Identification #05

Russia; Israel; AIDS; Not Substitution
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Brother Lee Vayle

Dear heavenly Father, we remember again how one of Your great servants, a Brother Gordon, years ago, brought out before his great congregation who loved You, mentioning the fact that Jesus was not with his mother and father in the caravan that was taking him back home, and they thought that he was, until they realized that he was not. And he asked the congregation what it would be like if they thought that Jesus was with them and he was not, or he was with them and they thought he wasn’t.

And, Lord, that’s the way it is today, again, here, even in our hour. People are saying that, Lord, You are with them, and it is not true. And they are saying You are not here, and that is not true. The fact of the matter is, You are here with Your Bride, and You know it, and we know it, Lord, and we understand that we have been sealed in by You Yourself, the capstone. The headstone has come.

And now, that Spirit, even You, Lord, in our midst here, becoming incarnate to us, having taken us up to the Wedding Supper, we will crown You “King of Kings and Lord of Lords”, even as has been prophesied for this very hour. Help us, Father, to know the truth as we’ve never known it before, in such a way as to live it, as Brother Branham was prevailing upon us to believe and to do so. May now his prevailing by prayer and by word be fulfilled in these human vessels here, O God, because it is high time. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now, before we get into reading again from Brother Branham in “Identification”, I want to bring some things to your attention. They will be sort of piecemeal, but to me they’re very interesting; and they might not work into a message, so I just have to bring them to you as they come to my mind.


Number one: number one is the thought that Brother Branham made in a couple of comments, and the comments can be received in such a way as to cause some consternation or some misunderstanding or letting down your bars, or you might put one statement against another.

And the statement I’m thinking of is concerning Russia where Brother Branham mentioned communism, but not even hardly four percent actually were Communists, that they were atheistic in their understanding. But that was true and always has been true that, as far as the people are concerned, there’s always been a small authoritative group in power and the people have been subjected.

And so, he said, “Never fear communism. Forget it; that has nothing to do with it. That’s a matter of politics. That’s nothing to do with the Church. You watch the Church, and that’s what you look at.” On the other hand, he said, “Watch Russia, King of the North, they’ll come down for the oil.” And now, if you then take communism and make it synonymous with Russia, you begin to wonder, and your mind can become perplexed and say, “Now just a minute, what is there to fear? Communism is a dead thing; Its gone.”

That’s true, but Russia hasn’t. And Russia is such a mess today that they can throw the bomb any place in the world they want. They’re still keeping up their arsenals, though they’re in terrible condition. So, you still have to watch Russia. Russia will have those bombs to hit Washington, to hit Rome, and Brother Branham mentioned even Jeffersonville, and he talked about the DuPont armament plant being there. Forget it. That’s because Brother Branham was there.

Don’t think for one minute they won’t hit Houston. There’s where the Pillar of Fire was, and there’s where you have NASA. All of these things Brother Branham talked about. Those bombs will come. Russia has them; and they’re being pressed and don’t worry about it, it will come. So, forget about communism, but watch Russia. See?

Its so easy to take a… Like I showed you in Matthew 18. You get the wrong thing if you’re not looking. You get the wrong button pressed. And you hit the wrong button and you may turn on the lights or turn on the elevator and fall down the shaft or something. You’ve got to stay with the Word in the context, and if Its one subject, Its not the other subject. The subject of communism no longer exists. Forget it; Its gone. I don’t care if they’ve got a Primakov or anybody else. They reversed. And don’t… Forget it. Its, “Watch Russia, the king of the North.


And at the same time I think the kings of the East are going to be China. I don’t know. Maybe China, India and Pakistan, those countries that have the atomic bomb. So, keep your eyes on Russia. They’re not out of the picture. More dangerous than ever, more promiscuous concerning their political liaisons. They don’t mean it any more today than they meant it yesterday. So, watch Russia, the king of the North. So, I hope you can understand what I’m saying and then reconcile them.


Now I want to read you something here from the political agenda of the world. What condition is Israel in? That’s number two. We’re going to talk about Israel. All right, back in the days of Israel, when they went into the promised land, they immediately defrauded God and themselves by their mixed marriages and by their covenants which were entirely illegal, because you cannot make covenants with anybody except of a like mind, and the prophets had the mind of God, and the generals and all did not, even Joshua, being fooled.

The people entered into covenants, which they should not have entered into. And, therefore now, we find the land in continued disruption, and we come to the time of the judges after Joshua.

Now the time of the judges, people did those things that were right in their own eyes. There was a divisive spirit amongst the people. They could not come together. There was nothing that could be done, until one day God sent a prophet. And that prophet was Samuel. And Samuel is always an interesting and integral and predominant figure. He concerns us as to William Branham absolutely quoted Samuel, lived as Samuel. See?


Now, Samuel came on the scene. Now, what came after Samuel? A king! Now he was the phoney king. Then came the real king. Now, let me read to you about Israel.

“The elections remain Israel’s greatest obsession. Cracks are appearing in the ranks of parties as candidates for Prime Minister break away to form their own groupings. Alliances are in disarray. Meanwhile, the breach between the religious and secular wings of society is as deep as ever.”

Now, if you can’t hear the Book of Judges as I’m reading this, you haven’t read the Book of Judges, so you better read it.

“The seculars, who make up the great majority of the population, perceive themselves to be besieged by the intensive, unfound, relentless activity of the men in black.” [That’s your priesthood.] “The political stage is characterized by a constant ebulation,” [where they get very happy and, you know, hallelujah] “not only because of the breaking off of candidates from the main parties, particularly Labor, but also because of the formation of new parties of a specific ethnic or religious character. One is Shas, [S-h-a-s] formed to cater to the needs and separations of Sephardic Jews, another is the British Beliah, formed to gather in Israel’s increasingly large Russian community.” [That’d be a tough one.]

“At the same time, the scandals and personal dissension surrounding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu make it appear like many Likud members that, by accepting the peace process, the party has renounced its special ideological character.” [So, he’s getting on the rocks.] “In fact, looking at the two principle candidates, Netanyahu and Labor’s Ahud Barak, a hawkish former general, Its hard for observers to see any clear differences between them.” [But they’re still fighting]. “The fragmentation of Israel as a result of the earthquake provoked by the Oslo Accords…”


They entered into an accord. What have Oslo and the rest of the nations got to do with Israel? They’re on their own. They were God’s particular, peculiar people. And He said they weren’t numbered amongst the nations. And they weren’t to make alliances and treaties. And they’re back to their same stupid tricks. Can an old dog learn new tricks? No, he just gets dirtier and rougher than the old ones.


“Once all that was necessary to paper over divisions in Israel society was to evoke the security question. But now it appears that, with the exception of the settlers and some extremists, every one is resigned to the idea of living with the Palestinian state. So, the dialogue now concerns what kind of society Israelis want.

‘What is your position toward the conflict between Israelism and Judaism, between the idea of the free-market economy and the socialist solidarity, between pluralism and division, understanding and a partitioning in many sectors,’ asked a member of Parliament, Shlomo Ben-Ami. By what kind of concrete can this multifaceted society be held together when there is no common enemy at the gates? Only the religious zealots give replies to those queries. And this is that that worries their adversaries.”

What I’m telling you is this: the division is just like the Book of Judges. So, what’s the next on the scene? A prophet, and then Christ. You have the perfect picture of the perfect setting. This is the Book of Judges all over again. Everyone had his own idea, almost. Not only every tribe, but it seemed every member and every tribe. Little factions here and God raising up a judge or two. What kind of a judge was poor old Samson? Well, he wasn’t as bad as Clinton. Good kind of a parallel there. He was a messy individual.


