Who Is This Melchisedec #05

God In A Word-Form Body
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Shall we pray.

Gracious Heavenly Father, we take great comfort in the knowledge of the fact that Jesus Christ is here in the form of the Holy Spirit, both as a person and as an indweller, giving part of His Spirit to those who are His own.

We pray Lord, that we shall acknowledge Your Presence Lord, and also the teaching voice of the Spirit within us, O God, to teach us the things of truth Lord, to utilize gifts that You send among us Lord, all those things we would draw on from You this morning and ask You to help us in the study of Your Word Lord, where we know we’ve come together not simply for fellowship, though we do appreciate the fact we have that, but above all for correction of the Word Lord that the right Word might dwell in us by faith O God, and the life then released according to Your own heart’s desire Lord to mold us and make us into the Christians we ought to be.

Help us Lord to resume our responsibility but with the faith that You put in us, and not only that, but actually Lord, the strength and the power that You give us that we might perform that which You ask us to perform. So Father, we commend ourselves this morning, each one of us.

In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

You may be seated


Now we’ve been studying of course from the sermon preached by Brother Branham, that we take as authoritative, as a God given theologian, prophet, from the book of Hebrews where it says in Hebrews 7,

Hebrews 7:1-3

(01) For this Melchisedec, king of Salem, priest of the most high God, who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings, and blessed him;

(02) To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being by interpretation King of righteousness, and after that also King of Salem, which is, King of peace;

(03) Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually.

Now, of course Brother Branham brings out the thought that there are those people who believe that Melchisedec was simply an earthly priest without a genealogy and they claimed that when the words are used, “With out father, without mother, without descent, and neither having beginning of days,” terminology like that would suggest that this King is unknown historically, there is no genealogy for him.

But, when you consider the fact it says, “Neither beginning of days nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God,” you’re getting on very dangerous ground to simply put that down as an ordinary human being, and, or as a priesthood because it couldn’t hold water when you begin to check the names which are King of Righteousness, King of Salem, King of Righteousness and King of Peace, positively refer to God Himself.

Also, “Not having beginning of days nor end of life,” could only refer to the fact that this would be God in some manifested form.

Now, we realize also it says, “Made like unto the Son of God.”

Which also is God in a manifested form because Isaiah says that, “He would be God with us, Emmanuel, God with us or God manifest in the flesh.”


So Brother Branham’s attestation as to who this is, I would concur with most heartily on the grounds that it is absolutely Scriptural, plus the fact of course that we know that Brother Branham was vindicated as we see the picture on the wall.

But most people wouldn’t really appreciate even though it is understood that George G. Lacey said, “That this is an absolutely a phenomenal picture and that is a supernatural being.”

And he was head of the FBI documents and photography and all those things that are so vital in courts of law.

Now, of course this picture was taken when Doctor Best presumptuously shook his fists under Brother Bosworth’s nose when Brother Bosworth was showing forth that Divine healing is a part of the Word of God, is not necessarily tantamount to salvation, it’s not necessarily on the same level as the rebirth, but it is part of the Word of God that which is paid for by the Lord Jesus Christ where it says in Peter, “By whose stripes we are healed,” and also over in Isaiah where [Inaudible] positively show…

“Surely he had born our sicknesses, not merely our griefs and our sorrows, but our sicknesses and diseases,” where those original words in the Hebrew come from. And of course he had this photographer all lined up to take the picture of him shaking his fist. Here’s a young preacher shaking his fist under the nose of a venerable old man that’s in his what? Sixties. Can you understand? That’s real Christianity, that’s what I’d call real Christianity.

They tell me that there’s a certain sister that I know a little bit of, and her aunt I think it was, made the remark,

“She’d like to slap her in the face.”

I would suggest this sister, if she could hear my voice at any time, would write the aunt a letter and say, “My dear aunt, if this is the Spirit of God in you, I will help you to bring it out. Shall I come to your place or you come to my place, or go to your church, you can slap me soundly.”

You think God’s that kind of a God? That’s the Spirit of Jesus Christ?


That is [Brother Vayle points to the Picture] the Spirit of Jesus Christ to my understanding, the Pillar of Fire that Moses saw, that Paul saw. The same voice that spoke to him as a tiny child who says, “Don’t ever drink or smoke and never defile yourself with woman. I’ve got a work for you to do.” The same one who thousands, thousands and thousands of times said,


By vision and prophecy, never one failure. I never knew a more kind and honorable and wonderful person than William Branham. And I’m not here to eulogize him, but I want to tell you some little thing brother/sister, God dwells in the prophets.

I want to ask you, “What kind of men are those prophets?”

If God should give a little of His life to you and me and dwell in us, what kind of people should we be? Somebody’s messed up in this life, and it sure is not God. Trouble is people just don’t understand the way God does things.


So anyway, Brother Branham telling us about this Melchisedec, his understanding of this man. And remember, Paul could not reveal the truth about Him in his day.

He said, “They were not mature.”

And you cannot become a mature Christian until the end time. People can say what they want. We have little girls in our congregation here, they’re growing up. One little sister in particular, we say,

“She’s very mature for her age.”

That’s very, very true but I’m going to tell you, she’s not mature as a twenty-six year old person is. She’s not mature as a person down the road is of the next generation. And when you speak of knowledge and understanding, though they had tremendous understanding of the Word for their hour in the days of Paul, they could not have possibly had what comes by the maturing of the church over the centuries, of the suffering, the deprivation and all those things that count for something in character.


And so God has reserved to the end time and any Bible student knows it that under the Seven Seals, or Seven Thunders and sometime they must be revealed and this then is one of those things that cannot be revealed until somebody reveals what’s in the Thunders. And who’s going to do it? It would have to be a vindicated man. I wouldn’t let anybody sell me a bill of goods and say,

“Well I’ve come to tell you this is true.”

