Jezebel Religion #07

The Do-Gooders
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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, we accept the Presence of the Holy Spirit this evening knowing that You have come down to us, even as You came down to Paul, to bring the Word coming down at the end time, to bring a revelation that same Word to put it all in place, rightly divided, to put the church in order.

For all of these things Lord, we know are not only at hand, much has already taken place, some will yet take place, then the raising of the dead, the change of Your people, catching away to the Marriage Supper. All these things we know Lord, we see the handwriting on the wall, we see time running out.

We thank You for it, O God. We praise You for Your blessed Spirit, cheering us on, giving us a hope and expectation Lord, as never before. Bless each one in divine Presence, may we all come to a greater knowledge of that truth in Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we’re on Jezebel Religion, number 7, and we concluded on page 16, I believe it was, paragraph 77, where Brother Branham was condemning organization because it is a man-made system.

And he says there which we’ll read shortly, “God is against all organizations and the reasons for it are very, very evident.”

Now, I’m sort of going to say some things that Brother Branham didn’t say and why I’m against organized religion, but you’ll see them in this message as we go along; these various reasons are brought out.


Now an organization is a society of two or more members who enunciate a common aim or purpose and pledge themselves in some degree to abide by the rules and principles that they foster, that which foster, of course, the aim or purpose of that organization.

One: they believe in something, and they pledge themselves to it. They make their stand on it as an ultimate and then they will do something about it.

Number two: now this union of members is not only for a purpose of a common mind but the strength and influence that the weight of sheer numbers gives to them. What one person cannot accomplish, many can, or usually can. When one person cannot be felt, many can be felt.

One hundred people separately are not counted able to do what one hundred people in unison can do. And when it comes to society which is, absolutely, understood to be involved in civil affairs, that society involves itself in civil affairs, a large vote will be catered to.

Even Jimmy Jones got hand shake by Carter and Mrs. Carter, and all the liberal Democrats and the rest you know, and the freeloaders and the freethinkers, and God knows what they were; they were whoremongers, a lot of them. And because he could deliver a big vote they just loved him. So you see what I’m talking about.


Now thus any organization that produces enough influence can and will mold the laws and, therefore, society. Thus the influence they exist will be primarily of benefit to them and secondarily, or secondly to others. Now you see what we’re looking at, these are do-gooder’s.

And do-gooder’s are usually account to themselves to be the intelligentsia, of course, those under them are very nice people but they got to be controlled.

So, therefore, they superimpose their will upon the people and this cannot be done short of an absolute dictatorship, which itself cannot stand without a society.

There is no such thing as not having some society or some organization. So what you see here then, what we have set forth is why an organization is, absolutely, against the will and the mind of God.


Now let’s go back to Scripture and begin to trace it through just a little bit, so we know what we’re actually looking at, and you’ll know what’s in my mind, as I am going into these things with you. All right. In Genesis 1:26-27 we read.

Genesis 1:26-29

(26) And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the fowl of the air, over the cattle, over all the earth, and every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

(27) So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. [Okay, reading on; 28,29.]

(28) And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, the fowl of the air, over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

(29) And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.


Then in Genesis 2:7-9.

Genesis 2:7-9

(07) …the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

(08) And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden; there he put the man whom he had formed.

(09) And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, the tree of knowledge of good and evil [were there also].

It doesn’t say they came out of the ground; doesn’t say they were good for food. In fact, one was poison; it wasn’t good for food, so it couldn’t have come out of the ground. All right. We go to 16, 17, the same chapter. And it says,

Genesis 2:16-17

(16) …the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:

(17) But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day [of eating] thereof [dying] thou [doest] surely die.


Okay. Chapter 3, 8 to 19, want to read it.

Genesis 3:8-19

(08) And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God amongst the trees of the garden.

(09) And the LORD God called unto [them], and God said unto [them], Where art thou?

(10) And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself.

(11) And he said, Who told [you you were] naked? [Have you] eaten of the tree, [which] I commanded [you] not [to] eat?

(12) And the man said, The woman thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.

(13) And the LORD God said unto the woman, What is… thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.

(14) And the LORD said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly [thou shalt] go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:

(15) I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

(16) Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow [shalt thou] bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, he shall rule over thee.

(17) And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life;

(18) Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth [unto] thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field;

(19) In the sweat of thy face thou [shalt] eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it [thou wast] taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust [thou shalt] return.


Now from this you will notice that three persons were involved in the beginning, God and then Adam and Eve. Now this is the first society on earth. There are three persons, but notice it is a dictatorship with all laws coming from God.

This is a theocratic sovereign government with this society here of persons, just the three of them, and what God has in mind is the perpetuation of this society in the form of its original existence.

Wherein that God’s government would be beneficently imposed or granted to every one of His sons. Now you’ll notice in this original society, the two people have no impact as to the formulation or origin of purpose, aim or principle; they have nothing to do with it.

They will participate in it, but they have nothing to do with it. You understand what I’m saying? They had no input; they didn’t have a think coming. Right? All right.


But they are a functioning part of it, due to the grace of God, who has their welfare at heart, even immortality. Here they are in a heaven on earth, a part of God’s government. Now that’s exactly Scriptural because God’s government was upon earth in the Garden of Eden.

“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,” your government be upon earth. In other words, a society which has been created and generated by God, and completely amenable to Almighty God who is the beneficent Creator Father, but there is no organization as such.

They are free moral agents with divine help to pursue and to accomplish, because that is what is set forth here. They can believe the Rhema/Logos God with His Word as the aim and purpose and fulfilment of life or they can leave it. Now that’s given to them to do so.


Enter the beast, the serpent, the tool of the devil. He immediately begins to organize the two earthly members of this society by suggesting what all organizations must suggest, or there wouldn’t be an organization and that is, “Things are good but we can make it better for you and, consequently, for others.” In other words, it’s a shell game. It’s a hoax. It’s a lie.

Just think about it. Organization always play up benefits; even though none ever pay off in eternal dividends or even material dividends for the simple reason, the first organization of the human race for any purpose, even to fulfil God’s own Word as in the case of Adam and Eve, ended in death. And all end short of their aims because God did not say it. That’s why America is in the shape she’s in today. See?

