Jezebel Religion #05

America Paralleling Israel; Bewitching The People
#6390 /
Brother Lee Vayle

Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, our request tonight is that by Your Spirit, according to this Word which we have received by a vindicated prophet, You will help us to get what lies therein. We know he spoke the truth.

We are seeing now the seed come to harvest at this end-time Lord, we want to understand all about it, whatever is set forth by You for him for us Lord, we desire to know that, giving us truth in the inner parts, the inner man, thereby standing Lord, against all perverse iniquity, diabolical powers of this day Lord, help us we pray, feed us with the bread of life.

We give You the glory in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we’re on number 5 of Jezebel Religion. And Jezebel Religion, number 4, Brother Branham was decrying the decadence of true Americanism, even as Israel had forgotten they were Israelites. So Americans are no longer concerned that they are Americans like their forefathers but seem to be happy to set themselves apart from the forefathers such as we had in Washington, Lincoln and some of the great men.

Now Israel was, primarily, a people set apart for God in a God given homeland wherein nothing was to be above the Word of God. That Word and consequently the worship set them apart from all nations and they were commanded to destroy utterly all that was foreign to the Rhema/Logos in their sojourn.

But they made forbidden alliances that were, absolutely, contrary to the Word and to their… pity, absolutely, unnecessary within themselves.

In other words, it didn’t do them any good; it only brought destruction and harm upon them as we saw in the case of mentioned the other time how that these people came to Cainites … the Israelites.

And they said, “We come from a great distance and the bread that we took just out of the oven is now moldy and dry and our clothes which we put on fresh, they are all in tatters.” [Joshua 9] and Israel didn’t worry two bits about what God said.

They said, “Oh, we’ll make an alliance.” And right away they were condemned, because God would not let them out of their alliance.


Now, when American makes alliances; there’s no way she’s going to get out of them. This may sound like something that people don’t like to hear, because always people like to think, “Oh, there’s a great God, and Jesus died upon the cross, hallelujah.

Now He rose to be Mediator and now He’s Intercessor, and if we’ll just turn our eyes to the Lord, everything will be fine.” That’s a lot of hogwash and lies.

We see it in history; there’s nothing you’re going to do about these alliances. America will stay within her own shores, and live her life here, stay with the Word of God for which they came, they sold their birthrights, and as Israel was no more like Israel in the beginning and nothing, neither is America.

That’s what Brother Branham talked about the old man in Croydon. He said, “That’s when Amerikee was Amerikee.” That’s right but it isn’t that way any longer, of course, people think it’s better, and I’m glad they do, that’s their privilege. I don’t buy it.


Now, they went to politics to insure their rights, Israel did to keep peace and security, and what they hoped was to be the religious freedom, also. That’s what they wanted, so they made alliances; they didn’t depend wholly upon God, they didn’t stand with their freedoms which they came to that land to obtain and to keep secure. And remember, that’s exactly how the First Church Age did at Nicaea.

They listened to the voice of a politician which was Constantine. He had a convenient dream. The devil gives very convenient dreams. They accepted his dream, said, “Oh, this is great. This fellow here he saw Christianity winning…” Well, they’re going to win in the long run, but they don’t win in the short run, and so they let him buy them out.

And now it’s being done again today in America. Bad alliances, and policies, and politics, their failure to have faith in God, and in their possession which God gave them, has made America no longer the leader, one of the leaders of the world.

She thinks she is but she’s now being brought into the scope of the other nations. And you’ll find that Europe is now becoming dominant, of course, with Japan that’s understandable.

America’s beginning to be cut loose because God has to do that, because they’ve turned their back on God. And as Israel became rich and when they did, they began to drift from God, so America became rich and it also drifted. And you notice that to be true.


Now, God did not forsake Israel, neither did he forsake America. That’s to say God did not pull the plug instantly, when He saw what was going on. Remember, the seed planted has to come to fruition. That goes for the Christian; that goes for the world, also.

That’s why the Israelites could not go into Canaan land and take over till the cup of the Canaanites or Amorites rather, was completely fulfilled, filled up which was a bunch of homosexuals running the government and so on, a very seditious type of people, very unsanctified, very unholy.

So America is coming to that place. So God has not forsaken America, as I say the minute they turned away, we have to have the same thing happen here where the cup of the Amorites is filled.


Now, there had to come a time of reckoning for Israel and we saw that, carried away into captivity and we saw them, also, the second time scattered due to the death of Jesus Christ, they crucified the Lord of glory.

And so what we see today, America has also drifted away from the Lord, has turned positively to politics, denominations and all of those things in the last day, they turned away from the prophet, William Marrion Branham, the Elijah for this hour, and therefore, there has to be judgment because in Hebrew 6 it talks of burning.

And you can never find the burning of the tares or anything like that unless it is Malachi 4; it must be at the end of the Great Tribulation and those troubles now are besetting us and the burning will take place.


Now, Brother Branham… we got to about page 11, on the top there on paragraph 50, where Brother Branham was telling us that how that God dealt with Israel and America in mercy, even though they’d already become luke-warm, even though they were turning away, he was wooing them back if possible. All right.

[50]  Although God sends them prophet after prophet, [that’s exactly right], and with tender mercies He begged… the people, and they turned their backs on… Him. They wanted their way; they were Israelites; they were free; they were a great nation; their forefathers did so-and-so [like David and Solomon], they could do what they wanted to do.


In other words, they were a very, very powerful nation and they levied tribute upon others and what they said went, in fact, David got so far as to get other nations, helping him with his own army and all. So that Israel, actually, was the center of the universe at that particular time.

[50]  Now, they could do what they wanted to. Just the same thing that we’ve based ourself on exactly; what Washington, our forefathers, and what they stood for… But, brother, we are a million miles from those things; our churches are a million miles [off].


Now what you’re looking at here is the same thing that looks like a weight builder, when he begins to put a lot of muscle on, and then he gets lazy, he doesn’t keep up his exercise, the muscles turn to flab.

And you can see these guys, you know they’re strong here, and pretty soon they got nothing but floppy beer bellies, that’s all they look like. They look like something the cat dragged in and forgot to cover up. You know… what it is? The muscles go down the drain.

And you know the price of liberty is constant vigilance. And the vigilance, of course, is keeping the eye on God which He deals with by His Word. But these people they got flabby.

And you’ll notice that pretty well all you could do back there, the few Christians that were left, the few people that that had something on the ball, all they could do was talk about, “Remember our father Isaac, remember our father Jacob; remember [you know] Abraham, remember, Solomon, remember David.”


Now you notice today, the Americans a little remnant of conservatives, the die-hards, all they can talk about is the Constitution. They throw a little bit in about God, but always the thought is, “We came over here to be another nation, away from the oppression of kings.”

Now who… what were those kings? They were Catholics. See?

What was the religion? Catholicism. Where was the harm? It was in Catholicism. Everywhere they went, the people were oppressed, even… like Brother Branham often spoke of what happened here in Mexico.

He said, “The poor Catholic people have to buy these grease candles” regular little candles that you burn for the dead and of course, the priest charges exorbitant prices and the people have no food and the priests don’t give a rip, because hey, they don’t care. They don’t have any saviour… they just mouth it off.

They talk about it, but the Catholic church died hundreds and hundreds of years ago. They haven’t had a thing from the First Age. They were the ones that turned idolatrous.


Now, America is following right along in that same path. See?

They’ll talk Constitution a little bit; the other side will say, “Well, now just a minute, the forefathers don’t know the present condition; so, therefore, the Constitution was not written for this hour.”

