Leadership #30

Warning About Anointings
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Brother Lee Vayle

Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, we know that truly the whole earth is filled with Your glory because You are here and Your glory is attendant upon You Father, and that light that shone forth manifesting Your Presence for one great reason, that You might shine into the hearts of men and women and bring them into victory and total deliverance at this time, as God the great Messiah leading His people into the Wedding Supper, into the Millennium.

We appreciate the fact Lord, we know You’re here, and we know You deserve glory, Lord, we try to give You glory, we honor You, and make mention of Your Name so many, many times, at all times Lord, and so happy to know that we can talk about vindication, we can talk about truth, we can talk about worshipping in spirit and in truth, we can talk about knowing You.

All these things Lord that are so vital and so real, we do know, and Father they fill our lives with glory and future anticipation of Your greater glory manifested, and the revelation of Yourself, and more and more coming to us until we’re more and more a part of that, living in the beauty and the holiness of it, Father, and seeing the true power of the revelation manifested, which we believe is soon to be in this earth and then continue on gloriously.

Bless our studies tonight and we give You praise, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now of course remember that in this last series of meetings Brother Branham started out in Shreveport, and there he preached his Thanksgiving message, which was Invisible Union, which he titled completely to the Bride, as an elder speaking to the elect lady, and he was speaking to those of course, and he boldly spoke, it was…

I realize that his preaching in Shreveport there was literally a slap in the face to some people, because they weren’t so dumb that they didn’t realize they weren’t excluded, by the fact that Brother Branham’s definitive preaching, and defining very carefully, even as Jesus did, as Paul did, the truth of the Bride, that it would be a Word Bride.

And of course I realize that it was not accepted, and you could tell of course as years went on that his ministry down there was absolutely not accepted. It was the same as around the world, there just were very, very few that actually heard the truth.

And also he preached the closing sermon On The Wings Of A Snow White Dove, which was a very beautiful sermon, and at the same time he mixed in even there some very strong rebuke to the Full Gospel Businessmen, in Doing God A Service Without It Being His Will.

And then he went on to Yuma, and of course here is where Brother Branham told his people, he said, “I promised that I’d always bring my messages here first, but,” he said, “time has run out and I’ve got to actually do more teaching on the road, but you’ll get the tapes.”

And so in Yuma, Arizona, which was actually on the border of Arizona and California, it’s kind of like a dividing line there, he was able to bring forth the mystery of the Appearing and the Rapture, showing that the Appearing is literally the first step of and into the Rapture.


And then of course going on to California, we’ve covered all the messages that he preached there, we came to Leadership, and we found that Leadership really was literally in its entirety a rebuke to the people who had interposed themselves between the church and God, or you might say the Holy Spirit.

Now God can interpose Himself; that is scriptural. He interposed Himself when He came down and indwelt the tabernacle Jesus Christ, the righteous Son, but no one has the right to interpose himself or any group of people have any right to interpose as though that person or those persons in their organizations or what they are have any divine right or any right whatsoever.

And of course you know that these men were like many other men, they followed the so-called fishers of men, which were more organizational Baptists, Methodists, and what have you, that are Fundamental.

And they didn’t proclaim, of course, the denominationals outside of Pentecostals, that the ministry had failed, but they were terribly anxious to become a part of the ministry in the winning of souls. And in so doing, you’ll notice that they organized.

And of course Brother Branham said, when the Full Gospel Businessmen organize it was all over between him and them. Now I do know that he… I made sure that he knew they were organized by giving him the literature, where they had set forth their creeds and dogmas and they had gone in totality to the Trinitarian doctrine, which absolutely is idolatry.


And it’s kind of like a friend of mine just said, he said concerning the fact of the only wise God, now he said, “Which one of the three is the only wise one?”

What have you got, you’ve got the wisest one, and the… it’s always more like the three bears, isn’t it? Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear.

It can’t hold water, there’s no truth to it, but they organized and Brother Branham knew they were organized, and therefore they were gone. And I mean there anything they thought they could have done was completely then going to waste.

So we noted, I think we’re in actually, what are we on series number thirty today? I think I might have made a mistake on that; we’ll have to check that out.

But we noticed the last time that Brother Branham was dealing with Moses who contrary to the young businessman received the leadership of Eternal Life Himself, was happy to forsake all, even far more than the young man, to inherit the riches of Christ.

He especially pointed out, that’s Brother Branham did, that as pressures mounted on Moses, who forsook all and endured the mockings of his adversaries, Moses did not give up.

He was not like the rich young ruler and Pentecostal businessmen who could not take the chastisement, which was literally their understanding of scripture and doctrine, and they would not take correction, proving they were bastard children.


Now this is a very strong statement, but it’s a statement that you have to deal with. If you’re not willing to throw over your doctrines, which are not vindicated, to take the vindicated Word of God.

And we’ll see Brother Branham make a statement here that is absolutely just like John 14:12, you begin to understand, you see that there is no way that a person could possibly be born again and part of the Bride and make the Rapture.

Now millions of people are claiming that they’re going to make this Rapture, and some of them are getting very hilarious. I just forget the name of the man that started this Latter Rain movement all over again, and he’s got five hundred and some different places in the world now.

And I understand he and some of his head men were brought up on sex charges, and so now what they’ve got in the churches, and I’m just bringing it out to show you what’s in the churches now, they’re having a hilarious time laughing, it’s called ‘Laughing in the Spirit’.

Now hey, listen, I knew all about that over fifty years ago. Did you say, “Were you a partaker of some nincompoopancy?”


Well, put it this way, I can tell you about it. It’s the same old story. You can get giggly with anything, and tickle your funny bone or anything else. But the big thing is now God wants us happy. Now nobody said that God didn’t want you happy.

But God also wants you serious. And remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth. I’m so glad that I can look back on over thirty years and better, when my life really began to turn around and get one with that Word.

I can look back with a satisfaction now that I could never have looked back before. I remembered my Creator, I took the Word, and I have great satisfaction knowing that, and what my position is and what happens, that’s up to God entirely.

But the scripture certainly is fulfilled in that, that happiness, and it’s not a giggly happiness, and it’s not just laugh, laugh up a storm, as though God wants me happy.

The point is that there’s many things in life that are emotional and that come in the line of the psyche and the emotion, and there’s such a thing called peace, and peace is the greatest – Jesus never said, “My happiness I give unto you.”

He said, “My peace I give unto you. Let not your hearts be troubled.” And then he told them the story of how to have peace, “Take my yoke upon you. And get linked up with me,” he said, “for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

And the fact of the matter is that you will always find that under chastisement, which comes by teaching. God doesn’t come to the classroom and then look over the papers and go boing, boing, boing, over everybody’s head.

Just because He cleaned the temple out, now listen, He cleaned the temple because He already talked to them and they wouldn’t listen. And when they wouldn’t listen He got His dander up.


