Perfect Faith #15

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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, we’re very grateful to know that You are here in the form of the Holy Spirit, in a way that You have not been here for a long, long time, Lord.

When You visited the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus to bring forth Your Word, hovered Your church in its conception and went away, only filling believers with the Holy Ghost, even as with Israel, You hovered then, You disappeared.

You came back, You came back to the temple, You went away again, and came down in the form of human flesh. We realize that we’re waiting for that great day when once more this human flesh takes… becomes a tabernacle of You and we’ll crown You King of kings, and Lord of lords.

And we know that’s true, and we know, Lord, it’s true for us because we look for You according to the Scripture.

We thank You for it, Lord, that our hope is built on nothing less than an absolute vindicated Word of Almighty God Himself in the presence of that one who appeared to Mary, hovered her, and she became the mother of that One we call Jesus Christ, the child.

So Lord, we’re thankful that we are in a day that history is being fulfilled, in the greatest day ever.

We appreciate that, and we pray, Lord, that our appreciations have become stronger, and stronger that we’ll believe as we have never believed before, and our lives would be consecrated, too. Help us in this service as we bring the Word, we’ll give You the praise.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

You may be seated.


Now, I want to carefully if I can just go to review material we’ve taken and this is number 15 in Perfect Faith.

And in this message on Perfect Faith, Brother Branham gives us to understand that his definition of perfect faith is a faith that is related to the Rapture.

Perfect faith is related to the rapture more so than it is where you develop yourselves in the faith that God has given you so that you may have every answer to every request.

Of course, you know that that, of course, is a very superficial idea that we would have every answer to every request because many times we don’t even know what we’re asking for; many times the things that we can consume it upon our lusts.

It would be better to put it into the proper context, and that is every promise which is in the Book and is available to us considering our condition, and that would mean why we wanted it, what we would do with it when we got the answer.


Now, Brother Branham, however, in Perfect Faith is referring more to the thoughts of a rapturing faith, and so we’re going to read first of all on page 8 paragraph 39… and he said now,

[39]  I want you to get this… the Church has got to lift Itself in the power of God. How?

We are too close to the end, now; and I believe the Church is in a condition where we can teach It some… little deeper things, and rub some of these make-believes out, and get into something real. See? It’s got to be something… you know!


All right; on page 20 paragraph 114… we also read here,

[114]  And so when a man lives by faith and walks by faith, I mean substance faith, he is isolated from the entire world and becomes a new creature in Christ. There, now you’re going to get into Bride material. See? You’re getting into rapturing condition, now.

Now you know the rapture could not take place until a certain period of time. Paul could believe for it. No use believing for it, he knew it was going to happen. It didn’t happen his time. Irenaeus could believe for it; and he did believe for it.

It wasn’t going to happen in his time. It couldn’t happen till the end of the Seventh Church Age when the fullness of the Gentiles is completed.


So when Brother Branham was talking about this, you know that when he refers over here which I just read on page 8 and 39, he said, “The Church has to have the power to lift Itself.”

In other words, the power of God has to come into the Church, somehow, and the Church would have to be in a position to receive It and, of course, the first position would have to be the hour.

You must understand that because no matter how perfect your faith is, or how wonderful it would be, you can’t have God going ahead of His plans. So he’s mentioning here then and we’re looking at this perfect faith in relationship to the rapture itself.


Now, I want to go back to page 8 again, and paragraph 139… 39 and the last sentence when he’s talking about this faith that the church has to have.

He says, “It’s got to be something that you know; something that you know.”

Now, that defines a characteristic of rapturing faith. The characteristic of rapturing faith is something that you know. Okay.

The word ‘knowledge’ comes from the Latin word, ‘skio’ which means ‘to know’, ‘science’, and science, of course, is based strictly upon that which you can prove, you have a way of proving because you handle it, you see it, there’s something there that is very definitive.

So when Brother Branham speaks of something that you have to know, he would be seemingly contradicting what is said on page 6, and paragraph 26 to 28. Now he’s not contradicting but just listen.

[26]  Now, we want to speak at this time upon faith, and a different type of faith: Perfect Faith. That’s a great thing. Now, about faith, we’re told in the Bible, “Faith coming by hearing.”


Now you’ll notice he says, “Now about faith,” and he doesn’t say perfect faith.

He’s talking you… the faith that mentions in the Bible, “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”

“Without faith it is impossible to please God.” “Faith is something hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” “The just shall live by faith.”

So, all right. That’s Bible commentary but you cannot find actually a word in there that says a perfect faith.

I looked it up in the concordance this morning and the closest you’re going to come to is James, “Let faith have her perfect way… her perfect work,” and things like that. You can come to a place.


See, now said, “That’s a great thing.”

[26]  Now, faith, we’re told in the Bible, “Faith cometh by hearing.” Now, you cannot be saved without faith. And faith [has to do with] something that you have to believe is there, that really nothing else will declare it’s there but faith.

Now you’re getting away from science, you’re getting away from knowledge, that way. Now there’s two kinds of knowledge, there’s faith knowledge, and there’s science knowledge or sense knowledge, we know that.

But we have to watch carefully what he’s saying here because we want to bring it right back to something you can know, of course, if you’re blind to it, you know you can walk into a telephone post with your eyes open. See?

[26]  Now I’m trying to bring faith to you, so that you can be ready for this prayer line, in the next few minutes. [Okay, that’s the faith we’re looking at.]

[27]  Now concerning faith: “He that cometh to God must believe that He is.”

And it is impossible to… please God without faith… And if you say you believe God, and… but you’ve never seen Him… then you got to believe It by faith.

And if you could see Him, it would be no more faith. See? Anything that the senses declares, is no more faith, it’s a scientific fact; see, it’s… no more faith. But you have to accept Him by faith.

“And he that cometh to God must believe God, and faith comes by hearing the Word of God.” See? You must first believe this is God’s Word, and you must come to God by His Word. See? Just take the Word, what It says, and “That’s right!” Everything else contrary to It is not right.


Now that’s good.

[28]  Abraham had to believe just what that Voice told him.

Now you’re getting into your senses there because you got a hearing. Of course, you realize the person standing beside Abraham would not hear Him. See, there’s nothing that says that the people heard what the Apostle Paul heard on the road to Damascus.

They knew there was a light, and there was some kind of a sound, the same as when God spoke to Jesus, they said, “It thundered.”

He said, “No, it wasn’t thunder at all. You misunderstood.”

God speaking to Moses on Sinai was the same effect, same effect. They said it was thundering and lightning.

All right.

[28]  Abraham had to just believe… what that Voice told him… when he was a hundred years old, twenty-five years later, he was stronger believing It than he was twenty-five years before It was given to him. See?

He believed It. And “He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief… [In other words, relying upon his senses or any knowledge which is a part from a faith knowledge. See?] but was strong, giving praise to God, knowing that He was able to perform what He had promised.”


If you want to really see this you should have seen Brother Bosworth just before he died. You couldn’t believe he was dying. There was no more funereal atmosphere than nothing but you had to live like that to die like that.

And God was more real to him than his physical deteriorated condition than he had ever been before. And two hours before he died, he was sitting up and shaking hands with all the departed saints he’d known.

