Leadership #33

Denying And Accepting God’s Vindicated Testimony
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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father we know it was Your Presence and Yours alone that brought forth this Son and then through him by Your Own power and wisdom brought forth the universe and all these things that are therein, and Your Presence alone, Lord, is what we honor today, knowing that as the prophet was vindicated to tell us that You came down to Your children who had fallen in sin.

And now at this time You’re here with the Book of Redemption, and You’re going to bring… all Your sheep together, all Your children into that great mighty first resurrection, the completion of it, and Lord getting ready for a Millennium, and going on in those ages which we know are going to unfold Your glory, and also not only that, but unfold our true humanity, a link with the true Deity, which is that seed within us.

And we’re looking forward, Lord, to every expectation that was unfulfilled here, that not only every tear shall be wiped away, but there’ll be joy sustaining us, and peace, and happiness, and all those things Lord that make for a life of true labor Lord, and true industry.

There’ll be commensurate rewards, all those things Lord we know will be there because the death will not be amongst us, the enemy will not be with us, but we’ll be, Lord, secluded with You. And this is what we really desire to have this great family life that’s coming up.

We pray You’ll bless us this morning in the study of Your Word, and encourage us Father God in heaven to be more and more full of Your Spirit, more walking in the light, more manifesting grace and truth than ever before.

Heal the sick amongst us and help us Lord in all ways, in Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we’re at number 33 in Leadership, and of course this is Brother Branham’s last message.

And Brother Branham’s last message to the Laodicean church might well have been preached with insight for this hour wherein we have the bold, bald statement of Pope Jean Paul, that he is going to lead the three great monotheistic religions of the world for God.

Now if Pope Paul John had proclaimed himself, rather he has proclaimed himself the future leader under God, though indeed it is not under God but actually the devil.

And there in California in 1965, the Full Gospel Businessmen had identified themselves as leaders under God, but in 1994 we saw their efforts, and efforts of all men and organizations taken over by Paul John, just as Brother Branham said that Rome would do.


Now this is what I want you to recognize here, that these businessmen had spoke assuredly with the voice of God. And their backing was ministries like Oral Roberts, gifted men.

Not one man did they have in their group that was a true revealed prophet. In fact they allowed every type of mishmash to pass as God.

So even in the meeting when Sister Florence Shakarian, I believe it was Florence, had been revealed by Brother Branham that she would die at two o’clock in the morning, they held their Pentecostal pow-wow, and were determined to twist the arm of God, until the false prophecy came forth, “Do not fear my daughter, thou shalt live and not die.”

So Billy Paul went to his dad, and he said, “Dad, what about it?”

He said, “All I know is son, God told me that she’d be dead at two o’clock in the morning. Watch the clock.” At two o’clock in the morning she was dead.

Now did the Pentecostals repent in the face of ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’? No, they didn’t. They proclaimed themselves the leaders.

“Hallelujah, we’re marching to Zion. We’re the leaders. The ministry failed, everybody’s failed, but we’re not going to fail. You watch us turn the world to God. Give us the tools, we’ve got some of the tools.” And it’s always money.

Well I’m going to tell you, Rome’s got the tools and it’s gold. Now 1994, according to Brother Branham’s prophesy, which Rome would be, these businessmen would lead the world to Rome, as leaders.

And all the leaders would lead to Rome. And Paul declared himself, that he would be the head of the monotheistic religions, the three large ones, by 2000.


Now let’s face it, there’ll be those who look at that as simply a pontifical statement, and you know we use the word ‘pontifical’ for the word ‘pontiff’ or ‘pope’, we mean puffed up. But it’s a pontifical statement, it might be like ex-cathedra, spoken out of the throne.

And he sees himself, and no doubt he has absolutely every reason to see himself, he has the inner information, he has the leading of some authority, which we know who that authority is, to call himself the leader.

Now there’s nothing that these persons can do to abrogate that. Because with Duplessis and their particular work they entered into, they have led all the churches to Rome, as many people say, just as a little sort of an axiom, “All roads lead to Rome.” And of course also, “When in Rome do as the Romans do.”

So you will find the most bastardize religion in history coming up. If you think that Ezekiel’s vision was a pretty horrific vision, and Jeremiah’s, and the Old Testament prophets, when God rolled the curtain back and showed them what lay in the temple of worship.

All creepy, crawly, filthy things under high heaven, women engaged in adultery, true and fanciful, everything under high heaven going on, as even we found in Romans 1 and read part of it last night.

This is what is in this religion, and there’s nothing that anybody can do about it. Nothing whatsoever.


So they turned aside Brother Branham. Now of course they don’t believe it, but it’s true. They don’t believe what Brother Branham said, they don’t believe what I am telling you, and what you and I believe, but it is nonetheless true. They led all right, but they led in the wrong direction.

Brother Branham turned the corner, which was upward. They turned the corner, which was downward. See? And this is a funny thought right there, but these guys like Shelley running around, saying the Bride was undressed by guys like me, and they’re trying to dress her up? Merciful God.

He might have a stripped down whore he’s working on, but I can tell you, I count myself a part of the Bride, and he ain’t going to touch me with a forty-foot pole.

Nor will Reagan and all the rest of them put together. Or Branham tabernacle. Or any other tabernacle. I stand alone, heaven or hell, and there’s no purgatory.

Now I’m on the hook. And I trust its God’s fishhook. If He hasn’t got His fishhook in my jaws, and hasn’t got it in yours, we’re out of luck. All of our talking, all our surmising, all our boasting, everything is in vain.

As the Apostle Paul said, “Boasting is excluded.” It seems that most people have no trouble in that very thing.


Of course they don’t believe it, but it is still true. And the terrible and tragic thing is, is that the world having rejected God under the appearing of God, and God vindicating Himself and His Word, must now turn to God under the devil, orchestrating the worship, until finally Satan is demanding worship as he incarnates himself, and it’s a reincarnation, like in Judas, in some person.

He’ll lead in worship. Thus right now Satan is leading in the worship of God, but will eventually demand it himself.

Now remember that was the prize that he was going to get in Jesus, “Fall down and worship me.” And you’ll notice he was orchestrating the worship, and he’s doing it now.

They refused the one whom God sent, the one fully proven to be Malachi 4, Revelation 10:7, Revelation 3:20, John 14:12, the voice used by God in 1 Thessalonians 4:16, even Elijah, who came to restore.

Having refused the emissary of God and God Himself, they will receive the emissary of Satan and Satan himself.


Now you see, that’s what people say, “Well I just can’t believe that. If I had rejected this, and I didn’t know any better, where was William Branham anyway? I’m only twenty-five years of age, my God, the man’s been dead almost thirty years.”

Talk to your leaders! Talk to your leaders, blind leaders of the blind. Crows that painted themselves white with some kind of a sterile whitewash called good works and love, which makes me want to vomit.

You call it love to lead a man to hell? You call it love to play upon a person to seduction, and then bring them to a false dogma and a creed where there’s no life? You call that love? Call it love if you want, I call it hate, I call it vengeance of the devil, I call it the lifeblood of hell.

Don’t talk to me about love. I’m not interested. Unless it’s the love of God that comes through His Word, that makes you love His Word and thereby love each other. And you can overlook everything else, because nothing else really matters.

And you look in the mirror and you see yourself, and you see your own self-hatred. And you can turn to the Word, the only place you can turn, which is God in print, as Brother Branham said, in letterform.

And there through manifesting that vindicated Word we find what real love is. Real love.

Having refused the emissary of God and God Himself, they will receive the emissary of Satan and Satan himself. They will do it.

Having rejected the Son of man ministry they had no choice but to receive the son of perdition ministry as their own vindication and authority.

You say, “Well, Brother Vayle, do you mean to tell me that just as soon as they turned that down they took the other?”


Let’s face it; they had already taken the other. And in their comparison of matching wits with wits, and so-called evidence with evidence, it wasn’t hard for them to see that William Branham was no longer attracting the great crowds, to build the great organizations, to build the people up in their pride, “We’ve got hundreds.”