Somebody said, “Oh no, you got to go back to the spirit.”

Don’t you know today there’s no such thing as a precedent anymore in the courts of law? I don’t care who you are, if you start with any case against anybody, you almost have to fight it completely to the Supreme Court, if you got the money, because there’s no such thing as a precedent. It’s over.

You can’t judge anything anymore. So that’s the way America’s gone. There’s nothing to look for in this land, so don’t look for it. Understand what I’m saying? It’s shot.


Now, Brother Branham is explaining why it is shot, who did it in Israel, who’s doing it today. That’s why it’s called Jezebel Religion. And remember, Jezebel was mentioned in the Fourth Church Age which was almost a thousand years of utter blackness and darkness known as the Dark Ages, and you can thank Catholicism for it.

I know people don’t believe that, but they’re a little insensitive to reality. All right.

[51]  You examine… the Methodist church today to what the Methodist church used to be… [Now he’s talking about nation; now he’s talking about churches.] What the Pentecostal is today, and what it used to be… What the Baptist is today… what it used to be…

…If we had time to go back and talk of John Smith and many of those early reformers John Smith said, before he died… “The horrible thing is that the Methodist women are beginning to wear gold rings on their fingers.” Methodists… What would he say today if he saw them with their hair cut off, and paint all over their face, and wearing shorts? It’s because of sin.


Now, you may be surprised to know that the Wesleyan tradition of sanctification which is the legalistic doctrine, while you get saved by Jesus, but you still can get lost.

The falling away doctrine has bred far more corruption than did the Calvinistic doctrine that literally went into anti-nominalism which means you don’t need any means of salvation, you’re saved before the foundation of the world, that’s right.

You don’t need an experience, if your name was there… But nobody, in the meantime, knows anything about whether he’s right or wrong, you wait for that day, and the best they can say is, “we have hope;” that’s your hard shells.


But where has the legalist taken us? Now if you want to know the truth, the people that most sincerely aggravated to destroy all our true liberties in America and godliness to bring in the Commies and accept everything, making even Stalin, like your Uncle Joe, and denying everything the Commies did is the Methodist Church. Now don’t think I’m lying because, I’m not.

Just go back… I’m before your time, go back to your Bishop Oxnam, now that’s not a Canadian, that’s an American Methodist bishop. You go on back and see, and understand.


Now, America has the looseness of Israel. So you can see the harlot’s daughters are as rotten or worse than the old harlot herself. John Wesley said, “I’m never in a frame of mind to worry whether the name ‘Methodist’ will leave the face of the earth, but, [he said,] I believe the dove that was responsible for her will have fled.”

And that’s exactly right, there’s no more spirit there than the man on the moon. Without a doubt the Methodist church in my estimation became the filthiest church under God’s high heaven.

Of course, they didn’t sell indulgences. Who needs indulgences, when they already indulge you? They never even charged for sin. They have a little… what you call a temperance program, but where is that today? All right.


So, once all people had an avid faith in God, and they loved the Lord in all the light that God could give them, but you notice each one moves on to destruction because they leave the Word.

And remember, when there’s no Word, there is no place for the Holy Spirit. That’s exactly what happened to the foolish virgin. Good people, virgin see? they’re judged.

The church is purged the last time. God’s always done that. They come up at the White Throne judgment, and they’re allowed to come in, because there’s a certain something in there that allows a recognition toward light and truth, but it doesn’t zero in.

So when the new Word comes, what happens? These people have organized; they’re back there in organization.

The foolish virgin, they got no Word. How in the world can the Holy Ghost come into the Pentecostals? Legalistic, tongues-talking bunch of God knows what, they can’t tell the Holy Ghost from the unholy ghost. Called chaff at the end time for the burning. There’s a few people in there, no doubt about it, come up in the second Resurrection.


[52]  What’s God done in America? Sent revival after revival, revival after revival. [That’s true, some of the greatest revivals, such as under Finney and Moody and men like that.] Ministers have preached the Word, tried to call the people back to God. And what did they do? The same thing Israel did: spurned it, made fun of them, called them holy-rollers, threw them in jail.

Now, you notice every time there’s a move of God, there’s always a move toward the Word. There’s many people today carry on in the fine tradition of Word preachers, but they’re behind times. Look what Billy Graham’s doing. Now, if Billy Graham is bringing in sinners to God and real converts then why did Brother Branham come with a message?

Now you see where either you’ve got an absolute and you believe that we are in this what Brother Branham told us by vindication or the whole thing is fallacious and it’s malicious, and it’s downright dirty of whoever was behind William Branham. See, we’re right back to the integrity of God.

To deny vindication, what Brother Branham taught, because vindication points to the man’s message. Then the One backing him has no integrity, calls himself a Father and lays a trap for His kids. Come on, right, Deuteronomy 13 and 18, the two chapters explains exactly this our hour. People don’t want to believe it, want to sit on the fence.


I’m happy you don’t know it, I’ve heard two outrageous stories about me just last week by telephone call, and I’m almost deliriously happy, because what the prophet said, “They’re not going to want you, what you say.” You think I want popularity and a lot of people?

You have to be out of your cotton-picking mind. They fall away from this message, as I preach it, as Brother Branham preached it. I preach word for word. What am I doing if I’m not preaching word for word? I’m not giving you my own ideas; I take everything he said and relate it right to this hour. See? All right, listen.

[52]  …made fun of them, called them holy-rollers, threw them in jail. See?

These people with the light are always judged by the people with creeds and dogmas and, remember, the first change from truth to a creed was by the devil.

Now you can see right now the way Rome is. They, absolutely, have a perfect choice for the anti-Christ and the devil to come in, and on the other hand, a Pentecostal could do very well, too. See?


All right.

[53]  If one of my sisters and one of my brothers out of this church today, would’ve stood in that hotel last night and raised up their hands and praised God and shouted in that room, they’d be in jail… over it today. [That happened in Brother Branham’s hotel.] But a drunken, stupored bunch of idiotic “unholy-rollers” can stand up there and scream all night; and drink, and cuss, and grab their clothes off their women, and carry on, and fall on the floor, and scream all night long… they can’t even say a word about it. No wonder we’re all doomed under the hand of God.


Now, Brother Branham had a little experience there that kept him awake, but every now and then the newspapers you read where one church is sued, because they’re making too much noise.

Then you talk about how they move the camp meeting out of the town because too much noise. Everything is too much noise. But your neighbor’s dog can bark all night so that you have no sleep; that’s fine. Get drunk and race, can do what he wants, that’s fine.

But if you attempt to make anything about religion it means that you don’t like somebody else; you’re condemning them, and they’ll get you. The hate laws are almost in most lands. They got a very strong hate law in Canada, although they don’t do too much about it today. All right.


[54]  Notice, on and on, God sent ministers, performed signs and wonders, proving His Word.

You’ll find by history, sporadically, God did set gifts in the church, all the way through the ages. The Pentecostals can, absolutely, prove that there’s been healings and tongues and prophecy and everything in the church, from the time that Christ established His church.

Even today in the history book by Sour it is known that Luther actually spoke in tongues with the prophet could prophesied, literally he discerned spirits. They believed that he was a prophet. He had many gifts in his ministry, so did others.


Spurgeon prayed for the sick with an awesomeness and results that only God could perform this life to the highest order. He went to insane institutions and under the solemnity of prayer; their minds would come back to them.