“Why,” you say, “he was hallucinating.” Fine, just let me hallucinate the same way, no problem. No problem. See? You can’t put God in a test tube but you can pretty close to do it in this last hour.

All right.

[28]  And that’s the way, everyone must be… He must come with an unfailing faith, believing that God made the promise. [God made the promise, you believe in His integrity. All right.] But now, you have to be in a position to have that faith, and that’s what we’re going to talk on; see, to receive that faith.


Now you notice, all along here, he’s talking; it’s almost like a mixed metaphor. There’s actually you’ve got your channels interweaving. He’s going from simple faith to a perfect faith. He’s going back and forth, and you’ll just watch this as we go along here.

All right.

So it would seem that he… he would like to say, “Well,” he said, “There’s something you got to know, and knowledge comes by senses,” and he turns around and says, “there’s no way your senses can apprehend this, and yet you can know.”

Now there’s got to be a place in there where they come together and that’s what we’re looking at in this message. And that’s what I’m trying to get to you all along the fourteen other messages I’ve been taking from this.


Now let’s go on then and see what he says concerning faith, the perfect faith, and that’s going to be page 15, 82 to 92.

I got to watch this one; I’m going to get all mixed up like I seem to be doing right now. I’ll be able to sort that out… 82 to 92.

[82]  Elijah was just as calm as he could be.

Now this is the Mount Carmel showdown where Elijah in the coming against the four hundred prophets of Baal, and remember, Elijah is God’s prophet. He’s not just a prophet of God; he is God’s prophet. And that’s the big thing you’ll want to watch here.


[82]  Elijah was just as calm as he could be.

And he said to those prophets of Baal that were screaming and cutting themselves, and doing everything.

“Call a little louder,” he said, “maybe he’s pursuing. [You know, he’s out hunting.] Maybe… he’s on a fishing trip [even, sitting down, gone asleep, you know, but he’s lying there.]

Maybe he’s doing something else… [I don’t know. You folks should know, but he’s gone] out somewhere.” He… just made fun of them, because he knew what was going to happen.


He knew what was going to happen.

Now one place you don’t know, the next place you do know and both places you do know, but you don’t know in one place, like you do know in the other place. See? That’s not a tongue twister, that’s the truth.

[83]  Oh, watch when he got everything in order. He walked out there and said, “Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Israel!” He never called him by his name Jacob, “the shyster” “supplanter”. He called him Israel, “prince with God.”

[84]  “Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and of that Prince Jacob, let it be known today that I am Your servant; and I have done this, not at my desire, not at my make up, [something I made up,] but at Your command have I… done this; it was Your will, You told me what to do.

You showed me these things what would be here. Now, I’ve poured the water upon the Altar. I’ve done all these things according to Your command. Now, let it be known!”

And when he said that, fire fell down from… heaven. He was just as confident it was going to fall because he had the substance. Why? The Word had said so.

[85]  Now, this same [Bible this same Bible] is the same God’s Word. And when you can receive the substance [that’s Perfect Faith]; see, substance that this promise that God made is yours.


Now dealing, of course, in perfect faith concerning us, he’s letting you know here that you can have from this Word, without divine intervention, the same as Elijah had because, remember, Elijah had the Word.

He has the first five books, and he had the traditions of everything that had happened from the Judges and from Samuel which was a great, great personage.

He understood all about history, but he had divine intervention. See? Same as Ezekiel had visions of God, a divine intervention.

Now Brother Branham is specifically telling us, a divine intervention is not necessary for you and me for the perfection of our faith, although with the rapturing faith we go deeper because he’s got to know something we cannot know by our own faith being perfected.

Do you follow what I’m saying? We’re coming then to the apex of what these things are.


Now, reading…

[86]  “How do you feel, Brother Branham, when you stand there and you see people coming in different languages and things? Are you afraid?” No, sir. No, sir. He said it! Never been afraid yet, because He told me so, and I believe what He told me to be the… Truth.

See? Now listen!

[87]  If He told me tonight, [now this would cause any man here to turn a shade whiter, challenge the statement.] If He told me tonight, to go to the presidential graveyard and raise up George Washington tomorrow morning, I’d invite the whole world, “Come and see it done.”

You say, “Well, that’s… a pretty safe thing because God isn’t going to do that.” I agree God’s not going to do it.

But what if God did make the challenge? You’d say, “Well, I don’t think.”

Well, there you are, you see, you don’t believe God at all, you just think you do. Who told you to interpret any part of God’s Word as though God couldn’t do what He wanted to do?

Because God… God has put His own interpretation on His own limitations. And if there’s no Scripture against it you tell me then why God can’t do it. God can do it. And if it was in His plan He sure would do it, too.


Remember, the first man that got taken off of this earth without dying, was who? Old Enoch.

The next man was Elijah. I want you to find some place in the Book of Genesis where the Word of God said, that a man would be taken off the earth or that no man could be taken off the earth.

Now I could take Scripture right now and prove to you that no man can be taken off the earth because “it is appointed unto man once to die.” But you see there’s other Scripture balances it.

It shows you that we’re all appointed to die, except under certain circumstances, and that’s at the end time as the Rapture takes place. We will not die; we’ll be standing here made immortal.

So God has already typed in Enoch and Elijah what we’re going to have, and what poor old Adam and the human race missed by taking the tree of death, good and knowledge, instead of the Tree of Life. They both stood there.


So he said, “I challenge you.”

[87]  “Come and see it done.” “Bring every… critic you can… stand… around, you’re going to see the Glory of God”.

Actually, he said in another place, “If God told me to go and raise Abraham Lincoln I would do it. Challenge the armies of the earth to shoot me down if I couldn’t do it.”

Just like he told that Armenian doctor, over there in California: the doctor said, “There’s no use you praying, Revelation Branham. You are disturbing her. She is dying. Do not give her false hopes. You are cruel. You are a terrible person.”

He said, “Listen, Doc, I want to tell you something. You put a sign on my back tomorrow morning if she’s not living and doing her work.

And I will go down the main street of Los Angles and you honk in your horn behind me, in your car riding, drawing people’s attention, and on my back and my front will be a sign saying, ‘False prophet’, but if she’s risen tomorrow morning and doing her work, then I will ride in the car and you will wear a sign in front and back saying, ‘Quack doctor’.”

He didn’t have the guts to take it up. I’ll say this about him; he’s saved today preaching the gospel. That woman’s living; I believe it’s her husband gave Brother Branham a certified check for one and a half million dollars.

He didn’t say, “Hallelujah, God’s holding me hostage, this will get me out of the pit.”


I want you to know something, brother/sister, you are dealing with a man, William Branham, of a caliber I’ve never seen in my life.

I’ve met all these men. I’ve met all the twentieth century big shots, except Billy Graham. I don’t need to meet him because he doesn’t come under the line of Pentecostal, charismatic.

I’m not worried about him. He’s too cautious to my kind of game anyway. Too cautious to what I believe; you can’t be cautious these days. You got to commit yourself.

Nice brother, no problem with him at all, but he’s too cautious. I’ve known men who in the last age: no one came near this man.

Historians will tell you the same thing; a perfect ministry since the time of Jesus Christ. Said, “Bring the critics.”

[87]  Set that chair over there where you can sit down and rest a… while; he’ll be here just in a moment, soon as I call.”

