Restoration Of The Bride Tree #07

Be Baptized By The Holy Ghost; Indictment
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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for Your Presence that the prophet could declare unto us and we would know with absolute assurety that the same Pillar of Fire that brought the Word to Paul was here revealing It, we thank You for that Lord.

As we do appreciate vindication, we are so happy to have something to go by Lord, to know that this is the truth of this hour, Heavenly Father, otherwise we know that we would have to be in darkness after two thousand years when the change even began to come to place in the First Age under Paul.

When he said, “They already have another Jesus, another spirit, another word,” and we see where that is tonight then Lord, where is the truth? Who has the truth? Who is a Christian? Who is full of the Holy Ghost?

We know, Lord that brings us right down to… the wire, right down to the sifting, right down to the finest sieve and we know Lord, that is in this hour. Who then is a child of God? We’re so grateful that we have the answers.

We have Your answer to us Lord, that we might know even though we really did not know the question was lying there, but You exposed it and brought it to light and gave us the truth and are leading us in Light, which we’re grateful.

We thank You for it and pray as we study tonight, that we may hear more from You through the lips of the prophet and garner the truth into our hearts… where it may feed our souls and bring us further along the way, Lord, more and more, deeper into the kingdom.

Even as You have come more and more into the church until now You are that, Holy Spirit Head Capstone, revealed to us and we Lord, then going more and more into the Millennium, more and more from time into eternity, more and more Lord into immortality. These things have to be true.

We thank You for them and we know Lord, that You are working in people’s hearts to bring the… perfect that work and bring forth the Resurrection, Rapture and the great Wedding Supper. We thank You that we are privy to it; we know these things and You blessed us and to that end we give You glory in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we’re at number 7 on the Restoration of the Bride Tree, and of course, it’s about six weeks since we were reading and commenting on Brother Branham’s Message, the Restoration of the Bride Tree, and we are well aware that the Bride Tree represents the church and of course this is the story of the fall and restoration of that church.

Now this church fell so far away from God that there was no longer any life in her, except down in the roots. This life in its roots will one day bring this tree back to its former state by God’s predestinated power. In other words, that’s what God wants God is going to get it.

In discussing the fall of the church Brother Branham speaks from Joel wherefrom he informs us that the palmerworm, locust, caterpillar, cankerworm are names of one insect that appears in four stages and forms and those forms type the various stages and deterioration and loss.


We notice that he describes what happened in the New Testament church… which was born at Pentecost. That greedy insect began by infiltration… infiltrating the church, you know, like a fifth column of those who were literally anti-Christ and the first thing that was put out of the church were the nine spiritual gifts. With the nine gifts gone the fruit of the spirit was attacked. Brotherly love suffered first of all.

The next casualty was faith, then rapidly followed was the destruction of the joy of salvation. Thirdly, divine fellowship went by the boards and was supplanted by invoking saints and relics and all manner of perversion.

The very truth of the Godhead, one God, and water baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ was banished. Misunderstanding Matthew 28:19; they substituted titles for names and built their churches on it.


So we’re going to read now back where that started on page 41 and you’ll notice that Brother Branham as we previously looked at some of the things he said were taken from the church by this terrible insect, one of which was the joy of the Lord, the people shouting and praising God and that is true.

But you will notice also, he talks about that in page 33 in Gabriel’s Instruction to Daniel. “As I see people getting in the flesh and shouting and carrying on and going out and living all kinds of lives; there’s got to be a genuine Holy Spirit somewhere. I see people acting religious and so forth and try to be pious.

I see there’s a genuine… I know there’s a genuine God somewhere. There’s a genuine Spirit somewhere because that’s an old hypocrite that’s made off of it, an old bogus one.” In other words, counterfeit must always have an original.

“There’s got to be something that’s real; a man, a people, a church, a God. There’s got to be something true somewhere because these were just copied off of it. There’s something real somewhere. I said to this church about gifts; remember he said, the first thing that went is gifts.” [Listen to what he says about gifts.] “I’ve said this to this church about your gifts.

Listen to your gifts, keep them in the Bible. Don’t take a substitute when the skies are full of the real ones. Let’s keep the real ones. Let’s get the real ones or don’t have any at all. Amen.” So, all right.


Now we’ve come to the place where Brother Branham has spoken of, of taking away the Name of Lord Jesus Christ in water baptism and substituting titles, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. And page 41 we read,

[41-1]  Father, Son, Holy Ghost is no name! There’s no such a thing. Father’s not a name; Son’s not a name; and Holy Ghost is not a name. When Jesus said, “Baptize them in the Name of the Father, Son, Holy Ghost,” it was the “Lord Jesus Christ”; exactly what Peter and those did, and all–everybody in the Bible were there… [Everybody]…

I challenge anyone to bring me one piece of Scripture… one piece of history, where anybody was ever baptized in any other way than in the Name of Jesus Christ, until the Roman Catholic church.

Now that’s true and the Roman Catholics admit it. the admit it to the fact that if you have been baptized in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost you are a Roman Catholic. You belong to the church. You’ve been inducted into it; you’ve been baptized in it; you’re one of them.


[41-2]  Now, do that; and remember this tape goes around the world. [Do what? Find if there’s somebody ever baptized in the Bible outside of Lord Jesus Christ.] remember this tape goes around the world. I’ve held congregations of ministers, with hundreds of them,… bishops and everything, say, “Stand to your feet.” or “Come here with your Bible, or hold your peace forever.”

They held their peace, till they get around behind you, and then they start talking about you. Not the very audacity to stand in your face, common decency to stand and tell you to your face, they’re afraid to do it; they know it’s wrong. But that’s what that cankerworm started eating [see?], eating away that real thing.

Now, you say, “It’s not essential. Any way I’m baptized is all right.

Now that is not true, because there’s a certain prescribed formula for it. There’s where I mentioned previous to the message when you talk about principles you must adhere to those principles. There can be no deviation from it.

As Brother Branham said, “One of the principles is this; if God had one thought different from His first thought; He couldn’t be God because God cannot steadily improve. He cannot become more powerful, more omniscience. He is exactly what He is. And if He did one thing a certain way; He’s got to keep on doing that way every single time.” See?


So you have those principles in there and the principles are laid down in the Name of; what is the Name of Father, Son and Holy Ghost? The actual fact of the matter is there’s no such thing as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost as though there were three people.

As though you’re looking at a name. Brother Branham did use the thought of titles which I do not like, because he was using what the Oneness people use and other people use.

I like what he began to use himself which was ‘roles’. And what He was doing and the great drama of God Himself moving and doing what He wanted Himself to be done.

[41-2]  …Any way I’m bap… Any way [that] I’m baptized is all right.” [That’s not true.]

[41-3]  Is it? Paul said in Acts 19, when he–Paul passed through the upper coast of Ephesus; the Bible said he found certain disciples [or followers]. Apollos, a Baptist preacher, under John the Baptist, was teaching them the Word, and they were having great joy.

And Paul just went over to see them; and he said, “Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?” “Oh,” they say, “I’m a believer.” He said, “… that’s not what I’m asking. Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?”


Now you may think that Brother Branham is being a little dramatic here and a little removed from the Word because you don’t hear all of this going on in the Bible.

Let me tell you flat; this is exactly what could have occurred. I asked a man one time, years ago in the Baptist church over there in Spencerville. I said, “When were you born-again?

Thought he was a venerable old saint, maybe he’d go back to the age of eighteen. Oh, he said, “I went to the altar when I was so and so.” I said, “I didn’t ask you that.” I said, “When were you born-again?”

He became ashen in his face. So if you think Brother Branham is just dramatizing and throwing some words in here, just because he’s a wordy or windy fellow, you’re entirely wrong. These could have been the exact words that were spoken.

