Restoration Of The Bride Tree #03

The Right Channel; God Forcing Conditions
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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, we know the Son of righteousness has risen with healing in His wings, and we know that life and light scatter sin and death and destruction and all things that are evil.

And we pray therefore Lord, that we as a people standing here might have Your Holy Spirit in our midst, scattering darkness and evil and sin, iniquity all those things, Lord, that are so common in the earth that we might stand before You, Lord, completely cleansed by the Blood and by the Word, nourished and wrought up in Jesus Christ our blessed Savior, seated in heavenly places. Father, we desire that tonight.

May we with meekness of soul, and humility of heart and mind stand before You, Lord, to bring Your Word, to hear Your Word, to receive It into our hearts as the engrafted Word, the Word of life, which indeed it is, Father, giving us life and light and immortality through Jesus Christ our Lord. We ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we’re on number 3 of Restoration of Bride Tree, and last Sunday we found Brother Branham still setting forth the principle of restoration under the Scripture in Genesis, wherein God restores Sarah to Abraham, which is an example to us concerning our right to enforce the promises in the Word of God by faith, and gives God the leeway to manifest that Word of promise as we get out of the way, put the problem in His hands and let Him do it for us.

God works for us and in us if we only believe Him according to His Word. Especially the Word of the hour.

Brother Branham then goes on and illustrates by examples in nature how that in all natural life there are certain laws which are actually a part of the makeup of those lives that are put into play by the creature itself, that makes the creature able to overcome the resistance that is present.

So he’s referring then, of course, we have our problems, which are trials and burdens, and we are able also to overcome. A fish can so govern himself, says Brother Branham, as to sink to the bottom of the deepest water, which normally would be destructive to him.

A bird defies gravity and flies. And in us is the same law of life that was in Christ, and we are born and reborn to take power and authority over the devil, sin and death and destruction. Instead of fighting to overcome, this law of life shows us how to let go and let God. Fighting does not work, but faith does.


So we’re going to go back to his illustration about the fish in paragraph 4 on page 18.

[18-4]  If the fish had said, “[Well I’ll just] wait [and] catch my breath real good; I’ll breathe up a little oxygen [into] me, and I’ll see if I can go down.” No, [if] he does that, he’ll burst open. See?

[18-5]  [If] the bird says, “I’ll see how fast I can run down here, and maybe I’ll take off.” He won’t do it; he’ll fall down. See? He’s got to know how that law can control him.

Now remember, this is the instinctual in the bird. And we have a sixth sense, which is faith, which is not strictly, you know, instinctual it isn’t but it comes forth from the Word of God that is alive in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.


So all right. What he says here then this bird would not take off. But you see, what he said there, the bird knows how to get out of the way, and let those principles, or that principle take over in him.

And so Brother Branham is saying again, “Just keep moving with God, and don’t doubt, that principle is effective.”

So we have a regular, normal life procedure and process, or process and procedures, which we go through as ordinary people, but that does not hinder, nor will it be refined and take the place of faith.

Now faith is given as something additional to what we have as human beings. Now don’t try to go back to the garden and figure out what you lost. The point is this: if you lost your shirt, you need another shirt. How you lost it, where it went to, is not the point. You’ve got to have something to take the place of what you lost.

So here is what you’re given from Brother Branham to tell you, hey look, we’re no different from the rest of nature. There are certain laws and principles that are in these various creatures of God, these creations.

And as Jesus said, “Behold the lily of the field, it does not take thought for the morrow, yet Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.”

And he said, “Behold the sparrow, the birds of the air, they don’t spin and weave and try to do various things. They just know their heavenly Father takes care of them. How much more then shall He feed and clothe you?”

And this is what Brother Branham’s trying to get across here, that there is a vital principle, and he called it the sixth sense, which not only is available, but we have it. And we’ll see the major principle, the major problem to this principle is getting out of the way.


So he said, “Now the birds and the fish and creation doesn’t even think. It just goes right ahead, because it’s got this built in principle of overcoming.” The fish can get down to the bottom, the bird can rise up.

Now so Christians sometimes want to get to the bottom of things, they want to get to the top of things. So all right, we’re learning something here, if we can just learn it.

[18-6]  [Now] the same way it is with us, [Now he’s talking about principle, and the overcoming processes therein.] it isn’t what we fight, and pull, and hurry, [Now get that, see? Now see, it’s there. You don’t have to fight for it, you don’t have to fight with it, you don’t have to try to pull it, don’t have to hurry.] and, “Oh, if I don’t get this; if I don’t get that” that’s not it; [Now what is it? Well now, what is it?] it’s to know that the law of Life is in you.


Now, there’s the great thing right there. Like Paul said, “I can do all things through Christ Who gives me inward strength; the authority and the power.” See?

[18-6]  And you just let go and let God. [The same as a fish knows just what to do, sinks down; the bird rises up.] Then He takes you to your healing, [Now that’s the Holy Spirit takes you to your healing,] takes you to the baptism of the Spirit, or anything that He’s promised. Any claim that He’s given is yours, and by letting go and letting God… [you can receive the promise.]

Now, of course, then the major recognition of Christ in us, contrary to all appearances. And this recognition is a lot like Brother Branham mentioned, which we know only too well under certain specific laws you discover a little bit in numerology but Brother Branham took us back to the time in the Bible where the women named their children certain names. And those names meant something. It influenced their lives.


Now remember Jacob, the deceiver, the supplanter, was stopped before he met his brother. And he met the involvement with the Esau, which could have meant the life of himself, his wives, his children, and the destruction or the takeover of all that he had.

And he wrestled with the angel, and when he wrestled, you know, his name was changed to ‘Israel’, which is ‘Prince with God’.

And you know, in spite of the fact that the Jews are just about a renegade as they ever were since the time that they crucified Jesus, and Paul said, “You are the most miserable bunch, no one can get along with you.”

They are still a miserable bunch. But you know something? The very fact that they call themselves ‘Israelites’ has made that influence all down through the ages.


Now, if we got on the ball of Christ in us, to never mind your appearances, and never mind what seemingly accrues, because as we said the other day, appearances don’t necessarily tell the truth in the majority of cases, they all lie. See?

So like Christ on the cross, “All my bones stare at me, the dogs of Bashan have encompassed me.”

So they did. But he rose victorious. From death in the grave, he’s victorious right now. Not on the judgment seat, but he’s right there on the throne. And everything’s being put under his feet.

And you look around us and you begin to try to discriminate or discern, by reason of appearance, we are going to fall flat on our faces and stay there.

Then if we try to go back to another age and pick up where they are, we’re already in the boneyard, spiritually speaking, because that’s dead gone, that’s dead manna. So the big thing is to listen to the prophet because he was gifted to tell us all about it.

So you can see the effect of a name, the effect of a stand for a relationship. And believe me, if God’s in it, like Israel, they’re going to be princes with God. You watch and see. See, God cannot fail.


Now, if the of… he illustrates this thing now. And Brother Branham, of course, had that great gift of getting out of the way. He learned how to do it. He now illustrates.

[18-7]  Now, if the officer…

And I think he’s kind of referring back to the time that guy stole Welsh Evans’ car. But really he’s referring to the Holy Spirit. So he’s taking an incident, taking it humanistically, but the application to the Holy Spirit.

