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Let us pray.

Heavenly Father, we are happy to sing this song knowing that You are here, having led us out, to lead us into Your Kingdom, and we know that that is now possible for the first time in these six thousand years and nothing is going to stop it.

And furthermore, we know that our Savior, Jesus Christ, who gave his life for us and now intercedes for us, is our great role model and the object to which we give all our attention, our affections, knowing that through him we will one day be raised with him and like unto him to sit within the throne.

Even though we really don’t know what all that means, we realize that it suggests and shows forth a power over those things which You will have set in the New Jerusalem and even in the Millennium, so that now we will be in true conformity, Lord, with all of your creation, all of your angels… all of those things which are of You and will be maintained either by You through creation, or Your very Life which You have given to Your sons and Your daughters.

We appreciate that, Father, and we thank You for it today, knowing that this has been truly vindicated to us. It is not some myth… it is not something that man has evolved. In fact, Lord, we never really knew what it was all about and how it was, until this hour, when You brought it before us.

And we thank You for it, even giving to us the revelation of those things which were not known from before the foundation of the world, how it all started, and where it all ends in Your complete glory… and we a part of it, and beyond even our wildest dreams, for which we thank You. Help us as we study more to realize this. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we’re going into “Identification” again this morning, and you remember the subject… ‘identification’ is the subject matter of this particular sermon that Brother Branham preached. Now, the word ‘identification’ is exactly according to the dictionary. And that’s exactly what Brother Branham gave us. And when you are identified, it means that it is pointed out to you who and what you are. In other words we are talking in exact terms.

You cannot say, “This represents a horse.” Now you say that that’s fine, if you have something there representing it. But when you say, “This is a horse,” then it better be a horse. It better not be a cow that you’ve been trained all your life, and you’ve got them interchanged, and every time a horse came along, it was pointed out it was a cow. And you’ve got to disabuse your minds.

The identification, then, is not according to the dictionary: you are typing, you are suggesting, you are even idealizing or ideating. I don’t know what you’re doing, but you’re not dictionary; you’re not definitive.


So, ‘identification’ then means ‘its pointed out to you who and what you are exactly’. It is established, and this time by vindication, because we’re dealing with the Bible.

And the Bible’s up for grabs. It was up for grabs ever since Jesus and Satan stood side by side in the worship. And Jesus, in Michael, that was his facade, chose to stay with the Word, whereas Satan took the Word and perverted It. Now, never forget the word ‘iniquity’ means ‘a subverting of the Word’, ‘a perverting of the Word’.

People think iniquity is where you go out and you beat people up, you kill them, you rob them, you defame them, you defile them, you defile yourself, you enter into many terrible things. That, as Brother Branham said, is merely the attributes, or what comes out of sin. What ‘sin’, originally, is ‘iniquity’, which means, and you look it up in the Hebrew, ‘the perverting of the Word’.

Now you can pervert the Word by changing a letter; you can pervert the Word by changing a modifier; you can use It by a preposition; you can use It by a conjunction. You can do it any way you want. And on the other hand, if you remove a preposition, or you remove the conjunction, you’ve got trouble: for instance, “Blessed be the God ‘and’ Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

It doesn’t say, “Blessed be God, Who is the Father, Who is the Lord Jesus Christ.” See? That’s a perversion. And that Oneness doctrine is of the devil. I’m sorry, but its of the devil, period. Its of the devil!

“Oh, Brother Vayle, you’re not kind.”

I’m not supposed to be kind. I’m of ‘His kind’.

So, I say, “I know my identity,” so I’m not going to give an inch. See? God had driven me absolutely crazy until it came clear. And now I just pick up my Bible and say, “Merciful God! Boy, where were you?”

I was deluded! But my delusion was not to the point where I knew, like a Trinitarian and a Jesus-Only, that I’m correct. I was not so deluded, as I was befuddled. So now, I’m not befuddled.


Okay; Identification: when you are identified it means it is pointed out to you who you are, what you are. It is established by vindication today as to be recognized to who you truly are. Then if God is behind us, ‘identification’ as revealed in the Word, then you are truly recognized as a child of God. And you actually are; you recognize that your Progenitor is God Himself, and you are actually a part of Him.

Now, that’s identification: true sons, because you came from God Himself. This revealed Word-study on identification precludes any illusion, or pointing to, or believing in, the phony psychological use of the word ‘identification’, which means: ‘you only identify, not that you are a part of it, but you’d like to be a part of it, and, if you could do it, you would do it’.


For years there was a fellow named Clayton Powell, in New York, a senator… very powerful… also a pastor of a church. He married several women. He had many affairs. He was crooked as a dog’s hind leg and his front leg combined, or a centipede: that kind of a guy. He married Lena Horne and somebody else, and they put him in power every single time until he died. And when the psychologists were asked, “How did the people continue to do this?”

“They identified with him”, meaning, they would like to have been Clayton Powell, had his lovers, had the girlfriends, and the money, and the prestige, and lived like him.

That’s psychological. That’s not worth a plug nickel. It’ll send you to hell. You don’t identify with Jesus psychologically. You either have to be a son of God, like he was, in your own position, or you’re out.


Now, people don’t carry identification that far. That’s the trouble. My teaching… And believe me, it was very minor, but the books I read were not minor. I got my hands on every book I could read, and I read them. And in those books you will find identification is not a true doctrine. It merely means they identify with, on a psychological principle, as: ‘Jesus did it all. Now you identify with it’. That is substitution.

Well, I’m going to tell you one thing: if I see a person having a wonderful meal, I don’t want him to substitute for me. I want that meal. Substitution is okay in its own place. You were not nailed to the cross; neither was I. That’s substitution. But identification is, as Paul said, “You were in him, and you died with him and rose with him. You were back there in him and with him.” As Brother Branham said, “God, the first Person, the first man,… Jesus the second, Adam the third.”


So, there’s a progression of coming on down. And when its all over, you go right back to the God, Who actually, you were a part of, and now in your complete manifestation of what God wanted in and through and by you to His glory, wherein He worked within you and you’re placed in a high position.

Believe me, that is not substitution. That’s ‘you’. That’s ‘I’. That’s ‘we’. As Job said, “I’m going to see God in my flesh, and it won’t be anybody else seeing Him, but I’m going to be seeing Him myself in my flesh. Get that down pat.” This is what Brother Branham is teaching us here. See?

So, the revealed Word-study in ‘identification’ precludes, stops, does away with any allusion or pointing to the phony psychological use of the word ‘identification’. And even as important, it cannot be used as a synonym for ‘substitution’. Never. This is reality. We are a part of God, and to truly believe it and receive it, can only be permitted by God, the righteous Judge.


Now, you can deceive yourself into thinking you are it. “So, why, that’s great! I’m a part of God!”

Don’t you know that Christian Science, Unity, Methodist, and almost every Protestant religion believe that, except the Catholic? And they say, “If you truly believe you are a part of God and predestinated, let you be cursed.”

And I’m going to tell you: if you don’t believe it, you can’t receive it. You are cursed. Of course, the Pentecostals delude themselves because they speak in tongues and prophesy in a few things; they’re going to meet God. But my Bible tells me: if you’re not converted, truly born again, truly filled with the Holy Ghost, the gifts will condemn you, send you to hell, whereas you don’t even have to born again, and take a glass of cold water and give it to somebody, and He’ll say, “Come on to this part of my Kingdom.”

So, where are you going to now? That’s revelation, and that’s true identification.


Now Brother Branham noted… So, we go back to his notes: he noted that sons, fallen sons of God, each a part of God, needed someone of their own race but superior to them, to redeem them, to buy them back, to restore them to their rightful position and allow them to go on even beyond that by living their lives on earth by the Word and the Spirit of Almighty God, because Jesus said, “Restore to me the glory I had with You in the beginning.”