Now you might say, “Well now Brother Branham said when God was in Christ, sometimes it was God Himself speaking right through Christ, and sometimes it was Jesus conversing, and sometimes like talking to each other and what have you.”

Well I would ask you a question. Which one do you think cleansed the temple? Jesus or his Father? Well I would it put it this way, I think Jesus did and His Father gave him the strength to do a good job.

That be a little facetious but the point is there’s so much that is involved in this scripture, that you cannot go off on a tangent and kind of laugh yourself into a laughing gas doctrine or religion.

Now there’s nothing if you want to run around this room and scream to get relaxed, hey if that’s what it takes, you know, I wouldn’t argue the point. Or get up and clap, you know, just hallelujah, march and a few things, and we could get a big drum in, and that would wake up people who try to sleep a little bit, a few kazoo’s and combs and things, and you do your marching.


Now what I’m trying to tell you, psychology is all right. It’s like the Bible says, “Bodily exercise profiteth little.” You don’t get hurt by exercising; you don’t get hurt by using good psychology.

But you’ll never be a child of God by either of those. It’s the Word, and you’ll see more and more in here where Brother Branham brings it all the time. You see they couldn’t take that Word; that was the whole thing. And that was the correction.

See, that’s what I keep reading to you. And see many, many times I read to you, and every time I read it you get a deeper and more powerful insight into what John the Baptist did.

Now remember that John the Baptist was the third Elijah, and Brother Branham was the fourth Elijah, and he was to the Gentiles.


And in Luke 1:15, it said,

Luke 1:15-16

(15) He shall be great in the sight of the Lord [God of Israel, and so on.]

(16) And many of the children of Israel shall he turn to the Lord their God.

Now that tells you right there that they were turned away from God. And yet at the same time they were worshipping.

And they knew there was only one God, and they knew it was the God of Israel, they knew it was the God Who had written the Bible, they knew it was the God that stood before Moses and Moses stood before Him, they knew their prophets, they were vindicated, there was no trouble there, they were religious, they were sincere, they were worshippers of God.

But as Brother Branham said, the very God they claimed to worship they were determined to crucify. Of course they can’t crucify God, they crucified the Son of God.

And of course that was the life of the Father in him, you never can get away from that. I know many people try to think, “Well God did this, God did that.”

The point is when that Son became incarnate from way back yonder, that light that formed, and “This day have I begotten Thee, this day have I started My generations in Thee,” that actually was a part of the life of God.

As I said on Sunday, looking at your own body, where the Isles of Langerhans, they produce insulin, they’re not in your heart. So God took that literal part of Him that would bring forth Fatherhood and a human race for Him, and that was bodily, came bodily into Jesus Christ.

And Jesus never worked apart from God. There’s no place where Jesus ever had sovereignty committed to him. No place. No place where Jesus ever had omniscience committed to him, or omnipotence, never. No, everything was delegated to him, and he received authority and control by it.


So anyway, looking at this verse of scripture, it says he’s going to turn Israel back to God. Now Israel would say, “What do you mean turn us back? We’re not even turned away.” See? Now notice here,

Luke 1:17

(17) And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of [Elijah], to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, [even] the disobedient to the wisdom of the just;

See that tells you what John the Baptist did. He told them what the scripture really meant, what Messiah was really about, and they couldn’t take it.

Now Jesus came on the scene thoroughly vindicated, and in his vindication he vindicated John, because John did not do miracles or have vindication. That’s what makes him such a great prophet.

He stood right up there, you talk about an intestinal fortitude, stood right there as a prophet that couldn’t prove one thing he said. He couldn’t do it.

He said, “Behold the Lamb of God that takes…” Well he couldn’t prove anything.

And Jesus came on the scene, and by vindication vindicated John the Baptist. You know, now one of these days God’s going to come on the scene and vindicate a Bride. Right? The Bride’s going to be taken out of here.


So all right, now he’s saying in here that turning the hearts is the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, in other words, the untutored and those that did not know the truth, he turned them to the truth.

And this is exactly where we find Brother Branham with his Full Gospel Businessmen and the people. And we find that they are not children of God, that they are illegitimate.

Now if you’re going to take the term illegitimate according to Brother Branham’s definition, an illegitimate child in this hour is where two married couples, you know, join the key club and she has a child by the other man, not her husband.

That child is absolutely, thoroughly illegitimate. Now in the old days it was a matter of a man marrying a woman other than a true Israelite, and the child therefore could not get into the temple worship for ten generations, it took that long to wash it out of the bloodstream so that there wouldn’t be any evidence or signs there, and that was just because it was wrong flesh in there.


Well now today however, we find the Apostle Paul giving Brother Branham, concurring with him, that the children that cannot take chastisement, they are illegitimate. Now what are they illegitimate to? They’re illegitimate to the Word.

And so therefore any union that they claim to have with God that brings forth divergence, a separation from the Word, proves that their union is not a union that is held in the sight of God Himself.

So Brother Branham says here that they couldn’t take chastisement, they couldn’t take the scriptural and doctrinal correction, proving they were bastard children.

Now when you find that Brother Branham categorically said the greatest revelation under the Seven Seals, which would be the Seven Thunders also, is there’s one God.

What about the Jesus Only people that didn’t take correction? See my fights are with them right now, yes sir. You can hardly find anybody that understands Godhead. They’re all Jesus Only; they make Jesus his own father.

You find a Jesus Only that says the Father and the Son held a conversation; you can’t do it. They fail to realize that God was in Christ, and therefore they change principles.

If you find one principle that God used, and that was successful, let me tell you flat, you’ll never… and it couldn’t be anything else but successful. It never changes, that’s in Ecclesiastes.

What God does, He does forever, and no man can put to it, no man take from it, because God does it. And this is something you learn, that men may fear the Lord, and this goes more toward the sign of the prophet, that when men see a prophet on the scene vindicated.

And not only is the prophet vindicated, but let’s face it, God Himself is vindicated to the people as to His actuality, to His reality, to His nature, and to what He demands.

And you find people turn that down. Well now, would you say that they’re legitimate children of God? They’d be illegitimate. They’re just like when Eve said, “I’ve gotten me a man from the Lord.”


As Brother Branham said, “The orniest prostitute in the world can have a child by the drunkenest rottenest bum in the world, and because it’s a law that God set down, the child is of God, but it’s only because the law of nature.”

So Eve you know, Eve must have gotten quite a bit of tutoring from the devil, from the serpent, before he snuck out of the garden.

But anyway we’re going on here. And when it comes to emotions, and reasoning, and false revelations, and gifts of the spirit, they were at the head of the class.

And the Pentecostals are. They were falsely anointed to the vindicated Word. They were the Judases, the Jannes, the Jambres, the Balaam’s, the Korah’s, the Dathan’s, the priests like Caiaphas.

They all started out to find out about this Jesus of Nazareth, but as soon as he was repudiated by the hierarchy, because he called their bluff on the doctrine, they couldn’t take it that he was indeed Messiah.

