Shalom #03

Reflection; Proof Of Paternity
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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, we would earnestly ask this morning that You evoke within us, Lord, cause there to be a Spirit that welcomes You and understands Your Presence even as Simeon did of old, and Anna, while others stood by and didn’t notice that this was the One that You had ordained to be the Saviour.

And then down the road, Lord, when there was a great ministry coming forth, there was the majority who understood only it was a great ministry and some kind of a sign, but didn’t understand Your Presence.

And now in this last day, Lord, we say this, we see the same thing, and yet here we are, singing this morning that You are here, which we know to be true, here in a way that You could not be here for over two thousand years, in a way You could not be here, just this one time really through all eternity, where You come to take out a Gentile people for Your Own Bride.

And Lord, we want to be not only aware of that as historians, but we want to be aware of it as recipients. So, we pray, Lord, You’ll help us today to solemnize our hearts and minds, everything about us, Lord, that would make us to make You know, Lord, that we do know, and understand, appreciate, and love, and respect You for Your kindness and goodness toward us.

But we know Lord, that can only come through sovereign grace, so we’re praying for sovereign grace this morning as never before, in Jesus’ name, amen.

You may be seated.


Now, before we continue with this series of Brother Branham’s message on Shalom, I think you’re well aware, but if you’re not, we have no Wednesday service this Wednesday, because we have footwashing and communion on next Saturday and Sunday, and furthermore there’ll be a baptismal service on Sunday for whosoever will may come.

Now Brother Branham in bringing this message, Shalom, which means ‘Peace’, is preaching this in Sierra Vista, we would call it Sierra Vista, I would suppose, because it’s more or less French, but they say Sierra Vista, out there.

And he’s in the home I suppose of Brother Isaacson, or some other person’s home. And he’s welcoming the people and talking to them, and he mentions somebody who’s name is not printed here, and this person is shadowed with death by cancer.

And Brother Branham in mentioning death, he says that there has to be something to take us out of this life, there must be some avenue of death, and in majority that is disease.


Now many people do not like to consider that God would do this, but remember, Elisha died of the sickness wherewith he was ill. And yet after he died, they put him in a cavern of some description, like a pit, and remember after his body had decayed and the bones were lying there, there were some Israelites fleeing from the Philistines or somewhat, and somebody had died, and I guess he was really, officially dead, so they dumped him down this hole, not realizing Elisha’s bones were there, and the minute the man hit Elisha’s bones, he had a resurrection, so to speak.

He came hurriedly climbing out of the pit. I can just imagine that might have done more for them then the Philistines coming behind them. I’m not sure about that, that would be something to see that man come out.


But we’re looking at the fact that people do have some avenue to get us out of here, and usually that is some disease; it is not always so, and disease is not always a matter of the person having sown somewhat, and therefore has to particularly die because of his sowing.

What about diabetes? What about the cases we see where the people are born deformed? Well, that’s the problem of genetics. Something has gone wrong. And that’s the course of sin over generations.

You know, the breeding has come to the place where it’s like in-breeding with livestock, where there’s… well, they like to call it line breeding, in order to make it sound good if you’re in that business of breeding fur bearing animals, and so on, to try to get out the best qualities; but it does weaken the stock, there is no two ways about it. So what’s happened over the years, we have become weaker and weaker, from the sins of our parents.

And those sins might not be actual filthy sins, they might be fine Christian people, but they’ve lived wrong. Perhaps in a case where they never sought God who to marry.

And end up like I say, two people having recessive traits which would bring about diabetes and here suddenly you find children with terrible diabetes. I’ve witnessed that way back when I was just a tiny child, a little person was born in our community, terribly diabetic, and he just swole right up with fluids and all; now he didn’t have a thing to do with that, it just happens.


So there’s, it’s just a pity, but it’s kind of like the old Rabbi said, he said, he said, “Well,” he said, “if you are a believer in God, if you are a theist,” he said, “you’ve only got one thing to question, one thing to explain. And the question is why is there suffering?”

But he said, “The point is this, if you are an atheist,” he said, “there’s nothing but questions.” We have only one question, and we don’t have that question as Christians. We know that sin is here and sickness is a result of sin, and as people go on more and more, there’s a drift from God, until today, as we have mentioned many times over the pulpit, you have a condition of AIDS, which is brought on by sexual infidelity, grossness of mankind, and their bodies are actually rotting.

That’s the truth, their bodies are rotting while they’re walking. And these same people are influencing government. They’re telling you and me, “Hey look, you’ve got to get what we got, ‘cause we’re going to have our fun.”


Now, sister, listen. Sit awhile and think this morning. Could a righteous God overlook that? You tell me. Am I all messed up this morning that I cannot direct my compassion to their needs?

Am I messed up to believe what the prophet said, compassion was doing the will of God, which is the Word of God? You’ve got to take your stand against that. See, the pleasures of sin for a season, and it’s going to be a mighty short season, and a mighty long time of destruction.

Well, Brother Branham brings this out for us here. But he says to the Christian, those that are dying, and we are dying no matter how we’re dying, he said, look, he said, this is not the real death.

The real death is the second death which is the lake of fire, which Brother Branham, not quoting from Matthew 10, but bringing to our attention, because that’s where it is, “fear not him who hath power to destroy the body, but fear who hath power to destroy both body and soul in hell.” That doesn’t mean instantaneous judgment.

That’s not a Catholic doctrine where you’re going to go to purgatory and get prayed out. That’s folly, the second death is the lake of fire which can only take place after the general or second resurrection, when everybody stands there, fire comes down upon the infidels, even with their resurrected bodies, which are not like yours and mine if we’re Christians, and they come toward God and His holy people and try to destroy them, and they’re cast into a lake of fire, and there they are eventually destroyed, which means annihilated.


Look, either believe your Bible or forget it. And then you’ll only believe what some teacher comes along from the Bible and teaches, if he’s vindicated. It’s too late in the day to say, “Well Dr. So and so, somebody such and such,” where’s his vindication?

Give me one proof that he’s heard from God! Fap. Anybody. I know of a guy, positively who heard from God, so-called, a man so mixed up, poor fellow was Pentecostal, went literally insane, he heard a voice say to kill his two sons and he killed his two sons.

Hearing from God, my foot! You better hear from the Word and know if it’s God or not, then you better know if that person’s vindicated by God to tell this at the end time, because vindication has to come at the end time, because the Bible says so. I’ve got utter faith in the prophet William Branham.

You have anything you want but I’m… listen, that’s all the trust I got and I’m going to be honest, it isn’t a great deal. He hasn’t come back from the dead yet. Tell me anybody who came back from the dead. When they come back, that’s when you know that you know, that you know, that you know, and there isn’t any more knowledge that you’ll ever have.