That’s the beginning when he came forth, that light, and by him God created all things. And Adam had the same position, the same God, the same Spirit ruling over the beasts and naming them and communing with nature and controlling nature. He would have had the chance to control the stars… everything else… I believe he could have advanced to that, although, mind you, he was an earth man, and upon earth, but all earth was his. And they blew it the very minute they put God out by His Word. They threw it all away.

Now Jesus said, “Restore to me that glory.” And the Voice came back saying, “I’ll not only restore that glory, but I’m going to put you far beyond it.”


So, that’s why I say here, that those people led by God, their lives given over to God, down here put into the flesh to be tempted, yielding their lives to God, will have a position far beyond what they had initially, even as a baby coming forth from the womb has a body, that body will grow in stature and nature, become strong, and do things that baby could not do by virtue of the fact of being mature and seasoned.

So it is that man is given the privilege: “You have been faithful over a few things here on earth, I will make you ruler over many things.” So, there is not only the possibility and probability, there is the absolute reality of those of us who suffer for Christ, persecution, who give the glass of cold water, who do not aggrandize themselves but take the lowly position in knowing “he that is greatest of all is servant of all,” that by serving mankind, you serve God, and by loving your fellow brethren.

And, as Brother Branham said, “How you ought to love each other, you that love this Word. By loving each other, love God.”


So, there you see the high order. And that order that you see in a person, who is mature, in control of his senses – in control, who is vital, who is valuable… whereas a baby, you must just pander to the baby. You’ve got to change them, burp them, everything else, but the adult stands right there. That’s why fathers are so different from mothers. Mothers just love their children, they can be miscreants, they can be ‘God knows what’, they can be a miserable mess, and mother loves them.

But a father, he’s different. He says, “I want that son, that daughter of mine, to mature, to be a solid citizen, to know where he and she is going.” There is a vast difference.

And so, the church would coddle, the church would mother, the church would murder its kids, but the Bridegroom stands back and says, “I want maturity. I want to see them going places, doing things. I want them to understand where they came from, who they are, what I require of them.”

That’s what Brother Branham talked about: the adoption, the placing. And that’s exactly right. When Jesus died, He gave us the right to come back to our rightful place: as Brother Branham talked about redemption and predestination and those who couldn’t take it.


As I said today, how this dear Brother, and he said, “Oh, we had such sweet fellowship until you mentioned predestination.” And he went to pieces.

Why? Why? The apostle Paul said, “The doctrine of predestination gave you the right to rejoice.”

“Oh, I can’t rejoice. I can’t rejoice.”

Shut up. For God’s sake, shut up. You’re turning my stomach! You can’t rejoice when God says to rejoice? I could say some very tough, tough things right now but I didn’t promise myself I wouldn’t but I just think “Well, why bother?”.


So, let’s go to reading again. So, Brother Branham here is talking about predestination, identification, and he mentions that you go to the Bible and see if you’re identified there. And the identification comes out with the realization, “Hey! I never did have a beginning, except a beginning in the flesh. I never, ever really was lost, because I’m a part of God.”

Now you tell me anybody preaching that in through the ages, except the apostle Paul and William Branham, I want to know about it because I’ve read the books, not every book, but I’ve read enough books to know. Luther never saw that. I can’t find one… I don’t know anything he said. Of course, I don’t know everything he said, but I bet I know this for sure: I can say this, I believe… I could almost say, “Look, I know one hundred percent positively: Wesley never said it.” He was a legalist. He was the age of the pull and the scattering. And people think, “Well, there you are; everybody’s free to come in. Everybody’s free to come in. Just come on, come on, come on. All things are ready. Come and dine, come and dine.” Forget it.

You tell me when Jesus came back from the dead, he said to everybody, “Come and dine.” He said it to the eleven apostles, “Come and dine.” “The bread and fish upon the fire, and he ate the fish sandwich,” as Brother Branham said. If you think just everybody can come to the Millennium, I’ve got another thought for you. Ain’t going to do it. “Come ye blessed of my Father, into the Kingdom. Depart from me, you cursed.”

Yet the ones cursed, were the ones in there glorifying God and themselves unto God: “I spoke in tongues, I prophesied, I cast out devils, I did miracles, I did wonders.”

He said, “Get out of here.”

To the other group: “Come here,” He said, “You gave a glass of cold water to one of my Brothers.”

A glass of cold water? And between them who is the greater? The one that serves God by serving his fellow man.

That’s why Brother Branham said, “What are you talking about, gifts, these things that are so unreal, when the heavens are full of reality?The skies are full of the truth—“Put the gifts, as it were, on the shelf.” In other words, put them in their right place. Use them, if you can use them properly, under jurisdiction, or don’t do it. How many people believe this Message, when you find them turning any way they want to turn? Well that’s their business.


Okay, Brother Branham says here now that there’s a heavenly record, and there certainly is. And Jesus bore record to the heavenly record. He positively did. John the Baptist proclaimed him, the angel told of his birth, the shepherds came, wise men came, John the Baptist identified him. The heavenly record was made extant and open before the entire people. But the heavenly record also bore witness that he would die and rise again.

So, his body was not given to the grave to stay there. And something miraculous happened, that when Jesus’ body lay there without corrupting, by the time his soul came back to it, and he rose from the dead, he had a glorified body, which now could go through buildings and had vibrations, which were even greater than the speed of light. So, he could travel greater than the speed of thought. And he had this body which was completely glorified.


Now, that body that was glorified, as we explained last night and read to you, Brother Branham, in going into Luke 1:30-35, somewhere in that area there, concerning the angel that came and said, “Look, the Holy Ghost shall come upon you, and that Holy Thing born of you shall be called the Son of God.”

And Brother Branham said, “The truth of that was that God Himself came down and created a sperm and an egg. That was created. Then He wrapped it around Himself, or wrapped Himself in it,” and that tells you one thing: that God was now bringing Himself into a human body that thoroughly expressed His essentiality one hundred percent, exactly Who and What He is, as a Spirit Being, so that whatever genes and traits would come forth in that pure, created, chemical body, sperm and egg, would have the imprint of God Himself, the Father, in there, in that body.

And yet it was a human body. And that’s a body the Scripture says, “Lo, a body hast thou prepared for me.” And that’s the body that Jesus took.


So, you can see where Brother Branham says, “He’s God, but he’s not God.” He’s the Son of God. And he dwelt in a body that God prepared for Himself, and I would say ‘vacated’, that the Son could come in now, this being now the true Blood of God and the Life therein.

So, now we have this superior one, known as the Only-begotten one. He was the only one that came forth from the Father in the measure that he came forth and was the original First-begotten, so that he inherited [one half of] every single thing the Father had, but the Father Himself, and what the Father kept as His Own prime possession… even as a father and a mother have a son, the son cannot have access to the mother. That’s the father’s possession.

But he can have access to every single thing, up to fifty percent of what the Father has above that, what He created. So, this is the Uniquely-begotten, One-of-a-kind, begotten as no one else. Again he’s begotten in the flesh as no one else. Albeit, it is true, it takes a human sperm and a human egg to bring forth a child. But this was not human. No way, because there was no ‘human’ being left. They were all messed up with serpent seed and everything else.


So, God now creates this, and because its the Life of God, and God wrapping Himself in it, you can see positively that, if He were a man and He had access to producing the egg, He would fertilize. This would be like almost a true clone: an absolute perfect one. And he was that one. This is the amazing thing of how different he was. He was begotten, number two, in a way no one else; then, number three: he was begotten from the dead, as no one else.

So, now you see God working in threes. This unique one, absolutely now, stands in our stead as high priest. And there again, you cannot say, “It is a substitution,” because it is not. It is a reality we have someone standing for us when we cannot stand for ourselves.

You can say, “Well, that’s a substitution.”

No! It isn’t, because it wasn’t planned that way! You don’t take the steering wheel of a car from the front and put it on the back. You can’t switch things around in God’s program. Its got to be according to what God wanted it, and He wanted that. And this is the one that redeemed us.