[41-3]  And they said, “We don’t know whether there be any Holy Ghost.” He said, “Then… what were you baptized unto?” In other words, “How were you baptized?” Oh, They said, “We… were baptized.”


In other words, now he’s holding ‘how were you baptized?’ and this is the effect he wants to get upon the people listening to this tape: how were you baptized?

Don’t sit here and tell me, oh, it’s okay when it wasn’t okay back there. And you sit there and say, “Oh, bless God, I believe the Bible. And I believe the Word doesn’t change. And I believe God doesn’t change.” You’re a liar. That’s not nice; is it? I don’t care if it is nice. It’s the truth. The truth is always nice.

So they finally said,

[41-3]  He said, “Under John,” he said, “the same man that baptized Jesus, wouldn’t that just be… [exactly perfectly] right?”

Oh, come on. From experience you couldn’t beat it. Here’s the man that baptized Jesus. And Jesus was the vessel of Almighty God. And this One here did the mighty miracles and God was in Him doing it.

Now if you want… if you want to get right to the horse’s mouth, you might say, you show me anything better than being baptized by John. Let’s take a peak at that for fun because… don’t feel bad the way I use the word ‘fun’.

Let’s use the word stimulation and exhilaration. Let’s add a little stimulation and exhilaration; come in here.


This is Luke the 1st chapter, and here’s what the angel said,

Luke 1:13-17

(13) …Fear not, Zacharias: for thy prayer is heard; and thy wife Elisabeth shall bear thee a son, and thou shalt call his name John.

(14) And thou shalt have joy and gladness; and many shall rejoice at his birth.

(15) For he shall be great in the sight of the Lord, and shall drink neither wine nor strong drink; and he shall be filled with the Holy Ghost, even from his mother’s womb.

(16) And many of the children of Israel shall he turn to the Lord their God.

(17) And he shall go before [the Lord God] in the spirit and power of [Elijah], to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, [even] the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.

Well, if that’s not the highest authority, I want to know who is because he went right before Almighty God. Sure. Foreran him, picked him out of the crowd: “Well, bless God, good enough for Jesus, good enough for me.”


Yes sir, bless God, good enough for Finney, good enough for me, good enough for Spurgeon, good enough for me, that’s a lie from the pit of hell. I can tell you one thing what those fellows had ain’t good enough for Lee Vayle at all; I want exactly right.

And I mean, I want exactly right from God, from God’s dealing, not my dealings with God. Forget it. No man ever lived the truth except Jesus Christ but we can believe it.

And if you don’t get your believing right; I don’t care what living you do; you’re just as bad as this guy; he’s dead; I don’t know what God holds against him but I can tell you one thing.

That was a wrong spirit he had when he touched people and they fell over. Say, Brother Vayle, I just wouldn’t want to judge a man. He already judged himself. It’s right here in his own writing.

And a prophet comes by and says that’s a wrong spirit. And there’s only two spirits. Oh yeah, people shake their heads, and say, “I can’t go for that.” I wonder if there was some back in the days of Paul that said, I can’t go for that either.

[41-3]  Why we were baptized… under John… “the same man that baptized Jesus, wouldn’t that be all right?”

And Paul said, “No. No, no. Not now… not anymore.” ” You’ve got to be baptized over again.” And Paul baptized them over again in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, laid his hands upon them, and the Holy Ghost came on them.

And Paul said, “If an Angel from Heaven (let alone some preacher) if an Angel from heaven (let alone this cankerworm) [It’s a spirit of delusion and devil,] if an Angel from heaven preaches anything else than this to you, let him be accursed.”


Now remember under the Seven Seals, Brother Branham said, “The major revelation of this hour is: there is one God, you must be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and.” he said, “if you have not been baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ you must be re-baptized that is THUS SAITH THE LORD.”

[41-3]  So you see what it was, the cankerworm got to eating. It ate away the baptism of water in the Name of Jesus Christ.

[42-2]  The next thing the cankerworm did, he’d taken away the baptism of the Holy Ghost; [Oh, now watch this one. The next thing he did was take away the baptism of the Holy Ghost.] because as long as you’re going to have that Holy Ghost, It’s going to shed light on that Word, as long as you do that.

Which means what? As long as the baptism with the Holy Ghost is preached and the experience is with the people; He is going to give you light on that Word. It will be the Light for your hour and for your day. And there’s where people get mixed up, right now, they say, “Oh bless God, the Word never changes. It never did.

Granted.” But they don’t realize that people changed It. And they don’t realize that beyond that there always will be a people who repent; the elect of Almighty God, the foreknown who will see that Word even if it’s one speck of light for that hour.

And that’s all it takes. Because the Word is the conduit of the Holy Ghost and tell me, you that are baptized with the Holy Ghost; how much Holy Ghost do you really have? Does it matter if it’s the size of a pinhead? Where it takes a microscope to see it?

Do you understand the sperm takes a microscope and a head of a pin doesn’t, but the sperm has the life. How much life? Eternal life if it is a son of God to come forth: human election.

You see why this man had those visions of heaven and hell and couldn’t tell one thing right about it. He didn’t have a clue about it being a part of God. An Armenian; nothing against the Armenians; just they don’t know the Word: Pentecostals.


Now listen, brother/sister, let me read this again.

[42-2]  The next thing this cankerworm did, he… took away the Baptism of the Holy Ghost; because as long as you’re going to have that Holy Ghost, that Holy Ghost is going to shed light on that Word,

Now question: ready for it? I want an answer so don’t sit there dumb, I beg your pardon, mum. As it was in the days of Noah, according to Scripture how many people made the ark? Tell me. Thank you, then how many people today?

You really believe are filled with the Holy Ghost? Huh? Huh? Not very many. See, why Brother Branham said, “Branham Tabernacle, it’s not enough to say, ‘Yes, I believe it. Oh, I agree with you it’s vindicated. Sure, it’s true’.” Are you full of the Holy Ghost?


There’s only one test: how you agree with William Branham, vindicated prophet of God. Not with what you think or I think, what’s vindicated; demonstrably vindicated; scientific. What does the word ‘science’ mean when it comes to Latin words: scientia, scientas, scientae, scientiarum,: science ‘needing to know’.

If William Branham said, “THUS SAITH THE LORD,” as he did in Vermont concerning a veteran’s… a veteran in New York Hospital, his wife… the veteran’s wife sat there. And he said, “Sister, you’re wondering about your husband. He’s a veteran in New York. They don’t know what’s wrong with him.

They can’t tell. They just want to keep him there but he said, THUS SAITH THE LORD, he will be out of that hospital and sitting in the service tomorrow night well.” And he was. Science: science; science. Don’t tell me different, because you know some stupid theorem.

When you’re a mathematician or science; the highest order, you are nothing compared to that scientific fact of a living God manifesting Himself thousands and thousands of times, THUS SAITH THE LORD.


The woman in Arkansas, she was black. It doesn’t mean anything, she’s simply black; a raving maniac. And her sister sat in the meeting in the balcony and Brother Branham pointed, said, “Your sister is a raving unrestrained maniac in a padded room in Arkansas.

THUS SAITH THE LORD, tomorrow night she’ll be sitting in this meeting.” Listen to me, what doctor idiot or panel stupid, stupid, super stupid psychiatrist and psychologist would suddenly let a raving maniac out? Hallelujah. Don’t fool with God. I sat in too many meetings not to know what I speak of.

My question still comes: how many people are full of the Holy Ghost? One word off is all it takes to prove you’re not baptized with the Holy Ghost. I don’t speak of foolish virgin; I’m not qualified to.

But you are being left tonight with something you have not thought of but you’re thinking of it now. Eight people made the ark. The same number percentage-wise holds today: how many are full of the Holy Ghost? Sealed to the day of redemption. Not very many.


