Satan’s Eden #16

Fellowship, Not Worship
#1990 /
Brother Lee Vayle

Shall we pray.

Gracious, Heavenly Father we welcome Your Presence Lord, we’re glad that we’re aware of It, as others are not, knowing that You are here for a very definite purpose, the purpose that will consummate all other purposes Lord.

As far as this earth is concerned in this particular hour and the age of humanity Lord, just waiting to be taken higher into the greater areas that You have reserved Lord, and yet they’re just as good as ours because we know what You’re doing.

Lord and we’re happy about that; we pray you’ll instruct us further in the service tonight. May your Word bring us life.

In Jesus’ Name, we pray, Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we’re on about number 16 of Satan’s Eden and on page 7 Brother Branham is explaining that antichrist as in Communism is not what we are to consider or to accept as being antichrist in reality, but it is a deception by Satan in the church and is laid out for us in Genesis, in the Garden of Eden, that is that discourse there between the beast and Satan.

And you’ll notice that on page 7, beginning at the top there, which we could read again, that Brother Branham takes us back to the time of Israel and he makes this statement concerning the antichrist spirit and how Satan is actually working through religion or the church.

Because remember, Israel was not only a nation; Israel was a church. It’s called the church in the wilderness and it’s also called ‘the ecclesia’, ‘the called out’ because they came out of Egypt. And so he said,

[30]  Look, when Jesus came, see, Satan was in that bunch of Jewish teachers, and rabbis and priests… telling the people to keep the law of Moses, when the very Word said that in that day the Son of man would be revealed…


Now he’s speaking, of course, of the Book of Isaiah where the prophecy came that Christ would come and open the prison doors and He would take out the prisoners that sit in darkness, and of course, this is the fulfilling, really, of Isaiah 53 based upon a vindicated ministry.

And this actually, then in Luke 4 was the days of the Son of man, and of course, the people were not against His miracles and against what He did by way of helping them in that particular regard but they were against His teaching.

Now if you’ll look at John 8 where this is, He has got into a verbal combat with the scribes and the Pharisees, the hierarchy of Israel which was the Sadducees, Pharisees, and Herodians which he called the ecumenical council of that hour and… he said,

John 8:37-38

(37) I know you are Abraham’s seed but you seek to kill me because my word has no place in you. [Now watch!]

(38) I speak that which I have seen with my Father, and you do that which you have seen with your father.


Now, the key there then is how they were actually treating the Word of God and denying the interpretation of the Scripture by way of manifestation.

As Brother Branham said, “He interprets His Word by bringing It to pass.” So we’re looking then… we’re looking at this particular thing that Brother Branham says here,

[30]  Look, when Jesus came, see, Satan was in that bunch of Jewish teachers, and rabbis and priests, [and remember at the end time, you have a bunch of teachers turned loose again to lead the people astray.]

Telling them to keep the law of Moses, when the… Word said that in that day the Son of man would be revealed, see, that He would reveal Himself. So they’re trying, [to maintain their old system and as long as they kept religious, the people religious, that’s really all what they wanted to do.]

So Satan as Brother Branham said in so many cases was trying to get the people to stay with the old message rather than take the freshly killed food or the Word that was for the hour.

Like he said, “When Moses came, he didn’t say, ‘Now let’s build a boat and we’ll just all ferry across the Red Sea’, and when Jesus came he didn’t try to take Moses’ way of bringing the people out, He brought them out through His death and His Resurrection.” That was in Exodus.


Now let’s keep reading then.

[30]  …just keep them religious… on the Law of Moses… see what he did? He was trying to tell them, “That that part of the Word is just exactly right, but this Man isn’t that Person.”

Now see how deceiving he is? That is that real day of deception.

Now you’ll notice he’s talking about the hour in which we live and going back to that hour wherein the Son of man was manifested, that Christ was fulfilling the exact Word of that hour.

And as I said, manifested or vindicated to be so and yet they said, “No, this is not the hour and this is not the person. It’s all very good but this isn’t it, so what you do you just take this is as a phenomenon.”

Now listen carefully. Brother Branham said, “The days of the Son of man would repeat according to Luke 17:30 and according to Matthew 4, when Christ would do in the form of the Holy Spirit back on earth here to the Gentiles which He’s obligated to do because the Scripture said so, do in the Spirit what He did back there in the flesh.”

And we see it perfectly in Matthew 12 wherein the Scripture distinctly said, that he shall not raise his voice, he shall not be contentious, and be loud or boisterous and yet Jesus was in the days of His flesh.

But in this hour coming unobtrusively and what the world looked at as merely a great healing revival; they never understood the Presence.


And you got the same thing in those people that say they believe this message, and I don’t want to keep harping on it but I’m going to keep telling you until you smarten up and understand that people who say they believe the Presence, don’t believe like this church.

Now I don’t know how you believe but they don’t believe like I believe because to them it’s simply a doctrine and they accuse us of majoring on a minor.

If that is a minor, I’d like to see them produce a major, those liars, and the truth isn’t in them.

Now you say, “Well, Brother Vayle, you’re fighting it.” You mind your business and I’ll mind mine.

I’ll know a fight, I’ll tell you one thing there’s nothing worth believing you can’t fight for. That’s why I take Jane Fonda out and send her off to Hanoi or someplace.

That’s exactly where the church is, like Jane Fonda. That’s right; a typical prostitute sold out to the devil and America gives her Emmy’s and Oscar’s.

Well, that’s America for you and they’re going to produce the antichrist who I really believe, America will produce the pope that’s the antichrist. I can’t prove it but according to chapter 13 it certainly does look like it because that’s America.


Now he said,

[30]  See how deceiving that was? He said.… that was the real day of deception. [Now he’s talking about the present.]

[31]  It has been, and now is, [See? He’s talking about the present.] Satan establishing his kingdom in the earth… he wants to establish his own kingdom. [Now watch!]

[32]  As a businessman, that is not a Christian, [In other words, he wants to become whole hog and he doesn’t care how he becomes whole hog. It doesn’t bother him at all. He is a businessman that isn’t a Christian or hasn’t any ethics like the devil.] he’ll work every scheme he can to make you see something the wrong way.

[invest your stock and something that’s wrong and everything else] If he has got a purpose and a personal gain in making you do that, [and remember, the souls in the church became merchandised in that… under the Third Seal] making you see it that way, he’ll show you everything he can, and keep you off from the truth of it, because he’s got a feeling only for himself.

