Rapture #04

Judgement Proceeds Out Of Rapture
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Let us pray.

Heavenly Father, again we enter Your gates with thanksgiving Lord, Your house of worship with praise, knowing Your Presence, Lord, for which we are so grateful. What would we do without it?

We know that this is the hope that we have: that You are here to lead us into the Millennium; lead us beyond, right to the very eternity, right back to beginnings, to conform perfectly to the original precept, the foreknowledge of God, so that which came out of God returns to God to be with Him.

We’re grateful for that, Lord. We have no misgivings at all, because You have sealed it to us by the prophetic utterance of the Word of the last day, proven It by vindication, proven It by manifestation.

All these things point to this hour of triumph of Christ in a Bride. We’re grateful for it. 

Be with us now in the study of your Word, Lord. Let it not be remiss. We pray it should be your Word, which indeed we believe it is Your Word, Lord and preached in the same spirit in which was given. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

You may be seated. 


Now I just wonder if you realize, singing that little song there about Mount Zion, about Zion you know, you are singing about yourself, because that’s the Bride. It is kind of embarrassing, you know; but if God says so, I’m not going to fault it. I’m going to believe it.

He says here in His Word, he said, to the message just before Laodicea, he said, “There are those, you know, that call themselves Jews and aren’t.” He said, “They lie. Behold I’ll make them come and worship before thy feet and to know that I have loved Thee.”

And so you can see here that the church got ahead of that you know? The church demands worship. That started with Rome.

The church demands that you come through it to get to Christ; but you see, New Jerusalem is a body of people housed in a city of transparent gold, 1500 miles wide, across, and height, and the Lamb is above the throne. So those who want to get to Him in any way at all, have got to come through Zion, which is the Bride.


Now you don’t come through church at this time. There is no way; that’s future. That will happen. You’ll have to come into a church which is the True Church. See? Rome just got ahead in everything.

They messed up the Vicar of Christ. There is a true Vicar of Christ. Paul was the first one. Absolutely. He that heard Paul, heard the Holy Ghost. Paul said, “A prophet or spiritual man will admit that my Word is the Word of God.”

See? And you have the next age brought a Vicar of Christ. Well, Rome got in there and defiled the whole thing by voting for a man. And they began voting in pastors and pretty soon a vote was God.

Hogwash! I’ll tell you what you do by voting: you vote God out. You never did vote God in. See? There is no way. Rome just messed everything up.

Now in the end time the Spirit and the Bride say, “Come.” And there is a seed, and only the Bride has that seed… Like Philip had the seed. You see, all the rest are illegitimates.

There’s a great big church out there that thinks it’s somebody, and they have enough clout, you know, to get a lot of things done. Well, what’s done? The works of Satan.


Now, I won’t cover too much on the Rapture. I don’t think today, but we’ll get into it. However, I want to just bring you a couple thoughts here, because it’s always important to just keep reviewing material so that you know just where you stand. 

Now John, the apostle, in 1 John 3:8 tells us here:

1 John 3:8

(08) He that committeth sin is of the devil.

Or, we can take verse 5, first of all:

1 John 3:5-6

(05) And ye know that he [That’s Jesus.] was made manifest [He was perfectly made clear that this was the One.] to take away our sins; and in him is no sin.

(06) Whosoever abideth in him sinneth not: whosoever sinneth hath not seen him, neither known him

In other words Jesus has never been made manifest to him, never really revealed to him. How can you then know him, if you don’t know what this is talking about? Which is sin. And you’ll see here the works of the devil.

1 John 3:7-8

(07) Little children let no man deceive you: he that doeth righteousness is righteous, even as he [Christ] is righteous.

(08) He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. [Now he said:] For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might bring to nothing the works of the devil.


Now what works does the devil have? He doesn’t have any of his own. He didn’t create anything. He didn’t make anything.

He doesn’t have any power and authority. But what he does, he perverts everything that is there that God made. So the devil is a perverter. Now you will notice that It goes on a little further. And It says:

1 John 3:9

(09) Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; [Now that is where the devil is lined up.] for his seed remaineth in him; and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.

Now this is the same thing he says over here. “Nobody can fool you, because you’ve got an anointing in you, so that nobody can get to you.” Same thing, now:


1 John 3:

1 John 3:10

(10) In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother.

Now this little bit thrown in here, “He that loveth not his brother,” is where everybody goes haywire. Every single person gives way to phileo to emotions, to everything and they say, “Love covers a multitude of sins.”

What if I fell in love with a harlot? I’m going to tell you something: you can’t even forgive anybody, only in the person of Christ. How? Well, you know yourself. Look at Brother Branham came with a gift of healing, and the person’s got a terrible disease.

Now he said, “I can’t take that off of you. I’ve got the power, but I can’t take it off you, because I’ve got to have the permission.” 

“Well, just a minute. Just a minute. Just a minute.” No, you ‘just a minute’. 

Maybe God put that on you. See? A black man sitting in … I think it was, it might not have been …, I forget, Topeka. Brother Branham told him what his problem was, his sickness, was; and then he said, “You are healed.”

And then he said, “Now just a minute, you are backslidden.” He said, “Your sins are forgiven.” Right away they cried, “Ahhh!” Oh, they couldn’t take it. 

He said, “Now hold it.” He said, “You are doubting what I said, but the same One Who told me what was wrong told me to tell him his sins are forgiven.


Now, just a minute. How can you and I forgive sins? We can’t. The church can’t forgive sins. What it tells you in the book is actually this: that the church can forgive sins to whom it has been previously forgiven.

In other words, the worst rot in the world could be out there in the area around here, and that person comes to Christ in a true born-again experience and shows it by believing this Message. It doesn’t matter what he has done. The church forgives him; says, “You’re my brother.”

They don’t have a bit of trouble. They do not bring up his past. They do not talk about the future; he is a brother: blood-washed, full of the Holy Ghost. You see? And whosoever’s sins that you don’t remit, that you retain, have previously been retained.

You can’t forgive what God has not forgiven.

See? The church is crazy, because it hasn’t got the mind of Christ. The whole system is wrong. They get carried away with the devil and they are carried away. And in the last days they are carried away by gifts.


You can keep your finger there in John, but I’m going to read you something: “Now concerning the spiritual, the charismatics, the spiritual energies, brethren, I would not have you ignorant. You know that you were Gentiles carried away unto these dumb idols even as you were led.

Now first of all you had the theology taught to you. And the theology was this: that in those idols, when the spirit came down, that idol became the god incarnated to you; and so therefore, if you worshipped, you could literally worship God through idols.

And they beat themselves. They cut themselves and went into frenzies in order to get an action or a reaction from the idol. Now Paul said, “You people are still mixed up.

You are carrying on frenzies to get gifts. You are carrying on emotional splurges in order to get this which you desire – these energies,” and they were even calling Jesus accursed. They had no revelation at all of the truth, and they were coming into gifts.


Now I’m going to tell you something, brother/sister: you can have lots of gifts but no Holy Ghost. Absolutely. The only evidence of having the Holy Ghost baptism is the Word, because both saint and sinner can have gifts by one Spirit.

You can be plumb born of the devil like Judas and have absolute genuine gifts, because it is one Spirit. But there are two spirits when it comes to the Word. That’s why Paul put the church in order by the Word, so he could know the fallacious from the true.

How was it they went to Jr. Jackson’s, and they became a bastard? Brother Branham said so. Because they didn’t care about the Word. And you have people right now that are supposed to believe this Message, that fight the Presence and want gifts right on the floor.

It tells you it’s a bastard child; and the illegitimates run to it, because it is sweet. Watch it! 