I’d say, “Hogwash.”

Let’s show you’ve got some authority to tell me these things.

You know how it is, people come and they get bilked every single day. Well it was just the other day in Dayton again, a fellow phones up a poor old fellow and says,

“Heh,” he said, “I’m from the FBI.”

He comes by and flashes a little card and a badge. I think a badge or maybe it was the Dayton Police anyway, but it’s always the same old story.

And say, “Look here, we suspect that somebody is going to write money on your account and you know, we’ve got to check it out. So what you do is you take the money out.”

Or some foolish thing like that. And the poor old boy takes his money out and loses four thousand dollars.

You come to my place, I’d just keep you hanging long enough to phone the police and get out my double barrel shotgun to hold you, if I had one. Don’t be stupid. Because somebody flashes a badge? Let him have,


You sit in a meeting where I sat under that man. And I just like you here, it was very few people in Vermont, hardly anybody turned out, yet every night he stood there and told many, many people exactly who they were and all about them, and he said,



Now I remember one woman especially, her husband was in the hospital, he was in the services and the doctors couldn’t tell one thing wrong with him. They couldn’t find it, whatever. And she was terribly, terribly sick with worry and Brother Branham looked at the sister and he said, “You worry about your husband. He’s in the hospital now in New York, the veterans hospital.

The doctors don’t know what’s wrong but, he said, THUS SAITH THE LORD, I will tell you, it is merely a stomach condition and they will know it by tomorrow and he will be in this meeting tomorrow night.

And he was. How did he know?

What about that lady in Arkansas? The black woman sitting there and he said,

“Sister,he said, “Your sister’s been insane, a raging maniac for twenty-five years,” I think it was, “in the hospital in Arkansas.But he said, “THUS SAITH THE LORD, tomorrow night she will be in this meeting sitting here in her right mind.”

My wife is a psychiatric nurse, been for thirty solid years. You get up and tell them, would any doctor in your knowledge ever allow a raving maniac to get out the next day, the next morning? No way, shape and form. He’d have to be the raging maniac.


Now, not that there aren’t enough stupid ones to pull a stupid deal as they’re doing today like Dukakus and the rest of them. But back in those days which is thirty years ago, thirty-five, let’s see, what is it? From forty-six, that’s forty-two solid years ago, that couldn’t have happened forty-two years ago that a doctor would allow a raging maniac out. And she was in the meeting the next night.

Telling world-wide events that never failed. So we believe in a man that’s a prophet. You say, “Well Brother Vayle, a lot of folk have believed those things.” Yes that’s true. I have no cover up. But how come the religious historians say,

“Never since the time of Jesus Christ was a man like this one.”


Go read the books. I knew him very well. I knew many of the men of the Twentieth Century, and some of the great men. Never was a man like this one. God took him, of course, as God takes all His prophets.

Now, this man telling us that this was God in a form of a man that was not a human form which would marry, beget children, and have a lineage. You say,

“Well I don’t think that God did that.”

Who was the fourth man who was in the fiery furnace, honey? You think God can’t take a form and walk into it? You made a big mistake because God took His own form in the form of Jesus Christ, created the egg and the sperm, placed it in the womb of Mary, and she became the mother, not of God, she became the mother of the vessel that harboured God.

And because you and I can worship Him, and God’s an object of worship, we can make Him God there’s no problem. There aren’t two gods, three gods, there’s one God. Always has been one God, He’s Spirit. You try to cut up the Holy Ghost and give Him to a Jew in three parts and see what he does to you. Yet funny thing is the Christians say,

“Well we believe in Judaeo Christianity.”

And they claim a kinship to Judaism, which is a very farcical word anyway. Claim a kinship to the true doctrine of Israel. And Israel believed in three gods? You have got to be out of your mind. Try to give three gods to a Jew. Try to give me three gods. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. If any Trinitarian knows he blew it on the very grounds that the Scripture says,

“The Holy Ghost shall come upon Mary.”

Then he said, “God was His Father.”

So now He’s got two fathers? That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard of. A child having two fathers? Oh brother. A child having two fathers? Who was it then that caused Mary to bring forth a child? Insanity, utter insanity.


God in human form. God in a form. If God who made the first Adam cannot make another Adam, so to speak, but not physical to the extent He would procreated them, then you don’t worship the same kind of God I worship. You don’t have anything to do with the God I’ve got to do with because my God can do anything. And he tells us what He does. It says distinctly here,

“That this One without father, without mother, without descent.”

Jesus had a Father, Jesus had a mother, this is not Jesus. It said, “Made like unto the Son of God.” A pattern.


What was the Son of God? He was a human being, not a hundred percent human as you and I are because He came from created egg and sperm, the life from almighty God, that’s a little bit beyond you and me, it’s quite a lot beyond you and me, but He got born. This is not, this is the type of the one coming in flesh and that would be, there’d have to be a body for God to step into, as the same as there was a body for God to step into at the River Jordan. And then this same Jesus on the cross said,

“My God, my God, why has Thou forsaken Me.”

God was no longer indwelling Him. He was left there was a human being to suffer. And then Scorsese has the nerve to have Jesus Christ hallucinating having sex with Mary Magdalene. And the church thinks it’s great that this man’s marvellous imagination.

I’m so happy that this world is going to be blown higher than a kite into smithereens, and if I deserve it let me go with it brother/sister.

You say, “Why Brother Vayle?”

Because one day there was a man under the leadership of Joshua and they went into the promised land and God defeated everybody around but one day they couldn’t defeat anybody and they said,

“There’s something wrong in the camp. What is it? What is it? What is it?”

They begin going down, “Who is it?”

They took Achan and his family.

“What did you do sir?

Well I took a Babylonish garment. I took the silver, I took the gold. I did a wrong thing.”