And years after he was dead, peoples continually stood in his church and praised God for the healings. Now you try to get the people to believe that. I got the whole chapter still at home, copied out of a book by a man that knew him personally, from Grace Presbyterian church in Philadelphia, forget the man’s name, but we can find it. All right.

[54]  …proving His Word.… And the most of the thing, a lot of modernistic clergymen turned It down and made fun of every revival. Such as the so-called Church of Christ and those like them, “Days of miracles are past.” [That’s what they say.] Trying their best to shut it off from that little remnant of God. As it was in Israel, so it is today.


In other words, Brother Branham is saying, “Jezebel Religion is linked up with Elijah.” Now remember… Elijah put his hand and indicated what it was all about. Brother Branham, the Elijah of our hour, is doing the same thing. And it says here,

[54]  As it was… as it was in Israel, so it is today.

So, as Elijah was fought and denied, so the prophet today is fought and denied, and this fighting has its roots a way, way back. It’s not something new; it’s something that took place way back yonder when they called Pentecostals holy-rollers. They denied the power of God in the Methodist churches.

They denied the power of God way back in Luther’s day. And the few Catholics like St. Francis of Assisi, I guess, and some of those men, fine men of God, tried to turn the denomination around and couldn’t do it.

And they criticized them. And some of them actually died for what they had faith in. Like Joan of Arc, they just destroyed her because they didn’t understand the things of God.


Now, it says,

[54]  As it was in Israel, so… is today. Many times God has to take His people out of one… organizations [or some of those organizations] and denominations, take them out into the wilderness alone to talk to them. And He’s going to have a remnant; don’t you worry about that. He did then; He will now. On and on they went through sin, wading through things. Why? Their leadership; there’s nothing to stop it.

Now, he talks about the fact that don’t you worry about that. Now there’s no worry because Brother Branham has thoroughly oriented us unto the understanding of Deuteronomy chapter 18 and he’s talking to people, a little group of people that are come there amongst all those Pentecostals in Hamilton, Ohio.

Now most of them were simply rip snorting rabble rousers, when it comes down to spiritual things: I just got to nail it, because let’s face it, there is such a thing as an anointing which is real but the people are phony. Now that means, absolutely, two kinds of life are there; the real and the unreal.


Now you got a Cain; what more do you want? You have a Canaanite religion whether you want it or not. Now remember, Cain offered right but he un-rightly divided, therefore, he was not accepted with his offering. So if the worship and the Word are not one in the individual, the person cannot be accepted.

The blood cannot apply, because the life of the blood will not go to that person. So what’s all this about the blood? Why am I saying that? Everywhere about the blood: ‘The Keys of This Blood’, that’s a big book, it’s in my hands now and I’m going to start to read it. I read two pages, it’s intensely interesting.

They just cut their throats, spilled their blood and the Protestants they lap it up and love it. Why do you think the daughters love the old harlot? Like mother, like daughter. That’s all; they’re related. They have the same spirit, the same nature, the same everything. See? “Now, don’t worry about that,” the prophet said, “God will have a remnant.”


Now watch! In the time of the remnant back there he’s talking about the remnant of this hour. Watch what he says!

[54]  On and on they went through sin, wading through things. Why? Their leadership; there’s nothing to stop it.

Now, that leadership is both spiritual and political, because that’s what we’re looking at. See? Now, the political leadership was cutting its throat in 1990 as in no other sitting of Congress. Yet ninety-six per cent were voted back. You know why? They believe the status quo is better than rocking the boat.

So they cut their throats. All these bleeding hearts; they’re just a bunch of idiots. Now, the same thing in the church; they won’t rock the boat. They won’t come out. Why do you think people are sitting on the fence in this message that we teach? They can’t be dedicated to It. They can’t take all of the quotes.


I just got a letter the other day, from a fellow north of us, he invited me to a meeting. And in there he’s talking about Brother Branham, talking about Brother Boze going to Africa, “and he doesn’t believe quite like us,” said Brother Branham, “but he’s over there doing a great work, that little man turning Africa around doing so and so.”

Now the idea is you are not, nor am I to make a difference when it comes to this message. Then why did Brother Branham categorically say, “Light and darkness cannot have fellowship, and how can a man who believes all the Word have fellowship with the man who only believes a part of the Word.”

He’s setting the guy straight. Keep your spirit right, but don’t turn from that Word. These guys have an idea, their spirit is right if they turn from the Word. I don’t belong to them, they don’t belong to me. They don’t want me and I don’t want them. Well, they must want me; they want me to keep coming.

I’m not about to. I believe in segregation even within this message: if you don’t believe it; that’s your privilege. I think you must do because you keep on coming. All right.

[55]  Well, honest, I know many nations that if they’d catch the people on the street dressed like we do… in America, they’d put them in jail. When I went to St. Angelo in Rome [Now, think of it, as low as that is], they had a sign up there by the St. Angelo catacombs, “To the American women: Please put on clothes and honor the dead.”


In 1970 we were in Greece, and they wouldn’t allow women to wear slacks. No way. About nineteen hundred and what ‘66, maybe, I was in Venezuela, no slacks. Women weren’t made like a bunch of gewgaw. A few years later, they look like Americans only worse.

Now I’m told in Greece, forget it, walk in with slacks, even take your clothes off, like in Dayton here. The poor old priest couldn’t even kick a man out with shorts on. Oh, we’re going to go in and honour God by dressing anyway we want.

The next thing they’d be like the Lutherans who had a woman come in, a prostitute, took all her clothes off, and invited people to have intercourse with her. That’s God. Where have the people gone?


You know something? There’s no room to blush anymore, and there’s no room to be astounded; let’s just think about it. I want to ask you a question before God; can you think of one filthy sin that hasn’t been committed and made public?

Now you tell me, you think of one. Five minutes I’ll give you. I may as well give you five years. It’s gone; miserable, naked, wretched, proud of it. The voice of reason is not in the land.

One or two women will write an article, like freelance reporters, I read one the other day. She bemoaning the fact she took up liberal feminism. She took her child, left her husband, now she is hard-pressed to take care of herself and her child while her husband has smartened up.

He’s forty, but he shacks up with young girls. When one suggests marriage; he walks off. She said, “We liberated the men; not ourselves.” But you think those prostitute friends of her will admit it? No, their minds are gone.


Don’t worry about the pope being the anti-Christ, the people have asked for it, because their minds are anti-Christ. Now anti-Christ is not against Christ; it takes the place of Christ. The Bible speaks of the congregation of the wicked; that’s exactly true.

They’ve come to the carcass which is death; the toma of the ptomaine poison. While a few little tiny saints have come to the soma, and I’m going to tell you, soma is in Luke 17, which shows positively there is a perfect wonderful carcass, the Bread of Life, that little Bride has been indulging and eating, we caught away in a Rapture.

What gives her the rapture? The soma which I spoke of in Houston, the true Bread of Life, the true Word that transfigures her by the process of the Word which contains the Holy Ghost to the mind, to the soul, to come back through the body, a ministry. No doubt about it.



[56]  If there’s anything that makes you sick, is to see a bunch of so-called Americans come in. I was sitting down at Lausanne; we were enjoying some steak one day, Brother Arganbright and I. Next day we went back, [because] it was good eating. I could get some water there; elsewhere they wouldn’t serve anything but wine.

[That must have been a lousy restaurant, when I was in Europe I could get either wine or water. So I guess they’re more of a drunkard bunch there.]