[18-7]  Now, if the officer was going to take [the fellow that stole your property], [and] was going to take him to court, and you keep pulling him back, “Well, I don’t know just whether he should do this or not,” [you say,] he’ll never get him there. Just let him go.


In other words, if you’re going to vacillate, and be double-minded about handing it over to the Holy Spirit, or taking it back because of conditions and circumstances, getting like Moses, when God said, “I’m sending you down there to deliver Israel, with a high hand you’re going to take them out. You and I, Moses, are the invincible army. Oh yes, yes.”

And He told him, He said, “Now Pharaoh is not going to listen. In fact, he’s going to put the pressure on you.”

So Moses goes hippity-hop down there to the barber shop. You know, he’s going to really shave Pharaoh good. And he gets down there. He gets the elders all enthused, and they have a showdown.

And Pharaoh said, “I never saw such a lazy bunch of birds in my life.” Why he said, “From now on you will make more brick, and you will get your own straw, and I want those brick delivered.”

And the elders, they went all to pieces. And Moses went back to God a-squawking. And he said, “Lord,” he said, “You didn’t only not make things any better, but You made them worse!”


I’ll never forget that. In my prayer series, I took that one and really milked that down to a fine edge. Because that’s the way we are humanistically. And listen, we can’t afford it.

Can’t afford it, simply can’t afford it. Because we lose everything by being that way. You cannot say, “It’s on today Lord, but it’s off tomorrow; oh I beg Your pardon, I changed my mind. Oops, sorry.” The vacillation isn’t going to be good. The change of mind back and forth is what God does not want. Because you see, He said, “I’m not a man that I should deal as a man.”

Now God never changes His mind. That’s one sermon Brother Branham preached: Does God Ever Change His Mind About His Word? Never. So we hand it over to God and we are not to waver.


Now to get that picture, of course, we’re going to go to the Book of James 1:6,7.

James 1:6-8

(06) But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with wind and tossed.

(07) For let not that man think he shall receive any thing of the Lord.

(08) A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Now we know that to be the truth. Now Brother Branham did also liken that to a hypocrite. But aren’t we pretty hypocritical with God? If we turn our lives over to Him in certain areas, and then because things get worse, we say, “Well, this can’t be it.”

Remember, Brother Branham said, “It’s got to get worse to get better.”


Now, 22-25 of the same chapter:

James 1:22-25

(22) But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

(23) For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like a man beholding his natural face in a glass:

(24) For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was.

(25) But [watch now, who looks in] the perfect law of liberty, and [continues] therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.

Now I know you’re talking about doing things, but forget it. I’m applying this to faith. And the man that sticks with the Word, when he puts his hand to the plow and doesn’t take it back, Brother Branham said He will cause your body, or those circumstances to obey you.

But it can’t be done by in the pot today and out of the pot tomorrow. It can’t be done by “Lord, I believe, but hey, just a minute now, I don’t know if I really do believe.” You’ve got to stick with the promise of God. And that’s the Book of Hebrews 11, and it’s very, very strong language. He said,

[19-1]  That’s the way you do [it]. [Now he said,] Let Satan just get away; [Now that doesn’t mean just let him get away. That means actually to get rid of the bird. See? Get rid of Satan. Don’t let him question you, the Word of God, don’t let him have a thing to do with your mind, and] all the doubts and everything flee from your mind, then God will raise you up. [He says,] Good.


Now if you look, of course, which we won’t read, in the Book of Matthew 4th, the first 11 verses, you’ll distinctly find there the temptation of Christ, who defeated Satan by the Word.

He didn’t argue, but he would not take any of the word which Satan used in order to bring about a negative, or to listen to Satan, a positive in the world’s understanding. He would not do it.

He said, “Turn these… you’re hungry; turn the stones into bread.”

He said, “No way. Man shall not live by bread alone, but every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”

Now you can’t find in the Bible that God turns stones into bread, as far as I know. We do know that He brought down manna out of heaven. But you notice Satan never said that. He said, “Turn the stones into bread.”


Now you could actually do that over a long period of time, if you could turn the stone finely into all the elements that are in there, turn it into like into dust, and you planted a seed in there, but the stone of itself would never do it.

So Satan was asking Christ to go entirely outside of the Word. And Satan [Jesus] said, “Man shall not live by bread alone.”

In other words, neither do we live by those things that we see and appear to us, that even at times seem to govern us, that seem to be expedient, you just go to the Word and stay with it.

Now here’s where your passive faith can outrun your active faith! Because once you see doctrine vindicated, that does it! But the strange thing, you can see miracles a hundred times in a day, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to stand right there and see one. Why? Because you don’t push, and I don’t push at times.

We don’t really get our minds together, consolidate our thinking. That’s why Brother Branham said, “If ten people could all get together and think the same thoughts” of course, that’s in the Message “there’d be a rapture.”

Well I’d settle for five, I think, I’m not quite sure. But to put the mind into gear, and then refuse to change gears; that’s where your answer comes.


Let’s take a little look over here in Luke 22nd. I had it written down here, so I’ll read it to you. 39-46, about Jesus.

Luke 22:39-46

(39) And [when] he came out, and went, as he was [habitually to do], to the mount of Olives; his disciples also followed him.

(40) And when he was at the place, [that’s mount of Olives,] he said unto them, Pray [ye] that ye enter not into temptation. [To be tested and tried, see? That’s in the Lord’s Prayer too.]

(41) And he was withdrawn from them about a stone’s cast, and kneeled down, and prayed,

(42) Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.

(43) And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him.

(44) And being in agony he prayed more earnestly: and sweat as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground.

(45) And when he rose up from prayer, and was come to his disciples, he found them sleeping for sorrow,

(46) And said unto them, Why sleep ye? rise and pray, lest ye enter into temptation.


And so we find here Christ being strengthened, and that’s one thing that we many times fail to realize. If we don’t have an angel come to us, we have a lot of Word that has been revealed that can cut in and build up, augment, fortify where we stand.

Satan always likes to try to knock to the props out, by appearances, by somebody saying and doing something, and things getting even worse than they were in the beginning. Like with Moses.

He said, “Why,” he said, “Things are worse.”

And then God said, “I told you they would; what are you beefing about? Go on down there.” God just spun him right around, you know, sent him right back.

And you know something? That’s the way it works for everybody. You know really, the point is if you want to sharpen a sword, you put it to the grindstone.

And that’s what God does with our noses many times; He puts our face right in the grindstone, so our faces are like flint as we set our faces to move on with God.


Now Brother Branham says:

[19-2]  Now, it’s Easter time. [And you know, of course, that’s the time of the season in the year it was in Jeffersonville, back in ’62, but beyond that, it’s the season of the hour.] Oh, I like Easter. Yes, sir. But there’s too much on Easter today about bunny rabbits, and ducks, and pink chickens, and pretty hats, and new dresses; and that’s not Easter. Easter is the resurrection, restoring, to restore back; it’s God’s restoring time. You look out over the earth: God is restoring. Restoring what? Nature.

In other words, physical manifestation of life is coming into the picture. And so he says, “It’s Easter time now. This is the time for the resurrection when you will see the physical manifestation of the life that was here in the Bride, as individual men and women.”


