Seed Of Discrepancy #23

God Of This World - Money
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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, we recognize the truth that Brother Branham brought us that when Paul met You on the Road to Damascus, it was not Jesus who walked the earth, the Son of God, but it was that One Jehovah Savior Himself, the great Messiah, Almighty God, heavenly Father of the Lord Jesus Christ and of Paul also.

By natural generation from Adam on down and all the elect, and we have the same privilege today, knowing that the same Pillar of Fire that brought the Word to Paul is here revealing it, and we pray that as we sang this morning that with You, You are mighty and nothing can stand before You.

We know that is the way it is today, that You are here so nothing will stand before You, and we are behind You and Your Word Lord, You are in the front. And we appreciate that, that You are leading us, the Holy Spirit is our Joshua.

So we take refuge this morning in Your Word, and behind Him Who is the Word, and may we have comfort in the Word as we study this morning, and may it be great illumination, may it thrill our souls and set us on fire and give us that impetus in our lives Lord, which will come naturally from this passive faith.

This great revelation and all things coming out of it then, we built upon a proper foundation, which we exceed to and we believe is amongst us today. So we commend ourselves unto You in Jesus’ Name, the great High Priest, Jesus Christ the righteous, the Son of the living God, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now before we get into the number 23 of The Seed of Discrepancy, I want to put on tape my thanks for the people here locally for sending cards and gifts to me and my wife at Christmas, and also my wife’s birthday on the 31st of December.

And the same thanks goes over to the Canadians, and the people here in America outside of our local assembly that are part of us, by reason of the Word, in tapes, and so on, and also Europe, and England, and Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

We have had cards and gifts from all of those places, and we are very fortunate, and we are very thankful. And we know their prayers also have been on our behalf, and we’re very grateful for that.


Now I also want to make some corrections here, because corrections are needed. In the 15th chapter of the Book of Acts, you’ll notice in there the Judaizers came and they demanded the circumcision of Timothy, and they wanted to institute that there.

Now I got a crossover in that chapter, I guess my mind went bluey on me, and at my age anything can happen. You’ll notice before I turned eighty and eighty-one, I had a much more accurate zeroing in on the Scripture, although I still have a certain amount of facility in that particular regard.

But the fact of the matter is that it wasn’t Barnabas who turned on the Word of God, it was the other people did, but the lesson is still there, there are people who go along, and they’ll be with you, and they’ll seem to be one hundred percent, and they are the make-believers, and when the time comes they’ll do everything they can to destroy you and the Word of Almighty God.

But it wasn’t Barnabas. In his case when the Bible said, “Full of the Holy Ghost,” it was a definite baptism with the Holy Ghost, but you will find that Barnabas was never heard of again.

Now I brought this out on another tape, but you know you get mixed up at times and I did, the fact is the students tell us, Mark, John-Mark was a mama’s boy, and so he left Paul.

Now you can understand that Paul, the character that he was, he never gave second chances. Although he did way down the road, he said, “Bring John Mark unto me, for he is profitable in the gospel.”

And they did not separate over doctrine, they separated over personality conflicts. And that’s something we can take and view, but I wouldn’t push it.


Now number two, there is another correction, and that is Brother Norman brought it to my attention that I had a slip of the tongue on Judas’ name in the Book of Life, and he went all the way back to Adam.

What I should have said and meant to say was all the way back to Abraham, and you’ll also find that on tapes, where I mention when Jesus called him serpent seed, and they said, “No way.”

Because they could trace themselves back to Abraham, and then from Abraham all the way to Adam. And Adam was a son of God. So therefore they claimed that they were true sons of God by spiritual and natural election and predestination.

So Judas actually traced himself back to Abraham. Now tracing back to Abraham does not make you automatically a seed. Because Abraham had Isaac, and Isaac definitely by one wife had twins, and one was the true seed of God, the other wasn’t.

He said, “Esau have I hated, Jacob have I loved.”

So we want to correct that for you, I think those of you who know me well enough and heard my messages, and got at least fifty percent of what I’ve said, will remember that was dealt with in the 8th chapter of the Book of John and also in other places.

So Judas traced himself back to Abraham. Now his name was on the Book of Life, I made that clear also. Because God was dealing with Israel after the flesh, and therefore every single name would be in the book of that flesh, that life, but it wasn’t the true life of God, it wasn’t the seed.

So his name could be taken off. And it’s difficult to explain, I’ve done the best I could with the issue, from what Brother Branham gave me, and I don’t like to carry things too far on my own because it might not be actually correct.


A third thing I’ve said, and this is misunderstanding concerning Mr. Brooks, and that was I said he took a certain amount of money.

He didn’t take it personally, it was he was allowed to do it to transfer from the fund, the benevolent fund, he was allowed that by the existing board at that time to put it into the building fund, and it never been returned, and you know my stand, and it’s a legal stand, if you collect something for something, you must use it there, or you will be brought up before the IRS.

Now let’s face it, I know men put in prison for this very thing. And you know that Dr. Moon got put in prison for doing everything the Catholic Church does, and everything a lot of Protestants do, but because he was hated, they threw him in prison; they didn’t give him any leeway.

Now the thing is you simply cannot, even I can and nobody else. That’s why the pastor has access to funds, and he’s legally entitled to it, scripturally entitled, but he must never take out of his pocket anything and then give it, and then go to the church and dip in.

Because they won’t believe you. You notice that every time I do anything for anybody, I get you to sign a receipt. I’m not going to be tripped up by the devil and the IRS or anybody else. Now they can get me, because they can frame you. You got a system here that’s rotten to the core.


And so let’s not kid ourselves, but I want to make this very clear to everybody in this church, in America, and Canada, and any place the tapes go in the world.

You can examine our books, do anything you want at any time, but I say that this was wrong in what it was done, the board had no business doing it, the preacher had no business doing it, unless they signed an actual agreement that said ‘this money must be returned’.

I don’t think that was signed. Now you got to be careful. Now I’m in the clear, I’m Grace Gospel Ministries, what you do will never affect me, except you know like a tangent, bounce off. So let’s be very, very careful of everything we do, your meetings, everything because we’re obligated by God.

Remember the law according to God, according to Peter, is not a terror to those that do good. It should stand for us; it really doesn’t, but let’s face it, that’s the way it was meant to be.

So all right, I’m cleared everything I know to clear, I want a clear record on everything I preach and say because I don’t want to have to stand before the Lord having said something over this pulpit. So we have that cleared.


Now I’m going to go over my preamble from last Sunday, the Sunday whatever it was before, December 31st, I guess that was, and we look then to number 23.

And so the week of December 31st, the weekend, we continued to emphasize ecumenism that started with Cain and ends with the antichrist, and also saw that the love of money, which money is in itself power, was part and parcel of ecumenism as seen in Balaam and Judas, and is presently the domineering spirit or the dominating spirit in the world, church world today and in the entire world.

And though we did not emphasize, but now do, that in all of this we are not dealing in politics and social sciences and geopolitical scenarios, though all are there, there’s nothing that isn’t there. It is because this is the world in completion. It’s everything. You’re going to have a complete dominance.

Now this is what people have striven for, Gillette, of whom you got the Gillette razor blades, and these other things you know, men’s department, his theory was many, many years ago, that as the post office and mail had a universal connection, where you could contact anybody by mail and you, they had clearing houses, this could be done with every article that anybody has use for or uses.


So this is something that’s been going on for decades, perhaps a hundred years or more, it’s been the theme from the very inception, going back even to the Garden of Eden, that dominion must be taken.

That’s why Satan incarnated himself in the serpent, just almost exactly like a man, so close the seed could mingle, a place for a soul but didn’t have one. And remember Eve was of the same spirit.

And so, therefore, whatever passed on from Eve was put into a perversion in this beast here, so you have the two lines. And you notice that Cain decided that he would take over, and his attitude was that he could kill and he did kill, and if Adam and Eve had died, there’d be no progeny, nothing left.