You notice that Adam and Eve were not organized by God. Then Satan organized them against God; just one word off. Now this influences them and note carefully, all succeeding members of the human earthly race. In other words, they have an influence.

You bet they do. Instead of life, it was death, and instead of life it is still death. Only God is able with good intent to fulfil or accomplish a purpose. Everything else deteriorates and goes down the drain.


Notice again and with greater understanding, the first organization of an entire society brought death. So what will the last great one of Revelation 13 do, which is the whole earth, is organized under a dictatorship, where everybody knows this is for the welfare of the people?

And remember, the good of many is more important than the good of one. And the benefit of many can only be brought to pass, or into effect when the many pull together to see that it is done.

And, of course, if someone has the power to fool them, like Plato said, “The best type of government is a benevolent dictatorship.” If you can fool them to that end, that one person can and will do it, they’ll let him do it.

You watch what happens? It ends in total death. And that’s exactly what Revelation 13 tells you, Revelation 20 and so on. It’s the second death. It’s the White Throne. It’s the lake of fire. It ends in annihilation. All right.

At this point the human mind or human reasoning, Satan’s Eden mind, denies it and says, “Not all organizations, just some.” Now that’s a lie. Every single organization fails because the originators cannot perpetuate themselves continuously. They can’t do it.

There’s only one irrevocable Word that is backed up and that is by God and men don’t want to look at It. Adam himself did not look at It. Eve did not pay attention. They were open to destruction.


So let’s go back to Roman Nicaea. What about that? They instituted an infallible pope and a church that knows it is wrong, but blacks out in the rage of Cain when it is reproved. You don’t tell me the Roman Catholic church doesn’t know it’s wrong. Come on, there’s Roman Catholics sitting here.

Were you ever fooled at one time to ever believe in your heart that Rome had the right to kill Protestants? Now if it did it tells you exactly what spirit you’re of, so just listen carefully some of you Roman Catholics.

Not trying to hit you; let you know what you came out of. “In her is found all the blood of all the martyrs.” And that predates Rome, it goes right back to Babylon, so I ask you a question.

What’s in Rome? Babylon, which is idolatry, which goes back to woman; even the Jews believe women take superior position over the men because if you have a Jewish mother you’re supposed to be a Jew. That’s a lot of hogwash. You can see where they’ve gone to.


So, remember, that Cain’s sacrifice was excellent, so I don’t care even at the end time though and John marvelled at the system how tremendous and wonderful it was, it was still in error because organization is of the devil. God did not organize His children.

He gave them Himself with His Word and a free moral agency to take the Word and live or to turn the Word down. Now the point is tonight; can you live apart from a vindicated Word? You’re dead.

With the vindicated Word, you’re alive. Now let’s understand what we’re talking about, this message is all about because too many people don’t.


So, what is so wrong? The church organizes on what it believes to be the truth, and perhaps, at that time it was the truth. But you see now something comes in, the people want man’s laws made by man. That’s what happened.

And you know what happens when they turned down God’s laws? Satan’s Eden comes right in, the part of man, the mental part, the mental conception, and that’s right there, become Satan’s Eden.

So just as soon as you turn down God’s Word you come right into organization, the headship is of the devil, so you got many, many facets all coming to one headship. Now people can tell you there’s many churches all heading up in Christ. That’s a lie from the pit of hell.

There is no Methodist church, no Presbyterian church, no Nazarene, no Pentecostal, no Roman, no Greek Catholic, there’s none of those churches heading up into Christ. It’s a lie from the pit of hell. They’re gone; their organizations will not work with God.


So, so you see now something the people want, and it becomes man’s laws made by man. Like Brother Branham said, “Man’s laws made by man and for men.” The organizing of truth becomes creeds and dogmas, and no new light is allowed, or you are a heretic if you desire to walk in future light.

They’ll throw you out of the church; they’ll even kill you. The Catholic church has done that for years and the Protestants are no different because they simply make it a point of dis-fellowship; what… does it matter how you’re bumped off. You’re into darkness as far as they’re concerned.

And on top of that the church is now the ultimate, and if it decides to change the articles, or reinterpret them, it will. And that’s what it’s been doing. The plan of God was God Himself leading man and man rules over nature and thus nature and all is led by God.

God rules the prophet, puts His Word in the prophet’s mouth, the Word comes from the prophet to the people, and thereby, God governs. There is no organization because organization is not of God. It is not the door that opens or shuts to heaven as people try to make it.


Now, you all know we could go on, and on, but it will never convince anyone who is of an opposite mind to not understand what happened in the Garden of Eden. Only the elect will understand. Organization is definitely of the devil.

Churches have crowned Satan. The beast in the Garden is now the beast in Laodicea. Eve was naked in the Garden although she was pure at that time but she was corrupted in the very government of Almighty God under God’s nose. So what do you think the devil’s going to do? Stand outside the church and say, “Can I come in, I’m the devil.” You got to be sick. Now think it over.

Eve, right in Eden, her husband out there pruning some bushes, maybe, or telling the fishes to move in a certain area, walking and talking with God; the beast comes in. She’s fully naked, but she’s morally sound; she’s innocent.

And right there in God’s government, she’s seduced, as it happened in the early church. That’s what happens in every church: organization. He said, “Hey listen, we can bring the Word of God to pass. We can make this a better thing for you.

And I’ll show you how it’s done.” Isn’t that seduction? Take it right back to sex. You’ll see the whole picture; there isn’t any difference because that’s what it is: Eve naked; then corrupted. She is naked now and fully deceived and corrupted, spiritually and physically.


The church is allowing the homosexual preachers and the homosexual people in, as an open invitation for every church to be fully loaded with disease. As I said last week, which is completely true, if you can sneeze in somebody’s face, or cough in somebody’s face when you got tuberculosis, that person gets tuberculosis. How did they get it?

From the germ laden sputum, from the nostrils or the mouth; and then you tell me you can’t get AIDS the same way? You’re sick. You deserve to get it. That’s a shock. Oh you say, “Lee, you’re mean.” No, I’m not, I’m just trying to wake you up to know.

Listen! Don’t think out here indulgence, pre-marital sex and all that kind of stuff and not get loaded up. You can even get it by… pretty soon the mosquitoes will carry it, because all they got to do is have an enzyme break it down to where they can carry it.