…And I’d get water. I had to pack a jug of water under my arm, all the time, because they wouldn’t serve you water at the table. Then I went in there, and everything was good till “Miss America” come in with a little, dirty, snotty-nosed poodle dog, with enough ten-cent-store jewelry on like that, and a cigarette way out at the end like this, set down there putting-on something that she wasn’t, and set her poodle dog on the table.

[57]  Dirty, filthy thing, [that’s something you know, they ought to have booted her out with her dog.] A dog is the [worst] thing that God speaks of. Even the tithe off of them can’t even be paid in the house of God. “It’s like the whore, a tithe of the whore,” the Bible said. And yet, there you are. They’ll practice birth control and pay a thousand dollars, nearly, for a little old dog, and lead it around, and give it a child’s love, so they can run out all night long, and will practice birth control.


Now one of the signs of the end time, was according to the book of Enoch was the birth control pill, and of course, also wanton killing and something else which I forget. The signs are pretty well all in at this time; homosexuality that was it.

[58]  Now… What’s waiting but chaos? You may never hear my voice again, but I want you to remember this: We’re at the end.

Now, right here he’s speaking in 19… I think it’s about 1960, and he’s making a prophetic utterance now and he’s telling the people to zero in on what I’m saying, because you don’t believe it. We are at the end.

Now people like to keep putting the end off. And when they like to look down the road for the end, they do not know what’s going down under their noses.

That’s why I don’t have anything against the people that want Brother Branham to come back in the tent or anything else. But while they’re always looking down the road, they don’t know what’s going on now, because they’ve no interest in it. If you’re interested always down the road, you’re never going to get anywhere.

If you don’t start socking money in the bank, if the Lord were to tarry, you’re not going to get the interest down the road. Where are you going to get it? Out of the air? The nation’s going bankrupt, of course, so we’ll all be wiped out but the thing is this I’m trying to say, if you don’t plant you don’t reap. And every day is a planting.

And that’s what Brother Branham said, “Always looking back, always looking forward, don’t know what’s going on.So the people don’t know what’s going on, and they need to know what’s going on.


So therefore, he says,

[58]  What’s waiting but chaos? You may never hear my voice again… I want you to remember this: We’re at the end.

In other words, Brother Branham speaking of the deadly processes within the American institution, both civilly and spiritually, have come right down to a grinding halt where, literally, there’s nothing more to happen except more of the same.

You can’t shake what’s going on, you cannot change it, it’s going to take over. Now everybody is trying to do something about America and the world. Green Peace, environmentalists, this group, that group, the what do you call? The National Arbor Association. I subscribe to them.

The Wildlife, the Sierra, every place you go, but let me tell you something, the homosexual has polluted the land, until I don’t care what you try to bring back in nature; it’s gone, because sin is at the root of the whole thing.

Now, they’re trying to pull themselves up by the bootstraps; it isn’t going to work for all their talk out there, they’ll still sell Weyerhaeuser, the last little bit in the redwoods, the sequoia, and anything we’ve got left.


Hey, William Branham told the truth. You waste your money contributing to all these places. Go out and have a good steak. Go to Tinsley, and Belfont, why he’s got choice sirloin, the strip, New York, $2.69 a pound; fourteen pounds, less than three dollars a pound, forty-three dollars; fourteen great big vast dinners. How much… you prescribe, give away this and that. Forget it.

Go out and eat a steak dinner, some good russet potatoes, $1.29 per ten. That’s a good deal. Usually worth about $2.35; I know I shop a lot. I know what even hamburger cost or a hot dog, I don’t buy a hot dog, I can almost tell you the price of them, too. Go on out and enjoy yourself. It’s all over. See, no use subscribing to these things. Everybody should do a certain amount, but it is too late. See? Now, we’re at the end.

[59]  There we find what had taken place… Finally, the great hour came: Ahab was elected, notice, and when he did he married Jezebel, that rotten old woman who led all of Israel to idolatry.


Now, he uses the term ‘election’, because he’s comparing Israel with America, he succeeded to the throne. Now where Omri had done bad; Ahab did twice as bad. Where Reagan messed us up, Bush is going to do it twice the messing; at least under Reagan there was a love for the Jews.

When any Jew knows Bush will sell them down the river, for all his fine talk, he lies from the word, “Read my lips,” you can tell, you can read his heart by what he’s doing, never mind his lips. There isn’t a statesman left. He’s trying to be a world statesman and he can’t do one thing about home.

He’s like the marriage counsellor that had six divorces, and tries to tell a man how to get along with a woman; see, can’t work. The whole system is shot. He’s now “Jezebel, that rotten old woman led Israel to idolatry.”

[59]  …They must have been in a backslidden condition to ever let a thing like that happen in their nation.

Sure, the people like it, the people wanted it. They’re already carried away with their own lusts and all, when they saw the, homosexuals they thought that’s a good thing to adopt. Rotten! The laws are made by the people for the people, and we’ve done the same things. All right.


Now he says here,

[59]  The laws are made by the people for the people…

He’s telling you right here that’s not the way it should be. Everybody thinks that’s great; by the people, for the people, government by the people, for and of. Is that a fact? I thought God was supposed to be in the driver’s seat.

[59]  …we’ve done the same thing.

In other words, the people have put in people over them who were, actually, reflect those people that put them in. In other words, they are sowing and they are reaping these people.

And yet people grumble, grumble, grumble, but notice, they never change leadership. You think you get a third party here in America?

No way, the first… the other two parties are bound together, and they’re coming closer and closer; Bush has maneuvered the Republicans and the Democrats into a little hand affair they never had before except under… Roosevelt, and he didn’t have to have the Republicans there, he… had a landslide Democratic election, anyway.

But now they’re hand in glove and they are legislating on… a system that they feel will… is what the people want. When the people don’t want it; people lump it because they know they put them in there.


Now, the government began to legislate what it wanted and the people were very happy.

[60]  [Now] …there was a time when America wouldn’t have…allowed this. They knew better than to have let the old prostitute, the old harlot that drunk the blood of the martyrs, that’s killed them to take over.

You see now what happened back there, the martyrs were killed in Israel, because of conditions like this, and always when the church is run by politics, you get a very terrible situation.

[60]  And the reason they fled to America was… for freedom, they wouldn’t have put up with anything like that. It shows we’re in a backslidden condition, a whole nation to elect such as that. [Now he’s talking about John F. Kennedy, a Roman Catholic.] Now, of course, now some of you good square-back Democrats will think this, “Oh, well, he’ll… make a good political head.”


I know a man I loved very much, and he voted for Kennedy. And he said he believed Brother Branham, but it wasn’t long after Brother Branham died that a man from India came over saying he was the Son of man came down on moon landing day and now he was the Son of God to the people.

So you see if you vote for a Roman Catholic, and you are a Democrat because he was a Democrat, it shows you better not claim anything, because if you will vote for a Roman Catholic, it shows you don’t believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ, you believe in Mariolatry.

You’ve allowed your politics to supersede your religion to the extent that your politics is your religion.

And you believe you can legislate and you put God to one side and throw out His Word in the garbage tin. And that’s what they did, because that’s what Brother Branham was telling us.

[60]  “Oh, well, he’ll make a good political head.” That might sound all right to reasons to the carnal mind.


Now, Satan’s Eden is what? Reasoning, the scientific carnal mind, and the pope today admits that he is a geopolitical person. He’s not spiritual, but he’s moral. What is his moral? Precept: the most good for the most people.

Now what are you going to do when a bunch of lazy bums sit on their tutus and won’t work? Who’s going to push the button if it’s all machinery? Communism had the same idea, the most good for the most people, then the guys that got in power; saw that they had the most good, because they were the mostest.