See? And do know what Joshua said before that man confessed?

He said, “Give God the glory and confess.”

And as soon as he confessed and gave God the glory, whatever that means, you figure that one out, and they took him out and stoned him and his whole family..

I say the same thing, let’s give God the glory and honestly say,

“This world is not fit to live in, in the eyes of God anymore.”


America was not built upon men like Scorsese, and the Dafoe’s. And now Dafoe’s father, and they’re doctors and nurses, they say,

“Well my son is a real Christian, born again.”

Is that a fact? If he’s born again, I don’t want to be because in my wildest hallucinations and nightmares of sin I could never believe that claptrap and balderdash. Neither could you.

Prophet of God. I believe in him implicitly, base my whole doctrine and life upon it. And he taught here in this wonderful message, “Who Is This Melchisedec?” which comes under the Seventh Seal, which was opened by a man like him, to give forth these mysteries which even the great Doctor. Bloomfield who is now deceased said,

“Somebody’s got to come sometime and tell us.”

He’s revered, respected man from Indiana, Hoosier.

This Brother Branham tells us, that this is a mystery and it is because Paul could not explain it, nor did he explain it, tell us all about it. He just let it sit there, that at the end time we would know all about it. And Brother Branham explains thoroughly how this man, which we call a man Melchisedec, was on the scene and how that this man we call, King of Righteousness, King of Peace, actually was indwelt by Almighty God.

And this should not be strange that people believe that you and I can be born again, which rebirth comes by the Baptism with the Holy Ghost. If that is possible that God Almighty could give us, even a little modicum, an iota, of His Holy Spirit, what in the world is wrong with man’s thinking that they cannot believe that if God prepared this, could He not also prepare that, and in His entirety move within that vessel?

That’s just what He did with Jesus. So you see, our type is all laid out here. This is God Almighty who has made Himself a tabernacle.


Now, Brother Branham has been describing this and I’m going to start reading on page… I’m going to go into my notes here a little bit to give us a background so that you’ll understand what we’re into. Now, concerning the question then as to who Melchisedec is, Brother Branham unequivocally testifies that Melchisedec is God in what is called a Word form body. In other words, He simply spoke a Word, it formed a body. Why not?

If He said, “Let there be light,”

There was light.

If He said, “Let there be a fish,”

There was a fish.

He could say, “Let there be a body.”

There was a body and He could step into it. A Word formed body which is called a Theophany and a Theophany comes from the two Greek words, ‘theo’ means God, and ‘phanero’ to show forth God in a manifested form. So concerning the question as to who is Melchisedec, Brother Branham unequivocally testifies that Melchisedec is God in a Word form body which is called a Theophany. That’s absolutely true.

This is one example of the process whereby God enters into the worship and communion by men. Listen again. This is one example, there are many in the Bible where God did something like this, to enter into worship and communion by men wherein God makes Himself known by some visible manifestation. He uses some form that conforms to His purpose for that occasion.


He used the Pillar of Fire to keep Israel warm at night. He used a cloud, hid in it, kept them cool by day. He became a rock to them, called a rock that followed them, which is a source of revelation. He uses some form that conforms to His purpose for that occasion and thereby identifies and reveals Himself to the people that they may become all the closer to Him and worship Him, and love Him, and know Him.

Brother Branham used the term from the Greek concerning this process. He called it En morphe, which is in the Greek, to signify that God used various forms such as angels, and light, and fire, a cloud, a human body and even His servants the prophets, to actually visualize and conceptualize Himself to the people.


Now let’s look at Hebrews l: l.

Hebrews 1:1

(01) God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past [Not unto the fathers, that is not the original Greek. It’s in the fathers. God was in the prophets.]

And if God was truly in the prophets, then the prophet or prophets had to be God to the people. Now you know that’s how authority is relegated and delegated in our society. The president of the United States can send a delegate, an ambassador to Europe, to any place he wants and that ambassador is the president, and actually the United States populace, the government, the entire people to that king or that nation. He is the embodiment of the whole thing. Why then would not a prophet be God to the people?

Then you say, “You make Brother Branham God.”

I do not make him God. No way, shape and form, anymore than I make the ambassador as the president, or the government, or the people. But if that ambassador is obligated to stand for, and speak for, and to visualize, and conceptualize, exactly the American people concerning them, and remember government is by the people, and for the people, then that prophet would be the same for almighty God. There’s no big hassle there, you know, if you really want to be just commonsensical, you know. What does it say? Commonsensical. That’s just a word I’m coining in a hurry..


Let’s go to John the 10th chapter. We’ll find out what the Jews actually thought of prophets. And you’ll look at the 13 verse.

John 10:30-36

(30) I and my Father are one.

(31) Then the Jews took up stones again to stone him.

(32) And Jesus said, Many good works have I shewed you from my Father; for which of those works do you stone me?

(33) The Jews answered Him saying, For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God.

(34) Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

(35) If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken;

(36) Say ye of him, whom the Father hath set apart, and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest; because I said, I am the Son of God?

There it is right there. Now the question is, to whom does the Word of God come? It has to come to the prophet. So Israel called their prophets gods, g-o-d-s, in contradistinction to capital G-O-D. Which simply means they understood the delegation of authority and power. And remember the prophets were proven or vindicated by God, even as we believe in vindication.


Now people today in Christianity don’t believe in vindication.

They say, “Who needs prophets?”

Well, where to you find that God said we didn’t?

They say, “Well just a minute now. There’s no such thing as a prophet that’s not a Hebrew.”

Then Noah… Noah wasn’t a Hebrew. What are you going to do with him? See, you don’t make your own rules up. You don’t make your rules up. What you do, what you’ve got to let your mind go an become like a little child and go to the book like Brother Branham. He didn’t conceptualize this thing and fantasize about it and say,

“Well I think maybe this Melchisedec, well he’s got to be some kind of a myth. He’s got to be some kind of a personage that’s really not a personage, it’s kind of an order, and it’s got to be this.”

