Perfect Faith #14

The Anointed One At The End Time
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Brother Lee Vayle

Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father we are grateful that You are here in the form of the Holy Ghost and the Pillar of Fire amongst the Bride, and yet everywhere the Saints are because You are also by Your Holy Spirit, in the Bride Lord and we appreciate that so much.

Learning more and more how wonderful You are, how to disassociate ourselves from time and space, and be more comfortable in the eternity of God which doesn’t know time or space.

Lord we appreciate it because we would not have known it accept for this hour. The Messenger You sent certainly showing Your love and Your grace Lord, that You have identified Yourself with man and through men and the identification will continue; to Your glory, through ages, we know nothing of Lord.

We cannot even begin to realize with the Holy Spirit giving us, what it is all about, but we know that as we come within the scope of it Lord, it is always after the fact we know more and more and more a continuous unfolding.

We appreciate Lord the reality of it. We are glad that there is a reality. Seems that so few of us Lord that we get to the place of reality that there is a millennium, there is a White Throne judgment after that the Second Resurrection.

There is a cleansing of the heaven and the earth, a remolding, reforming that there is a New Jerusalem, all these things are there Lord.

Perhaps, Lord we are just latecomers as it were, we are slow learners but we are learning Father the truth of it and we are so glad.

We know that this takes a revelation and that encourages so therefore we know that faith is moving O God; we are not standing still, moving up, moving up by the Word. We appreciate it so much, Lord.

Help us now tonight in this study. We will give You the praise. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now this is Perfect Faith 14, and I don’t know if we can finish tonight, I wish we could we will just try to go fast.

Now last Sunday we took the entire Message on the outworking of faith and love based on Brother Branham’s’ statement that; one: love and faith were relatives; that 2: faith and love work together; 3: Love produces faith or as Paul said, “Love makes faith work.”

We studied the principle set forth by Brother Branham as we found it in Romans 5:1-5, that’s all love and faith.

And came to a conclusion that both faith and love are both enhanced and magnified by the trials of life, wherein we develop character as we gain victory over the world, the flesh and the devil.

When we ponder the statements of Romans 5:1-5, we can’t help but see the reality and substance of faith and acknowledge the power and authority, and effectiveness of the kingdom of God in our lives.

In other words it is experiential life, we experience it we do not experiment with it, we experience it and we have showed conclusively by Scripture that as we go through the trials.

Our faith begins to take on a new dimension and our love also and it certainly is enhanced and magnified as we are taught.


Now Brother Branham having finished his comments on love; moved back to perfect faith in his own ministry for this hour and went directly to Mark 11, for the speaking of the Word, declaring what he himself had actually witnessed.

In other words that Scripture is living in William Branham. In this case it was the creation of squirrels, which he affirmed to be a greater miracle than when Joshua spoke and the sun stood still.

And you realize he said, “Those were just elements that were stopped in their moving; but this was a creation.”

At this point he clearly averred this act of creation gave him a perfect faith for his own resurrection and emphatically set forth that the faith evoked by his ministry was the anchor in Christ Himself that entered within the veil and guaranteed our lives were eternal while death rained around us; it’s death not to enter in.

Nothing outside this Message will come to life. Put them together you can understand that entering within the veil is where we are anchored right now within Christ.

Anything else is wrong; it is outside of Him. Thus we are assured as he himself was assured if we believed in what he said.

So, we have the great assurance of the resurrection which means we are going to walk into eternity as you will see as we go along in this Message based on exactly what he said we will come to a very strong definition.


He stood before us and declared himself a living example of Mark 11, as he said in paragraph 152. Then in paragraph 153 he refers again to Christ and his ministry and links his own with it in John 14:12, and Mark 11:23, and encourages us to draw on his ministry and revelation.

So all right, we will go back here and… All right now Brother Branham speaking in paragraph 153 and he said:

[153]  David in the Psalms spoke of Him. [Who him? Jesus Christ.] And with it he took his power and he ministered to others.

Now what you are seeing here is that Jesus identified himself in the Psalms and he took the authoritative power that was said concerning him in the Psalms and he ministered to others.

He could not minister in the authoritative power outside of that Word. He was linked and a part of it because He was the Word.

Not only did He keep it to Himself but He ministered to others by it. Now let’s read it my way to get a little more understanding.

And not only was it a treasure in Himself and for Himself; this is what was in the Scripture, declared by the Psalmist, the Holy Spirit, but He ministered to others by it.

Also saved others, even to the uttermost like the thief on the cross; it mentions that he made his death, you know, with the wicked… in the grave with… he was a poor man in the grave but with the rich… he was in the rich mans grave.

[153]  …and he can do the same thing now…

In other words he is saying, “Look, when there is a Scripture that should be fulfilled concerning God Himself, no matter how that is fulfilled; and we are talking in terms; it will be fulfilled by a people and in a people.

And that ministry coming out of that Word will be a powerful effective thing in the one who is used of God, but also powerful and effective to the saving to the uttermost of the others.


Now, that is a strong statement for Brother Branham to make, but if you don’t see it that way you’re not seeing this Message in my books, because you can’t get strong enough when it comes to God and His Word.

We are too weak concerning It, we are lukewarm, and we’re wishy-washy and he said, “What we need is red hot and to be red hot we are going to be like a fanatic; now you won’t be stupid and wild and eerie but you will be beyond yourself in your faith.”

You will be beyond yourself in your own believing, that’s why you got to let your minds go. And he promised the same faith; I’m telling you I’m right because notice what he said and you believe every word he says.

[153]  And promised the same faith to the believers in His Word in John 4:12, He said so; Mark 16; and also in Mark 11:23, what we just read.


Now actually the interpolation of Mark 16 is not for him; that’s for us. But he demonstrates fully by 14:12 and 11:23, that Mark 16, is utilized by us on the basses of believing his ministry.

[154]  Now watch. He has appeared to us in the same form that He did to them in the Old Testament, [That’s Moses and the Pillar of Fire] and in the same, He did in the New Testament, [That’s the Logos in the Pillar of Fire to the apostle Paul] and has showed by the same Word, [That’s in there; I believe Rhema,] showed by the same Word, the same Christ.

[In other words he is taking the Bible Word by Word and he shows the same thing now. Now watch:] And I declare to you that Christ is the Holy Ghost.

Now that is a definitive statement; that Christ is the Holy Ghost. The same as he said the Elijah of this hour is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

He speaks of ‘The Token’ is the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a declarative statement; a definitive statement. I declare to you [by revelation and his own experience in God] that Christ is the Holy ghost.

Now watch him begin to deviate from that strong statement and bring it right into line with humanity, because he is going to do it.

The word “Christ” means: ‘the anointed one’, just the person that is annointed. That is Christ the annointed one. [Now that is the Alpha of 2000 years ago.] How many know that’s true? [That’s good].

The anointed one; there would be a man that would be anointed; anointed with what?  The Bible said in Acts 2 that Jesus of Nazareth a man approved of God, anointed with the Holy Ghost went about and did great things, works and things, seeing that God manifested proved that He was in this man.


Now, remember he is talking right today now concerning the fact of a Pillar of Fire. He’s talking concerning a fact that Jesus the man was anointed by the Holy Ghost.

He said, “Same Pillar of Fire of the Old Testament is the same Pillar of Fire that is here today.”

And he tells us unequivocally that, “The Lord Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever and in the form of the Holy Spirit, in the Pillar of Fire, He is doing exactly what He did back there.”