[88]  That night when that little boy in Finland, that day, rather; laying there dead, been laying there for a half hour, mashed… blood running out of eyes, nose and ears; his little legs broke up, in his little stockings;… his feet were out through the end of his stockings, his shoes gone.

I looked, and I thought, “That ought to be that boy.” I said, “Say,… look in… that Bible back there, Brother Moore.” [It was in a vision; they wrote it down. It was in the Bible they were carrying.]

[89]  We got Brother Lindsay, Brother Moore looked… there [right there in the back of the Bible] “‘…it will come to pass,’ that… THE LORD,” [Oh, my!] “‘there will be a… land where there’s… lots of evergreens growing.

Rocks… together. A little boy with a cropped haircut, little pantywaist buttoned up here,… his… stockings pulled up high.… have brown eyes, they’ll be turned back. He’ll be killed in an automobile accident. But… laying… hands on him… he’ll come back to life.’”

[90]  There It was, [written in the Bible] There he laid, amen, just waiting the Word. And I said, “If this boy isn’t alive in a couple minutes from now, then I’m a false prophet, run me out of Finland. But if he is alive, if he is alive, fall on your faces and repent!”

That boy is alive today.

[91]  I said, “Death, you can’t hold him.” I called for his spirit according to the Word of God, “In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ,”…he jumped up. Right! See?… Faith… took… hold. God said so, there it is!

[92]  Now, listen! that’s God speaking in this day through vision.

Now that’s William Branham in his faith. But hear this: if that vision was contrary to This Bible, that would be wrong; This Bible is more than the vision.


The only man I ever knew to say that. Everybody get something; they run with it. Pentecostals went plumb away from the Word of God.

Not all, but it runs in a streak, it runs there, that as soon as something gets somebody, something whereby he thinks he has a vindication, then he takes a position he should not take which lowers the Word.

Brother Branham never ever lowered that Word; he used everything to exalt the Word. And watch what he says:

[92]  This is more than the vision. If any vision’s contrary to the Word, leave it alone; it isn’t of God, God doesn’t contradict His Own Word. So, if this Word told you something, then you can have the same confidence then what’s that’s going to happen.

In other words, he said, “It came in a vision to me. And it happened a hundred percent.” [Now he said,] “That’s great, but that’s still not it. This is it,” and he said, “You have in your lives the same faith and greater than I’ve got even in my life if you’ll only take it.”

Do you understand what is being said?


Now let’s apply then this Bible to you and me.

[92]  “…They shall lay hands upon the sick and they shall recover;” well, brother, if faith, that Perfect Faith, got a hold…

In other words, if you let your own faith come to that position in this realm of faith, because look, there’s nothing you will ever do to bring about a rapture.

You can believe and get healed. I’ve told you way back years ago I had this back problem. I got back problem right today. I don’t worry about it anymore because I’m going out of here anyway.

Back in those days, I had more than a fighting chance. That back was bad, so I lay in bed one night, and I say, “Oh man, that just about, you know, just about kill me.”

So I… so when it got to the place I said, “Phooey!” So if I lay in a certain position, I wouldn’t, you know, get the pain.

So I deliberately laid in that position one night, and I was just fighting the devil, fighting the pain, fighting everything, and after about [Inaudible] oh he’s got me… I said, “That’s okay, devil, round one you won. Coming up, round number two.”

And I fought that all night long, it was gone. Never came back. I’ve not perfect faith; that’s just a matter of using faith.


And you can… use your faith if you use the Word of God, understand the principles, you can come to a place where you can receive the promises, but there’s certain things; it’s outside of you entirely.

That’s what’s comes to you and you believe that and that becomes a perfect faith that you can use as a launching pad to go further in your own faith.

Do you follow what I’m saying? So try to follow me because, look, we’ve been doing this fourteen times, and I’m sure you got it by now. All right.

[92]  …”They shall lay hands upon the sick… they shall recover;” well, brother, if faith, that Perfect Faith, got a hold of that, when you passed by this prayer line, you’d be jumping and shouting… when you left here…

Now he’s already told you what?

That this little boy through a vision was brought back from the dead and that vision was not to be compared with this book, but the vision did come out of the book on the grounds that it specifically states in the book that this is possible.

Don’t you understand he’s saying, “Look, I’m standing here now, the same person. Can you not come to this line and believe? Certainly you should be able to come to this line and believe. You’re not laying hands on yourself. I’m laying hands on you. Then will you not be healed?”


So you see what he’s doing here, he’s using this, “God in His grace and mercy has given this twentieth-century church a position in the Laodicean Age taking her from abysmal corruption and complete undoneness, a mental, a physical and spiritual insanity to a wholeness in God if she wants it.”

I got… brother, sister, listen, please understand what I’m saying. This is what God says about you.

You say, “Brother Vayle, I don’t believe the Church Age.” Well, that’s… look.

You believe what you want but you’re going to come to this sometime, if not now. Because he said here, “I know your works. You’re neither hot nor cold. You’re lukewarm. You make me vomit.”

That’s what He said. “Because you say, I’m rich, increased with goods, have need of nothing, and don’t know you’re wretched, you’re miserable, you’re blind, you’re naked.”

He said, “I counsel you come to Me,” and the church evidently hasn’t come to Him. The church has kicked Him out. That’s the end of this age.


Now, God giving grace to realize here is a vindicated prophet to let you know that these promises are yours, proving the Word of God, that doesn’t need to be proved, setting the church in order. If he says,

[92]  “…They shall lay hands upon the sick and they shall recover”; well, brother, if faith, that Perfect Faith, got a hold of that, [the prophet and the Word demonstrated] when you passed by this prayer line, you’d be jumping and shouting… when you left here… you’d say, “It’s over!” It’s over!

It’s all over, it’s finished! If you had a request in your heart and believe that when that prayer was made for [you, notice, you’re not praying, the prayer was made for you, that] was going to be answered, there isn’t anything to stop it… that’s what’s going to happen; like the little woman with the blood issue.

You know, and she touched His garment. All right. Now what he is presenting here is about himself as a prophet because it is based on Jesus, the prophet: parallel ministry.

Now that sounds strange but we got the understanding from the Bible on that, but we’ll read what he says. Okay.


We’ll go then to page 12… and we’ll read here.… 68.

[68]  Now, the only thing you have to do then, is have faith in what you are. Have faith in what the Word says you are!

Now he’s making a statement here, how to bring your faith up to where it hasn’t been in your experience but you maybe have had problems with using your faith.

You say, “What are the principles?” Now let’s watch it.

[68]  Now, the only thing you have to do then, is to have faith in what you are. Have faith in what the Word of God says you are!

Because you can’t have faith in what you are as a person. You’ve got to have faith in what God says you are.

And Jesus had faith in the Word of God, that said what He was, “It is written of Me.” Didn’t David, in the Psalms; and the prophets, and all of them speak of Him? [That’s Jesus, the Christ.] “I am the Bread of Life that came from God out of Heaven.”

Amen! “I am that Tree of Life from the Garden of Eden. I am all these things, I AM THAT I AM.” And He knew with that Perfect Faith, that He was the anointed Messiah, that the Spirit of God was upon Him

And He said, [Now watch where His perfect faith lay, knowing who He was and how it happened.] “Now, I, in Myself, do nothing; but it’s My faith in God.”

