Perfect Faith #13

Enhancing Love And Faith, The Process
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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father we are very happy that you have allowed us to come together again, showing grace and mercy. Giving us life and breath Lord in this hour that is most peculiar upon earth.

A day Lord that Adam wanted so desperately having fallen from grace and all man kind having fallen from grace wanted so desperately, we know that hour is here. Immortality forever is at hand and we appreciate that so much.

And we know Lord that there is a Word in season for it, there is a time, we believe we are in that time, in that season Lord and in that Word.

And we pray that You’ll help us to renew our minds O God by the power of the Holy Ghost and faith in that Word Lord.

These minds of ours to renew for this hour to dwell constantly upon that Word which is ours that it might be truly affective in our lives. We know as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he and the way he thinks is the way he will go.

So Lord, we want to keep our hearts and our minds fixed upon You and have that peace and that rest and that brings us; we just feel it this morning Lord so we are certain Your grace and wonderful mercy to us and we feel that peace, that confidence and harmony Lord.

May it increase until that very sweet Spirit of Christ wholly pervades the whole church, everyone be healed.

Especially internally Lord, because we know if the internal is healed, that eternal part of us Lord, truly reconciled to You, then Lord we know that the other will also be healed.

Even as John said, “We pray that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.”

We realize Lord when all is well with Thee, and we with Thee Lord, then that well being carries over, may it carry over from this moment on as never before.

We give You the praise in Jesus name. Amen.

You may be seated.


You know there is an acceleration of everything in this hour and I trust that one of these days we’ll find that acceleration in our lives as never before.

I know at this point we all know that time is rapidly passing by, I know that; I think even younger people complain, where is the time going. Here it is going to be 1988 so fast our heads are swimming.

Just about; well pretty soon nine solid months out of the twelve have gone by. And soon be eternity we are coming into; in fact they have already blended.


Now, in Perfect Faith 13; we are at this today. I would like to finish it, but I don’t suppose that I will be able to but come pretty close.

Now, out of the several principles that Brother Branham gave us relative to the outworking of faith; love was the last one that he mentioned.

He said, one: “Love and faith are relatives”, they are. He said, “Faith and love work together”, they certainly do.

Also he said, “Love produces faith”, that is correct. It said, Paul said, in Galatians 5:6, “faith worketh by love.”


Now, according to Romans 5:1-5 it seems to me, it seems to me personally here by reading Scripture, that not only do we find faith and love working together, but that a working formula is laid down whereby we enhance both love and faith in our lives through the process of accepting and overcoming the trials of life.

Now, let’s listen again, I want to read it to you. I always right down certain things, I want to be sure I am saying them as correctly as I can. Now, Romans 5: 1-5 which we will read and study.

It appears to me, that Love and Faith are actually working together and as they work together, the Scripture lays down a working formula, a pattern way, to understand how they work together.

And when we understand and follow that pattern, we enhance or magnify our love and faith, and it is done on the bases of accepting and overcoming the trials of this life.

So it’s during the trials, the hard times, what you are going through, that you have the privilege, the opportunity to enhance, magnify, utilize, promote, get more familiar with, your life more functional with, love and faith.

And the process comes in the trial of our faith and works these together. So let’s go and look at it for a little while before we start reading the message again.


All right this is a portion of Scripture; I have told you before that God held me to this for years. Literally held me until one day it broke.

Now Scripture is strange, one word can change everything. That’s why Brother Branham said don’t change one word or take one word.

Now the danger is not as you think, because then you become a foolish legalist. The danger is actually changing the meaning or not getting what was meant.

And you’ll find Brother Branham sort of says that, one place I’ve quoted it to you when we came one of the messages a long time ago.


All right let’s read,

Romans 5:1

(01) Therefore having been justified by faith…

It’s not ‘being’ justified, although that in a sense is correct, but you are being justified continually in the trial of your faith.

Letting you know that you are a son whom God is correcting. But Scripturally that is not referring to this. Scripturally the past tense is used here, “therefore having been justified by faith period.” You have been justified.

Romans 5:1

(01) …we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.


And this peace is not the peace you think it is. We want that nice peace that says, “Hey, I serenely go through anything for the Lord is with me.”

No, this is Gods peace. This is: God is no longer angry at His rebellious servants. War has been going on and God is not at war anymore.

The sacrifice has appeased Him, now He has peace. We are at peace, there is no more war. Amnesty has been declared. But remember in this generation, they are truce breakers.

It’s what happens when you break truce with the Sovereign King that’s at peace. Comes and wipes you out.

Father said, “Johnny, don’t slam that door.” ‘Wham’. Says it again. ‘Bam,’ there it goes again.

“Johnny, don’t slam that door.” Finally she says, “Johnny, for the last time, [Seventh Church Age Messenger], don’t slam the door.”

‘Wham’ to Johnny for slamming the door. He asked for it.

Now you know that that’s… hey, God is not stupid; sometimes we just think we are smarter than God. He has declared His Word.



Romans 5:1-2

(01) [Having] been justified, we have peace through our Lord Jesus Christ. [We are at peace with God; God is at peace with us.]

(02) By Whom also we have access by faith [by Jesus Christ through faith] into this grace, [the unmerited favor], where we now stand…

We are in favor, without merit and any need of merit because the Blood of Christ has done it.

That’s good. Brother Branham said, “How can you make a sinner when the blood of Jesus Christ has scattered sin till there be nothing found of it?”

Romans 5:2

(02) Now: and rejoice in the hope, [the earnest expectation] of the glory of God.

Now what is the glory of God? Man is the glory of God. Right? Bible says so. Woman is the glory of man. Her hair is her glory, that’s why she shouldn’t cut it, simple as ABC.


Okay, we are looking forward then to this man that was to be, literally formed and created by God, with the ability to come to, which was his apex, immortality.

Now, that’s the great one, but every other promise in the Book is also a hope, which, in the Greek, should always be translated, I think, literally, which means, ‘earnest expectation’.

“And rejoice in the ‘earnest expectation’ of the Glory of God.”

Now this has to do with God, just as God is at peace toward us. Yup! God’s not fussing about anybody, except the end time, at those truce-breakers, there has got to be somebody.

“We have access… now we rejoice in hope of the glory of God.” The ‘earnest expectation’ of the glory of God.


Now, this principle laid out here in our lives and for our lives, can be repeated many, many ways and it will all end up to the fact that Brother Branham told us and we are dealing on a bit this morning, that, when we leave this earth, we leave it unchanged as to the condition we are in spiritually.

It’s only a geographical change. So we had better be having something perfect from God that is going to get us there or we had better get some kind of perfection God desires.

Now I want to ask you, how we going to get it? It tells you right here [Brother Vayle points to the Bible] only by grace through faith.

And if your minds are boggling looking for something else, let’s get our minds down this morning and bring ourselves in to a position where by grace are we saved through faith, it is a gift of God, it doesn’t have a thing to do with us, we just simply believe that’s all.

Now we can go to sleep saying, “Hallelujah, when I rise tomorrow morning, I shall be in His image not just spiritually but physically.”