Now, this brings us categorically to the book of Acts the 13th chapter which I have read to you many times already; some folk didn’t know it was there in the Bible; we wouldn’t have known either till we looked it up.

And it says:

Acts 13:41

(41) Behold, ye despisers, and wonder, and perish: For I work a work in your days, and work which ye shall in no wise believe, though a man declare it unto you.

The declaration would come absolutely by a man, which we know is going to happen again in this particular hour. And again it says in verse 14 of Romans 10.

Romans 10:14

(14) How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher.


So, when you are talking about God, you are talking about Logos, you are talking about these things; you have to understand that Brother Branham is still talking about himself.

God in the Pillar of Fire anoints the prophet, even to indwelling him. Now a man approved of God; anointed with the Holy Ghost according to paragraph 153; John 14:12 and Mark 11:23.

That man anointed brings forth John 14:12 and Mark 11:23 proving that he is approved of God, and that he was anointed with the Holy Ghost.

Now he says up here the Holy Ghost; that Christ is the Holy Ghost; I declare unto you, that Christ is the Holy Ghost.

Well can God anointed himself with God? Does the Holy Ghost anoint himself with himself? No; He is the anointer, so He anoints a man, and these, great works and things done. See?

That God manifested, proved that He was in this man, Jesus the Christ. Now what does it prove today? It proves that Jesus the Christ, the Holy Ghost is in William Branham the prophet; God in the prophets.

You got to watch it and never fail from that. Now, 155.

[155]  And now, we become the anointed with that same Spirit, anointed messiahs, messiah-etts of the last day; [Now Brother Branham categorically said that we where messiah-etts, so we better watch this.] to shine forth the resurrection of Jesus Christ. [Then do it; prove he is risen from the dead; all of us together can’t do it.]


William Branham has already told us the miracle that was done by creation; the ministry that he had indicated in the Word; shown to him and vindicated by God gave him resurrection faith, and it was evidence that he is not dead but he is risen, but he is risen from the dead.

Greater works than this shall ‘he’ do. Not many people doing it but one person doing it. Because the Bible is very correct. The Greek scholars don’t like it; don’t like it to be that correct, that is their trouble.

They want to make everything correct for themselves, and this guy from Chicago; he doesn’t really even want to talk about it; the man is completely antichrist.

I have no fear of saying it; don’t look at me as though I got to fear; he is antichrist, he just revealed it. He made Brother Branham a fool. Said, “He’s wrong.” When he prophet is wrong?

Brother Branham said the prophet cannot be judged; lets understand that. If the prophet cannot be judged then he is the judge.

If you don’t believe that, ask Jim. He will tell you what they do to you; right against the book; for no reason. You don’t judge a prophet. No way.

That’s why perhaps the greatest revelation God gave in this Message to understand finally what Brother Branham was saying, “The judge is here.” [Brother Vayle points to the picture of the Cloud.]

The sentence has been passed; White Throne an open view. What are people looking for? Looking for another Branham?

Or maybe you got this sneaking hunch like some weirdo’s that maybe; look, I don’t mean you people here; anybody hears this tape you’ve got it coming to you, maybe you think you are going to be something to show.

Haw fap! You ought to pretend you are an ostrich, stick your head in the sand and ask God to send a lion by that would just snap your head off so close to the sand the poor lion won’t get any sand in his teeth. It would be the nicest thing you ever did.

All right.

[155]  …we have become anointed messiahs, [All right we become anointed with the same Spirit, anointed messiahs. That’s the Jewish word for Christ.]

Messiahs of the last day to shine forth the resurrection of Christ, to show that He is not dead but in the form of the Holy Ghost [Now who is going to do that? Now watch,] He’s in His people, moving among His Bride.

[How can you be moving among? You are either in or your not in. The two words are here. He is in His Bride,] He’s moving amongst the Bride with a love affair to her, pouring out into her Himself.

They are becoming one for the wedding supper, and the same signs, promised by the same God, in the same Word is making the same manifestation.


What manifestation? When he was on earth when David the Psalmist said; now it’s repeating. You got a full panoply of the manifestations again.

So, Brother Branham is showing his ministry, his identification with Christ and through it our identification with Christ. No one but the prophet could make this come to past; what he says right here.

Brother Branham represents the Bridegroom as to the Word Bride so to speak. Now 156; here is an absolute definition;

[156]  There’s nothing left for us to do but believe It, and “believing it” [or believing it] is the substance that creates a perfect faith. Just think how numb we are; [lukewarm.]


How many times did he say go to Africa and they see it once and turn the nation upside down? Hundreds of times here; [toot,] just got dead to it. We’re numb, and let’s face it tonight we are numb to it; we might as well be honest, say, “God help us.”

Thank God we got the mechanics and we got this far; the rest haven’t come this far. But we have at least come this far. Don’t try to anoint yourself. Get your mind made up to believe it.

“There is nothing left for us to do but believe it.” Now what are we looking for? We are looking for the Resurrection and the Rapture. That’s what you’re looking for. Brother Branham has categorically stated this is what it is all about to him; He’s sure of the Resurrection.

He knows that God is going to do it. Because God is going to create again and not by sex, but by taking the elements that are here and creating by them, bringing us forth in brand new bodies.

Not these old bodies. “There is nothing left but for us to believe it.” Believe what? What’s already happened and lot of the friends I have got one look way down the road to the resurrection when Brother Branham comes back.

Yes he will come back, but if you don’t believe this here now; I don’t care how many times he appears to you; you have shot your wad.

[156]  There’s nothing left but for us but to believe it. [Believe what? The manifestations and the declarations based upon a prophet;] and that creates a perfect faith. How numb we are to this truth; just think about that for a minute.


In other words; could we thoroughly accept what Brother Branham said? You know there’s too many cooks spoil the broth.

Everybody wanted to be in Brother Branham’s ministry; grab the ball and run with it. You don’t get rest and peace that way. The only time you get rest and peace is to know that things were done right.

All right so the absolute definition we have before us, concerning this that Brother Branham presents to us in his ministry; the anointed man of the end-time. You believe it; you can take it; that will bring you the perfect faith.

Now, he’s introducing to you remember Mark 16. That’s why he said, “Take this message for your healing.”

I have said it to you dozens of times, but tonight I am explaining it because this is the first time I have gone into it. All I knew was to say it, but now I am telling you how it is done. So you see there is a lot of believing in this message that still isn’t being capitalized on. All right.

[157]  Now, let’s see. Has he done all things well? Has He ever told us anything, but what happened just exactly as He said it? [Now he has put us on the witness stand. See?]

Hasn’t He performed, and hasn’t the great Pillar of Fire been seen among us and done just exactly like He promised?

There it is right there… Brother Vayle points to the picture of the Pillar of fire. All right; what did he call the great Pillar of Fire in paragraph 154 and 155? Christ Himself. Okay.

And done it just like He promised to do? Haven’t we seen It? Hasn’t science taken It having been predicted what would happened?

Go right; there and happen even in the papers an magazines, [That’s the Angelic Circle] pack it right back and show it when it is told two months before it happened? Hasn’t He done just exactly the way He did in the Old Testament, and the New Testament?

[There he is right back again to Moses and Paul and William Branham; three in a role, that’s all, no more, no less.] And It’s just exactly the same One, the same Holy Spirit is a Discerner, and the Word of God.

[that’s Logos in the Bible] which is quicker and sharper than a two-edged sword; a Discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart… isn’t that right? Isn’t that the same God?