And no doubt the man still would have killed, but he was rebuked by Almighty God Himself and forced to leave the seed of God. So there wasn’t war for many, many years.

The children of light, which as they were called the Adamic children, were peaceful, loving, kind, they had no war, they were pastoral, the others were war-like, inhuman beasts.

Even though we know that Cain had to get his wife from Eve and from Adam. There’s a complete perversion there, and now it’s ending up at the end time.


So this system has to come into world unification that is going to actually affect every single person. Now you may think that is a hard thing to do, and something that cannot be done, on the grounds that these places are so far-flung, but you’ll notice today there is no place that is far-flung, that cannot be reached.

There is nothing that cannot be touched. The world system has been in effect, building up for some time, and it will now conclude I believe in this age in which we now live.

The harlot system of religion and worship of God so-called from Rome proclaims itself the Roman Catholic Church, in which they have designated themselves as universal because Catholic means universal.

It comes from the original word in the Greek, ‘catholicas’ and it means ‘universal’, ‘all inclusive’, ‘of general interest or value hence having broad sympathies and understanding,’ hence the word ‘liberal’.


What do you find today in America that builds the image to the beast? You find Conservative and Liberal. And you’ll find the Conservatives are now completely fooled by Rome that seems to be conservative.

But Rome is not conservative, she is liberal, she’ll embrace any religion under God’s high heaven and make it part of it own, all the while the pope confessing it shouldn’t be done, he’s doing it.

We showed the picture here, it was out I believe in the hall, where he was talking to the witch doctor, and entering into a blessed communion with him, and saying, “Well the same spirit you worship, we worship.”

I believe that with all my heart, it’s the devil. I have no problem with that. He told the truth and didn’t know it. Yep. And the Catholics are fooled, and the Protestants will, in other words this church age adapts itself.

And it can take from, or add to, and change as the occasion might indicate to be better self-serving, and at the same time contend it is for the people whom they’re putting in absolute bondage and a death lock, and a death march into the hell of death; exactly in tune with and obeying and worshipping God.

They’ll think they’re doing it, but they’re not. They think they’re in tune.


I want you to notice that the great fall of the church was at Nicaea as Constantine and the Roman Emperor gave the church money and set in motion the political machine that will one day make the church absolutely supreme, tit for tat.

You know the state says, “Well we’re going to control you,” over in Norway, Sweden, those places. In America they’re starting to do it now, but you wait till the tables be turned. And already you’ll see our politicians are bending to the church.

They had to bend to the what do they call that fellow called his, the moral something or other? And now you got the Conservative right, and you’ve got the politicians falling over themselves, and they have to, they have to fall over each other.

All they know is they want power, and if the church can give them power, they’ll do it, that’s what Constantine did. And so you’re going to have more and more and more, and you’ll see Brother Branham’s great messages on this coming to pass literally.

So we find that Constantine started the ball rolling, and one day this political machinery and their machinations will one day make the church absolutely supreme with Satan achieving through his bride the complete populating and taking over the earth and being worshipped as God.

Revelation 13 tells you that, and it’s America. Ecumenism cannot be truly accomplished without money, and the Jews have the paper and Rome has the gold.

So that’s the ones you got to watch. Of course you watch the church only, concerning what the women reflect because they’re the woman’s lib.


Now you think that woman’s lib started just awhile ago, let me tell you flat-footed, women’s lib started in the Garden of Eden with Eve. That’s why Brother Branham was so vitriolic in his comments concerning Eve the prostitute.

When it came down to the Bride who was impregnated by the Word, and the womb of the mind closed, and she’s now being clothed by the Word of the living God, which is life, he was gentle, sweet and kind.

He always had a good word for the good women. But I follow in his footsteps. I don’t have one word for the good… for the women out there. And sometimes I wonder about some of the women I contact because I see they’re trying to run their husbands and a few other things.

Yeah. You better watch it gals, you go clean back to Eve, the mother of all. She started women’s lib.

Now I’m going to ask you flat, if she started women’s lib back there, getting off the Word, talking to the church and women now, individual and collective in the church, where are the women today?

And if Adam was willing to back up his wife, where are the men today? Let me tell you this flat, as Paul said, “Oh man, you don’t know if your wife’s going to be saved,” and he said to the woman, “woe woman, you don’t know if your husband’s going to get saved.”

You’re individuals today, as never before. Yet you’re wedded to Jesus Christ, which make you a superpower, as an individual.


Ecumenism cannot be truly accomplished without the money, and now as we’ve said, money is power. If that were not true, how could America without war accomplish the overthrow of Russian Communism?

They just pit money against money, economy against economy, and Russia fell, and we’ve only found after the Cold War ended they began begging for mercy.

We found the absolute rotten condition that Russia was in, and it’s no different than when the Bolsheviks took over, and a man wrote a book called ‘Kaput,’ and I read it many, many years ago, there was nothing in Russia that worked.

Railways, toilets, nothing. With a little bit of pseudo-science, and a few things in Russia, trying to make the trip to the moon and a few other things, Communism could never work as well as democracy.

And no government could work as well as a Republic. That’s what we started out here in America, two hundred years ago or so, but we lost it. Democracy means only one thing, the politicians have their hands in our pockets and they’ll never let it go.

Every time taxes are raised in order to balance the budget, these hounds from hell, and some of them I could name, where they are from, they will pass riders and addend it to the bills in order to spend all the money in a pork barrel.

So what’s really happening? They’ll never give the states back their power, don’t think they will. They’ll talk about it, and as soon as they get in power, they’ll say, “No, no dice.” And the next bunch will do the same thing, why?

Because there must be the centralized government and America’s leading the way, with republics, with so-called democracy, so-called republics, and so-called democracies. And she’s a farce and a phony.


But she overthrew communism by sheer wealth alone; while communism is ecumenism. In other words they are dedicated to it. They are dedicated to the complete control of the world, and a common denominator called the man.

I agree with Plato that there is only good form of government, that’s benevolent dictatorship, and the only good dictatorship is Almighty God. And Israel had the opportunity, and threw it overboard because they wouldn’t listen to a prophet.

Can you believe that Israel had the opportunity, by washing a few pots and pans and making a sacrifice of an animal to stand clear before Almighty God? And they couldn’t even take that. Now the world cannot take the Blood of Jesus Christ the righteous One.

That’s all they have to take, all they have to take, be baptized in Jesus Christ’s Name, Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost is bound to fall, because God cannot renege on His Word. No.

Money equates to power. Look at Ross Perot the billionaire, now it is also Forbes the millionaire. No way could these men politically fight their way out of a wet paper bag except for the power of money, in which they have in an unrivaled manner.

See they finance themselves. And people just love to run where people are rich and finance themselves, give-me, give-me, give-me, greedy, greedy, greedy, maybe I’ll get some overflow. Better watch it. Greedy.


So at the end time Rome’s gold buys all the Jews and their paper, and takes over the world in worship. When they demand the Jew’s worship, that’s when they stop right there and say, “Hold it. We killed Jesus, we’ll fight to the death, we’ll not worship this guy.”

Now there could be some do, sell out. They sold out before, will they sell out again? Now as we pointed out Paul said, “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

Love of money is a phrase, and it’s in apposition to the word ‘root’, so therefore love of money is root, and root is love of money. In other words he’s telling you exactly what that root is.

Now therefore the very root or essentiality of man is love of money. The very inner being of man is greed, covetousness, or cupidity, which means ‘strong desire especially for wealth’, ‘avarice’, and ‘greed’.

But notice where cupidity comes from, it comes from the word ‘cupid’, and you all know that cute little fellow with the bow, you know, shooting love darts into gal’s hearts and men’s heart, oh mama mia, hogwash.

Which means ‘desire’, ‘longing’, ‘passion’, and comes from another word ‘cupara’, which when the root words are combined means ‘to boil’, ‘to smoke’, ‘to be disturbed’, ‘to seize’.

