Who Is This Melchisedec #21

Eagles Renewed
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Shall we pray:

Heavenly Father again we feel privileged to be in this house You’ve given us, Lord we can gather together in Your Presence, in Your great name Lord, knowing that Your Spirit lies in this Word. Strange as it may sound that a Word can come forth that is living Word, Lord, transforming and changing people’s lives and we believe that to be true O God or we would not be here tonight, it would not be.

We do not think Lord we could even muster any faith within ourselves to come for any other reason so we’re praying now Lord that we may be able to steadfastly believe that this is the truth Lord, that this Word now that can turn to life within us because there’s life in It, Itself propagating Itself, sustaining, creative Word of God, Lord, in our lives.

Help us tonight to understand the great mysteries the prophet brought us to enter into them by faith, even the mechanical Lord, believing that with the proper sunshine, the rain that by your grace Lord that we’re foreordained to it we will be changed into this image that the prophet speaks of. In Jesus’ Name we pray.

Amen. You may be seated.


Now I think we’re about on number twenty-one of Melchisedec and last Sunday as we studied, Who Is This Melchisedec?

we spent our entire time on examining our life lived here in the flesh in contradistinction to the life that might have been lived in a Word-body, if that had been the promise of God but it wasn’t, and in the presence of the glory of God. So all right, we spent our time talking about or examining the life lived here in the flesh in contradistinction to the life that might have been lived in a Word-body, which Christ did and in the presence of the glory of God.

At the same time we studied why we were predestinated to the flesh and the greater glory that would be ours eventually because of it. So we were over here in paragraph 80, Brother Branham said.

[80]  …Here we are formed to the Word image to be a partaker of the Word, And remember we missed the image back there. Brother Branham mentions that though Adam was made in the image of God of course a spirit being, not a theophany now but a spirit being, and created that image was broken and left at the fall of sin. Now, through the baptism with the Holy Ghost:

[80] We are formed to the Word image to be a partaker of the Word, feed on the Word, by being predestinated since the beginning. All right, we’re just going to keep reading now. You see, that little spark of life and we spoke of that in the soul, a gene from God, that you had in you from the beginning when you started your journey… now many of you can remember it. You joined this church and that church, tried this, tried that; nothing satisfied.That’s right! But one day you just recognized it. Right!


In other words, you recognized as Brother Branham is talking about as being a child of God without actually knowing what you’re recognizing. What it is actually, what he’s actually saying here, the deep calling to a deep and we’ll see that as we read about the eagle.

[81]  The other night I was teaching somewhere I believe it was out in California, or Arizona I believe I’ve told you the little story here about the man setting a hen andhad a eagle egg under it. And when that eagle hatched out, he was the funniest looking bird that those chickens had ever seen. But he walked around with them; he was the ugly one among them, because he just couldn’t understand how that hen would cluck and scratch on that manure pile and eat. He couldn’t get the idea. She’d say, “Come on over and feast, Honey!” Well, he was an eagle; he just didn’t like that. It wasn’t his food.

[82]  So she’d catch grasshoppers and whatevermore, you know, and call the little chickens. And all those little chickens would go cluck, cluck along and eat. But the little eagle just couldn’t do it. It didn’t look right to him.

[83]  …And he’d hear that hen cluck. He’d tried his best to cluck, but he couldn’t do it. He tried to cheep like a chicken, but he couldn’t do it. See, he was an eagle. To start with he was an eagle. He was just hatched under a hen. [In other words, circumstances do not change the breed, the race, or whatever that thing was to begin with. It can influence it, that’s true, and get a reaction but it can never change it.] So he was an eagle to start with. He was just hatched under a hen. That’s like some church members. That’s about the way it is; about one egg out of every setting of eggs. That’s about right. [He’s just giving an estimate as to figures.]

[84]  But one day his mammy came hunting for him, she flew over and she screamed. And he recognized the scream. “That sounded right!” Why? He was an eagle to begin with. That’s the way it is with the Gospel, or the Word, the power of Jesus Christ; when a man has been predestinated to Eternal Life, he hears that true ring, scream of God and nothing can keephim from it. The church might say, “The days of miracles is past, cluck, cluck, cluck! Stand here and eat this, stand here and eat that.”

[85]  That barnyard stuff won’t do for him any more! He’s gone! “All things are possible!” [In other words, it’s very possible to get out of the churchianity and into the true Christianity which we were predestinated to.] He gets off the ground. That’s what’s the matter with so many Christians today; they can’t get their feet off the ground. The old mammy said, “Son, jump; you’re an eagle. Come up here where I am.” He said, “Mom, I never jumped in my life.”

[86]  And she said, “Well, jump; you’re an eagle to begin with; you’re not a chicken.” So he made his first jump and flopped his wings; didn’t do too good, but he got off the ground. That’s the way we do; we accept God by faith by the written Word. There’s something in there. See, that Eternal Life, you were predestinated to it.

Now, the most important thing here in this little illustration is to get what he’s giving us by way of the doctrine and he says, “That’s the way we do it; we accept God by faith by the written Word. There’s something in there.” In other words, God can take the written Word off the page and that Word assailing our minds and our hearts by the Holy Spirit can become living Word.


In other words, there’s something in that Word; and that is true because no book can prove itself. The most stupid thing in the world is for anybody to think you can write a book and say, “Well now, I’ve said it so therefore it’s right.” It just isn’t done. Every book that is worth a grain of salt is based upon a reality. For instance, you might pick up a book written years ago by doctors and you’ll find nothing but absolute guess work.

Now today of course, they try to take tests and they… which are supposed to be scientific by double blind tests and so on, and they refuse anecdotal. Anecdotal means it simply is, there’s certain things that people say, “Well this is happened, we’ve seen it happen. There’s no real test on it we really can’t say it’s so.”

