Seed Of Discrepancy #08

Two Seeds, Sources, And Tabernacles; He That Is Of God Hears God's Words
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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, it gives us great rejoicing in our hearts to know we can sing “Jesus is Here,” because we are children of the Promise, which are contingent to the very faith and Covenant of Jesus Christ himself, as that One Lord, who covenanted with You perhaps even before there was a speck of stardust, I do not know, but I know that it was all there even then, before He came forth, and when He came forth, and the Covenant would have to come at some particular time.

And we appreciate that, knowing that we are a part of It, and will be standing in that great day when He is in the midst of the church singing praises unto Thee, and we with Him. And He is not ashamed to call us brethren, because we are all of One source.

Knowing that magnitude does not alter the proposition anything whatsoever, as we compare the oceans with their complete chemical balance one to another. It could be just a drop, it could be a bucketful, it could be millions of tons: it would still be that seawater, and therefore be a part of it.

So Lord whatever our part is, we could be a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord, we could be just someone who shows mercy with cheerfulness, someone who has learned to give a little bit, someone learned to fill some little position for the glory of God and just take up our parts as part of that body.

It’s wonderful to know that You are here and we are part of it, and soon, it will all go on to that next phase, which is of course another foundation being laid for a greater phase yet. And just opening up under the Seven Seals after vista in a immeasurable way, in a glory which will not only not pass away, but cannot be fathomed.

But Lord, we believe it is ours, because we are a part of that, we are the ones who believe, the ones who stand with this truth Lord. And we know that that’s just the same as when the call came forth “Who is on the Lord’s side?”

And we answered and took our step over with the Word, which we are certainly not ashamed, but glory in it, because therein lies God.

And so we know Lord, we’re very happy with You, happy with Your Word, and proud of You, and proud of Your Word Lord. And we’re all together then, in this place just waiting to go on to what You told us.

Help us in our studies this morning Lord, to grasp more and more truth, as to its reality, finality, and live, die, sink, or swim qualities, in Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we’re on number 8 this morning. And you remember yesterday, last night, what we were looking at is the fact that this portion of Scripture that Brother Branham took in Matthew 13, which is called a parable, actually has given rise to people believing that God, in a Trinitarian form, a Trinitarian God, brought man into this earth, and the woman.

And somehow by virtue of the fact that God in His infinite wisdom did not boo-boo, or somehow something happened that he did boo-boo, or the devil got in there somehow that where God wasn’t watching or God was watching and just waited to see what would happen.

Satan takes over this race of people wherein two children are born from the Garden of Eden by Adam and Eve, and they are called Cain and Abel.

And because of this act of disobedience, whatever that act of disobedience was: it doesn’t really matter, the penalty was exacted that they had fallen into sin, and so therefore Cain, this beautiful child of God from Adam and Eve became a murderer.

And this is a start of the reprobation of the children of God, where these children can sin away their lives until God can do nothing whatever with them, except that they repent by somehow listening and coming to the Light.

And they are of such character, or of such… they are so so disposed, that they come into this plan of salvation.


And this is really all this Scripture means to the people. They do not have a clue to the fact that there are two kinds of seed from two kinds of sources. They cannot believe that the devil could possibly have children.

That the devil possibly could be the progenitor of a group of people that would be called serpent seed, or the seed of the devil. It’s not that way at all. It is a matter of man, in his rebellion, and it is too bad he was made in such a way that he could be rebellious.

He rebelled to the place where, some even actually blaspheme the Holy Ghost. Many got so far as to be fine Christians with outstanding gifts and ministries, but like Jim Bakker and some of these guys got so far off from God they backslid, and now they’re on their way to hell.

And these are the things that, that the world believes, but the world is not believing correctly. The fact of the matter is that God has a Seed. Now a seed is not the parent. The seed is not the life.

The seed is a product of the life, and bears the life, so that more plants can come forward, perpetuating the life of that original plant through these seeds, until God calls a halt if indeed… God does call a halt.

And so like it or not, when God said to Eve that, “The serpent seed would bruise the heel of Jesus, and Jesus would bruise that head.” That is not merely some figure of speech.

That is an actual fact, because Jesus was that predicated Seed, who would do that. Now he was no more predicated a seed than you or I are.

And people can say anything they want, but I can take you to second Hebrews, which I’ve done many times, and show you that in the midst of the church we sing praise unto God, and He is not ashamed to call us brethren, because we are all of one source.

And it doesn’t mean that, that we’re anywhere near to be compared to Him. It doesn’t mean we’re going to shine like Him, it doesn’t mean we’re going to do anything like Him; it just means we’re brethren.


And it could be like a whole household of very fine people, where the man and the woman were really really fine, outstanding people, Christians and all. And they had several children, and every child was a genius but one of them, and he was a complete idiot.

And so he was going “bbbb-bbbb-bbbb” all day long and all the rest of them are out there, you know, they’re earning their degrees, they’ve become great ministers, they’ve become great doctors, they become great teachers, they become great merchants. And the one guy, “bbbb-bbbb-bbbb-bbbb.”

Well I’m going to tell you, the “bbbb-bbbb-bbbb-bbbb,” he is just as much a son as the guy with Ph.D., and L.L.D. and M.B.s, and Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and CEO multiplied upon CEO.

That’s the way it is, and that’s the way it is with Jesus and us. He’s the Only Begotten Son, and being that Firstborn in whom God begot His generations. His name on the check is the same as God’s on the very ground that, that’s how it’s set up.

That the firstborn is an equal shareholder with the father because this is the beginning of the father’s strain. And you cannot… you cannot change that, those principles.

So, people don’t like to come to the point of the actual truth that if the woman had a seed which was Jesus, who was literally bruised in death There had to be a seed from that serpent who did the bruising. See, they want to put it into some little mysterious formula.

Well there isn’t any mysterious formula! Cain was a child of the devil. And he got so busy propagating, he had to have multiple wives. He raised up all kinds of kids, literally taking over the world, and when the time came, Jesus branded him as serpent seed, and said “One of you is the devil.”

And how did that happen? It happened the same way that Jesus became God. The devil himself, period, personally, Satan, the created one who led in the worship, that was kicked out of heaven having deceived at least a third of the angels.

Yes, that one there, literally went into Judas, whose ancestry went all the back, back to Cain, so that he was literally a living serpent in a form that did not actually belong.


Now the mutation was not within the inner man. The mutation, or change, was absolutely within the outer. Now you got the same thing with Jesus; although he only took upon himself a part of flesh.

He actually had to be… a created sperm and egg, in which that same life, that same one, that led in the worship of God, right there with Satan. And at that time was in formed into Michael.

Here he is right down here now, and He’s come to his full maturity, thirty years of age, and Almighty God, Whose seed this young man is, comes in and indwells Him.

And Satan lifts up his heel, this serpent seed that is Judas, lifts up his heel against the manifestor of God, who is the Son of God. And as you look at Him, this Son of God, because God is actually in Him, you are looking at God. You say, “My goodness me.”

That’s why Brother Branham could say, “You’re looking at me, aren’t you?” Same thing! Now, you go ahead and look at Judas, and you say to Judas, “Judas, I just a little puzzled about this thing.

