Who Is This Melchisedec #19

Body Subject To Spirit
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Shall we bow our heads in prayer:

Gracious Heavenly Father, we thank You for Your loving, gracious Presence, Lord, thanking You that You’re here in a way that You have not been here in two thousand years yes we could take it right back several thousand years, Lord; the time of Moses and at the time also of Your resurrection when You lead captivity captive and You had an exodus then too, and Lord we’re on the verge of one. And we know Lord, there’s a great Message at the end time, just before the Resurrection, and the Rapture.

We know, Lord, that the Spirit of wisdom and revelation and the knowledge of Yourself comes into the church, showing us the deep mysteries of God the time we’re living in. So may it be our portion tonight to know these things, Lord. We know that in Your wisdom, You set it forth, it should be so and we want to be very amenable to it, we want to take our place, Lord, in Your great government. So feed our souls Lord with food convenient for us tonight give us the truth. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now, this I believe is Melchisedec number nineteen, and we still haven’t gone very far but I believe we’ll be able to work quite rapidly after we cover certain basic factors of which I think we’ve covered perhaps the most.

Now, in this message, Brother Branham has been teaching us very clearly: That every son of God, save Jesus Christ Himself, bypassed, what he called, a theophonic form, a body, a Word body, a spirit body, and we have been made to take on flesh, which is subject to sin. And you’ll notice that condition is spoken of over here in Romans the 5th chapter, 12 to 14.

Romans 5:12-14

(12) Therefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:

(13) For until the law sin was in the world: but sin is not imputed when there is no law.

(14) Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam’s transgression, who is the figure of him that was to come.

So we see here that the Bible said, “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” We don’t sin the way Adam sinned but we are in the flesh, tempted in these bodies and we do sin, and of course we know we sin and it’s reckoned to us as sin except in the case of justification to the Elect.

Now, however, after the baptism with the Holy Ghost we are in a position, being born again, to be enabled by the Spirit to walk in the Spirit as well as live in the Spirit.


For it says in Romans 8:1, a few verses there

Romans 8:1

(01) There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus…

(02) For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.

Now you notice where the Spirit of life is it’s in Christ Jesus. And then from then on it comes into us. That’s the same as saying, “God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself.” So you see what Life and what Spirit it is that we become heir too.

Romans 8:3

(03) For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, [Now that’s the flesh we had to come into bypassing the theophonic form.] God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh:

Took upon himself the form of man, not the nature of angels, but came as the seed of Abraham, like a human being, and it said, “The likeness,” didn’t say, “He was sinful flesh,” because he was not. He was not. “In the likeness,” in order to shed blood, “condemned sin in the flesh.” He judged it.

Romans 8:4-9

(04) That the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

(05) For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.

(06) For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

(07) Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.

(08) So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.

(09) But you are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit,

Now that’s a statement right there that we’re all prone to put aside because of experience and wrong theology. It’s the same as I said Sunday morning, that this business of this great ethereal magnification of, “I in you and you in Me and all in the Father,” we just go floating around on the beautiful breezes of stupid Pentecostal latter rain goofyism.

Look, by the baptism with the Holy Ghost, by God indwelling Jesus, “That One was in Him, in the Father and the Father in Him,” and we have the same experience by the baptism with the Holy Ghost.


So don’t try to make it some great big thing, “I’m going to be so and so and so and so.” You’re going to explode like a toad full of buckshot and I don’t want to be around when you splatter. That’s right. It’s not just ignorance, it’s pride, spiritual pride. Can’t you take just the little simple thing?

No it’s too simple. Even look through a hole in a donut but when God writes something on the wall in flaming fire it’s just, “Too much.” Now I’m a little sarcastic but I’ve got to get my point across and I don’t know any better way than to just take and beat the liver to death, you know, if it’s going to be too active. So now the same thing is here.

Romans 8:9

(09) But you are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if [you are baptized with the Holy Ghost].

Now that’s too much to take because we want to put all kinds of strings on it, all magnified, and do this and do that. And this is where we fail because we make God a liar. We are just as obnoxious with our stinking pride as the devil is.

See how important it is to just take the Word of God the way it is and don’t add a word to it and don’t take a word from it. But just say, “I understand this. Hey, ‘I am in the Father, the Father in me, in that day you’ll know I am in the Father and you in Me and I in you.’”


Now that was at Pentecost and Brother Branham putting certain emphasis upon the Scripture as to give it an extended and more glorious meaning, said that happened at Pentecost. It happens today and will occur at the White Throne again.

But every single person that is born again is following the distinct pattern of Jesus Christ and Brother Branham said, we parallel our… as sons of God, and exactly like Jesus Christ except for one thing, where He had a theophonic form and set it down, and took upon a human form, we never had ours in the first place but when we die we go and pick it up and come back and get our glorified bodies and go right like Jesus.

Now that’s what the teaching is and anything else, brother/sister, is ignorance, spiritually induced ignorance and pride fully kept degeneracy. Now it’s all on tape just the way I said it and I’m not going to take it back, and I don’t think I can repeat it. I got it right the first time. I know what I’m saying. I have no business being up here if I wasn’t.



Romans 8:9

(09) …If so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. [Now remember, the false anointed never get that far. Now watch.] If any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.

Proving predestination. If you are a son of God you will be born again. Then you’ll be just what it says here. And you could say, “Well praise God, I didn’t ask to bypass that theophonic form, I didn’t want to bypass it, I know nothing about it. I was put down here to be tempted. I’m running my course.

“But I know in whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto Him against that day.” I’m going to go to that place where there isn’t any sin. I’m going to get my claim and my desserts and I’m going to stand on this earth, like Jesus Christ, and though all hell come against me I will not be tempted.” Now you can be tempted right now.

There’s coming a day when there’ll be nothing to tempt you. Just walk right along in the faith of God because you’re a part of it.


Now it says,

Romans 8:9-10

(09) If any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.

(10) And if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin;

And it tells you flat, you’re going to die. I don’t care how baptized you are with the Holy Ghost, and I don’t care if you’re so spirit lead you get up in the morning, “Now tie the left shoelace.” We don’t have shoelace anymore hardly ”Put on the left oxford, or pump, or sneaker, put on the right. Look to the left, look to the right, look up, look down.”

You can be, Ohhhhhhh, so lead of the Spirit and you’re still going to die. Deader than a doornail as though you’re hit by a Sherman tank and gone through a shredder. I don’t care how good you are, how full of the Holy Ghost you are, how lead by the Holy Ghost you are, I care nothing about it. Paul the apostle died.

John the Revelator, the most marvellous Christian. Polycarp died. And they were so full of the Holy Ghost you could boil John in oil and it wouldn’t do any harm, put Polycarp to the stake and he couldn’t burn; how far have we come? Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, we can’t even open the kindergarten school doors. They died.

So you see what we’re talking about? Don’t let your mind go beyond the Word as to what truly obtains. When we get this straightened out we will now be able to climb the stairs of a sanctified beautiful life; but the beautiful lives do not come until we understand this because you can see, the whole thing must be a motivation of the Spirit that lies in the Word. Absolutely, you can’t get away from it.


Now listen, he said,

Romans 8:10

(10) But if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin [You’re going to die, I don’t care who you are because you’ve got the sentence of death in it.] but the Spirit is life because of righteousness.

Now he’s talking about a Person, and he’s pointing now to the Resurrection.

