Questions & Answers: Who Is This Melchisedec #01

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…Father, we thank You for that, that that is the hour in which we live and we appreciate it. We pray tonight You’ll help us in whatever study You’ve set before us…whatever questions. We pray You’ll give us grace and understanding, Lord, because we have to lean upon You. And we’re glad that we can lean upon You knowing that in Your Presence all things are possible.

And we thank You for the possibility, therefore, tonight to know these mysteries which we are supposed to know, Lord, the things that we have been instructed in, which are so vital to us. We thank You, Lord, that we have them and can know them with Your help. Now, guide us and direct us, in Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now, we’re sort of still in Melchisedec… Who Is This Melchisedec ? making this number thirty-four, the Questions and Answers. But just before we get to some questions, which I have here, I want to go back to page 23, paragraph 115 to 117… And we have Brother Branham bringing us thoughts on Predestination and its effect on Paul in paragraph 118. And he says…

[115]  Everything’s in threes… natural birth’s in threes. What’s the first thing happens to the woman having a baby? What breaks first? Water. What breaks next? Blood. What’s… next process? Life. Water, blood, spirit. What happens in the plant? Rots. What’s the first thing? A stalk. What’s the next? A tassel. And the next is a shuck, or the chaff. Then the grain comes out of that. Just the three stages of it till it gets to the grain. Now, you notice grain is number four and it’s actually not counted, evidently, a part of the plant, but it’s going to be produced therein.

[116]  God vindicates that. That’s always been right; God vindicates it to be true. Shows plainly the predestinated is the only one that’s considered in redemption. Do you get it? Let me say that again. The predestinated is the only one that’s considered in redemption. People might be making like, think they are, but the real redemption is those that are predestinated. Because the very word redeem means ‘to bring back’! Is that right? To redeem… something… To redeem anything is to bring it back to its original place. Hallelujah ! So it’s only the predestinated will be brought back, because the others didn’t come from there. See? To bring back…

[117]  Being eternal with Him in the beginning… The eternal Life that you had, His thought of what you were, only what He wanted you to be… He wanted me to stand in the pulpit, say. He wanted you to set in the seat tonight. Then we are serving His eternal purpose… the one that left home, only came to the earth to serve His purpose. Is that right? All right. Then after it’s finished, it’s brought back in a glorified state. It’s matured and brought back again.

[118]  No wonder Paul could say when they were building a block to chop his head off. He said, “ Oh, death, where is your sting? Oh, grave, where is your victory? But thanks be to God He gives us the victory!” He said, “Death, tell me where you can make me holler. Grave, tell me, how you’re going to hold me, for I am a possessor of Eternal Life.” Amen! He recognized it. Death, hell, grave… could not hold him… nothing can hurt us, we’ve got Eternal Life. He realized he was blessed with Eternal Life.


Now, what I’m trying to bring to your attention in all of this, is Matthew 25:1-13 and Matthew 25:31-46. So, we’ll go back there just for the time being and look at it… the White Throne Judgement. That’s part of it here. But, first of all, you notice 25:1-13.

Matthew 25:1-13

(01) Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom.

(02) And five of them were wise, and five… foolish.

(03) They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them:

(04) But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps.

(05) While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept.

(06) And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. [That’s actually ‘come out’ to meet him.]

(07) Then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps.

(08) And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out.

(09) [And] the wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go [you] rather to them that sell, and buy for [yourselves].

(10) And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.

(11) Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, [that’s the five foolish] open to us.

(12) [And] he answered and said [unto them, “ I used to know you as my wife but I don’t know you as my wife anymore.”]

(13) Watch therefore, for [you] know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.


Then, beginning at 31. [Matthew 25:]

Matthew 25:31-46

(31) When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then he sit upon the throne of his glory:

(32) And before him shall be gathered all nations:… he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd [divides] his sheep from the goats:

(33) And he shall set the sheep on [the] right hand… the goats on [the] left.

(34) …[And] the King [shall] say unto them on [the] right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. [Now, you notice, he doesn’t call them sheep or goats. He says, ‘as’ a shepherd does that.]

(35) For I was an hungred and [you] gave me meat: I was thirsty, and [you] gave me drink: I was a stranger, and [you] took me in:

(36) Naked, [you] clothed me: sick [you] visited me: I was in prison [you] came unto me.

(37) Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee hungred fed thee? or thirsty gave thee drink?

(38) When saw we thee a stranger took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee?

(39) Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?

(40) And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto [you]. Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, [you] have done it unto me.

(41) Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

(42) I was an hungred, ye gave me no meat: thirsty, ye gave me no drink:

(43) … a stranger… took me not in: [and] naked ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison ye visited me not.

(44) Then shall they also answer him saying, Lord, when saw we thee… hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?

(45) Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto [you], Inasmuch as [you] did it not to the least of these, [you] did it not [unto] me.

(46) And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: the righteous into life eternal.


Now, you notice right in here that immediately you have a difference in who these people are, even though they will go into eternal life because in the first instance, we read of the Wise Virgins coming out to meet Him and certainly therefore recognizing Him and were in the marriage supper.

These have nothing to do with it. They did not recognize Him, period. But they did recognize the value of those who were His. And they didn’t really understand but they recognized and they did minister and in ministering to those of the Lord, they were allowed to enter into Life eternal which you’re looking at there as the understanding that we have for the Bride which is Eternal Zoe of human form, a glorified form, which they would certainly have.


Now, taking these Scriptures together and the first set of Scriptures in 25:1-13, we have a divorce. Then we have a Wedding Supper. And the question is then: concerning the Wise and the Foolish Virgin. Now, you’ll notice that the Foolish Virgins are the ones that are divorced and, if you look over in 2 Corinthians, the 11th chapter, you get a pretty good understanding of them, for it says here,

2 Corinthians 11:1-2

(01) Would to God ye could bear with me a little in my folly: and indeed bear with me.

(02) For I am jealous over you with a godly jealously; for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.

Now, you see, they were espoused, which positively and truly was evidently a marriage vow. And just like… “Fear not to take unto thee, Mary, thy wife”, because that which is to be born of her was of the Holy Ghost. So, there was an espousal, here; there was a legitimate engagement; there was a contract that Paul had entered into with these people and Jesus Christ by reason of the Gospel that he preached. And he said,

2 Corinthians 11:3

(03) But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.


So, you can understand why Brother Branham always preached that one Word… Eve did not disbelieve in God, but she did not really believe God, because she believed the serpent and she deviated from the Word and went to a wrong revelation.

And therefore he said, when she got from behind the Word is when she got into trouble. And, of course, people like to look in terms of an act and they say, “Well, that person is a very fine person. He might not really believe the way we believe but he’s a very fine person. So we’ll give him the keys to the Kingdom.” Well, you see, that’s a lot of ridiculous nonsense.

