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Communion Banquet; What God Wants
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Heavenly Father we are glad that You are here tonight to help us knowing that You, Yourself, came in order to bring the Word which is of You and in manifestation is You; we appreciate that. And we pray now, Lord, You will help us in the dissolving of all doubts and fears or anything concerning Your Word that we might know it, Oh God.

We just pray that we will. Teach It to us, Lord. So many things that we don’t know but we realize also there are those things we might never know. We don’t tell You, Lord, what to do. We just pray, Father, that somehow what is in our hearts is of You and because it’s something that’s looking to You a deep calling to Deep, then there will be an answer.

So, show us the things, Lord, that are convenient for us, convenient food… what we have need of as a people here, Lord, in this last day. We’ll give You the praise in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now, I think we’re up to about number 30 on Who Is This Melchisedec? and we’re just about on page 21 where we left off at. And of course, due to many allusions to God and His Son Jesus Christ and to ourselves as sons of God, we’ve spent many hours on the Godhead and the Life journey of Jesus Christ and ourselves from eternity to eternity.

Now, before we become involved in page 21 and we we’re just about to become involved in it to read it and look at it we want to remember [and I’ll read the part to you] that Brother Branham was dealing with Communion and he is making some pertinent comments about it.


Now, that’s where we’re starting, on page 21 and paragraph 105.

[105]  Now…Notice, after the battle was over Melchisedec served His victorious child communion [think of that!], part of Himself.

Now, of course, this is the historical aspect because we know that after the battle was over we find that Abraham came in contact with Melchisedec and up to this point and afterward we don’t know of any time that he ever met Him again. So, this is the historical portion, here, and Brother Branham is bringing out the thought of Communion, here. Let’s just read the whole paragraph then.

[105]  Notice after the battle was over Melchisedec served His victorious child Communion think of that!] part of Himself. Now, we want to see here, in type here is in view the Communion. After the battle He gave Himself, because the Communion is part of Christ. And after the struggle is over,after you’ve done whipped yourself out, then’s when that’s when you partake of Christ, become part of His Being. You get it?

Now, looking at this following Brother Branham’s pattern of teaching, I would be absolutely confirmed in my thinking that Brother Branham is speaking, here, of the Baptism with the Holy Ghost of which the battle is a type of ‘Sanctification’ where after repentance which brings about ‘Justification’, the person now seeks to have himself presentable to the Lord by battling against his lower self and attempting to live a life that is worthy of Christ [perhaps never worthy but at least honoring the Lord]. Now, that’s what we’re looking at as Sanctification here.

And we don’t look at Sanctification as ‘eradication’ as many people do. But we just look at it as people battling in order to present their vessels unto the Lord to be filled with the Holy Ghost. So, the thought more or less here, as I see it, is that if a person is a child of God, a seed of God, and hears the Voice of the Lord speaking because the sheep hear the Voice of the Lord [Brother Branham called It an Eagle-scream] that person will want to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Now, I think we can kind of look at this by going to Galatians 4:1-2, Hebrews 12:3-6 and then back to Galatians 4. So, here we are in the fourth chapter and keep your hand there when we go to Hebrews 12.


[Galatians 4:]

Galatians 4:1-2

(01) Now I say, that the heir, as long as he is a child, differeth nothing from [the] servant, though he be lord of all;

(02) But is under tutors and governors until the time appointed of the father.

Now, let’s just leave that and swing over to the twelfth chapter of the Book of Hebrews where you see child-training here and although this actually is referring to the trial of our faith than the child-training, it’s going to be… it’s, it’s… we can put this with Galatians in the 3rd verse and we read to about 6.

Hebrews 12:3-6

(03) For consider him that endureth such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds.

(04) Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin.

(05) And [have you] forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto children. My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when thou art rebuked of him:

(06) For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son [that] he receiveth.

Now, take this back here to Galatians where we read that every child though he is heir to all and is directly a son of God, he is no different from just an ordinary person, a servant, who is under the instruction, the care, the discipline of somebody over him.


Now, notice in verse 3. [Galatians 4:]

Galatians 4:3-7

(03) Even so we, when we were children, [we] were in bondage under the elements of the world:

(04) But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law,

(05) To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.

(06) And because [you] are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying [our Father], Father.

(07) [Therefore, you are] no more a servant, but a son:

Now, the reason I use those very verses if you look back as we were studying before in Melchisedec, that Brother Branham mentioned, that for having bypassed the theophanic form or the Spirit-body, God gave something commensurate to you in order to replace the fact that you weren’t in that Spirit-body and therefore sinless. He gave you the Holy Spirit in order to give you and me victory.

So, what we’re looking at… this portion of Scripture here is: that though we are sons of God, and we are born into a world of sin, and the flesh is not subject to the Spirit of God, is more subject to the spirit that was at our birth that God gave us and of Him and in this when God begins to call us, we realize that we are in a very poor position because of the appetites of the flesh, the power of the mind and all of these things, and we go through this cleansing period in order to receive the Holy Spirit.

And having received the Holy Spirit that’s what Brother Branham’s calling the true communion, now, “God giving a part of Himself to us” brings us to the place we spoke of previously: that a person truly full of the Holy Ghost can live in a place of victory over the world, the flesh and the Devil… the lust of the eye and the pride of life and all those other things that are there to it.


Now, that’s why I read those verses because you cannot get away from the fact that there is definitely the three steps that Brother Branham always proclaimed : Justification, Sanctification, Baptism. And the Holy Ghost, of course, is always symbolic as we’ll bring out again here very shortly Brother Branham always does it concerning the cleansing of the world.

There was… the water dropped on it, the Blood dropped on it, then the fire drops on it, dissolves it and brings it to the place. So therefore, the Baptism with the Holy Ghost is God bringing us to a place in this flesh where He wants us to be.

Now that’s concerning sovereignty. And within sovereignty, God having gotten His way, now wants us to continually… as Brother Branham always followed the Puritan understanding that: though you’re baptized it’s the same as being born [in fact baptism is a rebirth].

But as a person matures and Paul says, “… puts away childish things”, so a person full of the Holy Ghost will begin to put away the world, the flesh and the Devil, and begin to live in accordance with the Word of God in the Spirit of God motivated and… with always the right attitudes.

So that’s what you’re looking at here. As far as I am concerned you’re looking at the process of Sanctification right after Justification and going on to the Baptism with the Holy Ghost.


All right,

[105] … after the struggle is over, after you’ve …got yourself whipped out, then’s when you partake of Christ, and become a part of this Being.

Now, let’s just look at that a little bit longer.. “After the struggle is over” … now, that’s the struggle to really believe that God does fill people with the Holy Ghost. And now remember, there is nobody but a seed is going to believe that. This is something the seed alone will believe, hearing the Word of God.