So they admitted that they must have been wrong to entertain such a thought, and they went back to the vomit.


So all right, we’re going to start on page 37, and we’ll read now.

[257]  Many times people start out, and say, “Oh, I’ll do it. Glory to God, I see It!” And let somebody laugh at you and make fun of you, “Probably I was wrong.” [I just maybe was a little bit too hasty, and I shouldn’t have done that.]

I’m going to tell you something. There are two things that came to me when I was very young. According to my own experience and what I was taught, I had received the Holy Spirit, and I got into some teaching.

And in the teaching I found the doctrine of state and standing, which I knew to be correct, my spirit witnessed, everything in the Bible witnessed. But I could not believe in eternal security or sovereignty.

Then there came to me the doctrine of no eternal hell. And it was just like floods of joy, and I said, “That’s great, I believe that.” I said, “That’s right, how could you go to eternal hell and be eternal there without having God in you? This is ridiculous.”

And so I turned it down, and that’s sixty years ago, about. Turned that down. At the same time there came to me the doctrine, which I accepted, thought it over, and rejected, because of the church I went to, which was the baptism with the Holy Ghost and the rebirth is one and the same thing, there is no difference. Now I believed it for one hour. And I walked off.

And I’m going to tell you something, if you’re a child of God, and the light comes to you and you walk off, you’ll pay for it. You will pay for it. I paid for it. I paid for turning down other things in the Word of God.

And today most of us are too prone to turn down what is not the legitimized Word, but the Word proven to be legitimate, and even more than legitimate, it’s one of the integrity of God.

And God does not make loose statements in His Word just in order to curry favor with us, or just to make us feel good.

I’m of the opinion that God is very pragmatic, a door is a door, a dog is a dog, a pig is a pig, and a hog is hog, and a cow is a cow. He doesn’t mess things up. God does not deal with hybrids.


Brother Branham preaching on Spoken Word is the Original Seed never gave us one inch, or one moment of time to believe that that Word could ever change, or any seed could ever change.

That’s why, and that’s why in that sermon the principles of Alpha and Omega became so outstanding to me so that I could read now the scripture and see it with an entirely different understanding than I had before in the sense that it was so illuminated and expanded and enlarged that I can see these things just simple as ABC.

And it’s not boasting, it’s just the truth. Because after, when you get working with a certain media, and you yourself are adept at it, and you are highly qualified on the ground that that is your destination, that’s your predestination, you are not going to have a lot of trouble.

You are simply not going to do it. Oil floats on water, you can emulsify, that is true, and I imagine there have been people over the years who are sort of like emulsified Christians, but in this hour there are not any emulsified Christians. In this hour it is life or death.

Like as I mentioned the other day on Sunday, this Bible here… the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was right there with the tree of life. Well the Bible is the tree of life but it’s also the tree of death. Because if you don’t take it you die.

You try to live without it you’re gone. You try to worship or do one thing and say, “We’re getting the crowds, we’re getting the healings, we’re getting the gifts, we’ve got all this,” that doesn’t mean one thing to God.

His Own Word tells you very tersely, distinctly, emphatically, and He just brushes them right off into hell, “I depart from you, I never knew you, you that work iniquity.”


Now this is not God saying now, “I’ve got something to tell you. You’re really nice people, and you’re my children. But you know you just… well you know kids, they don’t learn too good and adults aren’t much better.”

Where do you find that in the Bible? I want to know where God fools with His Word. You can’t find it; it isn’t there brother/sister. See? When you deal with God you might as well deal as science does with perimeters and parameters.

Because there isn’t any difference, and I can take and show you this God right with the human body and relate it out here, and you are going to find positively you don’t fool with God, brother/sister.

You don’t get your own ideas about God. And the only way you get that way is by believing what the prophet said, that which is vindicated. And you stand right here, life and death. So they take the Word of God and they use it wrong, and it becomes a tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

I’m not saying God and the devil’s the same thing, I’m just telling you that Brother Branham’s understanding of perversion and twins, and the teaching of twins, which is the next most fabulous principle that Brother Branham taught us, you begin to change any of those things, you’ll lose out.

And until you can handle them and do handle them, let me say this, you be careful how you teach and what you teach. Because you’re going to go way out of the ballpark and you’re going to take somebody with you.

That’s why it’s important that men learn the Word of God in such a way they can instruct their families and they know their families are safe, because they’re not going to say one word that’s going to draw them off. Let’s lay it right down the line.

Now I know there’s a tremendous temptation, like Brother Branham mentioned Jannes and Jambres and Korah, and Dathan, and Abiram. See, those guys.

There’s a tremendous temptation for people to want to organize in order to have an input or some type of control rather than God in control, and our coming together on this Word. But anyway.


[259]  He said, “They cannot stand chastisement, they are bastard children and not children of God.” (See they cannot be corrected and instructed.) See, they worked up on the emotion.

Now that’s what they’re doing now, everybody’s having a great time laughing. Well, if that’s the best it does, I guess it’s all right. I mean, to me it’s like children, little kids, and pretty soon they’ll be squabbling.

“We have piped, and you have not danced. Yeah, here we’re playing our magic flute for you, how come you’re not joining it?”

Well there’s so many voices in the air today, I’m not interested in any one except that vindicated voice there. I mean, I stand live or die with it. I could go to bed now and just close my eyes, and sleep and sleep the rest of my life, I’m so tired most of the time. Don’t bother waking me.

Say, “Brother Vayle have you changed your mind?” No, I’ve got no mind to change. Say, “Well what if you missed it?” Then so I missed it. So you’re so smart, don’t you miss it. You know?

Say, “You’re a fatalist.” You bet your sweet life I’m a fatalist, so is God. Predestination is fatalism except for one thing, there’s a leeway within it where you can lay up treasures in heaven.


I’m going to tell you something, don’t you worry too much about that. Because if you’re a child of God, God knows how to take you by the short hair in the back of your neck and see that you are pointed in the right direction.

As the old song said, “He does not compel us to go against our will, He just makes us willing to go.” That’s why God sent the hornets that time. You weren’t moving till God sent the hornets. They began to move in a hurry. Chastisement.

See, they didn’t want it; they couldn’t take correction. And the Seven Seals corrected. How much did Brother Branham actually preach when it came to conduct? Very, very, very little.

And the only reason he said so many times that woman’s clothes was because they kept disobeying him. Actually he knew it wasn’t going to reach them, but you know then he wasn’t allowed to make an example of anybody either. Which he could have done.

What would have been the use of scaring a bunch of people into wearing long skirts and keeping their hair long instead of short if there was nothing in the spirit there that really would help them? Huh? What would be the use?


What if Brother Branham told some person in a prayer line, “Look, you got this terrible spirit on you, it’s a wicked, filthy spirit on you, and you’re coming right up here. They’ll carry you out of this building before midnight.”