Romans 8:11-13

(11) But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead [And who raised up Jesus? God raised up Jesus. And if the Spirit of God is in you, the same God that raised Jesus from the dead, has absolutely got to raise these bodies from the dead. See? The dwelling in you. Now we notice that, there’s no problem. Now,]

(12) Therefore, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flesh.

(13) For if you live after the flesh, you shall die: But if you through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body,

Does that mean, “Well if I live a godly life like John John’s out here living in the flesh somewhere, and Paul’s out here living in the flesh somewhere?” Hogwash, they’ve gone back to gasses.

He’s just telling you here that, “A person who is truly born again has heard,as Brother Branham said, “From his theophany,” and he knows that though body cannot be tempted, he is now in a position by the grace of God to override all temptations to really live in a place of victory.

We have all the propensity to back- slide a thousand times a day but we don’t have to. No,

Romans 8:14

(14) For as many as are led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God. [the Spirit will lead us in paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake.]

It is very evident, after we’re full of the Holy Ghost, baptized with the Holy Spirit, that the Holy Ghost compensates us for having bypassed our theophany; that theophany which cannot be tempted and which would have given us a power through a knowledge.

An experiential knowledge, would have given us a power, through experiential knowledge being fully aware of the eternal glory so that we could not sin. Now, Jesus was that way, we aren’t that way. See? We live here in the flesh and so we’ve got to cope with the flesh.


Now, we’re going to start reading a part that we read before and I’ll read it rapidly, from page 15, 73.

[73]  And then when you become subject to that Spirit, it throws your whole being, Body soul and spirit. subject to that Spirit. Which is the Holy Ghost. And that Spirit is nothing in the world but this Seed Word made manifest, or quickened, made alive.

In other words, he’s telling us what I’ve already mentioned here concerning our theophany: when you are born again you literally understand that there is a life that is above sin and there is a glory that we will enter into. Now it’s going to be a while to get there.



[73]  …It’s been made alive, it’s quickened. And when the Bible said, “Don’t do this,” that body quickly turns to it; [Now notice, he’s talking about the body that receives, that was formed under sin shaped in iniquity, is tempted by sin, he said,] the body because of the Holy Ghost, quickly turns to what the Bible says and there’s no question. [Now Brother Branham talks about the greatest battle ever fought, see? So remember that point, we’ll get to it later on again.] What is it? It’s the earnest of the resurrection.

In other words, when we come back in the Resurrection we’ll have our theophonic form with it. And as I said right there, we’ll be absolutely invulnerable. You say, “Well I don’t need to be because there’s nothing there to bother me.” That’s entirely besides the point. I don’t understand it but that’s what the Word teaches us we’re going to need it for some particular reason, we’re going to have it.

[73]  …Now, this body will be raised again, because it’s already started to rise.


How does he mean it’s started to rise? Because it’s in obedience to the Word of Almighty God; it’s in obedience to the Spirit that lies in the Word and so therefore it’s already obedient potentially when the call of God comes it has to rise. See?

[73]  It was once subject to sin, and mire, and corruption, but now it’s got the earnest; The earnest is the down payment. it’s turned, It’s consequently turned heavenly. Now, that’s the earnest that you’re going in the rapture. It’s the earnest.

So, the baptism with the Holy Ghost positively lets us know we’re going to be in the Resurrection and positively lets us know we’re going to go to the Word-body, which is there waiting for us. Now, he said, “It’s the earnest.” It’s the down payment. In other words, it’s not just the baptism, but living with the power of the Word within us to live that life that is available to us. Now,

[73]  …It’s the earnest, now that’s the earnest, you’re going in the rapture.

And of course there’s two understandings of going in the Rapture there because we have the earnest. Number one: we’re born again so we know we’re going and number two: the Pillar of Fire, the earnest Himself, God Himself has appeared on the scene, which was absolutely a prerequisite to the Resurrection. So we understand that.


All right, now, our bodies are all getting ready to change because the inner man has listened to the voice of God and it’s in the process of going into what would be called a Resurrection, actually without death at this particular moment. Seventy-four, now Brother Branham is going to illustrate, illustrate the Resurrection by a healing.

[74]  A sick person laying dying, nothing left but death, that’s all can happen. I’ve seen the shadows of people done eat up with cancer and tuberculous, and see them persons a little while after that perfectly normal and strong.

Now that’s what he’s talking about. You can leave here a complete emaciated wreck, whatever it is, pass into the theophonic body and if somebody could see you, which other people of like stature can see you up there, like Brother Branham was allowed to see them, visions beyond the curtain of time you’d see a perfectly young wonderful human being.

There wouldn’t be one thing wrong. And Brother Branham said… now that’s not just a healing that’s a miracle Brother Branham’s talking about, it’s a miracle of healing. And he said, “I’ve seen them,” and I’ve seen them myself in Brother Branham’s ministry, stand right up within a perfect form and absolutely normal.


Now he said,

[74]  …If there’s no Divine healing then there’s no resurrection, because Divine healing is the earnest of the resurrection. Amen!

In other words, a healing… God heals people proving definitely there is a place where your body is one day going to be perfect because healing in itself is not an end in itself. The Resurrection is an end in itself. In other words that’s it, you’ve arrived. But you could be healed many times, you’re still going to die.

The same as I said awhile ago, “The body is dead because of sin but the Spirit is life because of righteousness.” You have a righteous spirit that guarantees you eternal life that when you leave here you’ll go right to your theophonic form and then come right back here and pick up your glorified body.


Now, so… and remember Brother Branham also said, “There’s no such thing as a true healing revival unless there’s a new message.” So we had God Himself descend with a Shout and the Message is the message of the Resurrection the Presence of God. He said, “My ministry is to declare that He is here.”

And I ask the question: “What is He here for?” Well number one: Brother Branham said, “He’s here to put the church in order.” Number two: “He’s to raise the dead.” And He’s already put the church in order, and putting the church in order by the living Word of Almighty God, and we’ve learned something in this Melchisedec of a church order we never learned before. We’re beginning to see it all lined up before us by the Word that the prophet brought us.

[75]  You know what the earnest money is don’t you? It’s the down payment! “He was wounded for our transgressions; with His stripes we’re healed.”

Now that’s Brother Branham referring to the fact here, as he said in Romans, he said, “But if the Spirit of Him that raised up Christ and [from] the dead, dwell in you, He that raised up Christ and the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies and your Spirit within you.” And just before that he said, “The body is dead because of sin but the Spirit is life because of righteousness.” See? He said, “Don’t worry,” he said, “the sentence of death says, ‘You’re going to die,’ and go ahead and die, I’m going to die too.

It doesn’t make one bit of difference because I am going to go to my theophonic form and come back and pick up my resurrected form and we take off for eternity.” See? There’s no problem and so therefore we see the baptism with the Holy Ghost is the earnest. It’s actually, not just an earnest in the sense of a token, but it’s a literal manifestation of the guarantee, “Hey, this is it,” because a token is a guarantee.


See, there’s another thing wrong with us. We are such a bunch of lousy, crummy liars and we are so evasive when we talk, and we’re so suave when we talk, and we have so much duplicity within our hearts as we talk that we don’t know the Word of God is real and God means what He says and says what He means. Like years ago, an oath of confirmation ended the whole thing.

Say, “Do you mean to tell me this is true?”

“Shake hands brother, you’ve got it all.”