You say, “Well Brother Vayle, why do you sort of pretend you are falling to sleep?”

Because, “He that keepeth Israel slumbereth and sleepeth not.” Then let God stay awake.

Do you think you can do a better job than I can? Now is the time to get lazy.

But you better have the right ideas to get lazy. Like Brother Branham said, “I am a legalist in the right place.”

Now, the right place is, you better be anything but a legalist. See? Oh yes, I will fall asleep, lay me down to sleep. See?

“My enemies compass me.” I’m full of passions and things to that can lead me astray. Lay me down to sleep. No problem.


If you can ever get this thing here, this heart, the top of this heart here, it wants to bounce back and forth to your mind, and then do something to your mouth.

I’m describing a condition here. If you’ve got something on the ball, you’re listening and you’re getting it. Because out of here, will come bitterness, criticisms, anger, why?

Because we don’t take this the way it is written by faith. If you will never accept yourself, and neither will I; it is not in the cards, if you do your just a phony psychologist.

But if you could ever accept yourself in Christ, right, if you ever; and you can and I can and must come to that place of accepting ourselves in Christ in the Atonement.

Know that God is at peace with us and we are at peace with God and then we’re coming down through here to learn lessons in life, which denote a struggle with and against the senses, but knowing that, “Greater is He that is in us than we ourselves.”

And so the great trick is right down where Brother Branham said, “Learn to get out of the way.” Greatest gift in all the world; is to learn to get out of the way.


So, let’s keep reading,

Romans 5:3

(03) And not only so, but we [rejoice] in tribulations also:

Now we notice, if we rejoice in the ‘earnest expectation’ of the production of God for us as well as in us ,and to us and the end of the trail.

We are rejoicing in every single thing that has been accomplished in Christ Jesus. Complete reconciliation, we are going back to Eden.

Hallelujah; Right to the Millennial, right to the glory of New Jerusalem. We are, yup, it started already with the tremendous impact in this last age.


Now, exulting in earnest expectation. Now you can say, “Well what about the glory of God in healing? Well, the man was born deaf, was blind and Jesus came by and he said, “I am going to heal this man,” and he healed him.

Before he healed him, people said, “Hey was this man born blind because of some sin his parents did, or did he get blind on his own and Jesus said, “It was neither for his sin or his parent’s sins, but for the glory of God. What was the glory of God?

The man got healed. So you need healing? You need a new job? You don’t even need a new wife, or more of them. Or husbands, or boyfriends, Uh uh, can’t have those, you’ll mess up.

No… what’s in the Bible?


You know, I’m going to tell you something, don’t you laugh at that. A guy phoned me a year ago and he was going to leave his wife, he was a preacher and he was going to marry a nice young girl, sixteen years old for the glory of God.

And he said he was praying one morning after fasting and this girl came to his attention. I told you how that can happen.

I’m a little modest this morning so I don’t want to put it all out here in the open and let it all hang out. I know exactly why he felt and how he felt, because absolutely it is physiological.

And he felt he heard from God after praying and fasting, that he should marry the sixteen year old and I said, “You heard from hell, you didn’t hear from God.” He never phoned me again. I wasn’t on his side. I was trying to help the guy.


Anyway, you rejoice in the glory of God and there is many aspects to the glory of God which means; the desired thing, according to the Word, that is promised you and you are looking at it.

Hey, I know a guy that wanted curly hair. Shew! He stood before Doctor Garr, a tremendous man of God.

His hair turned curly. You say, “Brother Vayle that is frivolous.”

Don’t think it is so frivolous if God raised a fish from the dead and help the poor little opossum mother and He bypassed a crowd. You might think it is frivolous. It’s not frivolous.

Nothing is frivolous if you got real faith toward God. Now, you can get into trouble of course if you just want to, you know look at that end of it.


All right, now, we’re looking for something from God. Not only do we rejoice in this earnest expectation that God made a promise and He sealed it with the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and proved it by the resurrection of Christ and today we see it fully manifested.

But, it said, “We rejoice in tribulations.” Yup! Not just lift up your head because your salvation draweth nigh but you really come to God with a beautiful attitude, that’s it.

Rejoicing in tribulation, the trials that come your way, before you get the answer to your prayer, because you will go to God and say, “Lord, I want something out of You.”

And God says, “I want something out of you.”

So you say, “Well I want this thing here.”

“Fine” He said, “I will give it to you.”

“Now what I want of you is this, come to me in the right attitude of happiness, turning your senses away from those things that are against you and looking to the Word of God and to me, which is for you, because nothing out here is meant to be for you when you come to the Word, only when you find your hope in My Word.”


So you now begin to rejoice and I will tell you, why do you rejoice? Because now you are above all this out here, because you have come to God, and though you may be plagued, the attitude of the mind coming from the soul, channeled by the Spirit, using this Word says, “Now, it is fine.”

Because as God has peace with me, I have peace with God and I am justified, I am now above these things here.

As Paul said, “I am a master of circumstances.”

Now, I’m going to tell you something: the mind is a very important factor, because the mind is part of your spirit. And it is the spirit that dominates the flesh, and only can the Life of the Word come from our souls, so there’s a battle on.

And there is a power of choice, which is the true legality, of true legalism before God. Which way shall my choice go?


So, I rejoice in my tribulations, those things which I can be. Knowing… now you just can’t say, “Well hallelujah, oh, this thing is killing me and hallelujah, my wife, she is a mess and hallelujah, my husband is a mess and my kid is a mess, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.”

Well do you know your wife’s going to get straightened out?

“No [but] hallelujah, hallelujah.” That’s not it!

You don’t have a euphoric spirit about you or something with just carnally stupid. You know something and if you don’t know something you can’t afford to be happy when the chips are down.

Otherwise it’s and I’m sure that will help you. You have got to understand what I am trying to get across to you.

Because listen, we are not insane but I am sorry that people many times lose the balance of their minds, which God has given us a sound mind, when it comes to the Word. Because we know something.

Number one; we know we have peace with God, sins are all wiped out, God’s not angry, so therefore these tribulations mean only one thing.

God is not against us, God is for us and he is going to do something good and this is the way He does it. That’s right. I also know this: that I’ve a measure of faith; sure, I know what I got. I know I can have it, because He hasn’t said, “No.”

Now you look at your life, your life cleaned up, these things, and you’re trying to be a good Christian, which you are, so alright, I’m entitled.


Knowing. I know that this tribulation is working endurance. In other words, you must fatigue your muscles to a certain extent, before they will get hard and harder and harder and bigger and bigger.

You have got to work at it, and as you work at it, you will get stronger and you will take more and more and you will find your attitudes and everything changing more and more, but you got to start somewhere.

See? It works endurance, patience and endurance or patience works character.

You become mature, you can handle things. You say, “Oh that kid, all he lacks is experience.” That’s exactly right, and the only experience kids want today is sexual experience, they don’t even want to work, get a good job, most of them.

That’s right. The more experience you have in the wrong field, the worse you will get. And the more experience you have in the right field, the right way, there is where your maturing will be.

Now you see why the worlds gone to hell? They took God out of the school room. The parents allowed it. Who do you think runs this world outside the devil?