You’ll find all denominations will put it to one side and they’ll say, “Well, I got the Holy Ghost when I believed. I got the Holy Ghost when I was sanctified. I got this and I got that.”

But in the hour when we find the three steps that are the prelude to the fourth step which is a literal Presence and the…a Resurrection and the Rapture… the Lord Jesus Christ manifested in all of it you find that the people simply do not want it. They just don’t come to it. Now… So, therefore, there is a, “Whipping out,” of the person’s thinking and understanding, and the desire to be filled with the Spirit of the Living God.


Now, watch, he said, “When you partake of Christ, become [a] part of this Being”. Now, that sounds a hundred percent contrary to the premise, the doctrine that Brother Branham laid down that we are a part of God. But it doesn’t say that here. It says that the part of God now goes back to being a part of Him.

In other words, the separation and death by sin because that’s what death is, is separation, see? because while we were in that condition of being sons that were lost, having lost the great leadership of the Holy Spirit, now coming back and being born-again, we become a part of the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, wouldn’t you just love to have a beak of an eagle instead of your own beak? How would you like a dog liver instead of your own liver? Pig’s eyes instead of your own eyes? Then d’you think the Being of God would be made up of any less than beings from God? Or does He graft in hogs and dogs and sows and God-knows-what ? No! You see… You see what you’re looking at?

You’re looking at that we are a part of God. Then, to make up the Body of Jesus Christ, it must be every member Word. How’re you going to put a Baptist, Methodist, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Pentecostal?… Can’t do it. Those are man-made corruptions, man-made designations. How do you think there’s going to be a true Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ unless it’s all God?

The fact that there is a human form doesn’t mean anything. And the fact that what went with the human form, that’s the grace of God and the Blood, see? So, look at these words. They’re not words that… that are ridiculous words. They’re words that are very, very true.


Now, notice,

[106]  Jacob wrestled all night and wouldn’t turn Him loose until He blessed him. Now, there again… That’s right! The Battle for life.

Now, what is he speaking of? He’s speaking again of the Baptism with the Holy Ghost, the Rebirth. Now, we also go through a, “Battle of life,” as we understand in ‘The Greatest Battle Ever Fought.’ There is a battle to really believe this Word and stand with it because there are so many enticements that could pull us away.

And of course, the great enticement is the dynamics of the Holy Ghost in gifts. Now, that’s a poor phraseology but yet it is true because the word are… [energize]?… or energies when you speak of gifts. But remember, they are only gifts. That’s all. And we can be anointed. Now, we don’t want that. There is a battle. But this is the battle for Life the battle for Life, the Baptism with the Holy Ghost.

Now, when we’ve battled ourselves through… “The battle is over, then God gives you of Himself. Now, already, we are of Himself and we get of Himself. And what happens to your body? It goes to the grave and dissolves and the spirit we got goes back to God. So we’re all one piece of God when we leave here and go to the theophanic-form, or the Spirit-form. Do you see what I’m trying to say?


There is… as Brother Branham says, “Predestination is in full view.” And when you look at it, it’s God predestinating Himself… when you want to look at it. So, get the vision we’re talking about.

Now, “ The battle is over… God gives you of Himself.” Now d’you… now, Lamb leading… Dove leading Lamb. Is the Dove going to come upon a wolf or a dog or a pig? Oh, you’ve got to be ridiculous! And you go to the evidence of the Holy Ghost to believe the Word for the hour, to stand with It and know where you stand, to understand the great precepts of Christ and the Presence of Christ these things here.

You know whom you have believed. You’ve believed That! [Brother Vayle points to the picture of the Pillar of Fire over Brother Branham] And you’re persuaded that I’ll keep you. You believe something else, you don’t belong here. You’re nice people. I love you. Come and eat with us. But, you… come-on! We’re not out here in the world with strange doctrines.

Oh, we have a strange Doctrine, sure. I don’t care how strange people thing It, but we’re right. We know we’re right because we believe in a vindication not indication, vindication! [A] lot of things are indicated and that’s good… but when you get ‘em vindicated, that’s God not just beautiful and wonderful and perfect.



[106] …God, then, gives you of Himself. That is His true Communion. The little bread and wafer just represents it.

So when you take Communion what are you celebrating? You are celebrating the Baptism with the Holy Ghost. See? Sure, you “show forth his death till he comes”. But He already came!

He came once that way [Points to the picture] at Pentecost began breaking Himself into thousand and not millions of people… came that way as over Brother Branham’s head… the Apostle Paul… came again. God in three you can’t change it. God doing everything in threes. Now, the communion.

[106]  …and you shouldn’t take it ‘less you’ve wrestled it out and become part of God.


Now, look-it, right there. Well, how do you get into God? He tells you by the Baptism with the Holy Ghost! 1Corinthians 12. So, therefore, the Communion is denied except a person is baptized with the Holy Ghost. See? But when you know you’re born-again, “You’ve wrestled it out… you become a part of God. Now, remember, this is not the same as God being a part of us. See? And the part of us that’s God is that gene-soul.

Now, “We become part of God,” completing the circuit  “The Father in me and I in Him”. What more do you want? “ I and my Father are One!” Simple as A-B-C. People don’t like that. Let ’em hate it! I tell you, a lot of folk don’t like sauerkraut; I love it!

I’m not supposed to have it, but you throw some spareribs in there, and couple cans of tomatoes and, of course, you’ve got to do it a certain way and put the rice in and let the whole thing steam… Man, I can sit down and guzzle myself sick. I got no problem at all. This is the Word of God. We have no problem eating it. If other people don’t like it, well, they don’t have to come to our banquet. Now, it’s Communion.

[107]  Remember, at this time the Communion had never been instituted, not until before the death of Jesus Christ, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years later. Now, that’s just a fact.

[108]  But Melchisedec after His child Abraham had won the victory, Melchisedec met him and gave him wine and bread, showing that after this earthly battle is over, we will meet Him in the heavens and take the Communion again; it’ll be the Wedding Supper. “I will… drink no more of the vine or eat the fruit, until I eat it and drink it with you anew in my Father’s kingdom.”


Well, let’s go over to Mark 14 just for the sake of reading it. You’ve read it and I’ve read it many, many times but we’ll just go there anyway and see it, 22.

Mark 14:22-25

(22) And as they did eat Jesus took bread and blessed and broke it and gave it to them and said, Take, eat: this is my body.

(23) And he took the cup, and when he had given thanks, he gave it to them: and they all drank of it

(24) And he said unto them, This is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many [and that, of course is for the many].

(25) Verily I say unto you, I will drink no more of the fruit of the vine,until that day that I drink it new in the kingdom of God.

All right, then you notice it says here, they had sung a hymn… they went out into the Mount of Olives. Well, we like singing hymns here and that’s the Psalms and it’s prefacing the Rapture.