Back to John:

1 John 3:10

(10) In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil; whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God.

I’m going to tell you something: and that person that is not of God is going to end up hating the person that is of God. Now let’s find out who is God, who is the brother. Listen, I’m not a brother to these illegitimates out there. 

Now you folk may be nice, and they are your brothers and sisters? Well, you just lost me, brother, because I won’t fool with you. I’ve got the prophet’s word.

I could leave you flat. That’s right; I’ve got the prophet’s word. He said, “Get out.” See? Said, “People lose confidence in the preacher, get out.” 

What if preacher lost confidence with the people? Now I’m not saying I have. I’m just nailing it down here so you understand what I’m saying.

And the only way anybody understands these days is with a four-by-four right across the eyeballs, because that is where the brain is – too many manure heads! That’s right. Now listen. Get the sawdust out of there.


Now listen.

1 John 3:11

(11) For this is the message that you have heard from the beginning,…

And John kept going back to the beginning, and the Book of Genesis is the beginning. Matthew is not the beginning. John’s Gospel is not the beginning, for It says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, and the Word was made flesh.”

That was in A.D. zero. Then Christ came on the scene. That’s right. So we go back to Genesis, “that you love one another.”


Now It says:

1 John 3:12

(12) Not as Cain who was of the wicked one [So he wasn’t the brother of the one who was not of the wicked one. This man was illegitimate. This man was the seed of the serpent, and It says right here:] he slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his deeds were evil and his brother’s righteous.

What was the righteous deed? Shedding the blood of the lamb. Taking God’s revelation. Standing with God’s Word. What was the work of the devil? Perverting the Word of God. Now he didn’t stand up and say to the people, “Now look, I want to tell you something.

This first fruit offering, this blood offering, is not in the Bible.” Oh, he didn’t say that, but he neglected the blood offering and went to the fruit offering, or the first fruit, which is Resurrection – which is in the Bible.

And God spake to this man, Cain, and He said, “Why is your countenance fallen? Why are you wroth?” He said, “Listen, you have rightly offered, but you have not rightly divided; therefore, you are in sin.”

And Paul categorically said that a misdividing of the Word is sin. And the man with the Holy Ghost does not misdivide the Word; and the man of God loves It; and he loves his brethren who are with him.


But how can you love that which is a killer? Now if you have killers out there, which they are killers, because they kill by their lies.

If those people are your brothers, you will make me happy by never coming back here again please. Just do me a favor, because when I find out who you are, you will wish you had gone – if you are here this morning.

Come now, I am not kidding. Listen. Do not ever think I am kidding, because I am past fooling anymore. I have nothing to lose anymore. It is all out in the open.

I have either committed or condemned my soul and my preaching, and you better know one thing: if you believe me to be a servant of God and what I am preaching is right, you have either condemned or committed your soul unto life the same as I have.

You are on the same hook. So don’t think you can sit on the seat and waver like sitting on a post, because I am going to tell you: you are already condemned worse than any of us.

Because at least there are some hot and some cold, but you make God vomit. I do not necessarily like saying things like this, but they have to be said; and they have got to be said in a tough way so that people understand where we are at.


Now listen. This is the same doctrine of the Parousia, of the Presence, of the Rapture. Because Cain scoffed at Abel, he walked in his own lusts, and he died in his sin.

Now let me tell you something, brother/sister. There can be no Blood applied without Light. I do not care what anybody says, the Blood of Jesus Christ cannot cover outside of Light.

The Bible tells us: “If we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all unbelief.”

Now Brother Branham says that categorically, volume 6, number l, page 18, paragraph l. I’ve got the note here. Coming to the light vindicates the man, if the light is of God.

There is a light that is not of God. The light that is not of God is mis-divided, misinterpreted, misplaced, and otherwise off the Word but using the Word.


It is far better for a man to come with his own understanding, which could be metaphysical or some philosophy, than deny this entirely.

It is a million times better for him to come without this Book than to come with this Book in perversion, because this is where the devil is. The devil is not outside of this Book. The devil is in this Book.

You say, “What about the guys out there?” 

They are an offshoot from the perversion of the devil’s work in this Book. For had this Book not been perverted there would not be that which is out there. There would not be Communism or anything else.

Communism has come from religion. It came from Romanism that split into the two legs, the East and the West. And the East went to Russia, the orthodox; and because of the orthodoxy of the Catholic Church… in other words, it was completely across the whole nation.

And because of the corruption of the priesthood, though they were married, the people rose up. You have the same in Mexico.

You have the same down South. And as Brother Branham said, “When the Protestants of America elected a Roman Catholic president, they told the whole world, ‘The Catholics are fine’.” 

And the people said, “Then why are you sending missionaries?” It was all over. 

You say, “It is not over for America.” 

That is a lie from the pit of hell. It was over when they put in John Kennedy, and he got in by a lie. He got in through Daley in Chicago in Cook County by the lever being pulled every single time every Republican was voting for a Democrat.

And when it was proven, he would not step down; but the same Democrat, because Nixon told a lie, forced him out. There’s your Democrat. And then Pentecostal people vote for Democrats; but the Republicans are no better.

I’ll be honest, the only vote I’m interested in is good for a laugh and I haven’t registered yet. The vote is just collect, collect tax – income tax. They are voted out. Let their high government know, it’s time to call a halt and if they don’t call one, the people will call one for them.

The rest of the voters who cares about you. Is that your pocket book, Brother Vayle? That’s my pocket book, you’re right. He that haveth my pocket book, it’s the apple of my purse. Alright.


Now the doctrine of the Rapture is right here, too. If this is right, it is going to breed hatred. What was it that caused the death of Jesus? The fact that he was there and unrecognized. And they said, “No. Messiah is not here, but we’ll kill this one that says he is.” And they did. 

So they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh. You tell me how they can do it. If it doesn’t run an exact parallel, you tell me. See? Alright. We are going to go to “The Rapture.” And in “The Rapture” we found that Brother Branham was dealing very heavily with scoffer.

And this being the subject of the Rapture, you have to understand that everything he says about scoffers has to do with this moment, because every Scripture is inherently a part of it or illustrating and every illustration backs it by virtue of the fact that he has brought it into the subject.


And he says here on page 11:

[51] The astronauts, said, we didn’t see a thing of God. There is nothing up there. He said, That even turned ministers around. They thought God lived up there somewhere a hundred and fifty miles high. Education, wisdom of this world is turning the church into a bunch of ragweed. Ragweed causes hay fever, makes people lose their sight, exactly what happened.

[52] Education and educational systems, science and civilization is of the devil.

How? By denying the Word of God, because that is when it started way back there. Science, without denying the Word of God, is legitimate; but science takes upon itself to deny God. So let it burn and everyone burn with them. 

You say, “Brother Vayle, you’re vindictive.” 

Don’t be an ass. Am I supposed to stand here and be nicer than God? Am I supposed to stand here and eulogize the devil? You’ve got another thought coming. You’ve got another thought coming. If I am in that category, let me burn, because you are better off without me.

It is time to be honest, brother/sister. There is too much hypocrisy out there. There is too much pseudo-religion, pseudo-love, pseudo-everything, pseudo-Holy Ghost, pseudo-gifts, pseudo-this and pseudo-that. Men hold pseudisms.

They won’t bring themselves out into the open in this hypocritical age. Started way back there with the devil. It is the devil’s civilization. Brother Branham said so. The Bible said so.


[52] And our civilization that is coming on will have nothing to do with civilization, nothing at all.