Then we get a whole bunch of people scared stiff with no revelation, getting their hair down past their shoulders, far as it will go, and putting their skirts to their ankles.

See, that’s not it, it’s teaching. Vindicated teaching. If you cannot subscribe to vindicated teaching, and I said time after time, and I know some men have problem with their wives with the heels and skirts and things, women, I simply don’t know where you’re coming from.

I don’t know where you’re coming from. I know our women here don’t do that. If you started wearing high heels here, I’d be sure that someone put some really thick gum out there and direct you ladies to it, and you’d lose your shoes, and also your dignity, which is what you need, if you have dignity. Presumption, but not dignity. I just don’t understand, see?

He never told them to do a lot, do this and do that, he said, “Listen,” and the correction of the Word, the path of the righteous shine more and more to the perfect day, and in the Word is the power to transform, and these people turned it down, and they turned it down, turning down the Giver for the gifts.

Now they didn’t believe that He was there. Certainly not. How much impression anyway does God ever make on anybody when you consider Solomon? Huh? Here he raised his hands in the great temple, smoke filled the temple, priests couldn’t stand to minister, and you talk about a prayer.

Well hey that guy’s like a… I think the cherubim couldn’t beat him in praying. What did he end up, what as? An idolater. What happened? He went off the Word. That’s what Eve did. She was a nice lady, but she went off the Word. Adam was a fine man; he went off the Word.


Now God’s going to have a Bride, that’s why Brother Branham’s preaching these sermons the way he has at the very last maybe ten sermons he preaches. Eight or ten of them. He wants the people to understand. See?

Now, he said, “They cannot stand correction. They cannot stand the Word coming to them to show that they are wrong.”

Yet almost everybody says, “Well show me how to be right, show me how to be right.” And then they run to their preacher and say, “Well, hey, I heard a fellow talk about this guy named William Branham, what about him?”

“Oh he was a skunk, yeah. Oh he believed Jesus Only, he was one God, forget it, oh my, ho, ho, ho, ho.”

And the fellow doesn’t know enough about William Branham to say, “Well, sir, can I compare William Branham with you? Have you ever had a vision? What have you prophesied? Have you raised the dead? Have you turned thousands and thousands to Christ? What do you do with money? Do you work on money like William Branham does, or do you like scads and scads of dough, you’re trying to build an empire or something?”

But the poor guy never knows anything about William Branham to say anything. All he’s got is a few sermons in his hand from somebody, if he’s got even that much.

And so the pastors, the clergy, the hierarchy, they turn these poor fellows away. It’s like that rich young ruler. You see they’re bastards, not children of God.


[259]  See, they worked up on emotions. See, the seed that I talked about awhile ago, [now watch that, the seed that I talked about awhile ago,] that soul…

Now seed and soul is synonymous. If they’re not synonymous they are concurrently within each other, and you can’t tell where one starts and the other ends off at.

[259]  See, the seed that I talked about awhile ago, that soul wasn’t there to start with. [The right soul, the soul from God, the seed of God wasn’t with them, and they could not take correction.]

Now isn’t that the strangest thing to get entirely lost over what you believe the scripture says, and you know jolly well that the church down the street doesn’t agree with you, but then you have a touchstone, and you have a rabbit’s foot, and the rabbit’s foot name is Jesus, the sweet little baby born in a manger.

So it really doesn’t matter about the Word, we’ve got Jesus. Well you’re entirely wrong. Entirely wrong, because there’s nothing about that man that we call Jesus that is anything but the Word.

He came as the Word, which means he was actually the Son of God, Logos in that particular sense, he wasn’t just representing, let me tell you, Jesus did not represent the Son of God, he was the Son of God, and you and I are not representing sons of God, we are or we are not sons of God.

And you can say, “Well I don’t know that my life…” who said anything about your life at this point? That’s the whole stinking thing everybody’s all messed up on. Eve got messed up getting from behind the Word, and so did Adam!

The thing is, is get with this Word, and they did not want to get with this Word! The great Reverend Duplicity himself said that, you know, you can’t trust Brother Branham except when he’s telling you what your trouble is with your body. Well isn’t that great?

Well all that would mean is William Branham had more on the ball than a doctor who was scientifically trained, so-called. What was he doing in the pulpit? Why didn’t he open a clinic? See?

No, most people they claim that they want to be right, but just as soon as it comes in conflict, you find they don’t want to be right, that is you telling them how to be right.

Now you can see why we have such problem with this two-god business, which is so silly it’s pitiful. I never did believe in God the Son or two gods, but I always knew that Son’s mighty important. Mighty important.

He’s still making intercession, as Brother Branham said.


All right.

[259]  See, that seed that I talked about awhile ago, that soul wasn’t there to start with.

Now if it wasn’t there to start with there’s no way you’re going to get it. Now see there’s the fallacy of what they think is the rebirth. “I’m a pig and by rebirth I can get changed into a sheep.” Well, just a minute.

If you were a pig, you were drunken, debauched, come into the world telling lies, like Brother Branham said, filthy as all get out, and now you have changed your life entirely, I would ask you a question.

Did you change from being the man you were or did you just change spiritually? You didn’t change from the man you were, if you started with heart trouble, ten to one is you got heart trouble after you’re born again. If you got kidney trouble, it’s ten to one it didn’t leave you.

Not saying it couldn’t under the right circumstances. But you could even maybe go down to the water and get baptized, the water would be too cold, and you could choke to death, maybe.

I don’t know, never heard of it being done, but I’m trying to get across to you, you didn’t change. Something happened to your nature within you by the power of God that caused you to begin to move in the correct direction of the works and Word of God.

So there was an anointing there, there was something that happened. But it did not change you at all; you’re that same person.

So now what we’re looking at here is you cannot get a change from what you are. You are either seed or you are not seed. And if you are seed, you will want that Word, and then you’ll want to abide by that Word.

You won’t be wanting to say, “Tell me what must I do to inherit eternal life. Tell me and give me a program.” It won’t be that way. It will be more like, “Tell me the story of Jesus.” It will be wanting the Word, because the Word is what counts.

And here’s what the churches, what their legalism has hurt people so terribly much, is that they put the cart before the horse.

They want the people with their good works and all, hoping by those good works they’ll suddenly begin to evolve into a position where they can really claim to be children of God, because they’re walking a certain circumspect path. Well what about over here? If you want a certain circumspect path…


Now listen, I’m not against right conduct. You know I believe in right conduct. But you know it’s first things first.

What about this? “I speak with the tongue of men and angels, and not got the Holy Ghost. I can prophesy, understand mysteries, have all knowledge, have all faith, move mountains, and I still don’t have the Holy Ghost. I bestow all my goods to feed the poor; I even give my body to be burned. I still don’t have the Holy Ghost. I don’t have any prophet at all.” There’s no prophet. You see?

Now this person is in a great works program, and the works program is coming from the Bible. So now you’re going to turn around and say, “Well don’t tell me for one minute this great man here isn’t full of the Holy Ghost, look at all the souls he’s winning.”