Now, I want you to notice something here that is very, very necessary, I believe, to note because otherwise we wouldn’t get the history of this right. Now, we know that Abraham was engaged in a great battle. We know that he put his life on the line. We know that he had problems.

We know he had to get food, evidently, for the army he had, from the kings of Sodom. And we know that he had to put not only his own life on the line but his whole family, what he had at that time which would be his wife, and no doubt the servants, Eleazer and people like that. Abraham had to make a great decision that not only would affect him but would affect many people.

Now, why did he make the decision? Not for himself, but for Lot’s nephew who had been taken by marauding kings. What I’m trying to show you the Melchisedec Principle: You can beat yourself over the head and you can beat yourself into many positions and ways… areas of life, come up with the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and, unfortunately, if you don’t start fighting from that one point on to serve your fellow man and to serve God, you and I are not fit members of the Melchisedec Order.


Why did Melchisedec draw near to this man? Because here was a man after His own heart; a man who served others. He put everything on the line for it. And you know something?

That’s the greatest place in the world to be. And when you stick your neck out for somebody, it’s ten to one you’ll have the ungrateful urchin try to chop your head off, because that’s… the more you do, the more people will turn on you. The more God ever does, the more people turn on Him because there’s many more to turn on Him than to turn to Him. But get the picture here.

Abraham was fighting for the victory of his nephew, Lot … for somebody else. And you know what? The truth of the matter is, the more that we are interested and really try to help people, the more that God will help us and the greater is the Communion of the Word. Brother Branham… Jesus said… He said, “You hear these things; you say you believe them. Happy are you if you do them.”

And Brother Branham said, “You say you believe me. Then why don’t you do what I tell you?” See? Listen, I’m going to tell you something. You think that maybe sometimes it’s pretty rough to rob yourself, and to put yourself out on a limb, to extend yourself. I found myself many times so completely beaten up by just trying to help people. And I’m getting old and it’s pretty rough.

The doctor said to me… he said, “You’re in better health that me.” I feel sorry for the guy…because how could you be in such good health and feel so rotten. That’s an awful good question. Well, it could be mental; could be… [a lot]?… spiritual. But I’ve always found this: that when a person really tries, God really helps. You stop trying, that’s when God can’t do anything.


But notice the perfection that lies in this paragraph 108 God entering into a deep, deep fellowship with the man that wants to be a servant. And you know something? The world always says, if you want someone to do something for you and you need a favour done or there’s a group of people wants something done, always choose the man that’s busy… because he’ll do it.

The guy that sits around like a bum, he’ll be a bum even if you pay him. Yup! You know what? There’s an old saying that says, “The Devil always finds something for idle hands to do.” That’s right! The Devil will. It’s far better to give our hands to God then, and let God use us.

Now, Melchisedec, here at the end time… because that’s Melchisedec Brother Branham said It was Jesus Christ… and It was, really…and we stick to what he said. But if you want to extend It to Melchisedec, you’re perfectly true in doing it Melchisedec, here, now, is feeding us as we defeat ourselves in faith by the Word.

In other words, the greatest thing that we can do is defeat our own selves by faith in the Word. Let me take a look at it, if you don’t catch what I’m saying.


Let’s go to Galatians 2:20.

Galatians 2:20

(20) I [have been] crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me, and gave himself for me.

By faith from God, the faith of God, faith in this Word, this man crucified himself brought himself to a stand still. You know you got to do that. Many times you’ve got to do it fight yourself to a stand still.

You know Brother Branham talks about the people like a buzz-saw always popping off. Well, there’s a big difference in popping off and being a buzz-saw. A buzz-saw goes around looking for trouble. A guy that pops off doesn’t like trouble.

But you know, the guy that overcomes is the guy that God wants. We are overcomers in Christ Jesus, our Lord.


So, all right, Melchisedec is here feeding us as we defeat ourselves… defeat ourselves, See? Jesus said, “My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Paul said, “Therefore”, he said, “I’ll gladly surrender everything, become the weakest person in the world because when I’m weak, then I’m strong.”

See? Melchisedec feeds us in other words, He makes up the slack [see?] which we would have liked to have drawn from the flesh which the flesh could never supply. Can’t do it flesh can’t do it; got to be something God supplies So, the person who will defeat himself through faith in this Word will defeat everything else. True? That’s what Jacob had to do.


Let me take a look over here in 2 Corinthians; I think there’s something here I want to show you. Now, 2 Corinthians 1:3.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4

(03) Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and the God of all comfort; [Now, watch, he uses this appellation particularly because he’s going to tell us something]

(04) Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.

Do you know why it is sometimes your nose runs into a grindstone, your hand into a hamburger machine, and somebody takes the little rubber band off that hole in your pocket so

all your money dribbles out not to mention, you forget sometime and turn your back and there’s five knives under the fifth rib? That’s so you’ll be able to help somebody… Eh? That’s… The Bible said, “Let no man boast putting his armor on as a man who takes his armor off.”

As Brother Branham said to Tommy Osborne, “Go stand under the old gnarled oak over there, F.S. Bosworth, and learn something.” Eh? You don’t get this in a seminary. Oh, you may learn all the ins and outs and how to be disciplined, but you don’t get this until you fight yourself to a stand still.


How do I know certain things? I stood there on the road. I took my training in a rough area where there wasn’t anybody but God could help me. And never look to a Pentecostal preacher to help you. Oh yes, the sign on his church is “Help you out?

Certainly! Which way did you come in? Help you out? Yes! I’ll take the money out of your pocket because I see it’s hard for you to carry the burden”. Forget it ! I’m not bitter; I’m just smart. I can sit back and relax now because I know the God of all grace in certain areas. I don’t care what area you are in, you will learn a certain way.

This is Communion. This is the fellowship of the Holy Ghost, God blessing us and God helping us certainly He does. Now, He always gives us the superabundant above all we can ask or think.


Let’s go into Ephesians and read that. My memory’s not too good but I could read that, one time, the way it’s really written but I’ll see if I can remember it. And the 3rd chapter it says… the 20th verse.

Ephesians 3:20

(20) Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, [is… “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the working of His mighty power that He puts to work within us.”]

In other words, when you’re brought right down to the low ebb and there’s nothing there, you become like the widow who said, “All right, I’ll give him a little bit of grain here because I perceive you’re a prophet”.

Now, don’t…don’t follow the A.A. Elm stuff Widows, give your homes to so-called divine healers. Forget it! No, we have enough of that stuff. We don’t need that kind of hogwash. This is where people really put themselves to the test. Not some… not some souped-up evangelist. There’s only one person could put anybody to a test really; that’d be a prophet of God, the same as Elijah did.

When she met her test she said, “All right, Prophet, I believe in you. I’m going to put everything on the line.” And when she did she got everything back and a whole lot more.