He said, “Look it, here’s what the Bible said. No Father, no mother, no beginning of days, no end of life.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well I’m talking about God.”

And those say, “Oh come on now, far be it from that be God.”

Well then you tell me, and stand up here and give me some sign that you can prove to me I should listen to you. Fap! I’m likely the smartest guy in the room when it comes to theology, I shouldn’t be standing up here. And I should have the glibbest and best tongue of anybody amongst you.

Would you take anything I can give you against the Word of God that’s just simply, plain, doggedly says, I’m going to change that around? Where would your contract with God go? No, it’s Word by Word and don’t take a Word, and don’t add a Word.


The Bible said, “This Man did not have a father, did not have a mother, He never had beginning of days, He never had end of life.”

Who was the fellow inside the shell? Jesus had beginning of days. He was born, yet He was no different from God except in the fact He had a beginning. But He wasn’t God. No, He became God on the grounds that God was in Him. We’re talking about a man. See? Okay, no matter what form God used He is always the one and the same and the only God there is, and He’s the One that does it.

There are not two gods, or three gods, or any number of gods, just one God. He uses different offices and forms, f-o-r-m-s, the En morphe, to suit His revelation. As Brother Branham deals with God progressively declare Himself in this message, God becomes a man.


Now what Brother Branham does, he takes us in this message and he shows progressively how God did it, removing a mystery, how God became a man, indwelt a man. How that you could point to Him, and say,

“This man is God and yet he is not God.”

And Jesus Himself said, “The Father in me doeth the works.”

Now did He lie, or didn’t He lie? Why did He pray? Do you think God would pray to God? I thought two or three gods together might argue the point unless one god had a bigger club, or a bigger say than the other guy. I can’t buy the three god symposium, brother/sister.

No, no.

God said, “In whom did I take council.”

With my son, or my friend or something?

Would you become a gnostic, the next thing you’d become. You turn that down, you become a gnostic. Not agnostic but a gnostic, which means; I know everything. And pretty soon you hear a female voice from heaven say,

“Shut-up. You forget I’m up here and superior.”

I’ve got the books on it honey, I’m not telling you a bunch of hogwash, there right in my library. No, no, no, come on, don’t be fooled by people that go around with their trinitarian doctrine and dogma, and the apostle’s creed. Find me the apostle’s creed in the Bible. See, I’m an old trinitarian from way back. It just won’t cut brother/sister.


Brother Branham deals with God progressively declaring Himself in this message until God becomes a man, comes down through certain steps. From the thought form, which was merely God in omniscience, determining to bring forth what lay within Him as the omniscient God, to the Word form body where God begin to speak things into existence, to the human born body.

Then he traces our position in Christ to our present earthly abode and then on into our spiritual embodiment just after death, and finally at the resurrection of New Jerusalem.

Now if you didn’t follow what I’m saying, I’m saying this, that Brother Branham traced how God did it through Jesus Christ, turns right around and traces us right from God into the same pattern. Do you understand what I’m saying? Whether you do or not, I’ve said it, don’t worry about that. And I think you know what I’m saying.


Now to begin with we are genes of God. Now let that thinking come into your mind. Genes, actually you could use the word ‘seed’, attributes. To begin with we are genes. I like that expression just for the minute. God has thoughts about these genes, or future sons, so He brings them forth according to His thoughts and they enter Adam’s race through Adam’s race, through natural generation. Want me to read it again?

To begin with we are genes, we are actually potential sons of God as male sperm with the XY chromosomes can unite with the female egg with X chromosome, she has doesn’t she, to bring forth either a daughter or a son. So you have a life line in God which contains seed that God breathed into Adam the breath of lives and Adam became a living soul and from that time he was able to propagate with what came out of him, which was Eve.

You’re looking at the same with God. Within God are the genes, or what we would call seed or sperm. In the Greek, for concerning God it is ‘spora’ for mankind it is ‘sperma’ and God likens us to the grass, or to the seed of the grass. Okay?

To begin with, we are genes, or sperm, or seed of God. God has thoughts about those genes or future sons. So He brings them forth according to His thoughts and they enter into Adam’s race through the natural, normal channels that God started way back there in the garden. Even before the garden when He said,

“Be fruitful and multiply and bring forth sons and daughters unto Me.”


Now at death these souls, these genes, this from God, leave their bodies and enter into Word bodies. 2 Corinthians, the 5th chapter I think it is, the 10th, whatever it is. We’ll look it up.

He said, “When you leave here you do not leave disembodied as though you don’t have a place to go to. You go to a place that is a Spirit body. Not spiritual, but a true Spirit body.”

So they go to those Word bodies which they bypassed, they were already there.

The Bible says, “Already waiting.”

Now physically speaking the sperm and the egg uniting, before they could even do that, they had to have something down here to go to. The life to go to the sperm all had to have something to go to, so before there was ever a male and female, God had the earth from which He’d take it all out. Right? By chemistry.

So okay, God had a body prepared for these sons, that a body they bypassed to come on down here and live in the flesh and when they died, they would go back to those bodies that God had prepared that they’d bypassed. Now, I’ll just take my time and read it. Come on this sounds to crazy to be true. But we don’t deal in crazy things.


Now Paul says,

2 Corinthians 5:1

(01) For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

Now that doesn’t… now just a minute. That’s not the glorified body because that body glorified is not eternal, it has a beginning. This one doesn’t have a beginning. This is something so radically of God the human mind cannot grasp it. It’s just got to say, “Yes that’s so.” You’ve got to believe it.

Paul says, “We know it.”

2 Corinthians 5:2

(2) For in this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven:

He tells you the second time now, “In the Heavens.”