How many souls is Billy Graham actually leading to Jesus Christ or going to be part of the Bride? I mean if there’s any, I don’t know. I’m not saying there couldn’t be, I asked the question.

He’s as organized as anybody that ever came on the face of the earth, he’s a very good friend of all the popes, finally in his older age, in his seventies, he’s regretting that he was so political minded that he had to hobnob with presidents, of course they gave him a real build up, you know, gave him a real stimulus.

The old thing called pride, you know, in there. So the point is, to be born of the incorrupted Word can only be to the elect, and they are predestinated to it.


Now he says here,

[259]  It was anointed with the Spirit, and he done all kinds of things. And when your spirit’s anointed, you can. It’s a real, genuine Holy Ghost, and you could still be a devil.

Now this is something of course that Brother Branham preached and nobody else ever did, except the Nazarenes when they wanted to call the Pentecostals full of the devil.

And they didn’t say that “You’ve got the Holy Ghost because you speak in tongues,” they said, “You’re a devil and you’re talking in devilish tongues.”

And the Missionary Alliance, when they saw the gifts manifested, they branded the devil and the Missionary Alliance died. And whatever they’re doing, don’t ask me. If there’s any foolish virgin, that’s between them and God.

But I’m narrowing it down again so that you’ll understand. Eight people made the ark. So never mind the percentage, mind the reason that the eight made the ark, and nobody else, because nobody listened.

Now that’s the whole thing. And Noah and his boys, and perhaps the women, were the only ones that pitched in and built the ark.

And whether this is true or not, I can’t say, but I heard the other day that there’s a man that’s been to Turkey and gone to Mount Ararat, and they brought back some nuts and bolts which are magnesium and titanium, which are space age materials.

And some of the wood has cat hair in it. They’re saying, “Well that could well be the ark.”

Well I’m certainly not surprised they can find space age materials, Brother Branham said it was the atomic bombs that brought the cataclysm on. You don’t find that God is taking clubs and beating people up.

The trouble is men make their own clubs and beat themselves up and blame it unto God. Because God will not have His laws tampered with, He won’t have His laws changed, and His laws will be obeyed or there’s a penalty to pay.


Now when he said, “You could be still a devil,” let’s remember this, all power is of God. And the power that the devil exercises right now with all deceivableness, even to the extent that he’s permitted, that his children can use gifts of the Holy Ghost, that God pours His Spirit upon the flesh, now His Spirit doesn’t get down into the soul, but it anoints the flesh, and many, many things happen.

And people don’t want to admit that. But I’m sorry; you’ve got to admit it, because the scripture says all power is of God. The devil doesn’t have any power except what the Lord allows him. And when Adam blew that contract with Eve, there’s nothing we can do until the time expires, and that time runs out.


[260]  Oh,” you say, “Brother Branham…”

[261]  False prophets! The Bible said, “In the last days there’d be false prophets.” Jesus said, “There’ll be false christs.” Not “false Jesuses,” now, nobody would stand still for that; but “false christs.” Christ means “anointed ones.”

Now you see when you’re talking about Christ, you’re talking about Messiah. Now why did Israel need a Messiah? Messiah, Messiah, Messiah.

Well, Messiah is going to come and deliver us and put us way up here over it all. Exactly. Exactly. That’s Christ. He’s the one that’s going to do it. See?

Now these anointed ones are telling you, “Listen, we’re here to get you out of your mess, and you ride our toboggan.” Of course they don’t tell you toboggans always go downhill. But anything that looks speedy and flashy gets anybody interested. “You come with us. And we’ll get you there.”


Now, they’re anointed even to the extent that they can have dreams and visions, prophesies, some might even raise the dead, I believe Judas could have done it, I don’t know that he did, but he was anointed to, and he was the devil.

See Christ means ‘anointed ones’. It means anointed, that’s true, Christ actually means anointed or anointer, but I’m asking you, what does he do? “Well we’ve got this anointed one.” Well what does he do? “Well I don’t know, he’s just anointed.”

Well I don’t think I’m even going to get curious, except wondering what’s in your brain. You say he’s anointed? What’s he going to do with his anointing? What is it all about? Where do I come in?

Now Brother Branham was anointed like nobody else. How many said, “Hey, what’s this anointing for? Where do I come in on this? What’s this anyway?”

Why they just declared themselves, “Hey, hallelujah, strange this guy’s a Baptist, he ain’t Pentecost, but glory be to God, it shows the whole world, now God’s taken a Baptist to prove all the world that we Pentecostals have got it. Yeah.”

You know that’s exactly what it was? They said, “Hallelujah, that’s a big anointing, we’ll get one too.”

And these men now are leaders. They’re dying off just like we’re dying off. They’re going to have to answer the roll call. They’re going have to talk to God.

God’s going to say, “Why did you turn down My servant? You knew that nobody had anything like this for two thousand years, even historians said so, now what made you think you could set yourself apart and be a judge?”


Now with what measure you meet, the same measure is given unto you. Now if there’s no respect given to God, He said, “He that doesn’t respect Me, him will I lightly respect also. He that turns away his ear from hearing My Word or the law, I’ll turn away My ear from hearing his prayer. Many will come in that day and say, “Lord, Lord,” they’re praying now, hey I haven’t got time for it.”

Why? Because what we’re looking at here brother/sister is White Throne, we are before the White Throne. Don’t go looking down the road. See, I’ve had this fight with Branhamites for years, always looking back, or always looking down the road.

I’m not interested in looking down the road, I’m looking down my nose, what can I see? When I point my nose toward the Word. When I point my heart toward God, what begins to form from my knowledge of this Message I can take to the Word?

And see some of those things that were not known from before the foundation of the world, and you can’t find some of the things in this Bible here that Brother Branham said, as literal doctrines until you begin to realize on the principle of Alpha and Omega, he is telling you the hundred percent definitive truth, because turnip seed will always bring a turnip! It won’t bring a rhubarb or a pomegranate.

And he said the two toughest books in the Bible the devil hates with a vengeance, is Genesis and Revelation. The devil can’t stand original spoken Word seed. And he can’t stand to see the end of it all.


So what’s planted comes forth. So it doesn’t matter what you think you read, or what you think you hear, shut up and sit down! And cringe like a dog at the master’s feet lest you miss a crumb from the table.

Should be the attitude of every one of us. Not something arrogant. We’ve got so many Gnostics today it’s pitiful. They’ve gone beyond Brother Branham.

Oh, they’ll give you the great mysteries. Tell me one time I’ve told you anything from Brother Branham I cannot go to this Word and take it right back.

Now you’ve got the tapes, I challenge you, get the tapes, copy everything down. You’ve got a right to ask questions. No you say, “I’m a believer.”

God’s not looking just for worshippers, that’s a lot of hogwash. You know why? He’s going to make them worship anyway!