All people are created equal but some are more equal than others. They looked at it. Now then they put the people to work and in slave camps.

In America under our social concept of doing for people who can do for themselves, we have nothing but fourth-generation bums. Now do you think the pope can stand by and let fourth-generation people eat on other people’s work? And other people’s food?

I got news for you, Rome never did it, and they won’t do it now, he’ll simply enslave the people for a hierarchy. So you’re looking down the road if you’re here in the great tribulation to have utter slavery and death.

That’s all you can look forward to; there’s nothing more you can do, because this is Satan’s Eden. And Satan’s Eden is nothing but a paradise of filth if that’s a paradise.


Now, the prophet reveals the truth, even though it is not visible to the people. So they put their trust in it. Now he’s telling the people, “Listen to me. You have elected a Roman Catholic president when America at that time was still Protestant, as per numbers.”

Now he said, “It might sound all right to the carnal mind that you can put anybody in there, doesn’t matter the religion, as long as he is a good political leader.” Because they think that politics apart from religion is a good thing.


In other words, they’ve an idea that men who are not spiritual, even degrading and hating God, and coming from a harmful background as that, if they talk right and they seem to have a sound mind, you know, to control the nation, help the nation political, economically, then that’s fine.

You see it proved what Roosevelt started has carried on today, you give a guy a chance to get his hand in your pocket because that’s what democracy is, he will keep his hand in your pocket. And your taxes will go up and up and up and up and up and up. And one day there will be a law of inverse returns because it’s started already and you watch where it all goes.


Now he said,

[60]  But to… the Word of God and the spiritual mind, it don’t make sense. [Now it tells you right there, to the Word of God and the spiritual mind, it doesn’t make sense.] Certainly it doesn’t, few extra dollars out and some taxes or something like that… a cut.

They’ll keep promising a cut, they’ll keep promising a cut, there’s nobody can… Look it, Reagan went in and his policy was, you know, fiscal sanity. If you trace his record in California, you found he rode up a bigger deficit and everything else than anybody ever had, took more men on, he came to the presidency, allowed all these takeovers.

Today what have you got? Bankruptcy, you got stock, the Boesky’s and the Milkens, the rest of them, taking millions and millions of dollars and everybody says, “Oh, that’s good business.”

So you wipe out the economy, now they’re going to lower interest at the bank, yeah, lower interest, and then they’re going to be… fighting on the market for American money so the government needs money, more than taxes, it’s got to buy bonds to keep the world rolling, these other people got to buy bonds, the interest rate cannot stand there.

Housing has already been cut so many per cent it’s pitiable. The people are poking along not knowing it’s over. The recession has set in. And you know what? The people wanted it. That’s just they wanted it. They got what they wanted. The Bible says, “My people love it so.” The prophet said it, God said it.

[61]  And we are having a hard time, our missionaries in the field today, because now we are considered a Catholic nation. [Exactly right! We’re a Catholic nation.] Why, sure, Russia’s considered communist because they got a communistic leader. Red China’s considered communist because they got a communistic leader. We’re considered Catholic because that we have a Catholic leader.


Now notice! America lost it right there in the spiritual. Graham was happy to be found with Spellman and said, “We preach the same gospel.” I can believe that. Billy Graham turned down this message; he wouldn’t have a thing to do with it. I understand that one time Theodore Epp got on the air and said the same thing.

Why if they said different I would be appalled. If they took It; I’d leave It. I’d be duty-bound. You can’t have two angels; messengers go down to Sodom and believe they’re the true messengers. All they went down for proclaimed destruction; that’s all the world is going to get.

They haven’t got a message or proclamation… of the bringing of the Son into flesh; they turned Him down in Presence here in human flesh. That makes some people cringe. Brother Branham said, “You saw me, you saw God.”

I heard myself say that in Don Ruddle’s church as sure as God is in heaven and I stand with my Bible and my hand upon it. I don’t swear, but I tell you the truth knowing the White Throne is here.

I heard myself, “You’re not looking at a man; you’re looking at God.” You think that doesn’t appall you; I was stunned. But I’m a very fast ball player, I said, “What was it?” “It was God in a man.” And they answered perfectly correctly.


Sure, people don’t believe those things, “Oh no, it can’t be.” And they’re going to take the pope in… God and the pope. “Hail, Mary, mother of God.” God had a mother? The women have a movement today; it’s called a goddess movement. It’s taught in colleges. It was a women like they say in the Gnostics, thundered from heaven, “Shut up, you twerp, you say you created, I made you. Look to me.”

Listen, I’m telling you truth; I’ve read the books. I know what’s going on. I’ll read a bunch of things on Sunday if I get around to it. Read exactly what Bush is saying and other people saying it with him.

And that’s where America is. You see? Father Connor and du Plessis, Mr. Pentecostal from South Africa. How much on South Africa is real? Well, how much in America is real after having had a prophet? Okay.

[62]  Oh, when Ahab was on the throne… You say, “He’s on the throne.” [In other words, if he’s on the throne why are you talking about Jezebel? See? In other words, the Catholic church is not on the throne, no. Listen,] That’s right, but Jezebel was the head behind the throne. [In other words, she controlled it.]


Now that’s what people simply do not want to believe, and even the Catholics themselves said, “This fellow, Jack Kennedy, is not even a decent Catholic. I don’t know if I can vote for him.” But they must have because they sure got the vote for him. Of course, they had to put Chicago; the ballot boxes were rigged there.

Yet Kennedy when he found out; he didn’t… he wouldn’t have the guts to step down and say, “Look, let’s have another vote.” Oh no, no, no, no, once you get in, forget it. There’s great glory, the great honour. You know the more responsible you are, the more you’re going to pay for it. The more damage you do, the more God’s going to stick you for it.

Return unto her double, now double her double, give her four times back what she ever gave. If you want to go double, you might be to the square. So you’ll have it sixteen times; it will be worse than that, don’t worry. There’s no imagining the goodness of God, and the power of God, against the wicked.

[62]  Now… that’s right, but Jezebel was the head behind the throne. [She controlled it.] She was the one that did the leading. Look how she took the very laws of the land and twisted them around… for her own gain and for her greed, and made Ahab do it because she was married to him. And that’s the way with our leader today. I don’t say he isn’t a nice man, but look what’s behind him: the harlot, the very thing we came here, to America for; and the very principles that America’s built upon… We, by our own free choosing, elected a thing like that.


“Choose you this day whom you will serve.” They went to the harlot. See? Now, they went to their own choice the same as Cain did. Free moral agency is always on the board and you’ll see who’s in the world because their free moral choice is always the wrong one just like Cain.

[63]  Now, you see why my voice is going to be stopped pretty soon, somebody’s going to know. Yes. Why? Revelation 2:20, now watch, she called herself a prophetess.

Now, Brother Branham solemnly on the Scripture, you can’t change it, it started in Rome, making the recovery, coming down now through all these ages till she gets on top.

[63]  You just watch the wave of sin happen now. [Since the Kennedys became the president.] You watch core go plumb to the core.

In other words, now he’s going to go plumb back to what was back there in the time of Ahab, in the time of the Catholic church, stronger and stronger.

[63]  You watch modernistic; watch ungodly things happen in the churches. “And, finally, there’ll come a persecution,” the Bible says so, THUS SAITH THE LORD. Certainly there will be.


Now in here, Brother Branham is talking, I believe, literally about his death which I mention could well have been based upon what I am told that he told others, he saw himself with a wound in the neck which he took to be a bullet hole but was a tracheotomy.