Then why do you love it? Why do you want to perpetuate it? Why have you got sympathy for it? That is a good question, isn’t it? Now come on, let’s get right down to the nitty-gritty. I am one of those preachers that gets down to the nitty-gritty.

Why would we love what God hates? There is something wrong with us. “Well,” you say, “Brother Vayle, the fact is that, you see, God said, I’ll judge.”

He has already judged! Who are you taking your side with? Anarchy? Don’t tell me He hasn’t already judged. I’ll tell you right now: that’s the most awful statement I ever heard in my life. Somebody stand up and say the judgment is not already fulfilled.

It is laid out here in the Word. My goodness me. What’s the Word for? I don’t know what’s in people’s minds.

You are still all messed up with politics. Sell their legless legs to put fliers in the porch or they vote on them and say this is the law and a bunch of crafty lawyers come by and say, ‘Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!’ Thou’s something in the hole, in the hole, in the hole.

So now we can get you out of this. And the crooked man with the mafia comes to the sleezy politician, says to the sleezy judge ‘There’s no more Word.’ Try that with God. Try that with the Word.



He said to Israel, “There is one that judges you, Moses.” You have already been judged. “Oh, Jerusalem, Jerusalem,” he said, “I would have helped you, but,” he said, “I cried and wept over you… did everything… sent you prophets.

You killed them. You murdered them out of hand. You threw everyone out. Now,” he said, “There is one thing left, Judgment!” “Ah, Lord, You are too sweet to judge.”

Is He? Why are you people sick today? You know why? Visiting the sins of the parents upon the children to the third and fourth generation. You are suffering from way back there. Then you try to tell me. Something wrong somewhere brother/sister.


[52] It will be a different civilization. Into this civilization that is coming, which is the faith civilization, of course, this scientific world we got, he says, the more science, the more scientific we get, we get further into death.

True. Now isn’t it wonderful that you have drugs that will kill the germs and the side effects will kill you? Marvelous! Just what I have always wanted. That’s doctors. They give you a little pill for your cold, and you know what you’ll do with that little pill?

You’ll blithely pull out in front of a car. Now don’t tell! I did it one time, but I stopped just in time, and all I had was a cold pill in Florida. And I can take you to the very street where I pulled out, and I saw the car coming.

Why are men and women doing this all the time? Because they are on drugs and the side effects are getting them. And there is a side effect to a false dogma that lulls you into hell… into death. Now It says:


[52] Further we go into death, things, traps to kill them, everything. In that new civilization, which we will get when we are raptured, there will be no death, no sickness, no sorrow, nor pain. See? There won’t be any in there. So this civilization will have to be destroyed, because it is of the devil.

Brother Branham said, “The flames are going to chew up those, what you call them, those germs and things, microbes, germs, destroy every one of them.” And you know something? It is scientifically proven there are some germs cannot be killed apart from fire.

Yes. They are just too resistant. You know something? Years ago, when they began interfering with the earth with the penicillin, the antibiotics, it meant that there would come a time when the earth could no longer purify itself, because what it took by the good microbes to kill the bad microbes, or germs and all, no longer existed.

They were immune to it. The earth has got to be a corrupt mass, until when the puss falling upon the ground. It is doing it now with AIDS. Dear, lovely homosexuals… We exalted them. We gave them a parade in San Francisco. We gave them a mayor who loved the homosexuals.

AIDS to the rescue, thank God. I’ve got no pity. You say, “Brother Vayle what if you get it?” 

I am going to tell you what: if I get it by a contact through something other than my own sin, they will answer to me on the Day of Judgment for what they did to me. Oh, yes. Don’t think they won’t, brother/ sister. We are not dealing with politics anymore. We are dealing with “Thus Saith God’s Holy Word from a Holy God.”

You think I am not going to be there judging? You’ve got a wrong concept of Lee Vayle.

I want to be there. Yes, I want to be there. I want to get back at the devil through Jesus Christ. He got his swan song right now brother/sister. His time is short, because the revealed Word for the last time has come on the scene; and this time it’s Rapture.

Yes sir.


Now he says here:

[52] There won’t be anything there like diseases. This civilization is going to be destroyed, because it is of the devil.

This is it. We are into it. Who do you think came down? If the King of kings did not come down brother/ sister, how is it up there we are going to crown Him King of kings?

Because the Bride doesn’t make Him. The Bride just acknowledges God in His manifestation, His sovereign office – Prophet, Priest, Judge, King, Lily of the Valley, Rose of Sharon, Altogether Lovely, Husband, Bridegroom, the great Physician, the great Creator, the great everything… the great God in splendor, standing there splendidly in His splendor.

Does the Bride make Him that? Heavens no! She merely recognizes it. And because something is in her reaching out, she accords Him that honor she could not do otherwise.


[53] We find in Genesis 4 that Cain’s people started civilization, building towns and cities and so forth. [That is true.] Instruments of music and came into sciences.

Now listen. There is nothing wrong with music. The devil got his crowd, and we’ve got our crowd.

And there’s no better singing under God’s high heaven than the singing that goes on here in this place and you know I am proud of you for that and I’m proud of our 2 brothers that do the work up here, they sound pretty fantastic.

And as far as I am concerned, I wouldn’t trade them for all the gold in Russia either, Russia, or any bunch of fine leaders. And we come to what we have right here, in theory, because I’ve been around a certain hour. And music is of God as well as of the devil. [Check the Psalms]


Just like doctors are of God as well as of the devil. Trouble is: anything you can do with nature God is in favor of, but doctors stepped out of their realm and out of their orbit when they began messing with drugs that you compound synthetically.

And I still believe that I am not wrong in saying that DDT was the first true synthetic substance made; and from that time on we’ve had nothing but problems and increased problems until…

Well has it been said that every grocery store will soon have over it, “Beware! These foods could be dangerous to your health”, because they are, because of the pesticides and those things that are in them.

What has done it? Science. 

You say, “How are we going to get rid of our bugs?” 

Bring in the good bugs: the praying mantis, the lady bug. 

“How about those sick plants?” 

Build up the soil. 

“Well,” you say, “that won’t make the money.” 

What do you want, money or get sick? You are like the fellow that said he lost his health to gain his wealth, and lost his wealth to gain his health. He never got it back. The doctors got the wealth without giving him back any health. Exactly.

God has a balance of nature. Man destroys the balance. See?


A kid brought in, from one of the islands, one of those huge snails. I guess they are almost as big as a dog. I don’t know. They weigh pounds or something.

He brought it in his pocket [as a baby snail. And] because he was a little tiny kid, the agricultural department, what do you call them? when you come into the country? did not examine the little boy. Well, he got tired of his snail, and he dropped it in the streets of California in his yard.

One day a frantic cry comes in, “Where are these big snails from? They go chomp, and a whole plant disappears.” A few city blocks cost close to one million dollars to eradicate those snails. And God said, “You keep the bounds of the people, then you keep the bounds of nature.”


Then what happens if you mess with His Word? You tell me. See? It is proven. It has been proven manifestly: you cannot fool with the things of God. There is no way you can fool with Him and get by with it. No, sir! Because all things are maintained by the Word of God.

And when it is no longer the Word of God… In other words if you sprinkle acid rain on your roses, your roses will die. So when you sprinkle a wrong Word on a people, they are going to die. God sprinkles pure water – the pure Word. Sure, that is what we are after today – that former rain. Alright.


[53] Back in Cain’s day and the people got further away from God with their science, but yet they were religious. But when Seth’s people came on they come on in the name of the Lord.

Now remember, in this hour those in the Bride speak to each other, and they think on the Name of the Lord. Now what is the Name of the Lord? The Name of the Lord is ‘Jesus’.