[42-2]  Now, just think of how many Lutherans, Protestants, how many Catholics this morning were confirmed [what they call it, taking (their first communion). And they call that the “Holy Eucharist,” which [is the Lord’s Supper] which… (in Latin word) means “Holy Ghost.”

I don’t know exactly if Brother Branham has that a hundred percent right; he certainly could have it. I couldn’t find it to research it at this point. But he’s certainly right on the Eucharist. And that’s receiving the first communion, joining the church and that’s the same as receiving the Holy Ghost.

[42-4]  Yet did you ever see a Catholic pass by the church… (Brother Branham illustrates how a Catholic would cross himself-Ed.) cross himself? Why? It’s God in that church. What is God? That little piece of bread; that little piece of bread [round, made like the sun god that they worship.] [lying there] on the altar where the mice and roaches pack it around overnight. That’s not my God; I’ll tell you that now.


Father Chiniquy tells of a priest who almost went insane because he forgot to put the bread away. When he consecrated by his own little formula from the church; that bread was turned into God.

And he said, “Au, Mon Dieu, [that’s my God,] Mon Dieu, Mon Dieu, Mon Dieu”: crying, tormenting himself, the mice ate his God.

Any God that can be eaten by a mouse or even a lion ain’t God. This reminds me, but I won’t tell it because it would be a joke and I don’t want to waste my time on a joke but it’s a good one. Listen:

[42-5]  First communion, being confirmed to the church nonsense! But that’s what they did; that’s what the cankerworm did.


Now we see one insect doing all of this. This one insect was in four stages. In Joel 2:25 you will read it. And you’ll notice in Revelation, chapter 6, verses 2,4,6 and 8, there was a white horse, there was a red horse, there was a black horse, there was what? A brindle horse not pale all pored into one. So Joel was looking at our day.

[42-5]  It took away the Spirit [Listen!] and gave them a piece of bread, [“But man shall not live by bread alone, for the kingdom of God is not meat and drink.” But they made it that.] some bread that some priest made, or some nun, or something. That’s what they did; that’s exactly right. Go ask now; go looking back in history and see if it isn’t right.

And you let that thing be shoved down your throat? [How is it that what we consider to be brilliant minds, astute citizens, sound citizens, can swallow junk like this when it comes to religion? I’d sooner have nothing. I would sooner be an agnostic. Say, let’s wait and find out.]… shove… it down your throat? Not only those Catholics, but you Protestants, a many of you, the same thing. All right,… here’s what they did. [That’s what they were doing, see?]

And then, the Protestants, instead of having the Holy Ghost, you know what they do? They come and join, and shake a hand. There wasn’t a somebody come up the road and shook a hand when the day of Pentecost came; but there came from heaven the sound of a rushing, mighty wind that filled all the house where they were sitting [That’s right.], came down through those leaves on the Tree, poured over the bark. That’s right.


You’ll notice that Brother Branham is talking about church joining and the Baptism with the Holy Ghost. And if you have any doubts about it, let me assure you the man is a one million percent correct as we look over here in 1 Corinthians, the 12th chapter, and we’ll read a few verses, 12 and 13.

1 Corinthians 12:12-13,27

(12) For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.

(13) For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles,… bond or free; and have… all [been] made to drink into [that] one Spirit. [And then verse 27.]

(27) Now [we] [you] are the body of Christ, and members in particular.


And with that we go to Ephesians, chapter 1, verse 22 and 23.

Ephesians 1:22-23

(22) And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church,

(23) Which is his body, the fulness of him that filleth all [things with]… all [things].

What’s he trying to tell you? Join a church? That’s ridiculous. Be baptized with the Holy Ghost. As Brother Branham said, “God and then Jesus, no apostle ever gave an altar call, he gave a water call.” Why? Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

You know people hate the thought and I preached this many years before I listened to Brother Branham’s preaching. I knew the altar was getting in the way of God and when I preached it, I was loathed. You think I’ve been loathed for preaching this Message here that was quietly done.

You should have heard what they told me because I dared to exalt the Christ and not the altar. And William Branham dares to exalt the Head and denounce a superficial hypocritical idolatrous lying body; where the Catholic church says we’re confirmed, we came in and got the Holy Ghost by taking this wafer, notice, the priest did the drinking.


You know… at Jack Kennedy’s funeral, I saw that on TV and I swear that guy was wobbling on his feet by the time he kept drinking the booze. Could have poured a little on the casket. I don’t know, wouldn’t have done any good or not.

You get that little old piece of bread, you call that full of the Holy Ghost? The Protestant is just the same? It’s joining a church. But Brother Branham shows us here and he’s telling us, that’s not it. If you are full of the Holy Ghost you are in the church, and if you’re not full of the Holy Ghost you are not in the church.

[43-1]  And now instead of the new birth, [Ah ha, there you see, and now instead of the new birth, right back to John 3, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of heaven, except a man be born of water and the spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God. see?]

Now instead of the new birth, [“A man must be born again”], they adopted joining the church: [In other words, they took it ‘instead of.’] come and join. And instead of the Word, the cankerworm gave them a creed. Don’t you see? Look here what he’s doing; he’s giving a natural for a spiritual. Can you see it?


Now in the old days it says, ‘no man durst join himself.’ They must have had Holy Ghost leaders in those days. Today anybody joins. Now Brother Branham categorically brings out the fact here, that they are getting a natural instead of a spiritual. In other words, they have turned aside the vindicated Word and now they have a carnal word.

Now remember, Paul doesn’t vindicate himself but he talks in terms of his vindication from God that he has received the only true gospel in existence. It was given to him for the Gentiles and they could not be proven wrong because he was vindicated. He tells you he got it from God, which he most certainly did.

And then he tells them in 2 Corinthians, ‘you have already destroyed your standing before God by virtue of leaving your first love, you now have another Jesus, another spirit, and another word.’ And all it takes is one Word off to corrupt what?

The Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Now what do you got, Jesus. You got God the Son, it won’t work. Eternal Sonship is a lie. Sons have beginnings. Now you got the Holy Ghost mixed up with the Father.


Like a brother was telling me the other day, he was very… Roger was telling me he was very enthused about Brother Branham ministry, in fact he was so excited that he went with a friend of his, to visit this fellow’s former pastor.

And of course, a young convert like Roger, he was zealous, and he opened his mouth and of course, he put his foot in the preacher’s mouth and the preacher got so mad he bit Roger’s foot off.

But the fact remains, Roger told him about… “Why,” he said, “there’s no three gods,” he said, “and your water baptism is wrong.” Right then, the sweet beautiful preacher began to get angry.

And so Roger said, “Just a minute now, sir, let’s get this flat. Do you believe that Jesus was actually the Son of God?”

“Yes,” he said, “it’s certainly true”.

“Why,” he said, “that’s strange now, because the Bible says, that Jesus was fathered by the Holy Ghost and nobody ever heard of one son having two fathers.”

And he said the man just grew livid and began just screaming at him. ‘When the saints go marching in; with their Pentecostal pockets lined with tin.’ They’re not going where I’m going.

All their screaming and dancing and hollering isn’t going to get them anywhere near where I am going because they’re relying a hundred percent upon the natural instead of the spiritual.


What is the natural? The natural is man’s reasoning based upon the Word of God the same as Eve based reasonings upon the same Word in the beginning; no change in the Word and Adam. Listen!

[43-2]  Now look!…We’re on the Catholic line here, but did you know that come right down through the Protestants too? Where do we have the Holy Ghost demonstrations in Protestant churches today? Where… we have a Pentecostal reaction in amongst [Pentecosts] Protestants?

We don’t have… You have it in Lutheran? I–if you do, I want to go to it; I want to go over there and just eat and have a wonderful time. Presbyterian? I wonder… where’s it at. See? You’ve adopted something natural.