The girl positively lost. Instantly she was gone… never mind the act. If she had not deviated from the Word… and that’s how you look at this Word-body, the Spirit-body, that you bypassed. There’d be no way that in a Spirit-body or a Word-body [because that’s another term] could you have possibly been in disbelief.

There’s no way. You could not have deviated. But having not been in that body and her also, Eve, being outside the original creation she would be the one that would be tempted and would fall because, evidently, Adam could not fall concerning the temptation. But because she was already his wife, he stuck with her.


Now, he said, you notice here, [2 Corinthians 11:]

2 Corinthians 11:3

(03) …I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so [her mind, your mind is] corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

Now, we know what she did, of course, because you don’t get pregnant by eating apples. That’s the biggest bunch of nonsense in the world. They try to tell us that… that this little girl ate an apple or something, you know… did some little thing.

That is not true at all, because you can know positively that, that’s not the way it goes. The worst she could get would be a stomach ache eating a green apple, but it would never bring forth children. Now, what I’m driving at is, in verse four, you will understand that spiritual fornication is a deviation from the Word. Says…

2 Corinthians 11:4

(04) For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus…

And they sure did. They made him God the Son instead of the Son of God. Now, how can you make him God the Son when he’s the Son of God? You can’t do it. It’s like Brother…

“The Eternal Sonship is hogwash,” as Brother Branham said, because sons have beginnings Even though legitimately… legitimately a part of the original stream of Life, it does not make the Son the Originator… the Father is. So, the Father has a Son.

2 Corinthians 11:4

(04) For if he that cometh [preaches] another Jesus, whom we have not preached [Jehovah of the Old; Jesus of the New] or if ye receive another spirit…


Now, they’ve got a Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. It won’t work. You’ve gotta have that which is from God to water what is of God. It can’t be otherwise. You try to pour… you try to pour spirit upon a plant and not water, that… that plant’s going to die. I don’t care what you do.

The plant is uniquely qualified to receive what is for the plant. So every seed of God is uniquely qualified to receive what is for that plant which is from God, which is the benefit of the Holy Spirit, the Life… watering the Life that’s in us and coming by the Word. Now, that’s just plain, positive language.

Now, they… they seem to think a spirit came out of God, making now Father, Son and Holy Ghost. That is ridiculous!

2 Corinthians 11:4

(04) …another spirit, which you have not received, or another gospel…

See? So, you’re looking at the fact that the minute the people left the Word, they’d manufactured their own concept of the Godhead and the Gospel. Well, you’re finished. So, Paul is speaking here, now, of these who were espoused, see? What happened? They evidently lost what was necessary to give them whatever it took in order to get them to Him on the day of His Appearing ready for the Wedding Supper… Seven Church Ages, they never had it.

What was it? Word! Wrong word no Holy Ghost. An anointing? Sure! But, you see, they never had it. Like Brother Branham said, “They got as farJustification, Sanctification… never received the Holy Ghost.” But they’re saved. They come up in the Second Resurrection.


Now, you’re looking at the Word, here… these Foolish Virgin are divorced. Now, in 2 Thessalonians, the word ‘catching up’ can also mean divorce. So, before there is a Rapture, there’s got to be a divorce because God’s not going to take along excess baggage and a bunch of women getting in His way at His honeymoon… anymore than a man would.

You don’t take your mother-in-law along or your wife’s sister, unless you’re completely stupid. You think… you think that’s going to happen at the Wedding Supper of Christ? I mean, look… you even humanize this thing, you can see how stupid people look at things. There cannot be a Wedding Supper until the divorce.

Now, if you believe Brother Branham to be a vindicated prophet and you believe that [Brother Vayle points to the picture of the Pillar of Fire over Brother Branham] means anything at all, it’s over. The divorce has taken place.

The separation from the two elect groups is completed and the cry went out, the shout pronounced, which was a message, and particularly to the Bride : “ You are the spotless, virtuous, virgin wife of the Son of God. You didn’t even do it.”


Now, in the Greek, the word ‘foolish’, first of all, was used for talking about nerves… dull and sluggish… dull and sluggish… when you speak about nerve. Now, that’s the nervous system.

Now, the nervous system is sensible to or sensitive to the senses, so that you’ve got a group of people, here, that were not sensitive to the hour or to what was going on. They just couldn’t hack it. Now, you can’t begin to place them in Hebrews the 5th chapter; this is not exactly Hebrews 5:11-14 .

Hebrews 5:11-13

(11) Of whom we have many things to say… hard to be uttered, seeing [you’re] dull of hearing. [See, they’re not… they’re dull; they’re not sensitive.]

(12) For when… the time [you] ought to be teachers, [you] have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and… become such as have need of milk, and not… strong meat.

(13) For everyone that [uses] milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe.

Now, you’ll notice that the Ephesian Church, though it had a perfect Gospel and a perfect start, was still in the babe age or sequence. That’s where they were. They were not qualified in this first age to receive the revelation of Melchisedec because the Bible says so. Now,

Hebrews 5:14

(14) …strong meat [belongs] to them that are of full age…


Now… full age to the Gentile can only come when Israel is back in the homeland because the fullness of the Gentile the last ones coming into a Bride determine the position of Israel. So we’re now at the end-time because Israel’s back in the homeland. The clock is, maybe almost, on Midnight we’re struck there.

So that’s the same hour as the Coming of the Lord in the Rapture and after the Rapture. So there’ll be a people who can take strong meat. And the Bible says, “Their senses will be exercised unto righteousness.” They’ve gone through everything in the trials and the great part is the mind to where they’ve been exercised by their senses unto righteousness.

They can tell something is going on; they know something. Their senses will not get in their way. They know something is moving and they’re very happy to have it moving.


Now, these people that are dull, they are like in majority… now, there’s Foolish Virgin there as well as Serpent Seed, understand that. They are like those in John 6 and in John 8, when they said, “Well, you talk like a goofy crazy man.

Who’s trying to stone you for a good work? We know the works are good.” Now they knew therefore, at that time, they would have to come from God if they’re good works, because they wouldn’t stone him for a work that came… unless it came from the Devil. “But”, they said, “The trouble is that you’ve made yourself equal with God.”

So therefore, their senses were completely dulled; their nervous circuits were completely dulled. They were not in a position to know the things of God. So now, you’ve got the two classes in there you’ve got the Serpent Seed and you’ve got the Foolish Virgin. And you notice what definitely happened at the end-time of the time of Christ: the Serpent Seed can turn completely on God… turned right against Him.