To be passionately longing and longing for the passion to be fulfilled. Lying awake day and night, forming every trap and way to do it, because you see it’s seething within and it’s the root. The root wants to branch out.


You ever notice how grass will rip up a piece of concrete many tons in weight? How come a mushroom, my Lord they’re so tender, how come they’ll literally dislodge tremendous weights?

There’s a guy buried, he was buried one day, an atheist, and he had himself encased in concrete, and he said, “In the resurrection morning, God, nothing would get me out of here,” but somebody accidentally dropped in an oak acorn, and it split the whole thing asunder.

Oh yes, yes, yes, we must understand these things and know them. So therefore smoke to be disturbed, now remember cupid is the god of love. Thus we see that whether a man will admit it or not or even deny it, he has a desire for money as a passion, as his agape love.

Now remember agape love, Brother Branham agreed with the scholars, and he said, “It’s the love of God.” It’s meant to be the love of God, because Brother Branham said, “Your god could be a piano.” Then what did he talk about agape love?

Your agape love goes to the piano. You got to watch his statements, and look up the other things that Brother Branham said.

So if your god is a piano, or your god is money, then that’s what the Scripture tells us right here, and we’re looking at it, the great passion, the seething, the boiling, the desire.


Look at the what do they call Mendez… Mendez? brothers, they killed their parents. Now they’re trying to get off. They’ll find that their passion for money didn’t do them that much good. Of course they’re crying foul play like everybody else. “Well I was abused as a child.”

What’s that got to do with it? When you stand before God you won’t use that as an excuse. I’m sorry for you, but that will not hold.

I’ve told our own kids, if I was the worst drunkard in God’s high heaven, beat you kids three times a day, and that’s all you got for food, molested you, everything else, you’d still have to stand before God on your own two feet.

They never got that kind of a problem with me. Never have and never will. I don’t say our family is anything wonderful, it sure isn’t. No problem.

But they had a lot of crazy funny ideas about how we didn’t love them, this and that and the other thing, which is so ridiculous… pitiful, but your kids went through it too no doubt with you.

But they’ll still stand on their own two feet and you’ll stand on yours. You don’t say, “My mother, my father, my sister, my brother, he did this, that, did the preacher, did the deacon, everything else.”

They will pay for what they did and you will pay for what you did.

Now you may get a certain absolution from certain things, I don’t know how God’s going to judge, He’s a righteous Judge. But you better believe every man shall be judged according to his works. That’s the Scripture.


Now he has a desire for money as a passion, as his agape love, which should be toward God. He deceives himself that he’s not avaricious because he talks of love and generosity.

It is this passion that is evident today when the churches are crying, “Give us the tools” which means money, “and we will do the job or win the world for God, or at least give every single one of the five and a half billion people the gospel in this age,” and do you know they’re close to doing it?

Now it doesn’t say they’re going to take it. It doesn’t even say they got to stand still and hear it. But you find any tribe or any place anywhere that doesn’t have access to modern technology of the radio and so on, it’s everywhere.

And they’re beaming out the gospel, which is a horrible gospel, which is a three god doctrine, a false Jesus, a false spirit, and a false word, but they’re still putting out that gospel, and it goes out over the whole world because the Bible is read. And don’t worry, the trap is right there.


It’s like the Catholics took the Bible, which is taken into the Latin from the Greek, and Brother Branham was directed to it by God because it’s the only edition he had that was different from the King James.

But you will notice that the Catholics who believe in purgatory, and Monsignor Knox was the same when he wrote his Bible translation, which is beautiful, and the book of Acts is as thrilling as reading a Western story, where they take them out and shoot them all, you know this bang, bang?

It’s just absolutely marvelous the way he wrote it, and you know it’s true. And in there like all Catholics he tries to pervert the Word of God, using 1 Corinthians the 3rd chapter, “The fire shall try every man’s works,” as a purgatory.

But you see the truth is I’m trying to get to you is this, no matter how they pervert the Bible or you or I try to pervert the Bible, there is a seed in there that cannot be perverted. God sees that goes out. So if there’s any seed out there at all, you better believe that Word is going to get to them.

Because no man can pervert this Word successfully, that is to the full extent to the Word where the seed cannot come in, no way, shape, and form. So that’s why the light has come up to the time when Brother Branham restored the Word that the apostle Paul gave us.


Now they seem near doing it, that is getting to all the world. Now hear what James says in James 4:1 to 10, and we read that. Here we see where all wars come from.

He said well let’s go back to James, because the more we go over this, the better we’re going to have a definitive understanding, and we won’t have to ever think twice, we just know right away where we’re coming from.

So all right in the 4th chapter, James is speaking, and he’s very angry. And he said:

James 4:1

(01) From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members?

Now watch that, your lusts that war in your members. So there’s something down in the root, and in the root there are many members. Various attributes.

James 4:2

(02) Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and [you] cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.

He tells you where wars come from, colonial wars are all based upon the fallacy of greed or the premise of greed. And the Communist can say, “Well, we’re coming in here to liberate you.”

That’s a lie from the pit of hell and they know it. They’re trying to take advantage of you to make you slaves.

And that’s what the Roman Catholic church has always done, and the Protestant church is made up of the prostitute daughters of the old harlot, they do the same thing.

They don’t have regard for you, let’s face it, no way do they have regard for you. They want to captivate and sell your soul into perdition.



James 4:4

(04) Ye adulterers and adulteresses, [off the Word,] know ye not that the friendship of the world is [the] enmity with God? [Are you a friend to the world, see? Then you’re not a friend of God.] whosoever therefore be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

In other words, you don’t sow with me, you’re sowing against me. A man said, “I’ll just sit here.” You can’t just sit there.

You can make your mind to black anything you want, it shows you’re sowing against God, you’re God’s enemy. I’ve heard such nonsense come out of Pentecost it’s pitiful.

Years ago when we taught on gifts and those things that were available, woman said, “Well Brother Vayle, if I don’t know a thing about it, I’m not responsible.”

I said, “Like fun you’re not.” If you don’t sow for Him, you’re sowing against Him. And what are you going to sow with? You got to sow with the Word of the hour.


So he says here:

James 4:5-7

(05) Do ye [not] think that the scripture saith in vain, The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy?

(06) [And] he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace to the humble.

(07) Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

How do you submit yourself to God and draw nigh to Him? It’s only by the Word. And as we do and begin to conform with the Spirit that’s in the Word, that is to say, the motivation and the understanding of why God gave it and how God gave it, you will positively be cleaning your hands and purifying your hearts, and you’ll no longer be double minded.

That’s where I believe this two soul thing came from. Where Brother Branham said, “You got to kill the old soul, get rid of it.” What old soul have you got if you’re a gene of Almighty God? He used the word ‘inner soul’.

Is there an inner soul and an outer soul? Don’t ask me, there could be. Now that’s if there’s an outer soul, then that’s a natural thing, there’s no way I can believe in two souls the way they taught it, because it went right to adultery and every other miserable thing.

And greed. I won’t tell you all the reports I get on all that junk, why bother.

James 4:8-9

(08) Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. [How do you do it? Only by the Word.] Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double-minded.

(09) Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning, your joy to heaviness.


Why is that? Because during the time you’re drawing nigh to God, to receive the promises of God, there’s a time of affliction in there where you’re tested and tried, as Brother Branham said, “Before it gets better it gets worse!”

That’s where you get the chastisement, the training, the upbringing. Where you want something from God and God wants something from you, and what God wants from you and me is character!

Now money’s not character. Money’s the one thing that destroys character. And at the end time we’ve got this horrible situation. All right. Why have their women become prostitutes? Easy money.

Why are there robberies, murders? Why do kids kill each other for clothes and shoes? The shoes and clothes that proclaim them to be of the in-crowd.

Parents tell their kids, “Dress any old way, but don’t wear your good clothes, wait till you get home.” When you went to school did they have people in the halls with x-ray machines, and everything else, and sitting there, kids with knives and all?