And that is the one inheritance that Jesus got from his Father was His Name; and the Bride has it . That is ours today.

[54] I am not here to hurt anybody’s feelings, said the prophet, or say anything about a church. And if you are here and belong to this church, I am not saying this to hurt your feelings, because just as many good people in there as in other churches. But I was reading in Shreveport last week where the Catholic church made a statement. And we see where they are all coming together now at the great ecumenical council and so forth, just exactly fulfilling what the Bible said they would do.


Now what is the subject? Rapture. Now while the Rapture is going on in process, a Bride is coming together. Right? Let’s find out.

2 Thessalonians 2:1

(01) Now we beseech you, brethren, by the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, even our gathering together unto him.


1 Thessalonians 4:16

(16) The Lord Himself descended from heaven with a shout,…

Now It tells you: there is a gathering. Okay? They are gathering together, the great council of churches, in the hour of the Rapture. It is the hour of the churches coming together, and they will be coming against the Bride.

See? Now, watch what happens now, which is separation; and it is going to be more and more. 


Now you didn’t get that. You thought you got it, and you got part. But you didn’t get it really. Let me go into it a little more. All right. Over in Matthew 24, the carcass is ‘ptoma’ which is ‘ptomaine poisoning’.

Matthew 24:40-41

(40) Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken and the other left.

(41) Two women shall be grinding, one taken one left.

That is the Word ‘dividing’.

In Luke 17 the word ‘carcass’ is ‘soma’ which means ‘health’ – the Son of Righteousness arising with healing in His wings. We are gathering to the Rapture. It is in Luke: one taken, one left. That’s Rapture. So it is narrowing down as to who’s got the Word.

Therefore, there are divisions amongst us. And I am going to tell you something, and I have told you already, and I am not ashamed to say it: I am a little afraid of what I am teaching for one reason: too many people are starting to believe it.

I only have one hope: they don’t believe it the way I believe it. You say, “Brother Vayle, you’re very crude.” I’m a crude person. Thank you. No problem. I merely agree with you. I’m not judgemental, I’m not temperamental, I’m trying to be as strict with this Word as I can.


How many understand the Rapture? And it is a true revelation. They are the ones that are going to go. And the prophet said, “They are very, very few.” I believe I am teaching right.

If I didn’t, I would try to find something else. But I am convinced of what I teach, or I would not be teaching. I have no hesitation to say what I believe and what I teach.

What I believe and how I believe what I teach, I do my very best to express in language that conveys it to you. But I must admit this, as you would admit, that my words to me can mean different to me than they mean to you.

And your words to me can mean something else to you than what they mean to me – though we are both very, very fair and honest. It’s very true but somebody has to have it right.


Now listen. Brother Branham said, “The carcass was the fresh meat of the Word where the eagles go; and the other is the rotten meat full of worms to where the crows go.”

Now he also said… And you know, and I have added to it, and I am not afraid to add to what the prophet said, because I can prove that I am right when I say it.

Brother Branham said, “A dove will not eat crow food, but a crow will eat dove food,” and I added, “Yes, until it gets a whiff of what it really likes, which is crow food, and it will go to it.” And Brother Branham said, “The dove and the crow can roost on the same branch.” 

And I also have the ark to prove it, because the dove came back in, and the crow loved the whiff. You see, there was no rotting carcass, I don’t suppose, on the ark, although they killed some for sacrifice.

He might have gotten his little tummy full on some of that; but perhaps, by the time the ark landed, there was nothing left on the boat he could chew on. And the dove went out and couldn’t eat the crow food, but the crow could eat his crow food.

And he didn’t return back anymore to eat dove food, because he got a whiff of his crow food. Now that is my understanding of Scripture. If I am wrong, well, I am wrong. I am not worried about it though, because I know I am right.

You know that as well as I do, brother/sister, that the hog returns to its wallow and the dog to its vomit. Now come on. Alright.


[54] We see they are all coming together now at the great ecumenical council and so forth just exactly fulfilling what the Bible said they would do. Just exactly…

And he is talking about the Rapture. So you see, those that believe in the Rapture, the right way, are going to be fewer and fewer. You say, “Brother Vayle, do you know that to be true?” Oh, come on honey, listen. I get the word all the time, because I am the target of all the darts.

You think I’m going to make you water those targets the other day, … your water does this thing, you just pray for me kid, that’s all. Now look, I get it all the time. And the great criticism is this, “Oh look, we believe in the Presence.

It is those other things that go with it. Oh, we believe in the Presence, but look at their terrible spirit.” 

Brother, Sister listen. Listen. Pardon my language, dear, sweet, little boys and dear, sweet, little boys and girls all around the place. I came out of a whorehouse – Protestantism. I don’t want to go back.

If I have got to go back to the house of prostitution when I have preached chastity all my life and believed in it, there is something wrong somewhere. In other words, if I have got to settle my affections that Christ wants, on associating with and having fellowship with prostitutes, and dogs, which are male prostitutes – I am going to quit the whole thing.

I can’t stomach it. We’ll close the doors, unless you want to get another preacher. Just nail the place up and go. 

But if this is what His love is, I have never had it, and I never will have it; and I do not want it, because we are supposed to have a spiritual love affair with Christ! – the embrace, the kiss, and the insemination.

And he that is joined to the harlot is one flesh. I am not about to pander to those who are not my brethren, no way.


[55] Now, we found out they said, “Why, the Bible, some of the Protestants want to hold to that Bible. Why,” said the Catholics and some Protestants, no doubt, “The Bible is nothing but a Book, a history of the church, and they didn’t have it in literature until 250 years ago. It has always been the church.”

He said, “It was the church; not the Bible.” You see, that is what they said. Now I am going to tell you something. That is Roman Catholic. But what do you think of the Protestants that try to make the Bible say what the creed says? No different. 

Look brother/sister. You go to a fruit market, and you find a rotten apple, so right away you stop it. Now, I’m not going to say it, I want to say something but I won’t say anything because that wouldn’t be nice. So, I will say this, what was in my mind first.

You go to the stall, and you find a rotten apple, and you do not stop and say, “Now do you think per chance it was a coddling moth that laid an egg that caused the blot that caused the rot?

Do you think it was? Or, do you think it could be a worm from the inside? Oh, maybe not… Maybe there was some acid rain fall on it.” You just say, “Rotten.” And that does it. So what is the big deal? Both churches are the same.

It was the church, not the Bible. They say the Bible is just the history. What a subtle lie that is. See? Where does it come from? If it’s rotten, it is rotten. Brother Branham said:

Why, we have had the Bible for three thousand years. They said, “We only got it 250 years ago.” The Old Testament has been written in Scripture for hundreds and hundreds of years before the coming of Christ. It is just a subtle thing of the devil.



[57] And we find out… Now watch, the Rapture… He is talking about the Rapture… and we find out in this day when this great scoffing and making fun of the Bible and trying to push It out…

Now hold it! Now hold it! They aren’t pushing this Bible out. For the first time the Roman Catholics want everybody to read it. Even a Cardinal Cushing said, “Go and hear Billy Graham, and you will come back a better Catholic!”

Woooh, man! And Brother Billy Graham stood there and was honored by Cushing. Even the name is insidious. ‘Cushy Cushing.’ Like that filthy protestant, ‘Salem Brand’, ‘Salem Brand.’

The rottenest protestant about 40 something years ago was, ‘Salem Brand’, and now Cushy Cushing. Billy Graham stands there and says, “We preach the same gospel you do.” I kid you not, I have the picture at home, and the quote.

So much for Billy Graham and the Protestant churches. Now listen. They are not pushing this Bible out (the book itself).