‘Cause it’s over. Well, we believe it’s the hour of the resurrection. Absolutely, we’ve talked about that last Wednesday night, I think it was.


Now, death means eternal separation. Started back there in the garden of Eden when man got separated from God, physically. And the sentence was death. Sure.

And God never came down and walked and talked with man as He did formerly, that particular way, what He did then later on was to come down and deal with people through the prophets. And then to turn away the Word of God meant that there wasn’t a sacrifice that could be applicable to you. And at the end-time, this second death which is eternal separation is about to take place. Brother Branham said we are in physical bodies.

Without the physical bodies we wouldn’t really know each other; we’d be disembodied spirits. But he said through the body you’ve got the five senses, and tasting, and feeling, smelling, hearing, so on. And therefore by that you declare yourself.

In other words, your form, your visage, your physical structure, how you act, what people see, what you say, what you indulge in, what you participate in, and thereby communicate to people, that tells you about the person inside the vessel. Because you’re tripartite, you’re a triunity of a body and a soul and a spirit. Remember you’re two-thirds spirit. See?


All right: He said, “Frankly we’ve never seen each other.” That is exactly true. Then with what are you communicating, how are you communicating with each other? You as spirit beings, and I as a spirit being communicate with each other through a body and thereby we actually know each other as far as we can really know.

Actually if you really want to know what a person is, he’d have to break down and tell you just what he’s like inside. He’d have to declare himself further than just you seeing him, because people can be the greatest hypocrites under high heaven, you know. Satan is very well versed at that. No man seen God at any time. Brother Branham goes on to even relate it to God.

You haven’t seen God at any time. But what happened? The only begotten, the one of a kind Son, which was Jesus Christ, hath declared Him. Then he tells you what that word ‘declare’ really means, it’s the word, we get the word ‘exegesis’ from it, from the Greek.

Which means ‘to lead forth by Word,’ to bring into actual manifestation what the unseen is. So when the Son declared Him, it meant that the unseen was made visible and knowable, so that now we have knowledge of the unseen, and we’re talking about God.


And here’s what Brother Branham said.

[7]  He said, the only begotten of the Father hath declared the Father. See? In other words, God was identified. [Now watch.] The Person of God was identified in the Body, which was the Lord Jesus Christ, so that Jesus Christ was the expressed image of God. [Now he’s combining John and Hebrews, right. Now listen.] Or, God expressing Himself through an image [See?], through an image, Man.

Now the image is not the real thing. It’s a copy. So here we saw God giving an image of Himself, which was not God Himself which you are looking at, then God came into that Body, and so therefore Jesus could say, “He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father.” Couldn’t do it any other way. See, God identified Himself through that particular measure.

Then he speaks of the manifestation of God, how that, declaring how John said, “We have handled, we looked at, we literally felt Him.” Sure they did. They ate with Him, they took Him by the hand, no doubt put their arms around His shoulder.

John said, “I leaned upon His bosom.” Absolutely. Maybe even stumbled over Him when He was in the boat. Lying there sleeping, who knows? But they had an absolute physical communion with Almighty God through that individual called the Lord Jesus Christ. So, God came into reality, a physical being in that way.


[9]  And Brother Branham said, God is in man. Identifying Himself today.

And in it, in identifying Himself, how does He do it? God was in the prophets. A part of God, in the sense, that God gave each prophet a certain portion of the Word. He didn’t give all the prophets the same Word. It was all one Word, but in parts!

And it takes a prophet to bring that Word. So God did it. Now what’s Brother Branham saying? He’s saying here that you can identify God once more, by the works that God is doing, if He is doing it, through any individual.

He never said, I am the individual, although you understand he’s talking about himself. But he had the authority from God, and the Word of God, and therefore the Word of the Lord was manifested in this particular hour.


Now, we’re getting down to paragraph 10, where we left off in his salutation. He says,

[10]  What a wonderful thing that is, especially when an old man like me stands here and thinks of the life that is fading away, that’s gone past, and we’re facing a future of an eternity.

Now he’s talking about death. You’ve got to leave these bodies. Now, see, when you leave the body, what happens? You don’t become disembodied. You go to a structure, to a house, to a body, according to 2 Corinthians the 5th chapter, that is eternal in the heavens.

And 1 Corinthians 15 tells you there is an earthly body, there is a heavenly body. This body that I’m wearing and you’re wearing, never came from heaven. It was made by the soul’s ability to take the chemistry, the chemicals of the earth, through the process of gestation and birth, and the soul has produced a body for itself.

Then a spirit allowed of God comes in to animate it! So now you’re a tripartite being. But what happens when you die? Oh logically you know, if the body comes forth, which is a structure of the soul, and that spirit comes in to give it a spark. Alright. What goes out? The spark goes out. So the body falls down. It’s finished. Then the soul goes back to God.

Just what Jesus said. He said, the Bible distinctly says, “Into Thy hands I commend My spirit.” And then He said, “Thou will not leave My soul in hell!” And the body was lying in a tomb! If you believe your Bible, you know that you’re a tripartite being! That your spirit leaves you, and your soul is at the disposition of Almighty God, and your body moulders.

What happens to that soul? It goes exactly where Paul said it goes. It goes to a body, which is not earthly, which is of the heavens, heavenly! Commensurate with your soul, where you’ll never have any more trouble with sin and degradation, any problems with temptation,

you’ll never wonder if you’re doing the right thing, you’ll never look in a book again, like the Bible and say, “Oh I wish I really knew what that meant.” No, you won’t have to do that anymore, because you’re in that beautiful particular place.


[10]  What a wonderful thing, he said, that I’m facing death like this brother dying with cancer. Seeing my life gone away. It’s faded, it’s in the past. But, he said, that doesn’t bother me, because I’ve got a future of eternity. [What kind of a future? In a body! In a body, see? That’s exactly true. Now, that’s a Scripture, see?] Now, we’re facing an eternity. And knowing if this life only is what I had hopes in, I would be a most miserable person this morning.

That’s what Paul said. He said, “Well, I think I’d like to get out of here and just leave this body.” Well, if you got hope in Christ that… all he can do something for you now, is here, and not bring you back in a glorified body, you don’t have proper religion.

You’re not born again, you can’t be. ‘Cause Paul says, “I’m born again, I spoke face to face with the Pillar of Fire, and I’ve come away with this understanding, no matter how my life has changed, how much I believe in Jesus Christ, how much I believe the Word, if I do not have a body ahead of me,” he said, “then all I’ve got here is something I can’t understand of myself, something’s happened to me here, but who needs it?” You say… well, look it, please understand me, I don’t want to get tough and nasty and rude, I would sooner be erudite, sweet, kind and loving.