Now, 109, page 22.

[109]  Notice again, Melchisedec went to meet Abraham before he got back home. Now he’s coming right down to your time and my time What a beautiful type here we have: Melchisedec meeting Abraham before he got back home after the battle. We meet Jesus in the air before we get home! That’s right!

Now, the real home we’re coming to always has to be this earth because that’s where we’re going to be. The Resurrection is the prime desire of God for His sons and that means the earth. Now, before we come back to this earth, we’re going to meet Him in the air at the Wedding Supper, after the battle’s over. And from that time, there are no more battles. See? In other words, the end of the great scenario of life… We meet Him in the air.


So, all right… We think of the Appearing in 1933…ends at the Wedding Supper. And I think Brother Branham was thinking of himself at this particular point when he realized that having had battles even before he was born-again, as God was dealing with him, he had greater battles after 1933.

And he had greater battles again thirteen years later in 1946 when God commissioned him. And he had greater battles again in 1960 when he preached on the Church Ages actually starting at ’58 when he hit serpent seed and talked… put women in their place and things like that then ’60, this Church Ages; 1963, the Seals and so on…

The great battle, knowing that as long as he was fighting himself like the Apostle Paul, and you know that Brother Branham did, absolutely bringing his body under control, he was looking for that great meeting in the air because he had already introduced us to the Bridegroom.



[109]  We meet Jesus in the air before we get home! That’s right! 1 Thessalonians 4: tells us that, for we meet Him in the air. A beautiful type of Rebecca meeting Isaac in the air…

Now, what is Rebecca and Isaac? Isaac is the son of Abraham, typing as God and the son. O.K. Rebecca, the lovely one, that is to go to Isaac.

[109]  …in the cool of the day. We meet Him in the air; 1st Thessalonians tells us so : ” For we which are alive and remain shall not prevent orhinder those that are asleep;Actually the deepest meaning I can see in that is that not take precedence. We don’t take precedence and we don’t take any eminence at all.

[109]  for the trumpet of God shall sound; and the dead in Christ shall rise first; we which are alive and remain shall be caught up with the dead… to meet the Lord in the air.” Perfect! All these types.



[110]  Therefore the theophany, that’s that Spirit-body if you have died and entered into that Spirit-body, what happens? Now, this is a great secret Brother Banham’s telling us : The theophany comes to the earth to pick up the redeemed body.

Now, the word ‘theophany’, because he used ‘Spirit-body’, that’s used in the Bible. What a person could do in modern language, taking Brother Branham and the Bible we could

actually, as I have often said: dominant and subdominant. Now, we know the Great Theophany is when God Himself has a form that appears to the eye. But we are little gods, so we could say ‘sub-theophany’, little theophany. And you’re perfectly right because, remember, what was there in the beginning, forms somehow and it would be of itself that body.

And Brother Branham said, “It was eternal and therefore it cannot be created.Now, he never went back on his definitions or he would’ve had to say, “Now folk, I’m going to tell you something. I got to change the meaning of eternal, here, to just everlasting.”

He never said it. So, if I’m teaching you something wrong, it will fall back on Brother Branham because that’s what he said. So, we understand these things though just the same. Remember, there’s too much in nature to prove that this is right.



[110]  The theophany comes to the earth and picks up the redeemed body. And if you’re here in the air, you take the body to meet the theophany…

You say, why is that so? Because God does everything in threes. And you will never get to the Wedding Supper without it. Y’say, “Well, I’ve done got my glorified body.” Well, done shut up and sit down! You need your theophany. Lots of things we might not know the answer to. We know the answer to this ; you’ve got to have it! No way out of it. So people that don’t even understand this, what are they looking for? Say, “I’m looking for the dead to come. I’m looking for my theophany. I’m looking for my change.” You’ve got three things right there the dead to come, the theophanic form and you change. Certainly!

[110]  There you are, and get caught up and go to meet the Lord in the air. Now that’s a big secret. Now, watch. Some more secrets…

[111]  Who is this Melchisedec but God?

[112]  Now, we see here plainly the complete secret of our lives…

Now, this is the big secret number two. In this sermon that he preached delineating upon Melchisedec going to the form of Christ, telling us we come the same journey and all… It’s a great secret.

[112]  Now, we see here plainly the complete secret of our lives in journey, that’s the starting point, and death… where we go after we die. Also predestination is in plain view here. Sure it is because it’s step by step what happens to the germ, the son step by step. Now, listen as we teach this, closely.


Okay, Number one… I’m going to look at this part here before we read on… number one: we are a part of God, an attribute, a son, a soul. We are chosen by being in Him. The choosing is not “ I’ll take this, I’ll leave that.

I’ll take this, I’ll leave that.” It was already according to what was there. It would have to be. Then you see predestination what is it that happens to these. Now, you notice to the Foolish Virgin, they do not go in the first resurrection. They are not changed from mortal to immortal.

They do not get a theophanic -form to go in the air. Now, they can get a form, for all I know, after they departed. That’s fine. But, notice, there’s a big difference between foolish virgin right now and the people that are in this little earth here. So the secret is out. We see this journey, here.


Now we go to 113.

[113]  The stages of the eternal purpose He had in His secret [have] now been revealed.

The stages what were the stages? Well, if we had the board, we’ll show you. [Brother Vayle refers to his outline on the board.] We’re in Him. Then we see how that Christ became. Then we see how we stepped down to Adam, and come on down. We see how Christ was in a theophanic-form we call Jesus Christ the same One. We missed it, and so on. Now,

[113]  the secret’s been revealed. Notice, there are still three stages to perfection. Now,he goes right back to ‘The Future Home’. Justlike He redeems the world; same way He redeems His Church. He redeems the people in three stages. Now look,first is Justification like Luther preached; second, Sanctification like Wesley preached; third, Baptism of the Holy Ghost. That’s right! Then comes the rapture.


Now, that’s ‘ Future Home’. And of course, in here he’s telling a great revelation. And what is the revelation we need to know in this hour above everything else? That we have come to the place of the Baptism with the Holy Ghost a genuine Baptism that’s apart from sensation. It is without any evidence whatsoever and it has nothing to do with speaking in tongues and gifts of the Spirit absolutely different.

There can be a Judas perfectly anointed with the Holy Ghost raise the dead, heal the sick, and look like a monumental genius in the realms of Almighty God and be nothing but a devil. You say, well how in the world could God Almighty let His power fall upon a devil ? Well, Who do you think gave the Devil the power in the first place?

All power is of God, period! Never mind the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox and the Anglican and Pentecostal sitting around thinking they can wump up some kind of power they’ll burn!! Let’s face it. You don’t want to be in that crowd. Don’t ever have their stinking thoughts. All power is of God. And if I come down here tonight, spit in your face and cuss you in your teeth and take a knife and rip your guts out let me tell you something that power is of God but used by a devil.

