there; people sinning but there was no law, no Ten Commandments, that came with… that came with Moses. But now watch.

Romans 5:15

(15) But not as the offence, so also is the free gift. [Now that ‘offence’ in there means ‘a crime committed’. Now if you make an offence against a person, you are fighting him and you are now entering into a crime. Now watch.] For if through the offence… many be dead, much more the grace of God, and the gift by grace, which is by one man, Jesus Christ, hath abounded… [to] many.

What he’s trying to tell you here is this: if the devil made an attack and that attack was made upon Adam and that attack carried on to us, even to all men, showing the degradation to which man has fallen: how much more in Christ what He mediates to us and for us, will be billions of times superior?

Romans 5:16-17

(16) And not as it was by one that sinned, so is the gift: for the judgment was by one to condemnation, [You’re a loser.] but the free gift is of many offences… [No matter how criminal you were, having fallen under Adam’s spell which was given to us by Satan: you are now the great conqueror. Okay.]…

(17) For if by one man’s offence death reigned…


And you know that death just doesn’t mean ‘dying’ and ‘going to sleep’. How many of you have had death to your plans, death to your marriages, death to this, death to your family, death here and death there? And I’ll tell you what did it; wrong handling, wrong handling. You married the wrong one, some of you, really goofed up.

As Brother Branham said, “Men look for the sex queen, and women try to be sexy”.

That is a big attraction; I’m not faulting it. My God, but listen, I’m going to tell you there’s a word beyond that: a thing called ‘character’ and some of you here today, didn’t mess up; you’ve got tremendous marriages.

And you’ll continue as one of the bright spots in creation. Oh, the world will look down and think, “Oh, that foolish bunch.” We don’t care two bits about the world.


Satan was the biggest dignitary and emissary outside of Almighty God Himself, and Jesus just brushed him off. So personally I don’t care if I shake President Reagan’s hand or the pope of Rome, or the arch-bishop of Canterbury or the metropolitan of the… or the big shot of the Pentecostals.

I don’t care two bits about… I’m not slurring the men; they’re fine men. I’m just saying, “I’m not interested when it comes to this.” You see what I’m trying to get you to understand? We are reaching for the apex. We are reaching for the top. We are reaching where God wanted us to be, which is immortal.

We are not fooling with what’s in between. There’s only one way to get it and it tells you here; and if anybody says different I want him to prove it. I was around Brother Branham; I had proof. You sitting here, you don’t know what split beans from buttermilk hardly, from what I know this morning.

You weren’t around; you didn’t see what I saw. You read your newspapers, you read your church books, you read this, you… I was there and saw a man whose word God backed up. Now when you see that, you’re looking at something. This… this… this here is history.

I could read you in the Book the 4th chapter of Luke about Jesus; that’s history. When I tell you about Him in Matthew 12 and it’s proven; that’s not history.

That is proving that that One rose from the dead and came back in the form of the Holy Ghost. Every theologian knows that. And how are you going to get three gods out of that? If Jesus came back as the Holy Ghost; now you lost one of them.


Romans 5:

Romans 5:17

(17) For if by one man’s offence death reigned… much more they which receive abundance of grace of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, [Christ Jesus.]

Why aren’t we reigning? It’s there. Listen to me carefully; Adam and Eve right here. Here comes Satan, he said through the beast. He enters the beast, and the beast begins to talk; the serpent. And what he said to her, “What has God said about this business of the tree falling?

“Well,” she said, “We’re not supposed to touch it. We’re not supposed to eat it. We just stay away from it because we could die.”

“Well,” he said, “you surely will not die.”

He said, “Look at it. Where do you see death there?”

I want to tell you something you’re supposed to bring life into the world, God said so.

He said, “Be fruitful and multiply.”

“Did he tell you how?”


“Well, I’ll tell you how it’s done.”

She got plumb thrilled and carried away, she gave to her husband; he ate, too. And she had twins; two separate inseminations. The Bible said, “Cain was of that wicked one.” Don’t try to change it here.

“Well, my church.” I don’t care two bits about your church. I love you, but not your church; I’ve got no time for it. My church taught me the same bunch of junk, too. I didn’t have… phew

If Eve ate an apple; how come she had trouble in childbearing? Apples don’t cause women to have trouble in childbearing; sex does. Brother, I don’t eat cheese and get dysentery: cheese is binding. I don’t drink Epson salts and find myself constipated. Neither do women have babies except one way: we’re not stupid.

