Leadership #23

Eat My Flesh... Fatness; Spiritual Sexual Affair With The Word
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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father we know Your Presence has a reality, because we have been proven that by the manifestation of vindication, and know that the same One Who came down for the Shout is here for the Voice, and also for the Trumpet, and as Brother Branham said, that same One Who met Paul on the road to Damascus, had gone from the flesh to a Pillar of Fire, gone back, that same Pillar.

We understand Who that One is, because that is God Almighty Himself, call Him this Name, that Name, many appellations, many titles, we know that You are one God, and You are the Creator, You are the Father of the true seed.

And we know that, but we also know that You are God, and in that as being God, that supersedes even the relationship of being Father, whereby there would be those who would claim a relationship, and then attempt to take some kind of advantage, but when we look on You Lord as the great sovereign God, we know it is a time for reverence and for fear, even as Brother Branham said, God is not some dotty old grandfather that you can take liberties with.

And Lord tonight we would not want to take any liberty at all, especially with Your Word, only the liberty that’s granted us by revelation through the vindicated message and then truly revealed to us and shown in scripture by the Holy Spirit, You Yourself.

We ask these mercies, You guide us tonight, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we’re into number 23 of the Leadership series, and because we took such little time with the actual going into the message itself, we only got two or three paragraphs, I want to start over again, and then see how far we can get tonight. So we’ll just take the same preamble, and sort of catch you up on it.

So as we continue to study this message, we must continue to realize that we are not simply talking about a man with a great ministry and admiring that ministry, which is evidently from God, because things are being done that only God can do.

We must realize and accept that the ministry of power in William Branham’s life is an exact parallel to and resurgence of that ministry of God when God was in the tabernacle called Jesus, and He did the works that men recognized as coming, and coming only from God.


The next step is to realize that that ministry of power is God’s way of attracting the people to the Word, which He desires to give the people through the prophet who is ministering those acts of power.

It’s the same thing that Paul said, “I never came to you with any wisdom of my own or anything that was at all sophisticated, I came in the demonstration power of the Holy Ghost.” Remember God is the Holy Ghost.

Man must see the works of God in order to be drawn to hear the Word of God, and know it is indeed the vindicated Word that God Himself is bringing.

God in this day anointed His prophet, and God Himself performed the works, and God Himself brought forth His Own word.

And all was done according to Deuteronomy 18, which is the only way that God can and will do it.


The next and last thing is to realize that the majority reject the Message, and only a bare minority, likened unto the eight people in the ark, are elected or chosen to see it.

The mighty acts of God are only a temporary ministry, absolutely unduplicated, and is a sign of the Word to follow.

And there is no mention of a power ministry to follow, based upon this tremendous vindication of Deuteronomy 18.

And we must never forget the vindicated ministry of Deuteronomy 18, unduplicated, and nothing but a Message will follow. People don’t believe that. Well, they’ll find out later.

A true prophet of the Word is always followed by false prophets, as was seen how that after Moses brought the Message of the hour, Balaam came on the scene with tremendous prophecies, and though the prophecies themselves came to pass, the man himself was an enemy of the Word.

Then came Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, and you’ll notice all through scripture that Balaam and Korah are mentioned along with Cain, very disreputable people. And Brother Branham preached that in the Anointed Ones At The End Time, how it repeats in this hour.


And this is what Brother Branham is trying to get over to the Full Gospel Businessmen who have attempted… and they did a pretty good job, attempted to take over leadership for God by taking it away from the five-fold ministry, or making the five-fold ministry subservient to them.

And you’ll notice the five-fold ministry fell for the gold, they went for the gold, because they felt that these people, being commercial minded, you could apply business tactics, and business principles to the ministry, and you could simply then take books like Charles Finney wrote, and you could read history, and always the people were sure that what they did provoked God to a revival.

They’re going to lead the world to God, that’s another Catholic doctrine, going to take the world over for God so that Christ can come back and rule.

And they’re like Jehovah Witnesses, way back during depression day, they built a fabulous mansion in California for the tune of 50,000 dollars, and Rutherford I guess, or Russell, maybe it was Russell, he was going to occupy and live in it till the Lord came, and I don’t know who’s living in it now.

But if it’s still there it’s going to be like that great, marvelous underwater attraction that the Armstrong bunch have. It’ll be the finest religious underground, underwater auditorium in creation, because it’s all going under.

You can’t get them to see this, because they’re blind. They’re blind and they’re full of pride. Ignorance and arrogance go together; wisdom and humility are also twins.

So instead of bringing the world to Christ, they’re bringing the world to antichrist, because no one has been more successful, and the Full Gospel Businessmen, and Mr. Du Plessis, the Pentecostals, in bringing the last day group of people and others with them, back to harlot Rome and all the daughters are going back there.

But even more tragic is the fact that many who loved and believed in Brother Branham will leave the Word and go back. They never did have the Word in the first place; they never believed it. That’s the major problem.


All right, we read that in paragraph 179. No that’s not the one I want. I’ll find it here; it’s 192, on page 28.

[192]  And any Message that’s come in, a genuine, borned Message of God, [that’s what he’s saying, a genuine Message that’s born of God, and it can’t be genuine unless it comes from God,] is different from the old trend.

Now he wants the people to know from history, both in the Bible and religious history as taught in the schools and seminaries set forth by historians, that you’ll notice there’s always a change in the Message.

Now you can trace that from the first age it started to go down. And you’ll notice that they’d lost their first love. And many things have been said about that first love, but the actual definitive revelation in my books, in my understanding is their hearts began to lose their uncircumcised condition, and they began to clutter their hearts, wherein we speak of worship toward God, obscure the eyes of the soul by creeds and dogmas.

And if you go back in that first age, you will find that many things came up, and just to let you know, that you might have missed it yourself, it’s in the Bible.