In my day if you’d committed anything at all like that, even a slingshot, you’d have had your head bashed in. Teacher come down and whump right across your ears.

“Well my God I think I got a busted eardrum.”

“That ain’t nothing to what you will get kid.” Smart off.

“Oh we can’t have that.”

Now you got a bunch of devils out there. You wonder why I’m so scared for your kids here? You bet your life I’m scared for them. Terrible things going on. Why are drugs given and sold, destroying millions? Love of money.

The driving force through essentiality of the inner core of man, the root of all evil, the fire, the smoke, the seething, the love, the satisfaction so-called, what is it? Desire of money.


Now remember, anticipation is greater than realization. And once you start running with the wrong crowd, like the drug lords and all, you’ll pay with your life, because they’ll try to get it from you.

And if you’re not strong enough, they’ll kill you, take it from you. Like I say, don’t you think you can plan for the future with gold and silver and storing stuff in your basement and so on? If you ever look at our place, you might think I’m doing it, forget it.

Anybody find out what you got and I got, the first thing they’ll come and knock us off and take it. Don’t be stupid, brother/sister. Don’t be ridiculous in this hour, when the love of money is everything. Property.

That’s why I preach and keep on preaching, you go wrong on materiality, there is no way you got this Word. You may think you have.

And you’re such liberal tithers here and so good, you can’t understand what I’m saying, because you know I don’t want your money, I don’t need it.

Take care of it yourself. I see people dropping off around, used to tithe don’t tithe anymore. I know what’s going on, you don’t. But I warn you, and I’m telling you flat.

You say, “Brother Vayle, I believe this Message,” and you’re wrong on your materiality, let me tell you flat, you just think you believe it!

And don’t try to stick around me too long when you’re that way, because you and I will get into it. It’s true.

You might not think so, but it’s the truth. You don’t read your Bibles. There’s too many people just searching for something they want to know. Why do they want to know it?

“Oh I’m smart, I’ve got this, I got that.” Like fun you have, you got a ball and chain around your neck, not around your ankle. Drag you down, destroy you and kill you.


Remember if this is why the rich young ruler sold out Christ. Remember Brother Branham’s message on Leadership. The man was led by love of money, and he didn’t realize it. He’s the Alpha of our Omega.

This rich young ruler is now a vast group that sprang from him, even five and a half billion are today from Cain and proven by science two fathers and one mother.

And I read it to you right here. Brother Branham said, “Science would prove this Message.” Oh the Pentecostals couldn’t believe in cellular therapy. “Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.” Oh they’re so smart with their Trinitarian God and their stupid doctor friends.

Why do you think doctors are organizing today? To get more money. Why is Medicare going to flop? Not because the old age pensioners, because the doctors. I could turn in a doctor right now, and a hospital, for falsifying a bill of around five thousand dollars.

It’s on tape, I’ve said it, let them challenge me. I got the guts to stand right there. You say, “Well Brother Vayle, no doctor will look at you.” If they don’t, I go right to headquarters and find out why.

I can die, who cares? I’m not kidding you unless I got statements sent to me that belong to somebody else. There’s nobody else with the name Lee Vayle. Or Alison Vayle. Two fathers, one mother.


The god of this age is money. Say, “I thought it was a naked woman.” That’s the other, attribute. This is the big one. See? These guys that rape, they don’t bother getting the fifteen hundred dollar a night and three thousand dollar a night call girls.

Just listen, I’m not a pornographic preacher, I’m laying it on the line. The god of this age is money, that’s the big group, that’s the big one. A universally acclaimed means of exchange, which is gold.

And Rome, the universal church, with the liberal concessions, and a liberality, has the universal medicine that bands all the world together. One needs only read Revelation 3:14 to 21 to understand it. And Revelation 18, plus others we read the last time we were here.

And you can see the truth of what I am saying. So here we are when the god of this world, the love of money and its availability has blinded all eyes and is now almost synonymous with sin dwelling in us.

Because this is now the trunk or stem, the branches that have sprung up are manifesting from the root of it, and it is this time the earth burns leaving neither root singular nor branches plural. Or branch.

A new whole economy is coming up based upon pure hearts and the dictatorship of God, benevolent dictatorship.


We saw for ourselves last time Revelation 17 and 18. We read them; we took time to compare them to Revelation 13, 14, and 22.

And in there we saw in Revelation 3, after the diatribe of God against the pseudo wealth that they had, wretched, miserable, naked, and blind, and thought they were increased in goods and had need of nothing.

Immediately at that time comes the Presence of God knocking on the door for one man to open the door and consort with him, and sup with him, dine with him and bring him the Word revealed.

And you’ll notice after the third chapter, immediately a door is opened in heaven, Rapture, Shout, Voice, Trumpet. I don’t care what anybody says; you can take this Message and prove it by Scripture from Genesis to Revelation.

And every service here you learn something new relative to the principle we stand for, which is the Presence of Almighty God, vindicated God, a vindicated prophet, restored Word.

And if you turn it down to the extent you don’t learn to think in terms instantly, your mind completely filled with the revealed revelation that Brother Branham gave us, I’m saying this to you candidly this morning, you’re not getting dressed.

Because you’ve made no room for it. The stronger man, the strong man that can bind the strong man, or the strongest man is here that can bind the strong man.

Grant to us repentance and change us, where there’s nothing in our minds but the Word of God and the mind becomes a womb, locked up to bring forth the Word of God manifested in us and to be manifested in this hour.

And don’t think it won’t, brother/sister, because we are the horticulture of God, the agronomy, the farm, the plot of God, where the seed has been planted and has been watered by the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God has been quickened to us, until the last promise, the last mystery, which is we shall not all die, but we’re all going to be changed.


Now here’s where we are. Satan, the spiritual god of this age buying five and half billion people with physical god of this age, money, and manifested so, a true Judas selling out God again, as in Hebrews 6, money the acclaimed universal panacea, not for good, but evil only, blinding their eyes as a gift blinds the eyes of a person.

In other words, he is paid to keep his mouth shut. And that’s exactly what you see going on now. So perhaps we can see why Malachi was inspired to write Malachi 3:7 to 18 for our times.

Now I know that people do not like the idea of the preaching of tithes and the way I tell you if you’re increased a certain amount, that’s what you owe on.

But if you study the Old Testament, the best way to study is get a hold of old Armstrong’s junk, you know the Church of God of the World, or something he called it, Worldwide Church of God he wanted everybody, and he died, and what a mess he was.

You know his wife died, and he married this divorcee, because he had infatuation, lust for her, and he said, “Well she had the wrong husband, I’m the right one now,” and pretty soon he booted her out. Oh brother, another Iacocca eh? You know these boys, these old guys; you’re a bunch of stupid jackasses.

Yeah, bunch of stupid jackasses. Why do you want to get young horseflesh for? Marry somebody your own age, that area, proves what you are. Don’t be caught in the world out there with all this muss and fuss and junk.

Or better still get your eyes on God and have a good happy marriage for fifty-seven years coming up, like Alison and I.

And we blew it right there. We both tried to save money to think we could be happier with a little more money, and we waited two years, and the result was we had just the same few cents in our pocket; we wasted two years.

Could have been married fifty-nine years this year. Stupid bunch of idiots. If you’re going to get married, get married. Believe God.


I wonder if I may be so bold as to link Paul in Romans 7:18 to 23, and I want to show you what is happening in this hour. Now Paul says here, verses 18,

Romans 7:18-20

(18) For I know that in me [that is, my flesh,] dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not.

(19) For the good [which] I would [do] I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.

(20) Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin dwelleth in me.

Now what is sin? It’s unbelief. Right? Well let’s keep reading.

Romans 7:21-23

(21) I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me.

(22) For I delight in the law of God after the inward man:

(23) But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members.

So he tells you right here, what’s in your mind comes down by your spirit, right into your inner man. Now it’s come a part of you. Now what do you give back then?