The devil came to Eve and appealed to her senses and she didn’t stand the testing. You and I are in the image of Adam and Eve, but we’re hoping to, we’re expecting to, go more and more to the image of Jesus Christ that stands with this Word, brother/sister. And this morning I can see where we missed so much because we’re taught so wrong.

Romans 5:18

(18) Therefore as by the offence of one judgment came [unto] all men [and to condemn…; and even] to condemnation; even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification…

In other words, Adam brought us into condemnation but Jesus Christ brings us to ever-lasting life and justification, it means as though we have never sinned. What did the prophet say to the Bride at the end time? “Little Bride, you didn’t even do it.”



Romans 5:20-21

(20) Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound:

(21) That as sin hath reigned unto death, even so might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord.

Even to the place, brother/sister, where death is going to be annulled and there will be a people standing here to enter into the Millennium. Now that’s the Word of God: I don’t care what any church says. And I’m not going to sell myself short of it.

I want to be in that Millennium. You bet I do. Especially since Jesus paid the price. Now are you going to believe what the devil says or are you going to believe what God says? That’s the battle; that’s the battle lines drawn in the Garden of Eden.

And right there, listen, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil stood the Tree of Life and right with the Tree of Life was immortality and they turned It down. And God said, “Okay, I remove the Tree of Life and I keep immortality until way down the road.”

And now’s the hour and what are you going to do? Some church going to give it to us? Some creed? Some doctrine? Some dogma? Nope, God’s going to do it. Better get to God. What was it that got Adam and Eve from God? Perverted word.

I want to ask you a question: what’s going to get them back to God? Unperverted Word! Come on! Hey, when will we not catch any more flu? When there is no more flu. Then let’s get rid of the flu. I’d love to. I’d love to.

What brought us astray? Perverted word; let’s get rid of the perverted word. Love to. Oh, but hold it, that’s not what my church said. I don’t have a church. You don’t have a church either if you really know the truth.

You got a Word, brother/sister. That’s all that counts, in the Word, will see you through.


All right, now here is where Brother Branham begins to move into a realm where the whole church world is deceived. All right. He said, “It’s about Russia.”

[55-1]  …want to say this in this minute.

[55-3]  I’m going to say this for the benefit of the veterans, and so forth…, and you Bible students. What are you fussing and hollering about Russia? You don’t hear me telling you to build a bomb shelter, do you? Why are you fussing about Russia? Russia isn’t anything; she isn’t going to win any wars; she’s not going to conquer any world. Communism isn’t going to conquer any world. What’s the matter with people? Can God’s Word fail?

In other words: Is there something now in the Bible that tells us that Communism is going to take it over? Where is it found in the Bible?

The question is this: since the whole world believes that Communism is anti-Christ because they’re atheistic; and only four percent are atheistic and they have… there’s no atheism in fox-holes.

Even Khrushchev had to come over here and call upon the name of the Lord. Gorbachev is not far behind him. He’s going to have to call upon something pretty soon.


All right.

[55-3]  Listen, it’s on tape now. [Now watch. And this is the Elijah cry of this hour.] To the world I speak or wherever these tapes go. And to you people here, no matter whatever happens to me, you believe this. Russia, communism isn’t conquering anything. God’s Word cannot fail. Romanism is going to conquer the world.

All right. The greatest battle of this hour that the church cannot accept is that the church has turned traitor to God and taken up with the enemy as its head instead of Christ. They don’t want to believe it.

Now; 2 Corinthians, the 11th chapter… “Well,” you say, “my church doesn’t go much for the Bible.” “Well, then I guess I can’t talk to you.” And I’m talking to a lot of people on tapes; they get these tapes all over the world.


Here’s what the apostle Paul said, two thousand years ago. Hey, how many of you know who your parents are? Let me see up front… most of you know who your parents are? You that don’t; put your hands down. How many of you don’t know your grandparents? I don’t. I never met them; I’m sorry.

But most of you met your grandparents. How about great-grandparents? A few of you. Great-great? Uh uh. Maybe. Anybody know great-great-grandparents? Well, bully. How about great-great-great grandparents? Now he’s stuck. Okay.