[Now that’s what the Bible says at the end time, it’s going to repeat as it did in Romans. They’re going to hold the truth in unrighteousness. They’re going to make it an unrighteous thing. They’re going to make it a… like you’re a heretic because you dare to worship opposite.]

No matter how much this businessman… lies and cheats… whatever more, he’s got a personal gain. [He wants to get you where he can use you and satisfy himself, no matter what.]

[33]  …That is why Satan has done this. And he has worked through the ministry to do it, as God promised He would…


Now the Scripture tells us distinctly there will be prophets and people prophesy and their prophecies are correct, they’ll cast out devils like Judas, all of those things in the last days of the days of the Son of man, it will all be there just the same as it was with Judas and the other eleven and so on doing these things.

And in 2 Corinthians Paul warns us that these… if Satan is a minister of light then how much more will his own disciples be ministers of light.

And Peter warns us, and then Paul warns us in 2 Timothy right down the line you are told that absolutely the devil will do anything and everything in order to bring the people in and to hold them whichever way he can.

He’ll just tell them any kind of a lie; promise them anything, it doesn’t matter to him at all.

[33]  Now, he began by a religious deceit in Eden, and has continued ever since.


Now that’s a key right there that people don’t want to believe. They think the antichrist is out to annihilate. He is not out to annihilate; that is a lie.

Satan didn’t look at Jesus and say, “Now, look it, if you’re really the Son of Man, I’m going to get you, buddy, and when I’m through with You, You ain’t going to be nothing.

I’ll burn up your body and soul in hell. I’m going to take you right out.” He never said he was going to annihilate Him.

He said, “Listen, let’s get together and between the two of us we’ll bamboozle everybody. We’ll take over the earth. We’ll take over kingdoms. We’ll take over God.” Communism was out to annihilate.

So you see in the Garden, Satan was not out to annihilate. He was not out to destroy as people think he was out to destroy.

That’s the stupidest thing in all the world; is trying to destroy and stamp out something, eventually the people, their blood will cry out until somebody rises up.

Stupidest thing Israel ever did was to crucify Christ. You know, you don’t make things work that way. God will annihilate him eventually when He wants the whole thing taken out.

Leave it, but He said, “Leave the tares grow with the wheat.” And that’s the principle. If you annihilate, what are you going to rule over?


So you see here he’s saying now look, I want to take you over. That’s exactly what he wanted to do, to take over Adam and Eve; to take over the world.

He tried it with Christ, and the closest he’s going to get is when he comes into antichrist in a big religious deceit because the Bible categorically says, “It is a principle of cooperation, of fellowship and of worship.”

Now you can do what you want but that’s what the Bible said. And if you don’t believe that, why do you read your Bible?

You see, when I say things like that you understand I’m poking, taking a poke at fundamental concepts which are pure unadulterated hogwash.

They’re not even tricky lies, although people are tricked. They are stupid lies. But that’s the way the ball bounces, the cookie crumbles.

[33]  Now, he began by religious deceit in Eden, and has continued ever since.


He involved God. He involved the Word of God. He lied. He did an excellent job. He took them right over. Now if it worked then; it will work now because we’re a whole lot dumber and a whole lot needier than they were back there.

They had the world by the tail. We have defiled the earth until the earth has got us by the tail and the whole thing is a morass, like a great big seething boil. It’s like the Black Plague when the boil breaks and it’s on your fingers, you’ll die from it.

It’s a religious deceit and has continued ever since. If it worked then, do you think he’s going to change his tactics? He’s not stupid.

[34]  Not by setting up a bunch of communists. Communists have nothing to do with this. It is the church that… you have to watch… It’s not the… communists that would deceive the very Elected.

Now Brother Branham a little slip of the tongue here, the very Elected don’t get deceived. It’s… What comes on earth that all but the very Elected get deceived. It’s not the Communists.

It is the church that will deceive all but the very Elect… It isn’t communists; we know they deny God… they’re antichrist, sure they are, in principle, but they are not the antichrist.

[In other words, they’re not that kind of antichrist.] The antichrist is religious, very religious, and can quote… Scripture…


Now for the first time isn’t it strange but the socialistic communistic countries can now begin to qualify as antichrist because they’re swinging back to religion? Not before!

Before it was like the Christians and the Arabs and the Crusaders; one annihilate the other fellow, and there was religious war, but now you got where the Gorbachev said, “Well,” he said, “I was christened, my grandmother, my mother took me to church and christened me.”

Boy, that makes old Stalin roll over in his grave. Now I’m glad they think he’s rolling over.

Just rolling closer to the fire all the time because you know what can you say? He was raised up for that. I didn’t say he was. You say, “Yes, you are.”

Well, come on; are you deaf, dumb and blind? Who got raised up when those two hundred thousand horsemen got loosed at the River Euphrates? Who killed the people?

What spirit of hell took over Stalin? Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome. You don’t kid yourself when it’s just plain as the nose on your face and everybody’s got pretty good sized noses.

I mean I’m looking around a bit. Not judging because mine’s pretty good, too. All right.



[34]  …we know they deny God… they’re antichrist, sure… in principle, but they are not the antichrist. The antichrist is religious, very religious, and can quote the Scripture, and make It look so plain.

[35]  As Satan did back there in the beginning, he quoted everything right down, “God… said, what God said, ‘Thou shalt not eat of every tree of the garden’.”

[36]  She said, “Yes, we may eat of… the trees of the garden, but the… tree in the midst of the garden that God said we’re not to eat of it… not even touch it; because, the day we did, that’s the day we would die.”

So he entered into a religious discussion. Now, let’s understand something. In the day they ate, they died. They didn’t live to be a thousand years old.

Now in the day of the Lord they’re going to die again. But this time it is not simply a physical death though the physical death is there.

With this physical death comes a spiritual death and the White Throne merely opens the books and said this is why.

That’s all. Now that’s why the books are open today and telling us what’s going on here. Okay.

[37]  He said, “Oh, surely you’ll not die, but let me give you the reason why God said this…


Now he quoted… what he quoted was the truth, you see. He said, “It will open your eyes and will make you know good and evil.”

Brother Branham used the word ‘wrong’ there, which is true but it’s ‘good’ and ‘evil’ really according to Scripture which I just changed it on purpose so that you don’t, you know, get looking up the word ‘wrong’ when it says ‘evil’.

“You’ll be like… ” It is ‘wrong’. “You’ll be like God then if you can do it.”

Now watch! He’s enticing them. He is enticing them. Now remember, he enticed Jesus. “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.”

Temptation itself is not bad; it’s what you do with it. It’s what decision you’ll make. So he’s enticing them that they will get a reward.