You try that today they’ll skin you left and right. You wouldn’t dare try that, to believe anybody. And that goes against us because we can’t believe this Word. Now you see, if you really believe what I’m preaching tonight we would just be so relaxed tonight we would have to have somebody come and pick us up. We could hardly get our joints together, like jellyfish; you would be just plumb relaxed.

Because see, “God swore by Himself,” He didn’t ask you and me to say one thing. “God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself.” God became His own mediator. God became His own bond, His own guarantee. And He said, “I give to a part of Myself another part of Myself.”


You’re fifty percent God, only fifty percent person. Actually if you want to go by your spirit and the truth of the matter is; if you never mind the body, that’s just a case, that’s just a conduit, if you want to go by the truth you’re two thirds God and one third not.

Then if you want to throw the body in, you’re fifty percent God. Sure, because your soul is the seed of God, that’s God, and the Holy Ghost is God, so if you’ve got two spoonfuls of God against two spoonfuls of a spirit that God allows and another spoonful of dust, you’ve got two spoon full of God and one spoonful of dust, and one spoonful of another nature, another thing fifty percent God.

And if fifty percent of our being God, cannot overcome fifty percent that isn’t God, there’s something wrong with God. That’s just mathematics, not even good mathematics except it’s very, very true what I’m telling you. See?

[75]  Now he said here, the earnest money was, “He was wounded for our transgressions; with His stripes we’re healed.”

Now that’s what He did upon Calvary. But what did He do? He delivered our souls, and in delivering our souls He had to deliver our bodies. So if healing is in the atonement then it would have to show forth Resurrection because healing has to do with the body. The Blood has to do with the soul, releasing the life to come back upon it. So He proves it.


So, now notice,

[76]  How wonderful, we love Him. Now, this body is subject to the Spirit.

Now he said, “This body is subject to the spirit.Okay, that’s quite a statement. It would refer, first of all, to the predestinated. Now, if he says, “The body is subject to the spirit… ” I’m going to just use those words and start looking a few things up because I’m not convinced that Brother Branham only spoke one language. He spoke many languages by which I mean there are many meanings to what he said and you can take all of those meanings as long as you go to the Bible.

So let’s go back to 1 Corinthians 15:35, and let’s begin to look at the Resurrection which is an end for the human body and I ask the question then, if that’s the end what about the start? Because there is no such thing as an end without a start. Alpha is Omega, you’ve got to have an Alpha if you’ve got an Omega. See? So if you’ve got an Alpha there’s got to be an Omega, there’s an Omega there’s got to be an Alpha.


All right.

1 Corinthians 15:35-28

(35) But some will say, How are the dead raised up? and with what body do they come?

(36) Thou fool, that which thou sowest is not quickened, except it die:

(37) And that which thou sowest, thou sowest not that body that shall be, but bare grain, it may chance of wheat, or of some other grain:

(38) But God giveth it a body as it hath pleased him, and to every seed his own body.

Now that’s what I’m looking at. Now this body is subject to the spirit. This body then, and every body is subject to whatever life is there to determine the body. Right? All right, we go back then to God Himself who is Spirit. And God is the great wheat seed.

Now remember Brother Branham said, “Let’s take a little orange seed, now every single orange that will ever be is already in that seed.” Every true child of God that would come by flesh, predestinated would come by Adam and was already in Adam.

And the potential in there, which is full potential of production, was given a means whereby generation after generation after generation, until the last generation, the seed plays out, and God takes them all home.


Now that’s the same with the original first grain of wheat. It’s the same with the first horse, the first cow, the first sheep, first dog, first anything. The full lay in there, and the life determined the body. Right?

Then if we actually though infinitesimally now don’t use that word ‘infinitesimal’ like you use the word ‘infinitesimal’ use it with the understanding, though microscopic and in that particular sense infinitesimal; it is so explosive, that if a cup of water can blow New York off the map this one little seed from God with a glorified body could rip universes apart or put them all together.

So just don’t get carried away with stupidity and stupidity means a false humility of downgrading God. Now, it’s okay to downgrade the beast. It’s okay to downgrade anything, but it is not okay to downgrade a son of God. No way.


So, God being full of seed. Right. Spora, not sperma, in this particular case it’s more like a flower. The word ‘spora’ can… like grass and so on. God being full of seed then within each seed lies the body. Yes, absolutely. And it will form the delineation and configurations within it from the material that is available for it.

Understand? And what if there isn’t any material available for it except what itself is of? In other words: when God gave birth Himself… and we read over here in Hebrews, which I read many times to you, we read it again.

Hebrews 1:3

(03) Who being the brightness, [the out-raying], of his glory, the [very expression of his substance,]

Before there was ever a speck of stardust, that seed had within it the ability to produce a body and therefore would produce a theophonic body or a theophany because that’s all it had to work with. Now I tell you, I’m sticking my neck right out because of Brother Branham and I’m ready for the White Throne.

In fact, I’m a bit of a fighter and I don’t want to be nasty with anybody, especially with God and His servant; but Brother Branham laid down the law, he said, “The word ‘eternal’ means, never had a beginning, never had an ending. And he lets us know positively, That before there was a speck of stardust, one atom, one movement of air, there was anything, a light began to form.”

And I want to ask you a question: there’s nothing to form it from, what was doing the forming? God. And that’s what it says right here that, “Jesus was the outraying of God and He was the essentiality of God.” I don’t care what anybody says.


Now, we bypassed that form, that would have automatically, because of its intrinsic essentiality, produced a theophany. In other words, it would have produced a God form because the seed is God and it’s as simple as a dog is a dog, as a pig is a pig, as a horse is a horse. Now you say, “Brother Vayle the human… ” Shut-up and listen.

The dog wasn’t in Christ, the pig wasn’t in Christ, the horse wasn’t in Christ. Those were all creations, we are not creations we are spin offs. We are a spin off of God or I don’t know what Brother Branham was teaching and personally I wouldn’t care, because he’d be too mixed up for me to follow.

And I tell you, I never did appreciate Brother Branham said, “You study nature, you’ll get all your answers back to God.” And I never did believe it, I could never figure it but the last two years I’ve been using nothing but nature. So I know I’m where the prophet is now he’s way up here and I’m way down here somewhere no I’m not, he told Brother Hicks, he said, “Brother Hicks, said, right now I’m up here and you’re here. When I’m off the scene you’ll be up there and I’ll be gone.”


So we know what the prophet was teaching us sons of God. Jesus said, “I came forth out of God, I was born of God, I issued forth from God,” and we do the same thing but we miss what the spirit would have formed. So, God speaking, Brother Branham said, “The Son and the Father speaking said, ‘Let us make man in our image.’ ” And we were not the out-raying. See?

Now we were the out-raying intrinsically but not in the form. So we took upon another form. Jesus had to lay aside that form and come and take our form. Then we lay aside this form and take that form, then we come back and pick up a glorified form. That’s wonderful. But you see the picture of seed and the understanding of this.

Now I’ll tell you what this is going to do for us, this is going to make us conscious of the God race and the priesthood order of Melchisedec which is not a latter rain bunch of clap trap and balderdash. What I’m talking about will make you start praying for Mary Allison and getting a grip on yourselves looking for places that Brian and Mary can come down and move to. You’re not doing it. I don’t have… I’m not so strong but I’ll be looking.