And that same One is not a stranger off somewhere else…

Ho; he said you are looking right me. I’m not God but you are looking right at me. The anointed man of the hour. Pillar of Fire wasn’t telling us anything… He was telling Brother Branham. We got it all through Brother Branham.

Now listen…] He’s here, He’s here and does that to create a Perfect Faith, I feel Him.

One time he said I feel Him standing up inside me. Now one; I know He is here now, two; I know His Spirit is here. Now is he saying there is two Spirits? No… he is just commenting on it. He is here in the form of the Holy Ghost.

I know that He knows all things, [Hebrews 4:12, the discernment.] Amen.


And he knows that we know, because a crowd of five, ten, fifteen, twenty thousand, he took every spirit under his control in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, no man could hide.

You should have seen him in a meeting. When someone dared to perk up in his heart to challenge him; he just whirled like that, when the prophet was challenged, he would just whirled and looked.

I told you the time I was fooling with him, just kidding; he whirled on me, just froze for about one and a half minutes, looked at me.

Then relaxed. I should have said, “Okay Brother Branham what did you see but what you wanted to see?”

I would have got a reading from the top of my head to my toes… from my hair to my toe nails. He looked through and in. And I want to tell you brother/sister. White Throne is the same way. No use you try to hide.


Now he knew that, and further more he can prove it and he did prove it, and we believing it have the elements that create this perfect faith.

Now we know that perfect faith brother/sister is going and honing in to the Resurrection and the Rapture.

We know that healing is a minor, but remember, before it’s over that sweet Spirit of Christ will be amongst us and there won’t be one person not healed. Now what am I trying to tell you?

Nothing but the simple truth; believe this Message more and more and more and more, until the mechanics become living Word and it is no longer Rhema but it is Logos.

And you become; because you part of Logos.

[157]  He wants to do something. I know it. He has been doing something, He has been doing something to create this perfection of faith in the people.

That’s the net result of the Message and discernment will show the truth of it.

[158]  Are we going to walk into eternity [that’s in the physical and I told you we would bring it up. We are going to walk in the physical.] like it was in the days of Noah, with eight souls saved?

Are we going to come like Lot, with three out of Sodom? Are we going to come, like in the days of John the Baptist with six believers?

Let us believe, for His words is perfect. [That word ‘perfect’ means they are [genetically] correct but also they are finished. They are finished in this hour here.] They’re manifested daily and perfectly before us, showing that He is the Word: the Word.

Hebrews, the 4th chapter, says: the Logos of God is sharper than any two-edged sword, and even a Discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

[159]  Think of that! The Word of God is That, a Discerner of the intents of the heart.

For the Word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of the soul and of spirit, and of the joints and of the marrow and is a Discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

[Now] The Word made flesh Hallelujah, [Now that is an interpolation; so just blot it out of your minds and read it the way it is.]

The Word made flesh is the Word operating in human flesh by physical signs, by material signs, by Scriptural signs, perfectly, to bring to you a perfect faith for a perfect rapture. [That is a definition then; it is absolutely astounding.]

The Word made flesh is the Word operating in human flesh; by physical signs, by material signs, by Scriptural signs perfectly to bring to you a perfect faith for a perfect rapture.


Then what has Brother Branham’s ministry been all about? This very thing he is talking about. When you begin to stand on this; Look it will be foreign to you.

Now let’s understand it; many of these things are a little too tough for our minds. They’re foreign to us. Keep saying it, keep working at it, keep looking at it, until it gets a hold of you. See?

Don’t sit back and think, “Well now that really doesn’t cut with me, I don’t; Oh just stop that nonsense.

You say, “Hey bless God it’s true.”

I told you it saved my life the day I sat in Brother Branham’s meetings out in Yuma Arizona, just for me special.

When he said, “The Shout is the Message.”

I said, “Oh Lord, Brother Branham, you said so many things in your life but this is just too, too, much; suddenly; when was he ever wrong? Okay… Shout is the Message.

And that has put me… what I’ve taught you all these years and it has gone around the world and don’t think everybody that believes it, believes it the way we do.

Or they’ve got the same spirit about we’ve got. Don’t kid yourselves, I wasn’t born yesterday and you weren’t either. You sat under my ministry long enough to know these things.

I’m not trying to lead you astray; I’m trying to tell you some truth. I know what I’m talking about or I wouldn’t be up here talking about it. I’m fully aware of White Throne… certainly.


All right in other words; the days of the Son of Man; the kingdom of God in our midst, amongst us/in us; brings about in a Sodom, Noahic condition the ministry of Jesus Christ revived to the same end it was back there.

Where the Bride will be enlightened with the true revelation of God; positioning her and in her hour in order that destruction may fall upon those who reject. You’re looking at it right in this hour.

[159]  The Word made flesh is the Word operating in human flesh.


Now it doesn’t mean that the Word made flesh comes by an operation. It means that the operating of that Spirit manifesting that Word proves that that is Word in human flesh. See?

That’s what it is doing… the Word is made flesh. And Brother Branham says the prophet is the living Word of God made manifest. And he said as you believe the Word of God; you become the Word of God in your flesh.

I said, to Brother Branham one day, “What do you mean when you say… ‘the Son of Man revealed in human flesh’?”

I don’t remember even saying it. I can’t find one place he said it but I asked him flat. I said, “What does it mean?” Where did I get it? I don’t know where I got it.

He said, “The Son of Man revealed in human flesh is the Bride in every age.” This tells you how it is done.

You are not expected to produce this; you are expected to believe this and as you believe it, you get this.

Because you’re not to be ministers and prophets and things. Oh God if you got that in your mind… disabuse yourselves now. You are nothing but nothing unless God does something with you and for you and I’m nothing.

I’m a little bit tough on that statement, but I’m going to hang tough on them; because maybe you need it. You need some lessons once in a while; blow your mind plumb apart then put you back together again.

Don’t try to be what you are not and don’t get in the way of the guy that is what he is. Remember you’re here.

I never got in William Branham’s way, his testimony was, “Lee you never ever used me.” Never tried to take the ball from him; too many people do.

That’s what has happened, I mentioned before this when I said, “You pray for my brother.” Can’t leave a man alone.

All you got to do is believe. In this church, all you need to do is, listen. There are certain things other than incumbent upon you. You don’t have to get in this pulpit in one way, shape or form.

Your prayers are requested, your prayers required. I’ve got them; I thank you for them; your interest, your attention; thank you. If it weren’t for you people I couldn’t preach like this. See?

These things would probably go over my head but coming in here things begin to jell and come together, becomes loose, concise and clear.


All right, you get what you are looking at, what you are suppose to get, which is suppose to be your perfection of faith and when you believe this, that’s all that’s required, because you have had all the rest.

This is restoration by Elijah.

[160]  Why can’t we look at it? [Why don’t they look at it, you might as well say?] Not [now mystical; it’s real.] the devil has put everything in the world [in front of you to stumble you,] to keep you from believing It.

[Now listen to what he said to the Pentecostals in that nature.] He will bring in a meeting and try to throw everything he can in front of you. Shake it away from you.


Well Orals’ got a bigger tent. Allens’ got more dynamic faith, this fellow, that fellow. Brother Branham never came to be a competitor. Vessels are not in competition.

They don’t have enough brains to be in competition. They’re containers. William Branham didn’t have brains to be in competition. He was a container.

He tells us himself, “I have a gift to get out of the way.” I’m not trying to throw you, my Lord, I’ve got to get finished tonight somehow. And I did not say that derogatorily; it is the truth.

