Seed Of Discrepancy #33

Challenge On The Word; The Last Call
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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, we are grateful for Your Presence and we pray that we may day by day increase in that knowledge to the effect that we not only understand Your Presence and know that You are here, but act as those who are in Your Presence.

Help us to be ever mindful of that, knowing that this is that hour which was to come, and there must be a people who are really aware of Your Presence, and what it means, You to be here, and what it means to us particularly, because this is the great time of division before the going over, even as it was in the time of Moses.

So we accept Your Presence and we know that You’ve accepted us, or You would not have revealed Yourself unto us.

But may we grow in grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Jesus Christ our Savior, coming up to that perfect stature, which we know we have by faith and identification, but there is also that growth that we ourselves have to have for that great presentation.

So be with us today, Lord, and may we acknowledge Your Presence to that degree, and to the answer of our prayer that we come up to that stature.

In Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now just to sort of recap from last week or so, I mentioned that if you go to the Hebrew, you’ll find that the word ‘whirlwind’ is actually ‘hurricane’.

And it has the same if you look in the reference, you’ll find that same word is ‘Red Sea’, which I understand was called the Red Sea, because of the red reeds that grew around about it.

And I was not trying to make anything definite as concerning the relationship, except for the fact that the Red Sea is mentioned, and that’s about the earliest mention in the actual chronological structure of our Bible as we have it now.

And what we’re looking at is the fact that Brother Branham mentioned the taking from Hosea that the sown to the winds came unto a hurricane.

And so that’s an Old Testament reference. And so, therefore, my thought was that we especially now at the crossing of our Red Sea, which is the separation of Israel from Egypt, which is the church from Babylon, getting ready to cross over.

And at that particular time, you will notice that, that great wind that divided the sea which is very fine, very good there is that division today also.

The hurricane effect that God has brought upon the world is dividing the people from a people, and getting that people ready to enter into a new phase of stability with God.

And he spoke of that in the Book of Matthew the 7th chapter, particularly that the man building a house, building upon the sand when the winds came would cause destruction. But the ones who are built upon the rock of revelation would never lose that house.

Now the church is built upon the rock of revelation. And the same God that gave the revelation because that’s what Jesus said to Peter, “Flesh and blood have not revealed it.”

He said, “I didn’t do it; nobody here did it. You didn’t get it by yourself. It was my Father, or Elohim, or Jehovah Elohim, Who is Holy Spirit, gave the revelation.”


So what I was merely tying this in to show you that everything in the Scripture literally dovetails in a way that is phenomenal.

And at the same time, we know there is a Hebrew scholar I’m sure it’s a Hebrew scholar has made an in-depth study of the mathematics of the Bible the same as Ivan Panin did in the New Testament, where everything worked out into sevens.

And if it doesn’t come into a seven you know positively he claims, of course, that this is not of God that they’ve got something in the translation which is out of line.

He took Mark 16, where many people say that is not to be reckoned as part of the canon of the new Scripture, you know, where he mentions, “Go into all the world and preach all the gospel, and they that believe on him, believeth on me.”

You know, they would have signs follow him, speak with new tongues, take up serpents, cast out devils, heal the sick and so on. But according to Panin and the mathematics of the Bible that has to be in there.


Now, I read a little article that’s extant, but I don’t intend to pursue it, because I don’t believe in Bible mathematics, though it’s there. I’m not against it. I’m for it, I recognize it.

And in there they found that way back in Genesis, actually when you took the numbers put together in a certain combination, there were names of people that came out hundreds of years later.

Well hey, that’s beautiful, but that doesn’t do one thing to me like that does. I mean mathematics are great, but I believe this. Mathematics don’t lie, but liars can use mathematics.

And the same fellow ten to one would turn this down and he’d find mathematics to do it. Phooey on mathematics. I’m not the least bit interested. It’s fine, as I say, but who needs it. We don’t need it, we don’t want it.

Because even then you’re at the mercy of a mathematician to attempt to tell you the truth of the Word of God. Forget it. There’s no place for it.


Science has repudiated this Message by not even looking at it. The only science we have is the science of George J. Lacy who absolutely confirmed that that is a picture of a supernatural being. Does anybody give a rip?

Not giving a rip one little bit, they don’t give a rip. And yet right today, it’s absolutely proven the human race comes from one woman and two men. One mother, two fathers. Does science give a rip? Phtt. They don’t care.

I’m willing to write them and pay ten thousand dollars to see if I’m analyzed, which I come in: that 00.1% or I’m in the 99.99%. What would it prove if I got it done? Nothing.

You say, “Well, you could then maybe classify as foolish virgin.” Hey, that sounds great, but I’ve already got this proof. I don’t need it.

What would I do it for? Well the fact I’d do it for kicks, to come back in the world, they’d likely boil me in oil. I don’t think I want to get boiled in oil. But if I was supposed to be, God would give me grace, because this is the truth.


The next thing I want to look at is Revelation 10 and 8. And I felt a little bit foreign in going into Revelation 10 and 8 and the rest of the verse, which Brother Branham told me, and I have no fear before God that I am telling you a lie, but when I asked him, “Who is it going to stand before kings and so on?”

And he said, “The Word.” Now we can look at that in different ways.

We can look at it in the light that John was now given a revelation that was contingent upon this in the sense well, the revelation wasn’t contingent, but the truth could be contingent upon this revelation which John already knew a part of.

In the sense, that John already wrote his epistles confirming the fact that he knew God, and he knew the Son of God. And he knew who antichrist was: those that did not agree with those who brought the definitive revelation. Because he said, “Who is antichrist?”

He said, “The one that doesn’t believe in me. Who will not hear my voice and hear what I have to say.” And that’s actually the truth of the Scripture of prophets. And remember the apostles go with that because they’re part of a five-fold ministry.


So we see Jesus said, “I send you prophets and wise men and the scribes.” And we know that the wise men are those who can handle that which was given to them by God through the prophets.

So: “I send you prophets, I send you a five-fold ministry, I send you a priesthood, so to speak, I send you those that can help you, and then I also send you an unqualified, unclassified purely pure Word.”

And all of that is going to come right in line. See, God does everything in threes: prophets, wise men, and scribes.

So the scribe would simply come along and say, “Look, this is what is written. I don’t understand it myself, but here it is.” Or he could say, “I attest to this because I know that this is perfectly true.”

And as you read the Book of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, you’ll find in there that Luke particularly was a Greek physician. And somehow he was given perfect recall by the Holy Ghost.

And the Book of Luke will judge people because Brother Branham absolutely unqualifiedly set forth Luke 16 17 rather and 30. In the days of the Son of man, which that is right at this period we’ve gone through, and it will not repeat again, except under the two witnesses.

And you’ll see the unqualified answer right there. But they still won’t do anything about it. So John could have been looking at that, and the voice could have been telling him, “Look, this is already started.

It’s going on, it will continue to go on.” Now, we bill that then as a five-fold ministry of our hour. Well that’s all right, but that doesn’t set too good with me.


Now the next thing is we can look at the fact that Paul in the chapter at 9 verse 15 in the Book of Acts and we see what it says there. And this is God speaking to the man. Is this the same thing that He said to John? Well, we’ll look at it.

And he says here:

Acts 9:15

(15) But the Lord said unto him, Go thy way: for he is a chosen vessel unto me, [That’s speaking to Ananias concerning Paul,] to bear my name before the Gentiles, [even] kings, and the children of Israel:

See, “You’re going to bear My Name before the Gentiles and kings and the children of Israel.”

Acts 9:16

(16) For I will shew him how great things he must suffer [in] my [name].

Now that’s very good and you could put that, that that’s part of this verse.

But the fact of the matter is, though it could be part of this verse in continuum because we’re going down the road, you will notice that this was written when John was in exile.

And already Paul had been on the scene, and endorsed thoroughly by John and by Peter, as a true apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. So that doesn’t hold exactly enough water.


What I’m looking at really, and I believe could be the truth but again I’m just talking because I’m the guy that’s up here and we’re into, then, the Book of Revelation and you’ll find there the two witnesses, and you understand the two witnesses positively actually shook the whole world.

So it could be then because this is our hour of Revelation 10:1-7, and Revelation 10:8 plus those next few verses in there, being the Word will culminate in the two witnesses as Brother Branham distinctly said and correctly said, that they will have no other Message than this Message because there isn’t any other Message!

And they will appear before kings. They’ll appear before everybody. The whole world will know what’s going on.

And the way we’ve got our computers set up today, there isn’t anybody that can’t have actual pictures and everything else brought up on his computer if he wants it.

But also television is a much greater influence and has been. And you will understand that will be under absolute control.

And it could be even at that time science will have come to the place where they could actually bend or straighten out rays.

And God knows how that the whole world could actually see what’s going on over there in Jerusalem, which is another Babylon, which is a desecration of the truth as we have it today.

So, as you look at those things you can peruse them, also the fact that Brother Branham did stand before kings. Particularly the word ‘king’ can be used in place of a dictator, can be used in place of a president.

What it signifies is the top authority of any nation or conglomerate of nations, commonwealth, or whatever you want to say. So Brother Branham himself actually did stand before kings in this respect.

But looking down the road, and what we’re doing here, we’re putting it all together, you concede when Brother Branham told us that, and told me particular, and I’m telling you and you know, Bible open before me, and knowing there’s a God in heaven, my hand raised, I wouldn’t lie to you. What good would I lie to you?


Now there’s people going to say, “Did Brother Branham, did other people hear Brother Branham said that? Is it on a tape?” Even those that I know like the palm of my hand are saying it behind my back now.

“Well, He’s always been here. Who heard him say it?”

Let them come right here the Bible open, I give this a challenge, where my tapes go, in all the world and before you people stand beside me and raise your hand.

Call me a liar. You got guts? Come on do it. You come on, do it. See, I’m not bluffing. And I’m not afraid. See, it’s too late anyway. If I’m not with God, I’m not going anywhere except to hell.

Oh I know, people want to sit on the fence and hope this and hope that. I’ve got no hope at all; I’m committed. How am I going to turn back on what I said when my whole thinking is in this Message?

You talk about great tribulation? It’s three and a half years. One and three quarters, He’s revealed. I don’t say seven years. I can’t think in terms of seven years. One half is gone.

You talk about Rapture, appearing? Appearing right down the line. He’s been appearing, and He’s still here, but He appeared already. Two different words: appearing and coming.

That’s your Parousia; it’s right here. Suddenly come to His temple, nobody knew it. William Branham prophet of God, judging the world, passing over to us, declaring our place.


