Message Of Grace #01

Three Rainbows Running Into One
#0587 /
Brother Lee Vayle

Our heavenly Father, we thank You again for the privilege of speaking to You this morning… evening as the prophet said, You speak to us, You speak to us in the evening, the sunlight, you speak to us by nature, by the birds, by all things You speak to us but Lord, we know You’ve spoken to us in these last days by Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit veiled in the prophet true and speaking directly to us.

And we’re grateful that we have a message loud and clear because we could misinterpret what You are saying through nature, for Lord, we realize all You can say through nature is that You are there somewhere and we cannot really know about You.

But now at this end time it is truly according to what You said unveiled before us as in the glass, face to face, having known in part we know in full now. We’re very grateful for that.

Help us, therefore, to just relax this morning and to hear Your Word as brought to us by a man that was vindicated. You Yourself giving us reality Lord, may we receive that reality becoming full assurance of faith and just resting in the goodness of God in grace as the prophet teaches us in Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now in this message, The Message of Grace, which was brought in 1961, Brother Branham begins by saying,

[18]  “…that if my pen should be a sculptor’s tool, and my paper would be flint, and these Words that I say now should be engraved upon this, that It might go to all people.”

Now, that’s sounds exactly as though Brother Branham were quoting Scripture which he is not. That is not a Scripture to be found anywhere in the Bible to the best of my knowledge and I think my knowledge is quite complete when I have Strong’s Concordance there which is very complete, but it could be taken from Job 19,

Job 19:23-24

(23) Oh that my words were now written! oh that they were printed in a book,

(24) That they were graven with an iron pen and lead in the rock for ever!

So Brother Branham does not use that Scripture but I believe speaking absolutely by inspiration of the Holy Ghost that these are words that God put in his mouth concerning this sermon and let us look at those words again:

[18]  “…that if my pen should be a sculptor’s tool,… [Now what is a sculptor’s tool? It is a chisel. A chisel is made out of iron.] and my paper [that’s what he’s going to write upon, should] be flint,…


What is flint? It’s a very hard rock that sparks when it is struck by steel, so therefore, the paper will be flint and the sculptor’s tool will be iron and when the words are engraved those words will strike fire and light which signifies illumination and warmth and those things in life which we know to be scriptural.

[18]  …and these Words that I say now should be engraved upon this,

So therefore, it’s an engraving upon rock, and an engraving upon metal is not so good because it rusts. It would be quite apparent that an engraving upon flint would be far superior, so that it would show the permanency and the power of that Word at this particular time. And he said,

[18]  …It should be engraved upon this flint, that it might go to all peoples.”

In other words, whatsoever is said here should be of such vital force and proven to be of such vital force that it goes to people and it would do what God wants that Word to do for the people.

So this is what Brother Branham is saying that he himself is actually writing to us in such a manner that if this is permanent, will never pass away, absolutely is what is for the people of this hour.


Now he goes on to say,

[19]  God’s Holy Spirit has strange ways of dealing with His people. [And that is true. They are strange, of course, according to us and the word ‘strange’ doesn’t mean simply ‘eerie’ it would means also, ‘very peculiar’ because we would not perhaps anticipate it to be that way. Now he said,]

Many times through wonders, and through gifts and callings, which [callings and gifts, of course,] are without repentance, is how God deals and gives whatever He wants dealt to the people and it is all by grace.


So let’s just consider this that many times through wonders and through gifts and callings. Now just starting with the idea of wonders, we would automatically go to the Book of Hebrews, the 2nd chapter, as far as I recall, that’s where it is, and It says here, in the 2nd chapter…

Hebrews 2:1

(01) Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to [those] things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip.

Now his words “engraved with an engraver’s tool, a sculptor’s tool which is iron on flint bringing forth the light and life that lies there, the illumination and the power, all right, we don’t want to let them slip, therefore, they are engraven in stone.

Hebrews 2:2

(02) For if the word spoken by angels was stedfast,

Engraven in the stone, you can’t change it, you can’t move It, what has been written is there, so don’t try to fool with It. And all you can do by fooling with It is change the meaning to yourself, you can’t change that Word. Do you see what I’m saying?

Hebrews 2:2

(02) For if the word spoken by angels was stedfast, [and this ‘engraven’ work here would be ‘stedfast’ like Brother Branham said in the Rapture tape, three times, “Thus It has been spoken, thus it shall be.”] and every transgression and disobedience received a just recompence of reward;


Now what would be the transgression and the disobedience? It would be in some form denying that Word whether you walk by It, right? Said, “Who cares? What’s this anyway?” Or you looked at It and said, “That doesn’t line up with my thinking, so I don’t know if that’s right.

I never heard my preacher say It.” Well, you say, “Hey, look I’ve got as much right as that fellow to find things out. Why I don’t agree at all. Or that’s the devil.”

Now let’s look at It. The Word received gets a reward. The Word not received, and I don’t care how you don’t receive It, you see, is a transgression and receives its reward, or recompense.

Hebrews 2:3

(03) How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation; which at first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him;

Now that Scripture is true but it’s not true.

“For the Lord began to do before he began to teach:” in other words, his ministry vindicated, proved that he was the authority, and they said, “This man speaks with authority.” What authority? Because he could raise his voice and emphasize certain words and use a certain inflection? And that was it? No! The authority lay in what we’re looking at. God bearing him witness.

Hebrews 2:4

(04) God… bearing them witness, [I’m reading from here, pointing the singular for Christ and double for here] both with signs and wonders, and divers miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost,

He is speaking here first of all and I am speaking in Hebrews here, number one, the first great minister of God which is Jesus Christ born in human flesh. Then comes these other ministers.

Now, “God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes on him should not perish.” But God did not stop there.


Let us go back here to the Book of Ephesians, the 4th chapter, we’re all familiar…

Ephesians 4:7-10

(07) But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ. [The measure of the gift of Christ, the complete totality and manifestation of salvation of God in Christ. Now listen! That measure is turned over to the church.]

(08) Wherefore he [said], When he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men.

(09) (Now he [that] ascended, what is it… that he [first] descended […also] into the lower parts of the earth? [Now that wasn’t the body; that was the soul.]

(10) He that descended [the One that went up and came back,] …)

That’s why Brother Branham could say that the Holy Spirit was actually would be the soul of Jesus. You could say that but I don’t want to carry that too far. I just… That’s too deep for me. Just thank God for the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of life, that’s all I’m going to say.

Ephesians 4:10-11

(10) …is the same that ascended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things.)

(11) And he gave [according to the measure of the gift of Christ]…

That God so loved His Son He gave to the earth, the world, rather, he gave His only begotten Son that they might be saved and this is the process whereby it is done, through a ministry, and He had twelve apostles began it.

And it’s been handed down, not through apostolic succession but through divine election until the fullness that was poured into Christ is poured into the church via the way that God poured It which was “in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and It became flesh,”

So the same Word continuously from the mind of God is poured down in the Bride through the way that God ordained it by flesh to flesh. For God had to put upon flesh in order to know what it was to suffer, then He hasn’t abandoned the flesh. See?

He hasn’t abandoned His ways of doing it in the flesh. That’s why the church is so bankrupt. Denominations are finished. That if you don’t have a leadership which is constituted by God, you’re finished.