Which is not my true nature, so forget it. Look, if you have any understanding than this, you are wrong! You’re wrong, you’re just dead wrong, that’s all. You are going to come back here in a glorified body. And before you do, you’re going to give an account of the deeds done in the flesh! And then you’re going to beyond that, what motivated it. See?

And if it’s not the Spirit of God working by the Word, you’re sure as sure as you’re alive, you will never be virgin Bride. You could be foolish virgin, and be on the outside of the city, and you say, “Well, that’s wonderful.” Sure it’s wonderful, anything from God’s wonderful. But all the rest get thrown to the lake of fire where they’re eternally destroyed. See?


Now, he said,

[10]  I’d be a miserable person if I didn’t know that was ahead of me. But knowing that this life has only been a shadow of what we have to come.

Do you realize that this is just… What is a shadow? It is light… It is a darkness, it’s something that comes from light which has fallen upon an object, and the light can’t get through the object, so there’s a darkness. See? Alright.

This life here can’t fully express in any way, shape, or form, the light of God with His sons and daughters! No way. The best is cut off. What about when it becomes pure light? You become an absolute pure conduit. Well, you see, that’s what he said, I’m looking to be that perfect conduit. See?

It’s a reflection, because it’s not a perfect thing.


Why a reflection? Well, a reflection is due to the light striking an object, going in line, to meet a surface which will cause the light to come back and show what that object is. Well, that tells you again. You’re looking in a glass. And what you see is just an infinitesimal part of the reality that you’re going to get into.

Oh, listen, don’t ever think you’re going to be an angel or somebody you’re not. Don’t ever think you’re going to change. You are not going to change. Look, take a good look in the mirror, and if you got a nose like mine, forget it, nobody’s going to be critical. You’ll love it! You get as old as me, you’ll love it. Thank God my nose has got two open holes in it and I can breathe.

Some cute little noses are so plugged up they can’t even breathe. So what’s all this talk about beauty contests? Just get imbued with the picture. I’m getting out of here and coming back to what God planned and I’m a part of it! And I know I am! To a rebirth in the Lord Jesus Christ. Think of that, this is just a reflection. Then what’s the real thing?


Well, listen, men are men and women are women. So let’s get real chummy and downright earthy. Here’s a guy looking in a mirror, here’s a girl looking in a mirror. And man, this guy looks in the mirror and pretty soon he sees a really beautiful face appear.

You think for one minute that he is going to let that face appear and not do something about it if he can? Oh come on you got to be dead. Any man here this morning you are so dead that a beautiful face doesn’t do something to you? In the sense of… let’s all pretend we’re young and single again. So our wives won’t get offended.

Now we won’t be offended, ‘cause the wives are going to look in the mirror, and here’s a very handsome, real handsome guy that’s… not one of these birds, you know, rotten scuzzy little tramps. I’m talking about a real man, a real woman!

You mean to say that that woman, she just look in the mirror and say, “Well, hmm…” She’s going to take a good look at what made the reflection. Right.


Well, that’s what we’re talking about here. If this is just a reflection, and the reflection has to be a copy which is very accurate, you know, of the real thing, then how in the world could anybody deny a resurrection, and coming back here, in this world, under the ideal conditions that God originally had for us and they’re going to be better than ever.

You see? So if you have anything in you this morning to realize how good a reflection can look… Now the Bible distinctly tells you a lot of people like a man that had a dream, he was hungry, he was starving, and he dreamed he was eating food and he woke up empty. A man that was thirsting out in the desert, no water, and he was dreaming he was drinking water, didn’t do much good. We’re not dreaming today.

We are not apostatizing. We haven’t got the dogmas of men to rely on, we don’t need them. We’re talking about a reality. And Brother Branham stands with the apostle Paul. He said, “And knowing if this life only is what I had hopes in, I would be the most miserable person this morning.” But it’s just a reflection.

And a reflection cannot be perfect. No reflection is perfect. The thing that is responsible for the reflection, the object, that is what you’re really looking for and looking at. See? Now, he said,

[10]  It’s a reflection, because it can not be the perfect thing that God made. God doesn’t make anything that perishes.


Now, what’s he talking about? He said, “God doesn’t make anything that perishes.” I got news for you. When you and I die, if we should die, and go to dust and ashes, and to gasses, we will come back in these bodies which have been renewed somehow, into the resurrection, either for immortality, or for destruction, but they’ll be real.

The point is God did not make those bodies, the soul actually made it’s own body. Now when God makes you a body, which you go to, which is a heavenly body, and that heavenly body comes down here and picks your body up, God Himself literally creates again.

From what you once were, an immortal body, and you reside in it threefold again. This time a soul, this time a theophonic form, or the form which is from heaven, and the earthy; God always does everything in three. And I’m only saying earthy because God is actually making a body, of physical substance as we know it now.

Just like Adam, as the same physical substance we are, and he would not have died had he not sinned. He would have gone on and on. Now he would not have died, but within six thousand years, he would have been immortal!

He’d have simply passed from that life into immortality, as God re-created the cells by God’s Own life! Your soul can’t do it! God stopped that. But God will do it. See? Now, let’s understand that, that’s something we have to know.


Now he said, see that thing perishes, it goes away. God is Eternal. And, therefore, this life that we now live in, is only reflecting what is ahead of us.

This body which is the life and all we’re living in, only reflects what’s ahead of us. And what is ahead of you? How would you… Listen. Wouldn’t it be nice to just let our hair down once and for all? Go to bed at night and sleep. Wake up healthy and happy.

Have a beautiful relationship with everybody. Not trying to skin anybody. Not trying to get ahead. They not trying the same thing. But just each one showing forth somehow through a divine plan, or some plan, whether divine or not, with every single element, every single entity, every form of life, working together.

“Well,” you say, “Man, give me that for fifty million years and I’ll stick around!” That’s exactly what I’m saying. I’m not going to stop at fifty million though, that’s far too short. Look, if you’re going to be a hog, be a hog. God never for one minute ever looked down upon a person with any favor, who said, “Enough.” Right.

The fire never says, “Enough,” the thirsty land never says, “Enough.” Neither the soul crying for God ever say, “Enough.” Now not to say he isn’t going to be discontented. But who in the world even with the good condition wants to die? You say, “Well, this is what I like.” This is what God had for us.


Now he said here, about this only reflecting what’s ahead of us. He said, The real one that cannot die.

What’s the real one that can’t die? The body. He starts his message by saying Hey. His introduction, his little prelude to the people. Getting to feel their spirits and helping them along. What he says in there, he says, something’s got to take us out of here. What’s got to die? It isn’t the person that dies until the second death, it’s the body. That’s all, the body perishes.