Brother Branham, I believe, will be the first one up. Because he’s the messenger to the Seventh Church Age. And remember they come up, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, and then they go up, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

And the last bunch are caught away just a few at a time, very few at a time, so that nobody knows what is really going on.

Like Brother Branham said, “You could lose a,” well he said, “people off the face off the earth,” he said, “many, there could be thousands disappear, nobody, you know really knows anything about it.” Who is this? Where is that? And so it could be at the end time. So all right, he’s talking now about Easter at the end time.

[19-2]  That’s right. [And notice he then, but he still uses a natural reference.] He’s restoring the flowers; [restoring the flowers.]

Now is He restoring the flowers? Now then they don’t… now just a minute now, the body that went down to the flower does not come back. The life comes back and it gets a body as God pleased it.

See, now we’re not talking about a human being now though. Human being in a resurrection, mean you come back and I’ll see God in my flesh, this flesh I’m in now. You’re going to see that. But this, the flower is what he’s talking about the manifestation of life.

[19-2]  He’s restoring the leaves; He’s restoring the fruits of the field. [Of course, He restores the fruits of the field through a process.] What is it? God is restoring. It’s Easter; means to “bring it back.”

See? In other words, you go down a natural body, you come back a supernatural body according to what seed is in you. And if it’s a seed of God, you’ll be in the first fruit. He said:

[19-3]  What is it? There’s been… a claim. The flower claims it has a right to rise again.


Now naturally, by reason of its life, the flower will come forth. And it doesn’t toil, doesn’t spin, doesn’t exert itself; it’s going to come forth. Now nobody’s going to bring about his own resurrection.

Even it says concerning Jesus, “God raised him from the dead.” See? “Set him at His Own right hand in heavenly places.”

Now watch:

[19-3]  And God’s law of nature pulls the earth around and makes that law of God in nature bring forth an Easter, a resurrection; [Now that’s predestination. Predestination is wherein God deliberately causes a manifestation in order to bring about that which He has in mind.] It’s beautiful. The return of the sun to restore what the winter killed, while it [the sun] was [away] from the earth…

And now it’s the same now. Very same thing. See? He said, “I’m going to come back.” But now, of course, God Himself has appeared once more, formed Himself in a human flesh. We’ve seen it in the prophet; we’ve seen all those things.


All right, now let’s just read a little bit.

[19-4]  God sends the earth back around the sun, as we’re told, from way back here. The earth went away from the sun, went way out here [That’s the way a sinner does, gets away from the S-o-n, where this is the s-u-n]. [So the man gets away from the S-o-n, the earth gets away from the s-u-n.] But [before the] earth begins to come back [around… While]… it’s out there death strikes it, winter [does it.]

It kills every thing [that] it can kill out [That is it kills it out, like you know frost kills things out. It kills every living thing it can kill out.] in [this earth.] And now, when the earth gets back around, the seeds are lying in the ground; they are frozen; the pulp’s run out of them; everything’s gone; but there’s a little life preserved.

[19-5]  And as soon as the sun [s-u-n] gets back in position with the earth [Now gets back in position with the earth] again, there is an Easter, a restoration. Up comes the flowers again; up comes everything. All that the winter killed, the sun restores. [That’s s-u-n. And] all that the winter’s death killed, the sun of life restores.

[19-6]  And so is it now with the people. All that the winter’s coldest of cold, formal religion killed out there, the nearing of the Son of God in these last days coming to His church, restores It back to Life again. “I will restore saith the Lord.” See?


Now, of course, we know that’s Malachi 4, rising with healing in His wings; we know positively it is the Presence of Almighty God Himself.

Now, with this illustration of death and resurrection, we find that Brother Branham is literally leading us to look at that last paragraph I just read, about the people now are coming back from their dead formal religions winter killed, by religion, creeds and dogmas, to the time when the Lamb takes the Book from the Father’s hands, rips off the Seals and climbs upon the throne, and God Himself descends in the Person of the Holy Ghost.

And so what we see here is Matthew 24:27, which Brother Branham by divine revelation gave us the absolute true meaning. So don’t ever think there’s any other meaning for Matthew 24:27 than what we’re just going to read.

Matthew 24:27

(27) For as the lightning cometh out of the east, [that which lighteneth,] and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

The same light that rose in the east, where the sun sets in the west, shines again. And the evening time it shall be light. And so, therefore, this is heralding the resurrection. Absolutely and foremost, and don’t you ever believe differently.


Notice, he says:

[19-8]  God restores His flowers, His leaves, His nature, His seed of the earth; therefore, we know then that God will restore also His habitation. [That’s, you know, the habitation right now. God’s habitation is the church, the true church. Then now notice he says,] He will restore His Eden; He will restore everything that death… [and death came by sin, of course, sinful, the death.] That’s right.

Now remember, Brother Branham told us that God, there’s no Scripture where God ever took Eden off the earth, ever took it away. He closed Adam and Eve out. So that’s like, you see, that it’s in a dimension, and God’s government returns to earth.

And how it returns to earth, what has already happened, where the Tree of Life is here, and we’re ready to enter into immortality the same as Adam wanted to, because that was the only thing that was going to be a real help to him.

But it wouldn’t help him in the state that he’s in. Now the sin has been dealt with. We have Eden right here. We not recognizing it, but you better believe it that God’s government is already here on earth, and you don’t see the true manifestation.

Now you see the manifestation of the Manifester, which is God, which is King, but you don’t see all these other things out here. That’s a lot like our healing. We know we were healed two thousand years ago, but we want it brought into manifestation for us.


Now next paragraph:

[20-1]  Now, the only way it can ever remain dead is let it lie in the wrong place.

Now there again you’ll notice that to be true. Everything must be in divine order. The Word must be rightly divided. The people must be in the right positions.

In other words, the Scripture, to bring this to pass, everything must be in the right place, and we must be in the right relationship to it. If you’re not in the right relationship to it, it is not going to do you any good.


So all right. Everything is in divine order, as we found over here in 1 Thessalonians 4:16.

1 Thessalonians 4:16

(16) For the Lord himself [has already descended] from heaven with a [message],

That’s an actual command, putting the church in order, giving the church’s marching orders, getting the church exactly ready. And that’s the Message. Now the next thing is:

1 Thessalonians 4:16

(16) …the voice of the archangel, the trump of God: [then] the dead in Christ [begin to] rise:

And with that we have Revelation 10:1-7, where the Mighty Messenger comes down, at the very same time that the last prophet in Revelation 10:7 is upon earth, opens the Seals, and you’re right then in the presence of immortality.

You’re right where Adam wanted to get to, but he couldn’t get there. Because he’d sold the human race and every child of God into bondage and sin and degradation and death, and that all has to be dealt with.

And there’s only going to be a little handful of people at the end who do not die. Nope, one thing they will die to, certainly, is die out entirely to unbelief, wickedness, sin and all those other things.


So he said:

[20-1] So God, lets us fall in the right channel [That’s right.] for restoration.

So the right channel is here now. And it could only come at resurrection time. So, therefore, since we have seen the Son of man and the Light rise, it is Easter, it is resurrection. We took that whole series some time ago, remember? Talking about Easter.