You say, “Well, I don’t need leadership.” You are ridiculous. You’re insane this morning, spiritually insane. You’ve transgressed the very law of Almighty God. You’ve been taught wrong. You’ve got to come under authority. God never has abandoned it.


So we begin to see gifts, those aren’t the only gifts but those are the gifts that bring the church to perfection. These gifts in 1 Corinthians 12, do not bring the church to perfection but it can bring in disarray and disorder.

1 Corinthians 12:4-7

(04) Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.

(05) …[different] administrations,… the same Lord.

(06) …[different ways] of operations,… same God [doing it]…

(07) But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal.

In other words, God set these in the church in order to be complementary to the ministries that are already there and work in perfect harmony to bring it to a beautiful and wonderful climax but He allowed this so that men can take it under the true anointing of God, they themselves being false and cause great disruption.

Because they will definitely be then in competition with the true gifts through the church which are men, which are ministries. These are not ministries in the legitimate sense of the word we’re talking about. They can be if they’re used where they’re supposed to be used.


So Brother Branham is taking a very heavy pen with a very powerful hammer and he blows or drawing fire and they drew fire until the vindicated servant of God was called the devil.

I know you Pentecostals and I’m one of them, and there’s not too many here, thank God, there’s a few of us, old Norman sitting there, and me standing up here and I guess Pete and Anne, you came from one to another like I did.

The good old Presbyterian hogwash to Pentecostal hogwash and we know what it was when the Nazarenes blasphemed the Holy Ghost at Nyack… rather the Missionary Alliance and the Nazarenes did too.

And when the fire rolled through the building they saw a manifestation, people spoke in tongues, and the Missionary Alliance branded that of the devil, they died, and when the Nazarenes did, they died, and when Pentecostal branded this, they died.

You say, “No, Brother Vayle.” Don’t “no” me because I’m going to tell you, I’m going to meet you at the Judgment seat, the Great White Throne. You might not know that but I’m perfectly relaxed. “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound to save a wretch like me.”

Take my dirty dog ways, just as I am without one plea. I’m the same guy that you see here is going to stand right there, the only change is geography and I’ll look everybody in the eye and I don’t have any fear because you see, I’ll be there and you’ll put your finger on me, it won’t do you any good because you haven’t come under grace and I have. This is the subject of grace.

It’s going to take a chisel made out of steel and a strong hammer. He’s going to hit the flint which is paper which is people also, living epistles, and he’s going to draw sparks. But if you’re the right kind of flint as the prophet hews out, he’s supposed to hew out from the flinty rock and draw a message of grace and water of grace, you’ll stand there, you won’t have any trouble. Not a bit.


Now listen! These gifts and callings are without repentance. A man phoned me the other day and he said, “Brother Vayle, I understand you know a little more about the prophet on marriage and divorce concerning ministers than perhaps some people do, what do you know about marriage and divorce?”

I said, “You mean a man that was married, a preacher, got divorced and remarried, and now wants to preach?”

He said, “Yup.”

I said, “Go ahead, and preach.” I said, “I’m going to tell you what Oral Roberts said he said the truth, ‘God forgives you but the people won’t.’”

But Brother Branham told me categorically, “If God cannot forgive a man for that what can He forgive him for?”

And I said, “You’re right, Brother Branham, that is not the unforgivable sin.”

You know my stand on that and I’m telling you as I will meet you at the Judgment Day. I’m not going to stand up here and tell you a lie knowing that I’ve got to account that if there’s eighty people here, I’ve got to account for eighty lives because you believe me.

That means eightyfold I’ve got to stand for, for one little Word, eighty times. I’m not exactly stupid, a little bit insane, yes, a little ignorant, yes, but not stupid. I’m telling you the truth.


So you see the gifts and callings are without repentance and furthermore, let’s go to Psalms 68, spoken of in Ephesians, the 4th chapter, it says right here and this is concerning Korah, Dathan, Abiram.

Psalm 68:18

(18) Thou hast ascended on high, thou hast led captivity captive: thou hast received gifts for men; yea, for the rebellious also,…

Who are the rebellious? Those that went against the ordained servant of God, Moses, the chosen one of the hour in the exodus, particularly, and they said, “Listen here, old boy, don’t think you’re the only guy that God uses. We’ve got gifts, too.”

And Moses grew stiff, I’ve told you a many a times, how that Moses when they were treating him like a dirty dog, they pulled the rug from under him. Do everything in the book; they didn’t care two cents what he came back with from God.

They used every excuse to turn their backs and he kept pleading, “Lord,” he said, “if you kill them, kill me. Oh God, don’t touch them.”

But in this moment, listen, this meekest man in the world rose up and said, “Oh God, if they’re telling the truth,” he said, “I’ll tell you that I’m wrong.” Now he said, “If they’re wrong You’ll deal with them not in the customary manner of death.”

And God said, “That’s what I’ll do.” And He destroyed them in a fiery pit. They went down alive to the fiery pit. That’s what those gifts can do, and they are without repentance.

You think, “Well, hey, maybe God will take those gifts away from those people that are off the Word.” No, He won’t. No, He won’t. Right to the White Throne judgment they will account for them.


Now remember, and understand this, when Brother… and my thoughts are still clear so watch carefully what I’m saying, when Brother Branham presented Jesus Christ in chapter one of the Revelation, he made Him the Judge, then he took Him by projection right down to the White Throne.

That shows you that everything in this hour is a miniature, a type of the White Throne. That’s right.

If this Word prepares us for the Millennium, gets us ready for the White Throne, and we will stand in judgment against those of the false anointed ones. They are anointed correctly but falsely to the Word of Almighty God. They will not escape.

So you see what we’re dealing with, and I want you to understand that brother/sister, because let not this go over your heads.

We’re not like other churches. I don’t care what any other church does, this is our church. This is our responsibility. That’s why I keep cautioning you, keep praying and be very sincere about these things because as of now you are already projected to the White Throne. Do you hear what I’m saying?

That’s why I loved when Greg talked to me yesterday he said, “Brother Vayle, I won’t forget what you said.” He said, “We have been taught right in our church. There’ll be no excuse. And as you said, “Don’t come around sneaking afterward if your marriage fails, you married the wrong one.”

That’s exactly true and I mean that. Listen! We are in a too late program a once for all revelation of Hebrews 6. You don’t have time to make a future assessment. Your assessment is going now at this very moment.


Now he says, “God gives them to his people by grace.” And it is the grace of God that is manifested and so in the season of grace, which this is, God is duty bound as never before that the wheat and the tares receive the same rain and the same sun, the same blessing, the same everything. But there’s a difference.

What? In the germ. And you can be so close to the real thing that at the end time God calls the Pentecostal chaff, in one place, because they’re the last. They didn’t ask for it. I’m not condemning them. This is the Word. I didn’t make them what they were; I came out of them.

They gave me a bad time. All churches do. Like the whale gave Jonah a bad time but he came out. All right. I’m not condemning them. They’re already condemned. Not by me but by the Word of God, so listen to It.


There is such a strict closeness, the razor-edge, at a certain period at the end time that it’s called a chaff which is a part of the wheat but the Bible says, “He separates the tares from the wheat.”