Now he said, the real one, the real body cannot die. That… and the next sentence he says, and I’ll prove I’m right, that body that cannot perish. The Life that cannot be taken.

Now, why was the life taken at the time of Adam? Because he sinned! Now you and I don’t sin after Adam’s sin, we sin because we sin! We’re sinners, naturally. That life can be taken. See? And the spirit leaves, sure, and you’re gone. The spark is gone, the fire is out.

You’ve gone to ashes and dust and gasses, perfect decay, just right back, like to original building blocks or something in nature there. He said, “This can’t be taken” Why? No reason to. Now that ought to make us feel good. It’d be nothing, there’d be no reason. See, no matter how far we go, the mind has a terrible job being completely renewed.

And you know what? Let me tell you. Today, if the people are right who wrote the record, and they may have got a little previous, but when I read this record years ago, they said, “Knowledge is doubling at the rate of every two years.”

And by this time knowledge should be doubling almost every six months! I’m not, I’m trying to tell you something, you’re in a mind age. You’re in a tremendous mind age of the accumulation of knowledge, and at the same time the more knowledge that man has, the more destructive he is, because he can’t handle his knowledge!


Now they said “We’re up against a blank wall,” and the blank wall is ecology! Hole in the ozone above the north pole, now it’s over Australia.

Nobody knows what’s going on. They say, “Try this, try that.” There’s no way. Dr. Kelly said years ago, “Nobody is going to have good health in America.”

The way people are going, they’re on junk food, they’ve shot their wad; it would take eight generations, 200 years, to breed a healthy person in America, and have a healthy family.

Brother Branham said so truthfully, the soil is gone, there’s nothing left, your body is mush, and if your body is mush, your brain is mush! The scientists know that! Everybody knows it’s a wiser, smarter, weaker, world. Everything is out of balance. See? What a terrible condition man lives in.


Now, what we’re trying to tell you then is this, look it here. There is such a thing as the mind, illuminated by Almighty God in this mind age, which is followed the eye age of the prophet, that we can be perfectly reconciled to the Word and the will of God, and don’t care two cents what’s going on out there! Abraham had a promise from God! God said, “Abraham you’re going to have a son by Sarah.”

And he did everything, and she helped him! Oh women, listen, if you butt your noses in, look what happens. She said, “Okay, Abraham, I’ll let you have Hagar, and when she comes time to bear a child, she can bear the child over my knees, or whatever way, and we’ll go through a little charade here, that I’m having a son for you.”

Oh brother, what a mess they have today, those Arabs right now. Don’t tell me the Word of God lied. They’ve got their hijabs, everything else going, their holy wars, and you name it, what a mess. And you know what God did? God had to take Abraham and Sarah right down the road, to where, she could have brought in a troop of dancing girls and got him so inflamed with passion, it wouldn’t have done him one bit of good.

He was gone, sexually speaking, he was finished, period. As Brother Branham called him a dry stick, he was a dry stick, period. It was over. And she was all over, too, there wasn’t anything she could do.

And the Bible said, “Abraham staggered not at his own body now dead, neither yet did he stagger at the deadness of Sarah’s womb, but he took faith in God, and with perfect assurance, brought forth into manifestation physically renewed bodies that brought forth the son!


And you know the best the world can do with that, and I’ve read the theological books on it, the books of theology. You know what they say, when Abraham went down amongst the Philistines with Sarah, and the king said, “I want that beautiful girl.”

As though he was looking at a ninety-year old grandma? And a hundred year old man, going to get rid of him, to get this lovely young woman. And they say, “Well, you see what it was, there’s a chronological error in the Bible, that the writers who wrote it made a mistake, that chapter belonged way back.”

There’s no mistake made. He was made a young man and she was made a young woman. How was it done? In the face of everything that contradicted in their minds the Word of God! So Abraham refused to consider it!

Now you and I get to the place where we forget to… we just refuse to consider all these things, everything coming upon the world, but look up, your redemption draweth nigh, we are going to be transformed in our bodies, because the Bible said that we are transfigured, or transformed, go through metamorphosis, by the renewing of the mind! That’s why we pile Word upon Word here!

I don’t care if anybody come along and say, “Brother Vayle I don’t like the way you preach, taking those messages word by word, you preach over our heads,” or something.

I’m sorry for you, but I’m not going to quit. I’m not about to quit, you know why? ‘Cause it does me so much good, I just love an audience. It’s the only reason I hang around here, you might as well be honest. I can’t pastor you worth a plug nickel.

Can’t visit and do all the things I should do, I try to take care of you to a degree, but this is one thing I can do, I can feed you the Word of God. Shove it down, wholesome, any way you want. See?


All right. Now he said,

[10]  That body that cannot perish. That Life that cannot be taken. Therefore the Scripture is right, when It says that we have Everlasting Life, we have Eternal Life. We shall never die. See, because when you’re born again, you become a part of God.

Now right away, that’s something Brother Branham never said in another sermon. Every other sermon he says, “You always were a part of God. And he said, “You’ll realize sometime that the day you thought you were born again, that wasn’t it at all, you’ll just realize you always were a part of God.” What is he saying here?

Well, he’s not talking about what people think he’s talking about, there’s another way of looking at this. So let’s go to Corinthians the 6th chapter and see what he’s saying, because he’s talking to a group of people. Because later on he says, “I feel, he said, that this little group here is a portion, or a part of the Bride of Christ.


The 15th verse it says, in the 6th chapter:

1 Corinthians 6:15

(15) Know ye not that your bodies are members of Christ?

Know you not that your bodies that are dying are members of Christ? Christ did not produce those bodies per se, you got those-those bodies by sexual intercourse! And the life of the soul could take what the woman provided and bring forth the body, that’s exactly what it is! But he’s telling,

1 Corinthians 6:15

(15) Know [you] not that your bodies [tells you, know your bodies] are members of Christ? [See, he’s looking down the road there, looking right down. Then, will you] take the members of Christ, and make them members of a harlot? God forbid.


All right, now let’s go to 1 Corinthians the 12th chapter, and we’ll put it together now. You’ll see what I mean, the 13th verse.

1 Corinthians 12:13-14

(13) For by one Spirit are we baptized into one body, whether be Jews or Gentile, bond or free; and [all] been made to drink into one Spirit.

(14) For the body is not one member, but many.

So he’s telling you right here, now, given us, it says, “You become a part of God.

What’s he talking about? Body. So you become a part of the mystical body of the Lord Jesus Christ when you’re born again. Now that being so, how in the world will there not be a resurrection?