I can’t think any other way. And I learned my lesson: don’t you dare think any other way.

And don’t you take the challenge a half-baked bunch of super idiots, devil possessed devil’s seed running around, that would try to get you in an argument, that just maybe you could see this. Forget it!

You see what you see! And don’t try to see or give credence to anything else anybody sees or you haven’t got anything in my books. Well anyway, it doesn’t matter whether you please me or not.

How do you stack up before God? See, you got to take a stand. It’s not whether you’re some super duper guy.

Do you realize that whole church world out there except us are miserable, wretched, naked, blind, and exclaiming and well, they’re against us.

They’re declaiming against this, but they’re claiming, “We’re rich, increased in good. We don’t lack a thing. We’ve got it all. Hallelujah! Millions in the Rapture and we’re going.”

No, you’re in the rupture is what you’re doing. You’re going to hell. Unless you repent. And repentance is not granted except to those in the election, by a foreknowledge. And predestinated to that end.


So I wanted to go over that with you. Also, must say it that last Sunday I had an accident of speech, which is the stupidest thing and the funniest thing on this ground.

In my mind I said, “I’m going to tell them absolutely and not make a mistake, I’m going to quote John 14 and 12, not 12 and 14,” and I turned around and put John 12 and 14 right on the tape.

Didn’t even know I did it, because my mind was so solidly fixed. That goes to show you, you don’t trust your own thinking. You’d better trust the thinking of the prophet who had the mind of Almighty God.

Now we’re going into discrepancy, Seed of Discrepancy, April 28, 1996, and without going into a long preamble which I always start that way, but I end up in a long one. So listen, just take your time with me.

Without going into a long preamble, we simply note that Brother Branham has spoken vehemently against ecumenism and branded it as the harvest of the tares where they are bundled together for the burning in one great World Council of Churches.

Now remember these are all seeds of discrepancy that’s the organizations and the people in them wherein not one tare is Word… wherein not one… wherein not one tare at this time is a Word revealed identified person.

And no organization has life in it, any more than that one person has, but is dead and even entering into the second death at this time.


Now all you got to do is to recall what we went into in the Book of Romans 1, and read it many, many times. For it says:

Romans 1:18

(18) For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold [not] the truth in [righteousness];

Now Paul is going into past history of the religion of God from Genesis 1, right on into the whole Book of Genesis, and into Exodus, where God has taken out a people for His Name that were harbored down there in Egypt to be nourished and fed until they were big enough to come out and to fight their own battles and all.

But you know what he said in Romans 1 previous to that. He said:

Romans 1:14-17

(14) I am [a] debtor both to [the] Greeks, and to [the] Barbarians; both to the wise, and [to the] unwise.

(15) So, as much as in me is, I am ready to preach the gospel to you that are [in] Rome also.

(16) For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

(17) For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.

Now what he’s saying here: “We’re starting this thing out. And we’re going to progress by faith until we get to the ultimate faith, which is perfect faith, which is the perfect revelation of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.”


Now remember, that’s exactly what we saw over here in Revelation the 10th chapter and verse 7, which I’ve given to you many, many times:

Revelation 10:7

(07) But in the days of the voice of the seventh [messenger], when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as [God] hath declared [the good news of the gospel by his] prophets.

So every single mystery is going to come to an end. There’ll be no more parables, there’ll be no more similes. There’ll be no more voices coming out of the dark.

It’s going to be face-to-face. This is going to be if this is perfect faith. And perfect faith means, and most people don’t understand it at all, they simply can’t get into their minds, that perfect faith means a perfection, which is a conclusion, which there isn’t anymore.

So now it is perfect. So you can’t add to it, and you can’t take from it. It’s like I’ve described many times if you could get a perfect billiard ball, which you couldn’t get unless you went in space, and you couldn’t get a billiard ball even then.

You’d have to some substance that was fluid, and you could then at that time put it in where there’s no gravity effect, it’s just floating around. You can make a perfect bowling ball, so to speak. Now, let’s take that bowling ball and we’ll put a coat of varnish on it.

Now, one scratch, it’s gone. One scratch. So you can’t add or take a word. How many words in this Bible? Anybody know from the computer? I forget. Millions?

Don’t take one and don’t add one. Yet every word has its place and its time particularly as to its need and its fulfillment in the mind of God. No matter what you and I do, forget it, you can’t change it. You can’t do a thing.


So, when Brother Branham said, “We have perfection is come. We have the perfect Word of this hour,” means seven messages make perfection.

Because God deals in perfection, which is conclusions, wound up, perfect, all over, can’t take a Word, can’t add a Word, judgment, rewards, victories, everything.

Everything He was going to do, everything He wanted done, everyone He wanted included, everyone He wanted excluded, right there. Forget it. Perfect absolute predestination. God the Predestinator.

Even as Paul knew what they’d say: “Then who hath gone against His will? Why does He yet find fault? What’s He pointing His finger at?”

Shut-up and sit down! You’re not God. Can the thing formed say to Him that formed it, “Why hast Thou made me thus?” But I’m going to notice something here: my soul was not formed.

My soul is a part of God and so is yours, and we come to the place where we don’t question, we don’t doubt! We never say, “Why has God done this and why has God?” oh shut-up!

There aren’t any more questions; it’s all turned to answers. And Brother Branham said, “In this day God is speaking plainly, forget the parables.” Though we came from a parable to the fact where we are today.


Now here’s what he says. He said, “Listen, I want to tell you something. You watch down future generations,” and he’s quoting from his own life in Acts 20, which was given by Luke. They said, “Grievous wolves are going to come in.”

Now he said, “When this thing begins to happen, I want you to know that I brought you this gospel, and if you waver one little bit, just get your mind straight, that you better go back in history.” Now what’s the history?

Romans 1:18

(18) For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness [in] men who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

Now that’s the same thing you got over here in the 4th chapter of the Book of Ephesians.

So just hold your finger in there, let’s run to Ephesians because I don’t want to get anybody off of track here, which is certainly not my understanding how to do things. Now notice in the 15 verse of the 4th of Ephesians,

Ephesians 4:15

(15) But speaking the truth in love, [no, holding the truth in love,] may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:

Why may? Because you’re starting in the first age, and they’re going to make it. The next one is the second age, three, four, five, six, and seven. And the seventh age we have the perfect revelation, as Brother Branham said, so it’s all over.


Now Paul had that perfect revelation, so he’s talking from the point of view now listen holding the truth in unrighteousness. And what does it say here?

Romans 1:18

(18) For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness [even the] unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

It tells you flat there’s a discrepancy. They had it. Paul gave it, vindicated. What did they do with it? Mess with it. Just like they messed way back in the time of Israel, and before that, even in the Garden of Eden!

Eve didn’t hold the truth the way she should have held it. And Adam boo-booed. He had such great love for a part of him, which was his body, he was willing to die with her, and bring on successive generations that were born in sin, because of him.

Because Eve should have borne Christ. I showed you that by the very fact that the only one that could qualify for Genesis, when He spoke, “Take all things in your hands and rule,” the only one was Jesus Christ, and now with his group.

And that doesn’t come by sex. But it could have followed by sex, had He been there in the garden with us. Blew it, an interruption. I hope you’re catching me.  I’m throwing an awful lot at you, but by now you should know what I’m speaking of.

And the unlearned would not know what I’m saying. They haven’t got a clue. But you should know every single thing I’m talking about, even though I just throw one sentence at you.


Now notice what it says in verse 19:

Romans 1:19-23

(19) Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them: for God hath shewed it unto them. [Back there in history.]

(20) For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so [that] they are without excuse:

(21) Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their [reasonings], and their foolish heart [were] darkened.

(22) Professing themselves to be wise, [philosophers,] they became fools,

(23) And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

Now, remember God said, “Don’t you dare make an image in heaven and earth concerning Me.” Why? Because His Own image was to come forth in His Own Son. Right? Because He is the image of God.

So any image you have of God outside of that Son, who is the Son of God, who is not God, but God was in him, you are completely a heathen idolater. You fulfil this Scripture.


So where are these Trinitarians in this Message and the Jesus Only? I want to ask you.

Now anybody can wax bold up here, and say anything you want, and I am doing it, but I want to do this, because I want them to come forth and show me where I’m wrong.

They can’t do it. Blessed be God Who is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed be God even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Blessed be God and His Son. Sons have beginnings. And all sons and children are a part of the life of that parent, the man, not the woman, although she has a life in that egg.

I’m not going to say the egg is rotten or anything else. That’s a lot of bunk. Otherwise why would she have a menstrual period? Because something goes kaput.

But remember Eve was Adam’s genes. And God made a female spirit to put in that woman in order to bear children. And that’s what sex is all about: bearing of children.

You tell me it’s something else and I’ll tell you you’re crazy. Well, you say, “No, it’s for pleasure.” Then how come children come out of your pleasure? So it’s for what? Bearing. And it comes from the man.

And the woman’s part of the man. And if you have holy matrimony, that’s the one God chose for you, as Brother Branham said, “Your mother is a part of your father, and you’re a part of your father. You’re all one.”


So where does that leave us? In the church? No, it leaves us with God. He began His generations in Jesus Christ and that was placed into Adam. And into the flesh, and on down. But they don’t believe it.

They’re just a bunch he said, “It’s a bunch of fools.” They corrupted the whole image of God. In other words, they corrupted everything about God that could give them any account of God and any hope in God.

Now what happens?

Romans 1:24

(24) Wherefore God [also] gave them up to uncleanness…

Yeah. But they’re all talking how wonderful they live, and how wonderful they love each other, and how wonderful they are. And they’re all unclean. Do you know why?

Because when righteousness is revealed and turned down then everything else is corrupt. And from the corruption you go to uncleanness. When Eve got from behind the Word, she went right to uncleanness.

She committed adultery! “She was a prostitute,” as Brother Branham said. Making the woman today the filthiest vessel under high heaven and earth and under the earth. Because we’re all nature, and all else nature can’t say no.

The woman can say no, and she won’t do it. So she had become, as Brother Branham said, “A sexual garbage disposal.” Look at nature. I’ll let you put between the lines what I’m not saying.



Romans 1:24

(24) …through [their] lusts of their [own] hearts, [the inner man,] to dishonor their own bodies [amongst themselves] between themselves:

Isn’t that what a prostitute does? What’s in her heart today? The love of money. And men will pay it. Isn’t that what Sean Penn did? He’s sorry he got caught, having spent fifty-two thousand dollars on Madame Heiss’s call girls.

And he said, “Well, anybody does those things, but boy was I stupid to do it.” He should have read the Book of Ecclesiastes, preferably the Book of Proverbs: “When the prostitutes come knocking, give not thy strength to them.”