So now the identity is known and when identified it is no longer a part of the stalk. It is a part of that which my heavenly Father has not planted shall be uprooted, leaving neither root nor branch. The chaff will He burn with fire indestructible.

The tares also will He burn having been bundled, so therefore, at the end time it is very strange that all the world bound together in the ecumenical system, the organization which Pentecostal people fought and abhorred and Pentecostal people know they’re tares but they cannot know the day of their visitation because that would be contrary to the Word of Almighty God.

No group that had just left God ever did know the day of visitation or they turned. Isn’t that right? Now let’s see if history proves right. We’re here saying they’re wrong and I came out of them. I was one of their preachers.

I know better than anybody sitting here what it’s all about. Don’t try to tell me. I know the miracles. I know the power. I know the gifts. I know it all. That’s right. I know the Methodist and the Presbyterian. I know the Baptists. I’ve got enough background to know.

Then are we going to stand here and wait for that day and it’s upon us and everybody knows it and they’re all preaching it but they’re all saying, “Millions now living will never die,” and we say, “Billions are going to die,” and in ratio and proportion according to the days of Noah you better not look for very many to rise above it in a secret so-called rapture. There will be so few that nobody will miss them.


Sitting here this morning I just got thinking, Joe says he wants to leave St. Catherine’s and move into Windsor. Maybe three hours drive from here maximum, come down every Sunday, anytime he felt like it.

Well, I thought, “That’s stupid, why don’t you come all the way and save the three hours?” But that’s up to him; maybe he just can’t make it.

And then I thought, just a minute, I was thinking about this thing. What if he decides to sell everything he’s got and he’s going to move to Windsor? Nobody knows too much about what he’s going to do, and nobody cares too much, got a few friends but just like me, there’s not that many, so why worry.

And what if he decides he’s going to sell his car at home and let’s just say he did decide to take a train, to take a train across there, ship his stuff. Suddenly Joe and Jenny and the two boys aren’t there anymore. Say, well, he got, maybe, off he got, maybe he got off at London instead of going all the way to Windsor.

Maybe he did this. So who knows? Well, you know, who knows? Now he’s bought a house to move his furniture in but the house sits vacant and people say, “Well, the house has been vacant we don’t know when old Joe is coming, we don’t even know if Joe is coming because we don’t know Joe.”

So the house sits there and who gives a rip, and the freight company says, “Well, what’s the matter with that bird? Raczkovi sounds like a rascal, so old rascal Raczkovi he’s got… oh, he’s not too bad of a rascal because it’s been prepaid. But he better come and get it because we’re going to start charging storage on it.” And he doesn’t show up.

That’s not unusual. Not going to be very many make it. “They’re going to be taken a few at a time,” Brother Branham said. Now if there’s only a dozen now, that’s four out of one. It’s getting narrowed down, isn’t it? It’s getting narrowed down.

[19]  God’s Holy Spirit has strange ways in dealing with His people. [Notice we’re called people of the Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost people.] Many times we wonder through… gifts and callings, which all are without repentance, God gives all of this… by… grace.


Now what is grace anyway? Grace is not only unmerited favor but grace is this: you didn’t expect it and He did it anyway? I went the other day just to the restaurant. I like going to the Fujinami over here, North Clayburn Street and Columbus. They certainly serve Japanese food, as you well guess.

And it’s all prepared in front of you, very good clean food. It doesn’t give you the heebie jeebies. And so we ordered chicken teriyaki and for $7.95 that sounded pretty good because we didn’t want to go home and cook dinner and we knew what they would give us.

They started with a nice bowl of soup and then they give you a nice salad with a very special dressing which is very nice and then they start… they bring on the other food doing in front of you, like they give you nice onion chopped up with squash, now you might like zucchini but I love it.

It’s delicious with a little bit of stuff on it and he’s mixing something else with chicken there but the surprise was this which was grace as far as I can concern, they brought us some nice shrimp but I thought, “Well now, I wondered who ordered shrimp?

Well, somebody did and I’d watch him eat it.” But you know they gave me and my wife a nice portion of shrimp and everybody a portion of shrimp. That’s grace. I wasn’t expecting the shrimp when I got it. And I didn’t really pay for it because it said chicken teriyaki and not a word about shrimp; that was a bonus. That’s grace.


Now that’s where you’re sitting today. Who expected a prophet? Who expected a revival granted the church through signs and wonders and healings and miracles? We didn’t but it was with everything. Isn’t that grace?

Why I knew there was healings, I knew there was this, but I didn’t know this, and I sat there and the prophet said, “I challenge you, bring me twenty-four of your worst cases.” Nobody budged.

And I saw the most grotesque people go… being carried up, literally up and everybody, bam, just like…healing, miracles, just I suppose, hundreds in one night. You talk about whipped cream on your Boston cream pie baked by angels, heavenly recipe and heavenly food. Man, I thought I was hard as the so-called hubs of hell.

You came near my house and I’d say, “Why don’t you just turn me over to the devil? You preachers have got all the answers. You’re so smart.”

You say, “Oh, Lee, don’t stay in your condition. Come on back preaching, boy.”

“Ha, go on back preaching yourself.”

I ran the Baptist off. He never came back. I don’t feel sorry; ran the Pentecostals off except they had enough brains, my two Pentecostal friends to just let me be.


The one guy that goofball Bill Guerin one of my very best loving friends, I still love him, and I knew Brother Branham was in town, but I didn’t want to go anywhere near him. Why should I go near him? What’s he got? What do I want that he’s got? Who gives a rip?

Between him and my wife, what a mess I married, got me to go there and he got me into one seat that nobody else could get, and old tough boy wept for two hours flat.

It was all gone. Grace! Grace! Dying of TB of the pituitary gland; hating every moment of life as it were. Grace. I didn’t expect it. I had given up on it, didn’t even want it. Far as I was concerned there was no eternal hell anyway and who gave a rip. And you know why?

I was amongst the lovely Pentecostals and the lovely fundamentalists and I never met such lovely liars, such lovely cheats, such spiritual adulterers and I said, “You can have it,” and I walked off and I wish I hadn’t.

Perhaps it was the only way that God could get my mind turned around. Blanked it all out because it wasn’t worth two bits in the first place, it was a detriment. Grace!


Now he said,

[20]  I am home now, kind of a little vacation like. I usually take the time to… at home… along this time of year, because I like to relax when I go… hunting for squirrels. And [he says here], I’ve been down in Kentucky with my friends this week [he says, this is a little bit he’s just telling about himself, why he’s there, hunting squirrels…]— my favorite spot. Somehow I was discouraged. Not exactly because I could find no squirrels, but I… felt discouraged. [Now notice this is the topic of grace, he’s feeling pretty low.] Something was telling me I must return home. And I slept in the car coming back.

[21]  Last year, as… you all know which is on print [now he said, “I’ve got my gravers tool and I’m going to print,” [should have said print, but he’s going to tell you it’s true and don’t forget it, don’t argue, don’t fuss, which you all know which is on print… also in testimony and in the tapes], I was sitting at a place here in Indiana, where the Lord… came down and spoke to me that my second ministry,… was ready to take place in the near future. And there was spoken into existence three squirrels.