Now Brother Branham said, if they had this you would have a wonderful time with them, but the point is: they do not have the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and consequently they are off the Word.


Now notice, he says:

[43-2]  You’ve adopted something natural.

All right. This is an indictment against the charismatic movement: the neo-Pentecostals of Catholicism. All of those who have exalted the gifts, they have taken something natural which is a human explanation concerning the Word, concerning gifts.

So, what is he really driving at here? He is driving at the fact that as we well know, that they have taken gifts instead of the Giver. Now this is the hardest thing in the world for a Pentecostal or anybody who has dealt in gifts to come to the conclusion that there are gifts apart from a genuine baptism with the Holy Ghost. That’s right.


But let’s put it this way. There aren’t gifts of the Holy Ghost apart from the Holy Ghost giving them to you but it doesn’t mean you got Him who gave you what you got. Now that’s the stumbler.

How can I talk in a genuine tongue that only does the supernatural thing, now if I have the supernatural thing, then I must be okay. How then can you stand before the scripture that Jesus Himself said, ‘Many will come in that day, speaking of this day.’

Now how do you know he spoke of this day? Because he tell them in John, in Matthew 24, ‘I told you this before about these false prophets.’ And he told about those false prophets, in Matthew 7.

And in Matthew 7, “Many will come in that day and say, Lord, have we not cast out devils? I never ever knew you, depart from Me.”


Now I’m going to put it right back where it belongs; show me that the devil has any power outside of God’s own power that He allowed Satan to have because the Bible says, “All power is of God.” And so people simply do not understand as Brother Branham said, “If I give you my pen; I do not give you myself.”

And God can give you gifts of the Spirit and you can be absolutely devoid of God, even as the Scripture tells us. So what have we got? We have the natural. We have manifestations all around us: tongues, interpretations, prophecies, healings, many, many things and no more God than anything.


Now Brother Branham said in the next verse, now listen carefully, and he was at age fifty-three when he said this.

[43-1]  I’m fixing to leave. You know that [see?], but don’t you… ever let this get out of your heart. Don’t take the natural; that’s death. The natural… is death; anything it does is death. It’s subject and here for death. It’s a Spirit… It’s a Spirit that makes you alive,… the Spirit that gives Life, quickens it. It’s a Spirit.


Now Brother Branham is categorically going back to the 8th chapter of the Book of Romans. Why? Because that’s what Paul talks [inaudible] the Book of Romans. And he says in verse 5,

Romans 8:5

(05) For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.

Now he is addressing not a bunch of heathen who have no contact with the church; he’s addressing the church and if there’s three kinds of believers now; there were three kinds then: believer, make-believer, unbeliever, certainly. Go back to the apostles.

Romans 8:6-9

(06) For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

(07) Because the carnal mind is enmity against God… it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.

(08) So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.

(09) But [you] are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be… the Spirit of God dwells in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.

Shows you’re not in the body of Christ, but also shows you that you cannot err concerning the Word; anymore than Mr. Fox’s vision could be true. There is no such thing as God having given the Son all of these children and losing any. And they were all there before the foundation of the world.

So according to Mr. Fox; God could lose a part of Himself which is the most utter nonsense I ever heard in my life. But you see they don’t… everything goes to the natural, the reasoning, the reason; forget the reasoning and also forget how you and I want things done.

That’s where Israel made it’s big mistake; how they wanted things done. And God didn’t do things that way, so they got angry. Didn’t do my good; they got destroyed.


See, back there in Paul’s day, now in Brother Branham’s day, you got the very same thing. That’s why he preached, The Greatest Battle Ever Fought and said, “You haven’t got a think coming.”

[43-4]  So you see, they took [watch what they did.] took the Water baptism from Jesus Christ to Father, Son, Holy Ghost, a title which is no name at all. Now, you say, “What difference does it make?”

All right… Somebody’s going to give you your paycheck on Saturday, and the man that pays you. Instead of putting his name on there, just say from “The Boss.” That’s what it is. Your paycheck; just “pay to the order of John Doe, a hundred and fifty… for this week’s work, from The Boss.” Put it down at the bank and see how it bounces back. Yes, sir. It sure will, certainly.

[43-6]  If it doesn’t make a difference, why did Paul command those Christians, praising God, and having a lot of joy, and having great things going on up there, why did he tell them, “You got to come back and be baptized over again in the Name of Jesus Christ”? See?


Now that’s the question; and that’s a great question of the Seven Seal which we must do. As Brother Branham said, “Take your check down and have written on it from the Boss; if the Boss’s name or the company’s name not on it, you haven’t got a check. It’s going to bounce because it’s a name.”

[43-6]  Make the Word say… so and so. Just stay with It. Don’t say anything different; just say what the Word says. See? That’s what you’re going to be judged by.

You’re going to be judged by the Word, so all right, get used to the Word now by saying It and saying only the Word and when you say only the Word; you’ll begin to conform to It and It will help you.


Notice in Acts 17:31.

Acts 17:31

(31) Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.

Have we ever had a greater time of assurance that Jesus is raised from the dead in this hour? Never. Brother Branham actually said his ministry was the greatest ministry of all time. Say, Oh boy, I don’t like a guy that boasts. You mean the guy that’s boasting because he knows that two and two are four.

Was Einstein boasting because he understood the law of energy and the formula? Huh? You know people can be so ignorant and you know Paul knew that: he said, ‘Let him that is ignorant, let him be ignorant still.’ And they said, ‘Hey, how could Brother Branham say,.’ Fool, idiot. You know God doesn’t think very much of polluted minds. Okay.


Judge the world by one Christ Jesus [inaudible] in righteousness. Let’s go to Romans 2:16 what does it say there? it says,

Romans 2:16

(16) In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel. [Now it gets a little bit… a little bit quickened to our understanding.]


Let’s go a little further now:

Hebrews 4:12

(12) For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit… joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. [That’s in our day; we saw it done.]


Let’s go further. 2 Thessalonians, and the 1st chapter,

2 Thessalonians 1:10

(10) When he shall come to be glorified in his saints, and… be admired in all them that believe [because our testimony among you was believed] in that day.

Paul’s revelation; believe when the Judge comes down with the left and the right hand. Okay.

Go to verse 14, the 2nd chapter.

2 Thessalonians 2:14

(14) Whereunto he called you by our gospel, to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, he’s telling you that here. ‘When he shall come to be glorified in his saints and be admired in them.’ Now what’s the verse above it.

2 Thessalonians 2:13

(13) …we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit [even] belief of the truth:

That’s the same separated by the Word in Matthew 24; the division to be taken out of the world in Luke, chapter 17.


See, there’s your picture: your perfect picture. You see, brother/sister, there isn’t one sermon that Brother Branham preached that isn’t interrelated to every other sermon he preached. One continued unfolding of one great and wonderful Gospel, completely revealed unto us.

[44-2]  Now, look! That’s what they did. Instead of the new birth, they have a joining; instead of taking the Word, they have a creed. Show me in the Bible where they ever said… “Hail Mary”; show me in the Bible where you Protestants ever quoted the Apostles’ Creed. Tell me what the Apostles’ creed is in the Bible. Communion of saints, they were against that.

Tell me in the Bible where they ever had Father, Son, and Holy Ghost baptism. It’s not there, and yet you go for it… And… instead of fellowship and brotherhood against [amongst] brothers, they give them a hierarchy: a pope. And you got a bishop that tells you what you can do and what you can’t do; and you Pentecostals you got a district presbyter that tells you what you can have.

But the church [of Jesus Christ, now there’s a blank there, and you know very well what that blank is. Fill it in.] But the church has Christ [who is the Word because that was Brother Branham’s expression.]