If this church had hundreds I’d have to kick some of you out or walk off and leave you. Don’t kid yourself. You’re in the last stages of child training, not some great evangelistic spurge that’s coming on. If there is any coming on, it’s only going to be for the foolish virgin, as far as I can see, I wouldn’t say anything else.

The seed then deceiving, they have denied God Himself, all the while claiming Him. Isn’t that nice? They are victims of their own reasonings and delusions, and heirs to destruction, when all the while God stood by with His wisdom and His power, that they might be heirs with Jesus Christ the Son of God and sit in the throne instead of going to the hell the devil and the world have made.

They could have and should have emptied themselves out to become full of God. They were already naked, so all they had to do was to put on a wedding garment that stood by, but no, they stayed with Revelation 3, rich, increased in goods, and have need of nothing, denying God’s Own vindicated testimony against them.

Against them? If God be for us, who can be against us? If God be against us, who can be for us? They used to say only the devil, and that doesn’t matter. Well, in this case it does, in this case it does. And refuse to believe the truth because the lie was so much more to their liking. Even as with Eve.


You say, “What could be wrong with it? I see nothing wrong.” In spite of the fact God said it was? What short hair, dress, slippers, men… refusing to take a stand “What’s that got to do with it? Hallelujah, God loved the world; He gave Jesus. I’ve got Jesus.”

You’ve got Jesus? You’ve got to be nuts, he’s on the throne. You haven’t got Jesus. The only Jesus you could have would be the Father, “I came in my Father’s Name.”

Now tell me you’ve got Him, turning down the Word. Tell me you’re child trained, when the only training is the Word.

Though he were a Son, yet he learned obedience. Obedience to what? Obedience to what? The Word of God. Why they have no clue. How could they be wrong?

They refused the yoke of God where labor ceases and peace abounds, but the yoke of Satan, they took the yoke of Satan where peace is a delusion. “Oh I got the peace in my heart. Got the love of God in my heart.” A delusion. Look, eight people made the ark!

So don’t sit here thinking eight thousand are going to make the ark, or a million’s going to make the ark! Millions now living will never die, they’re already dead, they’re just waiting for the second death!

Pull your punches in kid, you’re a straw baby, you ain’t no Tyson, and a heavyweight. The only heavyweight we had was William Branham, and according to them he was a lightweight. If they were so great and wonderful, how come they couldn’t pull even one rabbit out of the hat? So to speak.

How come they didn’t have one ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’ a vindicated? How come they didn’t stand up and prove their point? William Branham didn’t prove any point, it was God vindicating Himself to the people, and simply letting them know “This is My servant that I am trusting.”

Yet that servant of trust came to the place of perfect faith and brought us there too, by the divine revelation, which we accept.

So they took the yoke of Satan where peace is a delusion, and slavery for life is the optimum for them. For their ears have been placed against the doorpost and bored by an awl and never more shall they hear the Word of God or be set free.

Let me just read out of Revelation 18, concerning Babylon, where every single Babylonian lives and is a part of, making the composite, a singular from a plurality of many.


So in, Revelation verse 20

Revelation 18:20-23

(20) Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; for God hath avenged you on her.

(21) And a mighty angel took up a stone [with] a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon [and every single Babylonian, in the composite many members make the one body, shall] be thrown down, and shall be no more [found] at all.

(22) And the voice of harpers, and musicians, and pipers, and trumpeters, shall be heard no more at all in thee; and no craftsman, [whatever his] craft be, shall [he] be found any more in thee; and the sound of a millstone shall be heard no more at all in thee;

(23) And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee;

A candle. And they claim to have the light of the world, and they do, and they claim to speak for the light of the world, and they don’t, and they don’t even have a candle.

And wasn’t it one of their priests who said, “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, we’ll light a single candle”? They don’t even have a candle to light. Nor do the Protestants, because their sum and substance is total darkness.

Why do you think only in this hour, even perhaps hardly at the time of Brother Branham’s death in ’65, the black hole was brought into scientific parlance? That a star can collapse by a sheer weight, and drag everything with it.

And these religious people are now a black hole, collapsing by the sheer weight of their sin and undonness, and taking everything in with them. Reminds you of that blackness which was there before God said, “Let there be light.” I don’t know.


No light of the candle! No voice of the Bridegroom, though they scream loudly, “We have the voice of the Bridegroom, because we are the Bride.”

And the Bride won’t be there either. Completely devoid of every sheep. The world now one complete mass of seething, crawling, billions of human beings who are beasts!

No wonder Brother Branham said, “I would sooner have the Oath of Columbus perpetrated upon me in its entirety than five minutes in the Great Tribulation.”

Revelation 18:23

(23) …shall be no more [heard] in thee [at all]: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth;

Oh yes, they could run around. They had the finest hotels, and they used their money even to take advantage of Brother Branham.

When Brother Boze gave up the privilege of having an interview for some time with him one night in a meeting, and the Full Gospel Businessmen in Chicago, because Brother Arganbright and his gang were all worried about now going to Europe, because Brother Branham wouldn’t go.

So I asked Brother Boze if he’d give up a few minutes to Brother Arganbright. I didn’t know that that great strategist, who denied him later according to the word that I have heard, had all these guys lined up, Shakarian, and who are these, rich Armenians in Switzerland that have great big interests in drugs and all, Billy Graham’s daughter’s father-in-law, I forget.


When I came up with Brother Branham, I saw those men standing there and I knew exactly what… they said, “You step aside.”

And I stood between Brother Branham and I said, “Brother Branham I got you in this mess, I’m getting you out, you come with me, we’re going right now.”

He said, “Hold it Brother Vayle, God is in this.”

Money. Take your stinking rotten money and your filth and go to hell with it! Don’t talk to me about money. They manipulate whores and everything under God’s high heaven, but you can’t manipulate God because He owns it all.

These businessmen, let me tell you, I am vitriolic. I make no excuse, my language is searing. I make no excuse! I got thin blood that boils easily. If it didn’t I’d add a little alcohol. I have no apologies. And I have no fear of judgment, because I was there.

And Peter said, “Your money perish with you,” he said the truth. Which in plain English according to scripture, “To perdition with you and your money,” and you know the vernacular as Dr. Philips brought it out.

Revelation 18:24

(24) And in her was found the blood of [the] prophets, and of [the] saints, and all that were slain upon the earth.

I want to read with you what I read the other night in Matthew 23, to get the complete and perfect picture, because this is the Omega of the Alpha, and the crucifying of Christ in the flesh, and now they crucify the Son of God or the Holy Spirit to themselves.


And in, 23 verse 4:

Matthew 23:34-35

(34) Wherefore, behold, I send you prophets, wise men, scribes: some [you] shall crucify [and kill]; [others you’ll] scourge in your synagogues, persecute them from city to city: [hound them down.]

(35) That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar.

Now let’s face it, this generation, this people here, the chaff, these people here headed up by the Pentecostals, all denominations included, headed up by Rome, are going to pay the price for every single drop of blood shed from the year one hundred to the year two thousand.

Hitler spilt the blood of millions. Stalin. Heathen rituals and sacrifices. They will answer for every drop of blood.


Now can you convince them? No, it’s always somebody else. It’s always somebody else. They’re the typical Pentecostal easy-believing shovelers. What the preacher says they shovel over their shoulder to the next guy.

If you’ve had an insult thrown, pass it on. It wasn’t meant for you my son; pass it on. Let it travel down the aisle, let it ruin another smile, don’t worry, just pass it on. That’s life.

As we are all about to start Brother Branham’s prayer and invitation to eternal life, do not forget the invitation is subject to accepting the Message. And at the invitation is forthwith withdrawn if the Message is rejected.

Do you hear what I’m saying? Or the person does not believe in the vindication thereof, so he may have no further reason to inquire, he’s finished, he was just a bystander, didn’t say anything.

And yet it is a blessed thought that if a person does not reject, but opens his heart, the understanding will be forth coming as he is being filled with the Holy Spirit.

If he accepts what he sees and knows to be vindication of the man, he can be baptized correctly and begin being filled with the Holy Spirit, wherein he will soon acknowledge a vindicated restored Word, even as the Pillar of Fire brought it to Paul originally.