Well by the time you take a lot of these double blind tests and so on, they don’t work out either because whatever happens later on could give you cancer from the side effects. It’s so… and anyway books, like Brother Branham said, written twenty-five years ago by doctors where would you put those books today? You know, in science so called… a book cannot prove itself. It doesn’t lie there.


A book must be written because of proof if the book then is going to prove itself. In other words, you can actually take a book of geometry and that book will prove itself because it’s based upon a reality of fact. Then you can take, you can take a lot of things in this life and then you can begin to hypothesize and theorize from them and that won’t do any good at all.

That’s like, that’s exactly like evolution the evolutionary concept because they see similarities. They see a little… a certain amount of mutation, a certain amount of hybridization. They begin to hypothesize to go on back where there was just some original something or other, nobody knows where it came from. It won’t work.

But this Book here, the Bible, is different. It actually proves itself. Now, though God has not acted in such a way as to make man understand, as He did in the days of Jesus, the days of Moses, the days of Paul, the days of William Branham, that this is a real Book. It is so true that when this is preached people’s lives are affected and out of this Book comes a reality.

And especially one of the great proofs of the Bible is the witness to the Resurrection, the earnest of the Resurrection. We studied, we saw that maybe last Sunday, or Wednesday night, I forget which, where Brother Branham talks of healing as an earnest of the Resurrection.


Now you go ahead and study Hindu philosophy and you get your Mantra and all that kind of illegitimate hogwash, and you could join the… well anyone of the Mohammadans and they’ve got a white horse and they’re waiting for Mohammed to come back and jump on the white horse. Well I’ve got news, if he jumped on the white horse he’d only gallop to a lake of fire anyway. He’s a scummy prophet. He’s got nothing to do with God never has, never will.

But you see, God actually can come forth in this Word of healing and when people really look to it, which no other religion can produce, it can produce a philosophy, it can produce a change, it can talk about a lot of things, but they do not produce legitimate healings.

Once in a while something may come up but you go to the Hindus and the Moslems, and those, especially the Hindus they’re very corrupt for all of their sweet talk and their nice way of living, they can produce little foolish things but there’s no way they can produce the reality this Bible does.


So Brother Branham speaking of here, this is real, this Word of God and there is within this page, a written page, literally he said, “This is Christ in written page. In other words, Christ the mystery of God revealed. In other words, Christ revealing Almighty God though written here in theses pages when preached under anointing, there…

if it so happens that the people listening have within them that Divine spark from God, something will catch fire that is in this Book here and begin to bring forth the transformation in those people’s lives. You understand what we’re talking about now? We’re talking about, in the beginning was a seed from God put into human vessels. God multiplying through humanity and bringing that seed back to God in its developed and mature form in the plant that God wanted it to be.


So he’s talking about this here, running the parallel with Christ. And so he says here:

[86]  …That’s the way we do; we accept God by faith by the written Word. There’s something in there. [Which is deep calling to deep or the son to the Father and the Father to the son no matter how you put it. And then he says in here,] See, that Eternal Life, you were predestinated to it.

Now, what I look in here, I’ve pencilled in and I think maybe what Brother Branham is saying more clearly, “See, that Eternal Life in you;” actually you and I are Eternal Life. When you’re looking back to the beginning you’ve got to go back and you’re looking at the generics and the genetics and it is God forming a God race and God Himself alone is Eternal and you don’t even have to use the word ‘life’ there, just use the word ‘eternal’ because if it’s spirit it will go on for ever and ever; no beginning and no end. If it were a piece of rock, if that’s what it was in the beginning, in other words that was the eternal thing, it would be no beginning and no end it would be rock.


So when you look at the word life ’Zoe,’ you are considering that the Eternal Spirit had within it that which would produce and bring forth in a material form these things we see today and we see human beings with that Eternal Life in them because it starts in the gene in the soul and then goes to where it can begin to form the life pattern that God wanted formed.

So, he’s talking now, “You were an eagle in the very beginning.” That goes right back to the very concept of God Himself and when he says, “Eternal Life, you were predestinated to it.” My thoughts here is that foreknowledge, or fore-ordination which is the same perhaps, lay within the seed. The life of the seed produced not only a body that had to be a certain body, but also a performed pattern, a performed pattern.


In other words, there is no such thing as a life that comes through into a body and through a body that does not have a pattern.

There has got to be a pattern. Brother Branham used that pattern of the seed so much; little sprout comes up and it has a branch or two, from the leaves, then it comes into where there’s a shuck formed, you know, the chaff forms which in the corn is the shuck, in wheat is the chaff. And then it looks like the real thing but in there, there is forming a life that the prophet said was the real life.

In other words, the seed coming forth according to what God wanted after the full exposure of that little bit of life that God ordained and He ordained it to a human vessel into a certain human pattern.

So, Brother Branham is telling us here that we are ordained to a predestinated journey and in that journey from the unknown to the known, there will come a time when the gospel will take life to the individual and that individual will come to the life of the gospel. Now if you weren’t in the beginning it’ll never happen. Eagle to eagle, you were an eagle.


Now, let’s keep reading in paragraph 87, so we can get some more of this understanding.

[87]  His grandpa and grandma were eagles; So was his great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, back to the first eagle and you can’t get rid of it. he was an eagle all the way back. [Now he says that, so he says:] His grandpa and grandma were eagles; he was an eagle all the way back.

Okay, God is characterized as an eagle but you will notice, as Brother Branham said, “So are the prophets.” So God our Father was an eagle. Now let’s take a look at the 3rd chapter of the book of Acts and we’ll see something in there, Peter preaching. And he says on… after the great miracle of healing that proved the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, and this healing revival that proves the great Resurrection about to take place.


He says in verse 25.

Acts 3:25

(25) You are the children of the prophets, [and prophets are eagles].

Okay? With that we go to 1 Corinthians the 4th chapter. I think what I want, and we can look at 14 and 15.

1 Corinthians 4:14-15

(14) I write not these things to shame you, but as my beloved sons I warn you.

(15) For though ye have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers: for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel.