God just defeats Himself if there’s not a resurrection! ‘Cause he said, “You’ve been born again, now your body has got a part it didn’t have before.” You think God’s going to lose your body if you’re born again? Don’t be ridiculous.

Your soul didn’t die. How can a part of God die? How can you credit a part of God with sinning? That which is born of God cannot sin. That which issues forth from God does not sin. Paul said, “In my body there dwelleth no good thing.

Sin dwelleth in my flesh.” The blood fell upon the ground to redeem the ground to bring us back, because we’re of the ground, we’re of the earth, earthy! See? Understand the scripture. Let your mind become free of the things that people have taught you over the years.


All right, now, when you become a part of the body of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is many membered, be standing here on earth with Him, reigning and ruling in the New Jerusalem, that will be forever.

[10]  See, you are forever for eternity, never to fail. You are a part of God, ’cause you’re His son.

Now you got two parts in there. You’re a part of God… how can you be a part of the human race if you’ve got if… Well how could a dog be your ancestor, and you be part of a human race? How could you be a son of God if it isn’t by genetics?

Tell me. You know, people go insane when it comes to the things of God. Listen, I told you, it took me years and years to follow Brother Branham and realize when Brother Branham said, you go to nature, and in nature you’ll see God, I couldn’t do it. Just like falling off a log backwards now, with someone giving you a push.

Dogs bring forth dog, cat bring forth cat, willows bring forth willows. Armadillos bring forth armadillos, palms bring forth palms. Then God brings forth children. You had to be in His genes. You had to be in His line. It’s a matter of genetics and generics.

You got to understand that. Don’t fool with God and don’t flip. See, God’s become unveiled to us, it’s not mystical anymore, it’s not mysterious anymore. See? There is a natural election that people fail to see.

And it’s the natural election that brings about the predestination, which utterly means a manifestation into a physical substance! Touched Him, felt Him. We can be touched and felt as sons. And one day we’ll be just like Him. There’s no two ways about it, hey, this is where the rest comes in.

This is where the Bridegroom has appeared on the scene and made wonderful promises to a virgin Bride. And said, “Hey, you’re not even going to die. All the rest die but you don’t die.” I don’t know, I may be living, I may be gone, I don’t know, it doesn’t matter to me.


Now it says you are a part of God. You have to have been a part of God to be a part a God, and we’re talking of two different things! In the one place you’re talking of the soul, which came from God, in the other place, you’re talking of the manifestation of that soul, which comprises a full body of Almighty God. No more children after they’re all in, in the first resurrection. Jew and Gentile, it’s all over.


Alright, now, verse [paragraph] 11.

[11]  Now, I might take another name, and say my name is some other name. [Okay, now he’s going to illustrate here.] I might take my mother’s name, which is Harvey, ‘cause that’s the closest one in the world to me.

My mother was a Harvey, so then I might take the name of Harvey. But still the blood would prove I’m a Branham. See? Because I’m part of my father.

Now he’s telling you something right there. What’s he talking about? The life is in the blood. And you can analyze the blood and say, “Well hey, absolutely by the blood test, this boy…” Now blood, you know today in the world, they’ve got a test from the blood, I guess it’s a hundred percent perfect now.

But back in Brother Branham’s day, they didn’t have it. But he’s illustrating anyway the fact that you can tell paternity to a degree, by the blood. In other words, some males could not be the father of certain children, because it just wasn’t possible. The woman lied or something, you know how it is.

But he said, “Now look, under the belief that this is a legitimate valid test that can be used, he said, it can be proven that I am a Branham though my mother is a Harvey. See, why? Because that’s where the life was, was in the father.


He said, because I am a part of my father. See, I’m a part of my father. As long as I got blood in me, I’m still part of my father. Alright? All the way down the line. See, that’s right. But when I’m borned of the Spirit, I’m a part of God, that’s all; I’m identified with Him, that He is my Father.

Now he said, “A blood test will show positively, that I’m a Branham. I belong to that particular group of people.Now he said, “When I’m born again, that is going to prove that I’m a part of God. Call me anything you want down here, call me Branham, call me Harvey, do what you want. [He said,] anything at all, I am a son of my father, Charles Branham.

My mother of course was Ella Branham. She’s a Harvey. I could take the name but I’m not a Harvey. Now he said, “My blood will prove it. Now he said, when I’m born again, there’s going to be

in other words he’s telling you there is a proof somehow, an identification, that positively and absolutely he is a part of God.


And now he said, I am identified with Him [See?], that He is my Father. Now watch, and he’s going to bring something out here that you and I can talk all we want, and anybody can laugh at us, and say “Anybody can say what you are saying.” Now watch.

And then my life should reflect Him; as my life reflects my earthly father in the image that he was in. They say I look a whole lot like my father, so then therefore it’s His image reflected in me. And your father reflected in you, and your parents. And, so, God our Father is reflected in us when we’re born and conformed here to His image.

All right, now what is he talking about below the surface? You know as well as I do. I can stand up here and talk, and say, “I’m born again.” Prove it. Prove it. That man had ‘Thus Saith the Lord.’ Never failed. Thoroughly identified.


Now, then if he comes with the Word of understanding, and we receive the Word of understanding, wherein God identified Himself, then tell me we’re not identified with God?

Come on. Come on. Listen, a pig goes, “Oink, oink, oink, oink, oink.” Does the sheep answer back, “Oink, oink, oink, oink, oink?” The dog goes, “Arf, arf, arf.” The cat’s hair rises on it’s body, and it runs. “My sheep hear My voice, and they follow Me.”

What we’re looking at here then is Brother Branham giving us this testimony. Of the admission of the fact that though he has earthly parents like you and me, there is a way of complete identification, the proof of paternity, is to go and see, check out the life.

As you can find it in a blood pattern, you can find it in the saint of God also, and the true child of God. Because if the Holy Spirit is actually pictured there, [Points to the picture of the Pillar of Fire over Brother Branham] and that’s an authentic picture, and it’s absolutely authenticated by every test known in America.

If that is an actual test of the Holy Spirit in the form of a Pillar of Fire, and that man vindicated like Moses and Paul to know what he is saying, then my brother, my sister and the purpose of that is to bring a Word and the people do not respond to the message, then you tell me that that is a child of God, you are lying in your own teeth. “My sheep hear My voice.” Matthew… I beg your pardon Hebrews 12 distinctly says that, “The One from Heaven speaks one more time.”

And we know that is not Jesus as a man, no. He said, “What if and if you see the Son of Man ascend up where He was before?” He’s talking about the form of the Holy Spirit. And that same Son of Man was to manifest on earth, which means once more, the Holy Spirit will manifest on earth as He did back in those days, proven.