From there it will be precept upon precept, line upon line, Word upon Word, here a little, there a little, until growth comes to full stature.

How many, if any, who accepted the invitation went on to the filling of the Holy Spirit and child training is a mystery.

Only God knows, and the foundation of course stands sure the Lord knows them which are His.

But the spirit or atmosphere of the meeting was not one of recognition, welcome, acceptation and reception in general.

Few there be that are sheep, and hear the Voice of the Shepherd.


Page 41, we’re reading now. Just a little going back a bit, and we’re reading in number 288.

[288]  I know that’s a stern, cutting Message, brother.

That Brother Branham has preached. He’s gotten rid of every single person, he’s eliminated every single man, woman, and child, by his message.

The Word has come like a double-edged sword, and has drawn blood to the fullest so that there isn’t one person exonerated. It’s life or death.

It is Son of man, or son of perdition. It is worship God, or worship the devil. It is heaven or hell, and that is the truth.

[288]  It’s a stern, cutting Message, brother. But I didn’t come here and choose a message to the people just to try to make them sing, shout, and holler. I’ve been in heathen meetings where they did the same thing. [Shout, jump, holler, and dance.]

I’m interested in your life. I’m a servant of God that’s got to answer to God someday, and the ministry that the Lord has given me has vindicated itself thousands of times before you.


Now he’s speaking very authoritatively, as to why he preached the way he did. Why he said what he did. Why he was judging the way he judged.

Every rise and fall of his voice meant something, and every word as a sword either brought life or death. The one it defended, the other it destroyed.

[289]  Remember, Jesus said, “Follow Me. Follow Me. Get rid of what you’ve got, and follow Me.”

Now Brother Branham did not ask any one person to divest himself of money, or of property, in fact he was against it. He himself would not take large sums of money.

I met the man who was there when a million and a half dollar draft was presented to Brother Branham by this rich, rich Armenian in California, whose wife was healed of cancer. Of course she died a few years later, but she was healed of cancer. And Brother Branham turned it down.

I’ve seen him turn down far less than that, fifteen hundred dollars. He was not a man to receive any sums of money; he was not interested.


Now get rid of what you’ve got. So it had nothing to do with personal property. It had only to do with what they were believing, what they were teaching, what they were following as their leader, in order to be leaders who led to that one that they said they were following.

And Brother Branham categorically said, “You are not leading them there, you’re leading them to Rome,” which is antichrist and devil worship.

[289]  …[Leave all you’ve got, and] “Follow Me.” See?

In other words the young man had to leave every single thing that had to do with the religious or spiritual order.

Whatever it was as to his conduct and his faith, and faith comes before conduct all the time. Whatever it was, he had to leave it in order to take up a new revelation and a new conduct.

And the new conduct at that time would have demanded getting rid of all the externals, which would be a burden to him as he went around the country.

Now remember the disciples said, “We left all to follow you,” and he didn’t say one word about them not doing it.


He said, “Don’t worry in this world, in the world to come you’ll have thousand fold. Hundreds of fold for what you’ve given up.”

[289]  “Follow Me. Get rid of what you’ve got, and follow Me.” And that’s the only way to have Eternal Life. That’s the only remedy He gave this man, was the only remedy He gave this businessman, [and it’s the only remedy I’m giving you businessmen,] it’s the only remedy He gives anybody. His choice, He makes His decision, it’s perfect every time.

And we must follow HIM, is the only way to Eternal Life. So the leadership of God is: [what is it now?] follow the vindicated Word of the hour by the Holy Ghost.

So therefore any invitation from this point on is contingent upon the vindicated Word. Turn down the Message; you don’t have an invitation. You are a presumptuous bumbler.

A person sitting there without a wedding garment. And at that time it means every single one without a wedding garment gets thrown into the Great Tribulation. So you can see that we’re not too far off.


[289]  Let us bow our heads: [he says.]

[290]  I’m going to ask you a question, and I want you to be real sincere. I want the sister to play this for me, I Can Hear My Savior Calling.

“I Can Hear My Savior Calling”, now isn’t that beautiful? Right away the mind goes back to the church where they heard it. “I can hear my Savior calling, take up thy tongues and follow me. I can hear my Savior calling, speak in tongues, you’ve got the baptism with the Holy Ghost.”

“I can hear my Savior calling, be baptized in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, if that’s not enough, add the Lord Jesus Christ for good measure. No problem. I can hear my Savior calling, and there’s three of them. And they’re all working together. I can hear my Savior calling.” Can you? That’s a laugh. You don’t hear a savior calling.


Now let them sing that and stand before God on the Day of Judgment having sung it. “I can hear my Savior calling, I can hear my Savior calling, take up thy cross and follow me.”

And remember Brother Branham said, “We sing that song, I’ll go with Him through the judgment, that’s doing it right now.”

And we’re not blown away in the first Psalm, we’ll be standing in the judgment, we won’t be blown away like the chaff. And the Holy Spirit comes down moving, He moves one upward, one outward, and down.

And they’re going to be singing, “I can hear my Savior calling,” and they did not hear the Savior calling though indeed they did. Mechanically they certainly did. And even spiritually they certainly did, but their ear was already punctured through the organization, creeds and dogmas.

So under those conditions, how many would actually hear the Savior calling? Well they could all hear the Savior calling as per the Word, the Message having gone out. But how many knew it would be the Savior calling, and how many would answer the call under the conditions of that Message?

And yet if you listen to the Message, it’s terribly, terribly simple as to conduct. It’s terribly, terribly simple as to believing!

Because you don’t have to believe in anything anymore that’s mystical, it’s all laid out under ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’! All you got to do is bungle your way down life; we’ve been bungling our way down for centuries.


Let me assure you there is only one Jesus Christ who lived the entire Word, we believe it. You think here altogether we’d live this Word; you are a little insane this morning.

Even if each one put his own little drop of goodness in the cup as per his own behavior and child training, it would be hardly an ounce in an eight ounce cup.

But nonetheless we heard Him calling; we knew it was God. When I heard Brother Branham, when you heard him, you knew it was God.

You could hear a Savior calling, and the beautiful thing is that’s what you were waiting for, for a long time.

I waited many years for a prophet, didn’t know I was waiting for William Branham, but I was waiting for one since I was twenty years of age.

In 1947, I was thirty-three years old at that time. Thirteen years after, I knew there had to be a prophet right in that area, ten, twelve, thirteen years, he came. I didn’t know he was that prophet.

But back then in 1962, especially opening the seals in 3, then it was fixed that he was that prophet which was to come, that I was waiting for, to open the Bible and to make us to understand what could not be understand unless you stood face to face with God and He told you. So we heard the Savior calling.


[290]  I want the old-time altar call. And brother, sister, as we see, just look what’s going on today. Now, with your heads bowed, just think a minute, look what’s taking place.

[291]  Did you read the newspaper last week with what that man in England said? [That was… Schoenfeld. He’s a very tremendous scholar, but he’s a Jew and he’s all cooked up. He said,] “The crucifixion of Jesus Christ was only a fake, [you know the Passover fraud?] it was fixed up between Pilate and Jesus.”

[292]  Did you see what this American theologian said? He said that “Jesus was just put to sleep on mandrake weed.” Many of you theologians know, back in Genesis where they talked of the mandrake weed. It’ll put you to sleep like you’re dead, your heart hardly beats for two or three days at a time.

“And when they gave him vinegar and gall,” they said, “that was mandrake weed. And they put him up there in the tomb, and He slept there for three days. And, of course, when they went up there, they found him walking around.”

Could you imagine that! Theologians, seminarians, see, make-believers… Of course when they put the vinegar and gall in His mouth, [he spit it out. Didn’t drink it.]

[293]  Another thing, if that be so, then why did those disciples who came and stole Him away, why did they give their lives in martyrdom for Him, and fell, counted theirselves not even worthy to die like He died: turned themselves up-side-down and sideways on crosses and things?