Now, because of that glorified body, which I specified to you that now you can call it the divine alchemy of God if you want to, because now God, after we die, molder in the dust, and turn to ashes and dust, no matter where we are, (a part of the atmosphere even, gone up in complete flames) God will take that, and as Brother Branham said, “God will create again, not by sex,” but by taking the very elements that were once in our body, (whether it be fifty-three or a hundred and fifty-three, who cares) He takes it all and brings it back to the glorified state of Jesus Christ, who had this wonderful, wonderful body… yet it died and God changed and arranged it.


Now, do you identify with that? See, that’s the thing. You go beyond substitution. Substitution merely is psychological, like the guy, when Brother Branham was in Africa, and this blind boy came, I think it was; something was wrong anyway. Brother Branham said what it was and prayed; the kid was healed. And the doctor behind muttered, “Hypnosis.”

And Brother Branham turned, he said, “Well, if its hypnosis, you know these things better then I do; you come and do something.

The same thing happened in Bloomington, Indiana, at the University. The University president, sitting there, “Well,” he said, “that’s mental telepathy.”

He said, “You, come on; you’re smarter than me. Come on, you do it.”

The guy slunk out.

Now the one guy in Africa got converted and became a Pentecostal preacher. I didn’t hear what happened to the other guy and I’m not interested. But I know one thing: if he didn’t change his mind, he’ll be in hell, and he’ll wish he had given at least a glass of cold water to somebody but he won’t get one.


You cannot take the things of God and turn them into psychology. And remember; Brother Branham consistently (Use the word ‘harp’ if you want.) dwelt upon the fact: you cannot, through education or any human talent, get a revelation of this Word. And nobody, outside of a son of God, will recognize this, because they can’t receive it. It is only given from above what you can receive. And if its not given to you from above, you cannot receive it.

Let’s face it: if you are from above to begin with, you can only take what is from above. You can’t take what is down here. You’ll be the eagle in the chicken pen. And I’ll tell you: clucking with the chickens and picking manure, is not eagle food. Now the crow can do it on both sides, but it’ll still fly away and prefer the junk food, the fast food restaurants, to the good, healthy drinks that you get in your own home. The crow is the junk food artist, but the Christian is a fresh food artist. He’s more of the holistic strain.


Now this glorious body, that I described to you, like unto His Own, as the Bible says, (And remember his origin and his body.) think then what God does for us to give us one identical, because we have no right to it.

And you say, “I’ll tell you why: because if it took that special body of Jesus to get where he is in the resurrection, then what we had would not do it under any consideration.” Now, that’s true substitution there. But getting the body is not substitution. It is reality, because now we’re identical.

Why? Because we were identical, based on the same Source, which our Source is God, the same as his. Why is it that people cannot read the Book of Hebrews and get it right? Well, I know they can’t because they’re not right in the first place.

But here’s what the Bible says: “For both He that sanctifieth and they who are sanctified are all of one.” Jesus and the Children of God are all of one Source, which is God, the Father… “For which cause He is not ashamed to call them brethren.” And that’s the only reason. Not our conduct, not our shape, not our thinking, not this, and not that, but identification: one Source, one God, one Spirit!

People don’t believe that. Oh, man! People don’t believe anything, except people like us. Hallelujah, we’re believers. A lot of people call themselves ‘believers’, but they aren’t, as far as I’m concerned.


Look, over here what It says… I’ll find it in a minute, if I can get the right chapter here.

Ephesians 4:4-6

(04) [For] there is one body, and one Spirit, even as you are called in one hope of your calling;

(05) One Lord, one faith, one baptism,

(06) One God and Father of all, [Because He is the Father] who is above all, and through all, and in all.

Now, that’s the Bride, and that’s what I’m telling you. That’s what Brother Branham called ‘identification’. “Can you read your Bible and be identified?” And he said, “The horse knows his pedigree. He’s a thoroughbred, but the mule doesn’t. He’s a combination of a horse and a donkey, or jackass or whatever it is, burro. He doesn’t know his mammy and pappy; he’s got no pedigree.

And the funny thing, the horse is the only known animal to be called a ‘thoroughbred’. The others are purebreds and all: purebred cow, purebred dog, thoroughbred horse. And, if you can’t tell a chicken from an eagle, there’s something wrong somewhere.

You say, “How will I tell one?”

Watch what he’s eating! Watch with whom he’s eating. Watch how he’s eating what he’s eating with whom he’s eating. Come on. Anybody who can listen to guys like Shelley and guys that run around the country, (I don’t even want to mention.) don’t bring them around me. I’d say, “Get out; just leave the building here.” I wouldn’t tolerate a preacher coming here, if I know his background is all fouled up. I’d have the deacons get him out.

You say, “Brother Vayle, you’re not nice.” I never said I was nice. Don’t tell me I’ve got to be nice, and nonsense like that. We had a guy come in here, trying to fill the church with a whoremonger situation: anybody marry anybody; yeah. Don’t tell me you’ve got the answers, I don’t have the answers myself but I know enough to keep away from all kinds of nonsense. Live someplace else.

I’m required by God not to sit with a person who says he believes this Message, and he’s sinning. I can sit with a sinner out there, I can sit with a whoremonger, I can sit with a murderer and eat. But I can’t sit with somebody who says, “I believe this Word of William Branham”, lies about it, and has a life that’s rotten.


Read your Bibles, start getting some identification. Without you being identified, you will mess up. That’s what happened to Eve. She would not stay identified. She got from behind the Word. Your identification in this Word is everything.

And, if you listen to Satan’s lie, it shows you’re marked down somewhere, where you should be sitting higher. Eve got from behind the Word. She refused the identification of God Who vindicated Himself, but listened to a beast come by: handsome old devil, big giant of a guy. “She was seduced,” Brother Branham said, “Adam wasn’t fooled, but she was.”

That’s why she can’t handle the Word. That’s why she’s got a certain position she should maintain. That’s why its devolved upon her to say, “No,” and this and that, and the other thing. Brother Branham explained it in “Marriage and Divorce.”


You show me the women that identify themselves with this Message. Come on, I want to know about it. I’m getting so fed up with women, these days. I’m not a women hater. I’ve got sisters sitting here that are pure as the snow.

I see them out there, just anxious to run around. How many women that I knew… oh, their husbands were great, everything wonderful. Husband dies, bobs her hair, jumps into slacks, and jumps into bed with as many guys as she can handle.

I’m not a woman hater; let’s get this flat. Don’t think if you’re a woman, you’re getting away with it. Don’t think the men are, because they’re the stronger vessel. And the women can’t get away, and the men are the stronger vessels, where are you men going to be? You’re going to end up just like Adam: lose your shirt and lose everything else and sell posterity down the drain.

Identify yourself. Don’t come to me with your two-soul doctrine: “Well, the old soul died, so I didn’t do it.”

Oh, you didn’t do it? The guy that turned a killer, he was a rapist. He said that this spirit made him do it. And I said, “I want to ask you one thing, Don: did you like it?”

He said, “Yah.”

I said, “You did it.”

Oh, come on. Well I’ll try to be nice but don’t ask me to. I’ll be on my own accord.


Now, listen; he said:

[65]  The resurrection is sure.

What’s he talking about? Glorified body. You and me getting a body we don’t deserve. That’s substitution, what he did for us. Yes. And we were there with him. In other words, acquiescing all the way down the line, what God wanted. And we acquiesce now and say, “That is true.” Right?

[65] …See, the resurrection is sure. Its… guaranteed. And we have the earnest of it now, [That’s the baptism with the Holy Ghost] as the Holy Spirit comes in and identifies us as God’s redeemed person.

And he said, “‘Redeemed’ means ‘to restore back to original position’”…to restore back our heritage, to bring us right back in the full fellowship, that we are no longer alienated. We are now one with Him in the Body of Christ, part of that Bride. That’s what he’s talking about here: redeemed. ‘Redeemed’ means ‘its over, the price has been paid, there is nothing more to do. And now its simply to deliver the goods’.