We’ve got Roger and Carol Sue want to come, they’re getting desperate. Now we’re not trying to get people to move into here, especially as I’m getting old enough I can’t take care of them, but they’ve got faith in you people. Do you hear what I’m saying? It’s not just me, they’ve got faith in you people. I’m looking you in the eye so some of you better get right down to be worthy of the faith they’re putting in you.

I’m not being hard, just telling you because some of you have been kind of snotty and I don’t like it. You know I’m rough up here but you just… I can’t understand you. You tell a sinner down the street about a house, but will you tell your brother? Now I’m not being too critical, I just know it isn’t being done.


Now Danny Henry wants to move down here. I’m not saying he should come down here. I don’t want any body moving down here as far as I’m concerned, but if we can help them we’re obligated to help them. That’s a real priesthood, not some highfalutin stupid idea where you pontificate and talk about how great you are. But you put your money where you mouth is, you put your energy.

Now some of you are doing it, you’re doing a great job, but you see, I’ve got to give blanket coverage. Everybody needs to be working for each other. Now don’t over do it to make yourself a nuisance. That’s possible, very possible.

Now we’ve got Rob trying to move down here with Laura, and they already are moving to a degree. We’re not trying to build a church this way, but look, these people want help and if we can help them we’re going to help them.

I don’t know how Brian’s doing tonight, but it’s about time the boy had a line in up there, if he can’t get down here, his wife’s pregnant the way she is and we don’t know what the baby’s going to do, we’re praying and believing God with all of our hearts and trying to help, if he can be home tonight, have the phone. There’s no cost, I don’t care if it’s got sixteen eight hundred… hundred and fifty dollars a month, that doesn’t mean one thing get the message up to him.

And we’ve got the lines. Pete would do it in fifteen seconds, all he’s got to say is, “Pete, get on the line.” And Brother Pete went ahead, trusting God, he’s the man that paid a lot of money to put these lines and things in, we didn’t do it, Brother Pete did, I appreciate that. I don’t want to bring up everybody, what he does, but Roger the other day bought all the plates. I paid my own upper plate so he paid for the rest of them.

I’m just trying to relax you, I come a little rough on you. I don’t want to be rough on anybody but hey, look, these people are serious, they may be desperate for all I know. In the meantime then it doesn’t behove anybody to pick at anybody but believe everybody help each other and go on down that road.


Now I’ve said my little piece, it’s all part of the Message. You’ve got to understand these things. These people need help. I thank God that people ever helped me but I want to tell you one thing, I went through a lot of rugged roads of no help, no help, no help.

I got to the place of being utterly bitter until I came back after nine wasted years of saying, “I’ll trust God through hell and high water, come what may,” and I never had to go through hell, I didn’t have too much high water, I had a lot of icy roads and storms and everything else I could have got killed on kicked out of churches and everything else because I dared to stand up for the Word of Almighty God.

I’ll tell you, it’s worth it brother/sister. Well the little tiny bit I know about God, it’s worth it to put your lives on the line because there’s nothing, there’s no way you can love God and serve God outside of loving and serving the brethren in Jesus Christ. Don’t get tangled up on personalities or some little thinking thought here and some little thought there but press right in to serve God and help people because that’s what it’s all about.


Now what was I talking about? Yes, I was talking about right here the seed. Talking about the seed of God. God Almighty’s seed giving a body. And you know what happened? Brother Branham in this hour pinpointed that body as Melchisedec, the priest serving.

And we are of the royal priesthood and one of these days brother/sister, having served each other, and thereby served God. And you know that’s in the 25th chapter of the book of Matthew, absolutely, they were so anxious to help people they didn’t even know they were serving God. “When did we go to prison and help You? When did we give a glass of water? When did we come in the hospital? When did we put some clothing on Your back?”

Listen, do you know who your neighbour is? Your neighbour is the person who helped you and you are supposed to love him next to God. This is a good little question to ask, how many people do we really know that we can love next to God? In other words, how many people really helped us?

That’s not the point, how many people have we really helped? Then if they don’t love us next to God, we being a neighbour because that’s who the neighbour is, the man that helps you, how many good Samaritans we got today? Oh it’s vital brother/sister to know this.


Now this is what we’re talking about of living in the Spirit and walking in the Spirit. We will be so energized as Jesus was, knowing these things and doing these things who cares two bits about temptation? We’re too busy for it.

When you get too busy to be tempted that’s a marvellous situation. You know the old saying, “The devil always finds lots of work for idle hands to do,” yes, well let’s get God’s Word going. We can, see? Understanding this is a great thing.

Ao, we’re looking at this body here. God gives it a body as it hath pleased Him. Now, so let’s keep going now. The Bible, John was speaking to Jesus, that’s John… I beg your pardon, Nicodemus in the book of John.

He was talking to Jesus and Jesus said, “Nicodemus you must be born again.”

“Well,” he said, “how can a man be born again? Can he the second time enter his mother’s womb?”

And Jesus said, “That which is born of the Spirit is spirit.”

Now, I ask you a question: are you born of God? Next question: how many times? Now if you’re born of God you’ve got to be spirit to begin with, because you’re seed. Right? “That which is born of the Spirit is spirit and that which is born of the flesh is flesh.”

And that’s exactly right but you’ve got two beginnings and so did Jesus. He bringeth the Only-Begotten, the first begotten into, not the inhabited world but into being. Now He brings us into being, but not the way Jesus was.


Now, we are born therefore through natural generation but we should’ve had the bodies that come from the supernatural generation and when you are a generating force it means you are a living force and God is a living force and every part of God and every seed of God so to speak is a living force and a living entity thereby; so he would be productive, but God cut him off, cut him right off.

Cut you and me off, we have no recollection, we have no memory, got nothing to do with it except it’s ours, it’s got to be waiting for us and we came down here and we’re going to go back there and pick it up.

So that’s why I’ve talked about this because Brother Branham said here, “Now this body is subject to the Spirit.” And there isn’t a body that’s not subject to the spirit of whatever life that’s there, because it delineates or blueprints what is going to come forth.


Now listen, if we can get an understanding and I don’t have it, I can preach it and boy I can sure preach it and you know I can. I don’t really practice it. But you know something, if we really understand what I’m saying and fill the channels so that other channels, no other channel, and no channel can be filled with anything but the Word of God, we’ll begin to have that Word flow out the way it should flow out.

Now listen, you understand what I’m saying? In your minds, God, the big circle with all the seed; the little seeds lay in Him. Now, if they had been in the form of Christ, which is the correct delineation, there could not have been any channels that would have absorbed anything contrary but we bypassed it.

The seed is now not in the true configuration but in a physical configuration so that the channels are opened, so we don’t resist sin like we should, we’ve got to fight in a battle until we die. Like Brother Branham truly said, “A thousand times a day backslide and have trouble.” See? The original could not possibly have been tempted or any problem lie therein.


Now, it’s up to us to so fill the channels with the Word of God that out of that will proceed the life that we’re talking about though we have bypassed the theophonic form. Then in that condition, we will be loving and kind, and merciful, and uplifting, and correcting people with the Spirit of Christ not having confrontations. Now I’ve had some confrontations, sometimes they’re necessary because in order to avoid confrontation it takes two people in Christ to be motivated with the same Spirit can’t do it by yourself, one person standing there.