See, the condition is mocked exactly in the newspapers, Its exactly in the Scripture, and Its got to be the hour in which we live of the Great Tribulation coming up. The Catholic Church… Already the present pope has filled his college of cardinals to elect the next pope who’s going to be a good pope, because he knows there’s a bad pope coming and, no doubt, he’s relying on the vision of Fatima. And he’s tipped his hand already what Its all about.

And you better believe that, because he is going to be certain to have a good pope, it’ll be the bad pope. Because he can say he’s vicar of Christ all he wants, then let him show something for it. I can tell you flat, and I could be very flat in my lies, but, hey, ‘I represent Rockefeller, and I’ve got the power to write checks for everybody, make you very happy.’ I’m a liar. I don’t represent Rockefeller. Nor does the pope represent Jesus Christ.

The only representatives, the true one, the vicar of Christ, is the Holy Spirit. We in our turn are legates or ambassadors and those who have a Word from the King. So, remember that now, because this is, what I’ve read you, is positive. We’re not guessing; Its factual. They are in the state of judges, factions. They’ve got to have a prophet, and after the prophet, the King. We’ve already had our prophet. Now we go to the King.


Now, where has that gone to? Okay, let’s hear some more lies about AIDS. I just love the newspapers. Every now and then they have to tip their hands, then they go right back to lying. Here’s what they say now, today: “Three million youth got HIV last year.”

How do they know? Is this another poll like they took in Cincinnati? Brother Lloyd was telling me about it, and I’ve had Roger told me the same thing. Its all over the country. The people that take the polls apart from Washington, CNN, the Gallup, and Harris and the rest of them; what do they find? They do not find Clinton’s popularity as the CNN and the polls out of Washington and what the Senators are relying upon.

In fact, Lloyd heard that morning on the radio the guy at the station said, “We took a poll. And Its nothing like they’re saying from Washington.” At the same time, a woman phones Rush Limbaugh and says, “I was phoned by a pollster, and when I wasn’t giving the answer he wanted he said, ‘Well, you’re not the person I want to talk to’ and hung up.”

Well, God doesn’t take polls. He knows. And the foundation of God standeth sure, and the Lord knoweth them which are His.


All right, listen; “Six young people are infected with the AIDS virus every minute.”

I don’t believe that for fifteen seconds. I wouldn’t even believe it if they said sixty. They always minimalize everything, and they got to come along and say, “Oh, oh shucks, there’s thirty-three million over here.”

Wouldn’t you just like to have a bank account that suddenly thirty-three million was missing, but it was still there. Yours? Oh, come on. These bunch of Judases. You know Shakespeare said, “Let’s kill all the lawyers.” I think we’ll kill all the press. Hey, we wouldn’t need the lawyers, if we got rid of the press.

“Six young people are infected with AIDS every minute. United Nations…” [Now, if you can trust them, you’d better trust me; I’m your rich Uncle Rockefeller, and you’re all going to get a million dollars. Yeah, you better… You can start retiring and out-spending what you don’t have. I’ll visit you in jail when you’re made a spectacle of. You know what? This is so raunchy.]

“…United Nations wants to campaign to slow the spread of the epidemic among youth. Nearly six hundred thousand children under fifteen to two point five million [600,000 – 2,500,000] people, fifteen to twenty-four, caught the human immunodeficiency virus last year, it is said.”

How many are full-blown AIDS now? And do you think they just got HIV from HIV people? Hah! So, if the case is, and I believe truly that most of these people are full-blown AIDS that give the HIV, their virus, to people. And if that’s the case, then how many people are messing around and giving the HIV virus?

“Too many children are still being deprived of AIDS information and skills because of fear by adults…”

In other words, go ahead and keep doing what you’re doing, but be very cautious, and everything’s going to be fine. Yeah, “Put two-thirds of your car over a cliff; Its still okay, hehe. You won’t go down.” No, you’re already down. The road to hell is paved with lies, not good intentions.

“…‘including Government authorities the education will increase sexual activity when evidence shows the opposite is true,’ said Peter Piotte, head of the UNAids. UNAids said, ‘Listen, learn and live’.”

They’re not going to listen, learn and live; not when you’ve already taught them the mechanics and made everything available to them. What are they talking about here?

“Its standard increasing dialogue, working with people under twenty is perhaps the best hope we have today of bringing the epidemic under control,’ Piotte said. And so, there’s an estimated 33.4 million people living with HIV virus last year, whom forty-three percent were women, according to UN figures.”

You think I believe the UN? Ah, come on. Its a world trap, and its run one hundred percent by the devil. That’s negative, but its the truth. You see, every now and then they have got to come out and they must tell you a lie, and I’ll be waiting a little later on, and I’ll find out its not six. Its sixty. And that’s likely a very low estimate of what is happening, because, believe me, before God wipes everybody off this earth, they will be sinking in their own ooze of degenerate flesh, as Brother Branham said, “Rotting while they’re walking.”

And that’s not leprosy. How many people are going to get leprosy out of six billion people? I don’t think there’s one million. And all you’d have to do is bring in sanitary conditions with isolation and you’ve got rid of them in no time; one generation and they’re gone. But try it with AIDS.

Well, I won’t read this one. So, we’ll let that go.


Now, since we’ve been a little negative, (Not negative; I’m just telling you the truth.) I want to bring you something now and I’m going to read to you. For some time, I’ve been trying to get a quote that I know Brother Branham made. And it has to do with the fact of when scientists come to the place where they literally, being able to produce life, or that breakthrough comes, its all over. Well, we know its all over.

But I want to give you a quote from 1958 that Brother Dale Klingler gave me believing that this could possibly be the quote that I wanted. And thank God he found it, I wanted it, but not how he thought. And I want to read it to you, and see if you can catch what Brother Branham said for this hour back in 1958.

He says, “How in the world can it ever come to pass, the devil on both sides driving at David?” Now he’s talking about David and his terrible predicament where the devil is doing everything he possibly can to destroy him as this young man that is yet to be king.

“He’s cast in the wilderness. He’s out there hunted and hated. The devil’s after him. The people that should be for him are after him. He’s got a problem. He’d taken refuge in strongholds in the wilderness and in caves trying to hide out with a little band of faithful warriors, just a few believing like him. But those men believed God that he would be king. So is the believer today who’s hid out from place to place, but yet they know who’s coming to be King.” That’s us and William Branham, the prophet. Right?

Now, watch. “I don’t care who’s going to be President, we know he’s coming. And, if it looks further away than it ever did, when science, which will prove this message right, is trying to overrule and say…”


Now, remember; Mister Walker’s dream or vision that Brother Branham said was a true vision: “I’ll ride this trail once more.” The thunderclap came and the scientist looked up. They saw this great Indian chief on the white horse, the great white horse rider. He screamed, “I’ll ride this trail once more.” And scientists went on down; well forget it. Now science has to agree with this Message because this Message, wherever Its scientific, Its scientific.

Now; but science is trying to overrule. That’s why you have all this talk about dinosaurs. You find embryos in the eggs. You’ll find everything that seems to suggest that, absolutely, evolution is true, there is not a personal god, and science coming on the scene to break into life and the processes and to literally show you that though there’s life there. They’re masters. You don’t need to worry about God, back in 1958.