And if they knew He was a hypocrite and they their ownselves being hypocrites, how would they have given their lives for Him like that?

See, there’s no sense in what these people are saying. They know there had to be something there, and there is something there. But they’re not like the scientist who knew that there was something, and they found the atom.

And then they knew there was something beyond the atom, and they found it. See? But they’re not going to get away with producing life. Life only can bring life.


[294]  Oh, you see, it’s this intellectual day we’re living in. Education, civilization, and the modern trend of the day, is all of the Devil. [Now notice what he said, the modern trend of the day, is all of the Devil.] “Civilization of the Devil?” Yes, sir. The Bible said it is.

This civilization has death. “Will we have a civilization like this in the other world?” No, sir! We’ll have a different kind of civilization. Education, all these things, they’re of the Devil; science [now notice he explains this. Science] perverting the natural things, making something else.

Now what would Brother Branham think today of gene splicing and what is going on? Now was Brother Branham actually condemning education, civilization and the things we have today? No, he was not.

He was condemning what is in the control of the devil, and what the devil has done with it. Because after all, two and two make four, and that never came from the devil. It is true that the atoms came from God, never came from the devil.

It is true that everything out here is what God made, and there’s nothing made that is made that wasn’t made by Him! And everything was good! And all things are pure to the pure in heart.

And nothing of itself is evil. But when you begin messing with it, and taking out of the context wherein God placed it, then it is diabolical! And that’s what he’s talking about.


Many people thought that Brother Branham condemned education. If that was so, why did he want his daughter, Rebecca, to go to college? Why did he himself regret that he never had a better education? He didn’t know the difference between the word ‘true’ and ‘truly’!

One day he said, “Balaam was a true prophet.”

And I knew he’d struck a sour note. I said, “Brother Branham you said Balaam was a true prophet.”


I said, “You mean that he was true like Moses?”

He said, “No.”

I said, “Didn’t you mean he was truly a prophet, but not a true prophet.”

From that time on he said, “Balaam was truly a prophet.” Which is the correct language! He would have liked a better education. It wouldn’t have hurt him, because he wouldn’t have used it wrong for one minute.


[295]  Look what they’ve done to you now. “Reader’s Digest” said, last month before, I believe it was, said young men and young women when they go through middle life, women in menopause between twenty and twenty-five years of age.

That’s because of the hormonal situation going on today and the deterioration. Most people don’t know that hormones and antibiotics have brought on the plague of the yeast infection, which the Bible speaks of, mildew.

You seen mildew, what mildew’s like? Mildew on the corn, mildew on the wheat, on the barley, mildew everywhere. It’s a type of fungus. Get in the bloodstream.

And as long as the antibiotics are being used, and the hormones are being used, which they are, in birth control, on a regular basis, there’s going to be more and more of it.

And I believe a lot of men have yeast infection passed on by their wives, and they don’t even know where they’re getting it from. It’s the same principle I’m talking about AIDS is communicated, by the fluids. Gets through the whole body, turns into zombies.

It can form so much alcohol in your blood, you can act like a drunken person, they’ll pick you up, give you a breathalyzer test and there’s no alcohol, but you’re still drunk. Because of the yeast infection.

That brought on the other syndrome there, what do you call it? Where you’re completely blown out. Fooling around with nature, getting out of balance.


[295]  One more generation, they’ll be nothing but… [who knows.] It’ll be horrible-looking. See? What the creatures will be, softened, mucky. [No muscle tone, no tone. No strong genes.]

Look at the soul and the spirit, look how the spirit in the church has got, hybrid, intermarried to the world. Oh, what an hour! Flee, children! Flee! Flee to the Cross! Come to Christ, let Him lead you.

Now there again he doesn’t say, but there’s only way to come, and that’s by the Word, as Peter said, “Being born again, not of corruptible spora, but of incorruptible, by the Word of God, which lives and abides forever.”

The incorruptible Word goes with the incorruptible blood. Now if you’ve got an incorruptible blood, and a corruptible Word, forget it! Because you ain’t got no blood.

You haven’t any blood, because the blood does not avail unless you come through the covenant. And the last day Message is the only one that’s got any life! The life is not in the blood, the life left the blood! And the conduit of the life is the Word.


[296]  While we have our heads bowed, our eyes closed, and please bow your hearts at the same time. Will you? I want to ask you a question. Do you really look at yourself, to God? [In other words, do you really, as you look to God, really look at yourself?]

And do you feel that you’re not where you ought to be in this hour? Because the rapture could come at any time. See, it’ll come.

What Rapture? According to William Branham. Now they believe in the Rapture, but they call it the Appearing. And they’re totally void. They’re full of unbelief. Because to have faith is to have the same understanding of the Word that God has.

But as man tells you to pick up a crowbar, and your understanding is a pitchfork, you’re never going to bring a crowbar. So God’s Word devoid of revelation is going to have the same results as a man asking for a crowbar, and all the guy thinks is a crowbar is a pitchfork. It won’t work.


[297]  There’d only be, if that statement I made awhile ago is true, [about the Rapture and about believing the Message, which is contingent to the invitation, turning it down annuls the invitation, turning it down leaves you sitting there without a wedding garment, he said,]

there’ll only be about five hundred people in the rapture, that’s living, [now that doesn’t mean dead now, it means those that are standing on earth,] they’ll be changed. Why, taking all Christendom together, Catholics and all, there’s only five hundred million people…

There’s more than that. There’s much more. The Catholics have close to a billion, I understand. And the Protestants are maybe not too far behind. There’s quite a number out there.

Well he said here, there’s only five million here claims Christianity, but branded across the line, there are many more. But he’s just estimating now, and just giving figures to let you know how that… he doesn’t say there’s only five hundred going to make it.

[297]  And now one out of a million, be five hundred people. [Now that’s his figures right there.] There’s that many people missing every day, across the world, and we can’t even account for them. See, it’ll come, you won’t even know it. People will go on preaching, and saying…” See, it’ll all be past.


Like Billy Graham said they’re making altar calls and… Did Billy Graham want to include himself or just somebody else? Say, “They’ll be making altar calls, but not me, I’ll be gone.” I’m older than he is. He could be here making the same altar calls and the same gospel. Phew, man alive. He said…

[298]  Like Jesus said. They said, the disciples said, “Why say the scribes, `Elijah must first come’?”

[299]  He said, “He already come but you didn’t know him, but they did to him what they said they would do.”

Now that’s today, that’s repudiation. Remember you cannot kill Jesus; he’s not here. And you cannot kill John the Baptist; he is not here. You cannot kill Elijah; he is not here. But you can turn down the Spirit.


[300]  You know that you’re not right with God, and you’d like to be remembered to God, that God would set your heart right with God. Would you just humbly now, in this very still moment, raise your hands? I don’t care who you are, would you do it? You say, “I’ll raise my hands to God.” God bless you. God bless you.

[301]  Are you looking in the Mirror? I ask you in Christ’s Name, are you looking in God’s Mirror?

Now there’s a brother speaks in tongues. Now when he interprets, Brother Branham says this. Now you’ll notice that he allows this, and then uses it against them.

[302]  I want to ask one thing. How many in here are Pentecostals? Raise your hand, are Pentecostals. Practically every one of you.

Yup, that’s why they’re out of order. Imagine a person speaking in tongues during an altar call, and a vindicated prophet stands there. You talk about unmitigated gall. Ignorance, subversion.

Now, how many in here claim to be Christians? [Pentecostals, now Christians.] Raise your hands, where ever you are, claim to be a Christian. Did you know the Bible spoke of this, this would happen? [What would happen? Message in tongues, interpretation.]

[303]  Even this happened in the Old Testament when they were wondering what they would do, how they could get away from the siege that was coming. The Spirit fell upon a man and he prophesied and told them where to meet the enemy, and how, and what to overcome the enemy. That was the Old Testament, same as the New.

[304]  Now, somebody might say, “Oh that man, oh, that wasn’t so.” But what if it is so? You say, “Oh, I’ve heard that before.” But what if this is so? You see, that proves then that in here there’s many needs a change of heart, if that’s the Holy Spirit speaking. [We should have had this written down, what we should have had.] There’s things that needs to be done, so now it’s with you.