You give back through your spirit, to your mind, to your mouth. Now remember what happened shortly after Pentecost. Ananias and Sapphira; Ananias said, “We’ve sold our house for so much, our possessions, and this is it.”

And Peter said, “Why did you lie to the Holy Ghost, letting Satan put that in your heart?” He dropped dead. His wife Sapphira came in and Peter said, “Now is it true that you sold your possessions for so much, and like your husband said you gave all to God?”

She said, “Yeah.” He said, “You’ve conspired with Satan and your husband to lie to God.” She dropped dead.


Money, money, money, money, money. Hold some back. Make a pretense. I know preachers; they’re not open with money at all. Look, out of my mouth I’ve proclaimed everything I’ve got invested or anything else.

But I see most so careful, tippy-tippy-toe. They’ll blow it. You’ll blow it too. Come on, if you’re not transparent, you’re not transparent. Look, I don’t say to make a confession wright everything out, merciful God, I’m not that stupid.

But I’m trying to show you something here. Paul said, “I am controlled, there’s something in me controlling me.” He said, “I’m not master of my own fate evidently. Under certain conditions.” And I’m saying this, the same thing.

Brother Branham said smoking is an attribute of unbelief. He said adultery, stealing, lying; all of these things are only manifestations or attributes, or that which comes out of the root of unbelief. Now we’re dealing with unbelief today.

Do you think the Pentecostals of the rich age is going to believe what’s being taught here? Do you think their gimmicks, which they’re only gimmicks, being exposed by the prophet, who was absolutely vindicated to say the things he said, do you think they’re going to believe it?

No they’re not. They don’t know that today the root of sin, that is the great attribute that is here today, where James calls it, because he goes on and he tells you more concerning rich men, “Go to, weep and howl, your miseries will come upon you, your gold and silver corrupted because you’ve held back the wages of the laborer.”

Unions came in existence because of those very hounds of hell. But there were men before him who were just and honest, they wanted to give laborers wages.


The British Missionary Society, from one man with money, would send out one and a half million pounds, and you had to multiply that by five dollars, American money at that time. They had a vision back there.

Now they’re trying to bring a vision to pass, everybody’s going to hear the gospel. What gospel? Spend your billions. It’s a warring and a lust within, Baptists against Methodists, Presbyterians, and Brother Branham said, “Baptist, Methodist, witchcraft.”

So what I’m trying to say here is this: sin is unbelief. And the root of sin, that is the major root that lies within the context of the whole of unbelief.

At the end time is this great love of money, and their boast entirely is, “We’re increased in riches, we are lacking nothing.”

And Jesus’ own words were, “You don’t know it” and Brother Branham preached a sermon, Knoweth It Not “you are wretched, miserable, blind and naked.” And miserable I believe in the Greek is you’re standing there like a beggar.

“Oh I’m rich, I’m increased.”

“But you’re nothing but a beggar.”

Where as God’s children are rich in the things of God.


So all right, we are back here again now, continuing what we didn’t read last week, in James 5, and we’re reading it. Quoted it:

James 5:1-3

(01) Go to, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries shall come upon you.

(02) Your riches are corrupted, your garments are motheaten. [Isn’t that in Revelation 3?]

(03) Your gold and silver cankered; the rust of them shall be witness against you,

I thought that gold couldn’t rust. Evidently it’s got to mix with oxygen somewhere. What’s oxygen? That’s a lifegiving spark, isn’t it, in the air. So when this Message hits it, where does your gold go?

Huh? To rust. Can’t stand it. It erodes. It’s gone.

James 5:3

(03) …and the rust of them shall be witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. [That’s true, just take it for what it says.] Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

Way back there in the days of James, he knew what was happening at the Nicaean Council, he knew what would happen. Those men understood from God, and he said, “You’ve started right now. And it’s just going to be an Omega.”

James 5:4

(04) Behold, the hire of the laborer who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth:


How many companies today have stolen the pension funds of people? Some of you here are working, I don’t know how many are working involved in a pension plan, you’d better not bank on it. You better not.

Say, “Well I think my company’s good.” My Bible says they’re not. Who’d you sooner believe? We can be all washed out tomorrow; don’t believe anybody when it comes to money.

Unless he’s a real brother in Christ, that you know would not lie, would really treat you right. They’ll sell you down the river for a buck. They buy and sell the souls of men.

The Catholic church has done it for two thousand years, and it’s going to buy them all in, and sell them all down the river, and the Catholic church doesn’t even know what it’s doing.

Nope, they don’t. You ask the Catholic people, they haven’t got a clue. Now he says:

James 5:4

(04) …the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of [harvest].


Was there a harvest back there? No. Was there a harvest in ages one, two, three, four, five, six? No. When is the harvest? Now, “Whose fan is in His hand, thoroughly purge the floor, gather the wheat in the garner.”

That’s the Judge. What’s going on now? Judgment has set in. The thrones of the earth are all set up; everything is right in perfect divine order since Brother Branham came on the scene.

You’re never going to miss it, brother/sister.

James 5:5

(05) Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; [that’s filthy,] ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter.

It’s like Eisenhower said, “It’s a crazy poor calf that chooses its own butcher.” Foolish calf.

James 5:6-9

(06) Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he [hath] not [resisted] you.

(07) Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the [presence] of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and [he’ll be present there to get it, you] hath long patience for it, [and he can’t do it] until he receive the early and latter rain. [Go to Acts 3 and see it corroborated. Restoration of God’s Word. Go to Joel.]

(08) Be ye also patient; [that means trials and tribulations,] stablish your hearts: for the [presence] of the Lord draws [near].

(09) Grudge not one against another, lest ye be condemned: behold, the judge standeth before the door.


Who’s in Revelation 3:20, 21, trying to get in the door? The Judge. Yet who’s preaching the Judge? Tell me. “I don’t want to preach the Judge.” They don’t want to preach the truth the two vines, left hand, right hand, Mount Ebal and Gerizim.

No. They’re still stuck in their foolish thoughts. They’re legalists; they don’t know they’re legalists. They’re Jesus Only and don’t know they’re Jesus Only. And a bunch of worshippers of female gods and goddesses. Behold.

James 5:10

(10) [Truly] take, my brethren, the prophets, who have spoken in the name of the Lord, [‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’] for an example of suffering affliction, and patience.

What do they suffer for? They didn’t suffer because the people got healed, they suffered because they preached the Word of God against the people who should have known the Word of God and claimed that they did.

That’s why they killed them. Why did they saw Isaiah? Why was Jeremiah thrown in prison? Why was Jesus nailed to the cross? “For a good deed we stone thee not, but we’ll sure crucify you when it comes to the Word.”


Now what about Hebrews 6? They crucify to themselves, they nailed themselves to a cross of gold. Do you know that people right today are nailing their hands to a cross of gold? Yeah, sure they are. I’m very frightened, very worried about things that turn today.

Lest I fail God. I got a promise from the prophet I would never do it. You say, “Then Brother Vayle you ought to be tremendously happy.”

No, because I could foolishly say, “Well I got a clearance from Brother Branham, he’s a prophet of God, I could do what I like.” No man, even a prophet can go outside of this Word. Obedience, obedience, obedience.

James 5:11

(11) [Beloved,] we count them happy which endure. [Who endures? Only those that believe the prophets.] Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; [In other words, what God did in return.] that the Lord is very pitiful, and tender [and merciful].

Then he says:

James 5:13-15

(13) Is any afflicted? let him pray. [You got a need, pray, and pray with the right attitude, the right understanding.] Is any merry? let him sing psalms.

(14) Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:

(15) And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; [Just like you do two things, God does the others, baptize with the Holy Ghost.] and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.


That’s the truth. God’s given us many ways of prayer. The prayer of a righteous man availeth much, one man that you’ve got confidence in and you know lives a life that’s dedicated to the Word, he can pray for you and his prayer avails.