Now, in the Book of Revelation the 3rd chapter, it tells of another group “ wretched, miserable, naked, blind and don’t know it.” They’re completely dull and deadened as to what is truly going on. Now, between the Serpent Seed and the Foolish Virgin, you’ll know that the Foolish Virgin is aware in a degree of something going on. The others also know something is going on but they repudiate it and turn right back.

And the Foolish Virgin is in the same boat, because she cannot go on because the Word is not in her whereby she can receive a full revelation by the Holy Ghost concerning that Word. Now… they’re dull and sluggish in their nerves. Next of all they’re dull and sluggish in their mind which now makes them ‘foolish’ or ‘stupid’. And that’s why they’re called the Foolish Virgin.


Now, if you go to Ephesians, the 5th chapter, let’s look at something here, 13 and 14.

Ephesians 5:13

(13) But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light; for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

Now, let’s look at the picture.

John 3:19

(19) …this is the condemnation, that light [has] come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds [are] evil.

So, they won’t come to the Light. So you’ve got a people, here, wherein the prophet comes on the scene and what he does is a light. And it makes manifest that something is going on.


Now, watch the next thing.

Ephesians 5:14

(14) Wherefore, he [said]. Awake thou that sleepest [ten virgins, see?] arise from the dead [amongst the dead] and Christ shall give thee light.

But the five Foolish don’t get to Him. That Pillar of Fire doesn’t mean a thing, [Points to the picture of the Pillar of Fire] and the angelic manifestation doesn’t mean anything. Even they cannot get it. And the ridiculous Serpent Seed positively turn on it and before it’s over, the Bride, the Wise Virgins, are gone; the Foolish Virgin will be destroyed. And notice in here, it says,

Ephesians 5:15

(15) See then… [you] walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise.

The warning, once more, to the saved that are justified and sanctified, “You better watch out for yourself!” And they’re the ones that are going to say, “Hey! Wasn’t something supposed to happen?” See, it’s already happened. They’ll die for it… because they will not go the way of the Antichrist. They’ll be hunted down worse that dogs and everything else.


Now, it says,

Ephesians 5:16

(16) Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. [In other words, you’ll begin to buy what is left. I see the Foolish Virgin miss it entirely, but they’re going to be up there at that last day… at the tail end.]

Now, this is pre-Rapture and it’s in progress right now the separation of the Wise and Foolish. Now, Brother Branham said, “The Foolish are in organization.I don’t believe for one minute that excludes people around us.

I believe there are many people who see… like I can trace back and I can absolutely prove and document to you by their sermons and by their writings that right at the time of Brother Branham’s demise, they were fully aware of the Appearing at the river.

And one man went so far as to make a claim that that was the ‘Return’, and it threw people into a bad situation… got people’s lives messed up. I don’t remember all what he preached… I care less, but they cannot deny that they saw something.

But you’ll notice, sensitivity to it and understanding is entirely missing. But I’m not trying to say, “Hey! I’m a smart guy up here. I’ve got something nobody else has got and this church in this buliding” Look-it, I’m going to tell you flat: I am responsible for Lee Vayle and this congregation and I care not two-bits outside of these walls. I don’t have an obligation to any other pastors or anybody else’s people. I’ve got an obligation in a degree to preach what I’m supposed to preach and if people want it they can have it.

If they don’t want it, fine and dandy. But when you look at these Wise and Foolish Virgins, you will begin to see that the Foolish were too dull in sensitivity and too dull in their minds. And the greatest battle is in the mind. Now, I’m too close to some people; I just don’t understand them, and I’m not going to waste my time.


When the Foolish begin coming around and making enquiries, they said, “Hey, you’re on your own.” Where’ve you been for the last ten years? I’m a little bit too much like Brother Palberg but I don’t say it.

He said, “Lee, don’t tell me a man can be around ten years in this message and not know things. Forget it!”

I said, “Well, that’s nice, Alfons. I take a little different tact. Some are slow-comers.”

“Well”, he said, “ Not that slow.”

Well… I agree, to a degree, but I’ve still got to watch myself because I’m a very hasty type of person. Well, I’m going to tell you one thing: If you see people loafing around for ten solid years and they’ve been fighting all along and dragging their feet, I’m a little inclined to believe they’re not getting too much now.


Listen, do you realize, for the first time we’re looking the Bible square in the face with Gorbachev apologizing to the Churches and opening the doors so that Russia is once more a Christian nation?

And the Word of God only speaks to the Christians. It doesn’t speak to the Mohammedans, and the Buddhists, and the Taoists, and Confucianists, and the Spiritists. It talks of Christians of which the Pope is the head. For the first time, roughly one billion Christians [so-called] and the Pope’s got the gold. And we don’t care who’s got the oil. And we don’t care if Libya’s got gas and all.


When the Pope says, “ I got the gold”, Libya caves in like a wet paper bag, and everybody else does. And though the Panda coin, for some strange reason, the first minting, the people paid maybe five hundred bucks for it ; it’s now worth three thousand.

I’ve got one… isn’t going to do me one bit of good. You know why? Because the government has right on the records at this minute… they never took off what the great Franklin Delano atheistic, God-knows-what, hypocrite Democrat had put on the books… “Bring it all in.” And the Congress will not remove that item. There is nobody safe.

I don’t care what man comes in this church and tells you what he thinks of the government or the money system or anything else. You listen to Lee Vayle or get out. Now, I’m lowering the boom on you, so listen right now. I’ve been through this since I’m twenty years of age, maybe fifty-four years of it, and don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about, because I do.

I’ve read those books the Rothchilds and all that junk. The Jews have the paper! Rome has the gold! What are you sitting here talking about some big thing you think you know about government or finance or anything else. You tell me. [Mm mm].


Remember, Peter said, “Thy money perish with thee.” I don’t want to be too blunt, because I’m a pretty rotten preacher up here and I use some pretty tough language. Doctor Philips categorically says that in English that means, ‘the Hell with you and your money’!

That’s exactly what it is… exactly what it is in the Greek. In other words, both you and your gold will fry in Hell; it’ll melt. For the first time… and everybody said Russia’s the Antichrist. Hah! What is Gorbachev worried about?

He’s worried about really nothing except he wants to be a great man in a great country. But you see, God took a hold of Nebuchadnezzar’s heart and Darius’s heart. And he just got a hold of old Gorbachev not for salvation, I don’t suppose, but to bring him right around. He’s got to come where the gold is, Brother/Sister. Sure, we’re… we’re right at that place.


So, the Wise and the Foolish Virgin are here. And the Foolish Virgin will never know what the Wise know because the Wise are sensitive to the move of the Spirit through the mind… the Living Word of God.

And she doesn’t battle anymore with these so-called tricky things that Brother Branham said. She just believes it. She’s used to knowing that the prophet is right. She’s used to knowing that vindication supersedes anything because vindication is manifestation, which is LIGHT! Now, what do you need light for? For the sake of light? No! For the sake of what’s there, that the light has to shine on. Now, come on…What… what’s to be shone on? The Shewbread. Where does the Shewbread come from?