2 Corinthians 5:3

(03) If so that being clothed we shall not be found naked. [We will not be naked.]

We leave here, we’re going to go to a place we know nothing of and it’s not the New Jerusalem. It is not a house, it is a body and we bypassed it.

You say, “Why do you think the prophet tells this and why does God tell us this, and what good does it do?”

That’s a good question. Stick around and find out. We’re pretty stupid in dealing inane, and ridiculous things, but God doesn’t. One jot, one tittle changed and you lose out.


Now this is something we’re supposed to know at the end age and everybody admits this is the end of the age. Can the world go on with Aids alone? We’ve got over 300,000 cases and doubling once every twelve months. By the year 2000 we will have killed off 315 million Americans and there aren’t that many.

Now you don’t even dare get acupuncture, and I’ve been getting acupuncture. Good-bye Chinese remedies. Do you know that if you’ve had acupuncture recently you can’t give your blood to anybody? So Doctor Kim, do you hear me? And Doctor Kay?

Say, “Brother Vayle, you’re going back?”

If I felt like it. They can use alcohol or anything else to kill them, or heat. And you that want to be promiscuous, I’m just warning you, I’ll never pray you for your healing. Pray for your soul, but you’re asking for it. I know preachers don’t think anything of going with women messing up. Disrespect God and see what happens to you.


Proven conclusively that mosquitoes can bear it. America doesn’t want to get upset, that’s all because you see by those figures in the year 2000 ain’t no America left. How many saw that picture the Planet of the Apes? See the Planet of the Apes? Hey, good, wasn’t it?

Remember when they came back and the apes had taken control, which of course won’t happen, and they got loosed and they found what they had gone away in, in New York, the devastated land and all they could do was curse God and curse themselves?

Book of Revelation, “Gnaw their tongues in pain and curse God.”

And Aids, you rot while you live. One big pustule. And when you rot while you live you’ll be dropping puss on the ground pretty soon. Animals get Aids. Yes. Strange, isn’t it?


Okay? We’ll just drop that, go back to subject. You’re not a disembodied spirit when you leave here. People can’t believe these things we teach. They don’t want to believe anything no matter what it is. They’re not interested. You come back to the earth though later on and get your physical glorified body which means your theophonic structure and you in it pick up the glorified body and go on to the marriage supper, and eventually the New Jerusalem.

In this discourse Brother Branham insists that these Word Bodies, which he calls theophonies, are actually present but invisible, but soon all will be made manifest for the Millennium is upon us.

Like he said, “We have just discovered the laws of television but the laws were always there.

So it is, there are spirits could be passing through this room, it’s all a dimension. Perhaps the camera can catch things that we cannot catch. Everybody knows that to be true.


Now on page 13, paragraph 60-62, Brother Branham speaking on God in His own metamorphosis, or change, speaks of God using human bodies for His purpose and applies that to Melchisedec and then moves on to show that once in awhile there is a cross over from the invisible side proving that there is a reality over on the other side that people do not die, they simply change their geography and their forms.

So we’re going to start reading. Brother Branham said,

[60]  That God reveals Himself in His great form of what He claims as He En morphes or goes into a mask, or a figure which hides Him but at the same time reveals Him so that this figure can come by, or to His servants wherein God proves Himself.

Let me read it again now so I get the thought to you.

[60]  He reveals Himself in His great form of what He claims as He En morphes Himself in His servants and proves Himself.

Now what is he talking about here when He said, God Himself reveals Himself in a form which He claims. What would you make by that?

You’d say, “Well, He’s making claims. God is making claims.”

And so God made a claim, especially concerning the fact that He would come and live in the form of a man called the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ. God also made the claim that He would be with the prophets and the prophets would be God to the people as we read in Scripture;

“That God was in the prophets.”


So God according to what He desires and sets forth in His promised Word, He will accommodate Himself to that for the sake of the people. And again also I think the thought lies in here that the prophet is bringing to our attention, that when God claims He will do a certain thing concerning His own people, the prophets and those that are His children, there is nobody that has the right to say;

“Hey God, You cannot do that because I don’t think that’s the way it should go. We would like to deal with You on our own terms.”

Now remember Israel did that and they closed the book when they did it.

They said, “Look Moses you tell God we don’t want to see the Pillar of Fire anymore. We don’t want to hear His voice anymore. We don’t want to have contact anymore. You tell God this, ‘That you will stand for us and when you come back we’ll listen to you as though we listen to God.’”

Moses went right back to God and God said,

“That’s exactly the way it’s going to be.”

Well you say, “I don’t think that’s fair that somebody would do that and the book then is closed to me. That’s how it’s got to be done.”


There’s where you’re wrong. You can’t tell God anything. And you can’t even tell me anything around here. You going to tell me how to spend my money? How I should preach? How I’m going to conduct myself? You may come and hint but you aren’t going to get to first base.

Say, “Look, you don’t know Lee Vayle.”

If you don’t like it go on home and stay there. I’m not being hard nor mean, I’m just trying to tell you about me. And you’re just as obnoxious. You know, let’s face it, who’s going to tell you? You know, look, tell you… now the government steps in and tells us how to spend money and all but the devils telling them how to do it even more so.


Let me show you what I’ve got in mind here. Mathew 20:15, we’ll read a couple of these things in here and you’ll get what I’m driving at here.

Mathew 20:15

(15) Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with mine own? [Now that’s what Jesus is saying.[ Is thine eye evil, because I am good?

He says right here, “What are you trying to tell me to do with what belongs to me?”

Do you follow? Okay, let’s go to Romans the 14th chapter now and see something else in here about God.

Romans 14:7-8

Romans 14:7-8

(07) For none liveth unto himself, and no man dieth to himself.

(08) For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s.

Now it tells you right here that God owns everything. Therefore you don’t tell Him anything.