Now you say, “Yes, but I’ll tell you, Brother Vayle, there’s many a person has been kidnapped, and when the money got there, the person was dead.”

Yeah, that’s a bunch of stinking hell-hounds of the devil. I’m talking about God! He delivers!


So, don’t you tell me one minute about a God that delivered you, hallelujah, but you can get lost. If you’re ever sealed with the Holy Ghost, you cannot get lost, because you are a son of God, and It’ll prove it. God delivers.

“Oh, He’s a deliverer, but, of course, if I backslide…”

That’s your Pentecostals.

You say, “What about these people that spoke in tongues and cast out devils, and He said, ‘I never knew you’?”

Well, they backslid.

“Then God’s a liar, because He must have known them at one time!”


Oh, listen; do you know where I’m coming from this morning? I’m coming from this Word that Brother Branham preached: vindicated. ‘Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb’ is only for God’s Children. Its a limited atonement. And I can prove it because Cain didn’t want it! And God didn’t force it on him! He said, “There it is, take it.”

He said, “I won’t!”

He said, “Cain, listen; you had the Word right, but you didn’t divide right. I want the blood before I want the first fruits, or I want this presentation here.”

He said, “I’m not serpent seed! No! No! No! No! No! I’m a child of Adam. I come right from You, God, and I don’t need that under any consideration. I’m not a fallen person.” And he killed, and he went on killing. And from that time on, Satan’s seed has always killed God’s Seed, in the flesh. They’re not going to stop doing it. They’ll do it by subtlety, anything they can do.


Now he says right here:

[65] …Its guaranteed, we’ve got the earnest. Its assured. He said, And when you receive the Holy Ghost, you’re sealed until the journey’s over.

And Brother Branham categorically said, “The baptism with the Holy Ghost is temporary.” I never knew that, but its one hundred percent the Scripture, because you’re only sealed in until the day of your redemption. And this is the hour of redemption, the Book of Redemption has been opened, the Seven Seals revealed before us, and its all over.

Right now there could be, absolutely, nobody else, but a hundred and forty-four thousand Jews left to receive the Holy Ghost, and all the rest of us are being child trained. I don’t know. But that is the possibility which one day will be reality, because God’s Word said so. I read that Scripture hundreds of times and didn’t have a clue: like I read last night to you, and showed: you didn’t have a clue either. Everybody thought, “Little child, little child, little child.” Little child! They can be as mean as the devil.

What did the Bible say about a little child? It was obnoxious. He hated his parents. Bring him before the elders and kill him.

Get that ‘little child’ junk out of your mind. Get the truth; be converted, full of the Holy Ghost… then, as a Child, put your hand in the hand of the Father and let Him lead you. Hallelujah! Now we can scream and run and jump like Pentecostals. But they haven’t got it, we do. Put the Baptist and the rest of them in there, too. Putin’s a Baptist. Oh, Brother!


When you receive the Holy Ghost you’re sealed in until the journey’s over.” And at the end of the journey, what comes down? The great Sealer Himself comes down and seals the boxcar, and everybody in it. Do you know the Headstone has come, the Sealer has come?

What did Jesus say? “I’ll pray the Father, and He’ll send the Holy Ghost.” The Father Himself has come down here, putting all things under the feet of Jesus, bringing the church into subjection. That’s the Shout. The Shout, my Brother/sister, is not just the Word of God revealed. Its putting you into subjection. As Brother Branham said, “You say you believe me? Then why don’t you obey me?

They didn’t do it. And young guys growing up committing adultery left and right. He said, “Lee, they think I don’t know”… named names even. I won’t tell you any names. Its my business, not yours. I could tell you one anyway, well more than that but who needs it?

Do you think he didn’t know? Ha! You couldn’t hide if you tried. You just need my experience that I had with him, and you knew. If he could trace your pedigree, your thoughts, your soul, your spirit… every inch of your body invaded, and know everything… And he said, “You’re looking at me, aren’t you?


Now, you see, I could start screaming again. You know why? Vindication, vindication, vindication, reality, face-to-face, not something you just dreamed up. I’m not talking any more about substitution. You see, its not substitution anymore. Hey, its over. This is it; we’re just waiting now.

Oh, that’s the big thing: during the waiting, at this time, they’re going to turn. They’re going to turn to science; they’re going to believe it. They’re going to turn here; they’re going to turn there, and say, “What is all this about, the Kingdom? When are we going to go in?”

“Nobody’s going to go in. Oh! My goodness me! Its always the same old story. Oh, its the same old story.”

Somebody rises up and says, “‘This is it! This is it!’ and my God, it never happens.”

“And, look what this one… this was the big thing and it hasn’t happened yet!”

Its happening! Before, it wasn’t happening! Time and eternity’s blended. You think you’re singing that song, “We’re Marching to Zion,” beautiful Zion? and its just a song? Its just a song? You’ve got to be kidding. That’s a testimony.

Hey, we ought to just run around and have fun. I’m just so happy. You wouldn’t think it, would you? I’ve fooled a whole bunch of you. You say I’m just so mean on the inside. I’m not, I’m so happy inside, I could just start screaming and crying, just so happy.

See, its not in our hands anymore. Reality doesn’t have a thing to do with it, because He said, “I am the way, the reality.” They call it ‘truth’, but its not. ‘Reality’. “I am the way, the reality, and the life.” I’m all of it, where Brother Branham said, “He’s all of it.” That’s the beautiful part. Okay, we’ll get another paragraph here in a minute.


Now he said:

[65] …And when you receive the Holy Ghost, you’re sealed in until the journey’s over. We explained that from Ephesians, temporary. That is your token that you hold that shows that your fare has been paid. You are a redeemed character.

Now the word ‘character’ there right now, is… oh, what would you call? Its not exactly a synonym. Its a description, and yet its a noun because he said, “You are a character” Really, we say, “Of what character is that person?” What is his character? What has he allowed like to engrave in him, so that now he’s engraved? So, this becomes the person.

Well then, he’s using the word perfectly, because “you are now a redeemed character” means that, since you’ve been redeemed, no longer is the devil molding and changing and engraving you, but God’s Word is, through the Holy Ghost. You’re the redeemed character, not character of Satan, no longer engraved. As Brother Branham said, “Eve was formed by Satan—fashioned her.”

That’s when a certain preacher went over to Australia, and he said that when God said, “Let us make man in our image,” He was talking to Satan. Brother Branham said, “He was talking to Jesus.”

So, who are you going to believe? The guy from Florida, or the guy up here? Well, you better believe me, because I’m quoting Brother Branham. They still don’t understand the First Person was God, the second person: Jesus, the third person: Adam. Oh, that’s better, I just got up here. Think he almost cheated me, so you never trust even the tape.

[65] …Redeemed character. See? Satan has no business with you… I didn’t even read that, and I explaining it before I read it. Oh don’t worry, I’ve read it before. None whatever.


Now, watch:

[65] Just pick up your token and show him. “My healing is paid for. My trip to Glory…

Now Brother Branham emphasizes healing because that’s what people want. Look at it: I need healing, but I’m getting along wonderfully. My soul is what counts. What counts is what God wants from me, and what I deliver, what He delivers through me, and what He desires. Is He molding me, engraving me, so that when I come forth as clay, being engraved by the Holy Ghost according to the Word…?

So, what does he say by identification? “Hold up your token,” which means: I have the revelation by the Holy Ghost that I am a part of God, period. I am what God vindicated, said through His prophet. I am that person, I am placed, I am redeemed. Satan, you’ve nothing to do with me. I have my healing, get out of here. You can’t take the old fashioned way of saying, “Well, Jesus died for me, the great Substitute, and therefore, hallelujah, I can have healing by his stripes.”