Is it true that whosoever seeth you sees the devil?” He said, “Absolutely, you’re looking at him.”


Now what I’m trying to show you is: here’s two very religious people. Jesus is very religious; He’s very spiritual; He’s got a vindicated ministry. And right away of course the ministry follows under Judas, the son of perdition ministry.

Which is not copycat. It’s genuine ministry by the genuine Holy Spirit Himself doing it, but the man is a phony. And he’s serpent seed, and he’s being anointed and he takes that.

And now today you have the people that are lined up the same way. You have a genuine manifestation of Almighty God speaking and doing through William Branham. And then you got these other guys come along and they look just the same.

Why, they could all put on black hats, and they could put on the black coats, and they could put on white shirts, and black ties. And they could wear black suede slippers or whatever they do, and they could put a ring upon their fingers.

And they could go to somebody, and he could carve all their features until every single person looked alike. You’d be just looking at men. But what is inside?


So if Jesus were to appear on the scene today, Brother Branham categorically said, correctly said, “He would appear as a businessman; a conservative businessman. And if Judas appeared on the scene, he would be a businessman.”

I think he’d be a Full Gospel Businessman, because he certainly should be full, and he should have a lot of business going for him. Because his father actually took over the whole world.

He said, “I own all this,” and Jesus didn’t contradict him. And you can’t contradict the church, that their physical condition is, they’re rich, increased in goods, and don’t lack a thing.

And pretty soon when the Roman Catholic church takes over with her harlot daughters, they’re going to be able to say with all truth, “We’re rich, increased in goods, and we own everything.

Now if you want to play along with us, you’ll find us the most wonderful people in the world. We’re not here to harm anybody, but I want you to know one thing. We don’t fool with anybody. Now either you come our way or you don’t come.”


Now this is a perfect picture of God. If you don’t come this way, you aren’t going to get in. Now the big thing… they lie here, because they say, “Whosever will may come. Hey all you got to do is come.”

But when you come to Jesus’ side the Bible said, “Blessed is the man whom thou chooses, and causes to approach unto thy throne.” See? The sheep hear the voice. And the only way they can ever come is if they’re a part of Him.

Because you know the voice for calling sheep is different from calling hogs, and dogs and any other animal. So people simply don’t want to realize that we are looking at a picture today of this world, that of one lump, and that’s the Book of Romans the 9th chapter, the seed lies in there in this one lump; it’s all mixed in.

So that… those lives can be in any person to the extent as it was with Isaac and his wife Rebecca when they too bore twins, same father, same mother and one was not of God. “Esau have I hated, and Jacob have I loved.”

Now of course if you want to go the way some do, and say, “Esau have I loved less,” you might throw him into the foolish virgin class. But you know the thing is It says, “He sought tearfully for repentance and he never ever got it.” And so the foolish virgin I would believe would be on that. I can’t explain it; I just let it ride.


So our thought here that we’re really looking at… in this way that Brother Branham is bringing us. He is bringing us actually… a Message on the serpent seed which he preached back in 1958, with very few notes, very few parts of Scripture that he explained, very little of anything.

And of course the sermon went out and right away Brother Branham was launched upon a teaching ministry of revelatory doctrine, correcting the errors wherein people did not have the answers; but now they have the answers.

And this was all leading up to “How can you tell whether you are serpent seed or whether you are true child of God?”

And of course the answer came down, which we’ve looked at and no doubt might, even in these notes, which I don’t know: it might be in there, that there’s only one way that you can know if you are a child of God in any respect whatsoever, is that you believe the Word that has been set forth for your hour.

And of course in this day… this day supersedes any other day, because this is the day when God sends the prophet Elijah if you care to and choose to believe that this is indeed Elijah.


Now many people don’t believe it and they don’t have any problem in not believing it, because you see, they’re so sure that they’re truly born again. And they’re so truly sure they’re born again, having spoken in tongues and maybe prophesied a couple of times.

And some little thing happened: like opening the refrigerator door and they find something they didn’t expect there; it’s usually a bunch of hocus-pocus junk that isn’t even fit to talk about.

I mean, to think about it or to look at it is so degrading to what’s inside of us that they call some kind of an evidence that if you had some contents in your stomach, you would vomit. But that’s what they go by.

And they feel, “Well I’ve certainly got something here, and if there was an Elijah, God would show me.” And that makes me wonder why people think they’re so important that “God would show me.”

I’ve never ever thought that God would show me anything; I’ve always figured that if He did show me something it would sure be great, because I didn’t expect Him to show me anything at all.

My life has always been full of those surprises, where God showed me or did something. I didn’t even know it was out there to be found or experienced.


You talk about Elijah coming. I had read that Elijah was going to come by these outfitters that believe in Elijah coming, and I didn’t know where to place it and I really cared less; it was so far from anything I was interested in, I would leave it hanging out there.

You know something like you take a piece of meat and you’re going to turn it into jerky. You just put it out there in the heat and the sun and all, and it doesn’t matter if it’s six months from now or ten years from now; what’s the difference, you’ve hung this thing out here for a piece of jerky.

And that’s what I did with Elijah the prophet. I just hung him out. I didn’t know the first thing about him, and the fact of the matter is I didn’t really care.

And I figured if it was something pertinent, someone would get a hold of it; God would work the thing out Himself without me, or having anything to do with it, and that would be just fine.

In other words, there was no association of myself with these things whatsoever. And the association only came from God doing the associating, and these things coming to light.


And that’s the way serpent seed was. I could not believe that serpent seed was an actual violation of the sex act, whereby Eve became pregnant by the serpent.

That to me was most strange, because there was a commandment given to her; and the commandment, as far as I was concerned did not have any true basic meaning, other than it including obedience and disobedience. So she was prone to be disobedient: she blew it.

And when Brother Branham and I talked about this in either 1957 or 6, I forget, we were out there kind of fishing. He was the fisherman, I wasn’t; I just sat there and let him do the fishing.

And he brought this up. And he said, “What do you think?” And I said, “Well, I don’t know,” I said, “As far as I’m concerned, it’s an act of disobedience where she ate an apple, or she just refused to do something is the thing that got her off the path.”

But he said, “Lee, there’s a seed involved.”

Now see, this is the whole crux. This is the whole crux. Is there… or are there two kinds of seeds from two sources? One of which you can positively identify with God, and the other you positively identify with the devil.


Now, according to the Gospels, the identification is a hundred percent complete. The identification of the Son: “He that has seen me has seen the Father. Believest thou not that the Father in me doeth the works and speaks these words.”

There is a hundred percent identification. There is a hundred percent indwelling of a temple, purely and truly formed, over many thousands of years to come into being.

Which would be the house or tabernacle of Almighty God, and another tabernacle for the devil. And that is exactly true.

And at the time of the end when God is going to tabernacle Himself again in the Lamb of which Brother Branham said, “When this spirit that’s in our midst becomes incarnate to us, we’ll crown him King of kings and Lord of lords.”

And at that time the Son of man ministry, having been fulfilled, will now go completely to: “He that is looking at me is looking at God.”


And at the same time, the devil, after the son of perdition ministry, which is in full force at this time; this man will be the home. And the spirit that is now here, so close to the very Spirit of God because He’s allowed these gifts and anointing, and he stays away from the Word.