Nature’s not under control of man anymore, except in the sense of being of… derogating it, and bringing it down to a place of final destruction and putrefaction and God knows what. See?

But there is no way Eve was going to believe that she’s corrupted already, she’s not going to do it. See?

She knows it not, and she doesn’t even want to know, and it would be too late to tell her. Brother Branham said, “I don’t pray for America any longer.” All right.


Getting back to paragraph 77, page 16.

[77]  See, what man-made systems bring you into. Hallelujah. That’s true. That’s the reason I’m against it, because God’s Word is against it. Man-made system, God’s against it; His Word’s against it; His prophets will be against it; His true servants will be against it; and all that’s born of the Spirit will be against it.

Now that’s organization what he’s talking about, established religion. Because what is established religion? The only established religion if you want to put it down flat is vindicated truth. And you know that’s scarcer than hen’s teeth.

And when it comes on the market nobody buys hen’s teeth. Who wants the truth? They’ve got it all figured out. Who lies in the lap of the wicked one? See?

[78]  Look how Israel got, how they floated with the tide till finally, Jezebel came.


Now he’s telling what America did. They began to drift. They let down the bars. They let down the bars. They let down the bars. Now remember, in the very beginning even there was a mixed multitude in America, just the same as came out of Egypt.

No different. As Israel fled from persecution, they wanted… sanctity. They wanted safety. They were fleeing from the dictatorships. Yet at the same time there were men there who were free thinkers.

In the early part of history you had Thomas Payne and others. Benjamin Franklin was no born-again man. His morals were pretty skuzzy. You see, he wasn’t a real believer. Sin is unbelief.

Why does a man commit adultery? Because he’s not a believer; there’s nothing settled in him. They’re like the troubled seas; they cast up dirt and mire. “There’s no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.”

So they’re trying to find something. So the mixed multitude came here. But the people that really wanted it right were those that came over here in order to escape the hierarchy in Europe, the dictatorial measures which were in government and in all forms of society, particularly religion.


Now they began to float and get away from it. Like try to go back to the Constitution. That’s stupid because nobody wants the Constitution.

They say, “That was okay for the old fogies,” like the bun on the back of your mother’s head and the street sweeper skirts and the decency she had.

“Well… that’s for old fogies. We don’t look with those eyes anymore, so the Constitution is not a true instrument anymore.”

That’s what they tell you. And there’s no precedent in the law courts. Go and try to file something in the courts; they’ll hide it under the table until you’re dead and your kids are dead. Try to get it out. The government does the same thing; they table it. Try to get it out.

Oh, I thank God there’s a God in heaven who’s letting it all out this hour; He’s going to destroy all those people that destroyed the earth, and made mock of His Word. And I’d be a sinner if I didn’t rejoice with God; I’d be calling God some kind of a fool and taking sides with the devil. My Bible says, “Rejoice when all these things take place.”

[78]  Look how America got… floated with the worldly tide, until finally Jezebel took the throne. That’s right. Now, Jezebel actually wasn’t on the throne of Israel, but she was the main head behind the throne. [Like the neck that turned the head.]


In other words, she came in there, clandestinely; she didn’t say, “Hey, I’m going to come and take over.” She was smart. She married the guy and they became one, so that everything he stood for she stood with him. Now he’s got to stand for her whether the public knows it or not. So Ahab will say, “Well, I’m a true Israelite, bless God.”

Like John Kennedy, “I’m a true… I’m a true American, bless God. I’m a Catholic, second, third or fourth.” Even the Catholics will tell you, they’d of voted for Al Smith, not that skuzzy John Kennedy.

He didn’t have any morals; he was completely amoral, just like the Roosevelt’s and the rest of them, didn’t have any morals. That’s what the Catholic Church breeds anyway. How can you breed morals on an ungodly formulation of the Christian religion and heathenism put into one? See, history knows that.

So anyway, he identified himself with her in marriage and she is an equal rights proponent, began to want her rights. Which he said, “Okay, go ahead.” Now he says here,

[78]  And the Catholic hierarchy’s not on the throne of the United States, but she’s the system behind it, because he is married to her.

Now remember, wherever Rome went with her influence, the counts and the dukes and the earls, the kings were pawns to the Catholic church and it was only the grace of God that allowed Luther to have strong friends amongst the counts or the dukes, whatever they were in Germany, the princely people, that withstood Rome with their armies, or Rome would have had a hay day coming in and burning Luther at the stake and shouting “glory” all the way back and forth to mass, and then selling more indulgences, so you could kill.

Say, “I want to kill a few guys,”

“Okay, it’s going to cost you a few thousand dollars.”


Now what about you Catholics sitting here, former Catholics, you know that happened? Did your Catholic priest tell you that? No, he wouldn’t tell you that, but now that they let the cat out of the bag and say, “Pope John,” what was he? The XXIII?

The original sweet old boy? “If he had been pope instead of Leo, there would not have been a break.” Oh, God have pity. See those liars. Come right out and lie about it.

There’s no fear of God. There’s no fear of man. There’s no fear at all, because they don’t even listen to their own history books. Protestants are no better because they’re the old whore’s daughters. Yeah, right down the line.

You see, Rome has her legal envoy, so-called; they’re illegal. America’s Constitution demands we separate absolutely from religion. Then why did all our presidents run and kiss the pope’s toe? How come he dared come here to America? But before he came there was a blackout. There’s a blackout ever since, starting with John F. Kennedy.

[78]  Now… the Bible said, in this country they’d make a image likened unto the beast.

That’s exactly right, started back in about 19… little before 1960, to bring the thing really into… powerful demonstration.


Now, watch this beast! Watch what she’s like! The pope stands up and says, “I am the moral conscience of the world, but if Saddam gets in our way we’ll crush him.” Well, that’s sensible because that is the spirit of Rome. That’s the spirit of Babylon. You just crush everything and take control.

Now remember, the lamb that came up, the beast that came up was like a lamb, and he had two horns, civil and ecclesiastical. When it got to the place where it could talk like a lion; it talked like a lion.

Now watch America! America is the stinkiest low-down hypocritical nation of the world because even today it is top dog and looks down its nose and it preaches a moral that itself does not believe in or want to keep.

“Boy,” they say, “we’re going to go to the Gulf because Kuwaiti is a little tiny nation and we just can’t stand tyrants. Remember our great forefathers, they left Europe because of tyranny and, bless God, we Americans we are here because we’re anti-tyranny.”