Every twenty-five years, let’s put it this way. You know your parents; twenty-five, you know grandpa; twenty-five more, you know great-grandpa; twenty-five more, you know great-great; twenty-five more and you’re stuck. That’s one hundred years; that’s all you can go. Then you’re stuck.

This is two thousand years ago. What I’m trying to show you is this: if you don’t know a hundred years back, you wouldn’t know a thousand years back because you wouldn’t have any trace of your genealogy and you might not be Mr. Martin; you might be Mr. Gorbachev for all you know.

In other words, you haven’t got a clue as to what your name really is or anything else. Then about that disease that you have, “Well,” you say, “look it, I’m incipient, I’m liable to have diabetes”. Trace where your diabetes came from.


Now listen to this.

2 Corinthians 11:1-3

(01) Would to God [you] could bear with me… in my folly: and indeed bear with me.

(02) For I am jealous over you with [a] godly jealousy: for I [says the apostle Paul to the Corinthian church] have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.

(03) But I fear, let by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

Now already two thousand years ago they were off track. I ask you another question: how many believe that Adam and Eve committed the original sin? Well, you all believe that.

Would you believe they committed every sin? Oh, no, Brother Vayle, uh, uh. Why those poor kids could never do some of the things we’re doing. Right.

So two things I’m bringing to your attention and that is this: there is no church and there is no person living, unless God gave that person or that church an irrefutable vindicated revelation as to the truth of this Word that Paul preached; nobody has a clue in this late hour, two thousand years later.

You can’t even go back to your great-great-great-great-grandfather, what’s a hundred and fifty years. You can’t go back a thousand years and prove a point. You can’t do it. I don’t know anybody’s genealogy stretches that far back; if it does, try another thousand.

Now we’re going back two thousand years with the Bible. Two thousand years of creeds and dogmas. Two thousand years of people arguing and splitting hairs over this, that and the other thing.

In the first church age they split hairs over a diphthong; that’s a double vowel in the Greek and it split the church right down the middle.


Now Paul says here, “You’ve already left the Word.” All right. Where’s the church today then?

Just where God said, “Wretched, miserable, naked and blind and they’re saying, “We’re rich, increased in goods and we don’t lack a thing.” They… the church says, “We’ve got it made.” And God says, “You’re destitute, you’re hopeless; it’s all finished.”

Now, we’re looking at Brother Branham mentioning, categorically stating; “that Romanism is going to conquer the world”. He says, “It’s in the Bible”. It is there.

Now before you get too alarmed let me… let me tell you something if you people, you may have Catholic backgrounds; you might not know this but if you get your own history books you’re going to find a certain Catholic theologians admitted this to be the truth and they feared what was going to happen to their religion.

They already feared and knew it. And they said, “This talks about us;” that is why the church has tried to undergo reform, time after time, but it’s failed because they have never had the Word of God in Power addressed to them, and this is the first age it is.

Therefore, all churches to this hour, will be forgiven, as they stood on the Truth that God revealed because that’s all they had. But it’s a different story today.

As it was in Paul’s day, he said, “You were a virgin but you lost it”. And how did they lose it? By losing the truth; they refused the truth. How are we going to get back to being a virgin? By holy water? Or joining a church? Or taking a baptism?

No way, brother/sister, there’s only one way. Get back to the Word.


“Oh,” Eve said, “Would to God I had never listened to the serpent”. And Adam said, “Would to God I’d never listened to you:” because she represents the church. But ‘would to God’ didn’t make any difference: they died.

And ‘would to God’ will make no difference in the coming days, because there’s ‘would to God’ the mountains fell on us and hid us from the wrath of the Lamb. It isn’t going to work because I’m going to tell you that is a scientific picture produced by a cameraman who didn’t even know what he was taking.

George J. Lacey said, “That is the only authentic picture of a supernatural being”. It’s a Pillar of Fire. When that man said, “THUS SAITH THE LORD,” time stood still and did exactly what he said. Jesus said, “It is not my word; it’s God who does it.”

The prophet always was that way. Say, “Why didn’t I hear about it?” You’re hearing about It today.

How many heard John the Baptist? Don’t be silly; handful. How many heard the apostle Paul? He went up and down the coast; a handful. How many were in the ark? A handful. How many disciples? A handful.

How many at the day of Pentecost out of millions? Three thousand. I just leave it to your own understanding, brother/sister. Romanism is going to conquer the world.