In other words, he used this against them. There own people stood up and endorsed the invitation, and every single thing Brother Branham said, but in their hearts and their minds there is no way they could have believed. I speak across the board now, because there could be one or two that did believe.

[304]  Just as I am, without one plea, [and he goes on down.]

[305]  Oh, think, today, the hearts are becoming stony, [stone has no life,] filled with the world, indifferent, church members, lukewarm, like the rich, young ruler;

Now what’s a stony heart? A stony heart and not a heart of flesh is filled with the world, indifferent, they’re church members, they’re lukewarm, they’ve turned down the reality of God as God presents Himself in His reality.

and don’t know that the great Holy Spirit’s standing, knocking at the door in this Laodicean Age. “He that will hear My Voice [the Word], will open his heart, I’ll come into him and sup with him.”


Now Brother Branham said that was he himself, now he’s bringing it down to the level that everybody uses, individuals, inviting Christ to come into their lives.

[306]  And the Spirit speaking through this brother a few minutes ago, said, [now watch, he’s using it against them,] “I’ll take that stony heart out of you, and give you a heart of flesh, tender toward God.” Look how it’s become now, just an intellectual, emotion. See? Not a tender heart full of love and sweetness towards Christ.

In other words, he uses their own testimony against them, their own gift and everything else, and that’s exactly true.

[307]  Don’t you want that kind of a heart? [That’s a heart of flesh of course, that’s soft, warm, yielding, living, pulsating.] How you going to face Christ with an intellectual concept of Him?

In other words Brother Branham’s saying, “Look, if you can take this book here, and everybody’s doing it, it’s approach from the intellectual concept, I can read it, can’t I?”


They can read it; they don’t even know it says, “There’s one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus.” They can’t even read that with understanding. Right, they can’t even read that with understanding. Let me quote it!

“Oh you’re preaching two gods, preaching two gods.”

I’m not stupid; they’re crazy. They’re crazy, insane. You don’t think they’re insane? They are insane. Women positively are going to see these scorpions in delusion with long hair, because they’ve cut their hair. They’re nuts now.

Look how women act. And they type the church perfectly, the church is crazy. It’s devil possessed. Now I know there’s a difference between devil possession and insanity, I’m not stupid, I read my Bible. But they’re both.

Intellectual conception, what they perceive by reading scripture somebody forces down their necks when they go to church.


[308]  Let’s each Christian just raise our hands quietly now and pray.

[309]  O God, please, Lord, catch this day that we’re living in. Oh, it’s so hard, Father. Satan has just done so much to the people. Their hearts have become stony.

Your Spirit speaks right out; Your Word comes forward, vindicated; [notice vindicated, vindicated. Brother Branham never ceased to use the word ‘vindicated’.] but the old-fashion, borned again experience, it’s become to a denominational, intellectual conception…

Which is known as the proof text salvation. Jesus died, hallelujah. Did he die for you? Yes. What did he take away? Your sins. Then you don’t have them anymore, right! You’re born again, hallelujah. Wrong.

You’re deader than a doornail. Proof text salvation. Using the Bible like a manual you pick up to use a hammer and square. You got to have the spirit of the one that wrote it to be able to understand it.

I couldn’t even use it as a manual for a hammer and square, or a book on a hammer and square. I don’t have that kind of spirit in me. See?


[309]  …vindicated; old-fashion, borned again experience, it’s become a denominational, intellectual conception, lots of music, a lot of shout, carrying-on. But, really, that heart of flesh, that Spirit, that Eternal Life, It’s certainly become foreign to the church.

In other words, the heart of stone is what he’s describing here again, and the heart of flesh does not have that.

[310]  God, it breaks my own heart, and me a sinner saved by Your grace. It makes me feel so bad, Father, to see the church that You died for, the church that You’re trying to redeem. I think of the vision You just gave about that church of the United States and other countries. What a horrible-looking rock ‘n’ roll striptease it was. But somewhere along I saw coming another one, [and that was the virgin Bride.]

Now remember he’s still giving an invitation to Christ while the church is giving an invitation to fornication. Why does a woman take her clothes off? For only one reason.

A woman doesn’t dress for a man, she dresses for a women; she undresses for the man. That’s scientific. What’s the church doing? It’s naked for one thing, entering into spiritual sexual perversion, or sexual spiritual perversion.

[311]  I pray, Father, that if any of these here tonight that’s ordained to Life, or would like to accept It, that this’ll be the hour they’ll do it.


How many could follow him in Pentecost ordained to eternal life? As many as were ordained to eternal life believed. How can you believe if you’re not ordained to it? How can you go to the ocean, slurping up ?krill?, unless you’re a whale or some kindred of the whale that’s ordained to slurp us the Krill

How could you as a tiny little infinitesimal bug, a white corpuscle, attack and slurp up a deadly virus if you weren’t ordained to do it? They don’t understand scripture. Do you realize the scripture I just quoted is one scripture nobody can refute? “As many as were ordained to eternal life, believed.”

They’ll fight every one in the Bible, but they can’t fight that one, there’s nothing they can do about it. You can take every translation under high heaven, it’s all the same thing.

“As many were ordained, believed.” They didn’t ordained, they couldn’t believe. See, that’s all there is to it.

[311]  Break up the stony heart now, the old heart of the world. And if they want peace, [we spoke of that, didn’t we?] they want something that satisfies, something that gives assurance, may they accept the leadership of Christ tonight to lead them to a Peace that passes all understanding,

How does a peace pass all understanding? It simply means there’s nothing to understand about it!

“I’m going to figure this peace out. Let me see this now. I have a jolly reputation of being a great psychiatrist, and in my soul there are these ripples, and I do have trouble waking in the morning, thinking of paying my bills, so I got to get this little bill payment fear under control. And I’ve got to get this next thing under control.”

And you know what? They begin to do it. But this peace there’s no understanding, you can’t figure it.

How can you have peace when the vessels going down? I don’t know, just got peace. How do you know… you can’t understand it, it’s past your understanding. Live, die, sink, swim, what kind of peace is that? Pretty good piece of a peace if you ask me.

That’s the whole jug in my books. It’s past my understanding. I can’t explain it to you. But I know there’s no tomorrow. I know there’s no corners to turn. I know there’s no fence to jump off.

I know there’s no future decisions to make. It’s over. I’ve been shanghaied. The great pirate came down to take back His lost children from the devil. He’s not really a pirate; He’s a redeemer.


All right, the great Redeemer came down and overcame the pirate. All right, past understanding, you can’t figure this thing out. No way.

[311]  …a Joy that’s unspeakable and full of glory,

What about a joy that’s screaming day and night? People don’t like our church because their joy is not full of yelling and jumping down, it’s full of glory.

They’re trying to use the forces inherent in the Holy Spirit to anchor them day by day and meeting by meeting in this church, with the Word of Almighty God.

Let the storm blow, what does it matter? It’s not going to blow your tent away. What if they do close the doors? What’s the big deal? We’ve got tapes. We’ll make out fine, no problem. See? Yelling and jumping, that’s what Reagan wanted.

Everybody’s going to be great if you’ll just jump and run and yell. And the funny thing was no one responded. He tried to jumpstart their motors, the four cylinders out of four were frozen.

Now I’m not against people vociferously praising the Lord, neither is Brother Branham or anybody else. But the point is, that’s not it, there’s something beyond all of this.

[311]  It’s full of glory, even something that death itself cannot harm. Grant it, Father.

Well death cannot harm the soul that’s committed to God with the word ‘committal’. And the Word is an oath, and the Word is a contract.

[312]  Now, with our hands up, I wonder if… How many in the building now would just say, “I’m going to stand.” Now, I don’t care who’s sitting by you; It’s God talking to you. And you really want to be a real Christian. See? And less than That is a impersonation [in other words]; oh, I’d just rather go on out and be in the world.


In other words, if there’s just an impersonation going to take place, forget it, go on out there and live like the devil. Because all you’re going to do is cramp your style.