Have you ever heard such bunk in all your life? They’re down there for the oil. Remember, they made the golden calf, and it’s under the image that we made because of our currency and what we have done controlling world commerce that makes it easy when the gold system comes in under Rome to completely take over.


So why are they down there? They’re down there because of financial benefits and for no other reason. He has, literally, declared war on Hussein. He has no right to do it, because Congress alone has the right because they put in some little fritterery thing back there in the day of Roosevelt, and also, I guess in the time of who is it? Kennedy had it right down the line, a little… executive privilege.

Now your Constitution is down the drain. And so America stands up with its head of Bush, and what is he? He sure is a misnomer. He’s got us all bushed, I guess; maybe that’s the term for it. But he’s made a complete mess of everything; sent armies down there and the nation’s not even behind him. Another Vietnam’s in sight; you read your papers the same as I do.


Likened unto the beast; it spouts great morals. Look how it talks about the black people over there in Africa; what did it do for the black people here? I had a good black friend named Frank Proctor.

Back in 1953 it was, I guess or 4, we’re up here in Indiana; they wouldn’t let him come in the restaurant. I got so mad I could have blown the restaurant up.

I was very, very strong for all the colors and everything else. I was in Canada; we didn’t have any colors I could afford. I could afford to be happy with black, greens, pinks; and you name it, whites and everybody else. Come down here, saw the condition; but what have they done for the blacks?

They’ve done everything they can except help them to raise themselves and you can’t help the black people and the yellow people and the green people raise themselves, unless there’s a program instituted that helps them to do it.

And that’s not a dole system. America talks about how they’re beaten down there, how they’re beaten down here; what has America done for them?


What have they done for the Indians? Destroyed the Indians, locked them on reservations where they become booze hounds. But they’re the moral conscience of the world. That’s Catholicism; that never was Protestantism. So there aren’t any Protestants left.

You think you’re… I read of bishop, Archbishop Runcie said, “Gravely impairs our ability to reclaim for Christ’s gospel of continent which is fast losing its Christian soul, we cannot discover European unity without… with re-apportioning Europe’s Christian roots.” Then he said, “We got to go back to primacy of the pope.”

In other words, kill them. Talk morals but kill them. Yeah, America talks, “Hey, you got to keep those kids from disgraceful illegal sex,” then make everything possible for them. What… oh come on, can’t you see what Brother Branham preached here?

America stinks, completely a Catholic nation, a Catholic religion. It says one thing and does another. Talks about being a Vicar of Christ; is the vicar of the devil. Talks about the Word of God and denies It. Talks about helping people; shoves them all down.

Talks about the blacks in Africa; don’t matter what happens over here. Talks about the Jews; then turns it back on the Jews. That’s America. They accelerate… They got the Roman Catholic spirit right down to a tee. You say what you want about it, I’ve had my say.


[79]  Oh, brother, sister, what’s the matter… Well, I know what it is. The Bible said they’d get this Laodicean age, and there’s where we’re at.

Rich, naked and don’t give a rip. Think they got it all. Where do our congressmen think the money is going to come from? Every time they say, “Well, we’re going to cut the deficit. We’re going to stop spending.”

There’s hidden things in there that nobody knows about, and the debt keeps going up and up and up. Why? For one reason pork-barrel to get votes: they don’t care about running this country. They care about themselves; they’re filthy: they’re a priesthood unto the devil.

And the rest of the world is no better. We’re supposed to be the best. At least you men and women here aren’t having your girls, your daughter’s boyfriends come in while they sleep upstairs, the daughter, and the next day you bring them up tea and toast, “Have a good time last night, kids?” That’s Sweden, that’s Norway, and those places. Go on over there and find out.

I’ll bring you right in this church and she’ll tell you what happened to her brother. A husband who said to his wife; he said, “That’s not going to happen in my home.” It happened in his home; he put his finger against it. His son beat the tar out of him. Threw him out of the house and they’re divorced. You think it won’t come here? Phttt! You’re sick if you think it won’t.


That’s what happened when they put a Catholic on the throne. You say, “Brother Vayle, Catholic church doesn’t believe that.” I’m talking about the spirit behind it. Those two hundred thousand devils that were loosed at the River Euphrates under Hitler: same spirit of hell back there in Babylon, Brother Branham talks about in the Sixth Seal.

People don’t want to recognize these things. Oh no, gloss it over. “A prophet vindicated? Oh, he’s just some big mouth God gave him a ministry and he just got too big for his britches so God smeared across the ground, to teach a lesson, oh yeah, yeah, yeah.” Why merciful God, did God Almighty back that man’s word up with His own Name, God’s own Name, and that’s all there is to God? Sheee!

Merciful God, I’m seventy-six years of age and I’ve lost my life should be whoring around with the rest of them, and gunning down the guys I don’t like. What’s the difference? I’m telling you the truth. Get them before they get you, you before you’re done. And what’s all this morality we’re talking about? Ain’t no morality.

You turn down THUS SAITH THE LORD what have you got? You’re dead ten times dead. Don’t stick around here pretending you believe it. I don’t believe it half myself, and I believe It stronger, I think hardly than anybody… well, there’s not too many men preach it like I do. Put it that way. They don’t have it, they don’t believe vindication at all.


The Bible said we’d get in this luke-warm image. Luke-warm, people’s rights; makes laws for us, of us; we send our men to Congress. They don’t make the kinds of laws that serve us. They make laws that serve themselves. Raise their wages, everything else. You talk about a mess. The church has left God’s way.

[79]  Now… you might hate me now, but one day you won’t when you find out what’s Truth. You may disagree and get up and stomp out of the building; that just shows your illiteracy. But someday you’ll realize; someday you’ll long and know that it’s the Truth. I speak it in the Name of the Lord…

Now he’s telling you right here a prophetic thing; it’s going to come a day when you’re going to wish you’d listen. Now listen! What does that mean? It will be too late. He’s talking about the door of the ark being closed. You think those guys out there when the water came up to their chins didn’t say, “Hey, I’d wished I’d listened to that old geezer.

You know, that dumb old jerk was right. We thought we explained everything he did by scientific measurement and the test tube and the micrometers and everything we could apply. Oh yeah, we knew that guy was wrong. He didn’t have THUS SAITH THE LORD like he said he did.” But he did.