Now, listen. “Now, they say they can build a man, they can do this, they can take a rabbit and take the pollen and make another rabbit, and so forth, trying to disprove God’s Word. Yet there is a people who still believe God. God’s right. They hold to God’s unchanging hands. In the midst of battle, in the midst of tears, in the midst of sickness and death and everything, they still hold to God’s unchanging hand. They know that He’s coming King.”

He’s predicting here a very stiff time upon the earth where your senses are going to be so hard hit by science that you’ll hardly be able to keep in touch with God, and there’ll be diseases and everything else that could be rampant.

Now you never caught it, but I did. And what I caught right here was Brother Branham, in 1958, predicted cloning and genetics, what you might call ‘engineering,’ because he talked about rabbits cloning and pollen. And today, they’ve taken the genes from… I don’t know what animal and put it into a tomato to make it last longer. This was said in 1958, forty-one years ago before anybody could say anything about cloning and genetic engineering.

Now, if that doesn’t make you want to scream and know that you have a vindicated prophet, that you have heard from God, that this is scientifically true, then you are deader than dead. I’m actually greatly sorry for you, because this Word that Brother Branham brought is the perfect Word of Almighty God.


Now, rabbits and pollen. I thought it was pretty good that we knew about cellular therapy back in 1963, 4, and 5. And I thought it was pretty interesting that they could take, and were trying to adapt pig organs to human beings, already knowing they could take a fetus and use what they wanted from it, and put those cells, and those cells would generate new cells.

And now they’re talking about stem cells, which would generate any kind of a cell. But now they’re talking about injecting into the pig and making organs from the pig, because Its so close to man… (And I thought that was good for a laugh, but I thought it insulted the pig.)… because the pig is smart enough, though he eats slop, he doesn’t sweat, he does know where to go and do his business in one place and not wallow in it. That’s way better than humans do.

So, we’ve got to be careful how we call the louse a bad little creature and talk about the pig as being disgusting, when the most disgusting creature is the one Brother Branham talks about, who are ready for cannon fodder. Those are the disgusting ones. And they’re the smart ones; they’re the scientists; they’re the ones that got it all.


But this is the most amazing statement, and yet the people say, “Ah, who’s that William Branham? That little stupid Kentucky guy went up there to Indiana, and he had this great ministry, and so he got so puffed-up he thought he was a great prophet who thought he could say things.”

Oh, brother, if that isn’t God speaking through a man. And I love the language, that this God of ours, He’s not pandering to the ones who can say “Amen” just right and “This is so, isn’t it?” and have the syntax and the parsing and everything so beautiful and so perfect that even the Oxford Dictionary looks sick, because this man is so ‘plush’.

Well, as Jesus said, if you want someone like John the Baptist, you don’t get them out of the universities, the colleges, or out of the palaces. You better go down to the little barrios; you might find him there in some little Mexican crib or somewhere. Oh man, that would shatter them, wouldn’t it?

He said if you want a guy like you’re thinking about, go to the king’s palace and try to find him. You won’t find John the Baptist there; you won’t find William Branham there, either. You won’t find him in the University of Louisville. You won’t find him there in the great seminary that writes books against him. Oh no. The big Baptist Theological Seminary; Louisville, Kentucky.

Hey, Louisville’s great for booze. If you want to get a high, drink their good old Kentucky booze. But, if you want to be spiritual, still drink their booze and stay away from their seminary. If I drink enough and just wash your brain out, you can get something from God. I’m not being precocious, that’s just the living truth if it is.


Alright, last Sunday, Saturday and Sunday, we went into vindication. And you might have to hear the tape more than once. And I don’t suggest you do it. That’s up to you entirely, because its fixed in my mind that William Branham stood there, God manifest in human flesh, the man that could say when they asked the question, “What did Jesus mean when he said ‘He that has seen me hath seen the Father’.” And he said, “You’re looking at me, aren’t you? Same thing.”

You understand, therefore, when I brought out the fact that Paul said, “I do not need letters of commendation either from you or to you. I am vindicated by Almighty God that I am that one, and I am that one.” And therefore, any man who speaks against Paul, that was uncomplimentary, or that judged him, was uncomplimentary to God and was judging God. And he was saying, “God, I commend you, I approve” or, “God, I do not commend you, and I disapprove.”

Now, remember; what spoke within me, because I told you, as I saw Brother Branham that one time in 1947. The voice inside of me, in my mind, as clear as a bell said, “If you ever listen to any man, that’s the man you will listen to.” And, when he preached that sermon on “The Rapture”, I said to myself, “Brother Branham, I love you, and you’ve said many strange things, but when you said the Shout was the Message, this I cannot take.”

And I heard myself say to myself, “But, when was he ever wrong? Shout is the Message.”

See? Approving God. I stood there with the ability to judge God. But, like Abraham, “Shall not the judge of all the earth do right?” There was no judging. There was the question; “What, God, will You do?” You’re just. I would like to know what You’re going to do. I have no problem with You. When You gave Your Son, I have no problem with You. You raised him up; he’s supposed to be raised up and bring the issue forth as You said. If not, that’s in Your hands.

But you see, when people came against William Branham, they came against God! Do you understand that, sitting here tonight? If you don’t, forget it. You forget it. You’ve lost it; you’re out of touch, because that is the truth.


Paul said I stand here instead of Christ and beseech you in the stead of God, be reconciled. That’s what Jesus did; God was in him. Of himself, though he were the Son of God, he was nothing. He said I don’t have a thought; I don’t have a word; I don’t have any power outside of God. And people who think Jesus was the creator are entirely wrong. God created by him.

Therefore, God also justified man by him and made the way. It was that shed Blood. And people simply cannot understand, in this day, William Branham stood there and God, the Judge, was right there and people judged God. Yes, they judged God. And they judge God in Jesus, and he said, “If they have not seen the works that no man had done, the works that I have done,” (No man ever did.) “they had not sin, but now they’ve both seen and hated both me and my Father.”

And you say to those Jews, “Do you hate God?”

“Oh, we don’t hate God, but we hate that guy right there.”

People hate William Branham; they hate me. And, if you’re not hated, there’s something wrong with you. Yes, there is something wrong with you, because Jesus said, “Listen to me; they hated me without a cause. Do you think they’re not going to hate you? If they persecuted me without a cause, do you think they’re not going to persecute you?” Because, listen, you birds, you all got reason to be hated and cause enough to be persecuted. But Jesus is different.


So, when I talk to you about vindication, I want you to know one thing: We’re not dealing with William Branham. He himself said, “I was just one standing there, one that was near when He stood there.” And that’s the Presence. See? They neither understand vindication nor Presence. There is no vindication outside of Presence, and there’s no Presence outside of vindication.

And ‘presence’ is the Old Testament word ‘face-to-face’; as Moses said, “If thy presence go not with me, I will not go up.” Now, notice he didn’t say, “If you don’t go with me I’ll not come out;” “I’ll not go up.” So, the Presence always indicates the going into a kingdom. That’s why Jesus could not do it.

There was an Exodus, a coming out; it is true. But he was not taking them into the Millennium. And they asked him and said, “Just a minute, what is the sign of your Presence? What is the sign of the face-to-face, what is the sign of the going-in to the kingdom?” And I proved it to you by going to the Book of Acts where he said, “Will you now, at this time, restore the kingdom of Israel?”

And then, at Pentecost, Peter turned right around and said, “I’ll tell you when Its going to be restored, that’s when the Presence is.” And beginning to Moses and all the prophets, and especially Samuel, at the end time, the Presence again, the face-to-face, with Elohim leading His people.