[20-2]  All that the winter killed, [That’s what happened under Adam,] then the sun restores. [That’s the natural. The other is the S-o-n. Bible says so.] Returning of the sun, what does it do? It forces [Listen.], it forces death to go… When the sun, the spring sun, comes back in line of the earth again, it actually forces death to give up its dead to a resurrection. For what? A restoration [to] restore again.

Now, what you’re looking at there is exactly what we’ve looked at in Acts 3 continuously. The church has to get lined up, before Jesus can come and take this earth over. And the lining up, it starts with the tremendous healing revival. There cannot be a true healing revival unless there is an absolute new Message.


So all right. We’ve already had it, and it says He forces. And if you don’t believe He forces it, let’s just go right back here to the Book of 1 Corinthians 15, where we always read in verse 20. We don’t have to well, we’ll read it.

1 Corinthians 15:20-21

(20) But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the first-fruits of them that slept.

(21) For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead.

Certainly, that’s true. How could you kill God and Him come alive again? If you killed God, who’s going to wake Him up? Talking about man! Man’s the one that botched it; now another man’s going to get him out. All right.

1 Corinthians 15:22-25

(22) For as in Adam all die, [in identical manner, they’re] all made alive [in Christ]. [Now I didn’t ask for it in the first time, didn’t ask for it the second time.]

(23) But every man in his own order: Christ the first-fruits; afterward they that are Christ’s at his coming. [At His Appearing, His Presence.]

(24) Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put [all things all] down all rule and all authority and power.

(25) For he must reign, till all [the] enemies [are put] under his feet.

Now that’s garbled, but the actual fact of the matter is God is putting everything under the feet of Jesus Christ, until it’s all handed back to God in the New Jerusalem, when the Lamb is on the throne, the Pillar of Fire above the throne, God becomes all and in all. And before they call He answers.


So all right. What we’re looking at is what Brother Branham said: He forces it. He forces it. Now God’s always forced His Own people. Like the old song, “He does not compel us to go against our will; He just makes us willing to go.”

And that’s the time when God sent the hornets. Israel got out there in a hurry. He didn’t compel them, He just…they were happy to go. They lost their will in a hurry to stick around.

So what He does, He sort of puts a fire in your boots. So if you want the fire out, you’d better get to stomping and jumping and get moving. No, he tells you right here there’s a force that God does. He actually forces condition. Why? Because He is sovereign!

And the restoration is a force condition. Whether the church wanted it or not, whether it believed it or not, whether it accepted it or not, it came! And it’s over. And now we’re waiting for the full fruit.

Now he said:

[20-3]  What does it? The sun coming; that’s God’s law. [Fine, we admit that.] God set the earth in [a] law, [of] gravitation; [Or He set a law of gravitation in the earth; that’s the best way to say it.] everything in nature works according to God’s law. [Whether it’s gravitation or anything else.] And the flower served its term; the seed served its term; it died into the earth, and then there is a restoration.


In other words, the same life comes back to what it was before before there was a marring, a sinning, a death, an interruption. That’s Easter, but it’s going to be better than ever.

[20-4]  Now, it’s lying there dead. [He’s going back to nature again.] We could take one of these here lights like this and turn it on; it would never do any good. [Like electric light.] There’s no way for us to do it. But God has a law, that when the sun comes onto the seed, it forces [the] life out of the seed. Death can’t hold it anymore.


So you notice then here, he’s telling you that the living Word of God in the Bride is going to force the issue. Now, he already talked about the fish. The fish does not force an issue; it goes along with the issue. So does the Bride.

There’s no forcing here by the Bride. There’s no say, “Well I am going to be, I am not going to be; I’m going to do, I’m not going to do; yes it’s mine, I doubt if it’s mine.” We have a perfect law of God which lies in foreknowledge, election, predestination.

And the predestination always repents and are baptized in the Name well, today we know for sure Lord Jesus Christ, are filled with the Holy Ghost, and they go on and on.


[20-4]  But God has a law… [No, just let me see… here it is.] We could [use] one of these [electric] lights; it would never do any good. [There’s no way for us to bring about a resurrection, to bring about the turn of the earth back, or the nature back to living. No way we can cause the plants to come forth again. We cannot do it. See?] There’s no way for us to do it. But God has a law, that when the sun comes onto the seed, it forces that life out of the seed. [And] death cannot hold it.


Now there’s where we are in the vindicated hour in which we live. Now watch:

[20-5]  God has set all of His laws to serve Him, both natural and spiritual, according to His Word, regardless of the condition. I love that, I have a Scripture here on that. Yes, sir.

He doesn’t quote it, but I think it’s likely in Ecclesiastes 5, and also speaking concerning God stands behind His Word to perform it, not one Word shall cease, and so on. But he didn’t bring that to our attention.

[20-5]  God has set all of His laws to serve Him, both natural and spiritual, according to His Word, regardless of the condition.


Now that’s the thing you’re looking at. Conditions don’t have a thing to do with it. This is something that God is doing at the end time, and we have the privilege of going along with God. Waters, not to swim in, but waters to carry us over. Remember that.

In Ezekiel’s vision of the eastern gate, the temple, water flowing from the Kingdom of God, and speaking of resurrection time and this time here, it was to the ankle, to the knee, to the thigh, and then waters to carry you over, swim in and carry you over.

That was Luther, Wesley, Pentecost, and William Branham with the end-time Word, and there’s no more waters. Next is carry over. There’s no place to go but get carried over.

[20-6]  God sets all of His laws in motion. Think of it; let it soak in now, because we’re coming to a healing service in a few minutes. See? God set all of His laws [God set all of His laws] into motion; that it must work according to His own Word [Are you getting it? See?] His Word. His laws have to work according to His Word. [Because it is His Word. And they have to work in harmony.]

…He commanded the sun; He commanded the moon; He commanded the earth; He commanded [all] nature; and they all fall right in line. And all the laws work in harmony with God’s spoken Word. And the law of Life that’s in us will also bring us to a resurrection. It’s got to. It’s impossible for it not [to do so.]


Now we know spoken Word is the original seed and every seed has got its own life in it. Now if you want to look in Colossians 1:17. We’ve read this many times, but it’s a verse that Brother Branham is using here.

Colossians 1:17

(17) [For] he is before all things, and by him all things [are maintained].

Now that’s speaking of the One that the great Creator, God by Christ Jesus created all things. But it also tells you in the Book of John, all things were made by Him.

And then in the Book of Hebrews it tells you all things were made by the Word. So, therefore, God, when He spoke His Word, He positively brought into existence exactly what He had through the process of predestination, foreknowledge, everything into election, all the plan all lined up, and then suddenly there it is.

Predestination. Work the whole thing out. Brother Branham tells us something of that when he go into the Book of Genesis, back in about 1953 or 5. Whatever it was, I can’t remember exactly when it was. I don’t think its ’58. It was before then. Maybe ’55.


Then it tells you in Hebrews 11, which I didn’t quote, but I brought to your attention, and it’s in the 3rd verse, and what does it say? It says right here:

Hebrews 11:3

(03) Through faith we understand the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

So it tells you right there, don’t get your eyes on what appears. Get your eyes off of what appears unto what doesn’t appear, because that is greater than what does appear. See?