Now what will the enticement be of the antichrist? Without a doubt solving the financial problems! Now you know as sure as you sit here, gold is stupid.

You could have a pile of gold, you could have a mountain of gold but if you don’t have food, you don’t have water, eat your gold.


Now I heard of a girl called Rapunzel who could take straw, wasn’t that right?, and weave it into gold? But I never heard of Rapunzel or her nephew or anybody weaving gold into bread. Kind of stupid, isn’t it?

Ridiculous, but people are sold on gold. They are sold on a medium of exchange, and the Catholics have the gold.

And if you don’t think they have the gold, visit their big Basilicas and you’ll find tons and tons and tons of gold.

Literally thousands of tons of gold and all they got to do is shoot the price up, two thousand, ten thousand, twenty thousand bucks an ounce.

Now America had it all at one time, right in New York in Fort Knox, and all she had to do before she lost her cool, became thoroughly stupid under people like Roosevelt, and Harry Hopkins and the Morgenthau’s and all the rest of them, she should have said, “We got the gold; it’s going to… we suddenly raised the prices to ten thousand bucks an ounce,” she could have run the whole world economy and not had one cent of debt.

You say, “That’s stupid.” Yes, it is stupid but it works. You know why?

Because people want it to work and God wants the people to want it to work, and he will make the system work for a little while because there’s nothing will touch your heart more than your own stomach.

There’s a saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” The way to anybody’s heart is through the stomach.


Now let me tell you something, not enough of you people tonight went through the Great Depression as heavy as I did.

Now some of you’re sitting here know something about it, and you saw at that time they had mountains of wheat and no money. That was the whole curse.

And Roosevelt said, “I’m going to do something about it.”

Money was tight; the food sat there, little kids starved, and food under their noses. But the day’s coming when you’re going to have to distribute food very carefully.

You’re going to have a system where you can’t buy and sell or do anything else because it’s very vital to the economy of the world.

And believe me, the people will not sit back, and the church will not sit back and allow a depression to come again where there’s food and everything else and people cannot get it; they will do it.

The Catholic priest and the Protestant preachers have been in the forefront to lead the people. Now come on, religion, religion, religion.

If you want to send a care parcel to India that would really benefit the people from this church and say we got lovely brethren over there, we’ll put three thousand dollars in care packages.

There’s no way you can get it to them. You got to go through the Catholic church. The Catholics are recognized as a real moral people. I don’t know that they’re any more moral than the Protestant.


A lady phoned me tonight and she said, “You Lee Vayle?”

I said, “Yes.”

Well, she told me where she’s from and I think she said Carolinas, and she said, “You’re a registered Democrat.”

I said, “I am not. I’m a Republican.” I lied to her really because I’m neither one, but I’m a Republican basically.

To be honest with you, you couldn’t sell me on the Democrats if you gave me a vote, say you be the next president. Say, forget it. wouldn’t want it anyway.

“Yeah, but you see,” she said, “well, now, I want to talk to you, a Republican.”

I’m not a Republican. I’m not government oriented. I don’t want a thing to do with all those things, whatsoever.


Now let’s never mind that, let’s get back here to what we’re looking at here. He said, he quoted what he… what Brother Branham said,

[37]  Now what he quoted was the Truth, you see… ”It will open your eyes… it will make you know good and evil. [See? The government’s into it today.

They’re going to take over, combined religion, combined government, they’re going to run the whole thing and there’s nothing you and I can do about it whether you’re Republican, Democrat or anything else.]

You’ll be like God then…” [And he was enticing them.]

[38]  This is… just what he wants to do, and this is just the same thing he is trying to do today.

So now what is… what is really the thing that happened in the Garden of Eden? He began to give reasons, Now watch!

He began to give reasons and speak for God all the while speaking against Him, politics, all the while against Him, speaking for Him!

I speak to you in the Name of the Lord. There it is on the wall. Nobody else, nobody else. Now then who would dare come other than that? Satan. Who would he use? The clergy. The church is organized.

As the true saint of God will say what God said, the make believer will say what God says through a source of interpretation other than God Himself who vindicates Himself.

Now let me tell you something, vindication when you’re starving is pretty good vindication. If you don’t think so, you stick around awhile. Now do you understand what I’m saying?

Remember, you can’t buy nor sell without listening to antichrist, and antichrist, the man of sin, not the son of perdition, we already had that spirit.

The man of sin is the antichrist himself, he becomes incarnated. You see, Satan was only the son of perdition.

He just went around there doing all the works that everybody else anointed by the same Spirit of Almighty God and then Satan came in him and betrayed Jesus Christ, but that was the end of it.

Now you got the man of sin taking over. He’s going to run the world. The Bible says so; you just can’t get away from it.

Now you know that the Soviets couldn’t do that, for they were dying for a lack of… How would they have done anything? They didn’t have any food or anything else.

They had to give up what they had. Gorbachev, it just happened was, as one fellow said and I believe it was true, “He wasn’t as smart as Khrushchev; he was a better politician,” a little better in a certain way.


Now he said here, “You’ll be like God,” enticing them. And this is… just what he wants to do, he wants to give reasons and speak for God, yet against God. He’s doing the same thing today.

[38]  It’s… been a religious deceit since the very beginning at Eden, and has been ever since.

Now that religious deceit is what Jesus said positively about trees, God’s tree cannot go off the Word. Satan’s tree cannot ever be in the Word but it will use the Word. You know why?

Because there’s nothing in this world that all of us, saint or sinner, doesn’t use: we’re all alike.

Wear the same clothes, use the same languages, eat the same food, walk the same roads, take advantage of the same types of scientific progress in the world.

There’s just one difference. It’s not even morals; it’s Word.

Now if you think it’s morals, you must condemn David because he’s a scuzzbum. If there ever was a skuzzy guy; it was David. Man after God’s own heart; are you going to call him skuzzy?

Man after God’s own heart; what are you going to do? You say, “Well, then God must condone sin?” God didn’t condone sin; look at what he paid for it. He paid a price.

But you cannot get away from the fact what I read in John here, he said, “I speak what I’ve got from my Father; and you speak and do what you got from your father.”

And that is the entire difference. Brother Branham brought it to us, right from the Garden, it remains the same.


Now remember, the quoting here we looked at on Sunday, it will make you to know good and evil. Now we looked at those words specifically. Evil, good. Okay.