Now, if you want to go back to Matthew [24] again, we’ll look at it so we can see these things. If you’re going to have it so hot here, they’re going to go to sleep. So lets turn the heat down and I’ll turn the heat up here. I’ll take care of the heat up here don’t worry, you won’t go to sleep unless you’re in worse shape than I am. You’ll be in worse shape out there within two weeks. Be glad to do it, I very seldom say it but I think it’ll do that for you. I preach a nice funeral sermon. I’ll preach you right into heaven like fun I will.

Matthew 24:3

(03) …he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? What [will] be the sign of thy coming, [what is the sign, actually, of thy Presence?]

See? They didn’t even know about his First Coming. They didn’t even know he was going to die and go away and come again. So, what are they talking about? What is the sign of thy Presence?, which is true. And the same question comes up: Will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?

And that’s when he came in his resurrection body. Its the same question, because they got hooked on the kingdom. And they shouldn’t have got hooked on the kingdom, because God wasn’t going to do it.


If you’re going to look at Israel and a kingdom here on earth, you’re going to have to look to sex and the bringing back of a nation through sex. And Brother Branham categorically said, “God will create again, but not by sex, but by resurrection.” So, the kingdom now that’s coming is not of interest to the Jews. They’ve fooled themselves, they’ve kidded themselves.

King David of the Millennium will be a resurrected company. So, they say, will thou at this time restore the kingdom to Israel? No, Its not the times nor the season. The Father put it in His own hands. But he answered them concerning what the sign was. And the sign was this:

Matthew 24:4-5, 23-25

(04) And Jesus answered and said, Take heed that no man deceive you.

(05) For many [will] come in my name, saying, I am the Christ [or the anointed one]; and deceive many. [He said that. Then, he said over here, he said:]

(23) [Many will say in that day, [verse 23] Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.

(24) [And there’ll] arise false Christs, false prophets, [even false prophets], shew great signs and wonders; insomuch it were possible, [the very elect shall be deceived].

(25) Behold, I have told you [already].

That’s in Matthew 7. What’s going to happen to the false prophets? They all go to hell. They’ve got gifts of the spirit in abundance. And every one of them is a deceiver. See? Because they have not received the Holy Ghost; they’ve only received gifts of the Holy Ghost.

Matthew 24:26, 37

(26) …he is in the secret chambers; [he is in the desert; don’t believe it]. [And then, It says:]

(37) As [it was in] the days of Noe,… [it’ll be the days of] the coming of the Son of man.


It tells you the presence of the Son of man, what Its going to be like. False prophets, perilous age, deceit, lying signs and wonders. What is the lying sign and wonder? Its the Word of God and the power of God in gifts, perverted. And they use the very name of Jesus.

And, if you think Satan is not able to use the name of Jesus, I want to ask you one question: when he led in the worship of God with Jesus, who took the form of, or the ah, well the form of Michael at that time, you think he wouldn’t know? What name would he evoke? That is, bring forth or invoke, present, when it came to worshipping God? He was very familiar with the Name, very familiar with the Word. He was the Cherub that covered over the ark.

And you know, in that ark, is only one thing left. There’s no rod that budded, and there’s no manna; there’s Word. Because the Word… Those things were created and came from created life. But the Word did not come from created life, no way, shape and form. The Word is life itself, see, because Its a part; Its the thinking of Almighty God. Its that part of God that God brought forth before He used His power to bring it all into play.

Matthew 24:38-39

(38) [As it was in the days of Noah,] eating and drinking, giving in marriage, until the day Noe [went] into the ark.

(39) And knew not the flood came and took them all away; so shall also be the coming of the Son of man.


What is that? That’s the Appearing, not the Rapture; that’s the Appearing. That’s now. Appearing is now; Coming is later. This is the Presence. And that’s what he said. What’ll be the sign of your Presence? There’s your signs right there. What is the sign of the going into the kingdom? Because, if your Presence not go with us, lead us not hence. We want to be led by You and we want to be crowned by You, we want to be under You, God, this is Your Kingdom, God.

We have nothing to do with it, we want what You want, what You’ve got for us. In other words, whatever pleases God, pleases me. Whatever God wants for me is right and fine. And that’s where you come in 1st Corinthians 13th chapter, face-to-face: the Presence. When that which is perfect is come, Its no longer in parts; there’s no longer judges; there’s no longer… Its under the Seventh Seal when time and eternity blends. That’s your Presence. See?


Now, let’s go to the Book of Acts again, because I told you I don’t want to just give you a thought there. Now he said Jesus, after his resurrection, showed himself by infallible proofs. So, Brother Branham comes back, and he follows this same ministry, which I don’t know that he does, but Its very, very possible because of the tent vision. I don’t understand it. He will show infallible proof and speak to us concerning the things of the kingdom.

Acts 1:6-7

(06) [And then they said to] him, wilt thou at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?

(07) And he said, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which [God] hath put in his own power.


But he told them the signs of the seasons. They wouldn’t know the seasons. The Jews have been waiting for over two thousand years since Jesus left the scene, about two thousand years. And they’re looking, and they’re still looking. Can they read the seasons and times? I just read it, where was it? Piece of paper I had here a second ago; right there and I showed you. Right in the press, the times of the judges.

They need a prophet; they’ve got to have a prophet, if not two prophets, Moses and Elijah, or the Spirit of God manifesting in two men in two different ways, whichever it is. Brother Branham did not make it a hundred percent clear. Nobody did, we just leave it that way.

He said Its not for you to know the times or the seasons. But he said you can know, you could know all the signs thereof. And the signs thereof are just exactly perfect for every one of us. Now so, that wasn’t it. But after Pentecost, he tells you here:

Acts 2:17

(17) …it’ll come to pass, [he’ll] pour his spirit upon all [people].

And then, over here in the third chapter, he said:

Acts 3:20-21

(20) And he shall send Jesus Christ, which was [appointed] unto you:

(21) Whom the heaven[s] must [retain] until the [restoration] of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began.

And ‘all things’ is ‘Word’; all the Word that God spoke must be restored. That’s right in the Greek.

‘Then Moses truly spake, said to the fathers, a prophet shall the Lord your God raise up,’ and so on. And then It says:

Acts 3:24

(24) Yea, and all the prophets from Samuel.

Samuel’s thrown in there. He was not a word prophet. He was the great judge-prophet that took them back to the Word by the revelation that God gave him and put the thing in order for the King to come. What do you think this prophet did today? He put the Church in order for the King to come, for the word ‘Keleusma’ means ‘to be subject to and put in order’. And the Keleusma is the Shout and the Lord doing it. See, I told you, I, when my heart said, “When was he ever wrong?” I had that Rapture one hundred percent. If anybody else finds it, its fine by me, I hope they do. But you see you’ve got to believe; you can’t look at these things.


So, here we find now, in this place… and, remember; this is the disciple called Peter. And I have an idea it was Peter who asked the question: When are you going to lead us into the kingdom? Now, all these signs you’ve given us, every single thing you’ve showed us makes us believe you’re the Messiah. Now, what are you going to pull out of the bag that lets us know, hey, we’ve got the marching orders; we’re going in.

Just like Moses, come on, if Your Presence go not with us, if Its not face-to-face… God, if you’re not doing it, come on, I’m not even moving. They were very sharp. They recognized Messiah without truly recognizing him. Even though he said, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” That came out of his mouth under divine revelation that he himself could not fully understand until after Pentecost. Check your Bibles; you’re going to find it.