And every place in nature there’s an illustration, by Brother Branham showing, if nature can work like clockwork, and there’s no timepiece any more marvelous than God out there in nature getting every little rhythm in perfect balance, vibrations and in every indication exactly right. How much more can we trust Him.


Now Brother Branham is speaking of this law, the law of life. The law of life, of course, is God’s Own Spirit. And remember, in the hour of the resurrection, that Spirit is here to bring up the dead and to put all things under the feet of Jesus Christ. Now the next paragraph says:

[20-7]  That’s the reason the law of Life was in Christ… When the Word was spoken and said, “I’ll not suffer My holy One to see corruption, neither will I leave His soul in hell,” there wasn’t enough time; there weren’t enough devils; there wasn’t enough anything to keep Christ in that grave till His body [could] begin to rot; because the law of God would bring the Word to pass.

Now that’s a very, very valuable illustration. It’s not just an illustration; it’s an actual fact of the Word of God. Now Brother Branham said that law of that spirit and life concerning the resurrection of Jesus’ body was already there.

It had already been spoken, and Jesus knew it, and he bore that very law in him. Which he had to, because that was his! Not yours and mine, except at the very end time. We won’t be corrupting any longer, we’ll stand right we’re corrupting right now.

You never heard of Christ being sick or anything else hitting him. I don’t know one Scripture that would signify that Jesus ever got sick, a toothache, or a headache, or anything else. I don’t know anything about that.

But you and I do have corruption, but we’ll not have corruption unto death, if that be the will of the Lord for you and me at this hour.


But notice the Word had already come forth, and Christ had taken that Word, because that Word was his and nobody else’s. Now you couldn’t get away from it, because it was his.

So, therefore, when they would not see the body corrupt, or the soul in hell, which God said already hundreds of years before it took place, that’s the way it had to be, and that’s the way it was! And he said:

[20-7]  …there weren’t enough devils [in hell]; there wasn’t enough of anything to keep Christ in that grave till His body could begin to rot; [no way,] because the law of God would bring the Word to pass.

Now remember, let’s get this flat. He died, but his body couldn’t rot. He went to hell, but he couldn’t be kept there. Why? Because God said otherwise. So what did it really matter if he died? What did it really matter if his soul went to hell?

And I’m speaking in terms of what did it really matter, as though something could matter concerning it! Nothing. Nothing. That was an accomplished fact. That was it, and proved to be it, by the fact that he came forth.


Now I like this thought also here that I don’t believe there’s going to be one Bride going to get AIDS. Brother Branham spoke like in the days of Noah where their bodies, their flesh rotted on their bones. And that’s what they do; they rot on the bones. And if anybody gets it, you better believe why they got it.

I can’t believe a Bride would do those things in this hour. Maybe I should be a little more skeptical, and people can do about anything. But I’d have a hard job believing that that’s the truth.

How could you be born again and do those things that are absolutely against the Word of God according to the Book of Romans 1? So there’s a working principle here, and it’s this great faith, and we have the same faith because we live by the faith of Jesus. Not our own faith now, but his.



[20-7]  And the law of God, by the Holy Spirit, brings any promise to pass [You get it?], regardless of the condition.

Now watch, but for those going on now:

[21-1]  Job said, “Though skin worms destroy my body, yet in my flesh I’ll see God.”

And we are going to see that, very, very shortly, those people that died are going to come up, and those that aren’t to die, they’re going to have their changed bodies. Well we all know that.

Now he says:

[21-1]  Regardless of how little we are, how low we are, how impure we are, how unholy we are, how sick we are, how afflicted we are, the law of God’s Spirit by His Word, makes it obey Him, forces the issue, and says, “Give it back.” Amen.


So what you’re looking at there is the progression of faith to the place where the Spirit of God takes over, because now He sees we are faithful in believing the Word, and we will be as we are in our passive faith: live, die, sink or swim, that’s it.

And so you get to the same place in your active faith. Live, die, sink, or swim, I’m trusting God because I’ve put my faith in Him and that is it. So the Word of faith and transfiguration are here for this hour we know that and it’s been vindicated to be so.

[21-2]  Oh, if we could just think of that for a minute. Forces it, regardless of conditions? No matter what the condition is, the law of God forces the condition to cope with His Word.

Now, see that’s a beautiful thing right there. Number one: we cope with the Word, by looking at conditions and saying, “That doesn’t have a thing to do with it. God has made a promise, live, die, sink or swim, I’m going to stay with this Word. I put my hand to the plow, this is what it is, I will not turn back.”


Now I realize that we don’t make decisions like that very often. I realize we ought to make more decisions like that quite often.

Especially for healing and those things that we can have. But let’s face it. If we do begin to trust God for certain issues in our lives, we are very fortunate, because I’ll tell you, God is going to force His Word regardless of the condition, and no matter what the conditions are, the conditions will be forced to cope with your faith in the Word.

In other words, conditions are subservient to the promise. As Abraham’s flesh and Sarah’s was subservient, and Christ in death was subservient, also in this hour it’s all subservient.

[21-3]  Now, if a flower is lying there, and it’s dead; the seeds are rotten, gone; the pulp’s gone out; that doesn’t have one thing to do with it. [Same with our bodies. They] rise again because God [has] a law for it.


Now remember when we are talking of Abraham in Romans 4, you are positively looking at the end time, because this is the bringing back the Son of God to earth, the Son of man, the Son of God. This is bringing him back in flesh, the church bringing him back, the Bride bringing him back.

It tells you right there, in verse 17.

Romans 4:17-18

(17) [As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,] before him whom he believed, even God, who [quickens] the dead, and [calls] those things which not as though they [be]. [In other words, conditions don’t mean a thing.]

(18) Who [when hope was gone hoped on in faith], that he might become the father of many nations, according to that which was spoken, So shall thy seed be.

In other words, when there’s no use even hoping and no use even thinking about it, from the natural viewpoint says him as good as dead, and Sarah completely unable the man said, “God said so.”


Now let me tell you something. Abraham had to have a visitation from God to get there. Have we or have we not had a visitation from God? That’s your question. “Well I don’t know if I could believe.”

Well hey, what’s all this talk about believing a message? What’s all this talk about vindication? See? Now the point is the great vindication of the passive faith in other words, exactly what God has done, we see it, we believe that it’s ours is the foundation for great active faith, if we only want to use it.

But remember, your active faith, brother/sister, you can move mountains, you can raise the dead, you can talk in tongues, you can cast out devils, and you can go plumb to hell doing it without your passive faith. So don’t get your lines mixed up in times like these, as God’s angel told the prophet. And the prophet got his lines mixed up. You see?


Now notice:

Romans 4:20

(20) He staggered not at the promise of… unbelief;

In other words, he didn’t go this way, that way, this way, that way. I put it out, take it in, take it back. Put my word in the promise, take it back; put my word in the promise, take it back. Nope. He didn’t vacillate. He wasn’t like the waves of the sea. He wasn’t like the majority of people out there in the world. They go this way, that way, this way, that way, up, down, inside out, God knows what oh forget it. You know.