It comes from the Wheat of God. It is the Bread of God. It’s that Manna, the special Heavenly spiritual Manna. It’s those loaves that God prepared and the Bread of the Last Day. And it’s the Bread that makes the poultice you rub on your eyes… you can begin to open up your eyes.


Manifestation. And the Manifestation has awakened all the Virgins, but five can’t get it. They’re not meant to get it. Now, listen: the fact that the Wise Virgin get it doesn’t mean they supercede anything. It doesn’t mean they’re extra wonderful… not at all.

It doesn’t mean they’re separate, as though they’re something within themselves although that is true, with the something being of God. So don’t play that too far. Like Brother Branham said, “Healing is within you but don’t get carried away with it. Watch where you’re going with it . Don’t take it too far,” he warned us So we can’t take this too far.

But we realize there is a separation and “The separation,” Brother Branham categorically said, “Is by the Word!” And he said, “The sun that rose in the East is now setting in the West.” It’s the same One; it’s the same Message. The same Pillar of Fire that brought the Word is here revealing the Word. And this time the people are mature enough to get It. And what are they getting? Well, you know what it is. It’s the mystery of God, Himself! Now… that’s… well, let me read it to you.



Ephesians 1:17-18

(17) That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:

(18) The eyes of your understanding being enlightened;

Sensitive eyes to see that light isn’t given to blind you [although it does]; it’s to make available to you what is there for you, the same as the Apostle Paul. Paul’s blindness was only temporary, and it was physical… to smack him down and pay attention.

That was the Manifestation. What was manifested? Christ, the Word! “Eyes being enlightened”… Laodicea: wretched, miserable, naked, and blind. Rise amongst the dead, Foolish Virgins… Wise Virgins. Eyes… your understanding.

There you are. The voices said to me, “If you listen to any man, listen to that man.” Sensitive! Now, since then it’s a matter of just Word, Word, Word, Word, Word. There you are.

Ephesians 1:18

(18) … eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints.


Now, let’s go all the way to the Book of Revelation and check that out. Revelation 10… because that’s where you’ve got to go. Here’s the Mighty Messenger coming down… God Himself, Who is Spirit, in a Pillar of Fire coming down with a covenant rainbow. The voice of a Lion [Revelation 10:3] that’s the first Church Age… Lion. Then comes the next spirit Calf… Man… Eagle.

But Lion… the same One that brings the Message is here revealing It. Couldn’t have it before because out of it [Points to the picture] came the Seven Seals, the Seventh Seal, and the Seven Thunders. Maturity. It’s all over… “grown up unto Christ”, as it says in Ephesians the 4th chapter. Then watch what it says, verse 7.

Revelation 10:7

(07) But in the days of the voice of the seventh [Church Age Messenger] when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished.


Melchisedec will be preached. Now you tell me some theologian, some scholar could have preached this before an understanding. I say you are a nice person but you are sick. And you might qualify as a Foolish Virgin but you’d never qualify as a Wise Virgin; you couldn’t do it because you’re trying to tell us, then, that you had a capacity ahead of God’s own schedule. Can’t do it… mm-mm-mm-mm-mm… no way. Let me tell you very, very succinctly:

If there is a sun up there [and there is] and there’s a whole lot of planets between us and the sun, and even light travelling at 186,000 miles per second, if there’s a planet one third closer to the sun than we are it’ll get the light quicker than we get it. They weren’t meant to get that light.

There was something about them, no matter how wonderful they were in their own church order and their own place as tremendous Christians, there was something they couldn’t have. They weren’t ready for it. Now, here It is right here: ‘the mystery of God’. It doesn’t say ‘mysteries’ of God, as though God had a lot of mysteries.

although, that’s true too but it tells you, God Himself comes into view, because Who is the One that appears? Now, it says, “ Come out and meet Him.” What woke those Virgins up? Ahhh, let’s read what it says in Ephesians. Come on… let’s look at the chronology. There’s a chronology in Ephesians, 5th chapter.


Now, it says right here,

Ephesians 5:13

(13) … all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light:… whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

Now, the Light precedes the waking up. The Voice that awakes the Virgins from amongst the dead?… doesn’t say. But you know who it is; it’s the same one that brought the Shout. The Shout is not waking the dead and bringing them out of the ground.

That’s the Voice. It’s a Shout… it’s the manifestations [Points to the picture] and the shout that actually wake up these Virgins and they fall in line. Because you see, the manifestation of the Light [Points to Picture] which is the tremendous deeds and ministry the man had, that’s not it… that’s not it. It’s what the Word comes forth is it.


Then it says,

Ephesians 5:15

(15) See… that [you] walk circumspectly.

Now, watch there. There is a manifestation which is light. There is a Voice that separates them… the rising from the dead. And when the Wise and Foolish separate is when light comes to the Wise. The Unwise turn it down.

You know why? They don’t mean to; they just can’t take it… they can’t take it… can’t take it. They’re just not there. They can’t have it. Won’t work. Now, what it says then… when this happens…

Ephesians 5:15

(15) …walk circumspectly, not as fools.

Don’t be like the Unwise Virgin. They’re virgins; they’re good people. See, there’s something there. They’ve quit churches, everything else. I know people right now, they say, “Hey! It’s no good. The church is finished. It’s all over.”

But they’ll never come to the Message. I know one fellow, he right off the bat after he was saved he fought his own people on ‘ One God’. He’s right here in Ohio, not too many miles away. Very nice fellow. Can no more take this Message than nothing. Fights right… fight anybody on the grounds of being a good Christian. Fights the government.

Wants to maintain proper law and order. Been involved in lawsuits to keep his own Christians in school in a proper school. Godly man… understands there’s One God. No problem, but he’s stuck right there. Now, he’s better off than that ‘Jesus Only’ bunch because they made Brother Branham a false prophet and a devil.

This man just turns his nose up and walks away. Is he a Foolish Virgin? Certainly could be… I don’t know. But I want you to know there’s something in here that the Bible speaks of and gives it to us very, very plainly.


All right, we’re looking, then, at this. And at the same time… remember, the word ‘wise’ is [inaudible] which means ‘ to have in mind, be mindful of, and think of’ . And what you think of, you talk about. So the Wise Virgin is one that literally thinks.