Just the devil does. God’s not in politics. Pope comes over here and plays politics. While they met with… because it’s politics.

And our President, shame on him. He meets with the pope… politics… who they kidding? Liars from the ground up, inside out.


Mature… now maturity, now watch, goes back to earnest expectation, now watch, earnest expectation, all right.

Experience of tribulation sets in, working in you as you stand there and endurance and the maturity, and after your maturity, suddenly your right back to earnest expectation.

What’s happened? You have completed a cycle of growth. So now your earnest expectation is multiplied. The very Word of God becomes realer and more stronger and more wonderful.

Because you went through, and you can say, “It can be done.”

Look, I have only had experience in certain fields. My experience years ago as a kid preacher was failure, failure, failure.

I told you they brought a young baby to me one time and she said, “Well maybe Brother Vayle will pray for you.”

She said, “Maybe.” I no more prayed for that kid than nothing, because he had no more faith than nothing. Because it’s an ignominious failure. Couldn’t even do that.

People got healed under my ministry when God supernaturally spoke, through me perhaps, on how it was done.

And I’d say, “Well if that was the Lord, we’ll soon find out.” God working in spite of my stupidity and my rancid faith, if I had any because it certainly was soured.


I quit preaching; when I went back preaching, I was also financially abused by the people. They would always send their money to the radio stations. We don’t do foolish things like that around here.

If you do, you don’t belong, if you do, you haven’t even come, got nothing on the ball, I’ll tell you that flat. Not that I want your money, no, no, no shape and form but you know that. I learned that to many years to trusted in God.

Prayed food on the table, I thought I was abused… quit preaching. I had to go back. After hearing Brother Branham I knew I would have to go down that trail again, I knew I couldn’t fail no matter what it cost.

When my wife could have worked for a while, and she did, she said, “Listen, you know what we’re facing, we’re facing to trust God if we starve and we won’t starve.

You people setting here, you been earning your hundreds a week, I was making maybe thirty nine dollars and paid twenty percent off the top.

You’ve had your steaks and your good times, we had a hamburger and a cup of coffee, because Howard Johnson’s was the best coffee, a good piece of rye toast, we couldn’t afford very much.

I wouldn’t trade it for ten million dollars if you asked me.

Say,” Brother Vayle, let me give you ten billion dollars for what you got. I would say, “Drop dead!” I stood there kicked out of church’s, refused offerings.

Preachers would say, “Brother Vayle, we will take the offerings on Friday night.” Why?

How many people get their checks on Friday night, huh? Certainly Friday nights! So they took the offering Friday night for themselves to get all the tithe.

I said, “You can get yours, you can get up and ask for it and beg and say, “I need money, I need money.” I said not one word.

I stood outside the door shaking hands with a knife in my back and one in my guts, because of Pentecostal preachers and their ilk… Some poor sister come out the door crying, “Brother Vayle I know you’re right, I know your so right.

She handed me twenty dollars or something. We lived. You wonder why I can stand here and say the things that I say… you got to go through them.


You don’t know the first thing about faith unless you faith is on the spot. Oh I could have quit and got a job, same like Bill did and Jim.

I could have gone to Ford, oh yah. I even knew a Pentecostal guy I could have prevailed upon as a former Pentecostal, I wouldn’t have told him that and pretend I was I guess.

Took that old Buick down, the road, that 56 Buick, on many occasion, took it down the road, I was going to Lima on old 117.

I’d get mad at myself, whirl that thing around in the middle of the road and say, “I’ll die, but I won’t quit.”

I said, “God I will pray for the sick and they will be healed.” They were healed. Same with this message, I’m stuck with this message.

If I’ve missed the boat, I’m on my way to hell, sorry about that. If I’m in the boat, I’m going to heaven and so there are a lot of folk going to miss it.

You’ve got to understand what I am saying brother/sister. You come from the promise, back to the promise. Now you can’t transfer that to every single thing in life. I don’t have that ability to stand here.

If I were to preach a series on faith and healing, sure we could get somewhere temporarily, that’s why you need a pastor to come in here and pastor you like a pastor should pastor you. Don’t think I’m unaware what a pastor does. I teach!

I’m letting my hair down this morning, because I’m giving you an opportunity like Brother Branham did to go back… I like to teach, sure I’m not kidding, I got twenty seven sermons, two hours a piece on it.

I was criticized for preaching forty eight sermons on one of those last sermons. Stick around, I some of my own.


It says right here, earnest expectation, if you cannot earnestly expect God to fulfill His Word, don’t even bother coming to God.

And notice it is not just an expectation, it is an earnest expectation. Because God is different from you and me.

I don’t remember the time I promised somehow, our younger son a bicycle. You know he’s alienated from us… Don, very much so.

I don’t know, he always thought we loved Gray, the one that died, a whole lot more than we loved him but that wasn’t true. Actually we thought he was the cutest thing that came along out of the three of them.

And we said, “Hey, it’s too bad we stopped having a family so soon, because we might have more like him, even better still.

But he got alienated somewhere. Then one day he wrote me a big long letter of all my faults, which was alright.

As a parent you get used to a lot of things that happen in life you just got to take it. What can you do? They are your kids. See we weren’t brought up that way so we didn’t have all of these outlets of all these great emotional psychological crap cans.


Let me tell you when you do write it all down and blame somebody; you still better face yourself before God.

Yes siree brother/sister. I wasn’t angry that the letter was written; I said, “Well, that’s fine.” I didn’t write one back.

In that letter he wrote I promised him a bicycle… I can’t remember, because he would have got it if I had really promised it. Maybe took it for granted. Let me tell you one thing brother/sister, I can be a miserable failure in my promises, but God doesn’t fail us.

That’s why you and I can afford to honest with God and sincere and not with others. Not that we shouldn’t be earnest and sincere with others but I’m telling you something, this is special.

You cannot depend on me and my word. I can get you nowhere but into trouble. But, it is different with God. Now we got a good report with our kids now. Just got to wait and see what the Lord will do for them.

They understand. Cara thought we didn’t love her. She had even talked to Brother Branham. He said, “Your dad did love you, you didn’t understand.”

Now you people may think that I don’t love you, because I do certain things or won’t stand for certain things.

It’s not that I don’t love you. I got to stand with what I got to stand with. We’ve got to be understanding here, that’s one of the biggest things in life, to learn to understand.


Now you see the cycle here. The cycle starts with the Word of God, because earnest expectation must come from God and it does come from God and it’s based like Brother Branham based our faith on his wonderful ministry to prove it.

This is based on the fact that Jesus died for us and he said can’t you see that he died and rose again, your justified, therefore this follows through and it follows it’s own principles and it’s own way of conduct and you cannot escape it and we want to escape it.

People got a philosophy, say, “Well I believe in the Spirit of God out here, we all got the Spirit of God it isn’t dangerous, it isn’t that, forget the blood of Christ.”

You are so disillusioned by the devil, it’s pitiful. You’ll answer for it, you will find out one of these days.

You say, “Brother Vayle, what if you’re wrong?” I’ll find out one of these days! I’ll tell you kid, you’re going to die, I don’t care who you are.