First of all, ‘evil’, it’s bad, as evil, naturally, morally, means ‘adversity’, ‘affliction’, ‘calamity’, ‘displeasure’, ‘distress’, ‘evil favouredness in man or the thing’, ‘exceedingly’, ‘very great’, ‘grief’, ‘harm’, ‘heavy’, and ‘hurtful’, ‘ill-favored’, ‘mischief’, ‘mischievous’, ‘misery’, ‘naught’, n-a-u-g-h-t, or ‘naughty’, ‘noisome’, ‘not pleasant’, ‘sad’, ‘sore’, ‘sorrow’, ‘trouble’, ‘vex’, ‘worse’, ‘wretchedness’, or ‘worst of all’, see?, ’wrong’.

Well, I ask the question Sunday, how would Eve know anything about that? There was nothing there.

We read later on Brother Branham talking about those great big old beautiful monsters under God’s control, just like a bunch of little kittens playing around in the great parklands of God.

So, this word wasn’t even in her vocabulary. She must have been sold a bill of goods. If she knew anything about this, do you think she would have taken it? No, I don’t… I can’t quite see this.


What does the word ‘good’ mean? Well, the ‘good’… the word here is ‘to tend a flock like a pasture’, intransit, verb is ‘to graze’, lit. fig. means ‘to rule by ext. associate as a friend’, ‘companion’, ‘keep company with’, and also, the word ‘devour’, ‘eat up’, ‘evil entreat’, ‘feed’, ‘use as a friend’, ‘make friendship with a herdman’, ‘keep sheep’, ‘shearing house’, ‘shepherd’, ‘wander’, ‘waste’.

Now you can see within here, this word ‘good’ actually had something that isn’t so good.

Now she’d know something about this word ‘good’ but she wouldn’t know one thing about the negative side of ‘good’ where you could take good and use it bad. See, she didn’t know about that.


Now, let’s look a little further here. We saw evil. And here’s a word that ‘good’ came from, hey, maybe something like that.

Now the word can be, let me see, here’s one here, but the thought is a deception here, about Cain, and what… rather, not Cain but what the devil perpetrated.

This word now that ‘evil’ came from is the root word of it, ‘evil’ is 7451 according to Strong’s Concordance where he’s got them numbered and this root word that evil comes from now is, it says, ‘to spoil, break in pieces, to make good for nothing.’ To make good for nothing?

That means it was good in the first place. ‘Bad’, ‘physically’, ‘socially’, ‘morally’, ‘afflict or associate ourselves’, Now watch!, by mistake for 7462 which is ‘good’.

Now watch! ‘Make a mistake’. So what Satan did here was to turn her right around to cause her to make a mistake in the very words that God gave so everything that was working for her would now work against her.

The earth which worked for you will work against you. What you took as pleasure in sex will work against you.

He took every Word of God and perverted It, so that she ended up after listening to him, not knowing the truth. And you know something? She became his convert.


Now you apply that to what’s going on in the church today and you can see we’re in a pretty rough spot.

The devil in the church system will deliberately turn the Word of God so that in the minds of the people it means something exactly opposite to what it really is which is death instead of life, sickness instead of health, lake of fire instead of the Resurrection, going to death and burning instead of being raptured.

Now if you don’t believe that what are you going to do about 1 Thessalonians 4:16 which is not the Rapture? It’s the conditions leading to the Rapture. And you know what?

That’s the Appearing, the actual real Appearing, but everybody says in the world today, outside of those that don’t believe, they’re fundamentalists, there’s millions of them.

“Why,” they say, “that’s the Appearing. The Rapture is the Appearing.” It isn’t at all. The Rapture is the days of the Son of man. The Appearing, I mean, the Appearing is the days of the Son of man.

There’s your Appearing right there. The Rapture will follow it.


So, it’s a religious deceit that began in Eden where Satan got between her and God and affected her hearing.

That’s why I said be careful how you hear, not what you hear. She heard right; it’s how she heard. And Satan made the thing look very good and very right. He enticed her.

How many people have fallen for missionary societies, churches, organizations? Millions; Satan makes everything look very, very good, and it’s very, very bad.

[38]  Now, in Adam’s time, it was… deceit. In Noah’s time, it was… deceit.

Well, if it wasn’t deceit in Noah’s times, I’d like to ask the question: how come everybody is fooled but eight people? And they weren’t too smart outside of Noah.

His son Ham committed the first homosexual act with his own dad when the old boy was out deader than drunk, out like a light, stone cold. From that time on the earth was really cursed. That’s why Sodom and Gomorrah was cursed.

Why do you think this age is like Sodom and Gomorrah? Homosexuality and they’re running things. You know something?

Let’s be honest; we should all quit going to restaurants. The homosexuals are known to be in the food catering industry.

And I’m ready to bet a dollar right now, Joe, that the guy that waited on you and me in ‘King Cole’, he’s queer.

I really believe it; absolutely gay. They’re trying to make us happy with their gaiety. I don’t buy it. Deceit, deceit.

The government’s fooled. I’m tickled pink. They’re so blind and so rotten, that not one of them won’t know one thing until the flood come and take them away but this time it is going to be fire.

It wasn’t bad enough we had a president in Kennedy who was a whoremonger, we got a whore-mongering drunken brother of his that’s running everything in the Senate, everybody looks up to him, he can commit murder which no doubt it was murder, either directly or indirectly, get away with it because he’s a Kennedy. Irish Catholic.

Do you think we might have an Irish Catholic yet that’s going to be the pope? What’s a Conner? Who knows?

I’m just guessing, just wondering. Nothing against the Irish; they got some good northerners. Every place is the same. All right.


He said here,

[38]  In Noah’s time, it was… deceit. In Jesus’ time, was the same… now is the same, the same way, a religious deception.

It’s exactly what the Bible says. The Bible distinctly says, “The god of this world has blinded their eyes,” that’s exactly why they can’t see this. Immortality depends on a ministry.

You know why? Because if they lost immortality by the enemy’s persuasion which was a religious deceit which was a perversion of Word by twisting meanings, then how do you get immortal today?

Except by getting off the hook and right back to what’s real. So this answers the question.

[39]  Now, we will notice the earth, first God made it under control… His control. Then… Satan took over, by the rejection of the Word of God. [That’s true.]

God one time had the earth under His control. He set it in its orbit. He… make it to work. He did everything, had… His control. Now we’ll compare that… after Satan took… his control.

[40]  Now, it took God six thousand years. It didn’t take Him that long… He took that long. Six thousand years, because we’re taught that “one day in Heaven is a thousand years on earth,” and it was six thousand years, or six days that God built the earth.