So the begetting of children, which is in this instance the begetting of the gospel. Now you’ve been begotten by God, you’ve been begotten by your parents, your father, you’ve been begotten now through the gospel through a messenger.

Now, Paul being a prophet, therefore being a father, stepping down from and being the vicar of Christ at that time, the complete representative of Christ and in Christ is the fullness of God, the same thing happens at this time. The first age started as eagles and it would have to start as eagles in order to finish up as eagles. But notice that the nature was of a lion. Right? An earthy animal, slayed Peter, rise Peter, slay and eat.

At the end time the begetting is of another eagle forming the complete circle wherein eagles will come forth in maturity, no longer under the lion or the ox, or the man. There will be a complete departure from every tradition, and every creed, and every dogma, and every error in every doctrine. So we have an infallible Word of God at this hour and I’m showing you this. To be an eagle you have to be an eagle to start with.


Now the Word of God can’t lie. So therefore the Seven Church Ages had to start eagle or it couldn’t end up eagle. Now what was Paul? He was an eagle. He was a prophet and you recognize he would have to be to produce what he produced, or what God produced through him and you’d have to recognize that he was predestinated to it.

Now let that sink in. Brother Branham tried to tell Leo Mercer, “You cannot come where I am if you’re not predestinated to it.” Now Leo had his own dream and in there Brother Branham was way up at the top of a hill, like over a mountain in a kind of a saucer shape or something. And Leo climbed up and then he attempted to climb right up to where Brother Branham was.

And he said, “You’ve come far enough, stay where you’re at or go on back but don’t attempt this.” And that man attempted it. And if you know anything about him, he’s dead now, you know the vision was fulfilled and I read the vision myself out of Brother Branham’s book, “Leave them alone. They’ll go into false doctrine and destroy themselves.”


Now, you’re getting across something you need to know. Don’t go poking your nose in where it doesn’t belong. Now you’ve got Friday night meetings, I’ve left you a lot of latitude. But if you hypothesize and say one thing, or bring up one thing outside of this pulpit, you will stop your meetings right there I’ll close them because you haven’t learned your lesson. Doctrine comes from this pulpit or it doesn’t come, or get rid of me.

And I will walk out gladly. Now you know that I’m telling you the truth. I don’t give a rip anymore, I’m too old to give a care. I don’t have to. I can walk down the street and start a church in five seconds. Well not quite five seconds, I won’t take that quick a time but you know what I’m talking about. Now I’m not being angry with anybody.

I’m just telling you, don’t you dare hypothesize and don’t you dare ever try to teach doctrine outside the pulpit. Remember, doctrinal questions are asked that have not been covered, those questions must come to me, not from any deacon, any elder or anybody else. I’m not closing the pulpit but I’ve got to do that because I distinctly teach, plus the fact I pastor.


Now you keep up with your meetings but remember, that is what counts and if someone sits you down for hypothesizing you be very sweet to that person, say, “Thank you because I’ve reached out beyond.” It’s very dangerous to think you know something when you don’t know it. I know this only too well. That’s right. You’ve got to be terribly careful.

I know only too well that I can preach time after time, after time and I’m taking so much time with this sermon here, these sermons, because I know they are foreign to your understanding, foreign to your thinking. As Brother Branham categorically said, “We are learning under the Seventh Seal.” Now get what I’m telling you because the prophet said it vindicated either you believe this, [Brother Valye points to the Picture of the Pillar of Fire on the wall ] or you’re lying to yourself tonight. You believe that or you’re lying to yourself.

That’s what happened to bring about the Seven Seals and the Seventh Seal where under the Seven Thunders and Brother Branham said, and he strikes terror to your heart to make you realize this man said, “We are learning things which were hidden from before the foundation of the world.” This man alone brought out things that nobody ever brought out.


Now remember, as I remember this, you’ve got to come full circle and the best the gospel could do was a lion, a raging lion. “Rise Peter, slay and eat.” And the church was virile, it was dynamic, it was tremendous but they couldn’t get off the ground this one gets off the ground. This one goes to the tree of Life. This one fulfils the eagle concept.

The rest were just eggs.Now you understand what we’re talking about? We’re in a very, very deep subject here and a very tremendous subject. I’ll be honest with you, I’ve told you because I will not lie in this pulpit. I am not a liar. I don’t tremble at what I say but I know I am merely talking off the top of my head mechanically it is not down here yet, but in here agrees, it has to be so because of vindication. I am not a fool, you are not fools.

Yes sir, it’s just as simple as the old saying when they got, you know, used to fuss at the Communists. My old friend Kenny Goff, dead now, he used to say, “Listen,” he was quoting somebody, he said, “when you see a bird that looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, eats like a duck it’s got to be duck.” That’s right. This Book proves itself by God in the Book. We believe that.


Now let’s keep moving. Okay, now Brother Branham said:

[87]  …Eagle all the way back. Even all the way back to God. Now: Eagles don’t mix with other things.

That’s right, eagles, they don’t hybridize he’s an eagle, but chickens do. You just turn chicken loose Pbbbt. A chicken represents the most immoral thing in the world. And then the rooster, he climbs on the manure pile and ain’t got anymore brains than to crow about it. Well, do you know anything more immoral than chickens? Listen to them squawk when you hit their doctrine. See? They don’t hybridize, they don’t flock either.

There’s a picture years ago, an artist drew it and under that picture it said, “Eagles don’t flock, you have to see them one by one.” And Brother Branham said, “One setting of eggs one eagle.” One out of eight. How many in the days of Noah? See? You’ve got to look, it’s… they’re very, very few and far between. And you notice how it is that they’ve tried to kill eagles and they accuse eagles of killing sheep and everything else. They want to destroy them man has it in him. Any bird that flies they want to get rid of them. One day God’s going to get rid of all these fellows down here. I won’t feel a bit sorry. Why should you feel sorry?