Oh my, the doctors are so imbued with geriatrics right now… he might as well be a mortician, they’re the same.

Because you’re going to live to be 120, so what, you will die. Oh bless God I knew a China man who lived to be 110.

And he died didn’t he? You will find out one of these days. I’ll find out too. I’ll… but it’s the truth. You start with the earnest expectation because God is earnest, time is earnest, time is fleeting and you rejoice in it.

Many people rejoice then they forget it. But he said one thing, he said you better learn to rejoice in tribulation, because as sure as you want something from God, God wants something from you and remember there is only one way that you can ever produce character and that is by suffering.

Sartre tried to figure it by existentialism, he said, “We’re all born to suffering,” and that is a hundred percent true but suffering is not an end in it self.

If suffering were an end in itself, you can have it. I’m not stupid, you can have it.

Some parents got a stupid idea of bringing up kids, you got to slap them around. That’s the stupidest thing in all the world.

You show them what they need correction for. Suffering is not an end in itself. What you are going through now is not an end in itself. What I’m going through is not an end in itself.

It is a means to a higher end. Character is not a gift, character is a victory. You will have no character unless you suffer, you know why?

Because if we suffer we will reign and rule with him and that’s what’s wrong with all these kings and all these pharisaical imps out there that try to run society and try to run the race, they have had no suffering.

They have had no training; it takes the poor man to come up from the bottom. Suffering can get to the top to know what he is doing. That’s why the world is full of mischief and dishonor today, because men have not suffered.

They try to legislate so people don’t suffer. That’s right. Everybody knows if you take a little cocoon, in which is the moth, chrysalis, which is the butterfly and they start to merge and you don’t let them struggle their way out, they’re destroyed.

You don’t go around tapping the egg to get the chicken out.


All right, tribulation, trials, sorrows, work, endurance, makes you strong. The old Oak, Brother Branham said, shaken by the mighty wind… all it does is dig its roots in deeper and deeper.

I thank God I went through what I went through. It’s rough, it’s suffering, you bet, but you can lick it.

Endurance, patience, that’s why I can sit and wait for God twenty years to show me one thing, then I check right back to Scripture to see if it follows through and I know it’s God.

Experience… what does it do? Within your character, takes you right back to the Word, where suddenly the Word is enlarged to you that you know it’s yours.

The circumstances haven’t changed but you know it’s yours, it’s there, it’s setting right there. You see, because you know this way, many people never set long enough to know this way.

I had to set until I knew but I’m going to tell you something. I still don’t know. You think I’m standing here preaching as though I have arrived?

I have not arrived, I’ve got battles over my healing, and yet I know what to do about it if I weren’t so lazy. To tell you the truth I just battle it.


Thirty some years ago; after praying for the sick. Everything going for their benefit, very well, I was happy to be of service.

I came home and that flu struck me and I mean it struck me. You talk about sick, burning with fever, yet icy chilly, run to the bathroom every five minutes, kidneys and bladder were completely out of control.

Then I got mad at the devil. On my bed I just stood there, gritting my teeth and I went against him four solid hours, from that point on there was no return of any problem whatever.

My back took longer. Pain would come; I couldn’t do anything with it. If I lay in a certain position one day I said, “Okay devil, I can beat you to your bluff any day; so I lay in that position and I hurt.

And I ached, I didn’t groan but I was ready. I said, “Okay you got me this time boy, lets try it again. I’d go back again… I got him.

There is no devil in hell or out of hell big enough for those who know. Now I don’t practice it too much but I’m telling you we can, we can do these things with the faith we got.

And with the remarkable hour of faith today to take this message and translate it into a perfect understanding of calmness and move on.

And every time we go through this cycle of trials, our faith enlarges and our endurance gets greater, our character matures, the Word of God becomes more precious, more living and more powerful.


Now watch what it says;

Romans 5:5

(05) And hope [earnest expectation] maketh not ashamed because [what] the love of God [at the same time] is shed abroad in [your] heart.

Now I quoting what I believe to be the proper understanding of this Scripture, I don’t have a prophet to put me right, if I’m wrong.

But I want you to know something; from my experience it is right. Love goes down the drain. The love of God diminishes.

Faith goes down the drain diminishing and souring, because we do not understand that though we want something from God; God wants something from us.

And brother Price… Doctor Price, one of the most brilliant men I’ve ever met in my life; one of the greatest preachers; a true man of God, made the statement, which I’m only paraphrasing, because I don’t have it actually anymore.

I think my notes are gone on that one statement.

He said, concerning the path; “The Christian path our feet must tread upon when we go to God for a promise; [he said] there is a path you must tread upon.”

And he said, ”From the time you begin to trust God and the time you get your answer, you can either lose or make the answer [and he said,] this is the reason right here.”

He never got the full revelation that I got on it, but I’m going to tell you something; Doctor Price started me off in understanding, and it is the truth. Something happens to you every time you gain a victory.

And if you’re wondering today why you’re setting in a bad place you haven’t gained your victories, that’s your trouble brother/sister, you haven’t stood the test that’s all. Happens to every single one of us. Not one misses it.


Now watch again I say,

Romans 5:5

(05) …hope maketh not ashamed;

You start with this Word, you start with the promise of God, you move through those promises and you come right back every single time and it is all magnified and when you do, Gods love moves in your heart.

Faith and love are relatives, they’re twins, they’re of God.

Faith and Love work together and then notice, as God sheds this Love in your heart from this experience; you love Him all the more and you are ready to move all the more.

Why do you think Brother Branham was the man that he was? I gave you the answer right there. There is no royal road to success outside of this.


All right, Hebrews 12:1-11, which follows the entire 11th chapter on the annals of overcoming faith in the trials of the lives of the elect ends on verse 40, wherein God provided an even greater perfection of faith in our lives today, and then goes on to speak of our trials also, which you can look at in Hebrews the 12th chapter.

And this is for you and for me today brother/ sister. Because the 12th chapter contains the verses of once more the Voice speaking out of heaven, the Voice of Him speaking; approaching unto Mount Zion, going in.

And it says here:

Hebrews 12:1

(01) Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, [To faith, the trial of faith and the overcoming], let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, [what’s that? Unbelief.] and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.

Now, when you run a race, you’re anything but patient. So it’s telling you, “Learn to gear yourself down.”

If God gave you the answer every time you prayed right now you would be a spoiled brat. That’s all you’d be. And I started to say and didn’t finish it but I got into it.

The trouble is, you’re suppose to reign and rule with Christ, but only if you suffer, because the man that doesn’t suffer doesn’t have character and the people that don’t suffer and rule with Him don’t have enough character to rule.

And that’s what you got wrong in this world today, that’s what I was trying to get across to you. And if a preacher hasn’t suffered, he hasn’t got character; he is just a big mouth.

If he’s a man of God though, he will be called into a place where he will suffer. He will suffer for his congregation; suffer for others because that’s what they do.