I cannot explain all these things, but we just have to wait and see how all things go. There’s no doubt his death was timely according to God; the thing had to happen and it certainly did.

The vision came to pass, but perhaps not the way he thought it would because God did not reveal it to him. That was just the fact he would die in that condition.


Now, he said,

[63]  “…finally, there’ll come a persecution,” the Bible said so, THUS SAITH THE LORD. Certainly, there will be.

Now, at the time of the persecution, Brother Branham said, “The third pull having been thoroughly identified,” and he gave us some examples, you know the creation of squirrels, and the leukemia case, and other things like that, cancer and so on, giving us some examples of what happened and he said, “The third pull will come into full effect when the World Council of Churches come together and there is a persecution.”

Now there are those who, unequivocally, believe that the third pull he was speaking of because by reference to what he said, which in my books is vindication of the Word that there would have to be a return ministry and I’m not saying there couldn’t be because I don’t know.


But let’s look at both sides of the picture. What was the third pull Brother Branham said under the Seventh Seal? “The giving of the Word; that which is perfect is come.” So under the persecution, you could see the Word completely perfect as to the Bride and the union of that Word.

I don’t know; I’m giving this side as against that side, I don’t know. And it’s going to take more than Billy or Joe or anybody else to tell me, even with vindication, because I don’t look down the road; I’m looking now. I don’t know.

Now, what if I stick my neck out and it’s wrong? Of course, they have no use for me, because I simply will not join them with what they say. Well, I don’t care what they do, I’m not going to say I don’t have use for them because they don’t join me, frankly, I don’t want anybody to join me because few there be that stay in the middle of the road. And I intend to stay there looking exactly at the Word.


Now he said, “There’s going to come a final persecution; that is THUS SAITH THE LORD.” Now, is that to the Bride or is it to the church where the church gets purged? Because there’s three purging’s: the church, the Jews and the earth. The Bride doesn’t get purged. How do you purge that which is righteous as God Himself and never even did it?

Then you’re going back to the Rome precept of scourging because they said, “If there’s even an implication that the man could be guilty, even if he’s proved right, scourge him because the church should not have acted suspicious.” That’s history, whether you know it or I know it.

I’m reading it to you. We got high school teachers that are smarter than I, maybe you didn’t read the right books, but I do. I got a gift; I don’t read very much. Always get what I need. Right here, it tells you. See?


Now, so you leave it sit there. It’s a prophecy. There’s coming a persecution. And remember, the Bride doesn’t need purging. How can you make her a sinner when the Blood of Jesus Christ scatters sins there be no evidence? You see, there can’t be a purging because that’s Roman law; that’s not the Word. Blameless.

[64]  Then what’s going to happen? Just like it did then, so will it be now. She was the power behind it; she was the one who controlled it. Read… I believe it’s about the 17th or 18th chapter along in there; you’ll find… [that’s in 1 Kings,] what Jezebel did: how she took Ahab, and he couldn’t say anything about it because it was his wife. Look what the nation was built upon then, a backslidden Israelite with a pagan wife behind him, who was a worshipper of Baalim.

Now, Brother Branham is telling Jezebel religion; there’s something under the covers that’s controlling the complete government unto the complete government of the world and it’s in a religious connotation. Spiritual which means the devil, being controlled and he’s putting her right in the Catholic church.

Now, how much will the elect today parallel the elect in Elijah’s day and be persecuted? Well, how was there persecution? Complete repudiation, even the presence of the great prophet here. Now this woman told Ahab how to take over the land for Ahab. She told him exactly how to do it.


Now let’s go to Revelation, the 6th chapter, and verses 5 and 6.

Revelation 6:5-6

(05) And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. [Now this is the same one that was white that turned to red and is now black.] And I beheld… a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.

(06) And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts [saying], A measure of wheat for a penny, and [the] three measures of barley for a penny; and see [you don’t] hurt the oil and the wine.

Now, categorically, that was the church selling itself into commercialism that ends up in chapter 18 where she controlling it all. But at the same time there was no way that she could possibly destroy the oil and wine which is the power of stimulation by the Holy Ghost.

Why? Because the vessels had the Word. You can’t do it. You cannot control the Word and the power of the life within it in a Bride, the anti-Christ and that is this beast here, cannot do it.


But what happens? The anointing goes to the false prophets and the false people. Right? Tongues, interpretations, gifts and everything else; Mr. du Plessis took it there. Mr. Graham can’t say a thing. Oh, he’d like to against the Pentecost, but if he did he’d lose a lot of his crowd, and a lot of money, too.

They can cut him down pretty good, too. What are you going to do? It’s the fastest growing group in the world. What are you going to do when they put the missionary’s out? You can’t hamstring the Pentecostals and the drivers saying, “Billy Graham, he better keep his nose clean, because his nose is pretty dirty.”

Because a woman in Ontario, his business agent, who is now resigned as his controller, he bilked her for millions of dollars, and they took him to court and they got to give the money back.

So there’s Billy like another Cook, I mean, a Bakker. He’s as messed up as Oral Roberts now. Golden calf yeah I have a joke about that. Yeah. Okay, let’s keep reading. It’s about me, see; it’s a cute little joke. Your best friends.


My best friend said, “See, Lee, it. Lee Vayle is a dangerous man.” They’re not going to believe me and what I teach. Before it’s over; you watch. You watch! I’m not trying to make myself something; I’m just telling you what the prophet said. You don’t have to believe it. I believe it. This is White Throne.

I’ll meet you there; I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid of what I tell you. I’m afraid of me, because I’m not a nice guy and I don’t like that. More gentle, more moderate, more everything, but the Word will tell you, I’m not ashamed, I’m not afraid of It. If I find a mistake I’ve come back and correct it. No problem.


Listen! He says here now in spite of this Rome, at the time all they’re poured into one which is the next now watch! just before the pouring into the one, the black, the red, the white, making the brindle, the pale horse of death, Roman Catholicism accepts Pentecost, chaff; all one.

And remember, that acceptation is based upon the 2nd chapter, 18 to 24 which is the Fourth Church Age, Thyatira, and he said,

Revelation 2:20

(20) Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which [calls] herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.

In other words, the church at that time, absolutely, took on Balaamism, Jezebel doctrine which is unadulterated idolatry and from that time they never recovered. Now, you’ve got idolatry, anointed with the Holy Ghost; Judas himself.

Oh yeah, big things are coming these days and they’re going to continue.


All right, listen.

[64]  …a pagan wife… worshipping… Baalim behind him.… what did she do? She finally made everything so modernistic, and so nice, the people had it so easy, until the whole church fell for it, preachers and all. Didn’t Elijah say, “Lord, I’m the only one that’s left”? And then as it was then, it parallels today.

Now, who’s he talking about? Himself, ain’t nobody else, even those that try, they’re not trying right. They’re not reading it right; they don’t understand how it is and so they’re deceived. For instance, their Trinitarian baptism is not Bible; the Catholics admit that they invented it.

They claim everybody baptized into trinity is a Roman Catholic. And the Protestant go by as though they invented it. They’re as stupid as the Amish and the rest of those jerks that put those black hats on, invent God and the girls with little funny things on their head; that’s their covering.

That’s not the covering, the hair is the covering; vindicated by a prophet! You can’t get people to believe anything; they’re gone. See? It is written Nicaea.


America in 1948, San Francisco, United Nations, they wouldn’t have a Christian pray, but a Hindu could. America sold down the river. Why?