All those things are legitimate, but what is being preached here is ‘identification’. So, you don’t just skip over here and say, “I’m going to talk about healing and substitution.”

I’m talking about identification. I am a child of God! I am a part of God! And I want to tell you this: what part has Belial with Christ? What part has Satan with Christ? Tell me.


“He that is joined to the Lord is one Spirit.” Now my question is: did God’s Spirit make me perfect and pure like His, or did my spirit make Him dirty? The Blood of Jesus Christ scatters sin, until there be no evidence of it. The Blood perfects the Bride, that’s just one perfection. And here’s another quote you can take home: Brother Branham said, “The five-fold ministry perfects the Bride.”

So, unless Brother Branham was a five-fold minister, the whole cheese, then somebody’s here to do it, not these guys that try to quote, say, “Brother Branham did away with the five-fold ministry,” because if they rejected him, then they had to go to the five-fold. That’s exactly true.

You reject Brother Branham, where you going to go? You’re going to go to your pastor, who’s nothing but a dog, your teacher, nothing but a dog, your evangelist, nothing but a harlot, your apostle, a miscreant, your prophet, a false one. Leave Brother Branham, that’s exactly what you’ve got. You go to Him, there’ll be a five-fold true ministry, albeit very few, because he said to Brother Conolly… Sam never lied. He said, “Brother Sam, there’s not ‘that’ many true five-fold ministers.”

But you can say what you want about Lee Vayle. Count myself as one. You do what you want, I’m going to stand right here with the Word. I’m identified. I can’t explain that; I’m trying to do my best by it. You think for one minute, if I wasn’t a part of him, I’d talk this way? This is so far beyond me, my God! Paul the Apostle had to stand before God and he counted everything he’d ever learned as dung. He said, “Its putrefied, digested manure. Its vomit. Its not only digested manure, its the vomit I ate that has now gone to manure.”

Merciful God! Can you imagine anything stinker and rotten than vomit passing through you? Now apply that to your brain. No wonder Brother Branham said, “You need your brain baptized with the Holy Ghost.


Are you with me? Come on, are you with me, or are you just going to play around in a circle? Do what you want. I’ve had enough criticism. I can take it. No problem to me. They want to make me just a smart guy. I can show you guys in this Message that have got education, knock mine into a hole, and they don’t have a clue. I don’t need education. I could’ve quit grade eight and preached this just as good as I’m preaching right now. It doesn’t matter.

See? It has nothing to do with you. If you’re a part of God, God is obligated. God is obligated, because God is bound by His ‘Godhoodedness’ and ‘Godheadedness’. God is bound. God cannot do just anything. That’s a lie. They say, “God can do anything but lie.”

Oh, come on. That’s not putting it right. God can do anything that lies within Him, being God. I don’t know where people are coming from. Maybe they don’t understand what I’m saying. Maybe I don’t understand myself, but I think I do.


He said:

[65] …Look, my healing’s paid for. My trip to Glory…

Now here he’s talking about identification in the Scripture. He’s pointing out to you and me, and he’s pointing it out to Satan, just as he did when he was on earth. Satan came and said, “If thou be the Son of God, turn these rocks into bread.”

He said, “Its written: I’m identified in the Scripture.”

“Well now, just a minute. Why don’t you jump off the building up here, because the Scripture says, ‘The angels will bear thee up, even if you trip your foot on a stone’?”

He said, “I’m in the Bible, I can’t do that.”

“Well, listen; fall down and worship me. I’ll give you the whole thing. Look, I’ve got it. You know I’ve got it.”

“Oh,” he said, “just a minute. I’m in the Bible. I’m identified.”


See what I mean? Are we any less then Jesus? No way. No way, only in our little position here, and believe me we don’t go through what he went through because he suffered as no man suffered. His visage marred as was no man’s marred, cast away from God. You and I never had that. Never, never, never, never, never. God turned His back on him. He said, “Satan, I’m in the Bible.”

Now I feel good. Now if we were a bunch of Pentecostals, would there per [verse] for jumping and screaming? We should be jumping over benches and walking on tight-ropes. Right? But they’re never going to do it. You know why? Because this has nothing to do with emotion. Nothing to do with your own meditation. Nothing to do with your own thinking, nothing but your own experience, its just pure, unadulterated Word.

I’m in the Bible. I’m identified, I know who I am. I’m a thoroughbred. If you want to type me as a beast, I’m a horse… power. No hybrid at all. See?


[66] So, a token is what you use to ride on a bus line, or an airplane. Your ticket is your token, see? …your token.

Remember, he preached “The Token”? You’re redeemed. What’s he saying? You’re only redeemed when you’re filled with the Holy Ghost. That means you know the price is paid, and you’ve been delivered. You’re not delivered until you’re full of the Holy Ghost. The price is just there waiting. The price has been paid, but now that you’ve repented, changed your mind. Hey, listen: “I don’t want what I got anymore, I want to be a new me,” you’re baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, piling Word upon Word. You’re born again.

Now piling Word upon Word upon Word is where you go from that point on. And you can understand this to be true, because Brother Branham said, “The individual works out as the ages, and the last age is the age of the eye.” The only moving part now is the eye. The mind does not move. Now, since the eye moved, the mind is static.

We have the Word of the living God, so the last Word piled on is the Shout: the Church in divine order, put back exactly where It was, and that means we will go back exactly where we were. The perfect redemption; its all covered. So, here we are.


[67] …Take your token—you’re redeemed—the blessing, the Holy Spirit.

Now, why does he say, “The blessing, the Holy Spirit”? That’s what Paul said in Galatians, exact words of Paul. I can look it up for you or you can look it up yourselves. It’ll take me a while to turn to it but I can turn there – right in Galatians. These are identical words of Galatians.

[67] …And if Satan tries to push something on to you, just show this. That’s your identification.

Show what? I’m in the Bible. Eve didn’t do it; Adam didn’t do it. Jesus did it: “I’m in the redeemed… a son of God.”

“Satan, who do you think you’re kidding? ‘If’ I’m a son of God? Come on, man! I don’t turn rocks into bread, because I don’t live the way you live and your bunch lives, trying to feed on miracles and everything else. Mine is the living Word of God; I live by the Word.”

And he proved it, because they killed his body, and he took it right back again in three days in a better form than ever.

“Well, come on,” Satan said, “do some great miracle, some big fan fair.”

He said, “I don’t need to, I don’t need to. Why would I bother? I’m going to give up my life. I’ve got power to lay it down, power to take it again. Why? Because the Word said so. I’m obedient to the Word. Now, watch my Father raise me, and when I come back, Satan, you better look out.”

“Well,” he said, “I’ll just spare you all that. I’ll give you the kingdom.”

He said, “I like a good fight: I’m going to tear the gates off of hell and take your head off with it. I’m going to prove that you’re nothing but a bluff. But when I come back, Satan, you better watch out, because I’m bringing my people with me.”

Oh, my! That’s how he did it! And every time he said it, he got bigger and bigger.


Remember Brother Branham telling about old Jack Moore, who had this dream? And in the dream, you know, the devil confronted him, and every time the devil took a swat, old Jack went further and further back in his corner. Finally he got so small, he knew he had to do something. He began quoting the Word of God. And as he quoted the Word of God, Satan got smaller and smaller, drove him out of the building.

But Jack Moore never realized who Brother Branham was. He said, “Well, if Elijah were to come, “he said, “John the Baptist was he, but not Brother Branham.” But he said, “I’ll tell you one thing: if I didn’t believe John the Baptist was Elijah, my vote would be for Brother Branham.”

A vote? “Brother Branham, I’m going to vote for you! I gave Brother Branham my vote!”

Oh, God. I never gave him any vote, Brother/Sister. God led me, and I was willing to give my life. And God is my judge: before he died, I’d have been so happy to die instead of Brother Branham, whether I went to heaven or hell. It wouldn’t have done me any good though, if I wasn’t a child of God. Bible tells: “Give my body to be burned…” if you don’t have the Holy Ghost, what does it do for you?”