All right listen; run with patience a race, gear yourself down:

Hebrews 12:2-3

(02) Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher… [Now he is the one that starts and finishes] who for the joy that was set before him, endured the cross, [There is the enduring, there is the patience during the trials.] despising the shame, [He looked out on the world and said, “forget it, these things don’t mean a thing, I’m over and above it all. And now look at him;] [he’s] set down at the right hand of the throne of God. [There is your answer to what I preach, in Romans 5.]

(03) For consider him [Abraham considered not his own body now dead.]

Consider Jesus, thoroughly perceive, get your understanding lined up; don’t just talk Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, blood, blood, blood, thank you God, sacrifice. Get into it.

Hebrews 12:3

(03) …consider him [thoroughly perceive] him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest [you] be wearied and faint in your minds.

Look it, the whole thing is a contradiction, ‘contra deco’ means to say against, two Latin words. That much I remembered from 16 years of age. Latin, ‘contra deco’, to say against.

Something is coming against you. Where is it going to hit you? It is going to hit you in the mind. Where do you get weary? In the mind. Much study can weary you. Not this, this Word will make you strong.

Hebrews 12:4

(04) Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin.


Jesus did battle his own life, power, and faculties in the Garden of Gethsemane and great drops of blood stood out. I had a peculiar experience, not like his, don’t think for one moment it was anything like his but I mention in passing.

I had a thing come before me one time for somebody, somebody wanted prayer. I became so desperate for that person I suddenly felt I had blood in my mouth; had not bitten myself, the taste of blood was in there; I didn’t shed any blood.

I’m just telling you there is such a thing as you going before God and going beyond yourself.

You don’t become an idiot; you don’t become a raving maniac; some kind of a fool, some kind of a mystical person that’s in the sense that he is not mystical, that he is eerie, he’s irrational, he’s weird, flakey, all those words.

Mystical in the true sense of the word, but there are things you can’t understand and explain, but they are real.

Science probes at it, Phtt, they will never get anywhere. This is not scientific in the sense of a test tube. This deals with the soul brother/sister, that doesn’t fit in a test tube.

They try to put the mind in a test tube; it doesn’t work, because if the wrong chemicals are in the test tube, you blow the mind even as the wrong chemicals blow your mind.

That’s what I keep telling you; Brother Branham said, “There is nothing left in the earth, and your body turns to mush.”

You say, “What about your mind?”

How many sitting here this morning feel your; your not even taking care of yourself perhaps, just eating any old junk food.

You say, “Well bless God my mind.” What about your mind? The prophet said it would turn to mush with your body.

You trying to say the prophet is wrong? Learn to take care of yourselves. I’m getting pretty bold this morning, because I will tell you I feel better than I’ve felt in years right now.

I’m to the place where I’m more scared than ever to live, because I’m so strong I’m going to live many years if God doesn’t take me home and I want to feel good while I’m living.

Don’t like arthritis. It may sound like a joke to you but I’m not joking. I know how to preach, I can hit you so hard you’re scared not to suffer.

I can tickle your fancy and make you relax and laugh a little bit, I wasn’t born yesterday. Maybe I was, and I don’t know it.


You’re wearied and faint in your minds, wearied and faint but if you knew how to eat food you would eat brain food; the Word of God.

You say, “I’m getting that.” Yeah? What about the repository called the brain, where the mind works?

Mind is not brain, anybody knows that; brain is tissue. If you ain’t got a mind, you go to the morgue. Sixteen corpses’ laid out there.

There is no minds at all; brains. No mind. Mind is spirit. Mind is in the component part of the spirit and the nature of your spirit that directs your mind and your soul…

I mean your mind and your brain and all, your whole body is the soul, what’s in the soul. And there is the power of choice, there’s your will power right down in there. When God is in there you got something going in there.


All right, now listen:

Hebrews 12:5-6

(05) And [you] have forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto children, My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord nor faint when thou art rebuked of Him.

(06) For whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth and scourgeth every son whom He receiveth.

Now that doesn’t mean He whips the living day light and then He mauls you all over the place, hurts you. It tells you He constently puts pressure on you for your good.

Now many pressures in life and nerves in life are because we are not obedient to God. Do you know what complexes are all about? It’s not doing your simple duty to man, to yourself and to God.

When you wake up to the fact that you’re supposed to do certain things and start doing them, you will relax and feel good.

I learned this years ago when I went to school as a high school kid, then I threw it overboard because I got to be a stupid idiot.

Wanting to run around, gas off, be a jerk. Every Friday night I did all my home work if it took me till 2:00 in the morning.

I loved doing it anyway, I love mathematics, and I could stay up and do mathematics. I tried to enjoy my work; I took an interest in it. Come Saturday and Sunday… Wow. Come Monday, no problem.

Later on I began messing around with a bunch of fools like me and me like them, I ditched my home work, tried to do it the last thing Sunday night or the first thing Monday morning.

Worldly stupidity. I learned years ago and didn’t follow through complexes come by not doing what you should do.


You watch how quickly your complexes go you kids; young people that think you got complexes. Face reality a couple of times. You ain’t got half the complexes you thought.

Some say, “I don’t want to meet people, I’m introverted.” Aw hogwash, go meet a few people.

I’m introverted, I act like an extrovert and I don’t mind at all, I’m gregarious. Did you ever think the day was when I hid behind my mother’s skirt, going peek, peek, peek?

Well you say, “I couldn’t.” I couldn’t, you got to be kidding, I ran. I don’t run now. If I want to meet Oral Roberts, I just walk right up to him. I’d find a way to meet him.

I never met Brother Branham that way, God did it all. I’m going to tell you something brother/sister, complexes are just self induced in ninety nine percent of the cases.

Now some are complexes, because you inherit certain traits in life, but you can overcome that too. I don’t find a thing in the Bible that says you got to have complexes.

Yet Brother Branham said, “The devil has got a whack at you,” and that’s true. You can be whacked and you can be nervous but you can understand your nerves and work on them.

Brother Branham sat down Hickerson. He said, “Hick, yours are nerves that will kill you; tell you how to work on them.” Hickerson lives a life of peace.

Told his wife the same thing, he said, “Your nerves won’t kill you but they’re bad, I’ll tell you how to overcome.”

He wanted really desperately to take me out hunting someplace where he could relax and deal with my nerves but, because of the people that where always around him; I just refused the invitation. Or I could be a hundred percent better off.

The man loved people and he loved those that loved him, worked with him. But I’ll tell you one thing, if I help people a lot, my own nerves relax. Sometimes in saving others, you will save yourself.


Like the man; it was bitterly cold, it was so terribly cold… you got to go up in Canada, up North for that. Here it can… it can kill you here too, blizzards and snowing.

Barely keeping himself alive, stumbling along in the blizzard. He bumped into something on the road and he found a man who was just about dead.

He whipped himself into a frenzy of activity and he massaged the man and rubbed him and warmed him until the man began coming back and in doing that he actually saved his own life.

Get busy… get busy! Do the nice things you’ve been meaning to do or pay somebody to do them. I’ve often thought of that. Oh yeah, I would buy the cards and say, “Hey, what would you charge to send these cards out for me?”

Here are all my friends’ birthdays. Well you say, “That’s at least better than not.”