Now you go to 2nd Peter. In 2nd Peter, the 3rd chapter, you’re going to find this Peter saying:

2 Peter 3:1, 3

(01) This second epistle, beloved, I write [to] you; [to] stir up your pure minds [your minds baptized with the Holy Ghost] by way of remembrance: [And then It says:]

(03) Knowing this first, there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts.

That’s what Jude said. There’s going to be scoffers. What are they going to scoff at?

2 Peter 3:4

(04) Saying, Where is the promise of his coming? [of his Presence].

Where’s the promise of this leading us into the Millennium? Where’s the promise of the coming into the kingdom? When is God going to come down, as the fellow said to Brother Branham. Brother Branham said to him, “Who is going to be the Messiah?

He said, “God.”

He said, “You spoke right.” God Himself, and that’s the fight in Israel. It has been for some time. There are those who say, “Israel has not been truly given the land to us, because God did not do it.” But Brother Branham came right behind, and he said, “I don’t care if Zionism placed them there, it was of God.” So, Israel doesn’t know what William Branham knew. Israel does not know what we know. But they’re still going to get their prophets.


Now Peter said there’s going to be scoffing. And, remember; Peter is the apostle to the Jew, while Paul was to the Gentiles. But at the same time, when you talk about the coming King, you talk about the Presence, you talk about the kingdom, you talk about the Resurrection, you have to talk about the Gentiles.

You can’t get away from it, because the promise is now come to the Gentiles, and in Matthew 12, God’s Own Word says He will pronounce victory to the Gentiles; the bruised reed he’ll not break, the smoking flax he will not quench, which he did for Israel. They’re finished, except they receive the King. But we believe him. There’s a Bride getting ready to get out of here. And already the Presence has come down. Headship is here: Elohim, putting the Church in order.


Now, he says here categorically:

2 Peter 3:4-5

(04) …since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning.

(05) For this they willingly are ignorant of…

Which means they will not go back to the Word and check it. Now we’re warned to check it. The life isn’t there for you and me; Its in the New Testament. But the illustrations are… the lessons are.

2 Peter 3:5-7

(05) …that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water:

(06) Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: [as it was in the days of Noah, see.]

(07) But the heavens and earth, which [now] are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire…

Because God said, “I will not destroy this world again by water, but by fire.” So, Its kept in judgment. Now, let’s keep watching the record.

[But beloveth… no!]

2 Peter 3:7-9

(07) Reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and the perdition of ungodly men.

(08) But beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, [this one thing] that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years [is a] day.

(09) [And] the Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

Now he says, “But.” Now, remember; there is one ‘but’ in there, an interjection, there’s another ‘but’. So, already he’s dealt with the fact: Don’t be ignorant, search the Scripture, measure It out, because Its there for you. Remember, the Lord’s not slack; one day is like a thousand years. Then he says:

2 Peter 3:10

(10) But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night. [See, he’s got another ‘but’ in there.]


So, when you put it all in here and you begin to understand here that, since the fathers fell asleep, they say, “Where is the promise of his Presence? When is he going to move us into the kingdom?” Now, what the truth of the matter is, you will find here that the promise is not basic to the moving into the kingdom of what they have in mind. Not at all. Its what God has in mind.

And you know the promise to Abraham, who is the father of all faithful: he looked for a city which hath foundation whose builder and maker is God. And he never did inherit a foot of the land upon which he trod.

So therefore, by divine revelation, we know that every seed of God, every child of Abraham, every child of Adam that was elected Bride, does not look in the definitive toward the Millennium. That’s a day. You are looking for New Jerusalem based on the fact that this earth is now going to be, not just cleansed by fire, but is going to be dissolved by fire, where every germ is destroyed mounting thousands of miles high, as Brother Branham said, distilled into a place of vapors and then brought back, and we living on it.

And that’s what we’re into right at this moment, because time and eternity has blended. As much as you and I want to talk about the Millennium and all the goods things there, Brother Branham, like every other prophet skimmed right over it. And he preached the heavenly home of an earthly Bride.

So, forget about the Millennium in the sense of eternality. Its going to go, and Its just a further place of sanctification. Its kind of like a honeymoon period when the Bride gets together with the husband, and you have this little, short-lived kingdom.


But, remember what I’m telling you here: Presence is now. Appearing is now. Vindication has proved it. Where do you stand? Where is your faith? Your faith is no longer in anything you can ever suppose, ever hope, ever feel, ever want, ever do. Its what He did. There’s where perfect faith is. Not that you’ve all got a little part of God, and that’s true.

And not that we couldn’t be a great army as it were, if we really got together in prayer and one mind and one heart. In fact, Brother Branham said the great thing would be if only ten people could get together with one mind, there’d be a rapture. If all of us had the mind of God, we wouldn’t be out there running around doing all the fabulous things we’re supposed to be doing; we’d be in a rapture. And I’ll trade all the fabulous things God would ever let me do for the Rapture. I’m afraid rapture is going to turn into rupture before its over.


So, all right. I covered again what I wanted to, because I’m going to be very honest with you: what I preached last Saturday and last Sunday, when I was here, was two messages. To me, Its the equivalent when Brother Branham preached “The Rapture” tape. In other words Its my wind up of my entire ministry, that I have nothing else to tell anybody but what I’ve been preaching since 1977, day out and day in, literally hundreds of hours: vindication and presence.

And the other things that have been interjected there are the Word of Almighty God to let you know, and me know, that we are at peace with ourselves, who we are, and that is why I am studying, with you, vindication. So now, for the little bit of time left as we talk, we go to vindication.


Now, I want you to remember very, very basically, and very strong, that, when you talk about identification, modern theology is merely psychology. There is no truth to modern theological description or definition of identification. Identification merely means that I am not a part of it, but he stands for me, he did it all, and I accept it. There is no definitive understanding of your generic qualities of who you are genetically.

It is simply that Jesus is the third person of the Godhead, or second, whatever you want to call him. He is a person in whom God dwelt, but it was God himself. And we are his creations, and we are sons of God by an option of whether we want to believe or do not want to believe.

And, at the same time, there are some who vaguely understand predestination on the grounds that they say, “You were foreknown; God knew that you would do it.” He knew that you would come. He called you a sheep way back there in eternity. Your name was on the book. But generically, they do not believe that you are a part of God.

And this has been my training for years. And, if you’ve had any training at all, of your own or by reading books or sat under somebody, that is your understanding. And it is not true. Now, as I showed you Matthew 18, how your mind could be completely confused, because you said, “Oh, be as little children.”

No, get converted! Then become little children; then, but not before. Otherwise you’re imbeciles and idiots. And your father’s the devil. And he’ll perjure your soul, and you’ll rot in hell. You only become a little child when you’re born again. Now you’ve got your heavenly father as your tutor. Now you can grow up.

And, if you don’t accept that, you’ll never make it. So, we have the same thing here. We cannot, even though we know certain truths, stand there with a misunderstanding or a conflicting thought of another truth.


Now, before I broach this subject as Brother Branham to show you your genesis, your beginnings, that you are a part of God, you know that for years I have taught you that you are a part of God. Yet, at the same time, my mind was entertaining ‘identification’ which is ‘substitution’. There is no substitute to the cell of God in you! A dog is a dog is a dog is a dog! A goat is a goat is a goat is a goat! And he’s a part of goat and a part of dog.