Paul spoke of it already having run in a frontal attack with all the apostles, who were on the verge of becoming Judaizers, and they all attempted to have Timothy circumcised.

What in the name of common sense does circumcision got to do with anything when it comes to the gospel? But already they’d started on that trail down.


Now the reason I said that is because only the truly circumcised heart can love God with the whole heart. Otherwise you have not just, you might say, a division of opinion, but you have a strong division in there of your whole feeling and attitude, and your love, and your desire to God.

In fact the actual fact of the matter is in my books, that without God circumcising our hearts, giving us as it were a heart of flesh, to the whole heart of stone and corruption, to really know the doctrine, as we know it today, if God didn’t do something for us, we couldn’t love Him. There’s no way.

You’re looking at five and a half billion people that are cannon fodder, atomic fodder, going to be destroyed with flaming fire when God takes vengeance on them in the final end.

And yet you look at this all here where you realize that God being infinite knew how many fleas there’d be and how many times they’d bat their eyes, and how many to make a pound of tallow. Which is putting it succinctly, and abrasively, but very accurately.

And in no time has the will of God ever been thwarted, at no time has His Word ever returned void, because it was sent somewhere, special place, for a special purpose.

And man comes back and says, “Who then has resisted His will?” It sounds like a cut and dried thing. How can you get emotional in the right way if you knew that your father was predestinated to go to hell and the mother that you love so dearly?


What do you think that Esau and Rebecca felt like, when the word came, “Esau have I hated.” And Abraham [Isaac], in spite of every good intention, could not prophesy over Esau any blessing of promise from God, because he was not the true elect seed.

Now Rebecca played a very foolish part, just like her ancestress Eve. She thought she could fiddle with the Word, and so she had Jacob put on some goat hair, and help him cook some savory food, and dupe the old boy.

And he said, “It’s the voice of Jacob, and the hand of Esau.” Of course you know that’s become quite a saying in the world. They talk Christian words and act like the devil, oh that’s everywhere. Just everywhere. So he blessed him.

Then Esau came, and his dad began to tremble like a leaf.

He said, “What is this? I’ve blessed Jacob.” Why didn’t he say, “That rotten scoundrel, dare to fool with me. I thought he had more on the ball. I’ll take it away.”

No, he said, “Yea, then he shall be blessed.” Why? Because God spoke through him.

What do you think? Eight people make the ark percentage wise. Five and a half billion people.

Paul the Apostle in the first church age, he said, “I could wish myself to be accursed from my brethren after the flesh, and I don’t cease to pray for this bunch and that bunch.”

And Brother Branham at the end of the age says, “I don’t pray for America anymore, I’m here for a Bride.” Is that smog? Huh? [Brother Vayle points to the Picture of the Pillar of Fire] Or is that Shekinah glory? Make up your mind. Make up your mind.

What is the biggest circle of unbelief on the human heart? The sovereignty of God. “God is not sovereign, we can bend Him, we can sway Him.” I got news for you, Nebuchadnezzar learned the hard way, Belshazzar wouldn’t learn.

The return to Babylon, my dear brothers and sisters is that Nebuchadnezzar who learned is no longer here, but Belshazzar is. He didn’t even know when he didn’t have a kingdom to divide and give to anybody.

Full Gospel Businessmen, my God have pity. Not knowing that this great healing revival, discernment… and discernment by the way, was like eating, or sucking on a frozen mackerel, alongside of the gift of healing.

The people didn’t have a clue to Hebrews 4, and they still don’t have a clue to Hebrews 4, and they’re never going to have a clue until it’s too late.


Where it says in verse 12,

Hebrews 4:12-13

(12) For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

(13) Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked…

Now just a minute, just a minute. There’s no scripture whatsoever until John the Revelator in chapter three, in the last church age, pronounces nakedness. And the same Revelator talks about it in the epistles, but here alone is where nakedness comes.

And the nakedness of the people is something they don’t even know about, they do not believe it, they don’t have a clue, and ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’ proved the condition they’re in, and they weren’t ashamed at His Presence.

In fact they laugh and the women had a jubilee, “Ha, ha, ha, ha! We’re going to cut our hair, and wear our skirts the way we want, and we’re going to preach. Ha, ha, ha, put that in your Branhamite pipe and smoke it.”


Let it sink in what I’m telling, I was there. That’s the condition of the world. Yet they say they’re worshipping and praising God, and going to bring everybody to God.

Radio stations everywhere, there won’t be a person in the world that will not have heard of the gospel. But what kind of a gospel if in the first church age, the works in somebody else’s flesh, because that’s what circumcision is! No child circumcises himself; it takes somebody else to do it.

So if they began a works program and lost their first love, which was a pure heart, freshly reborn by the Word, and truly circumcised, because they didn’t have a Word.

Now this is why it is that Roman Catholics, and don’t go patting yourselves on the back, but they are the best candidates for this Message, because they really never had anything!

And a glimpse of the Word comes; they had so little Word, and so inured with works programs, even to the extent of realizing they flagellate themselves to imitate the sufferings of Christ till the blood pours!


I ask a question, and I’m a very rotten preacher, and I’m very crude. I’m very rude, and I’m very lewd. A woman types the church. And when she flagellates herself, even to the extent of blood, to think she’s pleasurable to God, she’s getting some kind of a worship thrill there.

Do you know women have flagellated themselves to have sexual feelings? Oh you haven’t read the books? Well, I’ll buy them for you. I’ll buy them for you. And before this message is finished, we’ll talk about true spiritual sexual intercourse.

No, they turned it all down, and they didn’t know when it struck them in this age that Brother Branham could read every heart, and even say like Jesus, “Your sin is forgiven.”

“Ahhh! Only God can forgive sin.”

Did they forget that Jesus, the great Prophet, said that, “I only tell you what my Father tells me to tell you”?