Okay, let’s just go back to the Book of Acts [Genesis] chapter 1:24-25 and let us see this because it better be scriptural.

Genesis 1:24-25

(24) And [the Lord] said, [the Lord spoke into existence. Right?] Let the earth bring forth the living creature[s] after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing[s], and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so.

(25) And [the Lord] made the beast of the earth after his kind,… cattle after their kind, and every thing that [creeps] upon the earth after his kind: and God saw it was good.

So what did God do?

Through act of spoken word creation and molding by the same Word He brought forth. And Brother Branham said, “God will create again from the dust, the calcium, the potash, cosmic energy, petroleum,”

All the things he mentioned which don’t necessarily have to be a part but we’re all a part of it out here somehow, and he said, “It will not be God populating the earth through sex again but God will create again, and this is a sign of the Resurrection, God creating again as He did in the first part of the first Resurrection.”

This is your type. This is why this is engraven with a steel chisel. This is why it will draw sparks on your flint, and whether you take the chisel or not it will still draw sparks.


Do you believe that any man could stand like Moses and create squirrels, not that Moses ever created a flea, or a fly or a bug or Moses ever turned any water into blood or Moses ever did anything except open his mouth, and it sounds like Moses was even too stupid to want to open his mouth.

I like people like that. You’re not proud. You’re not all geared up to sell you a bill of goods. “Come on see this, you got to have it. You got to have it.” No, no salesmen, no. God did it.

Jesus said, “The Father in me He doeth the works verifying the very words that I speak.” See? So here is vindication.

[21]  All of you know the story, [Did it draw a sparks? Is it engraven there?]… Somehow, going up the road, while I let the rest of the boys off, going hunting, I had a strange feeling to go to this place again.

[Now he said, I’m telling you about that happened this time that happened a year ago. I’m telling you it’s the same place where I was.”] It was before daylight, raining, and I didn’t even know whether they’d get to hunt or not, but that I would get over in the field there.

[He’s going to go to a certain place.] Hunting means to get alone to yourself, to pray. And I stopped the car and got off, and walked across the road and went over into the bush. And just before it would have been daylight—it was kind of gray at dawn.

[22]  I had stopped and had offered a little word of prayer, as usual,… telling Father that just what I have need of, to provide it. I don’t believe in wasting anything, or destroying. Never shot a bird in my life for…target practice, or anything else. What I hunt, I eat, or give to someone that does eat it. I don’t believe in wasting anything. I don’t believe in doing those things because it’s not right. [Now that’s a lesson to all of us here, too.]

[23]  Then as I turned and I started down… a familiar little pathway by the side of a pasture that crossed over to an L-shape in the woods, and something strange took place. Of all my experiences, I have never had anything like that. I looked at the top of the hill to my left from where I was standing, and there, coming up out of like the top of the hill, [seemingly it looked like out of the hill itself]

…were three rainbows. And they were running some thirty-foot high. First, I looked and saw the light, and I just turned back because I thought it might be the sun rising. Upon… second thought, it wasn’t toward the sun, it was toward the south. [Well that, you know, it couldn’t be, it could be the sun, hadn’t even risen yet, not going to be sun.] …another thing, it was smooth, cloudy, rain raining all over.

Now I think he meant smooth, it was consistently the same. It was, in other words, not getting darker or lighter; it was just, you know, consistent, like sun breaking through or something, or the rain lifting.

That was August the twenty-fifth, last Friday morning, and you know how it was raining. And it was smooth clouds everywhere.

In other words, it was a complete layer. I think that’s what he means, nothing breaking through or lest even rolling around. You know how it just stands there at times.

[24]  And I looked again. And there it was, growing taller and taller, three rainbows. I took off my hat. I set down my gun. I started walking towards it with my hands up. Something just seemed to tell me, “This is close enough.” I was going to sit down and take off my boots that I had on, to see if I could walk a little closer.


That’s nice. Yeah, that’s… yeah, a man like that would do that, very respectful but wanting to know more. You know that’s how God would reward you if you’re really respectful and humble and honest and you want to know more.

You know a lot of people only want to know more because they can do something with themselves and gain something.

You know, Brother Branham could not use his gift of healing for himself? When he prayed for Billy Paul, Billy Paul got well, he prayed for the… oh, I forget his name, out here, Sister Weiss’ brother, with cancer on the ear, he got well.

And he pulled up his pant leg and he had a huge ugly bruise that could not get well, it had to take its time. He couldn’t use it for himself.

So this is… depicts the man here. It’s a good picture, in humility and in the sweetness, you know, not barging in, not trying to grab but just saying, “I’m going to come closer if I can because I believe this is from God.” I like that.

See, that’s what we should do… that’s what we’re trying to do here. We’re not trying to be somebody. Pheww! If you are, forget it.

You’re already licked. The devil is a million times smarter than you are, billion times smarter than I am. And there’s only one person that doesn’t outsmart himself and that’s God and we’re not God, but we can have God helping us, not to outsmart ourselves. So that’s good.

And we don’t begrudge anybody, don’t try to take their ministries, no. If we’re going to be any value at all we’ve got to help people in ministries, be complimentary.

[24]  …I got within a few yards of it and I saw the color of it, misting like a fog, moving around. And I stood still for a few moments. It was coming right out of the top of the little mountain. And I watched, as the three [Now watch!] (one to the right, one to the left, …one in the center) running down into one bowl, like. [He said, like a common receptacle which I could epitomize or call a bowl, and the rainbows were coming out, one, and two, and three, and moving, moving in, moving, moving, moving. Maybe I’ll draw it a little later. If I get to the paragraph I want to draw it, I’ll draw it.] Ever what it was  …  [whatever it] was [it was] alive.


You say, “Now rainbows don’t live. Fog doesn’t live.” This did and does live because it was the same thing that God said to Moses, “Moses, there are prophets that can have dreams and visions and I speak to them but you are different, I will speak with you face to face, and in a form that is visible that you can see.”

Now had I been there with the prophet I would not have seen the rainbows. I was in the room with him when the Pillar of Fire wrote on the wall, and I did not see It. And personally I did not even care to see It.

My attitude is, one of respect to God’s office when He fills the officers, when He fills the office. So I said, “Brother Branham I don’t see It but I do see the one who does see It and that’s fine by me.” And that’s exactly where I stand today. I don’t have to see It. Why do I want to see It for? To put me in debt?

You know I could be carried away and say, “Snap pictures of me. Snap pictures. Somebody’s got to see what Brother Branham saw over me. It’s got to be on a camera because he got his taken.” Hogwash!

Might turn out to be something I didn’t want to see. So what do you do? You believe the prophet. You believe the prophet. Right? Well, you know, you can… I can get carried away with those things. Do you think, maybe, it would take God to carry me back in the meantime; the devil might ride me pretty hard.

Well, do you want to be Satan’s horse in a rodeo when you get… where you think you can buck him to death? But he’ll use his spurs on you and riddle you to death. No, we don’t want that, no.

[24]  …running down into what looked like one bowl… whatever it was it was it was alive… moving and making its motions. And I stood there just as it was graying, at dawn.