Let’s read in Daniel, the 2nd chapter and I’m going to have to quit. What… what do you got? We’re just going to read this 2nd chapter to get our introduction ready for the next meeting, that will be on… next Saturday.

The 2nd chapter and I want to show you from Brother Branham’s teaching here, from the Word of God; why it is that Romanism, and listen by the way, do not be upset about the word, ‘Romanism’ because it means nothing more than, the ‘tree’ that produces the branches and the fruit of the ‘whole religious system’ called ‘Christianity’.

Look, you go into an orchard, and you say, “Hey, those are apple trees”. You don’t say now, “Now, that is a Golden Delicious.” Oh, you could. And that is a Red Delicious. And that is a Mutsu. And that is a Rome. And that is a Winesap. And that is a Granny Smith. You say, “That… those are apple trees”.

Now I can take an apple tree and it’s a Granny Smith. And I can take a branch of the Red and the Yellow Sheep’s Nose and I can take the Snow apple and I can take the Rome and I can take the Old Banana and the old Northern, some of those good old apples, you don’t even know what I’m talking about, I had them as a kid.

You wrapped them in paper and put them in barrels and sell them; oh, they stayed all winter long. And the Snow apple is delicious. Then you got one that is red inside; you got all these apples, and I can graft all in every single tree and they’re all going to produce it.


And that’s what we’re talking about here from Rome, because ‘Rome’ is the name we use because it was the first organized church. And every Protestant church organized is right in the church of Rome and doesn’t even know it, because they don’t know the Bibles.

I’m not talking about Roman Catholics and say, “Well, the pope is no good.” And this fellow is no good. The pope is just as good as the Pentecostal cheerleader.

In fact, I hate to admit it, I have been a Protestant for a long time and I have been a Pentecostal and I am smiling with chagrin when I admit it; I have to trust the pope a whole lot more than I’m going to trust the Pentecostals.

At least he preaches the truth against birth control and those things and the Pentecostals go right along. He preaches the truth against divorce and re-marriage and those things except under very stringent conditions. They go right along; anything goes.

I got to admit that there’s a lot of good things that are in the Roman Catholic church; there’s a lot of good things in the Protestant churches.

I’m not against the good things, brother/sister. What… what was it? Eve was a good woman. She was fooled. Adam was the delightful husband; he went along to help her. He said, “Look it, if she dies: I die.. There’s lots of fine sentiments of people.

I’m not against those; I told you even sloppy love I’ll take, but listen, there’s a love that comes through this Word by the Holy Ghost. That’s what I want. That’s what I weep about. I’m not here to condemn anybody. I’m just trying to preach the Word of God. Maybe we can get something from the Word; I don’t know.


Thirty-seventh verse in the 2nd chapter of Daniel. Now this is the… this is the vision, the dream that Nebuchadnezzar had of all the world until Jesus comes and sets up his Kingdom. Now this is it; this is history.

Daniel 2:37-39

(37) Thou, O king, art a [great] king of kings: for the God of heaven hath given [you] a kingdom, power, and strength, and glory.

(38) And wheresoever the children of men dwell, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the heaven hath he given into thine hand, and… made thee ruler over them all. [And that sounds like the Garden of Eden; Adam and Eve.]

(39) And after thee shall arise another kingdom inferior to thee, and [a]… third kingdom of brass, [There was gold and silver and brass. See. And then iron and clay.]… which shall bear rule over all the earth.

Now this is over all the earth, now watch, influence emanating from an authority. See, like dictators are called kings. Anyone that is using a national or universal control will come under this because that’s what he is talking about.

Daniel 2:40-42

(40) And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron: forasmuch as iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things: and as iron that breaketh all these, [it shall] break in pieces and bruise. [Four kingdoms.]

(41) …whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters’ clay, and part of… part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; but there shall be in it… the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay.

(42) And as the toes [and] feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken.

Now you can tell right there this is going to be a matter of ‘détente’ and ‘entente’. Treaties, compacts, agreements; the tough will get along with the weak and the weak with the tough. They’re going to draw up a little schedule or something here.

Daniel 2:43

(43) And whereas thou sawest [the] iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.


Now you know jolly well, that democracies are getting right along now with totalitarian states. And it says right here, there’s going to be an influence or a power over them both. They will be controlled whether they know it or not, or want it or not. They are going to be controlled because it’s talking about a control.