You got a vote? Brother Branham talked about a vote, a vote for Jesus. That was just a… What do you call it? A euphemism or some little funny thing he said. Who knows; its a good word. What does it mean – who cares. All right.


[67] You take your token; you’re redeemed—the blessing, the Holy Spirit. And if Satan tries to push something on you, just show this. That’s your identification.

See? That is your identification. I’ve got a note about that. One of my favorite portions of Scripture. Whether I’m right or wrong, I like it. Its over here in Chapter 10. I’ve got to be honest with you, I think It applies, though. In chapter 10 of Hebrews. It says in verse 12 here:

Hebrews 10:12-16

(12) But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God;

(13) From henceforth expecting till his enemies be made his footstool. [Now the Bible said, “This man.” This man, m-a-n… This man, just like Adam… This man, Adam, a man, part of the human race… Brought into it.]

(12) …sat down at the right hand of God [for ever].

(13) From henceforth expecting till his enemies be made his footstool.

(14) For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified.

(15) Whereof the Holy Ghost also is a witness to us: for after that he said before,

(16) This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, saith the Lord, I will put my laws into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them;

So therefore, the Holy Ghost comes in, absolutely assuring you that you are a beneficiary of what Jesus Christ did for you, sealing you in absolutely and putting that Word in your heart, in your minds. Now, that means, in other words, the Word is right down in your heart.

So therefore, now, the Holy Spirit in you, and you’re the temple, and your soul is a part of God, that you down in there… The Word of God comes into your mind, and your brain, baptized with the Holy Ghost, the Spirit takes it right down into your soul and then begins feeding it back and forth. And you testify that, and the more you testify, and the more you proclaim it… And, remember; it wasn’t enough for Jesus to hit the devil once with the Word. It took him three times in a row.


And you don’t think for one minute I can confess one time, and that’s it. Its a constant confession and that’s what God is listening for: how these people talk to each other, not how they pray. Prayer is the most useless thing in the world when its done wrong. Its the most condemning. You’ll spin your wheels in sand and go to hell. You’ve got to believe, because praying in unbelief is a wicked thing. Its saying, “God, I know You can do it, but I know… I just hope you might do it, but I know its jolly-well… Its hardly You’ll do it.”

Or then, you get your spirit up and begin plowing your way in, and God says, “Okay, I’ll give it to you, but watch how lean your soul is.” So therefore, if there’s not a true interplay in our entire spiritual system, based upon the Word through the Holy Ghost, now your worship is vain. Now, that’s a mouthful, but its the truth. Its the truth. Brother Branham didn’t tell Jack Palmer for nothing, “Look, Jack, don’t keep asking God for things.”


I’ve learned that: just do the Word. When you obey the Word, Its got to answer. It didn’t say just when, but you get an answer. The Bible tells you when It’ll answer: when you have the sufficient character, waiting upon God for His promise, believing Him, you will get it and get it and get it. That’s the Bible. And, if you take your hand from the plow, you’re not worthy. Why would you get it? That’s why the prayer line with all the quick answers… That’s wonderful. That just merely shows that God can do it. But what does it do for you?

As Brother Branham said, “Time after time, the deaf that came into his line that heard—outside the door they lost their hearing. The dumb that spoke in the line, they lost their speech outside the door.” I had that happen in my meetings. You don’t want those quick answers.

I saw people come in the meeting where Brother Branham discerned, and said, “You, you, you,” and they came to me, and they said, “He picked me… What do you mean? What do you mean? What do you mean?”

Brother Branham came on the scene… “What do you mean?”

“Oh! Oh! I know what it means: O God… Hey, hey, hey, hey. There’s a God after all and He’s in heaven. Hallelujah! That’s our God. That’s our Jesus. Glory to God! And He’s healing us. Ah ha, that proves us right.”

Oh, no! It proved them all wrong. Hey, isn’t it something when everybody said, “He proved me right. He proved me right”? And He proved them wrong.


Now, listen; I’m not… You understand what I just said a minute ago? I gave you a very, very profound truth of what happened. The people said, “He proved us right, and we proved him wrong,” because he came with manifestation that they believed in, and he had it. And they said, “That’s it.” And as soon as he preached the Word of God, they said, “He’s wrong!”

“If I had not done the works no other man had done, they have not sinned, but now they have both seen and hated both me and my Father.”

“I love God. I love God.”

You’re a liar. You hate Him.

“I, oh… Brother Vayle, we had such sweet fellowship. Brother Vayle, you telling me that I hate God? I love Him! and I’ll kill you to prove it, or I’ll love you to death until you admit I’ve really got it.”

Well, the serpent loved Eve to death, and Adam took her back. That’s her identification? What’s your identification?


All right. 1st Corinthians… what is it? Verse [chapter] 14, over here, Paul says:

1 Corinthians 14:37

(37) If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual…

Now a prophet is one who absolutely knows when the Word is there. He can’t miss it, because he’s five-fold. There’s no way, and he prophesies events, but he’s not a Word prophet: he’s a five-fold.

Now, what is a spiritual person? Paul explains it in Romans 8.

Romans 8:9

(09) …Ye are not in the flesh, but in the spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you.

So, anybody in the bride of Christ is equal to Joe Branham, or any prophet in this world, concerning the Word of God, because It says right here! So, if you’re waiting for Joe Branham to come and tell you something, I’ve got news for you: you ain’t got the Holy Ghost, or you’re so ignorant, its pitiful. Because listen; I’m reading it in here. It says:

1 Corinthians 14:37

(37) If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, [That’s full of the Holy Ghost.] let him acknowledge [Let him superimpose upon every single thing… What?]… the [words] that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord.

There is your evidence. If you’ve got the Holy Ghost, you will believe that man. If you haven’t, you won’t. [Response from congregation.] That’s good, thank you.


He’s identified himself, and that’s the way its going to be. I am one hundred percent a Branhamite in the conception of… I would say I am Pauline or of Moses. I am of all of them, from Christ, on the grounds that I listen to the end-time prophet, William Branham, who was according to Deuteronomy 18, period! And God answered back to him. And, remember; God answered back to David also, and he was a pretty iffy character.

Oh, my! How the people loved to say, “Well, you know, that fellow’s got a ministry, but you know if he’d get out…”

They say that about me, you know. “If he’d get out of the way, Lord, You’ll use me so wonderfully.”

Come on, come on. God isn’t going to use you instead of me, and He isn’t going to use me instead of Brother Branham, even though God knows I would have died for him. I just had one request, “Brother Branham, watch out for my wife every now and then.” That’s all I would have asked him to do, been glad to die, happy to die. What good would it do? Just in vain.

Don’t you ever exalt yourself, because God has no use for people like that. You’ll never take anybody’s place. And if anybody gets out of your way, it doesn’t make any room for you, because, if I lose one finger, I’ve lost my finger. If I lose a cell, I’ve lost the cell. Don’t ever, ever, ever, think more highly than you ought to think, but identify yourself in the Word of God. For even Jesus Christ humbled himself to the death of the cross. See? There’s the difference now.


See, we’re talking about identification, identification. And when we talk about identification, we’re saying, “What is really real? What is really real? What is the reality of this Bible? What is this really saying? What’s the nitty gritty? What is the substance? Is God in it? Can I depend upon it? Is this factual?”

That’s identification! Anything else is psychological or substitutionary. And neither one will do you one bit of good, unless you’re identified.

Now you can be identified as Pharaoh: “For this cause I raised you up, to show my power in you, now.”

“Moses, I raised you up to show my power…” Identified.

The two children, being not yet born, God said, “I love one, hate the other.”

“Therefore, its not him that willeth or him that runneth, but its God Who showeth mercy.”

“Therefore, I’ll have mercy on whom I’ll have mercy, and whom I don’t have mercy, I won’t have mercy.”