You say, “Well that’s done, now I just stand back and watch God work.” If two be agreed as anything concerning the Kingdom, it shall be done. There’s a third way.

You tell me you’ve been left without a God, and without hope, and people try to tell us we don’t pray for the sick, I don’t have to pray for the sick, you call the elders. Get me on the phone, we’ll agree.

Call in John, your pastor, I consider him a righteous man. If you don’t, forget it, he’s not going to do you a bit of good. But his prayer will avail. Brother Branham believed with all his heart, when he prayed, he believed it was done.

You walked out; you were supposed to believe like him. Now you got two things, you got a righteous man praying for you, you got a man like Elijah praying for you, and the two of you agreed. But most of us walked out without agreeing.

You’re learning something this morning, aren’t you? Huh? Or we just a bunch of dumb ox, we learn nothing? Oh you’ll sit here some of you, it won’t make a dent. I hope to God it does. I hope it makes a bigger dent on me than anybody.

The same Holy Spirit gave all these men this common Word, and I see it in the light of this hour. The church is not motivated by the love of God, nor filled with the Spirit, but controlled by a lust, a passion, a fire, a seething, a demanding, a hunger for materiality, whose common denominator is money.

Let the world church talk all it wants about the love of God, it is the love for money. It’s passion for soul’s ends up in control of those persons through money. They buy and sell their souls into hell. They buy and sell them like animals.

Their takeover is complete for money. The mark of the beast is taken for gold in the forehead and the hand, now you tell me I’m wrong.


Now you wonder why I harp? I lay it on the line. Do you think people that hear this tape are going believe it, they’re going to listen? No they’re not.

Let me just read you something. What I consider a perversion. If I can find it. All right, in Proverbs 6:26 let’s take verse 27 no 26,

Proverbs 6:26-28

(26) For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life. [Money, money, money; money makers, they call it the oldest profession.]

(27) Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned?

(28) Can one go upon hot coals, his feet not be burned?

You can if you’re a devil worshipper, and you got granny with a hot cross buns sitting on a red hot stove. You going to try to make me believe this guy has anything from God? Come on. Say, “Brother Vayle, you be nice.” I am nice.

I’m warning and telling you the truth, ain’t I? Some of you can sit here and say, “Well that’s wonderful.” Ha! Don’t be an ass. Brother Branham exposed that. He said, “They think they’re doing something.” He said, “Let them walk on fire, like I’ve seen done.”

Oh boy do they want to kill me the day I said, “You people want something that really to show off with?” I said, years ago I was told in Pentecost how you know the pews with the benches that curve back of the benches? This girl with her eyes closed went in high-heeled slippers yet, high-heeled slippers.

And her heels hit each bench in turn, they tell me, and she went flipping along and didn’t fall off. I said, “Great, I’ll do better. I’ll get you a man with an umbrella and a high tightrope, and a blindfold, and he’ll do flip flops one after another, and he won’t fall off.”

Oh man did they gnash on their teeth. Oh you Pentecostals drunk with the wrong spirit. Thank God I left their insatiable wine, their vulgar ways behind. You say, “Brother Vayle you’re a little vulgar preacher.” I’d sooner be a vulgar preacher than partake her hell.

At least I know where my sins are. But I don’t discredit the Word of Almighty God, I discredit Lee Vayle for being a lousy individual, but never the Word of God. I’ll stand with David any day. “Against Thee O God only have I sinned.”


All right, now let’s read some more.

Proverbs 6:29-31

(29) He that goeth to his neighbour’s wife; whosoever toucheth her shall not be innocent.

(30) Do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry; [But watch.]

(31) But if found, he shall restore sevenfold; he shall give all the substance of his house.

A man took this Scripture, and he said, “A man took me for two thousand dollars, I didn’t blame it on a man, I blamed it on Satan, I claimed God for fourteen thousand dollars,” that’s wresting the Scripture.

Get your money back sevenfold, I’ll do better. I’ll take the words of Jesus, I won’t take it out of context. I’ll stay right with it. He said, “Give, and it shall be given. With what measure you mete, it shall be meted unto you.”


I told you when I took that to my heart, knowing there was only way I could ever get any finance of ministry because people didn’t like me enough.

Preacher would say, “Brother Vayle, I’m going to take the offering Friday, and Saturday night you can take it for yourself, and you can do what you want.”

In other words, you beg and plead and do gymnastics for… I said, “I’ll starve first.” But God met my needs.

When a man said, “Brother Vayle, I’d like you to come and have meeting with me,” because he knew I discerned and prayed for sick and had a very good ministry, as Brother Branham attested and I can get hundreds to attest to it, if I could only find them and bring them here to you.

And he said, “I want you to come,” and he said, “I’ll take the offering Friday, and then we’ll take one for you Saturday.”

I said, “Thank you,” and I never came. You know why? Because you get your cheques on Friday, he wanted to get all the money. Why didn’t he just put some tithes aside and said, “Brother Vayle I got two hundred dollars here for you.

I know that doesn’t tell you to come, but I’m just telling you now, you never need to worry about money, nothing with money is concerned here. You just come and preach, and don’t worry, we’ve got it.”


We got I think close to a hundred thousand dollars in tithes in this treasury in this church, Grace Gospel Church. Do you think we’d talk to you for an offering for one minute? And bleed you and ask you now, so the preacher can spend it all?

Merciful God, give us credit for having some integrity. The money’s here waiting. How do you think we write cheques for forty-five hundred dollars, five thousand, ten thousand, seventy-five hundred, and twenty-five at one crack?

And never come to you for one penny. How do you think our giving’s in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and nobody says anything about money? Because we trust you. We know you’re right with God.

We know you’ve been taught the right principles. And it proves it by what lies in our treasury, and we’re doing our best to get rid of it to people that absolutely are honest and correct.

Say, “Brother Vayle, have you been fooled?” Oh different times. Hmm, hmm. I’m sorry to say I’ve been fooled and badly fooled.


Anyway, I had two hundred dollars given. With what measure you mete, measure to you. I gave two twenties, I told you, to a widow and to a preacher.

I got back exactly twenty twenties. What did I give? Forty. What did I get back? Four hundred.

So I got more than sevenfold back, by just listening to Jesus and keeping the Scripture in context. I didn’t have to bamboozle you folk and say, “Now folk, you do this and you’ll get this fold back and that.”

That’s Wyatt, who’s now dead, and these guys that grub for money, and want you to think, “Oh bless God, I’ll give a dollar and get a hundred back.” Oh come on.

If a hundred dollars is good measure, press down running over, then you will get your hundred dollars back. Huh? Do you follow me?

Don’t get carted off with this money stuff brother/sister, believe me it’s only a pain in the heart and in the gizzard. The Bible said, “They that would be rich,” and they do get rich, “they’re more fearful than anybody, because they got so much to lose.”

What if you and I have to go out in the ditch and die? Well I got it over you, my wife and I are the oldest, we’ll likely die quicker. Oh yeah, I can laugh about that.

I often talk to her, say, “Honey, we’re old. We’ll die quicker than most of them.” I think anyway, I sure hope so. Maybe some of you young kids, you haven’t got as good of genes as we got, you can’t take it.

But I’ve preached to you the truth, not out of avarice, I don’t want your money, I’m not interested, I try to do everything right to save you expenses, everything else, God knows my heart, which is the main thing. The very main thing and our purpose.


All right, so we get we’re at here. All right. Laodicea. We’ve talked about at Revelation 3:14 to 21. Now we’re going to read again page 12, and paragraph 66, and you will notice this sounds just like what I read in James, and I said concerning the love of money, the root of all evil that is manifesting today.

In other words, that’s the big thing you watch for, because if you got money, you can have your women, you can have your popularity, you can have your booze, you can pay off the cops, you can pay off the adulterous politicians, you can even pay off the president!

And no matter how you got your money doesn’t matter! And the main thing is get before you’re got. And you know I’m telling you the truth.