And your style is not God’s style, your style is the devil’s style, and now he’s got a double crimping you. You got your sad, dragged out, woebegone creature. A false hope. We don’t want impersonations, see? Pretending we’re something we’re not.

[313]  Now, just examine yourself by the Word, by the [Word] Message.

Now notice how he put them in apposition. “Just examine yourself by the Word, which is what I gave you tonight in my message.” Now examine it. You are confronted by Eternal Life Himself to lead you to Himself. Which is via a vindicated prophet.

So now you have the opportunity of going and getting; this is it. Absolutely parallel and greater than Paul’s day.

And the final sealing in by God Himself, which was not in Paul’s day, God Himself just sealed the Word, and He had to come back and open the Seals and bring us forth the Word, then seal in the Bride. Then He is our Seal, He’s the Head.

And Brother Branham said, “Come on, this is what you can have. This is yours tonight.”

[313]  Examine yourself by the Word, which is the Message [that I’ve preached]. Examine what a real Christian should be: rugged, loving, not one of these modern Christians. Why, it’s soft, flexible, half dead, rotten, interbred. See, it’s not real Christianity;


There’s no live, die, sink, swim, in Christianity, jump here, jump there, this, that and the other thing, pretty soon something else come along. They told me the same thing, “Oh something else will come along.”

I said, “Drop dead.” I’ve got a great advantage, I was around the prophet. I’d been led of the Lord in this respect, plus the fact I’m eighty years old. What am I going to start looking at?

“Oh Brother Vayle you’ve got an active mind, you could look, you could look.” I’ve done looked.

I’m like John, when I saw the heavens opened, who worried about hell? Hell from beneath is moved up to this earth, my brother/sister, I’m not interested. You couldn’t give me this earth on a scoop shovel, with billions of gold and the authority to take over from the devil and rule the world.

Forget it, I wouldn’t take it, oh no, you couldn’t run fast enough to catch me and give me the world. Oh forget it. I want to see everything burn, and I mean burn, brother, burn, and then come back and start all over again, and not even what I got now. I want to drop what I’ve got now.

I’m looking for a wonderful time ahead, and the longer I live, the more I see the Millennium is just people really living. People, flesh and blood people. Not angels. Not birds, not mugwumps. Not eerie creatures. People! And we’ll all look pretty.

You know why? Because we’re all going to glow from the intensity of life, even coming through your pores. You ever seen a person so vital you could just stand back and look at them? I’ve seen only a couple in my life. And all I wanted to do was just look.

That’s the Millennium to me. Life. Get all the devil’s strings off and all the crud and crap in our hearts out, all the junk in our minds, all the inordinate feelings, all the inordinate passions, which have to do with anger, strife, malice, hatred. Just get rid of it all. God’s going to do it in the great resurrection. See?


[313]  Don’t you want that sweet fellowship with Christ, the Holy Spirit, the conformity of your heart to the Word? Move right up into Christ. If you want that, and desire God to see your stand tonight right in this group of people, if you’ll just do it.

Now he’s letting them know that the group of people that raised their hands, “We got it,” ain’t got it. Remember, he said the majority of Pentecostals. Hallelujah to God, I spoke in tongues, that’s it. But it wasn’t.

[314]  You say, “Will that mean anything, Brother Branham?”

[315]  Oh, yes. Sure, it does. “If you’re ashamed of Me before man, I’ll be ashamed of you before My Father and the holy Angels. But he that will confess Me and stand for Me in this land, I’ll stand for him in that land. I’ll confess him before My Father.”

Confess what? Confess that there’s a Jesus that loves you, and you love him, hallelujah, and we get along just great? Or are you going to confess Christ the Word? Now that’s the difference, see?

Anybody can confess Christ, everybody’s happy to talk about Jesus, “Oh that wonderful man. Yeah, he’s God, the God man, yes, he’s the Son of God, he’s God the Son, rather. Yes, and he was one mind and essence with the Father, is what it was, that’s how they’re one.”


You could have three hundred percent identical horses, they’re still not one, they’re three. Same identical life, same identical skin, same identical texture, right down to the last iota, the last atom, and whatever’s within the atom, they’d still be three horses.

How do you make one God out of a Trinity? Their language bamboozles, you know, no wonder they can’t read anymore. They’ve been taught that a pitchfork is a square, and they’re square all right.

Sure, stand up before the Lord; stand up with this Word. This is the only thing in my life that I really know concerning God that I’m steady on, and I’m not ashamed of. I believe this Message, I can’t prove it, I believe it was proven, and I believe we believe it the way it was proven.

[316]  Now, no matter who you are, woman, man, boy or girl, whoever you are, Christian or not Christian, minister, deacon, whatever you are, if you’ll just believe with your whole heart, just a moment, and do this much tonight just let God know that you’re sincere.

Now how can you be sincere if you come against vindication as proving that Brother Branham is a correct Word prophet?


[317]  “Now, look, I’m a Pentecostal,” you say. “I’m this,” or whatever you are. “I profess to dance in the Spirit. But, Brother Branham, I thought as long as we had this, we had It.” No, you haven’t.

[318]  If you believe me to be God’s prophet, [now ha-ha! There’s a condition laid down,] you listen to my Words. See? [God’s prophet? Listen to your words? Phtt. I listen to Jesus.] That’s a deception in this day. See? Didn’t the Bible say it’d be so close it would deceive the Elected if possible? The Elected, down to the soul…

Why did he say elected down to the soul? Because that’s it, foreknown, elected. What foreknown? The soul! What’s elected? What’s predestinated? The kind of body it’s supposed to have.

“See, do you believe me to be God’s prophet, listen to my words? Now there’s a deception in the land, I’m not God’s prophet according to people.

You’re listening to these guys with the gifts that vindicate themselves by gifts, and put the Giver to one side. I don’t put the Giver to one side. I’m here with the Giver.”

And he said, “The line between them and us is like a razorblade.”


[319]  But if you danced in the Spirit, still with the things of the world, there’s something wrong. If you speak with tongues; Paul said, “I can speak with tongues of men and angels, and not even be saved.” Uh-huh, both kinds. See?

“I can do all the emotions, I can have faith, I can preach the Gospel, I can give all my goods to feed the poor, I can carry the Word in the mission fields across the world, and I’m still nothing.”

In other words, I’m not born again. You can take this Message, pervert it, you’re not born again. And they’re doing it. They’re doing it.

See? Inside of that inside, brother. Your spirit breaks up when you die, it takes its flight, but your soul lives.

And that’s true. The spirit goes, the soul lingers, then the soul goes. It goes to judgment.

[320]  Now, look at yourself. [Now inside, remember, the inside of the inside, that’s the inner soul. Now, look at yourself.] Really, are you a genuine Bible Christian, full of the love of God?

No way, you can only love God with all your heart when you are thoroughly circumcised in your heart. And the thorough circumcision can only come by the Word, and that can only come by Your mind receiving, and letting it go down in your heart, and say, “This is what I rest on, live, die, sink, or swim, forget anything else.”

You’ve got to come to an absolute, which is number one: vindication.

Number two: he couldn’t make a mistake if he tried; this is the Word of God!

Number three: I must ask God to reveal it to me.

Number four: I must pray that the Holy Spirit loosed within me, and this Word will make me the living Word, right down the line.

You don’t go any place else, it’s all laid out here as it was with Paul. It’s cut and it’s dried. In other words, the harvest is over! There’s no more sowing and this and that. It’s a reaping. And the harvester is catching up with the reaper.


[320]  Remember, the Bible said, in the last days when this time takes place, “A marking angel went through the church, went through the cities, and sealed only those who sighed and cried for the abomination that was done in the city.”

What’s done in Rome? What’s done in Babylon? What’s done today in the headquarters of Pentecost, every place else? Ha! It always was filthy sex and it still is and don’t try to tell me different.

I’m too old to be fooled by that crud anybody wants to pass off on me. And that’s always the sign of spiritual decadence. It’s a type of the church gone into idolatry.