He will incarnate himself in a pope, and likely that pope will come out of America. They tell me they’re grooming one for that now. And he will actually be able to say, “He that sees me sees the devil.”

But he’s not going to. He’s going to say, “He that sees me sees God.” Because you see, he gets in very cleverly by signs and wonders which are actually lies. He cleans up the money system.

He works by flatteries. Or in plain English: he works by seduction. The same as it started in the beginning. So here’s what you see here.


Now last night I didn’t take some Scripture… and it had to do with tracing through the actual serpent seed from the beginning to the end, which is our day.

And I mentioned that at the time of Jesus when he spoke to Israel, from being a chosen nation of God.

Now remember He said, “This word that I give you is the only thing you can take with you into the Millennium, and it is what you need.

Now when you go there, do not let your eye pity nor your hand be staid. Make no alliances, or covenants with any people within the land under any condition, but slay utterly.”


And the reason was that the men being sex mongers, and I’m not being perhaps too nice there, but when you think of David and Solomon and these gutsy, lusty guys, you know stinking well what happened is they came out of Egypt and fell at Baal-Peor and then with Moses gone, they took all their clothes off; they got involved in illicit, rotten orgies.

You better believe that the men, looking at those women in that land would say, “We’re going to take them to be our wives.” And they did. And when they did, God could not do anything about bringing His race back to any kind of purity.

And if we went to Mandel’s Law, we’re going to find that the negative always supersedes the positive. Understand that’s to be correct. So therefore you’re going to find that in every generation there will be an increase in serpent seed, and there will be a decrease in the true children of God.


That is why you had at the time of Noah, eight people made the Ark, and only one person truly a human being. And that has to do with the physical structure, and that internal structure.

Now the others… the wives and the three boys, their external structures were already mixed. They had the gene of God in the soul that was fine; they had a spirit that was allowed. But already now they were not in a position to build an ark unto safety, only Noah could do it.

And under his jurisdiction that ark of safety was built. I’m not saying for one minute that Brother Branham built any ark of safety for us being just a human being, conceived in sin, shaped in iniquity.

But I’m going to tell you the Holy Spirit, “In whom there is neither variableness, neither shadow of turning,” completely entirely God was the one that used Brother Branham.


So all right, way back there they blew it. Until we come to the 8th chapter of John. Now they’re mixed up with Babylonians, they’re mixed up with Hittites, Jebusites, they’re mixed up with the daughters of kings that came from far because they wanted to make alliances.

And everything was a hodge-podge of politics by sex. Sounds like Bill Clinton, doesn’t it? Yes it certainly does. Politics by sex. So over here… and continuation of government by sex.

You want to keep your job you better just keep, keeping up your extramarital filthy affairs. Well, one of these days…

John 8:41

(41) Ye do the deeds of your father. Then said they to him, We be not born of fornication; we have one Father, even God.

They understood serpent seed. Because if you trace yourself back to Abraham, you had it made because Abraham went right back to Adam; and Adam is called the son of God, and you can’t change the Bible. The actual son of God: the Life of God is in him.

John 8:42

(42) Jesus said… If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me.

Now he said, “Way back there I was that Only Begotten Son, and I wouldn’t be here now except God sent Me. I don’t have any great pleasure being here.”

John 8:43

(43) Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. [And they couldn’t.]


Every time they heard what he said, they heard something different from what he was saying. That’s the same way that you talk to these… God-knows-what Branhamites. There’s two of them: one is the Son of God.

“Oh! He just said there’s two Gods!” Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. I think Brian Kocourek told me he went through his computer and he found three-hundred-and-sixty-some times where it says Son of God not… Charlie did… And there wasn’t one time it said God the Son.

Read it 360 times. They can’t read! You understand what I’m saying? Every time you say horse, they think cow. Every time you say Ginger Ale, they think Coca-Cola. You say, “Brother Vayle, how can that be?”

I’m telling you how it is, and it’s here now! Sure to God you can’t be that dumb, and that gross. You can read it. Here it is.

“Oh, well you’re saying two Gods.”

I’m telling you what Brother Branham said!

“Well you’re not quoting him right.”

Here it is; I’m reading it.

“You’re taking it wrong.”

What are you going to do? Well what you do, you bring up your puppy dog, and you say, “Bowser, oh buddy buddy, here’s what Brother Branham says.” He says, “Arf!” “You know what he says?” “Arf!” He doesn’t know.


What am I referring to? I’m going to read it here. They’re brute beasts. They’re not just beasts; they’re brute. Ever heard of a brutish person? They’re the pit bulls and the rottweilers.

They said, “We’re not born of fornication. We’re not the children of Cain, the serpent.”

John 8:42-44

(42) Jesus said… If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me.

(43) Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word.

(44) Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him…

Now that goes right back to Cain. Now Cain’s got to be the son of somebody because Eve had him. And who did she say, “The serpent seduced me and got me pregnant.” So these are a part of the serpent race.

John 8:44-45

(44) …there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

(45) And because I tell you the truth, you believe me not.


Now watch. You know what he said here? “And because I tell you the truth, you believe not.” Now what if he’d have told them a lie? Happy happy day, they’d believed him all the way! Now come on.

Do you understand what I’m saying? This is their condition; this is the condition of this hour: Tell them a lie! “Hey great! Hallelujah!” Tell them the truth: “Ah, get out of here you filthy preacher.

We don’t believe that kind of junk. Vindication, Shmindication. Why, we’re the accepted church of the Trinitarians. We have the truth.”

The whole stinking bunch haven’t got enough brains to know what the Catholics told them: “We invented water baptism in the Name of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and if you are baptized that way you are one of us.”

Now they told them the truth. And the Protestants don’t believe it. Tell them a lie: “Hip hip hooray! The sun shines today!” Now look, sink this into your hearts. This is how things are. Not how you would hope they are.

Not how you want them to be. It’s spelled i-n-s-a-n-i-t-y. Period! Exclamation mark! Six times in a row. Insanity, and entirely unsanitary. “And because I tell you the truth, you don’t believe Me.” I’d just tell you a lie, and you’d be happy with me.

John 8:46

(46) Which of you convinceth me of sin? [Finds me wrong in one single solitary word.]

“Which of you can take me to the Bible and show that I’m not a hundred percent with it? If I haven’t done everything I’m supposed to do.”

John 8:46-47

(46) …And [then] if I say the truth [based upon vindication], why do ye not believe me? [Now here’s what he said:]

(47) He that is of God heareth God’s words…


Now there’s the criterion. That’s the evidence. Now there was a time when you didn’t know what God’s words were.

But when William Branham came on the scene, according to Deuteronomy 18, for you to deny that, you are not only sick, sick, sick, you are worse than a child of hell and I wouldn’t even want to be in your shoes on Judgment Day.

You might miss hell by a million miles, only to come back a billion years later and burn twenty trillion years longer than you should. Ooh, that was a good one. And you know why?

Because Deuteronomy 18 is the key, that the people agreed to under oath. Then you turn it down. You say, “We lied. We changed our mind. That’s not what we want.”

Just like the Jews have said: “Give us our sign.”

He said, “I gave you your sign.”