[25]  I turned and looked again, and I screamed out, “O God, what would You have your servant to know?”

[26]  Just then the Spirit of the Lord came on in and said, [Now watch!] “Jesus of the New Testament is Jehovah of the Old. He only changed His mask from Spirit to Man.” [All right.] “Jesus of the New Testament is Jehovah of the Old. He only changed His mask from Spirit to Man.”


So what’s he telling you here is that it’s the one God in the various masks and whatever mask he used in the Old Testament according to a certain dispensation of thirty-three and a half years He used a mask of a man which was born of a woman by the life of God having nothing more to do with Mary than she was a surrogate mother.

And you know it’s all the words we use today and what is going on perfectly pictures this and right today there’s a big brou-ha-ha in the newspaper over the surrogate mother who now wants the baby.

Ha, so does the Catholic Church, so does the Protestant Church, the Methodist, the Baptist, the whole bunch wants the baby. I got news. God doesn’t have a bunch of surrogate mothers; He’s got one that’s going to bring forth the Lord Jesus Christ and that’s His Bride.

She’s the one that has the spiritual affair, believe me, her mind’s thoroughly impregnated with an Only, with the Word of Almighty God and she will bring Him down here and not the rest.

Brother/sister, you can’t read your papers and not know what’s going on today. The heavens declare It. The earth declares It and man in spite of himself has to declare It. “For every tongue shall confess that He is Christ.” How are they going to do it?

They’re going to do what I’m talking about right now, and say, you yourself manifested it. You yourself knew it but you wouldn’t take it when it was declared unto you. No, couldn’t do it. Do you follow what I’m saying? Okay.


Let’s go back to paragraph 24 again.

[24]  And I looked again. And there it was, growing taller and taller, three rainbows. I took off my hat. I set down my gun. … [The Voice said,] “This is close enough.” I… took off my boots… But I got within a few yards of it and… saw the color of it, [Now it’s color now.] misting like a fog, moving around.

[The Pillar of Fire, you know, twining and untwining, folding, unfolding] I stood still… a few minutes. …coming right out of the top of the little mountain. …I watched, as the three [one to the right, one to the left, …one in the center] running down into one bowl… it was… alive. …moving and making Its motions.

And the Spirit said concerning this phenomena which is a picture which is literally a veil, now he’s describing the whole what is called the trinity, which is not a trinity; it is a tri-unity of not three gods.

As Brother Branham said, “If you make Jesus the Word you have a trinity,” and he’s speaking of the Man as though there were three gods and the great Father God whatever He would be, He must have made a terrible mistake because He made a man that got out of hand by the devil.

Now He’d already made the devil and he got out of hand, now man’s got out of hand. So He says, “Who will go for me and help Me out?” Now can you believe that God would be that kind of a God? I would be repelled by that kind of a God.

And the second god said, “I will go down and die for them. He said, “that’s nice.” How could anybody be ridiculous like that? And how could you make Jesus himself a baby born to be God and die and God can’t die? So there can’t be two gods, even though there is a Son. He did have a Son.

We’ll hear more about that. There’s your three right here. What it was, was he tells you three manifestations, three offices coming out of one, and it’s all the one Person. See? That was…


Now let me read it again,

[26]  “Jesus of the New Testament is Jehovah of the Old.

And Jesus actually is the word “Joshua”, and Joshua means “Jehovah Savior.” So Joshua or Jehovah Savior of the New Testament is Jehovah Savior of the Old Testament.

That’s what Brother Branham said, “That if He’s the same yesterday, today and forever He will now do here in His Spirit what He did there in the flesh.” And then he said, “He’s the same One that stood before Abraham.”

How in the world are you going to reconcile that unless you know that God was in Christ? “Lo, a body was prepared.” God made His own body.

[26]  …That was confirming, of course, my message of Him. Letting me know, assured that these thirty-one years hasn’t been in vain. [See, in vain do you have it if you’re not right.]

[27]  As I started to approach, It began to go away, and went down [Blank spot on tape; following 5 paragraphs, audio will resume at paragraph [29]] …into this bowl-like affair and then disappeared. I walked up close. I was afraid to go any closer, because He had stopped me before I got there.

[28]  I turned and noticed that that Light, the way It was shining for me , was just exactly in line with the tree where I sat last year, where the squirrels appeared. Some thirty-five or forty minutes later, I went down through the woods and over the creek bottoms and so forth, till I got to this tree that separates in four directions (east, north, west and south), four prongs of the tree, running out…

In other words, it stood there plain, with four branches exactly in line with the four directions. That’s a strange phenomena, but God’s in nature, right? God knew that tree would be there at that time. Sure, no problem, because God’s in the driver’s seat.

[28] …I went down through the woods and over the creek bottoms and so forth, till I got this tree that separates in four directions (Predestinated tree, four branches showing the direction privily) four prongs of the tree, running out. And I climbed into this prong, and sat down where I was when He told me of that Scripture, “If you say to this mountain, ‘Be moved’.”

If you say I need squirrels. Now a lot of people want to think that that’s passed on to the Bride. If it is, I can’t see it myself. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, but not like this. No.

[28]  …And as I stood there a little bit, not thinking yet of the rainbow, it had left my mind. I stood there. And this has been a very bad year for squirrel hunting, everything is late, no squirrels.

[29]  [And] I thought, “Right here is where God gave me [those] squirrels last year to speak into existence.” I took off my hat again, and I said, “Lord God, You are still the same Jesus, [that’s Jehovah of the Old Testament.] You are still God.

[30]  And something said to me, “How many do you need this time?”


Now notice how prosaic and mundane and common God can get. See? Now you think… you think that God doesn’t… now listen, God spoke to His man. God never talked to me that way but the same impression of language came to me. See?

When I was mumbling about the fact that I didn’t have a car, and I can’t remember the exact impression that came by words but the idea was, “Who said you couldn’t have a car?” That’s how God deals with people.

Do you think that God is going to be so precise that it takes a university and college professor rolled into a theologian to understand Him? You’re nuts! He talks the vernacular of this nation.

That’s why William Branham spoke in twentieth century Bible and I do the same thing. It may be gutter but the people are in the gutter. When you’re wretched, miserable, naked and blind and don’t know it; you’re gutterfied. That’s a new word I just made up. You can put that one down, too. Something is wrong somewhere. Okay.

[30]  …”How many do you need this time?” [Now watch Him answer. “Dear Lord, if I could just be allowed to speak and pardon me while I get a better education so You’ll understand me better.” Do you think he did that?]

[31]  I said, “Just as I did the other time, the limit.”


You know, Brother Branham did tell us, “One day we’ll wake up and find there’s a naturalness.” How many of you have ever really read the Old Testament? I mean really read it, not just mumble through it, but really read it and notice the humanity of those old prophets.

Shee, I want to tell you they weren’t just rugged, they were something. They would not pass in high society. They would not be invited to the governor’s ball or to any church senator conclave, you better believe it.

Read the Bible sometime yourself. Do you know they could call an axe and axe and know that it was an axe? They could call the limburger cheese sandwich a limburger cheese sandwich and know it was a limburger cheese sandwich. You know what I’m getting at.