He said, “Against my better judgment, all the judgment I had was to be a trapper or a skunk skinner. I was not the one packing this message and saying these things.”

Though they blamed a lot of it on me and said I was the guy who did it. Oh Lord have mercy. They didn’t know the fount of joy and blessing was in this man.

Any old meeting come along and run. Any whisper come along and you wonder. Fap! Let me tell you something, you’re dead, dead, dead, to everything outside this message if you really believe.

If you stay in this message and you believe wrong; you are still dead, dead, dead. You’re between a rock and a hard place. Personally, I don’t care, because I feel I am a hundred percent right. I can’t prove anything; I don’t try to prove anything, just telling you what he preached.

[160]  Why can’t we look at it? It is not mystical at all, it’s real. It’s just the devil comes and puts as stumbling block in front of you to keep you from believing it. He will bring in a meeting, try to throw anything he can in front of you. Shake it away from you. The Bible says. “Rise and shake yourself.” Pinch yourself.


Brother Branham; what’s he trying to tell the people? They got excited over his ministry. Then other people, false anointed rose up; so they couldn’t stay and hear the message; run, run, run.

Like Judge Sullivan told us about that farmer, he had those fine hogs. Beat on an empty drum hogs come to get something to eat. One day a bunch of woodpeckers invaded the place where the hogs were.

And they beat on the hollow logs, the pigs ran themselves plumb sick and skinny running from drum beat to drum beat. Paul the apostle warned there would be many voices in the air; if he warned that, then it has got to be true there would be all these voices in the air.

And if they started in his day they are multitudes in this day. And God knows there has to be one Voice get us back as Paul the apostle said, “Though many teach you, but you have got one father, because I have begotten you in the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

He said, “ But I’ve all ready seen you have been fooling around with some man out there; preaching another Jesus, preaching another gospel, preaching another spirit.”

Where does that lead from two thousand years? It leads to destruction and the lake of fire brother/sister; you know that as well as I do.

And people stand up and say; got the nerve to say, “Well we have the perfect doctrine.”

You have got the perfect hell is what you got to go to. It is risen from beneath [Inaudible] will take you down. It is only perfect; perfection of the devil is all they got.

Pulled his MasterCard on them, and God let him do it. Anointed ones at the end time. Run to your meetings he said, they can’t set still.

[161]  If the Spirit is here now [He is going to swing into discernment] If the Spirit is here, He knows you. You’ve got one thing to do, and that’s to believe It, to accept It. He knows. Do you believe that?

He knows what’s in you. He knows what you are; He knows what your desire is; He knows what you have need of.

[162]  [Now he looks down at Jim Pool.] Jim, do you believe He knows about that baby? Took its fever before you left; a hundred and five. You believe He’ll heal it?

Come on it today, say, I’ll leave it. I just looked over there and saw them before they left home, what they did. Now that’s true.


Now some would say, “That’s telepathy, that’s spiritism.” Go ahead and blaspheme the Holy Ghost; no problem. You ever been to a spiritist meeting? Oh come on; those birds haven’t got a thing.

Oh they got the devil; they’re very smart, very entertaining. I used to watch the great Myers any time he was on TV. I just sit there glued to it when I could see him in Florida.

Why you put everything you want to know in a fish bowl; he’d pick it out, he wouldn’t even read it, he would just tell what was on that thing and just tell what was going to happen; he had the power of hell.

You know people get carried away because some little thing comes in; some devil or something; you got everything. Go to your Bible and see where it is.

Go to your Bible and see if God sells His name down the road, ‘Thus Sayeth the Lord’ and then God back it up but it is not ‘Thus Sayeth the Lord’.

Boy, oh boy. Look at today; you put an ad in the paper, they copy that ad wrong. [Somebody] puts an ad in; somehow they got something in there for $89.00 and they cut the thing in the wrong place and it says $8.90.

Do you think they would give that to you for $8.90? You say, “Well that’s in the paper.”

They said, “Who cares, it’s a mistake.” And next day the paper retracts it with an apology. God backs His Word up brother/sister. If it’s in His Name it will come to pass. Show me these other people had it; didn’t have it.

[163]  Mrs. Little, [I knew her, she died of a heart attack, many years ago, I buried her over there in Chicago.] Mrs. Little, do you believe God would give you victory over that diabetes? There is a woman setting beside you; I don’t know you, but the Spirit’s upon her.

What she is worried about, she’s got a little child that has to have an operation for an eye or something. She’s from Chicago. [She was a red headed woman setting there.]

“Quicker, ore powerful than a two-edged sword, a Discerner…” What is it?” The Word. You believe that? Certainly. [Far as I know the little girl got healed.]

[164]  There is a lady setting right in the next row there, just had an eye operation, didn’t do too well. But you believe it, it’ll get all right. You believe it? All right you are healed. You should be thinking about that.

Told them where the minds be going; not wandering around, get on the subject.

[165]  Mrs. Peckenpough, [She is out there in Arizona right now, still living, best of my knowledge. I think in Phenix…] it isn’t for you; it’s for this grandson setting here.

You’re praying about it, but you believe that God will make it well? You believe God can tell me what’s wrong with him? Doctors don’t know; no. That’s right. Swelling lungs. That’s right. He has got a blood condition. Correct. 

They’re kinda confused about whether you’re going to let him go to school or not. “Quicker, more powerful than a two-edged sword… ”

[166]  I see a woman losing her food. She’s somewhere; Let me get her face somewhere. [See? Got to look around for her.] Yes, setting back there; her name is Mrs. Llewellyn. She believe with all her heart, that stomach trouble will leave you. Amen

[167]  Here is a lady setting right across from her, looking at me right now, setting on the end; she is wearing glasses. She is got arthritis. It is in your left hand; it was; it ain’t now.

[Now just a minute; he made a statement, we’ll get to that. He made a statement.] Just, if you believe.

[168]  What about that little baby right back there? It comes from Ohio; got cancer in the eye. Do you believe God will heal it? He will do it if you believe it.

Akron, Ohio… You believe now that God will make it well, He will do it. What is It? “More quicker and powerful, [He is quoting right there for our day.]

[169]  Here is this little nurse; something struck her; she’s got a trouble in her shoulder. That’s right. Is that right? All right, believe it, and it’ll leave. See? The Word of God, a Discerner of the thoughts and the intents of the heart…”

Now what is he doing? He is proving to you and me from this… Mark 16. We don’t have John 14:12; we don’t have Mark 11:23. Not that there is not something in there it will trickle down but we take Mark 16.

[170]  Now there is no prayer cards in this building. There is nobody to to give out any prayer cards. We don’t use them here; ‘less it’s just have to keep them in order. You want to be prayed for? How many wants to be prayed for while the Word is manifested through flesh?

How many wants to be prayed for while the Word is manifested through flesh? Now you think that’s Rhema or Logos? That is Logos demonstrating Rhema.

Let this row here get out and come down this way, right down this aisle here first, right in here, you that wants to be prayed for. Then after that, I want this aisle here to come down behind them. Then let this other aisle.

[171]  “Quicker, more powerful…” Could a two-edged sword do that? No sir. But the Word of God can do it. Why? It is the Word of God. Now, do you believe that?

Now there again is Logos according to Rhema.

[172]  “The Great Physician” Where is that Sister from down in Tennessee, Sister Ungeren… or Downing?  [She wasn’t Ungeren] “The Great Physician Now Is Near.”