Because first of all Roosevelt, as one person said, “The Roosevelt’s aren’t immoral; they’re amoral.” They don’t have any morals. You know the first book he put in his library, ‘Grapes of Wrath’.

Where’s the Bible? Who cares? What about his wife? Pervert; that’s why he turned to other women and call her friends “shims”. America. At least John Kennedy was masculine; he was a good priest. That might sound like a dirty comment; smarten up.


Now, Brother Branham is using prophecy right here and he’s nailing it down to the hour. Just like in Elijah’s day… there wasn’t one person you could go to, there were a few people that would make it, seven thousand hadn’t bowed the knee, but they didn’t know what it was all about, like little orphan children without parents.

[65]  Now all of them… All of them were afraid to say anything. Isn’t it just like the same thing today? They were afraid to say something. So we find out, they were just loose, haphazard, drunk, carrying on, pleasure mad, everything else, just as it is today. Jezebel twisting those Scriptures… or those laws, as… Jezebel will twist. Remember, Jezebel, she calls herself a prophetess to subdue the people, and she said there is the only voice of God on the earth. And she’ll make the carnal mind believe that as sure as the world.


Now that’s the truth. Now notice! “She’ll make the carnal mind believe that as sure as the world” She will make Satan’s Eden come to pass, because the pope is the moral voice of authority.

Bush didn’t go now and say, “Pope, old boy, I know that you’re the voice of God, and you sure know the Scripture. How are we going to get America back on the right track with God?”

He doesn’t care two bits about that; he’s going to reach everybody under the sun because when Satan wanted worship from Christ, here’s what he said, “You, one person, fall down and worship me, I’ll give you the whole world.”

Then he gets this one man, a pope, he’ll give him the whole world and whole world means whole world.

You think those Arabs won’t be happy if they crush Saddam? And kick the Jews in the teeth? Catholics always hate the Jews. I got no use for kike’s myself. Paul didn’t; why should I? You can’t please them. They try to control our politics so we can help them.

Where’s their trust in God? They still haven’t come back. And they won’t come back till they say, “Blessed is he that cometh in the Name of the Lord.”


.Jack was telling us when he was over there, there’s one fellow, actually, believes in Jesus. I believe he’ll be the one… he’s the one that could come back. He doesn’t know. But he knows something is going on.

He knows because he was dying of cancer and there was nobody to help him and a rabbi in New York sent a messenger all the way to his bed, not even knowing him, and said, “You will die unless you take that capsule over your door and change the contents of it because there’s an error in it.”

He said, “Merciful heaven, what am I going to do?”

In that capsule was the Word of God and there was an error in it. When they put the right Word of truth in it; he became better, he’s living right today. Things are moving, brother/sister, strange things are moving. God’s beginning to return to Israel. He can’t come to America because we’re owned by the pope.


[66]  There’ll come a worship of a woman in the United States, and that’ll be Mary.

For the first time he identifies it. He wouldn’t even identify it in the Seals when he talked about it. “Beautiful woman,” he said, “likely the Catholic church.” Here he identifies it. I wonder if he even knew he said it.

[66]  1931… I saw it,… Seven things happened. I got it right on paper here with me, wrote it in 1931. How… I said, “This President, Franklin D. Roosevelt… will cause… the world or help do it, send the world to war.” [In other words, complete compurgation.] Hadn’t come to war yet, during times of depression. I said, “Another thing…” And my mother, a square-back Democrat, if she didn’t look at me hard when I said that. I said, “I don’t care if there’s a Republican or if he was a Socialist or whatever he is, this is THUS SAITH THE LORD.” And I said, “Doing this, they’re permitting women to vote.


Now women had the vote. What’s he talking about? Putting women into politics; now elected offices, everything else, so they start coming to the forefront, so they’ll be worshipping a goddess and they got a goddess religion. And they claim she’s the original.

See, where the Jews are, too? They say, “You bloodlines come from your mother.” That’s a lie. Son of David. See?

Everyone, son of Abraham, son of Isaac, son of Jacob, son of Levi, son of this, son of that, always the man, doesn’t say a woman. See? See how nutty they are? No wonder God has to… alone knows the lineage. They wouldn’t know a goat from a monkey. No, they’re gone. 144,000 only; God knows them.

[66]  And I said, “Doing this,… permitting the women to vote.” And when they do that, they done one of the greatest disgraces this nation ever did. [Why? He’s not putting women down, he’s putting the fact they weren’t meant to do the job, even though we do know there was a prophetess, Deborah, who was in politics. But the nation sure was down by then.] I said, “Someday they’ll pay for it.” And did they… [Now listen!] they did at this last election. That’s what elected him: women.


Of course, he was handsome. You know today, it doesn’t matter what you believe, it doesn’t matter what you say, it’s how you look on television. It’s how you come across. If you say, “Get down, snort, snort, snort; that means peanut and jam,” they’ll believe it, as long as you’re convincing. Oh yeah, it doesn’t matter.

It’s your personality. Ask Roger R. he’ll tell you all about it. He got in… Reagan. He got in Bush; he’ll get the next man in. He’s better than Dale Carnegie and, no doubt, Rev. Peale. He is in politics.

[67]  And you precious colored people in the south, how you voted. You say, “You have no business saying that in this pulpit.” Oh, yes I have; it’s the Word of God. And the stain of Abraham Lincoln, the one that freed you, laying yonder in that museum on a woman’s dress, and you sell your birthright. Shame on you.

[68]  …you people, for politics, because you’re just a good Democrat, voted for something like that and sold your birthrights of Americanism and Christianity to give it over to the prostitute that run us in this nation, what… made us what we are. See how she’s been creeping in real easy, until now she’s on the throne [Sure.] the White House throne.


Now remember, presidents, dictators are all called kings in the Bible. So it’s Rome. Watch! Now listen, what he says here is what he knows to be THUS SAITH THE LORD.

Jezebel religion is a Roman Catholic church running a geopolitical situation bringing it to the absolute headship of Satan, and the worship that Satan wanted, Satan’s Eden. Watch! Our Eden’s with Christ.

[69]  Watch! …Did you see the other day about the Catholic schools and Protestant schools? Support the Catholic school but not the Protestant school.

Now, in Canada they’ve had that for a long, long time; maybe, it was almost centuries like. You can take tax money out of the treasury and give to the schools, like Catholic. I think they might do that for the Protestant under some certain circumstances.

But now notice, the government had been giving the Catholic’s money; raising money for them.

And every time you send a care parcel or think you’re going to give something, remember, the Catholic church runs it. It is known that what the government gives, large sums of money, and large bounties of grain and all, the Catholic church control it. That’s the one.

They’re the ones that have the moral conscience of the people. Moral conscience? If they’ve got morals, then I will have a skunk at my next garden party and prod him with a stick, because he won’t smell at all.

[69]  Oh, brother, you watch for a wave of stuff coming forth now. Notice, and as they did it, look what took place. All this sin heaping in, got to a place and got the nation in that kind of a staggering place…


In other words, reeling as the Bible says. America will never regain its balance or lead the world again. In other words, she’s not a great nation; she sold out entirely to the Catholic church. She’s built the image and she’ll be taken over. That’s exactly true.

If you build an image to something, would it be strange if the image didn’t take over what you built it to didn’t take over? I mean you go down here and build a restaurant, is it strange that you would serve food in it? Certainly not.

You got a parking lot, is it strange that cars are there instead of camels and horses? Certainly not. So if you build an image, is it strange then that the Catholic church runs it, the anti-Christ? Certainly not.