[44-3]  There’s where you come. See? They give you these those dogmas and man-made things instead… Taken it away. That’s what the canker… What’s that cankerworm done? Taking it right off the Tree and given you this. “I’ll run that off the Tree and give you this instead; I’ll take that off and give you this.” And see where you go…?


In other words, what is Brother Branham telling you. Telling you the same thing everybody tells you; nature abhors a vacuum. Take something out something else comes. Always; take it out, something else comes.

When they took out life in the Garden of Eden, death came. At the end time they’re going to take out death; life’s going to come.

So he’s telling you here. You see, they simply did not take away the Word, they did worse than that they gave them something; it’s like taking away food; then giving them poison.

[44-4]  You say, “Well, Brother Branham…”  …Where did the Protestant church come from? Catholic. [That’s true, Time Magazine ran a whole page on it, I wish I had it; it’s somewhere in my office. Every single church came from the Catholics.]

That’s what Revelations 13… Revelation 17 said she would be. Said she was a whore… mother of harlots: same thing.… Pot can’t call kettle black, you know.… Just don’t do it. So that’s right!

[44-5]  Brotherhood, took away brotherhood, when we ought to be brothers… with one another segregated us and made us different… All right. Now, watch, here’s a good one. I’ll get this one, and then I’ll stop and look at… these others.


Now Brother Branham took this very seriously when he went to the preachers. And he pleaded with them, but they would not listen and turned him away.

Now you and I cannot make people agree with us and agreeing with people does not necessarily solve anything. It’s only if that agreement came from God. Such as… how can two walk together except they’d be agreed?

That goes plumb across the board with anything: husband/wife, father/son, business colleagues, you name it, but even more so when it comes to the Gospel. You cannot have light and darkness; they simply will not mix, any more than oil and water. You can emulsify and make it look pretty good but it’s still not working because it’s two different things.

[44-6]  The Bible tells us, when we’ve done wrong that we should purge our souls by the Holy Spirit. Get down; let the Holy Spirit reveal to us that you’re doing wrong; and there stay before Him till you die out purging our souls. Now, they turned and gave you a purgatory. After you’re dead, then the priest makes a lot of money to pray you out of purgatory.


Now what… now watch, he said, “Took them off the tree and gave something else; took out the purging of life by trials overcoming by faith in God, bringing forth victories, changing character, a process of sanctification.”

So what they’ve done, they’ve substituted repentance and sanctification and even restitution by saying, “Oh, it’s okay, there’s a purgatory down the road.” See, all right. Now,

[44-6]  Why, it’s nonsense! That’s what the cankerworm did. Sure! Pray you out of purgatory. Cost so many hundred dollars to get this soul prayed out of purgatory. I want you to even find purgatory in the Bible, anything like it. There’s no such a thing in the Bible. No, sir. But they give them a purgatory [see?] …after they’re dead. Oh, yes, I know, they… say, sure, you hear them say, “Well, St. Boniface said so-and-so.” I don’t care what St. Boniface said.


Now does Brother… do you want to know where the Catholics get purgatory from? Monsignor [Ronald] Knox himself taught this, I have his bible translation. A brilliant, brilliant translator, so don’t sell him short.

If you read the book of Acts by Monsignor Knox it’s almost like reading a wild west story; it’s so absorbing, so rapidly going across the board. You’ll give up Nintendo for it. But let me tell you what Monsignor Knox says, he gets it from chapter 3 of 1 Corinthians. Rather, verse 11.

1 Corinthians 3:11-15

(11) For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is [Christ Jesus].

(12) [And] if any man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble;

(13) Every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is.

(14) If any man’s work abide which [is] built thereupon, he shall receive a reward.

(15) If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: [yet] he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.


Then he admits that the Catholic church has anything to guide, to give them a sanction for purgatory; this is it. So the church assuredly said, “There’s a purgatory.” Which there assuredly is not.

Now they assuredly are going to pray you out of that what assuredly is not. There’s only one thing I can hear, the clanging of the cash register, the dollar signs in their eye balls because that’s what it’s all about. Who’s got the gold and the silver?

[45-2]  “Well, didn’t So-and-so say to her, and she prayed for her husband, that great sister, Saint So-and-so…” I don’t care what she did. It’s not… authoritative Word; it’s against the authoritative apostles. God gave those apostles to set the church in order; and It’s built upon the doctrine of the apostles, not upon Saint Boniface or… saint somebody else… It’s contrary to the Word.


The question is where did the apostles get their doctrine? From the prophet: they were taught It.

[45-2]  I don’t care what St. Boniface said, and what other saints, or any other saints, and Saint Susie, and Saint Maria, [I don’t know it there’s a Saint Susie, but I imagine there is.] and all those… all those others said; it’s nonsense.

Even the Catholic church is smartening up; they found some of those guys weren’t working so good. You know, who is the… who is the saint that’s supposed to be the patron saint of… protect somebody and his protection wasn’t worth a raspberry. They found too many people were getting burned or scorched or hurt or killed or something.

They said, “Hey, this guy ain’t working for us anymore. We’ll cross him off the list.” Can you believe that? Catholics are right to church; hallelujah.


All those priests molesting little kids, [Inaudible] up there, with literally hundreds of molestations and who’s defending them? Listen! Hey, I watch TV when I’m away from home, the odd time. I tune in on CNN and get the news. And who’s sitting there, women are sitting there and the woman is defending the Catholic church. You don’t see a man; you see women. Think it over: three women sitting there.

What do you think? It’s very wonderful, oh, there’s a couple bad people in there. Now the other woman sitting there, they weren’t Catholics, so they had a little more say, I don’t think they’re in it, like the atheists.

So the Catholic lady says, “As I understand it’s about four percent.” And the lady said, “Hold it, twenty-six percent.” Not four percent. Well, the battle of the sexes. Sex, I don’t know. Yup.


Why didn’t they go the authoritative Word of God; there’s a man that does that to a man; you kill him. Ever since they destroyed the Word of God that says take action or don’t take action. What’s been left? Nothing.

I don’t care if you put to death all the priests that are pedophiles or homosexuals; that isn’t even going to make one wart on the pickle disappear. No. The church has done its dirty work. Now you got a harvest.

And if you think the guy’s that did the dirty work aren’t part of the harvest; you’re wrong because they’re the product of what started in the first century and gain momentum in the fourth until now in the twentieth, you see the complete whirlwind.

And before it’s long… not long before the church will have to embrace all the homosexuals and all the lesbians and give them all a place in the pulpit because if they don’t they’ll lose all their status with the government and they’ll lose all their money. And who wants to go through that?


[45-3]  I don’t care what St. Boniface said, and the rest of them said.… If it’s contrary to God’s Word, it’s a lie. I don’t believe the unauthoritative words; that’s the reason I don’t believe these Protestant creeds and these things; it’s Catholic to the core [sure they started it] it’s dogmas. How can you call Catholics, and make fun of them having dogmas, when yourselves are full of it…? [Not so much here, but this is on tape, you understand.… It goes all over the world.]

[45-4]  Notice! How can you call them wrong, when you take man-made creeds that’s contrary to the Bible, dogma, just the same as they did? [In other words, can’t call the pot can’t call the kettle black.] Why? [ Now listen!] You’re in a organization that’s a daughter to the old prostitute.


So what is the basis of organizations now called lodges. Off the Word. Could this church then ever be an organization? No way shape and form; it’s on the Word. You don’t have to… we don’t have to classify, don’t have to write it out, we just talk about it, explain what Brother Branham would talk about. The rules that he showed us in the Bible how these infallible rules take place. Alpha’s Omega.