Now where’s your cotton-picking test tubes and micrometers, telescopes, microscopes and God knows what? Your log rhythmic tables, your calculators? Where’s your atomic dividers, splice the genes? Where is it? Said, “It’s going to come.” I can understand that. See?


Because he said, “I speak in the Name of the Lord,” he’s telling you it’s Deuteronomy 18. See?

[79]  …put myself up for a target, which finally will drive me to the grave. I’m going to be a witness till I die…

Now I told you there and here’s something right here, you know I don’t gild the lily William Branham or no William Branham. Truth, truth; Bible’s, Bible.

I can’t find what he said in the Bible, but my understanding is this: he saw in a vision he had a hole in his throat, which he took to be a bullet. Now let’s understand this flat; people have been killed for fighting the Catholic church.


The late Dr. Hoyer told me when I talked many years ago in a church in Chicago, Mitch you’ll remember, and Rose, up there, Dr. Hoyer was there. I struck hard against the Catholic church because Brother Branham had, I simply being a parrot to what he said. I call it a parrot, I call it that, in other words, I’m trying to go word by word with what he said. He said, “Brother Vayle, aren’t you afraid to do that?”

I said, “Well, I don’t think so,” I said, “Because God will help me somehow. I supposed to get it; I’ll get it.”

He told me about a young man out there in California, he knew positively very, very well. He was, absolutely, rabid against the Catholic church on the grounds he knew what they were into. He’d been warned; “You draw away from this or you will die for it.”

They had warned him. One day the man was so-called hit by a car. By the time his wife was informed eight hours later he was already embalmed. So what do you think sitting here tonight, all a little dream? Brother Branham knew what was going on. He thought they would get him. That was the tracheotomy he saw.


Well, you say, “Well, did the Lord interpret the vision?” No, the Lord did not interpret the vision. Brother Branham could have any number of visions, but if God did not interpret them… It’s like the Bible, “What doest thou, Son of man see?

Well, he said, “I see these cattle out here they look thin. I see these cattle they look fat.”

“How many?”

“Seven thin, seven fat.”

“Well,” he said, “seven lean years; seven good years.” Well, he said, “I saw the lean eat up the fat ones.”

“Well,” he said, “that’s it.”

You can have a vision; you can have a dream; unless God’s told you what it was, how would you know? All he saw was his death and because he knew what religion was doing, following the way history was going, he would draw this conclusion. So there it is, you can say what you want.

You say, “Well, if he boo booed there, he boohooed everywhere.” Well, that’s your privilege. You believe what you want. I don’t care. It’s not going to change my faith in the Word of God, because everything he preached I find in the Bible here. This is just about himself.


[80]  Here we are in this condition we are today, all of it going on like that. [That’s that old condition in Israel, back there today in America.] And Israel, how Ahab did, a figurehead for Jezebel, because he was married to her. America, our leader…

…You know our leader was a rich man? How many know that? A multimillionaire. Somebody told me in a magazine or radio or television or something, Jack Benny or somebody Ernie Ford, I believe it was. [It’s this joke he’s trying to recall.] Somebody said… “His father helped him get the two states he didn’t own.” [That’s true.]

They spent a lot of money on getting there. They all do. How do you think Metzenbaum keeps getting in here? If I had a good vote; I’d vote him out. He doesn’t get Ohio’s money; it comes from all… especially California and places. Read the records. Why is Metzenbaum in? He’s a louse-bound heathen. Arrest me if you want for saying it. I got no use for the man. No use at all for what he does.

He’s as bad as Young was ahead of him. Steven Young, he put him in there. He got too old and he finally popped off, so Metzenbaum’s there and he’s not going to retire until he kicks the bucket, I suppose. But the records are clear; where does he get his money? It isn’t Ohio money; it’s money from the outside. What interest have they got in our affairs in Ohio? So it’s a national thing you’re looking at.


You’re looking at America nationally; rotten politics, backed by filthy anti-Christ system. And you know as well as I do by now that the Roman religion is not a true religion, has nothing to do with Almighty God, it is a concept of Christ, completely infiltrated by heathenism.

In fact it is heathenism taking on respectability by saint’s names; that’s all they have to it. And a man comes in with a funny miter on his head, with goofy robes and he talks about the fisherman’s ring and the tiara that he wears, and the white robe, and he’s going to be some great man?

Oh, merciful God, can I dress somebody up here? You got just as much right or more. Talk about buffoons, actual buffoons, and people listen to them. This is on tape. I can’t deny I said it. I said it it’s on two kinds of tape. I can back down. God give me strength to die if I have to die. But I don’t fool with that; he’s nobody to me. He’s a miscarriage of everything I could possibly believe as far as spiritual things are concerned.


Now the reason… now he said,

[80]  …How did he get his money? Through the whiskey traffic… liquor. That’s the reason he dropped the taxes on whiskey and stuff. That’s what made him a rich man. The very thing that damned our nation, the very thing that corrupted the minds of our people, the very thing that sent our boys to be drunkards and our girls to be prostitutes, the money off of that made him a rich man.

Yeah, but what about dope today? You know, money is the basis of Roman religion. You can get anything you want if you pay for it. Oh, they’ll find a way to make… sure that God’s man gets through. They got Mary to call on, the pope to call on. Oh yeah.

I’d like to see just one come back and tell me it worked. You know there’s no proof of anything till William Branham gets back here, then you watch it. In the meantime, we stand on the vindicated Word and if that doesn’t get the dead back; I’m going to tell you one thing, forget it.

You can forget it. I’ve got enough faith to believe the God that backed His own at least thousands and thousands of times has got enough on the ball to raise the dead. In fact, I know, stinking well, He could do it.

The record is Lazarus was resurrected; he wasn’t just raised from the dead. He was resurrected. He stunk. His body was gone. So is forty-five minutes.


All right.

[81]  The same old thing… that old Jezebel system, the same thing that persecuted our people, the same thing that dragged them out, and burnt them, and pulled them apart, and did everything to them, the same blood of the martyrs, the Bible said, is in her. There they are married together. And we Americans stagger right on, “Oh, well, we got a few extra dollars… we’re having a good time. Better off than the rest of the nations.” But, brother, you just wait a minute.