No, they don’t have a clue to the prophet, you know why? Because they are the prophets! Bolstered with gifts that are genuine, but you can still be a Judas who gave Jesus the affectionate kiss of betrayal, and that is in the original Greek. Judas did not hate Jesus.

Many people love William Branham; they will not speak evil of him, even today. But where he tramped on the Jesus Only toes, and let’s get this flat, no Trinitarian despise William Branham like a Jesus Only. Huh? I know what I’m talking about.

And I know their spirit. If you think a Roman Catholic spirit is devastating, you haven’t been anywhere yet till you come across that Jesus Only, the Oneness. Do you think Brother Branham was Oneness?

In one God, yes, but not Oneness in the doctrine, and not Jesus Only. No. When this man did what he did and only God can do it, because no mistake was ever made, you can’t get a fortuneteller, or one of these persons with a familiar spirit, they’ll make mistakes.

And it showed here that nothing was hidden at the end time, everything was naked, and the people refuse to believe the condition they’re in. Had they listened and understood what Brother Branham’s saying here.


[192]  When a Divine healing went forth, not long ago, did you notice how the impersonators followed it? [They’d be different if they’d understood him.] And every one of them went right in those organizations, staying there.

Does anyone know that there had to be a Message follow that? Why, God don’t entertain us! He attracts our attention with something, and when He attracts our attention, then He gets His Message.

How did Moses even get to get a Word? Pillar of Fire. Bush didn’t burn.

[193]  Look when He first came on the earth, and started His ministry, “O young Rabbi, we want you over here in our church. Come on down here.” The young prophet. “Oh, we want you over here. Come here.”

[194]  But one day He stood up and said, “I and My Father are One.”

[195]  “Oh. He makes himself God.” [He did not make himself God. They said he made himself God. He didn’t say that. But that’s not the truth, that’s merely a reaction.]

[196]  “Except you eat the Flesh of the Son of man and drink His Blood, you have no Life in you.”

[197]  “He’s a vampire! [Turn us into cannibals, another place, Brother Branham said.] Well, we have nothing to do with that.” [That was their reaction. That wasn’t the Word of God.]

You know something? God’s Word cannot return to Him void, but it always does what the purpose is, and the purpose always has its season. See?

Now in this very hour here, these people did not realize what was happening in God’s Own mighty workings through a man to bring him to the Word of Almighty God.


Okay, we dealt with the first part, “Oh he makes himself God.” That was over here in the Book of John 10, and Jesus is talking, and he’s walking in Solomon’s porch, and the Jews come and say,

John 10:24-29

(24) …How long dost thou make us to doubt? If thou be the Christ, tell us plainly.

(25) Jesus answered them, I told you, and ye believed not: the works that I do in my Father’s name, [now watch, he’s not only doing them in the Father’s Name, if he did it in his Father’s Name, he had to do it in his own name, because they got one name. If you wanted to do what the Norwegians and Swedes do, he’d have to call himself Jesus’ son to know that he was the son of Jesus. But his Father’s Name was Jehovah Savior. See he came in his Father’s Name.] they bear witness of me.

(26) But ye believe not, because ye are not my sheep, as I said unto you.

(27) My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

(28) And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

(29) My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand.

Now right here on the Great Shepherd, Psalm 23. Of course it says, “The Lord is my Shepherd,” it’s my understanding in the Hebrew, the caption is, “The Lord, my Shepherd.”

And because the Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want. And it goes through the whole delineation there.


Now, we know that God is the ultimate and great Shepherd, and Jesus can only be Shepherd on the grounds it’s granted him of God to be that.

So when he speaks, he’s speaking only what he’s granted by his Father to give him. And to be. Because in spite of every single thing that the Father has allowed him to be, to participate in, take jurisdiction over, he can never be God.

Now this is what I don’t understand amongst the people who… they don’t leave this church. I think a couple left. I can name the one man, his wife, I’m sure, was utterly confused, and didn’t know if there’s one, three, four, five, or six, with a husband like that, I’m certain I wouldn’t know, my wife shouldn’t know if I was that confused.

And trusting my brain, not speaking evil, just speaking the truth, maybe rubbing it in a bit. But you want to make a pork chop taste good by rubbing it in sage. So, there’s your truth right there.

We maybe had one leave. The rest in leaving, of course some would ask to leave, like that one, this church did not quake for one minute to understand that Jesus himself is not God.

And you know why? Because the doctrine of God in the prophet was so thoroughly taught here, and that Jesus himself was the great Prophet, incarnating God Himself, you didn’t find it hard to realize that that’s what he is, a man like we are, but in a capacity that we could never attain to.


To begin with, if as the first begotten, he’s entitled to fifty percent of everything his Father has. Which is what the first-born gets, and the first-born gets it, because he’s a perpetuator of the Father’s life, right?

What if he had only God desired to give a million of us, we could be a million Bride, one percent. Well He can’t even do that. We’re just allowed to share with Jesus, a man.

A man of God approved among you! Oh no, he’s a God of Gods approved among you as he’s taught here in Grace Gospel Church. Neither can they read, neither can they see, neither can they hear! Something has happened to their brains!

And I’ll tell you what’s happened, they’ve been taught wrong! They’ve been taught every time they see the word ‘peas’, it means ‘beans’! Right.

So we talk about Jesus the Son of God, all they can think of, “Just a minute, just a minute. God the Son, you make two gods.” How foolish can people be?

Brother Branham himself said, which is true in the kenosis that God poured into Jesus everything He was. Now that doesn’t mean to vomit up, He poured in. Then God’s nothing, we got rid of God.

Now Christ turns around and pours everything into us, now we get rid of him. No Jesus. Now we’re the Elohim of God. Hi, gods. Oh, forget it, yuck. Meet that in my sleep, I’d have a nightmare.


What I’m telling you is listen, merciful God I cannot fathom it! I stand here believing that I am teaching Brother Branham a hundred percent from this Word vindicated, that we who believe as we believe, are the only sane people left in the world.