The two vines, never changing, left hand, right hand, blessing and cursing, right down the line, all of these wonderful things Brother Branham brought out, just waiting for people to receive them but they’re so inured with their old doctrine and Pentecostal dogma and God knows what. I don’t know. You can’t tell them anything.

You say, “The Judge is here and the Judge is here.”

They say, “Oh, the Judge is here, so and so, and so.” They don’t listen to what the prophet said about that Judge. Why don’t they go back to 1960 and the opening of the Church Ages. It started with Judge there and when the Seals came and pronounced it: who came down? If the Word came down, brother/sister, it’s got to be a Judge.

You mean to tell me you can separate light from dark and saint from sinner and Bride from foolish… wise from foolish virgin without that Word? The Judge is betwixt. You tell me that Hebrews 4:12 is not fulfilled. Something’s wrong with somebody; it’s not in this church I can tell you that.

And don’t get your hopes waiting for something else going to come and rescue. Nobody is and no other word is; this is it. Brother Branham said, “This is It. Everything we have to put us in the Rapture.”

There’s no more Elijah’s, no more this and no more that. Don’t think so for one minute. The Pillar of Fire, the Holy Ghost is here to lead us into the Millennium. Absolutely, Brother Branham said so. See?


[45-4]  You’re… an organization that’s a daughter of the old prostitute. Just a lodge. What is a prostitute? Some woman that lives untrue to her husband, claiming to be a Christian church and giving out wrong doctrine, her own stuff, instead of taking God’s holy Word. [What is this woman doing? She’s raising up bastard children, claiming they are the children of God. ]

[45-4]  Just like Eve did, listened… to the devil and caused all death and sorrow that ever struck the earth came through Eve, because she committed a spiritual fornication against God by disbelieving His Word, and that’s exactly what the churches are doing today, committing spiritual fornications against… the Word of God. And they won’t even have you in the church, if you don’t agree with their doctrine.


Now what did Brother Branham say the church is wrong in doing today? They are not having a sexual spiritual affair with Christ. Turned it down flat: refused to raise up children to Him. So what’s He done? He just called out His own little children to one side, getting them ready for a Rapture. Oh yes, indeed, my beloved friend.

[45-4]  Well, they signed me letters: “If you’ll believe in this, and… you’ll say this is right, and you’ll…”
I said, “I just won’t come.” No, sir. I’ll preach just what this Bible says, or none at all. See? That’s right. [Now he’s talking about joining a church to get credentials and go preaching.]

[46-2]  Stay on that Word. That’s what we got to do, brethren; stay there. Now, we’re getting down to the last days, and we know that. The hour is here. How we could say… Oh, they say this, that, and the other, but any… anything that’s not… authoritative, don’t believe it. I don’t care who said it… anybody…


Now the question arises, “Hey, Brother Branham, you don’t have any faith in people getting together and discussing that Word and really bringing that Word out according to Greek and Hebrew and this and that and the history and all the old writings and this and that.”

“No I don’t.” “Well, what do you got faith in?” “I got faith in vindication.” And that’s where we stand tonight and that’s what he’s telling us. That is what is authoritative.

[46-3]  Here a sister come to me not long ago and said… a certain group of men that I preached to [ministers] about the Baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ, where three hundred and something ministers… sat. Plenty people sitting here was at the meeting, where the whole council of the Chicago Ministerial Association met me.

And the Lord give me a vision, told me where they’d be and what would happen; and I turned right up there and I told them [we got the tapes here if you would want to hear it. See?], and I [all the bishops, and doctors, and cardinals, and all of them standing there] I said, “Any of you that can condemn it, get your Bible and come here.” [That’s on Oneness of the Godhead and Baptism in Jesus’ Name.]

And I said, “…get your Bible and come here.” And I said, “What are you so quiet about?” There wasn’t anybody that said anything. And why? They were afraid of that Word. And I said, “Then if you can’t, why are you picking on me? Hold your peace, get out, do something. And if you can’t back it up with the Word, then keep still.”

[46-4]  So then that same group of men sent a lady down and said, “Brother Branham, if the Angel of the Lord told you…” [The Angel of the Lord, you know, His picture there, you see?] “If the Angel of the Lord told you that, well, we’ll believe it.”


Now just a minute. We can get into some real hot water here, and the real hot water would be that the Angel of the Lord, is Brother Branham speaking to that six foot dark haired man with curls down his back?

That was no Pillar of Fire that came into the room with Billy Paul saw. We’re talking about the Pillar of Fire; there’s the picture he’s talking about. Nobody got any picture of any angel.

Now just get this flat; Brother Branham points to the picture; it’s that picture. [inaudible]

“Listen,” he said, “when God sent Moses down there to Egypt, He Himself appeared with them with signs and wonders and the Pillar of Fire upon Mount Sinai, so today. We have His picture.”

You can use different titles to mean different things, but you better be pretty careful what you’re talking about.


Now the Angel of the Lord, Brother Paul said, “If an angel of God appeared with another doctrine, you wouldn’t believe it; don’t believe it.” Why?

Because he’d met with the Pillar of Fire and Brother Branham said, “Just think how wonderful the same Pillar of Fire that brought the Word to Paul is here revealing It.” So let’s not get mixed up on terminology and start beating our brains out with questions.

Now she said, “The angel of the Lord told you we would believe it, what you’re telling it.”

[46-4]  I said, “Anybody that… A ministerial group that would be that weak! If the Angel of the Lord said-if that Angel said something contrary to this Word, it wouldn’t be the Angel of the Lord.” [In other words, does God change His Mind? No way.] The Angel of the Lord will vindicate the Word.


Now just a minute: who vindicated the Word? An Angel or did God vindicate His own Word? Well, let’s say an angel did? Where did he get the power? “He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father.

The Father in me doeth the works: what I hear Him say, I say; what I see Him do, I do.” Don’t get fooled, brother/sister. Don’t get fooled. Brother Branham said. He also said.

[46-4]  The Angel of the Lord will vindicate the Word.

Where do you find in Scripture that God has anybody vindicate the Word but Himself. “I stand behind My Word to perform It. My Word will not perform… return unto Me void, read Isaiah 55; but accomplish what I have sent It.” Take everything Brother Branham said right back to the Word.

[46-4]  The Angel of the Lord will vindicate the Word. That’s exactly what He’s always done through every age; He still does the same thing. He stays with the Word. And any minister anointed with the Holy Ghost will stay with the same Word, because the Bible said that the entire Bible was written by the Holy Ghost, and how can you have the Holy Ghost and deny what the Bible says?


How many made the ark? How many are baptized with the Holy Ghost? How many are saying what Brother Branham said? Now don’t leave this building saying, I said, “There’s eight.”

I told you in the previous part of the Message there’s a percentage: we’re looking at a percentage. Whatever that stands; don’t ask me. Say, Brother Branham said, “Five hundred.” Said, “Five thousand.” in one place also. He never said that was THUS SAITH THE LORD. The THUS SAITH THE LORD was very few.

[46-4]  The very Spirit in you bears record that it’s not right that’s your creeds, creeds are not right. The cankerworm’s been eating… eating away all the true things of God… [Eating away the Word.]

[47-2]  Unauthoritative word that’s contrary to the doctrine of the apostles. Oh, my. That is the apostolic Doctrine; this is the Bible; this is the Holy Spirit. Every word in It’s true. If you just believe and accept It, and don’t take down on It, and watch every promise as it is fulfilled. [In other words, don’t try to figure it out; just believe it and wait until it’s fulfilled.] The manifestation of God’s [Presence] right now.


Oh, boy, what about that one? The Bride Tree. God Himself had to come down and fix this mess up, right? Brother Branham said, “At the end time; what did God do in the beginning? In the beginning, positively God Himself came down to his beleaguered son and daughter who had defiled themselves. He couldn’t trust anybody else. So today,” the prophet said.