Why does that old pro run around? Money. The church today is a prostitute to money. Preachers won’t give up their pensions. I don’t care when it goes, as long it goes, and hey, it’s going to go.

What are you going to do about it? Let her go. Greed, avarice. Now watch what they do.

Romans 1:24

(24) …dishonour their [own] bodies between themselves:

Way back in the Bible the dog was a male prostitute. What did a male prostitute do? He sold himself. If you ever see the film Lion in the Winter Time, that was O’Toole and I think it was O’Toole and Katherine Hepburn.

I don’t think it was Olivier, I’m almost sure it was O’Toole. The theme of that in certain areas was male prostitutes. Were they historically correct? You bet your sweet life they were. Right here in the Bible. Right here in the Bible.



Romans 1:25

(25) [They] changed the truth of God into a lie…

What did they do? Because they want to get away with dishonoring themselves between themselves, so they change the Word concerning it!

Now we got homo preachers. We got lesbian preachers. “Oh, God doesn’t mean that at all.” So the lie is: “We’ll not die, we’re just fine.” Certainly.

Romans 1:25-26

(25) …worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator…

(26) For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: [for] even [the] women did change…

Now that’s a real smack against the woman. How do you think a woman would change? How could one woman have affection with another woman?

And go through certain acts that are ordained to be natural and become unnatural to them? What do they do?


See, you’re looking at more and more filth now. And I’ve warned you already that Paul has taken them back from his present day to what was, as an example, and now what is today is going to come the same thing because it can’t change!

Huh? My God, if you think sex has changed in the last six thousand years, you are stupid crazy and you don’t belong here. Because I cannot teach idiots.

I’m rough because I’m using this, tongue in cheek when I am saying this, it’s an illustration. I’m not accusing anybody here, or even on the tapes. I just want to jolt you.

I want to jolt you to the truth, that there’s nothing new under the sun! And what was in the past is going on now even to the extent of the very ministry of Almighty God through His chosen Son, born of the virgin Mary by two created seeds, rather seed sperm and egg.

That same thing by the Holy Ghost is going on now, and think as Brother Branham said, “God has given the gift of His Son in the Person of the Holy Spirit.”

Which means Son of man absolutely has repeated! And everything else that goes with it is repeating!


So, in the rejection of this, you come to complete and absolute idolatry, and the whole world coming together. So if you’re a Buddhist you can worship Buddha, whoever he is.

And if you are a Muslim, you can worship God, who is no God at all, but was a devil with another name put to it.

Or the same name given to one god. Or you can be with the Tibetans and believe in reincarnation, and with the Chinese and believe in ancestor worship.

Or you can go to India, where they have Siva and the god with seven arms, and you have even a god that you obey who believes in killing.

The Thuggee religion. And that’s all going to come together, because it is coming together. And it’s going to you better believe it because the whole world is religious.

As one fellow said, “You don’t find an atheist in a foxhole.” And neither will you find an atheist when it comes time to feed your belly and you got the pangs of hunger upon you and your family, and the whole bit, and you can neither buy nor sell without that mark.

You’ll go right into it. You’d better believe you will! And I’m talking now in terms of the world, not of us sitting here in the Christians.


See, they turned the truth of God into a lie. The day of the eating thereof, dying thou dost surely die.

You eat any food but the spiritual food in due season, you die, because there’s no life in any other food except the manna sent down, vindicated by God through that prophet.

I don’t even have to go to the Bible to believe him. Show me somebody else that’s done it. Show me another voice that’s spoken back. Show me some vindication.

That’s why people who never heard me before, they say, “Lee, until I got your tapes, I never knew what vindication was.” I wonder where they’re coming from. What foxhole are they in? It’s outrageous.

Romans 1:27

(27) And likewise [also] the men, leaving the natural use of [the women]…

Now whether you want to believe it or not, it looks like women were a jump ahead of the men when it comes to homosexuality. I’m reading my Bible. I said it looks like it.

Who was the one kicked over the trace in the Garden of Eden? Eve. Who kick over the traces here? Women. What do the women typify?

Typify the church, the miserable rotten church that’s a prostitute to every single thing but her own filthy desires and organization. She’s not a prostitute to that; she’s a beautiful loving wife to it. Come on.


Remember, before Brother Branham died the divorce was culminated. “I used to know you as my wife; I don’t know you as my wife any longer.” The church is finished, why?

Because he was a prophet to Pharaoh, Pastor Pharaoh, and not just pastor, he was God. And William Branham condemned them, just like Moses. And he said, “I don’t pray for America anymore.”

“Oh, what a terrible thing for a prophet of God. He hasn’t got any love. He hasn’t got what we got. He won’t pray anymore.”

Well go ahead and pray. And I’ll say again, why didn’t Moses say to God, “I got a better plan than Yours. I’ll pray for Pharaoh! What a wonderful thing to have Pharaoh and all the gang come in.”

What would have God done to Moses? He would have had to say, “Look bud, I can tell you one thing, I guess the sheep don’t hear the voice after all. Buzz.”

Pardon my vernacular. But that’s it; take a walk. Get out of here. Sheep hear the voice. I don’t care what time of life they hear it, what age they hear, wherever they hear it, how they hear it, but they hear the voice. See, let’s face it.


Now it says her, now, when the women went haywire, the men went haywire.

Romans 1:27-28

(27) …working that which is unseemly, [received] in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. [There’s your AIDS and every filthy social disease.]

(28) And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to reprobate [minds], to do those things which are not convenient;

In other words, this Scripture here is simply a repetition of what they did, and it got worse and worse and worse and worse and worse. Dr. Dobson said in Australia they have turned a blind eye to incest. They don’t even worry about it anymore.

I don’t know where he got the information, but I heard an Australian doctor the other day on the NPR the National Public Radio, whatever it is and she just gets up and talks. And boy in no time at all she’s telling you how wonderful Australia is.

Yeah, you don’t need to worry about having any health problems there, the doctors take care of you. You get your colleges, you get everything, and she’s a communist from the ground up.

And you know jolly well the woman hasn’t got a thing but the stupidity the Bible says she’s got. Doesn’t she know there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

Don’t you know when Eve got invited to her free lunch and Adam partook, we have six thousand years of hell on earth, Satan’s kingdom? You can have it sister, or Mrs. whoever you are, doctor from Australia. Go back to where you belong.

But she’ll sell a lot of people especially the NPR’s and all the guys from down here at Yellow Springs, and all these colleges she’ll sell them a bill of goods, and they’ll stand right there, “Oh this is great, this is great.”

And she’d even get the Muslims and all the rest in on that one. Reprobate. And the funniest thing is this: if you were a weasel you would have to have a weasel mind because ain’t nobody going to change it.

Now if you’re a monkey, a chimpanzee, or an orangutan, you can be trained, but you still got that mind, right?


Now, let’s get this flat. If they get a reprobate mind, they would have to be what in the first place to get it? Tell me. Absolutely true.

Now there’s a doctrine called the doctrine of Reprobation where everybody but everybody is going to hell, unless, unless they by their own wills come to God.

That’s like saying a goat can become a sheep and a serpent can become a sheep. A serpent seed can become a child of God, a child of the devil can become a child of God, a child of disobedience can become a child of obedience that’s a lie from the pit of hell.

Because there ain’t no such thing, you changing a cow and a horse and a pig and a dog, and they got those minds. Now these guys come into their full fruition, their reasoning of their mind is fully reprobate because they are reprobates.

They got a snaky mind, because they are snakes. The shark has got a sharky mind, because he’s a shark. And the sheep has a sheepy mind, because he’s a sheep. And a son of God has a mind of God, because he’s a son of God.

And I’m going to tell you, if you’re a son of God, his parents, his wife, his kids and nobody can switch it for him or for her, the mother or father. If you are a male sheep, you’re a female sheep, there is nobody going to do a thing about you.

And there’s no way you’re going to mess it. Because as a sheep, you’ll have to have a sheep mind. As a son of God, daughter of God, you got to have a daughter and a son of God mind.

Romans 1:28

(28) …[and they’ll] do those things which are not convenient;


In other words, they’ll deliberately go out of their way. Even when they find themselves in a bind, they’ll stick with it. They cannot repent; they cannot change. And Paul said, “You are reprobate except you got the Spirit of Christ.”

And he said, “If you got the Spirit of Christ, you can’t be a reprobate.” And you start with the Spirit of Christ going right back to God, and that soul of yours is a little tiny part of God.

And God’s not diminished by giving a part of Himself to all of us through natural election foreknowledge, election, predestination. No, He’s not diminished at all. He’s happy, He’s enlarged. He’s enlarged.

How would God have a great Kingdom and be King over it except He had many children? When a man has a great kingdom, what is he? He’s enlarged. When a man and a woman have a family, they’re enlarged!

When the church increases in real true Godly born again members, it’s enlarged! When I speak the Word of God day and night my mouth is enlarged! When it comes back in my ears, my heart is enlarged!

When I bring it forth again it’s further enlarged! People can’t understand but that’s a law of science, that’s a law of God, that’s a law of physics, that’s a law of psychology. But primarily it’s a law of God, because that’s what counts. Bible says so.


Paul’s heart got enlarged. When the people need help, my heart is enlarged toward you. They tried to tell Paul, “You’ve made my heart skinny. You’ve done this, you’ve done this.” Paul said, “You haven’t heard me at all.”

Anybody says you’re cut off in this Message, “Oh, I have to walk this way, I got to do this way.” Or like Brother Branham brought out, the Legalist. “Well , I’d give that person a piece of mind, but you see I’m a Christian.”

Phtt, hogwash. Don’t try to put phtt in type, because it doesn’t work. So on the tape it’s bad enough. On video it’s worse still. But how do you cope with these things, where people run off at a tangent?

Romans 1:29

(29) …filled with [all] unrighteousness…

Now the gospel is the power of God, and therein is the righteousness of God revealed! So if it’s in the Word, the righteousness is revealed, then what you take from that Word, that Word in you has to produce a righteousness!

Now that’s where people are entirely wrong about this thought of perfection I was dwelling on awhile ago. They think to be perfect you got to walk on eggshells, you got to be so and so.

You got to be like what my brother-in-law, a Nazarene, years ago said, “You got to even be careful how you say the word gracious.” But you ought to have seen those Nazarenes.

They’re a bunch of sex pots like everybody else was, crooked as dog’s hind leg. The guy that beat me years ago was a Nazarene. Yeah, beat me out of money the company out of money. Didn’t beat me up, beat my boss up. So much for that.