I hope you’re getting far beyond what I’m saying to understand they spoke according to life and they weren’t ashamed and they didn’t make anything of it, good, bad or especially good, bad or indifferent; they took it as it was and they lived it as it was with God and they weren’t,— how will I put it? —they were not synthetic and what they did was not cosmetic.

There was reality. No skin grafts, no eye… no, skin, you know what they call, face lift. You get old your jaws aren’t quite so good. Don’t go to a doctor and get them padded out. I couldn’t mind… I wouldn’t mind something up here in my teeth come in the end and I bite my lip now that it’s getting saggy.

Well, I’m old saggy bag, you’ll get new ones in the Resurrection. So praise God for a few bites. I liked those old boys. I’ve loved that. I loved David. He was so human, possibly a bit too human. But I like that too. I like that, too, it shows the grace of God.

[31]  “How many do you need this time?” …the limit. And then I said, [Watch!] “I shall have this limit before ten o’clock today.”


Hey, he’s getting bold and brassy, like Abraham. “Now Lord, you wouldn’t mind if I cut that figure down to thirty? Oh, you would do it for thirty? Well, twenty?” “Sure, twenty, no problem.”

I don’t mean to have fun about having fun at God but I just want to show you this that God takes us the way we are, it’s amazing grace, and He’s working in amazing grace now if we only believed it to believe what He said, “I’m taking a chisel here and hammering this out onto living epistles.

The sparks are going to fly but you’re going to get a lot of light and warmth with it.”

[31]  And strange as it seems—just then I was in a very bad mosquito area where it was infected with mosquitos, in kind of a swamp land—and a great big mosquito came and to bite me right by the eye. And I said, “Not one of them will bother me this day.” And I didn’t have any… repellent or anything with me. And before I knew it, I said, “The sun will shine within thirty minutes.”


The Bible said, “He’d fill your mouth with good things,” and the way the prophet liked squirrels, God was going to fill his mouth with good things. I never did have the prophet’s taste. I admit that I was squeamish. They taste good but frog legs taste good and I can’t stand them… well, I could if I had to.

[32]  And no more than I had said that till, just behind me, a squirrel exactly like the one last year, a young red, jumped out on a limb about seventy yards away and begin barking. I turned around. And at that… long distance I could barely, through the powerful scope, see his eye. Just shot, that’s all. I didn’t even have an aim, at no more than over the squirrel, [that’s he just aimed to get the squirrel the best he could] and the bullet was… exactly smack at the eye where it was the other time.

[33]  On down through the woods I went… exactly three minutes of ten o’clock I shot my third squirrel. Just like it was last year, just exactly the same—at three minutes before ten. God being my solemn judge, not one mosquito even buzzed all day long, right where there… were tons of them, … if… I suppose, if they could be weighed out. And I never even saw or heard one. I was listening for them, to see if I could, and I heard a humming. I thought, “There’s some somewhere,” and I listened and it was a truck, way back on the highway. And exactly thirty minutes from that time the sun shone out good and bright.

[34]  Then I came back to the place… I had been thinking, and when I said “limit,” that… meant “five squirrels,” which is the limit in Indiana. But I remember last year, when He asked me how many did it take for me a mess, I said, “three”; and I just got the three. So yesterday I went back, was going to the same place…, and something said, “Do not go. Cross the road.” And at exactly ten o’clock, on the exact dot, ten o’clock with my watch, I shot the Indiana limit, the fifth squirrel. [So you see he got two more past the three.]

[35]  I want you to notice now there were three rainbows, and there were three things said, three squirrels gotten. There were three things: three squirrels by ten o’clock, [Now that’s what he wanted at that time.] no mosquitos, the sun would shine in thirty minutes. And there were three to give witness to it. Brother Banks Wood, my son Billy… and Billy’s son David, to give witness to it.

[36]  And I saw those… rainbows, about as wide across as that halo is, [Now if you can’t see from here but behind there is that picture with the halo. Now this is what I want to draw your attention.] And when I saw those rainbows, about as wide across as that halo is, the angel of the Lord.


Now it looks like I run out of pencils up here, I was going to draw that out but I don’t see any pencils here. Anyway, we don’t have one. It’s all right.

Just to give you an idea what we’re looking at and try to reconcile some of these things that he said here about thirty feet and so on because it does sound a little incongruous and I didn’t want to miss that it I could with anything.

Well, it’s all right if you haven’t got one or here, that’s good. Thank you, any one will do. We’ll take this darker color here.

Now according to, he said, “About a wide across as that halo.” Now, he could have been speaking in two ways; in a ratio in proportion which meant out in the field proportionately it would look to him the width of this. See what I mean?

On the other hand, it could have been that width and see, the rainbows which I’m not good at drawing, coming up, the three of them, just three in here out of one, arch coming in.

He could have meant that this was up thirty feet above his eyelevel. Thirty feet to there. Not as though they were thirty feet high. Otherwise it would have to be in speaking in a manner of proportion, so many… like if this was across here four inches, this would be in feet.

You know how it is you take and measure things in perspective, you hold your arm out here and take a ruler and you… here’s up here and let’s say this is a six inch ruler, I just slide this under exactly and squint my eye and I move my thumb and I can tell exactly how much… how many inches, if it be inches, I’m going to put that speaker in up there in proportion to the room.

Now you all know how to do that, that’s an old trick that you’ve been taught since you were in the cradle. I figured out myself. I forgot that I couldn’t crook my arm and I couldn’t figure why didn’t get the right height. So I was taught how to keep your arm rigid.

So that’s what we’re looking at here. Just want to bring that to your attention to show you. I don’t see any discrepancy here. It’s a matter what he had in his mind and I’m not exactly sure.

[36]  So when I saw those… rainbows, about as wide across as the halo is, that angel of the Lord [which that’s what he speaks about] …But there were three of them running into one.


Now the running into one the way he said to the left and to the right and all would have to signify running into… into one bowl as it were.

Now you could also take that over in this direction here, if you want to put it there, and you could have the rainbows coming like this here where there’s a middle one, the left to the right, and running down in to like this residue here, like this were some, some type of fluid like you can see them in the various malls you go where they use the hydraulic fluid, and you can see them going around.

That’s no hydraulic fluid, that was the Spirit of the living God manifested in the form of color, perhaps, the Pillar of Fire visibly showing Itself in a color. Okay.

[36]  But there were three of them running into one. Oh, how it helped my heart to know that God [to know that God, the one God we’re talking about] …Jesus is not just a man as people think He is,…


Now he doesn’t take away the understanding He is a man because He is a man. “There’s one Mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus.”

If you believe in a high priest you’ve got to believe in a man because God cannot be high priest to Himself, actually He’s got to have a man. See, there was one Mediator between man and God, and God is of one.

So what happened? God in man did not get together and find somebody. God came down in a human form became His own Mediator through the flesh which had its own personality because he was born.

It was at the River Jordan that that body animated and it came from the very life of God Itself, became the temple of God. Now we’ve all gone through that… through the understanding of chromosomes and genes and so on.