[47-2]  The manifestation of God’s Presence right now. [He used the word ‘present’, so He’s present right now.] If He isn’t just as much God now as He was with the children of Israel across… the Red Sea, He wouldn’t be God now. If He isn’t the same God that fell on Pentecost that He is right here today, He isn’t the same God. Then there was no resurrection.


There couldn’t be a Resurrection. Listen, if there was no Resurrection, there could be no baptism; that tells you that. You want to know where it is. Huh? Tell me somebody.

Galatians, the 3rd chapter, it should be if I’d not made a mistake. All right, verse 13.

Galatians 3:13-14

(13) Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree.

(14) That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through [Christ Jesus]; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.

So Jesus is risen from the dead. The same baptism is here today and the same Baptizer giving us the same baptism. He’s Present, proving the Resurrection.

[47-2]  …What good would a historical God do… you, if He isn’t the same God today? What good does it do to send preachers to the seminaries, and hatch them out like incubator chickens, and go around like that, if there is no such a thing as God?


In other words, a God of the Bible; the great Manifester, the great Vindicator: God. God: God, God: The Present ever living God.

[47-3]  What are you doing, take away from the Word of God? Where’s your authority at that? You say, “The church.” The church?… 969 different organizations of them. Which one is… right?

You know how to settle the dispute. Give them all cannons. Give them all guns. “Get up there boys, now, go do it.” Oh, shoot out at the old corral. Need a few Wyatt Earp’s, instead of a bunch of Wyatt Burps.


All right.

[47-3]  [No one would know what to do. You’d be confused. That’s right.] But God isn’t going to judge the people by the church; He’s going to judge them by Christ, and Christ is the Word.

The Bible said:  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. [And he said, “If you make Jesus the Word; you got three gods.” God Himself became flesh. How? Through the tabernacle indwelling that one Son.]… He [dwelled among us]

[47-4]  He judged the church and the people by the Word [That’s right.], the living, resurrected Word . [In other words, the living Word; proven.] Then if…


Another thing about it, Brother Branham said, “That Jesus fell on the ground, was there three days and three nights and came forth, the church had to fall in the ground.”

How did they do it? By the Word; he that hath stricken me all the way. What’s he doing? Going to bring the Word all the way back. He’s already done it, if people only realized it and quit looking for something else and somebody. Just go to the Word yourself, on your face before God.

[47-5]  He judged the church and the people by the Word [That’s right.], the living, resurrected Word. Then if that Living, resurrected Word says anything contrary to this Word here, then it’s not the risen, resurrected Word, because this He will bear witness of this Truth. [Pure vindication; pure vindication, that’s all, pure vindication. Nobody else could make it work.]

[48-1]  He can’t say something here and something else over here. I can say something here and something over there, because I’m a man. You can too; you can get more knowledge and understanding, but not God; He’s infinite. See? He has… [He has His]… first decision, His first thing He says has to stand eternally. [I just told you that, you know, at the beginning of the message.] It’s the same. He cannot say one thing here and something over here; He’s got to say the same thing every time in order to be God.

[47-4]  So if the spirit of God is on… So if the spirit is on you is of God, So if that spirit on you is of God, it’ll witness this Word’s the Truth, every word of It, and if It’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. That’s what the Bible says. Yes, sir. All right.


Now remember, Brother Branham took us back to Hebrews 13:8 and it was Genesis 18. Wasn’t what the Pentecostals and people tell us. He took us back to how God does things, never changing. There’s where Hebrews 12, 4:12 comes in.

[48-2]  Now, let’s hurry and get the next stage of this little bug. First, he was a palmerworm. What did he eat off of God’s Tree? Fruit. The next stage he came [he died in that stage and came to another stage], what did he do now?

He came… as a locust;… ate all the leaves off. That’s the locust habit. Now, what’s the next thing he done?… back in another stage as a cankerworm… went into the bark. [Of course, if you go to the bark, that where the sap goes up, you got real problems right there. Anything left then is going to go to the roots.]

[48-23]  Now, here he comes as… a caterpillar, the fourth stage…


Now everything that was there before the caterpillar was poured into him. Right? And at this stage if he can get the life; what is he? Death. The pale horse: the brindle horse is not pale horse; pale horse is a wrong translation. It’s brindle.

And what is brindle? Red and white and black poured into one. Right? Come on. Anybody knows that that’s been around a horse. You’d have to have been around more than one horse to know the colors. I’ve been around them.

I don’t know if it did me much good; didn’t get much horse sense, of course, I wasn’t looking for it. Prefer to have God sense.

[48-3]  …caterpillar. What is a caterpillar? He’s a sucker, sucks the Life, [see?] the Spirit, the Life; that’s what he does, gets right down a hold of the pulp and goes to sucking: caterpillar. Here he is; who we going to call him? Denomination, that’s the guy’s right name. Why? He’s a destroyer: sucks the Life.

[48-4]  Every time that God sends a move among [Now watch!] Every time that God sends a move among His people, every time,… they denominate, right there and they die. [Except the last age. Why? Because they’re completely pregnant by the Word of God, the womb is closed.]

I want somebody that knows the history of the church that can condemn that. Show me one time that an organization ever organized, that it didn’t die right there. The cankerworm got a hold of it, took it’s religion away;… the sucker came along and… sucked the Life right out of the Tree.

[48-5]  What kind of a Life was in It? Holy Spirit. What’d it do? It couldn’t hold the Holy Spirit in there and then still have dogmas; the Holy Spirit couldn’t stand for it. So it takes the holy… it takes the holy the Life out of the Tree and gives it a dogma, makes a denomination. “We don’t care what This says; our denomination says this.”


Why did Brother Branham say this? Because he categorically said, “The conduit of the Holy Ghost is the Word.” No Word, no Spirit: no Spirit, no Word. Take your pick. Take your pick. Take your pick.

[48-4]  What kind of a Life was in It? Holy Spirit. What’d it do? It couldn’t hold the Holy Spirit in there and… still have dogmas; the Holy Spirit wouldn’t stand for it. So it takes… the Life… of the Tree… gives it… makes it a dogma… makes [it] a denomination. [And Brother Branham also said, “My Spirit, My word is Spirit and Life.”] “We don’t care what This says; our denomination says this.”

[48-6]  There you are. Remember, after it denominates it always dies and never rises again. The first organization was… Catholic; it dies immediately. ‘Course it was dogma to begin with. Out of there come the first reformation, was Luther: organized and died. Next come Wesley: organized, and died.

Next came Pentecost: organized and died. Lutheran, and all these others, and… the Nazarene, Pilgrim Holiness,… all organizations that followed along…e very one died; Look at them. Why? They organize and that kills them. What did they do? They take in these dogmas. You Nazarenes,… wonderful, next to the church… coming up to Pentecost.

What was it? You believe in sanctification, but when it came down to the gifts of the Spirit, speaking in tongues, and the great power… of God, you called it devils, and there you died.


And Brother Branham say the Nazarene church making love to a corpse. Whew. Can you imagine that? Yi, yi, yi, yi. If they caught an undertaker doing that and they have caught them; put them in prison; what’s God going to do to the Nazarene church? This is rottener than homosexuality, I can’t understand that one. Oh, that’s sordid.

[49-1]  That’s right. Where’s she… today? Dead. Oh, she’s got more members, but where is she… [is she?] She’s a corpse.

[49-2]  I seen her the other night. That’s right. The whole thing… Her pastor laying on top, kissing a corpse, making love to it. [I forgot he said that in this sermon. I got ahead; didn’t I?] Said, “They ain’t got… they ain’t got no more… they ain’t got no more time anyhow; this is all of it.” So I’ll… give some of it on tape. See? All right.

[49-3]  God planted His Tree to bear spiritual fruit, fruits of the Spirit.