[321]  Is that right? Ezekiel 9, we know that’s the Truth. The marking angel went forth and put a Mark on their head, forehead, sealed them, “Those that sighed and cried.”

Sighed and cried over sin. What sin? It’s unbelief! What’s belief? Receiving a true revelation of God. What’s unbelief? Turning it down. So what has the world done? They’ve turned it down. Where are they sighing and crying?

Well the Bride can’t do too much, because she’s so happy she’s got it. She can sigh and cry for her friends and those outside and feel very, very sorry, but also we also sigh and cry because of the depth of sin, what’s going on amongst our young people, our kids, and ourselves, and it’s come to the place where you can hardly rub it off anymore!

It’s like when you parked your car in front of the factory, and they were spraying paint. Try to rub it off your car! It’s become part of the car. You got to get the sandpaper out and take chip that thing right down to the metal.

That’s the way you and I are, we’ve got to keep stripping down and stripping down, and get right down to the nub of our hearts, so the Wellspring can come forth. This life around here has become a part of us! It’s tragic but it’s true! You don’t believe it? Why have you got yeast infection? Antibiotics and hormones.

Just physical, spiritual. I’m glad that Brother Branham was given permission to tell us we didn’t do it, because we’re still doing it. Backslide a thousand times a day, but there’s a hope for us.

And yet someone got him comatose or back to the dust. Merciful God. I thought this Message enlightened, but you see it doesn’t necessarily enlighten. It can bring death.


[321]  After that came the slaughtering angels from the four corners of the earth, which is coming right away, we see it coming, wars moving right in that’ll kill the whole earth off. That was nothing they couldn’t touch them that had the Mark.

That’s the angel marking, this is one of God’s. Like they took Lot and his daughters out.

[322]  Is your heart so concerned about the sinners, and the way that the church and the people are doing, till you sigh and cry about it day and night? If so, I’m wondering. That’s the Scripture.

Well, now how far did Brother Branham take that? He wouldn’t even pray for America anymore. But you notice what he did? He brought his Message to the church as much as he could.

And I know that he was really beat down in his soul, because they never took it, but finally it came to the place I’m sure where he knew that there was hardly anybody left. America was all seined out.


Now, but he says to the church, he said, “Are you sighing and crying over the people and their sin?”

In other words, as I said before, their unbelief, they’re depending upon a revelation which is not vindicated, they’re depending upon the creeds and the dogmas, they’re depending upon the vomit, partly digested food from yesterday, the best they can be is a foolish virgin, who the life of the Word has gone out.

Oh they’re right as far as their doctrine’s concerned on justification, and something like that, those things. But there’s no life in it anymore, because they’ve turned down the living Word and the prophet of Almighty God. See?

[323]  “Dear God, I’m not standing because Brother Branham said so, but I heard his Word say that, and I’m going to do this. To You, Lord, I stand. I’m in need, Lord. Will You supply my need tonight here at this place? I stand.” God bless you. God bless you. “I’m in need, I want You to have mercy upon me.” God bless you. “I want to be the kind of a Christian.”

[324]  Now, remember, the person that’s standing by you is the same thing you are. I want you just to reach over and take ahold of their hand, say, “Brother, sister, pray for me now.

In other words, those that sit next to you are supposed to be born again.

I want you to pray for me.” Just say it with all your Christian sincerity, “Pray for me. I want to be right with God. You pray for me, I’m going to pray that God will give you the opportunity.”

[325]  We can’t stay here much longer. We’re at the end of our time. Everybody that believes that, say, “Amen.” There’s nothing left. Everything is gone. The churches is headed to the Ecumenical council.

[326]  Look here! Don’t you know what the Lord said about Los Angeles? “She’s gone!” “Hollywood and Los Angeles is sliding in the ocean. California, you’re doomed! Not only California; but you, the world, you’re doomed! church, unless you get right with God, you’re doomed!” THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT!

The church is doomed. The church is purged. Absolutely it’s doomed.

[327]  Have you ever heard me use that Name unless it came to pass? And you’ve known me twenty years. Did I ever tell you anything in the Name of the Lord but what came to pass? [Now he’s quoting Samuel.] If everything I’ve ever told you would happen, happened, say, “Amen.” [They said, “Amen!”] See? I tell you, it’s the hour, you better be getting right, all of us.


Let’s each one pray for the other:

[328]  Dear God, we stand here tonight, a dying people, our faces are turned towards the earth, the dust. We just… You have give us this cutting sermon, Lord. [As to cut you out of the block, cut you away from the old pit.] We see the examples of two men.

One of them, being a religious man, went to church but rejected the leadership to Eternal Life. The other rejected the worldly fame and turned to Eternal Life. And we see both of their conditions tonight, [one’s in heaven, one’s in hell,] according to the Bible: the rich man is in torment, and Moses is in Glory.

[329]  Father, we want to be like Moses. We want to be led by Your Holy Son, Jesus Christ, to Eternal Life. Give It to our hearts tonight, Lord. Tear out the old stony heart; place into us the new heart, the heart of flesh, the heart that you can talk to and deal with, [that’s the heart of flesh, one that God can deal with,] and we will not be haughty or different [or indifferent I guess he might have meant].

May the Holy Spirit never leave, Lord. May It come and ordain this people. Speak to them; tear up their stony will, and put in the will of God. [Now you see they don’t even believe they have a stony will, see, now that’s what they don’t understand. They don’t have the Word of God, which is the will of God, Brother Branham said so.]

Save every one, Father. Give us of Thy love. Get us a place, Lord, that we’ll get away from all this emotional part, to the real solid part of feeling… the heartfelt part, the deepness of the Spirit, the richness of God, the Kingdom of the Spirit in our hearts. Grant it, O Great Leader, great Holy Spirit, before You take Your flight into the skies with the church.

The Spirit in our midst becomes incarnate to us, we’ll crown Him King of kings and Lord of lords.


[330]  O God, let me go, Lord. Don’t leave me behind, Jesus. Let me go with You, Father. I don’t want to stay here on this earth to watch these tribulations coming on. I don’t want to stay here in this insanity. I don’t want to stand here when hideous sights… people losing their mind.

We look at men trying to act like beasts and look like beasts; [they sure do,] and the women trying to look like animals, [and they sure do,] with the paint on their faces. Knowing that these things are predicted to happen, that the thing will,

they’ll go insane till locusts will rise up with hair like women to haunt the women; and teeth like lions, and things like that You’ve said, the mental condition of the people will be completely gone. We see it in the making right now, Lord. Help us! Restore us to the sane mind of Christ Jesus our Lord.

There’s only one way to escape and that’s through this Word, which gives the true invitation to the true God and the true eternal life, that’s all. Nothing outside of it.

[331]  O Great Leader of Eternal Life, we accept Your promise tonight, Father. I plead for this people. I plead for every one of them, in the Name of Jesus Christ, Lord. I pray that Christ the Son of God will come into the hearts of every one of us, [now what’s Christ the Son of God? It’s the Holy Spirit of course.] and mold us and make us into new creatures in Christ Jesus.

That’s child training, bringing us up in the body as individuals, right to the Headship, which we are under now, but will be physically as we’re changed, more physically as we’re changed.


[332]  We love You. We want our dispositions [changed], that we can be Your children, feel of Your Spirit moving in our hearts, Lord, tendering us [making us tender] and bringing us to realization of this insane age that we’re living in. Grant it, God.

When we see young women so caught up in the web of the Devil, young men, perverted minds, children, dope addicts, cigarette smoking, drinking, immoral, Satan’s Eden.

[333]  God, if You took six thousand years, according to the Bible, to build an Eden. And You put Your son and his wife in this [his bride], to rule over it.

And Satan come around and perverted it; he’s got six thousand years to build his own intellectual Eden through science, and education, and so-called intelligence, and he’s built it into a mess of death.

Why? Because through perversion! He threw the laws out that are established to take care of the laws of the universe. Of course he threw out the law of God first.