Our politicians are controlled by graft. And they have to give ten million dollar contracts to get back about ten thousand under the table. And the contractor makes maybe out of that three million dollars.

And he’s a wonderful guy, so he can give these fellows and our government money to jet around the world. What do you think that woman Leery was doing? Jetting around the world on our money with businessmen.

Financial hanky panky. Yeah. What are women doing in government anyway? Shows what they are.


[66]  The real Word had been vindicated, so those prophets of old had the vindicated Word of God to be the truth as they went down. [Where to? To Rome, to Nicaea.] If anybody ever read the Nicaean Council, or the Pre-Nicaean Council, [that’s the notes on it, the history,] those fifteen days of bloody politics, when those bunch of Romans down there wanted to bring in and make a denomination out of that church.

Prophets came in, wrapped in sheepskin, eating herbs, and stood for that Word! But what did it do? It had to be like Cain, it had to be like Abel, one had to die. [Church died, went into the ground, started right there.] Certainly, it did. And the Word lost Its influence among the people…

Why? Because it didn’t promise these things, the easy way, easygoing.

It didn’t promise like these guys that I’ve heard on the radio, give ten dollars, this, and he mentions this sweet black lady that gave a few dollars, she got a thousand back, and oh it set the people on fire, give, and he took the money, hmm, hmm, hmm, chuckle, chuckle, you don’t think I don’t know?

And the guy was a liar and I can prove it. All I got to do is find Billy Cash, and he’ll tell you how he lied to him.

Billy Cash, one of the sweetest men of God I ever met in my life, I tried to get him many, many times to see if he could understand Brother Branham’s Message, I hope, I don’t know, but I loved him and his wife.

Two precious young kids got married at the age sixteen, wild as goats on a mountain top, came to the Lord, took Bible school for a bit, went out preaching, raised I think three lovely daughters, you talk about just the salt of the earth. I don’t know where he stands.


You know sometimes the salt loses its savor, and it’s underfoot, “Depart from Me, I never knew you.” In other words they have this measure of the Word in latter rain and some of these places will bring them right to the door.

And they know there’s something standing there, they know there’s something there, but they can’t wait for it, they make up their own little stories. Bypassing the truth as Brother Moore did, who wrote The Herald of His Coming.

“Oh God send a prophet, oh God send a prophet!” And the prophet came and ate a meal in his house, and when Brother Branham left, the same man screamed, “Oh God send a prophet.” I’m telling you the truth, Brother Branham himself said so.

Yeah. A penny for your thoughts, I’m wondering what you’re thinking just now.

[66]  The Word lost Its [effect] amongst the people, they all voted out… They voted out, they voted out, they voted out.

In other words they got together and they said, “This is what we want, this is what we believe the Word says, and this is how we interpret it, so we’re going to stand with it.”

Do you know what God does? He gives them the desire of their hearts and sends leanness to their souls.

Leanest bunch of people you ever saw in your life is this age, “We’re rich, increased in goods, hey this is the age to have it, hey man, give and it shall be given, sevenfold, this fold.”

Yeah, it’s a money racket, I never taught you that. I never taught you that.


Some say, “Brother Vayle I tried, it didn’t work.” You didn’t have patience. You didn’t wait for God to work out your character. You want something from Him, He wants something from You, He wants character.

What if He gave you a lot of money and you got no character, what are you going to do with it? Huh? Oh come on. You know the answer. Just turn your wife or your kids loose with your credit card, you’ll find out in a cotton-picking hurry.

[66]  …they took the dogmas of discrepancy of the early Catholic church. They added a pope, they added a bishop, they added this, that, the other.

They took away the real true meaning of Peter, and of Mary, and all the rest of it; and made them idols, and made them nothing but just a pagan ceremony out of a so-called Christian religion.

What did they do? They just substituted names. That’s all they did. They just gave saint names to old Roman gods. That’s what all those statues are about.

Imagine people, they’ve kissed the toe of Peter, until they had to put several toes on, I think, two thousand years. At least two, I imagine, at least one, I don’t know for sure. Kiss the pope’s ring.

And this idiot that wrote the book, Malachi Martin, wrote the book, “After all he has the fisherman’s ring.” What in the name of common sense is the fisherman’s ring? What’s he standing on?

I want to know! The goofy-looking hats they wear. Where do they come from? What does that got to do with it?


And then you got the Amish, the Mennonites, and the Baptist, the whole bunch of them. They’re wearing clothes the same way those guys are wearing it, and then “Oh we didn’t come out of Rome, we’re not part of the harlot system.”

You’re not? Come on, who are you trying to kid? Kid somebody else, don’t kid me. Don’t kid me.

It’s all a big sham and a pretense. Salvation Army, “This is my baptism in water.”

Pentecost, “This is my baptism, I spoke in tongues.” How do you know? See?

“My faith.” What faith?

Give me one evidence, give me one ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’. Yeah, can’t do it, see? Well I know why people hate me and my preaching; I got no problem.

[66]  What is it? Seed of discrepancy! Organized, organized, for the first time on earth, a church. What was it? That seed of discrepancy which started sowing, something adding to, [something] taking away.

And now the love of money. Nice churches, pensions, prestige. See? Omega of the Alpha. And Brother Branham said, “They got a club on these preachers, in organization. ‘We’ll take away your pension’.”

They tried that on me in Pentecost, years ago, when God blessed me in a certain area. They wanted a man with a bunch of kids to come in, the church couldn’t support him, and they wanted me anyway.

What did he have to do with my ministry? Well he said, “We’d like to see you go and this man come in.” I said, “Who said? What if God wants me?” Oh he said, “In multitude there lacketh not wisdom.”

I looked around, I saw one man; he was the multitude. Pentecostal Trinitarian. Big shot in Pentecost in Canada. Oh he would want God to lead him, but then he wants to lead somebody else. That’s tricky, that’s dangerous, telling anybody what to do.


[67]  Who ever heard, in the Bible, not eating meat on Friday?

Well they corrected that one. After Brother Branham died they found in the archives that it was a scarcity of beef that made them decide to eat meat… fish. So they said, “There’s lots of fish, take one day a week, eat fish, make it Friday.” F and f, Friday fish, fish Friday, fishy Friday, whatever they had. Sure.

[67]  Who ever heard, in the Bible, anything about sprinkling instead of baptizing? [I’d like to know that one.] Who ever heard of those things, a “Hail, Mary” or something? Who ever heard of this rotten tommyrot of these Protestants too?

Why are certain people preaching a female side of God, the Holy Spirit? I want to know. If you can make a female spirit come upon a woman, and she would bear a male child, huh? I want to know. Yet I’m going to believe in Mary that she’s got influence with Jesus.

Let’s go the whole gambit. Let’s go the whole thing. You say, “Brother Vayle I can’t believe people believe that.” I told you there was Gnostics among us.

You say, “Brother Vayle, now hold it just a minute.” Alpha is Omega, the Gnostics followed this discrepancy. Do you think I haven’t got a book? I’ll prove it to you. Written by a woman.

But she was a historian, she wasn’t religious, she was a historian. You say, “Brother Vayle shouldn’t take a woman’s books.” Why did Brother Branham take a woman’s book?

The book that Brother Branham loved, How Did It All Happen, was written by a woman. And she studied all the archives, and only put everything she found from the library, and the archives researched history. This woman did that too.


And the Gnostics who went beyond the Scripture, as I’ve told you, when God Himself, Elohim Jehovah, the Rhema Logos, spoke in Isaiah 40, a female voice thundered up above Him out of heaven, “Shut-up you lunkheads,” words to that effect, “I’m the one that created You.”

Diana was seed in her womb. Hogwash! Now the church is saying, “God should surely have a consort.” Now we’ve got God and goddess. Well that sounds pretty fair. Now we’ve got a Son, we’ve got three gods.