[173]  I’ll never forget that in Fort Wayne that night when that little Amish girl, or Dunkard was setting there playing that, “The Great Physician Now Is Here, Near “and the little was healed; she jumped up; the Holy Ghost fell on her; her pretty hair fell down across her shoulders; and the piano never missed a key.

The great Physician now is near, the sympathizing Jesus. Supernatural power moving them piano keys, playing “The Great Physician Now Is Near.”

[174]  Look; you believe? You ought to. See? Now, remember, when you pass. Now, if you don’t believe it, don’t come;

Don’t believe what? You say, “Oh I get a little funny feeling about… you know… this has to do with healing only.” Naw, no… see, he said, “If you only believe Who I Am, you would all be healed.”

There was the thing right there; to really see what was in our day. See? Really understand, See?

Now if you don’t believe; don’t come…

You say, “I am going to, I am a son who believes it; I’m coming to believe. See?


All right, there are three things to believe; One: about the prophet; who he is. Two: that god speaks through him. Three: to believe the promise of the Bible.

And Brother Branham said, “Every promise in the Bible can be yours through the right mental attitude.”

Let me find it for you here, I’ve written it down in my Bible. “The right mental attitude toward any divine promise will bring it to pass.”

The right attitude is to receive it and say, “It’s Thus Sayeth the Lord.” Now, was that ‘Thus Sayeth The Lord’ what Brother Branham said? Certainly was. So you’re on your road. All right…

[175]  The Bible said, “These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay hands on the sick, they shall recover.” That’s exactly right. Now, that’s under conditions, “if you believe It.”

That’s not necessarily you, and John 12:14 as Brother Branham is. But it is John 14:12 makes you to see this. See?

I proved it to you. I believe it. See? He manifests His Word to show that it is His Word,

[Now this up here was a manifestation of God’s Word, to prove it is His Word when you come here; hands laid upon the sick. Now you got the proof; that takes care of it, walk on through and get It.

a Scripture fulfillment to prove that it is. Now, you believe it when you pass by. Will you do it? And then when I lay hands upon you… that’s exactly what the Bible said.

[176]  You got anointing oil over there, Brother Neville? Get that and come over this other side; let’s just fulfill the Scripture. Get over on this side here and anoint every person as he passes by.

[177]  Now, so that I’ll be sure, that I’ll get the prayer of faith for every one of you, let’s have everybody put your hands one another that’s believers. Just reach over and cross your hands on each other. [Just hold hands see; and cross them.] This is where we’re going to find out something in a few minutes.

I figure as how advanced by the church; this little… what we believe and see… seeing how advanced the people are. How they’re ready to take the Sword and walk out in the front line, say, “I challenge you, Satan. I challenge you.

You can’t make me disbelieve any more. See? What are these things done for? So that people will believe. It is the Word. It’s where that shows that I am preaching you the Truth, the Word.

Now you see he is skipping from the manifestation of healing, back again to the Word, which a divine healing will not put you in the Rapture… uh uh, no but something else will; restoration, the Seventh Seal does. See?

It’s the Word. That shows that I am preaching you the Truth, the Word. The Word made flesh, made flesh in you…


Manifested first of all showing Brother Branham was the Word of God made flesh, and our believing then follows in due course; we also. We are not required to produce the signs, but we can receive the signs.

In other words we are not producers. Brother Branham was not a producer either, only in so far as God gave him the ability to receive and he become a channel; God did the producing, same as in Jesus Christ.

We do not produce; we receive. He is trying to get us in that shape. Okay.

[177]  …the Word made flesh, made flesh in you, made Word, [your flesh made Word] made Life in you. Made Life in me. See? “The Great Physician.” All right, let us bow our heads.

[178]  Lord the great Physician now is near; You are the physician. I have preached Your Word and Your Word has declared that You are here, that You are the same yesterday today, and forever that You cannot fail.

[Now that’s what he said, this is my ministry; to declare that He is here.] You never failed us, Lord. And now, let each one of these that has their hands on each other, may the blessings of God rest upon them.

And as we come [prayerfully], and as we anoint them with oil, the pastor and I, and pass them through this line, may each one pass through here with faith to believe it, to know that the very God of heaven stands present.

There you are; that’s not in you; that’s That Pillar of Fire.

May each one shake themselves. Can they only this one time, Lord, [one more time], just let them let it soak down, Lord, one time. Open their eyes, Lord, that they can see what is going on…


What was going on? What he said! But could they take it to get the perfect faith? No. Now this can bog you down and this can stop you; it is up to you tonight which way you’re going to go.

What you are going to do about it. You can let the cares of this world take over, you going to snap it off and say, “Well it’s not too important.”

Or you can make it your life tonight; it’s up to you. It’s up to me. We are in the valley of decision brother/sister, with this people right here. We have been there a long time; been over twenty years since the prophet is gone.

[178]  Let it soak down. Open their eyes, Lord, that they can see what is going on…


Not a healing line; but the Word made flesh, the perfect faith, see? Now if you are grace believers instead of legalists or eternal security, you can receive this…” By grace are you saved through faith;” you get this by grace and faith.

You cannot doubt what we know to be seen. I cannot doubt what I saw. I can’t doubt when I saw that microphone cord completely unfurl from his legs; I never winked an eye; never batted an eye, because I was too intent on watching it.

Suddenly instead of being coiled around his legs two times… lying right beside his legs… he hadn’t moved and nothing had moved. You tell me what was done? You say, you’re hallucinating.” That shows how stupid you are, you missed it.

If you can’t believe what I am telling you when I was there to see it, then you don’t know what I’ve been talking about. You don’t know what the message, you’re setting there like bumps on a log.

I’m not being mean with you, I’m just telling you the truth, God forbid I hurt anybody feelings, because we’re not here to do it, but I want to tell you the truth.

We’re dealing with a reality brother/sister that Jesus Christ Himself here in the form of the Holy Ghost in the Pillar of Fire, using a prophet, did just exactly what He did when He was here on earth; God manifest in flesh.

There is no difference in God period. It is just the vessel. There’s no difference in you and me in that day back there. And there are those that made it, now it repeats.

[178]  Open their eyes, Lord, that they can see what is going on and not to blind, staggering, but to see the reality of the Presence of the resurrected Jesus Christ.


“Oh Lord heal me.” Look it… I am in the same boat; I want to be healed.

I want this, I… listen… I was standing there with my face so firm on Brother Branham, sitting behind him, long as I had that cord, sitting behind him.

Stand there, set there, just gritting my teeth and he turned and looked at me, turned and looked at me. He knew I wasn’t the guy pulling it but I was pulling, making a mess out of it, pulling so hard.

And I was missing what it was all about. I was so anxious to get my… whatever I needed, healing; missed the point.

[179]  I charge you in the Name of Jesus Christ, that you come not in this line unless you feel you have got that perfect faith; cause you are only taking their time, somebody else’s time.


Jack Palmer, sat in Macon Arena, I think it was, way up there. He knew Brother Branham personally, knew him well.

All right, Jack was eating baby food and dying with his stomach; it was killing him, and Brother Branham said, “There is a man suffering up there, he said, his stomach is really hurting him and he had been eating baby food.

Oh, he said, it’s Jack Palmer.”

He said, “Jack, do you believe me to be Gods prophet?”

He said, “You used to believe me to be Gods prophet; yes,” He said, “You still believe I’m God’s prophet. You’re healed!”

Jack could eat every greasy hamburger and cast iron nails right to this day. Well what did it? What gave him the healing? “You believe me to be Gods prophet?” That’s what it was; if you only knew Who I Am.