Going to out God, God? Out pity the God of pity? Out love the God of love? Who ever heard of such asininity? You know what we can do? I’ll tell you the greatest thing we can do is believe this Word of God period. Never mind trying to act it as though we could act it out and we’ve really got something but believe it. Believe it and watch what happens to us.

Now you know our stand here, it’s got to be the Word or nothing. I don’t have a hope, I don’t have a hope to tell you anything except God back His Word. I’ve said all these years since Brother Branham’s gone, I know somewhere Brother Branham put across to my heart, “If God doesn’t do it, it isn’t going to be done.”


All right, let’s keep moving along here.

[88]  Then after he recognized the very Word of God was Eagle Food, then you left the other thing.

Notice he changes the person from the third person to the second person. He points from the… he’s actually then complimenting us and calling us exactly what that little eagle was. See? So now you could then put in there, “When you recognize the very Word of God was Eagle Food.

Now what very Word of God? Not something somebody read in here, but something vindicated to be true, where God spoke to us through a prophet, knowing the vindication would set him apart as the one having the true answer. Now you know that’s what he’s talking about.


All right:

[88]  …Then you left the other thing.

You left what other thing? You left what people said about this Book. What people talked about this Book. What they said; “This is right,” and they had no proof, just a bunch of traditions, and dogma, and colleges, and anthropology, and psychology, and archaeology, and they’re still trying to find the ashes to the red heifer and that’s going to be some great big thing. Pbbbt, hogwash. The big thing’s taken place the descent and the cloud of angels; judgment, vindication, where he said, “One group is free and the rest are condemned.”

I’ve got a question to ask you: why do you think God almighty put Noah in the ark and boarded the ark up and only had a window at the top, shut the door? You know why? I’ll tell you, I think one reason why. So Noah and the seven people inside beside him wouldn’t be too sympathetic and try to pull some people into the ark.

I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just trying to let you know something. If they’re not predestinated they’re not going to get it. If you and I aren’t predestinated, we’re not going to get it. And we can stand up here and you can sit there and together we can have as perfect, a mechanical, revelation as can come to anybody but unless God is in it, in the Word and in us joining together because like has to be with like.

The lamb… dove will only sit upon a lamb it will not sit upon the dog, or a goat, or something else. “Dove Leading Lamb,” is a fantastic sermon of Brother Branham’s. On the grounds he tells you what true predestination is all about. The true predestination is a seed that comes down and God comes down upon the seed beginning to form Christ in us.


Now let’s look at it. Now watch.

[88]  Then after you recognized the very Word of God was Eagle Food, then you left the other thing.

In other words; when you recognized this Message is what you want and this is the whole of it, whether it ever lives in you or not, which we believe it will. But you’re convinced that this is the Word of God period. Live or die, sink or swim, if I’m not a part of it somebody is a part of it but I know this is the Word. All right, you’ve taken a step forward let’s see if Christ be formed.

[88]  Then you’ve been formed into the living image of the Living God.

Now watch.

[88]  Then you’ve been formed into the living image of the Living God.

Now what’s he talking about? He’s talking about the full potential being there but the hour of formation was not at hand until that hour. So therefore now what is there will now be transformed, and formed, and moveable, viable well not viable, moveable.

Not viable, it’s very, very concrete and can’t be turned this way or that way. Once it’s been turned to God, because it came from God, then it’s going to move toward God it isn’t going to move someplace else. You see? Then you’ve got the living image of the Living God.


Now let’s watch this thing here because this man is into something pretty deep. He better know what he’s talking about or brother he’s going to have to answer to God. A prophet doesn’t just shoot his face off.

Now Brother Branham never had anything but what came to pass, so you better perk your ears up and listen and know this for a fact this is gospel vindicated truth, something never known before. Now let’s read in Hebrews 1:1. What he says here.

Hebrews 1:1

(01) God who in many parts and many ways spake in time past [Now that’s before Jesus Christ.] unto the fathers in the prophets. [God in the prophets spoke previous to Jesus.]

(02) Hath in these last days spoken unto us in Son, [“The Father in Me doeth the works; The Father in Me is doing the talking.”] whom he hath appointed heir of all things, [Then he takes it right back and said, “Now listen, this is that One that was way back there.” Now he’s talking.] by whom also he made the worlds;


Now, let me just… how am I going to switch this around so you’ll get what I’m saying here? I think I can make it work.

Hebrews 1:1-2

(01) Spake unto the fathers in the prophets.

(02) Hath in these last days spoken unto us in Son, by whom also he made the worlds who… [Well, let me try it another way.]

(02) Hath in these last days spoken unto us in Son

And start at the top of verse 3

Hebrews 1:3

(03) Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, [This Son.]

Now read down at the bottom of that last verse 3 again.

Hebrews 1:3,2

(03) …when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high;

(02) God hath now appointed Him heir over all things.

Now, what I’m trying to bring out here is this: that this One that was in the Father that part of the Father that took upon itself a form, God causing it, when there was nothing there but God had to be essentially intrinsically God and nothing but God generically and genetically.

Because what could He be formed of? He could be formed of nothing except that which was there to form It, which was Spirit, and It took that form.


Now, what you’ve got to do is realize that you and I didn’t take that form, or any form. In other words, the spirit that we had when it came time for a separation, a begetting and a birth, and the begetting was in the foreknowledge. You catching it?

The begetting in the foreknowledge within God. The birth is the coming forth. And listen, whatever part or whatever is there will form itself out of what there is to form, and if there’s nothing other than what is there to form it will form that. That’s why Brother Branham said, “You can’t see a theophany unless it wants you to see it.” So, we bypassed it. See? And that image, had we been able to have it, would have been exactly the same as Jesus trickle down.

I can prove it. What are you going to look like when you get your glorified body? Exactly like Jesus not physical features now but materially, substance wise. See?


So, now,

[88]  …You’ve then been formed into the living image of the Living God.