And God was in Him, the Word made manifest. And when the Word of God comes in you, It’s made manifest, as you are a believer. See? And a believer is “the faith of God that moves in you.”

In other words, you are a believer because the faith of God is actually in you. And that’s true because that’s what the Bible says, have the faith of God. You don’t have your own.

The Bible says, “The faith of the Lord Jesus Christ.” It does not give you credit for your own faith. It is the first thing that’s born into you when you’re born again. Faith!


Faith is the first step in 1 Peter.

[70]  Knowing Who He was, without a shadow of doubt, He knew He was the Son of God. He knew it, for the Word identified Him. The Word of God identified Who He was. He said, “If I do not the works of My Father, then don’t believe Me; See?

Repeat… if… I don’t do the works, don’t believe Me. But if I do, then believe the works, for they are the manifested Word promised.” [Certainly, because man’s word will not do what… what was being done. That’s the point.] Oh, if you could just wake up to that! Get it? You see, the Word Itself identified Him, Who He was.

And He said, “Who can condemn Me of sin?”

In other words, “Who can show Me that My life and My works don’t fulfill exactly what Messiah should do?” Nobody could say anything; for He was. [He was that Person.] Then He had faith to believe, then… whatever He said, it… happened.

In other words, he is letting you know in the ministry of Jesus Christ, before He became fully identified with God Himself, and the Scripture, in order to present, well He was identified.

In order to present Himself to the people, God had to deal with Him specifically, and the specific dealing with Him made Him to know progressively that God heard every Word that He was saying, and that Word evidently was the Word of God, and would bring everything to pass exactly how it was said.

[71]  Now then He turned around and said, “The works that I do, shall you also. A little while, and the world sees Me no more; yet you shall, because I’ll be with you, even in you.

Take no thought what ye shall say, for it’s not you that speak, it’s the Father… dwelling in you; He’s the One Who speaks… is speaking… It is not I, It’s the Father That dwells in Me, He does the works.” See what I mean?

[72]  Now, after the identification of a Scriptural Christian, these Words said Jesus: “These signs shall follow them that believe.”


Now look, I know people are going to get thrown on that statement, and it’s not the kind of statement you think it is because automatically the mind goes to signs.

Then any failure to bring a sign condemns you. The mind must go to what you are! A believer! You do not produce the signs. You are not a sign person. You are not a sign producer.

You are a believer! God produces the sign: so your categorization is first of all “believer” and if you never saw a sign that doesn’t have too much to do with it.

Now signs are there, any church that doesn’t accept them and doesn’t try to follow it, is a pretty poor church. We recognize it. But remember, the… statement is that you are a believer, and out of your believing can come different things.

Out of your believing can come not one single sign, my brother, my sister, that you are a Christian according to miracles, but you could be taken to the lions and gladly chewed up for God or burnt at a stake, or torn in shreds by wild animals, put in a leather bag with serpents, and thrown in the sea, like at the time of the Inquisition.

In other words, you could suffer every single thing the church would heap on you or someone would because they got mad at the church.

You wouldn’t see one sign except what? Your perseverance, your testimony to Jesus Christ! So don’t get carried away on a lot of things that are being said.

Keep them in their perspective, keep them right with the Word at all time or you will botch up just as sure as you’re alive. See, all right.


Your identification, first of all you’re a believer, and signs will believe, they’ll come, you’ll have some, you’ll have some evidence in there.

[72]  …how can you call yourself a believer… and deny any of His Word?

Now there you are right there. Many a person will have signs and disbelieve what God said is happening at the end time; false anointed ones.

Now we’ve got a very narrow road to travel here; a very narrow light to look into, not some big broad light. It’s a spotlight, very fine spot… very fine pinpoint.

[72]  …You’re not a believer, therefore signs can’t follow you, because you just accept what you want to believe and leave the rest of It out… you won’t and don’t believe It.

But you got to take the whole thing, and believe It. And when you truly believe [not make-believe, but really believe] these signs will surely follow… those believers.

That’s about as far as we need to go there.


Now on page 26, I want to get to paragraph 148 to 154.

[148]  Look! He knew that He pleased God. [That’s Jesus.] He knew… there was nothing… no blot in His life. God had already testified that, by saying, “This is My beloved Son in Whom I’m well pleased, hear Him!

This is My beloved Son in Whom I’m pleased to dwell…” at the day of His baptism. “I’m pleased to make My abode in here, there’s no condemnation in Him at all.”

[149]  Now, when the same God comes to you, and is pleased to dwell in you, pleased to honor your word, what your decision is… [Now watch! He’s going to get very deep here, so don’t get carried away, too far.] What was Joshua’s decision?

“Stand still, sun!” [Now he’s first of all talked about Jesus, now he’s talking about this man who stopped… made the sun stand still.] It stood still there. Sure! Amen!… What was Moses’ decision? Held his stick over the… river… called… it to “Open!”… it opened! See, it’s whatever you ask.

“And if you say to this mountain, ‘Be moved,’ and don’t doubt,” [see, in your heart now,] you don’t doubt, “but believe that what you’ve said will come to pass, you can have it [what you said].”

Now how are you going to go before God and out of your mouth going to come something that you know is going to come to pass just because you said it?

There’s no way. Ah, ah, no way. You’d have to have God’s own Word somehow given to you for that occasion. And you would be His spokesman. It’s just like prophecy.

The prophet does not make anything come to pass; the prophet is only a voice to you and to me. God uses him and lets him in on what God’s going to do and he tells us. That’s all. That’s all. God’s His own prophet but He uses a sounding board, reflectors.

[149]  “…if you say to this mountain, ‘Be moved,’ and don’t doubt, [in your heart.] “but you believe… what you’ve said will come to pass, you can have it…”

Remember Jesus said, “My words are of God. My words are God’s words. What I hear Him say, I say, what I see Him do, I do.

That puts you back in the Word. Now, that’s not skim milk… I know it’s going to jump… over the top of you here… see, because It can’t anchor…


It didn’t either. He was telling them flat, “Look, I have the same ability because God puts His words in my mouth. I’m not thinking my own thoughts. I’m not asking my own desires.”

But you notice something? Joshua needed that sun to stand still. When he needed that sun to stand still; what did God do about it?

The sun had to stand still because those fellows would have got away. Night would have come and they would have got away.

That’s just true. And God doesn’t say, “Now look, general, I’m going to expect you to have, you know, cat’s eyes in the dark or something.”

It was a logical thing. Now the sun would stand still. So the sun should stand still. Night should not come on. Something should happen. That’s all.

So what does a man do? In his mouth comes the Word of God, “Sun, stand still.” Sun stood plumb still.


Now listen, here’s what he said.

[150]  I’ve seen it, friend. [I’ve seen the same thing in my ministry.] Here’s the Bible lying open before me.  I’ve seen it happen… I know it’s the Truth. I know, God in Heaven knows, that I might not live through to finish this message, but I… know… it happened. I’ve seen it myself.

I’m a witness… of that Word being fulfilled, and… I know that It is the Truth: say it… stand there and see the Creator bring a living creature into existence…

You say, “I don’t believe that.” Then what was Moses doing?

“Bring on the flies.” The flies came. “Bring on the fleas.” The fleas came. “Bring on the… frogs.” The frogs came. “Bring on the murrains.” The murrains came. “Bring the blood.” The blood came. “Bring the hailstones.” The hail came. “Bring on death.”