And we’ll show later on in scripture again, Matthew 4th chapter, and Matthew 12. And then people turn that down? How can they turn that down?


Look, quit your looking around. Get rid of your theology and those things. Say, “Well, what about you?” I got rid of all mine. Listen, I was Pentecostal, Baptist, Presbyterian, God knows what, and the background was Roman Catholic.

I wouldn’t give you two bits for the whole system. I’m not any allegiance to any system! But look, I want to tell you something. When something comes across my path, out of the supernatural, I am not going to run to some fuzzy minded person who claims something. I stood with William Branham time after time and I saw it.

And I know this much, what I’m talking about. I can say exactly… You people weren’t around him the way I was, but I can say as John said, how he handled Jesus Christ, I was that way with Brother Branham. And let me tell you, the man was different from any man you’ve ever known, or ever will know, until there is a resurrection. The Word of God is true, brother/sister. Yep.


Now, verse 12. He said,

[12]  Now, I start talking, never get to my text of what I was going to talk to you about. I have always appreciated a house meeting, that’s a cottage prayer meeting such as this, then I guess people could think that I would, because the finest meetings and the finest times of fellowship is usually in a little cottage prayer meeting like this. Where I have felt the closest to God, is when just a handful of believers come together, and worship.

Now every preacher would like to have a great big crowd. I remember, I wasn’t there at my sister-in-law’s funeral, my wife wasn’t there either, but she was so much loved in that town, she gave herself to her family and to everybody, until she exhausted herself entirely and died of lupus.

A Missionary Alliance preacher, who couldn’t draw a crowd if he tried, that’s the sorry truth, but he just never had any influence in the town, because they knew her, and she had gone to their church a certain amount, and done a lot of things for the church.

He was to take to the funeral eulogy. He got so carried away by the size of the crowd, he forgot to say one thing about my sister-in-law, was one of the loveliest women ever lived on this earth. You know, Brother Branham wasn’t fooled by the size of the crowd, that he had to talk to a lot of people. Crowds don’t mean anything.

You can be the loneliest person in all the world in a crowd. It’s are you with the right crowd? And the right crowd may be two or three where God joins Himself.


Now why did Brother Branham like a small crowd? The fact of the matter is, it’s like the Bible said, “Where there is no oxen, the crib is clean.” If I had to deal with six people, it’s not hard picking up after you. The mess you make.

If I’ve got to deal with sixty people, I got to get a bigger shovel. Because the crib isn’t very clean anymore, there’s too many oxen. And that’s the way it is with spirits. You get a few people that are intent upon the Word, and we have built this church upon the intensity of your love of the Word.

If you didn’t have it, I’d walk off and leave you, I’m sorry, I’m just being honest with you. I wouldn’t have time for you. It’s the intensity of your desire for the Word, that makes me say things I could never dream of saying, and have thoughts I wouldn’t ever dream of having. Because that’s what Brother Branham relied upon, was a small handful of people who believed.


When we had our meeting in Ohio here, years ago, back in ’57, Brother Branham came to Lima. The people there that go to that church now, they didn’t know the first thing about Brother Branham.

Our little Baptist church as I’ve told you, had prayed, we had prayed for weeks and weeks and weeks in chain prayer, and then in the last two or three months we would meet every single night and pray from about 8:00 till 10:00 or later, but always went on, this chain prayer.

Well what happened was, a group of devoted people, loved Brother Branham, came to that auditorium. Now it was built like a kind of like the auditorium I love. Like the opera type, you know, for orchestras and all.

And just beyond it were the galleries in tiers, about three galleries. And it was like Brother Branham was holding the people, like I said, you know, like Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. And here was this group of people here in front.


And of course in those days I preached faith like a house of fire. And I was preaching faith every day and telling about Brother Branham, until if I’d have said, “Listen you people, Brother Branham is going to sneeze two times, and when he sneezes two times, it’s all over, you’re free, everybody’s healed.” And they’d have believed it.

For the first time in five years the gift of healing went into operation, there wasn’t one missed. People in the audience who came, and we heard their own testimonies, they said, “I heard about the meeting, and I didn’t believe a thing, but I just came down anyway. And you know, I got healed!”

There wasn’t one person picked out by Brother Branham that wasn’t healed that I know of. And yet I’ve been to many of his meetings where he picked them out many times, and there wasn’t one person healed! What was it? It was not a big crowd, because a man named Ivy, from Cincinnati, maybe you heard of him.

And I hope I’m not telling a lie, but I understand he kind of got rode out on a rail, because he was with to many women. He could pull a way bigger meeting than William Branham did. Where are they today? It isn’t the number that counts, it’s whether you’re one with the Word.


That’s why I keep telling you, understand me please, Brother Branham is telling you what I have been telling you. This church is built on nothing but the Word. If the Word, if the life in the Word doesn’t do it, nothing will do it. Our doing is vain.

But you’ve got to receive the unadulterated, Word by Word Brother Branham’s message, just the way he said it, just the way he meant it, and no punches pulled, you believe it. And then the life that is in the Word and the life was there.

See, that’s the life, a picture of it, [Points to the picture] an emanation, the Shekinah glory, which means the glory attendant upon the Personal Presence of Almighty God Himself, that light, signifies it, bringing him a message, which is we believe word for word, and that message vindicated by that life, so the life is now in the Word, we having that Word, how in the world are you going to miss it?

For the first time in two thousand years, brother/sister, something tremendous has happened. There was first Jesus, then there was Paul. That Spirit that met Paul on the road to Damascus returned in our day. What is the next thing?

The dead rising, the Bride caught away, and the two prophets appearing to Israel. And it’s all over. You say, “What if it doesn’t happen?” What if it does happen? Has anybody but us got anything like that? [Points to the picture]


You say, “I don’t think I should look at those things.” Well, you look at what you want, honey, and when you produce something, let me know. How many of you have even tried sometimes to sneeze when your nose is itchy, and you, you can’t even sneeze. When you’d like to.

Then what are you going to produce to be spiritual, to show you got something. I mean look it, I’ll make this thing very silly to let you know where you stand if your faith isn’t where it should be. What can you produce? Go to the churches anytime you want. They’ll be like the doctors, they’ll skin you alive, and what do you get? And educated guess.

That’s not worth a plug nickel, I’m suffering today from an educated guess. When a man to be your doctor, and he’s fifty, said, “Hey man, you’re in better shape than I am.” I don’t have too much confidence in that man. I sort of bawled out the guy giving me a test the other day in the chiropractors.

I said, “Listen, Bob, I’m fed up.” I said, “I’m better than your chiropractor, here, at my age, I’m in better shape. Look at his pot belly on him, look at your pot belly.” I said, “I’m in better shape than either one of you, and I’m seventy-four.”’