We’re not dealing in people with perfect walks as though they were Jesus Christ. We’re dealing with righteousness. And there’s a great big difference there in dealing with righteousness, see?

Where was David? “Blessed is the man to whom God will not impute his iniquities.” Blessed is the man whose sins are covered. And that’s under the subject of righteousness.

That if Abraham has whereof to boast, let him boast, but not before God, because there is nothing in that that is righteous! It can come out of righteousness, but in itself it is not righteous!

The thing itself that is righteous is the life of the Holy Ghost in that Word and you have that Word! It’s a conduit and the life is in there. And your mind now is under control of Almighty God.

And you don’t have a reprobate mind; you have the mind of God. In this flesh we will sin. There’s coming a day we won’t sin, so don’t worry about it. Now, if you were doing all kinds of unrighteous things, like:

Romans 1:29-32

(29) …envy, murder, deceit, [debate,] malignity; whisperers, [all of those things.]

(30) Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,

(31) Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

(32) Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.


Now that’s coming right down to our children. Wasn’t that a six year old boy that was killing that little baby, one month old baby? Killers. Let it soak in. Because that’s what’s going on. You haven’t got a clue.

I forget the Frenchman that wrote Kabloona and Wind, Stars and Sand. I’ll maybe remember his name later on.

But he writes about how when he was up in the Arctic amongst the Eskimos, they were making an icehouse, an igloo, and one of the fellows shirt came up, and his belly protruded like a big globule, and he took his ice knife and plunged it in there, and killed the man.

Just something to do. Try to bring the man to justice; he had no sense of what he’d done wrong.

Even back then, over fifty years ago make it sixty, and make it over sixty even then there were people who had no conscience, who had no form that was even moral in the sense of at least live and let live, or to help and be helped. Although they did have it amongst them to a degree.

Let’s face it. There’s none that’s entirely bereft of it. But I’m saying the seed was already there. Where is it today? Where is it today? What does that woman think of that little boy that attacked that tiny little fellow and two others with him?

How soon the conscience of people goes down the drain, as in Chicago, I guess it was, where they threw the little boy from the fifth story because he wouldn’t steal gum or something.


Now he says:

Romans 1:32

(32) Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

And that’s where you are today. Look at your law courts. Just down the road, look at the policemen, they’ve got up on the carpet and they’re going to let him one they’ll dismiss, he quit, Angel quit.

What about the other guy and the woman involved? Why haven’t they quit? They’re going to stand right there and be excused. Oh it’s fine, because we’re the fort, we’re the cops, we’re the law.

And the judge will do the same thing, and he’ll cry, “Well you see, if you want the law changed, by all means you got to go to Congress and get it changed. Your government does it.”

But you watch when they want to do what they want to do! They’ll do what Brandeis said, “It is not proper any more for the Supreme Court to simply adjudicate; we must make the laws.”

You don’t believe he said it? Check your histories. Am I a dumb Canadian smarter than you Americans? Telling you the truth. And they make a law anytime they want to make it.

So they can accuse or excuse and get away with murder. You cannot even go on precedence anymore. I think Britain is way ahead of us and Canada might be. But in the States there’s no longer precedence.

Every trial must be fought on its own merits all the way to the Supreme Court, and there could be a complete reverse decision contrary to the first, when the first was right.


So that’s the kind of mess you got here. And Paul is warning about that. And we find it over here, as Paul warns about it, in 2 Timothy 3, which I won’t take time to read, because our whole time always goes on these preambles:

2 Timothy 3:1

(01) [I] know also, [that] in the last days [when time shall be no more,] perilous times shall come.

Last days, last days. Oh, a short, short period. Oh, a quick, quick work. Hold it. It says times, times, times. Well you say, “I think, that perilous time means several things coming at one time.”

You could be right, but I choose to differ, that you can believe it just sit there in that one instance. I’m looking this as a prolonged period, as it was in the days of Noah.

Perilous times shall come. Event after event prolonging these days, stretching them out.

2 Timothy 3:2

(02) For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, [and] unholy, [Now listen, it says here:]

(02) [For] men shall be lovers of [them] selves… [and not of God.]

So they esteem their own bodies, their own lives, their own words, their own works, far above God. There’s no love for God here, because they love themselves.

Because you cannot love yourself and God at the same time, the way the psychologists try to tell you. You can’t do it. You’ve got to respect what God made you and what God gave you to work with.

But then you got to respect God far above that, so you bring yourself under the conditioning that God would give you. And what are they?

2 Timothy 3:2

(02) …covetous, boast…


Now there’s your covetous. See, loved themselves, so they want money. The love of money is the root of evil. Makes these people love themselves, they love themselves even more.

And these so-called kings and queens on it used to be Broadway, but now it’s all Hollywood. What a stinking mess and down there in Nashville.

2 Timothy 3:2-5

(02) …boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

(03) Without natural affection, [There you are, just cold killers.] trucebreakers, [I know we condemn people like that, but God condemns them more.] false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

(04) Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God;

(05) Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof:

In other words, they will not give God credit one little bit for His omniscience and omnipotence. Forget it. We just got to do our best, work our way this way, that way, and we got some idea in mind, we’ll take care of that.

Notice? See:

2 Timothy 3:5-8

(05) …from such turn away.

(06) For of this sort are they which creep into houses, lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

(07) Ever learning, [and] never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

(08) Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so [do they also] resist [the] truth…

Go on down the line. And that’s the picture of what comes out of this gospel. It parallels Romans 1. Exactly identical. And Paul said that’s what this gospel was going to turn into.

And Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is likened unto the man that planted a mustard seed, and the mustard seed got so great it covered the whole earth, and the fowls of the air made their lodging there.”


That’s a picture of sin, rottenness and destruction! The gospel will take over and bring forth the entire power of the Satan, the antichrist, over every single religion, Christianity so-called will prevail.

And all you’ve got to do is look on the map today! Who’s got the armaments? Who’s got the weapons? Who’s got everything? America tops it all.

And I don’t know and must be the pope calling her off, because Brother Branham said if any pope says don’t fight, they won’t fight. And Mr. Clinton ran to the pope and Reagan ran to the pope. Is the pope telling America not to drop a few bombs and settle the mess?

Do you think we couldn’t settle the mess over there with Taiwan and China? Don’t be nuts. We could do it in fifteen seconds. Do you think we couldn’t wipe out Bosnia and all those guys fighting and messing around?

Don’t be ridiculous. We alone have the armaments to do it. We could do it. But we’re such a nice Christian people. I’m not for it, I’m just telling you it could be done.

What’s stopping it? Well, it’s in the name of God, so-called; it’s religion doing it. I’m not for war. I’m against war a hundred percent, the same as you are. But I’m bringing you out a picture here. See?


What’s going on? There’s a very, very high power going on that’s directing everything this to the very end, and well, let’s face it. Let’s find out what it is. It’s simple as ABC; it’s in 2 Thessalonians the 2nd chapter. It says:

2 Thessalonians 2:3-5,7-10

(03) [Lo] let no man deceive you by any means: [for that day shall not come,] except there come a falling away first, [That’s a divorce.] and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; [He’s been revealed already. The divorce has taken place.]

(04) Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God. [That’s forgiving sins.]

(05) Remember ye not, when I was [yet] with you, I told you these things? [It’s going to be revealed down the line.]

(07) For]the mystery of iniquity [doth already works]: [and will work until the Holy Spirit, God Himself, steps out of the way and takes us up to the Marriage Supper.]

(08) [And] then that Wicked [shall] be revealed, [His presence made absolutely known for who he is and all about it.] whom the Lord [will eventually] consume with the spirit of his mouth, and [shall] destroy with the brightness of his [presence: He’s going to be right there. We’re with Him to destroy him.]

(09) [And this one,] whose coming is after the working of Satan [In other words, Satan’s whole missionary effort, his whole program, everything is settled right up and headed up there, lying signs and wonders. Rather] all power and signs and lying wonders,

(10) And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; [There’s your reprobate right there. Unrighteous.]

Now what brought it on? They turned down the truth. They absolutely brought in their discrepancies, as Brother Branham said, and they’re the seed of discrepancy!

In other words, there’s a line of people went off at the same time the Word went off! God said, “Don’t eat of that tree. Don’t you partake of any sexual intercourse that’s going to bring forth children this particular time,” though they would have come to it.

“Don’t have a thing to do with it.”


And the serpent came along. And that time the Word took on a discrepancy. It was not the Word that God said, because the little word ‘not’ was put in there. And what happened? Cain was born!

The seed of discrepancy! The seed of being off the Word. That’s why you can’t come by natural generation. Even all Israel was not Israel!

End up a bunch of serpent seed at the end! Do you think they’ve changed? No! Only a hundred and forty-four thousand come out!

Why is it over in Israel, like Zionism now and Israel is the way it is? Because it’s like Egypt; it’s got to harbor the life that’s in the chaff! You don’t think for one minute Israel’s not chaff and the rest are not chaff, and America’s all chaff?

Come on! It’s all chaff, except for a tiny Bride! Because remember there cannot be a Message go to Israel and say, “Look, we’re going to take you under the law. It’s okay! Bring back the red heifer; shed the blood!”

No, no, no, no, no! It’s gone! And if they do, do it, it doesn’t mean one thing! They condemn themselves to even greater disgrace and disunity and disharmony and prove what they are.

Because if they’re the seed of God, they’ll recognize their brother. Oh, Israel hated their brother Joseph. But one day they recognized him. When the Bride was in the palace and he made himself known.

Oh, did they get fear in their tummies and every place else and they sat there and stood there, biting their fingernails if they even had the strength to do that. They were melting.

He said, “It’s okay. You were my friends, my brothers, and this was done in the house of my friends. It’s all right. It had to be.  That’s the way it was. I’m not angry. I’m not here anymore to anger. We’re taking care of everything; we’re taking care of you.”


And listen here:

2 Thessalonians 2:10

(10) …they received not the love of the truth…

Now, just a minute. What is love of the truth? Well, first of all, what is truth? Well no, let’s go what is love? Predestination, right? Well that’s Malachi; predestination. And Paul said it’s great cause for rejoicing.

Now, what is the one thing they’ve turned down, vehemently turned down, is what? Predestination. So they hate the God of predestination because He’s revealed Himself as the predestinating God, which is true.

Because even if you are illicit in your conjugal relations, which is man and wife to enter into, you are faithless concerning that, you will still bring forth children, and you men will be fathers and sires of those children!

Whether you planned it or not! Now, do you think for one minute God is not a predestinating Father? Because you, whether you planned it or not, you’re still a predestinating father, because you went through the act.