And you better believe, to qualify in Ephesians the 5th chapter, from Ephesians 1:17 you are not thinking your own thoughts. You’re thinking the thoughts of God as given by the prophet. Now, the Scripture over here in Matthew 25 that we read, about the White Throne and we’ll look at verse 34, and it says,

Matthew 25:34,36

(34) Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: [All right, that’s a good one. Then 46…]

(46) And… shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal. [And the major importance in that is reading verse 34]

(34) Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:


These righteous go into eternal life. They go into what they didn’t have. What didn’t they have? The glorified bodies. They never had ‘em. They never had that promise. They never had that, evidently, or, they have a theophanic-form is more than I know. I think perhaps they might have but I can’t argue the question. Brother Branham didn’t tell us.

I would say that every Foolish Virgin that dies all through the ages would have to go to some form of body. I believe that crowd that Brother Branham saw these were millions, he said I doubt if they were all Bride. I don’t know. I can’t tell you. I think he saw just about everybody that was under his ministry. And they came in justified, sanctified… never got any further.

So all right, you’re looking at… Now, the White Throne is not portrayed here, according to theologians. I know of nobody, outside of Brother Branham, who made this White Throne. I am not saying that others didn’t. I just haven’t run across them… perhaps I read the wrong books. May be lots of them… but men, like Scofield… call this the White Throne… don’t make this the White Throne. They make this the Judgement of Nations after the Great Tribulation. So they’re welcome to it, but Brother Branham said different. Brother Branham’s a vindicated prophet.


Now, these righteous people, that go into everlasting life, they could be 2 Peter, the 2nd chapter, verse 8.

2 Peter 2:8

(08) For that righteous man [Lot] dwelling amongst them, in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds;

He was not taken up with the Word of the hour. He only saw the handwriting on the wall and that was his whole distress. God can never speak…God can never come on the scene but what there’s two things: blessing and cursing. I don’t care what you say. The minute that God put Adam in a human body, the blessing and the cursing lay right there. As long as there are human bodies, God can approach no man in any other way than in blessing and cursing.

No way. That’s the law of the Scripture. You try to find me wrong, you’ll never find me wrong… it’s impossible. And this is why people get themselves so messed up in their thinking on the Scripture. They get so carried away; they get legalistic and scared when they hear a curse… “Oh, my! I could be born-again and still lost.”

If you’re born-again you will never be lost. And let’s face it, my brother/ my sister: if you were a part of God you could never be truly lost, which means the Lake of Fire. You are ‘sheep astray’ at a price paid to bring you back to your inheritance. It’s your body that’s going to get the redemption, because your soul always was taken care of by God. God never lost a part of Himself; never will lose a part of Himself.

How could you deny it? Oh, I know we get crazy thoughts because we’re stupid and we’re human. We just don’t indulge ourselves in the wonderful privilege and delicacy to think God’s thoughts. And to think God’s thoughts is to put away all questions and doubts and just believe what He said.


These are called righteous, and I think it’s like Lot, there. Brother Branham said there, “The Foolish are saved and justified.They’re sanctified but they don’t go to the Baptism with the Holy Ghost. They don’t do it. If they’re not full of the Spirit, they have not entered into the rest and cannot come under 2 Thessalonians, the 1st chapter.

(07) And to you who are troubled rest with us when the Lord Jesus [Christ] shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty [messengers] angels,

(08) …[flames of] fire taking vengeance on them that know not [the Gospel] and obey not the gospel of [the] Lord Jesus…

At the Presence of God, the two things happen: the cursing and the blessing. The blessing is entering into rest, which is entering into the full stream of the Holy Ghost. You’re God Himself!…

Yeah! It’s all over as far as the rest is concerned You’ve… You’ve jumped the one thousand years at this point. You’ve become like Abraham. Abraham, at the time of the promised son before he became flesh and was delivered to Abraham and Sarah positively, at that time, Abraham believed in a God Who quickens the dead and calls things which are not, as though they were.

Now, listen carefully… Abraham called God “the One Who quickens the dead”. Number one that cannot refer simply to Isaac because Isaac was not killed. He was potentially killed but he wasn’t killed So we got number one: God quickening Abraham’s body, which is ‘ turning back to a young man’.


Now, at the same time you’re looking at the factor of the ‘Coming One’… in flesh. And the point is this: God raising the dead. There’s a part that God doesn’t have to raise; they’re not even dead. Do you follow what I’m saying? Abraham, himself, was quickened in order to have a child. And when that child was asked, of God, to be delivered up and killed, Abraham said, “ I would”.

But the boy did not die. He was spared. So you got the same thing today. The same quickening God that brings the people out of the dust, does not kill us. And the same God we believe Who speaks in a language that calls things as though they were not Brother Branham did the same thing. He said, “We are now at White Throne.”

So, it’s all over. Now, do you think anybody but the Wise Virgin’s going to understand that and get that? Come on! Look-it, unless you throw your mind wide open to the Word of God as the prophet said it, you’ll never get it. I don’t care who you are! Sit here till you’re blind, deaf and dumb… paralyzed, petrified or rot! You’ve got to throw your mind wide open.

It doesn’t become a question; it ‘s a fact. Vindication Theorem takes everything as factual. [Points to the picture] That if he says black is green, then it’s green; you’ll find out, down the road, it is… just happened to be covered with a bit of tar or something… wipe the tar off, it’s green or it’ll be gangrene, you’ll rot… because it’s happening right today with aids and syphilis and everything else, see? All right, the blessing and the cursing, see?


Now, It said, “You’ll be punished”, but these… what will happen to the other ones? They’ll be glorified! This right here, [Points to the picture of the Cloud] coming down… finally taking absolute headship over the Church because in two years Brother Branham was gone. He decreased and God increased.

Headship in the Church, bringing the Bride more and more into rest and the others into more and more confusion. And remember, it’s got to be in the land the same as in the Church. And look at the American government… pffttt!! you never saw anything so stinking in your life, as this American government. There’s no doubt absolutely that Bush will be another Hoover… far as I can see, or anybody else can see. Well, it isn’t his fault but he just… how’s he going to get anywhere?

Reagan was the one man that could go to all the people on television, and Congress pulled his horns in; they’re scared to death. Bush won’t do what he said he’d do. All he’s got to do is revive the Grace Commission and put the Grace Commission on the Air. Do you think he’ll do it ? Let’s write him a letter and ask him to do it. Let’s send him a telegram. Let’s talk to some Congressman of the highest order, that can get to Bush. Let me tell you, Brother Branham categorically said that, “No politician, no matter how hard he tries, can make a right decision.”


Bush can out-Reagan, Reagan. He’s not going to do it. How is he going to do it? How are you… how are you going to… you know… outshine Reagan, the man who welcomed Gorbachev? Nixon opened up China. What’s that, along side of Russia?

When was China a real Christian nation? Few Christians, yes . Oh, we’re moving fast, Brother/Sister, ever since that. [Points to the picture of the Cloud] So I’m trying to show you: everything’s in confusion and the curse is in the land. But so is the Glory of God. Let’s see what’s in the land I’ll get to your questions on Sunday morning. Who needs your questions, anyway, at this point? [I’m just kidding you] Let’s look at today.