See where you go? Junk, junk, junk. Add a word, add, add, add, add it. Take away, take away, take away. Distort, distort, distort, distort. Wrong revelation, more, more, more, more, more, more, more.

What’s in the church today when the first age under Paul, and he knew it, and he said, “In three years I’ve labored, and when I turn my back, it’s going to be organized.”

And they did. They got in a false Jesus, a false spirit and a false gospel. You tell me after two thousand years what we got today. Nope. Nope, nope, nope, nope, no.


[67]  Who ever heard of some of this rotten tommyrot of these Protestants too? Pot can’t call a kettle greasy. Right! Just, guilty of the least is guilty in the whole!

The Bible distinctly said, “He that is guilty in one word is guilty of all.” See? And he that is absolutely right in the least, God will add to him. The washerwoman with three tapes, that was enough to get her there.

Just like Hattie Wright, Hattie Mosher, “That’s nothing but the truth, Brother Branham.” You don’t have to doubt about her, I can tell you that.

Acts 20 is where you read about it, they organized after three years. Brother Branham said three years, and Paul said three years.

[67]  They died immediately, they never did rise again! It’s time that something takes place, it’s time for God to move. You kill the influence among the people.

[68]  Same thing has been done today. They kill the influence, say, “Oh, that bunch of holy-rollers, there’s nothing to them.” And, why, it’s discrepancy! Meet the Word face to face and see what It is, see if God interprets His Own Word. God’s able of these stones to raise up children to Abraham.


Brother Branham tells you flat that he is the one that was there inside when God spoke at the door, and he said, “Come on in.” And he said, “You meet God face to face,” and you go through the prophet, absolutely, there’s no problem there.

You get the revealed God, the revealed Word, the whole thing. And what did the people do? They bring in their discrepancies, they turn it aside.

And they crucified to themselves, not the Son of God again, to themselves the Son of God afresh. In other words they nailed themselves to their cross of gold.

At one time the Romans nailed Jesus to the cross of gold that the Jews wouldn’t let their kingdom go, their money, their temples, everything, they said, “Forget it.” But God forced them out of the land; they didn’t get back till just recently.

Nope. Didn’t get back till recently. God can raise up stones, they say amen. With Luther and Wesley, and all ages, we have to look back into history.

That is why Brother Branham preached The Church Ages in 1960, but for today it was the Seals where he explained what was happening today, based upon what happened yesterday, the revealed Word of God, as God interpreted and manifested Himself, His Word, and the very correctness of the revelation.


[69]  The Word had been thoroughly vindicated by those early Christians, how God delivered them from everything, and diseases, and they had prophets, [that’s minor prophets, or five-fold,] and they spoke in tongues, and interpreted, and gave messages that proved to be exactly the truth every time.

But in the face of all that vindicated Word, the people voted It out, and voted a denomination. That’s the mother of all organizations.

And Brother Branham was telling you that gifts were set in the church. And those gifts are also in Romans 12, and no man, not even a prophet can miss that chapter. Now he didn’t read it, he didn’t have to. He gives a point there.

God’s Word fulfills itself if it’s the vindicated Word of Almighty God properly understood and taken. And there is no leaving out or diminishing that Word so that healing and these things are for today.

But they were corrected by Paul and corrected by [Inaudible] and what happened, the people purporting to use them walked out, and said, “We’ll have nothing to do with it,” and it’s true, they never did.


Now watch. We have the Word given, vindicated, and its still living, as Brother Branham said, this is still the apostolic age, and people can and will be healed. And we better believe it.

[70]  Both are fully matured now. They started seeding again. It died out, but it bloomed again in the day of Luther, as we know from the former message here on the morning of the breakfast.

It bloomed out in the day of Luther. Now, what did they do? Immediately after that great man died, they made an organization.

All right, we’re going to stop here, and we’re going to by the grace of God continue, because we’re going to be speaking about organization, and we don’t need to even make a preamble on it, so we can get down the road faster.

So let’s rise at this time and to be dismissed.

Our gracious heavenly Father we thank You that You hear us at all times. You hear us Lord when we don’t even want You to hear us. How much more then do we know that You hear us when we do want You to hear us, because we know that even our thoughts speak louder in our hearts than our words do that come out of our mouth here on earth.

So in heaven even our thoughts speak. And our thoughts Lord we trust are right with You this morning, and in every morning, and every day, and at night even, Lord God, keep our minds, keep our hearts, as Paul said there, that there’s a war in the mind.

But Lord I believe that the war of the mind is over at this hour and there isn’t any unrest there concerning the vindicated Word of God, the only thing that causes any ripples and perturbence and turbulence in our minds is are we getting it exactly right, and are we saying it exactly right with the right meaning, so that people get it exactly right, and we don’t have to then be blamed for we have caused some kind of perversion.

And this is our hearts desire Lord that Your Word come more and more into our minds until all we can think is a pure Word delivered by the prophet who said, “Say only what I say.”

And we can see more and more the wisdom of that, because if we say what he said, which is ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’, it will surely come to pass in our lives, and in every one of the Bride.

And it’s going to we know, by Your declaration that You will lose none, and this is the sovereignty of God manifested, so we don’t have any problem there, we really don’t.

It was time to come to full circle and rest in You Lord, and just believe with all our hearts, that this is being we’re led by You, we’re being tutored by You, You are our teacher, and we’re coming forth as Your Bride.

And therefore our minds are completely closed up, the womb of our minds, bringing forth into, not manifestation, what some people might think, but bringing into our lives the maturity, the Christ within us coming to full stature, whether people recognize or not, a testimony, living epistles, read and known of all men.

Because we do know we have the testimony to the Word, and thereby we know, that as Jesus Himself said that “If they hate me without a cause, they’re going to hate you, because you will not be in the position I’m in, the perfection of everything, living that Word absolutely as my Father has said it and set it forth.”

And you won’t be able, and people will hate you, there’ll be cause to hate you, but we know Lord the real cause of hatred will not be over anything but the Word, because there’ll be those who call us self-righteous, and meddlers, and iconoclastic, and believe that we’re the only ones that got it, and others will be mad as Your Word says, because we don’t run to the same extent of folly and fury and sin as they do.

We could get clobbered on every hand, we know, but Lord as long as we’re clobbered mainly for the truth of the Word, that’s the thing we know that You look at, and we know there is no forgiveness for people who come against that Word, blaspheming the Word of the hour. We don’t understand all of that, we know there’s a foolish virgin, evidently she doesn’t, she just doesn’t get to it.

But these things Lord we know and take to heart at this hour, and we just thank You that You’re helping us, You’re working Your will out in our lives, and we’re going on, and one day soon it will all be over and we’ll be standing here on earth with Brother Branham and the saints of this Seventh Church Age, and pretty soon the second age.

And whether we all get together at this time, I don’t know, and personally Lord I realize that it doesn’t really matter concerning those ages, but we know we’ll all be up there at the Wedding Supper when this Spirit that’s among us, even we believe to be, Elohim Jehovah, the Rhema Logos, God Himself incarnating Himself in that great blessed High Priest, Jesus Christ the righteous, and we at the great marriage supper, the great marriage supper Lord, just we don’t have really a clue to.

People talk about it, and they paint pictures, but Lord we just don’t know, but we’ll know at that time. And we appreciate it.

May we realize the truth, which sets us free, free to take the wings of the morning, free Lord to pass over the waters that are rising to take us to the Kingdom of Almighty God. Freedom, absolutely Your freedom Lord, Your peace. All from You.

Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be all power and honor through Jesus Christ our blessed Savior.

May the people realize at this time that the healing power of God is amongst us because we preached on it; the healing power of our Lord Himself is here to heal the people.

May there be healing amongst us this morning Lord, may fears and those things we may see in our lives be put to rest, all those things Lord disappear as the mist before the rising sun, as the warming sun brings forth greater blossoms and greater branches in us, of righteousness unto our God, the peace which is from heaven.

In Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

‘Take the Name of Jesus with you.’

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