I want to ask you; who spoke those words? Moses. Where did he get them? In a showdown: God did it.

You know people are so far removed in their thinking from the living God, and from their hearts, and remember, He’s outside the church; we’ve got a job ourselves this morning.

I don’t think we spend near the time we should. I know I don’t. I know your meetings you have when you come and talk the Word is the greatest thing that ever happened to this church.

Other churches say they can’t work it. I don’t know why they can’t work it. You people here work it. It’s going to do something for you and I know it’s the truth.

[150]  God brought a… creature into existence, right in presence of your eyes; you keep shaking your head and wonder… then look around and seen Him bring another one, just exactly like it, because you said so;… come over here and say, “There’ll be another one there,”… look, and there it is! Now, that’s the truth.

[151]  Oh, where should we be? There’s Perfect Faith.


Perfect faith in this category. Now we want to take your faith in your category. You know, brother/sister, this is so simple, that we’ve lost the simplicity. What’s the first thing they teach you and try to show you how to write or print?

Why, you… got to stick your tongue out, always did, you know, get the balance right. The fat Miss Palin you got balance, teachers, kids stick out the tongue. I never did do that. They’d likely slapped me when I was going through, having done. But, you know, what did they do?

The teacher did it, and you see what the teacher did; that’s how it’s done. In other words, you took that to be the true ‘a’, and the true ‘b’, and you did it and you followed it.

You say, “Hey, that’s the example of the ability to write and I can do it.” Not by precept; teach by example, not precept.

Very few people can use example when it comes to too much in the Word of God. It all falls to precept and that’s the big trouble in the church today. We need more examples. This example… Okay. That’s…

[151]  There’s Perfect Faith. No vision, “Just speak the Word,” never saw the squirrel. He just said this Scripture, what it was…


That was what? Mark 11:23, “Say to this mountain, be moved, speak the Word, that what, what you say will come.”

So He said to the prophet, “What do you want?” Now I know the world can deny this.

They say, “Well, William Branham never spoke the word and squirrels came to existence.”

Well, then neither did Moses. Say, “Well, Moses is different.” How do you know?

Where do you get the Scripture for it that God couldn’t create through people? Well, people create through God. How you want to put it? Where did he get it?

You got faith to believe that you giving this Word of God to people will mean their salvation. You’re sick. You got to be sick. Creation is nothing alongside of a man’s salvation.

Opening the Red Sea is nothing alongside of a man’s salvation. So you believe the great things because why? Well, anybody can talk. Everybody does talk. Then deny the lesser? That’s what Brother Branham is pointing out here.

All these things like Moses and all the prophets, and anything he did or Jesus did is the lesser. It’s pointing to the great God and His Word, so that when you now are faced with precepts, which is based upon literally example.

True, because everything is after the fact. And the fact is, example, and after the fact is, precept, establishing law.

You know that it works. Now I hope your faith is getting somewhere because I know what I’m talking about when I’m talking this way and I know what it can do to you.

We have never had our hands into this explosive, brother/sister; never anything in history since the time of Jesus Christ. See?


“Now, it will come to pass, that puts you back in the Word,” he said that.

Now, down here, perfect faith, in other words, Brother Branham is right back here in the way it was done in the Word, examples, to get the precept, to get the principle, to get the moral, to get the guidelines, yeah, to speak the Word.

[151]  Oh, where should we be? There’s Perfect Faith. No vision, “Just speak the Word,” never saw the squirrel. He just saith this Scripture”… Speak it, and don’t doubt…

Now remember, when Brother Branham by his own word admitted that he began to chicken out on what he said, God said, “But you said three.”

When he said, “I’ll stop at two. Two is enough. Lord, I really overshot my mark. I would be satisfied with two out of three.” “But you said three.” [Turn it over, okay.] I did that fantastic. That’s right, just about. And listen!

[151]  And friend, as your pastor, that’s just as powerful as it was when Joshua stopped the sun; because the sun was already there, the elements were moving, and he stopped the movement.

But this, He brought something there that wasn’t there, He created! I’m so glad to be acquainted with the God that can take this dust of the earth, someday that I don’t see, and…


Where am I off to now? Anyway he talks about the Resurrection, but I’ve got to find that for you. Just give me a minute here or several minutes, whatever it’s going to take. I was kind of afraid this might happen.

Here we are. Okay. I know it’s here.

[151]  …someday, He’ll… call me back to life again… after I’ve been planted in the grave… My faith looks up to Thee, Thou Lamb of Calvary,

[152]  You say it and don’t doubt, but believe that what you’ve said, you shall have what you’ve said. See, believe that it’ll happen!

[153]  David, in the Psalms, spoke of Him. And with it, He took His power and He ministered to others. [Now watch!] Not only [was it a treasure in Himself or a power in Himself, a gift in Himself and to Himself, and for Himself] but He ministered to others by it;


Now how was the gift in Himself and for Himself? Only because it gave Him that strength and that faith to operate for the people, and get the people in the realm where they could believe and see the things of God for themselves. See?

[153]  …He ministered to others by it; also saved others, even to the uttermost, and He can do the same… now. And promised the same faith to the believers, in His Word… John 14:12… Mark 11:23, [and even Mark 16.]

[154]  Now, watch… [in this last hour] He has appeared to us in the same form… He did… in the Old Testament, [that’s when He appeared in the Pillar of Fire to Moses] the same as He did in the New Testament; [which is to Paul, the Pillar of Fire came, that’s right.] and… showed by the same Word, the same Christ. Right now.

Remember, the Bible distinctly said, “The cloud that followed and the Pillar of Fire was Christ, and the rock was Christ.”

And when Paul spoke back to the Light, “Who are You?”

He said, “I am Jesus.”


So what will it be now if this is the truth right there taken by a camera?

You say, “Well, I don’t think God takes pictures by camera.”

Well, that’s what you think; think anything you want. No problem. You just think what you want. What if He did? Now where are you now?

You say, “I don’t know that He did.” Well, here you are.

[154]  …I declare to you that Christ is the Holy Ghost. The… word Christ means “the anointed one”; just a person that’s anointed, that is the Christ, the anointed one.

Now remember, God anointed Jesus, “went about doing good things; anointed with the Holy Ghost.”

How many know that’s true? That’s good… The anointed one, that would be a man that would be anointed. [Now he’s bringing them right back to himself; Acts 13, tells you the same thing. Okay.] A Man approved of God.

And God is doing the works. In other words, back there was God in the man; today it’s God through a man. It’s simple, as a-b-c. All right.


Now, with this we want to continue reading and he says here.

[155]  And now, we become anointed with the same Spirit, anointed messiahs; messiahs of the last day, to shine forth the resurrection of Jesus Christ; to show that He is not dead, but in the form of the Holy Ghost…

Now let me tell you something, you show me a church that can do that. There’s no way. It’s got to be one person. God’s never ever used a bunch.

He never sent a lot of sons down; said, I’m going to send a lot of bodies down to a little group, a little group, and I’ll be… and I’ll put my Spirit in each one of them. One man and I’ll enter him. See? Now watch!