“Ha! We know Moses.”

“If you’d have known Moses, you’d have known Me, because he spoke of Me.”

“There comes a prophet like unto him, and if you don’t hear him and I’m the one that’s talking, you’ll be cut off.” And they were cut off.

And if this people is not completely judged and are going to judgment from the Tribulation to the Lake of Fire, then let me say this: “Forget everything. Don’t even talk about vindication, don’t even talk about The Son of God, don’t talk about anything.”

Just say, “Well look, sucker born every minute, a sucker dies every minute.” We’re all suckers. Who knows? ‘Que sera.’

Then we say, “Well if there is a God, what’s he finding fault for?” But you take that back to Paul, and he said when God could be known, and His Word was known, there was a rejection. So you’re right back to vindication.


You see why I preach vindication as strong as I do? This is one reason why people come and say, “Brother Vayle, I’ve sat under a ministry for ten and fifteen years, and just learned what vindication is hearing you in one sermon.”

I can’t understand why a preacher preaches anything without referring to vindication. Otherwise you’re preaching a bunch of hot air, and a bunch of gas maybe may be based on the Word of Almighty God.

But Brother Branham said a lot of this has been eaten by wiggle-tails, and that’s the case it’s rotten and maybe gone to gases. And so the Lutherans are way back there, and they’re getting nothing; the Wesleyans are getting nothing; the Pentecostal’s getting nothing.

It’s all dead; there’s only one Message’s got Life, and this is this Message. And that’s only because of vindication. You see? So he says here:

John 8:47

(47) He that is of God heareth God’s words…


Now notice what John says in the epistle: “He that heareth us, is of God.” So therefore God has certain people that you will hear, or forget it! And those people are mentioned at the end time.

The prophet, the wiseman, the scribe. The prophet brings the word vindicated. The scribes are the five-fold ministry that break it down and tell it to you. Then there is simply the written Word.

Now you can get a hold of it, and enough to take you through. There’s nothing that is left to chance. But notice, everything is Word; prophet with the Word. He tells it. The others break it down, and the rest is in a written form coming from here.

So all of these are together. Now you’ve got a written Word, now you’ve got the five-fold, now you’ve got the prophet that gave it. Now we’ve got a beautiful Bible. And all you got to do is listen to what the prophet of God said: “The Elijah of this hour.

And any five-fold minister that doesn’t preach him is not a true Five Fold minister, and he’s going end up in the Lake of Fire with the rest of them. Unless he’s foolish virgin… which I would very very strangely doubt.


So okay, Brother Branham comes to the point here where he tells you categorically that these seeds that started back in the Garden of Eden, which was the Kingdom of God, God’s Kingdom on earth, God’s headquarters, where the conception took place, brought forth Abel, Abel was killed by Cain.

And Cain was serpent seed. And the day came when those seeds that came down generation after generation after generation. Which means there was a progenitor in Whom was that Life that required some type of carrier or conduit.

And that conduit was called a seed. And in there that was life. So that at the propitious time, with the propitious element, under the propitious atmosphere and all, there would come forth a plant from that seed.

So finally, the seed kept coming down, coming down, coming down until there was a seed born of Mary the virgin. And we don’t know the genealogy of Judas. My goodness me, that shows that he… not being in the genealogy he must have come from Cain.

But his name was in a book, don’t worry, it was the Book of Life, because he’s a part of Israel. Because they blew it way back there, and kept blowing it, marrying all these strange women all… sex sex sex sex, miserable rotten sex. I just can’t understand how that people’s minds go the way they do but they go.

And so now we find Jesus said, “You’re looking at God,” and Judas, he would never tip his handle saying, “You’re looking at the devil.”

So when you get a confession at the end time, that’s vindicated, you are left in the dark concerning the man who will not say, but is, and should be saying, “He that sees me, sees the devil.”

Nope! He’s going to sit in the Temple of God, and say, “You’re looking at God.” But we’re too smart. By the wisdom that God has given us, we know a hundred percent better.


So all right, Brother Branham correctly said that “Judas only played church.” He only played church. Well, what do you think the devil was doing back there in the Garden of Eden? Even before that, he was merely playing at it.

Why was he playing at it? Because he had greater stakes in mind. “I will ascend above the Most High. I’ll not be just like Him; I’m going to take over.” He played church. He was a hypocrite, first rate hypocrite… played at it.

How many people today play at the William Branham ministry? I can name you some. I don’t want them in my house. They came near me, I’d say, “Get out and stay out.”

In fact, if I was preaching again like I used to be able to preach, and I saw this certain guy and his men come in, I said, “What are you doing here? Ushers take them out.

You’re not interested in anything but trying to spoil this meeting, and I’m on to you. So get out, I’ll have you thrown out, and I’ll call the cops if necessary.”

You say, “Brother Vayle would you do that?”

Oh, I just told I would, and I would. I won’t wait until my bluff is called and have a donnybrook. We had our donnybrook, after the service, the damage was done. We’ll have it before.

So what are you doing here? You think this polygamist Jones, these two soul junk come in here… I wouldn’t say, “Deacons, take him out.”

“Well Brother Vayle, I want to confess my sins, I was wrong.”

“I’m not God. Tell God.”

I wouldn’t trust him to get up and try to confess his sin here. He’d put in something here to make everybody think that he was okay. At least I figure that’s what he would do.

Only to turn around and bite your heads off. Forget it. Hey look at it: we’re too late in the day. Too late in the…



[36]  Judas only played church. [A hypocrite. It was a game.] He wasn’t really sincere, he didn’t actually have faith [he’d have never betrayed Jesus. That’s true. He never had faith, as many as… as many as were ordained to eternal life believed.

Judas wasn’t ordained to eternal life. He’s one of those written in the Book… spoken of. Not his name written there for redemption, just spoken of.] But, you see, he sowed that seed of discrepancy.


Now notice, that this man was himself a seed of discrepancy. How these Full Gospel Businessman like Brother Branham said, “You know, you’re a bunch of discrepancies. You don’t measure up. You’re off the course. You’re never going to make it. You’re lilting so far to one side, when the time comes to turn, you fall off the road”

That’s like those gals in the high-heeled slippers trying to walk that narrow line, they fall off. I can’t understand why preachers wives wouldn’t have their feet taken care of by a doctor of some description so they can never wear high heels again, or other women.

You hear what I just said? Well, they complain that, “Hey I got to do on account of my feet.” Go and see a doctor. Or I’ll help you; I got a good hammer and I’ll whop you one. Won’t cost you a nickel. Ah, see, I don’t understand. Where do you get your excuses from?

Where are men’s excuses that they don’t stand with the Word? “Well, my job, my doctor, my friend, my this.” Oh shut up, your what? You’re only talking about a saviour as a make-believer. Just like this guy here. Now he didn’t run down Jesus, not for one minute.

No, no, no. He didn’t run him down. He just didn’t really think about Jesus what he talked about Jesus. You see Judas sowed the seed of discrepancy, he was already a seed himself, so that’s why he could do it.


[36]  …He thought he could make friends with the world, mammon, and also friendship with Jesus, but it was too late for him to do anything about it. When the dead hour came, when he did this evil thing, he crossed the separating line between going forward and returning back.