Then why are you replying? Now, even the person that says, “I’m suffering an indignity. Why would God do this to me?” they better come to the place where Nebuchadnezzar came. And once he got through his dementia, he said, “There is a God in heaven Who doeth according to His Will, and the armies of the heaven and in the earth, and no man can say, ‘Why are you doing it? Why do you do it? Will you stop it?’ No man has a voice in it.”

And so, the lady said, “Brother Vayle, I couldn’t believe in God.” You’re predestinated.

And the man says, “I can’t have fellowship? We don’t have fellowship anymore.”

So, Brother Branham said, “You who believe all the Word, what fellowship can you have with those who believe part of the Word?

You see, Eve believed part of the Word. She even believed the Word that Satan gave her, that God had not yet given to her: “You shall be as gods.” That was to come later on, way down the road. She blew it.


Are you identified? If you are, you better start doing something about it. You better start believing It, you better start acting It.

You can say, “Well, I can do this and I can do that,” and even blame it on me. I’ve had a lot of people that blame things on me I never said. Oh yeah, they’ll take it and twist it, because I’m honest to stand here and say, “I don’t have the answer. Its in your lap.

You say, “Brother Vayle said I could do what I want.”

Oh, can you? Come and tell me that to my face. Tell it before the whole church, or let’s open the Word of God, like Brother Branham did. And he did something that only a prophet could get around. Remember; you cannot swear by the Word, you cannot swear by God, you cannot swear by the Kingdom, you cannot swear by the heaven. Yet, before the court he said, “This Bible, open before me, and knowing there is a God in heaven…” Right there he was in the electric chair. “I promise to tell the truth”, never swore. “I promise.” I’ve done it. I’d do it again.



[67] You’re identified in the resurrection. You’re identified in his death… Reality. You were there. Paul said so. When you die, you’re identified in his resurrection.

Why? Because you’re a part of it. How can you be identified in the Resurrection, unless you’re a part of it? Otherwise, you talk of substitution and psychology. Psychology’s not worth a plug nickel. It came from hell, and its going to hell. Psychology stinks. The psychologist is rotten; they’re sleezy, slimy scuzz-balls. I don’t care how educated they are. I’ve listened to them. And your preacher’s a psychiatrist – he’s a sleezy, slimy scuzz-ball.

If you’re identified, it means a reality: I am part of that Resurrection, and its going on now, because the Shout has come, which makes the Bride perfect, because, they without us, that are perfect, cannot be made perfect in the Resurrection without us.

So, we are now in the process of immortality. We’re part of the Resurrection. Now, you’ve got to keep telling yourself that and everybody else, because the devil’s going to come right by and say, “Now just a minute, just a minute, just a minute…”

And that’s what he wants: scoffers. Now we join the scoffers. And the scoffers say, “Where is the promise of His Appearing? Where is the promise of His Presence? Where is the face-to-face? When are we going into the Kingdom?”


And as I said, everybody’s got his eyes on the Millennium, fine. And Peter didn’t even mention Millennium. He merely talked about the flood and headed you straight to New Jerusalem, because that’s the ultimate. The Millennium is only a little, quick, stopping off place.

“Well, I want to be in the Millennium.”

Have you ever noticed how the Millennium is all mixed up with the future kingdom of New Jerusalem? Read the Book of Isaiah. And when It talks about the lamb and the lion laying down and the Millennium, It talks about the holy Hill. Peter does the same thing. Its a progression. And if you get this far, the Millennium is only a little stopping off place; then the White Throne, then the dissolution completely, then the New Jerusalem, which is the ultimate, which is what God Himself sowed for. And when God reaps what He sowed for, the Word, not returning void, but fulfilled, that’s it.

Then why are you talking about the in-between? That’s why there’s hardly a thing in the Scripture about the Millennium. And who cares two bits when one day is a thousand years with God, and a thousand years is one day. You want one day exchanged for eternity? Go ahead, be my guest.


Since I’ve been preaching the last little while, I’ve changed my whole mind about these things. I’ve joined hands with Peter and Abraham. I’m looking for the “City which hath foundation whose builder and maker is God.” You can have the rest. I don’t want to miss the Millennium. Sure, I don’t want to miss it. That’s the human part. There’s where your family life is, what you really always loved it to be.

Ah, listen; up there that’s different… ah, man. When the Son hands the Kingdom back to the Father, and the Father becomes “All and in All”, the full complements of God, or what complements God: God being there, and we having been complementary to Him, oh my, what a reflection from the mirror. “Before they call, He answers.” I can’t explain it, but I know its there.

And Brother Branham, just beyond the curtain of time, to just go before the Millennium… He said, “Don’t, don’t, don’t miss it.” What’s it like, just to step to the other side? And, what’s it going to be for the Millennium? And, what’s it going to be at the White Throne where we’re attorneys?

You think for one… Listen; even science today has finally admitted… They said, “Listen, all this great universe has just one purpose, and that’s for man.”

Oh, isn’t that nice; they finally found that out, those lovely, stupid bunch of illiterate jackasses that vaunt themselves as though they’ve got a brain – if they’ve got a brain, I’ll likely find it out there in the prairie somewhere, a coyote chewing it up. And that’s being very nice, being very nice. I could have said something else and I just changed my mind.

See, the Lord is dealing with me this morning. Merciful God. See? No. Brother Branham didn’t say I had to tell them but he said somebody’s got to, so its alright I guess.


Now, listen:

[67] When you die, you’re identified in his resurrection.

It says, “When you die, you’re identified, not in death, but a resurrection.” Why? Because the death already took place two thousand years ago. Why do we identify in his death? You aren’t identified in his death, now. Forget it. There’s no blood; there’s nothing for you. Right? When he died, we died. But he rose.

But he had to go through death. So now, in death, resurrection, because that’s the only place to go. Why? Because we’re human; we’ve got bodies, chemicals. Next time, glorified chemicals. You see, that’s what’s wrong right now: we’ve got chemicals, and my God, they’re debauched, they’re mixed up, they’re mutilated, they’re horrible. We’re going to get glorious chemicals.

Oh, we’ll eat; we’ll drink. Now, my wife has a terrible time, because her smelling is gone a lot. Therefore, she can’t taste like I can taste. And many times, I know she’s not tasting like I’m tasting, and I feel sorry for her. I’ve got good taste buds. Oh, she’s going to get hers back, maybe even before she dies.

How would you like to be without taste, without smell, or without feeling? You wouldn’t know you were sick, or hit… You could die, bleed to death. You wouldn’t be sensate.

Oh, when its sharpened with the true chemicals… Wow, I’ll tell you one thing: we won’t be like the Israelites, saying, “Oh, this manna… Its awful. It was all right the first day, but now, it doesn’t taste so good.”

Every day gets better and better; now our taste buds get sharpened up.


[67] And by that, it identifies that you were with Him before the foundation of the world…

So, you see, if you can’t identify in your death, knowing its really your resurrection, that your dying here now means: ‘Thank God, that’s finished. I’m beginning to really rise now in the right body and all… I’m on my way to getting the final conformation, the final results.’

He tells you right here… Let me read it now. It says this process that you now have, and you’re going though mentally and spiritually:

[67] And by that it identifies that you were with Him before the foundation of the world, because you are redeemed; that’s brought back.

And also, It says, “Before the foundation, he was the lamb crucified.”

So, you see, if you don’t come to the place where you identify yourself in your death now: like Brother Palberg died. That was not death, but resurrection, because he was identified with death, but now his body, dying, he’s identified with the Resurrection. That’s exactly what the process is. We should be rejoicing because he’s rejoicing. And it says right there that if you don’t have that, you don’t have the knowledge that you were with Him in the beginning back there.

Now, how can you say you’re identified and full of the Holy Ghost, and you can’t understand what I’m saying, and you won’t go with it? Now, opening up a whole new vista here, which is a renewing of the mind by the Holy Ghost, which the baptized brain will take, but the rest of the brain won’t… So, death is not death, because that’s completed in him. Its now resurrection.