Now listen.

Daniel 2:44

(44) And in the days of these kings…

There are four only; four great kingdoms; four great powers. Not five, but four. In other words, the fourth one will last until it’s all over. And you say, “Well, I don’t believe that.” Then you don’t believe the Bible. You got… you got taken by the devil right there. You’re lost.


Now listen, I’ve learned this the hard way. Things hurt you and you’re afraid to look. Because, oh my, I don’t think I qualify… I don’t think I qualify. Listen, forget that nonsense.

Look at it! Look at it! Have the guts to look at it. You can’t listen… we can’t afford to be superficial anymore, I can’t afford it. Yeah, I’m in bad shape that way.

I told you, I look at the Stature of a Perfect Man. It took me the longest time to look that in the face, because I thought I found nothing but condemnation. I’ve heard a lot of sermons here; you might think I’m preaching condemnation.

I am not preaching condemnation; you listen and understand; you will be set free as you’ve never been free before. That’s the trouble; the devil whispers, oh, get you in bondage. There’s no bondage in this pulpit here. I challenge you; I’ll walk out of here tomorrow and you’re on your own.

Come back in three years if the Lord tarries and if you’re not what I thought you were; it’s your tough luck not mine, I did my best for you. You’re not tied to my shoes or my skirt strings or my apron strings; we’re tied to the Word of God. And we look at It and we believe It. See?


Now it says.

Daniel 2:44

(44) …in the days of these kings… [and you know it’s going to be the last king, the last kingdom, which]… the God of heaven [shall] set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed…

Right now he tells you, there’s going to be a people living, you can’t even kill them. That’s us; by the grace of God walking out of here. Then we’ll come back for the others that did die. We’re not going to.

We’ve got a promise to live; not to die. I may die because I’m old; God may tarry. Don’t worry about me. You worry… you think about yourselves.

Daniel 2:44

(44) …and [this] kingdom shall not be left to other people…

We own it. I’ve told you time and time again; what could one glorified man do to the whole world? He could drive it nuts; insane and destroy it.

And a shot, he’s in Russia, Chernobyl, Chernobyl, Chernobyl, over and over again, France, same thing, Iran, same thing, in a shot, in a flash, in thirty minutes, not even thirty minutes; he could cause such consternation to the whole world is to drive everybody crazy. Just think about it.

Wouldn’t you like to be one of those, instead of one of them? Now I’m not being crass and crude, brother/sister. I’m going to tell you something; if my stomach growls for food and your stomach growls for food; the best I can do is say, “I’ll share with you,” but I’d sooner just eat it.

Well, come on. What about this? Wouldn’t you sooner be one of them, instead of the other ones? Why certainly I would. “Well”, say, “I wouldn’t…” You’re… you’re just being… that’s mock humility, kid, you ain’t lying to me.


I got a thousand dollar check in my pocket; I’ll sign it. Who really wants it? Oh, I’d be a stampede up here, then. I’m not lying to you; I’ve got it. You want to see it? Not boasting either; it was sent to me as a gift. I like gifts. If I don’t get them it’s fine; if I get them, all the better. You know me.

You’ve known me all these years, I’m not going to stand… I come up here and spill my guts, tell you everything. I’m not afraid of anything; I’m not lying, except what’s under the bed. You know what’s under the bed? The top of the table, we don’t have room to store it, so it’s under the table… under the bed. Oval table didn’t fit, so we got a round one. Not even room for shoes.


All right.

Daniel 2:44-45

(44) …the kingdom shall not be left to other people, [and] but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it [will] stand… [there because we’re coming back to take over.]

(45) Forasmuch as thou [saw… the] stone was cut out of the mountain without hands,… that it [broke] in pieces, the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver, the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter: and the dream is certain,… the interpretation thereof [is] sure.

Now, what is that great kingdom? What is that great force? What man is it headed up in? Now that’s the thing you’re looking at. These men were absolute kings. Men under them were delegates or lackeys. We are looking to see: what man at the end time is this power, this force that people give authority to?

Now listen, this beast, this anti-Christ, this man is given authority by the people. That’s why I’m such a hardhead up here preaching. Because if I told my wife, “Now look, kid, it’s alright.” She wants to go out and buy a Cadillac.