And you mean to tell me God can have children in the human race here and not be a predestinating Father, you have got to I don’t know what you got to be, but you’re not on my terms.

You’re not on my terms I can tell you that and you’re not on the terms of God’s Word, because Brother Branham made it so clear that God knew every flea and how many times he’d bat his eyeballs, and how many it would take to make a pound of tallow. So where are you going to stand up against?



2 Thessalonians 2:13

(13) [But] we are bound to give thanks to God [always] for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of Spirit…

God chose you way back there, and brought you right through, sanctifying you by the Spirit which means separating you by the baptism with the Holy Ghost, putting you in the body of the Lord Jesus Christ and you will never make a mistake.

When the truth is presented. See, years ago I turned away from truth, I knew it was right, but my mind got in the way. When I was taught the baptism with the Holy Ghost was the rebirth. I saw it.

And as I began to walk home and I was living in Calgary, Alberta at that time walked to my home, I remember walking over this little bridge it took me to Hillcrest, I guess it was, that little area and I was rejoicing and thinking, “That’s wonderful; that’s the truth.”

Then I said, “Now hold it. Hold it.” And I blew it. But you know what? You don’t hear me say that anymore. Because when the sheep heard the voice, knowing it was a vindicated voice, he said, “If you say so, that’s the way it is.”

And when I took it into my mind and into my heart, everything in the Bible opened up, seed and everything else, just in a matter of minutes.

And that’s the time when I preached on it, having written the articles on it for Brother Branham, he gave me a big hug, and he said, “Doc,” he said, “you might have thought you preached some sermons in your day, but that was your masterpiece.”

And I brought out the full extent, right down the line, from the infinite God, foreknowing, electing, right down here, predestination, all the way through.

Because you are seed God has shed forth the spirit into your heart, whereby you can cry Father. And you couldn’t do it before, because you didn’t know you could claim, “Oh, You’re my Father.”


Like old Eberhart said, years ago, he said, “You people that pray, ‘Our Father, which art in heaven’, you better watch what you’re saying, because the devil’s the prince of the powers of the air, and the principalities. You could be praying to the devil, because he could be your father.”

And he didn’t know the first thing about serpent seed.

He didn’t know the first thing about one God, and yet he baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, as the apostles did. Don’t tell me they made a mistake.

That old boy had more brains, and I believe more of God, than the Pentecostals ever thought of having. I say thought of having, in this area.

Now he didn’t believe in speaking in tongues, but to my knowledge he never called it the devil. But I don’t know. I can’t give the man too much credit; I’m not God.

But there’s your picture here, what we’re looking at, what is to be brought forth in this hour, and it has been brought forth in this day, it’s the second death.

Now, also you see that in Revelation 13, where they worship the beast because of their bellies. They have been judged by the Word, which can only come in and through a prophet.

And we mean by that statement that God was in William Branham, and the words spoken by the lips of William Branham was the Word of Almighty God. You’ll find that in Hebrews 1. And if you want to…


Well, I’ll likely die before this sermon’s over, this Seed of Discrepancy, is over. So I’m going to take my time here, and I don’t have much time. And I’m going to take you to Hebrews the 4th chapter.

And here’s a parallel of what we’re going through today, when Israel died in the wilderness. They never made it, because they could not put their faith in the ultimate, which was vindication! They couldn’t do it.

They got betrayed by men like Balaam. You know that as well as I do at Baal Peor. You know they began to follow gifts which came after the Word, Moses Korah, Dathan, and Abiram. They were a mess.

And multitudes died in the wilderness because they could not go in. Now had they been predestinated, they would have done it. But having fallen in the trap, you know as Paul said, “All Israel is not Israel.”

And though they be the generation after generation having come down from Abraham, we know that some of them were not true seed.

As we saw Rebekah and Isaac, man and woman, husband and wife, bring forth twins, one was not loved and one was loved. Hated, and one was loved.


Now, Paul is giving a warning,

Hebrews 4:1

(01) Let us fear [therefore], lest, a promise [having] being left us…

Now a promise having being left you. Is there something in the will? Is there something that Jesus put in his will concerning you and me? Because that’s what it means. If a promise is left you, that’s a will, right? Okay.

Promises are something you’re going to have when the testator is dead and the executor comes on the scene in order to mete out to you what you’re going to get. Now the Holy Ghost, God Himself, is on the scene right now, right?

And He is giving the part of the will of the Lord Jesus Christ, when he died. Now he’s risen again, and therefore, God Himself has come down to execute this particular part of the will.

Now that didn’t happen in any other age except Age One. So if He came down to execute the will, essentially then, He revealed to Paul what was the will. And the Word of God is the will of God and the will of God is the Word of God.

Anybody knows that. Even a theologian that is devil possessed would know that much if he wants to be true at least to what we call a theology of the day.

So, now you got to be a little shaken up here now, it says, because there’s something in this will, and I wonder if I’m going to be a part of it or it’s going to come to me. Now, what is this part of the will?

Hebrews 4:1

(01) …of entering into his rest, any of you should seem to come short of it.


Now we know that we know we can go back to Thessalonians, and we can peg that in 2nd book of Thessalonians, where it says here:

2 Thessalonians 1:7

(07) And [to] you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus [Christ] shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels,

At the time of judgment we find that entering in and the wicked church is judged as tares and bound for the burning, and the Bride is loosed, and she goes from judgment into victory. Well the judged church doesn’t; it goes into its death.



Hebrews 4:1

(01) …you should seem to come short of it.

Now it’s true that you do come short of it in this period, because without us they cannot be made perfect. So we lack something that we need to bring us all together, in this hour of perfection comes.

Right? So we’re going to be a whole Bride, a whole church in the second half of the first resurrection.

Hebrews 4:2

(02) For unto us was the gospel preached, as well as unto them:

Now he’s throwing a parallel, just like in Romans. He said, “We’ve got it, they had it. Watch out.” They didn’t go into it. Why?

The very hour that Jesus Christ Himself came, the Holy Ghost God came in the form of human flesh, which the prophet vindicated says must come at this hour.

And now God has given the gift of His Son, which is the Son of God, in the form of the Holy Ghost. That means Son of man has come again. The very ministry here, although that ministry’s finished.

God Himself is here in the form of the Pillar of Fire to lead us in the Millennium. Now he said they didn’t cross over then; they loused it up. Now no, we’re not going to louse it up.

Two men over twenty got in. I don’t hope to stand here for the resurrection, though I could be. I’m not saying I’m Caleb or Joshua or something like that.

If anybody wants to make me that, they’re sort of stupid because they got no go-ahead from me. I got to know who I am. I’m just Lee Vayle, guy that could die. So don’t try to make what I’m not.


Now watch:

Hebrews 4:2

(02) …but the word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it.

Now Brother Branham explained that. When the blood was to be shed, the one girl said, well, the Rabbi said, “Look it, that’s a wonderful thing. I believe it.” but he didn’t have it on the doorpost.

And the girl said, “Come on out. We’re going to go dancing.” She said, “No, I’m under the blood.”

So the Rabbi, the priest, and the girl didn’t believe. They said they believed. They accepted it. But they didn’t receive it. Wasn’t meant to.

Now there are those that see and they haven’t got what it takes to go from thereon. Don’t you know multiplied thousands saw in William Branham something they’d never seen before? They knew something was there.


Now watch,

Hebrews 4:2-10

(02) …but the word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it.

(03) For we which have believed do enter into rest, as he said, As I have sworn in my wrath, if they shall enter into my rest: although the works were finished from the foundation of the world.

(04) For he spake in a certain place of the seventh day on this wise, And God did rest the seventh day from all the works.

(05) And in this place again, If they shall enter into my rest.

(06) Seeing therefore it remaineth that some must enter therein, and they to whom it was first preached entered not because of unbelief:

(07) [And] again, he [limits] a certain day, saying in David, To day, after so long a time; as it is said, To day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts.

(08) [And if Joshua, not Jesus now. That’s a misconception there. Jesus wasn’t on earth back then, that’s Joshua. And if Joshua] had given them rest, then would he not afterward have spoken of another day.

(09) There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.

(10) For he that is entered into his rest, he hath [also] ceased from his own works, as God did from his.

Now, that’s very good. You’re talking about the act of righteousness through the Holy Spirit bringing you into the truth and you’re born again, that’s fine.

But when you talk about over there where those that didn’t enter in, you’re talking about leaving Egypt and going through the Red Sea into Palestine! Uh-uh, it doesn’t work.

It only works if Jesus called them out, and that was a minor thing. We’re looking today, as Brother Branham categorically placed himself with Moses and with Paul and now, and we’re going in.


So you keep the times of the last day correct. And this very thing right now has become a peril. This is a perilous, one of the perilous times in this Message, and in this last day, these last days. So we got to watch it.

Hebrews 4:9-12

(09) There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.

(10) For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.

(11) Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man [should] fall after the same example of unbelief. [Now watch:]

(12) For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and discern[s] the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Now when did that take place outside of this hour? You tell me. You tell me. There’s your vindication. We’re entering in, or are we not entering in? And what was the last sign that Brother Branham said?

The time of Abraham and Sarah before the fire fell. What was it? Discernment. Now, where do you stand in discernment? A little Pentecostal gimmick? Like Shelley coming by and these other guys? They’re not even two bits in my book.

They can’t do what I did years ago. I didn’t have any such thing as absolute discernment and I didn’t have anything as vindication, and I don’t have it now, except in this Word vindicated by the prophet.

And I pick up this what Brother Branham wrote as given to us we wrote it down here this is my vindication right here. And I believe it.



Hebrews 4:13

(13) Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.

Now what did he say at the end time? “You’re wretched, naked, miserable, blind, and you don’t have a thing.” Serpent seed. Seed of discrepancy. False church. Ecumenism. The whole thing, a bunch of harem, scare ‘em, foolishness. See?

Hebrews 4:14

(14) Seeing then that we have a great high priest, that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our profession. [That’s confession.]

Confession to what? What the gospel is in the first place, back here in Romans. Now given to us by revelation, by the same spirit that brought it. Perfect faith. “Oh, if I had perfect faith, I’d raise the dead.”

Oh shut-up. Merciful God, you never heard the prophet. You want to raise the dead and he’s already said, “Everybody doesn’t pray for the sick even.”

“Huh. Well what about that? He’s not nice. He doesn’t give me all these gifts.” He said He didn’t.

You didn’t know your ABCs; what do you know about algebra? I don’t mean to be tough. Come on! Come on, this is the last call! Get some steel in your blood, some iron in your blood.