Say, “Oh you’re taking it too far.” Maybe I am, but I’m going to see just how far God will carry us, because I’m going to stand with this Word. No place in the Bible can I see eternal Son. No place can I see God the Son.

But every place I can see the Son of God, the Son of God, the Son of God, the Son of God, the Son of God! And though he were a Son, yet he learned obedience by the things that he suffered, and you cannot suffer except during temptation!

Tempted in every way as we were, bar none. And he’s a High Priest! And the High Priest has got to come from amongst men. If he lives to make intercession. Now brother. I don’t know. I could cry for them, I could cry for us. I don’t understand.

John 10:30

(30) I and my Father are one.

That makes Jesus his own Father; forget it. Oh no, it’s just God in offices. God in the Son then, should be God the Son. God the Father; God the Holy Ghost. I don’t buy that.

I understand Brother Branham finally got to the correct words; he used the word ‘role’, the mask. “I and my Father are one,” and that’s exactly true, because the Father was in him.

John 10:31

(31) Then the Jews took up stones again to stone him.

Now you see, if they’d have sit still and listened to get to the fourteenth chapter where he instructed the disciples, they wouldn’t have had this embarrassing situation which condemned them.

John 10:32-33

(32) Jesus [said], Many good works have I shewed you from my Father; for which of those works do ye stone me?

(33) [They said,] For a good work [we don’t] stone [you]; but for blasphemy; because thou, being a man, makest thyself God.


Now he did not make himself God, and that is a lying statement. He did not make himself God, nor would that make him God.

Because they understood Moses in the same light, and Jesus said, “If you’d understood Moses, you’d understand me, if you knew Moses, you’d know me. But you don’t know one thing except the history of the grandeur of the things that God did, you don’t understand the Word that came forth from it! And now here I am doing the same thing!”

He never made himself God. This is a lousy, filthy statement on the part of these serpent seed birds. Now what does Jesus do? He feeds them. “Want to play? I’ll play your game.” You think Brother Branham didn’t play their game too?

John 10:34-36

(34) [He said,] Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods? [And that’s true. You can go back there and find that in the Psalms.]

(35) [And] if he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, [and Brother Branham’s right, that’s the prophets. Only the Word comes to prophets.] and the scripture cannot be broken;

(36) Say ye of him, whom the Father hath sanctified, [now look, if he’s got a Father, then this one’s a Son, right?] and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest; because I said, I am the Son of God?

Now Jesus defended himself that he wasn’t God, but he was a Son of God. Tell me when he’s changed! “Oh Brother Vayle, he’s gone back to a Pillar of Fire.”

I defy that statement. He’s on his Father’s throne, my dear little children. I wonder what God they’ve got enthroned in their hearts.

Where a man can leave his faithful wife and pick up a young woman, marry her, and she prophesies by the hour? How would you like them apples here?

Well if you’re some kind of a base or animal, and you love swill, I ain’t mentioning any particular animal. I think they made a cartoon once; they called him “Porky.”


Now watch.

John 10:37-38

(37) If I do not the works of my Father, believe me not. [Same as John 14 now, but they still don’t get it.]

(38) But if I do, though ye believe me [not], believe the works: that ye may know, and believe, that the Father is in me, and I in him.

And there’s your answer, “I and my Father are one, but I am not the Father, the Father’s in me, the Son.”

And this is the principle from the beginning of creation. That the Son came forth, born of God, and by him God created all things.

But remember, but remember, he’s a Son, and remember he led in the worship of God, because the Son always worshipped his Father Who is God.

All right, so now they said to him, “You have made yourself God.” And now in the Omega they turn around and say, “You people in Grace Gospel Church and a few idiots that believe what Brother Vayle teaches, you’ve got two gods.”

I don’t understand. Talked to Luke the other day, and he said Brother Gregory said a man that sat in his ministry for many years, when he finally caught, I guess that Brother Earl was preaching there’s one God and His Son Jesus Christ, and everything else rotates and rolls around Him.

Can’t you understand the Lamb on the throne, and the Pillar of Fire above the throne, and there is no light there, no need of sun and moon, and no temple?


Now I could start screaming because something strikes my heart that’s real. So I got a devil, I guess. I’m full of the unholy Ghost. Who did Judas betray? Huh?

God had left His Son in the Garden of Gethsemane, so now we’ve got no more God. I don’t know where they’re coming from. There’s nothing I can say to put it in perspective, because it’s just simply beyond me.

But they say, “You people believe in two gods.” And I tell them, if I believe in two gods, then I believe in perhaps one million or three million gods. The fact that you’re a Son of God does not make you God.

No, they can’t look at Omega and go back to Alpha; they can’t take Alpha and go to Omega. You see if they did, they’d understand what I’m preaching, but they defy Brother Branham.

They defy him because he told us to watch Alpha and Omega, and what’s in Genesis has to come out here in Revelation or forget it!

Then if it comes out that Adam and Eve are to control the world, and their progeny… now listen, get this flat, and it ends up contrary to that, and the contrary harvest is that Son of God on that throne having overcome death and sin, and every quirk, and every creation, everything else, and cause man to come and sit with him. Follow me?

That Omega has to be the original Word that God said, and I don’t care how you read it! Get this flat.

I’ve told one guy, and I’ll tell many guys, if I’m a liar, every liar goes to the Lake of Fire, and he can have… now this is sacrilegious, I realize, because I’m a horrible type of person, he could have the privilege, maybe he wouldn’t allowed it, but whoever wants the privilege, if I’m in the Lake of Fire, they can step on my head.

See, it’s live, die, sink or swim. You get the picture. The Word of God cannot return to Him void! The original intent must come to pass at the harvest, or forget it!

Brother Branham categorically said the truth, “Eve caused an interruption!” A delay, and we saw what came forth after the delay. We’re going to enter into it.