But a part of God is a child of God with a genesis in God, the beginning in God. And that part is a part of eternal God. And on top of that you had another beginning. When that part in there was formed into the thought, which would be later manifested, and then, later again, come on down here manifested in flesh, and then, later on down the road, when you come out in the First Resurrection manifested again… (We’ll talk about that.)

Its a progression: the becoming God and the becoming children of God. But you see, I’m showing you how that your mind must be baptized with the Holy Ghost, and you’ve got to get the entire record straight. I could not be just before God believing in a substitution which was in error. At the same time knowing my origin in God, I would be taking away from the reality.

The minute you dilute something, you dilute it; it is no longer that substance. The Word of God cannot be diluted, that’s ‘taken away from’. Neither can it be added to. You simply can’t do those things.

So, what I tried to show you and am showing you tonight, as never before, you cannot use the wrong word. Brother Branham said, “You must always use the right word, Son of God, Son of David, Son of man.” If you got those wrong in this hour you will never get there. [James] Michener, so clever, said, “When word loses Its meaning, the nation is gone.” When the Word lost Its meaning, the Bride was gone.

You and I begin to take a wrong meaning with anything, there is a dilution, a taking away; there’s an augmentation, a scratch added something on. You cannot do it. The Bride must be pure Word. As Brother Branham said, “You don’t take a dog cell and a cat cell. You don’t do it, or you get a monster.” That’s what’s wrong with the human race. Its all one lump. But thank God science is proving the Bible, one mother, two fathers. Everything Brother Branham preached is scientific, right down the line.


So, all right. We can now look again for a little while at this thought of identification. Now, Brother Branham here is talking about the children of God who positively were a part of Him, because that’s what they were.

And, remember; that goes back to the Book of Genesis, where the Bible distinctly says, “God breathed into Adam the breath of lives, and he became a living soul.” If God breathed into him, in that body, the breath of lives, and he became a living soul, then he has to be the father of many lives and of many souls. You do what you want with it.

Now there’s something the human mind cannot take because they want to go to identification, which does not mean the generic understanding; it means ‘substitution’. But it isn’t substitution. Brother Branham said, “God did not just breathe breath; it was the Holy Ghost He breathed into him.” And at that time he became a living soul with the breath of lives in him.

And all of us were in Adam. What were we in him? We were in his life and, therefore, the male passes on the soul, genetically speaking, where Brother Branham said, “You were in your father’s loins.” But he said, “You were in God as a part of God.” So, therefore, he said, “You’re father wanted fellowship with you.

And he said, “In holy matrimony, by bedding grounds of your mother in a sanctified marriage, he brought forth you and now you have fellowship with your father.” And that goes with the daughters as well as the sons, because the word in the Greek is not ‘sons’; Its ‘born-ones’. So now, the born-ones are here.


You were in your father’s loins; you were in Adam’s loins. Now, where did he get it? The breath of God. And the breath of God is absolutely synonymous to the spirit, and Brother Branham’s correct. It was the Holy Ghost He breathed into him. So now, man becomes the carrier of the genes of God.

Now the next question is: Can that return to God void? Can we at any time ever change it? Oh, come on. There’s your foreknowledge, your election, your predestination, the whole picture. There’s no way, no way. Man and the devil will pervert, but God cannot pervert. “I am the Lord, I change not, else you sons of Jacob were destroyed and you perish.” So, Brother Branham brings that to us.


Now, let me see if I can find a place to read. All right now. He’s talking about Adam and Eve in their falling [page 9].

[56] …when she fell. Adam was not deceived. But the woman being deceived was in the transgression. Adam knew what he was doing; she didn’t. [Just like David knew what he was doing.]

In other words, the woman was seduced. He dangled in front of her a prize that she said, “Well, this is better than what God said.” Well, he said, “Well, the thing is, Its really God saying it, my dear; He just hasn’t revealed it to you.”

And Tellgrenoff said, “She became the first, female, flaming evangelist.” Pretty correct. That’s the reason.

[57] I’m not hurting your feelings, but you know I’ve always stood for it. I don’t agree with women ministers, because Its not supposed to be that way. See, she’s the weaker vessel.

Now, that doesn’t make her some kind of a bum or a tramp. If she came out of Adam, and Adam came from God, and God gave all those good things there, she had everything that was necessary, and so did he. Now that she could be deceived doesn’t make her an inferior product. The fact is that the man that couldn’t be deceived, but went against God anyway, defying God, sounds like Cain more than Abel.

So, where does that leave the man? Doesn’t leave him gung-ho, great big, macho guy running everything. But, let’s understand that, for the head of the woman is the man, and the head of man is Christ, the head of Christ is God. So alright.


[57] Now we find the woman was deceived by someone quoting the Word—quoting her the Word, [Yes, he did.] and just missed it a little bit.

In fact, as I told you, he even quoted the Word of God to her, which God had not yet quoted to them, and God had to come right behind it and back up His Word, which was now perverted by the devil. But the pure Word of God still had to come out. He said, “Now they’ve become as gods, knowing good and evil.”

So, you think the devil couldn’t come along and give you some previous revelation, even with the Word of God, at least some of you? Oh, come on.

“Oh, I’m very clever.”

Yes, you’re clever all right. Don’t know left hand from right hand as the Bible says; you don’t and I don’t.

[57] Just missed it a little, that’s what caused all the trouble; the reason Paul said, “ Let her keep silent in the church and not permit her to speak.”

Now, remember; there was a prophetess who was in politics. That was politics, not the church. There never was a female priest. Catholics got that right. Now even the Jews have gone crazy, female rabbis. Oh, brother. Let a woman teach you? A woman teaching you is idolatry. Its the greatest whoredom that can take place is a woman teacher teaching the Bible.

Now she can teach her daughters to love their husbands. That’s great, but don’t, don’t put your hand on the Bible. The minute a woman starts quoting something, you better watch that. Speaking is a different thing. She has a right to confess the truth.


Now, notice:

[58] But see, all that is, Its displaying showing by type, like the whole Bible, God coming together with a redeemed Wife, a Bride, [Now, he talked about the fallen part, and now they’re going to get redeemed back. Now, listen.] that’s what God had in His mind before the foundation of the world. That was the attributes of God, being displayed.

In other words His character, what would lay within God, was coming out. What’s in us comes out. If you’re meant to have brown eyes, you’re going to have brown eyes. Don’t try to think you’re going to have blue eyes. You may take contact lenses and junk like that. That’s just a camouflage and a cover-up – hypocrisy. You can’t change it; see. So, the character’s coming out, what the make-up is.

[58] And now to make a character that could redeem this woman, it had to be something greater than her, to redeem her.

Well, that’s logical. If there’s going to be redemption to the human race, there’s got to be something that’s superior to it.

[59] Now as some of my Armenian brothers are, a doctrine, or that is, legalists, would disagree, just pardon me; I might project this. If He is the Redeemer… I don’t say this to hurt or be different now; I don’t preach doctrine [Well, he sure did, but, you know, he doesn’t preach their doctrine.] let me ask you something.

[60] If He’s a redeemer, to ‘redeem’ is to ‘pick up that which has fallen’, to redeem it back to the place where it was at the beginning, so none will be picked up but them that were in His thoughts at the beginning.


Now in His thoughts has to be foreknowledge. You have to start somewhere. Conception has to start somewhere. Conception has to start way before the act of intercourse. The products have to be there to get together or all the intercourse in the world isn’t going to do any good. That’s proven by so many people today that cannot have children. So, we say children are born by sexual desire, then the desire is there.