Now remember, God planted His tree for His fruit which is the church with Spirit filled members which is His fruit. Oh hey, don’t you listen to what anybody tells you; just stay with the prophet and learn what he says about it and you’ll know.

You people hunger for gifts and all, sure, I’m not against it, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you better stay away from it. Better have someone right there in that door that can discern spirits.

Oh, I came… I came out of Pentecost; I can tell you lots of things. I can show you lots of deceptions. Oh, I went all through them myself. I was deceived and deceiving. Oh yeah.

Had a great time deceiving; I thought I was right. But when Light struck that all went. You say, “Well, you murdered men’s souls.” Why no doubt. But I can tell you one thing; they already were dead. God never lost a part of Himself; and never will, don’t you ever kid yourself.

[49-3]  God planted His Tree to bear spiritual fruit, fruits of the Spirit. Is that right? … what… what… But what did man do? Man always tried to make… an artificial form. He did back there; he does now. Now, this… [Let’s fire hard now, and quick.] Man has always tried to take the spiritual church and make it an artificial form.


In other words, always attempt to reduce everything in here to some kind of form that you can utilize and consequently without realizing, you are usurping God and His power and blaming it all onto God. Just like Eve did and Adam did.

“You gave me that woman, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.” Oh, hey, that’s a lovely… you know, I’m having a great time, I don’t know about you but I’m having a great time. I didn’t know this sermon was going to be this good.

I choose it; I felt I should and after I got into awhile, I thought you know, I don’t know if I really… really took the right one because I wasn’t quite enjoying it, but man, I’m having a jubilee tonight. I’m even having a great time up here perspiring. Stimulated. Actually stimulated.

[49-4]  Now, Luther had a spiritual church. What happened? As soon as Luther died, they made it a form, artificial.


See? In other words, it became an artifact. Something of the hand, something man was doing because God backed away because He’s in His Word.

[49-4]  What did Wesley do, John Wesley, a great man of God? Who would say John Wesley wasn’t a great man of God? What did he do? As soon as he, and John, and Charles died, they organized it. When she did, she died. Exactly.

Wesley himself knew that; he said, “I do not believe the day will ever come when there will not be a Methodist. But,” he said, “I mourned because the day will come when the dove will have flown.”

He knew that… what Brother Branham would say. Brother Branham was not chatting away like some little guy that’s trying to be big. This is history. I can get you the quote. Certainly.


[49-3]  Same thing down through every age… on every one. They made artificial put-on, good works, biggest congregations, smartest people; “The celebrity of the city wants to join us.”

[49-6]  That’s exactly what’s happening to you bunch of Pentecostals too. That’s exactly right… you let down the bars; you got away from the Spirit. You wanted big buildings, and finery, and everything like that,… you got dignified pastors. What’d you do? You mothers sent your boys away to some… seminaries out there to become pastors. What did they… What did they go to teaching them? Theology and all kinds of man-made stuff. And where is it today? They come back a bunch of “Rickys” and “Elvises.” That’s exactly right.

[50-1]  What have you got today? A bunch of tommyrot a form of godliness. The Bible said that in the last days they’d have a form of godliness, but would deny the power thereof, the Life thereof. Why? The caterpillar sucked it out! The organization [took] it away.


I’m going to quit here; I think we just may possibly read portions of scripture because this is for the last day to let you know exactly what is going on as Brother Branham quotes from Timothy and other places. We got what… about five minutes left? Have we got that? How much? Oh that’s nice.

It’s… we’ll get on with this on next Sunday and see, we’re already on page 50, we should be able to move right along and get through… let’s see what we got, about 75, well, got about 25 pages to go, we covered… what did we cover tonight, about eight pages? Eight pages, okay. That’s not bad.

Let’s rise at this time and be dismissed.

Our Heavenly Father again, we want to thank You for Life and breath and all the good things you’ve given us Lord, especially the Mind of the hour which is the Mind of Christ, the truly revealed Word and Lord, we cannot boast and claim within ourselves that we are truly Spirit filled because we truly have the Word and truly have the Word, therefore Spirit filled.

We believe Lord, that this is what is happened in our lives and we do not try to prove anything, Father, we only ask if wherein we’re off even one iota, one jot, one tittle, anything we’re off, Father, we pray in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ that we will have something from you in our hearts Lord.

And we believe if you’re a little part of You is in there that we will have that, that we’ll earnestly want to be corrected and get our passive faith exactly a hundred per cent lined up but at the same time, not neglect walking in the Spirit even as Paul said, “If you walk in the Spirit, see that you… or live in the Spirit, see that you walk in the Spirit.”

And Father, we know that is true, there’s an active faith and a positive and passive faith.

And Lord, we want the active faith now to catch up with that passive faith, because we believe it’s incumbent upon us now to have… to have this brotherly love within the church and we know its going to be within the church, because that’s what Paul is talking about and Brother Branham is talking about.

So Lord, may it be that the love of the brethren, the love of this Word together will cause us to be strong as we’ve never been strong before, and even though people might be offended Lord, because we take a strong stand and for what we believe. Those same people Lord, must realize they themselves are taking a strong stand for what they believe.

And so Lord, we understand that… we understand and they must understand in this late hour there is a demarcation, there’s a separation and Lord, we pray that we’ve been separated to the right pastor, or separated unto our God, separated by this Word, to the separation of the going away, that Matthew 24 and Luke 17 blend and it blends in us Lord.

We’re just asking You for help Father, but as Brother Branham said and we want to be like him Lord, though none of us aspire, nor all together aspire, to be like him but we would like to be able to say like he said, “If we’re not Bride, there’s a Bride out there somewhere and by the grace of God we won’t stand in her way.”

But rather Lord, going to be like the days of old, John himself, the Baptist, when he said, “I’m not the Bridegroom; I’m a friend of the Bridegroom and a friend of the Bridegroom rejoices.”

Oh God, we know that tonight at least we are friends in this particular hour that we do rejoice over this tremendous wonderful manifested revealed Word of this hour, the great vindication of God, God Himself appearing, all of these things, we rejoice in it.

And Lord, we would stand here tonight hoping with all of our hearts if we’re not Bride, at least we’re somehow counted in that great retinue out there, somewhere, somehow as friends of it all, friendly, happy and glad that we have at least recognized the day and this hour.

So we commend ourselves to You Father, bless the sick amongst us, may they be healed and those that couldn’t be here because of sickness, Father God, we pray that You’ll really touch them in the Name of Jesus Christ, and liberate them from their sickness Lord, because we know that there’s not one iota of the healing power of God rescinded just because the prophet’s gone and the great healing revival is over.

That just set the tempo, that just set the Word, but now Lord, everything else can come out of the Word and healing, as Brother Branham said, “Take this Message for your healing.”

Lord, let the people, there’s some phone hook-ups tonight, and those that hear the tape, if they get it now and are sick, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, may that Name which is the Name we are baptized in, the Name we’re believing in, that Name that is exalted, now by the power of the Holy Ghost through a living Word come against every disease in these people’s bodies and liberate them and help them to have the strength that they need and the happiness and joy in the Lord Jesus Christ, the wine of stimulation coursing through their minds and going into their very veins to help them.

Father, we thank You for strength given for the meeting tonight, for the joy of being here, the love of God shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost through the Word, the people in their ardor and affection for You, Lord and the Word, and we believe one and each other, how we praise You tonight.

Be with us as we are going home in the fog, coming back on Sunday if it’s a hundred and forty below zero which we know it wouldn’t be, but Lord, no matter how wicked the weather gets, we pray You’ll keep our building and keep our people to come together to worship Your great and holy Name and fall in love all over again in the Name of Jesus Christ, we pray, Amen.

‘Take the Name of Jesus with you.’

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