[He was shut off.] He had to go on the way he went, as a deceiver. He sowed the seed of discrepancy, tried to find favor with those great organizations of that

day, with the Pharisees and Sadducees. And thought he’d make himself a piece of money, and would be popular among the people. If that doesn’t cause so many people to get in that discrepancy, trying to find favor with man! Let’s find favor with God, not with man. But that’s what Judas done with his discrepancies headed up in him.

When the whole thing took over. And Brother Branham’s warning the Full Gospel Businessmen, that’s going to happen with them. And it sure did, because they organized and said, “We’re Trinitarians, and if you’re not a Trinitarian, you’re out.”

And yet the funny thing is the Oneness were not Trinitarian, they were speaking in as many tongues, having just as many miracles, and just as much as anything else as the Trinitarians were.

But the Trinitarians: “We assuredly know there’s three.” You assuredly don’t know there’s three. And I assuredly know you’re an idolater. And I assuredly know that Oneness is no better.

But you’re going to hear the Oneness tell you, “Hey, we’re right. Brother Branham was Oneness.” Brother Branham was only Oneness as far as the Godhead was concerned. He was not Oneness religion-wise, because Miss Oneness could’ve been married to him, and walked off.

Miss Trinity dumped him in a hurry… dumped him in a hurry. See; never forget these things that happened in that man’s life. There just as important as anything happened with Elijah and Elisha. Maybe… and even more so in this hour.


[37]  Now we know that Jesus was the Word

He certainly was. He became the full manifestation of what the Seed was, and then God became the full manifestation of what God was within the Seed.

[38]  If Judas was the seed of the enemy and the discrepancy, it also become flesh and dwelt among us in the person of Judas Iscariot. Now see, the world doesn’t believe that. But if you don’t believe that, then you don’t believe the Book of Revelation where the beast is actually a man.

Now, he never had any real, real faith. He had what he thought was faith. There’s such a thing as having faith, and make-believe faith, and that’s also love.

[39]  A genuine faith of God will believe in God, and God is the Word…

Now that of course, is a pretty good statement, but it is not good enough. For the simple reason: these people, in majority, do not turn down any part of the Word, period! They say it’s in the Book.

But you’ve got it wrong, and we’ve got it right. So Brother Branham here should’ve thrown in a heavy swath for vindication. And a genuine faith of God to believe in God, and God is the Word.

[39]  …it’ll never add nothing to It. [See? What is the Word of God? Not just this written, but revealed. Vindication.] The Bible tells us if we add one word, or take one word away, our part will be taken from the Book of Life. [How would you know if there wasn’t something to help you?]

[40]  In the first beginning, in the first book of the Bible, God told them not to break one Word of That, “every word must be kept,” they must live by that Word. Jesus in the middle of the Book [see that’s he’s the middle before the New Testament come between Malachi and Matthew, he] come along and said that in His age, and said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.”

Now that Word is a very simplistic Word. And you can take it and say we sustain it; we build up our spiritual lives, and that is true, but Paul also said,” All things were made by and consist, or are maintained, by Him who is the Word.”


So, therefore, you turn down this Word, which they’re doing at the end time. Do you realize the props are pulled on them, and they have nowhere to stand? And that is why their bodies are decaying; their flesh is decaying on their bones.

And when the winds of adversity come, there is no place to turn. Simply because brother/sister, to turn down the Word of God in this Age is not simply to turn down the vindicated Word, but is to turn down the Word by which everything is maintained.

And this Word now turned down, turns down God. God now takes His hand off. What begins to happen? The Earth begins to rock and to reel, the sun begins to shine as it never should shine, the moon turns into blood.

Or the sun to blood, and the moon to darkness. Diseases come upon the earth; men and women begin to go insane. The women see these long-haired scorpions because they’ve cut their hair.

Now imagine that. What’s that got to do with a little cutting of the hair? “Well, that’s okay to cut your hair, if you like bangs, cut them off, you know, well what’s got… what’s that got to do with it?”

Well, stick around for the scorpion fest. The German Oktoberfest where you see two blue moons in the sky is going to be nothing like this one when you get drunk on that spirit of cut hair. You know there’s a spirit there?


Tell me, why when a woman turns on her husband in this Message the first thing she does, she waltzes out, cuts her hair and puts on slacks? She’s drinking freely of the spirit of cut hair and slacks.

And how come women that don’t even do that begin to wear slit skirts? What are you trying to show people? I want to know why women do it. Men don’t do it. And the funny thing is the men don’t tell their wives, “Hey not around me kid, not around me.”

I think if a man divorced his wife for short hair, he has a better reason to divorce her for showing those things she should not be showing. because short hair does not suggest sex.

The actual fact of the matter is I’ve checked men every time I used to go any place in the world even.

I’d say, “Now you men give me an honest answer, is a woman more sexually female with long hair or short?” Only one person in all those years as a man said he liked a woman with short hair; she was more sexual.

And he got into the stupidest whoredoms, spiritually, of any man I have ever heard in my life. I’ve never found a man yet that didn’t say a woman was more female with long hair.

So if she cut off her hair, she’s not female hardly. She’s my girl Friday out there, you know, should be pitching manure or something. But you slit the skirt… I just… I want to know some answers.

I want to know some answers. Why would a woman do that? Got a filthy spirit; that’s the whole thing. Religious but not spiritual.


Husband stands forth shows he ain’t got a thing. You watch the next thing he does. Money, popularity, women. Most people never get too popular, but it isn’t hard at all to get into debt, run up bills, and take someone to the cleaner, just be a little smarter than they are.

And women are a dime a dozen. Phew! My God, have pity. People left the Word. See? Every Word comes out of the mouth of God.

And in the closing age of Revelation 4 told to us that, “Whosoever shall take one word out of the Book, or add one word to it, his part should be taken from the Book of Life.”

And what happened when Brother Branham said, “Watch those high-heeled slippers?”

“Well you know, the doctor says I should have them.” Dr. Jesus said you shouldn’t have them. Brother Branham said, “Watch those skirts.”

“Well I just don’t see. That’s you filthy men.” Then Jesus is a filthy man. I don’t… you see, look folks the reasoning is not there. It’s the reasoning of the brute beast.

And the women represents the church. And the church has sold down her husband, right down the river.


[41]  Therefore there can be nothing shadowy, just a genuine, unadulterated Word of God! [Now that’s what Brother Branham says at the end time. Why? Because the answers have been given, the questions have been answered.]

That’s sons of God, daughters of God, who’s not borned by the will of man, or by shaking a hand, or some form of baptism; but borned in the Spirit of God, by the Holy Spirit, [in other words, the rebirth and the baptism’s the same thing,] and the Word manifesting Itself through them. That’s genuine Seed of God!

Now does he mean that there’s some sort of vindication there? Well the vindication has already been given. So therefore, to accept it as your definitive passive faith, your doctrine, what you believe that God has most assuredly said, even concerning of what he has most assuredly done, and you receive that, that is your foundation upon which to build the gold, the silver, precious jewels and stones.

There’s where your active faith can come in. And you’ll automatically feel inclined and be inclined to do the right thing, though many times we won’t do it. The desire to be out there doing those things is wrong.