[179]  Now, you’re taking somebody else’s time. Don’t do it. As long as I’ve preached to you, have I ever said one thing to you but what has happened… [In other words; Now, am I or am I not God’s prophet?] exactly? The Lord did that. He did it not for me; I believe. He did it for you.

How could Brother Branham not believe being face to face with the Pillar of Fire? Over here. How could he not believe the Voice out of the trees? Everything else. So what was he doing this for? He tells us; to curry favor with the Bride, to get us to believe.

He did it for you, that you might believe what I am telling you to be the truth. [After you believe,] it will be all right and you will get well. When you come by here, drop your unbelief right in this spiritual bucket down here. You won’t see it, but it’s there. When that oil touches you, drop your unbelief right there.

Oral Roberts would say, “Reach out and touch that radio, touch the TV, do this, do that. Brother Branham didn’t stoup to those things. I’m not criticizing Oral, he can do what he wants to do, he helped people.

Deposit that; and walk away with perfect faith that you are well.

In other words, you know because you know Who He Is; you can walk right there and say, “Drop it right there.” See, it’s all right. Paragraph 183… skip what is in between.

[183]  Know ye not what I have done to you? [See, they have been singing and preaching and he has been praying.] You’ve called me your; [Now watch, he is paraphrasing Jesus and John.]

Know you not what I have done to you? [Remember the Lord, the foot washing?] You’ve called me your pastor, [Lord and Master,] and you say well, for so I am. If I, your pastor, have been identified by Jesus Christ, that I do His work, then believe my Word.

By acting this act of faith, by laying hands upon you, I have condemned the disease and afflictions that’s a bothering you. Believe that so shall you have your request, regardless of what it is, for all things are possible to them that believe…


Believe what? That I your pastor have been identified by God. Hey, we’ve got a God identified pastor. Well so do we halleluiah we got souls won in our church. How do you know you have?

You can’t prove anything. If they don’t accept the light of the hour; whats the light of the hour? They’re lost, condemned. I don’t care if the Blood of Jesus Christ could have been buckets and tubs.

Quantity didn’t matter; it was quality. And something was contingent upon your salvation even with the blood being shed. You can’t despise the Word and get the Blood.

It shows you never had the Blood in the first place and you haven’t got the Holy Ghost or you wouldn’t despise the Word. See? You said, you believe. Believe what? Believe what he just said as their pastor.

Attribute it to him. And if they had only known and I had only known exactly what He said, look at me and get this flat; “I Am here.”

You bet; nobody else could do that; there is no way. He said, “On that condition, you come up here; you can get what you want.”

[183]  And I truly believe that I receive it, and in my heart I accept everyone. I accept in my heart every one of your healings; I accept it, that it is done…


He said, “I am putting it all on myself now, if you will just come up here, with grace, that’s been extended, and the faith that’s been demonstrated; and you can take that, I am going to tell you myself what is going to happen to you, on my authority as I stand here God working through me.”

Now brother/sister, that’s where they dropped the ball because Brother Branham could discern and they couldn’t put the two together and they lost it. Simply lost it. They couldn’t get the great thing.

[183]  …I believe it. I believe it with all that’s in me.

Also with my hands upon these handkerchiefs laying here, I’ve been watching it close; I believe that they’ll produce just exactly what the people requested. 

What’s he mean; watching it close? The exact time to lay his hands on the handkerchiefs when the anointing is the greatest.

[184]  This is coming into that Third Pull! I’m believing it.


You think there is going to be a third pull without you and me being a part of it? No way. We are getting in shape right now for some kind of a third pull in the sense that there is a manifestation of a third pull that is not the Seventh Seal.

The third pull is the Word but there is also manifestation. People want to put that right with the tent ministry coming up, whatever it is. I’m not arguing with anybody, I won’t argue with anybody, because you know why?

When Brother Branham left the scene, God didn’t, the Word didn’t leave the scene and I believe we have every hope and every opportunity to catch up where we left off if indeed we left off or it just seems that we have.

[184]  Now I want to ask you a sincere question, you that passed through the prayer line. Can you actually believe and feel now, that there is something happened in you since you’ve had hands laid on you?

Right, raise your hand. [There you’re at.] There it is. This is what we’ve waited for. Now, this is not… this is just starting to bloom now, just started to bloom. I did this for a purpose, I did this for a purpose.

I’m working out something; it’s taking this charge of faith and going right back to begin and come in [See?] to kinda raise faith in a bracket where you’ve never noticed it that way before. Not a faith, but a perfect faith, built it up in here.

This place is coming, when you really know that you are settled; this is that. This is that prophet which was for to come. We have heard and recognize and do know; that’s what you’re talking about.

And watch a perfect God with a perfect heart, keep a perfect promise, by His perfect Word, which is sharper than a two-edged sword and a Discerner of the thoughts of the heart.

And what? We’re coming now to the perfection because the people have to come to this; in order for the rapture. That’s what’s holding it away right now…


Healings? No… they’re going to come. No. When the Spirit and the Word become absolutely vitally one in you and me; that faith and that love that he talked about.

That real manifestation; all these things are being laid down right now in our lives. If you people do not know what I know; I’m certain that you must know that something is going on now that has not been going on before like it’s going on now.

It has to do with you and me and this blessed Word of God that He has brought to us. Holy sold out to the Message is what it’s all about.

[184]  We are coming now to the perfection because the people now have to come to this in order for the Rapture.

What perfection? The perfection of faith and he told us what it was.

That’s what is holding it away right now, is waiting for that church to come into that perfect rapturing faith. I’m looking for it. It means a lot of shaking down for me; it means a lot for you but together we will make it by the grace of God. Amen. See?

Paragraph 185.

[185]  Don’ t you love Him? Just think: right here now, already begun a work in your body of your healing, because that He promised that it would… 


Well brother/sister if we’re becoming the Word of God in our flesh by piling Word upon Word and anybody dares to say we are not going to come to healing; that person has got have a flat tire; mentally and spiritually, come on.

See, because it is going to be.

[185]  And now, did you catch what I was saying tonight? Have you got the riddle of it? [Not Mark 16. The riddle of what?] “If you say to this mountain,” [See?] don’t doubt, don’t doubt, but believe what you have said. Now,


Listen to me; I’m quoting the prophet and the prophet was speaking to the people. “Did you hear me, he said , tell you?”

That God held me to my word and I said it and it was done.

“Now I’ve been saying things over you; you know that it is done because I’ve said it.”

You see why the people weren’t healed: why I still had my hemorrhoids? Not bad of course; oh I had them down there in Florida. I pulled pretty hard to get rid of them.

In fact he turned around and said, “There is a preacher up here that’s got hemorrhoids; you can get rid of them.”

About thirty-some years now but it’s all right. They’re getting, better I can wait patiently. Yeah… we are not half as smart as we think we are. It’s nice to confess where we are wrong. We are not really red hot.

We are really afraid we might say something to somebody, upset the apple cart, that’s why this certain good little brother, from Switzerland; he came over here. And he was quoting this fellow, Olson.

When Olson ranted; people say, “In the Message, in the Message.” I said, “Son if you’re not in any message you’re out.”

Falling for some little tiddlywinks junk, against this Word. I want to know some answers. Brother Branham told Perry Green I defended too strong. He should be here now! I didn’t know what I know now.

[185]  “If you say to this mountain; don’t doubt, don’t doubt, but believe what you said;”

[And who was doing the saying? William Branham. They didn’t even say what they had. William Branham said it. He did all the saying.