They’re broke and they don’t even know it. Brother Branham had told us I think it was, he said, what is it, is it forty generations, or fourteen generations down the road we’re saddled with our debt way back there in about 1960. What’s it got today?


Now listen! Right in here, in them is the same blood of the martyrs. Now, over there in Revelation, chapter 17, is where it is as I recall, and it says here,

Revelation 17:6

(06) And I saw the woman [drunk] with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

Now listen! This was the church that under the red beast was shedding the blood of the martyrs, under the spirit, the face of the calf, sacrificial. This degraded monster is now turning into a fabulous institution to really help everybody. No longer is it going to be the platitudes of the rich, the theories of the intelligentsia.

It is going to be a real society dictated by a real moral man who doesn’t claim to be spiritual that would blow it he claims to be moral and geopolitical which means a world figure, a world structure. And he’s going to do it. It’s going to be a beautiful, beautiful thing. So was Cain’s sacrifice. Absolutely, a beautiful sacrifice. It was excellent.


Now, remember this book that Roger got us interested in? Dr Malachi Martin; ‘The Keys of this Blood’. What are the keys to this blood they talk about? I haven’t read the book yet; I’ve got it, a couple of pages is all I’ve got, even the first two pages were tremendously exciting, let alone I know the rest of the book.

But just think: what’s he talking about the keys to this blood? Well, I suppose, he thinks the Roman Catholic church is the blood of the universe; and I guess it is as far as commerce is concerned. And they think they got the keys to it, but they’re wrong.

They don’t open the door to heaven and shut it. No church has that ability, because no church is Christ. The system of organization will not work, because it’s a binding of a society, where the kingdom of God, you’re born into it, one at a time. You can’t come in as a body. The Methodist will not be there.

The Catholics will not be there. The Presbyterians, the Pentecostals, and Branhamites will not be there. You better believe that. Going to only be true sons of Almighty God with the true baptism with the Holy Ghost which we know, because we have the vindicated Word. We believe It.


It’s a dire prophecy that Brother Branham makes but it’s true.

[82]  Let’s take it letter by letter now for the next few minutes, see what happened.

[83]  The leaders, the preachers got right along, and sneaked down with them, went right down with them… with them, all the system.

In other words, back in Jezebel’s day the Levites the priesthood went right along with it. Now, if you read and you have read the Bible, your mind will reel as you think of Israel. How could they do it? Well, let your mind reel tonight. How could we do it? In the very beginning they were off balance.

In the very Eden of God, the government of God on earth, Satan walked in and took over. In the first church they walked in and took over. In Rome they booted out the two Jewish people, the man and the wife who went there as witness under Claudius. What was it? Julius and Priscilla? I forget anyway.

Booted them out, from that time on heathenism took over, but all in the Name of God. They took out, got rid of the old God, put up there saint’s names. Constantine saw it was a good thing. His mother was supposed to be some kind of a Christian. He’s supposed to have some kind of a dream. So he took the society and gave them privileges, guaranteed it.


That’s why it’s wrong to go beyond a local charter; can’t send out preachers, can’t do this, can’t do that. If they want to get ordained here, they’re a part of us, they’re on their own. We have no holdings anywhere, but right here.

No interest anywhere but right here, except for the sake of the gospel to do something for somebody. But always you see, it always happens, and if this went on in this church here twenty-five, thirty years, it’s ten to one we’d have nothing but a bunch of backslidden boobs here.

I hate to insult any young people’s feelings but I’m just warning you as a kindly as I can. Hey, I know the record; you know the record. Then why suddenly sit down act as though we’re dumb, deaf, and blind.

“What did you see that eight hundred foot airplane go by?”

“Why, you see I’m so used to seeing one thousand foot airplanes go by that I’ll never even look at an eight hundred foot.”

Isaiah  that the condition we’re in? We’re just too used to things. Just drift with the time. The greatest immorality in the world is drifting with the time. That’s what dead fish do. Yeah, anybody can shoot fish in a barrel; that’s why they organize.

Get the upper hand, all the time claiming, “We’re going to do you good. We’re going to do you good. We’re going to do you good.” What higher claim could a church make than doing you good and get you to heaven?

You say, “You come with us we’re going to get you to heaven. Oh, you belong to us; you got it made.”


When have I ever told you people, you’ve got it made? I don’t know if I got it made. By faith we believe. We got no corner on anything. If you’re a part of His children; you’re a part of His children: that’s divine right; we got nothing to do with that. I never named my parents neither did you name yours. Not a matter of us claiming God; it’s God claiming us. Sure.

So the whole system went down the drain. That’s what’s going today with Runcie [Archbishop of Canterbury] giving the Anglican church over. Lutherans have already broken down all the walls. Imagine, Luther came out, and there they’ve gone back faster than the Anglicans. Where is Lutherans today? Where’s anybody today?


All right.

[83]  …They had a form, yes. That doesn’t mean the Bible… and… doesn’t the Bible tell us that in this last day we’ll have a form of godliness? All… prophecies are fulfilled, brother;

Now what’s a form of godliness? Well look, you could say a form of godliness… Well, what is a form? Well, a form is a system, an organization. See? It’s got government interference. Today, a form of godliness, pure and simple means, it isn’t what it is purported to be.

In little ways it acts like it, talks like it, but it’s not it. See, it’s merely a form, like a husk, a shell, and it’s not even got the proper form to it. They got a form but denying the authority, the power thereof.


Now our forefathers came here and they were not Catholics. Oh, there was some Catholics came along; that’s true. They came here in order to get away from the system, the whole thing, and then they got sucked right back into it.

[83]  …we’re at the end. [Brother Branham says,] Nationally, we’re at the end. Spiritually, we are at the end. Every system is at its end. The next thing is the coming of the Lord the translation of the Church.

In other words, bankrupt leadership over bankrupt people has brought us to the place of where there’s nothing left. We have, simply, a Babylonian system in America and it’s a pity and it happened so fast.


[84]  God sent every sign, wonder, and did everything He could do, to try drawing the people, and constantly they move right on in for that is the system. Look at this town here, look at this country around about here… tens of thousands and hundreds of Pentecostal people; and because of standing on the Truth, where are they at this afternoon?