One day every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father, and be thrown in the lake of fire, for all I know. That’s His business to do with it.

The point is what about now before the White Throne? What about now, “He that receiveth whomsoever I send receives Me. And on those conditions of receiving Me, under those conditions you receive the one that even sent Me.” Yeah.


I ask you a question, how was Jesus sent? Huh? Not just born on earth and full of the Holy Ghost, God was in him. So what if we find a man now, like a prophet like William Branham, that Jesus has to send because there’s nothing else he can do.

He’s a mediator; he stands between God and men. So all right, the plan is the man must be sent. Identical manner, He said, “I’ll send you.”

It would have to be in order for them to receive him and receive the Father, so what happens? We have a prophet and God in the prophet. And William Branham said, “You’re looking at me, aren’t you?”

Oh brother, do you think this crowd could take that? Why most Branhamites, they just pass it over like you know, “Well you know, interesting, interesting.” This to me is not just interesting, is it right? Am I on the right track?

Never mind my conduct, never mind that, my conduct isn’t worth two bits without this passive faith, my active faith isn’t worth a plug nickel, but I’ll tell you one thing, you got the right passive faith, your active faith can be pretty, pretty, pretty good.

You’re right up there too. Because Paul said to those with the right passive faith, “Be careful how you build and lay up treasure in heaven, not wood, hay, and stubble that get destroyed.” Oh yeah, it’s a real genuine Holy Ghost anointing upon you, yeah, and you could still be a devil.


[261]  Christ means “anointed ones.” Falsely anointed; they are anointed, but they are false to the bottom of it, and do great signs and wonders, speak in tongues, and dance in Spirit, [now they’re laughing, uproariously, and] preach the Gospel.

I remember years ago there was a guy so tickled with his own preaching he couldn’t stop laughing, and I got so disgusted I could have shot him. I don’t know if I like to hear a series of giggling spirits. I’m a kind of a tough customer.

I don’t mean to be, but I just be honest with you, look, if I don’t like rhubarb, I’ll tell you flat, I don’t like rhubarb. If I like it, I’ll tell you I like rhubarb.

But I try not to be a hypocrite, I try not to even like something because you like it and want me to like it. I hope we’re all that honest in a sweet way, or try to be that honest in a sweet way. But I love this Word; this is the main thing.

And it’s not something to pique my curiosity, or to satisfy any appetite I might have for the unique. Or to be able to say I know these things that others do not know. Well I sure don’t mind it.

And why shouldn’t I? On the grounds of our instructions that we have here in these messages from the prophet. False prophets, the Bible said there’d be. And they’d do great signs and wonders.


[262]  Judas the Iscariot did it! Caiaphas prophesied! Balaam, the hypocrite! [Notice what he said, Balaam, the hypocrite.] Sure, did all the signs, everything, all the religious moves. [See?]

[263]  But, you see, you put a cocklebur seed and a wheat seed in the same bed and pour the water down upon them and anoint them, they’ll both rejoice.

Now that doesn’t mean right here he’s saying, “Now look, you can be a piece of ground, and you can have a seed from God in you, and a cocklebur seed of God in you too.”

He doesn’t say that. He’s talking about actual seeds. One maybe is like a grain of wheat, and one is a cocklebur seed, and they both get planted there, one by accident, and one by the farmer putting it there. The cocklebur is there.

Now what does he say about that? Now he’s liking the plants because we’re likened to plants. See, Peter tells us that. We’re likened to plants, to even the grass.

[263]  You put a cocklebur seed and a wheat seed in the same bed [of ground] and pour the water down upon them and anoint them, [see anointing is also that word like a pouring, see pouring forth,] they’ll both rejoice.

They’ll both grow by it, the same water. “The sun shines on the just and unjust, and the rain falls on the just and unjust, but by their fruits you shall know them.” [See? Now Brother Branham’s using scripture.] How can you keep from lining up with the Word? Amen. See what I mean? “The water falls on the just and on the unjust,”


In other words, the Holy Spirit physically anoints human beings, the same as water coming down causes that plant to grow and to bring out fruit.

Now if it’s a genuine anointing in the sense it’s truly the Holy Ghost, it will speak in tongues, it will prophesy, it will have visions and dreams, it will heal the sick and do everything else. And be miles off the Word. Millions of miles off the Word.

But what puzzles me is how we got… I never did bring that film down, most preachers were against me doing it, they said, “We can’t even stand five minutes of it without starting to vomit.”

This guy Shelley over in England. How people that followed Brother Branham and know anything, can listen to this sick, poor, misguided creature. I mean he needs sanitation. And anybody around him had better stay far enough away because it’s not even a decent show.

Look for heavens sakes, if we’re going to have some spiritism, let’s have some good spiritism. And if we’re going to have a Pentecostal fluke, let’s make it the highest order.

I know I don’t read in my Bible the day of Pentecost they’re screaming and jumping and running around and every… I can’t read my Bible the way these guys are doing it.


Now here’s the point, if you can be fooled or people can be fooled by some things that are so pitiful, I would hate to think what would happen if somebody held a real solemn assembly in the dignity and power of human culture and character, with that same anointing.

And walked amongst the people with a dynamic faith, and I’ve done it, not quite what I’m saying, what I’m going to tell you, and said, “I can tell you don’t have enough faith, or something’s wrong, you can’t believe, just pretend you’re not here, I’ll use my faith, and you’ll be delivered.”

And they were. I’d jump around and make noises and pretend we’re getting somewhere. I’d walk down and stand right there. And I can prove it to you. There are people still living. Then to sell out? To a Mickey Mouse? Merciful God, at least let’s bring on the rats. If you can’t have a kangaroo.


Now listen, I’m preaching tonight, and I’m disturbed, and at the same time I’m not disturbed. Because I’m angry, and I’m sarcastic. And I haven’t one bit of respect for it.

You say, “Brother Vayle what about the fact of the speaking in tongues?” Genuine gift of the Holy Ghost, no problem. What if they prophesy? No problem. My problem’s with them foisting gifts upon the people with a false word, which is antichrist.

No, brother/sister, I would love gifts and things in the church, but first of all you find me someone that can stand right there with the discerning of spirits, like Brother Branham said, put it in order, do what the prophet said; don’t pretend you’re a preacher.

Of course you wouldn’t anyway, but that goes for outside of the country. These guys, “I’m a preacher, bless God, I can do it.” That’s a lie from the pit of hell; you’re the guy that better not do it.

Blind leaders of the blind falling into the ditch. Still under that anointing of organization. Gnostics, Korah, Dathan, and Abiram’s. Now I’m preaching what Brother Branham preached, that’s all; I’m just taking more time doing it.


[264]  Jesus said, “They’ll come to Me in that day, and say, `Lord! Lord! Have not I cast out devils? Have not I done prophesied? Have not I done great things in Your Name?'” He’ll say, “You workers of iniquity, depart from Me, I don’t even know you. [Now he got a little blunder here, but that’s all right, just a little slip of the tongue.]