Because you can’t even say, “Tomorrow I will go to church and do anything”… as David said, “There’s one step betwixt me and death”. In other words, one breath… and our breath is in His hands. Don’t anybody ever think he’s got any power. He said to Jesus, “I’ve got power to turn you… ” He says, “You’ve got no power given you unless it’s given you from above.” Certainly.


God’s Word through a prophet in this end hour Melchisedec bringing Communion, giving a part of Himself and that part, of course, is a further Word because this part of Christ in this hour is immortality to the living. Never before given. Marvellous, what God does for us! Now, let’s read on… He says here, the world is saved like we’re saved three stages: water, the Blood, fire, rapture, water, Blood, Holy Ghost.

[114]  Now, the world, how did He redeem the world? The first what He did, when it sinned, He washed it off in water baptism. That’s right. Then He dropped His Blood upon it from the cross and sanctified it and called it His own. Now, that dropped upon the ground and we’re part of the ground; we got in on it, right?… then what does He do? As He tore all the world out of you and renovated the whole thing by the fiery baptism of the Holy Ghost. He’ll… renovate the world..

Now, listen, the Holy Ghost is given to teach us. Then what’s He going to do? The first thing, He’s going to attack our minds. Oh, you say, “Brother Vayle, the Devil attacks our minds.” Sure he does! What do you think? D’you think he’s stupid? The greatest battle’s there. The Holy Ghost attacks your mind with the Word of God and you just say, “ Look! Live or die, sink or swim; I can’t figure it.” I can’t figure all about how God come back and forth through Jesus Christ. There’s one God, period!


There’s a Lamb up there, mediator ; he’s a man. The Son of God came back on the day of Pentecost. Brother Branham said, “He poured His soul upon us. I don’t pretend to understand. Maybe I never will, but I know that that’s the Word of God and no Trinitarian dogma or hogwash is going to take it from us. We may die for it, but listen, it’s not so bad to die.

I tell you when you want to boil this thing right down it’d be better to die with a burning hot iron, molten lead, or suffering that doesn’t last too terrible long than to go through the hell that I have gone through mentally by getting just sick… because that lasted a long time. Y’know, I’m of the opinion that it would be much nicer to get it over with.

I don’t know what God’s going to do. I don’t know what’s going to happen to us. But I know one thing: that if we are truly born- again Christians [and even if we weren’t] we have enough of something within us to stand any test there really is, because that’s what life is like. Life is the toughest thing in this world. There’s nothing will compare with it. So, God will help us, don’t worry. “… tore it all out…”

[114]  Now to be… burnt over with fire and cleanse every germ for millions of miles high and every thing will be cleaned up…

I love that! All the mosquitoes and all the germs are going to go…even if they didn’t need to. Thank God! Why have them around? They always were a bunch of bums, bunch of wild dogs! Who needs ’em? They got no part in the Kingdom of God. Don’t go feeling sorry for anything that God’s not feeling sorry for. Don’t get any redemption going for anything God hasn’t got redemption going for. That’s… that’s… that’s putting yourself above God.

[114] …then there is a New Heaven and a new earth… a new heaven and a new earth, just like you are a new creature in Christ Jesus when the Holy Ghost takes ahold of you. See, there you are.

We’re talking about the mind. The Holy Ghost was given to you to positively war in your mind, to bring your mind down.


Let’s go to Romans 12th chapter.

Romans 12:1-2

(01) I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

(02) And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…

Mind renewed how? Word! That’s the first thing. You’ll never get your body renewed unless your mind’s renewed, because the call to the Seventh Church Age is REPENT. And repent means to change the mind.

Just as John the Baptist came to change the peoples’ minds by the power of the Holy Ghost, William Branham came to do the same thing.


All right.

Now, he says here, “It’ll be burnt over… What’s he talking about? The New Jerusalem. Now, just like Peter he bypasses the whole one thousand years of the millennium, which is further Sanctification, and jumps right to the millennium.

Let’s go look at it. 2 Peter and, I suppose, that’s got to be the 3rd chapter [or is it? Well, I’m on 1 Peter. That won’t do any good.] [2] Peter 3:10.

2 Peter 3:10

(10) But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

(11) [Now] Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation [or behaviour] and godliness,

(12) Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat.

Now, you see what he does? He throws that in the lap of the people. And that’s where you get people that are either premillennious, postmillennious, amillennious, millennious God-knows-what ! because they don’t understand.

When you get this far you have blended from time into eternity and you are literally bypassing the millennium in your mind. Now you know it’s there. No one’s going to argue it. But, you see, you come to number 4… 3: dissolution.

The Holy Ghost has come down. And what’s He come down to do? For dissolution, and to bring us to the place where we’re supposed to be which is what Abraham looked for the New Jerusalem, the City of God. Now, listen, let’s face it. That’s exactly the truth because Melchisedec was a King of Righteousness and Peace and the least He could have had was a small city.


Now, this is a big City with foundations. And the story is: “I have come and my Presence indicates you start looking and being a different person because of the Holy City of which you believe you’re a part!” Well I’ll be… say, “Well, I… I just like to think of Jesus.” You know, you’ve got to be dumb. How stupid… Look! Act as a parent, yourself, bringing up children. “Now I want my son to be a nice son.

He’s very healthy and very nice.” And so he ain’t got enough brains to go put a suit of clothes on. So, he goes tipping his [Inaudible] saying, “How’d you do, sister? How… I’m naked? Me?” He’s so stupid he hasn’t got a house to live in. He’s a bum. Come on ! God didn’t just say be nice sons and daughters, and you’re good kids. He said, “I’m preparing a place for you and I’m going to be there and I want you with me in the same condition I am.”

Then you say… stand back, say, “Well I… Lord, Lord, I’ve got such wonderful thoughts and I appreciate Your thought to me. But You see, Lord, I could just stand to have a dugout ‘long as You’re there.”

You know, you’ve sanctified too much, kid. You plumb got sanctified in the wrong way. That’s like… I used to tell the Lord, myself, “Ah, then… well, Lord, I know better than you. I’m just a… I’m no good. I’m not Your righteousness. I’m a slob.” OK, slob mind. I don’t think God’s got a slob mind. Then why have we got slob minds? We’ve got a long way to go brother/ sister.