It is the Bible of the Rapture, the Shout! the revealed Word of the hour – not Luther; not Wesley; not Moses. This Word. Understand why this is the Rapture message? This is the subject?

If you do not keep these things in mind, you will read the Rapture a dozen times, fifteen times, twenty times, not too many times; and you’ll say, “Wasn’t it nice?” What was nice? Well, I really don’t know, but I liked it.

When you quote from it, what are you quoting? Rapture! Shout! Voice! Trumpet! See? Alright.


God has got to judge the truth by something. I’ve got Strong’s Concordance there. Strong was a great theologian, but I am going to tell you something: Strong was just one theologian of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds. What theologian are you going to quote? 

Now the word ‘theologian’ is a bad word to some of my conferes, if I can demean myself so low as to even say that. They don’t even know what theology is. ‘Theo’ is God, and the ‘ology’ part comes from logos.

So therefore, it is the Word of God. The word ‘theology’ is a mighty good word providing you are a genuine theologian, but these ain’t.

I refuse to classify myself with the theologians out there, but I have no trouble classifying myself with the theologians that are with the Word of God, because I do handle the Word of God, and I do not do it deceitfully.

And my preaching condemns myself the same as anybody else; because if I am wrong, I freely admit I am going to have worse trouble than any of you, because you listen to me, and you got confidence in what I say. So therefore, it is bad.


Now it says here:

[56] “He has to judge the church by something.”

And he is talking about the Rapture. You say, “Why?” I just told you! There is a separating. There is a joining of this bunch and there is a joining of that bunch and our bunch. We are separated at least fifty different ways, because just about every pastor got his own group that won’t associate with the other fellow.

And how many teachers running around that should stay home, like I am staying home now? So if anybody wants the poison, they got to order it. Now if you’re stupid enough to order the poison, you drink it, that’s your tough luck.

Now, the only true way to God’s Word comes right here. The only place, because you come here. Don’t count on anybody else, that’s your tough luck. I didn’t say, “Hey, I’m preaching; wanna hear the tape I’ll send you tape. Now way.

When the people do get fresh tapes I’ll say, “Hey look, if you don’t like it send it right back.” No charge anyway. You won’t to try them out. You can keep them, destroy them and nobody asked you to believe just what I believe, your liberty, to believe otherwise and they can.


Now I said, “What are you going to judge by?” I am going to ask you a question: why did we leave organization? Because we had something to judge by. We said, “Hey, that has got to be wrong! What is all this stuff about ‘three gods’ when It said, ‘One God, one God, one God’?”

So how are you going to say ‘three gods’ when He said, ‘one God’? You got to stand back until He answers you. You do not make up your own theology. The Trinitarians did.

In no way, shape, and form can God be born. God cannot be created. And yet they try to make Jesus Christ completely one with God in a sense there are two gods with a third one. 

Now, if I was driven to the wall, I might sort of entertain the thought that there might be two, but there couldn’t be three. Now that much I know for sure. And then why should I settle for two, if He said, “There is one”?

There is something wrong with my thinking. So I better get my thinking lined up with His thinking and begin to find out that what God does in offices and manifestations does not create another God but simply is a manifestation and a working of the one Almighty God, Who was in a role.

So therefore, the Father came down and indwelt the Son, which was the beginning of creation; because that’s the first thing that God did way back there in order to begin to get where He was in redemption; because He was a Redeemer primarily above everything else.


Now he said:

[56] There has to be something to judge by. He can’t judge… he stopped short. And he says: They can’t come down this street and arrest me saying I’m doing thirty miles in a twenty mile zone, unless there is something there to tell me I’m only allowed to go twenty miles. It has to be there. And God is going to judge the church – is going to judge the people someday. We know that. There is a judgment coming. Now remember… “It is pinpointed in the Rapture,” is what he is saying. You see? 

Now let’s keep reading: 

We know that there is a judgment coming. So if He is going to judge it by the Catholic church, what Catholic church? Going to judge it by the Methodist, the Baptist is lost. Judge it by the oneness, twoness is lost. See? What is He going to judge it by? He said He would judge it by Christ, and Christ is the Word. So it’s the Word of God that God will judge, so it is the Word of God that God will judge.

In other words, right there He is judging us according to that Word and our reaction to the Word. So you see, He has a standard. The standard is all there. “In the beginning the Word was with God, the Word was God, and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us… The same yesterday, today, and forever.”

So he is telling you here that we are right back to the beginning – the Logos. And this, of course, is the Third Pull, which is the Word. 


And the revealed Word is back here amongst us fulfilling Himself. It was the flesh back there; it’s the Word today. It doesn’t matter – flesh or Pillar of Fire. It is the same One.

Now, so therefore, since you have Him present: delivering the Word, got His Own prophet, vindicating His Own Word, then judgment proceeds out of the Rapture. 

Now listen. Understand what I am saying: there could not be a great tribulation and the earth purged by fire without the Rapture. And part of the Rapture is the Shout, which is the Word. See? So there you got it. You got prophet.

You got Judge. And as soon as He leaves here, He becomes the full executor of that Word bringing on the judgment of the earth. In the meantime the separation is going on and the judgments are in the earth heralding what is to come:

And now we find out in this day when they are trying to push the Bible out. What Bible out? This out, no, the revelation of It; the truth of It. And where did the truth come? In the Rapture – the first part: Shout. 

Now let’s just go down the line and find out, because I am not kidding you; we go all through the whole Scripture here and show you, even in the face of some things that sound like Brother Branham is not saying that, what I am saying here, but we will show you he is. 


[57] Now they want to push the Bible out and to accept the church instead – to take the church. The Bible, they don’t want it, that is the church – they don’t want it – so they can just make any kind of a creed or anything else and walk by it.

Now listen: as He is in the Light, you walk. What is the Light today? Not Luther, not Wesley, not Pentecost. Elijah! All right. What about him? He is the messenger of the Shout.

“For the Lord Himself shall descend with a shout,” and it is not said to be the voice of the descender Himself. And William Branham said, “I was just a voice, and that against my better judgment. This is not my Word. It is His Word – which is purely vindicated, and even a scientific camera took it.” 

So therefore, if they make the Rapture a creed, which they will by denying the Shout, because… Look, brother/sister. You cannot do a thing about that Resurrection; you cannot do a thing about the Rapture.

There’s only one thing you can do about it. That’s the Word, because that’s always what has been done about. When a revelation comes, the devil perverts it; and when it is perverted, it is gone. Now this is one time the devil will not get to a Bride. She will be taken out of here before he can get to her.


[58] Why, as I was speaking the other night in Shreveport those – the communion; when they killed the sacrificial lamb, there was to be no leaven among them the entire seven days. No leaven, no leaven bread. Everything had to be unleavened. That represented the Seven Church Ages that we get in the book here.

That’s right. They had just what they needed, but they didn’t need a Rapture. All they needed was something to get them out of the ground. That’s fine. All they needed was somebody to get them out of Egypt. But hold it!

The cup of the Amorites was not filled. So how are you going to get a Rapture, unless the cup of the Amorites is filled – organization is completely overrun and gone?

See what Brother Branham said, “If I were to preach,” he said, “the end time based on Sodom and Gomorrah conditions, it wouldn’t be enough. No,” he said, “all the signs have to be in.”

How are you going to talk about a Rapture? How are you going to talk about the fulfillment of “he that is righteous is righteous still,” until you talk about, “he that is filthy is filthy still”? See? All the signs have to be in.

Now the signs were not in, but they are getting in very fast. How are you going to talk about anything until Israel is back in the homeland? You can’t. The signs got to be in.