Get a saw log for a backbone like old Abraham Lincoln prayed for.

Hebrews 4:14

(14) Seeing [then that] we have [this] great high priest, [that is] passed into the heavens…

For this hour. Doesn’t say He’s on the mercy seat. He’s on the throne, and a name higher than the heavens. And at this time everything is naked before Him. And He said, “I see you’re naked, wretched, miserable, blind!”


We said, “Yeah, what was I wrong on this doctrine? Was I wrong here? Was I wrong there? Oh God, cleanse my mind. Oh God, give me Your mind.” Minds that are full of manna, not faucal matter.

Hey, don’t you know when they ate manna in the wilderness, they had to carry a shovel, and they put their dung in a little hole and covered it? You think for one minute they didn’t have bowel movements?

You know a person that doesn’t have bowel movements is in very bad trouble. You’re stuck back there with Luther and Wesley and Pentecost, you’ve got problems.

Dead manna. It’s been used up. You don’t make a mess in the Bible here; you leave it there where it belongs. If Brother Branham said the manna is full of wiggle-tails, what about the manna that’s been used up?

This Son of God that’s in the heavens. He’s on the throne. And Word has been given us because it’s a revelation of Jesus Christ and God is revealing Him, that same Spirit is revealing that Son to us right now.

And the Bible said that there’s no way you’ll ever get a knowledge of the Son except the Father reveals Him, and you got to come through the Son in order to get the Father to get the revelation.

So there’s one revealing the other. “He that has seen me hath seen the Father.” Right down the line.



Hebrews 4:15-16

(15) [For] we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.

(16) Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

Now this is a needy time. This is a time of the greatest need, because it’s a time of peril. Perilous times in the last days. In other words, every step you take in this Message, there’s a peril lying there. “Oh, I can’t take this.”

I laugh when I don’t mean to laugh, but I tell you, I just… What, do I get embarrassed of people? Do I say, “Well, it had to happen”? What do I say when people don’t even tithe? Now, you know I don’t want your tithe.

I don’t take your tithe. I square my bills. If I owe this church anything out of the tithe fund, I pay it back. I got money in my own fund, which counts for offerings and building and everything else and I can handle that.

But money, most of the money goes, just about everything goes out. What comes in here does go out. I could explain it by my books, if you want to see the checks and all.

But the thing is, I’m very, very I’m not upset, but I simply can’t understand when the Word of God is so clear, if you can’t handle the unrighteous mammon, and that thing is in your heart, you haven’t got control.

Say, “Well, I believe this Word” oh, please don’t tell me that. And they’re backsliding all the time. There’s those that used to tithe, don’t tithe. You know what they’re saying? “Hey, what’s it all about? Who needs it?”

That’s what’s wrong in a certain place in Canada. No matter what you do, you can’t be straightened out. There’s no hope in them straightening out as I see it at this point. And I won’t go into that, because…


Now, the 5th chapter now goes onto Melchisedec. And the full revelation cannot come until the church is mature, which is part of Ephesians. And that happened under the Seventh Seal.

Now from this point what goes on and goes to the whole world no matter how it goes, and continues to go, until it stands before kings, and even unto the White Throne, where they’ll still be kings! This Word will come.

Make no mistake about it. And there’s a great time of danger by people missing out. William Branham identified himself to be the Elijah of Malachi 4, and was proven to be he by God Himself vindicating God Himself in the prophet.

That the means of vindication is not recognized by the world church system is easily accepted, because it is the Bible pattern wherein all prophets are always rejected, even when God Himself is manifesting in human flesh, where He appears in human flesh as He will, as well as a Pillar of Fire.

And don’t forget God appeared in the Garden of Eden, when He talked to Adam and Eve, and came down, and He came down, and when He came down that time the record is, He challenged them on the Word.

And this is the challenge we have right here today on that Word. It’s not on how good a life you live, how many souls you’ve won, what you’ve done this and what you’ve done that. The challenge is on the Word; what have you done with it?

I’ve added a word, I’ve taken a word; I’m walking in unbelief. I can’t give credit here, I can’t give credit there. I’ve got job doing it. There are certain things that rock my mind and make it reel, and I say, “It’s got to be true, because I see it over here.”

It’s got to be true, because this thing here to me is greater than that thing over there. And if all part of the same, then the whole thing is true, because it’s a one true God. Oh, your mind will buzz you. Oh, you bet your life it will buzz you. You know that as well as I do.


Now. So, we can go to page 22 and paragraph 76, and notice how Brother Branham, as he said, is vehement in his enunciation of the world church, which worships in vain, because it’s doctrines and commandments are of men, having left the true revelation of God.

And so on page 22 and at the bottom it says:

[76]  I scream today, as it was, the great prophet of long ago, Amos, when he came down into that city, [Jerusalem] “I’m not a prophet, nor a son of a prophet.

Now, that’s yes and no. Because the truth is God is His Own Prophet. And the man himself is not a prophet, except in the sense that he’s given a designation and an office as pertaining to God!

The same as everyone of us are children of God, but we’re not all pastors, we’re not all teachers, we’re not all evangelists, we’re not all apostles and prophets.

We’re not all those who give with good cheerfulness, and those that do this and do that with hundreds of gifts in the church, speak in tongues, and have a gift of faith and a gift of prophecy, and a gift of healing, and a gift of interpretation, and right down the line, miracles.

We’re not we’re all different, every one of us. Those are merely terminologies which we have to use! To signifies, identifies, qualifies, setting us in the body of Christ with our various ministries.

So he said Amos could say, and William Branham say, “I’m not a prophet,” and in the essentiality, he was not a prophet; God is His Own Prophet!

And if God’s doing the prophesying through the lips of a man, then you can honestly say that man is only a prophet insofar as he is identified as doing that thing!

An ordinary man cannot tell the things that perfectly come to pass. As Brother Branham said, “It’s not William Branham that tells those things that perfectly come to pass.”

Neither did Amos, and neither did Paul, and neither did Moses, and neither did anybody else, as Isaiah especially. Forget it. It was God. And that’s the way it is.


Now, but he said:

[76]  If the lion roars, who can but fear!”

Why did Brother quote that? Because under the Seventh Seal, the lion, as it were a lion roared! And he couldn’t hold back what was told him! He had to present it! And he said, “This will drive all of my friends away, except maybe a few.”

That say, “Brother Branham, if you ever went kooky, you went kooky now.” A man going to come on the scene, “I’m the one to open the Seals!” Different men have said that! They’re saying it now, and they’re laughing stock!

That man was vindicated! Merciful God, what do you want for vindication, when one time should do it! Not hundreds of times.

“Well God, tell me how I’d like to hear it. Oh God, do it like I’d like to see it done. You’re such a loving God, and I’m such a lovely child.”

Oh, you are a pain in the neck. A lovely child, my foot. Telling God to change His way for you and your stinking reasoning. God hit me over the head, flatten me, straighten me out!

Stop me being so stupid I can think my prayers and my fasting or whatever I do, turn, twists Your arm. I’ve seen them pray and fast. A woman especially one time, and a man. In the ministry.

Believe this Message no more than nothing. Why? Because they prayed, they fasted, they twisted God’s arm. Brother Branham warned Franklin Hall, “Don’t publish that book on fasting.”


Who took it up? Allen took it up; the man that died an alcoholic. Is that what God has His servants do? Die of alcohol? Want you to show me one. Fed them to lions, smeared them across the road in a car wreck.

God’s prophets don’t die believing in three gods and a Jesus Only, full of alcohol. Though some woman prostitute preacher down there she’s dead now in Louisville, tried to say Brother Branham ran with women.

Her name was Mrs. Hicks. I’ll put it on the tape. She can’t sue me, but I wouldn’t care. I raise my hand toward heaven; I’ll tell you. Not telling you lies, to the best of my knowledge, that’s an absolute fact.

But isn’t an absolute fact, I know one thing about her, she never did believe him anyway, because her daughter is a Pentecostal preacher, and she’s the one who had all the men running down training them.

How is a woman preacher going to train men? Train them in gifts of the Holy Ghost and be somebody, and say, “Oh boy, the people are coming and getting saved”? Saved from what? Saved to what?

This is an unfolding revelation, unfolding work of God coming right to perfection where the Bride is taken away. And I like what the old guy said years ago.

He said, “Salvation is a three-fold process: I have been saved; I’m being saved; I’ve yet to be saved.” He’s right. But don’t carry that too far. Just an illustration showing you how the progressive work of Almighty God goes.

[76]  “[But] if the lion roars, who can but fear!” “When God speaks, who can but prophecy.” [You see?]


Now notice God speaking. When God speaks, who can but prophecy. It tells you right there, God speaking demands a prophecy. And the prophecy’s got to come by a prophet; the one that God indicated and vindicated he was the one that was the mouthpiece. See?

He predicted judgment upon that generation… Now the ‘generation’ is a very good word. In one case you’ll find it means ‘born’ like a special lineage. And so you got two kinds, and science proves it.

You got 99.99 that is all of one seed. You got a little .00 something that’s of another seed. Scientifically proven. So you got two lineages. It tells you right there. He said: He predicted judgment upon the generation…

What generation? “Oh generation of vipers, who warned you of the wrath to come?” And you go to Matthew 22, you’ll find generation, generation, generation, and every single time it’s vipers.

Now if they’re vipers back there, what are they now? Well your question’s answered; how many Jews came in? I’m not against the Jews, I’m just laying it on the line. How many are going to come in?

A hundred and forty-four thousand. And they’re the ones that don’t receive Him. So the Bible says in Acts the 3rd chapter, “Destroy utterly,” and that follows Malachi. That follows Elijah.

This Elijah and that Elijah coming in the Great Tribulation preaches the same thing as this Elijah, or this Elijah was wrong! And if this Elijah’s wrong, then those people are God’s seed, and we’re serpent seed!


Now figure this one out. How can eight people suddenly be eight million, eight hundred million, two and a half billion people get in an ark? So serpent seed is 99.9999.

Seed of God is 0.0009 or 1. Something like that. Right? Can’t have your cake and eat it. That’s scientific. We’re not talking now on generalities here.

Another time the word ‘generation’ means an age or a nation. So “this generation will not pass away;” this age will not pass away. These kind of people won’t pass away till it’s all fulfilled. All fulfilled what?

The generation that belongs to God, all the Scripture concerning them, is going to be fulfilled in us, as per Gentiles, then fulfilled in the last of Israel as per Israel, and all the rest of Scripture, delineating upon the generations of serpent seed, the Scripture there will be fulfilled upon them.