Romans 4:20-21

(20) …staggered not… through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God;

(21) And being fully persuaded…


Now notice, the full persuasion was not there at the time that he started to believe! Now this is the secret of getting to your destination. Keep plugging, and plugging, and plugging, and plugging.

Like Brother Branham said, the little boy that won the prize for riding his bike right down a very narrow board. “How’d you do it, son?” Everybody else He said, “I just looked down at the end, and I rode straight for it.”

And he got off the board at the right place, the right time. He got the prize. A brand new bike, I think he said.

So here’s the thing. The time that you start believing, that’s the time to keep watering and planting the way Brother Branham did until there’s going to come the resurrection.

And it’s got to come because it’s vindicated. It’s indicated, vindicated, manifested, proven. So we just got to go with it. That’s Romans 4. See?


Now, watch what he says here.

[21-4]  When Job lay in the ground… Perhaps when he saw Jesus coming four thousand years before Jesus got here. [He saw him, you see, before he died.] You can imagine how a human body looked in four thousand years: [Now here Job talking, “I’m going to be in the resurrection.” He said, why, there would] probably not be enough ashes left to go on the end of a spoon. [Yet] Job said, “In my flesh I’ll see God, Who I shall see for myself.”

Now, you remember we talked about the somatids that were discovered by Gaston Naessens in Montreal, when he recreated or rebuilt the Rife microscope. And you could look back at the somatids now some call somatides, I don’t know, it’s i-d-s and you can see them, and they’re really the precursors of life, as far as people figure.

Now I told you the other day that fifty rads were used and couldn’t exterminate them I beg your pardon it was fifty thousand rads of radiation, couldn’t exterminate them. And fire couldn’t exterminate them.

So what am I trying to tell you? There’s something, brother/sister, even though it lay in the dust, is going to come back, and one’s going to have an indestructible body, and one’s going to have one that can destruct, but only by the lake of fire. You watch and see. See that’s why Brother Branham said flames are going to shoot a thousand miles high to purify the earth of germs.

Yep. You know everything finally you’ll later on find this man was a spiritual genius, before it’s over. You’ll find that he was ‘Man Mountain Dean’ and Goliath for size, and all these guys rolled into one. In a little, tiny fellow. Why? Because he had God with him. Like old Moses, like old Paul. God in one man makes a majority.


All right:

[21-5]  The Bible tells in Matthew 27, after His death, and burial, resurrection, many of the saints that slept in the dust [and they’d become dust, one with it, somatids, all down there, and so on,] of the earth rose up out of the dust. Why? It was that prophet, speaking with the Word of God; and the Word had been spoken, and the law of God by the Spirit raised them up.

See, it couldn’t fail! Now this is the thing he’s trying to impress for a healing service. Oh my. You know the only trouble with that is this: if you get the people in one meeting, and they have that one nice healing, then they kind of go home and zzzzzzz “Oh my, what was that really all about?”

It doesn’t become a way of life! And it should. Not just healing now. I’m talking about active faith. To be on top of the heap, not on the bottom. God said, “I’ll make you the head and not the tail.”

And why, why? I’m going to tell you something. The tail never wagged the head yet. The head always wags the tail. So if you want to be in God’s divine program, get with the head. The Bible says so. You’ll always be head and not the tail. I know he wasn’t speaking about a dog; he’s speaking about the rank, the order. But that’s all right.


Now, he says here:

[21-5]  Why? It was that prophet, speaking with the Word of God; and the Word had been spoken, and the law of God by the Spirit raised them up. [That’s right, because God the Holy Ghost raised them up.] The Bible said they had come into the city and appeared to many. Not only did Jesus rise, but the saints rose with Him.

All right, now in a peculiar, particular sense, Adam was dust. That was only his body. And the Bible said, “Dust thou art, to dust thou dost return.” That was not to the soul.

You know the poet knew that, Browning not Browning, no, he wrote about Jesus on the highway. But it was… I forget anyway. It was an American poet anyway, yeah. [‘Psalm of Life’, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow] So anyway, it wasn’t the body, it was the soul. I mean it wasn’t the soul that God said, you know, will go to the dust.


So all right. In a peculiar way then, because of the way Adam was formed and made from the dust, we go back to the dust except for a special divine intervention, which can only take place at this very time, at the very end. That’s the last mystery when we’re turned into immortality.

[21-6]  Why? Over in the Psalms…

He said, “Why is it so?” Now listen now. He’s going to about this hour, with this resurrection.

[21-6]  Over in the Psalms it says, “Lift up, ye everlasting gates, and be lifted up. Let the Lord of glory come in.”


Now that was the ascension. Now that took place. Then all these other things per today must also take place. Because all of these things come in under Job, speaking with the authority of God. They’re going to rise from the dust.

[21-6]  Why, when He conquered death, hell, grave, sickness, rose on the third day, He ascended on high, led captivity captive. What was it? Those that were captive had looked forward [to] the promise that we have now. [Because you see, the whole body’s going to come together now. Second part of the first resurrection.]

…Oh, brother. [They] never even had the Holy Ghost [back there], but believed and gave a good testimony; and by It they stopped the mouth[s] of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword; [Those that God wanted to quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword;] women received their dead raised [back] to life again: without the promise. [Now he’s talking about the promise of Messiah Son, and the resurrection.]

…Oh, they looked forward, under a sheep sacrifice that could not divorce sin, [but] could only cover sin. But they believed that there was [a] coming One. And by their faith, way beyond the shadow [Amen. Now that was all types and shadows, the blood of bulls and goats,] they claimed it.


In other words they appropriated it unto themselves, waiting for the manifestation which they knew their appropriation was going to bring!

It’s just like when you buy a bond, or you put maybe a hundred dollars in the bank, and you say, “Okay at ten per cent interest, I’ve got this little bond here, I know when it’s going to mature, so many years, about eight years or less, I’m going to have two hundred dollars instead of one hundred.”

See, they appropriated all the increments that were there, by simply appropriating to themselves the promise! And that’s exactly what Brother Branham said took place. Way back under a shadow, look what happened. Because they looked forward to the coming One. Now watch about these people.

[21-6]  And steadfast they wandered in deserts, in sheepskins, goatskins, were afflicted, destitute, tormented. Oh, those people, looking forward to that resurrection, and through that died in faith with a testimony; and on that Easter [resurrection] morning [that law of God which spoke, the Word, through Job and those other prophets] they [were] raised from the dead. [In other words, they rose up from the dead. You see?] Oh, my. [You see?]

[22-1]  There you are [now]. Regardless of the conditions.


So what you’re looking at here, Brother Branham says the materialization is bound to come. The subjection of conditions, all conditions, to the Word of God which has been given to us is on the drawing board, and it’s going to come to us; it’s predestinated to that end. And believe me, if we don’t take it, there’ll be somebody else does.

[22-2]  See? No matter, regardless of conditions, you’re going to meet God somewhere.

Now let’s watch this here. This is little strange to bring this in, but it’s true, because it comes right to this hour.

[22-2]  No matter, regardless of conditions, you’re going to meet God somewhere. You’ve got to come to Him; you’ve got to meet Him. See? Because [why]? He has spoken a Word, and put a law with that Word. And the law is His own law, His own Life behind It. [See? He’s going to do it.]