I said, “Of course you got a young chiropractor there, but he’s only in his twenties,” I said, “if I was in my twenties, watch me then.” Twenty-eight inch waist, about 145, 47 pounds. Reflexes.

I still got good reflexes. I moved, I moved, I still move. Something’s wrong… “What are you guys going to do about my hands?” Educated guess. Pbbt. Who needs it? Not educated guess. Differentiate before it’s too late. See? [Points to the picture once more]


Now he says here, We can express ourselves this morning, with the few people here, and in paragraph 15,

[15]  And I would speak this morning to my new-year’s Message that I had planned for speaking next Sunday afternoon in the Phoenix auditorium. Because, in here, I thought maybe they’re making tapes out there. Which they were.

Maybe the Spirit would give me a better thought here amongst just a bunch of believers, than perhaps it would be at Phoenix amongst, you, where the belief and unbelief, and superstition and everything is mixed together.

And then if the brethren that are making the tapes, they can do a better job on the tapes that are going out. So I asked the boys to check the acoustics. And I came in this morning, Terry said they were fine. So that’s good.


Let me tell you about Phoenix. I was there. Brother Branham preached a sermon, and I told you about it, Paradox. He said to me, when the meeting’s over, he said, “Lee what did you think of my message?”

“Well”, I said, “Brother Branham I thought it was okay, but factually, I enjoyed the other message,” I forget what it was now. And I saw his face fall. And I said, “Now hold it. Let me tell you something. I think I never got what you were saying, because of the people’s spirits.” I said, “I was sitting there surrounded by a bunch of people who tried to make you God.

And Pentecost, everybody else that didn’t understand.” And I said, “The next day when I came to the meeting I was so disgusted with not being able to reach through, as I sat Brother Branham, I said in my own heart, okay, by my own spirit I will move around every one of these people, and contact Brother Branham and I will get what he’s saying.” And I did.

And you know, when I preached Paradox, that’s one of the greatest series I will ever preach in my life, because I saw what he was saying. No wonder his face fell. No wonder he said this.


You wonder why people come in here and love to preach to you as a crowd? Or why if they get carried away, they say, “Wasn’t that really great? Oh my, I really did the people good.” No, you people did the man good.

I’ve told you time and time again, I wouldn’t waste my time, and I wouldn’t want you to waste your time! If you didn’t have enough faith in me, our spirits to move until something began to move! Not a bunch of nonsense, or emotion. When you stand here and know the Spirit of God is moving, faith worketh by love, and that’s what it was.

I was away and you people loved me enough. So, when I came back, you just showered your love upon me, faith began to work. And in the morning I said, “You could have been healed, but even now you can be.”

Little Aaron sitting there, I’d looked him right in the eye, not knowing it. Four years of severe back pain, he doesn’t have an ounce, and that’s weeks ago. That doesn’t mean anything! In the sense, hundreds of men could produce that in hundreds of audiences.

But we don’t operate that way. We teach only one thing here, that is Word, he said, “Take this message for your healing, and when we pile the Word upon Word, the life of that Word, in the vessel begin to move, till there be no sick amongst us somehow, by the grace of Almighty God, a prelude to the great resurrection.

Say, “Brother Vayle pray for me now and I’ll get healed.” You might not get healed anymore than nothing. Now Aaron’s neck still bothers him. Just like my arthritis, perfectly gone, but I got arthritis in my hands, when will that come? I don’t know. Might wait for the resurrection, I don’t think so. Our little bit of faith moving, that says things are moving. See?


All right. It means a lot to have the people in the right position where they are hearing the Word of Almighty God.

[16]  Now he said, I believe they said some of you are staying for lunch, [you can do that here too. Lunch is going to be served. Just like Brother Branham. I hope that’s not the only way we’re like Brother Branham.] Very fine. I sure appreciating you all coming together.

And I feel that my Message this morning is addressed to the church of the living God [See?], which I believe this is a portion of it sitting here this morning. And now before we come to that solemn part, let’s bow our heads a moment of prayer.

I’m going to quit right there. Now Brother Branham says here, “I believe the little group is a part of the church of the living God. Now listen, remember, in scripture there is positively church and church and Bride and Bride. The church of the living God, designated this time, is truly the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ. See?

The church, which is also of God, is an admixture of foolish virgin and the downright outright. Not of God. The Bride is being separated by the Word at this point to be separated by the rapture a little later on.

The foolish virgin did not have oil in their lamps. The oil had been used up. The Bible said the Word of God does not become void under any condition, and pass away, until it’s fulfilled. A fulfilled Word then passes away and is void! Seven Church Ages with seven messages. Six messages absolutely void! There has to be a seventh.

And if you haven’t got the seventh message, you don’t have anything for your oil. The oil’s been used up, it’s gone! And they come too late to try to get it. See? And at the time they’re looking, the Bride has already gone to be with her husband! She’s at the Wedding Supper.

Now they die. And they come up in the second resurrection and they get immortal or glorified bodies, but they are not a part of the Bride, they are a part of that outside group church which bring their glory into the holy City.


Now never forget an understanding of what the doctrine is brother/sister. How do you… look it. What good is anything if you don’t have your doctrine? You’ve got to have your doctrine in order to know. And this is the true doctrine of what is going on right now.

There has already been a call out of Egypt, which is Babylon. Mystery Babylon, right in the book of Revelation. It’s mentioned. “Come out of her My people. And be not partaker of her sins.” See? “For the wrath of God has come against her.”

Now, he said, “You are a portion sitting here.” Now does that mean that every single person is born again and a part? Nobody can say that. But nobody can say that somebody isn’t. The foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, the Lord knoweth them which are His.

And I saw one thing about Brother Branham, he always counted every single person a part, of what he had received from the Lord. And therefore a part of that body, on the grounds that they saw something.


Now listen, at the time of Jesus, there were people who saw something but couldn’t place it. They’re not going to be destroyed in any lake of fire. No they won’t, they come up in the second resurrection.

So does everybody who really saw something, though they misplaced some of it, and do not blaspheme the Holy Spirit, this end age, they will be part of that which comes up in the second resurrection. So we must be very, very careful as we progress down the road.

Not to withdraw ourselves and think we’re somebody when we’re not. But to give God the glory that we have seen and heard, and by grace understand the things which are before our eyes in this hour. That is what really counts.

And Brother Branham looked down in his humility one day, and he said, “Oh, he said, by thoughts of grace, I count myself a part with you. What a tremendous thing from a man I really believe that’s the Shekinah glory, I really believe the camera caught it. I really believe that man’s a prophet. If I know anything at all about things that pertain to prophets.