Go into eternal hell [well hell isn’t eternal, but it’s all right. It’s everlasting anyways, special period of time,] that’s been prepared for the Devil and his angels.” You see? What a Word! Falsely. Worship in vain, striving in vain.

Now you see passive faith contrasted with active faith. Your striving, which is your active faith, doesn’t do you one bit of good if you’re off of this Word.

And you can even claim the highest in the world, which is God anointing you like a prophet, and you’re speaking in tongues, and you’re prophesying, and you’re having visions, and praying for the sick and everything else.

Manifesting gift of healing. I had that happen in my meetings. I’ve had a gift of healing, it had to be a gift of healing one night. I don’t see what it could be anything else but temporary.

Five people, everyone instantly healed. One tumor on the brain, one a heart case, the next one was such a terrible cold he could hardly open his eyes, instantly healed, that’s to me is just as big as healing a cancer case, because sometimes people get their faith up for cancer can’t get their faith up for a little old cold. God’s not interested in colds, I guess. Well I’m sure He is. See?

[264]  But worship, striving in vain. Why do you do that when you don’t have to do it? Now why take a substitute when the heavens are full of genuine? [All right? What would you think the heavens would be full of? The genuine, it’s the Word. The Word. God in His holy Word, and the marvelous Son that is glorified in the adoption sitting on the throne.] See? You don’t have to do that.

You don’t have to do the things you’re doing, see? They’re contrary to the truth and they’re doing these in their own deceits and deceitful way.


[265]  Now, we find Moses anointed, [now Moses of course has the revelation, and once he’s anointed and has the revelation] nothing could turn him back. His own brothers turned him down; that didn’t stop him. He went right on into the wilderness. And one day out there, he met God face to face, with a Pillar of Fire hanging in a bush.

Now you notice in there that this man is the leader of the Exodus, and you notice the Pillar of Fire was in a bush.

Now I want to ask you a question. What was it that the Voice spoke out of to Brother Branham? It was a tree, wasn’t it? He looked up, like the size of a barrel, leaves moving, and the Voice came out, “Never smoke or drink or defile yourself with the women because there’s a work for you to do when you are older.”


So all right, face to face, and that’s what the scripture says concerning Moses.

Said, “If I raise up a prophet, I speak to him in visions and in dreams, but with My servant Moses, My prophet Moses, it is not so, but I speak with him face to face, even apparently. I make Myself absolutely visible to him, he knows that I am there.”

[265]  Now the Pillar of Fire hanging in the bush. And God said, “Moses, take off your shoes, the ground you’re standing on is Holy. For I have heard the cries of My people, and I have heard their groaning, and I remember My promise of the Word.

Now what are you looking at right here? You’re looking at the old song, “Lord plant my feet on higher ground. Thy Word is a lamp and a light to my path and to my feet.” And what do you got here?

[265]  He says, “Take off your shoes, the ground you’re standing on is Holy. [Now why?] For I have heard the cries of My people, I have heard their groanings, and I remember My promise of the Word.

Now right today we are standing on holy ground. Everybody sing song, “Lord plant my feet on higher ground.” Holy ground, oh yeah, they’re looking forward. They’re looking forward. Why do we look forward when it’s already here?

Now sing, “Standing on the promises of Christ, my Lord.” That’s right, we are standing on the promises. We’re the only ones that are doing it.


Now listen, you better not try to contradict me. Because the promise of healing and those things are not a part of this Message that’s going to get you in there, in fact it can keep you out of there! By turning down the Giver for some gifts.

And turning down your passive faith for a bunch of active faith. It’s not the guy that’s got the greatest anointing, the greatest tent, and have an Oral Roberts take a prayer line like this, drive you crazy.

One after the other, bang, bang, bang, that’s not it at all! The man’s a Trinitarian, a million miles off the road, publicly declared to be one of the false vine.

Now let’s get this also flat. If there’s twins, one of the twins is false and of the devil. So if you saw a complete Brother Branham replication, I’d say, “Hi, chum, get thee hence. I’m not interested.”

Why did God have to vindicate Himself the second time in a row? I’d like to know why… Look it, if gold is gold… I like what Gertrude Stein says, “A rose is a rose is a rose.”

A vindicated Word is a vindicated Word is a vindicated Word is a vindicated Word. Therefore my faith is perfect, because I believe the perfect Word.

How can you have a perfect faith outside of a perfect Word? See this is where we are so different in this Message, when you follow Brother Branham, a vindicated prophet, it’s so different.


Notice he says,

[265]  For I have heard the cries of My people, and heard their groanings, and remember My promise of the Word.

Do you realize that’s the exact reason the Lord descended with a Shout? The people in their hearts, and volubly also have been crying. He’s heard their groanings. And there’s more groanings going on down than ever.

I mean even people that don’t even believe, I would consider believe right, are just about ready to light a match to the atomic bomb, if that will settle the whole thing, and just get out of here.

Say, “Who knows about the next world, who cares what God’s going to do, or anybody else is going to do, this is just such a complete mess, let’s blow her up!”

And then of course maybe you can go and enjoy the film called ‘The Planet of the Apes’ or something. What would man do when he blew it up?

What I’m trying to show you is this, that people are already burnt to a frazzle, they don’t know which way to turn, they want leadership.

They’ve kicked a bunch out of Congress and the Senate now, and before it’s over they’ll kick a bunch more out. They think now this is going to, term limits and a few more things are going to do it.

The prophet said, “No politician can make a right decision.”

You know why? Because church and state are divided to such an extent that anybody that wants to serve the state, or wants a part in the state, and will go the way of that corrupt situation which they know, we do not have government by the people and for the people, we have government by lobby for the lobby.


So the minute they go in there they are living a lie. The president took a lie as an oath, the same as men and women take an oath at marriage, they lie to each other, I’ve had them lie to me. Now I’m not kidding you, lie to me.

Your politicians are liars to begin with. Everyone makes a wrong decision, you tell me they didn’t? Nixon said, “I won’t raise taxes.” He did. Reagan said, “No, no, I won’t raise taxes.” He did. Bush said, “Read my lips,” biggest one in history, I think.

Church and state is separated, my brother, my sister. And church and state will soon be together, and it will be all religion, a state of religious, oh what would you call it? Dictatorship, antichrist.


Now listen,

[265]  I’ve heard the cries of My people, and I have heard their groanings, remember My promise of the Word. And I’m coming down, I’m going to send you down there to take them out.” Certainly. He met God face to face, he talked with Him. He was commissioned by God.

Now you know of course that Moses never took anybody out of anything. Moses was only the figurehead. God said, “I’m going to lead them out with a high hand.”

Now have I got this news for you, Moses was not a high hand. Moses was a prophet. And he was the visibility of the method and the power of God in delivering Israel from Egypt.