But people are not going to believe it, because they don’t see it. They can’t see it today. See? See? Israel was on her way… like Israel we’re on our way to Armageddon. Like Israel is on the way to her captivity.

[70]  Now… a few years ago, when the Pentecostals first broke out, [Now watch what Brother Branham says here,] A few years ago, when the Pentecostals first broke out, it saved the nation… when Al Smith was going to run. [Now does he mean Pentecostal people? No, the age of Pentecost, Laodicea started, restoration of gifts, the power of God.] America knew better then. [See, they were red hot in those days.] But Pentecost got so worldly it went right on in and sold their rights as Christians to politics, and its politics ahead of the Bible. Oh, my.


Now remember, Dr. Price had a great influence on Demos Shakarian. What he said, I don’t know; I never did find out. But Demos could never see Brother Branham because of Dr. Price. That’s fine by me. But Demos Shakarian is one of the guys that said, “The pulpit has failed, the… spiritual men, the businessmen, the spiritual men must now take over.”

And they took over. And what did they do? Mr. Pentecost, the whole right took them right to Rome. Where do you find that a businessman can take over the work of God?

Even the deacons had to be spiritual full of the Holy Ghost and faith, and of one spirit and one mind of the Word, and they were allowed to help people in the church. Ananias and Sapphira came into the pulpit; you know God killed them.

I don’t look for any of those people to make it as far as I am concerned; and I don’t know they might make it, because I’m not their judge.

But I know this Word that the prophet spoke, and I will not compromise on It. Now Trinity is of the devil, and they’re all Trinitarians. They’re baptized in the Roman Catholic religion. I don’t know what concord Christ has with Belial; you figure it.


Now, notice the progression here. The progression is what you see in 2 Thessalonians and it tells you about the time of the message, which hath come at the end time, but it couldn’t come in their time, that day. It said,

2 Thessalonians 2:3

(03) Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

Now, it tells you right there, there’s got to be a revelation. It doesn’t tell you that the man himself is going to be there on the platform and reveal. It’s the same as the revelation of the Son of man; it’s a spiritual thing, the two spirits in contrast and in fighting.

Now this spirit of the anti-Christ, the son of perdition, like the Son of man, opposite, the son of perdition, the Son of man…

2 Thessalonians 2:4

(04) Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God [sits] in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

He tells you right there that as the Vicar of Christ, now remember, God puts everything under the feet of Jesus Christ. Now, in that particular instance and quality, He is worthy of worship and adoration and One to be contended with for He is the authority at the right hand of God. All right.


The pope comes along, and he said, “I am the vicar. God has put all things under my feet. I, therefore, can receive your adoration. I have the Triple Crown. Heaven, earth and purgatory, and I have the fisherman’s ring.”

What the… for crying sake what does that have to do with it? Stupid miter or the guy’s an Amish. Grow a beard; be a Brethren? But he stands there and he said, “All authority is under me. I am the head.”

Now the spirit of God that is doing that for Jesus Christ in the church is the spirit of hell is doing that right now in the anti-Christ church for the anti-Christ. You see what I’m talking about?

Jezebel religion; all very religious and they can absorb any type of idolatry, they’ll move and take in everything. The Catholic church worships dead people right now.

Their old departed gods have been renamed for saints, and they’re making them by the dozen, all along the road. Now there are some out of Canada going to be, one out of Canada, a woman. And they call themselves, ‘Sisters of Poverty’: never had it so good.

A vow of poverty? They take care of you as long as you live, nice clothes, not wonderful clothes, but nice clothes, your feet are warm, your hands are warm, a nice building, eat all day long, and you get spiritual by… just getting away from the world. Stupid!

Why don’t they all go to an island someplace? Yet one of their own smart guy, said, “No man is an island.” He copied somebody else I think.

[71]  Now, just a minute,… just watch how this comes out. Now, we find out they did… the things they did; we see it parallel in here just exactly, sin on every hand. Jezebel came in; she bewitched all the people.


What do you think the pope’s doing? He hasn’t got an army, he hasn’t shown his wealth, the Catholic church is going to pot; I’ve said it for years, and they know it. They’re losing their nuns; their priests, everything, they’re losing their numbers.

But he goes in and he mouths off his wonderful ideas to all these guys like Gorbachev and Bush and Mitterrand, all of them, and they fall for it. You know why?

They wouldn’t believe the truth. So they fall for a lie. Now you see the whole thing [Inaudible] That’s the same as the sorcerer. He is here, the anti-Christ spirit, is in conflict with the greater than Solomon spirit Right! with his lies, and he become the moral voice.

That little word ‘moral voice’ means, “I’m God to the people.” And they say, “Hey, pope, yay pope, yay pope.” They’re happy. Moral voice.

And the moral voice is what? I’ll take care of you and your money; you just listen to me. And you don’t have to work too hard just follow along and I’ll redistribute all the earth’s wealth like the postage system. You see? Gillette ahead of him was a Jew, which was leading to Socialism, and he had the same idea.

And he said, “You can control world markets and economy the same as they do the post office, which merely has clearing houses. And it crosses all international borders and all strata of life and we can do the same thing with the economy.”

Gillette couldn’t do it. The Commies couldn’t do it. The pope can and will for a little while. Lying signs and wonders See? he bewitched them. Jezebel came in, bewitched the people.

[71]  …notice, finally Israel began to build big shrines to Baalim. Is that right? And the Baalim priests flocked from everywhere to get into that place, and began to contaminate the land with Baalim worship.


Where can you go today and not have a great big Roman Catholic church? What is this guy over there in… Africa did a while ago? He built such a lavish complete tremendous church, that even the pope got ashamed because the people were starving and he said, “I did it out of my own money.”

Sure, because he took it from the people, then it’s his own money. If you give me all your money, then it’s my money, right? Now if I make you give it, it’s still my money, though it was your money. That’s Rome. Let’s rise and be dismissed. Don’t get very far do we?

Heavenly Father, we thank You now for the time we’ve had together, studying Your Word what the prophet said, we believe Lord, that You’re in this Word You help us, O God, to see these things we need to see.

And understand the fallacy of it all, and understand how pervasive it is, how terrible it is, and as Your own Word said, “to flee from it, come out of her, my people.”

Brother Branham said, “Flee,” with such urgency Lord, may we flee all of these things and have nothing to do with other religion or other word knowing this is the one true and unadulterated Word.

And now knowing Lord, this is our refuge, we want to thank You Lord, hide us in Your Word, clothe us in Your Word, let the life of Your Word permeated us to the extent Lord, our very beings are changed, starting with our minds, O God, right down into the soul, and then right back Lord, if we be part of those people that stand here, we know we’ll be transfiguring in Your likeness we’ll shine, because we’re coming to it.

God creating Himself in the form of human flesh, coming right down to His own body, His own temple, but Satan has his temple, Cain, that’s fine Lord, we want to be on Your side.

And tonight we declare Lord, we are happy, so grateful to know we have a vindicated Word and by Your grace Lord, and by Your power, no other way will we stand with It, for It in us, until It comes forth with Your intended use, because You said you sent Your Word for a purpose and that Word would come back with the purpose accomplished.

We believe Lord, today there was a message with a purpose in it to announce your Presence that You’re here to change Your people, to raise the dead, change Your people, take us off to the Marriage Supper.

That’s good enough for us. We thank You God, we stand corrected. Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be all power, honour, and glory, through Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.

‘Take the Name of Jesus with you.’

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