[36]  Jesus is not just a man as people think He is, just a prophet, as this modern idea today thinks that Jesus is just a prophet. He’s Jehovah of the Old Testament made flesh and dwelt among us. And there that sure did comfort me. Then, thinking on that subject, that God had sought so many people…

I’m not sure this is a true translation, or true, or a literal taking down of the words Brother Branham said because this is strange. It could be that God sought to tell the people, and they missed something He’s saying here.

[37]  Now, [watch what he says,] there is a group of people that call themselves the “Oneness” or the “Jesus Only.” I don’t agree with them upon their theory. [So that blacks that out. Now remember, Brother Branham stands between the Oneness and the Threeness and he said,] “I’m neither one.” He said, “Their doctrines are wrong.”

But he did believe in one God and in that respect he was Oneness but he wasn’t Oneness with the people of the denominations.

Neither do I agree with that trinitarian group that says… there are three different gods—the extreme of the trinitarian. But I believe that the three—Father, Son, and Holy Ghost—are one, that they are three offices of one God. He lived in… Fatherhood, in the pillar of fire; He lived in the Sonship, in Jesus Christ;

[Now listen! He’s still the Father, He’s still the Creator, still God] and He lives now in the Holy Ghost, in His church. The same Lord Jesus that was made flesh and dwelt among us is with us this day, among us in the form of the Holy Spirit.


So what do we see here? We see the Holy Spirit moving and the revelation is this one God, one substance which is spirit manifest three times in order to bring to the people what God Himself wants of Himself known and given to the people, and whatever gifts would accrue to it, whatever responsibility, it’s the same God from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation, the concluding verse of the 22nd chapter. See? Now,

[38]  Of all the experiences… When I first turned… and saw it, thinking first it could be the sun that peeped through a cloud somewhere, but it was before… sun time. Then when I turned back… and saw it wasn’t the light, it was rainbows, and… when I looked and saw that, I become numb all over, just…

[39]  Someone said to me, “Did… you feel like shouting?” No, I didn’t feel like shouting. Those experiences never make you feel like shouting; [What are they supposed to do?] they just make you feel anchored, just where… you know that there’s something that tells you, just a satisfied feeling.

Therefore, the baptism with the Holy Ghost does not go beyond the feeling of anything but a satisfaction. You know that you know. Therefore, it is without sensations because the mind is without sensation. The mind works best without sensation.

If you’re going to let your sensations and feelings clutter you up, you don’t have much chance of getting too much. That’s why I never could stand to teach to people who wanted to be always shouting “Amen,” and squirming and everything else.

I’ve had to tell people, I said, “Look, I know how you feel but would you please keep quiet because you’re making somebody else miss what I’m trying to get across to them.”

That’s why this church here would be awfully dead along some side some churches, and when I go to their churches I can’t stand their so-called aliveness because I was all through this with Brother Branham. They screamed. They shouted. They hollered. And they were only shouting and hollering because of his own energy up there. They weren’t getting it.

You say, “How do you know?” Well, you know what he said, “There weren’t five got it,” when he preached a very simple sermon. See? Okay.

[40]  Now, those things are truth. I know we have things that’s said, that many times… people some say, “Oh, I don’t believe in such stuff as that.” [Like this here. I said,] I can’t vouch for that—I don’t know. I can only vouch for what I know to be the truth. And God Almighty, who wrote this Bible, and I am His servant, He knows that that is the truth.


Now that’s up for debate. That’s entirely up for debate. Nobody has to believe him, and you won’t either unless you’re some of those peculiar people that are destined to it. See? If God made anything and God did anything or there’s something out here that’s being done, there’s got to be a response.

There’s got to be or God is a complete i… false with Himself. What kind of a God are we serving? So I don’t care whether God empowered the devil and then the devil did it, the devil wouldn’t do it unless he could get a response. You don’t do things except you know you get a response.

And many times because you don’t want the response you’re going to get, you wish you wouldn’t get the response but you’re pretty glad you did what you did but you didn’t like the response, but always you get a response. Right? Always.

So, what’s behind this? Something is. What is? “The devil.” No, I don’t find it that way. “Whatever he said hey that’s God;” I like that. Now years ago I saw the devil work in discernment so-to-speak, which a medium is a false… well, he’s a pseudo seer.

Brother Branham didn’t say he was a false prophet, he used another word. I like the word ‘pseudo’ kind of, although it is false, it means like he’s a tinhorn, you know like a rich sadistic sort of half-working tinhorn that can produce some things. That’s kind of what we look at. I saw them… I saw it work. Very good. I’ve seen it work since but you knew where that was. But when you saw the prophet you knew where that was. Okay.


We stand on what we believe, we can’t do anything else.

[41]  Think of it, …the day that we are living in, just before the coming of the Lord, Jesus said, “There’ll be signs in the skies and in the earth, great sights, flying saucers, missiles, perplexity of this age… of this time, distress between… nations, and fearful sights upon the earth.”

And remember, the fearful sights is the same word used by the I guess, Hippocrates, which means ‘delusions, delusions, crazy, is what it is. Brother Branham said, “They’d be crazy.”

And we’re living in that day, to see those things.

[42]  Now, for the message this morning that I have chosen, I want you to turn with me in the Scriptures, over to Zechariah… the fourth chapter.

[43]  It was my desire to tell you these things. 

And he used a chisel, an iron chisel on paper to draw sparks. And where the chisel did more than just draw sparks, it became the burning into that epistle exactly what you believe, and how you believe it and where you’re going.

I know people don’t agree with that, they say, “Well, Brother Vayle, you always were great with the overkill.”

Well, thank you, child. I’d sooner have the overkill than the underkill because your underkill could get away but my overkill ain’t going nowhere without me. I ain’t going nowhere without it, in fact I prefer that.

So there you are, see well, we’re not all alike as the old Indian said, “Good thing all men don’t think alike, all men like my squaw.”

Well, I don’t expect everybody to love my prophet, believe my prophet, I don’t expect it, in fact I kind of help get them mad. [Brother Vayle chuckles.] Wipe your smile off your face, boy, you’re on camera. That’s my nature, I’m sorry. Okay.

[43]  It was my desire to tell you these things. Many times these things happen but I don’t speak them, I don’t say it. But this was too outstanding for me to keep… from the church. It must be told. [See, it must be told.] And before God, whom I stand, it’s the truth. I know… there is a God, and I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God,…


Now there’s God, and a Son of God. Is he saying that God is His own Son? I don’t read it that way. That’s Jesus Only in my books. I could be wrong. I don’t read it that way. You know, what is it… look it, here’s the earth out here, everything that’s born down here, that God created, formed, fashioned, goes back to the dust, right?

Okay, now I ask a question again. How can a man with red hair marry a woman with black hair have one red-headed child, one black-headed child, and a combination of the black and the red together?

That man has in his body only certain elements and the woman in her body has only certain elements and the soil has only certain elements, and put it all together then it is necessary to understand and believe; it is the life that determines how the chemical or the chemistry turns out.

Then all right, all you got to do is understand that God took a part of His life and put It into a living little bit of chemistry that He created Himself out of nothing so-to-speak. It was an absolute spoken Word cell, an egg and a sperm but It was the life of God that was covered, then He put that into a woman’s womb.