He said, “You’re mine, I bought you with the price, I can do with you what I want to do and you can’t say a word about it.”

Now if you don’t think that’s true, turn back to Romans the ninth chapter. This is God.


Romans 9:19-21

Romans 9:19-21

(19) Wilt thou they then say unto me, Why doth God yet find fault? For who hath resisted his will? [That’s on predestination. See?]

(20) Nay but, O man, who are you to reply against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus?

(21) Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?

You cut Moses and you cut Pharaoh and watch them bleed. You get the smartest men of the world and analyze them, just exactly the same. Why did God choose Moses and why did God not choose Pharaoh? That’s God’s business.

“Well I don’t like the thought that God says, ‘I love Jacob and hate Esau.’”

That’s God’s business. If you say that, you haven’t got a clue concerning the love of God because election is the love of God. That He should love you and give you a chance to hear His voice and come near God. From that point on any man should just let God have His way in his entire life. I wish we understood this. That’s love.

If you think love is some gishy, gooshy something you contrive and concoct out of your own bosom, you’ve got to be wrong brother/sister, it’s the Word of God. And if your love doesn’t line with the Word of God you haven’t got the love of God. You’re just kidding yourself. I mean you are kidding yourself. Please don’t talk to me as though you know something because you don’t. Not as I know anything but I know this Word here.


Now listen, He said this.

Romans 9:21-23

(21) Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?

(22) What if God, willing to shew his wrath, and to make his power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction:

(23) That he might make known the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy, which he had afore prepared unto glory,

Now who’s to argue with God?

Say, “Well I don’t like it.”

Nobody asked you to. And you’ll never like it unless you’re born again because you can’t understand because you look around, you say,

“I don’t understand. My brother is a nicer man than I am, why can’t he see God, and understand God, and receive God? And here I am the cruddiest one of the whole family, the most ignorant, misbehaving, bunch of corpuscles that are rotten from center to circumference, and God picked me. Now if He’s smart He would have taken my brother.”

See? You blew it.

You say, “ Man alive, what kind of God is He?”

Sovereign. That’s the word, sovereign. He does what He wants, when He wants to do it, to whom He wants to do it, under the condition He wants to do it, and any time He wants to. That’s right. God is sovereign.


Let’s go a little step further. Well I don’t have to really. I might just take one here in Revelation 10:7, just to show you something here because you know this, it says,

Revelation 10:7

(07) In the days of the voice of the seventh messenger, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as God has declared [the good news of the gospel] by his servants the prophets.

God wants to do that, He’ll do it.

People say, “I don’t think God will do that. I don’t think that’s going to come.”

The Bible said it’s going to come, there’s going to be a prophet come on the scene because He’s talking about prophets, and He’s talking about the gospel, and the Jews never took the gospel, so He’s talking to you and me.

He said, “There’s going to come a time when a mighty messenger comes down from Heaven and stands upon earth. This man is going to be standing here and he’s going to be a prophet and he’s going to close it all up.”

Now, before he can close it he’s got to open it. Oh, yes.

Because the Bible says, “Close not the sayings of the prophet in the book.”

And over in one place it says,

“Close it.” Rev 10:4 says, “Close it” [End of side one]

Revelation 22:10 says, “Open it.”

This man’s going to open it. I believe this man opened it. [Points to the picture]

You say, “I don’t believe he did.”

Well that’s all right, you look for somebody to open the book later on then.

I say, “It’s over.”

You say, “It’s going to come.”

No problem. Let’s find out. See? It’s up to the individual.


Okay, now, he says here,

[60] God reveals Himself in this great form. Whatever form God wants to reveal Himself, you see? Whatever His claims were in setting it forth to do it, He does it, He reveals… He En morphes Himself, He actually places Himself in His servants and proves Himself.

Now the servant could be a cloud, but it doesn’t say that here.

It says, “His servants the prophets.”

You say, “You really believe Brother Vayle that Pillar of Fire, if that’s really a reflection of God, God’s there in the form of the Holy Ghost. That God could actually get into that man?”

Why not? Tell me why not?

“So, the man’s not worth anything.”

Who said so? You say so, or God said so? If that man’s not worth anything and he’s really a prophet, then you and I aren’t worth anything either because God didn’t get into him, then God couldn’t get into us.

Listen, you’ve got to draw your conclusion. You’ve got to do something about this thing here. See? You’ve got to do something about it. I’m trying to build your faith to let you know, look, if there is such a thing as this you better believe it. If there ain’t no such a thing as that, fine, you haven’t been hurt at all. I’m the guy that’s being hurt.

I’m going to have to stand before God for telling you lies. You’re just merely accessories after the fact and of course you could have a little bit of a problem but nothing like my problem.


All right, let’s look at paragraph 61.

[61]  Now, here He is in the form of the Spirit. Now he’s talking about way back when there was no nothing except God, Himself, with His thoughts in what you might call the void. And here He is in the form of the Spirit. Now then He comes in the form En morphe at the time of Genesis 14. This God takes an actual human form, or the form of a man in Genesis 14.

It’s not known previously to that. And he appeared to Abraham encapsulated, or in this form. When Abraham was returning from the slaughter of the kings, here came Melchisedec, and He talked with Abraham.

In other words, let’s go back to the form of the Spirit. This could be called the thought form. The thought form of God. Why? Because He’s nothing but Spirit and He’s thinking. Now He hasn’t started moving, He’s simply omniscient, omnipotence follows omniscience.

And if anybody isn’t omniscient, I would hate to believe he could be omnipotent because you’re gone and he’s going to go with it, wouldn’t work. Omniscience is the key. What lies within the mentality, or the heart, or the thoughts of God.

Now it will never look good to you and me, the Bible warns us. So way back in the thought form, He hasn’t spoken a word, that’s the form of the Spirit, original, all by Itself. After the thought form, there comes a Word form which is an expression.