Right? Right! Huh? You with me? Ebal and Gerizim? Is it not true that those upon Gerizim, they shouted all the blessings, huh? And isn’t it true upon those upon Mount Ebal, like evil, they shouted the cursings. Is that true?

Then if He came left hand and right hand, is He going to say, “mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm”? The Bride doesn’t know what’s going on. “Yep, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm,” to the ones that are condemned?

Don’t be ridiculous. It’s all in plain open. He said, “Little Bride, you didn’t even do it,” and then he lowered the boom on the seed of discrepancy.

Right here, he raised his voice, vehemently screamed, vehemently screamed out against ecumenism. Did he or did he not? You’ve heard the tapes; we could play them for you for your edification.



[76]  “…who can but prophesy?” He predicted judgment upon that generation, [that type of people that came on and on and on and now formed the last age where the tares are separated and put into bundles and the wheat is taken from the chaff. So the chaff burns with the tares because it’s all one. He pronounced judgment,] “The very God that you claim to serve will destroy you.”

Now what did Jesus say that’s come to pass in our day? “You’ve made the Word of God vain by your traditions, so your worship of God is vain.” It doesn’t say they won’t worship God. It says, “It won’t do you any good to worship God.”

So, if you’re an idolater out there and you’re paying tithes, it’s not going to do you any good. You’re subscribing to the tithes of an organization, and you’ll take what they say more and more and more, and you’ll handle it better, and better, and better.

You’ll be more facile. Oh my God, you should have heard me when I was just a kid preacher, and I believed in tongues. Oh man, did I believe.

I could twist Scripture around your neck, and I could twist it back and forth with Scripture, till one guy say, he said, “Son, I’m going to tell you, I really believe you’re a teacher.”

And I said, “Well, that’s very nice of you but I know what I am, but I just try to preach what I see.” And I was seeing all cock-eyed too because I had a bunch of cock-eyed instructors.

I had a cock-eyed devil doing, tell you the truth. God never taught me a lot of the junk that I believed. Mm-mm. No, no, no, no, no. Organization did.

I went right down the line, listening to experience, till Brother Branham said, “Look, hey we don’t go by experience, we go by the Word of God.”

I said, “Have it your way, doc. You win.” Ever since then I just discredit everything I ever had, except I know that He lives, and by the grace of God I’ve got the Word of life that will make me live with Him.

That’s all that matters. That’s all that matters. Now don’t want to twist it now; be very careful.


Now he said:

[77]  You put this, it’s on tape, and you remember. [He said you put this on tape. You get that tape. You listen; you remember.] That the very God that… [And he would have repeated himself: that you say you serve and worship, He is going to destroy you. Absolutely.]

These people now that’s gathering all this great [big] harvest of World Council of churches. And you’re going to have to go into it. You can’t stay out of it. You’re either going to be individually getting out of it, or you’re going [individually going to go] into it.

[In other words, he’s pinning not the people down as a group now, but every single person.] There ain’t going to be no middle ground. It’ll be the mark of the beast. No man could buy or sell, except he that has the mark [of the beast], or [has] got the discrepancy.

Now what he’s telling, the mark of the beast, you don’t even know you got it, because it’s in your mind here, where you’re serving a false God, and taking the Bible of the true God and perverting it to make it line up with a false god.

It’s a seed of discrepancy. It’s in the genes physically, and it’s in the genes spiritually! Right? Why absolutely. How do I say that? Because He said, “Make the tree good or make it evil!

A good tree will not bring forth evil fruit, and an evil tree will not bring forth good fruit!” Huh? See where you sit this morning, brother/sister? You’re not sitting on any old rocking chair on your porch trying to while your life away.

Don’t worry for one minute. You’re not even in the back yard sitting under a fig tree or something out there. You’re on the hot seat. And it won’t be like old grandma with the hot cross buns… sitting on a hot stove and not getting marked.

You’re already marked. In the hand, in the forehead and the mind. I’ll keep whipping these guys that think they’re so smart. Well, what’s the difference? They’re meant to fool the people. They wouldn’t last two seconds here.

The guy come in here one time, and the church caught him in about five minutes; he made a booboo. Yet he believes the Presence very strong, but I wonder what he believes it for.

For money? What interest has he got? Check people’s lives. You begin to wonder what in the world’s going on. See?


Now seed of discrepancy. The discrepancy is the mark of the beast.

Now, stay out of it! Get out of it! Flee it! Stay [away] from it! The God that they claim they’re serving will destroy them. [Oh and they say,] The great God of love He won’t…

Well, do you think He’ll bypass His Word that’s been truly revealed? Do you think He’ll bypass Matthew 16 to make it nice for us when He didn’t even make it nice for Peter? And said, “Peter, look, you got a revelation from God.

I didn’t give it, and you didn’t get it, nobody gave it. God gave it.” Do you think we’re going to be different? Everybody wants to be even greater than Peter.

“Oh hallelujah. Peter was that guy. He was a kind of a shifty guy; he couldn’t be trusted, but we love his energy, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.” What a bunch of blather mouth idiots so to speak.

Mouths come right around their ears, so they can hear what’s going in their ears; they’re like big antennas out there waving to catch a breeze. They talk about Peter, lowering Peter to their stature. Hey, let’s get to Peter’s stature.

Flesh and blood never told me anything, except all wrong. God did it. And you can claim that from there. Huh? Isn’t that the same One that in-dwelt Jesus Christ? Well come on, if it’s not the same One, there’s something wrong somewhere.

How can we testify to every Word that Jesus said? God testified to Himself when He was in the body of Jesus. Now He testifies the same thing when He was in the body of William Branham.

And we’ve got a part of His Own life in us; we receive it! Huh? I said a while ago, little penguins know their mothers, and their mothers know their little penguins by their shrill chirping. They know by the voice. Aren’t we as well off as penguins?


[78]  [Oh they] said, “[Well,] Jesus, He prayed that we should all be one.” [But] then He also said, “How can you walk together, two walk together, unless they be agreed?”

Now that’s the thing I get a lot of whipping for, all over the world, because I’m kind of a iconoclastic and I kind of remain by myself, which I do.

But Brother Branham himself said, “How can you have fellowship, you who believe all the Word, have fellowship with those who believe only part of the Word?”

And what’s he talking about? Out there in the country somewhere? Or he’s talking about us. My fellowship doesn’t go to Methodist, Baptist. I don’t run around hobnobbing with Pentecost evidence.

My whole life is in this Message with people that surround it. And I hear more and more people, more and more don’t have a clue to Presence.

They can talk it even intelligently with me, and then say, “Well, He’s been here all the time.” That’s been here all the time? [Points to picture of Pillar of Fire on the wall.] Prove it.

Prove it. Find me one historian. Get the works of the Catholic Church. I’ve had them. Get the books. Prove it.


The historians today admit, Bible days repeated. The ministry of Jesus Christ came back to this earth, as Daddy Bosworth said, in 1953, as he pulled my coattails.

He said, “Brother Vayle, I prayed for the ministry of Jesus Christ to return to this earth for forty years. There it is in that man.”

Daddy Bosworth didn’t miss a trip, because I’ll tell you why. The ministry of Jesus Christ, was the ministry of Elohim, Jehovah Elohim Himself through a human body, and it came to William Branham. Hallelujah.

Now let the Pentecostals run around the aisles and shout and scream. Let the rest of the Branhamites that preach like we get it preaching here. I’ll run and scream around the aisles if they run and scream with this.

And I’ll be shouting louder. I’ll be like King David, when people cried, he cried more, and when they screamed, he screamed louder. If I’ve even got to buy a bow horn to do it. And I’ll let them do it; I’ll run.

I’ll have a hallelujah march with you. I’m not against emotion, scream everything else, but I’m going to tell you one thing.

You can’t just get anything from God, in my books, screaming and yelling when you don’t even know what you’re screaming and yelling about, and when you refuse to scream and yell about the truth, there’s got to be something wrong somewhere.

No, you can’t teach under those conditions. I don’t believe you can. See?


[78]  He said, “One,” like He and the Father are One. And the Father was the Word, and He was the Word made manifest. [Now that’s beautiful right there; that’s John 1:1.] He was One with the Father because He was the manifestation of God’s promised Word.

[He was. He was one because He was the manifestation of that Word. He wasn’t that Word per se, He was the manifestation of it, and thereby in the flesh He was that Word Logos. You can get Logos a lot of different ways. We saw that and we’ve seen that in Scripture. You see?] And so is it today, or any other day.

Now that’s where Brother Branham really gets them confused. But the point is, if you’re beginning to describe this and make a comparison when were those days?

You got to follow what Brother Branham said. “When you see God descend from the heavens and stand before groups of men, and declare Himself as ever He did.”

Now come on, where do you find that? Huh? You find this in the same place. God in the prophets, Hebrews chapter 1. Hebrews chapter 1, concerning the Son, the image of God.

That’s why He said, “Don’t you dare make an image of Me, in heaven or in earth, or anything above, anything you’ve seen, forget it. Don’t you dare make an image, a human being, anybody.

I’m sending My Own image.” What was He? The only begotten Son, virgin born.


An image is an image; it is not the real thing. Jesus was not the real God; He was a part of God, the only begotten One, Whom the generations were started, and then God came and in-dwelt Him.

Oh a mystery, that Son one time in-dwelt Michael the archangel and led in worship with Satan.

I don’t understand it; I don’t even want to understand it! Brother Branham said it; that’s enough. Hallelujah! When He wanted to come down and take a human body, He did.

When He wanted William Branham, He did it! When He wanted Paul, He did it! What more do you want?

“Well, I’m going to be a part.” .Oh, you’re not going to be a part of anything! You got to stand back and believe. Only believe!

Why do you think Brother Branham had that song indelibly in his mind and in every congregation he ever addressed Only Believe, by Lou Grader because that was the truth.

“Only believe, only believe, all things are possible.” That God should come and indwell that man [points to picture of Pillar of Fire on the wall] like He in-dwelt Jesus, like He in-dwelt Moses, like He in…

“Well, I don’t know if He really in-dwelt Moses and Paul. That’s a different thing entirely. Well, I don’t really believe that.”

You don’t believe your Bible. You don’t believe your Bible. William Branham said, “The Pillar of Fire standing up inside of me.”

“Oh God, have pity on… Oh God, let me out of here. This is too sacrilegious.”


I like it. Tell me more. I want to get next to it. Want to get next to the Pillar of Fire? Shake hands with the man. Huh? Go by him when he said, ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’; that’s not William Branham speaking.