So I don’t know what they’re talking about. But he says, “Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, you have no life in you.” Well now, that’s very interesting. Except you eat his flesh.


All right, at the end time, when all the people come together, there’s a group of people that wherever the carcass is the eagles are gathered. Now I got news for you, that word isn’t ‘carcass’, it’s ‘body’. Where the body is.

There’s two gatherings, one to the toma, one to the soma. Brother Branham was concerned only with the soma, he’d given up on the toma, forget it. 1956: “I don’t pray anymore.”

He doesn’t pray, why should you? The only prayer you can pray, according to the Word of God now, is pray for the authorities. That’s legitimate, they’re going to go down anyway, but the point is you pray for them.

Now listen carefully, this word in the Greek, “Eat my flesh,” is the word ‘sarx‘, which means literally ‘the skinned carcass of an animal’.

Brother Branham talked of God veiled behind badger skins until He came and became veiled behind the skin of whom? His only begotten Son.

So if I peel the skin off, I’m just giving you plain from the Bible, if I peel the skin off of this one who died for me, the only thing left is God! That’s right. Because that’s what it’s all about.


Now notice. Brother Branham says this, concerning the veil of the skins and so on, God was behind it. It was death to go behind the veil at one time, now it’s death not to. Listen what he says.

Anointed Ones At End Time, 07-25-65

[269]  The Son of man is Christ. 

Now notice, Jesus said, “Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man.” Prophet! Unless you eat from what’s under the skin of the prophet, you have no life. You know; you just die. You got to eat and drink both.

[269]  The Son of man is Christ. He’s the One you’re feeding on. You’re not feeding on a man. [The man’s just a veil, he’s a skin, we skin him. See?] A man, his words will fail, but you’re feeding on the unfailing Body-Word.

Now why did he have to say that? Because that’s the Bible! “Eat my body, eat my flesh, this is it.” He tells you right here what I’m talking about. Do you think Brother Branham knew that word was ‘sarx’, which was the carcass of a skinned animal?

Oh come on, I think there’s many times he used the Greek, but he didn’t use it there. He’s telling you under divine inspiration, the Son of man.

Man does not constitute a prophet of himself, forget it! No way, shape, or form. He’s just a man. And some are pretty slim pickings as men, I guess, when you look the picture over.

You know really, they’re not to be admired in the flesh. If you go for the flesh, you’re kidding yourself. That’s why to try to imitate Christ ain’t going to do you no good. You can’t imitate.

You got to feed on something here. Piling Word upon Word, getting nourishment, feeding the inner man.

[269]  The Son of man is Christ. [In other words, the Son of man, every prophet, has to have God in him. Remember Christ is Messiah. What did Brother Branham call us? Messiahettes, certainly, not Jesusettes, but Messiahettes. Ambassadors for Christ.] He’s the One you’re feeding on. You’re not feeding on a man. A man, his words will fail, but you’re feeding on the unfailing Body-Word of the Son of man.


See, isn’t that marvelous? That’s John 14:10, again, just like I read in John 6, earlier. Take away the man, for indeed my dear friends out there in never-never land, that say you believe, and I doubt your beliefs, he’s a man.

Take away the man, for indeed Jesus is a man, he still is, and what is left is God. Pure and simple God, indwelling the Son. Not the Son as though he were God indwelling Himself!

Oh that’s a mystery right there. That’s about as good as the mystery they saw when they went to China and they found a slant-eyed virgin, and a little slant-eyed baby, and the copy underneath, I believe, said, “The child is the husband of the mother.” Oh, that’s great. That’s Catholicism.

Not the Son as though he were God indwelling Himself, but God in a man, and that man the only begotten Son of God. Why? Because he was! He was! He was the repository, and whether you want it or not! God first, Jesus, Adam.

And as Adam all died, because that’s where it went. And let’s get this flat, the head of the woman is the man, and the head of the man is Christ, and the head of Christ is, nobody! Huh? That’s a lie from hell, and that’s what they believe.

The head of Christ is God! Huh? Why do they want it? You tell me. So we eat, we feed on the Word of God, for a man shall not live by bread alone, but every word that comes from the mouth of God, yes, but He used a prophet’s mouth!

And Brother Branham said, “Nothing outside of this Message shall come to life!” That’s in this hour! All the righteous under Pentecost, Wesley and Luther will come up, and don’t you believe they won’t.

He also said, “Except you drink my blood.” Drink means to imbibe, or to draw water or some fluid into the mouth, and hence to the body.


Now Jesus was the true manna or bread from heaven. He is also the riven rock. Now we don’t eat rocks! We don’t drink rocks! We drink water. He was a riven rock.

The rock foundation of God Himself coming into manifestation so a church could be built, a temple. And when Christ was smitten, his blood poured forth, like water.

So now you drink. And what does it do? It gives life! It gives life to the body! Without the baptism with the Holy Ghost, you’ll not understand any word even though it’s plainer than the nose on your face.

And you’re told it a thousand times a day, you will still come away saying, “Those people believe in two gods, they’ve got two gods.”

Now this tape will bring a lot of criticism, I care less. There’s only one thing can change me. If the Pillar of Fire came to me personally, He ain’t going to come.

If a Pillar of Fire came to me, I would have to rebuke it! And what if it was God? I’m on the spot; see? By my own words I’m justified, by my words I’m condemned! So are you.

Bible says so, and using the very Word of God. I’m not here to deceive anybody. Neither am I deceived.


Since the life is in the blood, his life went forth when his blood was shed. The life was poured back and came upon the people. Thus we can see that even vindicated Word demands a Spirit of God anointing the people, that the Word might be effective to them!

Many receive it, and it is only a patch on an old garment! And what happens? The patch remains, but the garments gone. It’s new wine in old bottles, the wine remains; the bottle’s gone.