Now that’s what we’re looking at way back in the pre-existence of Jesus and our own pre-existence right there in God but nothing coming forth. Now let me… Brother Branham now gives an illustration that happened in Tucson. This was in the papers.


[62]  The other day in the Tucson paper I was reading an article, there was a woman driving down the road, maybe forty, fifty miles an hour, she hit an old man and the old man had an overcoat on. Now that’s funny you see, an overcoat on a hot July day on a desert road. She screamed and stopped her car.

It threw the old fellow right up in the air. Right out on the plain desert! Hot you see? And she ran back to find him and he wasn’t there. So what did she do? Began looking for him of course. Some people behind her saw it happen, saw the old man fly in the air, his overcoat turning round and round.

They also ran back to find him. They couldn’t find the man anywhere. They called the police force. The police came out to examine the place; there was absolutely nobody there.

[63]  Well, each one testified the car chugged, hit the old man. He went up in the air, everybody saw it. Witnesses, two or three carloads saw it happen. Come to find out, five years ago there was an old man with an overcoat, (Likely in the winter time see?) hit and killed on the same spot.


Now you know the records are replete with those peculiar incidents. Just the other day I read in the Enquirer magazine, which I very, very seldom read because most of it is hogwash, this could be too. A woman in her forties now tells when she was sixteen years of age she was in a room and she was baby-sitting a little tiny baby for the first time the parents had gone away and left a baby-sitter. I think she was about sixteen. And suddenly she was wakened up by a man in the room and she could describe him clearly how that he said;

“Go in the room there and look at the baby.”

And she saw her body lying on the bed and yet she went in there with that man and the baby was turning blue, dying, and the man said;

“Now just take the baby, put him over your left arm, with the head down. Now reach in the throat and take out the object.”

And when she did, she took out a little locket. The baby’s colour came back.

When the man and the woman came home the girl tried to tell them and they wondered if she was hallucinating until she described the man and they went in to look at the locket. Opening the locket was the picture of the woman’s, that is the mother’s father, exactly what the girl saw that came in, in some spirit form or apparition or something, and wakened her to save the baby’s life.

What happened, the mother’s locket had slipped the chain in the baby’s crib and the baby inadvertently clutching it, you know, little baby putting it in it’s mouth, eight month old baby and was dying. What did it? See? What did it?

The world is full of millions of phenomena that no body can understand, knowing but there’s something over there. And if something over there it runs a rigid course the same as it runs here and people still want to deny God. And you know why they do it? Well they do it because they don’t want to be responsible.

It’s just like men and woman run together, shack up, because they don’t want to be responsible to marrying each other, being faithful, and raising a family. They just want to be dogs, animals. When you see these animals around the world, let me tell you something brother, you’ve always had them but not like now.


Now listen, Brother Branham says,

[63]  …When you leave here, you’re not dead. Now watch what he says. You’ve got to come back even if you’re a sinner (That means the Christian has got to come back. See? Absolutely. Sinner has got to come back.) and be judged according to the deeds done in the body.

In other words, the same one that went away has got to come back and it was just like Samuel, remember the Bible says the witch of Endor, I’m going to bring up somebody to help you out, Saul. And she didn’t know that she… it was Saul the King, and she didn’t know that she was going to get the old double cross. And she actually brought up Samuel and he was a white haired, white bearded old man, and he said;

“Why did you disturb my rest?”

You’re the same person. Evidently you will not get your beautiful physical change until you come back so it’s all right, you can leave here completely bald headed, you’ll come back with nice curls no doubt. Providing you had them here to begin with. Okay.

[63]  …”If this earthly tabernacle is dissolved, we have one waiting.” Another figure, a spirit body, a word body, which God has waiting for us in the heavens. See?

Now, just as God covers His own Spirit with a body to make Himself available, so you and I have bodies when we leave this world to be available in the world to come. Brother Branham was beyond the curtain of time.


He tells us how, That in a vision he saw his body lying on the bed, whether a vision or not, like the apostle Paul said. Whether in the body, out of the body, I was caught up. I do not know, only God knows. I was caught up and I was there amongst them.

And Brother Branham was embraced by a woman most beautiful, young woman, hair flowing down her shoulders. She’s sixteen years old and all her beauty and the voice said to her;

“Don’t you remember her?”

He said, “No I don’t remember her, who is she?”

“She was ninety-one years old when she got saved in your meeting.”

At ninety-one she wouldn’t be necessarily wizened up and terrible. I’ve seen some fine looking ladies at ninety-one. There’s Grandma Cox just died at ninety-four. I saw her about age ninety… let’s see, what was she back there about four years? About age ninety. My, she was chipper as a chipmunk.

Looked wonderful! And yet she dying of cancer about, back in what? 1960 something, Brother Branham prayed, she was healed. And so already she can look in her spirit form, around sixteen years of age because the spirit looks good, and if she were to be brought back where you could see her maybe she would look old so you’d recognize her because who knows about that? But she’s coming back one day soon as a young, young lady.


Now 64,

[64] Now God in this stage of His creation later formed into flesh which was Jesus.

Now he said, God applying the principle to become a part of creation, specifically bringing Himself through His metamorphosis, into man, which is downward, you know, coming down. He then used this form as a stepping stone to the other form which meant He would be in the physical form of what He was in now which was the figure of a man. Now…

[64] …From the beginning Spirit, that’s in other words where God was just Spirit entirely, then He came to a Word form, or to the Word, bringing Itself out. The Word doesn’t make Itself yet.

In other words, it’s not spoken out, and later it becomes flesh. What I see Brother Branham telling us here is, that; God had this precept of what He would do and He does it exactly by steps, and each step is something that He takes in order to bring it to this conclusion and we see it unfolded by Scripture and especially today.