Now that is the Genesis account, you know, but that’s the Genesis account after millions of years went by, you know, because Brother Branham tells how that that was done.

Now, it took God six thousand years to establish it, [that’s what he’s talking about,] plant it with good seeds and… bring forth everything after its kind. Everything must come forth of its kind.

All of His seed were good… so it must bring forth after its kind. God took six thousand years.


So Brother Branham said, “Every seed that you plant, how many stages it goes through, it doesn’t matter, in the harvest time it comes back original seed.” Will Adam come back original seed?

Now if you think he won’t there’s something wrong with your thinking. I don’t care what the seed goes through. You and I have no business worrying about that.

Our worry is to learn to appreciate the Word of God and respect It enough to listen and live by It, but first you must believe It.

Attempting to live by It without believing a true revelation will put you in debt because you’re under the law.

See, all law, not Moses’ law, all law is done away in Christ except the life itself and if life chooses to manifest then you watch what manifests. Do you follow what I’m saying?

And if you’re following that life what manifested it shows who your shepherd is.

See, this back in Eden they had their shepherd and their sheep pen and Satan came in like a wolf and turned her head around, so that she put a meaning on words through him which wasn’t there and she got completely deceived thinking that her enemy was her friend and he made even God look like a enemy, say, “Why He’s holding something back on you?”

All right, now.

[41]  Finally… got it all made, that’s the earth, and finally we… arrived with His headquarters, of the earth, in a beautiful spot laying east of Eden, called the garden of Eden.

God made the world’s headquarters in the garden of Eden, in Egypt, right at the east end of the garden was the headquarters. [That’s perfectly right.]

[42]  And over the whole situation, He put His son and His son’s wife, over… it all. That’s right. That is what God did.


Now you find that in the Book of Genesis, how God had the Garden of Eden, everything set up for Adam and Eve and also, the Bible tells us very, very bluntly in Isaiah 37:16 that even though this whole thing is run by Satan right now, it’s God’s. The nations are all His.

Nebuchadnezzar said, “He rules in the heavens, the armies of the heaven and earth, He puts up who He will, He takes down who He will, and nobody can stop Him and say, ‘Why are you doing it?’” Nebuchadnezzar understood that, he finally got converted.

In the Millennium, He’s going to take… before the Millennium, in the Millennium He’s going to take it all back and rebuild it, showing that the Millennium is a further hour of sanctification.

We get more conditioned for New Jerusalem and the earth gets ready for it. You can’t change God’s Word because listen, fire is sanctifying power. Okay…

[42]  He put them in full control. They could speak to the winds, and they would cease to blow. They would speak to the tree… it would move… here from there.

[43]  And the lion and the wolf fed together, and the lamb laid down with them. There was no evil. [And what was evil? Well, we read what evil was. See?]

It was perfect peace, perfect harmony, everything in perfection… when God had it under His control… He had His world, He had all in operation.

He had everything coming. Everything eating vegetation; nothing to die, nothing to be ruined, nothing to be spoiled.


Well that meant everything they ate was completely absorbed by their body and energy. Didn’t have to worry about sanitary laws; when we get our glorified body; it’s the same thing. We’re not going to go around covering up defecation. And nothing died. They just chomped on it and another thing came up.

Remember, years ago we used to say, “I’d wish a baloney would grow on your nose;” it got to the place during the Depression I’d wish a baloney would grow on your nose. Just bite it off and another baloney take its place. Pretty tough living some of them, we always had enough to eat.

So the plants didn’t die; they were just pruned and the fruit eaten and everything was a wonderful product, and there was no force there that was wrong; it was all good. And we find that evil is simply, you know, taking something good and using it wrong.

[45]  Now God was so satisfied! “…He rested from all His works, on the seventh day,” and He hallowed this seventh-day sabbath for Himself.

[46]  Because, God looked it all over, and after He had been six thousand years in molding it and fixing it out, making it come into existence; [that was in the divine order, of course,] and put up the mountains up, and make the volcanoes push the mountains up, and the new things that took place in the eruptions; dried it off, and fixed it the way He had it… it was… beautiful…

[47]  There was nothing like it, the great paradises of God!


Now paradises are parks. So Brother Branham is talking about these great paradises, not just Eden now, the whole earth was simply made into parks, beautiful park system.

You like… something like the earth is today, maybe go out here and see a beautiful mountain ranges, maybe over here rocks, and some desert… that’s not bad, that’s good.

You know, God wants whatever He wants. Over here you see something else, over here, all like parks, but the prettiest park of all and the best was Eden. And God was able then to put His two beloved children in that. All right.

[46]  …beautiful place.

[47]  …nothing like it, the great paradises of God!… great dinosaurs… whatever more, crawling through it, [through those paradises, those parks,].

Great animals; no harm in them.… just… gentle as… little kittens. They had nothing harmful in them at all;… there was no sickness, no sorrow; not one disease germ on… earth. [What do you think of that? Not one. They all got to go. See, they hybridized somewhere.]… what a place!

[48]  …great birds flying from tree to tree… Adam could call them by name, and they would fly up on his shoulder and… coo to him. And, oh, what a wonderful place God had!

[49]  …then God made one of His attributes from His Own Body. [Now we’re getting back to Melchisedec. See? God made one of His attributes from His Own Body.] God had attributes in His Body. [Genes, see, genes.]

[50]  Like, you are an attribute of your father. See? And, you notice, you were in your grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather.

You’re more than that; you’re way, way, way back, because where did the great-great-grandfather come from? From under a gooseberry bush? Don’t be ridiculous.

Came from two forms of life; Eve was the mother of all but Adam wasn’t the father of all. All right, notice.

[50]  …you were in your grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather. But, in that, say, we’ll take it down to like you and your father.

Now, you did not know anything when you were in your father. The germ of life comes from the male. The male has the blood cell; [he’ll tell you more about it,] the woman has the… egg; now, therefore, the blood cell has the life in it.


Now then, if the life is in the blood, then Brother Branham is biologically correct; there must have been a blood cell. Now the scientists will argue and the doctor.

I will meet them with Brother Branham at the White Throne because by your words you’re justified and by your words you’re condemned.

Now therefore, the blood cell has the life in it, so the male would have to carry the hemoglobin, regardless of what anybody says.

Now I know that right away people get the idea, well, the woman supplies a certain amount. Yes, she certainly does but her eggs are completely dead without the male.

So you’ve got to put life where it belongs, and remember, the female was in the male. That’s why the man and woman is decidedly one and in childbearing it becomes even more one.