Because someone told them not to cooperate with the meeting. See? [They couldn’t go to Brother Branham’s meetings because the preacher said, “Don’t go.”] You poor, deliberate… [I guess, he could have called them something, I don’t know] God be merciful to you, it’s the only thing I can say. When you Christians got no more backbone than that, you got a wishbone instead of a backbone… right.

What we need is to preach the Gospel with teeth in it, that’ll chop the thing to pieces. Went just like the rest of them, then you wonder why we holler about it. Then, you see, you got the cold shoulder. I expect it; I have to.

Now this is what you might call, ‘the false love of silence’, where people don’t rise up and say something about it. They haven’t got the backbone to stand up to organization, but they’ll hide behind the thing called love. “Oh, if that man was really love, he wouldn’t try to divide us, oh no, he’d bring us together.”

Merciful heaven, that’s what the devil does. God divides. He separates the serpent seed from the true seed. The make-believer from the unbeliever, from the believer. There, He even separates the wise and the foolish virgin. He’s a separator. But no, this little thing called love, no, you mustn’t raise your voice; you mustn’t stand for the truth.


Now Brother Branham said, “What we need is to preach the Gospel with teeth in it, that’ll chop things to pieces.”

Now that statement, hey, that statement is used by every church, “Bless God, well, you just take what we got, we’ll chop her to pieces.” Hogwash! If it isn’t vindicated it hasn’t got teeth in it, because the Word of God is a sharp threshing instrument. It’s a Sword.

And unless it is the Word of God, it’s not going to do the job. And the Word of God’s got to have a Logos which is the manifestation of flesh which means people have a gospel to preach which is vindicated. Nothing else will do it. And the people will not believe It. Why? Because they’ve been taught against It, and their final refuge is the devil.


“Isaiah  not this the son of David?” What do you mean? Well, look at the miracles. My heaven, [have] you seen anything like it? Look how the man talks. Look how he lives. Look at everything. “Oh, well what do you think is going to come of it?”

“I believe He’s the Messiah. I believe He’s going to take over.”

“Ah ha, just a minute, He don’t take over nothing… Over my dead body. I say,’ He’s the devil’.”

They wouldn’t let their tree of the knowledge of good and evil go, because the Tree of Life demanded the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil cease. Now, do you think they’re going to give up their creature comforts and their big positions?

Come on, they won’t even give up their stupid pensions. I’ve been independent all my life and I don’t have faith in another man’s pocketbook or any church’s discipline or any order.

God’s taken care of me through the rough times and the good times. David said, “I’ve been young; now I’m old yet I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread.” Brother Branham quotes that, and that’s exactly true.


Sure, they gave him the cold shoulder. They’ll give us the cold shoulder, too, and don’t think we’re not getting it.

[85]  All this went on in Israel. Finally, one day, came stomping out of the wilderness, came an… hairy-looking old fellow, Elijah the Tishbite.

I’m told the statue on Mount Carmel of Elijah looks exactly like Brother Branham described him. He never saw the statue and nobody saw Elijah either. But the inspiration was there, just exactly as Brother Branham described him.

[85]  He never come up out of any organization; he came out of the wilderness. See? That’s where he was. He had nothing to do with them. He was a prophet of the Lord. Brother, he shook that Jezebel kingdom for everything that was in it. They hated him. He had no cooperation; I’ll guarantee you that. The Bible says not. Certainly.

…He made those painted-faced Jezebels burn up, I imagine. He laid the axe to the root of the trees like John did; the chips fall wherever they wished to, but he laid her in there. He shook the nation, showing that they were wrong, and trying to call them back to a true and living God, and back to His Word instead of a Jezebel worship.


In other words, they had a Mount Carmel showdown. What was Mount Carmel? How many people even knew about it? News would travel very slowly. How many found out in a hurry? Queen of Sheba took What? three solid months travelling day and night to get where she came. They never had Pony Expresses, hardly any fast camels.

Who knew about the showdown? Hardly anybody knew about it. When they did know about it, why there was lots of chance now to disbelieve. They don’t have to believe; don’t have to believe anything you hear. You’re not obligated.

So what good did it do? It never cut any big swath, Mount Carmel, but it did with the children of God and the destiny of God’s government on earth.


The same thing in Chicago when Brother Branham had the showdown up there over water baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and one God, what his ministry was. But they didn’t take him on. And he told me, “Well, you had more sense than I thought you did.” I wonder how they liked that.

They didn’t even know what he was talking about. They didn’t know he’d carry the first guy, feet first if they’d come against It. People don’t believe that today.

See they don’t know that’s the anger of God lingering, the judgment of God hanging like “Damocles’ sword” in the balance, ready to fall at the given moment. And they don’t know till the flood comes and takes them away. So what do you expect out of anybody?

Who’s going to know? The elect will know. Nobody else will know and you should thank God tonight no matter what you came out of. Thank God you came out. Now get the crap out of you that was in you when you’re in there because that’s what it is.

Creeds and dogmas and junk, no wonder people can’t understand Brother Branham. They can’t understand me and yet I take his words and bring it to them in a way they ought to understand.

I speak the fundamental language. No, there’s too much crud in there, too much death. They’ll never understand why you’ll keep your Pentecostal ideas, your Methodist ideas; you got to get back to the Word.

The Word means vindicated Word, corrected Word not something somebody hashes up and say, “Well, I believe this because the Bible said so.” Oh, fap! They’ve been believing what the Bible says for centuries. It’s simply a tongue worship; a mouth worship and nothing in the heart to back it.


[86]  What did they do? Did they receive him? They hated him. But his Word went forth just the same, because he had THUS SAITH THE LORD.

Now notice! The Word could only go forth because of THUS SAITH THE LORD. The Word cannot do one thing in your heart unless you understand vindication; you stand with it. Going to be lots more things happen before it’s over. “Well, I wonder if Brother Branham was vindicated.”

What about this guy predicted the earthquake? Browning? I think he hit about six on the head. But this one failed, he didn’t go with the What do they call that? it’s a Spanish name, not Madres but that fault. It doesn’t matter, you know what it is.

Now listen! Brother Branham kept saying, “When did it ever fail?” When did you find him in one prophecy, one word ever out with THUS SAITH THE LORD? I never realized how important his statement was till I found this guy made about… he predicted the one in Japan, the one in the Philippians, one over here, and one over there.