And then he says, after this body, this;


Now, leave paragraph 65 alone and drop down to 66 because that’s where it belongs.

[66]  Also we see Him revealed in Ruth and Boaz as the Kinsman redeemer, He had to become flesh, come as flesh.

So what he’s saying here now, what you’re seeing in Melchisedec is a type, or a figure of when Jesus would be a man and God would indwell that real flesh and blood man, the same as He indwelt this one which was not flesh and blood. And it wasn’t even glorified flesh, no. When Jesus came back glorified;

He said, “Handle Me and see, a spirit hath not flesh and blood.”

He didn’t say, “Flesh and bone.”

Now because He was flesh and bone but He wasn’t flesh and blood. Neither was this flesh and blood. Neither was it glorified form. It was merely as Brother Branham said,;

“I suppose He took the dust, a handful,” (Brother Vayle makes blowing sound) “ blew on it and there was a figure to step into. So that’s what you’re looking at. So now, He was made a man in order to shed blood.


Now, paragraph 65.

[65]  When Abraham met Him, He was masked in the character of Melchisedec. He unfolds here what all the attributes will do in the final end, every son of Abraham. Now this is the key to why this is a mystery to this hour. It explains to you and me exactly what has happened and is happening. It clears up a revelation. And listen to what he says again.

When he met Abraham, he was masked in Melchisedec. The character Melchisedec. He unfolds here what all, that’s you and me and all of us, the attributes will do in the final end, every son of Adam. Every son of faith will do absolutely the same thing, or come the same way. But I want you to watch how we have to come. Now he explains to us how this takes place.

How many minutes we got left? Thirty. No good. Going to let you out early today. We get back next time we’re going to start with the black board and we’re going to show from the blackboard by my horrible drawings, but hopefully my speech will help you to understand how that God deals with every single one of us the same as He dealt with His only begotten Son.

One is the great level of the containment of all the attributes, or fullness of God, the other are little jots and tittles coming on down but they all line in the same way showing forth how it is that all of these things fit right back into God and His divine plan. And never was there a time until this hour under a prophet that could explain this that it comes into view.


Look, I’ve read the books and if you don’t believe me phone Morris Ungren. Just get old Morris up here for a week. He’ll name you every author and every book and about every sermon of the last one hundred and fifty solid years, right back to Luther. And you haven’t got it. There’s nobody…

“Well I say, I just don’t believe that man that you believe in.”

Look, that doesn’t bother me one little bit. That’s up to you as a person, you do what you want about it. But I teach here what Brother Branham taught because look, I’ve read the books and, at least a lot of them, and every now and then I continue to read books. Not too often anymore. And look, I’m not a smart man.

I’m not saying, “Hey, Lee Vayle he’s got it and nobody else has because he believes this fellow.”

I’m not saying that. Look, I am satisfied for me having read the books and having gone the ways that I’ve gone, that this man alone has the answers that are complete with the Word of God. The others don’t have the answers.

It’s actually… he tells you as nobody else tells you how God can actually take a Pharaoh and predestinate him because Pharaoh always was Pharaoh. You don’t take a dog, brother/sister, and pardon the loose expression. You don’t take a dog and try to make him a man, to fill a man’s place.

Neither can you take a reprobate, a serpent seed that God says, in His book declares, and ever try place him with a child of Almighty God and in the heart of God, it won’t work. No man like a Pharaoh, or like a Stalin, or a Genghis Khan, and these men we know in history, Hitler and the rest of then, Mussolini, not one of those men ever came from the Soul of Almighty God. And don’t tell me because they didn’t or they would have been converted.

That explains a lot of mysteries and this is why we’re into this subject the way we are and so next time around we’ll put something on the board. I hope you haven’t been too bored this morning, just trying to bring us up to date so we can move on into the hard facts that Brother Branham presents to us. In the meantime, the Lord richly bless you.

Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Our gracious heavenly Father, we thank You now again for the privilege we’ve had of coming together, giving us this three quarter hour, a little bit better time that we could study Your Word Lord which we believe has been given by a vindicated prophet.

And now Father as we’ll start the next session, I believe that You’ll help us to really begin to see how all of these were in Your mind and how they’ve all transpired, they’ve all come to pass by the divine sovereignty of Yourself. And then in the last day Lord bringing us to a revelation, knowing that very, very soon, there will be a tremendous wakening of the dead, a resurrection amongst us Lord, and there’ll be a group of people that are going to be changed that’ll be taken to a Wedding Supper and then come back to a renovated earth for a thousand years and then go on, and on to the New Jerusalem, the city of our God.

Lord, we believe these things, we’re confident of them and we thank You Lord that our confidence is not based upon some book that somebody wrote but a living ministry that we ourselves were a part of in the sense of being right there with him and seeing, and knowing so much of these things, and some of the people right here also were involved in it Lord.

We thank You for it. And now by Your grace Lord we believe that every body in the building would be involved in the understanding of the Word of God. That Word Lord which is able to make us wise unto salvation, which becomes our armour, which becomes all the things that It’s suppose to be to us.

So Father, I just pray now that the sweet Spirit of Jesus Christ rest and abide upon each one of us Lord God, bringing us back together again with even a sweeter more wonderful Spirit of Jesus Christ, the love of God not only shed abroad in our hearts but coming forth from our hearts Lord until the very sick amongst us get healed. And the graces of Almighty God showed that there are a people who can be lead of the Spirit, the living God.

Father we want that, Lord You know I’ve hungered for it, I’ve hungered for nothing else Lord. If it came to a showdown, it’s greater than life itself. And what is life without it Lord? So shower upon us of thyself O God, thy divine graces to come forth in our midst to manifest in our hearts, minds, and lives. We’ll be careful to give you the praise.

In Jesus’ name we ask it.


Take The Name Of Jesus With You.’

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