Look at the Mohammed’s today, they talk about Mohammed being a prophet. Oh, maybe he was a prophet, but he wasn’t a true prophet. Where do you get that nonsense they preach? Where’s there any vindication?

Do you think they list… And it’s the Shiites who are causing the trouble. Wasn’t the Shiites that Brother Branham challenged in India? Yes it was the Shiites! When he said, “Listen, you pray in the name of your gods, you sitting here, you standing, you priests come forward. Give this man his sight in the name of your god. And he said, boy they sure were quiet.”

But when he prayed in the name of Jesus Christ, that entire blind man, with his eyes rotted out by the sun, his eyes opened, and there he stood with perfect eye-sight.

Where is Khomeni today, and his gang, brother/sister, don’t tell me they didn’t know. Who are you standing with this morning? Brother/sister, listen, I wouldn’t put my trust in any organization, or any dogma, under any consideration.

I may not know much, which is the truth, I do not, but I know this one thing. I came out of enough churches, enough background to know, they had nothing that what we have today. It’s all leaked out.


Go on back the centuries, you’ll find out. Where are they? Where’s St. Martin? Where’s Columba? Where’s St. Francis? Where’s Wesley? Where’s Luther? Where’s men like Dr. Price? Bring them all through the ages, where are they? The oil is leaked out.

No, you can’t go in unless the vessel is full of the oil. A portion of the living Bride of Christ could be sitting here this morning, and by the grace of God I believe that’s absolutely true, and I’m not leading it, you better that.

I’m preaching, to a section, without a doubt. I got no doubt in my mind. If I thought for one minute that, hey, there’s a bunch of people sitting here that certainly wouldn’t be a part of this revelation which has been vindicated, you know I’d be a long time gone, you know that.

And you know what? If you didn’t believe that this Word was transforming your life, even though you don’t see it, but one day you will, you wouldn’t be sitting here.


By the grace of God we’re here, because there’s a vindicated prophet with a vindicated Word, and by His grace we’ll get into this message Saturday night, and by grace I will show you something I have taught for years.

And I’ve read it hundreds of times to you, and you’ve heard it hundreds of times, and not one of us caught exactly what it said, and I’ll prove it to you. And it’s as simple, again, as falling off a log backward, when a mule kicks you.

You’ll see why the prophet knew he heard from God and had to hear, in a vindicated way, why love is not the evidence of the baptism with the Holy Ghost, it’s the Word of the hour. I promised you that now, you’ll hear it.

I can promise you this, as much as I know, we’re going to stand on this Word, and be closer and closer knit together, by the life that is in the Word, which Word we hold as common property.

I don’t have any more than you got, don’t think for one minute I do. I haven’t any more than you got. No. There’s no great ones here, there’s no little ones, we’re all one in Christ Jesus. Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Again our Heavenly Father, we thank You for Your love and mercy You’ve shed upon us in this hour, O God, that You by grace have allowed us to come together and to know Your Presence, Lord, which so many people simply don’t understand.

And Father, I’m sorry to say they don’t want to understand. Not knowing, Lord, that back in the day when Paul appeared, they said, “I’m called a heretic because I worship a certain way.” And that’s the way it is with everybody, Lord, we’re heretics to everybody and everybody’s heretics to us, and yet, always there’s that thought somebody wants to proselytize and make something out of something.

God, this morning, if there’s anything in my heart that I want to lay hold of anybody, I pray You’ll just cut it out of my heart and burn it right out of there by the Holy Ghost, because all I want to do Lord, is lay hold upon You, and have You lay hold upon me, until we come into union, and that union, Lord, with everybody here, is on the same basis, a one to one confrontation,

You laying hold of them, and them laying hold of You, and together we forming a body, a Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ, which has an eye single to You Lord, an ear single to You, a mouth single to You, and a life single to You Lord, as a prophet distinctly said there’d come a day when the Bride had ‘Thus Saith the Lord’ or she’d keep her mouth closed, and that’s the way we want to be and we believe we are that way to a really good degree already, and coming more and more into it.

And having the Word to know what to do with it, Lord, right back as it was in the beginning, before Adam fell into sin, and now in this last day there’s a Bride that the prophet by absolute vindication, could stand up and say under divine authority,

“Little Bride, you are the virtuous, righteous, sinless Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ, you didn’t even do it, it’s all cast back upon Satan, because he’s the one that propagated and did it.”

And so Lord, here we are today, and we can stand upon it, O God, we really can, because of vindication, and by your grace we’re trying. And Lord, we know that even though we do believe it, in the degree that we do believe it, having received it, and put it all with all the rest of it, we know it takes Your life, O God,

Your Spirit to ignite it and weld it into our very lives, and mold it there until we are that living Word of God, manifested, and the virtues coming forth even unto a stature of a perfect man. Father, we thank You for that privilege, it’s not beyond us, Lord, because You said, just like Your prophet said, if You demanded it, You made a way for it.

And so we thank You this morning, Lord, by our uplifting hearts and minds, and our hands if necessary, Lord, standing even on our feet here in Your Presence, we honor that great Word, Lord, that You made a commandment, You made a way for it. By Your grace O Lord, we, no matter what comes, we say with Paul, because we know what was true for him, is true for us, there’s neither height nor depth, nor life nor death, nor anything can separate us from Your love, we’re predestinated to be with Paul, with Jesus above all, William Branham, those old saints of God, Lord, that went on before us, those wonderful people, no matter what their backgrounds were, their parents’ parentage, and their fathers, and their lives were from You, the Father, Lord, we’ll stand with them in grace.

So now Lord, dismiss us with Your strength in our beings Lord, within our innermost soul and our consciousness. Give us strength Lord, for the journey in the days that lie ahead, heal the sick amongst us, especially little children, Lord. You said bring them unto You, and we’re bringing them this morning,

Father, little children that they can’t help being sick, Father, and we know it’s here in the world, it’s going to get worse and worse, but we’ve got to claim, because You said a thousand fall at the left hand, and ten thousand at the right, it shall not come nigh.

The prophet said to claim the token for our house, when Israel moved out of Egypt, Lord, which simply the shed blood there, but they did have the Pillar of Fire, they weren’t full of the Holy Ghost, but Lord they had Your life there, there wasn’t one sick amongst them, we don’t hear of anybody being sick on the road or dying, every single person Lord, went right on down there, everyone an heir to Your Kingdom, an heir to Your grace, Lord let it be that way amongst us today.

So we commend each one of us to You Lord, today, and thank You for Your love, Your mercy and goodness, until we meet again on Saturday and come together in the lovely ordinances You set before us, in Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

‘Take the name of Jesus with you.’

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