Now Jesus Christ had to have confrontation but He never had it with His own. So we’re looking at the seed here. We’re looking at the body subject to the Spirit. That’s why Brother Branham preached, “Dove Leading the Lamb.” Don’t tell me that a dove’s going to light upon a wolf, or a dog, or a pig, or a balky old horse, or a mule, or a jackass of some description. The Holy Spirit comes upon the Lamb because the Lamb is the type of the configuration that God’s own Life had to take being stepped down.


Now, but as we understand we will soon be to the position of the out-raying of God and coming back with the immortal garb of Jesus Christ Himself and the glory of God to shine which will be the true assessment of God. I say, these are the things that are going to change our lives. I’ve been all through the other, it doesn’t work.

You can pray, you can fast, you can take every measure you want to impress yourself, or to bring yourself under some guidelines, it isn’t going to work, and if it did, it wouldn’t do any good anyway because “If Abraham hath whereof to boast according to the flesh let him do it but not before God.” And he’s one of the finest examples that ever lived, then comes Joseph and some of the rest of them. See? Everyone.

[76]  …Now, this body is subject to the Spirit. Now this is predestination. I don’t care if we did bypass the theophonic form, we’re going to get it. We are predestinated to this. Now, this body is subject to the Spirit. We have not yet entered into the Word form, but we are still in the flesh form, but subject to the Word. Death in the flesh will take us there.

Now, when you read this the first time, you’ll go legal, just as sure as you’re alive, you’ll go legal.

[76]  …We have not yet entered into the Word form, we’re still in the flesh form, but subject to the Word.

Then right away you think, “Well I’ve got to get down and humble myself to the Word.” Yes that’s right, you will humble yourself to the Word. But the point is, if we’re truly children of God and born again we are already humble to the Word. And by humble to the Word, though that’s a poor expression, I’ve used it. Let us say we’re congruent with the Word because we are Word, we’re living on the Word, and we love the Word.


Now, so therefore Brother Branham is saying here not that you are becoming subject to the Word as though you’re giving it a precedence. You are so made and I am so made that come high tide read Romans 8, separation, no separation rather, famine, tribulation, nakedness, perilous sword, life and death, it doesn’t matter, you will positively make the Resurrection.

Now that’s the kind of faith you and I are having in these messages and what Brother Branham brought us. It’s no longer something, brother/sister, that is an active faith, it is a passive faith of revelation that becomes dynamic through God Himself within the vessel that God has prescribed because we’re in that vessel.

[76]  … We are still in the flesh form, but subject to the Word.

In other words, even though we passed the Word-body, we’re subject to it. Now remember; beyond the curtain of time changed Brother Branham’s life nothing else. The visitations of God by the Pillar of Fire, I was in his house that day when that handwriting appeared on the wall by a Pillar of Fire and he looked like a hunted animal, scared to death that never brought it. The great and mighty healings never brought it. The raising of the dead boy in Finland only brought controversy. What he did over there in Switzerland only made the people say, “Oh he’s got a devil, he’s a spiritist.”

When he got behind the curtain of time and came back he saw where he came from and saw what it was all about.  Now, Jesus Christ had that we don’t. But our knowledge of it makes us to know by vindication that this is it and by our faith in the vindicated theorem we know we’re just as good in the curtain of time as Brother Branham is.


Now you’ve got to understand that. And here’s where the strength begins to come, as we understand and accept our brethren, and that’s the tough one because we all have our own standards not God’s and our own ideas, and we like to project them. We haven’t learned to sit back enough, fast enough, and long enough to become mellow.

We must learn under this Message what it is to ripen. And that’s to simply sit under it and listen, and listen, until the channels are full, and the more the channels are full the more you and I are going to be temperate because the servant of God number one; is temperate in all things. We talk about love and we talk about a lot of things but I’m going to tell you, every single thing in this world is spoiled without temperance. Let’s remember that. That’s your prime quality we’re thinking of tonight.

Now we’re subject to this Word. Not, “Thou shalt do and not do, not this and not that,” but we’re subject by the life to take the form that has been predestinated by the delineation that lies within the life. And the delineation of God was first of all a Spirit or a Word-form-body. He said, “Stop it right there, number one and that’s all.” But He didn’t veto it, He just stopped it right there. He said, “Put them here then bring them back, then bring them back again.”

You know that Jesus has got to come back into the inhabited world again? He’s got to be born into this world again by coming back on a white horse and we are going to be born into this world again by coming back on a white horse with Him. There’s lots of begottens in the Bible, we’re all part of it. Should make you love the Lord. Brother Branham, he just talks right about loving the Lord here.


All right, now he’s going to illustrate about the whole thing here.

[77]  Just the same thing. The illustration. Think of a little baby. You can take a woman, no matter how evil she is, when she is pregnant and fixing to be mother, watch before that baby’s born, I don’t care how cruel the woman is, she gets real kind. There’s something about her seems godly, to see a little mother fixing to become mother by the baby. What is it? That little body,

Body, body. What’s he call it? Body. Now do you and I dare call it otherwise? Now you see that’s the thing. The body is a manifested delineation. No two ways about it. It’s your genetic pattern brought into what should be a sympathetic environment, and empathetic, it’s not that any longer.

[77]  … That little body… Now, it’s What? The body’s not yet alive. See the only thing it, Body. is, is just flesh and muscle. That little jumping, that’s just muscles jerking. But when it, [The body.] comes forth from the womb, God breathes the breath of life into it, [Just like in Genesis.] Then he, [Not body this time.] screams. See, just as sure as there is a natural body being formed,…

For what? Whatever is doing the delineating. She’s not going to bring forth a dog, or a pig, or a pretty rosebud, maybe like the rest, she likes geese, bring forth a little goose, a little gosling. No after the kind. I’m being a little sarcastic, I’m bringing a point out here. It’s going to be a little baby boy, little girl, whatever, human.

[77]  …Now just as there is a natural body being formed, there is a spiritual body to receive it as soon as it gets here.


What? The body. But it takes a seed to make a body. And what’s in the DNA, the RNA, the genes and so on is not there in a chemical measure as though the chemistry was all that counts; chemistry doesn’t mean anything without life. That’s why your chemists and your science are all screwed up. They’re so messed up they think they’re gods.

Doctors the same way, lawyers, everybody’s god and the funny thing is we who are, don’t even want to claim it. It was always sort of stupid to me. Still is, it’s a little bit gross if you want to know the truth. It’s ridiculous.

So, this is why Brother Branham could say, “The body is jerking muscles and it’s not really alive,” and say to the Mormon who lost a child prematurely, “You’re going to see it in Heaven,” because the seed, which is the life, and which is the true delineator, see, has begun to fashion through processes a body of the chemicals and those things which are here and God has allotted to them.

Now just stop and think a moment how wonderful it would have been if God could have delineated, or would have delineated for us what I’m talking about, and we saw ourselves like Jesus, come into a theophonic form, come into our true form, which would be an out-raying, and the out-raying principles would be the matter, which is spirit and true spirit come forth, true spirit form come forth, nobody could see it where it come and go.

Then come down here and knowingly take on a human form that would be fantastic. God didn’t want it that way but He said, “You can have it all anyway but it’s going to be the way I give it to you.” See? Now you’re learning to understand about God and ourselves is what we’re doing in this message here.


Now he said, “This is just jerking muscles,” because it’s a body we’re talking about. So what is it? A spirit is standing there allowed by God, permitted by God, but not of God. Our baptizing Spirit is of God because it’s from God because It is God.