Now watch it, in less than five minutes time, every hand went up that a work had begun in them right now. Oh my, there He is. That did it. What is It? The Presence of the great Physician.

[186]  Oh let’s raise our hands to God and sing it again.

[187]  Let’s just stand a minute. Let’s just worship Him in our hearts. Think of it: God, He’s here. He’s here. Who? Who identified Himself as being the Word?


Now my question to these preachers concerning the Presence; who came down? Who appeared? Who is here in a way He wasn’t here before?

With a prophet alive when he said, “There is no such thing as a true healing revival unless there is a fresh new message started.”

Not the same old tired thing and the same old tired saying; “He’s here, He’s here, He’s here.” Christ in the midst.

The reason I’m sarcastic and a little bit rough on this thing is the fact because I am parroting and showing you that they are wrong in their ‘assessment’ of what is really the truth for this hour. Not that He hasn’t been here; but not this way for 2000 years.


Remember Brother Branham said the Pillar of Fire went behind that curtain and was not seen again for many hundreds of years; The Pillar of Fire when It wasn’t seen again?

He’s telling you the same thing; It hasn’t been seen since the apostle Paul. Moses, Paul, William Branham.

Well let’s put it this way; Moses, Paul, William. Yeah! No problem; ‘MPW’, three in a row. No problem. You’ve just got the nerve to believe it. Okay.

[187]  Who identified Himself as being the Word? [Not yesterday, today.] “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

[He said, “If you make Jesus God you make three Gods.”] And the Word God was made flesh and dwelled among us, the same yesterday, today, and forever.

And they called His name ‘Jesus the Christ’; Human relationship; Jesus, Jehovah, Savoir. So who’s here? God is here. The same yesterday, today and forever.

The Word is sharper than a two-edged sword, [In other words coming into manifestation; don’t you try to buck God in manifestation. What happened down in Pharaoh’s day? They bucked God in manifestation. Let them buck God in manifestation today.]

sharper than a two-egged even a Discerner of the thoughts and intents; what you’ve come here for, what your purpose of being here, who you are; [He can tell you.] identified Jesus Christ to be Messiah and today It identifies Him of being the same Messiah; [Hebrews 13:8.]

[188]  The great Physician, Who is here, Who said, “These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover. And if you say to this mountain, ‘Be removed’, and don’t doubt in your heart, but can believe that He can create squirrels.”

[And you and I don’t believe that, we believe it’s done.] who has no way at all, or nothing there to believe; it’s my own faith that goes and does that, my faith in what He challenged me to ask.

He challenged me to ask it. And I received His challenge; in obedience to His Word [Brother Branham do the same to us now.] and it appeared! God in heaven knows that’s true. Can’t He also heal the sick?

If He can lift me with a faith up this a-way, even for the people, even if they can’t climb that bracket… See? If they can’t do it, He can use my faith… [And they sat there trying to use their own.]


My sister-in-law made a most wonderful statement I’ve ever heard in my life, she said, “I don’t care who owns it as long as I can use it.”

“But Oh God gotta, gotta have faith, the prophet is there but you know I got something there too, Hallelujah.” We couldn’t get out of the way.

[188]  [So] See? If they can’t do it they can use my faith. He can lift me to that place and I am climbing for you.

I am believing for you. I am speaking of you. What a tremendous meeting that would have been if they would have caught it.

Hallelujah, you mean you going to pay my bills doctor? Yeah, I not only will operate, I will pay your bills. Well hallelujah, you’re my kind of a doctor. Didn’t believe God at all.

[189]  I’m your brother, standing as your brother, an intercessor, trying my best to hold you before God. And I am standing here right before the white throne right now…

Right before the White Throne. White Throne. Why the White Throne?


How much time we got? Twenty minutes; well we are there. Okay. White Throne; let’s take a look at the White Throne.

Romans the 2nd Chapter, coming right up, going to read verses 1 to 16.

Romans 2:1-3

(01) Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.

(02) But we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against them which commit such things.

(03) And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God?


You know why the flood came on the earth? Now you’re doing the same thing right now to bring it on.

And the homo’s, the weirdo’s they are standing up saying, “Hey listen, we are going to do it our way boy, you’re going to pay the cost and all.”

Oh yeah, spit right in God’s face. Do you think these plagues would strike America except a prophet were here? Come on!

Romans 2:4-16

(04) Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and long-suffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to [a change of mind; we saw it in the prophet.]

(05) But after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up into thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God. [We had ours cause the tribulations coming and then the White Throne and Brother Branham put them right together.]

(06) Who will render to every man according to his deeds.

(07) To them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honor and immortality, eternal life:

(08) But unto them that are contentious, and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, indignation and wrath. [Now you know what those terms are; righteousness and unrighteousness, I’ve explained it, get the old messages back.]

(09) Tribulation and anguish [and wrath] upon every soul of man that doeth evil, of the Jew first, and also of the Gentile; [Can’t judge a Gentile less they have it first of all, cause you can’t judge a man unless you make him aware of it.]

(10) But glory, honor and peace to every man that worketh good, to the Jew first and also to the Gentile. [This is the Endtime.]

(11) For there is no respect of persons with God.

(12) For as many as have sinned without law shall also perish without law; [be judged without it] and as many as sinned in the law shall be judged by the law.

(13) (For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the doers of the law shall be justified.

(14) For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these having and the law, are a law unto them selves:

(15) Which show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing [each] another;) [Now watch:]

(16) In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel.


We saw it; William Branham with the gospel of Paul, William Branham’s Message could stand there and judge every-mans heart. The secrets; White Throne is on now.

Hebrews the 4th chapter and verse 12. I’m going to read the whole thing. Brother Branham kept leaving it out. He just read the first part; we are going to read the whole thing.

Hebrews 4:12-13

(12) For the Word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and of the joints and morrow and is the a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

(13) Neither is [creation or creature] that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked; [Thou art naked, wretched, miserable, and blind] and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.

And God stood right there and we had to deal with it and he said, “Ah forget this nonsense. He’s just a man. Where are his credentials?

[189]  Yup… I’m standing here right before the White Throne now taking that… pointing my finger at that bloody Sacrifice there, speaking through His Name that it’s done. It has to happen, it has to happen. You know it’s happened. I know it’s happened, so do you know it’s happened and it’s so.


Constant repetition. He said, “I spoke the Word like He told me.”

You know Brother/sister this brings us to a place where we realize… how little that we realize the truth that Brother Branham was actually God’s mouthpiece so when he was there we heard God, Word by Word. No, man doesn’t want that.

Well I got a book to go by. Sure, so you can argue and fuss and scream and what you are.


See why Brother Branham couldn’t many great and mighty miracles? He wasn’t suppose to. He couldn’t do too much or they would have been caught up in him.

If he would have had a confrontation with men like Oral Roberts, they would have carried men like Oral Roberts out feet first. That’s right! He couldn’t have; God got him off the hook each time.

[190]  The devils were subject unto us in Thy Name: Sweetest Name on mortal tongue. The devils… that raises the dead; That heals the sick. That cleanses the leper. That casts out devils. That makes Christians. There’s not another Name under heaven.

I live in It, baptized in It, believe It, worship in It. Oh, let me become part of It. [That’s good.] Let me lose my own self and find it, Lord, in Thee, that Name called Jesus Christ, the anointed Messiah, that I might press my way through the mud of unbelief to reflect the beauty of Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever.