Here… here’s the land, here’s everything as it was getting worse. 2 Corinthians, the 3rd chapter, verse 13.

(13) …not as Moses, which put a vail over his face, that the children of Israel could not sted fastly look to the end of that which is abolished:

America’s gone down the drain… going down the drain. And their minds are blinded. Yup! A senator in one of the New England States and one in Mississippi will tie up bills and destroy the nation for a pork-barrel scheme of a few billion dollars and the rest of Congressmen knowing when their turn comes, these guys will vote because they’re all a greedy bunch of filthy people they’ll go along. And the President can’t have line by line veto.

Why doesn’t the President organize out of those men some fine men who will help with the line by line and come before the people? He ain’t going to do it . Go on, find somebody, write him a letter, see if he’ll do it. They’re like Belshazzar, when Daniel said, “The kingdom’s gone; it’s shot!” “Oh,” he said, “What a great person! We’ll make you the third ruler.”

Third ruler of what? Elect yourself a Pope; he’ll burn… ?… God comes down with us… with a fiery furnace, fiery chariots. He’ll burn… that Pope will incinerate and everybody else will incinerate with him. America shows it’s ready for incineration. It shows right in the community, life-style America.


Then, what’s in the Church? Church is gone. Foolish Virgin? ZZZZZ… snoring away. A lot of the Wise are upset and worried. It isn’t so bad. If they kill us, it’s not so bad. Look-it… if they make us suffer even, it’s not so bad. I don’t like the thought any more than you do, but you kind of get reconciled. What are you supposed to do?

When you see what [Shakarnsky]?…suffered in Siberia and in Russia before he got out… deliberately went into a… not just a fast but a death fast, until they got so scared they forced food into him and it gave him terrible, violent reactions, and come right back fighting. If a Jew wanted to get to the homeland and free, wanted it that bad, don’t tell me a born-again Christian can’t take anything that… anything’s going to come his way. That’s the way God made us.

I tell you, we’ve been just kind of pictured like fish. And if the sea is a sea of blood, we’ll swim. We’ve been called like the calf, you know, to suffer. We’ll sacrifice. But I tell you one thing, we’re eagles; we’re going to soar above by the grace of God. I’m not saying this as a man, now. I’m saying this in the Word for the Bride. If we’re not Bride, there’s a Bride out there somewhere that will do it.


Now, at the same time… now, here’s what’s going to happen, here. He said, when the veil is taken away by the Spirit of God, there’s going to be a liberty and our faces will be open. In other words, we will be sensitive to what is going on and that will bring the Light of the Word.

Look, if you finally come there in there [Points to the picture of the Pillar of Fire and the picture of the Cloud] you’re in good position to get somewhere. But if you’re still mumbling about that like these stupid jerks that are now writing, “Oh, there was a missile sent up.” Smartest brains in America said there was no missile sent up.

There was nothing up there. It’s like that goof-off Pentecostal in New Brunswick who said, “Oh, this business of cellular therapy, the injection of prenatal cells waaa, waaa, ain’t nothing to it.” Within six weeks, Time Magazine said twelve pages of it… and I’ve still got it in my briefcase. And now they’re planting prenatal fetal cells in the brain for Parkinson’s disease.

Now, how much will men who want to return to their former glory of tweny-five years not want testicular shots taken from a tiny male child? And they’ll pay a big price for it. Come on, smarten-up! Don’t be a bunch of dopes. And there’s no rejection of protein because it’s prenatal. Women and men trying to recapture their youth… and it works. Doctor… [Gais]?… went to Chernobyl with cells to inject the people, to help them. But you can’t have it in America.

Everything is a ‘quack’ in America unless you take drugs so your hair will fall out and the side effects are worse than the diseas so the drug company can get rich. Ask Norman what he went through.


So I phoned Tom Kash, I said, “What about this, Tom?”

“Oh,” he said, “ The first thing it’ll do is kill you.”

And they’re supposed to give Norman a slip of paper telling every side effect. How many of you folk have been to a doctor recently and he told you every side effect? Go sue him. You can sue him; even just report him, he’s in trouble. They don’t care two bits… oh, there’s a few might. That’s America.

God sent the Light, and it’s going to get worse and worse. But listen, those with the veil torn aside, with the open mind, will be changed to the Glory of the Lord. Now, just a minute, where did we hear that before? Christ the Out-raying of God, Christ the Glory of God, and the Bride catching up to her Redeemer.

Then full manifestation. What’s going to bring it ? A ministry. “Oh, Hallelujah! Jesus is going to come and do it!” Oh, Hallelujah! Jesus isn’t going to come and do it. It’s going to be a ministry. He comes and it’s done, but it’s a ministry and it’s by a prophet. Now, you try and make the world believe that. “Well, bless God, I got as much as William Branham!” What do you mean? Hair?… or money?… or bridges?… halitosis?… gastritis?… What are you talking about… you got as much?

The Church always was built upon a certain type of government, brother/sister, and every Church Age had one messenger from God and only one. And the first and last, according to the principles of ‘Alpha and Omega’, both had to be a prophet. He brings it with it; he closes it out. I don’t understand… [I don’t… understand perfectly… ?…] ?… understand the Word of God.


Now, listen, what’s this man going to be like? [2 Corinthians 4:]

2 Corinthians 4:2

(02) …[renouncing] the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth… [by the Light shining, by something that shines and make you to know that this is the Truth of God.]

He commends himself to every man’s conscience, meaning this: ‘ You can believe me and stake your life on it’. “Oh, I wouldn’t do that!” Well, the Apostle Paul said you’d do it. “Well, that’s the Apostle Paul.”

Well, why don’t you raise him out of the ground and talk to him? Because fourteen million people argue what he said. Hey! I’ll tell you what. I’ll go canvass some of the richest people in all the world. And I’m sure I can scrape up fourteen million dollars to anybody who can bring Paul the Apostle back here and tell us what he meant.

I think even the Pope would contribute a few million dollars. Who’s going to bring him back? Vindication Theorem, brother/sister, [Points to the Picture] is the one way God does it. Everybody else dies as fools. Dull… insensitive.

You say, “ Could people that are going to be come up in that resurrection be insensitive

and dull?”

That’s what the Bible says.

“ Oh, you mean then, that the Bride is really sharp?”

Oh, yes, she’s really sharp because she’s put on the mind of Christ.

You say, “Well, I don’t know if I can believe that.”

You see, you’re full of doubts again… you’re full of doubts. Why be full of doubt? As I stand here, I’m fully confident what I’m telling you is THUS SAITH THE WORD OF GOD by a vindicated prophet. I’m not worried. I’ve got my keys. he told me.