But this spirit is allowed of God and comes in when the baby drops from the womb now the doctors and scientists aren’t going to believe this, who cares about those idiots? Those birds are so smart there’s no such thing as a rheumatologist pretty soon, they found out nobody knows about rheumatism and arthritis, so the rheumatologist, he’s as dead as the dodo. Oh he’ll want to collect money and say he still is, but he doesn’t know. No? What do the doctors know? In six thousand years not twenty percent of the human body.

Nobody knows but we know. We know the mysteries of God by divine revelation. We know like Jesus said, “We know who we are from and where we are going.” And we’re the only people in history who have that tremendous aspect of the gospel. Not that the others didn’t have a part of it but they didn’t have what you and I have because, “This is the glory,” Brother Branham said, “That doesn’t fade.”

So if you’re worried about reaching a plateau in this church where suddenly there are no more plateau’s and there’s no place to go, you are hindering your faith and I’m hindering mine because this glory cannot fade.

Then if it doesn’t fade does it just sit there? No! It’s got to grow brighter and brighter to the perfect day. The path of the righteous shall shine more and more until the perfect day. And this is the perfect day when the full light has come but it gets brighter and brighter because as Brother Branham showed, the little prostitute at the well, she was all black but one little white spot, when the light really hit her and did the work it was supposed to do she turned all white. We’re going to go to the tree of Life the same way.


All right. The spirit gives it a body. Now that which is born of the spirit is spirit. So if you’re born again then it’s got to be the Spirit of God that comes unto you, in your body, and comes to you, the soul the real life within. Now you’re fifty percent spirit. Okay, paragraph 78.

[78]  Then when a man is born again from Heaven, he becomes a spirit babe in Christ.

In other words, as a baby now has within it every full aspect and potential to be exactly what is there, he starts on the path. Jesus Christ himself grew in stature and favor with God and man. So you and I will do the same thing.

[78]  …And when this robe of flesh is dropped, there is a [natural body], theophany,

Cross out the word natural body, he didn’t mean it because there’s no such thing as a natural body theophany except in the sense that the body, the theophonic form, was the natural one we should have had. So in the sense it’s a natural theophany you could say that, but I think at this particular point Brother Branham really didn’t mean that. It doesn’t matter if he did because each way is good.

[78]  …A body not made with hands, neither born of a woman that we go to. Then that body, The theophonic body or Word-body, spirit-body. returns and picks up the glorified body. That’s the reason, I don’t think Brother Branham should have used the word ‘reason’ there so much as that’s how Jesus went to hell when He died and preached to the souls that were in prison.


Now he could say, that’s the reason He did it, is on the grounds that He had a theophonic form and He had to go on down there and associate with them also to let them know that they bypassed it and they’re going to be like Him because He was like that to begin with and both of them have glorified bodies. You can put different meanings here and it will come out the same thing. It doesn’t really matter.

[78]  …Turned back into that theophonic form. Oh, marvellous! Thank God!

[79]  Then in 2 Corinthians, he reads it, “If this earthly body be dissolved [this earthly tabernacle], we have another one.”

You see, you have the body that’s suited to the nature according to the conditions that are requisite. See I had to fill that in conditions requisite because you just can’t say, that it’s suitable to the nature of what lies within the seed because the nature lying within the seed is holy, holy, holy. Cherubim’s keeping everything away, blood and fire, so that nothing gets near, God’s so holy. Well, if we were in that form, why man the whole earth would burn up in front of us.

You ever hear Scripture how that God, there’s a fire that goes before Him and blackness behind Him moving God like a flame of fire coming in there and Brother Branham talking of the purifying power of the Holy Ghost? It’s got to be that way, God’s not going to live in any stench and filth.

So God had to let us bypass. See? And as I said, think of what, think… now listen, think what this revelation does to us now that we know, although we weren’t there to experience it, we bypassed it, to let us know what we can do with this revelation by way of living in the Spirit of God.


Now this is a different message I’m preaching from do this and do that, or study this and study this and act this way and act that way, or get this or get that, I’m just saying think upon these things which are real. And that’s where real philosophy comes from. Not some man made tripe and man made idea.

Oh come on, you don’t think for one minute that William Branham and these great men of God lived their lives by just devoting themselves? “Brother Branham, I’m going to sanctify myself for the coming of the angels.” What if God didn’t want angels to come? Well Brother Branham’s bones would have been bleaching on the desert sanctified. Fap!

You’ve got to be congruent with the Word of God. And Brother Branham taught us there is a congruency. He said, “Come just like Jesus.” Ran a parallel, but he said, “You bypassed that.” Then what should the revelation do for us? “Well, I don’t understand but you know how it is… what are we having tomorrow for dinner?” Can’t be that way. We’re not lying in the sun enough, that’s the honest truth.


Brother Branham was constantly warning us and worried we’d have just too many other things to be able to just sit up and notice in church and keep in our hearts and minds and read the books the same way. Oh yes brother, listen, I use this manuscript just like I use the Bible. Oh I know that there’s certain people like one big shot in Canada, Pete, that wouldn’t like that. But Pete and I don’t care for these big shots in Canada.

So we found they ain’t so big after all unless they eat great big meals and wear size forty-six suits or size fifty Phbbbt. Hogwash! You think you’ve got to listen to me to make the Rapture? If you think you’ve got to hear me you’re nuttier than a fruit cake. Now it might not hurt you but you ain’t going to make it by listening to me the Word of God does it, brother/sister, because you know why? This will come to pass, not what I say. I’m only trying to help you.

[79]  …”Our earthly bodies be dissolved we’ve got another one.” See, we have bypassed that to come straight from God, Notice, we have bypassed that to come straight from God, the attribute, to be flesh to be tempted and tested by sin like Adam was. But when testing of His Word is over, then we are taken up to this body that was prepared for us before the foundation of the world.

You know, like our names on the Book of Life. Now, what kind of a body would come forth for a seed of God except a body fitting for that life? Even as animal bodies come from animal life. I took that up with you, studied it already. See? So what would be fitting? A theophonic form. It would have to be because if you’re sons of God you’re going to have God form.

Bypass it okay, we’ll get it later. Once you’ve been tested. See? Now, a true understanding of that will make us stand like soldiers in our testing. Well they were just being tested, not being killed, not being destroyed no, we’re going to come forth. Like Job said, see? Like one fellow said, “God will drag you through as long as you can stand the drag.”


All right:

[79]  …a body prepared before the foundation of the world.

And I’ve read that out of Hebrews, you know? Well now let’s just go back to Hebrews 11 just for a minute anyway. I’m not going to get much more than this paragraph done then we can… before next Sunday. All right, 11th chapter, verse three.

Hebrews 11:3

(03) Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

All right, that’s true. But they were made of something and faith lets you know there is an invisible substance somewhere that’s the building block of the universe. The Word of God, and that’s just simply spoken Word of God from God’s mind. That has no theophonic form to it.

This piece of paper is not a part of God, I don’t care what you say. Well you say, “Brother Vayle it came out of a tree.” Who cares if it came out of a tree or it came out of the moon, I don’t care, it’s not God. I breathe air that’s not God, that’s creation.

Now we know that God did it from something intrinsically from the beginning. Some people think it’s hydrogen. I’m not going to argue what it is, I just take the Word of God, said God the Word… the Word of God did it, that’s all there is to it.