Now therefore, there were no signs in for the end time. So they had enough of the oil and the wine, see, to get them through. But at the end time, that will not work. You have to have all of It.


I can prove that to you. I know what people are thinking of, but It tells you right over here in the Book of Acts the 3rd chapter. It says:

Acts 3:21

(21) Whom the heavens must retain until the restitution or restoration of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets.

What ‘all things’? 

“Oh! That is back in Moses’ day.” 

Now, come on; you hypocrite. That is not back in Moses’ day. That is ‘all things’ for this day. Not that day. We are not living in that day. I am not even living in Pentecost. Good heavens, that is two thousand years ago.

What do I want to go back there for? Paul did not have the Word for this hour. He never had It. The cross was given to him. The power of the cross has endured for six solid ages and into the seventh, but the power of the Resurrection has never been manifested.

I am not talking of the evidence of the Resurrection.

I am talking about the power itself. It’s in this hour. Paul never had it. He said, “I want it. I want it to get me from amongst the dead and let the rest stay there, while I get out.” 

Paul-Paul-Paul-Paul, “You’re not a nice man to say that.” He said, “Oh they say that, but I am.” 

He said, “But I am. I do not belong to the devil’s crowd to pervert things.” He said, “You see, if I were perverted, I would want to stay there with the rest and have this nice itchy-kitchy love.”

The couchy-couchy kind that says, “I will marry you, until I get in bed with you. Then you are on your own” – pregnated with the seed of hell. Do not think you are going to wake up in his flowery beds of ease, brother/sister, having gotten yourself pregnated by the devil?

How did you get it? Just getting that Word all messed up. You got it? I kid you not. I don’t lie to you. Now he said : 


[58] There was no leaven mixed with it. [There wasn’t with that the little bit that went through because that was enough to get them through] And we have mixed the creed and the denomination and everything else with the Word and still trying to call it the Word. No leaven shall be in the entire seven days.

Now he said, “There was leaven in the Rapture doctrine.” 

You say, “He didn’t say it.” 

But he did, because he said, “You are waiting for it.” 

And there was a Rapture doctrine. They had it part right, like everything else. But when it’s part right, it’s part wrong. 

Now: “trying to call it the Word.” And he said, “And still try to call it the Word”, in the face of the Shout! So there is no Word of Rapture, but this which he preached. This is the age that you can’t add to or take from. So all the Word is there.

[58] ... No leaven shall be in the entire seven days. And even what is eat today, don’t try to keep it for tomorrow, burn it with fire before the daylight comes, for there is a new message coming forth and a new thing.


Now people might think, “Well, look! Brother Branham says there is a new message coming down the road even beyond this.” Let’s just go to page 27, paragraph 130. Now he said:

[130] Three things happened, a voice, a shout, a trumpet, has to happen before Jesus appears. That is right before you see Him visibly. Now, a shout. Jesus does all three of them when He’s – He’s – He’s – He’s descending.

Now he says, “He’s,” three times. Then he said it the fourth time, four is deliverance. Three things He does, then it’s all over. From then on it is just God. A Shout. What is a Shout? It is a message bringing forth first the Living Bread of Life bringing forth the Bride.

Well, come on. What day is he talking about? This day. Laodicea has to have a messenger at the end with a fresh message. To bring forth what? A living Bride. Every Bride had to die.

There wasn’t that in the Word at that time to take her on over through the flood tides of the river flowing from Ezekiel’s temple from the Eastern Gate. First of all, they had waters to the ankle – Luther: waters to the knees. Wesley: waters to the loins – Pentecost.

And now waters that just carry you over [See?] now bringing forth a new thing.

What new thing? Well come on. Let’s find out the new thing. Ol’ John here… He just gets terribly enthused over in 1 John talking about the Presence and all of these goody, goody things he is talking about. 

Now watch what he says in:

1 John 3:2

(02) Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear [or come in existence] what shall be: [There is going to be a new thing. What is the new thing?] when he shall appear, we will be like him; we will see him as he is.

The Message is going to bring forth a people that are changed to His image. Well, that’s what It says. I don’t know what people want.



[59] See, try to hold it over. Now let’s just show what we are talking about. The Pentecostal false doctrine is what he was talking about. …That has been the attitude of the church. A revival goes forth, and the first thing you know, within three years they start an organization over it. The denomination starts an organization. But have you noticed, this has been sweeping for twenty years now,  since 1946 when the angel commissioned him, which was the time to take a gift of healing to the entire world, was the announcement literally of the Message.

Because he always preached, he began to teach what would eventually come to be the absolute vindicated pure Word of Almighty God for this hour, this hour which would bring forth a living Bride, who would not die. And there is no organization to it, and there never will be. This is the end.

If this is the end, who needs another message? So he is not talking about something coming down the road.

He is talking about the hour of Pentecost that has to give way, as the Catholic Church gave way to Luther, Luther gave way to Wesley, Wesley to Pentecost, and now Pentecost to this. The life in the Catholic Church went out. It went to Lutheranism, believe it or not, at the beginning.

Then it went to Wesley, then it went to Pentecost, and now the life is with us. It is the same life; but what life is it? Not the life that was back there… Come on! You’re forming a body. It is the same life, but the life that is forming the chest is forming the throat, because it is coming up.

And the same life, having formed perfectly a New Testament Bride with Him as the head of both Old and New, will come down here in a physical form. 



[59] This is the end. The wheat’s come back to wheat again – Christ to Christ. See? Before He was flesh He was Spirit, and the wheat has come back to its grain. The shuck has pulled away from it. Now that’s us. The shuck of the world pulled away from the true Word. The shuck of the human part pulls away from the true human part… and the wheat must lay in the presence of the sun to be ripened.

Well, if He is not present, how are you going to lie there? See? What is the light? What is the sun rather? It is the light.

Now, nineteen years roughly had gone by, nineteen years almost exactly seven months had gone by when Brother Branham started preaching, bringing that out in 1946 to 1965, when he preached the final message which, in my estimation, was the Seventh Seal revealed to the public, the Coming.

And remember. He said that Revelation 10:1-7 was the Seventh Seal. What are you going to do about it? And he said, “Revelation 10:7 was here at the same time that Revelation 10:1 was.” It was in a three-fold manner made public – Shout, Voice, Trumpet; and God reveals His Word by manifesting It.

Now the prophet said it, and I didn’t. I am just going to hold you to the Word, and I am going to hold the prophet to the Word, too. I want the prophet to come back and say, “Well, Brother Vayle, I really did not mean it all the way.” 

Well, I would say, “What did you mean then?” 

You get married, and you’re not the wife all the way? Then drop dead, you ought to get booted out, and he get a new wife. Are you not the husband all the way? She ought to boot you out and get a new husband – just a couple of dogs; that’s all. Not sheep.

Well, come on! Word is Word. What am I supposed to do? Believe one hundred percent, until somebody suddenly says, “Hey! I didn’t mean that hundred percent.” Well, one hundred percent you want me to believe. I have to have something to go by.

I‘m not very smart, and I am not a prophet. If you’re going to take a prophet to know a prophet, that is to judge a prophet, forget it.

Paul the Apostle said, “You do not have to be a prophet – just be full of the Holy Ghost and you will know what the prophet is really saying. We have no big problem then.


[60] Isn’t it strange thing that not long ago in the East Coast, the big blackout. They couldn’t understand it. Texas blacked out last week. They can’t understand it. Don’t you realize that is a sign?

Now that was good for that day, but it’s not good anymore. You know why? Because we have the Word. I don’t need a sign anywhere anymore. Back in his day it could be a sign, because he could tell you if it was a sign.