He told you… it’s right on the tape. He said, Don’t worry what’s in the middle. So I don’t worry what’s in the middle. And I’ve told you dozens of times, if I’ve got one board here that’s solid wood with no breaks and it’s oak at both ends, it’s oak in the middle. Leave the middle to God… simple as A-B-C, then twice as simple.


Now, listen, [2 Corinthians 4:]

2 Corinthians 4:3-4

(03) But if our gospel be hidden… [what is it? He calls it a gospel now… Moses’ Law… Paul’s Gospel… William Branham’s Message… if our gospel is hid] to them that are lost

(04)In whom [in whom, notice what’s in ‘em] the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

Now, what’s… what’s going to happen? This [Points to the picture of the Pillar of Fire] is going to happen. That [Points to the picture of the Cloud] is going to happen, and shine unto us because we’ve opened our minds. Oh, we’re a cult… no problem. We’ve been maligned. The ‘Parousia’ which… maybe I never should have used the word, but I did use it. We got an answer on our Ad, you know, from… you know, ‘U.S. Today’ the News.

One nice man said… he told Joe, He said, “Well, look,” he said, “I believe in Brother Branham.”

So Joe phoned him and he said, “Well… now, of course, what do you think of this Parousia doctrine?”

“Well,” he said, “I know it’s a false doctrine; it’s of the Devil”.

Joe said, “You’re very astute because, no doubt, the way you heard it, it is of the Devil; it’s wrong. Now [he said], have you heard it the right way?”

When Joe got finished, he [the other man] said, “You know what? [he said] If you’re right, [he said] we’re in trouble.”

Tell them the whole thing sometime, Joe. Write it down and tell us. It was wisdom on his part, the Wisdom of God, that drew the man out. Now, let him listen, but he can never come here. There’s no way.

He’d be six, seven, eight years behind you. No more than I’d let my wife try to teach me Doctrine, would I allow a man in this pulpit to attempt to teach you. If you wanted him, I’d just leave, that’s all… I wasted years and years, and I can’t believe that… can’t believe that. Too far down the road, brother/sister.


[2 Corinthians 4:]

2 Corinthians 4:5-6

(05) For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus… [Show me where William Branham did any different]… and ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake.

(06) For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

It tells you right there: What William Branham has, we have also! And the end result is the complete imaging… Christ on the Throne, the Pillar of Fire above the Throne, and every son and daughter in New Jerusalem in identical relationship not just relationship and harmony, but substance… and in harmony. But there is an order and it never changes. That’s what you’re looking at here, brother/sister.

Now, let’s look at these people. Second Thessalonians… after this One comes down out of Heaven… we go to the… we go… this is the One that brings us Ephesians 1:17. This is Rev 10:1-7. Seventh Seal, which contains the Seven Thunders.

Then, don’t tell me the Seal isn’t open. And don’t tell me we don’t have everything to put us in a Rapture, because Brother Branham said so. Now, what does he say here? He says, here, in the 2nd chapter, the 13th verse after telling what’s going to happen up there under Antichrist…Foolish Virgin, the whole bunch of them.


[2 Thessalonians 2:]

2 Thessalonians 2:13

(13) …we are bound to give thanks always to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth:

The rest of them couldn’t take the truth. Why? There wasn’t a place in them for that Word. There wasn’t a place in the first Church Age either for that Word, though It was there potentially. But it couldn’t happen till now.

The true revelation of God and our eternal destinies could not be revealed until after the fact nothing ever is and the fact has to be at this hour. [Points to the picture of the Pillar of Fire] And we’re entering into it.


Now, [2 Thessalonians 2:]

2 Thessalonians 2:14

(14) Whereunto he called you by our gospel, to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord…

That is not born-again experience… No! He’s talking of a bunch that are going to get out of here. They’ve awakened from amongst the dead. As Brother Branham said, “We have already had a spiritual resurrection.”

We are risen from amongst the dead. We are alive and we are awake. We are knowledgeable. And the same man says, “Always looking down the road, always looking back down the road, but never knowing what’s going on. Now, if we qualify in there, as looking down, looking forward and looking back, but not knowing what is going on, there’s something wrong with us. We have to know what’s going on. Brother Branham did not preach a static Message.

It’s static only in one way, and that is: You can not add to it or take from it. But from there on it’s electric and moving. And it keeps us constantly aware and knowing what is going on. And we see it. And this is, I said, is also [I read the 14th verse also].


Notice in 15. [2 Thessalonians 2:]

2 Thessalonians 2:15-17

(15) Therefore, brethren, stand fast… hold the traditions which [you] have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle. [In other words, you listen to what Brother Branham said at the end-time whether you hear it on a tape or it’s written in a book. You have it.]

(16) Now, our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God, even our Father, which hath loved us and… given us everlasting consolation and good hope through grace,

(17) Comfort your hearts, and stablish you in every good word and work… [and so on down the line.]

That brings us, as I said and preached it already… showed you… is Second Corinthians the third chapter and in verse eighteen, which we read. And that is, the fact of the veil torn away and we are growing more and more into the image which has been presented to us.

So, that’s about as far as I can take you on what we look at the Foolish Virgin and the Wise Virgin and what is going on now. There will not be, there cannot be the Foolish Virgin coming in and being glorified after the dead come out of the ground, and be at the Wedding Supper.

There’s no way. They will die. They can die off in pestilence, die off this and that, but they cannot die off… they cannot come into… you know… or they could die by some way of some treachery, Antichrist or otherwise hunted down.

The Bible said, “The Dragon spurts out water and destroys them”… there’s going to be destruction. Then Christ comes back with the Bride, levels everything, sets the Millennial Reign up… further justification. One day… one day, and even then everything is moving right to Eternity… right into it.


Now, brother/sister, whether we want to recognize it or not. Let us begin to adjust our hearts and our minds and every part of us to the awakened condition that we’re supposed to be in and realize that time and eternity have already mixed. At that rate, our bodies have already mixed. Those that are going to be here … I might not be, on account of my age.

That’s perfectly legitimate because I’m past my seventy by four years. I’ve got no hold on anything. Could be here, I don’t know, but there are people right now… like Brother Branham said to his son, Billy Paul, “You’ll not be an old man until the sharks are swimming where your feet are standing right now.”

There are people right now who positively must have at this point that process going on in their bodies right now, and it’s unknown to the world. And, I would say, it’s unknown to them. I don’t believe for one moment that Abraham had a true understanding or inkling of what was going on within him. I know that Sarah sure didn’t know.