But this is not the Word of God, this is the substance that came by way of a voice. We are something which… and a substance here which came by way of a life, God’s own life. And Brother Branham said, “It came direct from God.” In other words, no bypassing. See? So we didn’t get a previous experience, we didn’t have a previous glory that lay in there.


All right:

[79]  It is the Word there that we skipped and came right down here to be tempted and tested. If we’d have come through that, Word-body. there’d have been no temptation; Well couldn’t have been, everything would have just burned in front of us. we’d have known all things. That’s the reason Jesus knew all things because He was Word before He was flesh.

And that’s true. You and I don’t come that way, we still got… no matter how much Word we learn, we still come by the flesh and flesh and blood does not know a revelation of God, flesh and blood cannot know the things of God but God is given us Spirit even though we are dwelling in flesh and blood, and that can hinder us, the Word of God is greater and the revelation still comes through.

Now, there tonight, no matter what I said and I’ve bawled you out a bit, I didn’t mean to bawl anybody out, just put you on the spot, we’re all on the spot; get you interested, get you picked up. You and I can do it. We can do it. The flesh is not mighty, the Spirit of God is mighty to the pulling down of the strongholds of Satan and Satan gets right there in the old mind and the body.

You know this age has got us so messed up, you know we don’t even know clean things from unclean things. There’s a lot of clean things we call unclean, a lot of unclean things we call clean what a mess. We need to get some real frank understanding in our lives and homes. That’s what we really need to do, brother/sister.


Oh my, I tell you what, I just long for the Millennium whether I’m going to get there or not, I can tell you flat. I believe I’m going to make it but if I don’t I’ll tell you one thing, I’ve got a vision and a hope that bless God somebody’s going to have it because I am so sick and tired of this mess here, I’d like to know somebody had something. You know? And that’s getting a little bit way down the line now when we say, “Let somebody else have it then, bless God, but make sure somebody’s got it.”

That’s a little bit like the bride’s got the bridegroom and the bridegroom’s got the bride and the wedding guest stand back and say, “Isn’t that nice, isn’t that nice, isn’t that nice?” Bless God, if I could just be a wedding guest, “Isn’t that nice, isn’t that nice?” I think I’d be pretty happy. Well I wouldn’t be as happy as, you know, the other way. But who knows?

See, if you’d just get the upperward look and realize this is something wonderful that God’s doing, praise Him. See, when the Seals opened the heavens just went into riot. Down here, “Hum, hum, hum, hum. Was that of God? What [inaudible] Hum, hum, hum.” That’s a riot of praise? Shee, that’s worse than Joe’s smoke house. Yes, that’s worse than God knows what.


Now he said here,

[80]  Then we become the Word.

See? Just a minute I went through this paragraph up here now. It says here,

[79]  … That’s the reason Jesus knew all things.

Yes, I was talking about that. Jesus knew all things because He was there and in the know of all of these great things, where we get everything by the sense knowledge and the sense knowledge isn’t accurate. See? So if sense knowledge isn’t accurate, my God, how we need divine revelation. And if we get that then sense knowledge goes out the window.

Thank God, say, “Thank God, I don’t care about doctor so and so, or reverend so and so, or anybody else, anybody ever said, Brother Branham said, “I came direct from God,hallelujah, and as big a skunk as I am or anything else here I am, I came direct from God” you don’t believe it? I do. You don’t like it? I do. If you don’t want me around good-bye Charlie, I won’t bore you. That’s right, prophet said so.


You and I haven’t got it, you and I don’t know anything anyway. We bypassed the fountain of knowledge. We bypassed the one body that could give it to us. So now we’re down here in the body that cuts us off. God comes right down, the Holy Ghost, the Token Himself in a vindicated prophet and people stand back and say, “Well I don’t know.” Well isn’t that pitiful, what do you know?

Shoot, prove something. Fap, I’d like to see anybody prove something. Prophet proved it thousands of times. People say, “I don’t know. Well it could be this, it could be that.” Well fine. What if it could be the truth and you’ve gone, Bud, and I mean you’ve done gone blasphemed the Holy Ghost?

Yes, He’s still here too. Don’t anybody think He’s gone somewhere because the dead haven’t been raised yet. Don’t think He’s gone, He’s putting the Church in order and this, and this brother/sister, we’re getting to learn about the church order because we’re going right back to the top now. You talk about heavenly choirs, you know they said, “The angels fold their wings while you and I sing.”

Well I’m going to tell you one thing about it, they better fold their wings when I sing whether they like my voice or not because I’m going to drown them out. That’s your attitude and that’s mine, that’s the way it should be. See?


All right, now here,

[79]  …He was the Word before He was actually flesh.

He was part of the singular manifestation and glory and government of the Kingdom of God. This was necessary for him but not for us because ours is a future government and glory for the glory of God. Now remember, Jesus had to give glory to God. And once we begin to really conform and give glory to God, there is nothing that God withholds from us. “Enter now the joy of thy Lord.”

Now, what Brother Branham says here, the reason Jesus knew all things because He was Word before His flesh, had a theophonic body, proves the pre-existence so called of Jesus, or He was here before we were and it doesn’t make two gods, it makes God and the Son.

45.Now he says here,

[80]  Later we became the Word. Here we are formed to the Word image to be a partaker of the Word, feed on the Word, by being predestinated since the beginning. Now that’s a big mouthful that sentence right there. Then we become the Word, That’s right. When we pass on, we pick it up. See? Here we are formed to the Word image to be a partaker of the Word.

All right, at this particular time there’s a forming going on in our lives. As we partake of the Word of God and feed on the Word of Almighty God, showing us that actually we are fitting ourselves to the image of the original. That’s what we’re looking at. In other words, we go from image to image, from glory to glory, to the image of the Lord. Now look, let’s go back to Hebrews chapter 1.

Hebrews 1:3

(03) Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person,

Now that was Jesus. We bypassed every hope of that in the sense of the complete connection with God and the form from God, but in giving it up we are allowed to pick it up at the end of the trail. See? So we’re going to have it in the measure that God wants it for us.

So that we being the brightness of His glory in our own little position. The expression of His person, we’re going to get there, absolutely going to get there. It’s all going to happen to us because we’re waiting for it.


Now, this is as Brother Branham said, “God did this in order to give Himself reason and purpose of being” quoting Irenaeus. It had to be this way, God wanted it. Now, because we go through it, which is the period of Romans the 5th chapter of growth and character, there is no limit that what God does for us. It says,

Romans 5:1-2

(01) Therefore having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:

(02) By whom we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.

See, rejoice in it. Rejoice in getting that theophonic body, coming back to get the Resurrection.

Romans 5:3-5

(03) And not only, we glory in tribulations: [That’s trials.] knowing that tribulation worketh patience; [It does.]

(04) And patience, experience [Character]; and character, hope:

(05) And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.

Now it tells you right there that this is the plan that Brother Branham was talking about. Letting us go through the period of being enemies of God, coming back reconciled to God, realizing who’s sons we are, and he talks about this pretty soon and we won’t get there tonight, about the little eagle always was an eagle, never was a chicken, never liked the chicken life.

There’s no eagle here tonight but what hates sin in every shape and form in yourself and everybody else but sometimes we get to the place where we hate it in everybody else more than in ourselves because we’ve got to justify ourselves well forget that nonsense. No, it doesn’t work.


So, we read this, okay.

[80]  …So we’re predestinated from the beginning.