…That’s the reason He swore by Himself; there’s none greater. See? He had to take [an] oath, because no covenant can be confirmed without an oath. And the only way He could, before He did [it], take it by Himself, and Himself become the oath…


Now that’s exactly true. The Bible distinctly says and Brother Branham, I know, did not know the Greek on this He interposed Himself, He became His Own oath. He interposed Himself.

See, you catch Brother Branham saying things that, you know, he didn’t know… You know that he wasn’t going back to the Bible, in the sense of being a student having studied it although he did. Right here under divine inspiration he hits it right there. Laser.

He Himself became surety. That’s in the Bible. “Hey listen, I don’t have anything to give you, and you’re not going to listen, but I tell you, I’m going to leave My firstborn Son with you and you better believe I’m going to come back and get him.”

That child becomes the oath, becomes the surety. So you see, it runs through the Bible here. God is His Own sure One, He’s His Own surety. And that’s marvelous to know that God came down, and He hasn’t left. And we don’t say He’s in this building here, like a lot of people have an idea, “He’s in our church, hallelujah.”

Well you know, I would never ever be so boastful. I believe He’s with the Bride, period. In a way that only God could be with His Bride, because time and space, all of those things mean nothing to God. You know, just marvelous if we just let our own thinking go. And don’t try to circumvent God by our own thinking. See?



[22-2]  The reason He swore by Himself; [He could sware by] none greater. He had to take [an] oath, because no covenant could be confirmed without an oath. And the only way He could, before He did [it], take it by Himself, and Himself become the [surety, or the] oath [oh, brother],

…when God became man and was the oath, made Himself the oath. By His own death, burial, resurrection He proved His laws were right. [See He] said, “You destroy this building, I’ll raise it up again in three days.” I, personal pronoun, “I’ll raise it up again in three days; I’ll bring it up. [That’s true, because He was going to rise, He knew it.]

…Just destroy it and see what happens.” For He knew the law of God; He knew what it was. He knew it had to work according to the Word. He knew that the Word of God had been spoken through a prophet [sure He did,] and said, “I’ll not suffer my holy One to see corruption.” That settled it. That settled it.


In other words, now we have the picture for the end time, and Brother Branham here is speaking of meeting God. He’s combined the office of a pastor teaching with the office of the evangelist, and saying, “Listen people, I’m going to tell you something. There’s coming a day when you’re going to meet God. It’ll be in a resurrection, don’t worry, you’ll be there, but you could meet Him now, see?”

[22-3]  Then the law of God is got to work by that Word. [And, of course, that’s for today. There’s no doubt about it. Coming down to a great thing in a minute. See?] The law of God’s Word, the law of God is with His Word.

And, of course, God’s His Own Word too, God’s His Own oath. What you see here, Brother Branham and the whole Bible is simply an opening of God.

God exposing Himself through the Word to everybody, so that you know from the heart of God Who He is, What He is, His dealings, what His plans are, what His plans were, and what His plans are based on, what His original plans were.

All these things are here before us.

[23-1]  Now, if the court writes out a word, “It is certain, certain thing, a penalty to do so-and-so.” All right. Now, that’s the word of the court, and the law of the court enforces the word of the court.


The law of the court. In other words, let’s face it. The court doesn’t have a word outside there’s something ahead of it. The court only adjudicates according to what is there.

In other words, judgment sets in according to what is already been set. See, the judge is implemental. Well not implemental really, because he doesn’t do it.

The judge is what you might call the revealer. That’s why you always have a prophet as a judge. The judge is the one who discerns and sets it so the word can be truly interpreted and brought to the court.

And then he adjudicates as the judge, and then there’s somebody has to execute and put into motion. But you notice it’s got to come from some source, see? And the Source is God Himself.

[23-1]  And God speaks something, that is a law, and the Holy Spirit is here to enforce that law [see?] for the believer. You have be ordained to do so; [there] it takes a believer. [You’ve] got to have the badge of a believer.


Now Brother Branham, he’s not necessarily telling you every false anointed person is a real believer. He’s a believer all right, but he’s a make-believer. He’s like Satan’s crowd, Judas. They believe all right. See, they take and run with the active law, the active law of faith, and they ignore the passive.

He said, “I never knew you.”

But the true believer is full of the Holy Ghost, he believes the Word. He knows that God is a Rhema/Logos God. He knows that the Word and God are inseparable because one is the other.

Now, remember the false anointed do not have the badge of believers. “I never knew you. My sheep know My Voice. I’m known of them, and they know Me. They follow Me.” Doesn’t say that of the false anointed. They cast out devils, everything else, but they’re not of God.

[23-1]  Somebody says, “You got power?” [Which means dunamis. Do you have power?]

[23-2]  No, but we have authority [That’s it.], not power, but authority. We haven’t got enough power to do [anything].


Now Brother Branham explains the difference between power and authority. And it’s very good, because it’s something that most people have learned in their life time as sitting under ministries.

[23-3]  Like I said some time ago, a little policeman here in Louisville, standing there. He was littler than I am. Little bitty fellow, his hat pulled down over his ears, oh, his uniform about half hanging off of him, walked out there on the street, [a] little cap pistol-like on his side, little stick in his hand, a little whistle.

…[He] walked out there with a pair of white gloves on, and those cars [Some with] three hundred and fifty horsepower] [And, of course, I had one four hundred and one.] whirling by that street like lighting, zoom, zoom, [zoom]. Well, that poor little fellow couldn’t have stopped a runaway pony from his strength. Certainly not.

…But he walked out in the street, that big badge shining, [and blew] that whistle, and held up the hand. Brother, three hundred horsepower motors squeaked brakes and everything else. It wasn’t the power of the man, it was the authority he had. That’s it.


In other words, if you’re ordained as a believer, and you really are full of the Holy Ghost, you have the right to this Word, and you don’t have to do anything yourself, because you’re not required to have power, p-o-w-e-r, as muscle. Your power and mine lies in authority.

We have the privilege of using the Word, and as Brother Branham said, when he prayed with those three or four men, they asked the Holy Spirit to go and bring the Word to pass, that they had believed God for it.

[23-4]  That’s the church, It might be a bunch of holy-rollers, so-called, or whatever you want to call it; but it’s the authority. It’s the authority behind it; that’s what does it.

Regardless of conditions, God’s law works with His Word. Now, it won’t work with your creed; it’ll work with the Word. Yeah, it just works with the Word; that’s all. Now, regardless of condition.


See? Again, we don’t have power of ourselves; it is His power from Him and for His Own use within us. You know, many people think it’s just like turning on the faucet. It’s not really so; standing back and letting God turn on the faucet.

You see? This is something like where Brother Branham preached on whosoever sins are remit. Well the church does not remit sins per se, it gives the gospel. And in the gospel, repent and be baptized every one of you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And remember, he also showed that there was no power of remission outside of a vindicated Message.

Why? Because all other gospel is another gospel, another Jesus, another spirit, a complete mess. Only we at the end time.

[23-4]  Abraham, as we read awhile ago in our text, Abraham’s wife had to be restored back. Why? God gave a promise to Abraham, and here a king took her to marry [her] for his wife.