In other words, now there comes a building from the seed or the spark that is in here within the soul, within the heart, and Brother Branham told us, They found a little empty place in the heart where there’s no blood. I don’t know what he’s talking about but if he said it I believe it. And now a little article comes out that the soul weighs one three hundred thousands of an ounce. I’m not a sucker to believe those things that the paper writes.

I believe what Brother Branham said. There is some place where that soul is. Now, that within there lay a germ that should have taken upon itself a spirit-body which cannot be seen, which cannot be tempted with sin and it would have formed the very body that Jesus Christ had in our own order because everything is in its order. That’s why church order is very important to understand with Brother Branham right at the top and so on down.


Okay now, with the baptism with the Holy Ghost we begin forming, predestination wise, in this particular strata and status an equivalent now remember using the word equivalent, not as identical now but an equivalent. We are building from this what we didn’t build back there. So therefore the baptism with the Holy Ghost is the compensation given to us whereby we can absolutely put on the mind of Christ and thwart sin because sin doesn’t tempt us.

Now we’re hitting a very high standard here and a very high note. It is not that we will be ever be beyond temptation. It is not that we won’t fall and have trouble. It is that we can look forward to, not just over there but here, a life that is in victory. Not this extended junk of two souls and the Nazarene doctrine of complete eradication. That’s hogwash because as long as you’re here in the flesh you’ve got to go by your senses.

You can’t say, “Well bless God, that looks like a molten tub of lava but hallelujah I can walk right through.” Well try it. Maybe some stupid Hindu facarion and a few like him can walk on coals of fire but there comes a time when there’s things they can’t do like the idiot on Jack Parr’s show; he showed it, it was beautiful. The guy had fasted, he had prayed, he had meditated and he was going to walk on water and so he boldly stepped plunk, he goes right down in the water. See?

You simply, you can’t become stupid but you can realize there is a place in Christ where we can overcome because we’ve been formed and are forming into the image. Now that’s a walk but it’s not sin as perfection. See?


Now Brother Branham says,

[88]  …At that time you’ve heard from your theophany.

Now this is what I believe he’s saying. The theophany is that form that comes from the spirit within us that would have formed the theophany but it bypassed it. But that life will form within us a life that is a beautiful credit to God. And what is that life going to be?

That life in us is that which can clog every channel to our soul, our spirit, our minds and our bodies by the Word of the Living God until the process is reversed and the life flows out and we become living Word to the people. We have never ever known that. I know that people have guessed at it and they have preached at it but what we saw from the prophet, there is a reality at this particular point in a walk that is fantastic.


Now watch, and he said,

[88]  …”If this earthly body be dissolved, And it will be, then you can go to your theophany…

The real theophany because you have that which takes you there already from God as a seed, and now mature to go there because every child must be child trained and the training is here. We talked about that suffering, we’ll talk about it later on again when I want to have time to go back to it. But in this we are maturing into this place. Now, let’s go a step further with this. He said:

[88]  You have heard from your theophany. “If this earthly body be dissolved, we have one waiting for us.”

Okay, we bypassed the image. We’re building the image in the proper order, the proper way under the conditions which we exist and are predestinated to it. Now let’s look at this in 2 Corinthians. Eating the eagle food, bringing us to the image of God, the image that we missed; not like Christ, couldn’t have it. We’re building another image parallel, congruent to it.


Okay, 2 Corinthians the 3rd chapter verse 18.

2 Corinthians 3:18

(18) But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

Now he’s talking at the time when the Spirit of God comes according to Matthew the 12th chapter. The Gentiles receive Jesus Christ in the form of the Holy Ghost in the Pillar of Fire, doing the same things He did when He was here in the flesh to Israel, bringing in the hour of the Son of Man. See? Okay

2 Corinthians 4:1-2

(01) Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not;

(02) But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.

In other words, a vindicated Word of God is what Paul tells is going to bring about the final change to the image of God. And now remember, you get this with having bypassed your theophany. Right?

Right! So therefore, what image is being formed now? Well you’ve got your answer absolute glorification, the very image and posture, and positivity of Christ, identical like Him is going on right now.


Now let’s look at that and see if that isn’t true. In 1 Corinthians the 15th chapter.

1 Corinthians 15:23

(23) Every man in his own order: Christ the first-fruits; afterward they that are Christ’s at his presence.

Now remember, He was present, they came out of the grave, they went up with Him. He will be present again, not in the glorified body but in the form of the Holy Ghost and at that time He will be both Son of man and Son of God. Got to be because as Holy Spirit, He’s Son of God.

But as to ministry, remember, through the Holy Spirit performing in a prophet we have Son of man, the days of the Son of man. Now watch.

1 Corinthians 15:24

(24) Then cometh the end, [Now watch the future perfect tense.] when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father;

That’s way down at the end of the line. Now what’s he talking about? He’s talking about the Resurrection. And who makes the Resurrection? God makes the Resurrection. So at the time of the Presence what have you got?

You’ve got the guarantee of New Jerusalem which is the finality of all things, when everybody’s got his glorified body and his theophonic form, all one, now having bypassed nothing but being the complete image and fruitage of God. Everyone in the likeness where God really wants him. So what is going on? He tells you.

1 Corinthians 15:26-27

(26) The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. [That’s the Lake of Fire.]

(27) For he hath put all things under his feet. When he says all things are put under him, it is manifest that he is left out which did put all things under him.

God doesn’t get under the feet of Jesus everything else does.

1 Corinthians 15:28

(28) [And when God shall have subdued everything under the Son everything is going to be right there. All parts of heaven and earth given unto me, absolutely everything there.]

It says, that God then separates Himself, he goes back to the Pillar of Fire.


Now, let’s go to Psalm 103

Psalm 103:1-5

(01) Bless the Lord, O my soul; and all that is within me, bless his holy name.