When Korah, Dathan, and Abiram dared to present the sensors with incense, false fire God said, “Keep the sensors! Kill them.” Fire destroyed them. The new patch will go on! And the new wine will go on. But the old garment and the old bottle’s finished.

Many receive it only as a patch on an old garment or take what they want only, and change it to suit themselves according to their old teaching, and then add new ideas to it, or take it as a new idea. Preach it because of conscience’s sake.

I wonder why this man that deserted the Word and is looking for God to talk to him, now he’s up in Virginia somewhere, and he’s going to stay there till God talks to him. He’s opened himself to the devil!

“Oh no, Brother Vayle, don’t say that, a man really couldn’t approach unto God and get the devil.”

Cain approached to God and killed his brother, then spit in God’s face and, “Don’t you dare do that to me!” or, “Look at who I am! Don’t you dare do that!”


I heard a man not long ago, a preacher, who prides himself on his great love. Identical. Well, that’s the whore again, after sexual intercourse for money and fraud. Just like she ate a piece of bread, a little jam and butter, wiped her mouth, good business.

You say, “Brother Vayle, do you believe people are that low?” They are that low; can’t you smarten up and understand? Examine your own hearts in the light of the Presence of God! And realize what the flesh can do.

That’s why we got an intercessor, if we didn’t have Him we’d all be on our way to hell now, and the whole plan of God’s finished. But you know He’s really sleeping. Then somebody better wake Him up. What are the Jews going to do?

But if one is truly filled with the same spirit that came upon Jesus, every word will be correctly received, and then it is reality, the reality of God, and His Word, and at that time we and ourselves are one.

Even as Brother Branham said, and this he said three times it takes place, “In that day you’ll know that I am in the Father, and you in me, and I in you,” that was at Pentecost, and now, and at the White Throne, and the same prophet of God categorically told us something else.

He said, “One day you’ll be saying I and my Father are one.”

Oh blasphemy. How are you going to call you and your Father God one? With maybe a hundred people on the inside and two thousand on the outside say the same thing as Jesus said.

Then you say, “But Brother Vayle, I’m not making myself God.” Neither did Jesus.


I told you, when I heard Mitchener, and his book on Africa, and I gave you the quote, I got it somewhere. It’s not in my Bible anymore, but it’s somewhere around.

And the quote was: “When a nation loses its language, the meaning of words, there is nothing left.”

So here you’re all in a shop, and the teacher, contrary to the man who’s bossing the job, tells every one of the young men taking a training class, “This is a wrench.” And it’s a saw.

And now they come to the job, and the man says to one, “Go and get the wrench.” He brings back a saw.

You say, “Brother Vayle it’s not bad.”

I can prove it to you, I proven it to you it’s that bad, they don’t understand English, they don’t understand words, they understand nothing! Because Jesus is not God, he said so, William Branham said so, I am saying so!

The most you can say, he’s God, but he’s not God! He’s the Son of God, he’s a man, he came just like we do! You blot everything out by your stupidity and your foolishness because you want it exactly that way, that’s exactly the way they want it.

They went from Trinity to Jesus Only. It’s not my fault. Melchisedec under the Seventh Seal explains it perfectly.


Now let’s go all the way back to the Book of Genesis.

In the Book of,

Genesis 2:8

(08) And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.

Where did Brother Branham say the Garden of Eden was? Yup, Africa.

That’s why they’re finding all that crud down there now, say, “Oh this is a tooth of a man, between a chimpanzee and a man.” Ha, ha, ha. No such animal. If it were, it’d have to be the tooth of the serpent, or maybe Cain’s, Cain’s tooth maybe.

Genesis 2:8-11,15-17

(08) …he put the man whom he had formed. [Now notice the man he formed, that’s that body he’s talking about.]

(09) And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; [and notice, it doesn’t say these were in the garden, it says these were in the midst. So they even come out of the ground.] the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

(10) And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and thence it was parted, and became into four heads.

(11) The first is Pison: [and right on down it talks about it, the third is Hiddekel, and so on. Verse 15,]

(15) And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and keep it.

(16) And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:

(17) But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

Now, you notice in there two trees never came out of the ground. And one you could not have anything to do with. Now remember the word ‘intercourse’ is not basically sex. Intercourse is the principle that two people or several people can come together and talk.

And intelligently communicate themselves to each other so they might have agreement perchance and we hope so. Actually, it’s the basis of what Brother Branham called fellowship.


Now you can’t eat, so let’s go to the Songs of Solomon, and I don’t want to shock you, but this is the dirty book of the Bible, so-called, by the filthy people who don’t understand it. Beginning at verse 3, here’s a love scene.

Song of Solomon 2:3

(03) As the apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved among the sons. I sat down under [the shadow of the apple tree, and the apples were delicious.] [Well, can you read it any different? If you read it any different, you’re not reading the Bible.]

Song of Solomon 2:3-7

(03) As the apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved… [He’s a fruit tree!] I sat down under his shadow… [the Lord is my shepherd! He made a cloud by day to keep me from the sun. And He put fire at night to keep me warm. And He fed me manna! All according to God and His holy Word, He loved me, He attracted me, He wooed me,] and his fruit was sweet to my taste.

(04) He brought me to [his] banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.

(05) Stay me with flagons, comfort me with apples: I am sick of love.

(06) His left hand is under my head, and his right hand doth embrace me. [Are you so stupid tonight you don’t know that’s the sex act? It’s an act of love. The arousal. Pornography? Let’s find out.]

(07) I charge you, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes, and by the hinds of the field, that ye stir not up, nor awake my love, till he please[s]. [Don’t do anything to call off the love feast. Are you ready?]

Marriage and Divorce, 02/21/65

[40-6]  Notice, He can put her away, but she cannot put Him away. He did it, and proved it, in the days of Luther, Wesley, and Pentecost, when they refused to become the further part of Him by having Spirit… [huh?] …Spiritual sexual affair.