[334]  O God, take us back to Eden again, Lord, [that’s where the Tree of Life is,] where there’s no death, there’s no sorrow. Grant it, Lord. We stand humbly, waiting for the second Adam to come for His Bride. Make us part of Him, Father. [Of course we’ll meet Him in the air.] We pray in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

[335]  Do you love God? Do you feel what I’m trying to tell you? If you understand raise your hands, say, “I understand what you’re trying to say.” [Did they? That’s the question we don’t know. We trust that some did, if not all.] Can you see the insanity of this age? Look how it’s gone, there’s even no reason among the people no more. It’s gone! Where… Even the leaders.


[336]  Look at our President! [Oh Lord, look at Clinton. Who was President back there in 1965? Look at Clinton.] “If they want Communism, let them have it. Whatever the people wants, let them have it.”

Where is the Patrick Henry’s, our George Washington’s? Where is our leaders that can stand for a principle? We haven’t got them any more. [Now that’s true.]

[337]  Where is our churches, our ministers? Will the people just take on prohibition, [in other words, sign the pledge and stop drinking or something?] or come in… join the church and do this, or have a little sensation or some [other little thing]. Where are those men of God, those prophets that stood out and dared to defy all the things of the world?

[338]  Where are those men of integrity? Where are they at? [Well you can’t find them amongst Oral Roberts and that gang out there, let’s face it. Ha. And people sell God down the river to take authority? Why these bunch of men were nothing but another Sanhedrin!]

They’re so soft, and through intellectual conception [see there’s no integrity], till they’re not here any more. O God, have mercy upon us.

[339]  These hideous sights coming upon the earth. You can see how the people’s moving right into it. It’s an insanity. And when the thing strikes, the church will be gone.

[340]  God, let us be there. That’s my prayer to the great Supernatural Being that’s in this building tonight, the great Christ that still has Eternal Life. [And Christ of course is Messiah. He’s the great Redeemer and Keeper.] I pray Thee, Christ, as I’m here with my eyes open, looking at the church that You’ve redeemed with Your Blood. God, don’t let a one of us be lost.


Now notice his language goes back and forth and this is so difficult, why you could be a Jesus Only or a Trinitarian, say, “Nobody knows, forget the whole cotton-picking mess.”

He goes back and forth and back and forth. He uses the language everybody else uses. And it’s a pity in my books, and I’m not going to be critical of Brother Branham, but the point of the matter is, who are you praying to God and who are you praying through and who is who? Now this book has got it right.

Now Brother Branham’s got it right in his doctrine. But many time his language can be very confusing. But I’m going to tell you something very, very flat. There’s one God Who is Spirit, period! And He’s not Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. He is Holy Ghost Who became a Father by bringing forth a Son.

And the Son is not God. And the Son has only certain attributes from God. And God the Father is still his God, even though He’s his Father. So whatever you’re talking about down here, you’ve got to leave with that structure as it actually is.

But there is a bouncing back and forth here, and I know Brother Branham’s mind is perfectly clear. But it’s not that clear to the people. See?



[340]  We want to be right with You. So cleanse us, O Lord, from all of our iniquity. Take away our sins and [all those other] things.

In other words we can’t but He can. He’s the only one that can do it, and we must rely upon Him to do it from the start to the finish. There are those that say, “Well Lord, You gave me so much, I’ll finish the battle now with what You gave me.”

There is no such thing as that. Even with what God gives you, it’s still under His control; we are merely stewards. And that is the whole thing where Adam went off track; he was only a steward.

But Eve took headship over Adam and she acted as though she owned the whole cheese. And when she did, she messed up everybody, causing an interruption that’s been hell for six thousand years. And I’m not happy about her doing it.

And Brother Branham wasn’t happy about her doing it, and Adam wasn’t, and nobody’s been happy about her doing it ever since. But she did it. And that’s what you’re looking at right today.

There’s got to be a getting back to the Word of Almighty God, where God Himself is sovereign even as God is sovereign over Jesus Christ.

I don’t care if Jesus Christ said, “I could now call for twelve legions of angels,” there was no way he could be obedient to God and still call for them. He’d have let God down, let himself down, or anybody else down; it would have been all over. See?


[341]  We’ve seen You heal our sick, even raise our dead [come back to life through prayer], we’ve seen all these things happen, Father. Now, bring us back to Life, [in other words, join us back to God] spiritually; bring us back to realization of Eternal Life through Jesus Christ. Grant this, Father. I commit it all to You. In Jesus Christ’s Name.

And then he sings, “Till We Meet.” Now my question is, how many are going to meet Him? I knew a man who always tries to sing that song, “Till We Meet,” he cannot sing it.

And yet he’s a tremendous song leader. I won’t tell you who he is; it’s none of your business. I have no respect for him, I can tell you that. I have yet to hear him start the song, and I’ve got no voice in all the world, and I could start it right now.

When you see people live such a life as I have seen people live, you don’t say, “Bless God, there’s a child of God, a believer in this Message.”

The liars will not be in the Kingdom. The thieves will not be in the Kingdom. Deceivers aren’t going to be there. Make up your mind. We weren’t delivered from sin to continue therein, no way today. But this is an hour, brother/sister, the world’s never seen, will never see again.

And we’re a privileged people, may we understand our privilege and make the most of it. And separate ourselves a hundred percent from that group that Brother Branham talked to at the last time.

The miserable wretched Laodicean age, naked, wretched, miserable, blind, standing there dancing and screaming like a bunch of filthy fornicating hula artists, saying “We’re rich, increased in goods, and don’t lack a thing, come and join our fornications.”

Let them do what they want. Let’s make our vow to God this morning, even as Brother Branham said, “Raise your hand, may we raise our hands within our hearts and stand this morning in prayer and dedicate ourselves to God afresh.”

Let’s rise to be dismissed.

Gracious Heavenly Father, we’ve heard the prophet’s message, taken thirty-three messages on them, and here at the very end the people are standing Lord, I don’t know if they really understood what Brother Branham said about his Word being the Message being vindicated, that that was the way they came, the invitation was there, and to bypass it meant the invitation was completely null and void.

Lord it takes a lot of something to believe that. It takes a lot of dying out and a dying down. It takes a lot of live, die, sink or swim to come there, but God You gave it to us, and we’re glad that You did, we’re glad You took us the way You took us, and now we stand this morning, live, die, sink or swim, this is it.

There’s one thing we ask of You Lord, this morning, honestly, sincerely, and that is by Your grace, by Your Holy Spirit, You put in our hearts, absolutely to put there as never before, that complete marvelous determination which You can give us O God, that Your life might be lived through us to the measure that You desire it, in the way that You desire it, in the principles and the purpose You desire it, so we might be living members of a living God.

And I know Lord that leaves it kind of obtuse and vague to the people, and I speak this way, but I don’t know what You want for every person here, I know You wanted me to teach, and I’m doing maybe not my best, but I am teaching.

You wanted me to write a book, I wrote a book Lord. You wanted me to do certain things, I’ve done it. But there are certain things in my life Lord, that I’m talking about now, those personal things, and attitudes, and figure of speech and all those things, thinking patterns, and all of these other things will go with it Lord, I would like to be lined up with the spiritual blue pattern that lies within the Holy Ghost, living in this Word to come forth in this vessel, Lord, that’s trying to do Your will by trying to teach it a little bit, and help people in this Message.

And everyone Lord in their own capacity in the same way, so we might not be just members of You, and living members in so far that we know we’ve received grace upon grace, but now through that grace and the strength and energy You’ve given us by the Holy Ghost, our lives are involved Lord with Your life.

So we can say with Paul, “I’ve been crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ lives in me, and the life that I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me,” and Lord I can see the principle there, and that’s what we desire this morning from You.

Healing is fine, we desire that too, but this other, Lord we desire, so we can be as John, who said, “I wish above all else you may prosper and be in health as your soul prospers.” Where he might have said, “There’s one thing I want to do above everything that brings the rest, and that is a prosperous soul.”

A soul with the right, complete, beautiful true attitudes that bring forth this Word in your being, and the other things will fall in line. This is what we understand Lord, and we accept this morning. Help us to that end. We give you praise, in the Name of Jesus Christ our blessed Lord. Amen

Take the name of Jesus with you.

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