(02) Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:

(03) Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;

(04) Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with loving kindness and tender mercies;

(05) Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

Now what’s the renewing of the eagle? The renewing of the eagle is toward the end of his life. A certain… that’s what they call the clean eagle not the dirty eagle. And that eagle’s in the Orient, I suppose it’s in almost all of the, at least the middle Asia and into Asia and India, and that eagle begins to get old and his eyesight is dimmed.

And it’s a known fact that he goes up as high as he can spiral and then he comes down like a lightning bolt and hits the water. When he hits the water every feather is knocked out of his tail, out of his wings, off of his body.

And he comes out of that water and he is at the mercy of every single animal, every single thing that would want to kill him. He’s got to waddle along until his feathers grow back and they’re all brand new feathers, and his eyesight is returned.


And you’ve got a perfect picture of the renewing of the eagle. You’ve got to get as high as you can with this Word and there’s nobody going to take you there except the prophet’s got to get you up there that’s where your faith goes. Then you’ve got to hit the waters of life as hard as you can hit them until every single feather is knocked out of you.

In other words, every single thing that’s been produced in you has got to go. At that time your eyesight and a complete regeneration takes place where you can mount up like into heavenly places in Christ Jesus our Lord.

So you can see what is going on now, there’s a transformation going on and we are coming into the very image of Jesus Christ and those that don’t come into it all the way so that standing here they are not transformed, they will go to their theophonic form. But you show me one thing they get in their theophonic form that we don’t get standing right here. You can’t do it. So what’s going on? Have you heard from your theophany?

And you know positively even right now here the image of Christ is being formed in us and that very image brother/sister listen to me which could be produced only by the Holy Ghost, from the Holy Ghost, because there’s nothing else there to produce it, that same image is being produced in us from nothing from ourselves but God Himself doing it.


You see why I preach the way I preach? I can’t conceive I am wrong because I prove my point. I’ve waited twenty years to prove my point tonight not knowing I’d even do it. You show me one thing that they have that we don’t have right here. You say, “They’ve got their theophonic body.” So what we’ll pick ours up. You’ve already got your change.

Miss nothing, don’t die, don’t miss a beat. Where does that put a people? Well you say, “It makes them simply great.” It does not they are a super, super race approaching unto the Head, my brother/sister, but as the apostle Paul says, “Nobody takes any pre-eminence.” You know why? Because what happens to men like Brother Branham was thoroughly ordained and performed by Almighty God, and the same God is performing in us there is no difference at all.


All the sovereignty of God allocates but there’s not one person different. And in that glorious heaven, the glorious regime that’s coming on this earth here, the New Jerusalem, there’s nobody going to feel out of order, there’s nobody going to feel psyched out, there’s nobody going to say, “Well you know, I wish I was the apostle Paul,” you wouldn’t care two cents to be the apostle Paul.

The only regret could be temporary that some people could lose what they could have accrued by obeying the Word of God fastidiously to lay up treasure in Heaven. See? But that’s innate within us to, to want to give the glass of cold water and do the good things that God wants to do, we’re laying up treasure in Heaven.

Now, so therefore the form of the theophany was bypassed but is now forming from that spiritual substance a truly spiritual life, all of God now mind you and it couldn’t happen until this hour, the hour when The Token Itself comes and beware that you miss the Token, or a token which is given unto us.



[88]  …You’ve heard from your theophany. “If this earthly body be dissolved, we have one waiting.”

In other words, we have the confirmation and when you realize this Message is the greatest confirming message of all time, the closing out Message. We have a confirmation that has not been through the ages. And we look back and we say, “Well look how great those men acted.

Look how those men were. Look at their faith.” Now I’m going to tell you something brother/sister, they never had the faith to put them in a Rapture but they got it now.

[88]  …You say, “Is that right Brother Branham?” All right, let’s take a couple eagles and look at them for a few minutes.

[89]  There’s a man named Moses. Everyone knows that a prophet’s called the eagle in the Bible. There is a prophet named Moses. One day God called him and wouldn’t let him go over the promised land he died on the rock. The angels took him away and buried him. There was another man, an eagle, didn’t even have to die. He just walked across Jordan, and God sent a chariot down and said, “This robe of flesh he dropped and rise and caught the everlasting prize.” Eight hundred years later eight hundred years later on mount transfiguration there stood two men. Moses body had been rotten for hundreds of years, but here he was in such a form till even Peter, James, and John recognized him. Amen! “If this earthly tabernacle be dissolved.”

Now what’s he telling you? You don’t like the size of your nose? Don’t like the way your feet are so big? Now fat stomachs they won’t be there. That’s something you’ve abused. Your nose will be there, your ears will be there if they stick out like fans, too bad. You’ll see the same ears that stick out. You’ve got a hunch back I don’t think… that won’t be there, you’ll be straight. You’ve got brown eyes you’ll have brown eyes when you get there. Recognized him.

Say, “Man you think maybe my theophany could be that horrible?” I’m not horrible at all. Here you’ve got a wrong understanding what beauty is ”beauty is solely defined by sex.” Brother, that will lead you astray because look at some of these great painters so called, they were sex monsters and sheeze some of the paintings my God have pity. In your wildest dream I don’t think even Satan would put junk like that out.


He saw them, just what they were. Saw Moses there, saw Elijah there.

[89]  …”If this earthly tabernacle be dissolved… ” If you’re an attribute of God expressed here on earth, you’ve got a body waiting after leave this world. Notice. If you’re an attribute of God expressed it’s true.

If you’re a gene of God, you’ve got a body waiting, and he says, eternal. There they were standing on mount transfiguration in their theophany, Their theophonic forms. for they were the prophets to whom the Word came.

Now, he’s not trying to tell that you don’t get a body like theirs. He’s just telling you the Word came to them, and you notice, when the Word was here on earth in the form of a human being, the same Word that was in them in that particular instance and particular amount for the particular time the great embodiment appeared to them.

Always the Word comes to a prophet, never anything else. You know people say that they got the Pillar of Fire from Brother Branham.