[155]  …He’s in His people; moving among His Bride, [in; baptism with the Holy Ghost, among; the Pillar of Fire Himself] with a love affair to Her, pouring out… into Her, Himself. They are becoming one for the Wedding Supper; and the same signs, promised by the same God, in the same Word, is making the same manifestations.


Now he said, “There’s nothing… now here’s where your perfect faith comes in to His Perfect Faith, so that you will develop your own perfect faith which is not the…” Okay.

[156]  There’s nothing left for us to do but believe It, and “believing it” is the substance, and that creates a Perfect Faith. Just think how… numb we are; just think about that for a minute…

See? How many people believed it? We don’t know how many believed it but there is what you’re looking at. See? Perfectly to understand it.

Now, he says here, “The ministry that’ll return back on the earth in this end time is the absolute proof of the end time.

Absolute proving it is God, letting you know that you are here in a position to have rapturing faith to get out of this world, complete restoration, back to the Tree of Life, right back to the things of God, and at the same time, no Word of God is left out.

And the church, absolutely, knows without flinching, it’s a proven thing. ‘Lay hands upon the sick and they shall recover’.”

In other words, God did not come down and say one man, and say, “Now look, all you can do is look at this fellow, and it’s wonderful that I’ve vindicated him and I’ve authenticated Myself and isn’t it great now, that’s all there is to it.”

He did not say that. He took us to lift us to the highest level possible based upon what we have seen for the first time in two thousand years since the time of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Okay, let me see now. I want to get back here; I got to hustle through all this to find it somewhere. Page 16; okay.

[93]  Jesus had Perfect Faith. He… had it, and it… came because He was the Word. And you must become the Word; and you do become the Word, as you receive the Word.

Now isn’t that true? Now, come on. People say, “I don’t… think that’s a good statement.” Oh, listen, I think it’s a perfect statement.


Let me just… take a peak here. John, the 8th chapter, I think I can find it, well, I don’t know. I’m not going to keep you too long, but anyway, we’ll look at John 8 here if I can get it, and… he says,

John 8:36-37

(36) [Therefore]… the Son… shall make you free, [and you] shall be free indeed.

(37) I know [you] are Abraham’s seed; [physically speaking,] but [you] seek to kill me, because my word [has] no place in you.

All right. What if the Word had had a place? They would have become Word members with Him. They would have become Word Christians. So what He says is true here. Now why did they turn Him down?

They turned Him down because He rebuked them for their understanding of the Word of God. And when He came with the physical manifestation He had the right to interpret the Word of God, as God had given the Word to be interpreted.

And they turned It down, so therefore, they had no place for the Word. All right then, when you got a place for the Word, what are you? You’re part of It and the Word’s a part of you.

So how do you become this, what they couldn’t become? By receiving which they didn’t receive.

John 8:39

(39) They said, Abraham is our father.


“Why we’ve got a fine church. We can trace our history back generations. We got in our blood great ancestors.”

No doubt about it. “Why,” He said, “I know Abraham is your father. But if you were Abraham’s children, you’d do the works.”

Now Abraham had seven sons by Keturah, and gave them all gifts and sent them off. Left Isaac plumb alone.

John 8:40-41

(40) …[you] seek to kill me, a man that told you the truth, which I have heard of God: this did not Abraham.

(41) [You] do the deeds of your father.… they [said] to him, We be not born of fornication;

Ha! They knew right away. They said, “We’re not Ishmaelites. We’re not Cains. We’re not in fornication here.”

Abraham did not fornicate with the handmaid of his wife; actually, he had every right to have her. She became a wife.

It was Eve that was a fornicator; she was married to Adam and she had the handsome big beautifully built dark fellow.

That’s how the giants got in the land. People have an idea the angels came down and gave themselves human bodies and impregnated women.

Ha! Say if they’d been doing that; they’d be doing that all the time. Oh, people get so mixed up in their thinking. Read the books; you’ll find out they’re so scrupled up you can’t believe it. Well, you know.

John 8:42

(42) Jesus said, If God were your Father…


Watch that! “Well, Abraham is my father.” No, there’s no doubt in the world about it but God sure isn’t.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word became flesh.”

So God had in His mind little gods, little bits of Word, little bits of manifestation because the child is the manifestation of his father, because the mother is part of the father.

I can prove that to you; simple as a-b-c; it all becomes one. He said, “God’s not your Father. If He was, you’d love me.” Now what about Him… didn’t they love? He came against their word.

That’s what we say here, “We accept no love unless it’s based on Word. I am not interested. I’m sorry.”

Oh, I can kiss you and hug you, and be nice to you. Fap! That’s wonderful, you know, oh, that’s just being… you know, that’s just being sensible. Don’t dogs rub noses?

Lick each other? They’re friends. I don’t mean to be mean. I’m just telling you, anybody can go through the action. We’re talking about this, brother/sister, so let’s not get carried away with some ideas we’ve got.

I’m not interested in my ideas. I want God to correct my ideas and bring me right down to this Word. Look it.

Even if I’m a skunk, I want to know this Word, because if I’m a skunk in myself, I don’t want to skunk anybody else up. To lead anybody astray is very wicked and terrible thing.

John 8:43

(43) [So] why [don’t you] understand [me. Said, you] cannot hear my word.

No point in it, except the lusts of your fathers and so on. Okay.


Now, we’re reading along here and we’re on page… let me see, page 16… Okay…

[93]  You see? “… say to this mountain, ‘Be moved,’ and don’t doubt, but believe in what you’ve said, then you shall have what you said. When you pray, believe that you receive what you ask for, and ye shall have it…

Now you see what it is saying here?

He said, “I stand up here in the category of Moses and Paul, Joshua, all these men, Elijah, right down the line, a prophet, vindicated of God.”

Now he said, “To me has been given this privilege, this position. The gift I use for myself and I place myself in Scripture, and I understand because I must. But remember, it is actually for you.

Now you hear what I am saying, and you know by my… ministry which has been vindicated and witnessed to by thousands and thousands of people.”

The whole city of Durban, brought truckloads of canes and crutches and wheelchairs, taken down the streets in a parade honoring Brother Branham at the great meetings in Durban.

It’s witnessed. People know it. It’s on record. Dead raised, everything else. Cripples, cases like you can’t believe. I saw with my own eyes. I was there myself.

He said, “That is given to let you know the perfect faith in this realm is now taking you to your perfect faith in your realm.”


Now what I’m trying to get across and you trying to get across is this, Look, you can have it. Meet your conditions. They are not all that rough to me.

You have everything now at your fingertips to get what you want which is indicated here. You will go through trials; there’s nobody going to stop that. You will suffer; nobody’s going to stop that.

There will be rain, there will be clouds, there will be snow, there will be drifts, there will be skidding. There’ll be ups; there’ll be downs. No one is going to stop that. No way, but you can have the promise.

Now old age doesn’t have a thing to do with healing. Old age merely means this, I can’t claim to live longer than seventy.

But it can claim to live healthy. See? It can claim the promises. You may be like Mr. Wigglesworth, with great faith, he prayed for the sick.

Yet he suffered from great kidney stones. He’d go home and lie in a tub of hot water to get rested up for the next day to preach and then pray for the sick.

And he felt like most preachers do that pray for the sick that if he prayed for one whole church full, and they dropped dead, he’d move to the next church, and pray for those believing… believe that some of those wouldn’t drop dead because they got to… stand resolutely with the Word of Almighty God.