Now at this time we’re not looking for Brother Branham to lead us out into the Millennium. He told us categorically that he was leading us out of the organization, and the Holy Spirit, which is our Joshua, Himself, is leading us into the Millennium.


[266]  God came right back, that same Pillar of Fire, and vindicated that prophet standing out there on the mountain; to prove that it was, when he took his hand and performed all kinds of miracles and things. Oh, they had the impersonators. Oh, sure. There was Jannes and Jambres stood right there and did the same thing they did. But who was the original? See?

Even twins. Don’t you know it that they have twins that can’t be born at the same time. Now don’t get confused about Jacob and Esau, I’m just letting you know that the twins, one’s a bad vine. See?

[266]  They had impersonators. Oh, sure. There was Jannes and Jambres stood right there and did the same thing they did. But who was the original? See? Where did it start from? Did it come from the Word? Was it the hour?

Now that’s what you’re looking at right there. Where did it start from? In other words, is this something that is in the Word? Now that’s a very tough question right there, because the minute that he says, “Is it in the Word?” you have this problem.

And that is, you and I could look at a certain scripture for the next ten thousand years, and not even have a real clue as to what that scripture really means.

Now we would do our best, and we would study, we would make comparisons, we might make phone calls, we’d read books, we would do our best, but let me tell you something, you’re dead. You’re dead. You haven’t got it.


So when he says here, “Where did it start from?” the thing is, is there something in the Word then that indicates something should happen? Well sure, we know that there’s got to be a second coming. We got to know Israel’s back in the homeland.

So then you can begin taking from those places, but it still doesn’t mean that you’ll be right. It’s going to take a vindicated prophet, because that has been the norm or the procedure that God has followed.

Now just looking at this for a second before we go. Brother Branham went to the… I’ll have to just start here next time. Brother Branham in going to the world, as he did, and to the Bride and Pentecost, and so on.

Do you know there was two times Brother Branham’s name was written? One time his name was written on a piece of paper, I believe, by some dear old Pentecostal saints, in a prophecy written, “The end time, it will be the time of the second coming of Christ, when a man named William Branham will be preaching up and down the West Coast.” I forget the exact words.

And they brought the piece of paper to Brother Branham and said, “How do you spell your name sir? We spelled it with an h.” Well they said, “You’re the one that’s been talked about.” So they had this piece of paper, they had the prophecy.


Now there’s no doubt then that Brother Branham had his call, recognition by true believers. The Mormon Church also has it in their book of prophecy, and they’re a million miles off bat.

They’re completely off the Word of God, they don’t have a clue, and never will have a clue, unless some seed is in there and God gets that seed out, which of course we know there are some Mormons that have come out. But very, very, very, very few.

So what I’m looking at is this, that you might recognize, there are those on both sides of the fence that can recognize reality, but there’s only one on one side of the fence that can go with it, the others will let it go.

How come the Mormons did not do everything in the world they could to get to William Branham? No, they were very smart. They left the door open, because I talked to a man named Brother James out there, who was also in Utah.

And he said, “Brother Vayle, seeing you’re with Brother Branham, do your best to bring him here to Utah,” he said, “and to Salt Lake City,” because he said, “this is one Gentile the Mormons will allow to come into their temple any time at all, and the door is open to William Branham.”

Ha, ha, ha. Why would William Branham go there? See, recognition. The devil recognized Jesus. But so did a couple sweet old people, an old man and an old woman. They both recognized and knew something was there. You’re going to see a lot of it.

Brother Branham didn’t say, “Hey you bunch of birds, you didn’t recognize God’s hand working here.” He didn’t say that. He didn’t say, “There’s not one good one amongst you.”

But the point of the matter is he was preaching to religious people, some of whom were Bride material, Word material, either wise, foolish virgin, whichever, they were a seed of God. The others were not; they were simply religious.

And their religion had to go to superstition. Because when you believe a gift of the spirit so-called above ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’ of a prophet, you are merely superstitious. You’re not really believing.

So all right, we didn’t get very far tonight, it’s no problem, we’re in no rush. 1995 is upon us, and who knows, 1996 may never come, who knows that? We don’t know that.

Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Gracious Heavenly Father we come to You in this hour again as we’re going home, thanking You for the time we’ve had together looking at these things that are in our day, and transpired already and are transpiring, even to the extent Lord that we are absolutely disconcerted within ourselves, disturbed, and marveled, at such unbelief as we see today.

But we know that’s not our business. We know Lord our business is to stay with the Word, the great revelation You gave us, solid rock Word we’re standing on, holy ground Word we’re standing on, yes that’s exactly what it is.

And we pray Lord that what is in our minds from You shall go deep within our hearts and bring forth fruitage that people may never ever do anything evermore again that is out of line with the Word as the prophet taught it, this being His last message of warning.

Warning about people, warning about the gifts, the falsity of the people, even with genuine anointings, and showing as he said before, that there’s just a razorblade difference between the two spirits, and yet the people laughing him to scorn, and refusing to believe.

But Lord we know that as the scripture says, “Unto us who believe He is precious.” And unto us who believe the Word is precious, it is our life, it is our truth, and we admit that it’s not as much as it should be, we are not as consumed as we should be, we can only pray, Lord, if we are on the back burner simmering, we ask in the Name of Jesus Christ to pull us up on the front burner and start us boiling.

So we really begin to combine the virtues of the passive with the active in the proper way that it should be done, not in any other way, except within the confines of the Word, as absolutely delivered us under vindication of ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’ by a prophet, and then Lord, we know that that’s what we want, and we believe now You hear our prayer, You give that to us.

Guide us and direct us. Keep us Lord in paths of righteousness now, Father, because we know that before there’s actually another service we’ll be breaking into a new year, 1995, which is certainly fine by us, we have no problem there, it’s indeed a seven year, and whether this is completion, we do not have an idea, but that is all right Lord.

We know that it just shows one more revolution has passed, and anytime and who knows when in Your great wisdom You will take a Bride out of this earth up to the Wedding Supper, to the great incarnation and the crowning of King of kings, and Lord that’s going to be marvelous, it’s going to be wonderful, especially wonderful to us who believe, who understand the truth that there is one God, and one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus, the one now on the Father’s throne waiting for the consummation.

We pray that You heal the sick amongst us, Lord, and help families with needs, whatever it may be Lord, we just ask You to let the peace of God enter our hearts and minds where they see You moving and helping Lord and faith begins to rise and rises Lord even more to the extent that great peace floods our hearts and our minds.

And we can just rejoice that we have the truth, and what little we do even, we do it in Your Name. There isn’t a glass of cold water that loses reward, there isn’t a sparrow that falls that’s not noted, and there’s not a hair from our head that You don’t know just where it is at.

Father therefore with this an understanding in our heart we commend ourselves again to You more and more, and thank You for it all.

In the Name of Jesus Christ our blessed Savior. Amen.

‘Take the Name of Jesus with you.’

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