So where is the church’s heart epitomized by a woman who slits her skirt, puts them above the back of her knee or the front, and remember the knee has two sides it’s gotta be four inches below, or swings her hips in a vulgar manner with her high heels?

That’s the church. Where is their birth? They can’t even do that. Of course they will cover that up by doing a few good works. And their good works are usually selling tickets to some ping-pong game or some raffle or something.

God no more accepts that than nothing. It must be accepted from God what God specifies, and how gives it. “There can be nothing shadowy. It’s genuine unadulterated Word. The sons of God and daughters of God, who are born not by the will of man.”


Now we can’t say that the will of man isn’t in there, because if a man did not have a sexual desire for a woman and she for him, the child would not be born. But it’s telling you it doesn’t come that way, as though you can say, “Hey we’re going to have a child of God, you bet.

We’re Christians and we’re praying, and this one here is going to be an elect child of God.” Uh-uh. Uh-uh. That could be the worst little heathen the world ever saw, because you figured you could do something.

And I’ve read of cases. I read a case just like it. This poor woman, she got pregnant and under the right conditions, the right spiritual thoughts, and everything just ‘Hallelujah, glory to God’, and all during her pregnancy she thought beautiful positive thoughts, everything about the lovely child.

The boy was born healthy, and he was hell not on four wheels, but fourteen wheels. He ended up a murderer. Not by the will of man. No no no no no. Nope. It must be by the will of God, where the… human birth, the elect child of God is a far greater thing than a virgin birth, than Jesus himself coming.

And then there comes the baptism with the Holy Ghost which is the watering of the spirit by the Word that seals you right into God, and then the Word manifesting itself.

Not as any evidence and sign, like I’ve got a lot of fruit, that’s fine, but others have fruit that don’t even know the first thing about Jesus; don’t know about being born again. There are those that have a lot of gifts of the Spirit, and they’re no more on the Word than nothing. They’re boasters and high-rollers and that’s about all there is to it.


So he’s telling you her, that there is a substance, and the substance lies in the revealed Word which if you receive proves that you must have some relationship somewhere. And remember Paul says that that must continue.

He said to the Galatians, “You believe, you’d have given your eyes for me. Why did you stop believing?” They were gone; they never believed in the first place; they were just like Judas. They’re make-believers.


Listen, when you come to this Message you will stay with this Message. You will not get fumbled by the fact that, that everything wasn’t over in 1977, because it wasn’t meant to be. The books say so.

It was merely a prediction. The events were not in. The events are not in right now. But they’re coming very very close, because everything is on the exploding edge. There’s nobody knows which way to turn.

You think you’ve got a lick, the government comes right along and takes everything you got, and if you fuss with the government they’ll throw you in jail. They’ll throw you in jail for standing up for your own rights.

This country’s no different from Canada, and Canada’s rotten. Joe Raczkovi did not read his tax notice in time. His tax notice was a hundred percent fallacious.

Every authority admits it, but because foolishly, he allowed it to go to court, the court now says, “We have taken a wrong thing to court, which should have never have been in court, and now you’re stuck.”

Do you realize that’s the case? And could jump from $20,000 to 90 to $100,000. That’s Canada. And you see why I can’t stand Canada? Phfft! God have pity. And we’re just as rotten or rottener.

And I said, “The only thing you can do is go and see your representative.” And if it’s like the States he can call a congressional committee, and say, “I’m taking my case before Congress,” like we can say here before the parliament, because we have the… do you people know that you can get a congressional committee and they got to hear you?

Oh no, you haven’t been told that by anybody. Nobody’s going to tell you. You know how I found out? Very smart cookie who did it. And he wiped their noses, with a grindstone. And he was elected chairman for life.

And the smart pants senator said, “Well, Mr. [Inaudible] who do you know that’s elected president for life?” He said, “The pope.” Every book was closed, case dismissed. That’s America. Yuck!

I feel like God this morning: I want to vomit. That’s the only way I feel like Him, I’m just going to be honest with you. I’m not… I’m not at all in a mood that I am spiritual-minded or… But I agree with Him, and I trust more and more.


Now, let’s keep… a little further here. He said,

[41]  …and the Word manifesting Itself through them: that’s genuine Seed of God.

What Word? The Word that’s apportioned to you as an individual which would manifest through you. And you have to read that all through the Scriptures as to your activity.

But you yourself will not promote one thing that makes you believe that anything that God does by you is vindication. It is simply fruitage from the Word that has been vindicated.

And this is where Pentecost made its big mistake; they said, “We’re vindicated.” And they listened to Paul Cain as fast as a horse can trot, and I’ll face him to his face on it.

Because at twenty five years of age he told me things he didn’t tell anybody else, and he said, “Lee, he said, I can’t understand. I talk to you, and he said, You talk to me, and you can explain me better than I can explain myself.”

I said, “Don’t worry about it.”

I’ve talked to Brother Branham. I know some of the ropes. Now you ought to read his book. Little goody-two-shoes. Heh heh heh heh. Goody two-shoes my foot. Little goody stink-feet.

No problem; a liar’s a liar. Trouble is, people that lie usually use breath sweeteners.


Now he says here in paragraph 42:

[42]  The enemy joins the church and becomes very orthodox in a creed or something. But that’s discrepancy.

Now Brother Branham stands there as a vindicated prophet. And he has brought them the Word, and he’s already spoken on serpent seed and proven it. And they sit right there and they say, “Oh come on now.”

What happened, was the people of God drifted so far, that God just turned them loose as reprobates. And he likens them to hogs and to dogs, and all they got to do is come and it’s no more “arf-arf” and “oink-oink,” it’s “baa-baa baa-baa.”

Find it in your Bible. Find it. See what happens the minute they turned down the truth, they go to reasoning.

And if you’re with me and talking to a very fine man, I have no hopes he ever will see this Message, though right away he saw serpent seed, began to see one God; he can not come because he is trying to work from the thesis that God made man in his image, so therefore you look at man and you can work back to God.

Ha ha ha. He doesn’t put serpent seed together. Can’t do it. Well, I likely won’t talk to him anymore.


I said, “Doc, when you got a number of days off, I’ll take the same number of days off and we’ll talk, because this is going to come to time.” Because I get very enthusiastic.

Up here you know, I get enthusiastic, but you turn me loose on some of these guys and you’ll know what enthusiasm is. Because he ain’t going to stop me on this Word for anything at all.

If this Word was merely a Word that I enjoyed, and it made me somebody, or I could feel some… to be somebody, or I could crown somebody with it, or in any way put myself in a position that I liked, it could do it.

It could do it. But I believe this Word is life, from whatever said to me, “If you ever listen to a man, that’s the man you will listen to.” And I’ve been listening ever since. The enemy joins the church.

That Satan coming as an angel of light with his people, and they become very orthodox in their creed, which means they go right along with what seems to be the proper tenure or the main thesis of the Word of God, which if you have, you are on the right trail, and if it is necessary, God in His grace and mercy will make a way to fill in what you don’t have.


So, “Hallelujah! Everybody’s going to make it. Millions now living will never die.” Now here we tell you flat, you come right along on this teaching word by word, and down here a ways you’ll begin to disagree, you take that Word out and I tell you this flat: you are lost! At this point.