[23-5]  Well, what would he [have] done? Put Abraham to death in a minute. That’s what Abraham said, “I pray thee say that…” [he said,] after Abimelech caught him [and all], said, “I pray [that] you, you say that I am your brother, [he was a half-brother,] You’re a beautiful woman,” and, “now, if he sees you’re beautiful, I’ll be killed, because he will take you and marry you.”


[24-1]  And so, Abimelech caught her, and his man brought her in; she was a beautiful woman. And by the way, she was only a hundred years old! God had just showed what He’s going to do to all of us, through them. You know, I’ve been through all that in my text, and on the tapes, and so forth, proving that by the Word of God; that’s exactly right.

…He told by Abraham and Sarah [Or in other words, He informed us and revealed to us by doing what He did for them,] what He was going to do [for] the whole race. [That’s, you know, the true Adamic race, the true children of God.] That’s right. [Turn us back to youth.]

[24-2]  Now, there she was, and so Abimelech took her to be his wife. And so, he was all ready now to take her to be his wife, so what? [And] God said to Abraham: “By Sarah you’ll have this baby.” Here was a young man taking her. Here was Abraham a hundred years old out there.

[24-3]  You notice what God said there: “Yes, I know the integrity of your heart. That’s the reason I kept you from sinning against Me; but you restore [the] woman, for her husband is a prophet. Let him pray for you; if you don’t, I’m just going to wipe you [from] the face of the earth.”


Now remember, God’s judgment and justice is better than ours. You know, people would like to think, oh say now, you know, you don’t find one thing said about this in the Book of Hebrews, where Abraham boo-booed.

[24-4]  There you are. What? God’s Word [It] has to stand. No man could touch Sarah; God had made a promise.

You know something? It would be great for people today, especially Christian women, to take that in this hour of despicable molestation, rape and everything else, to say, “Look, there’s no way I can be touched.” I praise God for God keeping His people, I certainly do.

[24-5]  Sarah, a type of the church, the true church, the free church…


That means the loosed church. The one that’s not under creeds and dogmas, and not under the power of the enemy, but under the strength and power of Almighty God through the revealed Word. So:

[24-5]  Sarah, a type of the church, the true church, the free church, the free woman with a free Child, type of the born again church with the promise. [See? Notice the definitions.] Let them say whatever they want, call it holy-roller, fanaticism. They’ve tried to stop It since Pentecost, they’ll never do it. No, sir.

…Just keep your hands off It; that’s all. God’s going to take that and do something with it, just as certain as I’m standing here. [Now he’s vindicated prophet.] We’re coming right down through the age of it. Now, in a few minutes, God help me, I’ll prove it to you where we’re at. Right. They’re never going to destroy [it]; it can’t be destroyed. That’s right.

[24-6]  “Take your hands off her.” Why? There came the natural seed. The natural seed had to come. If Sarah would’ve married this other man, the natural seed would never have been born.


In other words you’re looking at the fact of Isaac typing Christ, and he was simply a human seed, and just one, but Christ was that royal Seed. See? He never would have been born, but, you see, God stopped that right there. You see?

[25-1]  So if God so protected the course [of] the natural seed, [Isaac,] how much [more] for the spiritual, royal Seed, has He protected. [Which now we’re talking of the reborn. See?]

[25-2]  Satan, [he’s commanding now,] give them back; turn them loose. You’re not smothering them out there in those organizations and things; they’re free people. You let them alone. [Just] turn them loose. The Royal Seed…


Now these words, I believe, are not something that Brother Branham is simply bringing us as a little tiny comment on Scripture. I believe he’s telling us this, the same as Job said, “I know that I’m going to see God on this earth here, in my own flesh,” and Brother Branham now is that one in the voice of Revelation, I do believe, “Come out of her my people,” and they are turned loose.

[25-3]  Now, God talking of restoring. Here in Joel he’s talking about… [I preached on this once before… I never went through it very thoroughly, and won’t have time to do it again.]

[25-4]  But [he said,] God is speaking here in Joel –God is speaking of His fruit Tree that He had planted.

So I’m going to stop right there, and we’ll start next Sunday.

And we’ll just make a little tiny, what you might call a little recap, go back, and then we’ll be able to carry on right here where he’s talking about now, and not necessarily leaving the authority, the question of authority, enforcement, but going on to restoration of what happened to the church, what it lost, and what it gets restored back to.

And, of course, we’ll find as always the major thing is, is the dominating Word, because that is what counts. So let’s be dismissed at this time.

Let’s just rise at this particular moment and ask the Lord to go with us.

Heavenly Father, we want You to go with us tonight, we’re asking, inviting You, Lord. Not commanding. We know, Father, You said You’d never leave us nor forsake us, but we’re cognizant of the fact that You promised.

And so we thank You for it, inviting You, Lord, to be with us and to go with us, to help us, to keep us, to bring us back again, Lord in greater faith, greater understanding, greater measure of the Word, Lord, piled Word upon Word, until, Father, our whole lives begin to glow and scintillate with the truth, and the truth begin to radiate in us and from us and through us.

And Lord God, we just absolutely then become one in the great way that You wanted us to become one. And we know that somebody, there’s going to be a Bride that will be exactly as You said, because that is what You said.

And Father, I know that many times we look at ourselves and consider ourselves too unworthy, and look at so many things, and then we disassociate our self from it, when this is the very thing the prophet’s trying to teach us tonight.

We must not disassociate our self from the promises of God, but identify knowing that You are above conditions and will bring even all the conditions under the Word to obey It.

So then, Lord, we are no longer then those that are tempest tossed and driven, but Lord, we are those of authority, manifesting the power of God because of You Yourself, Lord, doing it, we having faith in You. Help us, Lord, to form that perfect twosome tonight, as You want everyone of us to be one with the Spirit, with You.

So we pray that every individual here tonight, Lord, gets more and more in the Spirit of God, and more and more one, and we go down, Lord, this path of life, glorifying Your great and holy Name. Now thank You again for allowing us to come together; we appreciate it.

Thank You, Lord, for giving us the opportunity to go into the Word, a vindicated Word, and just begin to see that everything is of this hour, and this hour is Easter, is resurrection. O God, what a great thing it is to realize that each one of us here, some of us much younger than others, but some of us older, stand back and say, “Lord, what I missed, O God what I could have had.”

And that’s just what Adam did, and Lord God, we know there’s a purpose to it all, and one day the very things, Lord, that we missed are going come back in a purified form.

And even the things, Lord, are going to make us marvel because there’s things we didn’t even know we missed. And it’s going to be all flooded in upon us, a great and wonderful day, and above all to be around the throne, and just be one in a spirit Lord, just to be what You want us to be, because that’s the cry of our heart.

Lord, sharpen us, increase us tonight, in the Spirit of the life and the Word, O God, until we become like Brother Branham spoke of the bird that just simply obeyed the law within him and rose above it all. Help us tonight, Father. We know it can be done.

Someone’s going to do it, Lord. God, wake us up to that tonight. May this church be alive, Lord, and redolent with the sweet things of God, and no longer be remote from the things that are vital and tremendous Lord, but alive and alive unto God, and be dead unto sin and the things of the world.

We ask these mercies in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

‘Take the Name of Jesus with you.’

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