Well, it’s okay; she’ll drain the bank account. Well, I’ve got another Cadillac, okay, bing, here’s the money. I gave it to her. We… we beef about men in government: who put them in? People. God said, “My people want it so.”


Now let’s understand; we’re not fooling. I’m sorry I just got two paragraphs in, three paragraphs, but that’s the way I do things. We’ll continue Saturday. Not going to hurt anybody; not here to hurt a soul. I’ve great respect for these men and these ministries, and what have you.

But brother/sister, I cannot betray my soul for respect of men; can’t do it. “Though a man gain the whole world and lose his own soul, what does it profit him.” And I cannot afford to stand here and make light of things and lead you astray; I can’t do it.

I want to tell you something, brother/sister, I believe the anti-Christ coming on the scene, wherever he is, he’ll be voted in, I believe he’s going to be a fine, fine man. Brilliant, fine, fine man, dedicated to service of God and to the people, but he’s going to be a million miles off the Word. Listen, Eve was one mile… one word off; it was a billion miles. It’s all it takes.

Let’s rise and be dismissed. Appreciate you and love you very much, your kind attention, may God be gracious to you and bless you. I know He will. We’re all going on together.

Heavenly Father, we want to thank You again for Your Love and Mercy and Grace, O God, and we know, Lord, that in the hearts of most people there lies the thought, “Where do I stand with You? Where’s my relationship?” We all crave a better and more gracious relationship, and Lord, we know that lies with You; it’s just a matter of getting It.

We honestly can’t believe this morning, Lord, that You withhold any good thing from… thing from us. We know Lord, there’s a problem, and that problem does not exist with You; it exists with us.

We’re asking You now to help us to get rid of the problems that exist with us Lord, by doing what Brother Branham told us to do, which Your Word told us to do; which You did Yourself Jesus, You Mediated when You were here, You just used the Word and that was it.

Oh, God, help us this morning, to just use that Word. Lord, the prophet said so true, “We’ve got to come to a place of desperation”.

And when we see what we see in the Word this morning and the other days we come together, we thank You, Lord; it’s getting desperation built up within us and I trust we will get desperate to begin to use this Word and just stand with It, O God, say, “The Word says so and that’s it.”

We don’t have to have a thought about It; we don’t have a thought, unless it’s Your Thought. We don’t have to have a say about it; unless it’s Your Say. In fact, You tell us to think what You think and say what You say. We know that’s the way to go.

We don’t have a feeling; that’s the big killer right there, the foolishness Lord, of the whole thing, the feeling, the sensation, help us to get rid of that, O God and just stand with Your Word today and the days to come, Lord in heaven.

I pray, get us desperate, O God, we never, maybe, prayed this way before, but we’re praying it this morning, Lord, because we’re just too superficial yet, we’re just too shallow. Just… just way, way, way off base, Lord, and it’s not a nice thing; it’s a nauseating thing.

It’s not a nice thing at all, Father, so forgive us O God, and help us to get right down to looking to You, Lord, and when we see You, we know we’re going to see Him, who is the Word, and use the Word and stood with It all times.

Father, it’s going to make the least among us great and the great amongst us, least. It’s going to bring us right down Lord, where each one must be looking to You fully, joining ranks with the Word of God.

I pray for every mother and father here Lord, we’ve been parents ourselves Lord, and know what it is to have children; this way, that way; grandchildren coming up this way, that way, great-grandchildren, Oh God. When will it end?

We know it’s going to end pretty soon, Lord, and will they be ready? We don’t know Father, we can only pray, and help us, O God, to stand with this Word that You gave us today, as a witness to the children, the grandchildren, whatever may be, to all mankind, Lord, that comes across our path.

We stand with this Word Lord, not to be bumptious, not to be arrogant, not think we’re somebody, but in meekness and humility of our Christ, just stand with Thy Word. It is written, believe It Lord.

Help us today and I pray Lord, not one person in this building shall go on in a period of sickness in the bodies, Lord, we know that that Spirit of Christ amongst us, now to heal the sick, we pray Lord, that not one of us shall fall short of that Grace and that marvelous Mercy that You give to us, O God, to heal our bodies even as You cleanse us of all sin.

Father, we dismiss these people in the name of Jesus Christ for Your Glory, in Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

‘Just take the Name of Jesus with you.’

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