[191]  God bless you now. When you get back here next Sunday, give a testimony how you were healed, what happened this week. Watch and see what happens. It’s over. “How do you know?” [Listen] He told me to say it.


You know that Brother/sister I am sorry to say something that is only too true. This is shutting the barn door when the horse is gone. They too late.

We do not believe too late, the dead haven’t come back; the Rapture has not taken place. Those people… I could have been there, I don’t know.

I really don’t know if I was there or not, it is irrelevant because I attended so many services. It went over my head too.

It went over just about everybody’s head, even the Deity cult, went way over there heads because they tried to make Brother Branham God and he wasn’t God but they came closer.

As I said and he said on a tape when I had asked him; I didn’t know he had already said it, I said, “Brother Branham, on the day of judgment will it not be more tolerant for those people who call you God because they saw something and others saw nothing.

And he said, “Brother Vayle, that’s exactly right.” “He told me to say it and I said it.” It is over; not [past] or nothing, perfect faith.


Well, I preach hard, I preach tough, but you got to admit one thing; you got more peace in your soles tonight, concerning where you stand than you have had in all your lives.

Or I don’t know how to preach. You might as well go home and stay at home, because I’m totally wrong, or I’m totally right.

Now where are you going from here? Can you now see why I’ve talked all this loyalty all this family, all these things so strong?

I say… I’m not here to ride herd on you; I’m here to preach the Word of God. One thing, you will not stand in my way of preaching this truth here.

That’s why people make their phone calls and some are desperate. That’s why the letters come in, because this Word that I preached tonight is exactly what Brother Branham said; and we know after the fact as we’ve never known before.

And he stood there and he said, “God told me to say it.”


Now, I want to tell you something. I don’t know how many that were sitting there got it but those that came in that prayer line, they were, maybe I don’t know.

But when he took that authority, there were there those who did believe, they had to believe, because God doesn’t come and waste His breath on the desert air.

He doesn’t speak to the winds that they carry a message; there is nothing to receive it. There is somebody there. It would be nice, which is impossible I suppose at the judgment day or the resurrection or the Rapture.

We are all together… say where you there that time, that night? Tell me what happened, tell me what happened.

It’s easy to look back and realize that many a healing meeting; I was in one with Brother Branham especially, people got healed, didn’t even know they were getting healed. It was there and suddenly it wasn’t there.

You know, many times when Brother Branham took the burden of faith on himself away from the people, I would say this; it is likely, more than likely, that many more were healed than I would give credit for normally.


I remember going to a hospital one time; I told you about it, a lady had cancer, and her stomach was distended.

I told her exactly what would happen. I prayed and it happened. The doctor examined her. Her stomach was flat; no cancer.

This doctor was a Mormon doctor who attended this woman’s son when he gave him an overabundance of sulfite and literally took his kidneys out. And they believed in healing and the boy was healed.

So he had the wittiness number one of the boy being healed; now the mother many years later was lying there and she is healed, not a thing wrong.

The nurse said, “Well, what is it? Wasn’t it there in the first place?”

Suddenly he got very angry, he said, “I don’t know what happened.

He said, “It was there.” They had to close the argument.


Now, I’m not going to stand here and say my faith did it but I’m going to let you know one thing; If God told me exactly what was going to happen, it happened. I was operating it around with faith, and it hadn’t happened, that was going to be.

Now I didn’t speak the Word on it, I just told her, what was shown me but that would not be what Brother Branham was talking about.

That is merely the gift of faith operating. I’ve had it happen different times. Never saw one sign of evidence?

When every person I told… it happened exactly… one lady came back seven years later went right to the very doctor that told her.

The doctor told her all wrong, I told her one hundred percent right. It was faith in operation. But faith is the key to every gift and everything anyway.

Now, let’s understand that; that we we’re playing; that we were into and a part of the greatest stakes in all history, where man could get back to the ‘Tree of Life’, and walk into immortality.

This ministry manifested to us the Word of God made flesh was the evidence that you’re at that hour for that to occur.


Now remember what Paul said; if God gave us His Son, then with him also He freely gave us all things. If He gave us this great thing which is the ultimate, then with him are also all the promises of God; for healing, for peace, for sustenance, whatever is necessary.

And whatever comes upon this earth brother/sister, let us rest assured though you and I cannot boast in ourselves, we can boast in God, that because of this, we are more than able, we are more than conquerors and nothing shall by any means separate us from the love of God.

We shall endure and rule and reign with Christ upon the earth a thousand years. You’re looking at reality tonight and you know what?

It will grow and it will grow on you and you got to believe it’s going to grow on you. You’ve got to believe it is going to take over more and more.

And without being a legalist you and I can work on it; work daily, by filling our hearts and minds and refusing to allow things to detract us from it.

See, we already have basic principle; the thing is to work with basic principle, which really works. Now that’s enough, 10:30 Sunday.

Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Gracious Heavenly Father again we want to thank You for Your kindness, your mercy Lord, we are very, very grateful for everything You are doing. We are satisfied You are doing it Lord.

Certainly so many things are happening in us and to us Lord; we are very, very grateful but Lord we’ve seen tonight as we’ve never seen before the magnificence of this tremendous ministry, the clarity of the Word that has been set before us.

The knowledge that this man had and passed on to us and now the knowledge which we have because it was only given to him for us and we thank You for it therefore what we have got tonight; it is ours.

We receive it, we claim it and by the power of the Holy Ghost Lord, Who so clearly reveals to us the mechanics, we know that the dynamics have to be forthcoming.

Lead us oh God into the dynamics, which is as is already said to the resurrection and the rapture into immortality, even eternality as he said.

And let not one of us miss it, Lord. Help us tonight Lord as never before, knowing the Prophet left us a little Message when he said, “Love each other.”

“It won’t be always this way when I’m gone,” he said. “Remember; don’t let anything get between You, whatever it is; nothing at all. Now, Father, we are going to adhere to that tonight by the grace of God.

By Your Word Lord and by Your Word in us and by the Holy Spirit in us, interceding and empowering in every way Lord, so that the right hand of fellowship is not just the right hand of fellowship but of love and tender mercy and grace toward each other.

So that no matter what we see each other in Christ Jesus our Lord, Holy and totally forgiven and a complete entity with the complete integrity of Christ within that person through Christ Himself, as our own prophet told us, Lord, from You, that You do not see us You merely hear our voices and see our representative, our representation, Jesus Christ the Lord.

So, Father in heaven we thank You for it. And we praise You O God tonight and knowing Lord that there will be every… evolve upon us and even greater trials than we’ve had previously.

There might be things come upon us Lord, that we know that the devil just trying to knock us out of the way from this truth but we know oh God that the devil is a liar.

We might not have at this moment Lord the physical of the immortal and the physical well-being of an immortal person but we have everything it takes to get us there in Your time and Your hour.

Therefore Father we have grace immeasurable and we have faith to perfection. We have everything Lord, right before us and we have the truth that the prophet said it, as he said in the Rapture tape, “Thus it has been spoken, thus it will be,” three times; it has got to be.

So Father, we thank You for the truth tonight as it has been given to us, it is ours, we accept it every way we can Lord, it is ours and there is something we can do about it. Father, may You make us red hot concerning it. Tired of being lukewarm or cold.

Father for this grace and mercy that You give us tonight; this love Lord that You put deeper and deeper in our hearts and this faith becomes more powerful than ever; unto Thee we shall ascribe the honor and glory for You are worthy.

In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.

‘Take the Name of Jesus with you.’

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