There’s your surrogate mother, so-to-speak. She became an incubator. Now, all she did was draw out the liquefied forces. Forces is not the word, nutrients that would go to that body, therefore, that child did not have one thing in her of… did that child, it had nothing in him of her. No, she just used her body as a factory, that’s all.

So that was the Son of God, period, and His body was not like our body, so therefore, the time comes when we will rise from the dust, we will have a body like His, for we are of the earth, earthy and He is of the heavenly, heavenly. He’s not like us. I’m glad for that but I’m glad He identified with us. I’m glad that is the Son of God.

That is the One that went down there in the river into whom God came in the complete fullness, he’s the only one He could come into in the complete fullness and remain. Prophet, in, out, in, out. He couldn’t stand to stay in the prophet, pardon me, but there He came; now He lived in him and did those works at that time. See?

[43]  …God dwelling amongst… us in the form of the Holy Spirit. And I know… the coming of the Lord is drawing nigh, when signs and wonders are appearing. [This is the hour of the Appearing which prefaces the Coming, and this is the hour where He must increase and the prophet decrease, and this is hour of the last bit of child training, and maturation where you get your life from that Word.]

[44]  We just got through the Seven Church Ages, and learning that we’re in the last and Laodicean Church Age, when the church would be indifferent, get cold, denominate, …be organized. Organizations would take… over, eat it up, but a promise that there would be a little remnant left. There would be a Church that would be scattered abroad everywhere, but God would gather it together and… rapture it into glory—a little sanctified group somewhere, waiting on the Lord.


Now I said this morning and I keep repeating the eight souls that got away from here in the flood. Now let’s remember that’s only one type. You’ve got another type of millions which there won’t be, leaving Egypt but only two over twenty went in, so the numbers were radically cut down.

Then you’ve got a third type where seven thousand had not bowed the knee. Then you’ve got this little innuendo which is nothing but an innuendo. Brother Branham repeatedly said, “Seven hundred,” but that doesn’t mean it right. Then, of course, there’s a fifth, I forgot about till just now.

And Brother Branham said, “One per billion,” he said, “just about one percent or something, one certain….” I forget how he put it anyway.

There’s a billion people in the world today… no, I know, there’s five billion people and he went to the idea of one per million, for what it was and there’s now around eight hundred million Christians so-called in the whole world, the rest are either Muslim or heathen or whatever they are.

So you could have maybe eight hundred which comes close to the seven hundred. Now you scatter that standing here over the whole world Bride and you got what? How many countries are there? How many million people are there to be taken from? Why, you wouldn’t even why… Who would care two cents if you missed them or not?


“It has become,” as Brother Branham said, “so common for people to be missed, nobody cares anymore.” Let’s prove it. For some time now you’ve been getting pictures in the mail and seeing them on the billboards of beautiful little children that have been stolen, perhaps killed for all we know.

Isn’t that true? I get them all the time. What’s happened? I’ve become calloused. I just throw them away. I’ll be honest with you. I’ll tell you one thing I just don’t like to look at those little kids to see they’re gone.

And then we suave our conscience, “Well, you see, they say most of those kids disappear because one of the parents snatched them from the other because they’re divorced.”

Ha, that could be a bunch of sappy cops telling us, “We’re not going to look because we think it’s this way.” How often is the police and the law been proven wrong? Ha, the only thing they can investigate is a parking meter ticket about.

When it comes right down to reality, I’m talking right across the spectrum, brother/sister, where you go down to Dayton County in Florida, and see all what the cops are doing down there with drugs. You think they couldn’t round up the mafia tomorrow? Come on.

Why even Reagan let the guy go that spilled all the beans on the GOAC and all the rest of them. Right? They kicked him upstairs. One of these days God is going to kick us upstairs because we’re a little troublemaker. Praise the Lord. Get kicked upstairs.

[45]  …the other day when I got to “Daniel’s Seventy Weeks,” standing… here right in the pulpit something struck me. I’ve never been able to get away from it. To see the hour that we’re living in! I want to go somewhere and do something else, keep it off my mind. I got too many loved ones that are unsaved. Knowing, what can I do to get them saved? What is there I can do? I have preached the gospel. God has done great signs and wonders like He’s never done since the world… [That’s true.] since the times of the Lord Jesus Christ has He ever did it in all history of time. All… around the world it’s gone. And still the world gets continually… worse.


I told you there was a backlash. There’s a backlash. When your children get really defiant, I want to ask you a question. Do you now say, “Well, they’ve gone the limit, bless God, and little Johnny will settle down, hallelujah.”

You know little Johnny is going to get worse. Right? Backlash; you got a backlash. It’s not going to get better, kids, let’s face it. You better pray to get out of here. See, I’m going to get out of here because I’m getting old enough to get out of here. Well, a couple might come along with me but not too many as far as age is concerned.

Then again if I listened to Joe and get his faith which I think he’s completely a swindler, he figures I’ll live like his dad to be eighty-five years of age. Even with good health, Joe, you can live till you’re eighty-five years of age, not me. Backlash. Backlash. Right? Now you know I’m telling you the truth. See, it’s absolutely the truth. Look at your kids when they start moving on you. You know that. You think I don’t know it. Come on.

[45]  And still the world gets continually… worse. But then I have to remember… we’re living in the Laodicean Church Age, where they will get worse, and it said they would.

[46]  Then I chose this morning, being that that message was so attacked, another thing that I’ve so gotten gotten after [They’ve hit him with this.] about… preaching grace.


Okay, they hate him, one man with a ministry, I’m vindicated. I’m telling you, “You listen!”

“Go away, boy, go away.”

“Well, on the basis of my vindication and I’m the minister of God whose chosen I will now tell you about grace.”


So like a good servant of God he tackles them right head on. He said, “I’m going to tell you about vindication. I’m going to tell you about this here. I’ll show you these things. I know what I’m talking about. I’m going to tell you about real grace.” And that’s what he starts then.

That’s where I’m going to stop, right. Just about time. Okay, then next Wednesday we’ll continue the Lord willing on this and just before we go I think Alan you wanted prayer didn’t you? Your… Do you want prayer? I think so, so that’s good.

Will you come up and let’s all rise at this time, shall we? And Alan you come up and Bill will you come up here and Pete, if you don’t mind and we’ll pray for Alan.

Now, he didn’t call the elders but… so we don’t need to know what it is about, just lay hands on him and pray for him. Remember, then now just we’re going to do our best. You get your faith out of the way and we’re going try to do something for you, we will.

Heavenly Father, we come to You and You said in Your Word that if any two agreed upon in the kingdom touching anything that it should be done, and Lord, this is something our brother has requested and it does concern the kingdom as the prophet was saying this morning about healings and signs and wonders. And we know You’re here today, You haven’t changed.

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ laying our hands upon him Lord, and even upon ourselves by faith improve this condition in his eyes, oh God, whatever… from this moment Lord, it shall lose its grip and whatever it is doing Lord, it shall be completely reversed and go back to normalcy, and Lord, by Your Word having done what You said we believe that he will be healed and that not only will be he is because You said Lord, that even the very sins or if anything would be there will be forgiven.

Thank You for this now for releasing our brother and helping him to help to serve You with what You give him by better vision in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. The Lord bless you.

Let’s just sing that chorus, ‘Take the Name of Jesus with you’.

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