Huh? “Well, Brother Branham you’re crude, no wonder Lee Vayle’s crude, he had a very good mentor, but he’s out-cruded you.”

No, I haven’t out-cruded him. I just don’t care anymore. I don’t care anymore. You want to hide it? You hide, do what you want to do.


Marriage and Divorce, brother/sister, He’s putting this age away, why? Because she refused to become the further part of Him, the further part of Him! The further part of Him! They blew it! They refused! Ah, Peter said they denied Him.

[40-6]  …by having a Spiritual sexual affair to become pregnated with the further part of His Word. You understand? She refused…

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was a wrong impregnation. Eve should have borne the Seed Christ! But she refused, having the sexual spiritual sexual affair, and she went to the animal, the beast, because he was suave, handsome, devastating, grand. The beast is the same today.

Oh, how I love Jesus, oh how I love Jesus, oh how I love Jesus, I won’t refuse that affair.

Oh no, no. The Bride gets pregnant! With the living Word of God so no seed will come into her mind ever again to get to her spirit and get to her soul and condemn her! This Bride has an affair with the Word where there’s life.

Now let’s get this flat, brother/sister, the conduit of the blood is the flesh. The conduit of the Holy Ghost is the Word! And the Word was made flesh! Because there was a life, a spirit called the soul of God that Jesus got from God.

And the same thing with Adam, and the same thing today. That’s why Jesus was born of a virgin, why the Bride must become a virgin.

And Paul the Apostle told the truth, if you don’t believe I’m telling you a hundred percent truth, and I got it from my mentor, William Branham, vindicated prophet of Almighty God, of the same stature of Moses and Paul! Oh I love that.


He said,

2 Corinthians 11:2-4

(02) I am jealous over you with [a] godly jealousy: [I can feel in my very bones,] I have espoused you to one husband, [you’re His wife, watch it!] that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.

(03) But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtility, so your minds [don’t talk about the heart! Talk about the mind! Because the brain is in the body and the mind is in the brain and the spirit, interlinks, bringing you to a three.] be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

(04) For if he that preacheth another Jesus, [wrong seed! Don’t tell me that they’ve drunk his blood, no. But they crept in. And pretty soon the light began to fade.]

Let me tell you this, brother/sister, Eve was a beautiful virgin, Adam was a beautiful young man, and they should have under the right conditions propagated the earth to bring forth a beautiful species, but look where we are today.

So the same with the church, that seed can be buried in there, but it’s buried in a rotten apple! There’s a problem. The seed will always come through; they’ll never change the seed.

Paul said, “Look, another Jesus,” and so on.

Now. Now then, we can look at something that I like to look at, and I’m speaking strictly for Lee Vayle. But I will take you to scripture in my speaking, and the illustration is compatible with the Word, so I’m not one bit off the Word.

And I want to say this: the word ‘drink’ is taken from the same root word, or is the root word actually, for the word ‘fatness’ which signifies the oil plump condition. Healthy, plump.

Can anyone think of a phrase in the last day that describes the children of God concerning plumpness? Calves in the stall.


So we go to Romans 11, and Paul is speaking of the grafting in of the Gentiles. We read verse 15.

Romans 11:15-16

(15) For if the casting away of them be the reconciling of the world, what shall [be] the receiving of them, but life from the dead? [If they ever get grafted back into that tree, the resurrection will take place.]

(16) For if the first-fruit be holy, the lump is also holy: and if the root be holy, so are the branches.

So that means telling you right here, God is going to bring forth a perfect Bride church unto Himself! Why? Because it’s in the seed! Cover the dishpan, spray it with oil, throw glue on it, or let a skunk come by and spray it.

You’re not going to change that life that’s in the seed. You can’t change seed! You can dabble with it, God allowed that, but not with the seed of God there, you cannot be white/black, you cannot be righteous/wicked, you cannot be dead/alive, drunk/sober, you name it, it’s impossible.


Romans 11:17

(17) If some of the branches be broken off, [and they were, seven church ages back there.] and thou, being a wild olive tree, [coming from the Gentiles,] wert grafted in among them, and with them partakest of the root and fatness of the olive tree;

There you are! The drink! What is the tree’s drink? It’s the sap. And the tree is the carrier. The life and the Word has always been the determining factor, you cannot get rid of Rhema Logos, because that is Word of Spirit and life!

Talk about Rhema without Logos, you’re going to hell, challenge you. Talk about Logos without Rhema, you’ve left your Bible.


Let me tell you this, in my humble opinion, as you and I are genetically coded, even though we have problems, I say God was the first genetically coded One and He doesn’t have problems.

And if we were in Him, He’s going to bring forth perfect sons and perfect daughters, to the praise of the glory of His grace, of all of those who trust in Jesus Christ our Lord. What are we partaking of? We’re partaking of the fatness.

And at the end time, Brother Branham said, “If He ever put forth another tree, it would be a genuine Pentecostal tree,” which is what?

People being baptized with the Holy Ghost, the Pillar Himself, the Fire of God had begun to divide Himself, and He came right to the Apostle Paul and set the whole thing in order! The same at the end time, Alpha’s Omega, you can’t change it; try if you want to try it.

Marriage and Divorce, 02/21/65

[44-3]  A good woman is a good thing. I know that. I know it by real women. I’ve met real women that are genuine. Just as real as any man ever walked. [That’s true.] She’s a byproduct and a piece of him.

And in the fall he listened to her. She’s just a part of him. But it’s up to her; she can be made so filthy. And she’s given the right to refuse or accept.

The church refused. The thing they shouldn’t have done, they did not refuse! Sexual affair with the world, creeds and dogmas, and all the filth. The affair that she should have not refused, she did. Look at the age we’re living in.