In marriage, in sexual union becomes even more one, and in childbearing it becomes even more one because then you’re now producing the one flesh.

And you see, she was given to him to reproduce himself. So you got to understand exactly what it’s all about.

[50]  Now, then, when you were in your father, you actually knew nothing about it. But, yet, science and God’s Word proves… you were in your father, but you knew nothing about it. [Where else would you be from?]

[51]  But then the father longed to know you. And with the union of connection with mother, then you were made known to father.

Now, you are your father’s attribute. [It’s not that you weren’t; it’s now that you have a personality and are a person, and you got to recognize your source.] You look like him,


Now not necessarily your face and your color, but you’re human being. Eve looked like her husband too, except on the grounds that she had… there were pertinences which were sexual pertinences for her femininity but everything else is the same.

Take out the liver and the kidneys, look at them. Never mind… the other… the organs of reproduction because that’s where the difference is, and of course, that’s where the hormones are, that’s where the male is stronger than women, normally.

Did you ever pick up these pictures now and then and see these women that lift weights? They are the ugliest things under heaven.

You know what they look like to me? Like a very muscular turkey or chicken with the skin all pulled off. You see?

I feel sorry for women; they are so crazy. You women ought to thank God; God’s done something for you, if you ever thank God. I’m not saying men shouldn’t, but you talk about a mess.

[52]  Now, [see, now he said here,] Every son of God and every daughter of God was in God at the beginning. You don’t remember it now, but you were there. He knew it. And He wanted you to become…


Now notice that? Brother Branham invariably used Scriptural words. He… I… look it, don’t tell me that William Branham calculatedly knew this word here.

Now he could on the grounds that he was word perfect in recall but knowing William Branham I think he heard himself say this.

And remember, the becoming God is theologically correct. Poor Protestant dopes don’t know it but the Jews do. You know why? Because pretty soon the kingdom is going to go back to them; we’re going to be washed out.

Messiah will appear in a symbol bringing the 144,000 through Elijah and Moses, then Christ Himself will appear in a human form, see His hands, Israel. See? All right.

[52]  …He wanted… now here. You don’t remember it now, but you were there. He knew it.

And He wanted you to become so He could contact you, [He wanted you to become what was necessary to make the contact,] speak with you and love you, and shake your hand. [Now he’s talking about God but he’s talking about your own father. See?]

[53]  …Isn’t it a great day when your boy can come home and sit down at the table?

When he comes back from the battlefield, or something another, scarred up; how you’ll fix the dinner; you’ll kill the fatted calf… whatever more, and prepare for him! It is your own flesh and blood, and he was in you. [Oh, what about God? The attributes made flesh.] You didn’t know him then, but you knew he was there.


Now he’s talking about the father, the father didn’t know the son in this particular manner, but knew that he was there.

Now what you’re looking at here is the becoming God and the becoming children and you’re looking at Zoe. See?

You are looking definitely at the thought of Zoe which means God had within Him, not only the desire, but being Who and What He was, definitely He would begin to associate Himself in creation and with His own creation and bringing forth His children in that creation.

Now the children are not created; they’re in Him. See? The life force is God and they’re in there as individuals, but what He created out here then He… that is the substance.

That’s why the blood fell on the earth and why we’re coming back. How do you redeem an actual son of God? The only way he could go astray is in flesh. That’s why the blood dropped upon the earth.

That’s why the earth is so important. That’s why Resurrection is so important. That’s why it stuns my mind to know these things and not really know them.


When Brother Branham went across the Curtain of Time, they were just chomping at the bit and frothing at the mouth, spiritually speaking, to get back here. Then he said, “I’ve preached what Paul preached.”

“We’re resting on that.”

You know what? I feel so happy to get over there, and you’re just as stupid, just as stupid. You think when you get there, that’s it. I

’ve got news for you; you’re going to want to come back. So don’t bother going in the first place. Just get ready for the Rapture, changed on earth here. I’m not lying to you.

Paul said, “If in this life only,” and he knew there was a spirit body to go to, “we have hope in Christ, if this is it,” he said, “forget it… We are of all men most miserable.”

I know people want to carry that to the place where they say, “Well, Paul is just saying, ‘hey look, if the whole thing got washed out…”

Do you think that fellow would have thought that way, this whole thing get washed out?

You and I can. Do you think that man would think that would get washed out? Oh, merciful God, have pity on such asininity, and unbelief.

I can feel myself wanting to vomit before God I speak the truth, I could vomit right now.

And what must God feel like if a stupid jackass up here could feel like vomiting? What about God? That’s why He spews this godless people out of His mouth.

That’s right. I’m not lying to you; I’m telling you the truth and you know it. Why would I lie to you?


Now listen! Your own flesh and blood he said.

[54]  Now so God knew that we would be here… and He put us in flesh so that we could be contacted.

“Well,” you say, “now, the thing is this, I just don’t understand why God had to do that. Why didn’t He do something else?” Why don’t you shut-up, big mouth?

You ain’t going to make it. You got better plans than God, just like the devil. You know something? Why is it that as sons of God we talk more like the devil than God?

It’s time we got changed around and begin knocking this manure out of our heads.

Let me tell you something, brother/sister, a beautiful juicy sweet apple, and a lovely watermelon, and peaches, even with cream, and strawberries turn into manure.

If you didn’t get the point, you can leave now and come back Sunday. I won’t be here though. I’m going to go away for a few days. See what I mean?

Don’t ever think a nice thought, is it got to be of God, because it’s a nice thought for something you and I think? There’s something wrong. We’re still manure heads, even if it is peaches and cream and raspberries.

Oh, I love raspberries. Greg knows; he brought me some, a couple times. Kind of let down there, son, haven’t you? Oh, he’s done real fine; really nice kid.


Listen, this is the truth. God wanted us in flesh. And there wasn’t any way that He could maintain His Godness, now watch now, there was no way He could maintain His Godness but turn into a Satan if He changed His Word.

Then how close are son of morning and the day star and the day dawn at the end time? Razor blade. Without that where would you be? Anointed ones at the end time. Contact us in flesh.

Take this back to Adam; God did that, therefore, it is still the plan, but the abundance and fruitfulness of fellowship was almost completely set at naught and instead, worship succeeded it. “Oh, hallelujah, I worship God. Oh, bless to God.”

You’re a million miles short. Fellowship, sonship was what God wanted. Worship never came till after the fall. It was fellowship. Now come on, prove me wrong. Makes you think, doesn’t it? What does the future hold?