So he’s saying here, “Now watch how this blends to the other.” Okay.


I’ve got myself so thoroughly mixed up, I don’t know whether I’m going to find anything anymore or not, but it’s all right.

We’ll just keep looking. Here’s page 26 or 27, I can’t be too far away. Okay. Watch again… and he says, Page… Paragraph 157.

[157]  Has He done all things well? Has He ever told us anything, but what happened just exactly the way He said it? Hasn’t He performed, and hasn’t the great Pillar of Fire been among us and done… exactly what He promised to do? Haven’t we seen It?

Hasn’t science taken It, after it’s been predicted what would happen; go right back there and… even have it in the papers and magazines, pack it right back and show it, when it’s told you months before it would happen?

Hasn’t He done… exactly the way He did in the Old Testament, and the New Testament?

Isn’t It just exactly the same One that’s doing this now in my ministry? I put that in there.

The same Holy Spirit comes… and is a Discerner. “… of the Word of God, which is quicker and sharper than a two-edged sword, discerns the thoughts and intents of the heart.” Isn’t that right?

The same man; you couldn’t hide if you tried. I’ve seen it happen. Whirl on you just like this and brother, everything came out. You hung out front and behind, both.

You couldn’t hide if you tried. No man ever got away with it. What do you think this was all for? Some little sideshow?

Well, isn’t it nice how God did things? Hey, I like the way God does things. Isn’t that something? Hmm. Man, I wouldn’t think He’d do that but boy, He’s a shocker, man, wasn’t that… Halloween party you ever had?

Read your Bibles. Every time He did it; judgment came, brother/sister, judgment came. Well, I don’t think I’ll read; that will stop me from getting it.

Tell that to the IRS. Go ahead. God’s bigger than the IRS. Tell the cop you really stopped when you made a rolling stop at the stop sign, and he’s decided to get his quota in. Go ahead and tell him.

Tell the electric light company that they’re going to get your four percent or two percent discount even if you’re three days late, their computer’s set up.

[157]  Isn’t it the same God?


Now look! I don’t think that’s the way it is. What if it was? Well, let’s find out. Let’s investigate. No, I don’t think I’ll do that. I’ve asked my friends, asked my minister, they’re not interested.

[157]  …the same One, it’s not a stranger far off… [it’s the same God]… He’s here. He’s here, and He does this to create a Perfect Faith. [What Perfect Faith? For the prophet, for the people.] 

I know… He knows all things. [The Bible says He does.] And I know He wants to… do something. He’s been doing something, to… create this perfect… faith in this people.

[158]  Are we going to walk into Eternity, like it was in the days of Noah, with eight souls saved? Sure thing! Are we going to come like Lot… three out of Sodom?… John the Baptist, with six believers?

Let us believe, for His works are perfect! They’re manifested daily and perfectly amongst us… that He is that Word! Hebrews 4… [think of it. The Word of God is that, that Word.] a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Hebrews 4:12-13

(12) For the word… is quick, and powerful, [more powerful] and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. [Yeah. Yeah, It does. Hebrews 4:12. It also says.]

(13) Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.


Now, brother/sister, let me ask you a question. Isn’t that what prophets did? Well, how is this going to be?

Well, some say, “I’m going to put that way back there at the White Throne.” Well, that’s interesting. I’m not angry at you for doing it. I’m not at all. But I want you to prove it. But what if it’s this side of the White Throne also? See? Are we going to walk in?

[159]  …The Word made flesh! Hallelujah! The Word operating in human flesh, by physical signs, by material signs, by Scriptural signs, perfectly, to bring to you a Perfect Faith in… Perfect Rapture.

I could read on and on. I’m not going to do it. Look! You know what this sermon is all about. Brother Branham thoroughly knows that he is thoroughly identified.

What spoke to him never lies, never made a mistake: he proved It by telling us thousands and thousands of times; never an error. Never any time did It make a mistake.

Say, “Well, if he had lived longer he might just have had one mistake.” How well do you read your Bibles?

Because if you believe that you’re not reading your Bibles because you’re trying to put a limit and a balance on what you think is in here rather than what is not in here because God doesn’t have to speak two times, once is enough.

He doesn’t have to show it three times. Tell me how many times did Elijah meet the prophets of Baal?

How many times did Moses go through those miracles? I’m going to tell you something, brother/sister, Jesus Christ put Moses to shame a million different ways.

He sure did. Moses spoke of Him but you know that Jesus did not do the things that Moses did. I’m talking now in abundance. Moses was the meekest man that ever lived but Jesus was meeker.

Moses was the strongest man ever lived and Jesus was stronger. He was the great One. He was the Savior.


Now Jesus made a statement concerning His Own self in ministry, He said, “There’s going to come on the scene a person who will do greater works in numbers than I have done.”

When did Jesus have a parade in Jerusalem with a whole string of trucks, carloads of crutches and wheelchairs? Show me more cancer cases.

You say, “Well, John said the whole Bible, the libraries couldn’t contain the things that Jesus did.”

That’s quite possible. Where’s your record? Who’s here to tell about it? How do I know the Bible is not something just somebody made up?

And the church made a tradition, said, “Well, you know we keep it up-to-date and God speaks to us.” I want to know who God speaks to.

That’s a laugh. I can stand here before you all and make this claim, there’s none of you or all of you put together that cannot have my record of what I know has come to pass, and I know has been the voice of Almighty God, based upon one thing; the thing came to pass, didn’t it?

You say, “The devil makes things come to pass.” Well, that’s your privilege, you do what you want.


But here was a man who had a world record greater than Jesus Christ, not in individual point per point but in magnitude of number, like Jesus said in John 14:12.

Let me read it; it’s something worth reading, something worth reading. I love that 14th chapter anyway.

John 14:12

(12) Verily, verily, I say unto you, He [not they] He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these… because I go [to] my Father.

They shall lay hands upon the sick. So, what we’re looking at here is this, in the message of Perfect Faith, from the subject material that Brother Branham has built around his sermon title.

It is evident that he has taken from his own life experiences, that’s all this material that makes the sermon up, he has taken from his own life experiences, drawn from and rooted in the Scripture.

This faith he now exercises and presents to us, not only for our edification and evaluation but as a working principle in our lives so we can come all the way from the prayer of faith to the revealed faith for rapturing.


I believe that this message is taken from 1 Corinthians 13, though he didn’t say so where we read beginning verse 9.

1 Corinthians 13:9-13

(09) For we know in part, and we prophecy in part.

(10) But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.

(11) When I was a child, I [spoke] as a child, understood as a child, thought as a child: but I became a man, I put away childish things. [In other words, he stood up and was counted with his own word.]

(12) For now we see through a glass darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

(13) …now abideth faith, hope, [and love], these three; but the greatest of these is [love].

So, at the time when the whole is in view, when the face to face, the Appearing is here, our faith is going to be magnified, our hope is going to be magnified, our love is going to be magnified, because we are going to see the earnest expectation in full view which is the… Word of God promised this hour.

We are going to see the fulfillment on the grounds of faith. We’re going to see the love of God manifest because He took time off of this age to come down and get us out of our mess. And that same faith and earnest expectation and love is going to multiply in our lives, and does multiply.


Now you people know that over the last year, the last few months, especially you have felt a mellowing towards just about everybody.