You’re right. But you know, what makes me the happiest is when I get my phone calls and say, “Brother Vayle, you never know what that did for me when I heard you say so and so.”

That’s what counts. You know then that you… something is worth while.


Now you might understand a little more then why I take a very hard stand with my ministry, because it is everything to me.

Would you want me to get in your way of getting something worth while in your life? And would you not want me to have something worth while? Think of those things.

That’s why I keep teaching you day by day; come to church expecting. Sit there and pull it out of me; I challenge you.

You’ll get more than a basket full, you got two baskets full this morning already, you just start doing this brother/sister and I am a living example of some of the things I’m telling you, I’m not fooling you.

You can do it without God. You can do it on your own too. When I was a kid I used to take a turkey feather and tie a string on it and a spike.

Throw it up in the air and watch it come down like a parachute. I did it two close to the building and it hit my eye the spike did. I think it was the left eye twice in a roll. I could have lost my eye. I blinked horribly; I got in the habit.

I was laughed at, naturally they would laugh. My mother said, “You shouldn’t do that.”

It was almost like a tick. I worked months and months and months, it’s not there. I’m going to tell you something brother sister, this is true.


God knows what you are spiritually, psychologically, mentally and everything else and physically and He said, “I am going to have to line you up, I’m going to help you, it’s going to take pressure that does it.

Today you pressed 100 pounds, tomorrow I want you to press 102 pounds, next day 104 pounds, 106 pounds, 108 pounds, 110 pounds. I want to get you up to the 200 pound press; I want you to run that extra mile.

“Kid,” He said, “You haven’t gone the first mile, you’re too flabby. You haven’t exercised.”

Now God doesn’t… He’s smarter than a doctor… The doctor says, “Hey, don’t go out there and run your fool head off, you will drop dead.”

God doesn’t take you out there, slam the works at you. Like a child He trains us and brings us up, He hardens us, He deals with us.

Hebrews 12:7-10

(07) If [you] endure this [training that God gives you and sometimes it is very rough. It takes the skin off you,] God [is] dealing with you as [Sons that He loves] and what son is he whom the Father doesn’t [correct and bring right?]

(08) But if [you] be without the [training] whereof we are all partakers, then [you’re] bastards, [your just a bunch of illegitimate kids unto God.]

(09) Furthermore we have has fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence; shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits and live?

(10) For they verily for a few days chastened us after their pleasure; [That’s true.]


We correct our kids because they get in our hair. We don’t say, “Hey, what does that kid need at this time, for he should do a thing like that?

Well a big whop in the seat; stimulate his protoplasm, his posterior protoplasm especially. Maybe it will get to his head, in the reverse fashion.

Well it works; you can’t just let kids get away with murder. Sometimes they need a whipping, but they need first of all correction.

Hebrews 12:11

(11) Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, [but watch, it’s] grievous; nevertheless afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby. [Get your exercise spiritually this way brother sister.

Wherefore you people who know this; always be on the alert to help people who are down in the dumps. Like hypochondriac spiritually… my Lord! Phtt, we’ve seen those too, forget it. But legitimate cases that need help.

And remember, twenty-five cents will dry kid’s tears and a hundred bucks may help somebody in the church feel good, but tomorrow or the next week he will feel twice as bad, because now he wants two hundred dollars off of you.

Set them down and talk with them, And say, “You know what? Let’s face this with the Lord; what you really need is a good job.”

Don’t borrow somebody’s car; get your own. You know Doctor Kenyon said that? And you know what; I was already 30 years old. I owned a car before but I gave it away or let it go, because it was such a clunker.

I said, “No more cars that are going to be clunkers.


In his little book, “Signpost on the Road to Success”, he said, “Buy your own car.” I said, “Well hallelujah, why not!”

I didn’t have any money hardly, they took a few bucks down; I paid for it. God paid for it. Get your own things, don’t be a hitchhiker. Brother Branham used the term hitchhiker. You learn to be a stalwart person.

Now some of you people; you know that I have [born?] with you quite a while. You snapped out of it. I won’t look at anybody, close my eyes, you know that to be a fact. Now it is your turn to help people; go ahead.

That’s nice, I mean it well too for your wellbeing too, because that’s how it is. Sit down with people, talk with people, be nice with people, let them unload on you.

You couldn’t tell when Brother Branham was sicker than a dog then… So listen, I want to tell you what; the worst time in my life I’ve spent sick, I’ve had people unload on me.

Sometimes it just was too much. I broke under it, but I’m still living.

You say, “Well I’ve got enough trouble of my own.” Oh no you don’t, you’re lying. If you’re a certain child of God, and you’re trying to live for Him, and you believe this Word, you don’t have too many, you are… what are you doing?

What’s that word they use? Just passing the buck or something. There is another word they use but I can’t remember right now but anyway you’re, you’re just not living up to it.

Now it’s grievous but it is the only way to get the peaceable fruit of the Spirit, by this exercise.

Hebrews 12:12-13

(12) Wherefore [you] lift up hands which hang down. [Your own and others.] And the feeble knees; [You watch how you’re doing].

(13) And make straight paths for your feet… [Lest the lame be turned aside.]


What does that tell me as Christians? A fundamentally, energetic, God filled church that’s doing His Word. You know something? What’s a little clue? How many of you; awh look it… you all went to high school.

Somebody came by; you know they use to call me all the time, math… because they knew I could do math and I could do English and things like that, I was good in math.

I could have majored in both, I did, in fact quite easily, but I like both. But anyway they would come and say, “Well, look, look, look, ah, how did you do this?”

Now, every time you explain it, you got better your self by doing it, and I found a way to lick any problem, in geometry especially.

It’s a cinch. You get a problem you can’t work and nobody else but the teacher can work. And that problem is suited to a certain number of theorems that you have already studied. Let’s say you’re in number seven theorem whatever book you’re in.

Now you get a question and it is a tough one, and you look at that question and you apply ever theorem and you turn your geographical structure, you turn it this way, and that way, and upside down, you look at it backwards, you add a line and you take away to get angles.

You use every theorem and every trick of ingenuity and you solve the problem. You will never have another problem in geometry that you can’t lick.

You’ll have them, but you’ll lick them and you’ll be happy. When they first give me algebra, not like you guys got it; you got it lucky, I’m an old guy.

So I got it back only in grade nine. You get it when you started as kids, it is fun to go into as kids, you are more versatile.

They threw the book at us. Why this is stuff we never seen it. Well I got stuck at it. I like it, I like it, I like it. I love it, I love it, I love it. Blah! I hate it. But I love it, I love it, I love it.

And I said to myself, “I love it, can do it! Hey this is duck soup.” I hated duck soup too. I like chicken soup.

I can do it. I like it and I sat there grinning, phtt, three weeks time I could do it backwards and forwards one of my joys; if I would only have had a little adding machine in those days just to make it easier.

Where I had a whole sheet of paper with figures, with these… doing questions. I loved it, log rhythms the whole thing.

See, psychologically, I don’t care what law is in this Bible, I can take it and show you that in the human, normal, natural life people are doing this outside of God. And they become successful respected citizens. Cousins laughed his way to health.