[54]  In order He could contact, He became one of us when He became Jesus Christ, the Son of God Himself, the fullness of the manifestation of God. All right.


Paul in his tremendous epistle to the Ephesians talks about the family of God. If I know anything about a family I know that a family does not worship the father.

They respect the father, and they love the father, and you cannot love without respect.

Therefore, children are not taught respect but they’re taught love; you are cutting your children’s throats and cutting your throat because that’s what the world has done. There must be a respect for order.

Now, a father then signifies an order. Not a worship, but a true fellowship because the father puts the family in their proper perspective and the perspective he gives the family comes back to him.

I want to ask you, Who came down and set the church in order? We’ve preached on it. Then where should the people be in this Message? Not in worship!

Now listen, I’m not taking away worship. No sir, I’m not taking it away. I understand that.


But what boggles my mind is this, where is that fellowship? John spoke of it. Let’s go on back here.

Now remember, “He’s the same yesterday, and today and forever,” this One that came down here in a Pillar of Fire to reveal the Word is the same One that came to Paul in order to give the Word.

Now listen! Here’s what it says,

1 John 1:1-3

(01) That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which… our hands have handled, of the Word of life,

(02) [For the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;] [That’s the same thing that Paul said in Hebrews 1.]

(03) That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: [fellowship with us:] and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ.

It does not say ‘a worship’; it says ‘a fellowship’. And I believe in worship. Who gets worship at the end time? The beast, but not fellowship: he runs everything with the rod of iron.

1 John 1:4-7

(04) And these things write [I] unto you, that your joy may be full.

(05) This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.

(06) If we say we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth:

(07) But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ [God’s] Son cleanseth us from all sin.


Now listen! In here there is no room for error because there isn’t any. It’s in worship the error comes in.

And that’s why Satan can come right in and take the world right over. We have a fellowship rich and sweet, people sing, but I wonder.

Now listen! Paul spoke of that family. William Branham just before he died spoke on Communion and he said, “Communion was communication; it was fellowship.”

And he spoke on the fellowship in Christ. Remember, it was his last sermon, read it. You’ll find it there. Now, we are looking at here then this beautiful understanding which I’ve just read to you.

Now let’s read the next paragraph.

[54]  Therefore that was God’s purpose, to display His attributes in fellowship.

Therefore that was God’s purpose, to display His attributes in fellowship. It was not worship.

Worship signifies to me in a great way the mystical which is a puzzle which you may be attempting to propitiate because you don’t have a fellowship and communion of the Word speaking to your heart and speaking back and forth to the Father.

I used you but I’m including myself. Therefore that was God’s purpose, to display His attributes in fellowship in a big family.

[55]  When I was in my father, I knew nothing about him. But when I became his son and was born of him, I was an attribute, [it was before, but he’s talking about manifested attributes now] a part of my father. And you are a part of your father.

[56]  And as children of God, we are a part of God’s attributes that were in Him, made flesh like He was made flesh, so that we can have fellowship one with the other, as a family of God upon… earth.

We’re going to get it. You know what Brother Branham told us about the Lamb on the throne and the Pillar of Fire above the throne but they’re one and before they call He answers; fellowship. Takes all the scare out of you, doesn’t it? All the fear, if you just let it go. You get all the fear gone.

And that is God’s purpose at the beginning. Yes, sir. That is what God wanted at the beginning.

[57]  He had everything under control. And He turned man over into the garden of Eden, on free moral agency; and said, “Son, it is yours.”

[58]  What a beautiful place! [Fellowship!]


Satan destroyed the fellowship. Now let me quote, poorly but truly because my memory’s very poor. Brother Branham said, “You are one big happy family now.”

Didn’t he? But he said, “The day will come when Satan will come amongst you,” and he warned how Satan comes. He sends somebody in and he plays on the strings of the hearts of the people who will listen, to turn people against each other.

Now listen to me! Because I’m telling you the truth and he said, “When that comes, you just don’t clique and clan, and take sides; you just pull closer together.”

You haven’t done it all the time Grace Gospel Church. I never knew till I sat there tonight, waiting for my anointing from you because you bring it whether you know it or not.

I knew why I preached family all these years. Are you hearing me? I’m seventy-five, seventy-five. Five years overdue.

Listen to me. Family, fellowship. Some of you complained; you never caught on. Be silent before God, I’m not lying to you. Are you catching on tonight?

You could lift your hands in worship, you might even scream; that’s fine. Where’s your fellowship? I’ve waited for some of you to phone; you wouldn’t phone.

I don’t wait any more; don’t bother. You say, “Now you’re not being nice.” Oh, no, no, no. I might not be here for the phone to ring.


Fellowship, family. Brother Branham said, “We may fight in the backyard; we don’t fight in the front yard.” Fellowship.

Not the idea of worship; worship is not worth a plug nickel. It infers a fear that I must placate. Somebody said, “Love is never having to say you’re sorry.”

That means you didn’t do anything to make anybody sorry. “If we walk in the light as He is in the light we have fellowship.”

How many years have I taught you that our fellowship is the Word and no other fellowship? It overrides everything.

Years back when you didn’t know what I was saying, some of you thought I did… you did but you didn’t. You’re learning now slowly. Will it be ten more years?

I don’t know. I’m not blaming you because I look at myself, too. Eight years ago I had hardly a gray hair and some of you folk in the same boat; your hair is getting pretty gray, in fact getting grayer than mine.

And I have twenty years on you, even got less hair than I got. Ravages of time are wearing on you worse than me, yet I feel bad enough. How many years have we got to be family?

To let the bars down. You know, amongst you, one or two, maybe how many I don’t know but you know it’s a little bit like Capps, Li’l Abner, “What’s good for General Bullmoose was good for America.”


You hear what I’m saying? You’re too much for yourselves, some of you.

I don’t mean to hurt anybody but I will preach what comes out from the Word of God when I sit here or I sit elsewhere. Fellowship, brother/sister, fellowship as Brother Branham said, “That means two fellows in a ship.”

You haven’t got much room in a little boat. But this is what we’re looking at. This is what God wanted.

He didn’t say, “Adam and Eve come worship Me.” He came down in the cool of the evening, a nice relaxed time before the sun went down.

And if there’s such a thing as knowing fear because it would be dark, He would come down at that time to make sure they weren’t afraid.

They couldn’t be anyway, because God never gave them a spirit of fear but of love and courage and a sound mind. Even a sound mind could be… But He came down for fellowship. And the fellowship is around this Word.

Now you understand why I’ve been kind of rough on you on a Wednesday and on some Sundays? Now I can’t spell it out anymore than I’ve spelled it out.