Now, the predestination came in the beginning. God allows a time gap. After the time gap, the character, the suffering, fitting us for reigning with Him because we’re more like Him that way we come back pick up the body, reign and rule with Him. Now you see that… now watch.

[80]  …You see, that little spark of life that you had in you from the beginning…

That you had in you, but listen, the body doesn’t have it because it gets it when it falls from the womb. Another kind of life, another spirit. What’s he talking about? He’s talking about your soul, the gene from God, the little speck of God, the little sperma, all the little spora.

If you want to make God as a male it’s a sperma. If you want to make God like a flower it’s spora. I don’t care what you call it, the Bible calls it spora in 1 Peter. Good enough for me.

[80]  …You see, that little spark of life that you had in you from the beginning, Your soul came from God, the gene of God. When you started your journey… Many of you can remember it. You joined this church and joined that church,…

Remember what? Remember when that spark began to assert itself. The life said, “Hey I don’t want this.” Man I never did want to be a corner drugstore cowboy. I was never down there uptown cutting up the town, smoking and drinking like a lot of people do but even at that time I hated myself because I was doing things I shouldn’t do even then.

You don’t have to be a blackened sinner, go out here and maraud and cut up and murder and everything else, and pretend you’re the apostle Paul. You want to go out and murder a bunch a people to have conviction that you need God.


I can tell you one thing you get a little baby chicken, that chicken doesn’t even know it’s a little chick and that old mother she sees a chicken hawk up there and she begins talking to those chickens, that baby little chick just runs right now. It doesn’t say, “Now I’m a chicken, should I run when I hear that?” Hogwash. When the eagle hears the scream it doesn’t say, “I wonder should I, I wonder, why, what?”

It screams back. Hear one wolf howl, another wolf howls. It doesn’t say, “I think I should howl. Could that be a wolf?” Owww, he howls right back, what a wolf sounds like. That’s the same with this here, we’re talking about that. See:

[80]  …You started your journey. You joined this church here…

Oh man, not me, I hated joining churches. I told you about that, I couldn’t stand it. Thank God I didn’t have to take communion. That old gas bag standing up there.

The only fun I had in his sermons was when I pulled the wings off of flies. We’d take toothpicks and little pins, you know, and you put a bit of cork on each one, then you put the big old blow fly on the pin and he sits there and you put the dumbbells in his hands, he moves back and forth like this you watch him play with the dumbbells. Never mind what the preachers saying.

Of course if you’re sitting here with me I’ve got news for you, I wasn’t that guy I’m another guy. I was the guy that sat there and fooled with the flies while that nut talked about God knows what, he didn’t know himself. What was he doing up there? What am I doing here?

I know what I’m talking about. It came right from that Pillar of Fire and I can read it right here and I find it right in my book got no problem there, brother/sister, not a bit.


All right, he said,

[80]  …That’s right! One day you recognized it.

Going to stop right there. Recognizing that you were a seed. I mustn’t lose this piece of paper here because I’ve got to use it. That’s right. All right, we’ll start back and you know what we did? We got a whole page done. So anybody that worries about twenty sermons I’ve got news for you we’re going to take at least thirty on this one.

And when we get through with this one, grace of God we’ll take another one and every one will just dovetail. Brother Branham said, Every tape become clearer. We won’t be looking through a glass darkly, looking right through the un… what would you might say? Unveiled Word of Almighty God. Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Kind Heavenly Father, I want to thank You again for Your love and Your mercy, Your grace, Your goodness, Your kindness, everything Lord. We’re thrilled tonight with the Word, Lord. I know Lord we haven’t got the hang of it, I know Lord it’s all up here in the top of our mouth not even the top of our head hardly but God in Heaven, we know this and if we’re questioned we say, “Well look, this is what we believe by vindication, this is what we know for the Word of the hour by vindication and this is what we got and we’re not going to let go of it by the grace of Almighty God and if this doesn’t take us through, then something else is for you guys go ahead. But as the prophet said, “Live or die, sink or swim, this is it.And we thank You for it Lord.

We praise you God Father, we’re not going to argue about it. We’re not going to say, “Why did the prophet have to preach it Lord?” We’re sick and tired of that nonsense coming from us or some others. He preached it God and we believe it, we believe it’s a part of the Message. Brother Branham wasn’t some simple little person puffed up by his own little infinitesimal ego because he had a great ministry to come and say, “Now listen to me, I’ve got something.”

Lord, I don’t believe that for fifteen seconds. I believe the man had something, and I believe, Lord, to the best of my believing that the man was something from you and this is Your Word Lord and it’s going to do the job in this hour. Father, I’m resting in it, I’m trusting in it because Father I cannot trust in myself for my own word and I’m praying for me and for every person in this building Lord, to help us to let every channel into our hearts, our minds, our souls, our spirit, whatever, the whole essential being of each one of us; be absolutely full of the Word of God until there’s nothing in any channel and then it begins to reverse and flow forth to a dying world.

I know Lord in the days of Noah he was that kind of a person and there wasn’t anybody else getting it but seven more people. But he had to have it and Lord we’ve got to have it too. By Your grace we will have it and Father God in Heaven it will take us through, that same Pillar of Fire is taking us through now with the same Word. We thank You for it Lord.

We just ask in Jesus’ Name, remember Mary Allison again tonight Lord, we pray O Living God that You’ll absolutely deliver her, help Brian and her to come on down here. Think of the Henry’s Lord, that they might be served Lord, we don’t want them just to come for any show but they’ve wanted to come Lord, and if they want to come we want to help them Lord, if that’s… may Your will be done, O God.

We think the same with Rog, Carol Sue, we think of Brother and Sister Smith, Lord, knowing the anguish in his heart Lord, that what he’s gone through and going through, we pray for these people Lord because they’ve got problems the same as we had several years ago and thank God you had hundreds of people praying for me Lord, finally came through.

We pray for these people too Lord, may we take their burdens upon us, may we serve them Lord, knowing we’re serving You. Help us Lord to… for Your people O God to get together and forget everything that bugs them or bugs anybody else and just get right down to the truth of the Melchisedec Priesthood, “I’m here not to be served but to serve.”

Father, help us to realize that’s the true Melchisedec priesthood. Not some ethereal thing that’s wafting off in space there Lord, but nitty-gritty down to earth people that give the glass of water, just don’t know why they’re doing it but they’re happy to do it. Visit in the prisons, the hospitals, give the clothing, pray for the sick, lift up the fallen, care for the dying, right down the road being caring loving people, O God. Not indiscriminate people, Lord, but caring, loving people, serving You Lord, loving each other.

Now Father I feel that love of God moving in this church. One of these days Lord I believe that the sick are going to be wonderfully healed amongst us because of that sweet Spirit of Jesus Christ. Go with Lois, she goes tomorrow, may she take back with her in home, Lord all by herself there trying to serve You everything she has need of for herself and anybody else that might come by the widow’s door. God give her the widow’s might of revelation, and love, and knowledge, as that little woman did down there when she had just a little tiny bit of meal and oil.

That’s all that was needed. To take a prophet’s message and live right through the days ahead until one day You called her to the theophonic body. Lord God we know that as nobody doesn’t have enough to take them through to that day Lord, we know everybody’s got it, help us to depend upon it and live it. Now we commit ourselves to You tonight. May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with every single one of us.

In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

‘ Take the Name of Jesus with you.’

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