Don’t tell me Brother Branham stood like I’m standing between these two pictures knowing the power of Almighty God and not the cross behind me, knowing He is here not in this building perhaps, but He is here and then acting like some wimp the Devil controls. Stand there and say, “I take every spirit in this building under my control in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!” That’s some stupid wimp? Is that some bird that doesn’t know there’s a Holy City waiting for him? Who ever preached the Eternal City like William Branham? Well, you know why he preached it? He’s going there! I’ll tell you something, if you married a… or either just going with a beautiful girl, you ain’t even worried about Marilyn Monroe. I never did anyway. She just wasn’t my kind of garbage baggage? baggage… [Brother Vayle snickers; congregation laughs]

You love someone, you’ll talk about that person. You want to be around that person. If you got a real revelation like Brother Branham said, “That’s your wife; that’s your husband” you ain’t going to have an eye for anybody else. Well… the temptation might not be around the corner but you can dump that overboard. No big deal. You’ve got a revelation.

You got a revelation as brother/sister, listen you look right down that road. You don’t bypass the one thousand years as though it means nothing. You say, “Hey! Look ! That’s great! That’s one

day out of billions and trillions and trillions and trillions and God-knows. And it’s not what I’m looking for but it’s a nice stopping-off place.” That’s where Abraham was, and Isaac and Sarah and Rebecca nice stopping-off place. But we’re coming back for the real goods.

[114] …The whole thing’s just as plain as… can be, said Brother Branham

[115]  Everything’s in three. The natural birth’s in three. What’s the first thing happens to the woman having a baby? What breaks first? Water. What breaks next? Blood. What’s the next process? Life. Water, blood, spirit. What happens to the plant? Rots. What’s the first thing? Stalk. What’s the next? Tassel. What’s the next? Shuck. Then the grain comes out of that. Just the three stages of it till it gets to the grain.


Now, notice, “Just the three stages… till it gets to the grain. And some time at the end or during and it’s during the third stage… the whole thing comes into being. Because, I tell you what, during the third stage what happened? It produced the Baptism with the Holy Ghost as the definitive true Doctrine but at the same time it produced the chaff. And the Holy Ghost Baptism is temporary.

So what happens after Ephesians 1:13 and 14? Comes 17! the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation, the knowledge of Him comes down right in the midst of all the chaff. And it’s come back to full grain and there it is right there. You can say what you want, but there it is right there. [Points to the Picture]

The same Pillar of Fire that brought the Word is here revealing It. Hallellujah! Even the Holy Ghost has come to full maturity. Why? Headship! He never had headship before. He had headship as the Great One to institute but He never took headship again until He’s taking headship now to bring a Bride, a Church into Divine Order. All things under the feet of the Son Millennium. And after the White Throne and the Great Thing we’re looking to, what happens? It’s handed back to the Father. One day left… goes back. “Everything”… as Brother Branham said, “Everything from the beginning, perfect, but now maturity.”


Okay. Let’s keep moving on… 116.

[116]  God vindicates that. That’s by nature, see? That’s always been right; God vindicates it to be true. Shows plainly the predestinated is the only one that’s considered in redemption. “Shows plainly the predestinated is the only onethat’s considered in redemption.” Yah! In other words, there had to be something there for something to come forth… Did you get it? Let me say that again. The predestinated is the only one that’s considered in redemption. People might be making like, think they are, but the real redemption is those that are predestinated.

In other words, people think they’re redeemed, many of them, but you see, their names never were in the Lamb’s Book of Life or the Book of Life. They don’t even qualify as Wise or as Foolish Virgin. See? There’s a limited atonement.

You know the Blood was never shed for serpent seed because the serpent seed never took blood. You had to have something in you to take blood. Sure!

[116]  …Because the very word redeem means to bring back. Is that right? Actually, it means to buy back ; it mean to ransom. To redeem is… To redeem anything is to bring it back to its original place.


That’s right! If you stole a book from the store, you got to redeem it. You got to put it back on the bookshelf where you got it from. So, Redemption… Redemption is known to be true when you come into Christ by the Baptism with the Holy Ghost. You are redeemed and the evidence is to believe the Word of the Hour… and that’s not as a Foolish Virgin that doesn’t have the Word to carry the Oil. Brother Branham tells us categorically: the difference between the Wise and Foolish is the Word.

Well, you say, “ Just a minute! They have no oil in their vessels.” That’s right! It leaked out. Pentecost can’t carry this message. It shows the Foolish Virgins are in denominations. You say, “But, Brother Vayle, they’re right amongst us.” I never denied it but they’re still in denominations.

Too late they’re going to find out they didn’t have the right Word. Now, because we have the right Word doesn’t make us smug or condemn the… The fact of the matter is, it’s the grace of God. I’m glad I got the right Word.

Far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t teach you anything but the right Word. I’d tell you every time I cannot come to a certain place. I tell you, I cut off. Now, if you’re honest, you just come along [see?] and I believe you are honest.

[116]  So it’s only the predestinated that will be brought back, because the others didn’t come from there. See?


Now, when you use that word ‘ predestination’, you’ve got to understand then, ‘foreknowledge’ because he said the rest didn’t come from there. God … God literally enters into Predestination. He tells us the Husbandman must be first partaker of the fruit, Himself. He’s telling you and me. Then what about God? Does God stand back and say, “Well, I make an exception of Myself?”

Hogwash! Come on! Beginning of the creation of God is, God form… creating Himself in the form of human flesh.. God started way, way before there was a speck of star dust, Brother. God, coming a certain way… take foreknowledge, then sanctifying Himself to… setting Himself apart.

He said, ”Sanctify me, sanctify me”. He’s a sanctifying God. See? Justifying, Sanctifying, Holy Ghost everything. Listen, you…you try to change one Word of God, you try to change God.


See how we come the same way? See our history? See our journey? Oh, this prophet was a tremendous person! You know the reason I love It? Because I can see It. Now, if I was just sitting there saying, “Hum, hum, hum… Couldn’t see nothing”, I wouldn’t like it. And if I could see you eating watermelon [I can’t] I might say, “Hey! Throw that away because you bother me.”

I had a big steak for supper tonight. It was good! How did you enjoy it, you folk? You weren’t eating it… well, that’s another story. Pete knows all about steak. He’s a steak man …a little bit of Divine healing thrown in too. It’s a good one, then. I like Divine healing. Didn’t say to drink coffee all the time, though; said to eat steak.



All right, “Redeem’ means to bring back…”

[117]  Being eternal with Him at the beginning… Not just with Him, in Him, but eternal with Him in making our journey because we’re eternal too. You can be eternal in and eternal with… .at the beginning… The Eternal Life that you had, His thought of what you were, only what He wanted you to be… He explains it. He wanted me to stand in the pulpit, say. He wanted you to set in the seat tonight. Now, listen…Then we are serving His eternal purpose… the one that left home… came to earth to serve His purpose.

Now, you can speak in terms of Jesus the Christ. You can speak in terms of God, Himself. You can speak in terms of us. You’ve got a perfect parallel. There’s no difference.

[117]  …Is that right? All right. Then after it’s finished, it’s brought back in a glorified state. It’s matured and brought back. And God becomes all, and in all, which He was.