Now you got the ‘crook le crooklies’ looking in the refrigerator and there’s no light in there, oh, that’s a sign. Sure it’s a sign – the bulb is out or the electricity is off idiot. I’m going to make a lot of it and they say they believe the message.

What message? I’ll tell you what sign I see, when the lights out, I see dollars signs and I get mad as a hatter. Is this thing broken? I say that’s not too bad maybe Bill Nerva? will come and fix it because you know Bill’s a good expert.

He’s fixed my fridge before. I can’t fix this clock but he can fix my fridge. He fixed the microwave one time. So, the dollar signs aren’t so bad then that I see.


[60] They can’t understand it. Don’t you know that the nations are breaking? Israel is in her homeland, and these signs are indicating we are at the end! The same time it’s blacking out, don’t you know that that’s a sign that the prophet said, “There would be light about the evening time.”

In other words, when you see the blackouts, you know that it is striking; ranging, far distant places you know that something is going on. See? Because it’s not all on one grid. See? They want to put it all on one grid that would make a honey, because the grid really broke down.

It’s alright whatever they do. But here’s East and in Texas showing something is going on because that’s just not happenstance. You see?


Now It said there would be light about the evening time. What light? What He is in this hour. That is what it is, because you have got to walk in the Light that He is in. What Light is He in? Son of man.

Now Brother Branham said, “You got to get back to God.” The correct answer. People think, “Well, I have got to think of something.” No, you don’t, because he was talking about that time: Son of man, Son of God, Son of David; but it is not that way.

It is Son of man, Son of God, Son of man, then Son of David; because there is a repeat. Now if you don’t give that back, you haven’t got it made.

“Well,” you say, “God is playing games.” 

No, God is not playing games. The churches are playing games. You see, they think they’ve got it figured out, but they don’t. Not when a prophet is on the scene. Now they can get by until that time, but no way after that. See?

This is the day of the Lord coming up to the finality, and everybody, because the finality has the final, hasn’t come, “Oh, the fire hasn’t come. Oh well, fine. We are going along just great, fine. Just going along great.” 

And Peter said, “Now, hold it,” he said, “That is ridiculous.” “Why,” he said, “you are like those scoffers to say nothing is changed. But,” he said, “things are changing, and you better know the changes.” 

Brother Branham said, “We turned a corner.” He said, “It takes a prophet to turn a corner.” He said, “Don’t you try to turn it.”



[61] The Pope just came over here. Remember at the tabernacle with them – you got the tapes – I guess all of you take them – how the Lord showed there that day in the tabernacle exactly where those church ages would be and how they would be. And I drawed them up on the board there, those church ages which you see drawn in the book.

And if that Holy Spirit didn’t come down in a big Pillar of Fire and went right back there on the wall and drew them out Himself while three or four hundred people sat there looking at it.

That was God’s answer. Vindicating that what Brother Branham said was true, because out of the ages come the Seals. Then he was vindicated on the ages. Then the Seals are vindicated, because can an unclean thing come out of a clean thing?

No. See? An unclean can’t come out of a clean, and the clean can’t come out of an unclean. Clean comes out of clean. Then if the ages are vindicated, so are the Seals. He told us that.

[61] And just as the pope started over here, the moon somehow blacked out, and they took pictures, the same way was drawn on the platform here. Now, he has made his trip over here on the 13th – of the month, walked 13 steps, served 13 communions, to the nation number 13, and blackouts coming everywhere. Don’t you see where we are at? We are at the end time.

Why? Because Rome is a harlot church, and we voted our soul away, told the whole world the Catholics are right. The Protestants voted him in. Yes. That is like a jury knowing that a man’s a criminal – lets him off anyway. See? It’s over.



[62] Scoffers rise in the last days. Scoffing at what? Rapture. We are not in the Rapture in the sense of the dead out of the ground. We are into the Rapture in one place – to the living. How are we going to get out of here? We are going to get out of here by a Message that Jesus delivers and… coming down. Scoffers rise saying, “There is no difference in the time than when it was, that when our fathers fell asleep.”

See? Things continue. There is no allotted Word. 

“Well, we’ve got the Word.” 

What are you talking about? Oh, no you don’t. No, you don’t. What about those Seals? What about those Thunders? They’re in there. Who is going to bring them out? 

Bloomfield, he was a great man of God, I think everybody loved his teachings. He was great on Prophecy. He brought out tremendous things which weren’t really true but he was very good at, you know and he had enough brains to know this, said, “Now look at those Seals, those Thunders.

See I will tell you. God has got to send somebody to tell us what they are, because they are not in the Book.” But, you see, they were in the Book, because the Thunders and the Seals were the same thing.

The Thunders were the unrevealed, sealed-in Word of the end time that Paul never had. It will bring about a Resurrection, then It will bring about a Rapture, that will bring about a Wedding Supper. It will bring about the Millennium. It will bring about the New Jerusalem.

Because it’s a Roman candle. Time begins to run out. See? Eternity and time blend. The Resurrection, which is eternal – First Resurrection – makes us eternal, blending with time… a thousand years to go. And then White Throne Judgment – more years to go – still time.

Then suddenly, it is all wrapped up. So you see where we are, even at this hour?


[62] Scoffers rise in the last day saying that but when you see these things begin to happen, raise up your head, get ready; something could happen any time. Christ come for His church.

Now, you see, the scoffing is sure evidence that we are in the Rapture, and it will not be very hard for very long before we get there. Now remember: scoffing started last year. Oh, everybody just loved the Rapture as a revelation until it got out, “He’s got to be here.” 

They said, “Forget it.” 

Well, I tell you: if He descended, did He go back? Show me where the Bible said, “He comes down; He goes up; He comes down; He goes up; He comes down.” Show me. Brother Branham put it one place – in descending. And he said, “I was only there when He appeared.”

So he tells you when the Appearing took place, started coming into view, when He started moving into His church, because, you see, the measure of the Word is what you are looking at.

But when that Word came up flat, they said, “Kill it!” Alright.


Now it says here,

[63] They don’t believe it, because it’s there. They don’t believe that they’re the ones that they are the ones fulfilling the Scripture.

Now let’s be honest: if I am wrong, and I am scoffing, I am fulfilling the Scripture on the Rapture. I am going to miss it. Now I am equally bold to say, “If I’m right, and I’m being scoffed for the truth, they are going to miss it.”

Now folk, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Now you are a pretty good bunch of people, because a lot of you did not come out of Pentecost. You came out of worse than that, which is wonderful in the sense that you had less; and when you have less, you have less to contend with.

It was so easy years ago. My wife and I had a couple little rooms and furniture that could fall off the truck, and it would not matter, and a couple of suits. When you have stuff in the house that is worth more than the house, and I mean worth more than the house, you’ve got too much.

I do not care if you are Lee Vayle, Mrs. Vayle, or anybody else or the Millers sisters. See? … right there they appreciate now because they got the barken-dog-digger, it’s just too much kitten, people will buy, shoot the dog.

Anything I can say now, I didn’t mean it. Right? Did you know it’s the truth the more you get, the worse off you are. That’s Pentecost.


Now he said:

[63] How little did Caiaphas the high priest and all those priests in that day, they scoffed and made fun of Him…

Now how did they make fun of him? Well they said, “Look, you are not Messiah.” 

Now watch what they said: if he was not Messiah, Messiah was not there. And if he was there and not Messiah, he was an impostor. So it actually comes to pass. Was He there? Yes, He was there. Now the same question, “Is He here?”