In other words; “A good spirit doeth better than medicine.” What about the joy of the Lord? You know what?

People say, “I get turned down by God.” Well, I don’t buy that the way they say it, but I buy it the way that it’s true.

You will get help but you got to go through the processes and then you start working with others that they may have it too.


Now, I’m going to close because there is no use trying to get back to the sermon, I’m sorry about that. We had a nice time; I hope you had as good a time as I had. Love you all, appreciate you; come back again.

I’m going to read out of the book of Revelations 3rd chapter. This is us today. Well before I read this to you let’s go back to Hebrews 12. I got enough time for that. Okay, now then, it tells you here:

Hebrews 12:14-15

(14) Follow peace with all men…

(15) Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any foot of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled;


It tells you right here that your own grouchiness, that your own disrespect to God, that your own failures, failing to go through the trials of your faith, can eventually and will bring trouble in the church.

Bitterness starting in you against God will spread till you find something that you don’t like in the preacher, somebody, somebody else and you get bitter.

And you’ll cause a stink in the church and a trouble in the church and many people be defiled. Who wants to defile people when you can lift them up?

Now look, I’m a very blunt preacher, pragmatic or everything else you got and I can call a spade a spade, sex, sex and dirt, dirt. You think I haven’t had my times when I’ve looked at a young woman? One thing comes, why would I defile? Give me one reason.

You say, “Well Brother Vayle you love your wife.”

I say that’s true, I love her too much. But I’m looking at your hearts and men’s hearts around the world and I’m saying why would you defile a woman?

What kind of person are you? Why would you defile a man? Why would you murder, why would you kill when you can do something decent and nice? Look, the same energy to bring you a poison letter; I can bring you a love letter.

James condemned the mouth that had bitter and sweet water from the same source. Why? Because it takes the same energy. That’s all it does. I don’t fear this church. We operate funny here.

Because I’m a funny guy. I don’t worry, if you’re a true seed of God, oh you can be buffeted but nobody is going to get to you.

If you’re not a true seed of God, you can try all you want to, to stir things up and try to destroy us. It will get to us a little while; it won’t last. You are wasting your time.

Why don’t you go some place else and do it. Or stick around here and find out we were right, go ahead. No problem. We don’t ask questions and snoop around in the corner. No we don’t. You know why?

Because we believe this Word and seen it proven. I believe that before it’s over there is going to be a lot of people here brother/sister that by the grace of God we are going through some how. What else can we do but go through.

Hebrews 12:15-16

(15) Look diligently, [consider Him, consider Him and look diligently that you may find someone that you may help.]

(16) Lest there be [a] fornicator, [one of these guys off the Word playing around here in organization and all.] or profane person, [you know when you profane something it means you mess things up. Messed his life up; messed people’s lives up,] as Esau, [a messer upper,] for one morsel of meat he sold his birthright.


Was it worth that one slug of booze, that one cigarette; was it worth it that one wild time, that one shot of cocaine? Sure, go ahead you’ll find out. But that man couldn’t inherit anything. There was no place for repentance.

You know you can come to the place where there is no place for repentance? Now listen, this is following up here, for the Seventh Church Age.

You don’t want to grow in love and in grace and faith. You don’t want to follow this path. So what do you do? You find evidence to complain, nothing suites you, you’re an individual; Ha, ha there is millions like you. But you are fooling yourself.

Hebrews 12:17-23

(17) …afterward he wanted the blessing, [he couldn’t get it. He was rejected. That’s Hebrews 6. The Endtime Message, he turned it down. They will be looking for it… too late.]

(18) [Now it said, but you] are not come like a mountain that cannot be touched, [that’s Mount Sinai] that burned with fire, blackness and darkness and tempest.

(19) [The voice of trumpets, words that they heard…]

(20) [Commands they couldn’t endure, even beast were killed.]

(21) …Moses said, [I’m quaking it’s horrible.]

(22) [No, you’re] come unto Mount Sion the beautiful holy] city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels. [Messengers, those that keep you from falling]

(23) To the general assembly and [the] church of the firstborn which are written in heaven and to God the Judge of all.


Right to the Judge that says you’re the pure spotless Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then say let’s act like it. Nothing to stop our faith now. Yep, let’s ask God to make this sermon waterproof, that is, our vessels waterproof so that it don’t leak out on us.

One old fellow, years ago, he said, “Lord fill me, Lord fill me.”

He had been up to the alter so many times, he would rejoice, then come back and say, “Lord fill me.”

An old lady said, the old grandma said, “Oh Lord don’t do it, he leaks.” Don’t go away and let it leak out. It’s too easy, too easy. See?

Hebrews 12:23-24

(23) [Come to Him,] the Spirit of [the] just [Who has been] made perfect.

(24) …to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.

We are far beyond Abel. But notice He takes us right back to Abel. The first man that became a martyr to God.

Takes you right back to the beginning puts you right there with the greatest of all. Gave his life. Puts you right there and we are beyond it.

Hebrews 12:25

(25) See that ye refuse not him that speaketh…

That’s what we heard this last time. The Prophet of God. They didn’t escape back there; they won’t escape now because it’s all over.


All right, now we go to Eden, back to Revelations and I’m finisher.

Now he says here:

Revelation 3:17,19-20

(17) …you [say you are] rich and increased with goods [but you are not. You are miserable and] wretched, blind, naked. [Now verse 19.]

(19) As many as I love I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore and repent.

(20) Behold I stand at the door and knock…

I’m looking at it this way, through the prophetic Message; the Judge came on the scene, [Brother Vayle points to the Cloud picture.] that’s absolutely right.

And He made the judgment, the assessment, He laid it out and He told us the truth which is the truth. Now, it became a rebuke and a slap in the face to us who thought we really had everything under control and right and found we were utterly rejected, unless God did something for us.

Now, rebuke comes with the Word. Chastening comes by following the Word; going in the training period that God gives us. We should all be trained.

Now the next thing, “Behold I stand at the door and knock.”

He is saying very plainly, “Do you want fellowship with me?” This is how you get it. I never knew the fellowship of God as I know it from years back and now.


When I was first saved, I was saved in the Pentecostal Independent Church, which was fine for the day.

And my joy was saying, “Praise the Lord, halleluiah, Glory to God, Halleluiah, Glory to God, feeling good, halleluiah, glory to God, Oh yes, bless God, love you Jesus, halleluiah, halleluiah, halleluiah.”

Hour after hour and I did feel good, but I never heard anything from God; didn’t get off the ground. Now see, you folk didn’t have this so I can tell you all about it.

And you can know certain things that don’t work so don’t get enticed nor get fooled by Charismatics. Don’t get turned away brother/sister. Don’t get turned on by that stuff. It’s all right if you want to go that way but I prefer not.

But I tell you; when I went down the path and I said, “Lord, there is no turning back, if I die I can’t do it. There are times I got in such hot water and I did it and didn’t know I did it. And I was sitting around blaming other people.


I remember I was in one church and I was preaching the Word of God hard and doing a good job as far as I was concerned.