I don’t like to singe feathers, but I’ve singed chicken feathers before, but never caught an eagle feather. [Someone says, “Praise the Lord.”] Thank you. Did you catch what I said awhile ago?

I’ve singed a lot of chicken feathers, but never an eagle feather. Hey, I know what is singed chicken feathers; I’ve done it! You pluck the big feathers off, then you light some newspaper, and you get the little fuzzy feathers off.

Singe them. And you know what? Smoke was horrible. On the other hand, I don’t mind eating a chicken, but I’d hate to eat an eagle. Huh? Oh Lord, my sarcasm is going to get me killed someday. I don’t know. Well, the sooner the better.

And the Father was the Word and He was the Word and made manifest. He was One with the Father because He was the manifestation of God’s promised Word. And Brother Branham said the prophet is the Word of God made manifest in human flesh.

Right? Oh, the chickens clucked over that one. Oh, they ran screaming to the manure heaps, squawking, squawking, calling for their husband. Bock, bock, bock, squawk, squawk.

And my friend opened the Bible, they opened the book, because I’d showed him two days before, and he said, “Read this.” You think they were converted? Well put it this way, I’ve watched and I wonder. I wonder.


[78]  And so it is today, and any other day. Yes, sir. That God is One;

That God, Jehovah was One with the Son, because He was in the Son, but the Son wasn’t God and God wasn’t the Son. I’m saying this, not William Branham.

That God is One; He wants us to be one.

[79]  How can [we] be one, this one denying the virgin birth, and this [one] deny Divine healing, and this, [that], and all of them in a mess? [Now listen. Here’s the thing that’s like the contradiction. He’s God, but He isn’t God.]

Some of them even don’t even believe in God, believe He was the Son of God; believe He was the son of Joseph, [They don’t believe that Elohim Himself was the God standing there. And they don’t even believe that this One standing there was the Son of God, and God was in Him.

They believe He was merely a son of Joseph, and Brother Branham said many people said he was the illegitimate son of a Roman soldier. He was the son of Joseph, just] called the Son of God. Certainly.

The twin brothers to Lutherans, Zwinglies, believe that, that He was absolutely just a good man. The Christian Science said He was a prophet, [just] an ordinary man, He wasn’t Divine.

Why, if He wasn’t Divine, He’s the greatest deceiver the world ever had. He was God or He was nothing. He was Divine! He was Deity, in the person of the Son of God.

So he’s talking about a man in a man. He’s talking about a man in a man. The best the Trinitarians can do is say this way: “God is like an egg. A shell on the outside, the white on the inside, the yolk on the inside.”

And I said, “Hold it, there’s four of them.” Because there’s a shell on the outside, there’s a skin on the inside, there’s a white on the inside of that, and there’s the yellow. That makes four. So Trinity is screwy.


The other guy said, “I understood Trinity when I went to China. The weather was so cold they gave me a coat. And they put a coat on me, and don’t you know in that coat was a beautiful furry lining, and in that lining also was a third lining and that was Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; my coat.”

And I thought, “That’s pretty good, but I don’t know if that’s really true.” And I bounced back and forth and back and forth between Trinity and Jesus Only, until one day it broke upon me in the fullness of the reality of Who is this Melchisedec, when Brother Branham laid it out, and he laid it out flat and strong.

And that was it. And I could see the genealogy, I can see the principles, I can see everything. And the everything pertains exactly true what he says, “In the person of the Son of God, that was God.”

So God was in the Son of God! And the Son of God was also Son of man. Because he was prophet. That’s the thing you’re looking at. And people do not want to believe it.

That’s what Brother Hall was bringing out I don’t think he used that one here. He used other ones. But what you’re looking at, Brother Hall talked about, expression and he talked about humanity. And Jesus was God, but He wasn’t God.


What does he mean Jesus was God but He wasn’t God? The truth of the matter is I don’t even like that expression. And I’ll tell you why I don’t like it. Because it throws a puzzle at you. Let’s start looking at both sides.

Well, I know that’s the way God wanted it, or Brother Branham wouldn’t have said it that way, but the point is, I’m telling you as a teacher I can’t resent it, because I’ve got no right to resent what God does, because what God does, Brother Branham explained, opens the eyes of one, and blinds the eyes of the other!

And you will sit there, until you get the revelation! You don’t comment; you just look at it! You keep going back and forth! And that’s my ministry always has been that way till I can finalize it.

And I can finalize this positively, that in the beginning a light formed when there wasn’t even one molecule, nothing created, nothing, nothing, nothing but God! Where did that light form from?

Because form means something comes from something. A piece of God went out.

That was the Son of God, like a child playing around the throne, and Brother Branham describes the whole of creation, and that same One and don’t try to make it different only came in human flesh, just like us, except for one difference.

We bypassed our theophonic form, that Word form, that Spirit form body, and came down here. We’ll meet it one day.


That’s why we’re eternal in the heavens, and eternal means a substance that never had a beginning. Just like Jesus was that substance that came out, there is that same thing somehow waiting for us. And we go to it.

And in the air it meets us. Don’t try to figure it! Listen to what the prophet said and believe it. He’s vindicated. He also said there were things under the Seals revealed to us which were not known from before the foundation of the world.

Oh, are we in a superclass as it were. We are the perfect; we’re the knowledgeable ones. The rest are turning to Gnosticism and foolishness. But we stay right with the Word of God.

God Himself ordained that that One be in a certain form, and that One then take on flesh, and He described how it was done. And He wasn’t God the Son coming into the body. He was God, Father, Elohim, Jehovah Elohim.

And He came right into Jesus at the River Jordan. And on the cross, God having left him, leaving His tabernacle, he cried to God, “Into Thy hands, I commend my spirit.”

And the Bible distinctly tells us that’s where the spirit went, and the soul went down into hell, and the body went into the grave, and that’s the conclusion! Then God raised him.

God didn’t raise God. The truth of the matter is that God even raised that Son. Well, the fact is he went down there in the power of Almighty God and led them loose, took up his body, and they took up their bodies, and came out.

Because God raises the dead. The Son didn’t raise himself; God raises the dead. And the body didn’t even suffer corruption.


Look what God did through Jesus in the resurrection of Lazarus. Four days in the ground, dissolving into fluids and stinking. “Oh, I believe that, I believe that.” Then how come it’s hard to believe that Brother Branham, by the power of God, created squirrels?

“Well, it would have been nice if he hadn’t eaten them.” You an animal lover or something? You can’t stand the fact that somebody has a fur coat, and kills a squirrel or eats a good chunk of beef?

I treated Brother Hall when he was here. I said, “Have a nice steak. We call it American mad cow steak.” I got tickled pink because I saw she chomped hers down faster than he did. This is on tape; this is going to be a good joke.

But it was cute as all get out. I love to see them eat a good meal. Now, of course, I wasn’t behind them either. Don’t think that I was behind them. We had a good steak there.

[79]  He was God or He was nothing.

Who is he talking about? The One that was in the Son. In His Son how? And He was in that Son how? By a body that God Himself was creating through a sperm and an egg that He created in the incubation factory of Mary.

That’s all. And that life of that Son was reduced to the life in that sperm. And when He came forth He was a virgin born Son of God. He grew up just like you and me had to, to partake of everything we partook of.

Increased in stature, in wisdom and stature with God and man, appeared suddenly in the temple at age twelve, confounded the scholars and everybody else. But a marvelous thing that was.


So all right, here we are. I wanted to get this far anyway, where we see where Brother Branham cried out against the ecumenical spirit, the seed of discrepancy, which is now in the judgment halls, lined up for the burning and the destruction.

And he’s showing again the one that they worshipped is not the One that He is revealing! And he’s explaining Who the true God is under the conditions of the hour in which it is! And which it was. They don’t get it. Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Well Lord bless you. I guess I’m overdue or something; who knows. But anyway that’s as far as we’ve gone today.

And there’s Communion Service next Saturday, and if I’m able to, which I kind of doubt I’m up to that much strenuous exercise to take two services. But anyway, you’ll be here if I’m not. Hopefully then we’ll get in one of them.

So let’s rise to be dismissed.

Our gracious eternal Father, we thank You for the time we spent in Your Presence today, knowing it is Your Presence.

Not that You would be here especially in the Pillar of Fire for us, but definitely, Lord, we know that You are here to lead Your people into the Millennium, even as You were back there to lead them into Promised Land, which You certainly did.

Now we know, Lord, that many of us are going to go on ahead, and perhaps, who knows, there might be two people left, there may be nobody left, of what you might call of the old ones around Brother Branham that took the Message to heart, and wrote about it, preached about it, and have done these things, Lord, and we know we’re fast fading out.

But we know that You abide forever, and that’s the thing that counts. And You are here, Lord, as You brought the Shout to put the church in order, gave us a Message of Your Presence, and that which is contingent to it, adheres it.

And now You’re here to raise the dead, once the application has been thoroughly worked out in the Bride, that lovely Message, the lovely Word, the gospel of our salvation, the true doctrine, the true understanding, the true revelation. These things, Lord, we know that You will raise the dead, and we will all come into a place where we ought to be.

And now, Lord, our only hope is in You. And we just pray that as we have taken this Word on more and more, and have gone into it more and more, Lord, that righteous wonderful hope that we have may spring more and more into our hearts, and come forth more and more into our minds, and out of our mouths, even to the point, Lord, where all the critics will have to acknowledge that we are walking in the light as He is in the light.

And there are those things coming forth from us, from this Word, Lord, that they put so much stock in, which we do not, but we admit that it is there. And all these things, Lord, come into harmony according to what You want.

Although we do ask and say these people might see it, we know that You don’t have to answer that prayer, Lord, because it may be that You don’t want anything like that, and that’s fine by us.

Because the critic’s mouths are all stopped on the ground anyway of vindication, which we know vindication means really nothing in itself unless there is a Word to be vindicated.

And that Word itself must to come to light in our lives, our understandings, in our souls, and be a part of the truth, because it’s the real truth, wherein we worship You in Spirit and in truth. Now You know our hearts today, Lord, and what we really desire.

And I pray Father if we are not in line with this enough, that You will correct us, no matter what it takes to correct us, Father in heaven we pray that You will correct us, and see that our feet are on the right path, illuminated by the light of the Word of Almighty God, walking in it.

Not only walking having believed it, but actually a certain amount of manifestation according to what You desire of us, both in righteous lives and in anything else that You have incumbent upon us, so that we might be pleasing to You, because we know in the bottom of our hearts that’s what we really want, although many times we seem so far from it.

Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be all power, honor and glory, through Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.

‘Take the Name of Jesus with you.’

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