You see, before anything comes forth, there’s got to be something before what comes forth. So, you got to go back to the intrinsic, which is ethereal, which is nebulous, which is like a phantom, kind of eerie. But put it down to what Brother Branham said, “Thought. Thoughts.” See. And nobody can read your mind, really, unless God wanted it done under some trick there. But in the mind.


[60] Now, He came to redeem not [Now, listen.] not this cannon fodder that we see around professing to be Christians…

A professing Christian is no more than a professing Muslim. It simply means ‘I’m a Muslim, you’re a Christian’. So what? Waiting for Jesus to come for you is no different than waiting for Mohammed on a white horse, because neither one’s going to come for you, (Yeah, that’s true.) if you’re not there in the beginning, you’re not redeemed, period. So, were you there? If Brother Branham said you didn’t have representation, then you don’t have it now.

[60] He came to redeem, not this cannon fodder we see professing to be Christians; but that He came to redeem what was in God’s thinking.

Now, what was in God’s thinking has to be expressed.

You say, “Well, I don’t believe that’s true, because God could think this and God could think that, and it wouldn’t be expressed.”

I beg to differ, because the point is; why would He think it? Remember, wisdom and omniscience… I mean omniscience and omnipotence go together. Don’t have one without the other; they’re twins. They make one God, Who is love.


So. all right. These thoughts, the thoughts are there, and they will come out, maybe not in a human form, but in a manifestation, proving that God has His way.

[60] Now, in His thoughts at the beginning. The other is just something that makes us around to show the statue. See? Its just as a flower garden, a garden, like a flower in a garden; it plays Its part. But the Statue is what you want to see, the statue of Christ, [in other words… I think he means the word ‘stature’ of Christ] which was God projected to the earth in the form of a Man. Amen! That’s the Statue [or the stature of the Statue.]

In other words, what you want to see is the manifestation, and that manifestation is going to have to be what God wants to absolutely come forth in what is visible. You see, a statue is merely a replication of something that’s out there, an inanimate form. So, he’s talking about stature, I believe, and statue at the same time, the manifestation.


[61] Now, this [see] reflected His loving, noble character, God reflected in a man, called Jesus Christ.

So, God’s going to present what God Himself really is, not representatively, not just a representation, but actuality. “The Father in me doeth the works; the father in me gives the words to say.” We’re dealing with actuality.

Even though a man is presenting it, even though God is working through a form, it is God Himself in His Own ‘Godhoodedness’ and ‘Godheadedness’, whatever that is though limited… limitless to us is limited to Him, because God cannot Himself even go beyond His own Godhead and ‘Godhoodedness’. How can He? Its proven by elements; elements are elements.

Now I know you can bombard them and get other elements and they’ll disappear in a second. I know that science is doing all kinds of crazy things, but I’m going to tell you one thing: You’ll always find only what God ever produced here in creation. Man can mess with it, man can do this and that, but you’ll never get anything that God has not produced. I don’t care what the devil or anybody else does with it. So, you’re going to see God, here, Himself, brought forth or bringing Himself forth.


[61] There was no other character in heaven could do it, see, it was God. He was the sinless nature. He was the Word, sinless nature of God. He was the Word expressed. Which, the Word was the beginning.

So, he’s talking about the actual truth of Jesus the Son of God, and God indwelling him, which we’ll read a little more later on. Now:

[62] If you’re in the Lamb’s Book of Life and are God’s expression from His thought, He saw you and saw your desire before there was even an atom or anything else. And you’re His thought made word and expressed into what you are now. Amen. That’s God, in you, reflecting Christ. You know what I mean?

Now he explains the thought here where your origin came from, what your origin was. Your origin goes back to God Himself, Who was able to do with His thoughts, being God-thoughts (no other no way different, had to be that) you, then, therefore, were there, in there, in God. And with omniscience and omnipotence, you had to, if God wanted, and He did, to bring you forth.

And, when He wanted to bring a certain character in you, He brought you a certain way and brought me a certain way and, then, made obstacles and those things which would try us in order to bring forth what He wanted for our good in order to be a trophy unto Himself. And that has to do with God’s Own Godhead and God’s Own ‘Godhoodedness’ and ‘Godheadedness’, as God is, to get glory.


Now you can’t figure that, and I can’t either. We will one day. We will one day. Jesus could say, “Give me the glory I had back there,” and He said, “I’ll give you something even greater.” Now, if that’s that, what about us? Not if they had the chance to say, “Lord, I know something back there. Can I have that?”

“Oh no, something way greater.” Something way greater.

So, that’s why, when you look at the Millennium, that’s just a thousand years, a drop in the bucket. A little stop-over, a little honeymoon, a nice little time to get used to what it should’ve been in the beginning. And all the rest of the time, what Its going to be, your mind can’t fathom it. And there’s no use trying for the simple reason, you’re not at that point.


You know, if Brother Branham said, “How can you do a certain thing if you’re… like algebra, if you don’t know your abc’s.” And he’s certainly right. You can’t do algebra mathematics without a, b, and c. Of course, x-square minus y-square is going to be x minus y into x plus y. And then, you bring it in the numbers. It never fails. But, if you don’t know your abc’s you’ll never do algebra without mathematics, without your 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 and so on, or a-b-c-d-e-f-g-h-i-j-k. You can’t do it.

You see, Its just like the Bible; you go from symbols to reality, from reality to symbols. They’ve got to be right, though. See, that’s why Brother Branham came and gave us the Book of Revelation. John gave symbols; Brother Branham took the symbols into reality. So, its all over.


[63] Now, I hope it doesn’t interfere with anything, you see, and I wouldn’t want to say anything contrary to what you’ve been taught.

[64] But just so that you understand what I’m trying to doget you here, a reflection, you’ve got to be identified. And if you are, and you were in God’s thinking at the beginning, see, what was His reflection here on earth.

Now, let’s face it, you can take reflection and call it substitution. Now here’s a mirror here, and here’s a dog. So, all right. You look back here, and you see the dog in the mirror. I want to ask you a question: that’s a reflection, but is that really a dog standing there to get the reflection?

“Oh, no, that’s really a hippopotamus, you know.”

Oh, come on, don’t be an ass. Its a real dog! Then, if there’s a reflection of God, there’s got to be reality to get that reflection. Right? Not substitution! Reality. Identification. See? And the Bible speaks of reflection in a mirror, looking in a mirror.

Now, Brother Branham also did that when I first started this series with you by going to the Bible: Can you find yourself in the Bible? Can you see yourself reflected? Are you a part of God? Or are you just claiming a part of God: “Hallelujah, you were creation and, and God was wonderful, oh, until He created the devil, but he hasn’t got a hope, but He created you and me, oh, we got a wonderful hope, and now with the great substitution, hallelujah, glory to God.”

Substitution’s correct, but in this case it is incorrect, because everybody wants substitution for the devil and everybody else.

Some people, like Boothe Cliburne, who was a friend of Brother Branham’s, believed in universalism which means that Jesus and the devil would walk hand-in-hand down the street in New Jerusalem. That’s substitution, not identification. Cliburne didn’t have a clue to identification. Neither has any theologian, in my understanding, and I hope I’ve read the books that Brother Branham had.

No, they went as far as saying predestinated, but they would not admit… Read Pink; read them all. I’ve got the books. Read them all. You will not find the gene of God. You will find divine alchemy. Divine alchemy, and there’s no such thing, is there Peter, really? But it can be done with certain bombardments. Old George Merkel did it, but it won’t hold. The alchemist is a magician. He fools you; he’s Rapunzel; he’s twirling straw into gold fiber.