2 Peter 2, after we have the Epiphania, the understanding that Jesus has risen from the dead and God is now doing by His prophet exactly what He did in the days of Jesus, which is Isaiah 42 coming to pass, Matthew 12, absolutely.


He said,

2 Peter 2:1

(01) But [as] there were false prophets…

Way back there, after this, there won’t be false prophets, we can laugh at them. This guy running around the world, discern, everything else. I don’t care how he’d come and stand here.

Give me one ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’. Take one challenge. You can’t hide if you tried. Let him try to do it.

Some little gift, and he said, “Brother Branham, especially Lee Vayle messed the Bride up.” He’s going to come and un-mess her.

Want to sing that little song you know, Brother John? Brother John made a little song up. We won’t sing it tonight, we’ll get it later. All right,

2 Peter 2:1

(01) But there were false prophets among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies,

Now listen, the teaching is what’s playing the important part today, because most Branhamites refuse anything to do with the attempted duplicated ministry of Brother Branham or attempted Word that he tries to produce by reason of what he is producing that God allows him to produce in the gifts.

But, boy he can come and teach and snow everybody. Just got to come and be nice. Now of course Brother Vayle is not sanctified and doesn’t have any love. I’ve got the Word. And I haven’t done what David did yet, and of course never.

Spoken Word Is The Original Seed 03-18-62

We saw this.

[88-3]  That’s how adultery–that’s how adultery is committed spiritually. When you, knowing better by the Word of God, by the intercourse of the mind, take in a lie of the devil against the Word of God: that’s exactly what Eve did.

With a spiritual intercourse first that came by believing Satan’s lie into the womb of her mind, that polluted her soul, set death in the soul; then the natural act took place. And that’s the only way that a woman can ever commit adultery against her husband, is to first to let some man talk her into it, then receive another man that’s not her husband.

And if that man’s already married, you produce the first bastard. Because a bastard child can only come from two people already married getting together and have a child, which would be the man and a woman, man and woman.

See I’ve got it right in my Bible here, Brother Branham said so.

Then she’s committed adultery. When the Bride of Jesus Christ lets manmade creeds and dogmas take the place of the Word of God, she is committing adultery. [She’s a whore. She doesn’t lock her mind up.]

So they’re praying against the Word of God. And you know what? God’s going to answer their prayers, because the Bible says so. Send leanness to the souls. He’ll send the flesh like He sent the quail, and they won’t know what to do, except they’ll be so hungry for it that they’ll rip into it without killing it!

In other words, they’ll keep defying every Word of God, as Brother Branham said, add a word, add a word, add a word, never quit. Take a word, take a word, take a word, never quit.


So now we’ve got a female god, women running the church, homosexuals taking control. You can curse and swear in public, but you can’t have prayer in the schools.

They taught the kids how to run wild, and be immoral, and filthy, and they’re trying to patch it up. Good God, you might as well try to vulcanize hell, as to think their idea of birth control is going to work. Sex doesn’t come that way.

Eve made no preparation, neither did Adam, neither did the beast need any. It’s got worse and worse and worse, it will get worse and worse and worse.

And now they’re finally hitting the poor whites, before it was the poor blacks that were doing all the pregnancies out of wedlock. And the Hispanics. And now they’re finding the white, beautiful majority, so nice you know, us white people.

“God we’re so beautiful, God’s got to be white.” I doubt that very much. They find they’re multiplying illegitimately like a bunch of fleas on a dog.

Except you eat his flesh and drink his blood you have no life and there is no life outside of this Message, and nothing outside this Message will come to life, because it’s Rhema Logos, spirit and life.

That’s the way it is, do what you want about it. I know it’s the truth, not because I feel good, that’s not the point. It’s the Word. And I know I can read. And I know I can talk. And I can talk what I read, and I can be very, very precise, as well as very, very cutting.

But I want to tell you, it takes a tough sword to cut through this corruption we’ve got today, where men’s minds and hearts, especially the conscience, is seared with a hot iron!

The heart is turned to rock, and even the prophets said, “O would to God,” like the other prophet, “I had a quill, or a pen made of steel that I could write on the flinty rock.”

Won’t do a bit of good, God used His Own finger on the flinty rock, and they broke it and went on their way, carousing, and careening in lust, and rotten sin, and degradation, and the golden calf took over like it’s doing today. Well, it’s going to happen.

Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Heavenly Father, we come to You again tonight as we depart from here, going our separate ways Lord, knowing that this is Your Word Lord, and no matter how we emphasize this and that, or dramatize this or that, it’s not in us at all, it’s in Your Word, O God, and we feel the great depths of it, and the satisfying portion of it.

And not that we make ourselves anything, but we ourselves are in fear and trembling concerning it, that we should misconstrue one thing, or for one moment be off one Word, but how can we be when it’s vindicated?

And surely, Lord God, if we had the ability back there to know at that particular time that this was a man, something within us made us to know this was a man to hear, certainly then we know those men we should not hear, as they did in the first age when they said, “You’re false apostles, get out of here, you don’t say what Paul said.”

And so today, we say what Brother Branham said, hopefully word by word, Lord. We are getting the truth and disseminating thereof.

Bless Your people tonight, Father, and may there not be one sick amongst us, even Lord I’ve got pretty good health concerning everything, still got a lot of things that I could lose, and many people do lose by this time, but You’re good to me and I appreciate it so much.

And if one person can get a little help, one person could be lifted up, one person could be enthused within the spirit by the true Word of the living God, where that body, soul, and spirit, especially the mind, and the spirit and the soul come together, Lord, in rejoicing of that Word, drinking that Word in, and then bringing it, breathing it literally out in their words to the people.

Building each other up in the most holy faith, that’s what it’s all about. Help us to do that, Lord, be in that position and to do it, and never sustain from doing it, but to do it, and not fail.

Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be all power, honor, and glory through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

‘Take the Name of Jesus with you.’

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