Now then, you tell me your journey is different from God’s Own journey. There ain’t no difference. Has He treated us different from Himself? Has He esteemed us less? That we should be put in the position to know the grace and the love and the mighty power of Almighty God, is not a put down. The put down is when you get some rich person with a rotten, stinking, spoiled little brat that thinks he’s somebody because he’s got his father’s money. He’s nothing but a louse.

That’s… That’s no son. That’s a sycophant and a fool. That’s a leech what he is. Nobody wants that. God wants mature people and He’s getting ’em, by the grace of Almighty God. Once more we see the priesthood is serving. Once more we see God in simplicity. Once more we see Romans, the 5th chapter, and Hebrews 12, which all the time puts us through.


Let’s go to Hebrews [I beg your pardon… yes]… Romans first of all, Romans 5… I preached on this. Took me years to get this. I knew something was missing. The first 5 verses.

Romans 5:1

(01) Therefore [having been] justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

God’s at peace with us ; He’s not fussing. No more trouble. He sees us through the Blood. He doesn’t see us at all … hears our voices and sees our Representative.]

Romans 5:2-5

(02) By whom also we have access by faith into the grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope at the glory of God

(03) And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation [works] patience

(04) And patience [rightness of character. And rightness of character puts us in the place where we know our names are on the cheque, same as His. Right back…]

(05) And [earnest expectation] maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost…

In other words, the love of God multiplies through the Word process as we go through it. Yup… you say,

“Lord, I’d love you more if I never had to get sick.”

He said, “You’re lying. You love me more after you get healed, after you’ve been sick.”

[You say] “Lord, I love you so much when you make me a millionaire.”

He said, “ Forget it. I’m going to take you down to the lowest dregs. I’m going to pull you through knot holes and sewer pipes and then I’m going to put you somewhere and then you’re going to praise Me and love Me.”

[You say ] “Well, I don’t know if I’d call that love.”

Yah, you’re like a bunch of 20th Century apes little kids that go out there now and want to shoot cocaine and everything else because that’s how they’re going to get their lift because they can’t face life. Forget it! We are not in that category. I may be a little…[mean]?… and next thing those guys could say, “Christianity is the opiate of the populace.” Let them say what they want.

It is not an opiate we are taking ; It is Life! We’re not trying to drown ourselves in some metaphorical… ‘no reality’ city. There’s a real City there. It’s proved… there it is, right there! [Points to the picture] Come on! What do you think He came down for? Pick us up! He hasn’t left. Just came down to get our attention, that’s all. Next thing raising the dead, we go back with Him. What more do you want? See?. “…matured and brought back

Oh, yah, I was reading… I read it didn’t I? O.K. In Hebrews the twelvth… I read it already If you’re a son you’re going to be tested that you might be made mature. [How many minutes… Ah, I’m going to read one more paragraph and that’s it.]



[118]  No wonder Paul could say when they were building a block to chop his head off. …’O, death, where is your sting? O grave, where is your victory?

You say, “O death, where is your… O death… it’s the same thing… O death where is your victory, because it doesn’t have a victory. What does it matter? What’s it matter if you’re in a grave or not if you’re never going to come back? The thing is if you’re dead, your dead. They can burn you… maybe not even get in the grave. So the thing is,

[118] … O death, where is your sting? O death, where is your victory? Haven’t got any!… thanks be unto God who gives… the victory! He said, ” Death… “Now he said… Paul said, “ Death… tell me where you can make me holler, cry out. Grave,tell me, how you going to hold me, for I am a possessor of Eternal Life”…And I step out here to get a theophanic body and I could go through one million worlds, twenty-five thousand miles around, eight thousand miles across.. Phttt!… faster than you can blink an eye!

How are you going to deal with a person like that…when your glorified body is just as good as the theophanic form ? You say, “ Well, That doesn’t mean I have to be seen.” That’s right. They won’t have to see you. You talk about… you know, years ago people wanted something, they made a little fairy tale. Like the good fairy would come, you know… the seven, what is it?… the twelve dwarves and do the shoemaker’s shoes, you know.

And there was a… Rapunzel or somebody had long hair and they… somebody came in and made a lot of good… made straw into gold, you know. Everybody… they just loved those fairy tales. You know something?

This is no fairy tale! No fairy tale! Wildest imagination? No, no, no! It’s God speaking to us tonight. Said, “I am a possessor of Eternal Life. Amen! He recognized it.” So did Brother Branham, see, behind the curtain of time. He knows what he’s talking about, see? That’s why he stresses this and he’s so powerful in his delivery here. He said… he said,

[118] … Amen! He recognized it. Can we recognize our hour, our day, our Word and do something about it? Death, hell, grave, nothing could hold him. And nothing can hurt us. We’ve got Eternal Life. He realized he was blessed with Eternal Life.


How did he know? He was full of the Holy Ghost. He had the Word. What a tremendous thing! Listen, you know something? Paul, the Apostle, he was a real scurvy type of person. Nice man, good man but rotten to the core killing the saints of God, trying to do God a favor.

But he’s elect of God, foreknown of God and chosen. And God just comes down and just blinds him… hits him down like that. Paul instantly sealed in… from the first call… recognized a sealed in believer. He no more escaped Justification and Water Baptism and the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and a ministry than nothing… and neither can you or I.

No, brother/sister. Could God escape His Own destiny? Can you and I escape ours? Come on! We… this thing is so tremendous! How can It become real unless God makes It real? The words are coming tonight, brother/sister. God has done something with His Word. We see It. He’ll do the same for us. He’s going to do it “.he was blessed with Eternal Life,see?


Paul, the Apostle, could not be satisfied now, at this point, with just being born-again. He said, “ If in this life only we have Christ, we are of all men most miserable. Israel, if you want Christ to come down and make you a great nation, and your children’s children keep on dying, dying, dying and that’s what you want… let me tell you, I don’t want it! I’ll be satisfied with nothing less or short of the Resurrection.”

How nice to have a Spirit body it won’t satisfy; they want to come down.. Then, if this is the great satisfaction, then let me tell you something, folk; let me understand this tonight You and I have been wanting and crying out for a false water and for a false drink… Now, think it over. Oh, I know some of you would like to be up here where old Lee Vayle is.

You don’t belong up here. Brother Branham said, If God wanted you up in this pulpit and you in this seat… that’s a different story.” Well, you could try to get it. So, all right, go ahead and try. I can tell you now: unless I’m dead you ain’t going to get nowhere… unless I walk out. I’m just trying to show you something. You can always want the wrong thing. I might want to sit down where you are.

I ain’t going to get it. I’m not going to have it. I’d like to just retire, so to speak… go out West and maybe just feel nice. I’d feel ten times worse. I’m not going to have it.