You’re not too concerned anymore. You’re just mellow, walk in love, walk in faith. Something is happening. There’s only one reason it’s happening because the life in the Word has been released.

And I’m standing here believing and I cannot help but believe, that what we’ve talked about for the last sixteen times.

Sundays and Wednesdays now, coming fifteen today, we have an understanding now, we know exactly what has transpired and that is literally the spark that fires our own faith to believe as never before. That we can have these promises that God has laid up.


We said there’s conditions we know but the conditions can and will be met. Why? Because that same life that’s released from the Word, the conduit of the Word, and we are the… let’s face it, the Holy Ghost has a conduit; it is the Word. Right?

The Word has a conduit which is the human body. So when you go on down from God to the final conduit which is mankind manifested, we know that God is moving in us in order to have what the prophet set forth in this hour.

Sure we’re going to get out of here, but he said, “Listen,” he said, “that Spirit, that sweet Spirit of Christ coming more and more in the church till there won’t be one sick amongst us.”

That Spirit comes in more and more by this revealed Word, as we see It, and understand what the prophet was saying.


And he stood before those people, and he said, “Listen, can you believe the Bible that says about Elijah? Can you believe the Bible that talks about Joshua?

Can you believe the Word that speaks about the prophet of this hour? Can you believe me on my own record of telling you, and you having seen exactly what happened in my meetings where it never failed once?

And I’m telling you now.” And he said, “This is the third pull.”

The third pull in the church, brother/sister, is taken place.

Not the third pull of the word, but the third pull with manifestation, “Speak ye the Word,” has taken place, and he said, “Will you now take my authority which you know is God’s own authority to believe that you’ve never believed before, to turn your faith loose.”

And he stood there and said, “I as your pastor, and you believe what I said, that those squirrels came into existence, and I know that’s a tough one but it’s the truth, came into existence, because if God cannot create then don’t call Him God, and if God does not create you tell me where you find it, if God does not create.”


He doesn’t create for you, that’s true. That doesn’t mean He doesn’t create for somebody else. What would you call if God put a new leg on a person? What would you say if God put a new kidney in your body?

And that is authenticated record. There’s records on that. New lung? Man with no kidney had a new kidney put in. That is absolute God’s truth, got medical records. There’s thousand of medical records what God has done.

There’s no church I believe anywhere that is bereft maybe the Church of Christ, maybe, because they are so desperate against the Word of God, but you know what?

Some of their members get healed. But there’s no church I believe, that is destitute of some record of a miracle of creation that God has given.

Check your histories and find out. Then why wouldn’t God create a squirrel if that’s what God wanted to do? That was in Him.


Now he said, “Look, if I as your pastor can speak according to God’s Word knowing your place and my place, and that comes to pass, then when I pray for you and I am praying and speaking these words will you not then get what you desire?”

And the answer is yes. And I would to God the records had been kept of that meeting.

Now you say, “Brother Vayle, that was fine for William Branham. What about us?”

It’s fine for us, too. I am not William Branham. I cannot speak it; he spoke, but I can do what he says, and that is, I don’t have to speak anything into existence.

But based on what has been done, I can take the same Word and you can take the same Word and stand on that Word, and get what God says is ours. It’s true.


Now what he said is only one little thing, he said, “Look, if there’s something wrong in your heart, get it out of there.”

That’s all. “And the second little thing is believe what I’ve told you.” And that… those people were perfect candidates.

Now if you get what I’m saying, you follow through this week in your mind, go over what has been said this morning, ponder what the prophet brought out at the end of his message. Believe me I am not lying to you, you are in a position to receive as you have never received before.


Now look! Brother Branham said, “I’ve got to decrease, and He’s going to increase.” Did he go?

He left us. Then I want to ask you. Who is increasing in our midst today?

Then is not that Word, then even greater than when we first heard It? Is it not true our understanding is richer and realer when we couldn’t apprehend It; we’re doing it now.

Then is God going to turn around and say, “Well, listen, I gave you your chance but you didn’t get it.”

You say, “Lord, I wasn’t even there.” Well, too bad, too bad, then… “I wasn’t born, Lord.” Well, that’s your tough luck, too. You think God acts that way?

Come on. Hundreds of years in the making, and thousands of years in the proving, God does not do foolish things.

He doesn’t ask of us anything but simply to believe. And as long as we’re not out of here, as long as the doors are not closed and the Bride is not gone, we are increasing, and increasing, and increasing.

One day soon you’ll simply know that you know. Say, “That’s it;” and it is.


And do you know something? Your testimony is the testimony of thousands but you’ll know something that the other thousands don’t know.

That yours is based upon a vindicated Word that’s going to put you in a Rapture. You could be healed a thousand times and miss the Rapture.

You can live God’s laws like many people do by tithing and giving and become a legitimate millionaire, you can give your body to be burned and still miss it but how can you miss what God said?

There you are. Lord bless you.

Let’s rise. Saturday night: seven o’clock; seven o’clock instead of seven thirty because foot washing then takes a long time.

Heavenly Father, again we want to thank You for Your kindness to us. Lord, we know we could just go over and over many messages Brother Branham preached, they all say the same thing that You are gracious and wonderful God that thoroughly exposed Yourself by Your wonderful works in the view of the people.

And there’s only one pronouncement we can really make and that is that You are a wonderful, wonderful Lord that You should condescend to do this and we are so grateful.

And we marvel Lord, that You gave us the opportunity to see It and to open our eyes to It, and we are indeed sorry Lord, for those who do not see It and do not understand, and we pray for them Lord, and ask, oh God, that as the Apostle Paul was so worried about his own brethren.

That had the adoption to whom You came after the flesh, and who had the written Word, the ministry, had all of those things, were missing, were blinded to it, and he said, “Lord, if I could die for them in their stead I would do it,” but we know he could not do it because Jesus died and paid it all.

Lord, I just pray today in the sweet Spirit of Jesus Christ in this building that there anybody here without Christ, young, old, rich, poor, high, low, no matter what it is Lord, we don’t worry about anybody at all except the condition of our heart.

May that heart respond to You, and make a full commitment to You, the Lord Jesus Christ with a genuine baptism with the Holy Ghost, come into that person, that person be lit aflame and alive with the Word of God.

Father, heal the sick amongst us Lord, we’re glad for the strength You give us Father, we appreciate it so much. I thank You Lord, for strength to stand up here and preach. I thank You Lord, day by day.

I ask You Lord, for more and more strength, not necessarily for myself but that’s fine, but Lord, that great… strength for the people, and above all for the people an inner richness, O God, of soul and spirit and mind to pass on the Word.

Until It’s like a pulsation going through the building and every heart and mind merged as one, every soul united in this grace and glory of the love and of the life of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ, pressing on until one day we all get out of here and stand in Your Presence Lord, at the Wedding Supper of the Lamb.

Father, it’s just wonderful to know that something real is absolutely true, and It’s getting realer all the time Lord. We don’t need Brother Branham’s vision, although that was wonderful. He was caught up and came back.

We don’t need it. We don’t the vision about what these other things are Lord, but we do need what came out of It which is that lovely Word of faith then. Bless each one, Father God, we pray.

We’ll give You the glory in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

The Lord bless you.

‘Take the name of Jesus with you.’

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