Unless the Word corrects the error, and you had to learn a lesson, and wander a little while until God slapped you around a bit. But there’s nothing going to go on in this church that says, “Hey you can believe in our orthodoxy that William Branham was a vindicated prophet.”

And turn around and say, “Well, I believe the Presence, but so what? He’s always been here.” The Pillar of Fire’s been here for two-thousand years to lead us to the Millennium? Hogwash! We got to be lead out first.

We got to be Word-and-child-trained first. We’ve got to be prepared; made ready. “I got the Blood, hallelujah, and Jesus stands there.” I don’t care if you got the Blood and He stands there; He said, “You don’t make it, unless they send Elijah.” You think they believe that? Come on! Except send…


Well I had to mention his name somehow. He’s not my nemesis, but I’m going to tell you one thing, if he preaches the truth I don’t want to even listen it.

God, how I made a mistake when I threw away one of his tapes where he preached the biggest bunch of gas you’ve ever heard in your life, about some idiot kid kicked by a horse had a vision… hallucination, and he put it right alongside with Brother Branham’s.

Just do that once around me brother, you’re finished. If I’d have known a certain guy that said he had a vision seventeen years ago, I’d have kicked him out of my door. Said, “Never come back.”

You say, “Brother Vayle you’re mean.”

Who… are you to tell me I’m mean? You want to get sucked in and be a patsy yeah, be my guest; I ain’t going to hurt you. I’ll even give you a trip to Florida, and make you feel good for awhile. You’re going to need it. Live, die, brother/sister is one word off.

I’d go back many many years, and I don’t know any single thing that I… used to put my finger on, and call it God. Tragic, but I believe I had the devil do things to me, tremendous things. Everybody thought it was great, and I thought it was better than ever.


You say, “What about now?”

Forget it, get it out of my way; I’ve met the prophet. And in meeting the prophet, I saw God. I wasn’t looking at a man. I was looking at God. “Oh! You blaspheme!” Well, find I blasphemed?

What are you doing? Oh, you’re just fine. You know I’m not hitting here, as a people. This goes out around the country, and I don’t mind laying it on at all for fifteen minutes, because it’ll go all over Europe and every place else.

The enemy, the enemy joins the church. Who was the enemy in Eden? The lovely beautiful seducer, the handsome man called the serpent. Yeah, just enough wiggle in his waggle as he came on his two feet, and his extended hands to embrace Eve. Oh, he was sharp.

“Why, this is my friend,” she said.

He said, “Indeed I am, and such a friend I am.”

He was her enemy. The world is the enemy of the church. The enemy joins the church and becomes very orthodox in its creed. Takes it right up, goes right along, looks very good, wonderful Christians.

That’s discrepancy. Anything that interferes with the strain of genuine truth of the Word of God. In other words, anything that changes it, any way shape or form, even as per illustration, is to be reckoned with by God; and every plant the Father has not planted, and every Word He hasn’t put in a certain place, and you misplace It, that Word goes against you, It’s no longer for you.


Now notice, there is not only a perverted word, but perverted experience instead of rebirth, because the genuine truth has been set aside, and we are to be born again of the truth.

And at the end time you are literally reborn after being reborn. Now I’m using words here on purpose. And I shall read to you. It says:

2 Thessalonians 2:7-10

(07) For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. [That’s the Holy Ghost.]

(08) And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming. [That’s the end of the Millennium.]

(09) Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan [Seduction, fooling; you know, hypocrite; everything.] [and] with all power and signs and lying wonders. [He’s going to slip some lying wonders in there. Because he’s anointed to do these great things; very charismatic.]

(10) And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness [Getting you into an act of worship, apart from the revealed Word of God.] in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.


They turned down the God of truth. They could’ve been born of truth. That is sealed in by truth. Perfectly one and harmonious with God by the revealed truth. They turned it down. They had no love for it.

Brother Branham said, “How can you not help love each other, you that love this Word.” Because you don’t know any other kind of love. You got no kitchy-kitchy gooey-gooey ‘let’s play in the dark’ kind of love.

Soul-mating crap and all this stuff they’re trying to teach around the country now. Oh yeah, they’re teaching it. They love to get all you women and you all men all mixed up through having illicit intercourse and everything else.

God if you want to do it blow it. Ain’t going to catch me. I got the answers; I’ve been through this many many years. Not eighty years for nothing. Fought this kind of stuff since I was thirty-five years of age.

Forty-five solid years. Not interested in their crap. Their abominable lies that are so horrible.


Now, these guys don’t love it. Why? Because it goes against what they do love. Immoral bunch of hounds. See?

2 Thessalonians 2:11-12

(11) And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a [the] lie:

(12) That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

They went their own way anyway, to worship and to serve God, and say, “We are it: the bride and the church,” when every evidence was against them supernaturally. They pulled a bluff.

And a lot of Branhamites are getting bluffs pulled on them right now. Listen to preachers, they’re so half-baked and so stupid, my God, even an idiot wouldn’t listen. Watch:

2 Thessalonians 2:13

(13) But we are bound to give thanks always to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord [“Jacob have I loved, Esau have I hated.”] because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit [even] belief of the truth.

“I’ve been sanctified by the Spirit, Brother Vayle. I’m full of the Holy Ghost.” And turned this Word down? Come on! Come on! These guys are liars from the pit of hell; the truth isn’t in them.

Don’t think you got to shake their hands and say nice things. Get back to the First Church Age, and say, “You’re a bunch of false apostles! Get out of here!”

“What do you mean we’re false apostles?”

You’re not saying what Paul said. “Out!”

“Well boy, that’s some kind of Christianity. If you’d have any Christianity, you’d bring us in here and, you know you’d let us, you know… ”

Ha, we’d let you all right. We’d let you out the back door, if you crept in the front door. Hand them a bunch of snakes and see if they can handle them.

And Paul says this:

2 Thessalonians 2:14

(14) Whereunto he called you by our gospel…


So if the gospel of Paul doesn’t come back at the end time, ain’t one of us getting out of here. Not one of us isn’t going to get fooled. And yet, they’ll sit around and say, “Naw, we’re not fooled.

That Branham was a nut. Millions now living will never die.” I hear there’s a guy out west saying, well he said, “Look… he said, There’s only two people over twenty years of age, that got into the Millennium, Caleb and Joshua.”

And he said, “I believe God’s ordained me to have many many churches and be the sovereign bishop over the whole bunch, and we’ll bring two-million people into the Millennium.”

“When them saints go marching in…” You better believe I ain’t going with them. Because my leader is not Foxy Loxy. And I do not associate with Henny Penny or Ducky Lucky or Turkey Lurkey. I’m with the eagles. I said eagle not beagle. I’m with the eagles.

Now it says:

2 Thessalonians 2:14

(14) …to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.


To the obtaining of His assessments. Oh God, what a thing. And they throw it away. They throw it away because they throw this Message away.

They throw away the vindication. People sitting in this church here… try to come against vindication. End up in a black hole. That’s all right by me. I’m not interested. I ain’t going down no hole.