Because how can you have resurrection before you die? Resurrection means ‘to bring back what went down.’ Brother Branham took his handkerchief, and he dropped it. He said, “This is my handkerchief. If it comes back a book, its not resurrection.” Right? All your minds are renewed, right? That ought to do it. Yes. It comes back; goes to gas and dust. He’ll bring it back.


So therefore, I am assuring myself, I know that I was with Him in the beginning. It is exactly right, because it means ‘to bring back’. Now, listen; your death, now coming to the Resurrection, putting you as a soul under the altar, in that dimension where Brother Branham is, and the saints of this age, whoever they are, they’re there. Now you’re stepping closer to where you once were. But you didn’t have any memory of it. Now, at the point of the Resurrection, and you have your body, you are now closer again, even as Jesus.

Now, remember; Jesus on the Throne, with his Father down here, is a further step than when He was on the Mercy Seat. Huh? Absolutely. Now, where are we going? We are allowed to, according to him, to sit in his throne as he sits in the Father’s Throne. So now, we’re taking a step further. Then, in the New Jerusalem, it is all the way back to where you were.

So, can you see the transition? Can you see where you are today, from what you were yesterday and the day before, and every day closer? Therefore, we should welcome death as the open door, as another open door, not an ‘Alice in Wonderland, falling down a rabbit hole, meeting some chimera, an imagination’. That’s the church. This is the Bride. This is reality.

Your death, believing this, having this, knowing this, as Brother Branham brought it, you having received it and cannot except it be given you from above, know absolutely that Brother Paulberg is now in the step of the resurrection that he longed for.

And the next step is coming back, and from there on, every one of the departed saints in this Word, and this Bride, will be taking the further steps through the Millennium, onward and upward, until the Kingdom is handed back to the Father, and we come to that ultimate that, as we know today, but tomorrow in the New Jerusalem, billions of years later, there may be vistas unheard of, unseen, we’ll enter into.

I don’t know, but I believe it, because you can’t exhaust God. How can you exhaust infinity? How can you exhaust omniscience and omnipotence? And its all there within Him, and we in Him.


So, he says here:

[67] …You’re identified that you were with Him from the very beginning… “All the Father hath given me will come. And no man can come unless the Father has given [it], see, in the beginning.

And there you get foreknowledge, election, predestination; there you get God’s Holy Spirit involved with chemicals and chemistry: they involved in that life and the chemistry with the Word. They, coming forth, is God preordained in His Word, because we are Word, adding Word to Word until the Bride is completely filled, the fullness of the Godhead bodily in that realm, as it was in Jesus Christ, and we see the consummation thereof in the New Jerusalem, with the Lamb as the apex.

[68] Now notice; he was sinless to take the place of the sinful, the antidote. He was without sin so that He might redeem sinners.

Now, that’s why he was virgin born, and it was locked in because God gave those very traits that were in God’s life into that body. You mean to tell me you can have the sperm of a dog and an egg of a dog come together and not produce a dog, as a dog is? Oh, come on.


Then you tell me that God gave the chemical attributes here, and wrapped them in Himself, and didn’t express God as God would be? That’s why Brother Branham said, “God was the first Man.” I’ve said for years before I knew what Brother Branham taught… Hey! The Bible says that God has a breast, God has thighs, God has arms, God has eyes, God has a mouth, God has a tongue, God has ears, and all these things. So, He’s a man!

That’s why, “In the image of God, made He him.” And Brother Branham came along, and he said, “Well, that was spiritual.” Sure its spiritual; He’s a spirit being. When He carved him out though, what was he? He was a man. And Brother Branham says, “God, the first Man,” and so on, right down the line. He never said too much about that, but once is enough.


[68] So, …God was expressed in him, and properly identified Himself in him. Now notice…

Now, notice in there, God was expressed in him. “The Father in me doeth the works,” and “THUS SAITH THE LORD” from Deuteronomy, proved that he was that identified prophet. And remember; he came as a prophet, and also recognized later as the Redeemer. So, he was not just a prophet, he was a Redeemer-prophet. And not just a Redeemer-prophet, he was the Only-begotten, Son of God, Prophet-Redeemer.

And Israel couldn’t take it, though it was all in the Word. And they said, “You search Moses, and you’ll find it.” And everything in Moses was there, in types and in shadows, and revealed in the prophets. And he had every identification. They turned it down. And they said, “We see.”

He said, “Because you say you see, your sin remaineth.”


Where are the Pentecostals today, which epitomize the seventh church age, which Brother Branham said was the ‘cream’? And the cream rises on top of the milk. So therefore, the product of the cow all through the ages has been milk and cream. And the end time, the cream is the Pentecostals: “Depart from me, I never knew you”.

No wonder: its cannon fodder. I’m not making this up, Brother/Sister. I’ve studied this Message, and I study it word by word. I study with you word by word. See? Properly identified.


Now, Brother Branham:

[69] You say, “Brother Branham, did you say ‘God identified Himself’?” He did.

You think God didn’t identify Himself there?

Say, “Who are You, O great Pillar of Fire? Who are You, that we have Your picture? Who are You, that speaking through this man, this man’s under your control? Who are You that does these things and tells these things?”

And he said, “Jesus of the New Testament is Jehovah of the old.” “I am Elohim. I am God.” And he talked about ‘little Jehovah’, the one who came in his own Father’s Name… ‘big Jehovah’, ‘little Jehovah’, which means, you know, ‘Jehovah-Savior’ – Jesus or Joshua.

He identified Himself. He identified Himself. God the Father was one hundred percent identified, and Jesus the Son was one hundred percent identified. Absolutely, one hundred percent identified. You cannot get away from it, because that is the truth.

Well, we’ll put a little note here: ‘here’, and we’ll see what happens when we get ‘here’. All right, that’s as far as we go today: identification.


So, if I were to ask you to tell me one word, in one word, what does ‘identification’ mean? and because you might answer several words, I’ll answer it for you: reality. Reality. And reality in the Greek is another word for ‘truth’. And let’s get this true: the Bible says you can do nothing against the Truth, but for It. You can do nothing against Reality, but for It.

So therefore, if you disclaim it, it makes it all the greater for you. And when you claim it, its all the greater for you. So, therefore, no matter what anybody says for or against us, we keep enlarging in the enlargement of God. No wonder Paul said, “Our mouths were enlarged toward You.” He gave them more and more of the Word. All right.

We could talk for a long time on that, but this is the time we are finished, so we rise at this time and be dismissed and we can have dinner as quick as we can.

Heavenly Father, again we thank You for the time we’ve had today together, even though we read very little of what Brother Branham said.

We know, Father, that we have given the words which would impress upon the people, their minds, right down into their hearts, the very thing that Brother Branham was saying, even as he said, in that sermon, “Perfect Faith,” which was so… I believe many, many people misunderstand, thinking that he was telling them, “They’re going to go to some place where they would be like the prophet,” rather then realizing that the revelation of the truth had come forth even now.

Are we identifying? Is this real? Are we real? What is the truth? Even as Herod said, “What is truth?” and turned his back. Thank you, Lord, today, that we have the prophet’s Message. Identification is the truth, and we cannot add to it or take from it, and no matter what anybody does, for or against it, it will only enlarge itself, for Thou art God, Who has never failed to prove Yourself steadfast with Your Word, One with It, bringing to pass.

And even now, Lord, this Word must bear fruit in our minds, in our souls, in our spirits, and in our bodies, unto the glory of Almighty God, because we have seen and acknowledged that this is indeed the Christ and of the Christ, to the glory of God the Father, world without end.

And now unto Thee, the eternal One, we give praise and glory, in the name of Jesus Christ, and may everyone taking this Message, O God, be healed, be healed and rebuke the devil… [End of the audio media.]

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