Now he comes and said, “It’s going to happen right over here in Arkansas and Missouri area. Twenty miles, the epicenter would be… ” The fault would be where Doc Kash lives; schools closing up, people running away, everything else.

Now he had six shots, and he was acclaimed a great guy, of course, a lot of skepticism. And I can understand it. All it takes is one failure. Brother Branham didn’t have one of the thousand, thousand, thousand.


See, you’re standing on vindication.

[86]  God worked with him and he showed he was the anointed prophet by the things that he said were coming to pass. [Deuteronomy 18: vindication.] all that he did proved that he was God’s prophet. [Never did anything else but.] But they would not believe it, because he tore up their playhouses. [I spell that w-h-o-r-e, instead of p-l-a-y, myself because they’ve all played the harlot. But they are playhouses.] He told them they were wrong.

Ahab was a roustabout. True. And you notice they didn’t believe Elijah, but he preached it just the same. None of the preachers agreed with him; he said, “I’m the only one that’s left, Lord. Look at them, they won’t even come… not nobody will cooperate.”

Now this is what Israel could not believe. There was no way that they could believe Elijah was the one man that was authoritative. They could not believe that Jesus was the one Man that was authoritative.

That’s after John went off the scene. They could not believe that Paul was authoritative. Do you think for one minute they will believe that William Branham is authoritative?

No way will they believe. They can’t! You can’t contradict history, brother/sister, it’s written out there in black and white and gray in stone by pens of iron. No one will cooperate. Nobody wanted his gift. A true healing revival showed there was a great message but they didn’t want it.

[86]  But he had a mission to do and he did it. He had the Word of the Lord; THUS SAITH THE LORD. And he attacked the nation; he attacked the church; he attacked everything there was, and God was with him.


Now back in Israel’s day because there was wholly committed to the religion of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, right on down, till heathenism came in, and he went to one people only, not a melting pot, Israel simply bankrupt.

There was a possibility that he would be listened to. And he attacked them from every point of view which was the nation and the church, and they didn’t listen.

How much chance do you think William Branham would have if he indeed was Elijah attacking America and the world? He’d be called a complete kook and the do-gooders, the ones that are intelligent so-called, the ones that are spiritual so-called, the ones that are in the know, they are the moderates, they are the real guiding lights, they’d say, “Now just a minute, let us come and talk if we really have something, lay it on the table and talk with us.

And then if you pass our test we will put you forward.” Now how could you put him forward when the Church of Christ sat there saying, “There’s no such thing as divine healing, it’s of the devil?”

How’s the Catholic church going to put him forward when the pope says, “I’m the Vicar of Christ and I’m infallible?” and the man proves the pope was a liar. William Branham didn’t waste his time; he’d of been an idiot; he’d of been a fool.


You know, I’m not a lover of chicken entrails, and you couldn’t put them on my plate and say, “Eat them.” Why should I come to your house if you said, “I’m going to feed you chicken entrails?” It was chicken guts, if you want to know what entrails means. You think the prophet was stupid?

He’d want to go to a chicken gut dinner? A table full of vomit? What do you think THUS SAITH THE LORD means? If you can’t… listen, he thought he was going to die for it. If you and I can’t die for THUS SAITH THE LORD there’s something wrong with our faith, somewhere.

You say, “I really don’t want to die.” I’m not too fussy either. I still like to, you know, have fairly good health when I pass off the scene but it might not be my privilege. I mean, they could skewer me, how do I know what they’re going to do? He said a persecution could… is going to come on down.

They can catch you any way they want to catch you. When has this nation over the last years not stooped to what they call ‘subordinating witnesses’, which means bring witnesses under their control for money to deliberately lie against you?

If I say I saw you in my home, and you can’t prove that you’re someplace else, you’re stuck, kid. That’s just an ordinary court. What if they want to nail us? You think they can’t nail us? Well, you’re reading some other book than what I’m reading, I can tell you that. [What time we got? I think it’s time to quit.] All right.


We’ll start tomorrow morning where we’re off. You can see this is a tough sermon Brother Branham preached to the Pentecostals, didn’t like it. And they’d like the way I’m describing it a whole lot more. I’m not trying to make these punch lines all the better.

What knowledge we’ve gathered in twenty-five years since he’s gone off the scene remember, it’s just about twenty-five years in the next few days, another eighteen days, sixteen days, eighth today, a little better than two weeks the prophet’s been gone, and you can see everything he said is coming to pass with a vengeance.

But remember, God said, “Vengeance is mine; I’ll repay.” The blood of the martyrs in the church. What happens to us I don’t know. I don’t know, but I know one thing we better be ready for whatever’s going to happen, fortify ourselves in the grace which is in Christ Jesus.

There’s only one way you and I can do that and that’s by the Word. Remember, brother/sister, when they stood before the Sanhedrin, the courts brought them to attention, they stood there with the Word and the court marvelled, but they didn’t change their minds. Let’s bow our heads and pray.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for the time You’ve given us together to talk about the wondrous Word Your prophet laid down here with THUS SAITH THE LORD. I know we don’t know it as he knew it Father.

I know we’re not getting near as much as we should to the depth of the contents as we should be, the impact Lord, of what’s really gone on, to see ourselves, maybe we don’t need to Lord, I don’t know.

We’re trusting You, O God, we’ve come this far believing and there’s no evidence, there’s no sign whatsoever that we should ever back away from THUS SAITH THE LORD, the vindicated Word. Neither do we back away tonight from the Word of God. We cannot do it Lord.

Help us to stand no matter what it is, not to be bumptious, not to be aggressive but Lord, to stand with the Word and denounce that which is unholy and wrong and to take our stand with truth.

Not that we’re anybody, condemning anybody, but Lord, we’re standing with that Word and we see in history, we see even today, how that Word was treated, what was done by others. And Father, we believe we have a right to do that. The prophet did it of a vindicated Word.

Help us, Lord Father God, now to live that Word with the gentle fruit of the spirit of love and meekness, all these things in the fruit of God, whatever gifts You care to give us, we’re interested in those, too Lord, no matter what it is, we want Your fullness in any way we can have It Father, the grace of God manifested and we being known Lord, as witnesses to You in Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

[Brother Vayle continues with the communion service]

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