I can’t find any Scriptures on black holes. And of course if you’re truly scientific that’s okay, but the Bible, you know, mentioned those of sophists. I always called them pseudo-scientists. Yes, he said,

[42]  …That’s discrepancy, anything that interferes with that strain of genuine Truth of God’s Word.

Anything that interferes with anything Brother Branham said. There’s a hundred percent against the Word of God; there’s no hope for them; they believe ‘the lie’. And you watch: there’ll be more and more and more lies as time goes on.

[43]  “And how do we know?” We say, “Well, they, you’ve got a right to interpret It?” No sir! No man has a right to interpret God’s Word. He’s His Own interpreter. He promises it, then He does it, that’s the interpretation thereof.

When He promised It, then He fulfills It, and that’s the interpretation of It. Anything contrary to the Word of God is a discrepancy! Absolutely!


Now remember this applies in perfection to the great periods of junctures; and starting with the reformers. It came to this hour, where God Himself came down and brought us the Word, being His Own interpreter using a prophet.

And proving it was He one-hundred percent by the method He set forth in Deuteronomy chapter 18, and the people do not want it. See? Now… this is a great question about this writing here. Has God been interpreting His own Word? What about the other ages?

Brother Branham categorically said, and it sounded awfully weak, but it’s still the truth. He said, “Don’t worry what went on in between. They had the reformers, they had men in there, they had that bit of Light.”

And that was exactly right, because the Bible says, “Spare that oil and spare that wine. Don’t you let it go.” Don’t you let it go. There’s that little bit of grain, that little bit of oil, that little bit of wine.

And remember, he categorically said, “The bruised reed He won’t break, they smoking flax He will not quench.” That little bit was in there, going on and going on. And all through the ages you heard of tongues, interpretation; you heard his few miracles, you heard of prophecies, you heard God doing things.


You cannot pick up the books on church history and not find those things there. And the Pentecostals have used them time and time again to show it always was the evidence of the Baptism with the Holy Ghost, when it wasn’t.

God’s Christians have always been there, but there came the time of Luther. And when he came, the Light begin to break. Under Wesley, It became further. Until now at the end time, the Word of God Itself, the Seven Seals, the Seven Thunders, the whole thing came into being, and has now joined time and eternity.

So that literally we’re before the White Throne, and there is no stopping us as Peter said, or as Paul said, “It goes right on to the dissolution of the earth, and the new heavens and the new earth: the New Jerusalem.” And there’s nothing going to stop it.

Now He’s a little slow according to people in doing it. That’s His business. Don’t get tired. Just say, “Well maybe I’m going to be on the earth a while, that’s okay by Almighty God. It’s fine by me.

But I know this is going on now because it’s vindicated.” You see, the devil wants to take us away from vindication. He simply doesn’t want us to believe that what started is going on now.

That we’re being changed; we’re being transformed. That it is a ministry. Not something what people think it is.


Well all right, we’ve more than had time here covering this, we managed all the way to page 9. That’s a marvelous situation. We’ll see how we can recap this for the next time, and go on.

And in there again, we’re going to see more and more of the seed of discrepancy, going to see the serpent seed brought out, going to see the people nailed right down as to what they are.

The acid test is given right before them, “Which group are you with?” And you know what they’re going to do? They’re going to say, “Who are you to talk to us? Bless God.

You ain’t telling us nothing. We’re the children of God. Millions now living won’t die. And when you’re gone, and you’re gone now, and we’re still here, and you watch us go marching in. You watch us, bless God, you watch us.”


They crucified of themselves the Son of God afresh, and they all die in the wrath of God. But that’s the Bible. That’s the vindication. That’s not something I made up. Brother Branham said, “They’re fodder for the cannon,” the atomic bomb.

Peter said, “They’re brute beasts.” I didn’t say it Peter did. But I believe having the same Holy Spirit Peter had a hundred percent.

I look around and say, “My Lord, it couldn’t be different if it tried.” These aren’t human. These are not human. They’re like zombies. They’ve gone into a pit, and come back transformed as the wild beasts of hell.

No conscience. “How’d you feel when you killed that person?” “What’s to feel?” Starting with Leopold and Lobe when they killed those college boys in New York way back in the twenties: killed that one little boy fourteen years of age.

They wanted to find out how it felt to kill somebody. Couple of nice Jew boy serpent seed. Now we got the Gentiles doing it over and over and over and over and over. Why did Mi Li take place over there in Vietnam?

Why’d the Canadian laugh when they killed that one young fellow? Wasn’t it a Somalia? Big joke. The pride, the elite of Canada. Intelligent soldiers? Brute beasts, the dogs of Nimrod.

Well, I hope we get out of here. It’s a little bit scary. But that’s the way it is.

Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Gracious Father, we thank you for the times of fellowship we have together around the Word of a prophet that laid this out so crystal clear Lord, that even crystal looks darkened. For this is not something that is taking a light and reflecting it: this is the Light itself.

And it’s now flowing into vessels, which are lightening the mind, and the heart, the soul, and coming forth changed people, because this is all they can think, this is all they know. This is all they will react to; this is where their life is.

This is the revealed Word. This is God in His Word. And we are not embarrassed, we do not find it hard to go to those things that others would find extremely hard even in the day of Jesus and try some type of repudiation.

How can there be a repudiation against the truth of the vindicated Word of God which has now sanctified us, and prevent us… taken us completely away from the lie. We shall not die, but live.

Shall not sink, but swim, because we know that we’re on the Lord’s side, because we’ve come over to the Word. You are our Shepherd Lord; you make us to lie down in the green pastures, lead us beside still waters.

You’re the One that gives us quietness, takes us through tribulations, problems and sorrows, leads us in paths of righteousness, keeps us hemmed in by Thy goodness and mercy. Truly Lord, we’re like the trees planted by the water.

The day of adversary, adversity we shall not faint or fail but we shall stand as the sheep with the shepherd of the flock hidden in the crest of the Rock singing praises unto our God.

We sing praise unto you this morning Lord, we grateful for your love and care we ask again now Lord that this message actually heals the sick amongst us we can see this message is not any serpent seed, its not to anybody out there Lord that is part and parcel of that which they have turned away from the Word of God and perverted it way in Word Lord, if we have this perfect Word then its perfect integration and perfect integration means healing, healing men’s better bodies.

We asking for it now in the Name of Jesus Christ, that You grant this to us give it to us thoroughly we appreciate it, we always grateful of anything You do for us Lord, tremendously happy and we look Lord for whatever you want to do in the future, may we see it in the Word as the prophet brought it may we be completely privy to it and a part of it.

Whatever, Lord You want, whatever You have for us, we want to be part and parcel of it. Even as Jesus was and we are guaranteed to be the same and we now standing before Heavily Father and rejoicing in Him who is Word and we also the same.

So we commend ourselves to You this morning and thank you for Your great mercy and care we pray for those that are going back home today we know they got long ways to drive we pray Lord somehow the journey will not be to hard especially on the children somehow they’ll sleep and feel really good and everybody will be wide awake and happy with the presence of the Word of the Lord, God’s Word coming forth as life and meat and drink unto them, Father, joy and a privilege a real purpose and that the purpose they came for.

Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God be all power honour and glory through Jesus Christ our Blessed Lord. Amen.

‘Take the name of Jesus with you’

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