No, my brother/ my sister, if you do not have the gene of God, you will not be redeemed. God is not for forming any divine alchemy – hogwash, because God’s not an alchemist. He’s not a wizard. He’s not jingle, jingle, jingle, to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Man does that. God does not redeem anything but a part of Him, His Own children. This is something they cannot see.


Brother Branham said you’ve got to be identified.

[64] And, if you are and you were in God’s thinking at His beginning, see, and was His reflection here on earth, you’ll bear record of the heavenly.

Ha ha, now he’s got them over a barrel and they think they’ve got him over a barrel. He said, “You’ll bear record to the heavenly.” And, what is the heavenly record? “See thou make all things according to the pattern I showed thee in the mount.” What is God’s Word spoken by vindication? “If you are son of God, you’ll say ‘Amen’ to every Word.” Oh, he’s got them by the short hair. But they don’t even know it; they don’t even know it.

“Why there you are. That little hillbilly… Oh boy, there it shows you, you get one of those idiots, you know, one of those guys from Kentucky, one of those guys don’t have any education, and God give them a little gift… Oh boy, they’ll get puffed up. Oh, they’ll get puffed-up. You speak in tongues and you’ll get higher than God, so shut your stinking mouth.”

I want to see somebody do what Brother Branham did, or God did through him. Come on, let’s get somewhere. I’ve had my belly full and I mean spiritual belly. And physical belly too, full of all this junk they preach.


Roger told me there’s a guy down south who preaches Jesus is the creation of God. Roger, he doesn’t believe that message – he believes the devil. He might as well go with those… the, you know, ‘Jehobos’. That’s what they call them – Jehovah Witnesses, Jehobos; they run door-to-door. A woman came by my house the other day. I said, “Well, tell me what you’re here for, because I’ve got to go see a doctor.”

She talked, going to talk about Jehovah Witnesses. I said, “Honey, I’ve been preaching for fifty solid years” (a whole lot longer than that.) And I said, “You couldn’t change me if you tried, and I don’t want to be changed. And I couldn’t be changed, I’m too old.” Mighty young in Christ though, I can tell you that. With the flip side.

Can you bear record of the heavenly? John the Baptist was from heaven, from God. William Branham, can you bear record? Now, do you understand vindication? Do you understand Presence? Do you understand now why Brother Branham preached eighty percent vindication and his message was, “He’s here, and I’m going to declare Him, lead Him forth by Words. I’m going to tell you He is here, and I’m going to tell you about Him”?


[64] And as he bore record in the heavenly, also, when he raised up from the grave, [glorified body, came back, did wonderful signs and miracles, told them about the kingdom] and was given a body; we, when we raise up, will have a body like unto His Own glorious body.

Now, let’s just take a peek at that glorious body which could lead us to healing, because Brother Branham said so.

Now, he says, “Then he made himself…” no. “Then God Himself came into the womb of the virgin Mary and wrapped Himself in a created blood cell. Hallelujah!” [That, of course, is Luke 1:30-35.]

“And made Himself real little. Came to the womb of Mary, created around Himself, a wall, which was the blood cell, and no man knew anything about It – created a blood cell. This one Spirit on the inside of the blood cell, It created around Him and around, like that. And no one ever, ever entered, never would before. [No one ever came that way, see, in a virgin womb.] “But God Himself came down, made a baby, in a manger; came up, and was made of a man.”


Now, here in this case, it was not only the life of a human, but it was the life of God. In other words, he was a human being. Doesn’t that tell you, then, that Adam had the life from God? If Jesus was a human, that is true; Brother Branham said, “God was the first man, Jesus the second, Adam the third.” And, if Jesus was the image of God, reflection, and he had arms, legs, eyes, ears, nose, and throat; God must have had them, too, in some way.

Let’s face it, you don’t get a Dachshund, you know a weenie dog like this, and, suddenly, this weenie dog is an Irish wolfhound. Oh, come on. See, people can’t even think. They can’t even see in nature what Paul preached and Brother Branham preached; you can see God in nature, though God, Himself, is not nature; Its continuity, origins. Origins! And they missed it. This has become substitution. It is not substitution! There’s no substitutes, period, with God.


“Lord, save Israel; don’t take me.”

Well, God let them live in the flesh, and they all died.

“I could count myself accursed for my brethren.” Go ahead.

So, God says, “Okay, Paul, I’ll just curse you and take all the good… these guys.” Read the rest of what Paul said. He just had a deep feeling. He had a deep feeling. He hated to think they were gone, and that was true love, because he wanted for them what he had for himself and was willing, if it could be done, to spread himself. But, if it came down to the nitty-gritty, and it did later on, you read what Paul said in all the epistles.

There is no such thing as I, Paul, will be out of the way and these brethren come in, because boy, he let loose on them. He said, “These Jews hated Jesus; they both killed and crucified our Lord Jesus Christ.” And they can’t please themselves, and nobody else can please them.

And Luther, the great man of God, said, “Let’s eradicate all the Jews; that’d be better for all of us.” I’m not saying that’s a right spirit. What I’m trying to tell you is this: you cannot talk about substitution! You either were there, or you’re not here. Now, this is vindicated preaching, not Lee Vayle vindicated, but the Word vindicated. All right.


“Here it is. In this case, it was—not only the human—the life of human, but it was the life of God. God the perfect One who came into the womb of the virgin in the form of the Holy Spirit, the Creator Himself bottling Himself up in a blood cell.” Now, “God Himself came down into the womb of a woman, formed Himself—and formed around Him a blood cell.”

He wrapped Himself in the sperm and the egg. And Brother Branham said now, “You believe that and watch what happens to your blinded eyes. Believe that and watch what happens to your cancer.”

Now, what’s he telling you here? In plain English, he’s telling you that God Himself came down, not only creating that cell, but He Himself surrounding Him, imparted His own genes and His own nature and everything God was, or would be physically, in that creature, right there, that would be born and shedding his blood, and the stripes, if we really believe that. If we really believe that and understand identification, we have got to be healed.

And there’s three things, and I haven’t got the third one, but that’s one of them right there. You’ve got to believe who he was, absolutely. You’ve got to believe this concerning God. And the third one, I don’t know. I say there are three, but any one can heal you. That’s why you can take this message for your healing, and Its scientific, one hundred percent proved.

Time over? Times gone. I don’t know if I’ll be back tomorrow morning or not, tiredness. I felt good. Today I was very, very, very, very tired. Maybe tomorrow morning we can continue on this subject, I can’t say for sure. Anyway, you’re not supposed to even say what you’re going to do tomorrow. You say, “If God willing, I’ll go to town and buy a hotdog or something but we don’t know, do we?

Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, as we go to the service now to foot wash and communion, knowing You’re with us, oh God, may we… not one word of what we said tonight fall to the ground. But Lord, as we remember, we preached on “Perfect Faith”, what a tremendous impact it had upon us to realize the reality of that message was not what people thought it was but was absolutely contrary to the thinking of the theologians and the people in the churches.

And now, as we see this on “Identification”, so contrary to the understanding because they threw this in to the subject of identification, which is merely psychological, where this we know God is physiological, absolute flesh and blood, sons of the living God and a part of God, family of God, daughters of God, ready for the Kingdom of God and the Presence, because He’s here to take us in and Israel waiting for their prophets and God, Son of David, the greater Son, to take the throne.

And Lord, we know that to be true, and may we not forget it. And thank you for helping us because we believe indeed Lord, You did help us, and we give You glory in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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