And they were Pentecostal. I said, “Lord, they have turned on me and they’re wrong.”

And I heard an inner voice saying, “On the contrary, they are right and you are wrong.

I said, “Lord, how do you mean, I am wrong?” And He showed me a picture of a baby in a crib with a bunch of toys and He said, “You took away their toys.”

He said, “You take away nothing until first of all you give them something,” and they couldn’t receive. So if I took away what they had and they couldn’t receive what I had, I am in their debt, they are not in mine.


I boo booed bad another time and things went real sour and I said, “Lord what’s wrong?”

And I heard the same voice say, “You are wrong; you made three mistakes.”

He named them one by one. Now all the screaming, that’s good, now sometimes we need to scream, just scream, like Brother Branham running around that tree screaming, “Hallelujah.”

That’s all right. He could do it because he was hearing from God and walking in the light, but if you think that takes the place of it, you are wrong, you are on the wrong track.

You got to gear down. I love the Lord this morning really I do, I may not sound like it but I do. He has been good to me. I’ve been in very many hard places; I just think they are hard because I’m a softy.

You know what, I would sooner be hard, I would sooner have the back like saw log and a heart like a piece of mush, rather than a heart like a saw log and a back like a piece of mush.

I don’t know which I’ve got for sure, maybe I’ve got a little of both in there, but there is a place for a tender heart, a firm mental attitude, it doesn’t bend but looks to Him, a backbone that’s strong, a heart that is vigorous but it is big as a hotel, it takes everybody in.

Let’s have a heat as big as a convention hotel, the Sheraton, what six hundred rooms and only four hundred people going to turn up, we’ll take care. Have a heart that takes them all.

Don’t be a legalist, naw, there is no place for legalism, you can’t be a legalist and do this brother/sister, it doesn’t work that way.


Well, I hope you caught what I was saying this morning; love and faith work together. And there is a pattern that God has laid down in His Word whereby we increase and enhance our lives in faith and love in God.

And in my understanding there is no other way, because if you and I were to say, “Oh God give me patience, oh God give me patience.”

He would say, “I already gave you the full potential. All you got to do is learn to stand still and take it.

And even act as though you’re wrong, when you’re right.” You see I hear something tell me these things, it’s like a voice in my mind you couldn’t get it… if you tried.

You can come with another voice or you can come with your brass band. It wouldn’t do any good that voice is still there, because I heard it, I know what it said. Never has proven wrong yet.

Up to the age of sixteen, you could put in four circuses and eight brass bands in the room I was in, and I could sit there and not hear a thing but know just what I was reading.

Now it isn’t in the physical anymore, that’s been gone for so many years it’s pitiful. I’m not interested but I tell you, you can put four brass bands and eight circuses in this church this morning, you are not going to change what’s in here what I got from God, there is no way you’ll ever do it.

What He said; you say, “Brother Vayle I want that.” I can’t guarantee you will ever have that, I don’t know what to do for you.

But I can guarantee He’ll do for you what He did for me, if when you are going down that road and you’re tired and you say, “Well, I’m quitting this now and I’m going to move over here.

You turn your car around in the middle of the road; you face all the issues with your wife and your kids if you got them. Something is going to happen to you.

Yeah, oh yeah it’s up to you. I’ve tailored all this to my ministry, you see, I’ve left all this out here behind me. It’s tailored to ministry, but I’m going to tell you something: This Word is tailored to every single one of you.

See? It will fit you. It will get results. What I’ve said, I will stick with, because I know it’s true. Well that’s enough, times gone. Lord bless you.

Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Gracious Heavenly Father, I want to thank You again for Your kindness to us in this day Lord; when we can talk about these things which we know to be true.

And Lord I know them to be true, but I also know the stupendous act in my life is also true in this negative Father that I haven’t kept some of these in persevered as I ought to have done.

To have persevered in your Word in little measure Lord, I know that’s just because that You have given a ministry and I thank you for a little gift. It is certainly no credit to me, it is not mine, it is Yours and it is for the people.

But Lord, so often I have failed fast; most of the time Lord I’m simple failing in the rudiments that You have laid down whereby we do increase in faith and love, this love shed abroad in our heart, we know why because every time we stand still and see Your hand move in our behalf that we allow ourselves to get out of the way and You Lord to come forth victorious in these hearts, minds and souls of ours O God.

Then You shed that love abroad more and more, we esteem You more and more Lord, glorify you more and more, love You more and more.

Help the people here Lord no matter what is happening in their lives, to take a real firm hold of You, and to consider You and nothing else. To consider You. You Lord Who strove against sin until blood broke out upon Your body.

Lord help us to realize what it is to strive against ourselves and not against others, not even against circumstances, because they are going to go, but Lord according to Your Word we are going to go on forever.

Help us Lord, to present ourselves with material that You sent down from heaven here and built into our fabric to present to You up there.

Here we are living sacrifices, up there, not sacrifice’s any more; living trophies of Your grace. Lord mellow us down this morning we pray O God. Take out those carnal critical lumps in our hearts O God.

Father there is too much mud in my blood; I want all that stuff out of there Lord, just the life of God in there.

I don’t know how it is going to be done, maybe I ought to try shooting myself, I don’t know, but Lord I know one thing, that I’m certainly not satisfied with what I am and down the road I simply can’t be satisfied.

I’ve got to have something that in my life that I know you have already supplied and I am to work with for Your grace until more of the same comes for more of the same benefits. I know that is true for all of us this morning.

We are all hungering and thirsting within ourselves to be what Your Word has set us forth to be in the potential through the program that You have put forth in Your Word for us.

There’s none of us lacking Lord, there is not one of us lacking in anything. There is not one of us hampered or hindered in any one thing Lord there is none of us.

Paul doesn’t have to combine; tell us our trouble is our self and nobody else, we know that, we know that Lord, that’s all it is. And the man that didn’t come to the feast; it was his own fault, when You said come and dine.

We of us that are not feeding and nurturing ourselves in this Word Lord and just looking at You continuously, it is our own faults we admit that this morning Lord.; we’re the carnal ones.

We are wondering why people are getting into mischief all the time, we ourselves included is because of this very thing.

So Father help us this morning O God we pray and if You got to use stern measures which sometimes You have to use. And we may regret what we say with our mouths here Lord, so we are not going to put it too strong.

Lord, if it takes a little more pressure and that pressure Lord will make us to conform so we won’t get hard or foolish.

You knowing our hearts Lord, we open ourselves this morning for You to apply the right pressure, in the right place, in the right way at the right time. All in Your care Lord, because we do want to further our lives as servants of God.

Not try to be a real credit to you Lord, because we don’t know how that could be but we do know that You would look upon us favorably if we just humble ourselves and get out of the way even though that’s going to cost something which it will, which is good.

It’s very good for us Lord, so that You might have preeminence. This is what we want Lord from the youngest to the oldest we believe here, just simple people, all of us together, nothing big amongst us; no big ones, no little ones, except maybe in size.

But inside of Your sight Lord, just one little people here. And we will give You the glory Lord as You help us along these battle lines, for we pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.

The Lord bless you.

‘Take the name of Jesus with you.’

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