I don’t know what they had thought of… how the baby was going to come. I know that everybody but Brother Branham has taught… or misteaching how two old people now, for Abraham to get rejuvenated, that’s not too bad. We’ve heard of men getting shots, but you’ve never heard of a woman ever getting new ovaries and a complex set-up for bringing birth to a child They just thought some great miracle… dear old great-grandma, ninety years of age had a baby.

Hogwash! God doesn’t go against nature… unh unh. They were turned back to young people. They can’t understand. They said, “This is… this is mis… a wrong point here. The chronology’s out.

The man that wrote the book of Abraham and Sarah going down there, and he a hundred years old, and she ninety, and this young wolf wanting her… that shouldn’t belong here. It belongs six chapters back.” Like fun it did. How come Brother Branham, the only man to understand that? Melchisedec.


Yup! We’re living in the last day. And, Brother/Sister, count yourself Wise Virgin… sensitive to the manifestation that is Light to bring you a Word, and going with the Word. Now, you tell me, what more evidence do you want? Aren’t you trying to be better people? Aren’t you trying to live for God? What more do you want? If you think God’s going to give you some big manifestation or something, I’ve got news for you… Forget it! You missed the mark a mile. You never re-prove what is proven.

I can see Jesus at Lazarus’ grave. Now, he said, “ I let him die and rot and stink here for your sakes… Lazarus come forth!” And here he is. “Now, take his clothes up. Dress him right. Now, please, somebody hit him over the head again and kill him. And we’ll bury him the second time. And I’ll raise him the second time for you people that like a little… [another little]?… demonstration.” Now, do you think that’s the way it was ? No! Oh, let’s a… a little further. Let’s… Let’s erase that one. Let’s say, well Jesus said, now,

“All power in Heaven and earth is mine because the Father’s in me. Now, this man stands here, but I’ll tell you, Peter… let me tell you what I’m going to do and High Priest, Caiaphas we are going to kill him, throw him back in the grave, four days later stinking… Caiaphas, I’ll tell you and you raise him.”


Is that how it’s done?I’m… I’m serious now… not making a joke. Why is it then, this is in the minds of the Pentecostal people today, when that’s [Points to the picture of the Pillar of Fire] been proven, and that’s [Points to the picture of the Cloud] been proven? What makes anybody think he’s got to come behind and do anything? That… That is ridiculous, brother/sister.

Oh, how smart people are! You know something? You have an ordinary carnal man. Let’s say that there’s a leak of liquid gold coming out of a tank and hardly anybody knows about it. But one fellow, he finds out that tank is dripping and he tells his friends. What do they do? They just come right along and fill their little buckets and walk away.

They don’t try to make more holes in it, try to find another tank. They’re smart enough to know… or money’s falling off an armoured truck and they can grab a handful. Most people go ahead and grab it. They don’t worry about trying to find another armoured car with a hole in it… they just grab it. Then, why don’t they do this, here? [Points to picture of the pillar of Fire] If I’ve got something that I know to be proven, something that really works, why not stay with it? Why not count yourself as a part of it, say, “Well, I’ll take that.” It’s not hard. I keep telling you.


I tell you over and over, when he said, “The Shout is a Message,” and I said, “Brother Branham, I’ve heard you say a lot of strange things. That’s the strangest I’ve heard. I don’t think I can take it.” Right away, I said, “I heard myself saying, ‘Yes, but when was the prophet ever wrong?’

Hallelujah! The Shout’s a Message.” If he’d a said it’s a bag of green beans and Jack in the Bean Stalk going to crawl down I’d have said, “Hey! There must be something to it because I’ve never found him wrong yet.” Look a hole right in you… never made a mistake. Why should… why… Listen! What does it matter? Why get involved with him? [Points to the Pillar of Fire] Get involved with the product.

I’ve got some mighty good things from Proctor ‘n Gamble. I don’t go to Proctor ‘n Gamble and say, “What about this, what about that?” I say, “Hey! You got a thing I like here. It’s called …[‘Dawn’]?…”[I think Proctor ‘n Gamble make it… somebody does. It cuts grease like hardly anything cuts grease… ?… .

It’s not too bad on your hands either.] I say, “ I like the product.” I don’t go there and say, “Now… how is this thing made? Could we make… [something else]?… ”. I just buy and take the product. [I’d like to tell Nissan a thing or two about their cars.] But, Proctor ‘n Gamble with their products… I’d like to find… I’m not interested in finding how Swifts make their chicken base for a broth. I know it tastes just like home-made chicken soup. I’d like to get my hands on some.

Then, what do I care about that? [Points to the Pillar of Fire] What is that my business? If he delivered me a product, then I’ll use the product. Is that sensible? Sure, that’s the way to look at the whole thing. That’s what it is. Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Gracious, Heavenly Father, again we want to thank You for Your kindness and goodness to us, Lord. And we know, Lord, that You have been kind and good to us because when we were not even thinking of this, and there was nothing in us to commend ourselves to it, here You came on the scene and You did it.

And then when it was explained, it was only Your grace that allowed us to even open our minds for an explanation, which in many instances, Lord, is still no explanation on the ground that it is many things unfathomable but we know it’s the Truth.

So, Lord, help us to just read the writing as You wrote it and gave it through this man… the Message, Lord, that he preached, the Truth. And now, we know at the end-time, he did come… and I know many people, Lord, that say, “Who is this crazy William Branham talking about Melchisedec , some big thing?”

Oh, God, the wise are always made foolish. I’m glad, Lord, we’re not smart. We’re not wise with the wisdom of this world, the sophism, and all those things, Lord. But we’ve been given something that makes us to know, and then a mind that somehow can open up to it. And by Your grace, Lord, we’re going to be in that Rapture.

By Your grace, Lord, there’s not going to be anybody standing here that misses it. By Your grace, Lord, we count ourselves a part of it. We’re glad to count ourselves a part of it. We believe we are a part of it… that we’re marching right now, a Holy Ghost city waiting for our next-world manifestation, where the streets are paved with gold.

In the meantime, Lord, we know we’re going but coming back to this earth for further sanctification and we thank You for it. We don’t know much about it but we’re going to enjoy it because we know that although this is wonderful here, we admit we’re a part of it in the sense that it’s all complex part from you and of You we’re going to come back in the right form, the right way, in a greater glorified measure… right in that Image as never before. How can we thank You enough for it, Lord?

May we just have our lives filled with Your joy and Your praise and the optimism of our faith, Lord, just moving in as never before. Father, let the Spirit of Faith, Resurrection Faith, come amongst us as never before, O God, a transforming energy going on now though unaware…too fast and fine a vibration to even know it.

But in the Spirit, we know these things, O God, and by Your grace we’re going to go through because it’s going to be Your grace that takes us through. Now, unto the King Eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be all power and honour and glory through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen and amen.

‘The Lord bless you.’

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