Now how can you crucify Him to yourself, if He is not here? I would like to know. Maybe you can do it some other way I am not aware of; but I would like to know, because Brother Branham indicted this generation for crucifying Him.

And he said, “They crucified the Word.” And you reduce the Word to logos, and you bring It out as Shout, which is once more Christ in verbal form.

He has to be, because in the Pillar of Fire form you cannot see Him and apprehend Him. It has to be someone with a voice. And He descended using Brother Branham’s voice.

And the Word per se that was coming through William Branham’s voice was the Word descending by the prophet’s spirit, because that is the ministry. That is what he said.


Now they don’t realize they are the ones that are fulfilling Scripture. Now look. We do, because if anything we want to be fair here: not smug, not stupid, not arrogant. Just want to be honest. That’s all.

Just a little honesty is all it takes. And I admit to you candidly: if I am wrong, then I am a scoffer. Something wrong somewhere. The people don’t realize they are doing these things, saying these things. They are fulfilling the Scripture.

Now the Scripture has got to be fulfilled. Somebody has got to do it.


Now who is doing it?

[63] How little did Caiaphas the high priest and all those priests in that day that scoffed and made fun of Him – didn’t know the very God they were singing about, (Psalm 22), “My hands and feet were pierced… You have forsaken Me” Singing that in the temple, Him dying on the cross, little did they know they were doing it. Now little do they know today they are scoffing. Jesus even prayed, “Father forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing.”

Did that happen? The only ones that were forgiven were those that were pre-destinated. The rest of them were cut off in 70 A.D. You know as well as I do. They were scattered; those that got away. “They do not know what they are doing.” He said that Jesus said that.

[63] Because they were actually predicted by the Scripture to be blind.


Now that is good there. These are scoffers. The leader of the system that Jesus came out of – that’s Caiaphas – was looking for a Messiah, but when it meant his position, he killed Jesus. He would not give Jesus preeminence.

Now if He is really here, how many preachers are going to step down and get out of the way? When is this leadership bit going to stop once and for all? When is this running around going to stop? 

You say, “Now Lee, just because you stopped running, is everybody else going to stop running?” 

No, but I wonder why that I stopped running. 

You say, “Old age?” 

Well, not exactly. I am not that old. There’s airplanes you know. Well I can always get a ticket so fine, take two or three days rest and a good motel or hotel. London or some place; then go down to Africa by way of Guam.

But I prayed, and I did not get any word to go; so I stayed home. I got word not to go to New Zealand, at least at that time the word came back: “Not at this time.” So I just sent the ticket back. That was it. And the time hasn’t rolled around yet either, and it may never roll around. 

You say, “What time might it be?” 

Well, it could be when I have my glorified body. Just might be in Glory, I don’t know. I ain’t talking. I don’t have an answer. Furthermore I’m not asking God for an answer, you say “Why?” I’m chicken.

I figure He will tell me to go, when I’m supposed to, just that peculiar urge. Something will happen. See? It doesn’t depend on me, it depends on Him.


Now he is explaining this about these people up here being blind in this next paragraph, you see. This is the typing out and typical for the hour.

[64] Did you know the Protestant and Catholic churches predicted in the last day to be blind, the same thing through Scripture, with Christ on the outside trying to get in? Now he said that in 1963, “Christ on the outside.” You see, He’s out. “Because thou sayest I am rich and have need of nothing, and don’t know you are miserable, poor, wretched, blind, naked, and don’t know it!” Revelation three. There you are, back to blindness again trampling over the things of God as if they meant nothing to them.

Now that tells you what the crucifying is – they are trampling on the Rapture. You say, “Why?” Because they are trampling on the Shout, and the Shout is the Message. And every messenger has a message. And William Branham was the messenger, Elijah. So what are you going to do? 

“Oh,” they said, “he isn’t Elijah.” 

Then who was? 

“Well,” said one fellow, “I’ll say this: if I believed in Elijah for this day instead of John the Baptist, Elijah,” he said, “he would get my vote.”

Well, how are you going to vote, if you do not believe? Unless you are paid? Well, the man did not make a vote at all, because he didn’t need the money. Organization will make you say, “Brother Branham was a devil.”

They can’t make me say that, because I do not belong there. You see? The very thing to get us out of here, which is God in the prophet with the Message, puts them into a deep sleep. Instead of getting into step, they get further out of step.


Now here it is:

[65] But to the Church, the Bride, the rapture is a revelation to her. It is revealed to her, that the revelation, the true Bride of Christ will be waiting for that revelation of the rapture.

Now there you are. It tells you right there: there is a true revelation that is going to get you out of here. You will not trample It under foot. You will be in accord with it. You will not crucify to yourselves the Son of God afresh.

You will do none of those things. You will be right in step with God. Now that is what he is saying. Now that is a Bride coming together under Christ, because she is supposed to.

Now there is the whole issue we are into. If you come together, what are you coming together for? So the dead can rise. What about the dead rising? So I can be changed. What about both of us? We are going up. 



Then you tell me the Rapture is not in progress! Come on, brother/sister. Merciful God, you are trying to tell me a baby gets born without gestation for nine months? I will tell you what people are looking at: they are looking at a bunch of test tube babies. And I mean test tube in the sense you take the ovum, and you take the sperm with a bunch of chemicals, and you produce some kind of mixture – God knows what – that is supposed to be a human being – is supposed to be a Christian. Forget it. I’m not a test tube baby. I’m not a laboratory baby. I am a son of God baby. Hallelujah! And I am going up. 

Let’s rise.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for the great privilege of being here together. To have our faces hard as flint against inequity and against the works of the devil; only by Your grace, Lord, not of any pride in ourselves or any boasting in ourselves, because we could go down the tube tomorrow.

And well we know it except for grace and mercy, except for foreordination, election, predestination, except for the mercies of this hour.

We are only saying this, Lord, because we have faith in what we believe to be the truth that William Branham was the Elijah of this hour to a Gentile Bride; that there was a Shout, which was a Message, to bring a Bride together.

And because it has been delivered, we believe the Rapture is already becoming into effect. And people are laughing – the very thing under their noses, and they are turning down the interpretation of the Word of God, the revelation, the realization.

But Lord, we realize it, and yet, Father, we confess we don’t even begin to realize it the way we should. Where is our sobriety? Where is everything, Lord, that shows who really believes it? 

Father God in Heaven, we know that there was a time Peter believed, and he cut all the difference making him a stripper for a while, he took a sword and carved off one of the servant’s ears.

Then there came a day, when a little bit afterward, he had problems with himself – even denying what he thought he fought for.

But then one day, Lord, with the baptism with the Holy Ghost, and the Word become real, because that was what It really was, he said, “We have got prophecy made more sure than even on the Mount of Transfiguration.” 

And there he could stand, and he could say it could even take him to his death hung upside down on the cross.

He stood there with a boldness; and he said, “I am going to tell you something: there is coming a day when men are going to scoff at the revelation of reality, like they’re doing, and have done all the years, and they are doing right now even, and I am going to die for it.” 

Lord, I believe we are of the same category. We have had our problems with ourselves, with each other. We know that. We have become militant here and there, Lord, and it doesn’t look good; and we don’t like it ourselves.

We wonder a lot of the time, but I know already deep within our souls there is already that tremendous revelation of rock being built up; and it does not matter what happens, where it comes from, which way it is going.

We believe we are a part of that Bride. We are a part of marching Zion ourselves. We are not marching to. It is Zion herself marching – ‘on the move’ Bride, ‘coming to’ Bride, going up, Lord. 

Help us, O God, this hour. You already have helped us; but Lord, we are talking about… Help us to get a little clearer… 

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