See? We always look at things and think, that is what’s going to do it. This is what’s done it! [Points to the picture] And at this hour: the understanding of the Resurrection, the conditions of the Rapture [Shout, Voice, Trumpet], Message [Resurrection, changing for God] What for? What for? You can’t possibly think I like what we [Inaudible] down here, though.. Up here, there’s no way… in the Millennium, There’s no way.

The finest sensibilities, the utmost intriguing, titillating, tantalizing extreme sensations… in other words, Hugh Heffner with two thousand women is going to Hell and burn with all two thousand for billions and billions of years for all I know. Everybody preaching something titillating… “ Have you tasted this liquor? Have you smoked this cigarette? Have you tried this to make it even nicer and more wonderful?”

That’s all gone! There’s your battle. We’re not here striving for something, brother/sister, that’s not in the cards for us. The Mormons are sealing wives in, as crazy as the Ayatollah’s gang that are serpent seed. And they hit it where it is. There’s nothing but sex, sex, sex; there’s rot, rot, rot; corruption, corruption, corruption. Everything’s full.

Let me tell you something, brother/sister, I don’t care how fine a person gets in his sensitivities, sensibilities, his sensual reactions… you were put here, especially this hour, to have your eye on one thing that glorified body in a Glorified City.


So, let’s begin to wipe the hands across the eyes. Reach here with the spiritual strength of Almighty God and believe for a renewed mind. And I’m not preaching celibacy, for fifteen seconds. I’m preaching truth… that the Apostle Paul said, “ I want that!”

And no matter what anything else God would do on this earth for me and to me, it doesn’t count unless I get that. You know why? Because that is what God wants. That is the Predestination. How’re you going to stop God from doing it? You know the best thing to do when you can’t stop anybody? Join ’em. Now, God can stop the Devil; there’s no problem there. And the Devil can’t stop God.

God can stop us and we can’t stop God. There’s only one thing left: The wise man says, “ I’m going to join with God.” Like the voice came out, back in the Old Testament the days of Joshua and Moses… “ Who is on the Lord’s side?” Didn’t say, “Whose side is God on?” It said, “ Who’s smart enough to come on God’s side?” Who’s smart enough?

Who’s got that anointing from God to see? Seed … and see where it’s going ? Brother Branham said, “Don’t miss what’s lying ahead. Looking down that road, he warned us, like the Apostle Paul. And I believe, with all my heart, we ought to consider that terribly, terribly sincerely and soberly. This is what Life’s all about laying up treasure.


Now, listen… What you and I do here will not build that mansion. Don’t worry, it’s already built. But the truth of the matter is this: it’s 30, 60, and 100, what we do with our lives. It’s what foundation we built on and continue to build, lest we become wood, hay and stubble rather than gold and precious silver and jewels. How do you think it will be on that day?

[Now, I’m using Brother Branham’s brother, Howard]… What’ll it be like on that day? And God already spoke from the heavens through tongues and interpretations by the Pentecostals : “Because you made the right decision, which was a hard one, there is laid up a great measure for you in heaven and a great portion of heaven.” What will it be with poor Howard, who’s called to preach?

[Brother Branham said he was, so I know he was.] He was too happy philandering. He was too easy being an acrobat in a circus or a clown or something. Though he loved his brother… he did. He loved God. I know, somehow he did. He loved people. When Howard went through the people in the audience down below lying on cots, their stomachs swollen with cancer, not a hope in the world he said, “Come on,” he said, “In a minute or two”, he said, “[Inaudible] certain you’ll be running a foot-race with me,” he said, “You watch.” [They] healed all over the place.

Dying… Brother Branham walked in the room raised up. But what about that Life that goes there? See? We don’t… We don’’ preach there’s no Life; we preach that. But I’m going to tell you something, my brother/sister, the thing is this: your vision is what directs you. And the heavenly vision is what directed the Apostle Paul. And when it’s been proven by this in our hour, [Points to the picture] we have the same vision and responsibility, or I’m lying in this pulpit and I’m telling you an untruth.

Everything in nature goes right back to God. The Pythagorean Theorem once proved is never proven again; it’s been proven. This has been proven the Holy City, the New Jerusalem. Why are we here tonight? Because we believe a message? No! We believe a Life, brother/sister! It’s gone from a Word . It’s gone from a Word.

The Word’s been spoken and Brother Branham said, “That name was on the Book but he said there was no evidence yet when He said just a Word. And when It was spoken, then something begin to happen.That Word’s been spoken. It’s happening. When that City comes into view, we’re coming in view with It the same as that came into view. [Points to the picture] We can’t deny it. No, brother/sister, can’t deny it. Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Heavenly Father, we know tonight, Lord God, that this could develop into a very tragic, tragic service, Lord. That everything laid out here just as the prophet said it… not only so, but embellished, having broken it down… that the prophet said. And yet, Lord God, not one of us pay enough heed to it. Not one of us have enough of a capacity through perhaps [and no doubt a lot of it] fighting ourselves to enlarge that capacity.

To think upon these things, to meditate upon, we give ourselves to them just like the Apostle did… and like Paul said to Timothy, “ Give thyself unto them.” And, Lord, here we are … a day that matches the day of Timothy, that matches the days of the Apostles because You are “the same yesterday, today and forever.” And Your seed is the same.

There hasn’t been a lack of Life in the seed because of simply two thousand years having rolled on. It’s the same seed, the same Life, the same God. And now the wonderful Word, Lord. And here we are, Lord, in this position that Peter talked of and Paul talked of looking down that road, just jumping the thousand years, as it were, because it’s one day and putting ourselves in that Blessed Area, O God, that’s there.

Father, because of Your grace and Your love, we will take our stand tonight that we are part of It. Live or die; sink or swim; come the greatest deluges upon us, fire, everything else it doesn’t matter. It cannot change the truth that we take our stand with you, because, Lord, we believe that You took Your stand with us.

And we come over, Lord, to Your side of the fence. We’re no longer looking to sit upon the fence. We’re no longer looking to turn a corner. But, Lord, in this particular instance, we have arrived at the definitive from whence all else goes that pertains to a Bride. And we can do that, Lord, tonight; I know we can. We… [ The tape cuts out here and gradually fades back in]… deep spiritual death, O Living God, and take our stand against the world, the flesh and the Devil [the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh, the pride of life] against all of these things and stand here and say, Lord, Your Word is true and we’re a part of that Word. And because You live, we live also. And because You’re there, we’re there too.

Heal the sick amongst us, Lord, as we take this Message more and more to our hearts, because we know there’s healing in It. We know, Lord, there’s actually immortality in It. We know that. So, Father, may Your people receive and by grace understand, having first received and perceived and then go with You all the way. Unto Thee, O Lord, we shall ascribe the honor and glory in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

‘Take the Name of Jesus with you.

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