What’s this young… you don’t hear from him anymore, young W. V. Grant. It’s a good thing he shut his mouth because he doesn’t have Brother Branham’s mantle and things like that that’s a lot of hogwash. Nobody’s got the Pillar of Fire. The Bride’s got the Pillar of Fire God amongst His people.


[90]  Also let us notice another prophet one time by the name of Samuel. He was a great man. He taught Israel; told them they shouldn’t have a king. he said, “Have I ever said one thing to you in the Name of the Lord but what come to pass?” And they said, “No, everything you’ve always said in the Name of the Lord came to pass.”

[91]  He was a prophet. And he died. About three or four years later, the king got in trouble; that was before the Blood of Christ was ever shed. He was in paradise. That is, Samuel was. And a witch of Endor for somebody to come, and console Saul. And when the witch saw him standing up, she said, “I see God rising out of the earth.” And after the man had been dead, buried, and rotted in the grave, here he was standing there in that cave with his prophet’s robes on, and was still a prophet. Amen!

See? In other words, there’s no change. How could there be a change anyway? You know that a seed is going to bring forth exactly what it’s going to bring forth. You see? You’re not down in earth here ordained of God, hodge-podge, hit or miss, to say, “Well I think I’ll answer this call and I’ll be so and so.” Or the chicken says, “I think I’ll be an eagle.” I had a chicken once and it got drunk and it thought it was an eagle.

Now if you want to get an anointing on you and you’re just a chicken, you’ll think you’re an eagle. Oh he drank the neighbours mash, he ate the neighbours mash and man that chicken got on top of the chicken house and squawk, squawk, squawk, did this and tried to stretch and did his best to fly. Finally, you know, the effects of the alcohol wore off and he came down. Sort of reminded me of what Brother Branham said to Leo, Pentecostal anointing.


Listen, this man here predestinated you’re not going to be that. See? That’s why just being… like Brother Branham said, “If you’re a nail pounder, pound nails. If you’re a potato hoer, hoe potatoes.” Don’t try to be what you’re not. You might think, “Oh I could get there.” Hogwash. I could put everyone in this pulpit here, give you all a chance and if you’re not ordained to it you’re going to fall flat on your face.

Now that’s a long cry from just some little thing up here for a few minutes. I mean you get up here and deliver. Put yourself on the line. See? Just see if that food comes or not. No there’s a difference. Always will be a difference don’t kid yourself. Don’t try to be what you’re not.

When you realize what you are in the economy of God, which people can realize, you become very happy and very, as you’ve never been happy before. You’re solid in your faith, you’re solid in your ministry and your walk where you belong. It’s very important to know that. I thank God I learned my lesson a long time ago.

[91]  …He was still a prophet. That’s right, he always will be.

[92]  For he said, “Why did you call me out of my rest, seeing you become an enemy of the Lord?” Watch him prophesy. “Tomorrow night by this time you’ll be with me.” He was still a prophet, though he was gone from this body. See, he became here…


Now watch, “He became here.” I love that. Brother Branham’s language is lousy when it comes to English it’s perfect when it comes to God. They read their Bible then they don’t believe it’ll happen. They mouth off about all these great truths but they don’t understand the great truths. I hope in these services here you’re beginning to be at rest with the fact that whether you want to admit it because of the shame in your life, you are a son of God and where you came from. See?

You may be pretty heathenish. Remember Jesus came down and took upon the form of a man, identified Himself thoroughly with sinful flesh though He wasn’t, and He took us out of the mess we’re in whether we want to believe it or not. God hears our voices, doesn’t even see us but He hears our voices and He sees through the Blood, and He sees us represented.

“Then how does God know what’s going on?” The Holy Spirit is an intercessor in us and when He knows we’re into sin, spiritual fornication or any other kind, that Spirit has to begin talking to where it came from. God knows all about us. Don’t try to kid God. Kid each other for a joke maybe the odd time, but don’t even try to kid each other seriously as though God doesn’t know. See?


All right.

[92]  …”By this time tomorrow night you’ll be with me.” He was still a prophet, though he was gone from this body. See, he became here and was part of that Word, and he entered from the flesh life back into the body that had been prepared for him before the foundation of the world. He entered into the theophany which was the Word. Remember, “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

You know, I would say that it’s a good thing if we tried to get used to it, and did become used to, the fact that spirit is a true substance and has within its power to form itself. See? Also has within it Zoe, which can reach out and take substance and manoeuvre, mould and manoeuvre. There’s a mystery there but I can’t help believe that’s the way it is because of what the prophet taught and I see nowhere to go from it.

[92]  …You get it? That’s where all the believers go when we turn from here.

In other words, you’ve got that which this body, this little life rather, this little life, this speck of God would have formed for itself and has literally formed for itself and we bypassed it. So that we are not true substance as we would like to be substance except that one little molecule so to speak.


Now we’re down here in a foreign land we are called pilgrims. But you know, we look for a city which hath foundation. Do you realize when Abraham went out in his tent he was looking for a city which had foundations? And you know he found it when he saw Melchisedec, the King in His city? He had a city He had to be. But he couldn’t have it it wasn’t time. Perfect picture of God coming down on earth and giving us everything. See, it’s all here before us, there’s no two ways about it.

[93]  Then in that form the veil then lifted. You see you are the Word also when you enter into there.

Now that’s the curtain of time that Brother Branham saw. If we can believe him and listen to his sermons, to his word, and take it, we can have a measure of the revelation and the beneficence, the benefits of his revelation.

If you just dare to believe it and say, “All right, Brother Branham begot me in the gospel. He is my father, he is an eagle I’m an eagle, I’m an eaglet. He went beyond the curtain of time, he came back and told us I went beyond the curtain of time with him, I believe it.”


You say, “I don’t know if I can do that.” Well just a minute now, remember when Elisha had Gehazi and Gehazi ran after Naaman? And Elisha said, “Gehazi, where were you?” He said, “I was nowhere.” He said, “How come my spirit went with you?” Well did it or didn’t it? Now you put your own interpretation on and you’ll get into trouble.