You see what I mean? I hope you do. If you’re still ignorant go on home and pray about it. Please, go home and pray and seek God and understand what I am saying.

This church is a family. And let me say this before it’s over, if there’s a part that isn’t family, don’t worry about it, God will take care of it because the tares get bundled, and the wheat gets garnered and the chaff is burned with fire.

Why? Because it didn’t have the genes; it became what it came from its source to become.


Now we have too long disregarded Brother Branham. You say, “What am I going to do Brother Vayle?” You’re going to do what I do; pray to God to take everything out of your heart that doesn’t belong there.

Now it’s not going to make you fool. You come, you say, “Brother Vayle, I know what I did was of God when the Bible says opposite.”

You’re just an unrepentant bit of a sinner tonight; you better get… get your life cleaned up. God never told you to lie, steal or cheat. And I’m not saying you’re doing it. I’m just saying those are the things. Right?

These little moral things, they’ll go when you walk in the light, and have fellowship one with another and the blood of Christ will be continuing cleansing.

I cannot preach to this church to say, “Listen, I want you to confess your sins.” You start doing it and I’ll close the doors and now you go home and I’ll go home and I’ll never come back again. I’m not interested.

I’ve seen what it does. It works folly in Israel. It’s getting to this Word because it’s the cleansing life giving Word and there’s a fellowship with the Father, and if you come into It, these other things will go.

And this is my message what I’ve been preaching eight solid years since we became Grace Gospel Church, right about this time, eight years whatever.

Not giving up on the one thing, the life is in this message and nothing but this message will come to life. And that means now.

That means now in this flesh. Brother Branham explained it. I’m not Brother Branham. I’m not faithful to the Word as he was. I didn’t get the Word.

And I’m not faithful to a life the way he is, but you’re stuck with the best you can get because I’m ordained to it. It’s that simple.

But there is a fellowship and a family. Say, “Brother Vayle, I don’t have a thing. Will you share with me?” How hard are you working? Oh yeah, let’s rise.

Heavenly Father, we know that there is a family of God and as the prophet said, “That every church could have every gift in it,” and that’s a mighty big order.

And yet that order is not as big as the order we’re looking at tonight, brought by the prophet who said to stick together, grow together, grow up together, be a family, don’t let anything come in and separate you, but all the more pull together.

And we haven’t seen that here. I don’t know if we ever will but I’m going to preach it because God, you know, I’ve got to preach it. And I know if the whole church doesn’t do it there’s going to be those who do.

And if there’s only one of us, then I might not be that one. That one will pull himself together and stand right there and fellowship with You.

So Father, we want Your life, Your Word and the life of Your Word to be in our hearts, minds and lives and be so disassociated from the enemy even as Brother Branham took us back to the beginning and showed us who we are, where we are from, the sojourn in Adam in the Garden coming on down, looking forward to the great day Lord.

When all is in complete reconciliation, the flesh is completely reconciled because it’s changed, there’ll no longer be the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and if it was there it wouldn’t do any good for Satan because we wouldn’t respond anyway.

But Lord, there’ll be just this paradise of God, as Brother Branham told us about, Your Word told him and the Holy Spirit confirmed it by revelation, vindicated revelation.

Here we are then tonight Lord, knowing that these things are ours for one great big beautiful family. Now Lord, I pray that You’ll take away anything out of our hearts, minds and lives as we’re walking in the light.

And I believe we are Lord, as far as this Word is concerned; I believe that we have full access to the Blood of Jesus Christ completely cleansing us, even as it was doing the prophet as You showed him by vision that time in Toledo, many years ago, because he was in the light, the Blood was cleansing.

But Lord, you showed him one thing he wasn’t aware of, and that was that that woman that he looked at with such scorn was a part of the family of God, as a diamond in the rough waiting to be brought to the Master and carefully diagnosed as a gemologist would look at the stone and then cut it to become a thing of beauty, and he had to learn that Lord, and he passed His learning on to us, right publicly, put it all over the world as a man of God would, never hid anything.

Lord, I believe that man had fellowship, I know he did. And I know he worshipped You, but I know it was Abel that had fellowship in his worship and Cain didn’t because he stood right there and argued and defied You.

And You said at the end time, there’d be people who would do the same thing, and Father, we don’t want that done. I don’t want it done.

It bothers me a great deal. And these people here I know don’t want that, but they want Lord, to have fellowship, one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son cleansing.

Now Father, I don’t know what it’s going to take. If it’s taking me all these years to find this and be anointed to it from this message, and we know there’s wonderful grace and truth Lord, amongst us and I believe in us and we do have so much and yet Lord, we want the rest of it.

How You will do it, we don’t know except we believe You’ll do it through the same Word Lord.

And what processes, whereby in this life we are more becoming into this beautiful sonship and fellowship that John spoke of, and he must have had a wonderful time, men like Polycarp around him, those disciples, must have been marvelous.

Lord, I know that You’re not holding anything from us in this church or the people who are like-minded as we are Lord, to bless all the assemblies, that Father really do believe in the only way they know how to believe, O God.

We don’t know how to believe anymore Lord, we don’t know how we could build up more than what we’re building… we’re by faith Lord, in Your grace tonight.

We’re looking forward to this, the dynamism of the Word bringing a family relationship, God. If others don’t want it Lord, I believe the people here want it.

So we’re asking You tonight Father, to help us, to help us realize that Brother Branham said, “Abraham was a silver dollar and Lot was maybe just an old penny here in the sand but he was part of the Kingdom, foolish virgin, part of It.”

So Lord, may we walk in the grace and the patience of faith, the faith of Jesus Christ tonight, and Lord, we know that as Paul did at the end of the trail, even at the beginning of the trail, he had something Father.

That we’re just looking at and know that’s there, we’ve never really latched on to it, that is he said, “I live by the faith of the Son of God,” not in the Son of God, but he lived according to the faith of Jesus.

That Son who came down, and took on flesh and went through Calvary, came back and shed His life upon a people, knowing He would one day stand in a complete Bride and sing praises with us unto God and say, “These are my brethren.”

A family worshipping and praising God, fellowship divine in Christ, who came by being a part of the Word and in the framework of the Word. We believe that tonight. Heal the sick amongst us.

Help all Your people Lord, to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, with the love of God shed abroad in our heart by the Holy Ghost, and we Lord, all one in this great symphony conducted by the Holy Ghost.

Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God be all power, and honor and glory through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

‘Take the Name of Jesus with you.’

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