That’s what he said. Then why wouldn’t ours go with him? You see what I’m doing, I’m giving a picture now. We actually can take from him by the same spirit and say, “I was there with him in the full potential, I believe it, I’m claiming it now. I see myself with that beautiful throng. I see myself with them coming back. I am a part of that, because I have a part of it.” See?


Now he said,

[93]  …You see you are the Word also when you enter into there.

In other words, you have your Word-body, there’s a full consummation. See, a full consummation here you’re getting the same thing without it in the literal sense that they come back to get a glorified body, we step from here intrinsically from what’s in here to the glorified body. Not a wink of an eye, not one breath, not one heartbeat well the heartbeats you’ll miss because you won’t need a heart. You won’t have blood pumping.

Well you might have energy pumping, I don’t know what’s the difference? You’ll be able to eat, and drink what a fantastic thing. What a fantastic thing when all those forms with theophonies hit the earth just like that you and I start changing. See? My you see there’s… you see then how the picture comes together? How perfect it is? You see?


Then he says,

[93]  …As a little baby like I said awhile ago…

In other words, reversing it. The woman dropped the baby, the spirit came in. We drop our bodies, the spirit, soul goes over it. See how the thing works in perfect cycles? You know something, because we’re so used to mysteries and not really getting truth and pondering things, for the first time we’re becoming, we are becoming a part of the mysteries and we know what’s going on.

You go to a doctor and if you try to drag something out of him he wants to hit you with a crowbar because he doesn’t know you are his guinea pig from what he learned and maybe he can pull you through. Likely he pulls you through the wrong door. We are not guinea pigs in an experiment we are a part of reality.


If we’re not, somebody is. I can’t believe for one minute we don’t have solid core here, if not every single person. I can’t tell who’s what. That’s the thing that the Scripture says, “The foundation of God standeth sure having this, saying, the Lord knows those which are His.” I don’t know. I’ve got to believe I’m a part. You’ve got to believe you’re a part.

I’ve got to believe you’re a part or why are you sitting here? Because you think that you’re going to get something out of it? You’ve got to be sick. What am I going to give you? I try to be nice to you, sure, but what can I give you. I can’t even give my own kids anything. What’s to give, what’s to do? It’s just a part of truth that’s all we can possibly do.

[94]  Now notice, Praise God for the opening of these Seals is my prayer, to know these things.

I’m going to quit right there because under the Seals these mysteries are coming forth under the Thunders which could not be put in the book as to a definitive revelation a prophet must take them forth. So we’re going to start then next Sunday morning, we’ll continue then here where Brother Branham talks about the Seals.

And the opening of the Seals, let’s face it, under the Seals brother/sister, there has to be an opening in the flaming swords of the Cherubim’s to go to the Tree of Life. There has to be an opening of death and of Eternal Life. There has to be an opening that you can bypass the form you shouldn’t have bypassed and walk right up to where they are.


What’s going on in the last hour? If you can’t see a becoming you’re missing the prophets very close careful language, “A becoming.” Are we becoming?

There must be; can’t turn around now. There comes a time when you lean so far forward from the top of a building that you can pray to the God in heaven or the devil in hell that you worship, and there’s no way that you’ll get your balance because you’re gone. We’re in that petition right now; only thing is we’re bending upward.

Paul said, “There’d be some,”… Jesus said, “There’d be some here who shall not taste death until they see the Kingdom… the Son of Man coming in His glory.” And there’d be people, I believe, right here today in this church that will not die. No way. Say, “Well they’ve believed that for thousands of years.” I don’t care if they did. I don’t care if they did. I’m glad they did. They had to so we could have it. Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Gracious Heavenly Father we want to thank You again for Your mercy, Your love. You brought us here Lord, You’ll let us go home and rest Father, You’ll let us enjoy life all the more because we have an upward look we never had before eagles renewed in the spirit of the mind. Eagles renewed right down in the soul, living on eagle food Lord. Giving us strength to mount up like eagles with wings and we are eagles because that’s the Word of God.

Father, we’re not presumptuous tonight, if we are I know You understand why we are, because we heard a prophet believe him. We’ve come to the place Lord that, we’ll be honest, we may not be a hundred percent every single iota convinced of what we should be convinced of, but there’s one thing, we’ll say this Lord, and we know we’re not lying; we’re more convinced of this when it comes to Your Word than anything there is and it is now, live or die, sink or swim, because we’re committed no matter what comes; great miracles, great this, great that.

And I know Lord, there could be a jumping off place because Brother Branham said, “If I wasn’t that one that was to come, I’m laying a foundation for him.” And we could say, “Well someone else is coming.” I believe that that one has already come.

I believe the great One is here Lord. I don’t believe I’m mixed up Lord, I don’t believe the people here are mixed up Father. We believe we’re right only because it’s Your right and we believe it that’s all. We rest our case with You O God and a vindicated prophet and we don’t know anybody else that could touch it. Lots of talk, lots of things, but not what this man had Lord.

And so we commend ourselves to you tonight, O God, and everyone in this building, the sick amongst us, particularly those that aren’t here because they are sick. Father, we pray in Jesus’ Name that You’ll help them. And Lord, those that are not serious enough, and sober enough, and that could take every single one of us in, we pray you’ll increase it, O God to such an extent that that life will have the ascendancy and the pre-eminence that’s what we want Lord.

And we don’t want it on grounds, Father, that is predestinated and therefore is like a club; we want it Lord because the deep calls to the deep and in there is love and all the attributes and all the fine elements that go with the real love that’s in the Holy Ghost released by the Word.

So Father, commend us all we pray, into Your great care and Your great love and mercy, help us to just walk day by day, moment by moment be happy in the Lord. Love each other thereby love You, serve each other thereby serve You and all go on, Lord, to our place, in our places, with the Spirit of God. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

‘Take the Name of Jesus with you.’

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